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Captive of the Cyborgs - Chapter 14 - Yet More Ball Squeezing Fun

How much more of this abuse can Eric's poor bollocks take?!?


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 14
Yet More Ball Squeezing Fun

Day 40

Over the nights that followed, Dalton used a variety of clever and fiendish devices on Eric’s mammoth and powerful bull nuts, experimenting with a myriad of ways to crush and squeeze his huge balls and forcefully eject enormous quantities of sperm right out of his compressed nuts. 

On one such night, Dalton spent some time doing the usual ‘warm up exercises’ on Eric’s huge and astoundingly beefy balls. The Cyborg grasped the massive baby makers in one hand and twisted the ballsac around three full turns before sharply pulling down on the huge testicles and yanking them out over a foot from his sweaty and muscular crotch. The gargantuan balls appeared bright red and shiny at the bottom of their voluminous scrotum, and were once again visibly swollen with gallons and gallons of Grade AAA stud cum. Eric’s mighty 19 ½ inch cock gave a mighty lurch, and Dalton smiled, realizing that the young muscle boy was once again already on the verge of orgasm before the tortures had even begun. 

The Cyborg then formed a huge fist with his other hand and began pounding on the trapped and bulging stud nuts. Dalton didn’t beat the huge bull balls hard enough to significantly weaken the mighty orbs, but just enough to get their juices flowing and crank his sperm production up to super drive. However, considering just how extraordinarily tough and resilient Eric’s mammoth gonads had proved to be, Dalton was able to strike them again and again with truly punishing force that would have reduced any of the young man's forbearers’ big balls to mush with just one blow. Eric’s titanic bull balls were so freakishly tough and powerful that they could absorb dozens, hundreds of such of these half-strength but still brutal punches to little apparent effect. 

But the rain of punches did have one very apparent effect on the young muscle stud, as the brutal ball pummeling had Eric blowing his first load within minutes of the sun setting, gushing out a huge geyser of his thick and sticky essence. His equally massive second and third loads followed in very short order as the ball pounding continued unabated. Dalton was surprised to realize that not only was the young man starting to hit orgasm earlier and earlier in the torture sessions, but he was cumming more frequently and with greater volume and force as well! The Cyborg realized - and with more than a small measure of wonder and awe - that the nightly abuse and testicle tortures were actually giving the young muscle stud’s huge balls a heavy duty work out, and forcing them to increase their already superhuman virility to even greater levels. Dalton's mind almost swooned at the notion that this young muscle buck was actually growing even more virile and potent and extraordinarily powerful over time, and he wondered just how far he would eventually be able to push this huge and glorious hulk of muscle and sex. Dalton’s lust-filled mind swam with the possibilities... 

In the meantime, Dalton remembered that he had brought some special tools that he had crafted the day before, designed specifically for Eric’s monstrously oversized nuts. He reached into a bag and pulled out a large titanium-alloy ball vise, designed to focus on just one of Eric’s gigantic gonads at a time. Onto each of the two faces of the gripping surface was a plate with a small indentation, meant to dig even deeper into the center of the thick ball meat as the vise was gradually wound closed. 

Winding the handle to open the vise to its largest setting, the Cyborg stepped back before his spread eagled prisoner, reached between his fantastically muscular legs, and gripped Eric’s massive and awesomely low hanging sac of stud balls. With surprising gentleness considering the huge size of his metal fingers, Dalton isolated Eric’s titanic left testicle and manipulated it between the jaws of the vise.

Once carefully in position, Dalton started to turn the handle. The vise closed rapidly on the cum swollen ball, and as he continued to turn the handle, the enormous orb began to noticeably flatten. A most awful growl of pain began to emanate from the young prisoner’s throat as his tender gland began to compress past the three-inch mark, and then the two-inch mark. The contents of his ball were being distorted, and as the pressure increased, every nerve ending in his testicle was totally overloaded with pain, sending massive signals to his brain. Dalton continued to close the jaws of the infernal device, judging the slow turns of the handle very carefully as he did not want the organ to burst. The Cyborg's experience with ball crushing was probably the best in the universe, and he was dealing with the most brutally powerful balls ever seen, but even so, Dalton knew that even this young bull stud must have his limits, and he didn't want the fun to end prematurely. 

The Cyborg continued mercilessly turning the handle, and soon the indentations in the center of the vise were less than an inch apart. Eric’s mammoth gonad was now horribly distorted within the crushing vise, squashed to a fraction of its normal thickness with a profound and grotesque indentation in the middle where the two matching bulges on the plates were coming closer and closer to touching. But Dalton didn't stop there, turning the handle again and again and again, and bringing the two titanium plates ever closer together. 

Dalton closely watched the edges of the bulging testicle, and he could see the thick and fibrous outer shell begin to strain to withhold its overly compressed contents. One turn too many, and the wall would rupture, causing the interior sperm producing tissue to burst forth like jam from a doughnut. Though part of Dalton would dearly love to see Eric’s mighty left nut explode and spatter ten pounds of nut meat in every direction, the Cyborg didn't want his lusts to take control once again and risk prematurely ending his play. 

Eric’s massive penis was as rigid as a crowbar, swollen to truly frightening dimensions, and a more than copious flow of thick and sticky precum was flowing down the sides of the massive and vein-gnarled shaft in thick rivers. Eric’s extraordinary penis positively gleamed in the actinic lights spaced evenly about the meadow, and the huge flared helmet of the young man’s cock was swollen so large that it looked ready to explode. Dalton knew that his mighty sperm cow was about to hit orgasm once again. 

Dalton grinned as he held the vise-encased testicle in his hand, and without warning gave it a single hard and sharp turn. 

Eric bellowed in agony as his bulging bull nut threatened to rupture. At the same moment, the first giant gout of sperm burst forth from the young man's throbbing horse cock, signaling the start of another enormous orgasm. The cum was uncharacteristically thick, even for Eric, for it was being squeezed directly from his testicle and so once again was packed full of nothing but pure sperm. 

Even though Eric’s bulging left nut had already been crushed to less than half an inch thick in its meaty center, Dalton was not yet satisfied, and he continued to slowly turn the vise throughout the young man's colossal orgasm. Each tiny amount of crushing force threatened to be the final straw for Eric’s supremely tortured nut, but it somehow continued to survive, pumping out more and more and yet more of his awesomely potent male essence. 

After many long minutes of this abuse, Eric’s tortured testicle was on the very verge of bursting. This time, surprisingly, Dalton decided that he didn't want to press his luck. Eric’s goliath left ball was profoundly distorted within the merciless vise, and the great orb likely couldn’t endure any more abuse before rupturing. 

Besides, Dalton knew he still had another massive ball to torture. 

Dalton released the fly wheel and removed Eric’s aching but otherwise unharmed left nut from the vise. Bodily fluids and blood that had been forced under pressure into the thick veins and cords in his elongated scrotum suddenly began to flow back into the recently flattened orb, and its shape rebounded quickly, causing even more agony to sear into the young man's massive and muscular body. 

The Cyborg grabbed Eric’s equally massive right ball and fitted it into the vise, but this time maneuvering the pointed ends of the oval gland onto the indentations on the vise plates. Winding the handle rapidly to take up the slack, he watched as the huge egg began to bulge outwards at its thickest part. 

Dalton knew that crushing the giant ball lengthwise would cause the young man even greater agony, so he relished the groans and cries of pain from the hunky stud as the mighty gonad was quickly crushed dangerously flat. He continued to wind the handle and watched carefully to avoid rupturing the huge nut. The thick ball meat distorted dreadfully, and the fibers of the fantastically strong testicular wall strained to the maximum, but still Dalton did not relent.

Eric suddenly bellowed from deep in his enormous chest. The thick urethra running up the underside of his mammoth cock began to swell alarmingly as his thick undiluted semen was physically crushed out of his testicle under tremendous pressure. Without the pumping action of an orgasm, the incredibly thick and gelatinous cum oozed out of the gaping eye of his swollen cock like toothpaste from a tube, only thicker and whiter and far chunkier. Dalton turned the crank yet again, threatening to pop Eric’s trapped ball then and there, and that final action hurled the young man over the top into yet another orgasm. 

As the powerful force of his orgasm ripped through his loins, Eric’s massive and quivering cock began to jettison truly mighty ropes and slugs of his male spew, his rich, white bullion once again coating and recoating the gigantic and muscular form of his remorseless and pitiless torturer. 

Even as Eric thundered out his latest massive load, Dalton lifted the vise holding the bulging right testicle and pulled it viciously upwards, stretching Eric’s aching chords as tight as bowstrings. Another bellow ripped out of the prisoner’s powerful lungs as his body arched upwards, and it felt to him as though his whole stomach was being pulled through his intestines and out of his body.
The Cyborg still wasn't finished with the straining right ball yet, and continued to turn the handles on the vise, bringing the mighty nut closer and closer to destruction. The firm wall of the massive testicle was straining to the limits at the increase of pressure within the organ, and the fleshy walls were oozing out the sides of the vise. The deluge of sperm pumping out of Eric’s quaking cock began to reduce in size until it was only a trickle as the brutal crushing action of the vise forced all of the sperm out of the tortured and compressed nut. A desperate bellow of agony was coming from the trapped and tortured stud, but STILL the Cyborg refused to stop.

Dalton twisted the handle again, and again. He then made three more quick turns, compressing the contents of Eric’s screaming ball to ridiculously flat proportions. Suddenly, a single mighty squirt of semen burst forth from Eric’s cock, landing in a thick stripe across Dalton's already cum-drenched chest. The Cyborg swiped his finger through the gelatinous goo and felt its consistency, and was not surprised to discover that this was perhaps the thickest cum Eric had ever produced.

Dalton couldn't believe how small and compressed the center of the huge testicle had become in the ball vise. He could tell that Eric’s right ball was about to go, but he couldn't stop himself from turning the handle one more time, wanting to see if he could push Eric just that much farther. Sickening crunching noises came from inside the vise as the massive and weighty contents of the gland were compressed beyond all endurance. But Dalton just couldn't stop himself - overcome by an orgy of lust, he turned the handle again, and again, and one last time, each time expecting the huge gonad to collapse and the pulverized meat to burst from between the curved plates of the vise. But once again, astonishingly, impossibly, miraculously, Eric’s mighty ball endured even this most brutal crushing. 

The young man's urgent and thunderous screams clearly indicated that his tortured and thoroughly crushed bull nut was even now losing the battle against the vise, but Dalton savored the moment for almost a full minute, watching in fascination as the mighty walls of that brutally powerful testicle began to crumble, edging closer and closer to the orb's final destruction. 

But just when it seemed that Eric’s humongous gonad simply MUST explode, Dalton released the fly wheel on the vise, quickly releasing the flattened orb and allowing it to plump back to its normal size and shape. Once again, Eric had somehow survived a brutal crushing torture with his nuts unharmed, and the pain-wracked young man wondered for the thousandth time just how many more of these intensely brutal torture sessions he - and his glorious bull nuts - could survive. 

Eric’s attention was immediately brought back to matters at hand, however, as Dalton once again lifted up the young man’s huge and enormously heavy left testicle and placed it back in the open vise. The cruel Cyborg clearly intended to go back and forth between the two gigantic bull balls, squashing one and then the other and forcing fresh reserves of cum from their meaty interiors all night long...or until they exploded... 

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Chapter 13 - More Ball Squeezing Fun

Are you all starting to sense a theme with these most recent Cyborg installments...? ;)


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 13
More Ball Squeezing Fun

Day 36

Dalton enjoyed crushing Eric’s bull balls with his special plexiglas vise so much that he decided to continue with more crushing and squeezing experiments for the next several nights. Over the course of the day while Eric was baking in the sun and recovering from the previous night's torture and torments, the Cyborg’s mind was flooded with thoughts of dozens of various ball crushing techniques he could use on his beefy and hunky human prisoner, all designed to test the limits of Eric’s awesome powers of endurance, while at the same time causing him as much agony as possible and forcing out ever greater quantities of his bountiful male spew. 

As the huge yellow sun began to set once again in the west, Dalton arrived at the lakeside paddock to inspect his handsome prisoner and begin heaping a fresh round of abuse on the young muscle lad. As had by now become commonplace, Eric’s enormous bull cock was already rock hard in anticipation of the night’s tortures, throbbing powerfully to his strong heartbeat and betraying the young muscle god’s uncontrollable libido and his body’s automatic and unconscious response to torture, to try to shoot one more load in the hopes of fertilizing SOMETHING before his gargantuan balls were destroyed. Precum had already begun to flow in a clear and copious stream from the slit in the huge, fist-sized cock head and run down the length of the majestic shaft. Dalton suddenly realized with great surprise that the young stud was already on the verge of cumming, and the tortures hadn’t even started yet! Was this gorgeous young man actually becoming trained to get hard and cum at the very SIGHT of a Cyborg!?!

Dalton wasted no time, striding up to the bound and helpless muscle man, grasping the base of the two meaty lumps of his massive balls in one gigantic fist, and then tugging them hard toward him, stretching them a painful but not excessive 12 or 13 inches from his crotch. 

Eric’s massive cock gave a mighty lurch and immediately and unexpectedly let loose with a gigantic orgasm. Dalton’s neck, chest, and huge arm were pelted and quickly white washed with slug after huge slug of Eric’s fresh, white hot sperm. Eric grunted again and again in a combination of need and defiance, his mammoth and muscular body tensing with each powerful contraction of his humongous balls and pulsation of his throbbing cock. The Cyborg’s body was quickly festooned with thick ribbons and ropes of cum, virtually coating him with a thick slime of nut sludge. The hot goo coated Dalton’s testicle-filled hand as well, making the gigantic testes wet and slippery in his cybernetic fist. On and on the orgasm raged as Eric’s muscular hips thrust his massive cock upward, fucking thin air and intensifying the painful pull on his massive nuts, which in turn only made his orgasm that much more intense and powerful. 

After many long and ecstasy-filled minutes, Eric’s goliath orgasm finally came to an end. Long ropes of thick cum were hanging off of the huge Cyborg, slowly dripping off of his massive frame into the warm pool of cum below. Dalton was utterly amazed at the young man’s explosive reaction to his touch – the Cyborg hadn’t even begun any of his ball busting tortures yet, and yet the young stallion spontaneously let loose with one of his trademark, mind-blowingly huge orgasms! Dalton realized that the many weeks of continuous tortures were starting to condition his young and extraordinarily hunky prisoner, and he wondered with great interest if young Eric would eventually become so conditioned to his arrival that he would actually begin cumming upon the mere sight of the Cyborg. It was a theory he planned to test in the days and weeks to come… 

Dalton gave the double fistful of meaty stud nuts a few tentative squeezes with this huge, cum coated hands, compressing the beefy and soaking wet bull balls slightly in his fist, and was once again amazed by Eric’s powers of recuperation. Just 12 hours previous, the stud’s huge balls had been positively mushy, a hair’s breadth away from rupturing under the tremendous pressures of the vise and tearing free from the tugging of the massive 3,000-pound weight. Now, just half a day later, one would never have known that the torture had even taken place. Eric’s mighty orbs once again felt like warm and solid steel, hard and dense and packed chock full with another awesome batch of the stud’s supremely thick ball batter. 

Dalton trapped Eric’s huge, meaty balls between his palms, lacing his fingers together to prevent the cum-slick, melon-sized orbs from slipping out. Eric knew what was coming next, and the mixture of fear and defiance in the young man’s brilliant blue eyes was like a heady elixir for the Cyborg. Dalton smiled cruelly as he began to press his hands together, compressing the fleshy contents trapped between them and forcing Eric’s mighty nuts to once again endure intense crushing pressure. The two huge nuts quickly slipped past one another so that the monstrous left nut was facing toward the Cyborg, and the equally enormous right nut was pointing toward Eric. 

The Cyborg took his time, increasing the pressure on Eric’s balls with almost imperceptible slowness, for he wanted to make this squeezing and crushing torture last all through the night. 

At first, there was virtually no pain in Eric’s balls; the young man had some seriously tough monster gonads, and it took a whole heck of a lot more than some mild compression for them to register any pain. But as the pressure increased, Dalton could see the pain begin to build in Eric’s pretty blue eyes. The young man struggled to not show the steady agony building in his massive nuts, but Dalton knew that the pain must be reaching truly excruciating levels, feeling like constant hammer blows radiating from his massive elephant balls into his sweaty crotch and up into his ridiculously corrugated muscle belly. Eric began to growl in pain, fighting not to cry out, even though he knew that his resistance would ultimately be futile. Dalton merely stepped up the already extraordinary pressure on the young man’s bull nuts by a couple of notches, and Eric finally let out his first bellow of agony of the night. 

At the same moment, Eric’s magnificent cock unleashed his second massive orgasm, spurting directly onto the Cyborg’s chest. The huge slugs of cum struck the huge metal-ensheathed-in-flesh torso of the Cyborg with such force that the massive wads exploded like wet shrapnel, striking Dalton’s arms and face and legs until they were also dripping with Eric’s thick, sticky juices. So much gloopy jizz was spurting out of Eric’s thundering cock that Dalton’s massive, 16-foot-tall form a drenched in moments, and still MORE of the incredibly abundant spunk continued to spew forth. 

On and on the young muscle man’s orgasm raged, and Dalton could actually FEEL Eric’s behemoth balls pulsing between his hands with the mighty effort of unleashing so much of his male essence. While the Cyborg continued to relentlessly squeeze the young man’s massive balls between his ultra powerful hands, Eric thrust his hips into empty air, trying to fuck something, anything, as his massive cock pumped out several gallons of his thick, gamey splooge. 

The torture slowly continued like this for hours, with Dalton alternately increasing and then decreasing the pressure on Eric’s massive plums, forcing load after load after load from the mighty but much abused orbs. Dalton varied the method of squeezing, sometimes pressing the huge balls between his two massive hands, other times cupping both great orbs in one hand and grinding the massive gonads with the knuckles of his other fist, burying them deep in Eric’s distorting and bulging nut meat. Any other man's rocks would have been quickly reduced to powder, but once again Eric proved that his balls were tough enough to endure this abuse and so much more. 

Dalton also enjoyed rolling the young man’s by now bruised and very battered balls between his two hands as if he was rolling out bread dough. The Cyborg used his extremely wide palms to crush the thick orbs to a fraction of their normal width, and then rubbed his palms together in alternate directions. The sickening crunching and squelching sounds coming from the muscle kid's mammoth baby makers were music to Dalton's ears, as were the bellows of excruciating agony that emanated from Eric’s powerful lungs. 

The handsome and much abused prisoner was almost delirious with pain, but he was much too strong to ever pass out or lose consciousness. Instead, he was unfortunately fully conscious and aware of every squeeze, press, and crush that was delivered to his fantastically powerful nuts, as well as each pain-wracked orgasm that was brutally ripped from his mighty, meaty man eggs. The sultry night air did nothing to cool Eric’s sweat-drenched muscles, nor did the continued lashings of his own white hot ejaculations. However, the young man's sweat and cum soaked body did almost glow by the bright light of the moons, and every bulge and flex of his phenomenal physique as he struggled mightily (but ultimately uselessly) against his bonds was etched in glorious detail by the moons' soft light. 

As the final hours of the night began to wind down, Dalton's abuse of Eric’s nearly busted nuts became even more brutal. Dalton compressed the young man's bull nuts to less than an inch in thickness, causing the young muscle stud truly gut wrenching pain, but this time he didn’t stop there. He squeezed his hands together harder and harder, and soon he was crushing Eric’s balls so hard that he began to force the sperm right out of the beefy eggs, much as the vise had done the night before. The young man's massive baseball bat of a cock didn’t even have to pulse and throb, for the pressure of the Cyborg's huge hands was all that was required to squeeze the sperm directly from Eric’s awesomely virile well of masculinity, crushing his balls so hard that the incredibly thick splooge began to flow out of his cock almost like toothpaste being forced from a tube under intense pressure. Except in Eric’s case, instead of toothpaste, it was pure sperm being forced out of his massive cock, thick and gloopy and chunky, for it was once again undiluted by any other seminal fluids. 

Eric’s thunderous cries and bellows took on an even more urgent quality, as the abuse of his mighty bull balls had once again crossed well beyond the danger zone. The young man's gigantic balls were now compressed to less than a half inch in thickness, and were once again threatening to rupture at any moment. But the cruel Cyborg was not yet satisfied that he had truly reached the young stallion's limit, and so he applied even MORE awesome pressure to the supremely beefy stud's screaming nuts. 

Finally, even Dalton knew that he could squeeze Eric’s balls no farther without risking their immediate and very messy destruction, so he held Eric’s balls there in his brutally crushing grip for ten minutes, then 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, keeping up the intense pressure on Eric’s  screaming and agony filled testes, but maintaining the pressure just this side of rupturing the unbelievably massive orbs. Sweat was now running and dripping freely off Eric’s massive muscles as he struggled against the almost unimaginable agony thundering through his huge testicles. Thick white cum continued to burp out of his cock as the deepest stores of his powerful seed were brutally forced directly out of his humongous baby makers, a steady flow that ever so slowly decreased in volume as the crushing pressure reduced Eric’s balls’ capacity to manufacture and store additional new sperm. 

After another half an hour of constant and brutally intense pressure, the flow of sperm had slowed to a trickle, a slender ribbon of thick white fluid slowly oozing out of Eric’s monstrously engorged cock. But Dalton was not going to be satisfied until he was certain that he had fully drained the young man's behemoth balls, so he started to give pulsing squeezes with his palms, crushing the huge balls way past all tolerance levels in an effort to force every last sperm from those twin orbs with his bare hands. Eric cried out in tremendous agony with each rhythmic crushing pulse of the Cyborg's massive and deadly hands, and at the same time, thick but short slugs of pure sperm were forcibly ejected from his quivering horse cock. The added pressure was having the desired effect of tapping Eric’s final and deepest stores of precious cum, but it was also wearing down the last reserves of awesome strength residing in those two huge male orbs, inching them ever closer to destruction. Even now, the titanically tough walls of Eric’s impossibly beefy and burly bull balls were beginning to crack and fracture under this final abuse, and it wouldn’t take much more to make those mighty seed sacs burst wide open. 

But Dalton could not stop himself from one last, boulder-shattering squeeze, wanting, NEEDING to push Eric beyond all conceivable limits. The lust crazed Cyborg crushed his hands together even harder still, and the young muscle giant shrieked in searing agony as his balls were utterly crushed, squashed nearly as flat as pancakes at a mere ¼-inch thickness. A final slug of cum - so thick and gloopy that it was more solid than liquid - blasted forth from Eric’s quaking cock and onto Dalton’s massive chest. 

After that, no more fluid, not even a single drop, could be forced from Eric’s completely crushed balls. 

Yet Dalton continued to hold Eric’s horrifically squashed balls on the very edge of destruction. One minute went by, then two, then three, and still Eric’s gargantuan gonads somehow endured, though they threatened to rupture at any moment. Dalton could feel the impossibly tough walls of Eric’s bull balls continue to fracture and fail, yet they somehow doggedly refused to give in. The Cyborgs fantastically powerful arms were actually quivering with the effort to NOT close that final quarter-inch gap and pulverize Eric’s balls into so much beefy paste. But he might not even need to make that final effort, for Eric’s incredibly hardy and sturdy mule balls were finally succumbing to all of the awful abuse, their outer walls beginning to give way as they lost their epic battle against the Cyborg’s crushing hands. The young man's balls were going to explode at any moment, ending his awesome masculinity forever, and finally and forevermore sealing the doom of the human species. 

Dalton’s internal struggles once again left him temporarily paralyzed. His base instincts continued to push him to utterly and permanently annihilate the sexuality of this most magnificent of human males, yet another part of him wanted to keep his extraordinarily handsome, muscular, and genetically gifted young captive alive and intact indefinitely, subjecting him to countless more sessions of brutal torture and abuse. This internal struggle had once again resulted in Eric’s mammoth testicles being on the line, enduring abuses far beyond any conceivable tolerance level for a mere human male, but somehow clinging to life through their extraordinary strength, will, and sheer stubbornness. 

Once again the moment of truth had arrived. Eric’s heroic bull balls had endured far more than Dalton would have ever dreamed possible, but now they were yet again at the very brink of destruction. If the conflicted Cyborg didn’t act immediately, then Eric’s fate would be sealed, and his beautiful, magnificent balls would explode in a shower of gore and destruction. 

At the last possible moment, Dalton seemed to come to his senses. He relented and dramatically eased up on the pulverizing pressure, letting Eric’s balls slowly resume their normal, healthy, egg-like shapes. The Cyborg realized that he had come closer than ever before to ruining his handsome young prisoner forever, and he was once again concerned at the nature and cause of this unprecedented war raging inside of him. At the same time, he was mightily impressed that the young super stud was able to survive this latest abuse. He knew, however, that he was consistently pushing his luck with the extraordinarily handsome young muscle stud, and that if he didn’t quickly learn to control himself, he would be left with nothing more than the shattered goo of the young man’s broken nut guts in his hands. 

Dalton also realized that, after the extreme brutality of tonight’s torture session, Eric’s huge gonads were so battered and weakened that even a moderately powerful squeeze might finish them off for good, so the Cyborg reluctantly but wisely released the young man's huge balls, letting them fall heavily to their huge and reddened sac to hang, swollen and incredibly massive,  between Eric’s immensely muscular thighs. 

The huge golden sun was about to break over the tops of the trees on the far side of the lake, and Dalton knew it was time to stop for the night. His uber hunky prisoner had more than earned another day of rest and recuperation, and Dalton knew the young man would need every bit of that time to heal, for even more ball crushing tortures awaited him tomorrow. 

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 12 - The Big Squeeze

Dalton continues to see just how far he can squeeze Eric's mighty nuts...


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 12
The Big Squeeze

Day 35 -- Ball Crushing in a Vise

After five weeks of testing and pushing the outer limits of young Eric’s spectacular strength and testicular durability with ever more brutal and destructive forms of torture, Dalton decided one evening that he wanted to see just how flat he could crush the handsome muscle man’s mammoth bull balls. He spent the early part of the evening with the usual ball bashing abuse, striking the young muscle stud's huge and fantastically burly balls with fists, clubs, and chains just to warm them up for the tortures he had planned for the evening, but not enough to significantly weaken them. After a few hours, both mighty orbs were bright red and glowing from the abuse, and had pumped out numerous massive but extremely painful loads. With the young man’s wellhead of virility fully primed, the Cyborg knew that Eric was now ready for his next epic torture. 

Dalton had crafted a special vise for Eric’s unnaturally and magnificently oversized balls. The vise was comprised of two plates of a very thick clear plexiglas, with each plate measuring over 6 inches thick and approximately 24 inches square. These were the kinds of plates used as windows in interstellar spacecraft, and thus were extremely heavy and tough. The two plates were connected on one side by a thick metal crank. Altogether, the massive vise weighed over 500 pounds, even more than the massive young muscle stud himself. 

The Cyborg grabbed the huge and heavy vise, lifting it as if it had the weight of a feather, and opened it to its widest setting, wide enough to easily accommodate even Eric’s outsized bull balls. Dalton then slipped the vise over the young stud's larger-than-melon sized nuts until they rested in the very center of the two plates. With the huge balls located right where he wanted them, the Cyborg then began to turn the heavy metal crank, slowly closing the cruel vise onto Eric’s once again trapped and helpless balls. 

The plexiglas plates quickly closed in on Eric’s cum-engorged balls and began to compress them. Eric’s massive nuts were far tougher and firmer than those of any human male that Dalton had encountered before, so they were tremendously more solid and resistant to deformation. But Dalton knew that even Eric’s heroically powerful balls would ultimately be no match for the Cyborg's vastly superior strength and the unrelenting, unforgiving, unyielding plates. Dalton tightened the vise with deceptive ease, and within a matter of mere minutes had compressed the normally 6+ inch thick monster testicles to less than half their original girth. 

At a 3-inch compression, a look of pain flashed across Eric’s incredibly handsome face, and Dalton smiled, for he knew that the ball agony had only just begun for the supremely overhung muscle stud. 

The vise quickly squeezed Eric’s balls down to 2 ½ inches, and then just 2 inches, and the agony in Eric’s balls became like a blow to his corrugated muscle gut. Each additional turn of the screw  began to produce a clearly audible crunching sound as the very gristle and meat of Eric’s enormous balls warped and deformed beneath the vise's onslaught. Eric’s ever hard cock was so aroused at this point that a veritable river of clear precum was flowing out of the tip, a honey nectar of fluid promising a much thicker and creamier load to come. 

When the vise had been ratcheted down to a less than 2-inch space between the plates, Dalton paused to inspect his work. Eric’s mammoth cock was quivering on the edge of an orgasm, aroused by the deeply brutal pain in his mammoth nuts, and the Cyborg wanted to hold him there on the edge for a few more moments. After savoring Eric’s erotic agony for many long moments, Dalton smiled and then suddenly let the vise go, dropping it before Eric’s stunned and horrified eyes. 

As the massive vise fell, it dragged Eric’s trapped bull balls with it, viciously yanking the huge spuds toward the lake of cum below. The brutal tearing at his balls caused Eric to bellow in animal agony, and Dalton suddenly wondered if the 500+ pound vise might be too much weight for even THESE gigantic orbs to carry. But Eric’s balls proved once again to be tougher than steel, for they sharply arrested the fall of the vise, halting the massive weight with only the power of Eric’s mighty ball cords. 

Eric’s scrotum was now stretched to just over 15 inches, nearly doubling what had become their natural 8-inch dangle and causing his huge squashed balls to look even more vulnerable and helpless. The huge orbs themselves were clearly visible through the clear plexiglas, and were flattening out nicely, starting to look like a pair of very large, very thick, and very beefy hamburger patties. 

The tremendously brutal yank at Eric’s balls was the final stimulation that the young man needed to bust his nut, and bust it he did. Massive gouts of supremely thick spunk rocketed out of his throbbing cock with his trademark awesome force and fury. Eric screamed and bellowed as yet another mighty load was violently torn from his loins, his vast wellspring of virility plundered yet again for the Cyborg's amusement. 

The orgasm lasted for many long minutes, with Eric dumping out a characteristically massive load and adding to the gradually expanding lake of sperm beneath his feet. Even once the orgasm finally ebbed and ceased, Dalton stood there for a while admiring the spectacular view, watching the tremendous weight of the vise swing gently between Eric’s massively muscular legs. The huge vise continued to tear at Eric’s half crushed nuggies, and in just the past 10 minutes, Dalton could see that another half inch or so had been added to the already brutal ball stretch. 

Dalton finally stepped forward again and lifted the massive ball press up into the air, temporarily taking the tearing weight off of Eric’s nuts. But the young bull stud's relief was short lived, for Dalton immediately started turning the screw again, steadily increasing the crushing pressure on Eric’s already screaming nuts. The handsome young man cried out in fresh anguish as his balls were crushed a little farther, and then he suddenly let loose with a second mighty orgasm, less than 10 minutes after his previous earth shattering orgasm had ended. Dalton kept slowly turning the screw throughout the mighty orgasm, causing Eric to reach ever greater heights of agony and ecstasy as more ghastly crunching noises emanated from his deforming and weakening bull gonads. 

Another 5 or 6 minutes later, and Eric’s second massive orgasm finally ceased. The young man was panting hard, as if he has run a marathon, and the pain in his balls was a constant gut-wrenching thunderous ache. Dalton locked his stare into Eric’s gorgeous blue eyes, letting the young stud read his ultimate destruction in the Cyborg's cold and cruel gaze. And then Dalton released the vise again. 

The heavy vise once again plummeted toward the cum-soaked ground, only to be violently drawn up short by Eric’s smushed balls. Eric threw back his head in extreme agony, unleashing a thunderous bellow that echoed through the jungle. Dalton could see that this second dropping of the vise has stretched Eric’s balls just a little bit farther than the previous time, and he wondered how much farther he could get them to stretch by repeatedly dropping of the weight. 

And so began a brutal and inhuman cycle of compression and stretching, compression and stretching, repeated over and over again, dozens and dozens of times. Dalton lifted up the massive vise, gave the handle a couple of turns, and then let go of the vise to see how many times Eric’s mighty balls could win the battle against gravity. Again and again, Eric’s balls proved to be tougher than anything the Cyborg had ever encountered, not only surviving both the slowly crushing plates and the brutal yanking from the dropped vise, but also pumping out load after massive load in the process. Dalton had already been convinced for more than a month that this young man was indeed the ultimate paragon of the male human species, and he wished not for the first time he had a thousand specimens just like this one, to torture and brutalize, castrate and destroy, one by one. The beautiful young muscle god was just MADE for torture! 

After many hours and many, many forced loads from Eric’s stretched and squeezed balls, Dalton knew that he was once again nearing the end of the young man's incredible endurance. Eric’s mighty, massive balls had been crushed from their original 6+ inch thickness down to just over a half inch thick. In fact, the young man's mammoth orbs had been squashed so flat that they were both nearly a foot in diameter, and were actually threatening to ooze out the sides of the vise itself. The Cyborg was amazed by the awesome strength of Eric’s gonads, for he didn't think that even his ultra powerful balls could survive being crushed this uniformly flat without bursting. What's more, Dalton firmly believed that there was yet GREATER strength left untapped in those massive nuts, and he was eager to find out just how much more those big boys could take. 

Eric’s scrotum had also been brutally stretched by all of the abuse. The first dropping of the 500+ pound vise had pulled Eric’s balls to an awesome 15-inch stretch. Subsequent dropping and yanking had increased the stretch on Eric’s bull balls as their resistance was gradually weakened, particularly as Dalton added more metal weights to the already massive vise. The total weight tearing at his behemoth nuts grew over time to 600 pounds, then 700 pounds, then 800 massive pounds! As the weight increased, so did the stretch to Eric’s scrotum, which increased to 16 inches, then 17 inches, then 18 extraordinary inches, once again matching the unbelievably brutal stretch that Dalton had achieved on his first night with his handsome young captive. 

Dalton was convinced that Eric’s valiantly struggling balls could take even MORE weight, so he continued to add enormous amounts of weight to the huge vise. The weight increased to 900 pounds, then 1,000 pounds -- half a TON!! -- and then 1,100 and 1,200 pounds. But these increases in weight only produced a tiny increase in the stretch to Eric’s mighty bull balls. 1,300 pounds of metal and plexiglas increased the scrotal stretch to 18 ½ inches, and 1,700 pounds brought the stretch up to 18 ¾ inches. Dalton seemed heedless of the fact that he was forcing the young man’s crushed and brutally stretched nuts to carry more weight than they were ever designed for, more weight than ANY merely flesh and blood man could ever conceivably carry using only his nuts. But somehow Eric endured. 

And at 2,000 pounds -- an extraordinary and impossible TON of weight -- Dalton achieved a new record and increased the profound and agonizing stretch to Eric’s screaming nuts to an unbelievable 19 inches!! 

The sight was awesome and intensely, overwhelmingly erotic. Eric’s humongous bull balls had been compressed to a fraction of an inch in width, and stretched more than a full foot and a half from his body! The narrow neck of scrotum that connected the young man’s squashed balls to his body was ridiculously thin. It seemed impossible that such a slender tube of flesh could support more than a ton of weight, but Eric’s super human cords and tendons were proving their mettle yet again. The young man’s ballsac was stretched so long and thin that every artery, vein, cord, and tendon could be clearly seen through the gossamer thin skin. Dalton was carefully watching for signs of micro tears in the scrotal skin itself, but so far he couldn’t detect anything. Though the handsome young muscle man was obviously in excruciating, inhuman pain, his balls were so far proving themselves more than capable of suspending the tremendous weight. 

It was actually the young man's balls themselves that were causing Dalton more concern. Dalton knew that he was now far into the danger zone, well past any sort of ‘safe’ levels of abuse that he knew Eric could endure. But the Cyborg's lust for pain and destruction could not be easily quenched, and so Dalton was once again throwing caution to the wind, and was preparing to push Eric’s balls to their limits and beyond. 

The obscenely muscular and gigantic Cyborg lifted the vise one last time, preparing for the final twists of the screw that would determine whether this was the night that Eric would lose his fabled, legendary, EXTRAORDINARY balls. 

Eric had long since passed the point of orgasm; now, whenever the Cyborg turned the handle, the massive crushing plates of the vise actually forced the sperm right out of his intensely crushed bull balls, literally squeezing the sperm right out of them. Knowing this, Dalton took great pleasure as he now began to give a very slow turn to the screw. Eric bellowed in fresh pain as a great gush of sperm flowed forth from his cock, not shot out by a pulsating orgasm like his usual loads, but rather pouring out under the tremendous internal pressures of his humongous balls. The flow was very thick and gloopy, almost chunky, for it contained pure sperm, undiluted by other seminal fluids, and it created a long arc of continuous sperm flow, almost like a fountain, throughout the duration of the agonizingly slow turning of the screw. The young super stud's sperm had the consistency of a warm paste, and where it struck the huge Cyborg, it ran off of his skin in slow, thick rivers. 

Dalton delighted in the sight of the young man’s excruciating agony, and he ignored both Eric’s cries of epic pain and the dangerous flattening of his bull balls as he twisted the screw again and again and again and again, each time forcing another massive gout of sperm from Eric’s nearly busted nuts. The loud crunching emanating from Eric’s steadily flattening balls now had a very liquid sound, an awful and disturbing sound that didn’t bode well for the health of Eric’s pancaked balls. The wet crunching and squicking sounds could be heralding an irreparable amount of damage to Eric’s big beautiful balls, but the massive Cyborg was too lost in the throes of lust and destruction to notice or care. 

After another dozen turns of the screw, the flow of sperm began to decrease with each subsequent twist. Dalton realized that he was actually in the process of squeezing Eric’s huge balls dry for the very first time ever. Under the tremendous crushing pressure of the vise, those two mighty cum factories were no longer able to manufacture new sperm as there was no room for the fluid, and the crushing plates were gradually forcing out all of the existing sperm. The Cyborg had never before succeeded in making the handsome young muscle hunk's well of virility run completely dry, and so he tore into the stud's almost completely flattened balls with renewed vigor and excitement, completely ignoring the fact that at this point any turn of the screw could be the last one, that Eric’s bull balls were already crushed so flat that they could explode at any moment. 

Again and again and again and again Dalton turned the screw - 5 times, 10 times, 15 times, 20 times - and with each turn, the flow of sperm steadily diminished. Finally, after an incredible 25 more turns of the handle, nothing more than a dribble of thin and pale cum oozed from Eric’s engorged and distended monster cock, dripping into the vast pool below. Eric’s massive bull balls had finally been drained completely dry! 

Eric’s balls were now pressed to little more than ¼ of an inch thick, truly as flat as pancakes! Surely no man's balls could survive such abuse, especially a set of monster nuts that were normally more than 25 TIMES as thick! But somehow Eric’s balls struggled on, fighting valiantly to remain whole even as the merciless plates squeezed them down to a tiny fraction of their normal width. The young man's titanic orbs had been crushed so flat that they were actually protruding out the four sides of the vise, forming bubbles of distended and grotesquely bulging ball meat. The mighty testicles were once again on the razor's edge of destruction, and Eric’s only hope was that the Cyborg would quickly come to his senses and release the nearly busted balls before they exploded. 

But judging from the look of lust filling Dalton's eyes, there was little hope that the Cyborg would stop short of armageddon. 

Dalton gave the screw ANOTHER sharp turn, eliciting a shriek of agony from the young muscle stud, but not even a single drop of his hot nectar dripped from his massive and rock hard cock. Eric’s balls were about to explode, the incredibly tough, fibrous outer walls of the huge orbs just a hair away from sundering completely and letting his thick ball meat explode out the sides of the vise. Eric’s gargantuan balls simply could not take any more abuse. 

But the Cyborg brutally wrenched the handle around again, and AGAIN, and once AGAIN, and Eric’s muscles were vibrating with the pain shooting from his nearly pulverized bull balls. No man could conceivably suffer so much pain and survive, but Eric somehow continued to endure it all! And throughout the brutal squeezing of the vise, not a single drop of cum dripped out of his huge monster cock. Clearly, every last sperm had been forced from Eric’s much-abused balls, and it seemed certain that any additional twist of the vise would send the young man’s very nut guts shooting out his pulsating dick. 

Dalton knew that he had already pushed Eric’s balls much too far, that the vise was rapidly working toward finishing the job of killing the muscle man’s gorgeous balls even as the Cyborg watched in rapt fascination. The bulges of ball meat protruding from the four sides of the vise were visibly trembling, and Dalton could finally saw the beginnings of micro tears in both the scrotum and the tough testicular walls beneath. Any moment now, and Eric’s goliath balls would blow in a spectacular shower of shattered nut guts. Dalton knew that he may have already subjected the young man's mighty balls to irreparable harm. He knew that the young man’s precious baby makers might already be permanently damaged and beyond saving. He knew that he absolutely must stop now if he had any hope of saving his handsome and hunky prisoner's balls from total and complete annihilation. 

But he could not resist just one last turn. 

Dalton gripped the handle, meeting Eric’s pain and terror filled blue eyes, and smiled evilly. He let the moment last, savoring the young man's fear and the certainty that he was about to destroy the most powerful human balls that had ever existed, or would ever exist. 

The Cyborg himself cried out in lust and power as he gave the screw one last mighty twist. Eric threw back his breathtakingly handsome head and uttered a scream of purest agony. At the same moment, and short but thick gout of pure white sperm shot out of Eric’s quivering cock, striking Dalton in the chest with incredible force. Somehow, Eric’s balls had maintained one final reservoir of sperm, and with the utter crushing of his massive testicles, the powerful orbs were finally forced to give up the last of their precious cargo. For the first - and possibly last - time in Eric’s young life, his balls were well and truly bone dry. 

Dalton expected the immediate and violent explosion of Eric’s huge balls. The massive plexiglas plates were almost touching, and a goodly portion of the young man's dense ball meat was bulging obscenely out the sides of the vise, but somehow, impossibly, they were still whole! 

Dalton could only gape in wonder at this amazing sight. Eric’s bellows and screams were continuous now, for his balls were quickly running out of the last reserves of their phenomenal strength. In fact, even as Dalton watched, he could see the tiny tears and fissures beginning to grow in the outer walls of Eric’s impossibly crushed balls, clearly visible through the now gossamer thin skin of his shiny scrotal sac. Even without any further twisting of the vise handle, Eric’s behemoth bull balls had entered their final death throes, and they were moments away from dramatically and catastrophically exploding. 

The Cyborg was powerfully torn. On the one hand, he wanted to continue to keep his hunky young prisoner intact and continue inflicting unimaginable abuse upon him. But on the other hand, he also wanted nothing more than to see these incredible balls explode in a shower of meat and gore. Eric’s balls were now way beyond critical levels, and the handsome young stud let out one last blood curdling bellow of unimaginable agony as his balls prepared to finally explode. 

At the last possible moment, just before Eric’s bloated and brutally crushed nuts must have surely exploded, Dalton simultaneously added yet another 1,000 pounds to the vise (bringing the total weight up to an overwhelming 3,000 POUNDS of steel and plexiglas), and dropped the vise one last time. Eric’s brilliant blue eyes flew open wide as he watched the weight fall in almost slow motion, and he bellowed in fresh agony as his supremely overworked and overtaxed ball cords are forced to sharply halt the vise's descent once again. 

Dalton watched the tremendous weight fall as well, and was convinced that even Eric’s heroically tough and powerful balls couldn’t hope to catch and arrest such a massive weight, particularly in their weakened and perilously crushed state. The Cyborg’s titanic cock lurched in his pants as he watched what he was sure would be the final moments of Eric’s colossal and magnificent balls. 

Both men were thus tremendously surprised when the massive weights were abruptly yanked to a sudden halt just a few inches above the level of the sperm swamp. As Eric cried out yet again in unimaginable agony, Dalton started in wide-eyed shock as the sight before him. Eric’s almighty bull balls had indeed stopped the plummeting descent of the massive weights, and in the process were torn to a full 20 mind blowing inches from his crotch!!! Not only had the additional weight added an additional full INCH to the young man’s previous scrotal stretch, but the huge weight had also achieved the unbelievable, increasing the brutal stretch to Eric’s nuts to an incredible FIVE TIMES their original 4-inch dangle!!! 

Dalton also suddenly realized that the profound and awesome 20-inch stretch to Eric’s unbelievably powerful balls was a full half inch longer than Eric’s own gargantuan, titanic, 19 ½ inch cock! The Cyborg spontaneously came with such force and intensity that it actually hurt, his cock exploding as it pumped a massive load down his pant leg. 

Two tremendous forces were now warring to see which could destroy the young muscle stud’s huge nuts first -- the awesome crushing of the plexiglas vise, or the brutal stretching of the 3,000-pound weight. Either one could win at any moment, and Eric prepared himself as best he could for the end of his fabled masculinity. 

With his eyes riveted to Eric’s epically straining balls, Dalton very slowly reached a hand down to the dangling, massively heavy vise, and suddenly released the fly wheel. As the fly wheel began to spin and the plates began to open up once again, one of the immediate threat’s to Eric’s balls -- the crushing of the vise -- was finally coming to an end. The blood rushing back into his very nearly busted balls caused Eric to cry out in fresh agony, for his huge nuts felt like they were being pulverized with a huge hammer with every powerful beat of his thundering heart. 

But Eric’s huge balls were still very much in danger of being ripped off of his gloriously muscular body. Though the fly wheel was spinning quickly, it was taking time for the plates themselves to open, and in the meantime the 3,000-pound weight continued tearing at his screaming nuts. Even as Dalton watched, Eric’s balls were stretched ANOTHER half inch to an awesome and record-shattering 20 ½ inches, and the Cyborg could see tiny tears starting to form in the young man’s brutally overstretched scrotum. The Cyborg knew that if Eric’s scrotal sac failed, the tendons and ligaments holding up his balls couldn’t hope to support the 3,000-pound weight by themselves. The young man’s nuts continued to careen closer to the edge of destruction, perhaps closer than they ever had before, and the vise didn’t look like it would open fast enough to spare the young man from his impending castration. 

Every massive muscle in Eric’s fantastic and hugely built body was flexing in extraordinary relief as he fought with every ounce of his being to keep the massive weight lifted by his nuts. The heroically handsome young man bellowed in fury and defiance, somehow holding on by sheer will even as his overburdened scrotum finally began to fail. 

But then, once again at the last possible moment, the vise finally opened up wide enough to release Eric’s brutalized balls. The massive gonads slowly slid out from between the plates, prolonging Eric’s agony, but once freed, his huge balls shot back toward his crotch like a sling shot. The enormous weight of the vise and its attached weights was finally able to crash into the lake of cum below, creating a huge splash and clatter of metal on metal. Gallons and gallons of gamey sperm were launched into the air by the falling weights, drenching the lower half of Eric’s muscular body -- his lower abs, his huge muscle ass, his columnar thighs and larger-than-football-sized calves, his size 22 feet, his rock hard and swollen 19 ½ inch monster cock, and his swelling but WHOLE bull balls -- with a thick and creamy coating of his own thick and chunky splooge. The gamey funk dripped off of the young hunk in thick ropes and ribbons, and made him look even more powerful and sexual, even in captivity and defeat. 

Eric’s gigantic, weighty, and cum dripping balls were now hanging an awesome 9 ½ inches from his muscular crotch, a product of all the brutal tugging and yanking from the massive weight of the vise. Dalton knew with a sense of pride that the days of Eric’s balls having a natural dangle of ‘merely’ 4 inches were long over. 

The Cyborg reached forward with both massive hands and gently cupped both of Eric’s aching and throbbing balls, lifting the mighty orbs upward for a closer inspection. He gave the huge orbs a few test squeezes, and was not surprised to discover that the once powerful and rock solid bull balls offered up nearly no resistance to his gripping hands. Dalton knew it would take virtually no effort to make those two huge testes pop like a pair of overfilled water balloons, just a strong squeeze of his enormously powerful hands, but he finally showed restraint. As the rational part of the Cyborg’s mind finally took over, he found he was more concerned to see how much damage Eric’s fantastic balls had sustained, and to see if they would be able to heal. 

Dalton used several of his cybernetic diagnostic programs to examine Eric’s massive man eggs from the inside and out, looking for ruptures and other damage, and he was stunned but extremely pleased to find that Eric’s mighty balls had not endured any permanent harm. Though the massive orbs had just suffered their most brutal torment yet, the damage was already beginning to heal right before Dalton’s eyes. The micro tears in his scrotum were closing, the cracks in the testicular walls were knitting, and the dense and incredibly beefy meat inside the balls themselves was beginning to mend and regain its phenomenal strength. Incredibly, Eric’s magnificent balls would soon be fully healed from their horrific ordeal. Even more incredibly, even as Dalton watched, Eric’s magnificent balls were already starting to manufacture a fresh load of his extraordinary thick and copious stud cream! The young man was simply a sex GOD!

Which, Dalton realized, would make his ultimate destruction that much more enjoyable... 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Captive of the Cyborgs - Chapter 11 - Bicep Flex

We now return to our hero Eric, the last surviving human male in the universe, who is still captive of the evil Cyborg named Dalton. The fantastically muscular and heroically hung young male has already lasted far, far longer in the Cyborg's clutches than any other man in history, but it will only be a matter of time before even HIS magnificent bull balls give out, and the final hopes of humanity are crushed into useless paste...


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 11
Bicep Flex

Day 28

As the weeks went by, Dalton grew more creative and varied with his tortures, finding new ways to test Eric's limits and bring the young muscle man to new heights of agony and orgasmic ecstasy. 

One of Dalton's more inventive yet simple ways to torture Eric's balls was to place one of the huge, sperm-filled dinosaur eggs in the inside crook of one of his elbows, and trapping the huge orb in place by partially bending his enormously muscular arm. The Cyborg typically enjoyed trapping both of a man’s balls in this fashion, but Eric’s gargantuan gonads were simply too big to crush both at the same time, so the huge Cyborg had to torture them singly. With one of Eric’s huge bull balls in place and a wicked grin on the Cyborg’s handsome face, Dalton would begin to flex his titanic bicep, making the mighty muscle expand and forcing his unyielding flesh into one of Eric's vulnerable balls. 

With his ball trapped between Dalton's massive forearm and his steadily expanding monster bicep, Eric's gargantuan gonad had no choice but to give way to the unrelenting pressure. And with nowhere else to go, the increasing pressure caused the massive ball to gradually flatten, bending and squishing around the Cyborg's massive bicep until it was bulging out dramatically on either side of the great muscle, threatening to burst under the crushing pressure. The Cyborg reveled in the wet crunching sounds of the gristle and flesh of the young man’s supremely beefy ball bending and distorting around his massive bicep, and the sound elicited powerful feelings of lust in the huge Cyborg that he had not felt in his 6,000+ years of existence. 

As with all tortures to his balls, the pain and abuse kept Eric's cock rock hard and vibrating with lust. By the time Eric's mammoth ball was crushed nearly flat, his massive 19 ½ inch cock was drooling thick slugs of sticky precum like other men pee, and Dalton knew that yet another massive orgasm was just moments away. 

Dalton was an expert gauge of ball crushing, and knew exactly how far he could take his massively muscular captive. The Cyborg knew that Eric was capable of enduring many orders of magnitude more testicular abuse than any other human he had ever come across, but even this massively muscular young superman had his limits. Dalton knew that with just one simple flex of his arm, quashing the young man’s giant trapped gonad just that fraction of an inch more, he could obliterate one of Eric's fantastic testicles, ending half of his extraordinary masculinity forever. But such an outcome would end Dalton's fun, and he was finding that he was not even BEGINNING to tire of torturing this young man in the least. In fact, if anything, he was enjoying the tortures more and more, for the young muscle man never ceased to amaze him with his super human levels of endurance and strength and staying power. 

All that said, crushing a man's balls with his biceps was one of Dalton's favorite ways to de-ball a man, and the cruel Cyborg was finding it increasingly difficult to resist the urge to pulverize the trapped testicle once and for all. The Cyborg loved noting more than holding a male on the cusp of castration for a seeming eternity, feeling his big balls, the source of his masculinity, quivering on the fine razor's edge of destruction. Dalton reveled in that feeling of total control and power. But what he loved even more was that ultimate moment when, either with a massive flex or just a touch more pressure, he would force the man's balls to explode in a shower of fluids and broken ball meat. Dalton particularly enjoyed the feeling of the man's final juices sliding over his massive arm muscles, and mixed with heavier fleshy chunks of his victim's ruined balls. 

Dalton's lust for destruction and castration threatened to overwhelm his desire to make his tortures with Eric last for weeks and months on end, and he was once again hard pressed not to push past what he knew was safe, to redline Eric's trapped bull testicle and see just how far he could squeeze it before the huge orb finally burst. 

So the Cyborg flexed harder, and harder still, confident that the awesome strength of these incredibly tough nuts could endure even more squeezing and crushing abuse. Eric was now bellowing in extreme agony, for his massive ball had been squashed almost flat in its center, horrifically dimpled at either end as the peak of Dalton’s goliath bicep threatened to meet his massive forearm through the MIDDLE of the giant bull nut! And STILL Dalton continued flexing his enormous bicep, forcing even more of his powerful arm muscle into the very heart of Eric’s heroically straining nut!! 

Finally, Dalton could tell that he had crushed Eric's burly bull nut as far as he possibly could, perhaps even too far. Eric's baseball bat of a cock was quivering on the edge of an orgasm, even as his mammoth ball quivered on the very edge of destruction. 

But Dalton was not satisfied until he could make Eric cum through the agony, and so he decided to once again throw caution to the wind and redline Eric's huge bollock after all. Eric's bellows of agony took on an even greater urgency as his ball was crushed beyond all possible endurance. With deliberate slowness, Dalton crushed a little farther, and a little farther, and a little farther still, exceeding all possible limits, and enjoying the sounds of crunching and squishing as the super tough walls of Eric's balls began to succumb to the ever increasing pressure. Less than a half an inch of powerful, thick, and extraordinarily dense ball meat now separated Dalton’s mighty invading bicep from his corded forearm, and it was clear that Eric’s crushed and grotesquely distended ball was about to explode. 

Without warning, Eric's thunderously throbbing cock began to pound out a truly ferocious orgasm, the brutal crushing of his nut all but forcing the cum straight out of his tortured bull ball. The young man threw back his achingly handsome head in abject agony as his crushed stud ball was painfully purged of its massive load. 

After the first dozen or so blasts, Dalton couldn’t resist taking his hunky prisoner just a little bit farther, and flexes his massive bicep even MORE, giving tiny little pulses to his engorged and swollen muscle and forcing even MORE destructive pressure into the young man’s nearly busted nut. Eric's ball was bulging obscenely out on either side of the brutally flexed muscle, yet still somehow found the strength to endure. The added squeeze had an unusual side effect, however, for during the duration of Dalton's squeeze, the force and volume of Eric's orgasm actually increased, if such a thing was even possible! The mighty stream of cum became thicker and even whiter, and shot farther than ever before. The mighty wad was also unending, a continuous stream of male fluid, for the crushing grip was actually FORCING the cum directly out of Eric's tortured ball under incredible pressure. 

Dalton held the extra squeezes longer, just a few seconds at first, and then longer and longer and longer. The Cyborg was soon holding his added flexing squeeze for more than 10 seconds at a time, forcing a giant continuous gout of splooge out of Eric’s cock before slightly easing up on the vise-like grip, allowing Eric to shoot 4 or 5 regular wads before bearing down on the giant gonad again, and forcing another thick and viscous flood of semen to jettison from Eric's prick in another continuous stream. 

Dalton repeated this process throughout Eric's mighty orgasm, threatening time and again to squeeze just that little bit too hard and crush Eric's bull ball into oblivion, but somehow it continued to endure and pump out truly vast quantities of his manly cum. 

The mighty orgasm lasted more than six minutes, and produced several gallons of fresh man cream. But the cruel Cyborg was still not satisfied. As the orgasm neared its end, a lust crazed Dalton went for broke, and crushed Eric's ball even HARDER than before! Eric let out a shriek of agony as his ball was crushed to less than a quarter inch thick in its center, with the remainder of the thick and meaty ball flesh bulging grotesquely around the Cyborg's flaring bicep. Once again, a thick wad of continuous cum began to shoot from Eric's gorgeous and impossibly thick horse cock, recoating his own nearly busted ball and the Cyborg's massive arm with fresh slugs of man juice. 

This time, however, Dalton did not ease up on the crushing grip, and in fact very, very slowly began to INCREASE it! Ten seconds went by, and then 20, and then 30 - Eric's screams were truly frantic now, and the force of his orgasm was, if anything, actually increasing - 40 seconds, then 50 seconds, and then 60 seconds! 

Finally, after a full minute, the force of the flow from Eric's cock began to diminish. Pulsing squeezes from Dalton's massive arm produced thick pulses of man cream, but even these began to diminish. After two and a half minutes of devastatingly crushing force, and more than eight and a half minutes total of mind blowing orgasm, Eric's flow of sperm finally ceased. 

Dalton squeezed Eric's supremely crushed ball again, and again, and yet again, but only a thin and weak stream of fluid was forced from the young man's perilously smushed ball. The young man's goliath testicle was now crushed so flat in its center that it looked like there was nothing between the Cyborg’s gargantuan bicep and his forearm. The bulging contents of the horrifically distorted and misshapen ball looked like they could burst forth at any moment. Dalton had gone far beyond even simply redlining Eric's mighty bull ball, and yet he could not resist one more brutal crush. 

A sickening squishing sound could be heard coming from Eric's bulging bull ball. The stunningly handsome young man's head flew back as an almighty slug of cum erupted from his pulsating cock, one final, magnificent wad of thick stud cream, that arced high into the air before landing wetly all over the Cyborg’s gigantic flexing arm and the young man's utterly squashed and busted ball. 

The pressure continued to build, and Dalton knew that Eric's mighty ball had already endured far more than should have been humanly possible. Even now, he could feel the final strength being sapped from the incredibly tough, fibrous walls containing all that thick, delicious meat of the massive gonad, and knew that its final moment was rapidly approaching. He could both hear and FEEL that astoundingly tough outer wall starting to crack and shred, threatening to allow all of that dense and heavy beef trapped inside that shell to burst into the young man’s scrotum. Yet he could not make himself ease up on his deadly grip, as part of him wanted to feel this massive ball, this paragon of masculinity, burst upon his massive bicep... 

At the last moment, and with a colossal force of will, Dalton began to ease up on his flexing arm, slowly releasing the trapped bull ball and allowing it to resume their normal egg shape. It had been a VERY close call, for Eric's humongous ball had been on the verge of exploding under the tremendous pressure, but Dalton stopped just in time to save the huge teste and prevent any permanent damage. This time... 

Dalton let Eric’s tortured and nearly busted nut fall heavily to the bottom of its huge hairy sac, where the bruised and swollen orb hung heavily and throbbed in excruciating agony. The Cyborg then eagerly grabbed the young man’s other mighty bull nut and placed it firmly in the crook of his arm, and then prepared to repeat his performance on the young man’s so far unmolested nut. 

The Cyborg was eager to spend the entire night going back and forth between the young man’s colossal testicles, squeezing the cum out of one while the other rapidly recharged with another massive batch of his thick and chunky spew. The young man’s awesome powers of healing allowed the recovering testicle to cover most - but not all - of its strength and resilience during the time its partner was being squeezed and crushed, so that by the time it was time for the first mighty gonad to be crushed again, it was almost back to full strength and power. Almost… 

Dalton knew he would be wearing down Eric’s colossal balls a little bit more with each repetition of the bicep squeezing torture, making it a little bit harder each time for the young man’s mighty bull nuts to survive. Each time he crushed one of the young man’s titanic testes, Dalton knew he was running a greater and greater risk of bursting it for good...and that only added to the Cyborg’s lustful excitement. Time would only tell if young Eric’s balls would be able to survive the night. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Coming of Age - Original Version

Here is the original version of last week's "Coming of Age" story, which was originally titled "High Priest Tortures Youths in Hunting Rite". The storyline is largely the same, but I added significantly to the details... :)


High Priest Tortures Youths in Hunting Rite 

Xolok finger's gripped the full young testicles. He saw defiance and
fear in the youth's eyes. The boy stood at attention with his freshly
pumped hardon arching upward in the sun. Xolok experimentally crushed
the boys nuts and every muscle tensed but he didn't cry out and didn't
lose his erection.

"Punch him", Xolok commanded. The boy struggled in the guards' grip.
When his belly muscles were well-clinched the guard punched him hard
three times, testing the strength of the kid's gut. Xolok re-examined
the boys penis to make sure it had stayed hard through the punches.

"Selected", Xolok said, and two guards pulled the resisting youth off
to the sacred torture platform.

Xolok walked along the line of perfect youths selecting the ones to be
tortured for the Hunting Rite. Each one was naked and displayed their
hard penises for his inspection. Scouts had already located and
enlisted all handsome eighteen-year-olds with large genitals and
strong, well-defined muscles. When the penis was grasped in both fists
the glans and two finger widths of shaft had to extend past the fists.
The base of the shaft had to be as thick as a wrist. It was important
that the cockhead flare much wider than the shaft and have a prominent

He rejected two and then inspected the next boy. Xolok pumped the kid's
engorged penis hard. The boy's eyes glazed with pleasure and his pelvis
pumped reflexively, fucking Xolok's hand. However, he didn't shoot
fast. Xolok liked this type because they could stand prolonged
stimulation and then shoot a long heavy stream of semen. The crowd
liked to see the tortured youths spurt amply, distributing male force
to empower newly-made hunting weapons. The youth had a long, thick
penis which angled upward at about sixty degrees. Xolok pulled down
hard on the testicles which lowered the boy's penis angle to forty-five
degrees. This was perfect for launching a long distance ribbon of
cum. It was a good omen if the youths had a long range and the rich
streams were visible to the crowd. He released the boy's penis just
before he could climax. "Selected", he said. Again a youth was dragged
away to the torture platform.

To avoid the rigors of testicle torture, Morath, the next kid tested,
wanted not to stay hard and repond. However, he had spent three days at
leisure with good food, exercise, and had not been allowed to touch his
penis. As the High Priest slid Morath's foreskin back his hard cock
instantly betrayed him by becoming stronger and thicker. The priest
squeezed his left testicle. Morath became nauseous with the pain but
his cock only became harder. Xolok included the right testicle in his
grip but still Morath stayed hard. Morath was the most athletic and
best hung of the boys in his city. He knew his chances of escaping the
ritual genital torture were never good.

A guard reached from behind him and pinched his nipples. Morath
struggled and his torso rippled with effort. Thud! Thud! Thud! he was
punched in the gut but his hard belly muscles took the blows

Xolok bent Morath's penis and felt it was hard and also tough and well
supplied with veins. Pinching the tip produced a powerful erection
reflex. The youth writhed pleasingly when his testicles were 
compressed but stayed aroused. "Selected".

Two powerful guards immediately grabbed Morath. Escape was useless.
Xolok reached in his bag and pulled out a small boa constrictor. He
laid it against Morath's balls. The snake instantly wrapped itself
around Morath's nuts, forming a live, constricting weight. Morath
almost wriggled out of the guards sweaty grip but they pulled him away
screaming as the snake constricted the youth's testicles enroute to 
the torture platform. Morath felt the snake's weight bouncing on his
stretched nuts. The snake grabbed Morath's penis in his dull teeth and
tried to swallow it. The teeth rasped the hard surface of his glans 
and well down the shaft to the base. Morath was screaming deliriously and
yelled, "Get it off, Get it off!".

Only Morath and the eleven other selected boys, called the Select, were
bound to the base of an enormous stone phallus jutting from the middle
of the torture platform. The snakes were removed from their balls and
their testicles and penises swung freely. The remaining mass of
unselected boys was marched onto the platform as beasts of burden with
heavy bags of arrow points and stone axe heads suspended from their
nuts. Morath watched as the boys were unloaded into enormous shallow
baskets in front of him and the other Select youths. The Select would
be forced to shoot semen onto the sacred hunting weapons while their
genitals were tortured. Their screams of agony would attract the
attention of the gods to accept their gift and provide male force for
the ritual weapons.

The crowd had now gathered in the amphitheater and looked down on the
throng of heavy-hung, naked youths. The first rite was the ritual
treatment of ordinary weapons. Anyone in the crowd had the right to
have an ordinary weapon treated with the male force of one of the
unselected youths. As the burdens were removed from the stretched nuts
of the unselected youths, crazed spectators from the crowd rushed the
boys and starting beating them on the cock and balls with whatever
implements they brought to be strengthened.

The usual treatment was to alternate flaying the penis with coils of
bowstring gut and jacking the sensitized organ with a stinging salve
for lubricant. The boys screamed as their hardons were flailed with the
bowstrings. The torturers took care to skin back the foreskin because
whipping the salve-covered penis tip made the bowstrings the strongest
and most pliable. When the unselected boys were ready to come, their
testicles were slammed with the flat side of stone axes. With a gasp
they shot semen out into the crowd and over the axes and bowstrings.

After the last unselected youth was drained of semen it was time to
start the ritual torture of the twelve Select youths bound to the stone
phallus. First was a ritual washing. Jets of water from the mouths of
stone animals blasted the youths' crotches. Morath felt his heavy penis
grow hard with the stimulation and real pain was building in his
balls. The stimulation of the water turned him on and he longed to
grab his big hard dick and pump it, but the teasing stream of water
wasn't quite enough to make him come. He could feel a stronger stream
shooting straight up between his legs, battering his nuts. The crowd
was chanting in rhythm as the twenty-four heavy young nuts were bounced
by the pulsing jets of water and the twelve muscular owners tried to
break loose from their bonds to escape the ball torture.

Through his pain-hazed vision Morath looked down at his own ridged
midsection twisting and trying to break free. His saw his enormous
engorged cock pointed well up in the air, offering no protection to his
nut sac. Like hammer blows, intermittent blasts of water shot out of a
jaguar mouth and kicked his balls. Every time they bounced, the crowd
chanted. Each of the twelve Select boys was being water-tortured from
a different ritual totem carved into the stone floor of the platform.
The hidden wheel underneath the platform which controlled the blasts
didn't hit two adjacent boys at the same time. The jaguar mouth kicked
him in the nuts and then his vision would clear a little. Morath could
just see out of the corner of his eyes his two nearest companions. On
the left a giant eagle beak gaped and sent blasts into the nuts of his
friend, Zeemak. Next the jaguar mouth spurted pain up into his own
balls. On the right a buffalo streamed water up to the dangling
testicles of a stranger from another city. He was screaming
continuously, not just when he got hit. He had a huge slightly curved
cock which just touched his navel as the gentle top streams of water
kept the kid hard. Morath tried to stay alert and not scream except
when he was hit. He didn't want to sink into delirium like the handsome
stranger. Morath's own big nuts were in a rather tight sac and he
imagined this torture was a lot harder on the lowhangers of the guy on
his right. Zeemak on the left was even luckier. His nuts had pulled up
on each side of the thick base of his huge penis and were a little

Suddenly the water was shut off. It was time for the first semen shot
onto the weapons. Acolytes came out and slipped a gold crown over each
boys penis and slid it down just below the glans. The crowns were wide
bands of gold with needle points which projected forward and caught on
the flare of the glans so they couldn't be slipped back off. The
acolytes smeared medicinal salve on the needle points. This would
increase pain but stop bleeding and promote healing. Two leather thongs
ran from the needled ring on each boy's cock to the string of his own
crossbow. The thongs angled each penis upward at 45 degrees for
maximum range when they would shoot cum.

Two men started cranking the mounts of Morath's crossbow, moving it
forward on the platform. Morath gasped as his rigid penis was forced
to draw the string of his crossbow. The needles on the gold crown set
themselves into the glans of his hardon. He tried to keep as hard as he
could so the needles would only penetrate a little. He flexed his
cock-hardening muscles and tried not to wiggle too much. His testicles
still ached and the release from the water torture was so pleasant he
didn'tmind at first the needles starting to stab his dickhead. Morath
watched the men crank the bow forward some more. The needles took firm
hold in his cockhead, injected it with burning salve, and tried to rip
the head off the teen's big dick. The crown allowed his penis to be
stretched without blocking his cum channel. His thick meat was cruelly
lengthened beyond its limits. He thought he could feel things tearing
loose inside him as he screamed. The striated elastic tissue of his
strong young cock elongated but pulled the bow back.

A secret door opened behind each Select boy enduring penis stretching.
Strong hands reached out behind Morath. He felt lubricated fingers
enter his asshole and the other hand gripped the well-washed nuts
hanging below his stretched hardon. Morath saw hands doing the same to
his two visible companions. The crowd was going wild and many bets were
placed on the order in which the boys would come, who would shoot the
farthest, etc. Strong fingers started massaging Morath's well-filled
prostate and the other hand compressed his even better-filled scrotum.
Morath's penis got harder and harder. He almost shot a load but the
hands on his balls crushed them into painful oblivion and he couldn't
shoot. The hands on his nuts pulled him toward the back allowing the
fingers in his ass better penetration. The needles in his cockhead were
driven in even harder as his cock had to pull the bow.

Just when he thought his cock and balls might be destroyed he shot the
biggest load of his life past the crossbow and onto the sacred weapon
pile. The kid on the right shot just before he did. Zeemak was still
getting preparing to shoot. Morath saw the muscles and veins etched all
over Zeemak's body as his friend's testicles were squeezed. The
needled gold crown was nearly ripping Zeemak's cockhead off. Zeemak's
big triangular penis was rock hard and thick in spite of being racked
to the snapping point. Zeemak shuddered, screamed, and spouted semen
from the stretched organ. Some of Zeemak's spurt hit even the farthest
basket of weapons. Morath wondered if he himself had looked that

Someone shouted that Morath and Zeemak had come in second and third and
the stretched dick of a kid on the other side of the phallus had won
the prize for the longest stream.

The acolytes returned and cut the gold rings off each teen's penis.
Morath wondered if the guy who cut his ring off was the same one who
had crushed his nuts.

Handsome youths from the unselected list came out and gently sucked
each of the Select twelve back up to full hardness. The kid on Morath's
right who had such a hard time before was wiggling and thrusting and
trying to enjoy this as much as possible. Morath just leaned back
against the stone of the phallus and enjoyed the young lips on his big
cockhead, soothing the abuse from the needles. Zeemak, however, was
yelling abuse at the kid blowing him. "Eat that man meat, you worthless
scum ..."

When Morath was very hard, a masked priest came by and measured the
length of his hard member. Then the priest cut a piece of stem from a
juicy Green Torture Vine. He dipped it in a cup of secret liquid and
then slowly forced it into Morath's young penis. Only the thickest hung
teens could accommodate the stem of the Green Torture Vine rammed down
their hardons. The drugged plant stem felt cold and exciting in his hot
dick. Morath found himself getting harder and harder but not cumming.
The skin on his dick was glassy smooth.

Now the crowd filed by and caressed the sacrificial boys' hardons and
explored the contents of their packed ball sacs. Everyone agreed that
this year's youths had the best cocks and balls, ever.

Now that the drugs on the Green Torture Vine stems had been massaged-in
the crowd took their seats. Stone anvils were rolled into place under
each boy. The anvils had a depression for the youths' nuts so their
hardons could lay full length on the stone surface.

The crowd started their chanting again. Morath was staring at the
length of his hard penis and bulging glans and almost coming when his
vision blacked out in pain. The masked acolytes on each side of him
were hammering his big hard dong with bone mallets. His entire dick was
on fire. The mallets were crushing the Green Torture Vine stem trapped
in his penis and releasing the sap inside. Instead of an anesthetic the
juice was a pain amplifying drug mixing into the aphrodisiac coated on
the outside of the stem. Morath screamed more, terrified that they
were beating his penis until it fell off. But he looked down and it was
purple but still hard and glistening. He realized that he was

The anvil was removed and a blazing torch briefly scorched his glans
and balls. Then it was held in front of his dick and he knew he should
extinguish it with urine. In spite of his hardon he was able to piss and
gush out the green pulp of the smashed stem in his penis followed by a
big stream extinguishing the torch.

Morath felt a tremendous wave of sexual desire. He could feel the drugs
diffusing from the membranes inside his cock down into his big nuts.
Looking to either side he saw Zeemak and the other kid sporting
tremendous erections. He had played with Zeemak's penis a little before
but had never seen it so big. His own was bigger than he thought

From a tub of water the priests lifted Life-Death eels. They dangled
from nooses on the ends of bamboo poles. It was said that touching one
to a dead man might bring him back to life. A priest touched a goat
around the head and neck with the eel. The eel gave too much Life to
the goat and it fell, shuddering, dead.

When the pain-expanding aphrodisiac had reached maximum potential
Morath saw the priest rub the wriggling eel along Zeemak's cock and
balls. Zeemak jerked wildly. Every muscle was clinching and the
well-built teenager was screaming wildly and trying to tear loose. The
eel conducted the essence of Life-Death into the tip of his penis, out
the broad base of his cock, and into his nuts.

Then an eel was in front of Morath's own rigid member. All he could
remember was that the eel was even fatter than his big cock. He must
have blacked out because he woke screaming and the core of his penis
down into his testicles felt burnt out.

The priest now cut a new stem, the Red Torture Vine, and rubbed it on a
bright red frog before forcing it into Morath's tortured penis. It was
even more powerful than the Green. A cool surge of sexual energy flowed
back into the teenager's genitals. Morath writhed with pleasure as the
priest massaged the inside of his big dong with the red vine. The
slime from the frog coated all the interior surfaces of his cock. Next
the priest took bronze tongs and crushed the screaming teenager's penis
evenly in many places from base to tip. At each new spot Morath felt a
violent new pain as the tongs collapsed the Red Torture Vine inside his
cock. There was an almost delicious feeling as the crushing stopped and
the priest slowly drew the fibrous string of Red Torture Vine pulp out
of his penis. Morath needed to cum desperately.

The door behind him opened and a wooden plank slid out with a jaguar-
masked man lying on it. He opened his mouth and sucked in Morath's
meaty young testicles. The man rolled them around and Morath was in
ecstasy. The boys to each side were getting similarly treated. The
man's head changed into a living jaguar and the jaguar started eating
his nuts. Morath struggled and tried to escape but his nuts were being
eaten off him by the giant cat. Morath looked down at his genitals and
the being eating his nuts was flickering between man and cat. Oh, how
he needed to shoot. His cock was glassy hard even though teeth were
tearing off his nuts. How could he come with no nuts? But he needed to
anyway. He felt a great stream build inside and then with the crowd
roaring he emptied himself over the weapon pile and even hit spectators
in the first row. Fights broke out as the spectators fought over
licking up the boy's cum.

He glanced over at Zeemak. An eagle had his hard cock in its talons and
its beak was tearing the testicles out of the boy's scrotum.

Seeing Zeemak get his cock and balls ripped somehow made Morath spurt
again, uncontrollably sending more cum lashing out toward the crowd.

Whoosh! He was hit again by the cleansing, sobering water blast. The
empowered weapons had been removed and he looked down and his cock and
balls were swollen but still attached. Zeemak and the other kid were
moaning but the familiar length of Zeemak's big dong miraculously swung
beautifully entire in the sunlight of dawn. Zeemak's balls still bulged
in his boy sac.

Two days later Morath met secretly with Zeemak deep in the forest. "I
think it was mostly a dream", Morath said. "But look at this! Blow
me!", Zeemak said. Morath complied sucking his friend up to a roaring
hardon. Zeemak pulled out of Morath's mouth, grasping his hardon in
both fists with the tip and more sticking out. "See, I'm two finger
widths longer than before! And look here!" Just around the flare of
Zeemak's cockhead was the neat row of tiny marks left by the crown
stretcher's needles.

Then Zeemak skinned back his foreskin to reveal a little eagle tattoo
inside. Quickly, Morath skinned back his own hardon and sure enough

tattooed inside was a jaguar.