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Superman's Demise - Part Two

Things are getting serious for the Man of Steel. Dr. Studbuster reveals his plan to milk Superman of his extraordinarily potent sperm to breed his own army of super soldiers...and his intent to burn out the hero's humongous balls in the process!

Superman's Demise

PART TWO — Plundering Superman’s Loins 


I close my eyes, listening to the sounds of water gurgling through the ball pouch, the hum of machinery, and Superman's ragged breathing. Dr. Studbuster turns a knob on his console, rotating the examination table so the head is slightly higher than the foot. Opening my eyes, I now have a clear view of the tortured hero. I suspect that a bad situation is about to turn much worse. 

Dr. Studbuster checks all the connections once more, "So, Superman, thanks to my superior intellect I am about to forcibly take from you the very essence of your powers. You will undoubtedly feel your greatness flowing out of your body as my Extractor stimulates your nipples and continuously pumps your penis, scrotum, testicles, and prostate. The Extractor will swallow every drop of semen that you can produce. And thanks to your dense molecular structure, incredible endurance, and super human virility, you should have an uncanny ability to recover after ejaculating. That's good. I intend to run the Extractor at full power until your testicles are burned out and incapable of producing sperm. I am literally going to run those huge balls of yours to failure, castrating you by working your balls to death! You possess extraordinary power and endurance, Superman, so I fully anticipate that it will take a good long while to burn out your behemoth balls, but rest assured, they WILL be destroyed. I expect that those full, fabulous balls of yours will be left with considerably less bulk – and reduced to a fraction of their present size — before you are reduced to nothing more than a useless eunuch! When I'm done with you, you'll be my impotent slave! Lois Lane will look upon you as a freak! Any last words?" 

With as much defiance as a man in his situation could muster, Superman spit out, "I'll see you in hell! You'll never succeed with your perverted plans. As long as I'm alive, I'll hunt you down and make you pay for this!!!" 

Todd leans close to Superman's handsome, sweat-soaked face, "Oooh, we're so scared. Once Dr. Studbuster is finished, your powers will be permanently erased. You'll be a sperm-less, flaccid freak, unable to cum! We’re going to take you from being super human to something less than a man! All you'll be good for is being a butt-buddy for all of our future Super Sex Fiends! They'll use and abuse that pretty ass of yours day and night! Your avenging days are over!!! And you can kiss your marriage to Lois Lane goodbye. She'll never want you after we're done with you. Besides, how would you ever consummate the marriage?" 

Dr. Studbuster turns to me, "Do you have a good view, boy? I don't want you to miss anything. Though this entire show will soon be televised to the whole globe, you have the distinct honor and privilege of having front row seats!” Of course, I have an unobstructed view, being handcuffed just a few feet away from the table. Without further ceremony, Dr. Studbuster starts the Extractor.

Electrical current begins running through the tit clamps, causing Superman's massive chest muscles to twitch uncontrollably, deepening the incredible crevice between those huge, thick plates of muscle. More current is diverted to the metal contacts on the Prostate Stimulator buried deep inside his anus, the extended nubs rubbing against the prostate and bowel lining. The water temperature in the nut pouch begins alternating between warm and cool while the water pressure simultaneously increases and decreases, squeezing and releasing the massive, trapped ball sac. And finally, a vacuum pump starts, generating intense suction on the end of the steadily enlarging cock. 

Despite the intense pain in his balls, dick, and ass, Superman's pleasure points are being programmatically stimulated, giving intense pleasure along with the intense pain. He tenses up, straining at the leather straps that keep him laid out on the table, but he is far too weak to escape his bonds and prevent what is happening to him. Superman’s huge cock quickly begins to inflate in response to all the stimulation, growing larger and longer and thicker, and larger and longer and thicker, and still larger and still longer and still thicker! As my eyes widen in amazement, I watch in disbelief as Superman’s mighty cock achieves dimensions never before seen on a man. The hard rubber tubing of the suction device is forced to expand under the relentless swelling of the cock trapped inside it, and I wonder for a few moments if the suction tube would split under the strain. 

Finally, Superman’s cock achieves its full, gargantuan size. The mighty schlong must be well over 22” long now, for while the suction device is still encasing the first 8” of the cock (my god, can I actually be saying “the FIRST 8”?!?), at least another 14” of thick, rock hard, pulsating cock is visible below the device. The awesome girth of his cock is at least as extraordinary as its impossible length, and appears to be even thicker than the business end of a large baseball bat. Considering that Superman’s massive phallus was nearly as LONG as a baseball bat, I guess it was only fitting that it would be as thick as one as well. 

The mighty cock was achingly beautiful, a powerful column of man flesh covered in a tracery of pencil-thick veins that made the huge cock pulse with life. The massive cum tube running on the underside of that gargantuan penis had to be as thick as my thumb! And even though it was encased in the straining suction tube, I could clearly make out every curve and line of his titanic cock head, which was bigger than a large fist. I glanced over at Todd, and realized with a surreal start that Superman’s heroic cock was longer, thicker, and more powerful looking than Todd’s own thick and muscular forearm!!

As the evil attentions continue and Superman begins to moan and rock his head from side to side, I see some clear, thick pre-cum start to dribble into the Extractor’s clear tank. Dr. Studbuster and Todd examine the tank and nod with satisfaction. His dick is fully and painfully erect now, tightly gripped inside the vacuum hose. So thick was Superman’s huge cock that, with each pulse and throb, I was convinced it would rip open the rubber tube sheathing encasing its tremendous, throbbing bulk. But I guess that plastic sheath must have been made of some super strong polymer, for it endured even the powerful throbbing of Superman’s godly fuck muscle. 

Soon, Superman starts to buck his hips a little, his moans becoming more intense. The Man of Steel is powerless to stop the throbbing feelings of pleasure building in his super human loins. He shakes his head from side to side as he fights against the orgasm building in his huge cock and pendulous balls, but the machines are relentless and mercilessly continue to rape his most private parts. 

All of a sudden, Superman lets out a long growling moan, and his cock swells even larger still, if that’s even possible. The mammoth organ throbs once, twice, and then three times, and then huge white gobs of cum start pounding out into the Extractor tank. The first gargantuan blast of cum is more than a normal man could cum in a month, a massive spurt of thick jism over five feet long that is jettisoned with such amazing force that I was surprised the tubing buried inside his huge cock didn’t shatter into fragments of broken plastic. The first huge blast is followed quickly by another, and another, and another, each massive jet of cum as titanic as the first, in a seemingly never ending display of hyper masculinity. Spurt after massive spurt of jism begins to coat the entire bottom of the big storage tank. No man could possibly cum so much!! And yet the titanic orgasm thunders on and on!! Ten shots become 20, then 30, then 40, then 50, until I lose track of how many massive salvos of super sperm have been shot into that huge storage tank. Superman comes for well over a full minute before collapsing weakly back on the table. As the final dregs of his earth-shattering load are squeezed out of his cock, Todd inspects the reading on the side of the tank and whistles, announcing that Superman has just pounded out over a full GALLON of cum!! My mind reeled with the impossibility of such a volume of spunk! How could any man’s balls, even those as massive as Superman’s, even CONTAIN that much spunk!?! The internal pressures inside Superman’s most mighty of bull balls must be extraordinary indeed! 

But the Extractor doesn't stop. The water pouch fills with more water after detecting the ever-so-slightly decreased volume in the captive muscle hunk’s massive nut sac. And as the Prostate Stimulator continues to rub and electrify the prostate, pre-cum starts to drip into the collector tank again. Within mere minutes of his first orgasm, Superman is moaning again and his cock is stiffening for a second ejaculation. Bellowing in pleasure and pain, Superman’s huge cock begins shooting more cum into the Extractor. This second orgasm is just as titanic as the first, perhaps even bigger, and dumps ANOTHER gallon of cum into the tank! And once again, the water pouch intensifies its deadly squeeze on the stud’s helpless and trapped bull balls! 

As Todd stands and gloats over the mighty and helpless he-man, Dr. Studbuster turns to me and explains the function of the water pouch encasing Superman’s behemoth balls. Dr. Studbuster states that the squeezing action of the pouch stimulates increased sperm production, while simultaneously crushing the great nuts in an ever tighter grip. Each time that Superman ejaculates, his balls momentarily shrink very slightly, having just released a massive load of sperm. At that moment, the water pouch tightens further, crushing the huge nuts harder still, providing less room for the production of more sperm. Over time, each ejaculation will finally start to decrease in size as less and less space is available inside Superman’s balls to produce sperm, until finally, Superman’s balls will be crushed so tight that there is no room left for sperm production. At that point, Superman’s balls will be bone dry, completely empty of his powerful male essence. Dr. Studbuster also explains that the crushing force of the water pouch will be so great at that point that, utterly emptied of their virile cargo, Superman’s depleted balls will almost certainly rupture from the tremendous pressure, destroying his twin vessels of awesome masculinity forever. My throat goes dry at the thought of these evil men destroying the awesome source of power and virility on the greatest hero that ever lived, and yet I am powerless to save this gorgeous he-man from the awful fate that awaits him. 

Dr. Studbuster then returns to the monitors, and he and Todd continue to scan the console readouts, measuring the amount of sperm collected and the size of the Man of Steel's cum-packed nuts, eagerly awaiting the destruction of Superman. 


I watch the scene for hours, mesmerized by the awesome and terrible events playing out before me. The Extractor mercilessly continues its ministrations on the helpless Man of Steel, draining his huge balls of another fresh load every few minutes or so. Though it seems impossible that any set of gonads, even a pair as huge and mighty and oversized as Superman’s huge, beefy stud nuts, could produce even one such massive load, as time goes by the incredibly virile Man of Steel shoots out a dozen such loads, and then two dozen, and then three dozen, until Todd and the evil Doctor have a hard time keeping track. And after about three or four hours of this continuous raping and abuse, the Doctor begins to look a little concerned and frustrated, for Superman’s ejaculations have shown no sign of decreasing in intensity, frequency, or volume, and he finally realizes that he has far underestimated the sheer power and virility of the stud’s great bull nuts. 

But finally, about five hours into the process, the console indicates a slight decrease in the size of Superman’s ejaculations. And shortly thereafter, the frequency of his ejaculations began to show a slight decrease as well, going from every two or three minutes to every five minutes, and then another two hours later to every ten minutes. Superman’s gigantic balls, however, showed only the slightest decrease in size, heroically resisting the crushing grip of the water pouch as they struggled to produce batch after enormous batch of the muscle man’s extraordinary baby batter. 

Despite the noises of mechanical rape going on around me, I manage to drift off to an exhausted sleep, where I dreamed of being showered by Superman’s thick, powerful cum.  The dream is intensely powerful and erotic, and I awake to find myself spontaneously ejaculating my own load across the cold concrete floor in nearly a dozen thick lines of goo. 

Upon awakening, Todd informs me that it's now Thursday night and that Dr. Studbuster is resting. Superman has now been subjected to this brutal torture for over 16 hours! 

In front of me, the Extractor continues its devilish task of draining Superman of his vital ball fluids and male essence. The examination table is completely wet with his sweat. I wonder how long Superman’s prostate and anal walls can take the abuse of the Prostate Stimulator. He's quietly sobbing and moaning now. His glorious body is glistening with sweat as another load of super sperm is painfully pulled from his tortured genitals. I can see that the size of his loads has indeed decreased in size, but they are still titanic and super human, measuring several quarts in volume. 

I look at the collector tank and see that it's half full of thick whitish liquid. Todd is busy placing a full tank of fresh jism into a huge freezer, and I can see dozens and dozens – possibly over a hundred! – of other tanks in there being chilled already. The laboratory has become a perverted one-man sperm bank!! The sheer quantity of sperm that had already been harvested from those huge nuts was absolutely phenomenal, and I guessed that there must be enough spunk in that freezer to fill a good-sized swimming pool! 

Looking back at Superman, I see that he's become an incoherent mass of beautifully defined muscles. His icy blue eyes no longer seem to focus on anything and drool is running out of one side of his mouth. The huge, mighty dick is still hard as a rock, and if anything is swollen even larger than before from all the constant stimulation, visibly puffy and discolored through the clear plastic sheathing. Superman’s massive balls are also clearly visible through the plastic of the water pouch, but they looked no smaller to me. From their angry red color and the way they are quivering, however, I know that the water pouch must be exerting truly tremendous pressure on them. I watch in sick fascination as the Man of Steel convulses once again and huge spurts of slightly watery cum empty into the Extractor. I'm guessing that the time between orgasms is around 20 to 30 minutes now, which is still incredibly impressive considering the gallons of ejaculate that he's still producing, and the amount he’s produced thus far! 

My arms and hands are numb from being handcuffed to the chair. Dr. Studbuster returns and, after placing a restraining strap around my chest, stomach, and legs, generously releases my handcuffs. I start flexing my fingers and arms to bring the feeling back to them. After a bit, he brings me a glass of some sort of nutrient drink. Todd returns and under his watchful eye, I'm allowed to use the bathroom and take a shower. When I'm secured in the chair again, Dr. Studbuster examines Superman's balls and ass, muttering, "Hmmm, excellent. It won't be too long now." 

Time and time again, the Extractor pushes the tormented hero to the limits of pleasure and pain. More containers are filled with the precious ball juices and frozen for Dr. Studbuster's insane schemes. Hours go by, and each ejaculation takes a little longer to come. I am certain that Superman's balls are a little smaller now, crushed in the grip of the water pouch. His cum has also become quite watery, less milky. Still, he never loses his massive erection, his hips thrusting periodically just before another big load is sucked out of him. 

I guess Dr. Studbuster is being cautious, as he has Todd give Superman more Kryptonite sperm mixture every hour. He must not want that man juice to sweat right out and restore Superman's super powers. During one of Superman's hourly sperm feedings, Todd generously gives him a second helping of cum. As Superman reluctantly swallows the second dose, Todd whispers to him, "Did you enjoy that? I hope so! That was some of your own cum!! You've been reduced to eating your own jism, Superman! You've been raped by man, machine, and now yourself!!! Hahahaha!!!" Superman tries to spit up his own cum, but it's already deep inside him with the rest of the Kryptonite-irradiated cum. 

I sleep some more until Todd wakes me up and takes me to the bathroom so I can clean myself off. I’ve cum again in my sleep, and my thighs are plastered with my own spunk. 

Over 24 hours has gone by, and still the Extractor continues. Both Dr. Studbuster and Todd are amazed at Superman’s awesome endurance and virility, but they know that it can’t be too much longer now. 

As I sit in my now familiar chair, I observe that they've once again spread those huge muscular legs apart. In horror, I see that the water pouch is almost completely filled with water. Superman’s heavy, bulging nut sac is now being subjected to over two tons of pressure per square inch, and yet somehow those mighty bollocks continue to endure. Superman’s eyes are completely closed as he grunts and sends a few powerful jets of thin cum into an almost empty tank. 

Several hours elapse, with each agonizing, forced orgasm producing decreasing amounts of semen. I realize that he's never going to fill that last tank. Each ejaculation generates only a few short spurts of diluted jism now. 

Finally, early Saturday morning, after over two full days of constant milking, Superman opens his eyes and starts screaming in a raspy voice, "Uuuhhnn! No!! Turn it off! Please, turn it off!!!" Then he starts moaning and once again makes humping motions with his groin. The Extractor keeps sucking away while the water pouch fills to its limits with water. He grunts once more as his abdomen and thighs quiver. Superman begins to ejaculate, and we all keep an eye on the collector tank, but no jism appears. The suction pump is beginning to sound labored, and still Superman’s dry orgasm continues. A low moan escapes from the Man of Steel's mouth, building in intensity and volume to a glass-shattering bellow. Dr. Studbuster turns up the intensity of the water pouch, building the pressure to three tons per square inch, then four, then five! Over 10,000 pounds of pressure per square inch is being focused on Superman’s screaming bull balls!! Surely, no man, not even Superman, could survive this!!! I know that the Man of Steel’s huge bull balls are about to implode at any moment, ending his phenomenal masculinity forever!!! 

The Extractor continues to pump away on the captive dick until, finally, from the very deepest wells of Superman’s twin bull balls, a blast of thick, white semen shoots into the container, by far the largest, thickest, whitest blast of cum the young muscle man had yet produced! A massive slug of cum over eight feet long!! Superman’s final reservoir of super spunk had been tapped, and his mighty balls have been pumped bone dry for the very first time in his young life. 

And STILL the Extractor continues its brutal plundering of the muscle giant’s loins! Every magnificent muscle in his extraordinary body bunches and tenses, limbs straining in their straps, as Superman tries to escape the Extractor's evil grip. The raping of his ass and the unimaginably painful crushing of his humongous balls has Superman’s manhood on the very edge of permanent destruction! With a final tortured bellow, his powerless body goes limp. The exhausted muscles spasm briefly as the anguished super-hero mercifully blacks out. Dr. Studbuster quietly walks over to the console and switches the Extractor off, "It is done."


  1. This is hotter than the original. Thank you for all those remake stories you made. I love it.

    1. Thank you so much for that compliment! I consider that very high praise considering that Robert Moon is one of my all-time favorite erotic authors. I hope you enjoy the remaining chapters as well!

    2. I am sure I will. As Robert Moon is also my fave artist. Too bad theres so little of his works. And I love the part where you emphasize more on the milking part. Milking out all those stud essence.. Maybe you can start making more stories of your own.

    3. I agree -- it is such a shame that so few Robert Moon stories are out there for us to enjoy. I think I've found (and now posted here) everything of his that's posted on the Web, but if you know of any others, please let me know!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the milking sequence. I've always enjoyed the idea of draining a big bull stud of his manly fluids, preferably while under duress and pain. Just a devious and wicked little fantasy of mine! :)

      I do have some stories of my own that will be posted here in the months to come. One that's a massive opus of about 20 chapters that I finally finished a few months ago. But thanks for the vote of confidence! :)

    4. Haha not a problems. I love your writing style after all. And youre not the only one with that fetish ;) I also love forced milking and sounding tube. Milking all those juices right from the source. Will be looking forward to it and thank you.

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