Friday, April 27, 2018

Jake - Jayse Version

Based on an original story by an unknown author


What first attracted me to Jake was what would attract anyone to him. He was utterly and spectacularly gorgeous. And I don’t just mean your typical run-of-the-mill male model, gym-honed, cosmetically perfected beauty. I’m talking about an unbearably handsome, unspeakably masculine beast of a man with an animal magnetism that would not be denied. The kind of epic, supreme, alpha male stud whose masculine beauty and muscular perfection makes you wonder for the thousandth time, while you’re lying there next to his quietly sleeping form, how it ever came to be that YOU would be the one lying beside him. But then you are reminded that you aren’t the least bit worried about whether your conversation is intelligent, or whether you have something on your nose, or any other a host of other insecurities, for this mighty mountain of perfectly chiseled muscle has convinced you that he will remain forever by your side. That he had selected you to be his mate, his life partner, his love. And then you realize just how perfect and magical life can be. 

But I’m getting ahead of myself. 

It all started on a Monday morning as I was waiting in line at the Starbucks near my work. I had no expectations for anything that day other than getting my double non-fat latte before heading in to the office. That’s when my idly wandering eye spotted the incredibly wide, dramatically tapering back of a man who stood several customers in front of me in line. The massive muscle man stood out even at that angle, without benefit of a face or form. He wore a ribbed cotton shirt in various shades of blue that clung just right, not so tight that it announced loudly to the world just how much time he must have spent in the gym to develop such fantastically huge muscles, nor so loose that it hid any of his beautifully bulging muscles from view or made it look like he couldn’t dress himself. His thick neck erupted from the collar like a tree trunk, corded with more thick muscles, and his dark hair was well-groomed, clipped and blocked and worn short. 

I was three people back in line behind this huge man-bull of muscle, and yet it seemed as if I alone noticed him. Though how anyone could ignore someone so huge and muscular and imposing is beyond me. Could these people really be so oblivious that they couldn’t see that there was a GOD walking among them?!

On the other hand, I was several months into a self-imposed period of celibacy, having been poorly treated by a string of short-term boyfriends and first dates. So to say that I was terminally horny doesn’t even begin to cover it! 

It was when I first heard his voice that I actually felt my knees going weak. His impossibly deep voice reminded me of thunder or tectonic ground movement when he politely said, “Coffee, please. Black.” 

I could clearly see the young woman behind the counter, and judging from the way her eyes mooned over the big man and the awestruck smile on her face, she was just as impressed with the front side of this muscle god as I was from the back. At least SOMEONE else had the sense to notice this monument of muscle! Like me, she wasn’t like one of the walking dead that seemed to be surrounding me. The young barista nodded, repeated the order, took his money and, again smiling with an idiot grin, thanked him and began to take the next patron’s order. 

He turned as he completed his order and I saw his face for the first time. I don’t know if I can find the words to properly describe how utterly and overwhelming handsome he was. He was simply gorgeous, the epitome of masculine beauty. Hard and angular features, an almost comically powerful (but extraordinarily handsome) jawline and chin, a shadow of a beard as if his razor simply couldn’t keep up with him, a heavy brow, full lips slightly parted in a smile as he folded his change into his wallet. I watched that phenomenally muscular arm as it bulged and flexed with his every movement, the rounded strength of his enormous bicep swelling as he bent it to place that lucky wallet next to his tight, round, and hugely muscular ass. 

For a moment, our eyes met. He had caught me checking him out, my eyes rising up from his bulging basket (how did he find jeans roomy enough to contain such a massive mound?!) to meet his blue-hued gaze (damn, but that blue ribbed shirt made those gorgeous blue eyes of his pop!). And he, unblinking, the smile on his lips expanding and twisting up slightly at the corners, giving me subtlest of nods. 

He began to walk in my general direction, heading over to the waiting area to pick up his coffee, and my heart began pounding in my chest. As he passed me, his enormously muscular arm brushed lightly against mine, and I felt an electric charge from the heat of his muscular flesh as we briefly touched. He was slightly taller than me, perhaps a couple of inches taller than my 6’1”, but he outmassed my lean and muscular 190 pounds by at LEAST 100 pounds, maybe even more. I quietly inhaled deeply as he walked past, and was rewarded with a scent that was both clean and musky at the same time, and 100% male. 

I already felt like I might swoon, but then I swear that I felt the back of his hand against my butt, his bare knuckles caressing the side of my ass ever so slightly. It was a crowded coffee house, so in other circumstances one could easily chalk the brief touch up to a simple accident. But I knew that his touch had been deliberate. So after he walked past, like any good young gay man, I turned to see if he was looking back, too. 

But no, he wasn’t looking back. He was STARING back! He stood off to one side, providing me a clear view of him, enormous arms crossed over his massive chest, literally staring at me with an intensity that I cannot describe. 

I could have cum on the spot. Hell, I almost did! A thrill of energy shocked me from head to toe. This unimaginably studly man was staring at me! Flirting with ME! ME!! I mean, I know in all modesty that I’m a very handsome young guy in my own right, and though I wasn’t massively built by any means, I had developed a lean and muscular body in my 23 years on this earth. But I wasn’t in nearly the same LEAGUE as this gorgeous hunk! Hell, NO ONE was!! 

My mind raced. What did he want? Should I talk to him? Was he going to talk to me? What if he wasn’t really flirting with me? What if he was just teasing me, using his unearthly beauty and manliness just to make me cum in my pants? Worse, what if he wasn’t even gay, but was instead hoping to trap me somewhere and beat me up?! All of these thoughts and more raced through my lust and fear addled brain. 

My mind was racing, and I hadn’t realized that the line had moved until someone tapped my shoulder and told me that it was my turn. I faced the young lady behind the counter, and suddenly I had no capacity to speak. 

I knew her name and she knew mine. I was a regular and always ordered the same thing, which was lucky because at the moment all the blood had rushed from my head to my prick and all I could think of was him. But she smiled and said, “Double non-fat latte as usual, Rob?” 

I heard her and managed a nod and a nervous grin. I had my money in my hand, she took it, gave some back. I barely remember any of that. I was done with the transaction, but had totally forgotten what came next. 

That’s when I heard him speak for the second time, and this time the low rumble of his voice went right to my crotch because he said my name. “Rob, buddy, you’re holding up the line.” 

I looked over and he now stood leaning against the CD display. His arms bulged even bigger, his cannonball shoulders looked a mile wide, and that lucky shirt that was loose before had gathered itself against his six-pack abs, making them stand out like big cobblestones against the straining material. He was still smiling as I nervously approached him, his stunning blue eyes never leaving mine. 

“Hey,” I said quietly, unable to think of anything else to say to this magnificent specimen of pure manliness. 

He offered his hand, and said, “Jake.” His hand was huge and meaty and callused, his grip was firm, his skin was warm. My hand felt dwarfed in his, and I was certain that he could crush my bones in his muscular grip without making an effort. “You look a little lost, Rob.” 

“Sorry,” was all I could think to say. I wanted to just stand there forever and gaze at this extraordinary man. He was perfect, and just so beautiful. Almost unreal. 

His gaze now fell upon my body as he brazenly checked me out. I suddenly wished I’d dressed a little more, well, tightly. I was in my work attire — charcoal gray dress slacks that fit snuggly over my bubble butt, a colorful dress shirt and tie that accentuated my broad shoulders and slender waist. Though not a bad look, really, and one that I would normally be proud to be seen in. But nothing I could have worn would have allowed me to hold a candle to either the mass or the beauty of the big man standing before me. 

“So,” he said, lifting his eyes to mine again a sparkle shining in his blue-eyed gaze, “where can we go?” 

“Huh?” I replied, as if unable to conceive of the idea that this stunning creature could truly be flirting with me. 

He shrugged slightly, those mountains he called shoulders bunching and releasing with unspeakable grace and power. I imagined the shirt ripping open under the challenge, but somehow it held. 

“I want to fuck you.” He said it simply, and not all that quietly. I huffed out a breath and felt my mouth go completely dry. “I know you want to fuck me. You want to see me naked, right Rob? You want to rip this shirt off my chest and twist my nipples until I cry out.You want to suck my big dick inside your mouth and lick my big, muscular ass.” 


“And I want to hold you in these huge arms of mine and kiss you hard and deep and true. I want you to feel me inside you, every thick inch. And I am packing, Rob. And I mean seriously packing. I have the biggest cock you’ve ever dreamed of.”  

I’d heard other men make similar claims to me in the past, only to sheepishly grin when they saw me unveil my own ten-and-a-half inch long trouser beast, but something told me that Jake wasn’t lying or exaggerating. “Jesus,” was all I could say, and I swear that my vision was starting to get a little hazy around the edges.  

“Coffee, black, for Jake!” 

“That’s me,” he said with a sexy grin, moving around me and brushing his enormously powerful body up against mine again as he came forward to take his cup o’ Joe. God, but his ass was beautiful! Up close, it was even bigger and meatier than I had previously thought. I imagined my face pressed hungrily between those two massive mounds of muscle, and again thought I might pass out then and there. 

He turned back around, sipping from his cup, his eyes pulling me to him. I was spellbound and dumbfounded. One of his big hands held the cup of coffee, and the other was casually cupping his more-than-ample bulge, squeezing his dick and balls. I could see his member digging its way down his pant leg as he played with himself. He definitely wasn’t exaggerating about what he owned. He was MASSIVE! It looked like his zipper was going to burst! 

“So?” He growled at me like some beast that had escaped from its cage. 

My gaze darted around the coffee shop to see who else was watching this. And no one was! Not a single other soul! Were they blind?! How could they possibly be ignoring this man, this huge muscular beauty who seemed seconds away from opening his fly and whipping out his stiff, hardening cock and stroking himself to full mast? 

Dumbly I nodded. I realized that I didn’t care where we did it. Let’s do it over there on the Starbuck’s couch, or on that rug, or right here on the cold tile. Just fuck me, you huge stud! Fuck me hard and deep! Make me scream and force the cum from my balls! Jesus fucking CHRIST, what was this guy doing to me?! 

“Non-fat double latte!” 

He stood there. So did I. He reached over and took my coffee in his other hand, the lucky one that had been squeezing his humongous dick moments before, and he turned toward the exit carrying my latte with him. 

What could I do but follow? 

Watching his butt move was another pleasure in itself. As he walked, the enormous globes of his impossibly muscular ass shifted and flexed in the most beautiful dance I think I’d ever seen. His jeans grabbed onto his rounded flesh just like I wanted to, hugging his contours tightly so that little was left to the imagination. He turned slightly and nudged the door open with one of those huge shoulders, shooting me a grin and nodding for me to follow. Damn, he was so broad that he barely fit through the doorway! 

Then we were outside on the sidewalk, he and I, and he handed me my coffee and took another drink of his own. 

“You don’t say very much,” he intoned is his rich and deep voice, humor and naked lust mixing in those gorgeous blue eyes of his. “But with a face like that and a body like yours, you don’t have to.” 

I was stunned. He found MY body attractive?! I felt like I was nothing compared to him. He could no doubt bench press my body for 100 reps, yet I doubted I could lift his colossal arm with both of my hands. There was just no WAY he could be even remotely as turned on by me as I was of him! It just wasn’t possible! 

But then Jake proved me wrong as he leaned forward and kissed me right there on the street. The kind of kiss that just couldn’t be faked, that spoke of lust and passion and promises of things to come. I think I melted right then and there, and I don’t even remember consciously lifting up my arms. But suddenly I was holding Jake’s stunningly handsome face in both of my hands, feeling his rough stubble against my palms as I returned his kiss with all of the passion and excitement I had. 

And STILL, no one seemed to take notice! I live in an open-minded and friendly city, but still, even straight couples would have gotten looks and disapproving stares for the public display of affection I was sharing with Jake. People passed us without so much as a glance, and the men at the tables and the woman with the dog and the teens making noise as they crossed the street all went on with their lives oblivious to us. 

I felt Jake’s huge hand cup the back of my head as he pressed his succulent lips even harder against mine, his powerful tongue playfully forcing it was way even deeper inside my mouth. Moments later, I felt his other hand cup the small of my back, pulling me against his granite-hard body. 

Had I entered a dreamworld of some kind? If so, then I didn’t want to ever wake up! 

For the record, I have no idea what happened to our coffees. I dimly recall that he might have put them down on one of the patio tables outside, but I no longer cared. And I sure as hell didn’t need any caffeine to perk me up at that moment! 

Jake finally broke off our incredible kiss, and I could see the raw hunger raging in his eyes. He gently but firmly grabbed my wrist and led me around a corner into a recessed and shadowed alcove, out of the immediate view of anyone on the street, but just feet away from anyone who might wander past and discover us. But neither Jake nor I seemed to care. 

He cupped my ass and dug his fingers in deep, pulling me hard against him. I could feel his massive dick between us, one more incredibly hard lump to go with the incredibly hard muscles of the rest of his glorious body. My own prick was rock hard and straining against my slacks, aching to be free. Jake dove in again, plunging his tongue into my welcoming mouth as we resumed our passionate kissing. 

I suddenly felt his hot, huge hand on my bare chest. He had pulled my dress shirt untucked and reached his big hand underneath to rove over my hard and toned body. His touch was electric, and he seemed to approve of what he found, for his rough hand couldn’t seem to get enough of my flesh, rubbing all over my chiseled belly and squared off pecs. His roaming fingers finally alighted on one of my nipples, gently but insistently plucking and rubbing it, and the erotic shock traveled right down to my balls, making them immediately seize up tight in my nutsac. All of my nerves were singing in a sort of sexual thrill, which only increased in intensity as I felt him start to undo my belt. 

Talented he was. One hand was behind my neck, his powerful grip holding our lips in that lingering, passionate kiss while the other hand was unbuckling me and pulling my pants open. Soon, he was digging down inside my boxer shorts, roughly pulling me free, tugging my hot hardness into the open air. He broke the kiss and looked down, smiled even bigger than ever, then looked back up at me again and said, “Mmm, yeah! I KNEW you’d be huge!” His voice was low but not hushed, and my dick gave a powerful flex in his hand at his words. 

My own hands crawled under his tight shirt, worked their way up his rippling abs (damn, you really COULD wash clothes on that washboard of a stomach!), and found the heavy, heavy mounds of his pecs. He had fucking MELONS under there, extraordinarily thick and impossibly dense. Then I felt him move, felt his enormous muscles flexing beneath his warm, sleek skin, and those twin pecs went from granite hardness to something harder than diamonds. 

Now he spit a gob into his hand and set his fist to my dick, jerking me off as he kissed me hard. How I held back from shooting my load, I’ll never know. I think I was almost terminally turned on, so powerfully aroused that I was BEYOND cumming. 

I found his thick nipples with both of my hands and grabbed hold, twisting and pinching them hard like I knew he wanted. He moaned into my mouth and his kiss became hungrier, more insistent, deeper still. I dug my thumbnails into his nips and pulled and twisted them even harder, and felt Jake try to devour me with his mouth. Damn, but this muscle bull was tough! I would have been sobbing if my own tender nipples had been subjected to the same abuse, but it seemed the harder I twisted, pinched, and pulled at Jakes tough paps, the more turned on and roughly passionate he became! 

There we stood, just spitting distance from Starbuck’s and a stone’s throw from my office. Jake had my rock hard cock out of my pants and was fisting it like some well-oiled hydraulic piston. My pants were barely hanging onto my narrow hips, threatening to fall to my ankles at any moment. I had my hands under his straining shirt, torturing his nips as we kissed more deeply and more passionately than I’ve ever done with any other man. We were on the verge of fucking then and there, and still no one did a thing. No one had noticed us in our shadowy alcove, even though they were passing mere feet away from us! Jake was huge, and I’m not exactly small either, but it was if we were the only two people in the world. No one was going to disturb us. 

I still couldn’t believe this was happening. Who was this guy, and where had he come from? How far would he go? Was he going to fuck me first, or was I going to do him? Was this going to be just a one-time event, or would I get the chance to see him again?  

I was so hot and aroused at this point that I think the world could have ended, and I wouldn’t have noticed. The world around us seemed to move on as if we didn’t exist. I felt powerful, magical. I could feel his hands on my body and feel the air on my skin. I could feel his soft and warm skin under my hands, underneath which lay muscles of mind-boggling size and density. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d have an encounter as supremely erotic and fulfilling as this, and I willed the world to slow so that I could savor and memorize every single moment. 

Jake eventually broke the kiss and ours eyes met, locked in a stare of lust and aching need. We were both breathing hard, and I could feel his massively muscled chest expand to even greater proportions with every inhalation, feel his muscles flexing. I desperately wanted to see him naked, to see his body in all of its glory. But before I could speak, he was suddenly down on his knees and his mouth swallowed me in one mighty gulp. I am as thick as I am long, and very few men had ever managed to suck me down to the hilt, and even then only after a lot of work. But this gorgeous muscle hunk was obviously an expert cock sucker, for he swallowed me right down to the base in one go, and immediately began to expertly milk my entire cock from the head to the base with his powerful mouth and throat. It was like my achingly hard, uber stiff meat was locked inside a hot, wet, very insistent vacuum cleaner, one that was taking me to heights of pleasure I’d never before experienced or even imagined. 

My hands, left with nothing to grasp, kneaded the air. My eyes rolled back in my head as the intense pleasure he delivered shook me entirely. He shoved my pants down to my ankles and moved his big hands back up my legs, running those calloused hands over my calves and behind my knees, inching upwards along the back of my thighs until he grabbed my ass cheeks in his firm hands and moved a talented digit against the softness of my hole. He teased me as he sucked me, moving his large, blunt finger in small circles around before gently, very very gently, inserting his finger inside of me. 

My toes curled. My dick stretched. Jake moved a second finger alongside the first, and I adjusted my stance to allow easier entry. He looked up at me, his mouth full of my cock, his lips shiny with my juice, his dreamy blue eyes filled with the need to please me. I was moaning loudly, gulping air, sweat pouring off my skin. My dress shirt was soaked and sticking to me, so I pulled it off, over my head, taking the tie with it, and tossed it aside. I was now naked from the ankles up, while Jake was maddeningly still fully clothed. 

The big man must have sensed what I was thinking. I felt Jake’s mouth leave my cock and looked down. He was stripping his shirt off, too. Like all truly huge muscle men, he had some trouble getting the straining shirt off, for it caught on his massive upper back, his huge boulder shoulders, his gargantuan upper arms. But soon he had flung the shirt aside to join my discarded dress shirt, exposing his herculean upper body to the morning air. 

His shoulders bunched and separated, the muscles distinct and bulging as he tossed the shirt aside. My god, his chest was huge! I had never seen anything like it before! His abdominals and obliques and serratus muscles were so unbelievably cut and defined that they looked like a roadmap to muscular heaven. He was so massive and so shredded that he could have taken a bodybuilding stage anywhere in the world at that very moment, and unanimously won first place in the super heavyweight category! I was shaking with desire, my poor mind almost overwhelmed with the enormity of the masculine beauty displayed before me. 

Jake rose slowly to his feet, his eyes still locked on mine, undoing his jeans as he rose. He was at least 6’3” tall, maybe even 6’4”, and the two or three inches of height difference felt even greater as his incredibly muscular bulk literally dwarfed me. I had also clearly underestimated his weight — he weighed WAY more than just 100 pounds more than me! Maybe more like 150 pounds!! He stank of sex and fresh sweat, and it was the most powerful aphrodisiac I’d ever smelled. 

Jake then shoved his pants down over a truly monstrous set of quads and past a pair of calves bigger than footballs, and his impossibly fat prick finally bounded into view. 

I think my mind really did go blank for a moment then, for my poor brain simply couldn’t conceive of something so huge. Jake had thought that I was huge!?! Jesus Christ, the man was hung like some sort of prehistoric beast!! 

The shaft alone was more than a foot long, swelling out of a thick thatch of short, dark hair to rise majestically skyward. The ginormous, vein-gnarled shaft was monstrously thick at the base, grew even thicker along its fantastic length, and then tapered slightly as it plunged beneath the great, bulbous, helmet-shaped hood of his enormous glans. That mammoth cock head was the size of a big, ripe apple, and added nearly another three inches to the overall length of Jake’s colossal schlong. 

The purplish head of his magnificent trouser snake was partially covered by a thick and succulent-looking hood of foreskin. I had only been with a few men with foreskin in my short adult life, but I had always enjoyed the extra sensation of running my teeth and tongue and lips over the soft and silky extra flesh. Here was a fleshy hood several orders of magnitude larger than anything I’d experienced before, and I longed to run my tongue underneath that skin and encircle that massive mushroom tip on my hot, wet mouth. 

I could never have imagined a human cock so unspeakably enormous, so brutally powerful, so beautifully formed, so intensely and perfectly MALE. And I longed to provide pleasure to that ultimate masterpiece of manhood, to spend the rest of my days worshipping this glorious stud of a muscle man and his granddaddy of all super cocks. 

Once my bulging eyes had adjusted to the utterly spectacular sight of Jake’s rampant beast of a cock, they traveled lower still and took in the equally astounding sight of his swinging bag of bull nuts. Yet again, Jake’s physical dimensions seemed to defy human possibility! But at least now I knew why this gorgeous stud was so fantastically muscular and possessed such a titanic cock — his manhood was fueled by the two biggest, juiciest tanks of testosterone to ever grace a human male! 

Each colossal gland was bigger than one of my clenched fists, and together swelled his straining nutsac to freakish proportions. Yet despite what must be their obviously great weight, Jake’s massive stud spuds only hung down about an inch from his muscular crotch. I could already almost feel the raw power surging through those utterly mammoth testicles, and I longed for Jake to fill me with his supremely studly male essence. 

“Bend over,” Jake said, seeming to read my mind. Though terrified at the seemingly impossible prospect of inserting such a massive cock into my tight and quivering hole, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I turned around, and Jake gently but forcefully parted the twin mounds of my toned and muscular butt. I felt the blunt tip of his enormous cock head pressing against my tight sphincter, oozing copious amounts of clear precum that served to lubricate my ass. But I was sure that even the best lubricant in the world wouldn’t help get such a huge cock beast into my ass. 

Jake leaned forward, pressing his magnificent chest against my back, and wrapped one massive arm around me to cup my own toned pecs. His rough-stubbled face was right next to my ear, and he said to me, “Just relax, Rob. You’ll be able to take me, I promise. It’s going to hurt at first, but trust me, you’re gonna love having me inside you.” 

He began gently pressing his hips forward, slowly exerting more and more pressure, forcing his massive battering ram of a cock against the tightly locked gates of my ass. I tried my best to relax, but it felt like someone was trying to shove an entire softball up my shit chute. The pain was intense, and I cried out more than once. I thought for certain that my poor sphincter was about to tear apart, when suddenly the entire head just popped inside me. 

I was utterly paralyzed by the sensation, feeling more profoundly filled than I had ever felt in my life. Jake showed extraordinary restraint and strength of will, holding himself perfectly still even as my entire ass spasmed around his trapped cock head. The sensations he felt must have been overwhelming, but he gritted his teeth and held perfectly still, giving me more than a minute to relax and accommodate the sheer massive size of his dick head. 

All of a sudden, my ass gave one last shudder, and then relaxed. I was now ready for more. 

With exquisite slowness and tenderness, Jake gently gyrated his hips and began to stroke his cock in and out of me. With each inward stroke, he plowed just a bit more of the shaft up inside of me, while each outward stroke ended with the massive bulb of his glans still lodged deep in my bowels. 

I cannot begin to describe the feeling of utter fullness and fulfillment as Jake fed more and more of his magnificent whale cock up my butt. My cock was leaking precum like crazy. Every stroke of Jake’s cock against my swollen prostate caused a big spurt of the clear fluid to spray out against the brick wall in front of me, while the human brick wall behind me kept on filling me up more and more with his hot and insanely thick man meat. I could feel my internal organs rearranging themselves to accommodate Jake’s gargantuan bulk, and still MORE of that impossibly huge cock continued to fill my belly. 

“Take it, you little stud. Take every inch of my huge mule dick up that gorgeous ass of yours. You’re gonna feel me inside of you for days. Weeks. I’m going to ruin you for any other man. You’ll want this huge cock up your ass forever!” I felt his tremendous weight, his extraordinarily thick and heavy muscles pressed against me as he plowed my ass with his monstrous cock. His breath was hot against my neck, his tongue licking my ear as he sent me into ever greater heights of pleasure. 

Finally, many minutes later, I felt the unmistakable sensation of a pair of very big, very warm, and very very solid balls pressing up against my ass. I had done the impossible and taken Jake’s mammoth meat all the way to the hilt!!! 

Jake seemed surprised, too. “Oh man, Rob!! Holy shit!! FUCK!!! No one’s come close to taking all of me before!! Oh god, this feels so fucking good!! You’re amazing Rob!! Oh yeah, take my fucking BULL cock, stud!! Take it ALL!!!” 

This mountain of muscle then started fucking me hard, really pounding my poor overstretched ass, and I loved every moment of it. His massive body was slamming me into the brick wall on each thrust, hard enough that I was sure I’d have bruises from it later, but I didn’t care. All of my focus was on the gargantuan boner lodged deep in my guts. Damn, I could swear that I felt his cock head punching up against my diaphragm with each shuddering thrust! He was unbelievably huge, filling me entirely, and it felt so good, so hard and perfect. 

I could both hear and feel Jake’s humongous bull balls slapping against my ass like a pair of wrecking balls with each powerful thrust. The smacking impact stung my ass with each colliding impact, and I again was convinced that I would have bruises on my ass to show for it. So if my ass cheeks were hurting that bad, I could only IMAGINE how much pain must be building up in the stud’s gargantuan nuts! They must have been feeling like they were getting repeatedly hit by a hammer after a while, but the huge muscle stud showed no signs of being in pain. If anything, he just fucked me even harder! I could only conclude that Jake’s titanic testicles were just as tough and strong and dense and resilient as the rest of his rock hard body! 

“Oh my god, Rob!” Jake said, his breath hot in my ear, the rumbling of his incredibly deep voice vibrating through his barrel chest into my body. “This is amazing! Please tell me that you’ll let me fuck you again! I want to fuck you every day for the rest of our lives!” 

And that was all it took. Hearing those words spoken from this spectacularly handsome god of muscle was simply more than my battered virility could take. Something gave deep inside of me, and I started experiencing the most violent and ferocious orgasm of my life! 

“FUCK me!!” I yelled. “Fuck me harder!! Oh yeah, you fucking huge STUD!! PLOW my tight ass with your huge bull cock!! Fill me with your massive stud load!!” 

My aching balls seized up and started convulsing so hard that it actually HURT. I could feel huge slugs of cum being ejected from my cock with incredible force, and could actually HEAR them striking the bricks in front of me, painting them with the sticky sauce of my own lust. I had never cum so hard or so fast in my whole life, and I thought I might black out from the overwhelming sensations. 

My spasming rectum must have been too much for Jake as well, for the speed and force of his mighty pelvic thrusts doubled in an instant, and then doubled again, and I could feel a great rumbling roar start to build in his enormous chest. The muscle giant momentarily lost his rhythm a couple of times, the building crescendo of his own orgasm making it almost impossible for him to maintain the rate and power of his thrusts. I thought the friction might make my poor ass burst into flames, but the sensation was so blissfully erotic that any pain fell by the wayside. 

Jake suddenly reared his entire massively muscled body backward and released a deafening bellow that sounded equally like agony and ecstasy, and then yelled, “OH MY GOD, ROB!!! OH FUCK!!! YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT!!! I’M GOING TO CUM!!! OH FUCK!!! OH YES!!! GET READY FOR IT!!! OH GOD!!! OH GOD!!!! I’M GONNA SHOOT!!! HERE IT COMES!!! GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!

Jake gave one last mighty thrust, burying his mammoth cock to the short and curlies and crushing his massive balls against my ass so hard that I feared they might burst. I then felt the tremendous heat of his scorching load as he came in my ass, pumping his lava deep inside my guts. His jets of cum must have been truly colossal, for I could actually FEEL each and every salvo as it sprayed with incredible force into my belly. My poor guts were apparently already filled beyond capacity, too, for by the second or third gush of his sperm, I could feel Jake’s massive load squirting powerfully out of my ass and running down the backs of my own legs in lush, thick rivers of male spew. 

Our mutual orgasms seemed to last forever. My cock shot a good dozen or so thick ropes of cum before my balls finally squeezed themselves completely empty, but my orgasm didn’t stop there — my cock kept right on throbbing and convulsing long after the last milky drop of spunk had oozed from the tip. 

Jake, however, being the supremely virile stud that he was, kept right on filling my hole with his load for well over a full minute, long after my own load had been splattered all over the bricks in front of me. My entire insides had been whitewashed with his spunk, and STILL his orgasm thundered onward! I could actually SEE my belly starting to distend with all of the sperm that Jake had forced inside of me, and I was convinced I’d be belching his load for weeks to come! Holy shit! How did balls even the size of Jake’s freakishly massive whoppers pack such an insanely huge load!?! 

It actually took TWO full minutes for Jake’s herculean orgasm to wind down to an end, during which time my valiant balls somehow found a hidden reserve and shot a SECOND big load onto the brick wall. Jake continued to hold me close, pressing himself against my back as his entire body juddered and shook with the aftershocks of his magnificent orgasm. He buried his face in my neck and showered my skin with soft, passionate kisses, his big, callous-roughened hands stroking up and down the sides of my sweat-slickened body. 

We must have held that position for at least 10 minutes, just basking in the heavenly afterglow of the most intense and powerful sex of our lives. Our bodies were glued together by sweat and sex. Jake began to pull away from me, and started pulling his still half hard cock out of my ass. The intense sensation sent me into a third paroxysm of orgasm, and Jake’s huge arms had to hold me up or I would have collapsed to the ground. Only a couple of weak spurts of cum jetted out of my cock, my poor overworked balls completely tapped out after producing three orgasms in less than 15 minutes, but the sensation was incredible. 

Jake’s retreating cock made a sound like a Wellington boot being pulled out of two feet of mud, a very wet and loud sucking sound that sent both Jake and me to laughing. But when his massive cock head finally popped out of my ass, it was followed by a veritable flood of thick, chunky, pure white sperm. I gasped as my guts began to purge themselves of the massive volume of stud spunk still contained in my bloated belly, and I felt a tremendous relief as that bulging pressure began to decrease. I must have pooped out a steady blast of Jake’s spunk for more than 10 full seconds, and I SWEAR that I must have sprayed a fucking GALLON of the stuff onto the concrete ground. There was already a tremendous amount of the thick and gloopy stuff there already, so my abdominal purge only added to the huge and sticky mess. 

Jake gently turned me around, and we locked eyes once again for a seeming eternity. Neither of us needed to speak — we knew exactly what was in each other’s hearts at that moment. We once again locked in a long, deep, passionate, and lingering kiss. Jake then looked down at me with an uncharacteristically shy and uncertain look in his beautiful blue eyes and said, “So, what are you doing with the rest of your day?” 

I looked down at myself, covered in another man’s jizz and with my slacks and shoes soaked in the stuff, and realized the was no way I was going to work today. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even be able to sit down for a week! But none of that really mattered, as I knew the answer to Jake’s question even before he asked it. 

Looking back into Jake’s searching eyes, I wrapped my arms around his thick, bullish neck and said, “I’m coming over to your place.” 

A huge smile spread across Jake’s achingly handsome and utterly masculine features, and was answered by an equally big smile of my own. We both knew that this was just the start of something wonderful. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 22 (Conclusion)


What would you like to do next? 

 ___ - Walk away now while the huge muscle dude still has some portion of a nut left. 
 _X_ - Put a permanent end to the hunk’s alpha stud status by pushing the “lower” button one last time. 

The stud’s massive cheat is heaving as he struggles to regain his breath, his enormous lungs inflating and contracting and causing his gigantic rib cage to expand to even more impressive dimensions. His handsome head is slumped forward, and you think at first that he may have passed out, but the continuing deep moans and groans of agony escaping his beautifully-shaped lips confirm that the tough-as-nails rugby stud is still conscious. You almost feel sorry for the handsome muscle giant. Any other man would have long since blacked out from all of the unending pain, but this ginger hulk is simply too strong, too phenomenally tough to fall unconscious. Instead, he gets to experience every agonizing moment of his epic unmanning. 

“Hey there handsome! I’ve got a surprise for you!” You grin wickedly as you saunter over to the side wall and once again remove the remote control from its holster. The red head’s beautiful hazel eyes fill with fear and panic as he realizes what you’re about to do, and his writhing and muscular flexing becomes more desperate than ever. But you both know that his struggling is useless, and that the steel restraints at wrist and ankle ensure that his sole remaining bollock can never escape from harm’s way. 

You toy with the big handsome lad for many long moments, running your thumb lovingly over the “lower” button. The big stud is beyond begging at this point, and just quietly whimpers as his terrified eyes remain locked on the remote control in your hands. 

“Tell me stud. You got any kids? You pass on those fucking INSANE genetics of yours to a future generation?” 

The ginger bull’s voice is dry and hoarse from hours of bellowing, and it takes him several tries before his impossibly deep voice says, “No, sir. But please, please spare mah last ball! Ah’ve always wanted to have kids, lots of ‘em, but was jus’ waiting until ah was a little bit older. Please don’t take that away from me, too!” 

“That’s too bad, stud,” you reply, shaking your head in mock sadness. “You shoulda thought about that before you volunteered to put your balls on the line here at the Fun House!” 

And with that, you give the “lower” button a rapid-fire series of pushes, pressing that big red button at least a dozen times. You know without a doubt that you’re about to witness the catastrophic end to the lad’s spectacular manhood. 

Your eyes are riveted to the hunk’s already profoundly overstretched bollock, and your heart hammers in your chest as the hidden winch once again fires up and that steel cable continues its inexorable descent into the floor, taking the stud’s huge man orb with it. The bulging nut seems to swell impossibly larger as the cable continues its cruel work, and the gorgeous red head bellows in even greater agony as his huge goolie is stretched past all endurance. 

13 inches! 

14 inches! 

The Aussie muscle giant is hysterical as his lonely bollock is pulled farther and farther from his straining crotch. 

15 inches!!

16 inches!!

The lad’s gigantic bollock is turning a deep reddish-purple, and the already bulging veins coursing over that mammoth orb now look like they’re going to burst through the overstretched skin at any moment. The handsome hunk is delirious with agony, his monstrously muscular form thrashing about in his restraints, his hazel eyes fixed on the surviving half of his manhood, which seems about to tear off at any moment. 

17 INCHES!!! 

The stud’s mammoth, straining ball is now past the guy’s fucking KNEES, and it STILL refuses to tear free!! This huge rugby muscle god simply can’t be HUMAN!! 

You notice in amazement that the cable’s descent is slowing, and you are shocked to realize that the stud’s ferociously tough ball cords are starting to resist further tugging. You can actually HEAR the hidden winch start to strain as it tries to drag that massive whopper of a nut toward the floor, but the insanely tough nut cords are fighting back, refusing any further pulling. 

18 INCHES!!!!!


The magnificent muscle man throws back his handsome head and utters his loudest bellow yet, every massive muscle flexing in spectacular, mind blowing hugeness. At that same moment, his colossal cannon of a cock fires off the most enormous gloopy rope of cum you’ve seen yet from the hyper virile super stud. The titanic slug of cum is an unbroken rope over 8 feet long that blasts out with such force that it arcs OVER your head to collide with the floor and wall behind you, striking with the loudest SPLAT!!! yet. 

The sight is utterly awe inspiring and humbling at the same time. Here is a muscle stud who has already blown the two most massive loads you’ve ever seen in your life, lost the right half of his manhood entirely, and had the left half pummeled so brutally and extensively that it simply HAD to be ruined and rendered useless! And yet, somehow, his colossal left bollock is miraculously still functioning! Hell, not just functioning, but putting his previous two orgasms to shame, and with only one huge nut to power it! 

A second, equally gigantic spurt of cum erupts from his pulsating, thundering cock, and then a third, and then a fourth! He is lashing your body with so much cum that the incredibly thick baby batter is once again shellacking your body. It is a fitting swan song to the handsome lad’s dying masculinity, and the sight finally puts you over the edge. Your second long-delayed orgasm finally wracks your tortured loins, pounding spurt after spurt after spurt of your own thick cream into your already drenched pants. It’s a truly huge load, the biggest in your life, but it pales in comparison to the monster load being pumped out of the ginger’s giant bull cock. 

Meanwhile, the cable continues doing its diabolical work, tugging harder and harder at that quivering orb even as it coughs up its final load. Ten seconds pass, and then 20, and then 30, the stud’s mighty ball cords fighting the metal cable to a stalemate. A deluge of sperm continues to erupt from his mammoth cock with no end in sight, the huge tower of manflesh slamming against his belly and ribcage over and over again with fearsome force. 

It’s nearly a minute into the stud’s soul-wracking orgasm that you begin to see tiny tears appear in the lad’s overstretched scrotum. The stretched out sac drops a little lower, and a little lower still, as those tears begin to grow and multiply. More and more torc is being placed on those thick and powerful ball cords, but they simply cannot take such awesome strain forever. 

The gorgeous ginger stud arches backward, his back bending so far backward that you fear his spine might snap, and the most terrible bellow of all is torn from his huge lungs. At that same moment, those mighty ball cords that had been struggling so desperately to keep his last remaining ball attached to his body finally give up, losing their epic battle against the thick steel cable. The sound of those balls cord popping and snapping can be heard even over the whirr of the struggling motor, followed by the gross, wet, squishy tearing sound of his scrotum finally being ripped from his body. 

It’s over so quickly that it’s almost a blur. With his last testicle violently torn from its mooring, the metal cable is able to retract into the floor with blinding speed, carrying the lad’s detached testicle with it. The mammoth bull nut strikes the concrete ground so hard that you can’t help but involuntarily wince, even though you know that the handsome rugby lad can no longer feel any pain from his severed ball. The impact makes a big splash in the vast pool of sperm and raw nut guts already cooling on the hard floor, coating your already drenched legs in even more reproductive goo. 

With the other half of his manhood violently and viciously torn from his body, the ginger’s head slumps forward and his massive body goes completely limp in his restraints. You realize that the poor stud has finally, mercifully, passed out. Even so, the herculean hunk’s massive cock gives a few more mighty pulses, the last dregs of his gigantic load burping out of his bloated and distended horse cock. The heroic cock then starts to lose its fantastic tumescence, and begins to wilt right before your eyes. His final boner deflates rapidly until it’s just a limp tube of meat, still incredibly and impressively long and thick, but now rendered permanently useless. 

You can’t help but stare once more at the young man’s magnificently muscular body, this extraordinarily masculine beast of a man who you’ve just turned into a nut-less steer. Blood is running freely from the wound at his groin, where his colossal man eggs were once attached to his mighty body. You know you should probably leave now so that the Organization can come in to stop the bleeding and revive the handsome new eunuch. 

You’re about to leave when your eyes drop to the gigantic bollock lying on the sperm-flooded floor. When the lad’s sac and nut cords finally failed, the metal band that had been constricting so tightly around that titanic testicle finally snapped open and released the tortured bollock. The gigantic ball immediately bloated back to its original shape, though it is now even larger than ever before after all of the beatings it has received. The humongous orb looks even larger than ever, if that is possible, now that it has been detached forever from its owner. The enormous lump of man meat is still encased in a largely intact portion of his scrotum, though the gray walls of that huge gonad can be seen through several tears in the sac. You wonder what the Organization will do with that dying nut. 

Without even thinking about it first, you suddenly rush forward and grab the severed neck of that huge sac, hoisting the lad’s mammoth left bollock into the air. Thick slugs of cum and chunks of shattered nut meat drip off of the bloated sac, splashing back into the pool of sperm below. It’s hard to believe, but that massive sphere of nut meat is even HEAVIER than it looks, and you marvel once again that TWO such colossal nuts could have been attached to a man’s crotch. 

You thrust that severed ball under your sperm-soaked shirt, trying to hide the huge nard beneath your clothes. The detached nut is still warm and feels very much alive, though you know that even now those oxygen- and nutrient-starved tissues are slowly dying. You fear that the Organization may try to stop you from claiming a keepsake from the day’s events, so you clutch that monstrous bull nut to your belly, drink in one last long gaze at the almost unbearably handsome red headed muscle man, and then flee the room. 

You dash back through the vestibule and onto the elevator, and then all but run out the lobby into the street. No one tries to stop you. In fact, you see no one at all. You discover that it’s now the dead of night outside the building, many hours later than you’d thought, and the streets are dark and deserted. You are completely drenched in another man’s sperm and have a warm bulge beneath the belly of your shirt so large that it looks like you’re in your second trimester, but the street is dark and no one is around. You keep to the shadows and decide to run the entire way home. 

You can’t wait to get back to your apartment and place your prize in a huge glass jar. You know you will never ever forget your visit to the Fun House, and are happy that you will always have the ginger bull’s titanic left ball to remember him by. 


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 21


What is your next decision? 

 ___ - This ginger-haired muscle man has suffered magnificently for your pleasure. End his torment now and let him survive with one bollock intact. 
 ___ - End it all now by pressing the “lower” button one last time. 
 _X_ - Give the lad some “parting shots”!

You want to wring every last ounce of pain and suffering out of this exquisitely handsome and powerful bull stud. The “tighter” button is no longer functioning, and you know that the “lower” button is all but guaranteed to rip off his last remaining teste, ending your fun for good. So you turn to the only other option available to you — delivering even more blunt force trauma to that impossibly tough and resilient gonad. 

You set the remote control back in its holster on the left wall — for the time being — and the massive mountain of muscles in front of you starts to sob in relief. He apparently thinks that you are ending his punishment now, and he has no idea of how wrong his is! 

Balling your right hand into a fist, you slowly and theatrically bring it upward in a wide arc until it gently touches the underside of the stud’s mammoth and heroically straining left nut. A look of understanding and terror washes across the Aussie stud’s breathtakingly handsome and rugged face, and you reward him with an evil grin and a sly wink. 

Then, without warning, you bring your left fist upward in a vicious and brutal upper cut, landing it squarely into the bottom of that massive target. 



The big lad’s handsome head snaps backward as yet another thundering bellow of agony is ripped from his lungs. You immediately follow your first blow up with another uppercut, this time from your right fist. 



Despite the horrific internal pressures being created by the constricting metal band, making his already extraordinarily dense nut flesh even harder and denser, you’re are delighted to discover that your fist is able to sink nearly an inch into his already heavily brutalized ball flesh. Just a couple of hours ago, your hardest punch couldn’t even begin to DENT that tremendously thick and meaty nut meat, and now that ferociously tough nut is clearly starting to soften up. There’s still clearly a lot of strength left in the stud’s massive whale nut — a whole HELL of a lot of strength, in fact! — but you are overjoyed at this very visible and palpable evidence of the damage you’re finally causing to the lad’s last titanic testicle. 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

You mercilessly hammer the stud’s tightly bound testicle, digging your knuckles in deep with every devastating blow. The metal cable is holding that massive orb completely immobile, so his huge nard is forced to absorb every ounce of each brutal impact, further damaging his already horribly traumatized testicular tissues. 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

The big beast of a man continues to thunder and bellow with each blow, tears of agony streaming down his gorgeous face, his massive and magnificently muscular body writhing powerfully but uselessly against his steel bonds. You’re wreaking unforgettable harm on his sole remaining bull nut, and he’s utterly powerless to stop you! You’ve never felt such a sense of unbridled power in your life, and that adds even more strength behind your devastating punches. 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

Dozens and dozens and dozens of brutal uppercuts are delivered to that huge and helpless nugget, and your leaking cock lurches in your pants as you realize that your knuckles are now digging even deeper with each blow. You’re REALLY wearing down his mighty, meaty nut now! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 
WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!!          WHAM!!! 

With such a vast acreage of prime nut flesh before you, you change your tactics. You take a classic boxer’s stance and start delivering a punishing series of one-two punches right into that bloated, swollen, and bruised bollock, really throwing your weight behind your fists so that they are landing even harder than your brutal upper cuts. 






The handsome hunk is roaring in terrific agony, and his flexing and bulging stud muscles are like an elixir to you, encouraging you to pummel his weakening nut even harder! 






God only knows how much damage you’re now doing to the internal structures of his heavy, heaving, herculean nut. Surely you’re causing some permanent damage by now, especially judging by how mushy his mammoth nut has become. Your fists are now sinking seriously deep into that beefy nut meat, making wet crunching and splurching sounds with each strike. You imagine now that each and every blow of your fists is permanently robbing this heroically handsome stud of some measure of his awesome virility, slowly and methodically rendering him completely and permanently impotent. Of course, with the unspeakably vast, super human virility possessed by this unparalleled mega hunk, you’re probably still a long, long way away from fully annihilating and destroying his sperm producing tissues. 

But then again, you’ve got all of the time in the world. 






It’s truly incredible that the ginger giant’s huge nut is somehow still maintaining its structural integrity. Any other man’s bollocks would have been reduced to a pulped mush of liquified nut guts a hundred times over by now, but this hunk’s mighty ball is still miraculously hale and whole. You may be robbing him of more and more of his epic potency with each testicle-traumatizing punch, but that stubborn bull bollock simply refuses to give in, enduring punch after devastating punch without cracking or breaking. This gorgeous muscle man is a true BEAST of masculine power! 






The middle portion of the stud’s swollen nut is rapidly becoming as soft and mushy as its heavily hammered underbelly, and the traumatized flesh is turning an even darker shade of blood red. You can only imagine how profound the bruising would be on the stud’s mammoth orb over the next day or two, but then you realize that you’re never going to see such bruising as you doubt the hunk will be keeping his battered whale nut for another hour, let alone another day. 






Judging from the wet crunching and cracking sounds coming from his ball with each punch, and from the way your fists are sinking disturbingly deep into all of that thick, thick flesh, you know that you’re nearing the limit of what the stud’s mighty, massive bollock can take. No matter its phenomenal size, density, and toughness, even HIS huge bull nut isn’t truly indestructible, and you know that you’ve been red-lining that mammoth orb for a long time now. You’re certain that all of your battering and bludgeoning of that nut could cause it to explode at any moment, destroying the other half of the handsome hunk’s super human manhood. 

And you’re not quite ready for that yet. 

You adjust your aim and start raining down punches into the very base of the stud’s enormously thick cock, striking right where all of his extremely taut ball cords and overstretched nutsac are anchored to the hunk’s muscular crotch. 

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

You alternate blows with your left and right fists, slamming them full force into the very root of his straining manhood. Each blow causes his over bloated bull cock to bounce against his rock hard abdominal muscles with a resounding WHAP!!!, sending his clear cock snot flying in all directions. Even more importantly, however, your bony knuckles dig deep into those already overstressed cords and cables connecting that mammoth, bloated, cinched, and nearly pulverized bull nut to his colossal body. 

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

Perhaps it’s only your imagination, but it feels like those super stretched cords are further weakening under your unending rain of hammer blows, loosening up as you wear down their terrific toughness. You almost expect the stud’s nut cords to snap at any moment, finishing the job begun by the steel cable, but they somehow continue to hold fast. 

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!        THUMP!!!        WHUMP!!!

You finally pause from all of your labors, panting furiously like you’ve just sprinted for 5 miles. You’re nearly exhausted, but at the same time you’re so overcome with lust that you barely notice your fatigue. Just the sight of this handsome hunk’s horribly mangled nutsac almost drives you over the edge. The right half of his torn sac is empty, his utterly shattered and pulverized bull nut now nothing more than a huge mess on the floor, reduced to a vast reproductive pulp. His left bollock is still attached and whole, but has fared little better, now grown so swollen and bruised that it barely even resembles a human testicle anymore, particularly with the thick metal band cinched so tightly around its squished center. His voluminous scrotum is hideously stretched out to a full FOOT from his muscular groin, looking like it will snap in half at any moment. Even the top of the handsome lad’s nutsac, where it’s attached to the mammoth root of the stud’s 16+ inch horse cock, is looking much the worse for wear. Even if you haven’t completely destroyed the reproductive tissues inside that nut (and, judging from the hideous swelling and bruising of that mammoth orb, you probably have), then you’ve certainly ruined his internal plumbing. There’s no WAY this heroic super stud is ever shooting viable sperm again! 

Your majestic ginger hunk is almost certainly effectively a eunuch at this point, despite the sole remaining mammoth nard still attached to his groin. Even if you stopped right now, his gigantic left testicle may already be mortally wounded, and he’s almost certainly completely infertile. Nevertheless, you now have one last opportunity to leave him with some semblance of his formerly unparalleled manhood intact. 

What would you like to do next? 

 ___ - Walk away now while the huge muscle dude still has some portion of a nut left. 
 ___ - Put a permanent end to the hunk’s alpha stud status by pushing the “lower” button one last time.