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Lucky's Second Close Call - PART THREE - Jayse Version

Hello gentle readers!

Here is the penultimate chapter in the Lucky series. Our young slave hero suffers even more brutal tortures and abuses in this chapter, all of which is leading up to the final installment that I'll be posting next week.

Remember, though -- YOU are the final arbiters of Lucky's fate. Your votes will determine which ending I'll be posting to this story -- a happy ending where young Lucky is able to survive with his massive, magnificent balls intact, or the tragic ending where those most goliath of gonads are brutally parted from his muscular body.

Right now we are tied in regard to Lucky's mammoth balls, with one vote for clemency, and one vote for execution. Perhaps YOUR vote will be the deciding ballot that determines the fate of this mega stud's gigantic balls!

The final chapter will be posted next week, likely around Friday, August 8th, so vote now and command Lucky's fate! :)


Lucky’s Second Close Call:  A Case of “Just a Little Bit Too Much”
Part 2

Based on an original story concept by Nathan

Lucky learns exactly how much weight his bull balls can hold... 


The platform swings gently with the quivering and straining of the young man’s gigantic leg muscles, slowly rocking like a huge pendulum and tugging even harder at the super stud’s bull balls. The platform itself has lowered just below the level of the dais and is still nearly 6 feet above the floor. Lucky’s behemoth balls are indeed holding, but Petr has unrivaled experience with the punishment and unmanning of slaves, and he knows that even Lucky’s mighty bull balls cannot hope to hold such a great weight forever. Indeed, Petr knows that it is just a matter of time before Lucky’s nuts finally weaken and tear free, and the huge platform falls crashing to the ground. 

At a signal from Antonius, Petr picks up a thick metal pipe, over four feet long and nearly two inches thick of solid steel, and positions himself in front of the young slave. Petr’s excitement level redoubles, for he knows the next torture that is in store for the hapless, muscle-bound prisoner, and the young cutter’s entire body vibrates with erotic anticipation. 

Antonius announces that the entertainment shall continue with the beating of Lucky’s trapped and straining balls with a metal baton. Petr, the Royal Cutter, shall have the honor of raining 100 blows of the steel pipe upon the handsome young slave’s bound and stretched balls, hitting them with as much strength as he can muster. Murmurs of approval and arousal filter through the crowd. Though brutal torments have been inflicted upon the young stud slave’s mammoth balls in the past, torments that would have easily broken any lesser man’s balls, the proposed beating is far more violent and destructive than anything that had been visited upon Lucky before, and the spectators knew that even Lucky’s burly bull balls couldn’t hope to survive such an attack, especially not when already so brutally and outrageously stretched to their breaking point. 

And Petr was fully confident that he would be able to quickly bust those huge balls wide open, and spill their beefy and juicy contents all over the dais like some sort of meat piƱata. 

Antonius then raised his arms, once again quieting the excitedly murmuring crowd, before continuing. Over the hushed crowd, the cunning Emperor surprised everyone, including Petr, by proclaiming that if Lucky could endure all 100 blows of the pipe and hold the platform without losing his mighty balls, then the young stud slave would be granted his freedom, sparing him his nuts and awarding him the contents of the platform. 

Excited shouts and shocked discussions thunderously erupt from the audience at this turn of events, and more heated betting continues. Petr’s nostrils flare and his eyes bulge in fury at the Emperor’s announcement, for the very thought of this slave not only keeping his balls, but earning his freedom as well, not to mention a fortune in gold that would make him richer than most nobles, was simply beyond enduring for the young cutter. Petr turned his white-hot anger on Lucky, and prepared to destroy the young man’s enormous, grotesque, obscenely oversized bull balls. Petr quickly controls his anger, for he realizes the he alone can prevent the young slave from earning his freedom and keeping his balls. No one but Lucky had ever escaped the cutter before, and Petr was determined that he wouldn’t escape again. 

The handsome young cutter signaled to the waiting guards, and the massive men began turning a pair of cranks on either side of the dais. To the crowd’s amazement and delight, the marble columns atop the dais begin to rise, telescoping out of the floor and growing taller and taller and lifting the captive stud slave between them. The muscular young lad groans in fresh agony, as the raising of the columns places additional strain on his nuts. In addition, as the columns rise higher, Lucky’s wide-spread feet leave the ground, and his legs can no longer assist in holding up the platform of gold bricks; instead, that weight is shifted to the young man’s massive and powerful arms, which bunch and flex enormously under the tremendous new strain. 

The guards raise the columns about a foot, and then Petr signals them to stop. Lucky’s brutally overstretched balls are now resting at about chest level to Petr, putting them in perfect position for the young cutter to bash them with his metal bat. Petr steps closer to the captive hunk, and reaches his free hand up to feel Lucky’s balls and scrotum. His hand glides over the smooth and glistening balls, reveling in their massive size, their raw power, the unutterably intense manliness exuded by those twin powerhouses of man meat. Both mighty orbs are slick with Lucky’s own precum, which continues to pour forth from his monstrously rampant cock like a firehose, coating the entire length of his massive schlong, the extraordinarily extended scrotum, and his huge balls before dripping in long, sticky ropes to the platform below. The young cutter notices with a start that fresh stretch marks could be seen on the paper thin surface of Lucky’s bloated sac, the normally thick scrotum stretching far beyond its design limits in an effort to contain its burgeoning contents. 

Petr strokes and fondles those legendary balls for many long moments, hoping to sear the memory of these most spectacular of testicles in his mind forever before he beats them to a ruined pulp, reducing them to so much broken nut guts. Part of Petr is loath to begin his work, but only because he knows that he can destroy these paragons of masculinity only once. He could think of dozens, hundreds of ways to destroy such huge and powerful balls. His only solace was that, as the years rolled by and the untold thousands of Lucky’s children grew to adulthood, many of his young sons would eventually find their way to Petr’s chopping block, and hopefully they would inherit Lucky’s prodigious, legendary endowment. With the young man’s eldest children nearly 9 years of age, Petr eagerly knew it would be less than a decade before the first sons of Lucky were brought to his chopping block. 

Petr’s precum-slickened hand also wandered up to the 12 inches of horrifically elongated scrotum that precariously connected Lucky’s supremely potent and vibrant bull balls to the rest of his glorious physique. Petr marveled at just how slender Lucky’s ballsac had become, and the fact that he could encircle the stretched scrotum between his thumb and forefinger and easily not touch the man’s sac. He did just that, then gently closed his hand a bit more until he was touching that narrow and slime-slickened tube of flesh. He then began slowly stroking his encircling hand up and down the entire foot-long length of that scrotal tube, almost like he was gently masturbating a long and slender cock. The sight and feeling of rhythmically stroking the young man’s inhumanly stretched nutsac almost brought Petr to a spontaneous orgasm of his own! 

He suddenly closed his hand around the narrow neck of scrotum and gave a sharp yank, testing the strength of Lucky’s ball cords. The young man cried out in surprise and agony, as Petr’s tugging grip added even more strain to his already screaming ball cords. Lucky’s balls refused to stretch another millimeter, but Petr was satisfied that the cords seemed to have a lot of strength left in them. A surprising amount of strength, actually, but Petr wasn’t concerned. Petr knew that between the impending ball beating and the continued work of the 400 pounds literally tearing at his balls, Lucky’s days as the most famous and powerful stud slave in the history of Rome would soon be coming to a close. 


Petr loosened his grip slightly, and once again began moving his hand up and down the elongated scrotum, as if he was stroking an incredibly long and thin penis. The action drew laughter and mild applause from the audience. The precum coating Lucky’s genitals made his skin slick, allowing Petr to shuck his distended sac with ease. The action must have been in some way pleasurable to the huge stud as well, for the quantity of clear spunk pouring forth from his achingly hard cock actually increased. 

Petr smiled at the young man’s reaction, and wondered if the young stud would manage to unleash a final orgasm before his nutting was complete. Petr’s smile grew wider as he remembered the thick leather strap that even now had a strangle hold on the base of Lucky’s mighty, 18 ½ inch horse cock, choking the root of his massive dick and preventing even the slightest release. Petr hoped even more that Lucky somehow achieved orgasm, because the added congestion in his balls from a throttled orgasm could only increase the young man’s ultimate agony. 

He moved his hand to the glorious penis itself, and roughly stroked his big hand up and down its impossible length. Petr couldn’t believe the heat radiating off of that mighty fuck stick, nor how rock solid the hot flesh felt beneath his fingers. He tried squeezing along the midpoint of the shaft, but not only could he barely wrap his fingers halfway around the mighty meat, he couldn’t get the heroically thick cock to provide the slightest give. Petr knew this mighty fuck rod was not going soft this side of ejaculation or death. 

Petr temporarily put the unused metal club down and used both hands to roughly stroke the huge beast of a cock, sliding his precum-slickened hands from the strangled base all the way to the grotesquely swollen tip, clamping his hands down as hard as he could to create the maximum friction possible. His hands were quickly coated in fresh cock snot, which only served to make his job easier, pumping up and down that mighty schlong with faster and faster strokes. Lucky began to groan once again, but Petr could tell that the sounds of agony were now also mixed with the unmistakable sounds of pleasure. And to confirm Petr’s suspicions, the fluid leaking from the young man’s pulsating cock grew thicker and whiter, rich with fresh sperm. The handsome young cutter knew he was priming the pump, and he wanted Lucky fully aroused for the next part of the night’s entertainment. 

After more than 10 minutes of constantly jacking Lucky’s monstrous cock, Petr could tell that the huge muscle stud was getting close to orgasm. He began stroking faster and faster still, letting the feeling of orgasm start to build in the handsome lad’s mighty loins. His hands became a blur on Lucky’s swollen and angry-looking cock, and stray ropes and ribbons of spunk were flying off the quivering cock in all directions. 

At the last minute, Petr suddenly stopped and released Lucky’s cock from his strong grip. Lucky groaned in denied release, and his cock thundered and pulsed at the edge of orgasm. The huge beast of a cock reared back and slapped against Lucky’s corrugated abdominal wall with a loud and very beefy SMACK!, and then repeated that staccato beat again and again and again. The young man’s slender and muscular hips also began to buck, his rampant cock fucking air in a futile and vain attempt to achieve release. The bucking of his hips caused the weighted platform to begin to sway ponderously and oh so heavily between his widespread legs, increasing the agony on his nearly terminally stretched nuts, but Lucky seemed oblivious to the pain, absolutely desperate to relieve the ungodly congestion in his screaming bull balls. 

It took several long minutes for Lucky to calm down and for his thunderhead of an orgasm to subside. Petr just watched with a wide and satisfied grin on his face, and the audience applauded his work with great enthusiasm and appreciation. Yes, the huge muscle slave, the beautiful young horse-hung man that Petr had been obsessing about for a full year, was finally ready for the next phase of his destruction. 

Petr lifted the heavy metal bat off the ground, and once again took his position next to the captive and helpless hunk. He then leaned forward and, to the surprise of everyone, including Petr himself, planted a kiss on Lucky’s swollen and trembling right ball. 

As Petr pulled back, his mind a confused whirl of surprise and lust and anger, he felt a wetness on his lips, and idly licked it off with his tongue. Thus it was that he tasted Lucky’s effluvium for the first time, a taste that was at once both salty and sweet, heady and gamey, rich and powerful. The young cutter had never tasted anything as delicious or powerful in his life, and it was like an aphrodisiac to him. 

The audience was once again applauding, even louder than before, rewarding Petr for the respect he had just paid to this most worthy of adversaries. 

Petr stepped back, lifted the metal pipe in a two-handed grip, squared his shoulders, and took aim. The young cutter was now grateful for all of his hard work and exercise over the past year, for he knew that his great strength was more than up to the task ahead. He practiced his swing several times, bringing the bat forward to lightly touch the surface of Lucky’s trapped and completely helpless balls several times. He imagined his swing passing through the other side of the humongous balls, splattering them on the first strike, and he smiled. 

With that image in his mind, Petr mustered his more-than-considerable strength, and swung the bat with all his might. 

The thick metal pipe cut a graceful arc as it sailed through the air…and connected with a mighty and meaty THWACK!! directly into both of Lucky’s gigantic bull balls. 

The first blow landed with such spectacular force that it would have instantly obliterated any other man’s balls, shattering them and reducing them to so much broken ball meat. With the tremendous 400-pound weight pulling Lucky’s nuts down and rendering them immobile, the entire blow was absorbed by the young man’s massive, beefy balls. Lucky threw back his handsome head and bellowed in unimaginable agony as the pipe struck his awesomely sensitive bull nuts. Petr fully expected Lucky’s huge balls to burst asunder in their stretched sac, but to his surprise not only did the young slave’s balls endure the blow, his enormous cock burped an even larger slug of milky precum! It was almost as if the young muscle hunk was actually getting OFF on the unimaginably brutal ball abuse!!  

Antonius had told Petr that testicle torture could make Lucky cum, but Petr had not believed him until now. The hugely muscular stud slave actually got off on having his balls beaten to a pulp! Petr silently vowed that Lucky was about to receive a ball beating that he would never forget, and he made it his goal to beat the young man’s meaty balls until he came, or until they burst – preferably both!  

Petr raised the heavy metal bat again, and a second powerful blow landed on the backside of Lucky’s swollen bull nuts, wrenching another agonized cry from the young muscle stud and yet more pearly precum from his massive cock. But still Lucky’s balls held, defying Petr once again. Petr knew that he had swung hard enough to crack one of the marble pillars flanking the bound bull, and so he was stunned to see Lucky’s balls still intact, defying him and taunting him to visit even greater harm upon them. 

And Petr was more than happy to oblige. 

Petr threw himself into the brutal ball beating with a vengeance, hammering Lucky’s massive balls from every direction, raining terrible agony and destruction upon the young muscle slave. He barely paused between blows, giving the handsome stud no time to recover his breath or his balls to recover from the blow. Yet Lucky endured it all, bellowing in agony as his balls were simultaneously stretched past his knees and beaten to a jellied pulp. 

In a matter of minutes, 10 mighty blows had hammered into Lucky’s unlucky balls, then 20 blows, then 30 blows, and STILL Lucky endured it all. His massive balls had turned an angry lobster red from the abuse, and were in places turning purple with bruising, but they were clearly still vital and whole. Whether his balls had already suffered irreparable harm, however, was open to debate, for even if Petr stopped the horrific ball beating now, who could say if the combination of stretching and pummeling hadn’t already rendered the massive stud slave sterile. But it was unquestionable and obvious that two very solid and VERY large orbs of man meat were still firm and whole inside that overstretched pouch. 

But permanent sterility and utter nullification of the uber hunk was Petr’s goal, so his powerful arms swung again and again and again and again, raining terrible, destructive force directly into the handsome stud’s unprotected and completely vulnerable gonads. Petr had to admit that the muscular prisoner possessed balls of steel, for his extraordinarily powerful and dense bull balls had already deflected dozens of blows, and were still intact. Petr could tell, however, that he was steadily wearing down the resistance of those mighty nuts, and even now he could feel the metal bat dig deeper and deeper into Lucky’s thick nut flesh with each successive blow. 

Petr also noticed that Lucky’s mighty balls were continuing to lose their battle with the 400 pounds of weight tearing at them, and the platform was continuing to ever so slowly and inexorably lower toward the floor. Lucky’s huge balls continued to sag under the great weight suspended from their bulky, meaty mass, and stretched now to 12 ½ inches. Clearly, Lucky’s super human bull balls could not hold out too much longer. Either they would burst open like overripe fruit under Petr’s ferocious assault, or they would finally rip free of his crotch from the tearing weight of the platform of gold. For Petr, it was a race against time to see which would be the first to claim Lucky’s herculean manhood. 

Again and again and again and again, Petr hammered the heavy metal pipe directly into Lucky’s screaming nuts, each time impacting with obliterating force. The blows were raining so hard and so fast that the young prisoner’s massive balls were actually quivering under the assault, and the 400-pound weight hanging from Lucky’s bull nuts was set to swinging. The handsome young stud’s shrieks and bellows of agony continued unabated, punctuated by the steady THWACK!! THWACK!! THWACK!! of the pipe against his nuts. 

Then the amazing happened. Something in Lucky’s gigantic balls must have snapped, for the young man began bucking his hips with a fury and bellowing in a mixture of ecstasy and agony. The huge 400-pound weight started to swing more wildly, and incredibly even bounced up and down a few inches, such was the fury of the young man’s bucking and thrashing. Lucky’s already bloated and distended horse cock swelled larger still, looking like it would split wide open down its incredible length, and the flow of thick and milky precum from its gaping tip suddenly ceased. 

Moments later, a freight train of an orgasm hit Lucky directly in the loins, and a constant and impossibly thick river of pure white cum began to gush from his throbbing, quivering cock with a volume that could not be believed. To the shock and amazement of all save Antonius, Lucky was actually cumming under the unimaginably brutal torture. 

The crowd could actually hear the thick leather strap, bound so tightly around the base of Lucky’s rampant cock, creak loudly in protest as it was forced to expand and allow the young super stud to begin purging his colossal load of too-long-held stud spunk. The thick and very tough strap continued to prevent the handsome young hunk from shooting his wad in his characteristic massive salvos, however, slugs of cum that were known to blast upwards of 40 feet or more from his cannon of a cock. Instead, Lucky’s cum poured forth from his cock in a great, pulsating river, 10 days of pent up stud cream issuing forth in a single, mighty deluge. So much cum was pouring forth that it ran in great rivers down the entire length of Lucky’s huge cock, and then down the length of his ridiculously over-stretched scrotum to pour over his bruised, bulging balls and onto the platform. And still more cum fell in an unbroken stream directly from his cock slit down onto the brick-covered platform. 

The platform itself had a 4-inch-tall lip all around the outside in order to help keep the bricks in place, and this lip was now forming a container to catch Lucky’s unnaturally over-abundant and incredibly heavy load. The platform quickly began to fill with Lucky’s own male juices, adding the weight of his titanic load to the great weight already suspended from his aching bull nuts. 

The sight was awesome and intensely, mind-blowingly erotic, and many in the audience shot their loads then and there, some for the second or third or even fourth time of the evening. 

Petr nearly shot his load himself, his huge 12-inch cock untouched and still trapped in his tight leather pants. But he regained control of himself, just barely, and continued beating the young man’s muscle balls with renewed vigor and fury, knowing that the pain of Lucky’s ball beating would increase ten-fold now that he was cumming. 

Petr surpassed 40 blows, and then 50 blows, and then 60 blows. The severity of the blows caused Lucky’s great, magnificent cock to bounce and wiggle in every direction, sending cum splashing everywhere. Petr was getting drenched in Lucky’s awesomely potent spunk, and the feel of the hot and chunky fluid striking his bare skin, the taste of his supremely potent muscle sperm on Petr’s lips, the thick and heady and incredibly arousing stench of all of that thick, musky spunk, only drove Petr to redouble his efforts and increase the force of his blows. 

Still Lucky somehow endured it all, while continuing to shoot the most mind-numbingly massive orgasm any of them had ever seen, including the Emperor, who by now had become almost accustomed and perhaps even jaded to the young stud slave’s super human loads. But this orgasm was clearly going to shatter even the legendary records already set by the handsome and helpless young muscle hunk. 

Never before had Lucky been forced to go so long without cumming. 

Never before had his balls been so brutally and relentlessly tortured. 

Never before had his huge aching nuts, the wellspring of his masculinity and power, been brought so close to destruction. 

Never before had Lucky felt an orgasm of such all-consuming intensity and power. 

The almighty flood of Lucky’s thick and creamy stud cum had long since filled the platform beyond capacity, and still more of the hot, sticky fluid was pouring out onto the gold bricks and platform, overflowing in great globs of smelly sperm to plop onto the uncaring marble floor below. Gallons of the stuff had already poured forth from Lucky’s rampant horse cock, and there still seemed to be no end in sight to his monumental orgasm. 

However, the buckets of cum pumping from Lucky’s loins were adding to the already tremendous weight that was even now threatening to rip his great balls from his body. Petr watched mesmerized between mighty blows from the metal pipe as Lucky’s enormous balls gradually sagged farther still, stretching in tiny increments as they edged toward destruction! 

At 13 inches, Lucky’s balls finally seemed to refuse to stretch any farther, his ball cords stretched to the absolute limit of their endurance, unable to stretch even another millimeter without snapping. Petr could see micro tears forming in the surface of Lucky’s almost terminally overstretched scrotum, a sure sign that the end of Lucky’s legendary masculinity was drawing near. Petr knew it would not be long before Lucky’s super human bull nuts finally gave out, and he smiled at the cruel irony that it was Lucky’s own awesome virility that might be the final arbiter of his undoing. 

The flurry of blows continued to rain down on Lucky’s defenseless and weakening balls without pause, turning his already dark red balls an ugly shade of purple with fresh bruises. The young bull stud’s massive balls were becoming positively squishy with each fresh blow, and Petr wondered if the huge orbs weren’t more than halfway ruptured already. But the mighty nuts continued to rebound to their healthy egg-like shape after each terrible strike, defiantly refusing to burst under even the most heinous and crippling of blows. Already Petr had struck young Lucky’s balls an unbelievable 70 times, and then 80 times! Amazingly, the metal pipe itself was starting to distort and twist under the continuous abuse, actually bending around the young muscle god's titanic testicles. Petr couldn’t believe his eyes, and the sight only served to increase both his lust and his fury. 

To Petr's great delight, he could actually feel Lucky's huge bull balls begin to crumble under the assault. Where once Lucky's formerly solid and incredibly dense balls were deflecting the blows with barely a dent, the heavy metal pipe was now sinking deep into the very heart of the young man's thick and squishy ball meat, meeting virtually no resistance as it pulverized the very core of the young stud's awesome manhood. The entire audience could now hear a wet and sickening crunching along with every beefy smack of the pipe, and it was clear that the young stud slave's very masculinity was being ground to a pulp before their very eyes. 

Yet still, somehow, Lucky's behemoth balls endured, and continued to squeeze out inhuman amounts of jizz. 

At 90 blows, Petr began to worry that Lucky might actually survive the torture, saving whatever remained of his colossal bull balls and walking away with both his freedom and an incredible wealth in gold. Petr knew that he could not, would not let that happen, and so he tore into Lucky with everything he had, throwing his whole body behind the final 10 blows. 





Lucky’s balls were finally beginning to rupture, their super tough outer shell finally beginning to succumb to the brutal ball beating. The massive orbs began to lose their healthy egg shape, deforming grotesquely with each new blow and no longer rebounding to their original dimensions. Yet, while each new, terrible blow appears like it will be the one to cause the catastrophic collapse of Lucky’s gargantuan balls, the frighteningly powerful and resilient orbs somehow manage to continue to endure. But as weakened and battered as they already are, how can Lucky’s balls possibly survive these final blows?! 







Lucky’s agony is unimaginable, and his beast-like bellows are so loud that the very walls of the great marble hall sound like they could shake apart. His great bull nuts are beginning to turn to mush, and the young and extraordinarily handsome muscle stud can feel every last inch of their gradual and steady destruction. Any blow now could be the one that cracks Lucky's huge nuts wide open, spraying their meaty contents across the room in a magnificent shower of gore. 





Petr has turned his entire body into a weapon of testicular destruction, using every swollen muscle and every ounce of his considerable strength to drive that heavy pipe through Lucky's utterly pulverized and nearly busted balls. The thick metal pipe is indeed bludgeoning deeper and even deeper into the young slave’s beefy ball meat, causing the nearly gelatinous mass of Lucky's mighty nuts to bulge and quiver in a disturbing and clearly unhealthy manner. 

Only three more blows remain, and it seems clear that Lucky's already mauled and brutally mangled balls can't hope to survive to the end, and in fact may already be mortally wounded and damaged beyond repair. 





Lucky’s balls somehow endure the next two blows, the most powerful yet, and are on the very verge of becoming liquid nut guts, shattering into a shapeless mass in his hideously distended sac. Tears of utter agony and hopelessness stream down the young slave's achingly handsome face as he prepares for the final blow that will end his herculean manhood forever. 



Petr struck the final blow with such awesome force that the pipe actually shattered, sundering in two as it struck Lucky’s horrifically beaten and battered bull nuts with critical force. Lucky’s beautifully muscled body arched backward in unspeakable agony, each muscle etched in perfect detail, as yet another ear-bursting bellow was torn from his giant lungs. 

But unbelievably, impossibly, his balls held!!! 

Lucky’s gargantuan bull balls had just survived 100 devastating blows while supporting well over 450 pounds of gold and sperm. Lucky had won his freedom!! 

Petr was dumbfounded, and dropped the shattered end of the metal pipe from numb fingers onto the cum-drenched floor. He could not believe that the young muscle slave had actually endured such devastating abuse. He watched as Lucky continued to groan and pump out the largest load of sperm ever shot in the history of man, his balls stretched to more than twice their already unbelievable and unnaturally long dangle, hanging over a foot from his crotch while straining to support an unimaginable amount of weight of gold and cum. 

The handsome young stud slave was truly a GOD! 

Lucky’s massive and horribly bruised balls had swollen to even greater dimensions from all the beating, looking like a pair of oversized, reddish-purple cantaloupe. The twin orbs were mushy and pulpy, having lost nearly all of their strength and solidity, and were lumpy, distended, and misshapen, but whole. Petr knew that just one or two more blows with the pipe would have ruptured them like a pair of overripe melons, but he would now never get the chance to finish them off. Lucky's nuts may very well already be beaten and pulverized into sterility, damaged and mutilated beyond repair, but they were still whole and still attached to his body. Lucky had won! 

The audience exploded into thunderous applause, everyone jumping to their feet to enthusiastically cheer the young man and his impossible feat of strength and endurance. Even the Emperor was on his feet, adding his own loud shouts of joy and congratulations to the cheering throng. Lucky had more than earned a place of honor among the nobility of Rome, and the cheering crowd was welcoming him with open arms. 

A white hot fury began to overwhelm Petr. Now, for a second time, Lucky had thwarted him, and was going to walk away this time not only intact, but free and rich beyond his wildest imaginings. Petr simply could not let that happen. 

With a bellow of animal fury, Petr leapt high into the air and crashed down onto the cum-drenched platform, adding the over 245 pounds of his own beautifully muscular body weight to the tremendous weight of gold and fluids already tearing at Lucky’s nearly busted nuts. 

The audience cried out in shock and dismay, and the recoil was awesome. Lucky bellowed in his greatest agony yet as over 700 pounds of metal, muscle, and cum pulled at his agonized bull balls. Every mammoth muscle in his body instantly flexed, swelling to even more impossible dimensions, and his mighty cock gave such a powerful lurch that the entire platform bounced several inches into the air. 

But somehow, incredibly, impossibly, and against all reason, Lucky’s nuts continued to hold, bearing nearly TWICE the young muscle stud's own gargantuan body weight and still pumping out even more of his thick and chunky cum!! Lucky's mighty bull balls refused to drop any further in their horribly stretched scrotum. His ball cords simply could not stretch any more, and therefore had no choice but to either hold the additional weight, or snap. Lucky’s agony was beyond imagining. 

The Emperor furiously shouted for his guards, who began to rush forward in an attempt to save Lucky from his imminent castration. Petr knew he had very little time if he wanted to finish off the newly christened young nobleman. He began to bounce up and down violently on the platform, hoping to wrench Lucky’s nuts off. Again and again and again he bounced his muscular weight up and down, and the micro tears in Lucky's straining scrotum began to widen. Petr could now glimpse the pale gray walls of Lucky's titanic nuts through more than a dozen tiny but widening tears, and the slight was overwhelmingly erotic to him, spurring him to even more frenzied yanking and pulling. But Lucky's balls were simply too powerfully tethered to his crotch, and refused to tear free. 

Realizing he wouldn't be able to pull Lucky's nuts off in time, Petr grasped the impossibly narrow base of Lucky’s swollen, tenderized nuts in one hand, began to pummel the great orbs with his naked fist, hoping to finish the work that he started with the metal pipe. 

So battered and beaten were Lucky’s bull balls that the normally rock solid flesh gave like putty to Petr’s pistoning fist, allowing his huge fist to disappear deep into Lucky’s ball flesh with each devastating punch. Such was the size of Lucky's mammoth bull nuts, however, that Petr could only strike one massive ball at a time, but his punches landed with such a furious speed that it hardly mattered. Lucky's balls bulged and distended grotesquely around each obliterating punch, looking like a pair of overfilled water balloons that were about to burst. It indeed looked like Petr would get his wish, reducing Lucky’s balls to rubble while also tearing them from his supremely muscular body. 

With the guards almost upon him, a desperate Petr knew that he was almost out of time. He swiftly pulled a hidden knife from his leather boot and placed the wickedly sharp blade behind the base of Lucky's huge balls. He prepared to cut the narrow neck of Lucky’s overstretched scrotum, severing the young man’s gigantic gonads and rendering him a eunuch at last, even as he was thundering out his final, mammoth orgasm. 

Petr smiled, for there was no way the guards could reach Lucky in time to save him. 

The last seconds before Lucky’s unmanning seemed to pass in slow motion, and Petr savored these last few moments, knowing that they would be burned into his memory forever. He knew that his own balls, and perhaps even his life, would be forfeit if he completed this deed, for he was now technically attacking a nobleman of the Empire. But he simply HAD to destroy those huge, perfect orbs, those mighty testicles that were so much more massive than even his own lemon-sized nuts. He readied the knife for the single, final cut that would end it all… 

What happened next would live on in the legends of Rome for thousands of years to come. 

Perhaps it was the added weight of Petr’s own massively muscled body tearing down on Lucky’s swollen bull balls. 

Perhaps it was the powerful throbbing and pumping of Lucky’s mighty horse cock as it continued to purge his loins of literally bucket loads of supremely thick cum, desperate to fertilize someone, something, ANYTHING, before his manhood was stolen forever. 

Perhaps, perhaps it was the weight of Lucky’s very own gargantuan load, the deluge of his own sperm, that had filled the large metal platform to overflowing. 

Whatever the reason, whatever it cause, it proved to be just a little bit too much... 


So what will it be? Will Lucky be saved by some sort of last-minute intervention, or will his magnificent bull balls be plucked from his loins at their absolute peak of ripeness...? 

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Lucky's Second Close Call - PART TWO - Jayse Version

I hope you all liked the first installment in the Lucky Saga, because, as promised, I have a sequel to post. The sequel turned out to be so long, however, that I've broken it up into three parts, so there will be a total of FOUR parts to this story arc.

But perhaps best of all, I have written TWO alternate endings to the story for part four, a "happy ending" and a "tragic ending". I'd love to hear from you, the readers, on which of the two endings you'd like to see. Should Lucky be allowed to keep his most spectacular and enormous balls, or should he end the way all of all slaves in Rome, castrated and reduced to something less than a man? Start leaving your votes in the comments section, and I'll post whichever ending receives the most votes!

In the meantime, please enjoy the continued torture of the massive muscle slave, Lucky...


Lucky’s Second Close Call:  A Case of “Just a Little Bit Too Much”
Part 1

Based on an original story concept by Nathan

Lucky learns exactly how much weight his bull balls can hold... 


Following his extraordinary display of hyper masculine virility at the cutting block, the legendary 18-year-old stud slave, Lucky, immediately went up for auction to the highest bidder. The young muscle man’s enormous genitalia, extraordinary virility, and monumental orgasm were going to save him from being castrated that day at the block, much to the anger and frustration of Petr, the royal cutter. Princely sums were being offered for Lucky’s purchase, truly staggering sums of money that were unheard of in the long history of Rome’s slave markets. 

Then in an even more shocking and unprecedented turn of events, the Emperor Antonius himself entered the market square unannounced and placed the winning bid on the young slave stud, offering the astounding price of the young man’s weight in gold. Gasps went up from the crowd at the proclamation of this bid, as it was more than ten times the value of the previous bid, and far and away the most money ever offered for a slave. At 6’4” tall and 285 beefy pounds of pure muscle, Lucky was massive monster of a man, but the Emperor seemed only too glad to pay this price to possess the most handsome and well-hung stud slave in the entire Roman Empire. 

Petr could only watch with a burning, seething anger as the young stud was wrested away from his clutches with his titanic testicles intact, and led away to his new home in the royal palace. Petr vowed that he would someday get his revenge on the young slave, the first ever to escape his clutches. 

And as it turned out, Petr only had to wait exactly one year to have his second crack at Lucky’s gigantic bull balls. 


As the months slowly went by in the hot and dusty City of Rome, Petr frequently heard stories about the handsome young stud slave who had now so famously escaped his chopping block. The tales of Lucky’s stupendous orgasm at the market square had quickly spread across the City and out into the Provinces, and Lucky’s fame, already substantial prior to that event, skyrocketed and became legendary. It seemed that everyone everywhere wanted news of their favorite stud slave. 

The Emperor Antonius had always been famed for his extravagant parties, as well as for his more “unusual” tastes. Thus it was no surprise that the Emperor’s new stud slave was soon featured prominently in his latest entertainments. Guests from these parties told fabulous tales of endless feasts of food of wine, of riches, of women, and of the tortures and pleasures visited upon the mighty stud slave, Lucky. 

The stories varied in their accounts; at times, Lucky was pleasured before the assembled party-goers, at other times he was tortured, tormented, and abused. The tortures were sometimes insidious, such as constant stimulation of the young man’s enormous monster cock without allowing the young man release, and at other times, the tortures were outright brutal. In every case, however, Lucky was eventually brought to magnificent orgasm for the delight of the crowd, usually blowing multiple massive loads out over the gathered throng. The jaded elite of Rome were difficult to impress, but the sheer size, volume, and power of Lucky’s titanic orgasms, along with the young man’s stunning masculine beauty and his unparalleled muscular size, always left the crowd agape with open-mouthed wonder. 

As time went by, the stories of Lucky’s various tortures grew ever more harsh and brutal, and more and more, these tortures seemed to be focused on Lucky’s enormous cock and gargantuan balls. His balls in particular were subjected to every kind of cruel torture that the Emperor could devise. Lucky’s humongous, low-hanging, grapefruit-sized bull nuts were stretched, pulled, beaten, crushed, whipped, heated, frozen, shocked, yanked, squeezed, squished, twisted, pummeled, and bludgeoned in every conceivable fashion. The sheer brutality of any one of these tortures would have destroyed any other man’s manhood a hundred times over, but Lucky endured every torture without permanent harm, and indeed continued to blast out ever greater loads of his mighty man cream, inarguably the most prized and valuable fluid in the entire Roman Empire. 

At the end of each party, after Lucky had amazed the crowd with his awesome strength, unbelievable powers of endurance and stamina, and his super human virility, Antonius would ask his guests if they wished to borrow the hunk of a stud slave for an evening or even an entire weekend. The monetary tribute he would gain from loaning out his prized stud bull were astounding, and he earned ten times the extraordinary price he had paid for Lucky within just the first couple of months. 

Most of these renters borrowed Lucky in order to use him as a stud slave in their own personal stables of breeding slaves, hoping to father several score or more of Lucky’s highly prized children in a single evening of extraordinary sexual prowess. In fact, one tale told of a noble who borrowed Lucky and forced him to mate with four score of his most beautiful harem slave girls in just one four-hour period. Though even Lucky’s super human virility was put to the test, he succeeded in mating with all 80 women, and indeed fathered a strong and healthy child with each. 

Some renters, men and women alike, borrowed Lucky to service their own sexual desires for an evening, and no doubt dozens of bastard children were conceived in this fashion among the noble class in the months that followed. 

Still others borrowed Lucky to satisfy their own private tastes for torture, and some of the tortures Lucky endured at the hands of these wealthy and effete patrons were even more brutal and violent than those inflicted upon him by the Emperor. But the handsome young slave endured even this abuse with bravery and stoicism. 

As the tortures grew more and more intense, the party guests began to take bets on just how much torture Lucky could endure before being ruined forever. They began to look forward to each party and fete to see if this would be the time that Lucky’s much fabled luck ran out, and that his magnificent manhood would be finally and permanently destroyed. But the young muscle stud’s behemoth bull balls seemed well nigh indestructible, and the revelers were both titillated and frustrated at the end of each party to see Lucky’s gargantuan balls still whole and intact. 

It seemed that, more and more, the citizens and elite of Rome began secretly longing for Lucky’s castration, finding themselves increasingly turned on and aroused by the thought of such a spectacularly hung stallion of a man being reduced to a gelding. But no one in the entire Empire longed for Lucky’s nutting more than Petr. 


Nearly a year had passed since Lucky’s 18th birthday and his brush with castration at the gelding block. Petr could still think of nothing else but the feel of Lucky’s enormous and gravid bull balls in his big hands. He remembered the heat that came off of those mighty low-hangers, their incredible weight, and most of all their sheer impossible size. He could feel the young man’s strength and power coursing through those bull nuts, and he longed to have them in his grasp once more. He vowed that if he should ever get his hands on Lucky’s nuts again, he would brutally unman the young slave stud, the only slave to ever escape his chopping block unharmed. 

Petr obsessed about the handsome and massively muscular stud slave night and day, and grew more and more envious and jealous of the attention and notoriety that the young man was gaining. Petr had long grown accustomed to the lust and yearning that he kindled in men and women alike, for both his face and his lean muscular body were beyond fair, and his own massive 12-inch cock and lemon-sized balls had been known as the largest in the city...until the northern slave Lucky arrived in Rome. Now Petr was playing second fiddle to the young upstart - a slave no less! - and the feeling made Petr angry and extremely jealous. 

The handsome young cutter had taken to a brutal routine of daily exercise in order to make his own body larger and more muscular, and to compete with the popularity of the upstart slave. Petr's body took readily to exercise, and in the course a year he was able to add 55 pounds of quality muscle to his wide-shouldered, 6-foot-tall frame, increasing his already impressive weight to 245 pounds. Though he knew he could never attain the extraordinarily thick and dense musculature possessed by Lucky, he was very proud of his achievements, and the looks he got were even more lustful than ever. 

But even his own muscular growth could not quell his desire to have Lucky in his clutches again. He continued his work as a royal cutter as before, and continued to be known as the very best cutter in all of Rome, but in many ways his heart wasn't in it. A particularly handsome or muscular or well-hung slave on the gelding block would distract him for a brief time, but it was never long before his mind once again drifted to thoughts of young Lucky. 


Petr had begun to despair of ever getting a crack at Lucky’s gigantic nuts again, until one day an invitation arrived, an invitation to attend one of the Emperor’s famous parties. The party was to celebrate Lucky’s 19th birthday, and the one year anniversary Antonius’ acquisition of the famous young muscle stud. And Petr was invited not just to attend, but also to be a part of the entertainment and to subject Lucky to his greatest torture yet. 

Petr’s huge cock instantly grew rock hard and he almost shot his load then and there as he read what the torture was to entail, and he knew for certain that this time, Lucky’s balls would be his for the taking! For Antonius intended to suspend Lucky’s own weight in gold from the young man’s mammoth testicles, a torture that no man could possibly endure, no matter how big or how powerful his nuts! 

News of the upcoming party, and the upcoming torture, spread like wildfire through the city. Nobles and rich merchants fought for the chance to be present at the event, as it would no doubt be the spectacle of the year, if not the century, and no one wanted to miss it. Lucky’s momentary reprieve was finally over, and the famously and heroically endowed young muscle man was finally going to lose his legendary balls! 

Petr could hardly contain himself the week leading up to the party, and he came a dozen times a day thinking about the tortures to come. 


Finally, the day of Lucky’s 19th birthday arrived, and Petr donned his finest black leather attire and traveled to the Emperor’s palace. Guests were arriving in droves, and a small city was forming outside the villa’s walls. Antonius, a handsome man in his early 40’s, greeted Petr personally at the entrance to his palatial estate, and led him to the dungeon to see the stud slave in person as he was being oiled and prepared for the evening’s entertainment. 

Petr had not seen Lucky in almost a year, and he was eager beyond words to lay his eyes once more upon that personification of masculine perfection. But Petr was not prepared for the spectacular sight that greeted him in the depths of Antonius' dungeon. 

The young man was firmly secured between two sturdy marble columns, his wrists and ankles manacled by heavy iron chains, leaving his body naked and spread-eagled in all its unbelievable glory. Petr was astonished to see that Lucky had grown impossibly more handsome and muscular in the year since he had last seen the studly slave. Lucky had grown another inch in height, standing now at an impressive and imposing 6’5” tall and making him one of the tallest men in all of Rome. But that was not what stunned Petr. The handsome young cutter was literally agape at the sheer monumentally muscular SIZE of the young brute, for Lucky's physique had grown and swollen to dimensions never before dream of by man. 

Antonius smiled knowingly when he saw the bewildered and lustful expression on the stunned cutter's face, and he told Petr that young Lucky had gained an extraordinary 115 pounds of muscle mass in the past year, and now topped the scales at a whopping 395 monstrous pounds of beefy perfection. The pleased Emperor went on to explain that, in addition to Lucky’s other duties as a stud slave and occasional party favor, he had been subjected to heavy, brutal, and constant exercise over the past year, and his body had responded in remarkable and extraordinary ways, gaining just over two pounds of incredibly dense muscle a week over the course of the year. 

Antonius revealed to Petr that it had been his design from the moment he purchased Lucky to not only force the handsome and extraordinarily gifted young slave to grow into the largest and most muscular man the world had ever seen, but also to use that very weight against the young stud in the most diabolical and insidious way imaginable. For the cunning Emperor, as Petr now learned, had been planning tonight's entertainment for a full year, purposely making Lucky as massive and muscular and heavy as possible so that the weight that would be suspended from his monstrous nuts would be as large and heavy as possible, all the more to increase the spectacle of the event. 

But even Antonius hadn’t expected Lucky to pack on over 100 more pounds of raw muscle to a frame that was already near to bursting with beef! 

Surely just 115 pounds on its own should be enough to ruin Lucky's - or anyone else's - plumbing forever, thought Petr with unbridled lust. But 395 pounds of solid gold would be enough to castrate a full team of bull elephants! He knew that Lucky's mighty, massive, and meaty balls wouldn't stand a chance...

Petr’s eyes locked with the slave’s beautiful blue orbs, those eyes that had haunted Petr’s dreams for more than a year, and Petr could see understanding and fear in the eyes of the handsome young slave staring back at him. Oh yes, Lucky remembered the royal cutter from a year ago, and he knew what his presence must mean now. Petr smiled at the knowledge that Lucky, too, knew what fate was awaiting him. 

Petr continued drinking in the unbridled mass and beauty of the splayed super hunk, his eyes traveling down the length of Lucky’s extraordinary and awesomely muscular body, taking in the young man’s masculine perfection while Antonius’ scribe read off a list of Lucky’s latest measurements. 

  • Neck:  23 ½ inches of corded muscle, a neck that would make a bull jealous. 
  • Shoulders:  42 inches - three and a half FEET - wide, with deltoids larger than bowling balls. 
  • Chest:  76 inches in circumference, with pecs just over 8 inches thick. 
  • Upper Arms:  27 ½ inches around when measured cold, definitely the most gargantuan guns in the world, and very nearly equaling Petr's waist circumference of 28 inches! 
  • Waist:  34 inches, which was 4 inches thicker than his previous measurement, but the additional circumference came from the added thickness to the muscles in his lower back; his waist still appeared every bit as narrow as before when viewed from the front, making his already awesomely tapering “V” even more spectacular. In fact, his chest dimensions were now more than double that of his waist, which made Lucky's physique even more extraordinary. 
  • Thighs:  45 inches of pure beef, mighty columns of muscle and sinew that were required to hold up such a massive upper body. 
  • Calves:  29 ½ inches of rock-hard muscle, bigger than Petr’s own waist! 

Lucky’s statistics were awesome, super human, and had never before been achieved by mortal man! 

But what truly captured Petr’s attention was the incredibly thick, incredibly long, incredibly meaty beef throbbing powerfully between Lucky’s widespread, muscular thighs. Lucky’s cock was at full mast, and it too had grown impossibly larger in the 12 months since he had last had the pleasure of grasping and stroking that monster dick. The young slave's already legendary cock had swollen with additional girth and added at least 2 more inches in length, and now stretched the measuring tape to a totally unheard of 18 ½ awesome, mouth watering inches. Lucky's gargantuan cock thrust proudly and majestically from his muscular crotch, looking even more thick and juicy and perfect than Petr had remembered, it’s awesome length more than matched by its impossible girth. It was now surely not only the largest cock in the Empire, but the largest cock in the history of the Empire! 

Petr noticed that a thick leather strap was bound tightly around the incredibly thick root of the huge cock, brutally choking the mighty truncheon and causing the massive shaft and fist-sized head to balloon even larger with engorged blood. Antonius explained that Lucky had been prevented from cumming for 10 full days, and that the leather strap was intended to help keep Lucky from spontaneously ejaculating. 

Antonius had learned that Lucky’s virility was so awesome and overwhelming that, if the young sex god was kept from cumming for more than six hours or so, he would spontaneously cum without anything touching his huge cock, spraying out buckets of his pent up male juices. No doubt the young man's awesome virility had only been further enhanced and strengthened by the additional year of constant and demanding stud duties, forcing his behemoth balls to produce their potent cream at ever faster rates than before. 

But even with the leather strap strangling the base of Lucky’s cock, Petr noticed a large drop of pearly precum oozing from the tip of the massive schlong, and a substantial and steadily pool of the seminal fluid forming beneath the drooling dork. The Emperor noticed Petr's attention as well, and he assured the young cutter that, despite the enormous quantity of fluid dripping onto the stone floor of the dungeon, the young slave was manufacturing sperm at such an astounding rate that the fluid pouring onto the floor was a tiny and negligible portion of what was building up in the youth’s gargantuan balls. 

Having intentionally saved the very best for last, Petr’s eyes then traveled down the length of Lucky’s mighty cock shaft and focused on the two enormous lumps of man flesh hanging heavily beneath that monster horse cock. And what he saw made him actually gasp out loud. 

Petr’s handsome brown eyes almost bulged out of his head when he saw the sheer size of Lucky’s titanic testicles, for they too had grown even larger since he had last seen them. Each massive bull nut was now far beyond a grapefruit in size and was now larger than the largest of coconuts. Petr actually had difficulty thinking of objects that were comparable in size to the young slave’s gargantuan balls, and the best comparison he could make was with the large, rounded gourds that he had seen growing in the fields south of the city. 

Lucky’s balls were now so huge that Petr wondered if he could even fully grab one of those nuts in his hand – it was clearly impossible to try to hold both massive nuts in one hand, as even one titanic testicle would fill his palm to overflowing. 

Lucky’s behemoth balls looked positively bloated with spunk, bulging like a pair of obscene, overripe melons in their huge and awesomely low-hanging sack. Petr’s eyes bulged even bigger when he saw just how low those legendary bull nuts were now hanging. Just one year ago, Lucky’s balls had a natural dangle of 4 inches, one of the longest and sexiest dangles Petr had ever seen. But now Lucky’s scrotum was stretched to an unbelievable 6 inches, making the young slave’s balls hang more than halfway to his fucking knees! It was the longest natural dangle Petr had ever seen, and the sight was overwhelmingly erotic and masculine. Lucky’s gargantuan balls looked incredibly inviting and vulnerable, like two enormous ripe fruit begging to be plucked, and Petr longed to nut him then and there, to destroy those twin paragons of masculinity. 

Petr was nearly overwhelmed with desire for the shackled and helpless young stud slave. The massively muscular and obscenely endowed beauty looked like a god descended to earth, a true Hercules and Adonis combined. The young cutter marveled at whatever spectacular accident of nature brought this handsome muscle god into being, and he thanked the gods above for allowing him a second crack at the young man’s awesome testicles. 

It took several moments for Petr to find his voice, and when he did he asked Antonius how it was possible that Lucky’s already gigantic balls could have grown even larger to reach such super human proportions. They had already been the largest balls in all the Empire just one short year ago, and now they must be the largest balls in the history of the human race. 

Antonius smiled at Petr’s incredulity, and explained that the young slave stud was still reaching full maturity last year, and his balls had continued to grow and swell on their own in the time since. The Emperor now believed that the gigantic orbs had finally reached their full size, but admitted that it was possible that the achingly beautiful young man could still have some growing left to do. 

In addition, Antonius explained that the young man’s constant milking over the past year, with occasional and planned bouts of abstinence, had succeeded in increasing the young man’s sperm production to even greater proportions, which also caused his balls to grow larger still. 

Finally, Antonius stated that all of the ball abuse and torture during the past year had toughened Lucky’s balls to the extreme, making the hard outer wall of his mammoth balls even thicker and stronger than before. Such toughening was a necessity, as without it, even Lucky’s bull balls could have been shattered and destroyed in any number of tortures that were visited upon them in the last year. 

And as far as the increased stretch in Lucky’s dangle was concerned, the answer was simple – Antonius had been using various ball stretching techniques over the past year to add to Lucky’s already incredible ball dangle, all in preparation for tonight’s entertainment. Antonius also stated that the thick cords connecting Lucky’s bull balls to his body were incredibly strong, and that he was excited to see just how much weight his mighty balls could carry. With balls of iron and cords of steel, the Emperor idly wondered if the young muscle stud might just be able to survive the evening’s tortures. 

Secretly, Petr thought to himself that he would make sure the gorgeous young muscle slave lost his gargantuan nuts this night…  

Petr slowly approached the chained muscle slave, a sneer plastered across his handsome face, and he reveled in the fear that was clearly evident on the young man’s perfect features. Lucky’s cock throbbed powerfully between them, and Petr noted with amazement that the massive schlong was so long that the swollen, purplish cock head was tapping the mighty chasm between Lucky’s enormous hanging pecs. The 8-inch trench between those mighty twin mounds of pectoral meat was so fantastically deep that even Lucky’s own impossibly huge dick head could get swallowed between those awesome pecs to disappear in that spectacular cleavage of muscle. 

Petr reached out a slightly trembling hand and gently cupped Lucky’s gargantuan right nut, and a jolt of electricity flowed through his body. He had dreamed for a year about touching these massive nuts again, and now they were finally – literally – in his grasp. He reached out and cupped the other titanic nut as well, and once again marveled at their awesome size and incredible weight, which had both grown ten-fold since he last saw Lucky. Petr then made a noose around Lucky’s swollen balls and pulled down sharply, painfully yanking the huge nuts to the bottom of their sac. The sudden pleasure/pain caused Lucky to gasp and the flow of precum from his mighty cock to increase. 

Petr looked directly into Lucky’s terrified blue eyes and told him that that was but the slightest taste of the pain he would experience tonight. This time, Petr assured Lucky, there would be no escape. With that, Petr released Lucky’s grateful balls, and left the room, leaving to prepare for the night’s entertainments…


As dusk approached, the scores and scores of guests were ushered into the palace’s great dining hall, where lavish tables heaped with the finest food and drink filled the room. Guests sat on satin pillows while their slaves and attendants fed them from the abundance of dishes laid out before them, and laughed and gossiped and speculated about the night’s events. 

Prominently at the end of the room, clearly visible to all the guests, was a large raised dais. Two columns flanked the dais, each set with several sets of manacles. There was an approximately 4-foot-wide channel cut into the front dais, cleaving it in half with a pillar placed on either side. The channel extended all the way down to the floor, providing an approximately 6-foot drop between the top of the dais and the floor. The purpose of this opening between the pillars wasn’t immediately evident, but it was clear that this was where the young muscle slave was to be stationed for the night’s entertainment. 

As the sun began to set, the Emperor appeared, resplendent in his finest silks and jewels, and welcomed his guests to the night’s fete, promising them a show they would never forget. 

Petr, the Royal Cutter, appeared from the far hall, and made his way across the room. The handsome, muscular man exuded confidence and raw masculinity as he all but swaggered across the dining chamber, his contempt for the guests clearly written across his beautiful face. He wore black leather pants that seemed to be painted onto his muscular legs and ass, showing them off to great effect, and also highlighting the massive mound of his prodigious endowment. He also wore tall black leather boots to mid-calf, and a black leather harness across his chest that seemed to strain across his wide shoulders and bulky chest, and only served to highlight the narrowness of his tight, muscular waist and hips. His torso and arms were otherwise bare, revealing an impressive musculature that awed the audience. This was clearly a man of pure, masculine power, and no one could stand in his way. 

Petr approached the dais, mounting the steps to the top before turning to face the audience. He crossed his big arms and glared out at the crowd, looking every bit the part of the royal executioner. Hardly a guest was not powerfully aroused by his entrance. Petr, too, appeared to already be aroused, for the gigantic bulge at the front of his pants visibly throbbed and strained to be released, and his leather pants seemed barely capable of containing their massive contents. 

Shortly, another door opened at the other end of the hall, and Lucky the stud slave was ushered into the room. The powerful young muscle man was led into the room in chains by four enormously muscled warriors, but such was Lucky’s own muscular massiveness that he put even these other men to shame. Lucky was stark naked except for the manacles at wrist and ankle and the thick leather strap that was still tightly bound around the base of his gargantuan 18 ½ inch monster erection, which throbbed mightily with the young man’s heartbeat. His spectacular body positively glowed in the flickering light of torches and candles, for Lucky had been coated in rich, scented oils that made his entire body gleam. 

The guests gasped as one as they took in Lucky’s extraordinary beauty and maleness, even those who had seen Lucky a dozen times before. There was simply no way to prepare for the young man’s sheer perfection. Hundreds of eyes tried to take in all of the young stud’s beauty at once – his chiseled, masculine face, his soulful blue eyes, his titanically muscled yet perfectly proportioned physique, his gigantic straining horse cock, and his colossal and extraordinarily low-hanging gonads. While seeing Petr had aroused the audience, Lucky’s mere entrance into the room brought the entire room to the edge of climax, and one or two guests actually did achieve orgasm at the mere sight of the young blond muscle hunk. 

A frightened and defeated-looking Lucky was slowly led across the room and up the dais to stand between the twin pillars. The young slave’s eyes darted around the room like those of a frightened rabbit, and when they rested on Petr’s cruel visage, they locked onto the cutter like he was the only man in the room. His cock gave a mighty lurch at that same moment, creating a beefy and resounding SMACK! as it struck the solid, corrugated wall of his muscular belly and the deep valley between his gigantic pecs. The cutter just smirked in response, arrogantly pleased that his mere presence could cause the beautiful muscle slave combined such terror and arousal. 

The four massive guards secured the young man to the manacles attached to the columns, clamping them around the slave’s wrists and ankles and leaving the handsome youth’s awesomely muscular body spread eagled and completely vulnerable, ready for whatever tortures were to be visited upon him. The young man was shackled over the opening cut into the dais, with one foot firmly planted on either side of the channel, so that his magnificently muscular body was suspended over a 6-foot drop to the marbled floor of the great hall. 

The manacles and chains appeared to be ridiculously thick and heavy, but Antonius knew that such extreme precautions were necessary; more than once, Lucky had managed to break one or more heavy chains while in the throes of agony, chains that no mortal man should have been able to break, so the wise Emperor had had these chains and manacles specially made of an adamantine alloy and cold-forged for added strength. Antonius knew that even Lucky’s super human power and strength could not hope to break such massive chains. 

Once Lucky was secured, the Emperor greeted his guests, welcoming them to his home, and gave the signal for the entertainment to begin. 

Petr then stepped forward and began to prepare the slave, taking his time and making sure that he put on a show for the assembled guests, the most important and powerful scions of Rome. A thick but narrow shackle, about two inches long and nearly as thick, was secured around the base of Lucky’s mighty bull balls, trapping them at the bottom of their scrotum. The narrow tube formed by the shackle squeezed the neck of Lucky’s thick scrotum, but not enough to cut off circulation; the shackle was there merely to prevent the young man’s herculean balls from climbing back up to the young man’s muscular crotch. A large ring was then attached to the back of this shackle, and Petr attached the end of a thick metal cable to this ring. The steel cable was nearly a half of an inch thick and about a foot long. 

The four massive guards reappeared, and between them carried a large platform made of solid gold that was about three feet square in size, with a 4-inch lip running along its perimeter. The guards brought the platform to the opening in the dais and raised it up toward the prisoner’s body. Petr reached down into the platform and lifted up another large ring, this one attached to four sets of chains that were anchored to the four corners of the platform. Petr lifted the platform higher and attached the other end of the steel cable to the large ring. With all of these elements linked together – ball shackle, steel cable, ring, and metal platform – Lucky’s humongous balls were securely linked to the platform, and the contest between man and metal could begin. 

With this first part of his task finished, Petr unceremoniously dropped the 60-pound platform, letting the heavy metal platform fall and tug sharply at Lucky’s huge, bound balls. Lucky grunted as the metal platform jerked on his massive, mighty bull balls, pulling them, stretching out his big scrotum with the heavy weight. His great nuts were extremely powerful, however, just as Antonius claimed, and they arrested the platform’s descent at a stretch of just over 6 inches from his crotch. The platform then hung from his huge nuts, swaying gently beneath and between his massively muscular, widespread legs. 

Lucky’s beautiful blue eyes were filled with horror at the torture about to be visited upon him, yet his massive cock throbbed harder still, and thick precum oozed once more from its tip. The young man was clearly yet unaccountably turned on by the prospect of his own unmanning, which only intrigued and aroused the large audience even more. 

Antonius once again addressed his titillated audience and explained the night’s intended tortures. He regaled the crowd with the now famous story of how he purchased young Lucky a year ago, saving him from the cutter’s gelding block. He paid an incredible sum for the young stud slave – the young man’s weight in gold – and he still considered it the wisest purchase of his life. 

But Lucky was no mere stud slave, as Antonius explained to an already rapt and appreciative audience. The Emperor expressed how Lucky has been more than worth the price, both in terms of monetary gain and from the sheer pleasure of ownership. A number of guests chuckled at that particular comment, as many of them had also partaken of Lucky’s innumerable charms over the past year. 

Antonius finally stated that he had made a solemn promise at the time of the purchase never to cut this extraordinary stud slave. True to his word, the Emperor had never taken a knife to castrate the young man, nor would he ever. However, the Emperor said with a devious grin on his handsome face, he never promised that he might not someday separate the extraordinary young stud from his legendary balls!  

At his signal, Antonius’ servants wheeled several carts into the room and began bringing their contents up to the dais. The guests gasped in excited awe when they saw that the carts were laden with large bricks of pure gold. Antonius then explained that, as a celebration of Lucky’s 19th birthday and the anniversary of his purchase, he wanted to see if the young man was still worth his weight in gold. The Emperor explained that Petr, the Royal Cutter, would have the honor of loading the gold bricks onto the metal platform already suspended from Lucky’s enormous balls. Antonius stated that there were 400 pounds of gold waiting to hang from the young slave’s huge nuts, 5 pounds more than Lucky’s own incredible, massively muscular weight. If Lucky could indeed endure more than his own weight being suspended from his balls, then he was indeed worth his weight in gold. 

If, however, his mighty balls should be torn from his body, then Lucky’s unprecedented run as a stud slave would finally and dramatically and irrevocably be over. 

Bets began to be wagered furiously among the assembled guests. And though many present had seen Lucky endure and survive brutal tortures that would kill another man a dozen times over, none present believed that there was any chance that even Lucky’s ultra-powerful bull nuts could endure carrying 400 pounds of dead weight. Still, the betting was fast and furious as Petr prepared to add the first gold brick to the platform. 

Smiling with evil malice, Petr grabbed an armful of large gold bricks, each weighing 20 pounds, and began to line them up on the platform. Wasting no time, Petr rapidly put five bricks on the platform, adding 100 pounds to the weight already pulling at Lucky’s huge nuts. Lucky grunted in great pain, his deep voice resonating off the marble walls of the huge hall, but his balls held, stretching even further from his body. 

Petr had heard stories told of men holding 70 or even 80 pounds from their nuts before they were torn from their body, and Lucky was already enduring TWICE that amount when he factored in the weight of the metal platform! Simply amazing! Lucky was shattering yet another endurance and strength record!! Of course, he was so far carrying only about one-third of the weight that would soon be suspended from his great balls, so Petr had no illusions that Lucky might actually survive this torture. 

Lucky looked down at this stretched-out scrotum, seeing the platform already laden with bricks and feeling the intense pull on his huge, cum-filled balls. His scrotum had stretched to 8 inches, making his cum-bloated balls bulge even more enormously in their sac. His huge cock throbbed harder still, and began to continuously belch out thick ropes of milky precum, tremendously aroused by the great pain throbbing through his bull nuts. Lucky groaned with the ache in his balls, knowing that his balls were not designed to hold such weight, but knowing that he had no choice but to endure. 

Petr smirked as he dropped two more heavy bricks onto the platform, and then two more in quick succession, causing Lucky to cry out in pain and bringing the total weight up to 240 pounds. The audience gasped as they watched the young man’s gargantuan bull balls distend, sagging lower and lower still, hanging lower than they have ever seen a man or beast’s balls hang before. The great orbs stretched past 9 inches. Lucky cried out in agony, and realized with despair that the wicked cutter has only added about half of the gold bricks – he still has another 160 pounds to go!

After another brick, Petr brought the weight on Lucky’s balls to 260 pounds, and succeeded in stretching the mighty gonads to a full 10 inches from his sweating, muscular crotch. Lucky’s intensely beautiful face was by now a mask of agony, and he looked down at the platform with its huge load of gold bricks with disbelief. Petr smiled slightly as he watched Lucky’s humongous cock grow harder still, throbbing even more powerfully than before. Perhaps his cock grew harder as a desperate measure to hold his massive balls up, or perhaps as a final effort to try to fuck something before his balls were destroyed. Regardless, the sight was intensely erotic, and more than one guest shot their cookies just looking at that rampant and angry cock. 

Petr grabbed another brick and dropped it on the platform. As it hit the platform and jerked on his screaming balls, Lucky bellowed again in agony. His huge balls stretched down even more, farther than any man’s balls had ever been stretched before. Lucky’s young balls hung lower than a bull’s balls hang, lower than any balls on any animal could ever hang. His massive sac stretched almost past his knees, and he was groaning continuously now, the weight pulling on his balls a constant agony, making the huge orbs bulge with an intensity that cannot be described. His enormous cock seemed to grow harder still, jutting up and out like an obscene rod, the entire shaft glistening with the copious amounts of precum flowing from its tip. 

Petr noticed that Lucky’s massive thigh muscles were straining, trying to pull his outstretched legs together to somehow stop the misery his huge balls had become. His titanic testicles had turned an angry red color, the mighty orbs somehow still holding the platform and the heavy contents upon it. The cutter was deeply impressed at Lucky’s staying power, but knew that even this stud bull couldn't hold out much longer. 

Another brick was tossed onto the platform with similar effect, causing the young slave to bellow in agony and his balls to stretch even further still. The audience could not believe the awesome sight before them, the youth’s gigantic nut sac stretched to nearly a foot in length, his mammoth balls turning an ugly color, stretched so obscenely that they do not even look human anymore. Yet somehow, they continued to support the 300 pounds of gold bricks and platform! 

Lucky “only” had 100 more pounds to go!! Was it possible that the young man could survive the remaining weight!?!

Petr was utterly amazed at the strength and endurance of the young man’s bull nuts, but honestly expected no less from the handsome and supremely strong muscle slave. But from years of practice nutting slaves, Petr could tell that even Lucky’s great strength and stamina were beginning to fade, and that it wouldn’t be long before those gargantuan bull balls belonged to Petr. 

The royal cutter dropped another two bricks on the platform, increasing the weight to 340 pounds of solid gold, and Lucky’s recoil was awesome; his entire body arched in agony and muscular perfection, every muscle straining against his thick metal bonds as his giant balls were stretched ever farther from his crotch, now to just over 11 inches. Truly enormous amounts of precum were pouring from his throbbing cock like a leaking faucet, and the hot sticky fluid had gone from nearly clear to creamy white. To one who did not know Lucky, one would think that the young man was having the largest orgasm of his life, so thick and copious was the fluid pouring from his massive horse cock. But Petr and the audience knew different; the flow from Lucky’s cock was but a drop in the vast well of his awesome virility. 

The hanging metal platform was now filled with three layers of gold bricks, and Petr realized that he now needed to start a fourth layer of bricks. He dropped two more bricks on the platform in quick succession, making sure to drop them from a height of several feet so that the impact of their fall would further tear at Lucky’s gigantic gonads. Yet again, the young muscle god’s bellows of agony reverberate throughout the massive hall, and several more of the patrons hit their mark at that moment, moved to orgasm by the unreal agony being suffered by the beautiful young man. And yet again, the young man’s tortured and brutally overstretched balls somehow, miraculously, continued to endure!! Unbelievable!!! 

The indescribably intense strain on the young man’s freakishly powerful balls was obvious. Lucky’s thick and voluminous scrotum had been pulled so far and stretched so tightly that the impossibly narrow neck of his sac was less than ½ of an inch thick. The thick and incredibly strong ball cords could be clearly seen through the gossamer thin skin of the horribly abused scrotum, the cables of his gonads stretched tighter than bowstrings and almost visibly quivering with the effort to hold up such a tremendous weight. The mammoth balls themselves had turned such a dark red from the strain that they were almost purple, and were clearly throbbing with undeniable agony. The scrotal skin was now stretched so tight around those almighty lumps of precious man meat that every bump and vein and curve of those twin colossal testicles could be clearly seen through the taut skin. The massive balls looked fit to burst forth from their brutally distended sac, and might just do so at any moment. 

Petr smiled openly now as he grabbed the final golden brick. He locked gazes with Lucky’s terrified and pain-wracked eyes and reminded the young man that he had vowed to claim his huge beef balls some day, and he was about to make good on his promise. 

With that, Petr dropped the final brick. 

Lucky bellowed in animal agony as the platform was stretched farther still, and for a moment it seemed that his titanic testicles would indeed be torn from his muscular crotch. Something inside of his sac seemed to let go, and his balls quickly stretched lower, apparently unable to hold up the platform any longer as it descended slowly downward. Petr watched in hungry anticipation, his eyes locked on Lucky’s massive, mighty, straining man eggs, waiting for them to rip free from the young slave’s glorious body. 

Finally, however, the stretching stopped. Lucky’s mighty ball cords somehow found a hidden reserve of strength and arrested the platform’s descent, once again supporting the entire massive collection of solid gold bricks on their steel platform by his mighty balls alone. Lucky’s brutally elongated scrotum was now stretched to a full 12 mind-blowing inches -- a full fucking FOOT! -- his balls bulging grotesquely at the bottom of the ridiculously thin neck of his overstretched nutsac. The mighty balls were stretched to within a hair of their destruction and refused to stretch even a millimeter farther, yet somehow they continued to endure. 

Petr could not believe the awesome sight – 400 pounds of pure gold were suspended from the biggest set of nuts on the planet, stretching the gigantic testicles down past the young muscle god’s knees! The other audience members seemed equally aghast and awed by Lucky’s display of hyper masculine strength and resiliency, and the muffled groans of more than one spectator could be heard as he or she tried to stifle the sounds of their own spontaneous orgasm. 

The Emperor Antonius was the only member of the assembled throng that didn’t seem surprised by Lucky’s strength and awesome powers of endurance. Petr suddenly wondered if the wily Emperor had been training his massive stud slave for just this sort of performance, stretching his huge balls with greater and greater weights over the past year until the young man was able to endure a weight even greater than that of his own massive body suspended from his gargantuan gonads. Petr grinned in acknowledgement of the Emperor’s great deviousness and foresight, and was glad of it as well, for he suddenly found that he did not yet want the evening to end. No, Petr wanted a chance to inflict even greater harm and punishment on this giant of a man and his equally mammoth genitals.