Saturday, February 19, 2022

Officer Ricky - Jayse Version

Today's tale is a rewrite of a story by Danny Persaka, that was posted last year on Sack Stomper's blog. Danny clearly loves the idea of ending a stud's ability to father children, and this story is no exception. Get prepared for a police officer's very rough ride in "Officer Ricky"...


Officer Ricky

Based on an original story by Danny Persaka


Officer Ricky was naked save for his bulging tighty whities, his enormously burly body suspended spread eagled in the dim confines of the old barn. The handsome 23-year-old police officer only had a vague recollection of how he’d gotten here. He remembered getting a call to assist in the arrest of some low level drug criminals, but when he arrived on the scene, the big, muscular cop had been ambushed, overpowered, and knocked unconscious. He’d awakened inside this remote criminal den, stripped of his uniform and trussed up like some huge side of beef, shivering and afraid. In the hours since, the nearly dozen thugs had taken turns punishing and torturing his magnificent body, punching and whipping and beating and kicking him. But apparently Officer Ricky was as unbelievably tough as he was devastatingly handsome, for though his gorgeous body was covered in sweat and starting to erupt with scrapes and vibrant bruises, the stoic young man only gritted his teeth and growled under even the most violent of abuse. His captors clearly wanted to hear him scream and beg for mercy, but the beefy police officer refused to give them the satisfaction. 

All that the dashing young officer could think about right now was his beautiful girlfriend, who he was set to marry at the end of the week. They had been dating all through college, and now that they’d graduated and he’d become a rookie cop, they had made plans to get married. He loved his girlfriend with all of his heart, and he hoped that the wicked thugs would get their thrill of sadistic pleasure before taking things too far. Another officer had been captured by the drug gang a couple of weeks ago, but had been mercifully dumped in front of the police station a few hours later, bruised, beaten, and bleeding, but otherwise okay. Ricky had been hoping that would be his fate as well, until one of the thugs began rifling through his uniform pants and discovered the fertility enhancement pills that he’d kept stuffed in one of his pockets. 

Ricky and his bride-to-be were planning on starting a family immediately after getting married. As in on their wedding night. Amazingly, both members of the gorgeous young couple were still virgins, and they planned on their wedding night being their very first time having sex together. Ricky had no reason to think that he might actually need fertility enhancements — in fact, he suspected that the opposite was likely true — but he wanted to make sure that he got his lady love pregnant on their very first night together. That was why he’d started taking the fertility pills a few weeks ago, and had been abstaining from any form of self gratification as well. His big balls had grown full and heavy and ached with need, but in his mind, that was a small price to pay in order to start a family. 

But now his secret had been discovered. The thug digging through his belongings gave a loud hoot of laughter when he found the pills, and then held the package of pills aloft and shouted, “Hey, lover boy here is apparently trying to have kids!” 

“Is that right?” another man mocked. 

“Well, we’ll see about that!” a third criminal snarled as the thugs circled around Ricky’s bound body, their eyes now locked on the humongous bulge in his briefs. The size of the officer’s crotch mound was almost comically huge, looking oversized even on his tall and enormously built frame. The thick tube of his extra large cock was clearly outlined by the thin material of the briefs, and it arched majestically over a truly massive set of nuts, which strained the cotton fabric of his underwear almost to the breaking point. 

One of the biggest thugs stepped forward, a large man built nearly as big as Ricky himself. The man’s dirty white tank top revealed a pair of big, muscular shoulders and some fearsome looking guns, which he flexed and showed off for his frightened captor’s benefit. He then took a fighter’s stance, closed his big right hand into a hard fist, and then set that first careening upward into Officer Ricky’s tightly packaged bollocks. The impact was devastating, as the thug threw his considerable weight behind the mighty punch, plunging his knuckles deep into the cop’s huge nuts. 

And for the first time, Officer Ricky bellowed in pain. 


“HA!” taunted the big assailant. “We’ve found your weakness now, you oversized stack of muscles!” 

The villain then grabbed the obscene outline of Ricky’s junk so that the young man’s big dick and two enormous testicles bulged even more, perfectly outlined under the thin fabric. 

“What the FUCK, man! You have balls this fucking big, and you’re still taking fertility supplements!?! You must really be desperate to have kids!” the big thug laughed, giving Ricky’s huge nuts a rough squeeze.

“Geezus, yeah — kids with every bitch in town!” another thug joked, awestruck at the staggering size of Ricky’s gigantic sperm factories. 

Several sets of dirty hands lunged forward, gripping the waistband of Ricky’s undershorts and tearing them apart. In a shower of shredded fabric, the young man was rendered completely naked, allowing his huge uncut cock to flop forward and his enormous, heavy, sperm-bloated nuts to hang free between his powerfully muscled legs. 

One of the thugs stepped forward, and Ricky recognized him as a two-bit street thug named Pedro. The young thug was barely older than Ricky himself, and was a well built young man, even handsome in a swarthy, cocky, arrogant sort of way. It was clear that Pedro was the leader of this particular gang of thugs. That was why it was even more surprising that the young man stepped forward and grasped Ricky’s fat, heavy cock and began stroking the cop’s huge trouser beast. Ricky’s dick had always had a mind of its own, and especially now with his big bull nuts so full of cum, it didn’t take long at all for the surprisingly gentle Pedro to coax the officer’s huge horse cock into steely hardness. 

Soon, over a foot of rock hard stud cock was protruding proudly from Officer Ricky’s hairy groin, a truly massive hog of prodigious proportions. The enormous shaft was incredibly thick, and so gnarled with veins that it looked angry. The cock was so painfully hard that the thick hood of foreskin was completely retracted, revealing the huge mushroom-shaped head, which was so swollen and purple that it looked like the young rookie cop was about to shoot his load all over Pedro. The handsome young officer blushed red with shame and embarrassment at his traitorous cock, terrified and enraged at the same time, while his humongous cock throbbed and pulsed, causing his super heavy baby makers to bounce slightly with his heart beat. 

With Ricky’s huge cock hard and out of the way, Pedro could focus on his real goal — the giant testicles hanging low and gravid between the young cop’s enormously muscular legs. 

Pedro reached up with both hands to gently grip the massive nutsac, stroking the enormous ovals with his thumbs as he hefted their extraordinary size and weight. He then began to address the bound muscle cop. “This is where all of your future unborn children live, Ricky. And now I’ve got them literally in the palms of my hands,” he said menacingly, even as his gentle hands continued to caress and fondle the humongous gonads. “You must be really eager to be a father, and I can only imagine how many of the little tykes you’ve got swimming around inside of these big baby makers. I know very well the feelings of a future father for his unborn children — I’ve already got five kids of my own with three different baby mommas.” 

“But I’m about to crush your hopes of ever having children.” 

So saying, Pedro’s big hands suddenly clenched closed as hard as he could, squeezing down on the humongous testicles he’d got gripped in each hand. Ricky bellowed again in pain, his massive gonads deforming slightly in the thug’s powerful grip. The huge muscle man thrashed against his restraints, his magnificent muscles flexing and bulging to even greater dimension, but he was helpless against the assault on his huge nuts. 

“Aww! Your poor children! Ricky Junior must be in some serious pain right about now!” Pedro taunted as he continued to crush and squeeze the cop’s trapped nuts. He could feel his fingers digging into the astonishingly dense tissues, but only part way, the officer’s unusually tough and solid nuts prevented further progress. 

“Please, don’t!” Ricky choked out between howls of pain. “I’m getting married next week, and my new wife and I want to have kids!” Ricky was growing increasingly alarmed as the pressure of Pedro’s squeezing increased, his huge nuts warping even more in the thug’s vise-like grip, but his pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. 

“Calm down, handsome,” Pedro responded, easing up on his deadly grip. “I’ll bet all you can think about right now are all of your future descendants who are now at my mercy.” 


Pedro rolled the two huge man eggs in various directions, marveling at their extraordinary size and heft. The big huevos were looking a bit red and angry from all of the squeezing abuse, but were otherwise thus far unharmed. He noticed that the thick epididymis tissue running along the backside of each of the cop’s massive balls was full and swollen. A cruel smile played along Pedro’s lips as he realized that young Officer Ricky had been holding back an ejaculation for quite a while, all for the sake of quality sperm, and now he was going to ruin that heavy load. With a snarling laugh, Pedro began to dig his thumbs dug into Ricky’s fat plums as hard as he could. 

“AAAAAARRGHH!!” the muscular young cop screamed as he felt the thug’s strong thumbs begin to core their way into the heart of his trapped balls. 

Pedro kept on mauling and mangling Ricky’s huge bollocks for a very long time, changing his grip every so often to make sure that he tortured every cubic millimeter of the police officer’s dense ball flesh. Sometimes he dug in his fingers, sometimes his thumbs, while other times he would compress the bulky balls between his palms, pressing them flatter and flatter. Pedro’s sadistic smile seemed to grow bigger and wider with inverse proportion to Ricky’s steadily declining sperm count. He would relax his deadly grip only long enough to press harder still from another direction, over and over and over again. 

Ricky was wailing in pain, howling, screaming, bellowing in agony, blubbering and begging for mercy, which only seemed to make Pedro more determined to pop the cop’s big balls in his powerful hands. The other watching thugs roared with laugher and shouted encouragements to their cruel leader, taunting and chanting and hollering for the big stud’s castration. Ricky struggled mightily against his restraints, and his rock hard body was soon so drenched in sweat that he looked like he’d been bathed in oil. Even the most rabidly heterosexual members of the drug gang had to admit that the handsome young police officer was smoking hot. 

And amazingly, through it all, Ricky’s foot-long horse cock didn’t flag in the slightest! In fact, his powerfully throbbing meat pole seemed to get harder still, and had long since begun leaking thick, clear nut honey, the slippery secretions running down his huge cock in rivers to cover his prodigious ballsac, making it wet and slick in Pedro’s tight grasp. 

Ricky was now weeping openly, tears streaming down his handsome face from his deep blue eyes. The agony radiating out from his massive balls was indeed crippling, but the worst pain of all was coming from the young cop’s big heart as the violent punishment of his huge balls steadily diminished his chances for future offspring. He wept most of all for the cruel torture of his potential future generations. 

Pedro noticed the huge muscle man’s tears and cruelly joked, “Aww! It looks like our handsome father-to-be is already mourning his lost future children! Well, maybe he should of thought of that before he tangled with our gang!” 

All of the other criminals laughed at Pedro’s taunting abuse, while the thug continued rolling the heavy sac of nuts around in his greedy, hungry hands. The massive seed pods had begun swelling from all of the crushing abuse, but even though they were bright red and slightly bruised, the mighty organs were still intact and strong. The burly bollocks were proving to be as tough and resilient as they were staggeringly huge, and the handsome thug was grateful that the cop’s nuts had proven themselves to be so damn hardy. Not because he didn’t want them to break, which he most definitely did, but because their hardiness and resilience would allow him to torture them so much longer. 

Pedro once again began exploring the swollen and turgid epididymis tissue along the backside of both balls, the flesh feeling unusually stiff and solid with too-long-held sperm. “Damn, dude!” Pedro exclaimed as he felt the bloated tissues. “You’ve been saving up your precious bull sperms for a while now, haven’t you? Just how many day’s worth of spunk have you got stored up in these big bad boys of yours?” 

Hoping the truth would reduce the punishment of his battered balls, Ricky stammered, “Th… three or four weeks. I… I’ve been saving it up for our wedding night.” 

“Aww, that’s so sweet!” Pedro said with mock sincerity. “But too bad you didn’t try to knock your girlfriend up last night, as that’s the last chance you ever had.” With that, he held Ricky’s left bollock firmly in one hand, and then with the index finger and thumb of the other hand, located the thick bundle of epididymis tissue along the back of the ball and squeezed down. Hard. VERY hard. 

“GAAAAAAA!!!!!” the big cop bellowed in unimaginable pain. He couldn’t believe that such a relatively tiny section of tissue could cause such soul-rending agony. Every muscle fiber in Ricky’s mammoth physique flexed and convulsed most dramatically as Pedro did his best to damage and ruin the handsome cop’s epididymis, getting a sick pleasure from the knowledge that he was wrecking the young officer’s sexual plumbing in the process. 

Ricky thrashed like a mad man, bucking wildly in his restraints and looking like he might tear his own body apart. The pain was greater than anything he’d ever felt in his young life, and his bellows and roars and shrieks of agony took on an even greater volume and desperation. The torture of his massive left testicle seemed to last for an eternity, and Pedro paused for only a moment before repeating the process on Ricky’s equally mammoth right ball. 

As Pedro cruelly crushed the delicate and sensitive tissues, he continued to taunt the bound officer. “You did this to yourself, you big muscle pig. You’ve interfered with our operations, so now you reap the consequences. You tried to take away my business, so now I will take away your kids! ALL of them!” 

“Don’t! I beg of you!” Ricky howled in response. “Don’t torture my genitals! Don’t rob me of my children! PLEASE!!” 

“Your children will never be born into this world, you fucking pig!” Pedro sneered. “Your wife will cry every night because her womb will never be filled with your babies. She will weep for your worthless muscles and the useless slab of meat that will be dangling between your legs, unable to ever get hard again. She will mourn the loss of your beautiful daughters, and of your handsome, strapping sons.” 

Ricky cried, “NO!! Not my sons!! PLEASE!!” 

“Well, if you want to have children so bad, maybe I’d better come over some night and fuck your wife until she’s pregnant!” 

Pedro had no intention of going after Officer Ricky’s fiancee or any other member of his family, but he knew that the thought would be psychological torture to the handsome young cop. What he didn’t realize was how intensely protective the huge muscle cop was of his beautiful lady love. 

“You SONUVABITCH!!” Ricky roared in pure defiant anger. “You keep your fucking hands off of my wife, or I’ll fucking KILL you!” 

The officer’s angry threat fell like a stone among the gathered thugs, who instantly hushed and turned their wide eyes toward their leader. Pedro didn’t tolerate threats from anyone, let alone death threats, and hearing the bound muscle cop threaten his life caused an inferno of anger to erupt in the thug’s chest. A sudden blind rage flashed in Pedro’s dark, smoldering eyes, and Ricky’s own bright blue eyes grew wide in fear. The mood inside the barn, which had been almost jovial to that point, turned dark and dangerous. Pedro released his grip on the officer’s battered right nut, letting the huge orb fall heavily to the bottom of its voluminous sac, and his hands formed white-knuckled fists at his sides. 

Pedro’s entire body quivered with anger and he stared at the bound police officer with hatred in his eyes. His rage built and built until he screamed, “BASTARD!!!” and then lashed out with a vicious right hook, which took Ricky square in the testicles. 

“AAARGHHHHH!!!!!” Ricky screamed anew as Pedro lodged his bony fist deep within the bulging pouch containing the muscle man’s potential offspring. 

“For that insult, I will utterly destroy your oversized baby makers!” 

With that, Pedro began a murderous assault on Ricky’s defenseless, dangling gonads, swinging his powerful arms left, right, left, right, and planting fist after fist after fist into the muscle man’s wildly careening spuds. The big cop bellowed in his greatest pain yet, as the thug’s hard-knuckled fists endeavored to massacre his swelling manhood. Pedro whipped himself into a frenzy, and his blows fell so quickly upon one another that Ricky’s screaming bollocks had no chance to recover between one punch and the next. 

The whirlwind attack was so violent and so vicious that even the other thugs involuntarily stepped back with a look of fear and awe on their faces. Dozens and dozens and dozens of offspring decimating blows hammered into Ricky’s screaming bollocks, clobbering them from side to side and crushing them against the rock solid backstop of his muscular and chiseled crotch. No man could hope to endure such violent abuse of his delicate manhood for long, and tears poured down Ricky’s beyond-handsome face. A father’s tears for his unborn children. 

Pedro even interspersed some brutal kicks in between all of the punches. He had grown up an avid soccer player, and he had the thick, powerful, muscle-corded legs to prove it. He used all of that raw strength as he drove his booted toes deep into into the cop’s softening ball meat, sometimes striking the heavy ball bag from the side like he was trying to punt the massive nuts right out of their sac, and sometimes driving straight up from below and impaling the wounded bollocks against the muscle stud’s own crotch. 

The young thug’s violence and brutality was legendary, and he inflicted enough nut-shattering abuse to annihilate and destroy almost any man’s balls a dozen times, twenty times, a hundred times over. Yet still the horrific ball beating continued, and still young Officer Ricky endured. 

The insanely brutal punishment lasted a ridiculously long time before Pedro’s violent anger was finally spent. As the hunky young thug panted and heaved to regain his breath after his wild exertions, his eyes hungrily drank in the sight of the cop’s mangled sac of bollocks. He was fully expecting to find nothing but a shattered bag of useless mush, as even the mightiest of balls should have been reduced to smoking rubble by the prolonged and devastating assault. He was therefore profoundly shocked and amazed to see two hideously swollen but very distinct orbs still resting in the bottom of Officer Ricky’s bruised and abraded sac. Pedro was staggered by the extraordinary super human strength of Ricky’s almighty testicles, and his initial shock was quickly replaced by vicious glee as a cruel smile once more spread across his handsome, arrogant features. 

Though still alive and intact, Ricky’s behemoth bollocks looked much the worse for wear. They had become puffy and swollen by this point, and so bruised and battered that both orbs glowed an angry and mottled purplish red. Enormous veins had popped out all over their vast, curved surfaces, purple-hued worms that throbbed painfully with the young muscle man’s powerful heart beat. The gigantic orbs looked bigger and heavier than ever, and sagged even lower in their much abused sac, looking as exhausted as Ricky himself felt. 

But as horribly mangled as they looked, it was obvious that Ricky’s big bull balls were still very much alive. Hell, Pedro knew that the stud’s mighty testes could likely heal even all of the horrible damage they’d suffered thus far without a serious long-term dent in the stud’s awesome virility! The handsome, muscular, and horse hung cop was a certified Grade A stud!! The wicked thug realized that punching and crushing alone would not be enough to put a permanent end to  Ricky’s mighty manhood, and his mind raced to think of another suitable method of testicular destruction. A smile of cruel delight suddenly spread across his face as he thought of a devious and painful solution to his problem, and he rushed back into the darker confines of the barn to retrieve some equipment. 

Ricky was left heaving and panting, sagging weakly in his restraints as he tried to recover from the world-ending battery he’d just endured to his precious balls. His reprieve was short-lived, however, before Pedro returned with a plastic bottle of fluid and a very large syringe. 

“Wha… what are you going to do to me?” Ricky stammered, his heart thundering with fear in his mighty chest. 

“I’m going to finish what I started, you fucking beast of muscle!” Pedro replied as he unscrewed the cap off of the plastic bottle, plunged the large syringe needle into the fluid, and began drawing up the clear liquid into the 50 milliliter chamber. “Thanks to you and your pig friends, we had to interrupt our drug manufacturing process, so our current batch is gonna spoil. But there’s no sense in letting all of our supplies go to waste…” 

Pedro now held the filled syringe upright, pointing the three-inch-long needle skyward as he pushed out any small air bubbles in the fluid, allowing a small squirt of the clear liquid to squirt out the top. Ricky could smell a medicinal, antiseptic scent, and his heart raced even faster. 

“Do you know what this is, you bull hung pig?” Pedro said, holding the syringe up for Ricky’s closer inspection. “It’s rubbing alcohol. Great as a topical cleaning agent, but deadly to living tissue if injected inside the body. I’m gonna inject this stuff directly into your nuts, burning your balls from the inside out, slaughtering your sperm, and killing these freakishly huge testicles of yours in the process!” 

“NO!!!” Ricky shouted, his beautiful blue eyes filled with stark terror. “PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! PLEASE FORGIVE MY FUTURE CHILDREN!! PLEASE DON’T UNMAN ME!!!” 

Pedro once again ignored the bound man’s heartfelt pleas, instead reaching down with his free hand to gently cradle the officer’s massive right bollock, rolling and rocking the huge orb back and forth across his flat palm. He marveled once again at the vibrant vitality and virility he could feel literally throbbing through that massive nard, and he loved the sense of ultimate power he had over the muscular stud’s epic manhood. 

“You should never have tangled with us, stud. Now you’re going to lose your massive balls. These will be your last moments as a fertile man, as your future children are about to die!” 

With that, Pedro violently plunged the thick three-inch needle into Ricky’s right bollock, burying the sharp metal spike all the way to the hilt and harpooning the massive oval sex gland. The hunky young cop roared in terrific pain as the thick needle bore all the way into the very heart of his battered manhood. Pedro tauntingly hovered his thumb over the plunger for several long moments, drawing out the handsome cop’s unmanning, and then suddenly pressed the plunger down with all of his might, forcefully injecting 50 ccs of rubbing alcohol directly into the heart of Ricky’s fat nut. 

The huge volume of invading fluid caused Ricky’s bruised gonad to immediately swell and bloat to even greater dimensions, damn near doubling the size of the wounded orb and coming dangerously close to bursting the humongous nut under all of the internal pressure. But as horribly painful as that was, it was nothing compared to the inferno of burning pain that instantly erupted in Ricky’s swollen right nut. The caustic rubbing alcohol began to immediately burn and sear the tender and delicate inner tissues of the stud’s burly nut, creating a truly inhuman level of pain. The handsome young cop let out a bloodcurdling shriek of animal agony, thrashing so hard against his restraints that the other thugs feared he’d dislocate his joints. 

Ricky screamed and bellowed and sobbed, weeping for half of his potential unborn descendants who were being obliterated by the massive dose of rubbing alcohol sloshing around inside of his bloated right nut. But even as Officer Ricky bucked and thrashed and hollered, Pedro was busy refilling the large syringe with another massive dose of the deadly fluid. He firmly gripped the cop’s wildly swinging left bollock and said, “Now for your obscene left testicle. Say goodbye to Ricky Junior, muthafucker!” 

Pedro viciously stabbed Ricky’s left testicle, spearing it like he’d done the right, and pumped what felt like an infinite supply of the burning liquid into the screaming organ. The thug then discarded the empty syringe and stroked and cradled the ridiculously swollen sex glands, massaging the deadly rubbing alcohol into their impossibly beefy interiors to ensure maximum saturation of the searing fluid. 

The pain-wracked cop bellowed in deafening agony just as quickly as he could draw breath, over and over and over again, as he felt the fiery fluid turning his mighty man nuts into slag and murdering his untold millions of extremely potent sperm cells. Pedro just laughed and cackled with glee, spending many long minutes squeezing and kneading and massaging the dying orbs. 

It took a long time for Ricky’s screams to die down to mere whimpers. Only then did Pedro finally release his burning orbs and admire his handiwork. The unimaginable agony had sapped the remainder of the hunky police officer’s strength, and the huge bull of a man now hung limply in his restraints, his handsome head slumped forward and his big chest rising and falling with his great lungfuls of breath. His great muscles would occasionally flex and shudder in painful aftershocks, but the mighty stud was finally and fully defeated. 

Yet, miraculously, impossibly, his towering column of cock flesh remained just as rock hard and eager as ever, almost vibrating with the need for release. Pedro sneered as he realized he hadn’t finished off Officer Ricky’s fantastic manhood just yet. 

The handsome, swarthy thug turned to one of his compatriots, who tossed him a pair of thick rubber gloves and the police officer’s own industrial strength taser. Pedro donned the insulating gloves, and then grasped the utterly gigantic sac of nuts with his left hand, encircling the thick neck of Ricky’s heavy scrotum and then roughly jerking those burning, dying nuts even farther away from the stud’s muscular, hairy crotch. He then met the young officer’s weary, pleading blue eyes and said, “Here’s a final send off for you, you big, handsome stud! I’m gonna cook your huge balls right on the vine, electrocuting them into burnt out, carbonized husks! Get ready for the ride of your life, man, as your manhood ends NOW!” 

With that, Pedro jammed the metal prongs of the taser directly into the seam between the police officer’s goliath gonads, and then pulled the trigger. He had already set the taser to its very highest setting, and enough electricity to fell a bull elephant started thundering through the young man’s trapped nuts. 


Ricky bellowed with such incredible force and volume that dust began to fall from the barn rafters high overhead. MASSIVE bolts of electricity were tearing through his scrambled nuts, simultaneously ripping them apart and cooking them to death. The pain was unreal, unendurable, and the mighty young cop thought his heart would surely stop. 

The horrific, inhuman abuse to his bloated, burning, dying bull nuts proved to be more than the young man’s battered virility could take. With a final roar of bestial agony, Ricky’s granite hard cock began to spontaneously ejaculate the single biggest load of the muscle stud’s life. A month’s worth of pent up spunk tried to violently exit his loins all at once, resulting in an orgasm that was staggering in both its volume and violence. 

Ricky’s splooge was unnaturally thick, incredibly dense with sperm, and also mixed with the caustic rubbing alcohol, which caused the massive slugs of spunk to sear the tender interior of the stud’s thick cum channel as it was ejected out of his body. Pedro was able to dodge to the side just in time to avoid being slashed with the first gargantuan rope of burning jizz, yet he had the wherewithal to keep his hands firmly on Ricky’s taser and his shuddering balls, continuing to zap them even as they coughed up their liquid treasure. 

Absolutely enormous ropes and streamers of blindingly white cum erupted from Ricky’s throbbing, thundering cock with a force and power that could hardly be believed, and if the young man’s humongous cock hadn’t been pointed almost directly skyward, his load would have easily crossed half the interior of the spacious barn. As it was, the hunky officer’s mighty slugs of stud cum shot a good five or six feet up into the air before splashing down to the hard packed earth floor in front of him. 

On and on and on thundered Ricky’s orgasm, the Mount Vesuvius of ejaculations, pumping out more white hot splooge than most men could shoot in a YEAR! And STILL it continued! The barn was soon filled with the heady smell of male sex mixed with medicinal disinfectant. It was an orgasm for the ages, and all of it was wasted on the dirt floor below. 

Pedro kept right on tasing Ricky’s spent and burnt out nuts for almost another full minute after the last dregs of his final load burped and belched out of his magnificently bloated and distended horse cock. Only then did he toss aside the taser and once again grasp the stud’s smoldering spuds in both of this gloved hands. A look of insane lust filled Pedro’s dark eyes, a rictus grin etched across his face as he roughly squeezed and kneaded the wrecked and ruined balls. As a parting shot, Pedro once again wrapped his left hand around the neck of Ricky’s scrotum, forcing the lobster red testicular husks to the bottom of their charred sac, and then he landed a quick series of brutal uppercuts into those trapped gonads. 

An exhausted and nearly comatose Ricky barely stirred as his crumbling bollocks were further mauled by this final series of unnecessarily vicious punches. Pedro knew it was beyond overkill at this point, but he simply loved the feel of the stud’s heroically massive testicles in his hot and hungry hands, and he wanted to etch this feeling into his memory forever. 

Pedro then gripped Ricky by the thick hair on top of his head, and forcibly jerked his head upward so that he could stare at the bigger man eye to eye. He then spat in the young officer’s devastatingly handsome face and said, “I hope you enjoyed your last shot as a man! Your balls are now dead, and your final chance for children has been splattered all over the floor! Maybe you’ll think twice before tangling with our gang again!” 

The brutal thug then released the young man’s weary head. Adding insult to great injury, the last thing Ricky saw before he blacked out was Pedro stomping his heavy boots into the huge puddle of ruined jizz on the floor, stamping out any final chances of fatherhood to death into the uncaring dirt. Profound sadness and despair filled Officer Ricky’s valiant heart, and then all was darkness…