Thursday, May 10, 2018

Rugby Balls - Original Version

Rugby Balls

The energy on the pitch was tangible.

The away team was neck and neck against the home side as the rugby guys played the ball one way and then the other, moving from one side to the other over and over again - the teams seemed pretty evenly matched.

Things seemed okay as the away team took possession, Tom Collins getting the ball into his massive spade like hands; gripped tight running towards the oppositions back line.

Collins is a massive man, huge build - must be well over six feet in height, massive size fourteen feet, unstoppable it seems, he filled his shorts tightly but there wasn't an ounce of fat on the man - you could see the muscle fibres rise and fall in the mans thighs as he turned with the ball.

He turned with the ball and smacked right into another man - a pure fluke or carelessness, who knows as confusion reigned for a moment.

The referee didn't like it and red carded Collins off for recklessness as his 'victim' lay flat on the floor - breathing, you could see the steam coming out his mouth, but flattened by the big man. It must have been like being hit by a wall - a twenty one stone wall at that. (294 pounds)

With the look of the devil on his face Collins walked away towards the tunnel, fuming, angry for his moment of carelessness - being sent off and leaving the guys one man down during the deciding moments of the second half.

As he walked towards the tunnel the cold air made his shaven head steam as the heat poured out of the man during his controlled rage and frustration of being sent off.

He slapped hands with the Coach as he entered the tunnel and headed for the away team dressing room.

He took a left turn into the changing rooms and noticed there wasn't anyone else around -he looked to his right and walked over to the washbasins behind the wall, alongside them was a urinal trough - he needed to pee.

He walked over, breathing deep and stood in front of the trough.  He tugged his shorts, un-knotted the cord and loosened the waistband and tugged it down with his left thumb.  He pulled his tucked in shirt out from within his shorts and lifted it tucking it under his chin, exposing his solid stomach muscles.

He tugged the shorts down further as his right hand disappeared inside his shorts and hooked his cock out from the safety of his jockstrap – the elastic stretched as his cock flopped out over the waistband of his shorts.

Collins is a big man.  Huge build. Legs like an Oak tree and hands and arms to match.

Incredibly fit for his age he works out daily and it shows as he looked down his washboard stomach muscles, looking down to his cock which now hung over the shorts aiming at the metal piss trough.

His right thumb and forefinger tugged at his foreskin which he rolled right back to avoid spraying everywhere - as he tugged his skin back it exposed his damp red shaft and cockhead which was a wide squareish shaped piece of meat. As he tugged the skin back his cock swelled slightly and he started spraying piss into the trough.

He had drunk a fair few litres of water on the pitch and it was all coming out - it looked like he had a full tank, his cock swelled a little more as he sprayed out his load into the trough.

His hands were pretty big, like spades, thick sausage like fingers and squareish fingernails - he held his cock in his right hand and it filled his hand just nicely.

He stepped off one foot onto the other and his cock swung from one side to the other his piss making a different tone as it hit a different part of the metal.

It was quite a site, a big man exposing himself, locked in a long piss and unable to do much else - the sight of Collins at the trough was something that held the eyes of the young lad from the under 21's squad who was also responsible for getting the towels and kit bags ready for the players at the end of the match.

The lad stood quietly watching as Collins sprayed a wide stream of steaming hot piss into the trough.

Collins neared the end of his nature call and relaxed returning to stand on two feet standing straight - he tugged his foreskin back aggressively which seemed to make his cockhead swell real big, like a ripe tomato.  He had sweat loads on the pitch and you could see the moisture on his shaft behind his cockhead, the veins glistened in the light.

The lad responsible for the kit took short and moved towards Collins at this point, joining him at the trough - Collins flinched as he hadn't noticed the lads presence but he made room at the trough.

As the lad sorted himself out to pee, he looked downwards and sideward at Collin's half mast stiff cock.

Standing much taller than the lad Collins continued to 'exercise' his cock and as he did it thickened and darkened in colour.

Collins looked down at the lad who didn't return the look as he was busy with the view he had.  Collins turned slightly to point towards the lad, showing his thickening cock.

I'd say he was about seven, maybe eight inches in length, uncut of course but thick - wide with it down the shaft and ending in this squared off cockhead.  You could say his shaft was cucumber thick, like a youngsters arm and with a few reddish pubic hairs on the underside.

Skinned right back the head was profiled like a helmet and a few drips of piss fell off the end - the young lad was transfixed.

Collin's shirt was stuck to his body, tight to his skin with sweat, he hadn't bothered taking it off yet so you can imagine the smell of warm sweat and pee filled the air around the trough.

The young lad stepped nearer and looking up as if for approval reached out towards Collin's swelling meat - the lads hands were considerably smaller than Collin's of course but he cupped his hand under Collin's meat and held it in his hand as if supporting it. He gently tugged the foreskin which he could bring forward and would cover Collin's huge cockhead, even while hard.

Collin's looked around and realised that someone might walk in at any moment - he signalled towards the cubicles and the lad went in and Collins followed and locked the door.

In the enclosed space, the lad faced what was really one of his rugby heroes, but in a state he never really thought he would ever have seen. The lad sat on the toilet and Collin's positioned himself, feet apart, in front of the lad.

Collin's reached both arms out and held himself between the walls of the cubicle as the lad reached forward and tugged his shorts down a few inches. He couldn't have lifted them as Collin's erection was so thick and strong he would never have got it past the waistband of the shorts.

The lad leaned forward slightly licking his lips as he mouthed his way towards Collin's cockhead.

The lad reached out and gripped the base of Collin's shaft tight causing the big man to wince a little and look down - the effect of this was to make the big man pulse his cock and it swelled several times, the grip holding in the pressure of the blood filled erection.

The lad licked his lips once again as Collins inched forward, his massive thighs now very near the lad who took his left hand and gripped around Collin's left thigh - he couldn't get his arm all the way round - the big man was like a tree in terms of leg girth, but it did steady him against the players body.

Using his right hand the lad ran his hand up and down the length of the big mans tool, rolling the skin forwards and then backwards until at one point, Collin's cockhead had swollen so much he couldn't get the skin to roll over it and it stayed in place behind the engorged cockhead.

The massive cockhead swelled to a smooth skin shine and it reflected the over head light as the big mans blood flow pulsed into his erection.

The lads hands were too small to reach round the big mans girth but he had a grip and wasn't letting go.

The lad bought his left hand back into play to grip the big mans cockshaft base again causing another spasm and swelling - he repeated this and Collin's responded each time only this time a bead of precum appeared on the end of the big mans tool.

The lad saw this and with a finger rubbed the drop into and over his cockhead creating a glistening look - as the lad returned to clench Collin's shaft again another flow of precum appeared falling in strings onto the lads trackie bottoms.  There was enough precum to lube the lads hands - which he did and then ran his lubed hand right down the length of the big mans cock - Collin's flinched as he did this but also jerked forward as if to fuck the air in front of him, pushing his swollen cockhead into the face of the lad hitting his cheek.

The lad repeated this a few times as Collin's developed a rhythm as the strings of drops of precum appeared over and over again.

He'd tugged the big mans shorts down and could see his balls - huge the balls that were  considerable in size and he could see them spasm upwards towards Collin's shaft and then see them fall again with each movement up and down his shaft.

The lad held grip of Collin's tool and noted the latticework of blue veins roped around his swollen cock, the veins stood up on end as if for better grip - following the line of the veins back the lad could see a huge artery serving blood to the big mans erection, this trailed back into the man's pubes which were reddish in appearance.

Gripping Collin's thick tool again the lad moved forwards and wrapped his lips around the mans swollen cockhead, sliding very very slowly until it filled his mouth - Collin's gasped and looked upwards, eyes closed.  The lad had the big mans cockhead in his mouth and could feel the stream of precum on his tongue.  It tasted sweet and was body-hot - an amazing experience.

Collin's jerked forward in response to his cockhead bumping off the lads teeth, he tried sending his cockhead down the back of the lads throat but the lad gagged as it was way too wide for him to deal with.

Collin's moved his hands from the walls and gently gripped the back of the lads head as he gently pushed and pulled his tool around in the lads mouth.

The lad looked downwards and could see the big mans balls rising more meaning he wasn't far from ejaculating, he also noted the extra width to the big mans shaft which was as thick as the lads own wrist, the prominent vein like a wire running on the top of the shaft.

The lad reached out sending his hand into Collin's shorts, reaching to massage his balls gently, he ran his hand round the back of the scrotum and could fee the big mans heat in his legs. He cupped Collin's balls gently as they both lifted in response to the touch.

He returned to gripping the base of the mans shaft as he moved back withdrawing Collin's tool from his mouth.

He lifted the thick meat upwards and could see underneath it the thick laced veins and a massive wide cockhead beautifully shaped like a helmet and with a long slit in the end - this explained why Collin's was spraying piss everywhere earlier as he pee'd.

The lad tongued the big mans undershaft and watched in close up as Collin's dick pulsed and swelled big time - a huge clear bead of precum appeared and this time, flowed down the head and the lad tongued it off wetting his lips with it.  Collin's jerked slightly again because of the touch. 

The lad watched as Collin's used his right hand to skin his shaft forward and then back several times as the lad continued to grip the big mans cockshaft - it was a deep red colour engorged and packed with pressured blood and was huge.

Collin's wanted to cum and continued handling himself right up close to the lad who watched, fixed in amazement.

The lad watched as Collin's thigh muscles twitched more and more as it did when he was piling into a woman he was fucking - twenty one stone of man bearing down on someone, quite an amazing thought as he legs twitched and his balls lifted up tight against his body.

Collin's started breathing deep but quiet, enormous self control was taking place here but the lad knew what was going to happen and couldn't move as the tower of a man started to writhe and judder as he wanked himself in front of the lads face.

Steadying himself, Collins took his left arm and stretched out in front of him gripping the wall as he leaned over the lad.  The lad braced himself as Collins juddered over and over again; his thigh muscles twitched and his stomach muscles stiffened as he wanked slowly but gripping tight.

Collin's looked down at the lad letting out a quiet grunt causing the lad to look up as Collin's jacked himself further, the lad looked down to see a string of semen fire out of Collin's massive cockhead - the white goo hit the lad under his chin as another pulse of cum was ejected and hit him in the same spot, closely followed by another and then another until the lad looked in close up as Collin's cockhead spewed a final stream of semen which dangled off his cockhead and swung in the air.  The lad leaned forward and tongued the string of cum off the big mans cock and swallowed it shaking his head as he dealt with it's bitter taste.

The lad leaned back and relaxed as Collins took both hands and pulled the lads head and face into his sweaty stomach and gently buried his face in his stomach hair.  The lad looked down his stomach at the big mans cock that was slowly returning to a reasonable size and colour.

The lad took his right hand and cupped Collin's cock and balls in his right hand and threw his left arm around the big man giving a reassuring hug - they stayed like that for a few seconds, seconds that seemed an age.

Collins stood back slightly and signalled to the lad to keep still as the big man rolled his foreskin forwards and gripped his half master shaft and sent a jet of piss down into the toilet pan between the lads thighs.

The lad sat there, fixed as Collin's semen drips gently dripped down into his shirt which thankfully was black. He could feel them move slowly and took his hand and rubbed them into his top.

Collin's finished peeing and shook his tool free of drips and looked down at the lad with a knowing grin - the lad looked as Collin's stood there, cock still hanging out his shorts but returning to a flaccid state again.

The lad leaned forward and pulled the big mans shorts back up to cover him over, as he did the big mans cock flipped upwards and then disappeared into the shorts.

Collins placed a big hand on the lads head and patted him twice as if saying thanks without actually saying anything at all.

Collins stood straight and turned gently and opened the cubicle door, walked out and headed for the changing room area.

The lad waited a few seconds and walked out taking the opposite route to fetch the kit bag which he later took into the changing area where a totally naked Collins was now sitting.

Not a word was said but the lad turned at one point and looked at Collins who winked once and looked down as he peeled his rugby socks off.

The lad knew that there were various initiation ceremonies in rugby but this one wasn't one that he'd heard of before - he admired the big man and wanted to see the man pleased following the anger of his sending off – he did so and ended up seeing a very different set of rugby balls.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Rugby Balls - Jayse Version

Rugby Balls
Based on an original story by PeteUK


The energy on the pitch was palpable. The two teams seemed equally matched, full of big, strong, powerful men at their very prime, all but slugging it out to determine which group contained the biggest alpha males of them all. The ball was carried up and down the field as the two teams vied for control, big beefy men colliding with one another and displaying stunning athleticism and raw male power as they battled for dominance. It was an incredible game to watch, already reaching legendary status in this first half of the match, and the crowd was stomping its feet and roaring with approval. 

Both teams were now piled up in a mighty scrum, the men fighting one another for the ball. The scrum suddenly erupted, with several members of the home team flying backwards from the huddle, as Gavin Collins broke free with the ball clutched in one of his massive paws and began charging down the field like some sort of muscle-bound rhinoceros. 

Collins was one of the most popular men in the sport of rugby, and even fans of the home team couldn’t help but admire the man’s extraordinary physical strength and sheer phenomenal size. The guy was a few inches over six feet tall, and while there were plenty of men his height or taller in the sport, no one came close to his scale-shattering weight. Collins was by far the largest bloke in the sport of rugby, a true beast of a man weighing a phenomenal 25 stone (350 pounds!) of rock solid muscle! The guy was built incredibly big and solid, with enormous shoulders more than a yard wide and colossal arms that measured more than 24 inches around! His legs were perhaps even more impressive, two gigantic tree trunks formed of pure muscle and power. There wasn’t an ounce of fat visible on the man’s mammoth body, and you could see the individual muscle fibers of his legs rise and fall, bulge and flex as his colossal thighs pumped and carried him down the field with a speed that would be impressive in any man, but which was absolutely astonishing in a man of Collins’ herculean size. 

Everything on this muscle bull was built huge. His hands were like two massive spades, with a grip so enormous that he could easily palm and cradle the rugby ball in just one mighty paw. His feet were equally as impressive, extraordinary thick size sixteen hooves that defied shoe makers everywhere. Collins’ mammoth chest looked like two massive iron plates, humongous squared pecs that were so thick and so deep that their overhang seemed to defy gravity itself. As befitting a man with such insanely huge legs, Collins’ ass was spectacularly large and of epic size and proportions. The crotch at the front of his pants was also eye-poppingly huge, and much speculation circulated around the league regarding whether the stud’s titanic bulge was actually real. One thing was for certain, though — the stud’s combination of a mighty muscle butt, colossal tree trunk thighs, and bowling-ball-sized crotch bulge meant that his rugby shorts had to be specially sized and constructed out of extremely durable fabrics. 

The big dude also happened to be outrageously handsome, which only added to his wide appeal with fans of the sport, as well as with those who simply admired the male form at its most intensely masculine. Collins had that rugged, square-jawed, utterly masculine beauty that seemed to be reserved only for the biggest and meatiest of rugby players, and perhaps for comic book super heroes as well. That ridiculously powerful jaw was almost always covered in a manly coating of thick blond stubble, which was barely shorter than the nearly shaved sides of his big head. The blond hair on top was worn short in a kind of crew cut, only further emphasizing Collins’ extraordinary manliness. 

There was no doubt about it — Gavin Collins was the biggest, baddest, sexiest, most powerful man in the entire rugby league. And his 350 pounds of raw male power was now thundering down the pitch with seemingly unstoppable force. 

Collins was incredibly agile on the field as well, able to turn and spin and dodge his opposition with a speed and grace that would have been outstanding on a man half his size, and he was using all of that agility and grace to dodge and avoid the home team players who were trying to tackle the huge muscle tank. And those few that were able to hurl themselves against the huge bull of a man just bounced off, easily shaken loose by the heroically powerful man. It seemed that Collins would break free at any moment and sprint down the field for an epic goal. 

But suddenly Collins dodged left to avoid three players massed right in front of him, and by a pure fluke or carelessness, smacked right into another man so hard that the smaller guy (still a big dude by anyone’s estimation at more than 250 pounds) flew backward a good 5 or 6 feet. The meaty sound of beef slapping on beef was so loud that it could be heard even over the deafening roar of the crowd. Gasps of shock erupted from the stands, and chaos reigned on the field for a brief period. 

The referee blew his whistle, ending the play as the home team’s coach and a couple of medics rushed out to the field. The guy on the ground wasn’t moving as he had been knocked completely senseless — not surprising since he’d just been struck by a 25-stone wall of muscle moving at over 30 miles per hour! Steam could be seem coming out of his mouth, proof that he was still breathing, but he didn’t respond at first to repeated attempts to wake him up. After a minute or two, though, the poor unconscious dude finally came to, and was helped to stand and limp off the field to the cheers of an appreciative and sympathetic crowd. 

Even though it was obvious that Collins hadn’t meant to run into the guy, let alone knock him out cold, the referee handed the big guy a red card and ordered him out of the game. Collins’ handsome face turned an angry red, as the big guy was clearly furious about this ruling, but he immediately obeyed. The muscle giant looked like an angry bull, though, as he stomped off of the field, a vision of barely controlled rage and frustration. His coach clapped him on the back as Collins walked past, then the big guy entered the tunnel beneath the stands that led back to the away team’s locker room. 

The cold air of the tunnel made plumes of steam pour off of the man’s head and cannon ball shoulders, the heat pouring out of the huge man from all of his exertions on the pitch. The big guy didn’t even register the cold, however, focusing instead on his disappointment and frustration at letting his teammates down when he knew they’d need his size and strength for the second half of the game. 

When he reached the locker room and shower area, Collins saw that there was no one else around. Everyone else was busy on the field or watching the game from the packed grandstands, so the big guy knew that he had the whole dressing area to himself. Heeding a call of nature, Collins headed straight for the bathroom and the urinal trough along one wall. 

Steam still rising off of his massively muscled, sweat-soaked body, Collins walked over until he was standing directly in front of the urine trough. He huffed a deep breath, his magnificent chest rising and falling dramatically, as he spread his huge legs a little wider and hooked his left thumb into his shorts. He loosened his waistband and tugged it down with his thumb while pulling his shirt upward with his right hand, tucking it beneath his big chin. The rock solid wall of his cobblestone abdominal muscles was revealed, looking as shredded and cut and insanely over-developed as the rest of his phenomenal body. The dark coppery-blond hairs that made a coarse layer of fur that did nothing to hide the extraordinary definition of his corrugated 8-pack. 

With his shirt out of the way and his shorts gaping open, Collins then thrust his huge right hand into the huge pouch at the front of his pants and hauled his limp dick out of the nestled safety of his overstuffed jockstrap. The soft cock flopped forward over the elastic waistband of his shorts like some sort of thick eel, steam coming off of the thick meat as it was finally exposed to the air. 

Collins was a big man, built huge in every way. And that clearly included his cock as well. 

The big rugby player looked down at his soft, steaming cock and shook it back and forth a couple of times, airing it out a bit and letting gravity aim the huge slab of meat downward at the metal trough. His right thumb and forefinger lightly gripped the huge bulbous head at the end of the long cock shaft and gently rolled back the thick, almost blubbery foreskin that completely engulfed the man’s huge glans. The skin peeled back to reveal a huge, damp dick head that glowed a healthy reddish-pink. The man’s glans looked even bigger freed from its hood of protective skin, a wide, square-ish shaped piece of succulent meat. The tugging of the skin caused the entire cock to swell slightly as Collins started spraying his piss into the trough. 

He had drunk more than a few liters of water and electrolyte replacement drinks on the pitch, and everything that hadn’t already come out in sweat was now pouring out of his bladder. A thick stream of pale yellow started splashing into the trough, and it was quickly apparent that Collins had a full tank, as the powerful flow continued unbroken for more than a full minute. 

Collins’ hands were enormous, with wide palms, thick muscular fingers, and squared off fingernails. But even with such huge mitts, his massive penis looked big as it was hefted by the stud’s huge right hand. The big bull absently stepped back and forth between his left and right feet, allowing his huge cock to swing from one side to the other and spraying different parts of the metal trough with his thick river of piss. The swaying of his junk and the gentle but firm handling by his hand seemed to make Collins’ cock swell a little more, growing just a little bit thicker and longer as he steadily emptied the contents of his bladder. 

It was quite a sight to behold — an enormous man of outrageously muscular proportions holding his huge cock in his hand and gushing out a truly massive amount of piss. And unbeknownst to the big man himself, this amazing sight was not going unseen… 

A young lad of some 19 years of age — almost a decade younger than Collins — had been peeking his head from around the corner of the locker room and watching Collins from the moment the big man had entered the dressing area. The lad was an amateur rugby player himself, a member of the under 21 league and an able player. But despite the fact that the young lad had an impressive amount of muscle on his 5-foot, 9-inch frame, he was still half a head shorter and only slightly more than half the weight of the muscle giant currently relieving himself at the trough. 

The lad’s squad frequently volunteered at these professional games, working behind the scenes to ready the kit bags for the rugby players, handing out drinks and towels, and otherwise making sure that the players were taken care of before, during, and after the game. He had specifically volunteered for this particular game as he knew that Gavin Collins would be playing. The huge man was the lad’s greatest rugby idol…and also his greatest sexual fantasy come to life. The kid had purposely volunteered to work in the locker room, for he hoped to be able to gain even a glimpse of his sports hero in all of this naked glory when all of the men came off the pitch together and crowded the showers and locker area. And instead, his greatest erotic fantasy was coming to life, for he now found himself ALONE in the locker room with a half naked Collins in front of him! 

Just the sound of Collins’ wide stream of steaming hot piss spraying and splashing into the urinal trough was making the lad start to throw a chubbie, and he knew that he simply had to come closer to get a better look at this unparalleled paragon of manhood. 

The lad quietly crept closer until he could start seeing the guy’s huge cock from the side. Collins seemed oblivious to his presence, instead tugging back aggressively on his foreskin, which seemed to make his cock head swell even bigger until it looked like a big, ripe tomato. The big man had sweat loads on the pitch, and the lad could see the moisture dampening the long shaft behind his cockhead, making the thick veins snaking up and down that shaft glisten in the overhead lights. 

The young lad decided that he simply had to take a chance and come closer still. He had to SEE Gavin Collins’ colossal cock up close. The big man could beat him to a pulp for daring to get a look at his monster cock, but the lust rampaging through the lad’s loins simply would not be denied. So as casually as he could, the young man walked up to the trough on Collins’ left side, and stood nearly shoulder to shoulder with the much larger man. Collins flinched slightly as he noticed the young man come up beside him, proving that he hadn’t been aware that he wasn’t truly alone. But after just a moment’s hesitation, the big man visibly relaxed and continued his marathon piss session. 

As the lad sorted himself out to pee, pulling out his own (thankfully still mostly limp) cock and aiming it at the trough, he tried to look downwards and to his right to slyly catch a glimpse of Collins’ huge meat. What he saw made him quietly and involuntarily gasp in surprise and amazement. 

‘Mammoth’ only just began to describe how huge Collins’ cock was. Even in its fully limp state, the thick tube of man meat was at least 8 inches long, longer than most hard cocks that the lad had ever seen, and had a girth thicker than a Coke can. The lad had never seen a HARD cock that thick before, and he couldn’t help but wonder how huge that thing got when fully hard! The cock head itself was a wide bulb of meat, and the shaft behind it was even thicker, making the head itself look almost small in comparison. A few coppery hairs dotted the root of that magnificent shaft, but otherwise the creamy white skin of the stud’s cock was clear and unblemished, revealing a tracery of thick blue veins just beneath its surface. 

The kid tried not to be obvious about it, but he simply couldn’t tear his eyes away from the massive schlong sprouting out of Collins’ tight shorts. The stud’s huge python of a cock was simply mesmerizing. And as the lad watched, Collins continued to ‘exercise’ his cock, stroking the thick shaft backward and forward to milk the last dribbles of pee out of it. 

And even more amazingly, the gigantic cock began to thicken even further, darkening slightly in color as it began to grow before the lad’s wide eyes. 

With his greater height, Collins was able to look down on the lad standing next to him, and could immediately tell that the young guy was staring at his huge dick. The huge rugby player had gotten that kind of response hundreds of times before, but almost no one knew that he occasionally acted on such attention. Collins was horny was fuck — hell, when WASN’T he horny?! — and this young lad next to him was damn cute. Impressive build, handsome face, nice-sized cock. Collins decided that he wanted to have fun with this young admirer. 

The stud’s humongous cock continued to bloat bigger and thicker as Collins slowly ran his huge right hand up and down its increasing length. He could almost see the lad’s heartbeat quicken even further, and he grinned as he watched the kid’s own cock go from soft to utterly rock hard in a matter of just a few heartbeats. The lad’s cock had grown hard so fast that it must have hurt, but the kid didn’t seem to notice, so mesmerized was he by Collins’ own steadily enlarging beef. The lad had a good 8 inches of granite hard cock protruding from his open fly, an impressive dick by almost anyone’s approximation, but his big cock paled in comparison to the gigantic stallion cock swelling up between Collins’ gargantuan thighs. 

Collins used extraordinary self control, allowing his cock to swell very slowly over the course of several long minutes, minutes that were obviously an erotic eternity for the young lad. But eventually, the rugby stud’s mighty cock reached full tumescence, a gigantic tower of diamond-hard man meat that had to have been a good 15 or 16 inches long!! 

Collins flexed and pulsed that massive member a few times, slapping the huge cock hard against the rock-like wall of his abdomen. Only then did the shy lad’s eyes travel upward to meet Collins’ own deep blue eyes. The kid’s awestruck eyes seemed to silently ask permission to touch the stud’s huge meat, and with a friendly grin and slight inclination of his head, Collins gave his assent. 

The young lad stepped nearer, his shoulder brushing against one of Collins’ massive pecs and his arm brushing against his furry cobblestone abs as he reached out towards Collins’ swelling meat. The first touch of his own skin against the mighty rugby stud’s hot, sweaty flesh sent a shudder of ecstasy through the lad’s body, which only made Collins grin that much more. The lad’s hands were of course considerably smaller than Collins’ huge paws, so there was no way he could get his hands even halfway around the jaw-breakingly thick shaft. Instead, the kid cradled the center of that mammoth shaft in his hands as if he was supporting its tremendous weight. 

The thick column of cock flesh was hot to the touch, and though the skin itself felt soft and silky smooth, the meat just below the surface was hard and unyielding, almost like it was made out of warm steel. The lad gently tugged backward and forward on the foreskin engulfing the enormous tip of that cock, pulling it back to reveal the bulbous glans in all of its glory, and then shucking it back forward to completely cover the massive plum. 

The handsome young lad seemed more than content just to stand there and keep stroking his idol’s magnificent man meat, but Collins realized that someone could walk in on them at any moment. He used the big index finger on his left hand to gently lift the lad’s chin so that their eyes met once again, and he signaled that they should move over to one of the nearby toilet stalls. The lad flashed a silly and lovestruck smile at the much bigger man and allowed himself to be gently led to the nearby stall. The lad went in first followed by Collins’, his huge cock still out in the open and waving ponderously back and forth with the big man’s every step. Collins shut the door behind him and locked it, giving the two young men all the privacy they required. 

In the enclosed space, Collins’ utterly massive form looked even bigger, and the lad couldn’t help but stumble backwards in intimidation and awe, falling back until his butt landed hard on the toilet seat. Collins clearly enjoyed the reaction he was having on the young lad, for he flashed the handsome lad a big grin as his big hands reached down and grabbed the hem of his sweat-soaked rugby shirt. With deliberate slowness, Collins pulled the drenched and smelly shirt up the length of his fantastic torso, revealing his spectacularly muscular abdomen and his gigantic, fur-covered pecs. The muscle monster pulled the tight shirt higher still, tugging it off of his behemoth arms and up his thick, bull-like neck until the sweaty shirt finally pulled free. He then casually draped the sweat-dampened shirt over the bathroom door, and allowed the young lad to gaze upward at a feast of hairy stud muscle. The lad’s cock instantly gave a mighty throb, and a thick gout of clear precum shot out and landed on the tiled floor between Collins’ huge sneakered feet. 

Yes, the lad was clearly impressed by what he saw! 

The lad couldn’t believe what was happening to him! Here was his greatest rugby idol and the man of his masturbatory dreams standing in front of him, stripped to the waist and with his gigantic cock out and rock hard, beckoning him to play with it. Collins planted his feet wider apart, giving the lad more room, and waited for the kid to make the next move. 

Collins reached both enormous arms out and held himself between the walls of the cubicle as the lad reached forward and tugged his shorts down a few more inches. The lad then reached out and gripped the base of Collins’ shaft with both hands, squeezing tight and causing the big man to wince a little and look down. The effect of this was to make the big man pulse his cock even harder, and it swelled several times, the grip holding in the pressure of the blood-filled erection.

The lad leaned forward slightly, licking his lips as Collins inched his muscular hips forward, bringing his rampant beast of a cock closer and closer to the lad’s hungry mouth. The lad released his right hand from the base of Collins’ cock and threw his arm around as much of the stud’s mighty left thigh as he could. Collins’ colossal thigh proved to be far too big for the lad’s arm to encircle, but the kid was able to use the massive leg to steady himself as the man’s monumental cock drew closer to his face. He meanwhile used his left hand to stroke up and down the man’s big tool, rolling the foreskin forward and backwards until Collins’ huge cock head finally bloated so huge that the skin couldn’t roll forward anymore, and it remained locked in place behind the fantastically engorged head. The massive glans had now swollen so huge that the silky smooth skin was stretched incredibly taut, shining as it reflected the overhead lights. 

Even though his left hand couldn’t even grip halfway around that stupendously thick shaft, the lad continued jacking that massive tube of meat as best as he could, causing additional spasms and swelling and making the huge member bloat to even more impossible dimensions. In a matter of minutes, the lad was rewarded by the first big clear drop of precum beading at the tip of that mammoth trouser beast. 

The lad saw this and with a finger rubbed the drop into and over his cock head, creating a glistening look over the shiny dome of that massive globe of meat. The lad returned to clench Collins’ shaft again, causing more and more precum to appear at the end of the huge cock and start to drip in long crystalline strings onto the lad’s track bottoms. Soon, there was enough precum flowing to liberally coat the lad’s hands, lubing them up so that he could stroke the big man’s cock even harder and faster. Collins flinched at the amazing sensation running through his massive cock, and his humongous thighs flexed dramatically, but he did not change his grip on the metal divider walls to either side. Instead, he slowly ground his hips forward, fucking the lad’s hands and the air in front of them until his swollen cock head was pushing against the lad’s left cheek and on past his ear, leaving a slimy trail of clear lust honey in its wake. 

The lad kept on stroking that huge cock over and over again for several minutes, as Collins developed a steady rhythm and more and more strings of precum dripped onto the lad’s pants. The handsome young lad could see that, even with his massive cock freed from the confines of his rugby shorts, Collins still had an enormous bulge appearing in the front of his pants. The lad used his hands to roughly tug down the man’s shorts even further, struggling to get them over the man’s gargantuan thighs. But his success was rewarded with an astounding sight as the two biggest, heaviest, hairiest stud nuts he’d ever seen came into view. 

Despite his relative youth, the 19-year-old kid had seen some impressively large balls in his life, but the pair of whoppers dangling loose and heavy beneath Collins’ mighty cock were multiple orders of magnitude larger than anything he’d ever seen! Each colossal testicle had to be larger than a Georgia peach, even bigger than a ripe grapefruit, and looked to be positively overflowing with raw male power. The sac encasing those nuts was simply enormous, a huge pouch that was almost visibly straining to contain the two mammoth orbs within. It was clear that Collins didn’t trim his crotch hair either, as that huge scrotum was positively covered with long, coarse, curly dark blond hairs. These were mighty testosterone factories indeed, and the lad suddenly realized how the huge dude had gotten so unbelievably large and muscular. 

Collins could see the young lad’s wide eyes ogling his enormous testicles, so he flexed his groin muscles for the kid, causing the humongous balls to contract upward toward his groin and then fall back heavily to the bottom of their sac. The kid knew that those had to be powerful groin muscles indeed, as those balls were clearly phenomenally heavy. The lad reached out one slightly trembling hand to cup the enormous underside of one of those huge, hairy nuts and realized that his estimation of their weight was woefully off; they were actually even heavier than he had imagined! Those were some fantastically thick and dense bull balls indeed! 

The lad’s hand returned to gripping the colossal shaft of the big man’s cock, and he inspected the thick veins that snaked up and down its astounding length. Those thick blue veins almost looked like they were designed to provide additional ribbing to the stud’s cock, roping around his cock and sticking out so far that they provided additional purchase for the lad’s hard grip. 

Overwhelmed with lust, the lad clearly couldn’t hold back any more, and he lunged his face forward and buried a gigantic mouthful of the stud’s huge cock into his hungry gob. The lad was able to fit the huge cock head into his mouth with little difficulty, despite its enormous size, but the shaft beyond that was even thicker, and the lad struggled to slowly force more and more of that impossibly hard and dense flesh past his lips. Collins gasped in unexpected pleasure as the first couple of inches of his cock disappeared into the young man’s extremely talented mouth. 

The lad could feel the huge cock head drooling onto the back of his tongue, pouring a thick layer of his tangy precum into the back of his throat. He swirled his tongue over as much of that massive bulb of meat as he could, drawing a deep moan of pleasure from the big muscle beast. This young kid had already taken more of his huge cock than any other guy Collins had ever met, and he was trying to cram still more of the huge meat down his throat. 

After a few minutes of struggling and gagging, the lad managed to cram the first 5 or 6 inches of the tremendously thick shaft into his mouth and down his throat. That still left a good 8 or 9 ginormous inches of cock meat out in the open air, but it was still more than twice as much of Collins’ cock as any other man had managed to engulf. 

Collins was in heaven as he’d never felt such extraordinarily erotic sensations before. In the past, he’d always had to settle for guys sucking on just the big bulbous tip of his cock, sometimes not even managing to get the entire helmet in their mouths, followed by a pleasurable but not terribly thrilling jerking off of his mammoth shaft. But here was a handsome and tasty young lad who was giving him the first real blow job of his life, and Collins’ big toes were curling in his size sixteen cleats as his loins radiated in extreme pleasure. 

Collins’ hips involuntarily surged forward, trying to drive even more of his mammoth cock down the kid’s throat, but the lad loudly gagged and retched in response. The colossally thick shaft was just far too wide for even his extraordinarily talented throat. To avoid inadvertently choking the kid again, Collins moved his hands down from the walls and gently gripped the back of the lad’s head, and began to gently push and swirl his huge tool around in the lad’s hot, wet mouth. Both young men quickly found a rhythm to their motions, and soon they were locked together like some well oiled machine. 

The lad looked downward and could see that the big man’s gigantic balls were slowly and steadily rising in their sac, latching themselves to the base of Collins’ huge cock. The lad knew that the huge bull stud couldn’t be far from ejaculating, and so he hungrily redoubled his efforts to pleasure the man’s mighty tool. The gigantic shaft seemed to gain extra width in the process, with the big prominent vein on top of the shaft looking like it would burst right out of the skin at any moment. 

Sensing the man’s impending orgasm, the lad reached forward with both hands and gently cupped both of the stud’s gigantic balls. His hands could only grasp a portion of those impossibly huge, oblong orbs, but he gently gripped as much of that testicular meat as he could and began to firmly massage the humongous nuts. Collins moaned even more loudly in pleasure, the deep rumble of his voice vibrating even through his magnificent cock, and the lad could feel the huge orbs convulse in his hands. Yes, the huge man was definitely speeding toward the cliff. 

After several long minutes of firm and steady ball play, the lad returned his hands to the base of Collins’ huge shaft and slowly withdrew the huge dong from his mouth. Up close, he could truly admire the beautiful helmet-shaped head of the stud’s huge cock. The slit in the end of that cock was unusually wide, which explained why the stud was able to produce such a huge and powerful stream of piss earlier. 

The lad tongued the big man’s under shaft, especially the huge cum tube that ran the entire length of the shaft’s underside. Collins’ huge cock pulsed and swelled big time in response. His huge dick was now rhythmically and continuously pulsing and flexing, and the flow of precum was becoming even more copious and turning a slightly milky shade. The handsome lad couldn’t believe that the huge rugby player had resisted cumming for so long already, demonstrating some truly impressive staying power, but even this enormous stack of muscles couldn’t hold out forever. Sooner or later, he’d have to go over the edge and shoot his load. 

The lad watched enraptured as Collins brought his huge right hand down to grasp his mammoth cock just behind the huge head, and began jacking himself with a rough and firm grip. The lad maintained his strangle hold on the base of the stud’s huge cock, but otherwise watched in mesmerized awe as the mighty stud brought his hugely engorged monster dick closer and closer to orgasm. 

It was clear that Collins was going to hold back on cumming for as long as possible, creating a spectacular show for his handsome young admirer, and the lad watched in rapt amazement as the sight unfolded before him. Collins’ gigantic thigh muscles were bulging and twitching more and more as the huge stud struggled to contain his burgeoning load. His muscular hips began driving rhythmically forward, pumping his huge cock through his gripping right hand and plunging 25 stone of rutting man beast cock first toward the lad’s stunned face. The kid could only imagine what it would feel like to have 350 pounds of mighty beef bearing down on him, and the thought almost made the lad shoot his own load then and there. 

The man’s huge legs continued to twitch and his balls had now lifted so tight against his body that they looked like they had to hurt, and STILL the herculean hunk continued to hold back his load. His monstrously swollen cock had taken on a deep red color by this point, bloated so fantastically huge that it looked like it would split right up the middle! How could he possibly still be holding on?!? 

Collins was taking deep but steady breaths, exercising enormous self control as he held back his orgasm by sheer will and determination alone. His entire body began to judder and writhe, an astounding sight all on its own with the sheer monumental SIZE of all of those extraordinary muscles. The lad knew that the moment of truth had finally come, and that in just a few seconds he’d be witnessing the orgasm of his greatest fantasy man. He knew that after this moment, he would be able to die a happy man. 

Collins’ eyes were closed in deep concentration, and his left hand was clutching the metal divider wall so tightly that his knuckles were turning white. The lad could actually hear the protesting of metal as the man’s unspeakably powerful arm threatened to warp and tear the very wall down. The muscle giant was steading himself as best as he could, but his quivering thighs indicated that even his extraordinary self control was about to break. The man’s corrugated stomach muscles clenched and stiffened into a stunning display of etched abdominal glory, and his colossal thigh muscles juddered over and over again as he continued to slowly but tightly wank his thick tower of man meat. 

Collins gently opened his eyes and looked down at the handsome lad, letting out a short, quiet grunt of effort at the same time. The lad looked up to meet his idol’s eyes…just as the first massive string of semen jetted out of Collins’ massive cock head. The astonishingly thick slug of white goo hit the lad under the chin with impressive force, splattering against the young man’s neck, chest, and shoulders and coating him with a thick layer of prime stud cream. A second salvo of sperm fired out of the stud’s cock a moment later, hitting the kid in the same spot and adding to the huge mess of cum smeared across his neck and torso. 

Collins aimed his humongous cock lower as he shot off again and again and again and again, blasting his spectacularly copious load all over the kid’s chest and belly. Each mammoth slug of cum was more than most men could shoot in an entire load, and yet blast after blast erupted from the stud’s pulsating cock with no end in sight. The huge muscle stud grunted most appealingly with each almighty jettison of sperm, his hips and abs flexing in stunning relief as each huge salvo of cum was propelled from his cannon of a cock. 

The feel of the stud’s hot, wet man chowder splashing in thick pulses all over his body was more than the young lad could take, and he also careened over the edge and began shooting his own much overdue load. Without anyone even touching his dick, the lad’s cock shot out a good 8 or 9 thick streamers of cream, which landed in long wet lines between Collins’ own wide spread legs. Another 3 or 4 weaker blasts followed as the lad’s orgasm shuddered to a halt…but Collins’ own titanic orgasm continued to rage onward! 

In the end, the huge rugby muscle hunk shot more than 20 magnificent ropes of alpha male stud cream before his orgasm finally started to quiet down and eventually cease. The lad’s shirt and track pants were drenched in the stuff, as was his neck and arms. The kid looked like he’d just been the recipient of a circle jerk involving an entire TEAM of virile rugby studs, and he could hardly believe that all of this ridiculously thick, copious, and chunky sperm could have been produced by just one man. 

But it had. 

After Collins’ huge cock had spewed forth its final rope of semen, the sperm-soaked young lad could see that a huge dollop of spunk still dangled off of the man’s huge cock head and swung invitingly in the air. The lad leaned forward and tongued that huge string of cum into his mouth, swirling the surprisingly thick fluid around in his mouth. He had to shake his head at the strong and bitter flavor, but when he swallowed, the thick cream sent a pleasantly warm sensation all the way down to his belly. 

The lad had a sudden urge to embrace this magnificent specimen of man, and he lunged forward and wrapped both of his arms around the man’s muscular waist, burying the side of his face into the man’s rock solid and hairy abs. Collins was obviously surprised by the kid’s reaction, but he placed one big paw on the lad’s shoulder and another atop his head, gently and affectionately reassuring the kid. 

The handsome lad watched from his place against the stud’s stomach as Collins’ gargantuan cock slowly began to shrink back down to a merely enormous size, a few last strings of cum still dripping from its tip. He reached up with one hand and cradled first one colossal bollock and then the other, even more impressed with these mighty testes after seeing them pump out such an insanely oversized cum load. 

The pair maintained that embrace for several long moments, moments that stretched into an eternity of perfection for the young lad. Collins then gently stood back slightly and signaled the lad to keep still. He then rolled his thick foreskin backward, aimed his huge limp cock, and sent a thick jet of piss down into the toilet pan between the lad’s thighs. The lad just sat there transfixed, as turned on by the way the rugby stud pissed as he was about anything else regarding this most magnificent of men. 

Collins finished peeing and shook his tool free of drips, and then looked down at the lad with a knowing grin on his ruggedly and ridiculously handsome face. The lad could only stare at the spectacular sight as Collins stood there, cock still hanging out his shorts but finally back to its flaccid state. 

Without being asked, the lad leaned forward and pulled the big man’s shorts back up. As he did so, the man’s huge cock flipped upwards and then disappeared into the shorts. Collins placed a massive hand on the lad’s head and patted him several times, his way of saying thanks without actually saying anything at all. 

Collins stood straight and turned gently, grabbing his sweaty rugby shirt off of the cubicle door. He turned back to the sperm-drenched lad and offered him his shirt, as both as souvenir of their time together and as a damp rag to wipe away the bulk of the clotted spunk sticking to his neck, arms, and clothing. The lad positively beamed in response. Collins then smiled one more time, and then turned and opened the door, walking out and heading for the shower and changing room area. 

The lad waited a few seconds, catching his breath as he realized the enormity of what had just happened, and then walked out of the bathroom stall as well. He could hear the shower running as Collins started to wash the sweat and stink of the pitch off of himself, but the lad headed in the opposite direction. He rushed to his own locker, where he stashed his sweaty keepsake and his own sperm-soaked clothes and changed into a spare set. He finished just in time, as the game had finally ended and the victorious visiting team was heading back to the locker room, their loud banter and laughter warning the lad of their approach. 

A short time later, the lad was running around busily handing out kit bags and fresh towels to the showering players. He did see a now totally naked Collins sitting on one of the benches and talking and laughing with his teammates as if nothing had happened. The lad was momentarily crestfallen, but then Collins caught his eye and flashed him a quick wink. Not a word was said, but the lad’s heart melted once again, and he walked away with a huge grin on his face. 

An hour or so later, the rugby players had all showered, changed, and left the locker room, presumably going back to their hotel in town. The lad was on cloud nine as he thought over and over again about the amazing encounter he’d just had with his rugby idol, and he couldn’t help but smile as he picked up all the dirty towels and cleaned up the locker room. He knew that he’d remember tonight’s events for the rest of his life. 

His duties finally finished, the lad went to clean out his own locker, packing up his cum-soaked clothes and Collins’ sweaty rugby jersey in his backpack. That’s when he noticed a folded up piece of paper in the bottom of his locker. It hadn’t been there earlier in the day, and therefore must have been placed there by someone else, slipping it through the vent in the door. As he opened the paper, the lad’s heart thundered in his chest, for the paper simply gave the name of a hotel, a room number, and a time for later on that evening. 

With his entire body now vibrating with excitement, the lad realized that his encounter with big Gavin Collins, rugby star and super hunk, had only just begun… 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Jake - Original Version

An original story by an unknown author

What first attracted me to him was what would attract anyone to him. He was gorgeous. I mean, not your run-of-the-mill male model gym- honed cosmetically perfected beauty, but that something you can't quite put your finger on until later. When it dawns on you as you're lying next to someone and they're asleep and quiet and you find yourself looking at them in that pause of time when you aren't worried about whether your conversation is intelligent or if there's something in your nose and so on and you're almost alone, allowed to be, so to speak, and this other person is there with you but not aware and awake and you realize that they're perfect. 

That part would come later. As for now, I entered the Starbucks that early Monday morning with no expectations for anything other than a double non-fat latte when I spotted the wide, tapering back of a man who stood out even from that angle, without benefit of a face or form. He wore a ribbed cotton shirt that clung just right, neither too tight as if to announce in a loud voice how long he spends at the gym, now so loose that it looked as if he couldn't really dress himself. His thick neck erupted from the collar like a tree trunk, and his dark hair was well-groomed, clipped and blocked. 

I was three people back. It seemed as if I alone noticed him, though how anyone could ignore someone so imposing was beyond me. Could these people really be so oblivious that they can't even tell that a god was among them. 

On the other hand, it had been weeks since I had any so "horny" doesn't even begin to describe my state of mind. 

It was when I heard his voice that I actually felt my knees going weak. He said, distinctly and in tones that reminded me of thunder or ground movement, "Coffee, please. Black." The young woman behind the counter nodded, repeated the order, took his money and, again, seemed to take no special notice of him. What was wrong with her, anyway? Surely she was not like the walking dead around me. 

He turned then as he completed his order and I saw his face for the first time. Again, gorgeous. The epitome of masculine beauty. Angular features, a shadow of a beard as if the razor couldn't keep up with him, a heavy brow, full lips slightly parted with a smile as he folded his change into his wallet and then, there, the rounded strength of his arm swelling as he bent it to place that lucky wallet next to his tight, round ass. 

For a moment, our eyes met. He had caught me checking him out, my eyes rising up from his bulging basket to meet his dark-hued gaze and he, unblinking, the smile on his lips expanding, twisting up at the corners, and the subtlest of nods to me. He brushed my arm as he passed, slightly taller than I, smelling clean and dirty at the same time. 
I swear I felt his hand against my butt, the knuckles caressing me ever so slightly, and I looked back like a good fag to see if he was looking back, too. 

No, he was not. Instead, he stood there, arms crossed, literally staring at me. 

I could have come on the spot. A thrill of fire shocked me from head to toe being caught like that, and also realizing that he had picked me out. A quick fuck? Could I fit that in before going back to my cubicle and computer? Where could we do it? My mind was racing and I hadn't realized that the line had moved until someone tapped my shoulder and it was my turn with the blonde at the counter. 

I knew her name and she knew mine. I was a regular. And always ordered the same thing, which was lucky because at the moment all the blood had rushed from my head to my prick and all I could think of was him. But she said, "Double non-fat latte, as usual, Tom?" I heard her and managed a nod. I had money in my hand, she took it, gave some back. I was done, but forgot what came next. 

That's when I heard his voice for the second time, and this time it went right to me crotch because he said my name. "Tom, you're holding up the line." 

I looked over and he stood leaning against the CD display. His arms bulged, his shoulders a mile wide, and that shirt that was loose before had gathered itself against his six-pack abs. He was still smiling as I approached him. His eyes never left mine. "Hey," I said quietly. 

He offered his hand, and said, "Jake." His hand was callused, his grip was firm, his skin was warm. "You look a little lost, Tom." 

"Sorry," was all I could think to say. I wanted to just stand there forever and look at this man. He was perfect, and so beautiful. Almost unreal. 

His gaze now fell along my body as he checked me out. I suddenly wished I'd dressed a little more, well, tightly. This was definitely not my best look. There was no one at work worth dressing for, but this guy was a different case. "So," he said, lifting his eyes to mine again, "where can we go?" 


He shrugged slightly, those mountains called shoulders bunching and releasing. I imagined the shirt ripping open under the challenge. "I want to fuck you." He said it simply, and not quietly. I huffed out a breath and felt my mouth go dry. "I know you want to fuck me. You want to see me naked, right Tom? You want to suck my dick inside your mouth and lick my ass. You want to rip this shirt off my chest and twist my nipple until I cry out." 


"And I want to hold you in my arms and kiss you hard and deep and true. I want you to feel me inside you, every thick inch. And I am packing, Tom. I have the biggest cock you've ever dreamed of." 


"Coffee! Black!" 

"That's me," he said, moving around me and taking his cup o' Joe. His ass was beautiful. He turned back, sipping from his cup, his eyes pulling me to him. I was spellbound and dumbfounded. One of his hands held the cup of coffee, and the other was cupping his ample bulge, squeezing his dick and balls. I could see his member digging down his pant leg as he played with himself. He wasn't exaggerating about what he owned. He was massive. It looked like his zipper was going to burst. "So?" He growled at me like a caged beast. 

I was looking around the coffee shop to see who was watching this. And no one was, not a single other soul. Were they purposefully ignoring this man, this huge muscular beauty who seemed seconds away from opening his fly and whipping out his stiff, hard cock and stroking himself to full mast? I nodded. I didn't care where we did it. Let's do it here, over there on Starbuck's couch, on that rug, here on the cold tile. Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard and deep and true. Make me scream and force the come from my balls. Jesus fucking Christ, what was this guy doing to me? 

"Low fat grande latte!" 

He stood there. So did I. He reached over and took my coffee in his other hand, the lucky one that had been squeezing his dick moments before, and he turned toward the exit carrying my latte with him. 

What could I do but follow? 

Watching his butt move was another pleasure in itself. As he walked, the globes of his ass shifted and flexed. His jeans grabbed onto his rounded flesh like I wanted to, hugging his contours tightly so that little was left to the imagination. He turned slightly and nudged the door open with one of those huge shoulders, nodding at me to follow. Then we were outside on the sidewalk, he and I, and he handed me my coffee and took another drink of his own. "You don't say very much," he deeply intoned, "but with a body like your you don't have to." He leaned toward me and kissed me there on the street. Still, no one took notice, and I did not live in a city known for its open-minded attitude. Hetero couples would get scornful glances for so forward a gesture, but as the kiss lingered and I felt his tongue playfully pushing between my lips, and I opened my mouth to let him inside and we went deeper, still, into the hot wet juiciness of it, people passed us without so much as a glance, and the men at the tables and the woman with the dog and the teens making noise as they crossed the street all went on with their live oblivious to us. 

Had I entered a dreamworld of some kind? He broke off the kiss and set his coffee down on a nearby table, one already occupied with a couple who spoke in quiet tones and looked only at each other, barely able even to clasp hands, and suddenly his hands were all over me. He cupped my ass and dug his fingers in deep, pulling me hard against him. I could feel his dick between us, he was growing hard and huge and my own prick filled up and shoved against my kalkis. He dived in again, plunging his tongue into my welcoming mouth. I dropped my latte, overcome, heard it splash and slosh all over and ignored it, all my concentration on him, this man, and what was happening. 

Suddenly I felt his hand on my chest. He'd pulled my shirt untucked and moved his touch along my body. There were his fingers on my nipple, plucking and rubbing, and I felt that erotic electric shock travel direct to my hardening dick. A sexual thrill ran through me, my balls tingled and now he was undoing my belt. 

Talented, he was. One hand was behind my neck, holding our lips in that lingering, passionate kiss and the other was unbuckling me and now pulling my pants open and digging down inside my shorts, roughly, pulling me free, tugging my hot hardness into the open air. He broke the kiss and looked down, smiling, then at me again and said, "Mmm, yeah, I knew you'd be huge." His voice was low but not hushed. My hands crawled under his shirt and found the heavy mounds of his pecs. He had melons under there, thick and muscular. I felt him move, felt his muscle flexing under his warm, sleek skin. 

Now he spit a gob into his hand and set his fist to my dick, jerking me off as he kissed me hard. I found his thick nipples and grabbed hold, twisting and pinching them hard like I knew he wanted. He moaned into my mouth and his kiss became hungrier, more insistent, deeper still. 

There we stood outside the Starbuck's near my office. He had pulled out my dick and my pants were barely hanging onto my hips, I had my hands under his shirt torturing his nips and we kissed deep and true, two men, near to fucking, and still no one did a thing. No one was watching, no one broke stride as they passed, but they clearly had to move around us. He was huge, and I'm not exactly small, either. This registered somewhere in my head and made me hotter still. How far could we actually go? Why was this happening? Who was this guy, and would he fuck me first or would I do him? 

I was getting so hot that I think even if the world ended, I would not have noticed. The world around us seemed to move on as if we didn't exist. I felt powerful, magical, I could feel his hands on me, and feel the air on my skin. My spilled latte was on my kalkis and now I felt that, too, hot and wet. Now he broke the kiss and ours eyes met. We were both breathing hard, I could feel his muscled chest expand with every intake, feel his muscles flexing. I wanted to see him naked, see his body in its glory, but before I could speak he was on his knees and now his mouth was swallowing me, sucking against my stiff heat, licking my head and shaft and sucking deeply. 

My hands, left with nothing to grasp, kneaded the air. My eyes rolled back in my head as the intense pleasure he delivered shook me entirely. He shoved my pants down to my ankles and moved his hands back up my legs, over my calves and behind my knees, inching upwards until he grabbed my cheeks in his firm hands and moved a talented digit against the softness of my hole. He teased me as he sucked me, small circles around before moving inside gently, very gently. 

My toes curled. My dick stretched. The couple at the table stood and started away from us, another couple sat down to occupy the table. The door to Starbuck's opened and a fat man emerged, stuffing his face with a croissant. Jake had two fingers inside me and I adjusted my stance to allow easier entry. He looked up at me, his mouth full of my cock, his lips shiny with my juice. I was moaning loudly, gulping air, sweat poured off my skin, my shirt was soaked and sticking to me so I pulled it off, over my head, and tossed it aside, now naked from the ankles up. 

I felt Jake's mouth leave my cock and looked down. He was stripping his shirt off, too. His shoulders bunched and separated, the muscles distinct and bulging. My god, his chest was huge. I was shaking with desire, someone passed to my right and said, "Excuse me," and I nodded, I think. Jake rose slowly to his feet, undoing his jeans as he rose. He was two or three inches taller than I, he stank of sex and sweat, and as he shoved his pants down his body his fat prick bounced and wavered, looking a foot long at least. 

"Bend over," he said. I didn't need to be asked twice. I mounted the table, the couple took their coffees up just in time, and he entered me, shoving in deep and all at once. He started fucking me hard, the whole table moving. My ass burned, he was huge, he filled me entirely and I felt something give, suddenly squirting my load on the table, unable to stop, it was shoved from me as he pounded my ass, pounded my prostate. God, so good, so hard and perfect. 

He was grunting, deep and loud. "Fuck me!" I yelled. "Fuck me harder!" I watched some women across the street window-shopping. My balls emptied and my cock tingled, still. 

"Take it, boy. Take me on. You'll feel me inside you for days. Weeks. I'll always be there." I felt his weight, his thick heavy muscles as the pressed against me and his breath heated my neck, his tongue licked my ear. "I'll be with you always, Tom. Always." He shoved himself fully up my tortured ass and I felt his heat as he came, pumping his lava inside my guts. I moaned deeply and rolled my eyes up and collapsed against the table, wondering how the legs held us up, him on top of me creaming his load in my ass. 

"Oh, god," I whispered. "Oh my God." 


I opened my eyes. The young kid at the counter was looking at me. My latte sat on the countertop. I felt something hot and wet in my crotch. My dick was hard as steel. "Uh…" I looked around. The line was looking at me. Two guys, college types, were laughing as they glanced at my crotch. My ass ached and felt hot and wet and worked hard. "Sorry," was all I could think of. 

I heard the door close and turned, watching the wide shoulders and tight little ass of the man I knew as Jake walking away. He glanced back, for a moment, and smiled at me. I think he winked, too, and then he adjusted himself in his trousers and disappeared. 

I left my coffee on the counter and made a dash for the door. 

When I got outside, there was no sign of him.  •