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Gym Bully's Lesson - Jayse Version

Greetings gentle readers!

It's actually December 20, 2014 as I prepare this post, as I'm taking advantage of my holiday vacation from school to pre-load this blog through to the end of 2015 (which is when I'll graduate and hopefully have time to write even MORE stories). I realize that this posting date is right before Halloween, but sadly, unlike last year, I don't have any Halloween-themed stories that are ready to share. I've got about half a dozen Halloween story ideas in various states of completion, but none ready to post today. Hopefully I'll have some for NEXT year. :)

In the meantime, please enjoy the humiliation and domination of an alpha male, that hugely muscular and ridiculously handsome stud at your gym that everyone lusts after. The arrogant prick is finally getting what's coming to him in 'Gym Bully's Lesson'!


Gym Bully's Lesson
Based on an original story by The Mangler


Justin swaggered into the gym for his daily workout, the massive blond muscle man exuding an air of confidence and supreme masculine power. The big guy was stunningly handsome, with a face like a comic book super hero; chiseled features, powerful jaw, strong chin, with big baby blue eyes and thick sandy blond hair. Justin had a body to match, and was known as something of an arrogant bully. 

As was his custom on Thursdays, Justin arrived at 8:30 pm – 90 minutes before closing. The gym was much less crowded at that time, so he could move more freely. Of course, that meant there weren't as many people around to be impressed with his physique, but then he took care of that on other days. As he headed toward the locker room, he saw Mike, the attendant on duty, helping another customer. "Hey Mike, where the hell is all the usual Thursday night crowd?" 

In a manner that was out of character, Mike simply smiled and replied, "Don't know. Had other things to do tonight, or it’s just simply a slow night." 

Justin didn't hear the end of the comment as he was already on his way into the locker room. Had he been paying a little more attention he would have noticed Mike’s unusually  friendly manner and the slight hint of a smile of Mike's face. But then if he had been paying attention to others, then he wouldn't have been Justin; smug, egocentric, and arrogant. As he reached the locker room, the few remaining customers in the gym began winding up their exercises and leaving -- most of them without bothering to change back into street clothes. 

Justin walked to his locker, located to maximize his exposure to other patrons, and such a placement was not an accident. He had managed to talk the manager into moving another of the customers so that he could get this particular locker. He quickly stripped down to his grossly overstuffed bikini briefs. Following his usual routine, he looked at the mirror near his locker, admiring his flexing muscles and posing for his own enjoyment. 

“Not a bad body there, big boy--not bad at all,” came a voice from several lockers down. Justin moved his eyes upward in the mirror to see who the voice belonged too. 

“Number one, this is a great body, and number two, I'm all man and not a boy -- big or otherwise! But then I guess that's something you wouldn't know anything about, is it punk?” Justin replied to Billy's reflection in the mirror. 

Billy just glared for a minute at Justin’s massively muscled back and then simply walked out toward the gym. Had Justin not already gone back to gazing at his own physique, he would have noticed the slight smile that briefly graced Billy's lips, but he was already lost in the admiration of his body. “Nope, not bad at all. If I were to enter one of those bodybuilding contests, which I could win without even breaking a sweat, I could hear the announcer now.” 

As usual during one of his preening sessions, Justin was talking out loud and didn't care who heard. Of course there was no one around tonight to hear him, but that didn’t matter to the handsome huge muscle stud. 

“And coming on stage now is Justin Abilene. Justin is just 20 years old, but he has already packed a monstrous 290 pounds of rippling, amazingly cut muscle on his 6-foot-tall body, and as you can plainly see the kid is just fucking HUGE!! Notice the massive trapezius muscles and thick, perfectly proportioned pectorals; the bulging 25-inch biceps and muscular forearms. Notice in particular how the mighty chest and barn door back tapers majestically to a tight, muscular waist in a perfect V, and just look at those rippled abdominal muscles! Justin is definitely the man to beat tonight!” 

Justin continued to admire himself in the mirror, hitting various bodybuilder poses that made his huge muscles bulge almost obscenely. Justin especially liked the way his red bikini briefs clung to the huge bulge of his crotch, clearly outlining his thick uncut cock, 8 inches long when completely limp, and his massive nuts, each the size of ripe Georgia peaches. Justin smiled the smile of a guy who’s got it all and knows it; supremely confident and not afraid to show it. 

Justin finally returned to getting dressed for the workout and thought “yep, I would set new standards for those other big guys to follow. Of course, I would never enter one of those contests, cuz that would mean shaving my body of its gorgeous covering of blond hair--something a real man would never do." Indeed, Justin’s massive, squared chest was covered in a thick coating of dark blond hair, which continued in a line down his corrugated abdominals to disappear into his bulging posing briefs. 

Justin pulled on his worn short gray sweats, white socks, and black Reeboks. He then turned and headed out to the gym to work out. The gym had a rule that you must wear shirts to work out in, but Justin never bothered, which was okay with the owner since he lusted after the beautiful Justin. Thus, Justin’s gloriously muscled torso was in full view for everyone in the gym. 

As the huge bodybuilder blasted out his sets, he noticed that the gym was continuing to empty. Finally, about 45 minutes into his workout, Justin noticed that only he, Billy, and Mike were still in the gym. Usually there were a few last minute stragglers who came in for a couple of quick pumps before their night out, but not tonight. Justin simply ignored this and went to the bench press for a couple of heavy sets. He needed a spotter for this and called to Billy, “Hey, Billy. You want to help a real man get a workout?” 

“Sure, why not,” Billy replied as he walked over. He stopped on the way to pick up his gym bag and placed it at the head of the weight bench. “800 pounds? Is that all the weight you're going to press? Gee, and I thought I was going to see a real man work out.” 

Justin took the words as an insult to his masculinity, which was how they had been intended, and added 100 pounds more to the bar. He then pumped out a dozen powerful reps, his huge chest exploding to even greater dimensions. Following further goading by Billy, an additional 100 pounds were eventually added, making for an even 1,000 pounds, just 80 pounds shy of the current world record! Justin was now getting a real workout. Bringing the weights down to his chest for the eighth time, he started to pump them back up and realized that he wasn't going to make it. As he started straining, he noticed Billy was just standing there. “Damn it!!” he called out as his handsome face turned red, “Help me get this back onto the rack!!” 

Billy smiled and squatted down to this gym bag. “Sure thing, big guy! Just let me add a couple of little things first and I'll help you out.” With that Billy took a pair of handcuffs from his bag, applied one bracelet to Justin’s right wrist and the other to the bar. He quickly repeated this to the left arm. 

Still struggling, Justin grunted, “What the hell do you think you're doing?!” 

“Just making sure that you stay put for the ride ahead. I wouldn't want you to fall off the bench or anything.” He then lifted the barbell to the resting bar and added another 1,00 pounds to the weight bar. There was no way that even the mighty Justin could lift THAT amount of weight and free himself. He also applied the locking collars to the bar to prevent Justin from trying to tip the weights off. 

Still trying to recover from the strain, Justin huffed, “You fucking son of a bitch!!! I'm going to beat the shit out of you when I get outta here!!” 

“You ain't going to do anything that I don't tell you to do, big guy! And yes, before the night is over, I am going to be a fucking son of a bitch, with the emphasis on fucking.” 

Justin slowly comprehended what was going to happen and began bellowing, “Somebody help me! This man is crazy! Let me out of here you lousy…unh!...aaah!!” 

These last words were cut short as Billy shot a quick fist into Justin’s defenseless crotch, slamming his huge balls into his muscular and unyielding crotch. Justin let out a surprised “OOOF!!” of pain as his big, vulnerable nuts were flattened by Billy’s fist. 

“I don't want to hear another word out of you or I'll beat these bull nuts of yours into mush! There isn't anybody around here going to help you. Mike locked the gym up nearly 30 minutes ago and so there is just you, Mike, and me. And he is going to be too busy with the camera and all to help you.” 

The pain of the shot to his huge balls was very intense, but Justin managed to assimilate the words. “Hey Billy, come on! Why are you, aahhhh!! No! AAAHHHHH!!!

Billy had reached down and grabbed a double ball claw onto Justin's massive, mighty balls and began squeezing, mercilessly crushing the ponderous orbs in his big hands and causing the huge handsome bodybuilder to bellow in agony. After several minutes of this ball crushing abuse, Billy eased up on the pressure somewhat and said, “I said shut up and I meant it. You speak when you are spoken to and never anytime else…understand?” 

“Yeah, I understand but…” began Justin, but he quickly shut up when Billy squeezed down on his aching nuts again. 

“There you go, that’s a good boy. Hey Mike, you ready to roll?” 

While Billy had been establishing the ground rules, Mike had been busy setting up two additional video cameras to the ones already in place in the gym’s ceiling, and was preparing his 35 mm camera as well. “Yep, we'll get it from six different angles on video and a few still shots to match.” 

“Oh god, guys, please don't! Please man AAHH!!! Okay--okay I'll shut up.” 

As the cameras continued rolling, Billy stripped off Justin's shorts, posers, and foot wear until he was stark naked, revealing Justin’s body in all its awesome glory. His incredibly thick dick flopped over his left muscular thigh, the huge limp tool measuring over 8 ½ inches in length totally soft, and his huge, pendulous, fist-sized balls hanging so heavy and so low that they almost brushed against the bench. Justin’s huge balls were intensely hairy, positively coated in a heavy dusting of coarse, dark blond pubes. Justin’s balls were incredibly virile, and it was no doubt this extreme virility that made his great nuts so remarkably hairy. 

Billy then stripped himself and straddled the weight bench, his big, 10 ½ inch hard cock resting in the deep crevice formed by Justin's massive, hairy pecs. 

“The guys and I have decided that you need to be taught a little lesson. You are an arrogant, self-centered oaf, who is only concerned about himself. You use other people for your enjoyment and without regard for their feelings. Therefore, we have decided that you should become the instrument for others’ enjoyment. By the end of tonight, you will know what it is like to have no control over yourself--and tonight is only the beginning. When I feel you have learned your lesson, then you will get control over your life again--but not until then. Now, lesson number one, humbleness. I want you to thank me for taking the time to teach you these lessons, and then you will kiss the head of my cock as a symbol of your submissiveness.” 

“Fuck you asshole! I'd rather die than touch that thing you call a cock!” 

Billy slowly stood up, walked to the foot of the bench, and shot a short fist into Justin's humongous hairy balls, again driving them up into his crotch. As his fist flattened the balls, he quickly formed a claw around them and stretched them back to the limits of the sack, stretching them over 6 inches from the base of his cock until they bulged bright red and shiny, threatening to burst from their sac. 

FUCK!! AAAAHH!! OH GAWD!!! AAAHHHH!! Okay, OKAY!! I'll do it!! AAAHH! Please let my nuts go!! AAAHH!!! 

Billy released the impossibly huge balls and resumed his place on top of Justin's body. With tears in his eyes from the pain and humiliation, Justin said, “I want to thank you for what you are about to teach me.” He then slowly raised his lips to the head of Billy's cock and kissed it. Mike made sure he had an excellent shot for this moment, and Justin saw the flash go off. 

“Very good, big boy! But in the future it would be a lot easier if you just did what you were told. I don't care because I enjoyed punching your huge lug nuts and would love to do it again, but at this rate, you might have nothing left between you legs when the night is over, and I’m sure you don't want that, do you?” 

NO, NO!! I'll do what you say!” 

Reaching down to pick up Justin's discarded posers, Billy replied, “Good! Now open wide so that I can help stifle some of the noises coming out of that mouth of yours.” 

Justin started to say something, but Mike had reached down and grabbed a hold of his huge, bruised balls, so he simply opened his mouth. Billy quickly inserted the pouch into the space and used the straps to tie it tightly to the head. “Now the real fun can begin!” 

Working quickly, Mike and Billy lifted Justin's legs into the air and doubled them under the barbell such that the knees were crooked around them. Needless to say, this left Justin's tight muscular ass totally exposed and he was helpless to do anything about it. Billy reached into his gym bag and came up with some more toys. He sat on the bench and began working on Justin's crotch. He greased one finger and shoved it up Justin's hairy asshole and began to massage the prostate. This, combined with the other hand caressing the massive cock and balls, soon produced a raging, 14-inch hard-on. 

Billy whistled in amazement and said, “Wow, boy, did your mother sleep with a horse?! That is by FAR the biggest cock I have ever seen!!” 

Removing his finger, Billy tied a long rawhide cord around the base of the mighty cock and began lacing it tightly up the hard shaft. It was tied off in the groove at the base of the head of the cock. “This will insure that you maintain a hard on and enjoy what is going to happen.” 

Justin could not believe what was happening to him and had been mumbling unintelligibly through the gag. His eyes had gotten bigger as his cock hardened and was laced up. He watched in even greater horror as another rawhide cord was tied around the base of his nuts and then looped around and around to distend his balls to the bottom of their sack. Billy kept looping and looping the cord, stretching Justin’s gargantuan balls further and further away from his crotch, until the young muscle man was convinced they were going to castrate him! However, at an extremely painful 6 inches, Billy tied the cord off and then stepped back to admire his handiwork. The pain was intense but not unbearable. 

“There now! All ready for the rest of the evening’s entertainment! Oh Mike, make sure you get a good shot of this. Justin, try to look like you’re enjoying this. After all, we are doing this just for you.” 

As Mike took the photos from different angles, Billy began to grease his hand and arm. He reinserted a finger into Justin's asshole and began to work it around. It was soon joined by another and then another and then another until he had four fingers wedged fully into the tight hole. Justin was in incredible pain by now, the tears running from his blue eyes, and though he was begging for these torments to end, he could not be heard because of the gag in his mouth. 

As Billy was ready for the final push to get his entire hand in, he signaled Mike. Mike squatted at the head of the bench and took an alligator clamp in each hand, opening the jaws and placing them over each of Justin's big succulent tits. At a signal from Billy, Mike let the savage jaws close over the meaty nipples. As Justin screamed from the pain, Billy pushed the rest of his hand into the violated hole. The pain of the tit clamps overrode the pain of the insertion, and Justin was not immediately aware of what had happened until he looked up. His mind was in total confusion, and he could not comprehend what was happening. 

As Billy began to fuck the huge and supremely muscular ass with his big hand, Justin could feel his cock starting to get even harder. While the straps had kept it hard, that was an artificial feeling, and the present hardening was real. His mind was too confused to realize that Billy was paying particular attention to his swollen prostate gland. Mike removed the gag from Justin and both he and Billy smiled and they heard the groans coming from the open mouth of this beautiful stack of muscles, groans of intense pleasure. 

Mike picked up the camera and positioned himself so that he got a shot from the back looking down at the arm disappearing into the asshole, the hard-on, the tit-clamps, and, most importantly, the look of enjoyment on Justin's gorgeous face. 

The arm fuck continued with both Mike and Billy adding verbal encouragement. “Now doesn't that feel so good.” “Man, you'll never have an orgasm like the one your about to experience.” etc., etc. Occasionally Billy would stroke the bound balls or cock as well. Finally, the moaning became louder and more urgent. 

Oh god, I'm about to cum!! Shit, please stop!! Don't make me cum! Oh god! Ooohh, yes!! Argh, unh, unh, GAWD!!! Unh, unh, unh, UNNNNH, NOOO!!! 

With that, Justin came with a force and violence that neither of the men had seen before. Massive slugs of cum came flying out of his tightly bound cock, landing on his big hairy chest and corrugated abs, on his handsome face, in his hair, and all over the weights and the bench itself. Billy pulled his hand out of the convulsing ass while Justin just continued cumming. The orgasm was truly titanic and seemed to go on forever, a seeming never ending supply of white hot man juice blasting all over everything within 10 feet of the stud. 

The nut slop was thick, incredibly thick, so dense with sperm that it was almost more solid than liquid. A normal man’s cock wouldn’t have been able to propel such a thick nut sludge more than a few inches, but Justin’s huge cock shot the heavy spunk out like it was being shot from a cannon, shooting the thick baby batter for nearly a dozen feet! The sheer power behind Justin’s titanic orgasm was just incredible! 

Finally, after more than a minute and about two dozen massive slugs of cum, Justin fell back on the bench in total exhaustion. Slowly the realization of what had happened came back to him. “Oh my god! What did you make me do?!” And then tears came as well, streaming down his achingly handsome face as the cocky young man realized he had just been raped by two lesser men. 

“Now don't cry there! We just gave you the time of your life, and of course we will be willing to help you out again from time to time. Besides, we still have a couple more things to do tonight yet.” 

With that, Billy and Mike released the man’s colossal legs, and Mike quickly stripped and straddled the bench. He threw Justin's massive legs over his shoulders and began fucking the dazed bodybuilder with his incredibly thick 9-inch cock. Billy had picked up the camera to record the moment. Since Mike had been so turned on by the events of the night, not just by the sex but also by the domination and humiliation of this heroically muscular and horse hung asshole, he came very quickly, pumping his own massive load deep into Justin’s astoundingly hot and hairy ass. 

“No more guys, okay?” Justin pleaded. “I'll be nice to everybody and good from now on, I promise! Just please, no more!”  

“We know you will be nice and polite to everyone. Because if you don't, these pictures are going to be sent to your family, friends, and everyone else you know,” Billy replied. 

The realization of that statement washed over Justin, and he became agitated. “Hey, you can't do that!! I mean you wouldn't, would you?” 

“Well, as long as you do as you’re told, no, we won’t do it. And after I'm satisfied, I'll even give you the pictures and video recordings to do away with. But all that is later. Right now, we have one more order of busy to attend too.” 

Billy reached into his gym bag and pulled out a can of shaving cream and a straight razor. Ignoring Justin's protests, Billy shaved the muscular young man’s armpits, chest, abdomen, and ass of all of the stud’s thick body hair. Then he moved on to Justin’s groin and incredibly hairy bull balls, lathering them up and shaving them completely smooth as well. 

“From now on, your job will be to keep your body just as hairless as it is right now. When you shave in the morning, do it all over, not just your face.” 

“Oh my God! Please!! Not that! How can I show my body after all the comments I've made about shaving and hair being masculine? Oh God!” 

“That's too bad. You'll just have to live with it. And oh, by the way, don't think about dropping out of the gym. You will continue here as usual, working out without your shirt on so that everyone can see your hairlessness.” 

Billy took the keys and removed the handcuffs and ordered Justin to go wash up. As the pain from his well-plowed ass and racked bull nuts coursed through his fantastically muscular body, he slowly stood and started to walk to the showers. 

“Wait a second!” called Billy. He went over and quickly removed the tit clamps from Justin's chest. The pain as the blood rushed back in was incredible, and Justin yelled out and fell to his knees. “While you’re down there, give me a blow job in appreciation for what I've shown you tonight.” 

This suggestion was repugnant to Justin, but he realized that he didn't have the strength to resist, so he complied with the order, gagging on Billy’s huge cock and eventually choking down his big load. 

“That wasn’t too good, but since it is only your first time, that is to be expected. You'll get better. Now go get cleaned up.” 

Mike and Billy began cleaning up the place as Justin showered. 

“Hey Billy, you really going to give those photographs to him eventually?” 

“Hell no! That son of a bitch has been giving guys a hard time all of his life, and I have no intention of easing up on him. I still have quite a few new and interesting things to introduce him to. I intend on breaking the huge bull stud and making him my slave. Eventually, he won’t even WANT to be free!” Billy replied with a smirk and then broke out laughing. 

Meanwhile, Justin stood in the hot shower for a very long time and thought the predicament that he was in. He realized that he had no choice but to obey, but already a plan for revenge was beginning to form. One that would make tonight look like child's play… 

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The German Pilot - Jayse Version

This story is one of my favorites, even though it doesn't have a lot of ball busting action. There's certainly the threat of castration, however! In fact, in the original version of this story (which, sadly, I no longer have), the unfortunately German stud is nutted and slain by his captors. I thought the dashing young pilot was simply too scorchingly hot to destroy, so I created a different ending for this story...


The German Pilot
Based on an original story by PR

With England at war, anti-German feeling reaches a crescendo. A shot-down German pilot is in the wrong place at the wrong time when he is captured by some vengeful English farm boys. 


Summer 1940. Surrey, England at War. 

The three young men were playing in the fields late in the clear summer morning. The three strapping young lads were all big for their age, but since they weren’t quite yet adults, they had not been enlisted into the army and instead had been sent to the country to escape the bombing of London. 

Patrick was the eldest of the three at nearly 18, and was a handsome lad with black hair, striking green eyes, ruddy cheeks, and an impressive musculature for one so young. It was Patrick’s uncle, Samuel, who owned the land the boys played on, and who looked after the three young men. David and Mike were also both 17, and were classmates of Patrick at their school in London. 

David was taller and leaner than Patrick, and though his own impressive physique was not yet as muscular as that of Patrick or Mike, David had a wide frame that promised a heavy musculature in the near future. David’s face was equally as handsome as Patrick’s, and he had straight, dark brown hair, and long, almost feminine eyelashes framing his big brown eyes. 

Mike was the shortest of the three boys at only 5’7”, but he already had a thick musculature that rivaled Patrick’s amazing physique. Mike had a boyish yet masculine face, with beautiful blue eyes and thick sandy blond hair, and a lopsided grin that made the girls back at school swoon. 

The three boys were the best of friends, and were spending the long summer day rough housing in the fields when they heard the sound of planes overhead. The lads stopped what they were doing to watch the fighter plane dogfight in the distant sky. The two black dots were chasing each other and had obviously split away from their peers, as no other aircraft were visible. It was impossible to see who was who at that distance, but the two planes were clearly combatants. 


Paul Gunther wrenched the joystick of the ME 109 fighter, expertly bringing his aircraft to bear on the British Hurricane fighter, and squeezed the firing button. The aircraft shuddered as the cannons roared into life and the allied aircraft was torn apart. The young, handsome pilot shouted in victory. At only 18 years of age, Paul was one of the youngest pilots in the German air force, and was quickly making a name for himself as an ace pilot. 

Paul turned for home, anxious to leave the scene quickly and avoid more enemy fighters. He suddenly realized that he was losing fuel, and quickly – he’d taken a few rounds himself in the dogfight, and he realized that his fuel line must have been damaged. Paul very quickly faced the fact that he was going to have to crash his plane, and that, if he was lucky, he would probably end the day a Prisoner of War. But at least he’d be in one piece, and POW camps would only be temporary as Germany was bound to win the war within a year. Still flushed with his recent victory, Paul prepared to eject from his aircraft. 


Samuel stared hopefully at the approaching aircraft. Perhaps it was the British plane, fingers crossed! His heart sank as he saw the familiar black crosses under the aircraft. “The bastard!” he breathed between clenched teeth. Another boy like his 18-year-old son, Daniel, murdered by these German barbarians. 

The aircraft seemed very low to him when suddenly he saw the pilot emerge and parachute - onto his land! The aircraft itself flew on as though still piloted, crashing into a field a few miles away in a ball of flames. Samuel thought quickly, his mind racing — the authorities wouldn’t realize that the German pilot had survived, and would never come here looking to find him. The big farmer turned to his young nephew, Patrick, and his two friends and shouted out, “Come on boys, grab a pitchfork – we’ll capture the bastard ourselves! Patrick, get the shotgun from the house and meet us there - he might be armed.” Samuel raced along with the other two boys to the scene. 

Months of farm-work, with nearly all the grown men away at war, had made the boys very fit and healthy. Their physiques had also benefited, and they all looked very masculine and sexy in their tight breeches and rough work shirts. As they ran toward the woods where the pilot had gone down, their young muscles bulged and flexed beneath their clothes. 


Paul had banged his head on a branch on his way down, and was somewhat dazed when the big farmer and his boys arrived. In the distance, Paul could also see a third boy approaching with what looked like a rifle. These boys looked damned attractive, Paul thought, fit and healthy looking like the German boys back home. 

Leading the handsome young lads was a big mountain of a man with a massively muscular physique. The big man was obviously a farmer, with a rock hard body that had been earned tilling the soil and farming the land. The big man appeared to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s, and was actually very handsome himself in a rugged, burly sort of way. The big man stood at least 6’4” tall, and must have weighed well over 300 pounds of solid muscle. The big man had thick reddish-brown hair and eyes that were a remarkable, vibrant green. 

Paul’s reverie was soon broken as the big man spoke. 

“Get em up!” the big farmer shouted in a deep, guttural voice, motioning to Paul’s arms whilst holding a pitchfork menacingly. A young, stocky blond lad rushed over and pulled the pistol from Paul’s holster. Paul quickly got the idea that these men wouldn't be making tea and scones for him while they waited for the soldiers to come. He couldn't help noticing the excited stares of the two younger boys, or their firm chests rising and falling beneath their open shirts as they caught their breath on this sticky summer day. 

It soon became apparent that Paul's non-existent English was matched by the men's complete lack of understanding of German. 

The third boy, a delicious young man of no more than 18 or 19 years, caught up to the group, holding a shotgun in his big hands. The breathtakingly handsome youth had thick, dark hair and the same remarkable green eyes as the big farmer. Paul then realized that the beautiful dark-haired boy was somehow related to the big, burly farmer. Despite the circumstances that he found himself in, Paul could not help but stare in wonder at the beautiful young man before him. In fact, being surrounded by four gorgeous, healthy men made Paul’s young libido rise, and he hoped these men wouldn’t notice. 


Realizing that their German prisoner couldn’t understand English, Samuel broke the ice. “David,” he said, addressing the tallest boy, “fetch a rope from the barn. I'll feel better when we've trussed him.” 

As David ran off to fetch a rope, Patrick eyed the pilot from behind the shotgun with great interest. The pilot looked to be barely older than Patrick and his friends, and was exceedingly handsome. His face was very masculine, with a powerful jaw, high cheekbones, and a long, straight nose. The pilot’s chiseled features were tempered by the most beautiful soft blue eyes Patrick had ever seen, soulful eyes that looked right into Patrick’s innermost being. This gorgeous face was framed by thick brown hair bleached nearly blond by the sun, which fell in rakish waves over the young man’s breathtaking eyes. 

Breaking his eye contact with the handsome pilot, Patrick looked down at the rest of the German’s body. The downed pilot was dashingly handsome in his dark blue Luftwaffe uniform, complete with a gleaming Iron Cross pinned to his chest. The uniform must have been made by an expert tailor, for it hugged the pilot’s physique in a very flattering manner, revealing a beefy, muscular physique. Though not nearly as massive as big Samuel, the German obviously had an impressive body beneath those clothes. Patrick found himself longing to see beneath that tight uniform. 

Patrick’s eyes finally traveled down to the pilot’s crotch, and his gorgeous green eyes all but bugged out of his head. The pilot was seated on the ground with his legs spread wide, and his uniform pants were drawn tightly against his package, outlining an extremely large bulge between the young pilot’s legs. 

Patrick glanced to Mike, and noticed that his eyes were also glued to the young stud’s massive crotch. Patrick knew his two friends well, and knew that they were also interested in seeing this young German buck naked. Their regard for the young prisoner, however, was tempered by an antipathy towards “all things German”, which had been imbued in them partly by war propaganda, but mainly by Samuel’s almost pathological hatred of Germans since the loss of his father in World War I, and more recently, the loss of his son in France. 

David returned and delivered the rope to Samuel, and then his eyes, too, locked on the German’s huge bulge. Samuel hauled the German pilot to his feet and, with David and Mike holding him, tied the prisoner’s hands tightly behind his back. Samuel then led the prisoner back to the house, with the three young men trailing behind, staring at the young German’s shapely and muscular ass through his uniform pants. 

Once inside the house, Samuel made the young pilot sit in a heavy kitchen chair, and then proceeded to tie the young man tightly to the thick wooden chair so that he couldn’t move his arms or his legs. Once satisfied with his handiwork, he invited the boys into the living room for a celebratory drink. Samuel’s malicious mind was already formulating a scheme for their prisoner, desiring to exact revenge for the loss of those he loved. 

The three boys all felt that, although Samuel had never been unfriendly towards them, he had always been gruff and detached, and never this informal and warm. In fact, he almost seemed jubilant. He laughed and joked about the incident as he plied the boys with drink, then began bad-mouthing the German in the kitchen as he recounted his Father's brutal torture and murder in the First War (a hate-fueled fantasy - in fact he had simply been hit by shrapnel) and a similar tale he had invented for his son’s death. 

Samuel could see that the boys were responding well, especially after months of similar indoctrination. After an hour or more, Samuel decided it was time to test his idea on the boys now that they were more amenable. 

“Look boys,” he began, “I'll be honest and tell you that I'm sickened by the idea that that bastard is going to be on his way to a cushy Prisoner of War camp after we phone the police - and if you want my opinion, we should have shot him on the spot and said he pulled a gun on us!” 

Samuel watched their reaction and was pleased to see no objecting faces, when suddenly blond-headed Mike spoke up to his absolute delight, “I'd have backed you up Samuel, no problem. In fact, I'd have dropped him myself - he's probably bombed countless innocent people already.” (The fact that Paul was not a bomber pilot had no interest to the men whatsoever in their current mood.) 

The boys looked at each other, and the mood had become somber and serious. Samuel continued, “The way I look at it, boys, if we don't phone the police, the authorities will simply assume he died in that big fireball we saw in the distance. In fact, he might as well have done.” 

David interjected, betraying his relative innocence, “What - are you suggesting we shoot him Samuel - is that legal?” 

“Not necessarily shoot him, David. We could hang him in the barn - who's to say he didn't break his neck in the fall and we found him dead - it just means one less German who isn't going to escape and murder again.” (By now, Paul, a quite ordinary 18-year-old soldier and fighter pilot, had assumed the mantle of a mass murderer of innocents in the men's minds). 

“You really think we can get away with it?” Patrick replied. At that point, Samuel knew he had achieved his goal -- the boys were with him. 

“Of course,” he replied, and smiled conspiratorially. 

During the next thirty minutes, the four men formulated their plan under Samuel’s guidance. The pilot would be secured for the evening, and they would strip his uniform off and burn it, along with his identification papers. They had learned from these papers that their prisoner’s name was Paul, but they couldn’t understand the rest of the German writing. In the morning, they would take him to the barn and hang him, after which Samuel said he would dispose of the body around the farm so that no trace would remain - even if he had to feed the body to the pigs! The boys were not to worry about the disposal of the body, it would be his responsibility, and he was in no way squeamish after being on a farm all his life (in fact he had castrated and butchered many farm animals - it was second nature to him). 

Patrick and David had warmed surprisingly well to the idea, whilst Mike's only feelings of guilt related to his feelings of sexual excitement at the thought of helping to kill the pilot - and of stripping him. He squirmed his firm, muscular bottom on the settee self-consciously at the stirrings he felt in his loins. 


When the four men returned and the large farmer began untying him, it was obvious to Paul that they had been drinking, which was a little worrying as the young, dark-haired stud still had the shotgun in his hands. However, when the big farmer began undressing him before the teenage boys, Paul realized that these men were probably going to fuck him before turning him over to the authorities! He was both terrified and hugely turned on at that prospect. 

He was soon fully naked before the questing eyes of the men. If only he could speak a little English! Perhaps there were a few men in this area with similar inclinations to his own? Either way, he was more than ready, although four men could demand a lot of just one lad, no matter how willing he might be. 


Patrick tried not to gawk, as he didn’t want his uncle finding out how attracted he was to the dashing German prisoner, but once the young pilot’s clothes were off, Patrick could barely contain his youthful libido. The naked man sitting before him was the most beautiful man he had ever seen, even more beautiful than the Greek statues and famous paintings of naked men he had seen back in London. 

The young German was perfectly proportioned and toned, with a fantastic physique that was powerfully muscular without being overly huge like that of his uncle. The young man’s bronzed skin was flawless, and stretched taut over his big muscles. And the sexual equipment swinging between the young pilot’s muscular thighs was simply awesome. The young man’s flaccid cock was at least 8” long and extremely thick, with a thick fold of foreskin covering the big cock head. Thinking of how huge that tool must be when hard made Patrick quiver. Beneath that massive cock swung two equally massive balls. Paul’s gonads simply dwarfed any man’s balls that Patrick had ever seen before, and literally approached a bull’s nuts in sheer size and mass. Each mighty globe was nearly as large as a man’s fist, and hung very loose and low in a thick and naturally hairless scrotum, swinging nearly four full inches below his crotch. 

Samuel had David lay a thick blanket on the large oak kitchen table, and forced the beautiful pilot to lay down on its surface. Samuel then skillfully bound the young man’s wrists and ankles to the four table legs until he was spread-eagled before them all. Paul’s large uncut penis lolling over his big bull balls between his spread legs attracted no small amount of attention from the prying eyes of the three young lads. Patrick had had a couple of boyfriends, as well as no few girlfriends, and he enjoyed sex, so he was aware enough to know that the German was a big man, a very big man in fact. Mike was also well enough aware of this, although David was, surprisingly, still a virgin, and therefore had no frame of reference to compare to. David just knew that this young hunk was hung like the horses out in the fields. 


The big farmer grunted and placed a tea towel over Paul’s heavy crotch, much to the young man’s surprise and confusion. Though he still assumed they were going to 'use him' at some stage, Paul wondered if perhaps they were shy in front of each other and would use him later. Paul was very proud of his huge German sexual endowment, and he had noticed how all three of the boys had been staring at his sex. Despite being a prisoner at the mercy of the enemy, Paul found that he was hoping the three beautiful boys would all use him at some point. 


The day had worn on surprisingly rapidly, and Samuel suggested an early night as there was a lot to be done the next day. Patrick could see what was almost a look of disappointment in Paul’s gorgeous blue eyes as the rest of them left the room to go to bed. 

Later that night, while Paul dozed fitfully in his bonds, the three boys spoke excitedly in their shared bedroom. They discussed everything from how much the German deserved his fate; to how long he would take to be hung and if he would struggle much; to the large size of his 'willy' and balls; to how Samuel would dispose of his body; and finally to the admission that each would like to watch the body being disposed of.... Mike even speculated that if the 'willy' was cut off and fed to a pig, it would be quite a mouthful for it to chew on. The trio stifled their boyish laughter so that they wouldn’t awaken Samuel. 

The boys continued their lustful banter until finally it was Patrick who inevitably suggested that it would be a good idea if they were to go quietly downstairs and take another look at the pilot's “meat and potatoes” under the tea towel. Mike sensibly suggested that Paul should be gagged in case he made any noise and accidentally woke up Samuel. 


Paul was fully asleep when the trio entered the kitchen, and only awoke as he felt Mike forcing a kitchen cloth into his mouth. Waking quickly from his fitful sleep, Paul realized that the boys had come downstairs to have their way with him, and he couldn’t decide if he was scared or excited…or both. He looked around and saw that the three lads were looking very sexy in soft cotton night shorts and cotton t-shirts, and he could clearly see their young muscles outlined underneath the shirts. He could also see steadily growing bulges in their shorts. He knew he was going to be in for an exciting night. 


With a burst of courage, Patrick moved quickly between Paul’s massive legs and threw the thin tea towel to one side. Paul flinched as Patrick clasped his heavy, lolling penis and coarsely lifted and squeezed it. David could not take his innocent eyes from the massive organ, while Mike joked, “Here piggy, piggy, supper’s ready!” The other two boys fought back their giggles until all three suddenly stopped and stared as the inevitable began to occur. 

Paul’s huge organ began to fill in Patrick's hand, growing thicker and longer and larger with each heartbeat. The boys could only watch in wide-eyed wonder as the astounding growth continued until it throbbed into a huge thrusting erection. Fully erect, the enormous schlong was just over a full foot in length. As the mighty organ reached its full size, the thick foreskin rolled back to expose the glistening mauve plum within. 

David audibly gasped in lustful wonder, trying to catch his breath. Patrick was affected by the sight and feel of the pulsing flesh-column, and couldn’t take his wide eyes off the hot man cock throbbing in his palm. Mike dryly remarked, his voice cracking, “My God! There's enough for the bloody pig's whole family there! He’s HUGE!”

Patrick added, “Must be what they call a big German Bratwurst sausage!” 

Despite the witticisms, the boys were not laughing, for they were for the moment lost in their own private lustful thoughts, gazing at this perfect specimen of a man. 

Patrick directed the excited column upwards and inspected the huge balls, which jostled heavily in their sac as he did so. His left hand moved in and felt them, amazed by their size, their weight, and their sheer mass, and feeling the heat coming off of the great orbs. Patrick trapped the huge right nut between his finger and thumb and felt its firmness, amazed at the strength and toughness of the fat orb. Paul stirred as he felt the light pressure and the slight ache it caused in his vulnerable and helpless testicle. Patrick smiled to himself at the pilot’s reaction. 

David's lack of experience was no secret to Mike or Patrick, and Patrick generously motioned David over to inspect the focus of their attentions. David reached out hesitantly and grasped the straining male flesh - it felt pleasant, smooth, and silky, yet incredibly hard just beneath the surface and pulsing with heat. It resisted him slightly as he lightly moved it around to examine it. Paul was breathing more heavily now, for the boy's attentions felt fantastic, even more so due to this boy's obvious inexperience. 

Mike interjected, “Mind that he doesn't come. With huge balls like that, I’m sure he’d make a hell of a mess and Samuel will catch on.” 

Patrick reassured him, “Don't forget, Mike, I was studying to be a doctor until they evacuated the school a few months ago. I learned that the scrotal sac tightens just before a man comes, so I'm keeping an eye on him. A good ball-squeezing will calm him down if he gets too frisky.” 

David's entire attention was upon the huge hot flesh in his hand. With his free hand, he reached for Paul’s massive, meaty balls and rolled them around in his big hand. David was very conscious of his excitement and could feel his own rock hard cock dripping precum into his shorts. 

Patrick continued, “You know, they say that when a man is hung, he can become very excited and even come in his death-throes. I wonder if Samuel has heard of that,” he smirked. David considered Patrick's comment with interest even as he toyed with Paul's huge organs, and tried to imagine the man's white seed coming out in front of them all in the morning whilst he struggled on the rope. David was pulling on the man's huge balls when he was distracted by the sight of Mike suddenly pulling his t-shirt over his head, revealing his own muscular physique that, while not as huge as Paul’s, was still very impressive. Mike was becoming excited and was intent on moving things forward, and there was little modesty between the good friends. 

“I'm going to see if he likes English boys,” Mike said as he moved to Paul’s chest, now wearing only his thin cotton shorts. Paul stared feverishly at the blond boy’s beefy young chest, and he noticed that the young man’s nipples were swollen and reddened to hard points with obvious sexual excitement. Mike began running his hands over Paul’s thick, hard chest and then hung his own chest over the handsome German’s face. Paul was quick to respond and caught one of the excited nipples in his mouth. "Good boy, good boy…" Mike murmured - whilst David continued to pull on his balls and agitate his pulsing erection. 

The other boys did not notice when Patrick reached inside his shorts to retrieve a small packet. They did notice, however, when Patrick silently waggled a condom in front of them. "Patrick..." Mike hissed through his teeth. David instinctively moved aside and Patrick captured the large erection, levering it down slightly as he began rolling the condom down. Paul breathed heavily through his nose at the exquisite sensation and the realization that his long awaited fuck appeared to be imminent. Patrick thumbed his shorts down, but left his t-shirt on, and mounted the table in a now silent room. He turned towards Paul's feet and straddled his hips, gripping the urgent flesh-column and directing it towards his young solid ass. 

Paul moaned as he felt his plum push against the heat of Patrick’s tight asshole, and he couldn’t help but stare at the young man’s gorgeous ass, so rounded and muscular and firm it made his head spin with lust. 'God, his cock was going in, he was so young and tight - his bottom, God...' spun Paul’s mind as he let his head drop back, shutting his eyes and savoring the sensation. 

Patrick grimaced in pain as he slowly worked his ass down the incredibly long and thick German cock. He had taken some big cocks up his ass back in London, but nothing quite as huge as the cock possessed by the sexy German pilot, and it was almost more than he could take. But after a couple of minutes, Patrick managed to bury the huge flesh column all the way to the base in his muscular ass. He then gathered up Paul’s enormous balls and held them firmly as he began pumping up and down. 

Paul lifted his head to catch a glimpse of Patrick's magnificent deep cleft in his ass, which was revealed intermittently as he rose and fell, before Mike once again pushed a hard nipple insistently into his mouth for him to suckle on. David looked on, mesmerized. Patrick began to lose his rhythm as his excitement mounted. Mike pulled his nipple free from Paul's mouth and waved David over. "Don't be left out David! Why not make him smell your bum - the dirty German will love that, eh?" 

David liked the idea but was more inhibited than his friends and kept his shirt and shorts on as he mounted the stout oak table. Paul saw the fantastic vision of David's muscular ass as he dropped his shorts and lowered himself onto Paul’s face, David’s big ass cheeks crushing his nose and features almost painfully as he did so. Modestly he kept his rock hard cock and big, heavy balls away from the young German’s face, as he lent back and pressed his big bottom onto him. 

Patrick was mounting towards his climax, but sensed that Paul was too. Instinctively, he pulled on the big balls, trapped in his grip, and began squeezing firmly as his orgasm swept over him, moaning as he did so in exquisite pleasure. Simultaneously, Paul pulled helplessly on his bonds and screamed into his gag and David's large bottom as the pain racked his balls in Patrick's squeezing hand. Huge ropes of cum jetted out of Patrick’s thick, ten-inch cock, spraying in sticky lines onto the table and the German’s beefy, muscular legs. In his pleasure, Patrick squeezed Paul’s balls a little harder than he would have done otherwise, in fact coming close to causing possible permanent testicle damage. Paul felt sick with the pain and forgot the erotic sensations as he sobbed into David's ass. Patrick recovered his composure, and when his orgasm finally finished, he lifted himself off the incredibly still completely erect organ with a loud sucking noise. 

"God, that was amazing!! I've got more fresh condoms if you want a go," he said to Mike, who had been avidly watching Patrick's performance. Mike needed little persuasion to drop his shorts now, revealing an eight-inch-long cock that was every bit as thick and meaty as the massive schlong sported by their German prisoner. As soon as he had replaced the used condom with a fresh one, Mike positioned himself as Patrick had done (though fully naked) and began by laying the fully erect organ upwards on the pilot's stomach and grinding it between his hard rounded ass cheeks until it had become even more violently erect. Once he was ready, Mike then began the slow process of inserting the huge organ into his incredibly tight ass. 

Paul's recently mangled balls still ached, but the sensations of pleasure were returning with a vengeance. As Mike pumped the organ steadily with his strong and talented ass, David striped off his shorts and began positioning himself such that his big nine-inch cock now contacted Paul's lips. Paul could taste the young man’s excitement on his tongue, and he greedily sucked the entire length of David’s beautiful cock down his throat. 

Mike rode Paul for a long time, alternately pumping and then grinding, whilst Paul literally struggled for breath with David's magnificent cock shoved in to the hilt in his pulsing throat. At more than one point, Paul came dangerously close to shooting a violent orgasm into Mike's clutching ass, but Patrick's watchful eyes saw the tell-tale ball-tightening and he reacted quickly to give the still aching balls an expert squeezing - just enough to abate the orgasm but without reducing the erection. 

Mike came shortly afterwards with a final grind and an 'Oooooh!' Thick bolts of cum erupted from his cannon of a cock, spraying even more male juice all over the soldier’s naked lower body. After a short rest, Mike uncoupled himself and the erection came free, waggling as it did so. Patrick quickly pulled the condom off and began replacing it with a fresh one as both boys now looked to David. Mike spoke, "Come on David, you'll regret it tomorrow if you don’t. Give him what for!” 

David wasn't going to be left out by any means and was by now a highly excited young man. He decided to keep his t-shirt on out of modesty, and straddled the big German soldier again. 'Here goes my virginity - I never thought it would be like this, on a kitchen table with a condemned man,' thought David (Paul still had no idea of his impending fate). He gingerly eased himself down onto the now iron-hard erection. Despite being the tallest of the three lads with the largest frame, David was, in his virginity, extremely tight. In order to 'take him' David had to pause and relax as he slowly took the thick column of flesh into his tight ass, something Paul found excruciatingly erotic - David was almost painfully tight around his huge penis. 

Patrick decided he wanted to sit on the young soldier’s face, and he quickly instructed Mike on 'ball control' advising him not to squeeze too hard in his inexperience or enthusiasm. Mike had large hands and was extremely strong, and Patrick didn’t want him bursting the soldier’s massive bull balls by mistake. Mike took Patrick's place and watched the mighty balls for signs of pre-ejaculation whilst Patrick moved to his head and straddled his face. Paul was overwhelmed by the fantastic visions as Patrick did so. Patrick’s thick, ten-inch cock was waving proudly just over Paul’s handsome face, and his handsome mouth opened expectantly, waiting to receive the enormous cock down his throat. Paul could smell the strong manly scent coming off Patrick’s balls and crotch, and his head spun with lust. Patrick then rammed his entire cock down Paul’s throat in one powerful thrust, until his big balls were pressed tight against the young soldier’s chin. David felt the German’s gigantic erection harden yet more, if that was even possible, as his senses were literally assaulted by the young manhood all around him. 

The combination of David's tightness and the Patrick's thick cock shoved down his throat had the inevitable effect on Paul. His young libido rose to the crisis point, but Mike easily spotted the tell-tale signs. His hand shot forward and expertly twisted and squeezed the man’s huge balls. Mike proved to be a natural ball-squeezer, sensing just the right amount of pressure needed to quell his eruption, yet maintain the erection within David. 

David rode Paul’s maleness and had been sufficiently aroused by his previous activities to discover that his own orgasm was fast approaching, something his increasing lack of rhythm betrayed. Patrick ground his cock harder and harder as he too mounted towards a second orgasm, causing Paul to struggle for breath. David let out a long, deep moan as he found his satisfaction, and began pumping out his own big load all over the table and the young prisoner’s muscular legs. Incredibly, David's culmination seemed to excite Patrick's own finale shortly afterwards as he pushed his cock all the way in and delivered his multiple salvos of thick man cream down the young German’s swallowing throat. 

The satisfied boys dismounted and Mike pulled the used condom from Paul's very large and VERY frustrated erection. Mike in fact amused himself by flipping the erection and watching it waggle back up whilst the other two collected shorts and t-shirt and cleaned up the thick mess of cum from their orgasms. Paul's organ leaked pre-cum like a faucet and he was painfully hard when Mike's hand left it. Mike quickly pulled his shorts on whilst Patrick removed the gag and Paul subsequently moaned and mumbled in German until Patrick gave him a very stern look indeed. The handsome and horny young German just couldn't believe that after all that had gone on he would not be allowed to cum – the bastards! Patrick couldn't resist giving the painfully erect organ a stinging and malicious slap before they crept out to return quietly to their shared bedroom. 

As each boy lay quietly in his bed, they all experienced a deep conflict that kept them all awake. All three boys had been told that the German’s were evil butchers who had to be destroyed, yet all three were also extremely attracted to the prisoner that they had tied up in the kitchen. He was a gorgeous young man, barely older than themselves, and each of the three boys privately wished that they weren’t going to hang the young German stud in the morning. 


It was some time later when David felt the need to urinate and absent-mindedly pulled the flush-chain. Samuel’s fitful sleep was disturbed and he was soon fully awake. He decided to go and take a look at their prisoner before he was hung in the morning. He pulled on his own long-johns and went downstairs. He had missed a potentially embarrassing rendezvous with the boys by only half an hour. 

Paul awoke from a light sleep to see the big, muscular man enter and was overjoyed - this was beyond his wildest fantasy and he was convinced that he would surely have his relief now. 

Samuel, however, did not have what he hoped for in mind. He walked around the table silently, staring intently at the prisoner all the while, such that he felt intimidated into remaining completely silent under the huge man’s stern gaze. The farmer looked at Paul’s  heavy penis, now flaccid but still large and full. In complete silence Samuel suddenly mounted the table, to Paul's relief, and sat his very large and beefy ass onto his face. His breathing was even more of a struggle now than under David's big ass, but it did trigger his 'rise' as expected. Samuel wanted some form of sexual contact with this male, and used the excuse to himself that he would test his libido to see if he was a 'sex-fiend'. His 'fears' were more than confirmed - an almighty erection unfurled before him - the likes of which he had never seen on anything other than stallions and prize stud bulls. It throbbed strongly, the purple crown glistening while the young lad labored for breath into Samuel’s huge crushing ass cheeks. 

He sat there for a long time, staring at the enormous erection, whilst his anger mounted (and also his suppressed sexual frustration). When he could stand it no longer, Samuel suddenly leapt from the table and began screaming abuse at the restrained man. He didn't care if the whole world heard him, years of hatred and frustration boiled over. He was a 'murderer', a 'barbarian', a ‘rapist’ - he was to blame for all the ills in his life... 

The commotion woke the boys instantly. Mike was the first to leave the bedroom and journey downstairs. Patrick and David followed a short distance behind. "Samuel, are you alright?" Mike exclaimed upon entering the kitchen. Patrick and David followed Mike in. 

"It's this bastard - I came down here for a glass of water and I found him like this!" Samuel exclaimed, pointing at the man's great erection. "As far as I'm concerned, he's a sex-fiend as well as a murderer - God only knows how many women and boys he's probably raped! I tell you lad, I'm ready to finish the animal here and now - in fact I will. I suggest you boys go upstairs now and leave this to me - I don't want to upset you.” 

The trio hovered around the doorway as if rooted to the spot. Mike spoke out as a kind of group spokesman, "Samuel, we decided last night that we want to be in on the whole thing - we're not going to leave you on your own and we're not squeamish." 

Samuel was genuinely touched and acknowledged their commitment, "Very well boys, but I warn you it's going to be messy. I'm going to garrote him with a piece of rope - but not before I've done what he's had coming, the dirty rapist bastard. I'm going to castrate him like the animal he is.” 

The boys looked at each other, stunned by the idea, and yet terribly fascinated by this development in a morbid sort of way. 

"I don't want him screaming the house down. Can I ask one of you boys to volunteer a pair of shorts as a gag - it'll be the last cheap thrill he'll ever have.” Mike and Patrick looked nervously at each other, and David swallowed hard – none of them wanted to see their hunky prisoner lose his gigantic balls. In the end, however, David shucked off his shorts and gave them to Samuel, who forced them unceremoniously into the now highly confused man's mouth. 

Samuel had prepared the 'necessities' the previous evening just after the boys had preceded him to bed. They were around the corner in the kitchen annex, wrapped in some towels - two short lengths of rope to bind his arms and legs before he was hung with a longer length - waiting in the barn..., knives, poultry shears which he had always used for gelding pigs (but which he had intended for dismembering the body when he placed them there), a short saw, and so on. 

Samuel began the proceedings. "Boys, this is going to be bloody and messy, so I suggest that for the sake of our clothing and of leaving no trace, we take our things off and leave them on the stool in the corner. I have sacks ready around the corner to put him in and then we'll need to scrub everything down afterwards." 

The young men began divesting themselves of their meager clothing, Samuel failing to notice that the three boys were already semi hard. Samuel continued, "David, he has no idea of what's going to happen to him and it's better like that, so I wonder if you could perch on his chest so that he can't see what's happening.” David readily complied and began clambering over Paul, who was in a state of fevered lust once more, surrounded as he was by a literal harem of sexy male flesh with all their magnificent sights and smells - it was like a wild fantasy come to life. He grunted into his gag as he saw David's huge beefy bottom descend and settle inches from his face, his weight making him labor somewhat for his breath. He could smell the young man’s musky odor and feel his big cock and balls pressing onto his chest. 

Samuel, satisfied that the pilot’s view was obstructed, fetched the towel-wrapped implements and lay them between Paul’s well spread and tethered legs. He unwrapped the towel and revealed the gleaming instruments. Mike's eyes flicked morbidly between the sharp metal instruments and the man's huge erection and pendulous balls hanging between his legs - he wondered how long the big flesh-column with its glistening purple plum would remain erected and throbbing like that after Samuel cut his balls off. 

Samuel interrupted Mike's reverie, "Mike, would you hold that thing of his out of the way whilst we get on?” Mike gladly complied, taking a firm controlling grip on the erection to Paul's sensual delight. Samuel continued, "Now I'm going to finish him off with this, shortly after we've given him his just deserts," he said holding up one of the short lengths of rope and briefly demonstrating visually that it would be to strangle him with. "So, with a view to your medical training, I'm going to ask you, Patrick, to castrate our prisoner.” 

Patrick was a little taken aback by this development, but realized that he was obviously the best suited for the task. Before Patrick could think further, Samuel had taken the pilot's big, meaty balls in his hand and began demonstrating castration techniques to the fascinated boys with the fingers of his other hand acting as mock knives or shears. He showed with his finger and thumb how pigs were generally ringed with a powerful rubber band around the root of the sac before gelding to prevent blood-loss, although he mentioned further that this would not be necessary on this occasion as this man was to die shortly afterwards anyway, and this castration was being enacted as a punishment for his undoubted crimes against innocents. He also demonstrated with his 'finger-knife' how sometimes an incision could be made vertically along the ball sac and the balls could be lifted out to be snipped from their individual cords such that the knife-slit could be stitched up afterwards, leaving an empty sac. He was happy for Patrick to use either method. Samuel explained how he had gelded all manner of farm animals, even helping on one or two of his friends’ farms. As well as pigs, he had gelded mature rams and younger male sheep, stallions and even a few bulls as it saved on expensive vet's bills. He said a bull would let out deafening bellows as it was being castrated. This was really no different in a sense, except that this bastard was lower than a farm animal. 

Paul's fevered mind began forming dark suspicions as he felt his huge balls being firmly pulled and fingers tracing around the very root of his sac. But his fears were quickly dismissed among the thrilling sensations of having his balls handled so erotically like this, whilst the sexy young blond stud held his hard-on so firmly and possessively. Mike had stood further out to his right than necessary so that Paul could see his beefy and muscular naked figure, the out-thrusting profile of his strong buttocks, his thick chest, shoulders, and arms, and his thick and beefy legs, not to mention his extremely thick and completely erect eight-inch cock. Paul suddenly caught sight of the big farmer’s naked form as he went to fetch something else from the kitchen's annex room - first his huge back and rolling, muscular buttocks and then on his return his huge chest and arms, and his dark bush of pubic hair over a massive sexual endowment, nearly rivaling the size of Paul’s own gargantuan cock and balls. Paul could easily see that the farmer’s thick nipples were full and obviously excited. As he disappeared again his eyes returned to David's big milky-white buttocks crushing his chest, and his deep, dark hole that had so pleasured him less than an hour before. 

Samuel returned with a large glass pickle-jar, and placing it between the man's legs said simply "Souvenirs!” Patrick gave an uneasy grin in compliance. Mike's eyes widened, and David squirmed his excited ass slightly on the male's firm chest. 

Patrick reached out and grasped the man's big balls firmly at last - he rolled them slightly and felt strangely excited by what he was about to do to him. He decided that this was perhaps every man's deepest fantasy - to revel in the power of unmanning a large and powerful man as he displayed his excitement. He had a brief and exciting fantasy in his mind's eye of sitting on Paul’s face and forcing him to suck him to orgasm as he held the knife to his condemned balls, whilst his frustrated erection jostled between his firm and beefy pecs. He snapped back to reality and realized that this was real and that he was actually going to do it. He decided to select one of the short knives laid out on the towel and pulled firmly on the balls trapped in his gripping left hand. 

Samuel interrupted, "Just a minute Patrick, let's see just how much of a sex-fiend he really is. Why don't you see if you can 'fire him up' Mike? We'll see how much of a man he really is. I bet like all bullies he's got nothing much to offer.” Samuel was merely voicing what all the others secretly wanted - they wanted to see the handsome young man perform. Mike had already been quietly pumping at the great erection, gently and slowly so that the others would not notice. Now he willingly accepted the challenge and began pumping the organ properly. The men all stared fascinated as the big glistening plum was jerked and jostled above Mike's tightly gripping fist. Patrick stared, as this was his secret fantasy as well. 

Paul could see Mike to his side - he was looking down intently at his penis in his hand and he could see his chest and arm flexing deliciously as he did so. He felt that he could sense all the men's eyes on his excited parts. His eyes flicked between David's big bottom, and Mike's bouncing chest, and he could feel another man’s hand pulling on his balls. 

Mike took in the marvelous feel and sight of the big hard-on that he was pumping, and also noticed excitedly that Patrick was holding the knife dangerously close to the stretched ball sac - with all the movement it was possible that the knife might prematurely cut the man's sac a little. He hoped not as he wanted to see the man cum, and see exactly how much he was going to give... 

Patrick decided cruelly that he was going to cut him while he was cumming; after all, this wasn't for his pleasure, it was his punishment, right? He rolled the massive bull balls again absent-mindedly and gripped the knife a little tighter. 

It was ironic that all the while Paul believed that he was being used as a sex-toy by the four men; maybe they'd had their fun and just wanted him to have his relief (though what the farmer was going crazy about earlier he had no idea). Paul's senses were whirling as he seemed to focus on David's big sweating buttocks almost slipping about on his chest as he now almost blatantly agitated his excited crotch on him. 

Paul's orgasm began mounting - Mike sensed it and started murmuring his encouragement, "Come on....come on, let's have it...come on you big German stud..." He wanted to see his seed come out, and he wanted to see him castrated - to help speed things up in fact he opened his legs just a little and turned slightly so that Paul could better see his big throbbing cock. Mike smiled to himself as he saw Paul’s head turn and look between his legs. The young German’s mind raced, 'God, look at that thick cock on that beefy blond hunk. Unnn… Nnnnnnn…! Oh shit, I’m going to cum!!’

Patrick felt the massive ball sac tensing in his hand as Mike felt the flesh-column jerk harder than ever - and then it happened - the most almighty string of cum jerked out of the gaping eye of the plum and lashed across David's big chest. Paul practically screamed his relief into David's tightly balled shorts as David yelped his shock. "My goodness!" exclaimed Samuel. Mike was shocked as he saw another great string lash out onto David's lower belly and the very top of his thick brown pubic bush. 

The three boys were mesmerized as blast after huge, sticky blast of cum jetted forth from the young prisoner’s penis with a force that was difficult to describe. In a matter of moments, David’s torso was criss-crossed in thick ropes of the young man’s cum, which also landed onto the German’s own washboard stomach in thick white lines. But the young stud’s orgasm showed no signs of ebbing, and continued to thunder onward unabated. Pulse after huge pulse of Paul’s thick white seed pumped forth from his enormous penis, coating and recoating David’s big frame with his male essence. It took nearly a minute for the young prisoner to finish pumping out his earth shattering load, and when he did, David’s body was literally dripping with cum. Great pools of the stuff had formed on Paul’s own belly and run off onto the table. If not for the thick blanket on top of the table to absorb the mess, rivers of the gooey stuff would have flowed off the sides of the table and onto the flagstone floor! 

All four men stared dumbfounded at the awesome mess that the young pilot had made, and the only sound to be heard was Paul’s own labored breathing. It had been one of the most intense orgasms of his young life, and he was momentarily exhausted. 

Patrick was still firmly gripping the base of Paul’s outstretched balls, but he had long since removed the knife from its dangerous position near the young prisoner’s scrotum. Patrick was in love, and he suddenly realized that there was no way he could castrate this stunning hunk of a man lying naked and helpless before him. 

Samuel did not feel the same way, however. Enraged at the obvious turn of feelings among his boys, Samuel grabbing the knife from Patrick’s unresisting hand, pushed his nephew out of the way, and prepared to finish the job himself. The big farmer grasped the base of the young German’s humongous ball sac in one meaty hand and pulled down, hard. Paul yelped in pain, his scrotum stretched to nearly twice its normal dangle. Samuel then brought the knife down beneath the thinly stretched scrotal skin and prepared for the one upward slice that would end the young man’s awesome masculinity forever. 

Patrick snapped out of his shock first, and jumped on his uncle’s back, trying to pull him away from the helpless prisoner. Mike reacted next, grabbing the much bigger man’s wrist with both of his strong hands, and trying to pry his knife arm away from the stud’s beefy bull nuts. David then joined the fray as well, leaping off of Paul’s prone body to pounce onto Samuel. The huge farmer bellowed in rage, but refused to release his strangle hold on Paul’s huge straining nuts, and instead pulled on them harder still as he was steadily pushed backwards. Paul’s ball cords were phenomenally strong, but with nearly 300 pounds of muscle man pulling them steadily downward, it wouldn’t be long before they were simply ripped clean off his body. 

It was quickly becoming clear that, even with three strapping young lads fighting against him, Samuel was simply too strong and would soon win his way free to castrate Paul. Samuel sent David flying off of him, and then elbowed Mike in the gut, doubling over the young man in agony and temporarily knocking the wind out of him. Lastly, he shrugged young Patrick off his back, freeing himself entirely. With menace and hatred in his eyes, Samuel took a step forward, preparing to bring the glinting knife down in an arc of destruction that would claim Paul’s huge, turgid nuts. 

In the meantime, even the thick blanket’s ability to absorb Paul’s monstrous load had been overcome, and large puddles of the young man’s splooge had formed on the tile floor. Samuel stepped forward onto one of these puddles, and his bare foot slipped on the slick, gooey substance, sending his foot out from under him. Samuel cried out as he fell sideways, releasing Paul’s screaming nuts as he fought to catch his fall. The huge farmer fell heavily face first on the floor, and trembled mightily for a few moments before lying completely still. As the horrified boys watched, a pool of blood began to spread from beneath the huge man’s body. All three boys worked together to push the huge man over, and discovered that he had landed on the very knife intended to castrate the prisoner, and the knife had plunged directly through the farmer’s heart, killing him instantly. 

The boys could only stare wide-eyed at the dead man for several moments, and then the sound of moaning from the table brought them back to the present. Patrick came to the young pilot’s side and gently removed the gag from his mouth, and then leaned down and passionately kissed the handsome young German, who responded in kind. After a long kiss, Patrick and the other boys quickly untied the young muscle stud, and they all embraced and kissed each other in relief. 

Paul helped the boys to dispose of Samuel’s body, cleaning up any evidence that anything amiss had occurred in the house. The pigs were indeed well fed by the time they were done…

Just as the boys had fallen in love with him, so had Paul fallen in love with these three young and extremely handsome men who had been his saviors. The lads knew that if the government found out that Paul was on their property, he would be taken to a POW camp and they would likely never see him again. And so they hid him on their farm, and gradually taught him English. All the while, the four young men created a bond and a relationship together, and spent each night curled in each other’s arms, the stickiness of their recent sex gluing them all together. 

The four young men sat out the rest of the war in this fashion, running the farm and keeping their handsome German hidden from view. When the war finally ended five years later, Paul realized that he had no intention of ever going back to Germany, as he had found a new life with his three handsome English lads. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Torc's Sacrifice - Jayse Version

Every four years, the jungle tribes select the greatest and most powerful from all of their warriors to be crowned the Alpha Male. This mighty man then leads the tribes for an allotment of 4 years, ruling them in times of war and peace, and fathering countless hundreds of children.

At the end of the allotted 4 years, however, a new Alpha Male must be selected, and the testicles of the current Alpha Male must be destroyed. By the male's own hands.

This is the tale of Torc, the tribe's reigning Alpha Male, and his unmanning ceremony.


Torc's Sacrifice
Loosely based on a story concept by an unknown author


The prisoner couldn't help but let out a pained yelp as the woman leading him by the balls gave his large junk a sharp tug downwards, the brawny male forced to fall to his knees to prevent his tackle from being torn clean off. His plump spunk-makers ached inside of his captor's tight grip, but he knew better than to complain about a harsh squeeze. After all, he still had his gonads, at least for the time being. He might as well enjoy the feeling while it lasted.

He forced his eyes downward towards the dirt as his handler settled down next to him, sitting cross-legged on the dusty earth. In his peripheral vision, the captured warrior could see at least two of his fellow fighters, similarly stripped naked, trussed up, and dragged to their knees by the half-clothed women of their rival city state. The agonized groans that rung in his ears confirmed the existence of at least a few more, though it was hard to tell exactly how many men were being held captive. He hoped that at least some of the men had escaped intact…

But that train of thought was immediately interrupted by the pair of bare, feminine legs that passed in front of him, breaking his line of sight. His gaze was nearly drawn by instinct to the shapely ass that lay above, but he managed to catch himself before his eyes travelled too far. He'd heard stories about the damage those legs could do to a man. He wasn't eager to experience such things first-hand.

The nude female slowed down as she passed, her eyes narrowing at the sight of the prisoner's involuntary movement -- but now was not the time to make an example of an individual. Instead after a tense moment she turned away, showing off to the male with a sultry sway of her hips as she climbed up on to her raised platform.

Once on her platform, High Priestess Kayla turned to face the small group of captors and captives, as well as the huge crowd of villagers that had gathered behind them. Thousands of villagers had turned out to witness this day's special sacrifice. Grimly she scanned the faces of her half-dozen prisoners -- all well-tanned and muscular men from the cities to the east. In another context they might have been met with compassion, accepted and reborn as members of her tribe -- but not after ambushing and slaughtering a group of children. No, if Hollen's tribe wanted to attack their offspring, then she would wipe out theirs in return. And given the current situation, with a larger war brewing on the horizon, the timing couldn't be better.

The beautiful female raised her arms, lifting her head to the sky and baring her gloriously naked body to the full assembly before her. With a mighty shout, she raised her voice to the heavens:

"O mighty gods! We sacrifice to you now the balls of our sworn enemies, in exchange for the balls of the king on the mountain. Hear our prayer, that we might take from the king the proudest jewels in his collection.”

"Hallum!" came the cry of affirmation from the crowd.

With that, the last of the hope among the prisoners was quashed. Kayla could practically feel the chill in the air as the weary men fully realized their fate. With a private smirk, she continued:

"And oh gods of war, please accept also the proud orbs of our own strongest warrior. He has fought to protect our humble village on many occasions, and sired many strong young offspring with the women of our tribe over the allotted four years of his reign as Alpha Male. May the sacrifice of his future swimmers be a testament to the strength of our commitment and the righteousness of our cause."

“HALLUM!!" came the cry again, even louder. At the side of the stage, one man in full ceremonial dress nodded silently, his square jaw set firmly as he faced his leader.

"We are the Dura!" Kayla thrust her chest forward, glaring down at her trembling captives. "We are protectors of the weak! And when we are attacked unjustly, these transgressions must be repaid in full!"


"Begin the ceremony!" she cried.

And with that, a half-dozen shrieks went up in unison, as a dozen individual spunk-makers were suddenly assaulted from all sides. The prisoner closest to Kayla was jerking like a fish out of water, his captor's forearm muscles bulging as she attempted to grind his nuts to butter within her fist. To his right, one girl held a man's legs apart while another pummeled his hanging sac with punch after punch, treating his swollen spuds like a boxer's speed bag. One busty chick had decided to bite her victim, popping each nut between her teeth, and was now chewing happily on the mush that remained in his scrotum. The unlucky male still clung to the edge of consciousness, limbs twitching and mouth open in a silent scream as his unborn children were reduced to a procreative pulp.

Kayla stepped down into the crowd, smiling as she watched the rival tribe members quickly being turned into eunuchs at the hands and feet of her female warriors. After so many years of busting on the battlefield, her senses were sharply attuned to the tell-tale signs of a ruptured nut: the soft splurt beneath a woman's foot or between her fingers; the pained, instinctive stiffening of a man's body; the sudden distant look in his eyes as half of his manhood was flattened beyond repair. Within a few minutes, she could tell that the more experienced women had finished their task, but at the end of the line, the youngest of the girls was struggling with her male.

Kayla paused for a moment as another woman passed in front of her, slamming her knee up into one man's groin with a meaty whump. Ignoring the prisoner's impossibly high-pitched squeak (another sure-fire sign of a busted ball), she turned her attention to the inexperienced female, who was currently standing over her captive, stomping her foot down between his legs with increasing frustration. Her male was a particularly handsome and well-built stud of a man, and possessed a very large set of balls. In another time and place, the High Priestess would have wanted nothing more than to mount this man's meaty pole and ride him to mutual bliss.

"Having some trouble?" Kayla asked.

The girl -- in her late teens, by the look of it -- glanced up with some aggravation and embarrassment, but her look softened once she saw who was addressing her. "Yes. I know stomping is supposed to be the easiest way to pop a testicle, but his balls are so large that they both keep squirming out of the way."

The senior warrior grinned, watching the male twitch forcefully as the youngster brought her bare foot down once again. "You've got the right idea, young one, but you're a little too eager with your technique. Here, try just placing your foot on top of his left nut. Like this, see?" Kayla placed her own foot atop his huge right nut, pinning it with just enough weight to hold it in place and squashing the huge orb into the ground.

The girl followed Kayla's lead, planting her foot on the other side of his sac and earning a wheezing moan from the captive. "Okay, now what?"

"Now just lean forward. Feel how it squishes out between your toes?"

The muscular male on the ground let out an agonized wail as the two women shifted their weight, his spunk-makers flattened like rubbery pancakes into the hard dirt.

The younger female giggled, flexing her toes around the compressed meaty bubble of manhood. "Wow, this is awesome! But it's still not popping…"

"Then just add a little bounce to your step," Kayla said, rocking back onto her heel and then forward onto the prisoner's ball once more. "Trust me, no man can survive that for long, no matter how big his balls."

The teenager imitated her teacher, earning the most painful squeal yet from the poor man underfoot. "Oh yes! I can feel it getting all squishy! I can actually feel the outer walls beginning to crumble as I wear down his resistance!"

"Great! Now," Kayla growled, grinning, "the only question is which one of his nuts is going to pop first."

With that the two women focused on the task at hand, grinding their weight down on top of the prisoner's swollen plums, feeling the sturdy orbs slowly lose their shape as wet crunching sounds came from his weakening balls. Kayla was impressed with the handsome captive's strength and staying power, as his massive balls endured one minute of abuse, then two, then three, until suddenly--


"Ahhhh," Kayla exclaimed as she probed the man's scrotum with a toe, feeling the broken remnants of the huge orb slosh around in his sac. "The right one, apparently."

The younger female opened her mouth to reply, but instead let out a squeak of surprise as the male's remaining nut suddenly burst between her toes with a loud squelching sound. She stood there for a moment, dumb-founded, before a wide smile spread across her face. "Holy Mother, that was amazing! That's what it feels like to pop a ball? It's so…gods, it's so hot!"

"Agreed! And it never gets old." Kayla patted the teenager on the shoulder. "Just remember, nut popping is only for our worst enemies. It's not a punishment to be taken lightly.”

"Of course," the younger girl nodded. "I understand.”

"Good." The older female glanced back over her shoulder and confirmed that the balls of all six prisoners had been finished off. “Leave the prisoners where they are. Let them witness the power and bravery of a REAL warrior, so that they may take tales of the strength of our people back to their eastern cities.”

With a flourish, the naked High Priestess motions to the young man standing to the side of the platform, resplendent in his ceremonial robes. The young man strides forward, and as he gets closer to Kayla, it becomes clear that he’s a very big man. Even the heavy robes cannot conceal his height or his size, for he towers over the tall priestess and is clearly more than twice her mass. 

The young man is extraordinarily handsome, beautiful even for this race of beautiful people. His features are very masculine, with a powerful chin and jaw line, a broad forehead, and a strong nose. The young man’s stunning blue eyes soften his appearance, as does his apparent youth, for despite his great size, the young man’s features are clearly caught in that magical space between boy and man. His stunningly handsome face is framed by a thick head of chestnut hair, worn short and streaked with many golden highlights from many hours spent beneath the blazing tropical sun. 

The young man stands silently before the assembled multitude for several long moments, his face set in a stoic and brave countenance. He then reaches to his neck and unfastens the robe. Two young priestesses assist him as he sheds the heavy robes, revealing his naked body beneath. 

A soft gasp emanates from the huge crowd at the sight of the young man’s gloriously muscular body. Even the prisoners at the foot of the platform, kneeling in the dirt and clutching their broken and shattered balls in great agony, couldn’t help but stare at the young man in wonder. Before the gathered thousands stood a paragon of masculinity and male beauty, the perfection of the male form. 

The youth stood 6’4” tall and had an incredibly broad frame, with shoulders that were at least a yard wide. This massive frame contained muscles of such astounding mass and proportion that it made the otherwise muscular captives look scrawny and weak in comparison. None of them had ever seen a man approaching this youth’s massive size, for he must have topped the scales at 350 or even 360 pounds! Every mighty muscle was chiseled and etched in extraordinary relief, for not an ounce of fat marred the muscular perfection of the young man’s physique. The young man’s every dimension was super human – a bull-like neck, an astoundingly broad chest with pectoral muscles that were more than 6 inches thick, shoulders like cannon balls, massive arms fairly bursting with power, a corrugated 8-pack, flaring lats like barn doors narrowing down majestically to a waspish waist, tree trunk thighs corded with thick muscle, calves like large footballs, and massive feet that would challenge the most skilled boot maker. 

Yet despite the massive, muscular perfection of the young man’s phenomenal and glorious physique, it was the extraordinary size and mass of the young man’s freakishly huge genitals that really drew the crowd’s attention. 

The long hose of the youth’s mammoth cock hung down almost like another limb. The enormous penis was thicker than the business end of a baseball bat and nearly as long, stretching the measuring tape to more than 12 inches in its completely flaccid state. The massive schlong was coated in a tracery of thick and prominent veins, and a thick foreskin covered the bulbous, helmet-shaped head. The great penis was so huge that it would have fit on some giant, prehistoric beast, yet it somehow managed to look perfectly appropriate and proportional on the handsome youth’s massive body. 

Beneath that majestic monument of a phallus hung the two largest, most enormously obscene balls anyone had ever seen. Each titanic orb was bigger than the biggest of mangos, and hung impossibly low and heavy in their thick, hairless scrotum. Their weight must have been tremendous, for they stretched the young man’s smooth ball sac to more than 5 inches from his crotch! No one in the assembled crowd had ever seen a man’s balls hang so low before, and the sight was intensely masculine and erotic. 

The young man stood stock still with his jaw set and his blue eyes fixed above the crowd. The High Priestess began to address the audience. 

“Behold the Alpha Male, the greatest warrior of our clan. Torc Bonecrusher has carried this noble title with pride for the allotted four years, and now he is prepared to step down and let a new warrior take his place.” 

“The title of Alpha Male is awarded once every four years to the strongest and bravest among our men. Weeks of strenuous competition of strength and skill steadily narrow the field between thousands of warriors until only one male remains, a male that embodies all of the strength and virtue of our people, a male who truly earns a place as a champion among champions. And in the history of our people, no man has attained the title of Alpha Male at such a young age as Torc, who won the competition at the mere age of 16, beating out seasoned warriors more than twice his age. In the past four years, we’ve watched Torc grow from a strapping lad to the mighty warrior you see before you today.”

“The title of Alpha Male comes with many duties and responsibilities. The Alpha Male is always in the vanguard of our powerful armies, leading our warriors into battle against our foes. Torc has successfully led dozens of campaigns against our enemies, many of which have become legendary for Torc’s amazing feats of courage, skill, and strength. As our war leader, Torc has also been in charge of training our warriors and keeping them battle ready, which if our many victories these past few years are any indication, he has done an exemplary job.” 

“The Alpha Male is also responsible for keeping our people fit and strong in other ways as well. During the four years of his reign, the Alpha Male is the stud bull who fathers a new generation of boys and girls who will inherit his great strength and cunning. And no stud bull has been so popular or so prolific as Torc Bonecrusher. Whenever Torc was not on a war campaign, it seemed he was busy fulfilling his duties at home…with many hundreds of our women.” There was some mild, knowing laughter from the huge crowd, as hardly a woman of child bearing age hadn’t had a child or four fathered by Torc. “The Council estimates that more than 40% of the children conceived in the City of Dura during the past 4 years were fathered by Torc. I myself have borne three of his children – two strong boys and a beautiful girl – and, like many of you women here today, I am pregnant with another.” 

“Torc’s popularity as a stud extended well beyond the City of Dura into our countryside, where he fathered hundreds if not thousands more of his offspring. Finally, we cannot forget the untold numbers of children Torc fathered on his military campaigns. Most famous of all was his invasion of Kopeck, where his armies liberated the slave women of Karamekos, and where, in gratitude for their freedom, hundreds of women willingly and gladly lay with our Alpha Male to receive the blessing of his seed, and to have him plant new life in their wombs.”

“Yes, by any measure, Torc Bonecrusher has been one of the greatest Alpha Males the Dura people have ever known, perhaps the greatest of all time. But as with all Alpha Males, Torc’s reign must come to a close at the end of his allotted four years, and he must make a sacrifice to the gods to ensure their continued blessing and the continued health and strength of our people.” 
“If any male were to remain Alpha Male for too long, then he would be at risk of fathering too many children and turning the Dura into an inbred people. That would not be healthy, and would lead to our decline, not to greater strength. The gods’ limit of four years is intended to ensure that the Alpha Male infuses our people with his strength, but does not cripple us with inbreeding. Though I must admit that even the gods couldn’t have predicted an Alpha Male as virile and prolific in his lovemaking as Torc,” Kayla said with a smile, earning another round of good-natured laughter from the audience. 

“To end his reign as Alpha Male and to commence the beginning of the new Alpha Male competition, our brave and powerful Torc will sacrifice his own testicles, the source of his bountiful and powerful seed, to the gods. And he will do so by his own hand.” 

The recently castrated prisoners could not believe their ears. They had never heard of this practice among the Dura, and they couldn’t believe that this gigantic muscular bull of a man would be forced to destroy his own massive balls. It seemed a terrible waste in every sense of the word. 

The High Priestess turned and stood before the huge and powerful male, her gaze locking with that of the young warrior. 

Being the alpha male had its responsibilities, for better and for worse, thought Torc. The young muscle man had been able to repress the thought for most of the day, but once the ceremony had begun, it was rather hard to ignore. He'd seen the ball popping rituals before, of course, both for prisoners of war and for Alpha Males whose four years were up, but it was a much more uncomfortable experience knowing that his pair was next. And now here he was, standing naked in all his masculine glory before his own people, reaching down to cup himself in his hands, weighing the massive, cum-swollen spheres that had hung between his legs since birth…

He wasn't alone with his thoughts for long. Torc looked up again into Kayla’s stunning green eyes, which were now soft with love and understanding. The High Priestess was also Torc’s lover and friend, and she understood better than almost anyone what a tremendous sacrifice Torc was about to make. 

“Hey, handsome,” she said gently and quietly so that only he could hear her, sidling up to the much larger male. “How are you feeling?”

Torc gave a weak smile, allowing his partner to lean against him. “Honestly? Pretty nervous.”

“No surprises there.” Kayla mmmed softly, resting her head on his massive chest and closing her eyes. “You, uh…you're sure you want to do this?”

The achingly handsome young man gazed down fondly at the nude female pressed up against him. “Yeah, I'm sure.” He exhaled slowly. “Besides, it's not like I have much of a choice, do I? I'm the Alpha Male. I have served my tribe for four years with pride, and now honor and tradition demand that I sacrifice my balls to the gods.”

She shook her head, looking up at her lover. “No, I mean -- are you sure you want to do this?”

Torc felt the beautiful woman’s fingers curl around his massive nutsac and couldn't hold back a shiver, goose bumps running up his spine as she hefted the weight of his extraordinarily heavy man fruit. So great was the size of Torc’s huge spuds that Kayla could only grasp one of the massive orbs at a time, and even that one ball filled her delicate hand to overflowing. “Y-yes. It should be me.”

“Alright.” Kayla smiled faintly, letting the male's huge testicles slip from her grasp to swing, heavily and ponderously, between his massive thighs. “Well…you know I am tremendously proud of you. Your bravery will shine like a beacon to our people, and will be an example that these prisoners will take back to their people. I won't do anything until you do. And I'll do what I can to make it easier.”

“Thank you.” Torc wrapped an enormously muscular arm around his naked companion, dwarfing her slender body and allowing himself the luxury of a quick grope of her glorious bare backside. “Actually, I was hoping I could…finish…one last time, while I'm still intact and in one piece. It might help take the edge off while we're doing the deed.”

Kayla grinned, her fingers sliding upwards to rub at the male's gargantuan limp length. “I thought you'd never ask. A blowjob, then…?”

“Maybe just a handjob.” Torc smiled, his handsome face becoming even more radiant when the smile touched his eyes. “You know I love your tongue, but I have the feeling I'm going to need some vocal encouragement to get through this.”

“A handjob it is, then.” Gracefully, the beautiful blond slid to her knees before the mighty and muscular hero, bringing herself face to face with the warrior's pride. She encircled the base of his mammoth shaft in a firm grip, giving it a friendly squeeze. Kayla could feel the massive member twitch at her touch, and loved that he responded so quickly to her, even when he was about to destroy his own balls. “You ready, then?”

Torc shivered again, spreading his huge legs a bit wider in response to the female's touch. “As ready as I'm going to be.” He looked down at his crotch, flashing a nervous grin at his partner before reaching down to take hold of his own plump, weighty sac. “Here goes nothing.”

Kayla watched with an encouraging smile as her Alpha Male fondled himself for a brief moment, examining his monstrous, weighty orbs for one last time. She was privately extremely sad to see them go. Many a night had been spent playing with those huge spunk-makers, slathering them in saliva as she sucked down Torc's thick pole, or milking them dry as she rode the warrior late into the night. Those orbs had given her a daughter and two sons, after all, plus the baby that had only just begun to grow inside her a mere month before. They were the largest, most beautiful, and most bountiful balls she had ever seen, and she wondered if she would ever see their like again. Hopefully, the thousands of Torc’s male offspring would inherit their father’s enormous genitalia, along with his great muscles and strength.

But now, they both had a responsibility to the tribe. As the Alpha Male, Torc had a sacrifice to make, and as the High Priestess, Kayla was here to make sure that the deed was done, no matter what. If necessary, she'd step in and finish the job herself, but the greatest warriors…well, the greatest warriors needed no help. They took care of business themselves, no matter how gruesome or painful.

And I, the male reassured himself, am a great warrior. Gently he rolled the spheres in his fingers, positioning one fat plum in each hand. Torc had massive hands, but even his huge hands were not capable of grasping both massive nuts at the same time. He'd practiced this once or twice before, so that he wouldn't be completely unprepared when the day finally came, but that didn't make the real thing any easier. This was no rehearsal. This time he'd have to go all the way.

Kayla gave the warrior's hardening member a few friendly pumps, his length now fairly stiff inside her experienced grip. Even as she watched, the massive cock continued to inflate and grow until, just a few heartbeats later, it had reached its unbelievable full length of 16 ½ inches of pure man meat. Even after four years of mating with this mighty giant, Kayla’s breath was taken away by the sheer massive SIZE of his brutally hard monster cock. She felt another twinge of sadness, know that after this day’s ceremony, that gorgeous horse cock would never get hard again. 

“Just focus on me, alright?” she said, shaking the sad thoughts from her mind. “Think about the sexy woman who thinks you're so brave, so big and strong...”

Torc grunted as he gave himself a quick, rough squeeze, wincing at the burst of nausea that flared in his spectacularly muscular abdomen and instinctively letting go. Kayla was right -- distraction was key. He let his gaze wander towards something more pleasant, his eyes tracing the shape of the female's lithe form as he psyched himself up for another go. This time he eased into it, keeping the pressure light but steady, willing himself to get used to the low ache in his gut.

The High Priestess gave a gentle smile as she saw the male's grip tighten, his cobblestone abdominal muscles already beginning to tighten harden the pain. “That's a good start.” She gave his manly pride another slow stroke, her hand traveling along over a foot of steel hard shaft as she looked up into his eyes. “That's not so bad, is it? Hell, I've squeezed you harder than that in bed.”

“Could be worse,” he admitted. Of course, he knew it was about to get worse…much worse…but that wasn't something he wanted to think about. Instead, Torc focused on the heavenly hand gliding up and down his vein-gnarled shaft, the sweet female who he'd spent so many evenings pounding against the headboard with his mighty truncheon. It was almost enough to banish the pain from his mind as his fingers tightened further, beginning to dig into the tough, rubbery walls of his aching bull nuts. Almost.

“Keep going,” urged Kayla. “A little more now.”

His pulse was quickening, but the warrior forced himself to take deep, steady breaths, forcing his body to relax even as the alarm bells in his mind grew louder and more insistent. Despite his instincts, Torc bore down further, unable to suppress a groan as he felt his own nutmeat squishing into the gaps between his thick fingers. “Oogh!” blurted the male, his eyes watering as his mighty orbs were forced into an ever-shrinking space. “Oh…oh gods, it hurts!”

“Stay with me,” soothed Kayla, giving his massive shaft a few more firm strokes and feeling it pulse in her grip. “Focus on the good feelings -- you're doing your village proud. You're doing ME proud.”

Torc gave a strained nod, a few beads of sweat already on his forehead. “Kayla, could you, uh--…you know…”

“I know, I know.” The female gave a sly grin, squeezing his shaft and leaning in to suck on the massive head. Torc’s massive cock head was nearly the size of a fist, so Kayla could only fit a portion of it in her mouth, but she licked and sucked with gusto and great skill. After several minutes of expert sucking and licking, she drew back once more. “Does that help at all?”

Torc let out a short grunt of approval. “Y-yeah, but I mean--…keep t-talking, please. You help distract me from…oh fuck, my balls—“

Kayla felt a pang of sympathy strike her as she watched the big man tremble, his gorgeous face scrunched up against the nausea churning in his guts. She couldn't remember ever seeing the Alpha Male look so very vulnerable. Normally he was the leader, the one to listen to in times of peace, the one to look to in times of war, the one to surrender herself to between the sheets. But now…now he was just as mortal as anyone else. Just another flesh-and-blood creature, albeit a flesh-and-blood creature of phenomenal size and super human dimensions. And now, maybe it was her turn to lead him.

“Do you remember the first time we fucked?” she asked suddenly, looking up at him.

The Alpha Male looked back down at her, fighting the urge to moan as the ache in his abdomen continued to grow. “O-of course,” he gasped. “How could I--…mmph…”

Kayla fought back a smile at his struggle to respond. “You were a mere lad of 16 then. And since I am the High Priestess, I had the honor of being your first. Do you remember what you told me after we both came?”

Torc opened his mouth to respond, but instead let out a groan as another wave of nausea swept through his gut. Still his extraordinarily strong fingers continued to tighten, his mighty spunk-makers slowly losing their shape…

“I'll tell you what you said,” Kayla continued, grinning up at him as she stroked his mammoth cock. “You told me you had never cum so hard. You told me you would never cum that hard again. And do you remember what I did?”

The warrior was in obvious pain, but nonetheless, a smile played at the corner of his lips as he fought to answer. “You just…ohh…you just fucked me some more.”

“Damn right.” Kayla was leaning in towards the male's groin, rubbing his twitching length up against her face. “I rode you until you blew an even BIGGER load. A big, sticky load, balls-deep inside of me, filling me to overflowing with your seed.”

Torc let out another gasp, mouth twisting in a grimace. “Hah…ahh…”

“And then,” she continued, licking her lips, “then I bet you that you couldn't do it again. I bet that you couldn't get it up and screw me one more time. And what did you do?”

The male tried to look down at his companion, eager to distract himself with the sight of her body's soft curves, but a fresh burst of pain forced his head upwards, his eyes squinting shut. “Nnrgh! I--…I did it!”

Kayla grinned, showing a flash of teeth. “That's right. You threw me on my back and fucked me again, fucked me so hard I thought you were going to break me. And not only did you cum a third time, but you came a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth time that first long night as well! There was cum everywhere!! Remember that?”

Torc nodded weakly, praying for some sort of relief as he bore down ever harder on his own fragile orbs, his jewels distorting under the pressure until it felt like his fingers would meet in the middle. By now it was difficult for the male simply to remain standing, the world beginning to close in around him as his huge gonads were crushed ever further. “Y-yes,” he choked. “Oh gods, yes!
“Well come on, then!” cried the female, grabbing her lover's pride roughly, squeezing the throbbing flesh. “Where's that stud now? Don't you remember? I want you to do it hard, dammit!”

The male was surprised by Kayla's tightening grip and reflexively tightened his own grip as well, immediately letting out a strangled moan as the increase in pressure sent another kick of nausea into his rock hard stomach. Still, Torc kept going, even as his body screamed for him to stop, his spunk-makers quickly nearing the threshold of what they could take. This was well beyond any pain he'd experienced before, far worse than any injury he'd received on the battlefield, far more than any man should suffer. Only immense willpower kept him from dropping to the floor, clutching his mangled marbles and begging for mercy.

Kayla saw the wavering conviction in Torc's eyes and spurred him onwards, redoubling her efforts on the male's cock. Eagerly she wrapped her lips around the first few inches below the base of the hugely flaring cock head, sucking fiercely at that magical patch of skin for a few moments before letting it slip wetly from her mouth once more. “Come on, you stud!” she panted, seizing his member in both hands. Her fists were a blur as they pumped up and down the warrior's throbbing length, pointing the behemoth down at her bare breasts. “Just squeeze, dammit! Be a man and POP those huge nuts of yours!”

Torc was certainly trying his hardest, judging from the ungodly ache radiating from his groin, the white-hot lances of agony that shot up his spine with each subtle readjustment of his grip. The male was now more intimately familiar with the internal structure of his testicles than he had ever wished to be, the delicate tubules rearranging themselves around his thumbs as his tortured jewels threatened to cave in completely. His mouth hung open, an involuntary moan escaping his throat. Even without prior experience, he could tell his orbs were all but finished, their tough outer shells hideously warped and ready to burst with the slightest squeeze or impact. 

Kayla couldn’t believe that the young man’s gigantic balls hadn’t yet popped. She knew that Torc had crushed men’s skulls in those massive hands of his, so she could only imagine the phenomenal power he was exerting on his nuts right now. She had never seen a man endure even a fraction of this much strain and abuse on his nuts without rupturing, and she was awed and immensely proud of her man for having such incredibly tough nuts. At the same time, Kayla felt a deep sympathy for Torc, for she knew that the very strength of the young man’s behemoth bull balls was now only serving to prolong their agony and eventual destruction.

On and on the struggle continued, with Torc using every ounce of his willpower and strength to maintain and increase the crushing grip on his steadily crumbling manhood. Torc’s gargantuan arm and chest muscles bulged spectacularly as he poured all of that tremendous muscular power into his nuts, which seemed to refuse to burst. He knew that he was right there on the razor’s edge of rupturing, but despite this knowledge and the strength still left in his quivering hands, the Alpha Male found that he just couldn't finish the job. The rational part of his brain was smart enough to know that he was probably ruined and sterile already -- his balls were almost certainly beyond repair after being so hideously mauled and crushed -- but the instinct for self-preservation still fought on, his body refusing to supply the last few pounds of pressure that would complete his agonizing task. Instead he just froze, his battered body refusing to obey orders and his stubborn will refusing to let him back down.

Torc wanted to weep for more reasons than one as he stood there, his massive, mighty, cum-bloated spheres riding the very edge of rupture, his stomach filled with an apocalyptic agony impossible for another to understand. “I…I can't do it!” the muscular warrior finally grunted, his massively muscled legs trembling beneath him as he dug his thumbs deep into his own male orbs. “Oh…oh gods, the ache!! It's too…nnrgh!!

“Just a little more!” Kayla insisted. Both of her hands were wrapped around the male's rock-hard member, the thick shaft on the edge of eruption itself. A thick drool of milky precum was oozing from the swollen tip of Torc’s frighteningly engorged cock, beginning for form a puddle of splooge beneath his firmly planted feet. “You're the strongest male I know – the strongest male that has ever existed! You can do this!”

“No I CAN’T!!” he cried, body beginning to tremble and buck against his will. Still Torc held firm, continuing to crush his own huge baby-makers even as the plump eggs squirmed desperately in search of an escape. “Kayla, please, I can’t…GNRRAAA!!!

“You can!”

I can't!” he pleaded, his voice frantic, his handsome face a mask of overwhelming pain. “Please--!

The beautiful blond paused, looking up at her naked partner, his face contorted in purely male agony. The skin on his knuckles was now nearly white, his arm muscles bulging fantastically, every willing ounce of his phenomenal strength concentrated on the huge twin spheres between his legs. The massive orbs distorted obscenely between Torc's clutching fingers, bulging grotesquely like a pair of overripe fruit ready to burst. And yet, it somehow wasn't enough. His balls were simply too resilient, too tough, and his instinct for self-preservation too strong. He was right, she realized -- he couldn't do this. Not alone.

“Then let me help you,” she said, rising quickly to her feet.

Torc was almost too delirious with pain to notice as the female released his throbbing manhood, leaving the stiff length to bob in the air like a mighty club as she stepped around his quaking body. Before he knew what was happening, his High Priestess was behind him, wrapping her arms around his muscular midsection, her bare breasts pressed up against his massive back. Standing on tiptoe, she planted her chin on his shoulder, gazing down his extraordinary body towards his tortured manhood, taking one last look at the Alpha Male while he was still in one piece. She couldn’t believe the sheer beauty of this paragon of manhood, and that made his sacrifice that much more poignant and meaningful. 

Through the haze of agony, Torc was unsure exactly what the female was planning…until her hands slid down towards his groin, her fingers curling around his, encircling his vise grip with a tight grip of her own. His eyes widened suddenly in understanding, and he opened his mouth to speak--

But then Kayla clamped down, and whatever words Torc intended to say were lost forever. 

The male let out a mighty bellow as his massive baby-makers were finally crushed beyond their limits, first his left, then his right testicle collapsing under the combined assault of the two mighty warriors. The wet crunching sound of the two balls popping was so loud and so profound that it could be heard clear across the huge plaza, all the way to the very rear of the crowd. The poor stud could feel the walls of his flattened jewels split open, their huge contents spilling violently and dramatically outwards into his sac just as an unnaturally thick spurt of seed erupted from the tip of his member and painted the platform in front of him. So huge and powerful was his volley of sperm that it struck several of the prisoners and guards at the base of the platform, plastering a thick stripe of hot splooge across their bodies. 

Kayla felt the Alpha Male's hands suddenly give way inside her squeeze and knew without a doubt what it meant, but continued to bear down nonetheless, committed to completing the job she had been given. Torc let out another strangled cry as the remaining intact pieces of his orbs were ground down even further. Another gigantic rope of spunk shot out of his throbbing cock as his body surrendered its final load, traveling even farther and striking the front row of the wildly cheering crowd. All the strength left his columnar legs as his massive balls were totally emptied, volley after volley of cum erupting from his cock in a final, magnificent display of hyper masculine virility. 

It was over in moments, Torc crying out his agony to the heavens and Kayla clinging doggedly to the male's twitching frame. His plump man eggs, the seat of his phenomenal masculinity, had been scrambled in an instant inside his own clenched fingers. The beautiful blond kept her arms wrapped tight around the Alpha as he slowly sank heavily to his knees, hands still clasped around the jellied remains of his ruptured manhood. She felt a great shudder run through his body, saw a final massive bolt of cum erupt from his cock, heard a dry gasp escape from his lips -- and then the male was unconscious, his muscled bulk slumping the rest of the way to the platform floor.

Slowly the High Priestess drew back from her companion, detaching herself from his crumpled form. She stood naked on the platform, gazing at Torc's limp body, the gorgeous and once-mighty warrior now curled instinctively into a fetal position. Gently she rolled his massive form onto his back, straddling his massive legs and nudging his huge hands away to confirm what she already knew. Where there had once been two massive, healthy, and incredibly virile balls, there was now one shapeless lump of spilled ball guts, a bulbous gloopy mass of broken ball meat stretching his scrotum even farther than ever before. The shattered nutsac was so heavy and hung so low that it actually rested heavily on the platform between the young muscle god's gargantuan thighs. Even as Kayla watched, the scrotum was starting to change color from an angry red to purple as the traumatized testicles oozed out the last of their life. It was done. The beautiful priestess gave a weak smile, pausing for a moment before bending forward to plant a soft kiss on the fallen warrior's forehead.

“You did good,” she said softly. “You did good.”

The crowd continued to cheer with thunderous applause at the bravery and strength of the fallen Alpha Man. The High Priestess motioned for a quartet of muscular male attendants to carry Torc back to the infirmary temple to recover, and then announced to the crowd that the Alpha Male games had begun!


Torc regained consciousness some time later, awakening to an indescribable ache in his groin. He quickly remembered the ceremony and his own unmanning, and had to fight hard to stop the tears of loss from coursing down his cheeks. He reached down and cradled his shattered nuts in his massive hands, gently cupping the swollen, bloated, and heavily bruised ball bag to confirm that his nuts had indeed been totally destroyed. Torc wished his life could have ended at that moment, but he somehow found the will and the strength to carry on. 

Over the course of the next week, Torc remained in the infirmary. The swelling and the pain in his nuts gradually decreased, as did the horrible bruising, but Torc's mood did not improve. The doctors told him that his body would gradually absorb his shattered balls, leaving him with a huge, empty, floppy nutsac to forever remind him of the incredibly powerful and virile man he had once been. His life as a man and a warrior was over without his balls, and he struggled to find a reason to live. 

He was released from the infirmary and allowed to continue his recuperation at home. Due to his sullen mood and the excitement of the latest Alpha Male competition, no one visited him or bothered him during his recovery. 

After about a week at home, though, Torc began to notice something odd. As the horrific swelling in his scrotum began to decrease, he could swear that two distinct orb shapes were starting to appear. Torc knew that was impossible, as he had felt his mighty balls explode within his own hands, but as the days continued, it became more and more clear -- there were two huge balls still residing in his battered scrotum! 

Torc couldn't believe his eyes, and thought it a cruel irony of the gods that his shattered, destroyed balls should look like a healthy pair of massive man orbs in his healing pouch. He knew that his virility had been utterly crushed out of his huge balls, so the appearance of two apparently intact balls felt like torture to him. But a small part of him began to hold out hope - could his balls have actually somehow endured their brutal rupturing? Could he still indeed be a man? 

After a few more days, the swelling and bruising had completely disappeared, as had any trace of pain. Torc gently and carefully examined his balls, and they felt normal and healthy, possessing perfect orb shapes. The two massive testicles were even BIGGER than before! Torc very gently squeezed his huge balls with both hands, and the massive spuds barely deformed in his grip. They felt even more dense and solid than ever before, almost like their outer walls had thickened and toughened in the wake of his ball busting. 

Torc was guardedly overjoyed that his balls appeared intact, but the great question and the great worry on his mind was -- would his huge bull balls ever function again? With great excitement and anxiety, the massive muscle man waited for night to fall across the city, pulled all of the curtains closed, and sat on the edge of his bed with just the light of a few candles around him. 

Torc's mighty flesh cannon hung huge and limp over his massive balls, as it had done for more than two weeks now. Torc's last erection had been during the nut popping ceremony, and he had believed that he would never experience a hard on again. The young man gently took his huge soft shaft in his hand and began to gently stroke it. As he let his anxiety quiet down and concentrated on the feelings of pleasure, his cock began to respond, twitching and swelling and growing in his hand. A smile of delight lit upon Torc's handsome face as his mightiest of weapons once again stood proudly between his legs, his thick spear of flesh jutting defiantly skyward. 

Now the real test began. 

The mighty warrior began to gently stroke his meat, rhythmically pounding out a beat that had been going continuously since man was first created. As the minutes wore by, Torc's tempo increased, and he jerked faster and faster. A familiar stirring began in Torc's loins, and he started beating off with both hands, his jerking becoming brutal, violent. On each downward stroke, his fists would collide solidly with his massive balls, causing them to bounce around in their baggy sac and smack against the solid walls of his thighs. The punching of his nuts created a deep ache in his loins, but one that was strangely pleasurable. Needing no further encouragement, Torc beat his cock and his balls harder and harder, using a force and a power that would break another man's junk in seconds, but which was rapidly bringing him to the edge. 

Torc could feel a monumental orgasm building, and he released his cock and grabbed the base of his huge balls, squeezing them violently down to the very bottom of his scrotum. With his free hand, he began to beat and pummel his screaming nuts, pounding them with a staccato fury. His fist was a blur, and the beefy smacking sound of fist striking balls only made Torc more mad with lust. Torc was striking his balls with incredible might, blows that had shattered bones and split stone, but his huge, bloated balls somehow endured. Each blow landed deep into his nuts, causing the thick ball meat to bend around his hands, but the titanic orbs refused to bust, and if anything were defiantly demanding that Torc beat them harder. And so he did. 

Minute after minute went by of this brutal ball beating, and Torc could feel that even his super human bull balls were starting to crumble under the abuse. But he refused to let up, determined to force a load out of his gigantic balls or burst them trying. The young muscle giant found a hidden well of additional strength, and began pounding his balls harder still, clearly intent on finishing the work that had begun just over two weeks before. 

With a final bellow of fury, Torc drove his fist so deep into his nuts that he could have sworn the knuckles of his two fists met. At that same moment, a truly mammoth gout of sperm erupted from Torc's quivering monster cock, gushing forth with such tremendous power that the wad nearly struck the ceiling before hitting the stone floor with a very wet splat

What followed was an orgasm unlike anything that Torc had experienced before. Massive slug after massive slug of cum erupted from his maddeningly hard cock like it was a fountain. The young stud moaned in incredible pleasure as the first five or six massive wads erupted from his cock. Torc realized he was still choking his straining bull balls with his left hand, and so he began to resume beating his throbbing balls with his right fist. The brutal impact of fist with ball flesh only served to intensify Torc's orgasm, and his mind was lost in a haze of bliss…

After several long minutes and several DOZEN blasts of cum, Torc's orgasm began to quiet and finally cease. The young muscle stud punched his swollen nuts one last time, really grinding his knuckles into his screaming ball meat and forcing a final thick but short rope of cum to burp out of his pulsating cock. Panting heavily, he then released his grateful balls and leaned back against his bed, thoroughly enjoying the afterglow. 

When Torc opened his eyes, he saw that his bedroom was festooned with dozens and dozens of ropes and streamers of thick, white cum. Every surface within a 20-foot radius in front of him, including his own gloriously muscular body, was coated in his thick ball goo. Cum was dripping everywhere, adding to the many large puddles of the stuff on the floor. Torc smiled from ear to ear. There was no doubt about it -- his massive balls were not only functional and intact, they were more virile than ever before! 

As Torc lay there panting and recovering from his massive orgasm, he figured out the only reasonable explanation for his miraculous recovery. Even Torc had not been strong enough on his own to break through the incredibly tougher outer shell of his balls and burst open his enormous nuts. It had taken the combined strength with another powerful warrior to break through that final resistance and cause his balls to burst. 

But the moment his balls had burst, Torc had released his death grip on his nuts, leaving Kayla to continue the brutal squeezing and crushing. And though Kayla was an incredibly strong woman, his durable and incredibly resilient ball meat was simply too tough for her to scramble. With their outer walls broken, Torc's nut guts had felt like mush in Kayla's hands, convincing her that Torc had been effectively castrated, but without Torc's own incredible strength to lend to the task, the delicate yet astonishingly sturdy contents of his balls had survived! 

In the days that followed his apparent unmanning, the thick glop that was his balls had gradually retracted back into their respective shattered spheres, and the thick walls subsequently healed and thickened behind them, leaving him intact once more. Better than intact, actually -- his balls were now bigger, stronger, and more virile than ever! Torc was now a greater Alpha Male than ever before! 

A sharp gasp quickly brought Torc out of his reverie. The huge man spun his head around to find High Priestess Kayla standing in the doorway, a look of utter shock on her beautiful face.

“Kayla!!" Torc quickly shouted, joy and surprise washing across his achingly handsome features. "I didn't know! I thought my balls destroyed -- gods, I felt them explode in my own hands -- but they have healed!! It's a miracle from the gods!!”

"No!" gasped Kayla. "No! This is wrong! You have served your four years as an Alpha Male, and therefore your balls must be destroyed, sacrificed to the gods. You must return to the temple at once! We must burst those balls again, cut them off if we have to, but they must be destroyed!”

"No, Kayla!" Torc pleaded. "My balls have already been busted and destroyed once before, but by the will of the gods they somehow survived! It's a sign that my balls are not to be destroyed. Perhaps it’s even a sign that an Alpha Male doesn't have to be rendered a eunuch at the end of his four years of service after all!”

"Silence!" shouted Kayla. "You speak blasphemy! Your balls must be destroyed, and it must be done tonight, before the new Alpha Male is named tomorrow. I will not let you bring down the anger of the gods upon us! Guards! GUARDS!!

As Kayla shouted for the guards of the night watch, Torc leapt to his feet in panic and despair. He did not want to go through the agony and torture of losing his balls a second time. In a split second decision, the hugely muscular warrior ran to the mantle to retrieve his two great swords in their shoulder harnesses, strapped them to his naked and cum-soaked body, and raced toward the door. A terrified Kayla leapt out of the way just as a trio of guards burst into the room. The massive bull warrior bowled through the guards without even slowing, and ran through the city streets as fast as his powerful legs would take him. 

In moments, the alarm horn sounded throughout the quiet city, and answering horns began to blare from all around. Torc sprinted as if his life depended on it -- and in many ways it did. He could see the main gates to the city ahead of him, the guards racing to crank the massive oak doors shut. Torc redoubled his speed, his massively muscular legs pounding the ground with incredible force, and at the last moment leapt through the narrowing gap between the doors, barely clearing them. 

He rolled across the hard ground on the other side of the gate, leapt to his feet, and kept running. He could hear the twang of bowstrings behind him, and blindly dodged to avoid being struck by arrows. Luck and a blessedly moonless night saw him reach the edge of the jungle without a scratch. Torc kept on running, his massive cock and humongous balls flopping heavily and crazily between his legs, knowing that he had to put as much distance between himself and his pursuers as possible. 

As he ran, Torc lamented his situation. He had gone from being the greatest hero his people had ever seen, to a ball-less castaway, to a miraculously intact male, to an enemy of his people, all within the span of a few short weeks. The mighty warrior knew that he no longer had a home, but he was determined to survive and find his place in the world. 

Thus began the great adventures of Torc Ballcrusher.