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Marine Corp Meat - Part 6 (conclusion)

Marine Corp Meat, Part 6
Based on an original story by an unknown author


The blood-spattered steel table was moved away and replaced with a large gas grill, which was placed between the Lance Corporal’s monumentally muscular thighs. His hideously battered and swollen bollocks hung extremely low, more than six inches down from the young Marine’s sweaty crotch, but were still a foot or so above the burners. The grill had not yet been turned on, but Matt could already anticipate the searing pain that was to come. 

The lead scientist stepped forward once again, wrapped one gloved hand around the base of Matt’s humongous balls, and said in his broken English, “Grill normally able to cook balls without help. But these balls extremely large, extremely thick and dense! Not cook evenly on grill. Therefore will use special metal rods to help cook balls.” He then lifts up a handful of slender metal rods, each about four feet long, the same length as the grill itself. “Push rods through balls, heat transfer from grill to metal in rods, cook balls from inside and outside at same time!” 

Despite the cold fear in the pit of his corrugated stomach, Matt snarled, “Do your worst, you sick fucker! Harpoon my fat baby makers! Skewer them on your grill! Hell, make ‘em look like a pair of massive pincushions!! I don’t fuckin’ care! I’m the toughest bull Marine stud you’re ever going to meet, and I can take whatever you dish out!” 

The scientist just smiled and selected the first metal rod. The slender steel needle had a very sharp, pointed tip, and the cruel Russian placed that tip against the side of Matt’s colossal left nut. He held the needle there for several moments, just letting the sharp tip poke against the slick and sweaty wall of the horribly battered bollock. Then, with a sudden and violent jab, he plunged the needle several inches into the squishy flesh. 

Matt’s arctic blue eyes bugged wide open and a bark of pain escaped his lips as he felt the steel rod spear deep into his left nut. He tensed and flexed his sweating, tortured, muscle-bound, iron-pumped body and gritted his teeth against the primal pain shooting from his skewered bollock. But the pain only grew as the cruel scientist continued to slowly spear the rod through his battered ball. 

As the sharpened rod erupted out the other side of his left ball and started to dig into his right, the big, strong American soldier flexed his muscular physique larger still, making his huge slabs of pectoral meat protrude even further from his chest, and he began to utter an unearthly bellow of animal agony. At that same moment, his colossal horse cock unleashed yet another massive load of clear, slimy precum, dousing the insides of the grill with his crystalline seminal juices. 

It was only a short time — though it felt like an eternity in hell for Matt — before the first metal rod burst out of the far side of the Marine’s bloated right ball. Surprisingly little blood leaked from the wounds on the sides of his balls, and in fact there was more milky sperm leaking from the freshly-punched holes than there was blood. The scientist didn’t stop, however, and he kept pushing the skewer through until the two mighty bollocks were situated in the center of the rod. 

Matt was now panting like he’d just run a marathon. Tears once again streamed down his handsome cheeks, for the fiery, burning pain was more intense than anything he’d ever felt before. Lance Corporal Schmidt began whimpering as the scientist started to stab a second rod through his balls. The pain was more than he had bargained for, more than he had ever suffered before, more than he would have believed ever could exist. But there was absolutely nothing that this impossibly beefy specimen of prime male pulchritude and vitality could do to stop this assault on his prized manhood! His heart felt like it was about to explode, icy-hot needles of pain were stabbing his lungs, his brain, he could barely breathe. But his herculean body betrayed him, his super human strength making him endure each puncture, feel every inch of progress the steel rod made as it speared through his battered and aching nut flesh. 

The lead scientist gleefully punched more and more spikes through the Marine’s screaming ball meat, each skewer running lengthwise through the side of one ball and out the other, parallel with the spikes that had come before. With such freakishly huge balls at his disposal, there was a tremendous amount of acreage to cover, and the scientist only hoped that he had enough metal rods to adequately complete the job. 

Amazingly, the mighty Marine began to grunt and growl as he began to thrust his muscular pelvis forward, proudly and defiantly pushing his impaled bollocks even more firmly into his torturer’s hands. Even the cruel and jaded Russian soldiers lining the edges of the room were awed and impressed by the Marine’s tremendous show of strength and bravery, and their grudging but profound respect for the American muscle bull grew. He may have been a filthy enemy, but he was meeting his end with incredibly strength and honor. 

Within a quarter of an hour, the preparations were nearly complete. The young Marine bull stud bravely and proudly looked down over his massive, iron-pumped pecs and deeply grooved, rock hard abs at his massive balls. The ginormous orbs had been harpooned by nearly a score of steel needles, and a mixture of blood and raw cum dripped from his wounded balls onto the grill below. Even as he watched, the scientist wrapped a slender length of copper wire around the elongated neck of the Marine’s stretched out scrotum and started to twist the wire closed. The muscular bull gasped as the wire began to bite into the thick neck of his sac, cutting deeper and deeper until it almost completely disappeared under the skin. The terrible ache in his poorly used and abused bollocks started to climb higher still, for now the blood and nutrient supply to his colossal cajones had been choked off by the wire. The pain was utterly unbearable, but somehow big Matt continued to stoically endure. 

The lead scientist explained to his suffering captive, “Wire cut off blood flow to balls and prevent you from dying while we cook nut meat. When cooking complete, I take scalpel and cut off balls just below wire, slicing through crushed neck of scrotum, and turn over balls to chefs who finish preparations and serve to our Fearless Leader. Wire keep you from bleeding out. Leave ugly and painful scar if allowed to live, but more likely you become organ donor for wealthy oligarchs. Gigantic bull cock to be cut out of body and mounted on wall as trophy.” 

“Do what you will to me, you sick fucking bastard!” the hunky Marine shouted defiantly. “I’ve always been more than willing to die for my country, for freedom! You can cook my balls, hack off my cock, and strip me for parts, but I will always be better than the likes of you!” 

“Brave until the end! Supreme Leader will like that!” 

“What?! Supreme Leader!?!” Matt cried. “Do you mean Vladimir PUTIN!?! The fucking dictator of Russia is gonna eat my fucking BALLS?!?!” 

“Yes, of course!” taunted the evilly grinning scientist. “Supreme Leader is elsewhere in facility right now, watching entire show via video! Want to say hello to him in camera?” 

“FUCK YOU, PUTIN!!” the defiant Marine bull bellowed. “You will never win!! The United States and its allies will defeat you!! And I hope you get indigestion from these huge, tough, Marine bull balls!!!” 

“Such bravery and defiance!” cooed the scientist. “Truly a spectacular specimen of manhood! Supreme Leader will gain much power and virility once he eats such massive balls!” 

While the two men had been exchanging words, other scientists had taken the ends of the metal rods and inserted them into place on either side of the gas grill. In order to do so, however, they had to pull Matt’s harpooned nuts even farther down from his crotch, stretching them to a phenomenal eight inches, but after everything else that the young man’s mighty balls had already suffered, being stretched almost to the breaking point was almost nothing in comparison. 

The gas grill clicked several times, and then a burst of great heat enveloped the undersides of Matt’s bloated nuts. Blue flames erupted all along the bottom of the grill, and though their fiery tongues fell more than half a foot shy of the huge lumps of man meat secured above them, the terrible heat was already starting to make Matt’s nuts sweat and turn an even darker shade of red. 

While Matt stared in horror at the burning grill, he noticed that the far ends of the rods were starting to glow a dull red from where they connected to the grill. He suddenly realized that there were electric filaments in the sides of the grill as well, which were even now starting to heat up the metal rods. Even as he watched, the ends of the rods were turning a brighter and brighter red, and that redness was gradually traveling down the lengths of the rods toward his skewered and helpless balls. 

The hunky Marine bull began to bellow in agony as the awesome heat fully enveloped both of his mammoth nuts. Even his colossal bull cock, quivering and throbbing high above the grill’s surface, was engulfed in pain as the terrible heat licked its way up its tremendous length all the way to its huge, bloated, mushroom-shaped head. And just when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, the heated rods reached the edges of the stud’s speared balls, searing the tender tissues and then tunneling deeper into their beefy depths. 

While the flames cooked the exterior of his balls from below, the red-hot metal rods were starting to cook them from the inside. The bull hunk of a Marine was now screeching in inhuman agony, thrashing so hard against his restraints that he looked like he might tear himself apart. His battered balls had now turned a bright, lobster red, and their undersides were beginning to blister. The increasing temperatures inside of his balls was causing all of that too-long-held spunk to start to heat up as well. As Matt’s vast reservoir of splooge neared the boiling point, thick clots of his raw sperm began to spurt out of the dozens of puncture wounds, sizzling as they struck the flames below and adding to the heady and disturbingly delicious aroma of slowly cooking ball meat. 

It wouldn’t be much longer before the hunky Marine’s proud bull nuts were cooked all the way through. In just a short while, nothing would remain of Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Schmidt but a memory. His behemoth balls would soon become a feast for Supreme Leader Vladimir Putin, his nearly foot-and-a-half-long, ass-splitting, USDA Prime monster meat would become a trophy on his wall, and the rest of his spectacularly muscular body would be butchered for parts. The young muscle bull finally felt true despair as he suffered the agony of having his balls cooked alive on his body. 

Suddenly, all of the men in the room could hear the staccato sound of gunfire in the distance. Looks of confusion were passed around the room as the men struggled to understand what was going on. Confusion turned to concern and then to panic as the men realized that they were under attack…and that the soldiers in the room were armed with nothing more than oversized meat tenderizers. 

The sound of gunfire became louder as it drew closer, and even Matt, nearly lost in a haze of incomprehensible agony, started to register the sound. Hope suddenly swelled in his heart. Could this be a rescue party, come to save him!? He feared that they would already be too late to save whatever was left of his proud bull nuts, however, for his massive man orbs were now glowing red from within, the super heated rods cooking them from the inside out! 

The soldiers and scientists scrambled to barricade the door, but it was to no avail. A sudden explosion sent both doors careening into the room, neatly decapitating one scientist and severely wounding several of the soldiers. Through the smoke, a team of elite U.S. Marines poured into the smoke-filled chamber, their automatic weapons raised and pointed at every Russian in the room. Realizing that fighting was hopeless, the Russian soldiers dropped their makeshift weapons, and the entire room surrendered. 

A trio of Marines rushed to the bellowing captive’s side and immediately turned off the grill. The many rods still glowed a bright cherry red, however, so two of the men donned insulated gloves, pulled the rods off of the grill, and then — as quickly but as tenderly as possible — started to yank the rods out of Matt’s still-burning flesh. Gouts of dead, clotted spunk spurted from each wound as the rods were pulled free and thrown to the floor, but in under a minute, the last of the red-hot rods had been roughly and violently pulled out of Matt’s nuts. 

As the Russian prisoners were rounded up, bound, and led from the room, a group of medics rushed forward to inspect the nearly 400-pound muscle man, who was not only alive but incredibly still conscious! The majority of his body was clearly free of injury, and even his monstrous bull cock, though an angry lobster red from the grill’s heat, was otherwise completely intact. They therefore focused their attentions on the ruins of his horribly and gruesomely mangled balls. 

The medics weren’t even sure what they were looking at upon first glance, as the blackened, blistered sac didn’t look like it could possibly contain a set of human testicles. The two colossal sphere-like shapes encased in that cracked and charred purse were each bigger than a bowling ball, MANY orders of magnitude too large to be human testes. One of the medics noticed the copper wire crimped around the neck of the young man’s mangled scrotum, and he realized that the only way to save the young Marine’s life was to slice the cooked and bloated ball bag off of him. He grabbed the nearby scalpel, held it up against the neck of the massive, fleshly bag, and prepared to make the slice that would finish what the evil Russian scientist had started, and turn the alpha male bull stud into a steer forever. 

At the last moment, another Marine rushed forward and shouted for the medic to stop. The young man was a member of Matt’s own platoon, he explained, and he told the medics that the beefy bull had been blessed with impossibly massive nuts. The Marine pleaded with the medics to try to do what they could to save Matt’s balls. The medic explained that untying the copper wire and allowing blood flow back into the ruined orbs could kill the young stud, but the Marine insisted, saying that it was what Lance Corporal Schmidt would have wanted. 

The medic started untwisting the copper wire, releasing its stranglehold on Matt’s bloated nutsac. As the blood and oxygen were finally allowed to flow into the young man’s starved tissues, the slam of agony into his balls was finally more than even Lance Corporal Matthew Schmidt could take, and the young muscle man finally, mercifully, passed out. 


It was touch and go for the next couple of days. Matt was immediately rushed to the nearest military hospital, and his wounds tended to the greatest extent possible. The blisters, charring, and even puncture wounds were not as dire as had been originally feared, and the doctors had high hopes that these injuries would heal nicely. But the vast majority of the damage to Matt’s herculean huevos had been done on the inside. The young man’s bollocks had clearly been beyond-brutally beaten, and that trauma alone would likely be sufficient to kill the young man’s gigantic testes. But the doctors determined that the terrific heat they’d been exposed to, both within and without, would be more than enough to finish them off. They believed that there was simply no way that any man’s balls could survive such extensive trauma. Lance Corporal Schmidt was kept in a medically-induced coma as his recovery was closely watched, and his medical team prayed that even a tiny fraction of his manhood could be saved. 

However, after the first five or six days went by, it became clear that the young Marine’s bull nuts were NOT going to die. Their swelling dramatically decreased (though they would never be smaller than extra large coconuts ever again), the blisters went away, and even the charred skin on the underside of his massive nutsac flaked away to reveal pink and healing skin beneath. Even the dozens of puncture wounds on the sides of his massive balls were healing, leaving behind a very faint spattering of tiny, virtually unnoticeable scars that almost looked like freckles on the sides of his nuts. 

But what of the young man’s fabled virility? Had his mighty bollocks been beaten to impotency? Had the sperm-producing tissues been burned out by the super heated metal rods? Would Matt ever again experience the exquisite release of a mighty gusher of lush, potent, life-giving sperm? The jury was still out on that. 

Before the doctors started to take Matt out of his coma, they performed one last surgery on the huge Marine bull. They delicately reopened the small incision at the back of his healing scrotum, fished out the ends of his severed sperm ducts, and reattached them to each other. Now all they could do was sit back and pray. 


When Matt finally regained consciousness, he found himself at one of the top military hospitals in Berlin. By then, all external evidence of the abuses he had suffered had already healed, leaving virtually no marks on his exquisitely-formed physique. Many of the other members of his unit were by his side when he woke up, and they all breathed a huge sigh of relief when it was clear that their buddy and compatriot was going to be okay. 

After the Marine buddies were given a chance to catch up, the other men were ushered from the room and top brass entered the Lance Corporal’s hospital room to give him a full debriefing. Matt learned that the U.S. government had been aware of the kidnapping and black market slave trading of American and Allied troops in Russia for some time now, but had been unable to crack it. One Major had the brilliant idea of secretly implanting tracking devices inside the dog tags of soldiers, so that if they were taken, the government could track them. The program had been very secretly implemented just a month before Matt’s own abduction, and was crucial in their success of tracking the young man down and rescuing him. 

Matt informed the generals that Vladimir Putin himself was involved in the slave trade, and had in fact been the intended recipient of his own huge balls. The brass told the young Marine that they were now aware of that fact, and had narrowly missed capturing Putin himself when they’d stormed the hidden mountain facility in Kazakhstan, where Matt was being held. But while Vladimir Putin and his top aides had made their escape during the raid, allied forces had secured a vast supply of military vehicles and other materiel, as well as capturing scores of scientists, doctors, researchers, and other personnel who had been hard at work on chemical and biological weapons. The allied forces had simultaneously struck at other locations in Turkey, Afghanistan, and the Ukraine, rescuing many dozens of captured soldiers, including the score or so of young men who have been on Matt’s cargo plane during his long flight. 

The generals heartily thanked Matt for his pivotal role in making a huge dent in the soldier slave trade, and told him that he would be receiving a number of medals and commendations as a result. They also said, however, that he could never talk about anything that had occurred. The entire operation and its aftermath were completely hush-hush and top secret. They explained that Vladimir Putin could not seek revenge or speak out against the military raids without implicating himself and his own government in their vile and evil activities. The rest of the world would turn on Russia if they ever knew what had happened, which was what was allowing the U.S. government to cover up their involvement in breaking the slave trade and rescuing so many prisoners. 

Matt was stunned by all of this news, and his head spun as he sorted through all of the facts. The generals promised that they would meet with the young man again, but told him to focus on healing in the meanwhile. 

Even after his months-long ordeal and more than a week in a medical coma, Matt’s physical recovery took only a matter of a few days, shocking the doctors and staff at the hospital. But the young man had vivid memories of every moment of his torment at the hands of the Russians, and he, too, wondered if his huge balls would ever function again. They looked and felt normal as he cradled them in his own huge hands. Sure, they were even bigger than ever before, and now permanently hung almost half a foot from his muscular crotch, but they looked healthy and hale, and they were no longer throbbing with inhuman pain. In fact, the young Marine felt rather randy, and he hoped that was a good sign. 

When he was finally cleared by his doctors, Matt took the big next step of seeing if his sexual equipment worked any longer. He was given a private room in the hospital and a sample container for his sperm, and then allowed to be alone for some ‘private time’. Despite his trepidation, Matt’s cock grew hard in no time, unfurling to its full extraordinary size and throbbing powerfully in front of him. It appeared that the size increase he had achieved during his captivity was permanent as well, for his monstrous bull cock now measured at just over 16.5 inches long and 12.5 inches in circumference at its widest point. He sadly realized that he was indeed too big to ever fuck any hole again, be it mouth, vagina, or ass, without tearing it apart. But at the same time, he was intensely proud of and turned on by his own magnificent and monumental size. 

He started stroking his huge cock with both of his big, muscular hands, and that familiar tingle started to grow inside of his mammoth balls. That tingle grew and grew, becoming more intense than any erotic sensations he’d ever felt before, and Matt began to panic that his equipment wasn’t working after all. He’d never climbed to such heights of ecstasy without blowing his load, and he thought he might pass out from the intensity of the sensations. But then, just before he thought his heart might give out, he hit his mark, and his orgasm began. 

Matt wasn’t prepared for the sheer force and volume of his titanic release. His first blast of cum was an unbroken stream that lasted for almost two full seconds, and painted an absolutely enormous, messy letter ’S’ on the wall in front of him. The hunky Marine’s knees almost buckled as the second blast hit, even larger and more powerful than the first, painting a thick slash of chunky white splooge up the wall and extending almost to the ceiling! Matt’s loins were pumping and contracting like never before, and the volume of spunk he was pounding out was simply super human! 

On the fifth or sixth blast, Matt had the presence of mind to point his shuddering cock at the sample container, but the blast struck the bottom of the plastic cup so hard that it very nearly tore the cup out of Matt’s hand. As it was, the container was instantly filled to overflowing, and the bulk of the sperm slug splattered wetly across the length of an entire table and onto the floor beyond. 

Matt must have cum for more than a full minute, and by the end of his epic release, he had painted every surface in the small room with ropes and streamers of his hyper abundant spume. Huge slugs of the staggeringly thick fluid dripped everywhere, and the whole room reeked of the young man’s funk. Miraculously, the clothes he’d folded in a corner had escaped being soaked in jizz, so he got dressed, put the cap on the sample cup, and exited the room, closing the door hurriedly behind him. A smiling nurse retrieved the sample cup from him, and her eyes flew wide when she saw that the container had been filled to the brim. She flashed a brilliant smile at the hulking young Marine, making the handsome stud blush as he hurriedly walked away. He was most of the way down the hall when he heard the nurse open the door and gasp at the mess she found inside, and he smirked as he exited the unit. 

Later that day, doctor’s tests confirmed what Matt already knew — not only was he still a fertile and virile stud, but his sperm count was literally off the charts! Whatever damage had been caused to the impossibly beefy interiors of Matt’s mammoth nuts, there was no evidence of it now. It appeared that Matt’s balls were pumping out sperm and testosterone like never before! 

Matt was discharged later that same day with a clean bill of health, and he returned to the nearby military barracks to await his new assignment. 

He was surprised the next day by a visit to one of the general’s aides from earlier in his hospital stay. The young man informed Matt that the military wanted to provide him with a two-week vacation on a small island off the coast of Italy, as a small way to thank the young Marine for his vital and pivotal role in halting the soldier slave trade. The aide explained that a helicopter was already waiting for them, so Matt grabbed his standard-issue duffle bag and followed. 

After a several hour flight, the helicopter landed on a small and beautiful island in the heart of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. A beautiful villa sat atop the center of the island, and the aide explained that all of Matt’s needs would be accommodated during his stay. The young Marine was wowed and astounded by the beauty of the island and his accommodations, and obediently followed the aide down to the basement wine cellar. 

The aide then explained that what Matt was about to see was top secret, then he opened a hidden panel in the wall to expose a very large, well-lit room beyond. Matt’s bright blue eyes grew wide as he quickly took in the contents of the large chamber. More than 30 men ringed the walls of the large room, each man completely naked, gagged, and bound, shackled by chains to the wall behind him. And Matt’s surprise grew even greater when he realized that he recognized each and every man in the room! These were none other than the Russian scientists and soldiers who had so cruelly used and abused him inside the mountain fortress!! The bound men instantly recognized Matt, too, for they all began to writhe and scream through their gags, terrified by the hulking young muscle man’s arrival. 

The smiling aide then explained that each of the men in the room had been thoroughly interrogated and were no longer of any use to the government. They would eventually wind up in a military prison, but before being sent there, the top brass thought it might be fitting for Lance Corporal Schmidt to have a couple of weeks to perform some ‘interrogation’ of his own. Matt then noticed all of the other equipment in the room — weights, chains, whips, clamps, and a vast assortment of other toys and accessories. As a malicious smile began to spread across his own handsome face, Matt heard the aide instruct him to try to not kill any of the prisoners, but that if some men had some unfortunate ‘accidents’ while in his care, the government would look the other way. The aide then excused himself with a smile, and closed the door behind him. 

An excited and eager Matt began to strip out of his military fatigues and get completely naked, wanting the men in the room to see just how intact he still was. He then flexed his huge shoulders and cracked the knuckles of his hands. This was going to be a GREAT vacation…!

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Marine Corp Meat - Part 5

Marine Corp Meat, Part 5
Based on an original story by an unknown author


Lance Corporal Matthew Schmidt moaned weakly in agony as yet another orgasm slammed into his loins, making it feel like his bloated testicles would simply explode. Voluminous squirts of hot precum jetted wetly across the room, adding to the large area of the floor that was already dangerously slick with his clear juices. But every last drop of sperm remained trapped inside of his burgeoning nuts. 

Matt had once again lost any track of time, but suspected that it had been a week or more since his forced vasectomy, perhaps even longer. And throughout all of that time, his entire body — and in particular his genitals — had been cruelly and ceaselessly stimulated to agonizing orgasm again and again and again and again. The combination of the constant stimulation and the various chemicals being fed into his body by his IVs meant that Matt’s behemoth bollocks had continued to work overtime, churning out more and more fresh sperm. But with nowhere to go, the tiny spaghetti-like tubules within his massive balls had become more and more congested with spunk, causing them to ache and throb more and more with each passing hour. 

The first few orgasms post surgery weren’t that bad, really. It was terrifying for Matt to see his loads pump out completely clear and devoid of the thick, clotted sperm he was so accustomed to, but the orgasms didn’t actually hurt. That quickly changed, however, as the congestion inside of the Marine’s hulking nuts continued to build.  

The massively muscular Marine was no stranger to having ‘blue balls’, for even having to forego sex or masturbation for as little as 24 hours had often resulted in his balls being painfully bloated with spunk. But the agony he was now experiencing was on a whole other level, a pain so brutal, so soul crushing, that he was certain it would kill most men. But unfortunately for Matt, he was too damned tough to die even from a terminal case of blue balls. 

Matt’s huge nuts were now hideously swollen and grossly distended, leaving even coconuts and cantaloupes behind to enter the realm of honeydew melons and bowling balls! The young man’s herculean huevos were so choked with spunk that they had almost lost their oblong, egg-like shapes, growing nearly perfectly spherical, dangerously bloated with thick and potent raw sperm. They had become hideously discolored as well, darkening from a healthy pink to an angry dark red to a deep purplish-blue, shot through with thick, dark purple veins that traced tortured courses all over their enormous surfaces. 

The colossal whale nuts were now even more heavy than ever, and pulled hard at the thick cords, tendons, and other tissues that anchored them to the young man’s crotch. The mighty dangle of those huge balls had increased even FURTHER, now extending just beyond six astounding inches. And it was now becoming apparent that the freakish size of his genitals — his 16.5+ inch beast of a cock, his monstrous boulder balls, and even the half a foot dangle of his weighty bollocks — were likely permanent. Big Matt speculated that, if he were ever able to miraculously break free, he would never be able to wear pants again, never be able to sit down at a toilet without having his huge balls fall into the toilet water, never even be able to walk again without fear of crushing his supremely low-hanging balls between the titanic pillars of his massively muscular thighs! 

But he also knew that these were potential problems that he would never have to face, as he knew that he wasn’t leaving this facility alive. 

Tears streamed unchecked down the young man’s achingly handsome face, both due to the inhuman pain surging through his bloated bollocks and because of all that he had lost — his freedom, his future, his ability to shoot huge, lush ropes of pearlescent cum. He was still trying to be as brave and as stoic as he could, but the pain in his distended balls was greater than anything he could have imagined, greater than any of the other tortures he had ever experienced. He feared that this pain might finally break him. 

The twin metal dog tags still hanging from around his bullish neck gave him hope, however, reminding him of who he was — a proud and mighty Marine. His baby blue eyes took on a steely gaze as he clenched his powerful jaw, even as another nut-bursting orgasm tore through his loins. He would not let these vile Russian assholes break his will. He would continue to face whatever horrors might come like a man, with his big chin held high. 

After an eternity of suffering, the scientists finally turned off all of the stimulation equipment. They then began removing all of the adhesive pads from Lance Corporal Schmidt’s extraordinary body, and even finally pulled the long dildo out of Matt’s enormously muscular ass. Despite weeks, perhaps even months, of non-stop penetration and pounding, the Marine’s butt was still extremely tight, and the dildo made a wet, meaty sucking sound as it was pulled from the stud’s hungry ass. 

Matt was finally free of all of the added equipment, but the awful throbbing ache in his bollocks didn’t subside in the least. In fact, as the lead scientist reached forward with one gloved hand and gently cupped the young Marine’s behemoth left ball from underneath, the huge stud sucked in his breath in pain, for even the slightest touch caused his almost terminally swollen bull balls extreme agony. 

“Ah, very good!” the scientist crooned as he gently bounced the titanically swollen testicle in his open palm, enjoying the grimace of pain that was etched across the young Marine’s devastatingly handsome features. “Very good indeed! Balls now so swollen with sperm dat almost ready to BURST! Now ripe for HARVEST!” 

“I KNEW that you sick fuckin’ Commies wouldn’t be able to help yourself from cutting off a real Marine’s bull nuts!” the handsome muscle giant replied in his deep and profoundly masculine voice. “I already had a set of blue ribbon whoppers when I first got here, but now you’ve got them swollen nearly to the size of BASKETBALLS! These have gotta be the largest fuckin’ nuts on the whole damn PLANET! No wonder you fuckers can’t help but torture me — I’m more of a man than all of you put together!” 

“Yes, very impressive! No doubt these are now biggest nuts in world! Master very pleased. Very pleased indeed! Will make feast out of huge balls!” 

“WHAT?!” Matt shouted. “Your boss is gonna EAT my fuckin’ NUTS!?!?” 

“Of course, stupid American! Why else we make balls grow so fat with own cum? Master wants balls filled with maximum power. When he eats balls, he gains power. Gains virility!” 

“You’re all fuckin’ CRAZY!!” Matt replied. “Your boss could swallow my cum, eat my nuts, and have my severed cock shoved up his fuckin’ ASS, and it wouldn’t do SHIT for him!! But fuck, I know you’re gonna cut me up and kill me anyway, so I guess this is as good a way to go as any. And who knows — with any fuckin’ luck, he’ll choke to death on all of this fuckin’ dense ball meat!” 

“Yes, dis actually potential problem. Balls very tough, very dense, difficult to cook and eat. Have solution, however.” 

The other scientists in the room had been active this whole time, setting up for the next phase in the young Marine’s preparations. A large and sturdy metal table was placed between the muscle stud’s wide-spread legs, high enough that his gargantuan, low-hanging nuts rested completely on the cold steel surface. A series of step stools were placed around the perimeter of the table, allowing anyone standing on a stool to be approximately eye level with the handsome young muscle brute. 

Just then, the doors to the room opened once more, and several dozen Russian soldiers began to file into the room. Matt immediately noticed that all of the soldiers were huge men, and since all of them were wearing t-shirts, he could readily see just how enormously muscular each of them were. None of them were as titanically massive as the 6-foot, 5-inch, 380-pound muscle beast shackled in the center of the room, but more than a few were well north of the 300-pound mark. The huge Marine realized that they must have scoured the entire Russian army to assemble such a collection of enormously muscular and fearsomely strong men. Almost all of the soldiers hungrily eyed the captive muscle bull, cruel smiles playing across their lips and an eager and malicious gleam in their eyes. For his part, Lance Corporal Schmidt simply sneered at them in defiance, puffing out his own spectacular chest and flexing his gargantuan muscles. He wanted them all to know that, no matter what they did to his bound and helpless form, he was still bigger and manlier than any two of them put together! 

Matt then noticed a rack of instruments off to one side, and saw each of the soldiers being handed an identical instrument by the scientists and technicians. His bright blue eyes few open wide when he realized what the soldiers were wielding, and a cold sweat started to break out across his expansive, bulging muscles. Each man held what looked like a stainless steel meat tenderizer, only on a much larger scale. Matt estimated that the face on each huge hammer head had to be about six inches square, and each was covered in sharp, pointy, serrated teeth. He knew that he was about to be in for a world of hurt even greater than any he had yet faced. 

The lead scientist grinned evilly at the look of fear on the Marine’s handsome face, and he said, “Ah, you understand what is to come next! Good! Each big, strong Russian soldier is given five minutes to beat and hammer balls as hard and fast as he can. Balls swollen so big that two soldiers work at same time, one for each ball. Twelve soldiers per ball, take hour to complete. By then, balls be nice and soft, and ready for cooking!” 

“Oh yeah?!” Matt hollered in response, the famous Marine courage putting steel in his spine and pride in his heart. “Bring it on, you mother fuckers!! Give me the best that you’ve got!! I can fuckin’ TAKE it!!”

The first two Russian soldiers stepped up onto the stools, heavy mallets clenched in their hands. One of them reached out a huge meaty paw to reposition Matt’s goliath gonads, pulling them forward slightly in their baggy and grossly elongated scrotum so that they rested several inches forward from the rest of his magnificent body. The hunky Marine involuntarily grunted at even this mild fondling, as his bollocks were so swollen and tender that even that slight touch and movement caused them great pain. The two soldiers gave each other evil, knowing smiles as they saw the young man’s pained reaction, and they gripped their respective mallets in both hands, ready and eager for the signal to begin. 

At a barked command from the lead scientist, the two soldiers brought their hammers down with truly brutal force, connecting the mallet heads with each of Matt’s utterly defenseless balls at almost exactly the same moment with a loud and meaty ‘THUMP!!’ The hammers only compressed the gigantic orbs part way before rebounding off of their surfaces, almost like the hammers had struck some sort of hard rubber. The meat of the young Marine’s humongous nuts was unusually, even freakishly, dense, making them extremely sturdy and resilient to injury. That fact, combined with the sheer amount of sperm packed inside of those mighty testicles and swelling them to critical levels, made the huge and heavy mallets bounce almost harmlessly off of their tough hides. 

The pain, however, was unreal. 

Matt threw back his handsome head and uttered a shriek of pain unlike anything he had yet produced, a blood-curdling howl that made hair stand up on the back of necks and caused some men in the room to involuntarily shiver. Every gargantuan muscle in the Marine’s incredible body flexed to the max, bulging titanically as he pulled against his restraints with all of his awesome might. 

The second blows hit, and Matt began to thrash in his restraints, bucking wildly in a vain attempt to escape the mind-shattering pain erupting in his heroically bloated and grossly distended bull balls. Spittle flew from his mouth as he bellowed in anguish once again, huge veins standing out on his thick, bullish neck. 

The third blows hit, and then the fourth, and then the fifth, setting up a staccato rhythm of steel-on-flesh that was music to the men’s ears. The bluish-purple color of Matt’s cum-bloated balls began to erupt in patches of angry red, as bruises from this latest torrent of trauma began to appear all over the massive orbs. Lance Corporal Schmidt’s mammoth bollocks continued to barely compress with each blow, repelling each and every hammer blow, but a terrified Matt wondered just how long even HIS famously tough and powerful balls could last under such an unimaginably brutal onslaught! 

The next hour was the longest sixty minutes in the young muscle Marine’s life, as his unprotected bull balls suffered the most extreme abuse imaginable. Some of the Russian soldiers took their time, taking a few extra moments to line up each hammer blow, or repositioning his selected testicle to make sure he was striking the beefy orb from all possible angles. Other men simply unleashed their blows as hard and fast as possible, landing nearly 300 boulder-shattering blows in his five-minute allotted time. But one thing they all had in common was that none of them held back, throwing every bit of their fearsome strength behind each devastating hammer blow. 

Matt’s deep and booming voice was soon growing hoarse from the constant screeching and hollering, his full-throated roars of agony bouncing off the white-tiled walls and actually making the small instruments on the side tables quiver. His magnificent, majestic body was also soon covered in a thick sheen of sweat, running off of his gigantic muscles in rivers. He thrashed and flexed and bucked and roared like some wild, prehistoric beast, but nothing he could do could spare him the inhuman and unearthly agony exploding inside of his battered nuts. 

Incredibly, Matt’s monster cock remained diamond hard throughout the prolonged and unspeakably brutal beating, all 16.5+ inches of forearm-thick man meat bulging and pulsing and throbbing proudly before the handsome Marine’s colossally muscular body. Even more astoundingly, the young man hit orgasm multiple times during the abuse, pumping out load after load of crystalline-clear precum all over the assembled soldiers. The scientists could only figure that this was a desperate attempt by Matt’s dying balls to relieve some of their insane internal pressures and perhaps fertilize something, ANYTHING, before they were destroyed. But the truth was that, deep down, young Lance Corporal Matt Schmidt was getting off on the abuse, on proving to these enemy soldiers just how insanely TOUGH he really was, on putting his manhood to the ultimate test. 

It was only a short time before every square inch of Matt’s gorgeous balls were covered in bruises, and glowing a dark and angry purplish-red. And it wasn’t long after that before the audience of eager men noticed that the young Marine’s goliath gonads were starting to compress a little bit farther with each and every blow. Matt’s glorious bollocks were only flesh and blood, after all, and even they couldn’t endure the brutal steel hammer blows forever. In time, they were being crushed to three quarters of their spectacular girth with each blow, and later, they were being crushed halfway flat. But as each blow was completed, the valiant balls would immediately plump back to their regular, orb-like shapes, defiantly refusing to crack and daring the soldiers to try even harder to break them. Which, of course, they were more than happy to do. 

Abrasions and lacerations began to appear all over the tormented nutsac from the sharp and pointy spikes of the oversized meat tenderizers, and small amounts of blood began to ooze from these wounds and drip onto the metal table top. The most brutal of hammer blows would even send tiny flecks of blood spattering in all directions, but considering the sheer brutality of the abuse, there was surprisingly little blood. 

Between blows, Matt would taunt his attackers, calling them names and cajoling them into even greater abuses. It was the only way he could demonstrate his continued defiance and bravery. “IS THAT ALL YOU’VE FUCKING GOT!?!?!” he would shout. “THOSE ARE JUST LOVE TAPS, YOU FUCKING PUSSY BOYS!! C’MON AND HIT ME HARDER!! HARDER!!! I CAN FUCKING TAKE IT!!! BREAK MY MARINE BULL BALLS!! RIP THEM APART!! TURN ‘EM INTO MUSH!! I CAN FUCKING TAKE IT!!! 

It was soon clear that Matt’s balls were in very serious trouble. The hammer heads were now disappearing deep into the young man’s ball flesh on each strike, burying themselves inside of the steadily softening and crumbling tissues. The battered and distended meat would bulge dramatically around each invading hammer blow, warping and bending around the mallet head before plumping back up to their nearly spherical shapes. But even that plumping was taking longer than before. There was no doubt that Matt’s herculean bull balls had been greatly weakened already, and with several pairs of Russian soldiers still awaiting their turn to have a go at the Marine’s massive nuts, it was anyone’s guess as to how much longer the young man’s bollocks could hope to survive. 

Already, Matt’s bloated bull balls were gravely wounded, and were now sustaining damage that would likely be permanent. For all the young man knew, his proud nuts may have already been pounded into sterility! But he realized that none of that actually mattered — no one cared if his titanic testicles were broken or ruined, as they were soon to be cooked anyway, and served up as a meal to some rich Russian oligarch. The handsome young Marine knew that all he could do was clench his powerful jaw and endure this mighty crescendo of abuse. 

Finally, the last pair of massively muscular Russians took up their positions on either side of Matt’s horrifically battered and bruised nuts, and began unleashing their own fury down upon them. It now looked like the soldiers were striking quivering sacks of jelly, for their hammers seemed to be meeting virtually no resistance as they plunged into the very heart of the young Marine’s mighty testes. Matt’s humongous nuts were now being squashed so flat with each blow that barely an inch separated the serrated head of the meat tenderizer with the unyielding surface of the steel table. And STILL the young man’s nuts endured! It seemed categorically impossible that the young muscle man’s huge balls hadn’t yet fractured or broken or simply EXPLODED under the insane levels of abuse, but somehow they’d valiantly held on! The goliath testicles were probably already mortally wounded and dying, but they refused to give the soldiers the satisfaction of having them burst inside of their sac. 

These last two soldiers seemed determined to change that, however. They were among the largest of all of the Russian soldiers, and they had both stripped to the waist prior to beginning their assault, displaying their enormously pumped and massive muscles that nearly rivaled Matt for their staggering size and power. And they were throwing every ounce of their awesome strength behind every rapid mallet blow. They were staggering their hammer blows so that it almost sounded like a machine gun was being fired in the room, the beefy ‘THWAP!!THWAP!!THWAP!!THWAP!!’ sound echoing off of the tiled walls. 

Enormous amounts of precum were squirting out of Matt’s towering column of a cock on a nearly continuous basis now, his dying balls desperate to unload even just a fraction of their heavy ballast. The young man was beyond all coherent speech now, and was merely bellowing and babbling as the agony tore through what was left of his loins. The insides of his screaming balls felt like the sun itself, a white hot agony so intense that he was amazed his very heart didn’t explode. But the hunky Marine was built of extremely tough stuff, and so he was forced to endure every moment of his slow unmanning. 

Suddenly, the rain of hammer blows ceased as the five-minute timer ran out for the last time. Matt’s head was spinning with pain, and it took him a few moments to realize that the beatings had ended, for the fiery inferno of agony inside his balls didn’t change. The hunky young Marine looked down the length of his body, through the deep cleft between his gargantuan, half-melon pectorals, past the hard, rippled ridges of his chiseled abdominals, past the towering 16-inch ass-splitting horse cock still jutting proudly and defiantly between his legs, to what was left of his once-glorious bull balls. 

Tears streaked down both of his handsome cheeks as Matt gazed upon the ruin on his manhood. His scrotum was a bloody, lacerated mess, and the traumatized tissues of his gigantic testes had swollen so huge that his sac looked like one enormous, bloated mass, with no discernible evidence of two separate spheres inside. The young man began to despair at the destruction of his titanic testicles when suddenly his groin muscles gave a reflexive contraction, and the muscles in his scrotum tightened to reveal the outline of two distinct orbs! Somehow, against all possible odds, Matt’s mammoth man eggs had survived a full hour of outrageously vicious abuse INTACT!! 

The lead scientist stepped forward and wrapped his gloved hand around the long scrotal neck, his fingers and thumb forming a ring around the base of the gigantic nuts themselves, and he gently lifted the astoundingly heavy sac up off of the blood-splattered table. He used the fingers of his other gloved had to poke and prod at the squirming baby makers, pushing them around inside their overstuffed purse. He then gripped as much of the squishy left ball as he could and squeezed hard. Whereas previously the scientist could barely dent the surface of Matt’s extraordinarily dense balls, his fingers now sank disturbingly deep into the traumatized flesh, his latex-covered fingernails digging into the very heart of the bloated bollock. Sharp needles of icy-hot pain cursed through the Marine stud’s cum-bloated bull ball, and it was all the super brave grunt could do not to scream. 

“Unbelievable!” the scientist gasped. “Balls still intact! Even stronger than we could have hoped!! Master will be very pleased indeed!” 

“Yeah?!” Matt panted, his chest heaving dramatically as he tried to regain his breath. “I TOLD you that I was one tough, mother fucking Marine! These are prize, Grade-AAA stud balls I got swingin’ between my beefy legs, and it’s gonna take more than a couple dozen of your Commie goons to break them!” 

“Da, agreed!” said the scientist. “Very happy not broken, as Master prefers balls remain intact. But very soft and tender now, perfect for cooking!”

The scientist then barked a few commands at his fellows, and more equipment was wheeled forward. And judging from the large bar-b-que grill that was being wheeled forward, Matt knew that the end game for his proud Marine balls had finally arrived…

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Marine Corp Meat - Part 4

Marine Corp Meat, Part 4
Based on an original story by an unknown author


Matt’s mind had been reduced to a fog of pleasure and pain. He had long since lost all track of time in his underground dungeon. There was no sense of day and night, for the bright lights in the white-tiled room were never turned off. There wasn’t even a way to track time by his meals, for all of Matt’s nutritional needs were being supplied by the half dozen IVs stuck into the large veins of his supremely brawny forearms. All of his injuries had long since healed, leaving his skin perfect and unblemished once more. The only thing that changed were the number of storage canisters that were placed inside the clear-walled cryo chamber in a corner of the large room. Each canister was filled to the absolute brim with the Marine’s extraordinarily potent young seed, and there had to be dozens, maybe hundreds, of those canisters filling up a large portion of the storage room. 

How long had he been hanging here, being milked of every last drop of cum his burgeoning bull balls could produce? A week? A MONTH?! Possibly even LONGER!?! Matt had no way of knowing. Nor did the hunky young Marine have the faintest inkling of what all of his harvested sperm was going to be used for. In his more lucid moments, his mind swam with possibilities. Perhaps his prime stud seed was going to be used in a nefarious breeding program, part of the long line of efforts by evil governments to produce the perfect super soldier. Perhaps his chunky spunk was going to be some sort of delicacy to be served to the rich and elite of Russia’s highest circles of power, a thick and protein-packed beverage sure to gird the loins and increase the male potency of any man who drank it. Hell, maybe his thick nut slop was going to be used as mortar in some huge industrial expansion! 

Matt didn’t know, and frankly, he didn’t really care. 

The young Marine muscle stud was in the midst of an exquisite torture, for not only did the ceaseless stimulation bring him stratospheric levels of erotic pleasure, it also brought equally terrible amounts of inhuman agony. The experimental chemicals being pumping into Matt’s herculean body were forcing his gigantic gonads to produce sperm at a hyper accelerated rate, many orders of magnitude faster than any human testes were ever meant to function, even Matt’s own freakishly virile bull-sized orbs. The extreme redlining of his manhood was creating a constant throbbing ache in the very heart of his mighty man orbs, an ache that was gut wrenching and growing every passing hour. Matt didn’t know how much more his poor balls could take. He knew that any other man’s balls would have long since burned out by now, pushed beyond their limits and forced into permanent sterility, and he wondered just how much longer even HIS mighty man nuts could survive. The monumental size and power of his colossal ejaculations hadn’t yet begun to diminish, but he was certain that would start happening soon as his awesomely tough and durable testicles finally began to burn out. 

Just looking down at his genitals confirmed that they were being pushed much too hard. His heroic horse cock had bloated into a truly monstrous slab of man meat, the unrelenting vacuum pumping having dramatically increased its already astounding girth and adding at least two full inches to its titanic length, resulting in a 16.5-inch mega dong of utterly colossal proportions. The whole member had grown an angry red color, with the fist-sized glans a deep purple of over-congested blood. The snake-like veins gnarling the entire column of the mighty shaft were even larger and more prominent than ever, turning Matt’s cock into a fearsome-looking weapon indeed. 

But the changes wrought to the young man’s heaving balls were even more pronounced and disturbing. Both balls had swelled and grown considerably during the constant milking torture, either simply due to trauma or due to actual tissue growth, or perhaps both. They had left the size of ‘mere’ grapefruits behind, and were now bloated to the size of large coconuts or extremely hefty cantaloupes. Thick veins now gnarled their surfaces as well, looking like the deep purple roots of some massive oak tree. The balls themselves were a deep and angry red, several shades darker than his own over bloated cock, and were burning with a deep, feverish pain. Their weight had increased dramatically as well, and not only had their dangle never decreased after the removal of the lead weight, it had actually INCREASED so that Matt’s behemoth bull balls were now hanging well over five inches down in his sagging sac, making them look even more enormous and vulnerable than ever. 

Matt had all but given up hope of his mega raping ever ending, so when the erotic sensations did suddenly cease some long time later, the young man wasn’t certain at first what had happened. But sure enough, the beyond-brutal plundering of his loins had temporarily ceased, and as Matt’s consciousness swam up through a miasma of pain and lust, he saw that the ever-familiar scientists were once again back in the room with him. The team began trying to remove the clear cylinder from the young man’s huge cock, but Matt’s mighty penis had grown so impossibly huge that it nearly completely filled the glass chamber, hugging the walls and leaving just the top two or three inches of the cylinder clear. It took a considerable amount of elbow grease, but the offending pump was finally removed, allowing Matt’s newly-expanded dong to pulse proudly before him in the open air for the first time in countless days. 

The dazed young Marine was stunned by what he saw, for his mammoth prick barely even resembled the bullish cock that he remembered. The mighty phallus was swollen to truly monstrous proportions, and was now so long and so astoundingly thick that Matt knew he’d never be able to fuck again — there was simply no ass or pussy or mouth built big enough to accommodate such a gargantuan tool. Even as he watched, the enormous elephant cock belched out a slurry of jellied spunk, the messy dregs of his most recent cum load. 

As a medical table was set up in front of the exhausted young Marine and various equipment laid out, the lead scientist addressed Matt for the very first time, speaking to him in broken English. “We finally have all of sperm dat we need. Master very pleased with performance, milk you more dan ten times longer dan any other slave. Great honor! But no longer need more sperm from your big balls, so we fix it so you cannot cum anymore.” 

“I knew it was only a matter of time, you sick fuckers!” shouted Matt in response, his voice even deeper and more rumbling than ever after days and days of shouting and bellowing. “Go ahead!! CUT my huge bull balls off!! I’ll STILL be more of a man than any of you!!” 

“Da, da, dat be true,” the scientist said with a condescending laugh, “but we no cut balls off of you. Not yet. No, we cut cords dat bring sperm out of balls through cock. Trap sperm inside of balls. Make balls manufacture more and more sperm, but no way to get out. Make balls swell bigger still! Make you crazy with lust and pain!” 

“Do your worst, you filthy Commie bastards!! I can fuckin’ TAKE it!!” 

“At this point, I no longer doubt that you can!” responded the lead scientist, reluctant admiration clear in his voice. 

Despite his bravado, Matt’s bright blue eyes flew wide as he watched one gloved scientist pick up a scalpel from the table, and he felt another pair of scientists swabbing the backside of his massive ballsac with an antiseptic solution. He kept shouting out invectives and curses even as he felt the sharp pain of the scalpel cutting a short, shallow slice into the back of his sac, about halfway down the five-plus inch neck of their enormous dangle. Though the pain was sharp and immediate, in truth, the cut was not very long, and was carefully made only to expose all of the structures beneath the skin, not to sever them. 

Matt could feel blunt gloved fingers rooting around inside of his scrotum, a very foreign and disturbing sensation indeed, and he felt a slight tugging sensation as first one sperm duct and then the other was located and pulled partway out of the opening. He knew full well what they were doing, preparing him for an involuntary vasectomy, but despite that knowledge and the extremely odd sensation of having another man’s fingers INSIDE of his scrotal sac, Matt could feel his traitorous cock speeding toward yet another orgasm, this one hand’s free and without the need of artificial stimulation. The hunky bull Marine didn’t know what that said about him, the fact that he was getting off on his own slow unmanning, but he couldn’t help but admit that he was turned on more than ever before. 

Matt felt the cold steel of the scalpel pressing lightly against the sides of his two sperm ducts, and the lead scientist gloated, “You ready, American pig? We are going to cut cords and make you impotent steer! No more shooting huge cum loads for you! Your time as virile male about to end!” 

As the blade began to cut into the two cords, Matt’s entire muscle-bound body arched backwards and he let out a primal bellow of agony, just as the first gigantic bolt of creamy white bull spunk shot from his massive cock and spewed right into the startled face of the gasping scientist! There was so much chunky splooge in that first single wad alone that it completely shellacked the man’s face, glueing his eyes closed and making him sputter for breath. The panicking scientist managed to duck out of the way just in time to avoid a second mighty blast, allowing the titanic rope of sperm to rocket nearly halfway to the far door, painting a thick stripe of white, pearlescent goo nearly two dozen feet long on the cold concrete floor! 

Meanwhile, the scientist armed with the scalpel was sawing his blade back and forth across the two trapped cords. Despite the razor sharpness of the steel blade, the scientist was having a hard time cutting through the unusually tough and fibrous cords, allowing another half dozen utterly MASSIVE blasts of pure stud sperm to jet forth from Matt’s colossal cock like some enormous volcanic explosion of primal male goo. In many ways, it was a fitting swan song for the young Marine’s epic and unparalleled manhood. 

As the scalpel cut partway into the young man’s sperm ducts, thick white fluids began to spurt from the halfway severed cords under high pressure, quickly coating the scientist’s gloved hands and making his work very slippery. But the scientist maintained his focus and kept right on cutting. 

Matt gave one final, ferocious bellow of pain just as the scalpel finished its work, completely and abruptly severing both of the young man’s thick sperm cords. At that same moment, a final, mammoth, majestic slug of spunk erupted from the Marine’s thundering bull cock, a final proud salute to his magnificent manhood. Another dozen gradually diminishing spurts followed, growing less and less milky as the final sperm cells were purged from his plumbing until the final shots ran clear, utterly devoid of sperm. The handsome and hunky soldier’s last fertile load as an intact male was now splattered all over the uncaring floor in front of him, an astoundingly enormous and very slippery mess of procreative material left to slowly cool and congeal on the concrete floor. 

The massively muscled Marine slumped in his restraints once the deed had been completed, his colossal cheat heaving as he struggled to regain his breath. The lead scientist, meanwhile, was writhing on the floor and desperately trying to scoop the thick Marine spunk off of his face, his eyes burning in agony as the caustic fluid bathed his eyeballs. A low rumbling sound could be heard coming from Matt’s gigantic cheat, and it took the other scientists a few moments to realize what it was — laughter! Amazingly, after just having had his sperm cords severed, the handsome muscle bull was laughing!! 

“How does it feel, you fucking prick?” Matt said to the screaming and crying scientist. “Having a REAL man’s spunk in your eyes? My fuckin’ baby batter is so thick, you’ll be washing your eyes out for DAYS! Serves you right, you mother fucker!” 

The lead scientist barked out some orders in Russian with a hoarse voice, even as he continued to writhe in a pool of Matt’s thick splooge. The other scientists were broken from their temporary paralysis and got back to work. It was then that the scalpel-wielding scientist noticed that Matt’s still-convulsing balls were continuing to pump out thick, clotted chunks of his spermy goo, pouring out of the severed ends of his ball cords and coating the scientist’s gloved hand. He immediately traded his scalpel for a needle and started suturing closed the severed ends of the Marine’s spermatic cords, quickly stemming the flow of rick spunk. When the ends of the cords were all neatly sealed, the scientist gently placed the split cords back inside of the young man’s nutsac, and then stitched the small cut closed in the back of the scrotum. It was such a small and clean cut that, given time to heal, not even a hint of a scar would remain. 

The lead scientist struggled to his feet, his face, chest, and shoulders still dripping with prime Grade-AAA Marine nut snot and his tear-streaming eyes red and bloodshot. He then screamed at the grinning grunt, “You think you have last laugh! HA! Your tortures have only just begun, you filthy, oversexed American dog! Now we use your virility against you! We turn machines back on, stimulating balls to produce even MORE of your vile sperm! But now, sperm has nowhere to go, building up inside balls! Need to cum grows more and more! Maybe drive you insane, yes?”

The angry scientist barked out a few more commands in Russian, and the other men started turning the various instruments back on. The demonic dildo still lodged deep in the Marine’s hot and steaming bowels started up once again, pumping in and out and vibrating against the young man’s chronically swollen prostate. The electro-stimulation of his balls, nipples, armpits, and other erogenous zones started up again as well, but this time the scientists added more than a dozen more adhesive pads, this time to the titanic length of the young man’s bloated bazooka of a cock. The bulk of the new pads were clustered on the swollen glans and first few inches of the shaft, but other pads extend down the entire, 16+ inch length all the way to the thick base. 

Erotic pleasure slammed into Matt’s aching loins harder than ever before, and the young man let out an involuntary moan of agonized pleasure. Yet another massive orgasm was hurtling down the tracks toward him, and the beefy bull was completely powerless to stop it. Only minutes after the forced stimulation resumed, the hulking young Marine was thrown over the edge once more into a powerful orgasm. 

Matt bellowed as the familiar contractions started hammering through his crotch, his gigantic tool bobbing and bouncing as it prepared to unleash yet another massive he-man load. But this time, to the handsome bull’s dismay but the glee of the watching scientists, the first blast from his cock is nothing more than a thick squirt of crystal clear slime. The next blast, though even bigger, is equally devoid of color, utterly empty of viable, living sperm! The mighty, hyper virile muscle bull was now shooting nothing but slippery and gelatinous blanks!! 

The volume of fluid being purged from Matt’s muscular loins was but a fraction of the normal deluge, but even so it was an astounding amount of liquid squirting out of his cannon of a cock. The clear seminal juices sprayed out for more than a dozen feet in front of the bound muscle hunk, splattering the floor with large droplets and streamers of what was essentially precum. The handsome Marine pumped his muscular hips throughout his powerful orgasm, making his wrecking ball sized bull nuts sway ponderously forward and back, but there was now nothing he could do to purge the load of sperm that was starting to build up inside of his nuts. 

Lance Corporal Schmidt realized that he was indeed going to be in a world of trouble soon — with no way to empty his mighty bull nuts of their ever-increasing supply of sperm, his huge man eggs would soon get very, very congested indeed. The valiant young Marine knew that he was going to be in for a world of hurt. 

As a final insult before leaving the room, the lead scientist ordered the janitorial staff to clean up the huge mess of splooge all over the floor. Matt was made to watch as caustic bleach was poured all over his final load of lush and healthy sperm, obliterating his last load as an intact male. The young muscle bull would never again be able to shoot out a single solitary sperm cell!