Friday, July 29, 2016

Frat Initiation - Part 3

Frat Initiation - Part 3
Based on an original story by Zoroaster


Tim had forgotten about the conversation he overheard at the gym until a few weeks later, when he saw a flier for this weekend’s rush at the Theta Chi house. With a burst of bravery, he decided to go, even if he didn't think it would work out. ‘I should at least find out for sure,’ he thought to himself. 

Friday he finished up his workout and got ready for the party. He shaved and showered and got dressed - tight white sleeveless t-shirt, another tight semi-transparent button-down shirt over that, khaki shorts and sneakers. His gargantuan muscles bulged and flexed to awesome effect, and he knew he looked incredible, like some comic book super hero come to life. 

Heads certainly turned when he showed up at the party. It’s not every day that a 6’4” and nearly 350-pound mountain of man muscle walks into a room, and both the pledges and the brothers were awed and impressed by him. Tim had to admit that the brothers and pledges were pretty impressive, too – all of them were beefy and masculine young men in their prime, all of them athletic, well-built, handsome, and judging from the bulges he saw in their pants, well hung. None of them could hold a candle to Tim’s awesome masculinity, of course, but they were all stunning men in their own right. 

Tim quickly found out the deal on GPA – if you kept it above a 3.5, the fraternity gave you cash every semester and waived the membership dues. He'd done the math; that money would help immensely, and with his 4.0 he could even live in the house for free...not that he was sure he wanted to. 

Still, the money was attractive, so he signed up as a pledge. The guy that took his form seemed speechless by the sight of the young muscle god, and Tim knew enough to realize that this guy must be gay, too. He was really good looking, about 6’1” with a big, beefy build, maybe 235 pounds, with shaggy blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes. When he could finally tear his eyes away from Tim’s monumental chest and mammoth arms to look over his pledge form, the handsome dude seemed a little surprised at first that a sophomore would want to rush. But when he saw Tim's GPA, his eyes lit up. "Wow, man. We really need to get our average up - a guy with a 4.0 would be a great boost for us!" he excitedly told Tim. "You still gotta do all the initiation stuff, though." 

"That's okay," Tim told him in his surprisingly deep, resonant voice. "Everybody else does it, right?" he smirked at the handsome dude, who seemed even more smitten with the huge hunk. 

"Yup. Everybody does it. It's tough, but if you come through it, you'll be a man's man." The guy ran his eyes down Tim's gorgeous body again. "You must work out all the time, uh..." he glanced down at Tim's form, "Tim. I'm Josh, by the way." 

Tim felt a little flush. "Uh, yeah, I really like lifting. Always trying to get bigger, you know?" he smiled at the guy. 

"Bigger?! You’re going to actually get bigger than that?! WOW! Yeah, dude, keep it up! It's obviously working. I mean, compared to you," Josh started, pulling up his sleeve and flexing his 19” bicep, "I'm tiny." 

‘Like hell you are!’ Tim thought to himself. This Josh guy is totally hot! "Just keep working it, man." 

"How big are yours, anyway?" Josh asked him. "You mind showing me?" 

‘Oh yeah!’ Tim thought. "Uh, no, I don't mind." Tim pulled off the button down shirt and flexed his massive arm, causing the muscles to almost tear through his skin. Veins began to pop out all over his bicep and forearm, and he thought that Josh might faint dead away. 

"Holy shit, man! It's like you got a bowling ball in there or something!" Josh exclaimed. He reached out and grabbed Tim's arm with both hands, not really even thinking about what he was doing. Josh’s big hands could only encompass part of the massive upper arm, and it would probably take more than two men to fully encircle it. Josh squeezed the enormous muscles and Tim flexed harder. 

As if suddenly self-aware, Josh pulled his hands off. "Strong like bull," he joked. 

Tim laughed. "Yeah. Strong like bull." 

"Man, it'll be nice having a guy like you around here," he commented. "We get all these circuit boys wanting to join up..." he motioned toward the room. 

‘Circuit boys?’ Tim wondered to himself, and looked about. looked like a lot of these guys were, well, kinda gay. "What's a circuit boy?" he wondered aloud. 

"Eh? These kids that hit up parties all night long. You know, handsome and built, but without much substance, like, say, that guy," he pointed to one of the hopeful pledges, a short but beefy guy with a backwards baseball cap on his head. "We try to keep the frat a little more serious than that. You know, try to give a more positive image of gay people and shit." 

"This is a gay fraternity?" Tim remarked aloud, surprised. 

"Uhh...well, yeah, but we actually have a few straight and bi guys. That a problem?" Josh was clearly hoping and praying that Tim was indeed gay like most of the other pledges. 

"No, no...I'm gay, man, I just didn't even realize." That was a relief, as well as a huge surprise. Theta Chi was known as one of the most masculine, jock-oriented frats on campus, and so Tim was surprised that so many members were gay. There went one of his problems with the frat. This was starting to sound a lot better. 

Josh just laughed, clearly relieved. "Man, there's a surprise! Most guys try to join us just because they're queer. You're probably the first not to." 

Another guy came up to turn his form in. "Hey, I gotta do all this, but hang around, man. Maybe we can meet up later." Josh winked at Tim. 

"Definitely." Tim turned around and saw the party in a whole new light. He hung out the next few hours, meeting the brothers and the hopeful pledges. They all seemed like good guys, and they were all sure excited that he wanted to join, both because of his grades and, although they didn't say it at first, his rockin’ body, his awesome good looks, and the huge bulge in his shorts. Tim's opinion of the whole thing was rapidly turning around - for a guy who secretly wanted to be admired, having an entire fraternity of guys wanting to feel him flex or whatever was making him heady, and very randy. 

As the night wore on, Tim was getting ready to leave but was stopped by Josh, who came jogging up. "Hey, dude," he got Tim's attention. 

"Hey. What's up? I was just leaving..." Tim answered with a smile. 

Josh grabbed his arm and plead, "No...not yet. Once most of these guys take off, we're pulling out the beer. You're invited to stay if you want." 

"I dunno, man, I gotta study..." Tim protested. 

"No, no, dude, it's a Friday night. You can study tomorrow or whatever, but man, stay out tonight! It'll be fun, ya big bull!" Josh teased, lightly punching Tim in his enormous shoulder. 

‘Well, that pushed all the right buttons,’ Tim thought. "I guess so," he relented. "Just for a couple of beers, though." 

"I was kind of hoping for all night," Josh smiled, "but a couple of beers is better than nothing, I guess." With that, he took off back over to his post for the night. 

Tim wandered around, waiting for the people to leave, and then finally one of the brothers came out and announced, "Okay guys, we gotta get everybody out." Tim looked over and Josh, who was slowly shaking his head no. The big muscle stud just leaned back up against the wall and waited while the brothers ushered the party guests out, smiling and shaking hands. 

"Man, finally," Josh muttered as he approached Tim. "I swear, I'm never working the damn stand again. Stuck for the whole party behind that damn table...anyway, dude, how you doin'?" Josh greeted him. 

"I'm all right," Tim smiled. Josh beckoned him inside, where one guy had already started pulling beer cans out of a cooler and passing them out. They each got one and found a seat on one of the plush couches around the room, drinking the beer and making small talk while everybody filtered in from around the house. 

The guy who had ended the party, a truly stunning stud of a man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes, stood up. "Okay, so we got lots of pledges tonight, and I think three of them are potential contenders for initiation.” The big man indicated Tim, a handsome and thickly-muscled blond dude, and a handsome, leaner guy with dark hair and chiseled features. “I'm Dave, the president this year. Why don't you all introduce yourselves?"  

The black-haired guy went first. "Uh, hey, I'm Eddie," he sort of waved to the room. Everybody looked at Tim next. 

"Hi, I'm Tim," he spoke loudly, trying to project confidence. 

Last was the blond, red-neck looking dude. "Hey, y'all, I'm Jake," he spoke slowly and with a deep, relaxed voice, and just a bit of an accent. 

"Party on," Dave raised his beer, and sat back down. 

Guys started getting up and moving about the room. Tim, Josh, and this other guy, Eric, ended up over in a corner talking. Eric was a dark-haired stud from south Boston - Irish, pale skin, extremely handsome features, awesome build, and a really big bulge in the front of his pants. Tim estimated that the young guy was about 6’2”, and weighed a good 265 pounds of pure, beefy muscle, the most muscular guy in the room after Tim himself. Eric was the frat's general all-around athlete - the guy played soccer, football, wrestling, baseball, you name it, and could kick your ass in all of them besides. As is so natural when a group of young and athletic men get together, the three guys immediately got into a conversation about working out. 

"I dunno, man, I've never gotten much out of power sets," Eric said. "They just don't seem to do much for me." 

"You can't do them all the time," Tim countered. "You just do them for a bit, then go back to your old method, and a month or two later do another few days of them." Tim flexed his pecs, as if to make his point. "I've made some great gains that way," he finished. 

"Maybe I just need a new workout partner," Eric winked. "Man," he shook his head, looking Tim up and down, "you're just fucking huge!!" 

Tim, starting to feel the alcohol, blushed a little bit. "He's a beast," Josh joked. "A big bull. All he needs now is a ring in his nose," Josh said as he lightly tweaked Tim’s nose. Tim really blushed now. 

"Man, dude, your ears are red," Eric chortled. He drew in close to Tim, who was a bit buzzed. He didn't drink much, so was unused to alcohol. "You must really get off on being admired for your body, eh?" he smiled a conspiratorial smile, and Tim just smiled and looked down, at little embarrassed at being found out so easily. 

Jesus saved him. Well, the hay-soos variety, a black-haired Brazilian guy, damn hot. "Hey, who's up for strip poker?" he butted in. "We need three more." 

"I'm in," Eric instantly agreed. 

"Me too," Josh barked out. 

All three of them looked at Tim, who had recovered from his blushing spell. "Well, uh, I gotta get going soon, and..." 

"No way," Josh interrupted him. "C'mon, we're just getting started." 

"Yeah, man, you should stick around," Jesus interjected. 

Eric just stared at Tim's crotch. 

A few minutes later the guys had all assembled in the kitchen with fresh beers. Jesus was dealing first, and to his right were Eric, Tim, Josh, Jake, and Joey. Joey was a senior this year, an Italian with typically stunning good looks; he was some kind of musical genius and on scholarship, but to hear him talk he sounded more like a mechanic in Brooklyn. 

"Okay, boys, these are the rules," Jesus explained as he dealt the cards. "Nothing wild, five card draw. No all in, only one raise. We don't want to end the fun too quickly, yah?" Everybody agreed, and took a few swigs of beer. Tim was pretty buzzed by this point, and both Josh and Eric kept 'accidentally' brushing up against his legs, which kept turning the big muscle man on more and more. 

Tim didn't really know poker all that well, but knew the lower hands. He got a pair of sixes and a king off the deal, traded in the chaff, and got crap back again. Eric passed, and so did Tim and Josh. Jake bid, and everybody stayed in. "Okay boys, let's see 'em." Everybody put their cards on the table. 

Joey had lost the hand, and off went his shoes. "Hey, you gotta take socks off too if you're taking shoes off," Jesus told him. 

"What?" Joey protested, half-jokingly. "One article! Hell, we used to play shoes each counted separately!" 

"No way, man. Then people wearing sandals n' shit get shafted," Jesus argued. 

"Rrrrghgh!" Joey groaned in mock frustration, and peeled off his socks. 

Eric chimed in. "I thought it was the guys not wearing underwear that got shafted." Everybody laughed and Eric dealt the next hand... 

Well, pretty soon it got down to the wire. Jesus was in his underwear, Eric still had his pants on. Josh was down to a pair of ratty boxers. Tim had only lost his footwear and his outer shirt; he was tied with Joey for the most clothes still on. Jake had on his tighty-whities and his boots ("My boots are the last thing to go, boys."), and finally, Joey had still only lost his shoes. 

"C'mon, boys, down to the wire," Josh chattered. "Two guys, nearly down for the count!" 

About three people made "I'm up for it," jokes, two of them not even playing. More people were hanging out in the kitchen, surreptitiously watching the card players as they got progressively closer to naked. Josh lost the hand. After they showed his cards, he just stood up, sighed, and dropped his shorts while the other guys laughed. "We know who's the bitch tonight!" came the jokes. 

Tim fully appreciated the look at Josh's body. The kid was muscular and lean, really well defined, with just a sprinkling of hair on his chest and belly, leading to sparse brown patch. His dick was pretty big, about five inches soft, but his balls... ‘Man!!’ Tim thought to himself. ‘Those are fucking huge! I guess I’m not the only one with big balls!’ 

And he was right. Together Josh's huge balls were bigger than Tim's fist. "Yeah, yeah," Josh blushed. 

"Hey, you know the rules," Jesus chided him. "Get me a beer." 

Josh sighed and went to get Jesus a beer. "See, anybody that loses is beer bitch for the rest of the game," Eric instructed Tim and Jake. "You have to do more or less what anybody still playing tells you to." 

"Ah, sheeit," Jake cursed, laughing. "'course, I could use a beer. Yo, fetch me one," he told Josh just as Josh brought Jesus his beer. Josh rolled his eyes and turned back around. 

Eric lost the next round and revealed that under his shorts he only had a jock on. And Tim could see that that jock was packed near to bursting with a huge cock and big balls. Eric shook his big, muscular ass a little to the table and Joey dealt the next hand. Tim lost his t-shirt, pulling it off slowly and flexing a little as he did it. All the men present gaped openly when Tim’s phenomenal upper body was finally revealed. 

Blond Jake was staring at him so hard he didn't even realize one of the cards he thought was a heart was actually a spade, which meant the flush he had was pretty much worthless, and there went his tighty-whities. He had a nice, thick, uncut cock, and balls that looked pretty big…until Tim looked back over as Josh's huge low hangers, which swung heavily back and forth as he walked. 

"Good thing you can't lose these, eh?" Dave smiled as he grabbed Josh's exposed nuts while he was on his way to the bathroom. All the brothers giggled a bit. Tim turned back to the game. Jesus lost next, dropping his undies to reveal a largish dark cock, and amazingly huge balls nearly the same size Josh's! Tim was amazed. ‘What are they feeding these guys?!?’ he wondered. Next came Jake, who grudgingly pulled his boots off. 

Tim got really nervous the next round when his pants came off. He had also only come in a jock, and he could almost feel the stares as all of the guys tried to take in the sheer mass of the enormous bulge tenting the front of his oversized underwear. "His ass is as muscular and huge as the rest of him," somebody finally hooted, and Tim flexed it for a moment. Josh reached over and slapped it. 

Tim was taken aback, then gave Josh his best superior look. "Get me a beer, boy," he ordered him. Everybody hooted, and Tim sat back down. 

The next hand proved to be the last one for Tim, and all eyes were on him as he stood up to remove his super-sized jock. This was the moment that all of the men had been waiting for – they were dying to see just how big Tim’s cock and balls truly were. As Tim shucked off his jock, first his ten-inch flaccid cock flopped out, to the more than appreciative oohs and aahs of the amazed and impressed crowd. But even with his massive schlong freed from the jock, the thin cotton was still filled to bursting with 10 pounds of ball meat. 

Tim kept pulling his jock down lower and lower, and the guys’ eyes bugged larger and larger as they saw inch after inch of thick scrotum. Four inches, five inches, six inches, and still Tim’s balls had not been revealed. Finally, after a full 6 ½” of his thick scrotal neck had been revealed (Tim had been doggedly stretching his nuts for the past few weeks, and had added another half inch to the natural dangle of his balls), Tim’s behemoth bull balls began to come into view. 

If the boys had been impressed before by Tim’s masculine beauty, phenomenal physique, and gargantuan horse cock, they were astounded by the size of the balls that were coming into view. Tim’s nuts were monstrous, enormous, obscene, like nothing any of them had ever seen before. Even Jake, the redneck farm boy, exclaimed that none of his daddy’s bulls had balls as big as that! When Tim finally removed his jock completely, he allowed his mammoth balls to swing freely between his massive thighs, and allowed all the men to openly admire and worship him. 

“Good GOD!” Eric exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like it! Who was your dad, anyway, some sort of stallion?! Up against the wall, man,” Eric ordered him, and Tim walked naked over to the other three boys, who were leaning up against the kitchen wall in a row. 

Eric dealt the next hand and Tim basked in all the eyes that were openly stared at him. 

"Hey, we should go streaking after this," Josh suggested, trying to lighten the mood. 

"I dunno, man, runnin' nekkid always makes my nuts hurt," Jake said. 

"I never thought so," Jesus disagreed. 

"They hurt mine, too," Tim added in, hoping for a reason not to have to go running around the neighborhood naked. 

"I don't think so," Eric shouted from across the room. "All four of ya, do a lap 'round the block!" 

"What!?" Jake protested. 

"You gotta do what they tell you, man," Dave laughed. "Better get runnin'!"

With a hail of "Ah shits!" and other protestations, Josh and Jesus herded them out the door. 

"C'mon, man, big man like you?" Jesus said to Tim. "I'd be showing off even more if I looked like that. Shit, with that awesome body and mammoth cock and balls, I’d be showing it off ALL the time! But a big guy like you, bet you're slow," he jibed, and took off running. 

"Slow?" Tim shouted after him. "I'll show you slow!" He was just drunk enough to chase Jesus down the street, outpacing him even before the first turn. He pulled way ahead of the others, with only Josh really keeping up to him, balls banging and dick flying about. Tim's balls bounced hard against his beefy thighs as he ran. ‘Fuck, I wish they were just gone!’ Tim thought to himself, keeping up the pace and getting back to the house nearly half a block before Josh. 

They staggered back into the kitchen panting, followed soon by Jesus and a while later by a very out-of-breath Jake. "Oh God, my balls hurt!" he exclaimed, and leaned up against the wall clutching them. 

Josh leaned into Tim's ear and whispered, "Bet a big bull like you could run for miles, eh? Wouldn't matter to you if your balls hurt, would it, ya big bull! You’d just keep on runnin’." Tim's dick started to get a little turgid. 

Just as they got back, Eric and Joey showed their cards, and Eric threw his three-of-a-kind down to the table as soon as he saw Joey's full house. "Fuck!" he shouted, tore off his jock, and tossed it at Joey. Eric revealed his huge, smooth beer can of a cock, the largest so far except for Tim’s own howitzer. And you guessed it, his balls were enormous as well, bigger even than Josh’s massive pair, each great nut the size of a really large lemon. It would still take three of Eric’s balls to equal the mass of just one of Tim’s gargantuan nuts, but they were massive nonetheless. 

Joey dodged Eric's soiled jock and smiled. "You only had me by one hand, you know," he smiled conspiratorially, and pulled down the top of his pants to show he wasn't wearing any underwear. "And I'm drunk enough to wanna be naked, anyway." With the game over, the Italian stallion Joey shucked off his shorts as well, revealing a long and thick cock, and ANOTHER pair of huge balls, at least as large as Josh’ set! HUGE nuts! 

What the hell were they putting in the water here, Tim thought? Did they only take pledges with huge balls or something? Tim didn't really want to ask, but was damn curious. He didn't have much time to think about it, as Josh whispered in his ear, "Meet me by the bathroom in five minutes; Eric and I wanna get some time alone with ya." Tim nodded, his already plump cock getting a bit harder at the thought. All worry of getting home in time for sleep and studying tomorrow was gone - for the first time in his whole life, Tim was thinking unhesitatingly of sex, with no worries about being judged for his gayness or for being a virgin. 

He took the opportunity to piss before he got too hard to do it, then waited outside the bathroom for Eric to meet his eye and gesture toward the stairs. Tim followed him up, clothing forgotten, and down to the room at the end of the hall. 

Josh was already inside, cock hard. Just seeing Josh's erection made Tim's pop up in less than a half dozen heartbeats, and his frighteningly formidable manhood sprang to full attention. He felt Eric's poke him from behind, and spun to see Eric's smiling face looking down at his body. "God, you're so fucking hot," Eric muttered, inspecting Tim up and down. His own shaven erection brushed up against Tim's, sending little waves of electricity up through his massive body. 

Tim felt Josh's hands run down his sides, slick with oil, and continue onto his ass. Eric dropped to his knees and took what of Tim's cock he could into his mouth, working it slowly, deliberately. Tim’s huge, fist-sized cock head remained slightly spongy even when completely erect, so Eric was able to stuff the entire huge glans into his mouth, but Tim’s steely hard and monstrously thick shaft defied all of Eric’s attempts to stuff it into his mouth. 

Josh continued to oil Tim up from behind, spreading it over his back, ass, legs, and arms. Tim obliged him by flexing each body part as Josh ran his hands over it, trying not to collapse from the pleasure of his first ever blowjob. After Josh had oiled up his arms, he whispered in Tim's ear, "C'mon, you big bull. Flex 'em and keep 'em flexed!" 

Tim obliged, striking a double bicep pose and spreading his legs a little while Josh jerked him off a little, oiling up his cock and balls in the process. Eric and Josh both continued running their hands over Tim's hard, defined body, while Tim just struck poses, trying to keep his muscles flexed as hard as possible. His dick was having no trouble; Tim's huge cock head was nearly a full three inches in diameter at this point, his massive dong sticking almost straight up and visibly throbbing with his powerful heartbeat. 

He felt the snap of a rubber band go around his scrotum, but ignored it, instead choosing to focus on Josh's voice as he kept telling Tim that he was a big bull, a massive muscle man, strong, hard, a beast... He was vaguely aware of Eric snapping another band around his cock, making it grow so hard it hurt. Tim didn't even look down, but just tried not to cringe at the pleasure when Eric's hand would have a jerk and brush his cock. His enormous dick was almost painful to the touch now, he was so turned on. He imagined the bands cutting off circulation, turning his cock and balls black and cold, so that they would have to be cut off. The thought brought him to even greater heights of arousal. 

Maybe all the brothers worship enormous balls, Tim thought. And maybe they were searching for the biggest balls in the world to sacrifice in some pagan frat ritual. That was a hot idea, and he nearly came at the thought. Maybe they were going to cut his massive balls off, fulfilling his dream! 

Josh produced a tape measure and started measuring Tim's pumped and awesomely muscular body, wrapping the measure around each bicep, his chest, his thighs and calves...Tim was about to explode. His balls were aching and purple; his cock growing almost numb with arousal. Josh couldn’t believe the measurements he was getting, and finally moved on to Tim’s groin. He rolled the tape measure from the base of Tim’s huge cock all the way up its ultra thick, massive length until he got to the head, and he exclaimed, “16 ½ inches!! 16 ½ fucking inches!!!” With trembling hands, Josh then measured than dangle of Tim’s huge and awesomely low-slung balls to be just over 6 ½ inches. Finally, Josh encircled the tape around the girth of both of Tim’s gigantic nuts and measured their circumference. “Holy shit! His balls are 22 ¾” around!! That’s a quarter inch bigger than your own massive guns, Eric!” 

"Yeah, Tim, you’re a big bull! A big fucking bull!" Eric muttered. "Maybe we should steer him." 

Tim’s cock lurched at those words, and his pulse quickened even further. Were they really planning on nutting him? Were these two super hot studs going to fulfill his fantasy? 

"Maybe later," Josh replied. "For now we want him all excited like this. You are excited, aren't you, you big bull?" Josh asked Tim. 

"Oh, yeah...oh, god!" he cried out as Eric brushed against his cock head. Eric took a pair of mean-looking scissors and held them up to the neck of Tim's scrotum. Tim just flexed harder, his cock ready to burst, waiting for the pain, but it never came - just the snap as the Eric cut the rubber bands, first around his balls, then around his cock. The aching in his balls began to subside, but Eric kept it going by thwapping them with his finger. 

"They do this to horses, you know, to make them run faster, or to bulls to make them angry," Eric whispered to Tim, rubbing up against his body, humping Tim's hip with his thick cock. Josh was down at the floor now, running his hands over Tim's buttocks, legs, thighs...all over his body, whispering admiring nothings as he did so. 

"You really like the thought of having these cut off, don't you?" Eric said in Tim's ear as he fondled the muscle man’s huge low-hangers. Tim didn't answer, but just struck another pose. Eric squeezed Tim's nuts, hard. ‘You can take it,’ Tim said to himself, and didn't even wince at the pain. "This too, I bet, yah?" Eric pumped Tim’s cock a few times, then his own. "Of course, then you'd just have to take it from behind, wouldn't you?" Eric moved around behind him, his hard cock brushing up against Tim's mammoth toned glutes. Josh dropped to his knees and sucked Tim off while jacking himself. 

Eric began pushing up against Tim in a slow rhythm. "You'd have to take it like this, once those bull nuts are gone," he muttered to Tim, then pulled off. "But not until then," he smiled, and grabbed Tim's enormous biceps. 

"Unh, unh, oh God, oh, shit!" Tim muttered, his entire body shuddering as he approached orgasm. Josh took his talented mouth off Tim’s spit-soaked cock so that both he and Eric could watch what they knew would be a huge orgasm. But they were not prepared for the volume of cum that Tim was about to unload. Sensing that Tim was right on the verge of cumming, Eric grasped Tim’s huge nuts by the neck and pulled down, HARD. 

That was the last bit of stimulation Tim needed, and he came with a violence and ferocity he had rarely experienced. He bucked involuntarily, waves of pleasure racking his enormously muscled body. The first blast was colossal, and struck Josh in the chest so hard that it actually stung, and was so large that it completely coated the young man’s pecs with Tim’s male juices. Josh shouted in shock and surprise as the second mighty wad erupted from Tim’s flailing cock, this time painting a stripe that went from Josh’s abdomen all the way over his shoulder, and striking the bed beyond. 

What followed was a typically massive load from Tim, blasting rope after huge, sticky rope of cum all over Josh, his bed, the floor, and even the far wall. Josh just sat back and let Tim drench him with his spunk, all the while jacking his own big cock, which had swollen to its full 9 inches early on in the night’s events. Josh’s big balls bounced against the floor as he frigged his big meat, making an erotic smacking sound. 

Eric was standing beside Tim, firmly clutching his own huge 11-incher and pounding it for all he was worth, watching the awesome wads of sperm unload all over Josh. “Oh fuck yeah!” Eric exclaimed as he hit orgasm, followed just moments behind by Josh. Both young men shot huge, powerful loads, but even their extremely impressive loads were paltry in comparison to Tim, who continued to thunder out his load long after the other two were exhausted. 

Tim leaned back against the cum-drenched bed and tried to catch his breath, watching as Eric and Josh tried to do the same. Tim had really soaked the room with his cum, and the heady, musky smell of his sperm permeated the room. 

Afterward, they all just lay for a bit, toweling off. Josh and Eric both lay across Tim's magnificent chest, basking in the moment and clinging to this awesome muscle man, not wanting to ever let go. 

After a few hours, Josh got up to shower. Tim and Eric soon followed, and all three ended up soaping up in the communal shower and washing the cum, oil, and sweat off their glistening bodies. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Frat Initiation - Part 2

Frat Initiation - Part 2
Based on an original story by Zoroaster


After overhearing the conversation in the gym, Tim walked home with many thoughts flying through his head. Would a frat really take a guy who is queer? Even if he was the biggest, most muscular, and possibly the handsomest man on campus? He wasn't going to try and pull it off closeted; he respected himself too much for that, and if they found about his sexual habits there was no way they'd let him stay. Still, fourteen hundred bucks a semester just for doing what he did anyway...that was certainly tempting. He'd have to look into it. 

Tim headed back home to his tiny shoebox apartment and stripped his sweaty workout clothes off. He would have showered at the gym but both the guys ended up using it, and Tim still avoided allowing others to see his massive sexual endowment. He got naked and stood in the tiny bathroom admiring himself for a few minutes, flexing his massive pecs alternately, playing with his rock hard nipples, feeling up his own huge muscles, and generally getting his courage up for what he was about to do. His balls were hanging particularly low in their sac, swinging heavily and ponderously between his hugely beefy thighs. Tim fantasized for a moment about trapping those twin globes between his columnar thighs and squeezing for all he was worth until his balls exploded. The thought made his goliath cock grow rock hard in a span of heartbeats, and he knew he was ready for some serious abuse. 

Tim got out a long length of tough cord and tied it tight around the base of his thick scrotum. He then began to braid the cord down the incredibly long length of his scrotum, gradually stretching out the huge sac even more as he went and creating a ridiculously thin tube of flesh within a tight cylinder of braided cord. As he got to about 8”, his balls began to bulge larger in their stretched sac, and he could begin to feel the strain on the extraordinarily tough cords that connected those massive balls to his groin. But Tim was just getting started, and he reveled in the dull ache that steadily grew in his nuts as he continued to braid the cord further and further down his scrotum. 9”, then 9 ½”, and then 10”. Here, the pain really began to grow intense, as his nuts fought hard to not be stretched any farther. But Tim got off on the pain, and his rampant cock was visibly throbbing with its aching need for release. The young muscle stud pressed onward, continuing to braid the remaining cord down his scrotum. 10 ¼”, and then 10 ½”, the greatest stretch he has achieved to date. 

Tim’s balls were nearly purple and very swollen, and looked like they would burst forth from their overstretched sac at any moment. Tim’s 16” cock was harder than ever, and was beginning to leak copious amounts of clear precum down its length. But Tim didn’t stop there, and continued to braid the last length of the cord even further down his scrotum, determined to stretch his balls farther still or destroy them in the attempt. 

Slowly and with great pain, Tim braids the cord again, and then again, and then again. Soon, he reaches a stretch of 10 ¾”, but he’s not done yet, there’s still a small length of cord left, and he seems determined to use the whole thing. Another braid, and another, and his screaming balls are in agony, threatening to burst forth at any moment. 

One final braid, and Tim is done. He has stretched his behemoth balls to an unbelievable 11” from his crotch, a full half inch farther than he has ever stretched them before! The huge muscle dude must truly have ball cords of steel to endure such an incredible stretch! His balls cords are stretched to their absolute limit, and his scrotal skin is pulled so tight across his bloated, bulging balls as to appear nearly translucent, making the orbs themselves clearly visible through the ultra thin skin. Looking in the mirror, Tim can hardly believe that his balls are still attached to his body, so great is the stretch he has achieved. The braided tube of the cord looks ridiculously long and thin, less than a half inch in thickness, and most of THAT is the thickness of the cord itself. The actual skin, cords, and veins connecting to his gargantuan balls and giving them life must be stretched incredibly thin indeed! 

Tim pauses for several moments to admire his handiwork, and to luxuriate in the pulsing, throbbing agony in his massive bull nuts. He runs one hand down the length of the braided cord until he reaches both of his nuts, and he cups the great orbs in his hand. Despite the enormous size of Tim’s hand, the whopping mass of ball flesh at the end of the braided cord is simply too massive to be contained in one hand, and overflows even Tim’s huge paw. Heck, even one massive bull orb completely filled Tim’s hand! With his other hand, he flicks himself in the left nut, hard, and revels in the pain. 

Grasping his scrotum a few inches above his balls, he begins to swing and slap his balls against his other open palm, feeling intense pleasure as the great orbs smack hard against his big hand. He then grabs his stretched scrotum near the base and begins to swing his balls around in a big circle, swinging them harder and faster, around and around. He then positions himself in front of a sturdy wooden table, and begins the rapidly swinging balls down HARD onto the unforgiving surface. The great orbs strike the solid wood with a loud SMACK!, and a jolt of energy courses through Tim’s huge, muscular body. He repeats the blow to his balls again and again and again, enjoying the sight, the sound, and the awesome feeling of having his huge bound bull nuts bashed against the table’s surface. 

Tim soon began to tire of this foreplay, and was eager to move on to the main event. He gave his beefy balls a few more solid THWACKS! against the table, and then swung his huge orbs onto the table, where they rested heavily and awaited Tim’s next torment. Tim adjusted his gigantic nuts to make sure that they rested evenly on the solid wooden surface, and then he reached onto the nearby shelf for his newest battering device – a huge stainless steel meat tenderizer. 

Tim almost shook with anticipation as he lifted the massive and brutal-looking weapon off the shelf. He had had the huge hammer especially made to give it a head that was large enough to strike both of his obscenely oversized nuts at the same time. The face of the mallet was a 6-inch square and covered with dozens of pyramid-shaped, knobby spikes. The head of the mallet was nearly a foot long and weighed about 35 pounds, and was attached to a thick metal handle. Tim had learned that his strength was so great that he would often shatter wooden handles, and so had this newest mallet made completely out of steel. Even Tim felt some fear regarding this latest weapon in his ball-bashing arsenal, but at the same time was incredibly eager to see how much damage it could do to his balls. Part of him hoped that this would finally prove to be the instrument that would destroy his disgustingly massive and bloated bull balls for good. 

Steeling his nerve and determination, Tim lifted the gigantic meat tenderizer high in his awesomely powerful right arm, his enormous muscles flexing with tremendous might and power. He held the mallet aloft for several moments, gathering all of his strength, and then brought the mallet down with bone crushing force directly into his waiting testicles. 

The recoil was awesome. There was an audible CRUNCH!! as the steel mallet mercilessly crushed Tim’s huge, defenseless balls. Every muscle in Tim’s body bulged and strained in incredible relief as the awesome pain of his bludgeoned nuts traveled throughout his body. A grunt of pain escaped Tim’s lips and his handsome jaw clenched in agony, but he gave little other sign of the unimaginable pain that must be ripping through his balls. In fact, he hardly paused for a moment before lifting the mallet up high and bringing it down again with equally devastating force into his gigantic nuts. A second CRUNCH!! was heard as Tim’s enormous balls absorbed another destructive impact, and a second deep grunt of pleasure/pain issued from Tim’s mouth. His mighty cock throbbed harder still, and began gushing truly enormous amounts of clear and sticky precum. So much of the clear fluid began to pour from his titanic flesh cannon that it almost looked like he was peeing. 

Tim continued the merciless pummeling of his gigantic nuts, trying with all his might to mash them into ten pounds of ground beef. 


Again and again and again the steel mallet landed with crushing force into Tim’s straining, bound nuts, and each new blow threatened to be the one that would burst his huge balls asunder. Each awesome blow was easily powerful enough to reduce a pair of bowling balls to shards and dust, but somehow Tim’s mighty nuts endured. Even Tim himself was amazed at the unbelievable toughness and super human endurance of his big beefy nuts, and their awesome powers of resilience made him want to destroy them all the more. 

After more than a dozen blows, Tim could feel his massive orbs beginning to soften, the head of the huge mallet sank a little deeper into his slowly weakening ball flesh with each subsequent blow. The pain was extraordinary, but seeing his balls beginning to weaken only spurred Tim on to greater abuse, and he redoubled his efforts to destroy his awesome bull nuts. 


How could any man’s balls endure such devastatingly brutal abuse?! 

After over two dozen blows, Tim’s cock suddenly became darker, and swelled to even greater proportions, if that was even possible. He knew that he was on the brink of orgasm, and so began striking his nuts in double time. 


He growled to himself in the mirror, “Yeah, you big fucking stud! You can take this…you can fucking take this! Oh yeah, flex, you big bull! Show me how much your big balls can take! Yeah, you can take this!” He flexed his free arm to its gargantuan proportions and admired himself in the mirror, experiencing awesome pain. “Oh yeah! Fuck yeah!” 

As he continued to obliterate his mighty bull balls, Tim imagined someone taking a knife to his bound and stretched balls, or crushing them between two huge concrete blocks. The incredible pain, and the fantasies about his own castration, finally put Tim over the edge. 

Tim threw back his handsome head and let out a bellow of supreme ecstasy/agony, and moments later his cock began to blast out a truly unearthly and monumental load of cum. Most men came in teaspoon amounts, but Tim came in pints, quarts, and gallons, particularly when he was severely abusing his balls as he was right now. 

“Yeah, you bull stud, shoot that load!” he bellowed as the first blast arced from his humongous cock. His first wad of sperm was over five feet long and thick as a pencil, and shot with such incredible force that it completely cleared the length of the 8-foot-long table to strike the far mirror with a loud, wet SPLAT! His first load was followed by a second and a third and a fourth, all in quick succession, and all as unimaginably massive as the one that came before. 

Throughout his orgasm, Tim continued to bludgeon his beefy bull balls with the vicious meat tenderizer, the additional blows only heightening his orgasmic bliss. And his orgasm thundered on and on with no end in sight – six blasts, then eight, then ten, then 12! Then 15!! Then 20!!!! Tim groaned and grunted all the while, as he continued his heroic efforts to bust and break his swollen balls even while they were in the act of pumping out one of the greatest loads of the young man’s life. 

Finally, after over 20 awesome blasts of cum, Tim’s titanic load began to ebb. Unlike most men, who’s wads get smaller with each subsequent blast, Tim’s salvos of super spunk remain massive until the very end, but get spaced farther and farther apart. So instead of every other second, the blasts started to come three seconds apart, and then five seconds. Finally, after a pause of nearly ten full seconds, Tim lets loose one last, mighty blast of cum, the 29th blast of this gargantuan load, and it was timed perfectly with one last blow from the meat hammer. This last blast splatters all over the mirror over a dozen feet away, joining its brothers in a huge, sticky mess that covers nearly the entire surface of the large mirror, and creates a huge puddle of fresh, hot sperm on the worn linoleum floor. 

All told, Tim’s balls had just pumped out over a half-gallon of his incredibly virile stud cream, one of the largest loads in his young and spectacularly gifted life! 

By the time his orgasm ceased, more than a minute and a half after it started, Tim was panting with exertion and exhilaration. He placed the mallet on the table and examined his aching, agonized balls, scooping up his mighty low hangers in both his massive hands. The gigantic orbs were glowing an angry red and were beginning to show signs of what would no doubt be some awesome bruising, and they looked more than a bit swollen after all the abuse. Tim gently squeezed his big nuts, and could feel that their outer walls had weakened considerably, and they felt somewhat yielding and mushy in his big hands. Tim smiled to himself at the awesome damage he had caused to his beefy nuts, and prepared himself for round two. He knew that ball abuse hurt even more after he had shot a load, and so prepared for an even more brutal session. 

Tim placed his straining, throbbing nuts back on the table, grabbed the mallet, and once again began to wail on his screaming bull balls. This time, the pain increased tenfold, and Tim’s rock hard cock began spewing vast quantities of precum in no time at all. The mallet sank deeper into Tim’s ball meat than it had on the previous round of blows, and the young muscle hunk knew he was steadily breaking down his balls’ mighty resistance to the hammer blows. 

The sight was intensely masculine and arousing as Tim bludgeoned his huge balls again and again and again and again. The only sounds to be heard were the fleshy impact of the mallet with Tim’s bound balls, the loud CRUNCH!! as the meat hammer crushed into his beefy balls, and the soft grunts and groans of a man in complete ecstasy. It simply wasn’t possible that a man’s balls could endure such an horrific beating, but somehow Tim’s mammoth nuts continued to persevere! 

This time, the increased pain brought Tim to orgasm quicker than before, and after just 20 devastating blows, he let loose with his second massive orgasm of the night. This load proved to be even larger than his first load! His blasted out 32 massive, mighty slugs of stud cream in two minutes, all the while continuing the brutal beating of his balls. When his orgasm finally ceased, he had recoated the mirror with a fresh layer of thick spunk, and the puddle on the tiled floor was starting to run into the kitchen. 

Tim paused again to reinspect his aching bull nuts, and discovered to his amazement that, while they were even more bruised and squishy than before, they were still incredibly intact, and ready for yet more abuse. Tim slammed his balls back down on the table with a loud and very painful smack, and enjoyed the quivering that the action produced in his huge and swollen bull nuts. His mighty orbs were quivering like a bowl of jello, indicating just how much damage they had already sustained. Tim judged that his balls were halfway to being reduced to a jellied mass of broken nut guts, and he seemed determined to finish them off for good. 

And so Tim lifted the mallet for a third time, steeled his nerve, and brought the hammer down once again into his screaming balls. 


The hammer was now sinking more than halfway into his weakened ball flesh, causing his huge balls to bulge mightily around the edges of the mallet head. Tim was in very real danger of splitting open his supremely overstretched scrotal sac, let alone breaking his mighty man orbs, but the young man didn’t seem to care. He wanted this, needed this. The hammer fell with demolishing force again and again into his unprotected nuts, as his steadily leaking cock drew nearer and nearer to yet another orgasm. 

It looked very likely that this would be Tim’s final pummeling of his balls, for their resistance was clearly near an end. Tim beat his balls with reckless abandon, wanting to destroy the huge lumps of man flesh that had caused him such shame and embarrassment all his life. It wouldn’t be much longer now, perhaps just a few more blows…

Tim’s third orgasm hit with the force of a freight train, after fewer than 20 blows from the meat mallet. And once again, Tim’s newest orgasm proved to be even larger than the two that had gone before! Throughout his third and most titanic orgasm, Tim continued to beat and bludgeon his balls, and it seemed a race against time to see if he could finish cumming before he reduced his bull balls to rubble. Ten blasts, then 20, then 30!! 10 blows, 20 blows, 30!!! Even Tim’s mammoth balls could never hope to survive!!

Finally, after two and a half minutes and 36 gigantic, enormous loads of stud cream, Tim’s orgasm finally ceased. And with one last, awesome, crushing blow from the meat tenderizer, Tim’s balls felt like they were mush. Tim slumped forward onto the table in pain and exhaustion, letting the well-used meat hammer fall noisily to the floor, where it produced a deep dent in the old linoleum. He panted in fatigue, his great muscles coated with sweat and flexing massively. 

After giving himself a few moments to recover, he pushed himself back up and reached down to inspect his testicles, expecting to find them reduced to a jellied pulp. Instead and to his complete surprise, his mighty bull balls had defied him yet again, and had actually survived the greatest bludgeoning they had ever known, still intact. They were very soft and squishy, and clearly no more than a half dozen blows away from being destroyed for good, but they had endured, and would no doubt heal even stronger than before. 

Furious, Tim choked his huge balls down at the end of their brutally elongated scrotum with one hand, and began to pummel the behemoth orbs with his other fist, trying to finish what he had started. His 28 ½” guns had swollen to over 30” with the repeated hammering, and now they bulged even larger still as he focused all the enormous energy in those massive limbs into demolishing his bull nuts. His trapped balls had no choice but to absorb the awesome blows, which sank deep into his ball flesh, forcing the mushy ball meat to bend around his pummeling fist. 

After a dozen or so blows that failed to rupture his nuts, Tim grabbed one massive nut in each huge hand, and began to squeeze with all his might, trying to crush the life out of his straining orbs. Harder and harder he squeezed, causing his nuts to deform more and more in his hand, bringing them closer and closer to their ultimate destruction. 

Suddenly, Tim’s huge, rampant cock, which had been ignored during the entire torture session, spontaneously erupted in its fourth orgasm in less than an hour. Tim grunted and groaned and cried out in pain as another titanic load issued forth from his straining and throbbing horse cock, and he focused all his energy on bursting his big balls. But the harder he clenched his fists, the more intense his orgasm, and the more sperm was forced from his straining man eggs. Tim began to pulse his squeezes in time with the cannon bursts of his cock, producing super human wads of cum up to eight feet in length. One or two of the blasts shot with such force that they hit the ceiling and splashed wetly on the table below. Tim was in heaven, and could feel his herculean nuts begin to give way in his hands, entering their final moments. He crushed harder still, awaiting that ultimate moment when his beefy nuts would finally explode in his huge hands. 

But that moment was not to come. Though Tim was crushing his nuts so hard that his fingers nearly met, the great orbs simply refused to burst. In the end, his fourth orgasm lasted nearly two minutes, and he shot just over two dozen blasts of spunk. Though that was the smallest number of shots from any of his orgasms, the total yield of his fourth load was the largest to date, for each salvo of cum was nearly twice the size of the ones before due to the rhythmic crushing pressure from Tim’s powerful hands, and the big man would not have been surprised if this fourth load was a full gallon or more in size. 

This super human cum stud had just shot the four largest loads in his life, blasting out nearly three full gallons of incredibly thick, potent, and virile juice, and yet Tim could still feel more sperm sloshing around in those massive nuts of his. The mighty orbs had survived the most brutal abuse of their existence, and Tim could not help but grudgingly respect the awesome power and strength of his beefy, burly nuts. He idly thought to himself that he would need to get a longer piece of cord to tie his balls with, and perhaps a larger mallet… 

Tim backed away from the table, letting his ridiculously stretched balls swing ponderously between his beefy legs, where they throbbed and ached with an intensity Tm had not experienced before. On a whim, he decided that he would leave his huge balls trussed up for the entire night, something he had never done before. He then walked to his bathroom, where he beat his cock off into the sink three more times before retiring for the night. Though his balls were incredibly battered and bruised, he knew that they would have recovered by the morning, and he looked forward to tomorrow night’s session with his new meat hammer. 


Friday, July 15, 2016

Frat Initiation - Part 1

Frat Initiation - Part 1
Based on an original story by Zoroaster


Tim had never really wanted to join a fraternity. It wasn't that he particularly had anything against them, but he was just beginning his sophomore year of college, and had so many reasons not to rush. For one thing, he had to study most of the time to keep his 4.0 GPA and his academic scholarship. And the rest of the time when he wasn't in class or studying, he was in the campus gym working a body that most guys would die for. So Tim didn’t have time to spend on social activities, particularly the notoriously raucous, rowdy, and non-academic Greek system. 

The achingly handsome young man lived in town in a small, cheap, crappy apartment he had rented since leaving the care of the State. He’d never known either of his birth parents, who had died when Tim was just an infant, and he had been shuffled around to various foster homes and orphanages most of his life. When adolescence hit, Tim had had a hard time of it - the people he was living with at the time were not especially kind to him, so Tim had signed up for all sorts of after school activities so he didn't have to go home until he absolutely had to. 

Tim proved to be a natural for any sports-related activity he set his mind to, and by the time he graduated high school at the tender age of 17, Tim had set State high school records in a number of strength events, like shot put, discus, hammer throw, and power lifting, and he also helped bring the three high school teams to regional championships in soccer, baseball, and football. Tim’s future in athletics looked extremely bright. 

And so everyone was shocked when, at the end of high school, Tim chose not to take any athletic scholarships, and indeed swore off nearly all athletic events altogether. Due to his harsh upbringing as an orphan and a ward of the State, Tim was a loner by nature, and had never enjoyed the attention and accolades of his coaches and peers, and in fact hated his celebrity status as a star athlete. Tim had always been dedicated to his academic pursuits, and had earned top grades all through high school, grades that were stellar enough to gain him a full academic scholarship to the local State college. 

The two athletic pursuits that Tim continued to enjoy were weight training and running, as both forms of fitness where individual and not team sports. With all the other sports activities cut from his life, Tim focused on just these two forms of exercise. And to stunning effect. 

Tim had always been large for his age, and as he grew, it soon became clear that he possessed awesome genetic gifts for putting on muscle and mass. By the time Tim graduated high school, he had gained his full height of 6’4”, and had already packed a whopping 270 pounds of pure muscle on his huge frame. Over the following summer, he worked out with fierce dedication, and by the time fall rolled around and college began, he had already packed another 25 pounds of pure muscle onto his already enormous physique. At barely 18 years of age, Tim had created a physique that would have easily swept any regional or state bodybuilding titles, and could very likely go up against the big boys themselves, the pro bodybuilders. But Tim had no interest in titles and awards – he had begun to lift weights at first simply to escape an unhappy home life, but he had grown to love working out for its own sake, and now did it because he enjoyed it. 

Tim loved the power his body gave him over others. He wasn't an asshole about it, but he got off on how he'd get stared at in the grocery store. He worked for the campus landscaping service, and when it was warm out, he would shed his shirt at every opportunity, reveling in the appreciative (and sometimes lustful) looks of the other guys on the crew or of the people walking by. At the gym he'd get off on how the other guys admired him as he shoved massive weights up and down, up and down. When he was done working out he'd stare at himself in the mirror at the gym for a few minutes, flexing his pecs or arms and admiring himself, and taking note of the other eyes that were staring at him as well. 

And over the next year, Tim continued to add pound after pound of beefy muscle to his already enormous physique, making his muscles grow to truly gargantuan proportions. Without the help of steroids or artificial supplements of any kind, Tim added an unbelievable 50 pounds to his physique in his first year of college, and now weighed a staggering 345 pounds of pure beef, with a body fat percentage that naturally stayed in the 4-6% range. 

Despite his staggering weight and sheer mass, Tim carried the weight well, and was perfectly proportioned, without the bloated or grotesque look of many pro bodybuilders. Most amazing of all, Tim was barely 19 years old, and still had a tremendous amount of growth potential. Who knew just how big this young bull stud would get!? 

Tim’s vital statistics were hard to believe, until you actually saw him in person. Starting from the top, Tim had a neck that was over 21 ½ inches thick, a true bull neck, that flared into two incredibly thick trapezius muscles. Tim’s shoulders were over a yard wide, and the deltoids themselves were the size of cannonballs, and ten times as solid. His chest was truly a monument to muscular masculinity, stretching the measuring tape to over 76 inches. Each squared pec was a massive slab of muscle more than six inches thick, hanging like two mighty plates of armor over his enormous rib cage, and topped by two of the most succulent nipples ever to grace a man. Tim’s lats flared as wide as barn doors, showcasing an enormous and thickly muscular back that tapered majestically down to an almost ridiculously narrow, 33-inch waist. Tim’s chest measurement more than two times the size of his waist! And his astounding, eye-popping guns were themselves nearly as large as his waist, measuring 28 ½ inches in circumference when completely cold!! Especially when one considers that there is hardly an ounce of fat on Tim’s body, it becomes clear that he possesses some of the largest arms on the planet, and may even hold the supreme title itself. Beneath his rock-solid ass are two legs out of legend. Tim’s thighs measured 38 inches, larger than his own waist, and his calves measured over 24 inches, larger than the biceps of most pro bodybuilders. All in all, Tim is an amazing sight to behold, a true super hero of a man, and one of the most muscular men the world has ever seen. 

Tim liked to work out in the late afternoon hours, when the gym wasn’t usually as crowded and he didn’t have to fight to get to the equipment. On one particularly slow day, there were only three guys in the gym - Tim, and two other guys doing curls. He couldn't help but overhear their conversation… 

"Yeah, dude, they actually pay you, like, fourteen hundred for having good grades. That's the only way I can afford the membership fee," one said. 

‘Pay for good grades?’ Tim thought. This sounded interesting - as a foster kid, he didn't have any parents or other relatives he could fall back on, and when he left for college he pretty much told Roy and Nadine to go fuck themselves - Roy would get drunk and try to fuck him, and Nadine just popped tranquilizers all the time. Tim survived on the stipend from his scholarship and the campus job, and barely made enough to feed himself, buy his text books, and pay his rent. 

"Can you join after your freshman year?" the other guy asked. 

"Yeah, it's just a little harder. They always want guys with good grades and shit, though. You should come to rush. Initiation's hell though, and they always make it harder on the older guys." 

Tim looked at the guy in the mirror and noticed the guy's shirt – Theta Chi. He knew they were one of the oldest and most notorious fraternities, infamous for their drunken parties and typical jock behavior. Their national chapter had just built them a huge nice new frat house near the athletic center. 

‘I can't join a fraternity,’ Tim thought to himself, ‘even if they do pay.’ He thought of all the reasons he couldn't - no time, no money, but most of all, because Tim was gay. 

It was another of the reasons he just worked out all the time. Tim had known that he was queer early on in life, and was okay with it, but just, well...his sexual tastes ran toward the bizarre. "You're not even a real man," his foster father George had told him after catching a twelve-year-old Tim in the bathroom with a gay porn mag he'd found. George was his third foster father, a construction worker whose IQ was somewhere near his belt size. George flexed his bicep and pointed to it, with Tim cowering in the corner expecting another beating. "This is what makes a man!" George continued. "Hell, if I had my way, pussies like you would have their balls cut off 'em." 

George hadn't beaten him that night but Tim ran away soon after. He'd left on a rainy night in the spring, walking down the city streets with no particular destination, muttering to himself. “Asshole. I'd like to cut HIS balls off.” 

For years, even as much as he hated George, Tim had still felt like he deserved to be castrated. At first it was guilt over being gay or not feeling masculine enough, but with time he accepted his queerness, and by George's definition was more of a man than that fuck ever was. Hell, he was more of a man than ANYONE else was! Tim had one of the most masculine and muscular physiques ever developed, and stunningly handsome good looks to match. But even more than that, Tim’s greatest genetic blessing came in his sexual endowment. 

The sheer size of the block and tackle swinging between Tim’s enormously muscular thighs was spectacular, and he was hung like a prize stud bull. His massive, uncut cock was so thick and long that it looked like an elephant’s trunk, measuring just over 10” long when completely limp, as thick as a Coke can and covered with thick, gnarled veins. And when Tim’s horse cock was hard, it swelled to truly gargantuan dimensions, lengthening to over 16” of steel hard cock. The girth of the young man’s humongous penis grew as well, swelling thicker than a baseball bat and longer than a man’s forearm! Tim’s cock looked like a rock solid flesh cannon, and in truth, that’s what it was. 

Beneath that monster of a cock hung two testicles that were so large, so enormous, so gargantuan that the almost defied description. Each mammoth orb was larger than the largest of grapefruit and were monstrous, obscene, and intensely masculine. Even that prize stud bull would be jealous of awesome size and virility of Tim’s low-hanging spuds. 

And man did those balls hang low! Super low! Yes, even lower than the balls of a bull! Just the awesome weight of those twin stud nuts would have been enough to stretch out Tim’s thick scrotal sac, but combine the great mass of those bull orbs with Tim’s favorite pastime of pulling and stretching his balls, and you got an unbelievable dangle. When released from the confines of his tightly packed jeans, Tim’s beefy balls naturally hung over 6” from his crotch, where they would gently swing and sway, creating an intensely erotic sight. And when he set his mind to it, Tim could stretch them even farther than that. A LOT farther… If Tim’s balls already had a natural dangle of over 6” at the young age of 19, just think how low they’d be swinging when he reached 30!  

Tim’s magnificent set of nuts were obviously the source of his awesome masculinity and incredibly beefy musculature. They were also a great source of guilt and shame for Tim, and he was embarrassed by the monstrously over-sized nature of his bull balls. In high school, Tim tried to shower at the school gym when no one else was around, but one day he mistakenly thought the showers would be empty, and while he was in there, the entire swim team came in to take showers. Tim was caught unaware and was unable to hide, and so the entire team was able to see Tim’s gigantic endowment for the very first time. Though Tim never showered in the school gym again, it was already too late; his status quickly became legendary, and many girls (and no few boys) tried — unsuccessfully — for the rest of high school to seduce the young and hung muscle stud. 

Just finding clothes that fit was a difficult task for the massive young man. He already had to shop at specialty stores and through bodybuilder catalogues due to his massive musculature, but he had an even more difficult time trying to find clothes that hid his gargantuan cock and balls, and still allow him to walk without crushing his balls between his mammoth thighs. And forget about going “commando” – Tim’s balls hung so low that they would slip halfway down one of his baggy pant legs if they were not restrained. Tim had to special order jock straps from Canada that could not just accommodate the great bulk of his man meat and nuts, but that were also reinforced to carry the incredible weight of his genitals. 

Having balls nearly the size of coconuts also created another problem for the big stud. Massive balls also meant massive quantities of sperm. Tim’s moose nuts produced sperm at a fantastic rate, and though the balls themselves were massive in size, even they could not contain their burgeoning load for long. Tim found that he had to masturbate at least 5 or 6 times a day in order to avoid extremely painful congestion in his huge nuts, and there was always seemed to be plenty more sperm where that came from. 

In fact, Tim had never managed to milk his burly nuts completely dry, as his sperm production always seemed to keep up with ejaculation. One afternoon toward the end of high school, Tim felt incredibly randy and went on a masturbation spree, jacking himself off a dozen times in less than two hours. Each orgasm was a knock-you-to-the-ground, soak-the-mattress deluge of ripe and potent man cream, and never diminished in size from orgasm number one to orgasm number twelve. Though Tim was left satiated, he could tell that there was plenty more untapped sperm waiting in his beefy bull nuts. The young man was simply a walking and breathing sperm machine! 

If Tim did not keep up with releasing the sperm build up in his nuts, he was subject to spontaneous and extremely messy ejaculations that could happen any time, and anywhere. The worst such incident occurred in Tim’s first quarter at the university. It was finals week, and he had been studying so hard that he neglected to beat off for three whole days. That was the longest he had ever gone without cumming since he had hit puberty and become sexually capable at the tender young age of ten. 

He ran into problems partway into a four-hour chemistry final. Tim had worn baggy sweat pants that day, for his awesome nuts ached so much that anything more form-fitting caused tremendous soreness and pain. During the exam, the pain intensified tenfold, making it difficult for Tim to concentrate on the test, and his traitorous cock began to grow hard and leak copious amounts of precum into his pants. In a matter of ten minutes, the front of Tim’s pants were soaked, and the precum began to drip from his pants and onto the floor. Tim prayed that no one would notice the puddle that was starting to form beneath him, and he redoubled his efforts to try to finish the test before he blew his load. 

Tim began to squirm in his seat, and small moans began to escape from his lips as he focused all his energy on completing the test and keeping himself from cumming. As it turned out, both happened simultaneously – just as Tim finished the last question, the incredible pressure in his bloated bull nuts became too great, and he began to blast a truly massive load into his pants. Since his pants were already soaked, the great gushes of sperm poured out the front of his pants, and down his mighty, meaty legs as well, creating a vast pool of hot sperm beneath him that soon began to expand toward his nearby fellow students. 

His face beet red with shame and embarrassment, Tim left his finished exam on the table, clutched his books to his drenched crotch, and ran from the room, trailing a river of sticky and stinky cum behind him as still more sperm thundered out of his cannon-like cock. By the time he got home, Tim was forced to throw away his ruined books. From that point forward, Tim jacked off before nearly every class and every exam, just to make sure he did not have a repeat performance. 

Oh, and he aced the chemistry test… 

Yes, Tim’s great nuts caused him great shame and embarrassment, and he fantasized about having his enormous balls destroyed. He thought about his big balls being tied off with twine and cut free from his body; about his mammoth nuts being stretched to the breaking point and then chopped off with a butcher knife; about having his beefy bull balls placed in a vise that was slowly closed, crushing his balls until they popped; and about having his burly man orbs crushed by repeated blows from boots, clubs, or stacks of weights dropped from a great height. He'd think about knives to do it, machines, other people. He became obsessed with the destruction of his mighty, manly balls. 

At home and when he got horny, Tim would brutally abuse his own balls while fantasizing about having them destroyed. Some time early in high school Tim began his fetish about stretching his balls. He would take a thick cord and tie it around the base of his scrotum, and then begin to tightly wrap the cord around the scrotal neck, forcing his balls farther and farther down in their sac. His balls would swell slightly from the constriction, and the whole sac would turn an angry shade of red bordering on purple. Over time, Tim managed to stretch his balls farther and farther still, and several times had to go out and buy a new, longer length of rope once the earlier one became too short. Now, in his 19th year, Tim could wrap his nuts so tightly that the neck of his scrotum was stretched a full 10 ½ ”, and he seemed determined to extend that stretch to a full foot before the year was out! The braided cord created a tube of flesh that looked ridiculously long and narrow, ending in a massive double balloon of gargantuan bull nuts. His balls, if anything, looked even bigger as they bulged at the end of his overstretched sac, the scrotal skin stretched so dangerously thin that every detail of the surface of those massive orbs was plainly visible, including the tracery of fine veins that gave those mighty man lumps life. Having his balls so perilously close to bursting forth from their sac and tearing free of his body was a powerful turn on for Tim, and prepared him for the next part of his fantasy. 

Tim would then position his huge balls onto some solid surface, like a butcher’s block or a stone counter top. By this point, his cock was always rock hard and pointing skyward, well out of the way for the next round of attention. Once his balls were in place, Tim would grab a mallet or a club of some kind, and begin wailing on his beefy nuts, sometimes for hours at a time. 

His self-brutalization ritual was also self-perpetuating. As time went by, his beefy balls grew tougher and tougher, stronger and stronger, and were able to endure ever greater punishments. The huge orbs even grew larger still, both from the thickening of their protective outer shell, and from the further stimulation of his sperm production, which caused the meat of the testicles themselves to grow as well. Tim had started years ago with a simple wooden club, but had steadily progressed on to harder and more brutal instruments – a police officer’s billy club, a table leg, a hard rubber mallet. 

Tim would raise the mallet high, his titanically muscular arm bulging with raw power, and bring the mallet down with crushing force into his brutally stretched and utterly defenseless testicles. The mallet would land with a beefy SMACK!! into Tim’s straining ball flesh, causing the great orbs to bulge and deform slightly around the head of the mallet. The effect was awesome and immediate, huge bolts of agony shooting through Tim’s balls into his groin and belly. Before he even had time to recover, Tim would lift the mallet high into the air again, and land a second mighty blow into his screaming nuts. And again! And again!! And again and again and again and again and again and again!!! Tim threw all of his super human strength into each devastating blow, and the sheer force and power of a single blow would have been enough to shatter and pulverize a lesser man’s testicles. But Tim’s incredibly tough and powerful balls not only survived, they begged for more, begged to be destroyed, broken, reduced to a jellied mass of quivering ball meat. And again and again and again, Tim would try to burst his huge balls, but to no avail. 

The pain made it all really come alive to him; made him feel like more of a man for being able to take it. Invariably, he would eventually cum in gigantic ropes of thick splooge all over his massive pectorals and his chiseled stomach, thinking about the pain and damage the mallet was inflicting on his balls, and wishing he could just make the massive nuts go away. 


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Football Camp Incident - Original Version

Football Camp Incident
An original story by Sack Stomper

Dust flew as the short blue and white bus traveled down the heavily wooded lane one Saturday morning.  On board were eleven members of the local college football team, Pierre, the team’s physical trainer and the coach on their way to a team building weekend at Camp Charn.  Situated miles outside the city, Camp Charn was a university-owned twenty acre patch of walking trails, forests, a small lake and a central complex of a few minimalist brick buildings. 

“Coach,  how much further is this place?”  asked one of the players sitting toward the front, a husky lineman with fair skin, a mess of red hair and an almost comical amount of freckles.

“Not too much further, Cody,”  the coach said as he slowly navigated the bus down the unpaved road.

“Yeah, that sign said ‘Welcome to Camp Charn’ like ten minutes ago.  I don’t even have a cell signal out here,” another player -- the short yet powerfully build quarterback -- Blake shouted a 
few seconds later.

Blake dramatically held up his smart phone was flashing a ‘no network coverage’ animation. and pretended to scoff in annoyance.

The other players laughed.
“Ooh, you’re right. How are ya’ gonna get texts from you boyfriend back home?”  mocked Matt, a dark skinned running back sporting a bright yellow bandanna in his hair.  The bus erupted into 
jeers and laughter right as it finally rolled to a stop.

The bus had stopped in the middle of a large grassy field, that doubled as a parking lot. Surrounding the field were the camp’s only five buildings. Two  small dormitory buildings , able to  house about twenty people each, a small administrative office building, a cafeteria building and a relatively large gymnasium that could also double as a conference. center  It was spartan, to  say the least, but it was (even the most macho football player would have to admit) nestled among a gorgeous early spring landscape of forests and wildflower fields.  Camp Charn filled  quickly in the late spring and through summer with band camps and conferences so Coach Maxwell had booked an early spring weekend to beat the rush.

“Here we are gentleman,” said the coach as he flung open the door, “Let’s unpack in Dorm Building A and meet at the fire pit in, say, twenty minutes.” he motioned through the bus windows to a large stone fire pit about a football field away from the buildings.

The players were a rowdy bunch as they made their way off the bus carrying so many bags and equipment it looked as if they were going to be staying longer than their three night stay.

Freshman Jake Pennington was the last player off the bus. He had a slight limp and was using the seat backs as guides as he made his way down the bus aisle.

“Are you okay?” asked  Pierre, his French accent especially thick, as he made his way back onto the bus and stood on the landing.

Jake smiled “Yea, I’m fine. Just this damn foot.... oww!” Jake winced as he put too much pressure on his hurt right foot.

Jake Pennington had silvery-blonde hair and gray eyes which stood out prominently against his tanning booth bronzed skin.  At five foot eight he was the shortest person on the trip, with the 
exception of the non-athlete Pierre, but he had a very well-defined, but not overly- build muscular frame, his washboard abs clearly discernible under his muscle-fit Abercrombie sweater.
Despite the slight chill in the air, Jake was wearing a pair of loose fitting basketball shorts that showed off his powerful lower legs and let his egg-sized nuts and thick penis sway as he moved.

Jake caught Pierre gazing at the obviously free-swinging package under his shorts and grinned “Later, guy. Calm down.”

Jake motioned toward Pierre’s own crotch, an erection at least seven inches long snaking down the front of the skinny trainer’s  blue jeans.  Pierre was an average-build 25 year old graduate student, a bit softer around the middle than Adonis like Jake, but compared to the football players he was in charge of looking out for, he was quite out of shape. But what he may have lacked  in physical strength was more than made up for my his charm and his European accent which he played up regularly with the ladies and -- in Jake’s case -- the gentlemen on campus.

“Oh, sorry. What can I say, “ Pierre laughed, his face flush with embarrassment as he adjusted himself.

“There you two are, come on!” Blake shouted, reaching into the bus just far enough to give Pierre a playful pat on the ass. “This whole place is deserted! We have  run of it!!” Blake let out a  sophomoric laugh and ran back toward the dorm.

As Jake, assisted by Pierre, made his way to Dormitory he did notice an eerie sense of isolation on the camp grounds.  Since the football team was the first group to use the facility that season the entire complex was, quite literally, still in mothballs.  All of the buildings’ windows were still blacked out with insulating foam, their power washed facades looked almost new.  Some of the buildings’ bright red doors still had bold ‘wet paint’ signs on them.  Jake couldn't help but feel a certain sense of foreboding amongst such surreal quiet.

Dormitory A consisted of a two long rooms stacked end to end with bunk beds joined in the middle by a narrow shared bathroom.  All of the beds still had protective plastic sheets on them, the 
toilet water was purple from antifreeze and the whole place smelled and looked as if it had just been scrubbed down thoroughly in preparation for the busy season to come.  The rowdy football 
players hooted and howled, running up and down the rows of bunk beds like excited children, claiming beds and haphazardly dumping suitcases and bags full of clothes onto their chosen  bunks.

“Alright guys, settle down!” Coach Maxwell shouted running a hand through his thick yet graying hair, “Fire pit in ten minutes, be there!” 

The coach walked out of the door and a few of the players filed out immediately afterward.

Cody climbed to the top of bunk and shouted out, “Alright guys, we have to get serious!” in a tone playfully mocking the coach.

The players laughed.

“So Jake, you going to be joining our reindeer games anytime soon,” Matt asked, motioning toward Jake who was visibly in pain leaning against the wall.

“Ha, I hope so, this damn sprain. I might need to sit  out the first night run,”

“What a tragedy, and miss out on all the fun,” Matt laughed.

The ‘first night run’ was a tradition of these football camps where the players all met at the fire pit and went on a several mile run around the campgrounds, rounding the lake and finally returning to camp for more drills. Though in actuality many of the players would feign being too tired from the run and instead return to the dorm for the traditional football camp party night of  drinking games and pop music.

The group joked around for a bit longer before finally Cody, bringing everyone to order with  a clap of his bear-like hands called “Alright, kids. Over and out.”

All the players made a point to high five Jake as they made their way out of the door. And just like that, the mothballed dorm that had just sprung to life so dramatically was quiet.

Pierre stood in the doorway and watched as the players’ silhouettes became small dots along the horizon. A few moments later the fire fit erupted into flames, there was a barely audible cheer 
from the gathered players and then - as they had done every year before - all  of  the figures on the horizon slowly disappeared beyond the grassy field into the forest on their run. Pierre and 
Jake were alone.

“Are they gone,” Jake asked, managing to hobble over to Jake’s side at the door.

“Yeah, they just left.”

“Good, I really could use a nap, “ Jake smiled, stretched out his arms and yawned dramatically.

“Do you want me to wrap that for you?” the dark haired trainer asked kneeling to softly massage Jake’s foot.

“Mmm that feels good,” Jake signed, his head tilted back slightly.

Pierre slowly massaged Jake’s foot, slowly inching up to his shin, then his calves, finally his thighs.  Pierre’s hands stopped just inches from Jake’s bulging package and Pierre looked up at Jake  and winked.

The two looked at each other coyly for several moments before Pierre suddenly sprung to his feet, grabbed Jake around the waist and pulled the quarterback toward him.  The two locked lips and pressed so close together Jake could clearly feel Pierre’s rock hard, jeans-encased cock rubbing against his thigh.  Jake’s muscular hands roamed Pierre’s body, caressing him with a tenderness that wouldn't be expected from such a ruggedly built ostensibly straight jock.

The heavy making up went on for only a few minutes, but just long enough for Jake’s basketball shorts to be soaked in precum.

“Shit! I forgot my medical bag in the bus, I can’t wrap your foot. I gotta’ get it,”  Pierre grudgingly pushed Jake away.

Jake signed “Come on, Pierre. Just a quick...”

“No, we gotta’ wrap that. Seriously. It has to hurt, doesn’t it?”

Jake rolled his eyes while nodding yes.

“See, I don’t wanna’ see you hurt, Jake,” Pierre said kissing Jake tenderly on the cheek, “I’ll just be a minute. And when I’m done with your foot I am gonna suck your cock until your balls 
fucking implode.” Pierre growled.

“Feisty, I love it!”  Jake reached out and gave Pierre’s bulging crotch a playful squeeze before the trainer ducked out the door for the bus. 

The bust had been parked at least half a football field away from the complex of buildings, Jake thought, enough time for a lightning-quick shower to wash off the road grunge. After all, he didn’t want to disappoint Pierre.

Jake made his way to his bunk along the furthest end of the dorm, grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom.  The bathroom was long and narrow with only two doors, one leading to the first 
bank of bunks -- where the team was staying -- and the other leading to the  other which was still moth balled.  The shower area didn’t have dividers, which would play well for the towel-snapping and horseplay that was sure to come.  Jake stripped in front of the mirror, leaving a pile of clothes as a hint for Pierre to join him  in the shower. As he did so, he couldn’t help but to  admire the well-defined muscular young man in the reflection. He curled his bicep and kissed it playfully before stepping into the shower.

Jake turned on the water and was startled at how bone chillingly cold it was.

“Jesus!” he shrieked as he squirmed in place waiting for the temperature to slowly increase.

When it finally did, Jake relaxed and let the warm water cascade over his body, rippling down his washboard stomach, dripping off his large egg sized nuts, running down his toned legs and 
pooling at his feet.  The warmth was incredibly relaxing and for a moment his mind  was clear from what had been a constant nagging pain from his sprained foot. 

“I can’t wait until Pierre gets back! I’m gonna pound...” Jake’s thought was interrupted by a noise in the distance.

“Pierre?”  Jake called out.

Jake could hear the outside door to the dormitory close; “Pierre’s back!” the young jock smiled.

The water continued to cascade over Jake with such force that he didn’t open his eyes as he heard footsteps approaching from behind.

“I was wondering what took you so long, Pierre. Did you bring...”

Jake wiped the water from his face and turned to face to Pierre and screamed in sheer horror at who he saw instead.  A man, standing a little over six foot tall wearing black pants , a black sweatshirt and black boots was standing just a few feet from him.  The man was average build, though the outfit was a bit baggy so it was hard to be certain if he was muscular or not. The outfit wasn’t particularly off-putting except for the black ski mask that totally obscured the stranger’s face.

The man in black stood looking at Jake for a few awkward seconds before Jake, clutching his chest from the earlier fright laughed and reached to turn off the water.

“Dude, what the hell are you doing! You nearly scared me to death. Who are you, Matt?”

Jake reached toward the stranger’s face mask to reveal him, but as he did so the man reached out with incredible alacrity and grabbed Jake’s hand.

“Dude what the hell...”

WHAM! The stranger drove his free fist into Jake's right eye, catching the naked stud  totally unprepared

“Hello,”  the stranger rasped, his voice totally unknown to Jake and filled with a mix of annoyance and anger.

Jake staggered backward, clutching his eye, too startled by what had just happened to fight back immediately. It was just the opening the Stranger needed....

WHAM! the Stranger punched Jake again in the same eye sending Jake into a world of hurt and falling backward to the ground. The quarterback landed on his tailbone with a loud thud and 
tried to scoot away from the Stranger who was lumbering toward him.  However the pain in his sprained right foot made even this difficult and the Stranger seemed to notice.

“Oh,” said the Stranger as he stomped his boot several times into Jake’s right foot.  Jake howled and was filled with so much pain he thought he was going to be sick.

“Who the fuck...”

WHAM! the Stranger delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of Jake’s head that sent him sailing into the wall.  Jake slumped there, totally dazed and clutching the side of his face. He could 
feel blood running from his nose and eye. The Stranger stood looking down over Jake, whose perfect body was still dripping from the shower, and for a moment neither of them moved. Jake 
knew this was no sophomoric prank and that he had to get out of there...

“Aaah!’  Jake grunted springing to his feet in a bid to run, but falling right to the ground again in pain from his foot.

Jake slumped against the wall, defenseless, his legs spread lazily.

“Please, take anything you want, please don’t hurt me,”  piss ran from Jake’s leg as he trembled in genuine fright.

“Not interested,” came the sinister voice as the Stranger lifted his large, booted left foot over Jakes nuts which were laying in a heap between his legs.

Jake looked down and knew instantly what was about to happen...

“No, don’t!”


The boot slammed down with tremendous force three times in rapid succession, crushing Jake’s balls into the tile floor. Jake’s eyes rolled in his head and his mouth was open, yet no actual  sound was coming out. Jake had never experienced any pain so intense in his entire life and his brain had quite literally shut down for a moment.  The Stranger lifted his boot and steadied it  over Jake’s now red balls again and stomped down.  Jake was able to  reach out and brad the Stranger’s leg at the shin, using all his strength to hold the Stranger’s foot just an inch above his battered sack.

For what seemed to Jake to be a long time, the Stranger grunted in effort as he attempted to finish stomping down. Jake’s arms were strong, but the Stranger’s legs were stronger, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop him from stomping long.  Jake let out a primal grunt and lifted his arms into the air in an attempt to lift the Stranger’s leg and unbalance him.  It didn’t work. Instead, Jake lost his grip on the man’s leg and the Stranger stomped twice more on Jake’s nuts.


Jake howled in agony, and flopped on his stomach in a desperate attempt to save his nuts. He tried crawling away but the Stranger gave out a grunt-like laugh and effortlessly lifted the blonde 
quarterback by his hair.  When Jake was a few feet from the ground, the Stranger flipped him like he was a rag doll, holding Jake in a bear hug with Jake’s back against his chest.  The Stranger 
carried Jake kicking and pleading in front of the same bank of mirrors Jake had been posing in front of just a few moments ago.

“Pretty little quarterback,” the Stranger hissed in Jake’s ear.

The Stanger had Jake firmly held from behind, forcing the quarterback to ‘admire’ himself in the mirror.  His muscles were glistening with sweat and the strain of trying to get lose, and his large red nuts swung wildly between his legs.  Jake couldn’t believe the strength this guy must of had to be holding him so effortlessly with one arm across this chest...

Jake’s struggles intensified when he felt the Stranger’s clammy hand reach between his legs and clutch both of his nuts. The squeezing started immediately and didn’t stop...

Jake looked at his reflection in horror as his prized ball bag was kneaded and squashed in the Stranger’s large hand.  It felt like they were in a vice, and he could feel -- and see in the reflection -- each testicle being mashed into the other. Tighter and tighter...

“Oh God!” Jake screamed, his eyes locked on the image of his genitals being destroyed.

“They’re gonna pop...” the Stranger whispered softly in Jake’s ear.

Pop? Jake’s mind was in panic but he was too overwhelmed by pain and terror to do much more than the feeble attempts to get away he was already doing.  The Strangers vicelike grip continued, Jake’s sack was turning beet red and was bulging obscenely, no longer able to discern the right nut from the left. They were being mashed into each other and Jake knew any moment  they were, like the Stranger had said, going to pop...

Jake was starting to pass out when he felt the pressure suddenly release from his balls and the arm that had been keeping him in place let up.  The Stranger stepped back and let Jake fall to the ground with a thud.

“I gotta’ get out of here,” was all Jake could think about as he crawled toward the bathroom door. The aching from his crotch was tremendous and combined with his still hurt foot what he  perceived to be a decent-pace crawl was in actuality a slow slog across the floor.  The Stranger stood over Jake laughing at the stud’s pathetic attempt to escape, then kicked Jake hard on his  side, rolling him onto his back and again exposing his football player balls.

Jake quickly went to cup his privates with his hands, but the Stranger had swooped to kneel down between his legs and, without warning, slammed both of his fists into Jakes’ tight solar plexus. Jake gasped in pain and his hands instinctively raced to his chest, again exposing his goodies.  The Stranger took the opening to roughly grab the Jake’s nuts with one hand while doing  something with them with the other. Jake was too distracted by pain to notice at first what was happening. The Stranger had wrapped Jakes sack with twine several times, pulling the egg sized  nuts inside several inches from his body, trapping them at the very limits of  the sack.  This also totally exposed the testicles to whatever force was applied to them.  If the Stranger hit them in  that position, they wouldn’t be able to deform or flatten; all the force would go straight to the tender membranes and tissues holding the ball’s shape together...


The Stranger sprang to his feet and before Jake could cover his genitals with his hands the Stranger had stomped twice on the trapped balls.

Jake attempted to roll over in pain but the Stranger’s boot was still on top of his balls.

Jake pleaded with the Stranger, who just laughed as he slowly lifted his other boot from the ground.  Even in his pain-soaked mind, Jake knew what was about to happen.  All of the Stranger’s 
weight was going to end up on the foot that was standing on the trapped balls, so by extension all of the Stranger’s weight was going to end up on Jake’s balls.

Jake screamed and howled like an animal, grabbing at the Stranger’s shin in an effort to lift his foot off of the doomed balls.  The Stranger painstakingly lifted his other foot until it was knee 
high, and the Stranger was standing entirely on Jake’s balls.  Jake could feel  the pressure mounting as the eggs flattened under the tremendous weight.   By now Jake was beyond even 
screaming, his arms limp in shock and pain... but the Stranger didn’t let up.

The Stranger stood on one foot for at least a minute, but the sturdy jock spuds held firm. He then began to slowly bounce on his foot, mashing the orbs into the tile floor. He bounced harder and 
harder as if he was on a trampoline but his foot never completely leaving the balls. Jake moaned and his eyes lost focus.  He could feel his nuts getting flatter and flatter and flatter.  He didn’t 
know how much more they could take...

“Here they go, stud.  Gonna’ burst!”  the Stranger was taking sick pleasure in feeling the two firm eggs lose their shape under his boot.

“Here they go... they’re gonna' blow."

Indeed Jake could feel his ball membranes giving way.  They weren’t plumping back up after each bounce and the pain was unbelievable.

“Oooooh!” Jake wailed in a pitch and volume he had never produced as he felt his right nut explode like a huge crushed grape.

Now all the Stanger’s weight was on his left battered nut.  Lefty was the biggest of his nuts, but even if couldn’t hold up...


Jake’s last ball finally caved in with a loud, wet squashing sound.  Both of Jake’s huge jock nuts had totally blown apart in the sack, the Stranger’s heavy boot now standing on a flattened sack.   Jake’s eyes shot open, his body convulsed and he passed out on the cold tile floor.  The Stranger stepped off the squashed scrotum that was totally flattened and swelling purple-blue just long  enough to raise his boot and stomp violently a dozen times. The first five blows totally liquefied the contents of Jake’s sack. Stomps six and seven split the sack almost exactly at the seam and the remaining crushing blows ripped open the sack splattering the stud’s perfect abs, the floor and the Stranger’s boot with mutilated ball goop.

“One down,” said the Stranger, looking down at the passed out stud.

Jake truly was a paradigm of male perfection; strong arms, firm pecs, perfectly toned legs... and a splattered mess between his legs.