Friday, May 29, 2020

The Wolf Chronicles

Here is a single-chapter story for you all. It's a re-write of another author's story, which I have significantly expanded. I think I intended to write additional chapters to this story, but in the end I think it works best as a stand alone. Enjoy!


The Wolf Chronicles
Based on an original story by Master Skrain 

Chapter 1 — Interrogation

May 15, 1944

I strode imperiously into the interrogation chamber in the basement of Gestapo headquarters, boots clicking on the stone floor, looking like a recruitment poster for muscular blonde Aryan perfection in my fitted, immaculate uniform. My boots were polished to a deep, lustrous black, and my khaki-colored attire was expertly tailored to cling to my muscled, powerful form. I was still young, particularly for a Major in the German army, but I had the body of a mature man, thick with battle-hardened muscle, yet lean and trim, and my uniform moved with my body almost like a second skin. My fair skin, blue eyes, and pale golden blond hair marked me as the epitome of Teutonic perfection, and my square-jawed, rugged features earned me no end of attention among the young German women of Berlin — and no few of the men as well. 

But at the moment, I only had eyes for the impressively large prisoner who had been chained to the large chair in the center of the interrogation room. 

Sergeant Luke Greywolf, the American Army paratrooper captured just hours before, sat on the interrogation chair, his legs spread wide and strapped to the legs of the chair, while his arms were stretched over his head and fastened behind the high back of the chair with thick leather cuffs. He had been stripped to the waist except for his identification tags, called ‘dog tags’ by the Americans, which hung in the deep valley between his thick, muscled pectorals. 

Luke Greywolf was a big man, VERY big, one of the largest men I had ever encountered. He was not unusually tall, standing approximately 6’2” or 6’3”, but it was his body that made him truly exceptional, with massive, chiseled muscles and the widest shoulders I had ever seen on a man. I have seen taller, larger, and heavier men in my time — though not many — but none could compare to the exquisite proportions and chiseled perfection of this young man’s magnificent musculature. 

The American soldier was very young, half a decade younger than me at only 22 years of age, but he possessed a physique far, far beyond his years, dwarfing even my own impressive and intimidating size. His ethnicity was clearly mixed — Navajo on his mother’s side, Irish on his father’s side. This mixed heritage made him a disgusting mongrel under Nazi doctrine, which should have made his very existence abhorrent in my eyes…yet young Luke was perhaps the handsomest and most intensely masculine specimen of manhood I had ever seen. His facial features blended the very best of both bloodlines, with a square and broad-featured face, an almost ridiculously powerful jawline and chin, high cheekbones, deep-set brown eyes beneath heavy brows, a powerful and beautifully-shaped nose, and very soft and kissable-looking lips. His exceptionally thick, jet black hair was worn short, virtually shaved on the sides, yet like most Native Americans, his body was virtually hairless. The exception was the thick thatch of dark hair in each of the young man’s deep, muscle-corded armpits, which meant that the rest of his rich, reddish-brown skin was smooth and hairless. 

In short, Luke Greywolf looked like a perfect combination of Hercules and Adonis, a Greek God come to vibrant and powerful life. 

My handsome young prisoner grunted softly as he watched me set a number of torture devices on a small table positioned in front of the big soldier — a small pair of serrated metal clamps attached by a short steel chain, floggers, and a selection of other torture devices. I let him see all of the various tools I was willing to use to extract the information I needed, as I have found that this form of ‘foreplay’ often helps to weaken a prisoner’s resolve even before the actual tortures begin. 

I turned my focus to the helpless, heavily muscled American, drinking in the overwhelming male beauty of his exquisite form. I had ordered him stripped down to his fatigue pants and combat boots in order to leave his torso bare, stretched, and exposed for his torture session, and it had the added benefit of exposing all of his fantastic musculature to my appreciative eyes. He reminded me of some sort of powerful beast of burden, like a great muscular bull, for his every movement and his every struggle against his solid bindings made his great muscles bulge and flex and swell beneath his exceptionally thin skin. The interplay of all of those huge muscles was hypnotic, the deep striations intoxicating to watch, and it was only with great effort that I could tear my eyes away from him. 

Sweat was already trickling down his torso, and not just from the relative heat of the large interrogation room. Trickles of sweat flowed from his deeply corded armpits, while it beaded up on his gleaming, sculpted chest. Even with his pectoral muscles stretched way out by having his arms shackled far above his head, the Sergeant’s chest was truly massive, with thick, squared-off pecs that looked exceptionally dense and heavy. Great veins snaked across those astonishingly thick slabs of pectoral muscle, with even larger veins spreading though his shoulders and powerful arms. Good-sized areoles topped those thick and beefy pecs, several shades darker than the rest of his tanned and perfectly unblemished skin, and in the center of those smooth discs were two juicy nubs that looked as strong and solid at the rest of his powerful physique. Those arms themselves were extraordinarily thick with dense, corded muscle, some of the very biggest arms I had ever seen, and I had no doubt that if the handsome lad were not securely bound, he could have made short work of the half a dozen Third Reich soldiers standing guard in the hall. 

The young man’s shoulders were absolutely incredible, two immense boulders of thick, striated muscle that, together, gave him a shoulder span that had to be well over a yard wide! Those enormous deltoids reminded me of the archaic cannonballs that were stacked out in the parade ground outside, huge and heavy and solid. 

But despite being so colossally muscular, young Luke Greywolf was also unusually lean, which showcased his extraordinary musculature even more. His midsection was impressively tight and narrow, and absolutely corrugated with lean and chiseled muscle, from the deep cobblestones of his abdominal muscles, to his chiseled obliques, to his shredded serratus. His breathing had begun to quicken as I laid out all of my implements of torture, and that heavy breathing made the muscles of his chest and abdomen bulge and flex and inflate in exquisite symphony with each other. 

Oh yes, I was going to enjoy torturing this paragon of muscular manhood! I only hoped that he wouldn’t break too soon. 

The bound super soldier started to struggle even harder against his restraints when I picked up the small metal clamps, every great muscle rippling and flexing under his reddish-brown skin, again reminding me of some great muscular beast, like a plow horse. His dark brown eyes widened in fear and anticipation as he watched me open the clamps and move them towards the solid nipples capping his massively muscled chest, which was rising and falling faster and faster as he was gasping for air. 

“Is there anything you wish to tell me, Sergeant?” I leered at him, speaking to him in my perfect if slightly accented English. 

“Greywolf, Luke. Sergeant. U. S. Army. Serial number 263-09-632,” he said in a surprisingly deep and rich baritone, staring defiantly into my eyes. 

“Wrong answer. ” I shook my head, and slowly let the clamps start to bite into the hard, brown flesh of his succulent nipples. His head rolled back, causing the thick muscles of his bullish neck to stand out in even greater relief. The pain in his chest slowly started to build as the sharpened metal teeth of the clamps bit deeper and deeper into his thick brown nipples. 

“You sadistic bastard!” he moaned. “You can’t do this! Torture is against the Geneva Convention!”

“Actually Sergeant, I can do this, and I will do whatever it takes to get the information that I need. Also, I don’t exactly see any representatives from Switzerland here right now!” I gloated in a mocking tone. “I guess we will just have to be sure they never find out. ”

Once the torture clamps were set, I let him sit there, writhing and moaning in pain, the muscles bulging in his chest and shoulders, with the clamps biting deeply into his nipples for a good ten minutes. Only then did I start to slowly but deliberately pull on the chain that ran between the clamps. The muscular American began to growl deep in his chest as his nipples were pulled further and further from his rock hard pectorals. I slowly but deliberately stretched his thick nipples until they were pulled a good 2 inches from his muscular pecs, straining those tight nubs of hard flesh to nearly their breaking point. 

The American moaned as I held the chain taut for almost five minutes, forcing him to gasp for air in shallow breaths to keep from increasing the torture of his agony-filled nipples. 

Suddenly, I released the chain, and the handsome American gasped in pain and surprise as the pressure on his tits was released. I reached in and opened both clamps at the same time and removed them from his nips. The sergeant bellowed as blood flow rushed back into those tortured nubs of flesh, and then began straining even harder against his restraints when I started to twist and roll his tender nipples between my fingers. I tortured his nipples for another five minutes or so before releasing the now swollen, tender knots of flesh. The sweat was pouring down his body now as he struggled to endure the agonizing tit torture. It’s amazing how much pain two tiny nubbins of flesh can cause a man. 

“Well, Sergeant, do you still insist that you don’t know anything about the plans for the upcoming invasion? You can save yourself an immense amount of pain and suffering if you tell me everything you know. ”

“Greywolf, Luke. Sergeant. United States Army. Serial number 263-09-632,” he gasped, still in great pain from his nipple torture. 

“All right, Sergeant,” I said, a slow smile playing across my lips. “If that is the way you want it, then so be it. ”

He watched me intently as I picked up a small riding crop. His great jaw muscles flexed as he looked down at the crop, and his eyes grew wide with fear as I slowly stroked the end of the crop across his hard muscled chest, making sure to drag the crop over both of his aching, stinging nipples. 

“Last chance, Sergeant. You know the plans. I know you know the plans. Even my guest here knows you know the plans,” I said, referring to the young but tough looking Japanese army attaché, who stood watching silently nearby. 

“We both are aware of the reason that the Americans parachuted you in before the invasion. You are one of the so-called ‘Indian code talkers’ of the Americans. Your country has been using your barbaric native tongue to create coded messages, and now that we’ve captured you, you will tell me how to interpret your filthy Native American language. ”

I teased my riding crop over the young man’s left bull tit, running the crop in slow circles over that swollen and tender nub, and I could feel my own big cock throbbing almost painfully in my trousers as I watched that thick nipple grow even more hard and tight under my attentions. My superior officers pretended not to know about my preferences for men over women, as homosexuality was not the German way, but they overlooked it due to my record as an unfailingly effective interrogator. There was also the fact that I had earned the highest stud designation under the Third Reich’s breeding program due to my exceptionally superior genetics, and the fact that I had already fathered several dozen prime Aryan babies for the Fatherland. Oh yes, my superiors provided me with great leeway, both in my selection of prisoners to interrogate, and in my somewhat unorthodox methods of interrogation…

The heavily muscled American glared at me with an expression of pure hatred in those smoldering brown eyes and snarled, “Fuck you, you Nazi bastard! I won’t talk! You want to torture me? Fine. Go ahead and torture me! I can endure your tortures for as long as you can endure the screaming!”

I smiled thinly at his brave show of defiance, and then I raised my arm and swung the crop. 

The leather end of the crop whistled through the air before it smashed into the brown flesh of the American’s chest with a resounding — and deliciously beefy — SMACK. Directly on top of his tortured right nipple. 

Luke’s great muscles bulged and writhed in an impressive and beautiful display of awesome masculine might, and he hissed in agony between his tightly clenched teeth. I could tell he was struggling to remain silent for as long as possible, as a show of strength and his determination not to divulge any information. So again and again I slammed the thick leather of the crop into the hard pec muscles of my prisoner’s extraordinary body. Angry looking red welts began to raise on his dark bronze skin, but still the handsome young man refused to cry out. It wasn’t until the sixteenth or seventeenth stroke of the vicious crop that Sergeant Greywolf finally began to holler and writhe in agony. I had to admit that I was deeply impressed with his courage and his strength of will as I continued to flog his magnificent chest — most of my previous prisoners screamed after only the second or third hit. 

I continued to torture his chest for another couple of minutes before setting the crop down. Sergeant Greywolf slumped down in his bonds, moaning in pain, his head falling down toward the great valley between his two mammoth pectoral muscles. I grabbed a handful of the soldier’s thick black hair and yanked his head back, forcing him to look directly into my eyes. 

“Talk, dammit!” I snapped, before slapping the handsome American’s face twice. 

He licked his dry lips. “Fuck you, you kraut bastard!” he gasped. “I will tell you nothing! And fuck your little friend as well!”

SCHEISSE!!” I snarled, releasing his hair and violently shoving his head away. 

At that, the Japanese Army Captain stepped forward. 

“Perhaps it is you who will end up getting fucked, filthy American pig,” he spoke softly, almost conversationally, in a smooth and honeyed voice. The Captain turned to me. 

“May I have an opportunity to question our guest?” he said in a respectful tone. “Perhaps I can convince him of the error of his ways. ” The Captain looked at my prisoner with a grin that was positively feral. 

I turned to a far corner of the interrogation room where a single figure sat, shrouded in shadow. He gave me a single nod of his head. 

“Go ahead, Captain Takata,” I replied, stepping back to watch. “Do your worst!”

The Captain nodded to me, before stripping off his uniform shirt, exposing his lean, but incredibly solidly muscled torso. He had several vibrantly-colored tattoos on his body, including a dragon coiling down his left arm, and a large bird, perhaps a crane, on his back. 

“Now my friend, let us talk” he said, picking up a box containing an electrical generator that I had often used to torture a prisoner by sending a sharp current of power through his body. There were two double wires coming out of the box, each of which split into two separate leads about a foot from their ends, terminating in sharp metal clamps. Each wire had both a positive lead and a negative lead. 

The American stoically clenched his teeth as Captain Takata attached one of the pair of biting electrical clamps to the tip of each of the prisoner's thick, brown nipples, and clipped the other clamps to the mighty underhang of each of the bull’s huge, pendulous pecs. With the wicked-looking metal clamps in place, the Captain slowly began to turn the generator’s crank. 

Every heroic muscle in the golden brown torso of the helpless prisoner writhed and strained in agony, the sweat pouring down his body. The massive veins stood out even bigger on the Sergeant’s massive biceps and forearms as he struggled against the pain that was tearing through his entire body from his clamped, electrified nipples. But the brave young muscle bull refused to cry out. 

The expression on Captain Takata’s face was almost frightening. He had a totally evil, almost maniacal grin splitting his usually inscrutable face. I could tell he was enjoying brutally torturing our prisoner, showing absolutely no mercy to the handsome young American. 

The faster the crank on the generator was turned, the more current would be created, ripping through Luke’s muscular body with terrible efficiency. Captain Takata was alternating between a slow, deliberate turning of the crank, and short bursts of very rapid turning. Whenever the Captain would turn the crank faster, Sergeant Greywolf’s gigantic muscles would flex to their utter limits, the veins popping out across his unbelievably thick pectoral muscles and across his huge, mounded biceps. Thick cords would stand out on his beefy neck as raw screams of sheer agony were torn from his throat. 

The electrical torture device was designed to cause maximum pain to a prisoner with a minimal chance for long term damage or electrocution. I knew that the pain ripping through the American’s tender nipples was absolutely excruciating, having actually felt the electrical current myself during multiple ‘mutual interrogation training’ sessions with Captain Takata. I was therefore deeply impressed as minute after minute after agonizing minute of electrical tit torture ticked by, and STILL the handsome American soldier refused to break! 

Captain Takata continued his electrical torture of the American’s tough nipples for well over an hour, and the Japanese torture expert was clearly becoming frustrated with his inability to make our prisoner talk. He suddenly began turning the crank handle as fast as he could, sweat flying from his brow as he sent truly dangerous amounts of electrical current scorching into the young man’s screaming nipples. The burly Sergeant bellowed in pure agony, his entire body arching so violently that I thought he might actually rip himself free of the heavy chair and steel bindings! I could actually SEE short blue sparks arcing across the young soldier’s heroic pectoral muscles, and began to fear that the massive amount of electrical current might stop the prisoner’s powerful, thundering heart. But Captain Tanaka seemed to neither notice nor care as he furiously turned the crank for minute after agonizing minute. Big Luke bucked and screamed like a man possessed, his gigantic muscles bulging and flexing in an outrageously erotic fashion, and I was mesmerized by the incredible display. 

The electrical torture lasted another five or six minutes, an eternity in hell for our handsome young prisoner, before an exhausted Takata violently threw the generator to the floor in anger and frustration. The huge prisoner immediately collapsed back onto his chair. The massive muscles in the American’s torso were quivering and shaking uncontrollably, and his breathing came in deep, ragged grunts. And for a few moments, I thought I saw tiny wisps of steam, or perhaps even smoke, rising from the tough young soldier’s tortured nipples. 

Captain Takata finally removed the sharp metal clamps from the American’s nipples, and the prisoner slumped down even further, gasping for air and held upright only by his tightly stretched and securely bound arms. 

“Do you have anything to say now, Sergeant Greywolf?” sneered the Captain. 

The American nodded weakly, his chest heaving and sweat running off of his glorious body in rivers. 

Captain Takata turned to me and said, “You see, Major Kurtz, he CAN be cooperative!”

With that, the Captain leaned close to the handsome American’s face to hear his confession. 

“Greywolf, Luke. Sergeant. United States Army. Serial number 263-09-632,” the Sergeant said in his deep, rumbling voice, remaining defiant even after having his beefy man tits nearly cooked right off of his body. 

Captain Takata jerked upright like he had been shot, and slapped Sergeant Greywolf hard across the face. “You will pay for that, American pig!” he shouted. “Major, release him from the chair and suspend him from the chains! I am finished being gentle with him!”

I released the American prisoner’s legs from their bondage, then freed his hulking arms from the metal shackles holding then over his head, and forcefully pushed him to the floor. The prisoner didn’t resist, too weakened by his torture to do more than grunt as he hit the stone floor. He fell to the ground like a limp rag doll, and lay there unmoving expect for the steady his and fall of his breathing. 

Captain Takata stepped to the prisoner and, without warning, kicked the young man’s muscled flank with all of his might, jamming the toe of his right boot into the American’s heaving, washboard abdominal muscles!

Sergeant Greywolf groaned loudly, his great muscular bulk convulsing with the force of the kick. Captain Takata then bent down and grabbed a handful of the muscled American’s thick black hair, using it to yank the gasping, moaning prisoner to his knees. 

Leaning down, the Captain growled, “Your defiance will cost you dearly. I do hope pain is something that you truly enjoy, Sergeant!”

Captain Takata then turned to me and snarled. “Major, you know what to do. Stretch him up to prepare him for real torture. ”

Within a couple of minutes, Sergeant Greywolf was stretched in the center of the room, arms drawn tightly over his head, his wrists shackled to a thick metal bar suspended by chains from the ceiling beams, while his booted feet were spread and shackled to bolts imbedded in the concrete of the floor. Every muscle in his entire body rippled with his every movement as he struggled futilely against his bonds, and the sweat ran in small streams down from his deep, hairy armpits, across his flat, washboard stomach, and down broad, V-tapered back, darkly staining the top of his fatigue pants. 

Captain Takata stepped to the shelves holding my interrogation gear, searching for something. His eyes lit up when he found what he was looking for. The Captain walked back and stood in front of the American, holding a heavy leather flogger. 

“Do you wish to reconsider your decision to not talk, Sergeant, or would you rather I begin to strip the skin from your body?” hissed the still enraged Captain. 

“FUCK you, you bastard!!” spat the American prisoner in response, exhausted but clearly not yet ready to give up. 

Captain Takata glared at him and swung the flogger, slashing the tails across the densely muscled chest of the prisoner. The helpless American roared in pain from this first blow, which expertly fell across both of his tortured nipples. And he continued to scream and bellow and holler as the Captain flogged his chest again and again and again for a good ten minutes, before moving on to his corrugated midsection, his chiseled flanks, and his thickly muscle back. 

I watched as the Sergeant’s normally deeply tanned skin began to turn red, and thick, angry-looking welts began to rise across his spectacularly muscled upper body. Every time the flogger smashed into his body, the handsome Native American would flex his muscles as hard as he could, screaming in agony. Captain Takata’s own corded muscles rippled and flowed under his golden skin as he swung the flogger over and over and over again, torturing the American prisoner beyond anything I would have thought any man could endure!

By the time Captain Takata set the flogger down nearly an hour later, both his body and the body of the tortured American were completely drenched with sweat and glistening in the lights of the interrogation room. Captain Takata grabbed a handful of the American’s lustrous black hair, jerking his head back and holding it still while glaring into his eyes. The Captain then smiled and slowly leaned in, and started to unexpectedly lick the copious sweat from the left armpit of the startled American soldier. 

“Jesus Christ! What are you DOING, you sick fucker!?!” shouted the horrified and disgusted American. 

Captain Takata didn’t say a word, but simply continued to thoroughly lick out the open, widely stretched armpit of the writhing prisoner. He licked the left armpit for a good five minutes before switching to the right armpit, and cleaning it out as well. 

When the Captain had finished licking out both hairy, sweat-slickened armpits, he worked his hungry mouth across the heaving, sweaty chest of our prisoner and took the Sergeant’s big right nipple into his mouth. The American moaned with unexpected pleasure as the Captain began to gently nurse the swollen, tender knot of flesh with his lips and tongue, making the young man’s breath quicken in his gigantic chest. 

But those moans quickly turned into screams as the Captain began to bite the trapped nipple. 

Sergeant Greywolf screamed again and again as Captain Takata began to bite down harder and harder on the thick nub of flesh, all but crushing the swollen nipple between his teeth. The great muscles of the American’s shoulders, arms, chest, and abs flexed and writhed from the pain of the torture of his screaming nipple. I decided to help if I could, and leaned in and took Sergeant Greywolf’s inviting left nipple into my mouth. He shrieked even louder as both of his tender nipples were now being savagely tortured by two sets of eager, chomping teeth. 

I had my right hand on the Sergeant’s broad back and my left hand on his deeply corrugated stomach muscles to help balance myself, and I was amazed at the feel of his hard muscles under his sweat slick skin. It was like feeling a stack of carved, living rocks covered by a thin layer of warm flesh. The mere touch of the young man’s gorgeously muscled body sent electric shocks of pure erotic pleasure directly to my already fully engorged penis, and I feared I might lose my heavy load then and there. 

The painful torture of the helpless American’s nipples continued for another couple of minutes before both Captain Takata and I pulled back from his chest. The gasping, moaning soldier sagged down, groaning in agony. 

“God, you’re both sick fuckers!” moaned the Sergeant. 

The groaning Sergeant didn’t see me licking his slick sweat from my hands, and marveling at the taste. His nipples had tasted amazing as well, covered with his spicy, salty sweat. I now knew why the Captain had been so excited by licking out the American’s hairy armpits, and why he’d spent so much time on them. 

“Don’t you have anything useful to say, American?” growled the Captain. 

“Greywolf, Luke. Sergeant. United States Army. Serial number 263-09-632,” gasped our prisoner. 

Something seemed to snap inside the Captain. He swore in his native language, and stepped to the table holding my torture implements. The Captain pulled on a thick pair of leather gloves that were lying there. Striding back to the helpless American, Captain Takata reached out and grabbed the bullish, muscular throat of our prisoner with his left hand. 

“Since you don’t have anything useful to say, you don’t really need any air!” snarled the Captain, just before he swung his right arm and drove his fist deeply into the stretched, rippling washboard stomach of the American, exactly where he had kicked him earlier. 

Sergeant Greywolf grunted a loud “OOOFF!” as the air was expertly pounded out of his lungs by the vicious punch. Every sculpted muscle of the handsome American’s torso once again flexed and strained as he desperately struggled for breath. 

Captain Takata stepped in front of the struggling, writhing soldier and started to pound his fists into Sergeant Greywolf’s stretched abs, alternating his fists, left, right, left, right. He pounded one fist into the big cobblestone ab muscles, waited until the American could gasp one straining lungful of air, and then pounding his other fist in just as deeply. The American’s extraordinarily muscular abs were soon glowing a bright red from the beating, flexing and rippling as fresh punches continued to hammer into his aching midsection. 

The brutal beating continued for a good ten minutes before a panting and heaving Captain Takata stepped back and pulled off his gloves. He reached out to the crotch of Sergeant Greywolf’s fatigue pants, grabbed his genitals through the cloth, and squeezed. 

Sergeant Greywolf threw his head back and screamed as loudly as he could. 

“TALK, AMERICAN PIG!!” shouted Captain Takata. 

“Fuck you, asshole!” moaned the Sergeant through his agony, his handsome face a mask of male pain. 

“No, I believe I am going to fuck you, pig! And I find it interesting that you seem to be excited, even as you protest, American. I can feel that you are as hard as any man I have encountered,” said Captain Takata, even as he continued to roughly grope and feel the bulging front of the struggling American’s sweat-stained fatigues. 

He turned to where I was standing watching the ongoing contest of wills. 

“Major Kurtz, would you like to assist me? I am sure he will be more than ready to talk to us after he has felt the pleasure of a man’s cock in his ass or his mouth!”

The young soldier struggled more mightily than ever against his bonds, but to no avail as the Captain and I unfastened his fatigue pants and let them drop to his knees. I was immediately confronted by the most massive set of human genitals I had ever seen in my life. 

The first thing I saw was the American’s mighty penis as it reared up out of its fabric prison, absolutely rock hard and straining with masculine power. That great cock was easily over a foot long, and its awesome length was more than matched by its colossal girth. Large, angry veins snaked all down the length of that titanic shaft, ending in a huge, helmet-shaped head that was almost completely covered by a thick sheath of foreskin. The lad’s mighty phallus jutted proudly straight out from his hairy groin like an additional limb, and it possessed the sort of shallow downward curve that I had always found to be perfect for cock sucking. Yet this young man’s monstrous bull cock looked far too long, and far too thick, to fit down a human throat! 

It was the most beautiful phallus I had ever seen. 

Hanging heavy and huge beneath that majestic cock were a pair of bollocks so massive that they rivaled any set of testicles I had ever seen on man or beast, even the great nuts I had seen on bulls grazing the rich pasture land of the Rhine! They were a perfectly matched pair of oblong spheres of dense manhood, encased in a silky sack of skin that was virtually hairless, much like the rest of the Native American’s magnificent body. Thick veins were visible over the surface of both massive testicles, similar to the tortured veins that ran down the length of his mighty horse penis. The weight of those gigantic sperm tanks must have been great indeed, for they hung unusually low in their loose and baggy scrotum, looking simultaneously enormously powerful and tremendously vulnerable. 

Captain Tanaka must have thought that Sergeant Greywolf’s bollocks looked particularly vulnerable as well, for he knelt down in front of the helpless American and strapped a tight leather harness around the base of the prisoner’s low-hanging balls. 

“STOP!! NO!! NO, you sick fuckers!! You queer bastards!! NOOO!!” bellowed the terrified young man, but Captain Tanaka ignored him as he began to hang lead weights from a hook suspended from the chain attached to the harness. Luke’s shouts of protest soon became howls of pain as more and more weight was added to the ball harness, and I eagerly watched as the American’s great nuts were stretched lower and lower, the large veins becoming even more pronounced all over their globular forms. 

Sergeant Greywolf’s huge muscles rippled and bulged under his dripping, bronze skin in a most appealing manner as the torture continued, particularly the red and battered surface of his corrugated abdominal muscles. More and more weight was added, the American finally beginning to scream as the total passed 45 pounds, or about 20 Kilograms. I had carried that much weight from my own large balls, and therefore knew just how much pain the young American must be in. But the Captain continued to add even more weight, more weight than I’d ever seen a man’s testicles carry before, until I was sure the American’s huge nuts would be torn right off! When Captain Takata finally stood back up, there was a total of over 40 kilos, or very nearly 90 pounds of lead, stretching the American’s humongous balls toward the cold stone floor. 

I was deeply impressed by the determination and the pure sadism of the young Japanese Army Captain, but I was even MORE impressed by the tremendous strength and will of the young American Army Sergeant. If this was the caliber of men that were going to be sent against us in the invasion, then I feared that we would be in for a long, bitter fight before the ultimate victory of the Reich!

Next, Captain Takata reached for the small, flat wooden case on one of the shelves. Opening it, he showed the prisoner a collection of shiny silver metal rods. Each of the more than one dozen rods was over a foot in length, but differed in thickness, from a very slender reed to a stout rod that was well over half an inch in diameter. 

“Do you know what these are used for, Sergeant?” Captain Tanaka asked in an almost conversational tone of voice. 

The American prisoner just shook his head, still gasping for air, fighting to breathe through the agony tearing through his stretched out balls and aching guts. Luke’s great baby makers looked like they were on the verge of being torn loose from their tough moorings deep inside the young man’s crotch, but the brave young muscle man continued to stoically endure the pain. Captain Takata just smiled at him, an expression that sent chills down my spine!

“I suppose a demonstration will be in order then,” he gloated. 

Kneeling down in front of the American, he reached out and grasped the Sergeant's cock, which hadn’t softened in the slightest from the torture of his balls, and in fact seemed even harder and more erect than before! The Captain’s long, slender fingers wrapped around little more than half the tremendous girth of that great trouser beast, but nevertheless, the handsome Japanese soldier began to gently stroke the great organ, causing the huge prisoner to gasp and moan for air once again, but for a different reason. Then Captain Takata withdrew a slim metal rod from the case and applied a bit of a lubricant to the end on the rod. While the American watched with an expression of pure horror on his face, the Captain slowly started to insert the rod into the wide piss hole in the head of the American’s gigantic cock!

“NO!! OH GOD, NO!!” screamed the handsome American. “What the fuck are you doing, you fucking queer, perverted bastard!?! You’re gonna tear my dick apart!!”

“Nonsense, Sergeant Greywolf,” the Captain replied in purring tones. “Your revolting horse cock can no doubt accommodate rods FAR larger than this one, and I will soon prove it to you. Now, would you rather tell me what we need to know?” 

“Greywolf! Luke! Sergeant, U. S. Army! Serial Number 263-09-632!” shouted the American prisoner in defiance, even as his deep brown eyes widened in ever growing horror as the first sound disappeared down nearly the entire length of his rampant cock. 

Captain Takata smiled up at him. “I was rather hoping you would say that, Sergeant! That means my enjoyment will be prolonged. Yes, I do get a great deal of erotic pleasure from torturing a man, particularly a spectacularly muscular and enormously hung specimen like yourself. It almost doesn’t even matter to me if the information we eventually extract from you is important or not!”

With that he went back to sliding the metal rod deeper and deeper into the hard cock of the yelling and swearing American prisoner of war. Once he had thoroughly reamed out the interior of the young man’s cock with the first rod, he extracted the slender metal device and selected the next-thicker one in the case and began inserting it down the length of the muscle man’s large cum tube. 

The torture with the rods lasted over 30 minutes, with thicker and thicker rods being inserted into the Sergeant’s gaping urethra, one after another, until he was shrieking and shaking uncontrollably. I had to admit that I had never been so sexually excited during a torture session with a prisoner before! The massively muscled, extraordinarily handsome man with his glistening bronze physique being subjected to unbearable tortures was the single most erotic thing I had EVER seen! Sergeant Greywolf reminded me of a prized stud bull — big, strong, tough, a sculpted mass of spectacular muscles — and the way he bucked and brayed and flexed and screamed throughout all of his tortures was utterly mesmerizing to watch! 

Sergeant Greywolf was gasping for air, struggling to breathe through the intense agony that HAD to be tearing through his guts, as the Captain slowly withdrew the final metal sound from the young man’s bloated cock. This final silver rod was enormous, over half an inch in diameter, so huge that I had never had the opportunity to use it on a man before, and never thought that I would. Even Luke’s huge, distended cum tube was stretched to the max around the metal intruder, visibly bulging along the underside of the young man’s gargantuan cock as Captain Tanaka slowly and methodically worked the huge rod up and down the full length of that massive schlong. As the Captain finally withdrew this huge rod from the Sergeant’s swollen, tortured cock, his wide piss slit was left gaping wide open, a thin drool of clear, slick fluid leaking out of its tip. 

“Anything to say now, my friend?” taunted the Captain. 

“Yeah,” moaned the prisoner in a scream-roughened voice. “FUCK YOU, you queer bastard!!”

Captain Takata’s eyes narrowed in surprise and fury, and he slapped the face of the American prisoner again. He then reached out with one foot and violently kicked the weights hanging from the American’s now grossly distended, purple, and vein-gnarled balls, causing them to swing wildly between the young man’s powerful, muscular legs. The American instantly shrieked in raw agony, feeling like his overstretched bollocks were finally going to tear free from his groin. The terrific pain caused the prisoner’s knees to buckle, and he sagged down in his restraints, his great weight now supported only by the powerfully muscled arms spread and secured high above his head. 

Captain Takata stood in front of the handsome Sergeant for several long moments, silently staring into the young man’s exquisitely handsome face and seeing the defiance that even now stared back at him from Luke’s deep brown eyes. The Captain apparently couldn’t take the stunningly gorgeous sight before him any longer, for he suddenly dropped to his knees, grasped the shaft of the American’s titanic cock in both of his hands, and began to suck on the massive, swollen member of the handsome Native American soldier. The Captain swirled his lips and tongue around the thick, bulbous head, which had grown almost purple in color from the young man’s ferocious arousal, and then he began to cram as much of that succulent slab of man meat down his throat as he could. 

I consider myself an expert cock sucker, and I have accommodated some truly enormous man cocks down my throat, but even I would have thought it impossible to force such an incredibly thick penis down ANY man’s throat. But Captain Tanaka seemed intent on proving me wrong as he forced inch after fantastic, bloated inch of that donkey dick down his gullet. 

Sergeant Greywolf struggled mightily against his bonds, moaning and snarling. “You sick fucker!!” he bellowed. “You queer bastard!!” Indignant rage made the young man fight harder than ever against his restraints, but even as I watched, it seemed that his struggles were becoming weaker and fainter. And within a few minutes, he just rolled his handsome head back and began to groan with pleasure, despite the weights that continued to tear at his big, fat man fruits. 

He softly moaned, “Oh God, yeah! That feels so good! Suck my cock, you fucker! Yeah, suck my big, fat cock! Big, fat, American BULL cock! Yeah, you know you want it! Suck a REAL man’s cock! DAMN, that’s good! What a fucking hot mouth! Yeah, suck me off, you fucker! Swallow my cum, you cock-sucking bastard!”

Then he started to moan something in a language I could not understand at all. I suspected it was his native Navajo tongue, the language that the code-talkers used for their secret communications. 

Captain Takata, meanwhile, had redoubled his efforts, and despite a large amount of red-faced choking and the occasional violent gag response, he finally achieved his goal of swallowing that entire sword of flesh right on down to the short hairs! The sight was unbelievable! I could actually SEE the Captain’s throat bloat and expand to accommodate the massive intruder, and I began to wonder if I might also be able to deep throat this most massive of bull cocks. 

Another couple of minutes later, the helpless soldier started to gasp and growl deeply in his throat. The amazing muscles in his stretched-out torso began to flex and ripple as Captain Takata’s hands stroked the dripping wet skin, and then reached up and began to twist the American’s tortured nipples again. The Sergeant’s entire gleaming, sweat glazed body convulsed, his defined washboard abdominal muscles rippling and bulging as he began to shoot a load of his sperm into the hungrily sucking mouth of his torturer. The heavy lead weights stretching out his massive nuts had to be adding to the American soldier’s agony, since his nuts were trying valiantly but unsuccessfully to pull up as he came, but that did not seem to curb or diminish the size and intensity of his orgasm in the slightest. 

As the prisoner came, Captain Takata twisted his nipples as hard as he could, causing the Sergeant to throw his handsome head back and scream at the top of his lungs, even while filling the belly of his torturer with his thick sperm. 

Captain Takata’s bulging throat swallowed convulsively over and over again as bolt after bolt of cum was shot directly down his throat and into his stomach. But as the American’s tortured bull load went on and on, Captain Tanaka’s face got more and more red as his air supply was choked off. Judging from the number of shuddering, juddering convulsions of Luke’s magnificent body, he must have already shot more than a score of cum ropes down the Japanese army soldier’s expert throat, yet he still showed no signs of stopping! Worse, the young man’s monumental cock  had bloated even BIGGER with the force and intensity of his ejaculation, and the struggling Tanaka was clearly having a difficult time trying to dislodge the great beast from his throat! I began to worry for the struggling Captain’s safety, particularly as his face turned from red to purple, and I was just starting to rush forward when, with a final buck of his muscular hips, Luke’s monumental orgasm finally came to an end and a panicking Tanaka was finally able to pull that impossibly long man root out of his throat. 

Captain Tanaka collapsed to the floor and began to vomit and retch, coughing up great gobs of the thickest, chunkiest, whitest sperm I had ever seen. The slick cock snot appeared to be almost more solid than liquid, such was its extraordinarily dense and viscous consistency! No WONDER the Japanese Captain had very nearly choked to death on the stuff! 

After a couple of minutes of coughing and retching and regaining his breath, Captain Tanaka pulled himself back up on slightly unsteady feet and turned toward me. To my immense surprise, the handsome Japanese soldier was grinning from ear to ear, licking his cum-splattered lips in obvious delight and satisfaction. A sheen of gloopy cum plastered his chin and jawline, as well as his neck and much of his chest, but the clearly pleased Captain didn’t seem to mind or even notice. Instead, a glazed and lust-filled light had filled the grinning Captain’s eyes, and I found myself worrying about Tanaka’s continued mental stability. 

“That was by far the most delicious — not to mention filling and satisfying — load of cum I have EVER had! Even more copious and tasty than YOUR legendary loads, Major Kurtz! I cannot imagine that I am the first man to enjoy the hard cock of this over-hung American pig. Now I am even MORE inclined to believe the stories told to us by our Generals, of the many depravities that Americans enjoy. Sex with their fellow soldiers, sex with animals, and more! It is inevitable that beasts such as this one will be defeated!” 

Sergeant Greywolf just stared at the Captain. “You’re one to talk, you fucker! YOU’RE the one that just sucked my dick and swallowed my cum! Who’s the depraved one here!?”

He then turned his attention to me. “And YOU, you sick Nazi bastard! You’re no better than HE is! You’re both sick, twisted fuckers, and you can both go straight to hell!”

Without changing my expression, I stepped in and pounded my bare fist deeply into the solid abdominal wall of the prisoner. The Native American soldier’s knees buckled again, and he slumped down in his chains, his entire body weight now supported only by his arms, gasping for air and desperately trying to take a shuddering breath. 

The Captain’s expression hardened and he snarled, “Very nice speech, Sergeant. Now we will find the information we require. Your pleasure has ended. You thought there was pain before, but that was nothing compared to what you will endure until you give us the information. ”

Sergeant Greywolf lifted his head and weakly gasped, “Fuck you…you queer bastard! Do…whatever…you want. Torture me…all you…want, you…son-of-a-bitch! I’ll never…tell you…anything!”

The Captain’s face slowly twisted into the most purely evil smile I had ever seen. 

“A challenge, it seems! I believe that I can force you to tell us everything that we need to know, you filthy American pig!” he sneered. 

I helped Captain Takata secure the American in a new position that would vastly increase the torture he would have to endure. 

His large wrists were chained together behind his back, and his elbows were forced as closely together as they could go by a rope wrapped around them and cinched tightly. A long rope was run from his wrists up to a hoisting block on the overhead beam, and then down to another of the beams supporting the roof. A wooden beam was fastened between the American’s ankles, keeping them widely spread apart and making sure that his genitals — and his large and heavily muscled ass — remained fully accessible. 

The 40 kilos of lead weights still remained dangling from the young man’s bloated and distended bull balls, which must have been aching even more now that they had pumped out a massive load. 

Captain Takata grasped the end of the rope and pulled it savagely, yanking Sergeant Greywolf’s arms up behind his back. The American screamed, even as he was forced to bend over at the waist to ease the strain on his shoulder joints. I could see that the enormous, corded muscles in his broad shoulders were twisting and knotted as they were forced to bend in a direction they weren’t supposed to bend. 

Captain Takata tied off the end of the rope and stepped in front of the helpless, moaning prisoner. He reached out and almost gently stroked his fingers across the writhing, sweat glazed hard muscles of the American’s back and twisted shoulders. 

“Very nice, American pig. Very nice indeed! I will enjoy feeling my cock sliding deeply into your tight, muscular ass. I have always enjoyed the company of men over women, so I know how to make a man either sigh with pleasure, or scream in agony. Which would you rather do, pig?”

“You sick fucking bastard!! Go to hell!!” gasped the trussed up American, defiant even in the face of his obvious pain. 

“That means you would like to scream in agony. I was hoping you would say something like that, American pig!” hissed Captain Takata. 

He picked up a pair of 2 kilo lead weights with metal clamps sticking out of one end. The Captain opened the clamps and let them snap closed onto the tortured nipples on the Sergeant’s pec-proud chest, causing the handsome soldier to hiss in pain. The Captain then released the two weights, causing the big American soldier to bellow in agony as the heavy weights stretched his already sore nipples almost a full inch from his huge pectorals. 

The Captain clearly wasn’t completely satisfied yet, and he began to rummage around my other interrogation equipment until he found what he wanted. He came back with a slender steel cable in his hand, a rope of metal that was simultaneously extremely strong and amazingly supple. He then stood before the prisoner and gently grasped his overloaded gonadal sack. Even that light touch caused the big muscle man to hiss in agony, for his overstretched nutsack had grown tremendously tender to the touch after enduring the weight of nearly 90 pounds of solid lead for well over an hour. 

Captain Tanaka explored the prisoner’s titanic vessels of manhood for many long moments, gently squeezing first one orb and then the other, exploring their vast vein-gnarled surfaces, and otherwise getting the full measure of the young man’s most remarkable of nuts. He then formed a loop at one end of the steel cable, and placed the loop around the wide midsection of the young man’s enormous brace of nuts before cinching the loop tight. Luke yelped in pain and surprise as the steel cable bit into his aching, purple testicles, and fresh fear was visible in his handsome brown eyes as he watched Captain Tanaka in action. Even MY blue eyes grew wide in astonishment as I saw the Captain pick up a handful of lead weights and I realized what the cruel and crafty Japanese torturer planned on doing next! 

Tanaka began to add lead weights to the cable dangling from Luke Greywolf’s lassoed bollocks, which not only added to the 45 kilos of weight ALREADY ripping at the young man’s straining ball cords, but ALSO forced the cable loop to inexorably tighten more and more around the twin globes of dense nut meat trapped in its steel embrace! I already feared that the existing 45 kilos of weight (which was already more weight than I had ever seen a man’s nuts endure) might finish the job of nutting the huge muscle man! Now Captain Tanaka was not only adding even MORE weight to that which was tearing at the young man’s screaming nuts, he was also now threatening to BISECT the massive testes with the cable loop!! 

Not for the first time, I found myself amazed at Captain Tanaka’s crazed and cruel genius. 

The weights steadily built up — 5 kilograms, then 10 — as Sergeant Greywolf screamed and bellowed in almost unimaginable agony. The young man’s enormous gonads were being simultaneously stretched, strangled, and crushed, yet they continued to valiantly soldier on as the weights increased to 15 kilos, then 20! The cable loop was biting deeply into the young man’s bound balls at this point, making his bloated, purple nut flesh balloon most disturbing both above and below the gradually shrinking loop of steel. I feared that either one or both of the young man’s massive man eggs would crack and burst at any moment, yet Captain Tanaka appeared to either not notice or care as the weights continued to stack up. 25 kilos! 30 kilos!! Yet another inch had been added to the extraordinary stretch of Luke’s bloated bull balls, creating the longest dangle I had ever seen on a man’s nuts, but the Captain wasn’t done yet! 35 kilos!! 40 kilos!!! The cable loop was now cinched so tight that there appeared to be TWO sets of nuts dangling impossibly low in Luke Greywolf’s hideously overstretched sack — two nuts above the loop, and two below — with any single segment of tortured nut flesh still larger than virtually any two whole nuts I had ever seen in my life! 

45 KILOS!!!

Captain Tanaka finally stopped adding more weights once he had achieved 45 kilos hanging from the steel cable, DOUBLING the amount of lead weight pulling mercilessly at the young man’s heroically straining nuts. Both huge bollocks had now turned a shade of purple so dark as to approach eggplants in color, and the thick and tortured veins coursing over their grossly distorted surfaces now looked so angry and bloated that I would not have been the least surprised to see them burst right out of the young man’s overstretched skin! 

The handsome and outrageously muscular young prisoner was now ready for his next torture. 

As the Sergeant continued to bellow and holler in animal agony, Captain Takata stripped off his boots, and then his uniform pants. He slipped his boots back on, and stood in front of the Sergeant. I had to admit that I found the Captain’s solidly muscled but extraordinarily lean body almost as exciting as the thickly muscled physique of the American Army Sergeant. 

Of course, I had had sex with Captain Takata often in the six months since he had been assigned to Gestapo headquarters. We had even ‘practiced’ interrogation techniques on each other many times. I found it interesting that no matter how hard Captain Takata flogged me, or electrically tortured my nipples, or stretched out my heavy balls, or whatever else he could think of, he always begged me to torture him even harder, flogging his chest and back until they were welted, or stretching him on the rack until he was shrieking in agony. We would always finish off our ‘training’ sessions by swallowing loads of each other’s hot sperm. 

“Major Kurtz,” Captain Tanaka said, breaking me out of my brief reverie. “I know that many times you have experienced the pleasure that the tight ass and hot mouth of a young man can offer. Come, please join me. ”

I smiled back at my handsome Japanese lover and opened the front of my own uniform pants, hauling out my own extra large cock, which throbbed powerfully before me, begging for release. I then stood next to the Captain, directly in front of our trussed up prisoner, both of our rock hard penises throbbing and pulsing in the face of our muscular captive. 

“It will be a pleasure to watch you fuck the mouth of our big American guest, even while I am fucking his muscular ass!” he said to me, looking upward into my blue, blue eyes. We shared a few moments staring at each other like that before the Captain dropped to his knees in front of me and hungrily began to suck my huge German cock deeply into his mouth. 

I moaned at the familiar feeling of his practiced tongue running up and down the length of my thick sausage, while the helpless American could only watch us in apparent disgust. I did notice, however, that Sergeant Greywolf was licking his dry lips, even as he was intently watching Captain Takata suck my fat ten inch cock. When he glanced up into my eyes, and noticed my slight smile, he pretended to make his apparent revulsion clear. 

“God, I knew it. You’re both sick, fucking queers! That’s why it’s going to be so easy for America and our allies to kick your asses all the way to Hell!” shouted the handsome American with a bravado I could tell he didn’t entirely feel. 

At that, Captain Takata pulled back from my now spit-slick and glistening cock, stood up, and turned to the bound Sergeant. He stared down impassively for just a moment before raising both fists over his head and slamming them down into the twisted, straining, quivering muscles of Sergeant Greywolf’s massive shoulders! The helpless American shrieked in total agony as the pain ripped through his body. 

“Be that as it may, it will still be our pleasure to torture you as long as we want, American pig. Besides, you didn’t seem to mind having your cock sucked!”

With that comment, Captain Takata strode behind the helpless, muscular soldier. The American began to shout “NO!! FUCK YOU!! NO!! OH GOD, NO!!! YOU FUCKING QUEER!! NOT THAT!! NO!! PLEASE!!! DON’T DO THAT, YOU SICK BASTARD!!!” I hungrily watched as Captain Tanaka slowly began to insert a long, slender finger into the big, muscular ass of our prisoner. The Sergeant’s huge muscles bunched and writhed under his gleaming, sweaty skin as Captain Takata inserted first one, then two fingers deeply into the tight asshole of the bound prisoner of war, an asshole that I strongly suspected had never been thus entered or violated in the young man’s life. 

The American prisoner began to bellow and unleash a torrent of invective as the Captain worked more and more fingers into his tight ass. I had always been impressed with the inventiveness and originality of American profanity. Sergeant Greywolf was reaching new heights in cursing even as he was being finger fucked. 

Finally, I began to grow tired of his swearing, so I stepped in front of him and reached out to his twisted, knotted shoulders. The American’s curses turned into a shriek of total agony when I began to dig my fingers deeply into the rock-hard muscles of his straining boulder shoulders. 


I knelt down until I was level with his achingly handsome face, which was twisted in agony and streaked with sweat and tears. Both of his beautiful brown eyes were bloodshot, likely from all of the sweat that had run into them. I grabbed a handful of his thick black hair and snapped his head back, forcing him to look directly at me. 

“I really don’t think so, Sergeant. What makes you think that you will ever get loose? When you are done pleasuring the Captain and myself and you have given us the information we seek, I may just turn you over to the rest of my guards to use for their pleasure. I personally picked them myself for my own bed, so I know that they are all big and strong and impressively endowed. I know that they will enjoy using that hot, hard muscled body, your tight ass, and your hot mouth, for as long as you can survive. I am curious to see just how long you can live on a diet of nothing else but men’s sperm. It will be interesting to watch you try to take two cocks in your muscular ass at the same time, while also taking two cocks in your mouth as well. You will personally learn of the superiority of the young German male, even as you are slowly fucked to death!” I grinned evilly into his contorted face. 

“And when they’re done with you, I think I might cut off that gigantic horse cock from your muscular body, along with that matching set of bloated bull balls, and mount them on my dungeon wall as a sort of trophy. That way, every American and Allied prisoner that I bring to this torture chamber will know that I can defeat the biggest and strongest bulls they can send against me!” 

The American just groaned in agony and humiliation, and seemed to sag down as I released his dark hair. Captain Takata finally pulled his fingers out of the Sergeant’s ass, and stood directly behind him. Sergeant Greywolf’s muscles began to twist and strain, and he began to groan with pain and whimper in apparent fear as Captain Takata’s cock began to push inside his already stretched, sore ass. The Captain slowly slid his shaft inside the prisoner, until the considerable entire length of his hard cock was imbedded to the hilt inside the handsome young American. 

The Captain began to moan with pleasure as he started to fuck the helpless American’s big ass. Sergeant Greywolf was moaning as well as he was being raped, but his moans were moans of pain, shame, and despair. I watched for a few minutes, totally mesmerized by the play of the muscles in Captain Takata’s lean torso. He had the hardest, most perfectly defined stomach muscles I had ever seen. Every cord of muscle bulged with his slightest movement. His hard abdominal muscles were highlighted by the veins that coursed across his stomach and his hard pectoral muscles, and stood out under his golden brown skin. His stomach flexed and rippled as he thrust his impressive cock in and out of Sergeant Greywolf’s huge, muscular ass. 

The sweat ran in streams down the Captain’s sculpted body, highlighting every muscle. He started to increase the speed of his fucking of the American’s ass. Sergeant Greywolf could do nothing to stop his rape, as his huge arms were nearly being torn out of their joints by being pulled so far up behind his back and his feet were held widely apart by the beam. 

I was now so excited watching Captain Takata’s muscled physique flexing and rippling as he raped the helpless American soldier that I decided to enjoy myself. I stepped directly in front of Sergeant Greywolf. Captain Takata, seeing what I was going to do, grabbed a handful of the Sergeant’s thick black hair and yanked on it, snapping the prisoner’s head back. 

“Open your mouth, Sergeant” I growled. He defiantly clamped his mouth shut, even as the swollen head of my cock pressed against his beautiful lips. 

“I thought you would do something like that, American. You enjoy having your cock sucked, but apparently you think sucking a cock yourself is beneath you!” I snarled. 

I pinched his nose shut with one hand, and began to pound the twisted muscles of his shoulders with the other. 

“Sooner or later you will have to open your mouth to either breathe or scream,” I said, my honeyed voice laced with cruelty. “It will be interesting to see which you will do first, Sergeant.”

The muscles of his back and arms bulged and writhed as he struggled. Each time my fist slammed into his straining shoulders, every muscle in his torso shuddered, as though a jolt of electricity was shooting through them, and I heard him moan deeply in his chest. 

But the seconds ticked by, and big Luke Greywolf refused to open his mouth! One minute became two, and two minutes became three, and STILL the huge muscle man endured! His face was turning red with his struggle to hold his breath even as I pounded his screaming shoulder muscles over and over again! The young American soldier was a BEAST, and the longer he endured, the more turned on I became. 

Finally, after about four minutes of the brutal shoulder torture and not being able to breathe, Sergeant Greywolf’s mouth flew open in a great gasp of air. He managed to pull in an enormous lungful of air before I drove my now painfully erect cock deeply into his throat with one hard thrust of my lean, muscular hips. 

The American prisoner of war yelled and gagged around my cock as I began to fuck his scorchingly hot mouth and thick, powerful bull neck. He was now bent over, helplessly bound in an exquisitely painful position in a darkened torture chamber, with two hot, hard cocks violating his solidly muscled body at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, the heavy weights hanging from his nipples and his straining bull balls were causing him a ferocious amount of pain as well. 

“Captain Tanaka, I hope the great, muscular ass of this most extraordinary young man is as hot as his beautiful mouth!” I gasped. 

Captain Takata groaned, “Oh yes! He has an exceptionally hot ass! Tighter than any ass I have ever known! So tight that I am convinced that mine must be the first cock he has ever known. Nevertheless, he certainly knows how to work his thick ass muscles to please a man! I’d say he’s a natural born cock pig!”

I told the Captain, “I was just thinking the same thing. I suspect mine is the first cock he’s had down his throat, and my sperm will be the first he’s ever swallowed, but he’s DAMN good at sucking cock! I can actually FEEL those thick, thick muscles of his bullish neck squeezing and stroking my fat cock on every thrust!” 

The Captain continued to fuck the American’s big ass with a slow, deliberate rhythm. I was so excited by the look of the Captain’s body that I reached out on either side of Sergeant Greywolf’s straining arms, and began to feel the Captain’s hard pecs and thick nipples as he fucked our prisoner. Captain Takata groaned at the feel of my fingers playing with his tits. We stood on either end of our helpless American prisoner, a study in contrasts, as we thrust our cocks into his amazingly hot orifices. Captain Takata was stripped down to his boots, his lean, golden brown body glistening with sweat, while I was fully dressed in my uniform, with only my cock exposed. 

I pulled and twisted Captain Takata’s erect nipples, until the feelings of pleasure from the hot mouth surrounding my cock were too much to bear. I let go of the Captain’s nipples and grasped a couple of handfuls of the thick, black hair of the handsome, muscular young American Indian. Holding his head still, I began to fuck his mouth faster and faster, until, with a groan of pure pleasure, I shot a huge load of sperm deeply into his hot, sucking mouth. 

Sergeant Greywolf choked and struggled briefly, but I held his head locked in place around my spasming dick, and in the end he had no choice but to swallow my heavy cum load. When I finally finished and pulled my still-hard cock from his mouth, he could only cough and groan, “You bastard! You sick, filthy, fucking Nazi bastard!” 

Luke then started to gasp and whimper in pain, fresh tears running down his extraordinarily handsome face, as Captain Takata began to thrust his cock in and out of the Sergeant’s muscular ass with ferocious and violent force and speed, driving the entire length in to the hilt and slamming his lean hips against the Sergeant’s mighty ass with wet and beefy slapping sounds. The Captain’s thrusting was so violent and vigorous that it was causing the heavy weights hanging from the American’s tortured nuts and nipples to ponderously swing and sway, adding immeasurably to the young man’s agony. 

By now, the American’s humongous nuts had been stretched so far that they were hanging nearly half a FOOT from his straining crotch, and I was frankly amazed that they hadn’t yet ripped right off! The loop of the cruel steel cable had also buried itself so deeply into young Luke’s dense nut flesh that it had completely disappeared, and it seemed a miracle that the muscle man’s mighty nuts hadn’t been cut in half by the strangling cable! Luke’s huge balls — all four grossly bloated and bulging segments of young ball flesh — had turned a purple so dark that they didn’t even appear HUMAN! 

Captain Tanaka saw that my attentions were focused on the Sergeant’s heroically straining bollocks, and so with one arm wrapped tightly around the prisoner’s almost impossibly chiseled midsection, the Japanese torturer started using his free hand to slap, smack, and cruelly backhand the young man’s bulging balls on each thrust of his hips. The additional brutal attention to Luke’s already screaming balls caused the young American’s eyes to grow wide with horror and agony, and the most violent and animal-like shrieks to be torn from his mighty lungs. 

Within just another few minutes, Captain Takata began to groan and gasp out something in his own native language as he began to fuck the Sergeant’s ass even faster than ever before. I stepped behind the Captain and wrapped my arms around his incredible body, feeling the muscles rippling under his hot, sweaty skin. I ran my hands up and down the flexing washboard stomach muscles of the young Asian man as he raped the American prisoner of war, while I ran my tongue across his sweat-slick shoulders. I knew from long experience that he was growing close to his own orgasm. 

Incredibly, as that same moment, we both heard the American begin to softly moan, “Oh yes! God YES!! Fuck me! Fuck me harder, you bastard! Fuck me DEEPER! Damn, that feels good! Fuck me! Slap my big bull balls! Harder! Harder!! HARDER!!! WRECK my fuckin’ stud balls!! Aw fuck yeah!! BREAK ‘em!! Unh! UNH!! Oh God yeah!! Fuck me, you dirty fucker! Drive that cock into my fuckin’ ass! You want a man’s ass? A REAL man’s ass?? I’ll give you a REAL man’s ass to fuck! Aw yeah!!”

An incredulous Captain Takata laughed cruelly and sneered, “Well, just as I suspected! You DO like another man’s cock in your ass! Lying American PIG!!”

He started pounding his cock in and out of the Sergeant’s ass harder and faster, slamming his hips into the soldier’s heavily muscled buttocks with a speed and fury I had never before seen. Sergeant Greywolf started moaning louder and louder as he was raped. Then he started speaking in his Native American language again. He sounded like he was repeating the same phrase again and again, so I guessed it was something like his version of, “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes…”

Finally, Captain Takata threw back his head and hollered as he pumped a load of his sperm into the soldier’s hungry ass. I could feel every muscle in the Captain’s lean, sculpted body flex and ripple at the awesome intensity of his orgasm, and I actually saw the handsome torturer rise up on the toes of his boots as his toes actually curled in ecstasy. 

At the same moment, I both saw and FELT young Luke reach his own second orgasm. This time I was able watch the muscular Sergeant shoot his load, and it was a sight I know I will never forget. The first rope of cum was a blindingly white jet of spunk at least four or five feet long, and thick as a pencil. Due to the young man’s somewhat bent over position and the gentle downward curve of his massive cock, his mighty gusher of cum struck the cold stone floor a mere few feet in front of him, striking the floor so hard that it shattered into a dozen or more goblets of thick and chunky sperm. 

And that was just the FIRST gusher of semen. 

Luke’s second blast was even bigger than the first, and the third bigger still. Soon, the huge, muscular American fell into a rhythm of grunting and throbbing release, pumping out streamer after streamer of cum like he’d never shot a single load in his life, let alone pumped an equally mammoth load down another man’s throat less than an hour before! I could actually SEE his distended and distorted testicles clench and convulse inside their sac as they pumped out the greatest load I had ever seen! A load that was bigger than the next ten biggest loads I’d ever seen COMBINED!! It was a magnificent display of pure male power and virility, and it made a tremendous, sticky mess on the stone floor. 

I was in such a fog of lust, my rock hard cock pressed tight against the naked and clutching ass cheeks of Captain Tanaka, that I soon lost count of the number of ropes and blasts of cum that erupted from the big Sergeant’s big man meat. Tanaka’s own orgasm had long since shuddered to a close, and yet Luke’s monumental testicular purge continued unabated! He must have pumped out well over a score of heavy cum loads before the size of the cum jets began to diminish, and he must have spurted out nearly another dozen steadily decreasing blasts before his orgasm, too, rumbled to an end. 

The three of us remained locked together in a tight embrace for many long moments afterwards. It wasn’t until I began to peel my body off of Tanaka’s that I realized that I had shot a second load of my own all over the man’s lean back, partly obscuring the beautiful tattoo of the crane. The Captain then slowly withdrew his spent cock from the American’s thoroughly raped ass and stepped in front of the handsome bound prisoner. 

The Captain snarled, “Open your mouth, pig!” 

When Sergeant Greywolf defiantly refused, Captain Tanaka hauled back one booted foot and sent it careening into the young man’s bound and stretched out nutsac with a sick and resounding SMACK! I thought for sure that the force of such a kick must surely shatter even THIS bull’s mighty balls, but they appeared to survive intact. Nevertheless, the American hollered like a stuck pig, the agony in his tortured nuts surely reaching unimaginable levels. 

“I said, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” Captain Tanaka said in even, clipped tones. The Sergeant whimpered and meekly opened his mouth, allowing the Captain to slide his still rock hard shaft all the way in. 

“Now clean it, pig!” snapped the Captain. 

I could see Sergeant Greywolf’s thick throat muscles work as he licked and swallowed and cleaned the cock shaft lodged in his throat. 

“Oh yes, Major, I see what you mean!” groaned Captain Takata. “He DOES have a very talented mouth! Let’s see how experienced it really is!”

He grasped the sides of the handsome American’s head, holding it tightly, as his stomach muscles flexed briefly, then relaxed as the Captain softly moaned, “Oh yes! That's it!” It took a second or two for me to figure out that he was pissing into the Sergeant’s mouth!

As I watched, the American prisoner was forced to swallow his torturer’s stream of piss, his throat muscles working rapidly as he was took the hot urine into his belly. 

The Sergeant began to choke and retch around Captain Takata’s cock, but then I knelt down next to his head and whispered, “If you throw up all over my nice clean floor, you will get down on your knees and lick it clean!”

When Captain Takata pulled his cock out of the American’s mouth, the Sergeant just bent his head down and began to softly weep, “You sick son of a bitch! You sick, filthy, fucking bastard…”

I suspected that after over four HOURS of constant and continuous torture, the hulking American man-beast was very close to breaking, and telling us what we wanted to hear, despite his earlier protestations. I was interested in seeing what Captain Takata would do to push Sergeant Greywolf over the edge, to break him completely. 

Captain Takata strode over to where the rope from Sergeant Greywolf’s arms was tied to the pillar. He gave the rope a short, sharp yank, causing the Sergeant to scream in total agony as his shoulders were twisted almost to the point of dislocating his mighty arms. Captain Takata then slowly but firmly pulled on the rope for a few moments, the Sergeant screaming and shrieking in agony the entire time. I was almost mesmerized watching the muscles rippling and flexing under Captain Takata’s golden skin as he strained at the rope torturing the helpless American. His back and shoulder muscles seemed to knot up under his skin as he pulled harder and harder on the rope, and his veins stood out across his thick biceps and forearms as they bulged. He was incredibly sensual and erotic looking!

However, I also realized that the American’s massive, muscular form was too heavy for Captain Tanaka to hoist all on his own. Hell, the Sergeant was such a huge man that I doubted that I could pull him upward on my own! So I strode over to the Captain’s side, grabbed the rope, and lent my own impressive strength to the task. 

To both the Captain’s and my total amazement and enjoyment, we watched as the Sergeant’s big feet were slowly lifted from the floor, and his total body weight began to be supported by his backwards twisted arms! I watched the soldier’s massive shoulder muscles bulge and strain even larger still as they struggled to carry the young man’s enormous weight from such an unnatural angle, and his own screaming and writhing only seemed to add to his own brutal torment. 

And even more amazingly, I saw that the young man’s mammoth bull cock was still absolutely as hard as iron, despite having shot out the two greatest cum loads in the history of mankind! If anything, his mighty phallus looked ready to blow yet another load. And I resolved to help the bound lad achieve that goal. 

Captain Tanaka and I tied off our end of the rope, keeping big Luke suspended a good foot or more above the floor. I then moved in front of the howling and quivering mass of muscles and studied his exquisite form from up close. His magnificent phallus was pointed right at my own naked crotch, and so I reached out one hand to grasp that massive spear of flesh for the very first time. 

An electric shock ran up my arm as I touched the soldier’s mighty weapon, and I couldn’t believe the almost scorching heat coming from his arching bull cock. I wrapped the fingers of my big hand around as much of that stupendous girth as I could and squeezed, and was amazed at the unnatural firmness of the young man’s flesh. My fingers could barely even dent his rampant man meat, no matter how hard I squeezed! I stroked his cum- and sweat-slickened fuck stick several times, enjoying the feel of such an enormous cock filling my hand beyond overflowing. 

I turned my attention to the muscular hulk’s bound and nearly bisected nuts, bring both hands up under those balls to cup the undersides of the lower segments of ball meat. The mere touch of my fingers caused the lad’s entire body to shudder in shock and anticipated pain, but instead I just gently closed my fingers around that tortured ball flesh and gently stroked their vein-gnarled surfaces. Even just the lower segments of the Sergeant’s strangled nuts were so huge that they overflowed my big hands, and I was once again utterly amazed at their unbelievable SIZE! 

I knelt down on the stone floor, heedless of the vast puddle of sperm there that began soaking into the knees of my uniform pants, and began to almost reverently stroke and fondle those amazing lumps of man flesh, the very source of this spectacular soldier’s unparalleled masculinity. I held his entire future as a man within my big, strong hands, and I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that I could end this stud’s magnificent manhood forever with one big squeeze of my fingers. 

Instead, I leaned further forward, inhaling the heady and deliciously musky scent of his massive balls, before opening my mouth wide and engulfing the lower half of his bloated right bollock into my hot and hungry mouth. It was a struggle to wrap my lips around such a huge orb of meat, and I realized with a certainly that I could never stuff the entirety of even just one of Luke Greywolf’s mighty nuts into my mouth, but I soon managed to pop the enormous sphere of meat into my mouth, and began bathing the huge nut segment with my tongue. 

Captain Tanaka clearly did not want to be left out, for he soon kneeled on the other side of the shaking and quivering muscle giant and engulfed the stud’s left lower nut segment into his eager mouth. Soon, we were both hungrily sucking on the largest nuts we’d ever seen, while our hands wandered up and down the young man’s heroically muscular body — his powerful thighs, his massive rounded ass, his corrugated and corded midsection, his heaving and spectacularly muscular chest, his straining shoulders and enormously meaty arms. We once again teased and tortured the thick, hard nubbins of flesh that topped his magnificent chest, and we also stroked and fondled the great throbbing beast of a cock that bobbed and pulsed right before our eyes. 

We could both sense the third load steadily building in the young man’s throbbing nuts. I could actually FEEL them pulse with life and virility, and I stabbed and thrust my powerful tongue against the huge nut segment in my mouth with all of the force I could muster, hoping to stir even more sperm cells to life within its beefy depths. 

Sergeant Greywolf’s cock was soon once again throbbing harder than ever before, and I could have sworn that the great, meaty organ swelled even BIGGER right before my eyes. Captain Tanaka and I knew that it was time, and with an unspoken signal, we acted. 

Each of us grasped the upper segment of the lad’s bulging, straining nuts with a free hand, and simultaneously began to squeeze the huge orbs of meat as hard as we could as we also bit down on the massive nuggets of flesh inside our mouths. 

The reaction was immediate and spectacular. 

Sergeant Greywolf screamed in his most agonized cry of pain yet, a truly inhuman howl of inhuman pain. At the same time, his mammoth cock gave a mighty lurch, and a gargantuan rope of spume jetted forth from its bloated, purplish head with almost unimaginable force. The huge blast of cum rocketed more than halfway across the room before the second and equally massive load followed on its heels. 

The mighty American soldier had hit his third colossal orgasm of the night. And judging from how hard Captain Tanaka and I were squeezing and chewing on his nearly busted bollocks, it was gearing up to be his very last load as an intact male! Those four massive segments of nut flesh felt unnaturally solid and dense at first, but as Captain Tanaka and I squeezed harder and harder still with our hands and jaws, we could feel the tough outer walls of those tortured, colossal orbs start to deform and weaken. We knew it wouldn’t be long before we felt those mighty gonads, already hideously distorted by the metal noose cinched so tightly around their voluminous midsections, literally burst apart!

Luke bucked and screamed and shook with a violence unlike anything he had shown before, for he could feel his very manhood being slowly destroyed within our hot mouths and powerful hands. Still, in a super human show of strength and force of will, he held out until the ninth or tenth massive pulse of cum from his loins before he began shouting for mercy. 


I met Captain Tanaka’s gaze across the expanse of Sergeant Greywolf’s tortured manhood, and we both smiled with satisfaction around the huge bulbs of man meat stuffed into our mouths. We continued to mercilessly maul and mangle and chew the muscle man’s screaming manhood throughout the remainder of his unnaturally long and copious orgasm, however, reducing him to a quivering and mewling stack of sobbing muscles by the end of it. Fortunately for big Luke, his third orgasm was significantly smaller than the two previous ones, with ‘only’ about a dozen massive slugs of ridiculously thick nut sludge, followed by only five or six weaker spurts of much more watery-looking effluvium. It was still an utterly super human cum load by any man’s standards, but it was over quicker than the lad’s previous emissions. 

Tanaka and I continued torturing the young man’s heaving nuts for another few long seconds after his third orgasm had ceased, very nearly succeeding in wrecking those mighty orbs for good, before we finally relented. We both released the huge orb segments in our hands, which immediately bounded back to their spherical shapes, and popped the saliva-slickened lower nut segments out of our mouths. I could see the imprints of my molars all over the bloated, purple nugget of man meat, and I almost came again at the sight! 

The two of us got up, untied the rope, and slowly lowered the sobbing hulk back to the floor. Sergeant Greywolf seemed barely able to stand upright on his own two legs, his great muscles quivering with the strain of supporting not only his own great muscular bulk, but also the nearly 200 pounds of lead weights hanging from his distended nuts and nipples. 

When we finally released the rope, the broken Sergeant groaned, “No more, please! You win! I’ll tell you whatever you want to know. Oh my God! Please! Just no more torture! I’ll talk. Just please untie my big nuts. I’ll even suck your cocks again, and let Major Kurtz fuck me. I’ll tell you everything! Just please, no more torture!” 

The big man moaned like a child as Captain Tanaka removed the 5-kilo weights from his much-tortured nipples. Once the pressure was released from the muscular American’s arms and the weights were no longer torturing his nipples, he slowly sank to the floor on his knees, relieving the awesome weight that had been stretching his nuts for hours. The noose around his great nuts also loosened almost immediately, much to the young man’s inexpressible relief, and the dark purple color immediately began to drain from them both as they finally began to regain something approaching their normal healthy color. 

His big hands were still chained together uselessly behind his back as Captain Takata stepped in front of the broken, sobbing, and whimpering American Army Sergeant. 

“All right, Sergeant. Not so defiant now, are you? What do you have to tell me?” snarled the captain. 

“May I please suck you off first, Sir?” moaned the defeated American. “And I want to feel Major Kurtz’s huge German sausage in my ass. Please…?” 

A surprised and amused Captain Tanaka and I looked at each other over the hulking, huddled form of our broken prisoner, and I said, “Well, I suppose we can fuck you from both holes first, and fill you with our seed before having you answer our questions. But afterwards, you shall tell us all you know!” 

“Yes, Sir!” the handsome, cowering American said, already sticking his big, hungry ass up in the air in eager expectation. 

As I moved around behind the gorgeous muscle man kneeling before me and looked across as my Japanese lover taking his position at the handsome young man’s mouth, I decided that we might need to ‘interrogate’ this most extraordinary prisoner for many more weeks to come…