Friday, May 29, 2015

A Woman Scorned - Jayse Version

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Sack Stomper is one of the most inspired and talented writers out there! He has a huge catalog of original stories, and I love each and every one of them. I've only reworked a couple of them in my style, as his stories are so awesome that they certainly don't need any help from me.

But he and I are friends, and he knows that I only rewrite his stories out of a deep respect and awe of his talent.



A Woman Scorned
Based on the original story by Sack Stomper 


Heather Greystone's car came to a screeching halt outside of the nondescript, modest bungalow - one of a dozen virtually identical little houses that lined the street. Her face was flush with anger and beads of sweat formed almost instantly on her forehead from the hot and balmy evening air as she made her way up the short walk to the house.

When she reached the door she pounded non stop until a young woman, whose black hair was a stark contrast to Heather's blonde, opened the door in surprise.

"You whore!" Heather shouted as she barged into the house.



Heather's nearly overflowing cocktail glass clanged into Jennifer's as the two ladies started sipping another cocktail.

"So you're the ‘study group’ he can't miss on Tuesday?" Heather laughed.

Jennifer, the dark haired girl who lived in the bungalow, nodded and smiled while sipping her drink.


"What a pig!"

Heather had come to Jennifer Parker's house fully ready to confront the woman her boyfriend Xander was cheating on her with. What she found instead was an equally hoodwinked Jennifer who thought herself to be Xander's sole girlfriend.

After it became obvious that they were both victims of the philandering, perpetually horny college rugby jock, the two woman were laughing at themselves and sharing stories about Xander over cocktails. They determined any hard feelings would be put to better use targeted at Xander rather than at each other. Heather and Jennifer were both juniors at Yale University, petite young women with similarly curvaceous frames and pretty, youthful faces. Blond-haired Heather ran in a more conservative circle than dark-haired and more liberal Jennifer, so the two had never really crossed paths. However, aside from their almost-feud over their shared boyfriend, Yale University senior Xander White, the two had no qualms with each other.

"What a jerk! Playing us like a pair dumb bitches for months!” Jennifer sighed putting down her glass.

Heather nodded in agreement. "Well I'm glad we found out before he could keep stringing us along. Sorry again I nearly beat your door down."

Jennifer laughed. "Oh, girl, I would have done the same thing. Too bad it wasn't Xander you were beating on."

The two young ladies chuckled and clanged their glasses again.

"So, what should we do about it?” asked Heather. “I liked your idea about beating him up. I happen to be good friends with a bunch of the guys on the crew team, and I’m sure I could convince them to help us out. Even a tough rugby jock as big as Xander couldn’t hope to win in a fight against nearly a dozen other beefy young college studs."

Jennifer’s face scrunched in thought, and then she set her cocktail glass down and left the room without saying anything. She returned a few moments later carrying a small wooden black box with strange symbols carved into the lid. Heather looked down at the box curiously as Jennifer set it on the cocktail table.

"What's in there? A gun?" Heather asked quite seriously, and with more than a little concern.

Jennifer chuckled as she opened the box, which held a worn leather bound book and several tiny vials. "No, nothing like that."

Jennifer picked up the book and leafed through the pages, which appeared to be written in Greek. Heather could make out bits and pieces from what she remembered from freshman-level Latin class, but the majority of it was indecipherable to her. Finally, Jennifer stopped on a page with a language Heather didn’t recognize at all.

"How familiar are you with voodoo?" Jennifer asked, her voice taking on a darker tone.

Heather nearly choked on her cocktail in surprise.

"I've heard of it, of course. But I'm not seeing how it relates."

Jennifer gave Heather a knowing smile; "Well, just wait and see. Xander is soon going to realize that he messed with the wrong girls!”

Heather wasn't at all sure what Jennifer was getting at, but her matter of fact tone in speaking of Xander's pending retribution brought a smile to her pretty face.


Xander White strolled confidently down the walk to Jennifer's bungalow. The young man was a very large, very athletic, and VERY muscular college student whose enormous six-foot-nine frame was the envy of every other jock on campus. A mass of short but shaggy brown hair topped his handsome head, and a well-manicured goatee added a few years to his otherwise youthful twenty-one-year-old face. The handsome young man was extraordinarily and heroically muscular, particularly for a man of his tremendous height, but even at a lean 425 pounds, it was clear that Xander still had plenty of room to pack on even MORE muscle! He was already, literally and figuratively, the biggest man on campus, and he was getting bigger all the time! 

His thick, bulging pecs and corrugated abs were being hugged by a light blue polo shirt, the short sleeves of which were straining to hold in his massive biceps. A pair of form-flattering stone washed jeans, a large bulge visible at the crotch, and a pair of brown leather loafers finished his casual date night outfit.

"Xander, you're on time for once!"

Jennifer smiled as Xander leaned in to give the much shorter young lady a tender and passionate kiss in greeting. 

"You look smokin' hot, babe!” the deep-voiced young man remarked sincerely as she closed the door behind him.

Jennifer was wearing a flattering one-piece black dress with an open back and a slit up the left leg that went just beyond the knee. Her black hair, which was usually only in simple curls, had been styled in a sophisticated high bun, the style of which was unfamiliar to Xander, but very appealing. Her makeup, which she seldom wore, was expertly applied and made her look even prettier than she naturally was, especially the cherry red lipstick that Xander was imagining would end up on his huge cock by night's end.

"Oh? This old thing?" Jennifer said spinning to show off her outfit. "A new friend helped me pick it out."

Xander smiled and reached to kiss Jennifer again but she stepped back.

"Maybe you'd like to meet her?" Jennifer said sweetly. 

Xander raised a handsome eyebrow quizzically, "Um, sure, maybe sometime."

"How about now? Heather, can you come out here?" Jennifer called toward the bedroom.

"Heather...?" Xander's voice trailed as Heather emerged from the bedroom, and his gorgeous blue eyes bugged out in surprise.

Heather was in a duplicate dress to Jennifer, only hers was white. Heather's pale blond hair was also styled in a high bun and she was holding a bejeweled white evening clutch in her hand.

"Actually, Jennifer picked out these dresses. She's quite stylish," Heather said smiling, stopping when she was shoulder to shoulder with Jennifer.

Xander, stammering and at a loss for words, took a step back. He went to speak but was silenced by a dismissive wave of Jennifer's hand.

"Save it, asshole. Did you bring them, Heather?”

Heather smiled and reached into her clutch, pulling out two rubber balls about the size of billiards, and handed one to Jennifer. Heather tossed the clutch aside so that she was only holding the rubber ball, then both she and Jennifer stood looking at Xander, openly eying the enormously bulging mound of his crotch.

"What the hell?" Xander's face was beet red with shame and embarrassment, and his palms were turning sweaty despite his best effort to play it cool.

"Do know that I dabble in magic?" Jennifer began.

Xander took a step toward the women, a pleading look in his blue eyes. “Please, let me try to explain...” 

Before the handsome jock could reach the two ladies, Jennifer began to speak, chanting something in a language that sounded like a cross between Latin and French. It was totally foreign to Heather and Xander, but it was clear that Jennifer was speaking it quite fluently. The lights in the home dimmed slightly and the air seemed to grow heavy as she chanted in her strange tongue. Xander found it harder and harder to breathe, but just when he was beginning to panic, Jennifer finished her incantation.

"I'm sorry, what were you saying?" Jennifer said, mocking the frightened Xander.

"Are you two crazy?! What was that?!? Was that some sort of weird Wiccan hocus pocus bullshit?” Xander said, trying to mask his fear with indignation and contempt. 

"Who are you calling crazy?!" Heather shouted in an uncharacteristically harsh tone, affronted by Xander's attack on her new friend.

“Don’t worry Heather, darling. Xander only WISHES that I was practicing Wiccan magic. Wiccan magic focuses on the light, but voodoo magic, THAT magic focuses on the dark...” So saying, Jennifer lifted her rubber ball so that it was eye level with Xander, and then she squeezed it as hard as she could.

"AAAHH!" Xander screamed, his voice cracking, as he clutched his crotch and crumbled to his knees. His big left nut felt like it was caught in a steel vise, and the gut-wrenching pain almost made him sick to his stomach. 

"What the fuck!? OOOOH!" Xander's frantic grip on his crotch increased as Jennifer continued to squeeze the rubber ball in her hand. Finally, she gradually reduced the pressure on the rubber ball, and the sudden, mysterious pain in Xander’s left nut simultaneously subsided.

Xander was in shock and breathing heavily, his massive, muscular chest rising and falling dramatically as he struggled to regain his breath. He looked up at the two woman from his position kneeling on the floor, tears of pain and fear streaming down his handsome face.

"Aww, we made him cry!” Jennifer laughed, mocking the kneeling jock.

"And we only just started. Jenny, this is amazing!" Heather gave the ball in her hand a sharp squeeze and Xander once more howled in pain, this time clutching his huge right nut.

"You see, Xander, my ‘hocus pocus bullshit’ isn’t actually bullshit after all, is it?” Jennifer said. 

Xander started to rise to his feet, struggling to pick himself up off the floor. Jennifer quickly placed her rubber ball on the ground, lifted her foot, and stomped the pointed tip of her high heel into it. 

Xander's beautiful blue eyes crossed and he let out a blood curdling howl as his huge, strong hands raced to cup his inexplicably injured nuts. He felt like his left nut had just been stabbed with a knife, and the pain was beyond anything he had ever experienced in his young life. And before he could begin to recover from the pain, Jennifer lifted her foot and sent her heel crashing into the rubber ball. Xander jumped from surprise and screamed, falling to the floor in a huge heap of quivering, pain-wracked muscles.

"What's happening...?! OOOH!!!" Xander sobbed and thrashed on the floor as Jennifer picked up and once again threw her rubber ball to the ground, where it landed with a hard thump.

"Looks like we have you have you by the balls," Jennifer laughed as she once again picked up her rubber ball.

The two young ladies stood over the massive form of the stricken jock, not even trying to mask their delight in watching him flay about, his hands clutching the crotch of his tight jeans. They gave him several minutes to nurse his throbbing genitals before Jennifer ordered him to stand up.

"I said stand!" she roared as Heather looked on smiling. Jennifer squeezed the ball in both of her hands, compressing it into a rubber oval.

"Ooh FUCK!!" Xander wailed, but he slowly began to struggle to get to his feet despite the tremendous agony in his left nut. 

The slower he was, the more Jennifer squeezed. His eyes were watering and it felt like his massive left nut was going to implode. When he was finally standing, his knees were still slightly bent and he was cupping his crotch with both huge hands. The buff jock winced in pain and looked at the two women in confusion and fear. 

"Please, what's going on?" he managed to get out through gritted teeth.

"I told you, we have you by the balls. I have the left one and Heather has the right. Let's show him what we mean, sweetie."

Both women held their rubber balls just inches from Xander's face and squeezed, alternating between left and right. Xander watched in horror as each squeeze corresponded with a blazing, painful squeeze in his balls. He was speechless by this impossible event, but the evidence was clear; the two woman were somehow crushing his testicles without even touching him.

"Please... please sto--- OOOH!!!"

Xander began sobbing as Heather placed her rubber ball on the ground and smashed her heel into it. Xander's hands raced to his crotch in a panic, but he somehow managed to stay on his feet. He was sure his left testicle had been punctured clear through. But as his hands explored his big balls through is jeans, he found that they were both throbbing and sore, but still whole.

"Strip!" Jennifer barked.

Xander’s beautiful blue eyes looked at the two gorgeous young women in wide-eyed terror.

"I said strip!!!" Jennifer cupped her ball and balled a fist, preparing to pound it.

"No! No! Please, I'll do it! I’ll do it!!" Xander pleaded as he started to take off his clothes.

The huge young college stud was openly sobbing as he peeled off his polo shirt, revealing his fantastically muscular, rippling, and surprisingly hairy upper body. Both young women hungrily eyed the young man’s phenomenal body with undisguised lust, their fury at the young man not diminishing their burning desire for him in the slightest. His enormous chest was heaving and he was giving the girl's pleading expressions as he unbuckled his belt and slowly began removing his jeans, mindful not to bump his throbbing testicles as he did so.

Despite their new-found disdain for him, both of the women couldn't help but admire Xander's truly gorgeous and massively muscular body. The young stud was a living and breathing Hercules, and the most gorgeous hunk either woman had ever seen. Their eyes were especially riveted on the mounding genitals clearly visible through his tight white briefs.

"Take 'em off," Jennifer ordered, pounding the ball in her hand with her other fist.

Xander felt his huge left nut get punched, and shrieked, "Okay! Okay!!"

With trembling hands, the huge college hulk removed his underwear and stood in front of the women totally nude. The young man was enormously hung, even for someone of his gigantic height, and even though both women had seen, touched, and otherwise experienced the handsome stud’s magnificent endowment dozens of times, they couldn’t help but once again gape openly at the sheer size of the massive meat dangling from the young man’s crotch. Xander's huge nuts were throbbing and beet red, as if they had actually been squeezed and stomped and hit. The nearly fist-sized gonads were tight against Xander's muscular body, and his thick penis — over ten inches long completely flaccid! — drooped lazily to the left. 

Xander was still unable to believe that something so seemingly impossible was happening to him, but a quick squeeze of Heather's fist, that corresponded with a sharp pain in his right nut, assured him that it was all too real. 

Heather in particular was enjoying the feeling of dominance she was having over the hulking and supremely muscular jock. Xander had never been violent with either of them, and in fact had always been a very gentle and tender lovers, but it was abundantly clear that if the circumstances were different, he could have easily overpowered and taken out Heather and Jennifer in a moment. But here he was, a nearly seven foot tall and spectacularly muscular rugby player, being held captive by two petite coeds.

The two women stood admiring the handsome stud for several minutes, gently rolling their voodoo balls in their hands. Xander's face flashed with fresh embarrassment, for his own balls felt the massaging as well, and despite his fear and previous pain, he could feel his huge cock starting to stir. 

"Please. Please stop." Xander pleaded as tears continued to stream dow his handsome face, but the two women just smiled and ignored him. It wasn’t long before more than fifteen inches of awesomely thick stud cock was jutting forth from the young man’s body like some thick steel pole, throbbing and ready for action.

"What a hunk!" Jennifer said in true admiration and a hint of regret. "Too bad we're gonna have to neuter him."

Xander's eyes grew wide and he took a step toward them, "No! NOOO!!"

The big stud's advance was instantly stopped as he fell to his knees clutching his crotch. Both the women were squeezing their respective rubber ball as hard as they could.

"AAAAHH!!!" Xander's screaming was an almost inhumanly loud and continuous bellow. The two young women relentlessly and mercilessly squeezed and kneaded his manhood for more than ten minutes straight. No man should have been able to endure such brutal abuse applied to his nuts, not even a man with balls as huge and tough as Xander’s, but the young man’s enormous bull balls somehow endured. 

Xander could feel his testicles being crushed and squeezed as if by invisible hands, but was powerless to stop it. Jennifer took her ball and began squeezing it between her thumb and fingers, making Xander's actual nut begin to bulge and compress in the middle. He let out a blood-curdling scream and pleaded with her to stop.

"Please! You're gonna' POP it... please!!!" Xander begged as he writhed on the ground. His huge left nut was now grotesquely distorted and did indeed look like it was about ready to burst. Jennifer’s thumb and fingers were nearly meeting in the center of the rubber ball, and it was clear that in a few more moments, she would succeed in popping the young man’s huge and surprisingly tough gonad. 

Jennifer and Heather let up their grip and allowed Xander, who was rolling on the ground like an injured animal, to catch his breath.

"Isn't this FUN!?!” Jennifer asked laughing.

"Yes, very!! Why haven't we talked before?" Heather said smiling, raising her ball in the air.


The two rubber balls collided like as if the two were making a toast, and the feeling of his testicles crashing into each other made Xander wail in agony. He managed to get to his feet and clasped his hands together in front of his huge chest, begging. 

"Please! I’m sorry! I'm so, SO sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt either of you! Just please stop this… OOOH!!!"

The girls giggled as they watched Xander's huge left nut dimpling in the middle as if being crushed by a huge vise. Jennifer kept squeezing and squeezing the rubber ball in her hand, causing Xander's left nut to deform even more.

"OH GOD!!!" Xander screeched as he felt the delicate membranes of his tough left nut finally starting to collapse. He looked down in horror as his oversized ball got flatter and flatter, as if it were being squeezed by a giant invisible hand. He instinctively reached for it to comfort it, but could do nothing to stop the pain. He fell sobbing to his knees as his precious nut got flatter... and flatter... and flatter! He could feel it was about to rupture and was pleading and begging for Jennifer to stop. 

Jennifer released her grip just before Xander’s big tortured ball would have exploded, and Heather said, "Oh, let me try something." 

She then threw her ball to the ground with another loud THUMP. The impact sent shock waves through Xander's huge right nut. Heather then kicked off her heels and placed her small foot on the rubber ball, and then slowly began lifting her other foot so that she was balancing on one foot on the rubber ball. Jennifer offered her an arm for balance and Heather began bouncing mercilessly on the flattening rubber ball.

Xander bellowed in unimaginable agony as his right nut got dangerously flat, resembling a huge, dark red pancake. Heather kept bouncing, fully expecting the helpless jock's testicle to explode as it got flatter and flatter, but somehow the incredibly tough nut continued to hold, miraculously supporting the young woman’s entire weight.

"Come on! CRUSH it!" Jennifer squealed. 

Heather kept bouncing on the rubber ball for several minutes. Frustrated, she switched to simply hopping on it with one foot. They watched as Xander's ball kept being squeezed and crushed by an invisible force, dimpling at the middle as the enormous organ was squashed flatter... and flatter... and flatter still! There was simply no way any man’s bollocks, no matter how enormous and powerful, could stand up to such vicious abuse! 

Suddenly, Xander's handsome head shot up and he let out a deafening howl as a resounding SQUICK sound emanated from his huge ballsack. He looked down at this sack in horror to see that his huge right nut had finally failed and fractured in half.

He cupped his crotch and cried out "OH GOD!! STOP!!! PLEASE STOP!!! NOT MY BALLS!!! NOT MY BIG, BEAUTIFUL BALLS!!!"

Xander was sobbing and cradling his half ruined sack, his enormously muscular body shuddering with his uncontrollable sobs...much to the girls' delight.

Jennifer walked up to him and knelt down, now eye to eye with the sobbing young man. She gave him a quick kiss on the forehead as she ran a hand gently through his shaggy brown hair. 
Xander looked up at her pleadingly. He had never felt so totally vulnerable in his life and was hopeful his sincere apology and begging would spare him any more harm.

"Tell you what. If you can jack off for us, I'll remove the enchantment," Jennifer said reaching for the ball Heather was holding.

She nodded at Heather, who went off into the kitchen, disappearing for several minutes. She returned into the living room carrying a large, shiny metal box. Whatever it was seemed to be more bulky and awkward than actually heavy, it's relative size made larger against her petite frame. Jennifer chuckled at the sight of it, and it took Xander's pain-wracked mind nearly thirty seconds to recognize the mystery object as a sleek, stainless steel microwave oven.

Heather set the microwave down on the coffee table and plugged it in, which was Jennifer's cue to place both of the rubber balls into the machine.

"Oh God, NO!! PLEASE!!! For God's sake...!!" Xander screamed. He heard the microwave beep as Jennifer entered in an inordinately long cooking time into the control panel.

"Start stroking," Heather barked.

Xander couldn't take his eyes off the microwave – more specifically Jennifer's small finger dancing over the power button – but he spit into his huge hands and began furiously pumping his enormous flaccid cock. Despite the throbbing, unbearable pain coming from his fractured right testicle, Xander was somehow able to will himself to a full erection. An erection galvanized by a combination of fear and desperation. The two ladies watched with blatant lust, licking their lips as Xander pumped all fifteen plus inches of his monstrously thick, veiny cock with both huge hands. The mushroom head swelled and started dripping precum as he closed his eyes, trying desperately to think of the hottest visuals he could in order to blow his load.

"Better hurry," Jennifer said as she continued to run her finger perilously close to the microwave's shiny 'ON' button.

Xander tried to ignore her taunts as he felt his tortured load starting to boil in his nuts. Both girls knew from experience that Xander blew spectacular loads — not terribly surprising for a man with massive gonads the size of a pair of big grapefruit — and they were eager to see him blow his nut again. For the final time. They had no intention of honoring Jennifer’s promise of lifting the enchantment, and they both knew that this would be the last time Xander would ever be blowing his gargantuan load. 

Heather screamed, "He's almost there!! DO IT!!"

Xander registered what Heather had said and opened his eyes wide just as a truly enormous rope of jizz erupted from the head of his gigantic cock. He cried out “NOOOO!!!!” and lurched toward the microwave, but his knees buckled under the intensity of his enormous, explosive orgasm as a second mighty blast of cock spew erupted from his huge dick. 

He was spewing a third huge rope of cum when Jennifer's petite finger touched the power button of the microwave, turning on the oven. 

Xander's eyes crossed and he instantly collapsed as the microwave began heating the rubber balls, which in turn began heating his own massive, meaty orbs. Although the rubber balls themselves weren't being damaged within the oven, the enchantment on his testicles made them both instantly start to heat up. Xander screamed and sobbed as he felt his testicles getting hotter and hotter, his entire young sex life beginning to be literally boiled from the inside out. It felt like someone was applying a blow torch directly to his sack, and the pain was indescribable. Amazingly and despite the inhuman pain, Xander’s humongous cock remained rock hard and continued spewing out rope after massive, gargantuan, goliath rope of his insanely thick and powerful spunk. 

The huge stud flopped onto his back and helplessly writhed in agony as his huge balls continued to heat and swell. The rapidly expanding liquids in his scrotum made his sack puff and grow like a heinous, flesh colored balloon. Xander’s huge cock continued shooting its inhumanly huge load, but his spunk was now super heated. His sperm was now spewing out in cooked and clotted clumps, and the boiling fluid was searing the delicate inner lining of his massive cock. 

Xander let out a tremendous howl as the first half of his fractured right nut violently exploded in the sack, followed a few moments later by the remaining half. Astoundingly, the screaming young hunk continued to shoot out several more ropes of cooked jism as his still intact left nut continued to swell and bloat larger and larger still. His swelling left nut lasted another ten or so seconds longer before it too burst with a wet and sickening SPLOOOSH that was audible even over his inhuman screams.

The handsome jock, feeling his final bull ball explode in its sack, flexed every muscle in his massively muscular body and screamed "GAAAAAAHHH!!!!" before mercifully blacking out.

Xander’s huge, unconscious form was splayed out on the floor, his rapidly deflating cock draped over one of his colossal thighs and his entire massively muscular body criss-crossed with thick globs of cum. His enormous, distended nutsac looked like a sack of wet mush, drooping so low that the bulk of the sack rested flat on the floor. Jennifer and Heather kept the microwave going for several long minutes and watched as the young man’s ruined sack rose and bubbled in random spots as the nearly liquified contents continued to cook.

Jennifer finally turned off the microwave and the two made their way over to the fallen stud. Xander's massive legs were spread wide, totally exposing his junk, and his deflated cock was still leaking the remains of his final, epic, titanic load. Heather reached out to examine his scrotum, grasping the heavy, bloated sac and lifting it with both hands. She smiled as she felt the mushy remains of his utterly destroyed testicles. Xander's once huge, solid testicles had literally melted into a shapeless gloop, turned to nothing more than shredded, cooked gore in the mushy, lumpy sack.

"There's still some lumps left," Heather called to Jennifer.

Jennifer reached into the microwave and tossed a ball to Heather. They both smiled at each other as they placed the balls on the ground and proceeded to stomp on them, enjoying the wet sploshing sounds coming from Xander's crotch as they watched his scrotum get flatter and flatter until it was nothing but a totally flattened mass on the ground. The two women felt their own crotches getting wet as they mangled and crushed the hapless jock's already ruined sex life into a gooey, liquified mess. The handsome former stud remained mercifully unconscious throughout this final indignation to his once proud bull balls. 

When they were satisfied Xander would never be able to father a child, they stopped stomping and Jennifer said an incantation in the same strange dialect as before. The lights briefly dimmed and the rubber balls became ordinary rubber balls again, no longer attached to Xander's now totally mushed nuts.

"Guess that'll teach him to ever try THAT again," Heather said smiling as she looked down the passed out Xander's pancake-flat sack.

“Oh, we aren't quite done,” Jennifer smiled as she disappeared into the bedroom.

Jennifer came out of the bedroom carrying a huge dildo that was a near perfect replica of Xander's massive cock. Heather beamed as Jennifer again chanted in her mysterious dialect, causing the lights to dim briefly once more.

Jennifer smiled as the handed the now enchanted rubber cock to Heather, who quickly grasped it in both hands and began twisting and stretching it. To her delight, they watched as Xander's huge cock began twisting and pulling in unnatural directions in concert with the dildo. She smiled at Jennifer as she tossed the rubber cock to the ground.

She rose her foot over it and stomped over and over. Large bruises and welts started to appear all over Xander's once beautiful cock as it was brutally flattened. Soft, squishing SPLAT sounds echoed from Xander's cock as his jock meat was pounded by the angry coed, and after many long minutes of this brutal abuse, it was clear that even Xander’s huge and unnaturally tough slab of man meat was being gradually reduced to a thick tube of ground chuck.

“Oh! I have an idea!” Jennifer suggested, motioning for Heather to stop her ruthless stomping.

By then, Xander's cock had split in several places like an over stuffed sausage breaking out of its casing, and it was obvious it would never again be able to inflate to its former fifteen inch glory.

“Let's see what happens when we put it in the blender,” Jennifer said licking her lips and smiling.

Heather wasted no time picking up the dildo and following Jennifer into the kitchen. They tossed it in and carried the blender back into the living room, plugging it in next to the microwave. 

Xander meanwhile had started to regain consciousness, the agony of his obliterated balls and shattered cock rendering him as weak as a kitten. He turned his incredibly handsome, tear-streaked face to his two assailants and croaked, “Please! Have mercy on me! I loved you both, and never meant either of you any harm!”

The two girls completely ignored Xander’s words, their eyes locked on the huge slab of broken but still living man meat drooping from between the young muscle man’s crotch. 

“Okay, here we go! Five.. four... three...”

Jennifer counted down slowly, her hand hovering over the blender's power button and both of their eyes locked on Xander's about-to-be mutilated cock.

“PLEASE!!!” Xander pleaded. 

“...two... one!!”

“Do it!” Heather shouted. 


Jennifer depressed the button, her panties now soaked, and smiled cruelly as Xander's abused, but still monstrously huge and extraordinarily impressive flaccid dick instantly exploded into a shower of meaty chunks. 

“GAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” Xander cried as his massive chest, corrugated abdominals, and columnar thighs were instantly splattered with the remains of his once awe-inspiring, Herculean bull cock. 

THAT ought to teach him a lesson!” Jennifer said proudly. She and Heather then smiled at each other, lifted their two wine glasses, and clinked them together as the completely nullified Xander collapsed unconscious to the floor. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

One Step Beyond - Jayse Version

Here is my take on another wrestling story by The Mangler, a brilliant author who, sadly, doesn't seem to have been posting any new stories on his old website for many years now. I hope you like me retooling of one of his classic stories...


One Step Beyond
Based on an original story by The Mangler


Once again it was fight night at Bugle Boy's, a local and very popular gay bar that was part of the Wrestling Underground League (WUL). In the big, hidden back room was the wrestling ring that, when not being used for wrestling, was often used for various fantasy and bondage scenarios. 

Big Hank, the owner and promoter of matches, wasn't really excited about tonight's card. Less than a year ago, new champions had been established in the tag team category. The new champs, Doug and David, also known as D&D, were indisputably great wrestlers, and they were big, muscular, and incredibly handsome -- everything that the fans loved in their wrestlers. Unfortunately, they wrestled fairly, which didn’t sit too well with many of the fans that attended these matches to see muscle men get brutally beaten and humiliated. It was now widely speculated that the two young hunks were straight as well, since they never took an opportunity to sexually abuse their defeated opponents as so many others did. So despite the raw sexual beauty of the two champs, Big Hank was worried that if something didn’t change soon, ticket sales might start to drop. The huge man knew he needed to do something about this situation, and soon. 

In the WUL, all matches were anything goes, and Bugle Boy's was one of the more notorious venues in the league. Many matches had ended in the nude, with fucking, cock sucking, and extensive use and abuse, both consensual and forced. 

Though D&D played fair and were therefore not well liked, they had managed to defeat all their opponents in their relatively short but brilliant career. Not always easily, but defeat them they did, and always without resorting to dirty tactics. They consistently brought in a big crowd, mostly those hoping to see the two gorgeous, clean-cut muscle studs finally get their asses kicked...and fucked. But once again, Big Hank doubted that  tonight would be that night. 

Big Hank was also the owner of the bar and wrestling ring. He had been a wrestler himself until just a few years ago, and he had been moderately successful, too, winning many more matches than he lost. He had also been a crowd favorite, for at 6’5” and 350 pounds of pure muscle, Hank had been one of the most massive men in the league. In addition, Hank had chiseled, masculine good looks and a rough-and-tumble charm, which had won him many fans. Even now, at 36 years old, Hank was one fucking handsome stud of a man, and he continued to keep his body in tip-top shape. His thick, dark brown hair had just begun to go gray at the temples, matching the steel gray of his eyes, but the thick hair on his chest was still a dark, lustrous brown. 

When Hank turned 32, he found out about the Wrestling Underground League, where fights were no-holds-barred and the crowds smaller but more bloodthirsty, and he had decided to join. However, he quickly found out that the league wanted younger wrestlers, so he bought the Bugle Boy and turned it into a wrestling bar. It was the first gay stop on the tour, but many others quickly turned up and the wrestling league now boasted a large contingent of gay wrestlers. Big Hank had taken the opportunity to teach many of the wrestlers some holds and shortcuts to use to wear down and humiliate some of the straight wrestlers, but some of the best matches were also between gay guys who would often go to ANY lengths to win. The matches were not only entertaining, but tremendously hot as well. 

The current tag team champions had come upon the wrestling circuit about a year ago, hitting the scene out of nowhere from their small farming town in Iowa, and won the championship titles within six months. They showed up, wrestled, won, took their money, and left. They never did any of the kinky or humiliating acts to their opponents during or after the matches as so many other wrestlers did, and this disappointed the crowds. And they had managed to defeat the best wrestlers in the league, including some of the biggest and dirtiest of them all. 

Physically, the two young men were without question awesome specimens of masculinity, best described as muscle gods, the kind that were worthy of worship. The two best friends had obviously worked out hard all their lives, and that work showed in the beautiful and massively developed symmetry of their physiques. 

Doug was 22 years old, stood 6'2" tall, and weighed in at a solid and massive 295 pounds of pure muscle. He was extraordinarily handsome, with chiseled yet youthful features, a powerful jaw and chin with a dimple in the center, soulful brown eyes, and a thick head of curly brown hair, worn short. His physique was nothing short of astounding, with massive shoulders, huge 23 ½” biceps, and a back like a pair of barn doors. Doug’s chest was truly colossal, two massive, weighty plates of dense muscle nearly 6” thick, almost completely hairless and topped with two of the most succulent nipples in wrestling. Doug’s mighty upper torso tapered dramatically down to an incredibly trim, tight, and muscular waist, his abs like corrugated steel. His legs were massive, a perfect match for his stupendous upper body, with thick, tree-trunk thighs and calves the size of footballs. His signature tight red trunks displayed his big, muscular ass to great effect, and the massive bulge they made in front hinted at an extra large set of man tools, but they had never been seen in public. In all, Doug was one of the handsomest, best built studs in wrestling, or indeed in any athletic sport. 

Though the two men were no related, Dave could have almost been Doug’s twin. He, too, was 22 years old and stood 6'2" tall, he weighed in at a colossal 320 pounds. Dave was even more massive than Doug, even though that didn’t seem possible, and just as stunningly handsome. If they weren’t so outrageously muscular, the duo could have made an excellent career as male models. 

Dave’s musculature was even more thick and dense than his fellow’s, the muscles bulging all over his body. Dave’s shoulders were more than three feet wide with delts the size of cannon balls, and his mighty arms, completely cold, stretched the measuring tape to over 24”. And if Doug’s chest was heroic, Dave’s was simply super-human, so huge and thick that it seemed impossible that the massive pecs wouldn’t sag under their own awesome weight. But Dave’s chest was so dense and powerful that it defied gravity, bulging proudly forward like two great, 6” thick plates of iron. His enormous chest was covered with a light dusting of dark brown hair, matching the thick dark brown hair on his head, which was wavy and worn short like Doug’s. Dave’s features were every bit as stunning and masculine as Doug’s, and his eyes were a deep, startling blue like the depths of a lagoon. And like Doug, Dave’s blue trunks hugged an enormous muscle ass and hinted at a humongous cock and gargantuan pair of bull nuts. 

The opponents lined up for tonight’s match were not what Big Hank had in mind at all. However, he had been unable to find any other opponents willing to fight D&D, and the team spokesman, Joey, had literally begged for the match. Big Hank agreed sight unseen, and when the team had arrived earlier in the evening, he had regretted the agreement, for the tag team duo didn’t look like much compared to the reigning champs. 

The door opened and three guys had walked in, the opponents for tonight’s match. Joey was the confident one of the bunch, peeling off his tank top and throwing it into the crowd as he walked down the aisle. Joey revealed an impressive body, nowhere near as massively muscled and Doug and Dave, but large and muscular nonetheless. Joey was 24 years old, and had medium length blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, hazel eyes, and a handsome, mischievous face. 

Following Joey were Jake and Jason, the two tag team opponents, who slinked into the bar with their heads down, not looking at anybody and slowly walking toward their locker room. Jake stood about 6’1” tall and Jason 5’11”, but beyond that and the fact that they both had blond hair, no details could be discerned through their baggy clothing. However, both were wearing tight fitting jeans, demonstrating thick legs, tight asses, and impressive baskets. Great if you're looking for a night of fun, but the crowd wasn't looking for a sex partner, they were looking for a wrestling match. Big Hank could see the mood get testy. What no one knew was that Jake and Jason were street punks, 19 years old, with incredibly muscular, strong, and defined bodies, and years of experience on the street in the dirtiest fighting imaginable. 

Doug and Dave entered the bar from the other side, along with Drake, their "enforcer" for the night. Seems that the matches had been getting a little out of hand the last few times, with lots of foreign objects being used by opponents in futile attempts to dethrone the tag team champs. Since the rules were anything goes, there wasn't a lot D&D could do about it. However, since they did defend their title more often than they had to (for the money, apparently), a compromise of sorts was reached. Though while it was still anything goes, each side got to bring an enforcer with them. His only job was to check out the opponents before the match for foreign objects and illegal substances. However, anything that got by the enforcer and into the ring was considered fair game. 

Drake, like his friends, was hugely muscular and incredibly handsome. Drake was a little older at 26, and he had dark, nearly black hair, an olive complexion, and bright green eyes. Drake stood an even 6’ tall, and though a little shorter than his two friends, Drake had more than enough muscle to spare, weighing in at a massive and muscular 280 pounds. This guy was one mighty beef monster, with chiseled features and a densely hairy chest. Drake was an easygoing guy, and he led the champs through the crowd with a calm smile on his face, ignoring the taunts of the audience and going straight to the dressing area. 

As D&D entered their locker room, they were met by Joey, J&J's enforcer. Joey stood 5'10" and weighed in at a more than respectable 210 pounds. He was no longer wearing a shirt, having thrown his tank top to the crowd, and his tight, muscular body had several tattoos. His pale blond hair was swept back into a pony-tail. 

"Well, while you guys get naked, let me see your wrestling gear," Joey said, smiling at the champs. 

"What do you mean, get naked?" was Doug's reply. 

"Hey, I am the enforcer, and I want to see every square inch of your body to make sure you guys don't cheat your way to another victory tonight," Joey replied contemptuously. 

"We don't have to cheat our way to victory, especially not with those two wimps we're fighting tonight. And all we are required to do is let you make sure we don't have any foreign objects, not let you ogle our bodies, creep!" 

"I could care less about your worthless jock bodies. However, according to YOUR OWN RULES, I am allowed to check for foreign objects, and that is what I aim to do. Now get naked." 

Realizing that they didn't have much choice, D&D handed over their gear and began to strip. Normally, they wouldn't object to being naked, for both young studs were very proud of their bodies, but there was something about Joey that gave them serious misgivings. Maybe it was the way he seemed to be leering at them, smiling as if he was in on a special secret. 

Once they were fully naked and had locked their clothes in the locker (at Joey's insistence, so that they couldn't sneak anything out), they stood uneasily, their massive endowments in full view for the first time. While it’s true that these two young studs could indeed have had an excellent career as models, they would have had an even BETTER career as porn super stars! 

Both young bucks looked like they must be part horse or bull. Doug had a huge, uncut cock, over 9” long completely soft and thick as a wrist. Dave’s monster cock was cut and nearly as long as Doug’s, measuring over 8 /2” long and just as thick as Doug’s cock. Possibly even more impressive than these heroic cocks were the massive balls sported by both young athletes. These nuts were so huge as to be legendary, easily the size of the largest Georgia peaches and ten times as juicy, and both sets were coated in a coarse mat of dark hair. These two sets of bull nuts were amazingly dense and heavy, and were built for long endurance, capable of withstanding tremendous punishment as they had proven again and again in the wrestling ring. Joey had witnessed several of the champs’ bouts, and had been amazed at their ability to absorb illegal crotch blows and keep on fighting. 

Joey slowly examined each piece of their equipment, from the boots to the jockstraps to the protective cups to the trunks. When Joey was examining the extra large jocks, he seemed to go into a trance, more fondling the material than examining it, and began sporting a large bulge in his tight jeans. This only increased the anxiety of D&D. 

Having finished examining their gear, he made the two champs raise their mighty, muscular arms over their heads as he examined their pits, getting his nose almost into the hairy depths. He next made them turn around. 

"Okay Doug-boy, bend over, grab your cheeks and spread 'em," Joey demanded. 

"Fuck you, you goddamned faggot. There ain't no way I'm showing you my ass," Doug yelled. 

"Then I guess you dude's just have to give up the belts without a fight, as those are the rules." 

Realizing he had no other choice, Doug reluctantly did as instructed, bending over and separating his enormously muscular ass cheeks. Joey smiled as he looked at the virginal hair-ringed hole. He noticed the flush creeping into Doug's face in the mirror and just laughed. 

"Looks like they ain't no foreign bodies there, but you really should learn to clean that hole," Joey taunted. 

Doug swung around, his face a dark red, livid with anger. Before he could think of anything to say however, Joey turned to Dave and demanded, "Show me your filthy pussy hole." 

Dave, his faced also darkened with anger, assumed the degrading position. As Joey bent over to look, Doug picked up his jock and started to put it on. "Hold on their chump. I ain't quite finished with you yet. 

"What the fuck else you want?!" Doug demanded. 

"Just let me finish up here and I'll tell you." Joey finished his examination of Dave's tight, clean hole and then turned to Doug. 

"You need to pull the foreskin back on that thick hose you call a dick so I can make sure you ain't hiding anything in there." 

With that Doug lost it and lunged for Joey. However, Dave managed to intercept him before any damage was done. "You fucking perverted bastard! There ain’t no way I'm going to let you touch my cock!” 

Joey just turned to leave, saying, "Well then, I guess we’ve got ourselves new champs." 

Dave replied, "Hold on a minute, bud." He and Doug then went into a rather heated discussion. The discussion ended with Doug retracting his foreskin while Joey examined the large head of his huge, 9” limp prick. 

Satisfied, Joey then had Doug spread his legs so he could inspect the hunk’s mighty balls. Doug reluctantly complied rather than fight the inevitable, and cringed as Joey’s fingers encircled his huge nuts. Joey manhandled the great orbs, rolling the power-packed nuts in his hand, and was utterly amazed at their great weight and density. He dropped Doug’s fat nuts and repeated the procedure on Dave. Joey discovered that Dave’s hairy nuts were just slightly larger than Doug’s, but realized that that made little difference since both sets were so huge to begin with. Dave’s nuts surged with raw power in Joey’s hands, and the young street punk wanted nothing more than to crush those huge balls in his fist. Later, he realized, there might be an opportunity for that kind of fun. 

Finally finished, Joey allowed the champs to get dressed for the match. Both were already in an angry mood, not to mention somewhat humiliated by the search they had been forced to endure. Unfortunately for them, they didn't realize this was only a minor event compared for what lay in store for them this evening. 

Meanwhile, in the challengers’ locker room, Drake was doing his job as the enforcer. As soon as he entered the room, he knew that tonight was going to be another quick fight. The two opponents were standing around waiting for Drake. 

"Okay guys, let's get this show on the road," Drake said as he entered. 

With a boyish look on his handsome, innocent-looking face, Jason handed his bag over to Drake, keeping his head down and not looking him in the eye. "This is my gear, sir." 

Drake smirked when he heard the word sir and opened the tattered gym bag. Inside were a pair of regulation wrestling boots, which Drake gave a quick once over, missing the fact that the tips had been hardened with a metal implant in the end; an old yellowed jockstrap with protective cup in place; a pair of wrestling trunks; and a pair of knee protectors. Drake examined the knee protectors closely and was satisfied that there was nothing improper about them. 

"Okay these look good. Now why don't you two strip down and let me check you out so you can get dressed." 

Jason turned his back to Drake as he started to unbutton his shirt. The look in his face was almost like a little boy about to cry. Drake just chuckled. Once the shirt was off, Drake was impressed with the musculature of the young guy’s back, not huge but still thickly muscled and shredded to the max. As the young man’s jeans were slipped to the floor, Drake also noticed the muscles of his ass and legs, and realized he had underestimated the shape these guys were in. Not that it really mattered, Drake thought, for the champs would still make quick work of this pair. Once totally naked, Jason turned around. 

Drake could not hide the gasp that escaped his thick, sensual lips as Jason turned to face him. The kid’s upper body was extremely well developed, with a large set of thick hairless pecs and incredibly cut, washboard abs. The 5’10” stud must have weighed at least 230 pounds of rock hard muscle. The young guy was extremely handsome, with delicate yet manly features, the kind that become ever more masculine with age, thick blond hair almost golden from being bleached by the sun, and stunning cornflower blue eyes. What was most impressive, however, was the size of the cock hanging on the dude. While still completely soft, it looked to be over 10” long and was easily as thick as a wrist. Drake could only imagine what it would look like hard. When he realized what he was thinking, Drake turned somewhat red in the face. Below that massive schlong was a set of lemon-sized stud nuts, hanging loose and heavy in their silky pouch. Embarrassed and uncomfortable, Drake blurted out, "Okay, you look clean, go ahead and get dressed." He then turned his back to Jason and began examining the wrestling gear of Jake. 

Jason smiled a wicked smile over at Jake as he began to get dressed. He quickly picked up his kneepads. On the inside of each one was a small string dangling from the end of the stitching. Drake had noticed this, but felt it was part of the design. By grabbing one end of the string and pulling, the stitch was removed, leaving a small pocket. Jason reached down to the jeans at his feet and removed a hard plastic insert that he slipped into the pocket. Drake chose this moment to turn and look at Jason, who simply smiled as he slipped the pad into place and then gave his cock a quick yank. Drake turned even redder and turned back to Jake, saying, "Okay, your turn." 

Jason slid the second hard insert into his other kneepad and then slipped on the rest of his gear while Drake examined Jake. Where Jason was boyish, Jake was rugged. Drake watched as the hot young stud stripped off his clothes, revealing a body even more spectacular than Jason’s, almost a rival for that of Doug or Dave. Jake stood a little taller than Jason at 6’1”, but he packed a hell of a lot more muscle onto his large frame. His shoulders were thick with muscle, his arms a massive 20”, and his deep chest two wide, squared plates of thick muscle. Like Jason, Jake’s abs were like a washboard, not an ounce of fat to be found on him anywhere, and his long legs were thick with powerful muscle. Jake’s face was chiseled, with that smoldering look that either meant great sex or serious trouble…or possibly both. His eyes were a breath taking icy blue, and he had thick sandy blond hair. A thick carpet of sandy blond hair also covered Jake’s awesome pecs, his large nipples protruding out of the dense mat of hair, and traveled in a line down the center of his belly. 

But once again it was the wrestler’s crotch that got Drake’s undivided attention. Drake could barely speak from shock at Jake’s massive "dick of death". Drake didn’t think anyone’s cock could be bigger than Jason’s, but he was dead wrong. Jake’s huge, uncut cock hung nearly to his knees, completely limp! Drake guessed that the massive horse cock had to be about 12” long, and he couldn’t imagine what that cock would look like hard, though the very thought made him shudder. How could a man possess a cock so huge?! And beneath that paragon of masculinity hung two enormous balls the size of large ripe apples, covered in coarse blond hair and hanging heavy and huge in their large pouch. 

Anxious to get out of there, Drake tried to hurry Jake into his wrestling gear. However, he and Jason got into a short argument over the roles of the enforcer once the match began, leaving Jake with a few minutes of unobserved time. Finally they were finished dressing and, just prior to leaving for the ring, Jason handed Jake one of the loaded knee pads, so each one of them now had one loaded pad. They finally exited the room at the same time as their hunky opponents emerged from the opposite side of the ring. 

Both teams entered the ring and were ready for the match to begin. Anyone watching closely would have noticed that Jake was walking somewhat more bowlegged than usual and seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable as he climbed into the ring. However, most of the crowd had their minds on something else, waiting to see if the champions were going to beat the shit out of these two newcomers. The challengers walked to the ring without acknowledging the crowd, staring coldly at the champions and letting the two hunks get a good look at this own muscular, battle-hardened bodies. 

Dave and Jason entered the ring, and the referee signaled to begin the match. They moved slowly around the ring, trying to read each other. Suddenly, Jason moved in and attempted to grab Dave's mighty, 24” arm. However, Dave was able to avoid the move and locked Jason into a side headlock and began to squeeze. Young Jason wailed out a piteous moan, and the crowd was beside itself with disgust, knowing that the champs were going to win again. 

Jake dropped from the ring apron to the arena floor and, to the bewilderment of the crowd, untied his black trunks and pulled them down, exposing a beautiful, powerful, and muscular butt. He squatted down, gripped the ring apron, and began to bear down. Suddenly, to the crowd’s amazement, a huge dildo emerged from his ass. Once the dildo was completely out, Jake readjusted his trunks, twisted the end off the dildo, and removed several objects, some of which he dropped into his trunks, some of which he hid under the ring. The foreign objects were going to be very influential in tonight’s match. The mood of the crowd, at least on the side of the ring facing Jake, began to improve tremendously. 

Meanwhile, inside the ring, Dave had hip-checked Jason to the mat and was applying loads of pressure to his headlock, hoping to get a quick submission from the much smaller young man. 

Jake crawled back onto the ring apron and shouted into his partner, "Okay, Jason-boy, let's get the party on the road." 

Despite Dave’s vice-like hold, Jason managed to climb to his feet. Dave turned his trapped opponent so that he was facing Doug. He then began to deliver a series of short punches to the kidneys. Jason turned his head inward and sank his teeth into Dave’s exposed and enticing nipple. 

Dave howled in pain and attempted to back up in order to escape the teeth. Jason, however, had no intention of letting go, and held on like a junkyard dog. Dave wandered too close to the opponents’ corner, and Jake reached through the ropes and grabbed the back of Dave’s blue trunks, pulling him into the corner turnbuckle. Once his back hit the corner, Jason released his teeth. His opponent’s tit now had a perfect halo of Jason's teeth impressed in the massively muscular pec. Before Dave knew what happened, Jake had wrapped the tag rope around his throat and jumped toward the floor. All of Jake's weight was now supported by Dave's awesomely thick, bull-like throat. Dave's hands went to his muscular throat in a vain attempt to remove the tightening rope as his handsome face began turning a dark and angry red. 

Meanwhile, Jason was not idle. He delivered a sharp knee into the crotch of his trapped opponent. Fortunately, the man’s protective cup absorbed most of the blow, but the compression of his massive man eggs caused Dave to grimace even as he fought for air. 

Jason reached down, untied his opponent’s trunks and then shoved his hands inside. The audience was in disbelief at the rapid turn of events, but definitely beginning to get happy. Digging around in the jockstrap, Jason was finally able to dislodge the huge protective cup, which Dave had to have specially made to fit his prodigious endowment. As he pulled the cup out, Jason scrapped it against the edge of the extra huge balls. He then delivered a series of five quick knee blows into the now unprotected and completely vulnerable bull balls, causing what little breath Dave still had to burst explosively out of his lungs. After the fifth blow, Jake released the tag rope and Dave sank slowly to the canvas, one hand on his throat, the other on his huge screaming bull nuts. Jason threw the protective cup into the audience where a brief struggle for possession occurred. 

Doug was beginning to get really concerned about his partner. While they had faced some vicious and unscrupulous opponents in the past, the rapidity with which the match had just changed worried him, but he still felt that they could handle the young punks. 

Jason tagged Jake into the ring, and then pulled Dave until he was flat on his back and parallel to the ropes. Jake entered the ring by jumping over the top rope and landing with both feet onto the muscular corded abdominals of Dave, forcing the air from his lungs once again and causing him to involuntarily jerk upright into a sitting position. Jason quickly delivered a kick step to the man’s thick throat before exiting the ring. Dave fell back on the mat, struggling to get breath back into his enormously muscular body. 

Jake smirked at Doug and then turned back to Dave. He grabbed both legs, pulled him partially into the middle of the ring, and spread the mammoth legs into a wide V. He then proceeded to deliver six quick, jabbing kicks into the exposed crotch, pummeling Dave’s mighty bull balls. Dave was fighting with all his might to get air back into his lungs, and the series of brutal kicks only made that more difficult, in addition to causing searing pain to explode in his meaty low hangers. Jake just smirked and dropped a knee into the still exposed crotch, slamming his considerable weight on the aching balls and eliciting a deep “OOF!” from Dave. He then released his victim. 

Dave curled into a fetal position and did not move, groaning slightly. Doug was now beside himself with worry. 

"Come on, you worthless scum, why don't you bastards fight fair! Let me in the ring and I'll show you some real action!" screamed Doug. 

Jake turned and looked as his partner, who nodded his head. 

Jake started toward his opponent’s corner and began a verbal argument with Doug. He walked toward the corner but remained just out of Doug's reach. He concluded the argument with a "Fuck you!” and turned to go back into the ring. Doug began to walk the short distance along the ring apron and took his attention off Jake. With lighting quickness, Jake spun and threw a forearm smash into Doug's head, knocking him to the floor. He then somersaulted over the top ring rope onto the floor, landing on a surprised Doug. Seizing the opportunity, he delivered a series of two body slams onto the hardwood floor. 

When Jake re-entered the ring, Dave was still laying in the middle of the floor. Jake picked him up in a cross body check and charged with him into Dave's corner, slamming the young man’s massive, muscular torso into the turnbuckle. He repeated the move three times and then dropped Dave into a heap in his corner. Acting out of instinct, Dave reached up to tag his partner. Of course, his partner was not there, he was lying on the floor trying to reorient himself. Laughing, Jake pulled Dave from the mat and threw his arms back over the top rope in the corner and grabbed the wrists. Dave was now trapped in his own corner. Jake smirked and delivered a powerful upward knee lift into the wide-open crotch of his opponent, all but lifting huge Dave off the mat with the force of the blow. The hard plastic insert in the kneepad multiplied the force that was delivered into Dave's unprotected balls tenfold, causing the young stud incredible nut agony. With a sinister laugh, Jake repeated the move a dozen more times. Dave felt like a series of atomic bombs were going off inside his screaming and viciously brutalized nuts. Any other man’s balls would have been shattered, obliterated by the terrible abuse, but Dave’s mighty bull nuts were ferociously tough, and they somehow endured. By this point, however, Dave was all but unconscious from the pain, and his awesomely tough nuts were started to get mushy from the repeated beating and mauling. 

Doug had regained his feet and was crawling back onto the ring apron. Jake reached down and grabbed one of Dave's ankles, pulling the big muscle man out of the corner and away from his teammate. At the last moment when Doug regained the apron and reached in for a tag, he missed Dave's outstretched hand by millimeters. Jake dropped the wrestler's leg in the middle of the ring and walked over to his corner, tagging Jason back into the action. 

Jason charged into the ring center and delivered an elbow smash into the wide open and helpless abdomen of his downed victim. Dave barely moved with the blow. With disgust, Jason picked the massive, limp form of Dave up in a prelude to a body slam, but instead walked over to the opposite corner allowing him to tag Doug and then tossed him over the top rope to the hardwood floor, where he lay moaning and unmoving. Drake rushed over to assist him. Unfortunately, his concern for his friend was about to make matters worse. 

Doug leaped over the top rope, keeping his eyes on his adversary at all times. He was furious but still had the presence of mind to know he needed to move carefully. The two modern day gladiators circled each other slowly, looking for an opening. 

Outside the ring, Drake leaned over to check on a downed and hurting Dave. He knelt down, offering words of encouragement and trying to revive the fallen wrestler. So intent on his job that he neglected to remain aware of his surroundings. 

Sensing an opportunity to help his wrestlers, Joey circled the ring and delivered a forearm smash to the back of Drake's head. Drake fell across the prostate Dave, the majority of his weight unfortunately landing directly onto Dave’s already profoundly battered nuts. Joey continued his assault with a couple of well-placed kicks to the sides, belly, and upper and lower back of big Drake. He then pulled Drake to his feet and grabbed him in a reverse bear hug and walked him over to one of the metal dividers separating the audience from the ring. He then proceeded to execute an "atomic drop", except that it was Drake's crotch that was dropped atop the hard metal dividers. Drake let out an earth-shattering howl of surprise, horror, and pain as his huge nuts were crushed against the unforgiving metal. 

Back in the ring, Doug was distracted by the scream of his friend and momentarily turned toward the sound. Jason seized the opportunity, delivering a flying kick to the man’s massive chest. Doug fell back toward the ring ropes and his opponent’s corner, but managed to maintain his feet. A second flying kick knocked him back into the ropes. Jake dropped to the floor and reached through the ropes, grabbing an ankle and tripping Doug to the mat as he bounced off the rope. Even before Doug hit the mat, Jason was preparing for a knee drop to the bullish neck and then to the powerful lower back. He then tagged Jake into the ring, who used his loaded kneepad to do further damage to the lower back of his hugely muscular opponent. 

Doug had his arms pulled behind his back, and a pair of thumb cuffs were removed from Jake's trunk and applied to Doug. Big Jake then lifted his victim into a single over the shoulder back breaker. He grabbed the man’s prominent chin and pulled down. To provide counter traction, Jason (still standing on the ring apron) pulled down on the man’s big, booted feet. Doug was unable to extract himself and the pain was intense, found mainly in his lower back, but also in the stretch in his abs. 

After a few minutes of stretching, Doug was dropped to the mat. A few moments of conversation occurred between J&J before the "real fun" began. 

Doug was rolled onto his back and a series of stomps into his abs was initiated, followed by a series of knee drops with the loaded kneepads to his corrugated gut. Each time Doug tried to roll over or get out of the way, he was pulled back into position. Next, Doug was pulled to his feet and thrown into the ropes across the ring. As he bounced off the ropes and back into the ring, he was met with a reverse kick into the stomach at the belly button. He bent over and started to fall to his knees. However, Jake grabbed him prior to him hitting the mat and threw him into the ropes again. Once again, as he neared the center of the ring, he was met with another reverse kick. This time he was allowed to drop to the mat. Jake kneeled next to his victim and placed his hands on the stomach, pushing and prodding. While softer than before, there was still plenty of evidence of muscle activity and strength. ‘Man,’ Jake thought, ‘this guy is TOUGH!’ 

He stood, delivered an elbow drive into the muscular wall of Doug’s corrugated stomach, then charged across the ring to Dave (who had finally regained the ring apron) and delivered a vicious fist, deep into the hunk’s huge crotch, knocking Dave back to the floor. He then charged across the ring, jumped onto the exposed gut of Doug, forcing more air from the stud’s lungs, and then tagged Jason back into the action. 

Jason charged into the ring, delivering a series of six elbow smashes and ten knee drops into the inviting gut. He next applied a double abdominal claw hold on the muscles. The muscles were severely wounded and he felt the last of the strength ebbing with the relentless onslaught. Once he was satisfied with the degree of destruction, he released the hold and turned toward Jake and asked, "Pecs?" 

After receiving a nod and an angelic smile from his partner, Jason delivered another series of stomps, this time into the massive pectoral muscles of his nearly unconscious opponent. Doug was rolled onto his abdomen and a repeated series of stomps to the lower back was delivered. The thumb cuffs were removed, now that Doug was too battered to defend himself, and they were tossed out of the ring. 

Jason pulled Doug onto his feet and into his corner. His pecs were placed on the upper ropes with his arms hanging over the top. Jake grabbed the upper biceps and pulled down while Jason lifted the legs. Doug was now suspended only by his pecs right at the nipple level. As a single unit, J&J began to drag Doug to the neutral corner. The friction and pain in his chest and pecs was intense, and the beefy stud cried out in deep-throated pain. The duo made the trip down the rope a total of four times before releasing Doug to fall to the mat. A bright red rope burn was clearly visible across both of Doug’s incredibly meaty pecs, running straight through both enormous nipples.  

Doug was pulled to his feet and backed into the turnbuckle, where Jake grabbed the arms over the top rope and locked Doug into a surfboard with the ring post as a lever in his back. Jason retrieved two small lengths of thick chains from under the ring, which were then wrapped around his fists. Jason then took a boxer's stance and began practicing his punches on the chest of his personal boxing dummy, his fists landing with beefy smacks into the huge, thick pectoral muscles. Occasional punches were also delivered into the open abdomen, further weakening the thick abdominal wall. 

Dave finally regained his senses and was crawling back up onto the ring apron, cradling his huge, aching balls in one big hand. However, no sooner had he stood up fully on the edge of the ring then he found himself in a side headlock over the top rope from Jason. Jason delivered several short jabs into the throat with his chain covered fists, once again cutting off Dave’s air supply. 

The headlock was released and Jason reached through the ropes, placed his arm around Dave's tight, muscular waist, and pulled him against the taut ropes. Jason then began delivering a series of smashes into the exposed and much abused crotch with his chain-covered fist. Jason was punching with all his might, hoping to do some serious and permanent damage to the huge stud’s massive gonads, aiming to destroy those mammoth testicles, but Dave’s mighty orbs endured it all, absorbing every last blow. After nearly fifty mighty blows to Dave’s screaming balls, Jason released his opponent, and Dave fell to the hardwood floor and assumed a now familiar position — the fetal one — clutching at his wounded and battered bull nuts. 

Jason then charged across the ring, where Jake still had Doug trapped in the surfboard. A few more minutes of sparing and pec punching occurred before Jason signaled Jake to release their stud, who slumped to the mat with his back still against the ring post. Jason delivered a series of stomps and kicks into the man’s bruised chest and gut. 

J&J had a quick discussion and decided that the time wasn't quit right for the match to end. Instead they focused on Doug's huge, 23.5-inch right bicep for the next stage of their hunk demolition.
Doug was laid out on the mat parallel to the ring ropes. Jake dropped to the floor and reached under the rope, grabbing Doug's left wrist. In the ring, Jason grabbed the right wrist and stretched Doug out until his was laying spread-eagled. He then stood up, placed his foot on the right wrist, and began a series of boot stomps to the exposed right bicep. He alternated the stomps with kicks from the loaded toe, pummeling deep into the mighty, thick muscles. With each kick, Doug jerked, but was unable to sit up or grab his arm for protection. For variety, Jason then began a series of knee drops into the biceps, first with the normal knee and then with the loaded kneepad. Finally, Jason sat on the wrist and forearm and began a series of karate chops and punches into the rapidly softening muscle, until finally the bicep had been pulverized into one large mushy object. The same process was repeated on Doug’s huge left bicep as well, until both colossal arms hung useless at the stud’s sides. 

The time had come for the coup de grace of the match. The nearly unconscious Doug was pulled to his feet, his right arm was placed in a hammerlock, and Jason used this as leverage to lift Doug off the mat, all his weight on his right shoulder and bicep. He turned Doug so that he faced Jake, now standing back on the ring apron. Jake reached into Doug’s red trunks and pulled out his protective cup, leaving Doug’s big cock and massive balls completely vulnerable. Big Jake then began a series of punches into the exposed and wide-open crotch, pummeling the big stud’s massive balls with quick left-right punches. 

After 30 or 40 of these devastating blows, Doug bellowed, "Okay, I give, I give!!" until finally his submission was accepted by J&J. The crowd went absolutely wild. Not only had they seen the champs dethroned, but they had also seen it done decisively and, more importantly, in a dirty, underhanded, cock-hardening manner. 

Doug was dropped to the mat, and Joey threw Dave from outside the ring back into the ring for the grand finale, for J&J weren’t yet done with the now ex-champs. 

Having secured a submission from D&D, and the tag championship, J&J decided the time had arrived to complete the destruction of the two straight, hunky, muscle-bound ex-champions. Both were body slammed two times in the middle of the ring, and then stripped of their boots and socks. J&J then stripped the defeated studs of their trunks and jocks, revealing their awesome masculinity to the amazed audience. Their cocks and balls were truly enormous, oversized, nearly monstrous in appearance, especially Dave’s bruised and battered balls, which had swollen to the size of the largest of grapefruit in their huge sac, hanging extremely low and glowing an angry, abused red. Their clothing was thrown into the audience, where fierce skirmishes broke out over the items. The ex-champs’ naked bodies awaited the new champions and their desires. 

Unnoticed in the excitement, Joey picked up a still unconscious Drake and led him back toward the locker room. He intended to get his fair share of enjoyment out of the dark Italian hunk as well, out of the sight of any onlookers… 

J&J each picked a member of D&D, pulled them to their feet and secured a standing full nelson, exposing the ex-champs completely to the crowd. They were marched around the ring so that their massively muscled and heroically endowed bodies were visible to all the crowd. As it turned out, tonight would also be the ex-champs’ first performance in gay video — several members of the audience had managed to sneak in video cameras and were going to record tonight's action, which would be uploaded to all of the gay websites later on that night. 

Jake dropped Dave to the mat and went to the ring edge, where he retrieved a bag brought out by Joey before he returned to his reward in the locker room. Reaching into the bag, Jake retrieved a small metal cock ring. Though many sizes too small for Doug’s huge slab of meat, Jake worked the ring over the huge cock head and down the shaft with some difficulty, using spit to lubricate the massive schlong until the small iron ring was securely fastened around the base of the huge horse cock. 

"Hey guys, come on! You won, you're the new champs, just leave us alone, okay, no more please!" Doug wailed, but J&J just laughed. 

Once the cock ring was in place, Jake began lovingly stroking the Doug's cock and manhandling his huge balls, trying to coax him into hardness. Doug tried to resist, but once Jake started licking and sucking on his huge penis, it was impossible to hold back, and his cock quickly hardened from its soft but meaty 9 inches to its full 12+inch length, thick as a beer can and visibly pulsing with power. 

The cock ring was so undersized for this mammoth cock that Doug's cock now could not deflate with all the blood trapped inside. To test this theory, Jake delivered a series of vicious karate thrusts and punches into the muscle stud’s exposed bull nuts, the blows connecting with meaty slapping sounds as Jake bludgeoned Doug’s big, juicy balls. Though Doug bellowed in agony at the further battering of his bull balls, his cock didn’t soften in the slightest, and indeed throbbed with renewed vigor. Doug was then dropped to the mat, and J&J turned their attention to Dave. 

Because of the brutal attention his balls had already received throughout the match, Dave was somewhat more difficult to arouse, as even the slightest touch to his bruised and swollen nuts caused him to groan in agony. Jake fitted Dave with an equally undersized cock ring, and then manhandled the big stud to hardness, his massive cock inflating from its impressive 8.5 inches soft to its own awesome 12+ inches of steel hardness. The throbbing of his monster hard on caused the pain in Dave’s balls to double, and when Jake and Jason gleefully began to bust his nuts with knees and fists, Dave thought he might die from the pain. But still the great gonads endured, and Dave’s mighty cock raged just as hard as ever. 

Next, wrist and ankle cuffs were applied, and the ex champs were then placed in position knee to chest, butt in the air, and locked into place. At this point, J&J performed a slow seductive strip tease for the audience, revealing incredible cocks even larger than those of the ex champs, and huge balls that, while not as gargantuan as their opponents, were still very impressive indeed. They also threw their trunks into the crowd, where a small riot broke out as the audience members fought for them. 

Jake and Jason began to stroke their massive cocks, which began to grow larger still, swelling to true masterpieces of male meat. Jason’s cock was thicker than a beer can and a full eye-popping 13 inches long, covered in a tracery of thick veins and pulsing with raw male power. Unbelievably, Jake’s cock was even bigger, thick as a baseball bat and nearly as long, measuring over 14 ½ inches in total length and tapping the big muscle stud just beneath his huge, hairy pecs. The crowd was in total awe of these two studs and their monster cocks. 

D&D were then placed face to face as J&J took their positions behind them. D&D begged and pleaded as J&J slowly began to tease their victims’ assholes with their massively swollen cock heads. The crowd was screaming at the ex champs to take it like men as they cheered J&J on. Finally, as a team, both J&J penetrated the exposed assholes in front of them and, in one vicious thrust, slammed their cocks all the way in until their big balls were crushed hard against the hard muscular butts. Inhuman screams were ripped from both Doug and Dave, but they both maintained their erections, which, if anything, seemed to throb harder still! 

J&J fucked like wild animals, pounding at the ex champs’ glorious, muscular asses with wild abandon. Then just before ejaculation, J&J they pulled out and delivered their huge loads onto the massive, muscular backs of their defeated opponents, huge ropes of white hot cum criss crossing the perfectly tanned skin. Copious amounts of cum were sprayed across both defeated muscle men, enough for ten normal ejaculations, and when they were done, J&J convinced Doug and Dave to lick the gargantuan cocks clean with promises of release and threats of further mayhem. 

Finally, J&J were ready to end their participation in the champs’ destruction, but still had some further abuse in mind for them. A large vibrator was shoved up Doug’s tight, muscular ass, tied in position, and turned on. In spite of himself, the vibrating action against his prostate had Doug squirming and reacting within moments. His partner was released and had Doug’s huge 12-inch cock shoved into his mouth, his hands tied behind his muscular back, and steel clamps placed on his big, juicy nipples. A second vibrator was then shoved up Dave’s equally tight and muscular ass, and the pair was tied to their ring corner. 

J&J then left the ring and headed for the locker room, walking out as they had walked in, with their heads high and their arrogance leading the way. They exited to raucous cheers and applause, with dozens of hands caressing all over their hard bodies, especially their gradually softening dicks. They stopped at the bar and told Hank to give D&D one hour before release and make sure no one else bothered them. Hank agreed as he handed the belts and the winnings to J&J. 

As they turned to leave, they heard a loud moan from the ring, which signaled Doug’s first ejaculation of the hour, but by no means his last. Doug spurted again and again and again, blasting salvo after mighty salvo of man juice down the thick and pulsing throat of his partner. Dave choked on the massive load, but swallowed it all, his bull-like throat working madly to swallow the buckets of cum coming from his partner’s huge balls. 

And then, once Doug had finally finished cumming, Dave cried out and let loose with his first orgasm. Since Dave was on his hands and knees, his massive 12-inch cock was pointed at the floor, and the first mighty slug of cum struck the floor with a wet slap, exploding into dozens of wet shards of gooey shrapnel. This first blast was followed by another and another in an endless series of titanic blasts of white hot stud cum, each slug larger that what a normal man came in an entire orgasm. The visible and violent contractions in Dave’s huge, bruised, battered, and swollen bull nuts caused the handsome muscle stud to groan in great pain, but still the mighty orgasm raged on. 

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes at the size of each blast, the sheer volume of cum being pumped from those mighty balls, and they began counting each new blast in disbelief. First 10 blasts, then 15, and then 20, each as incredibly massive and powerful as the one before, the pool of thick cum between his partner’s legs expanding to amazing dimensions. 

Finally, after 25 incredible blasts, the titanic orgasm began to ebb, until the last dregs belched out of his massive cock to add to the huge puddle before him, over a QUART of fresh stud cum spilled onto the ring floor! If Doug’s load had been anything like Dave’s, then it was a wonder that the huge muscle man hadn’t choked to death under the flood and that his belly wasn’t distended with his partner’s cum! 

No, the show was not nearly over yet. The two defeated studs had a lot more cum in those massive balls of theirs, a whole HELL of a lot more, and already the audience was starting to make bets on how many times each of the muscle men would cum, how many shots Dave would shoot, etc. It was going to be a long night for the two handsome young Iowa farm studs. 

Before leaving the building, the new champs stopped by D&D's locker room first, breaking open their lockers and taking all their belongings before heading to their own locker room. D&D's problems that night were just beginning… 

As they entered their own locker room, they stopped to look at the sight that was greeting them. Drake was naked and on his knees, huge arms bound behind his wide, muscular back, sucking Joey’s big cock. It was quite a sight, this young street punk being serviced by the handsome, massively muscled, outrageously masculine dude. There were copious amounts of old cum slugs running down Joey’s lean muscular thighs, showing that Joey had been having a pretty good time himself. Joey’s foot played between Drake’s wide-spread, massive thighs, playing with Drake’s heavy equipment. The dark-haired stud’s 11-inch cock was fully hard and throbbing powerfully, while his huge nuts hung full and heavy and low in their pouch. Joey’s foot caused the huge orbs to swing ponderously in their hairy sac, and every once in a while Joey would kick upward, crushing the huge balls against Drake’s crotch and eliciting a deep grunt of pain from the big, dick-choked man. 

"Hey guys, once you warm them up, they really ARE pretty good cock suckers. You think I can keep this guy for myself?" Joey asked. 

Jake laughed, "You can do anything you like. The contract specifies that the wrestlers have to leave the action in the arena, but enforcers aren't mentioned at all." 

"Hot damn!" replied Joey as he kicked Drake in his hanging bull balls once again, and his mind began thinking of all the possibilities. That was how Drake became Joey's personal, unwilling slave. 

The crowd had certainly gotten their monies’ worth from the fight that night, and many couples and groups went home limp and exhausted from extracurricular activities in the stands. They knew that they had new champs for a long time to come, and couldn't wait to watch their next match. 

But for the time being, the audience members were more than happy to remain at the bar and watch the further humiliation of the two former ex-champions. And they eagerly awaited the end of their hour-long vibrator session on stage, for they were all hungry to have their own go at fucking those two gorgeously muscular asses, and mangling those two impossibly huge sets of bull nuts. 

Oh yes, Doug and Dave’s nightmares were only just beginning…