Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bull Balls at the Bar - Jayse Version

Greetings everyone! Once again, I'm falling behind on my posts, so please forgive me. Here's a story that I revamps and expanded in late 2016 - I hope you enjoy it! :D


Bull Balls at the Bar
Based on an original story by Ballbasher69

Down at my local tavern, there’s this big guy who drinks, gets drunks, and shoots his mouth off all the time. And no one can do a damn thing about it cuz he’s an enormous monster of muscle, and everyone is intimidated by him! 

His name is Bull O’Neil, and as his last name would imply, he’s a fiery Irishman with a big temper and an even bigger disposition toward drinking. (Incidentally, no one knows what Bull’s real first name is; hell, it might really be “Bull”!) He’s at the bar at least several times a week, downing enough beers and whiskey chasers to incapacitate an elephant, but rarely - if ever - showing any signs of actually being drunk. And that’s probably because the guy is just so insanely huge that he can absorb as much booze as he can guzzle down into his muscular gut. 

Bull is by far the biggest man I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s very tall — about 6’5” — with a huge frame and very broad shoulders. And he’d need to be that big to carry as much muscle mass as he does. There was a betting pool about a year back to guess the guy’s weight. The guy is built unbelievably huge and solid and thick everywhere. Even his waist is thick and muscular, despite the fact that there’s not an ounce of fat on the guy. So we all guessed high, some of us even putting out what we thought were some pretty ridiculous numbers, but in the end no one came close to his actual weight, which was a monstrous 369 pounds! Of course, he’s gotten even bigger since then… 

The huge muscle beast is in his late 20’s, and cocky as hell. But then again, I guess he has every right to be. His mammoth musculature is pretty damn awesome, and though he’s as arrogant and belligerent as they get, he very rarely gets into fights. I mean, just one punch from those massive guns of his (recently measured in another bar bet at a phenomenal 26.5 inches - cold!) wouldn’t just knock a man down, it would likely kill them! Who wants to go toe-to-toe with a guy who could palm your skull and crush it with ease?! So he just throws his weight around - literally - and the rest of the guys in the bar just cower in submission. 

Even worse, the guy is just ridiculously handsome, with intensely masculine, square-cut features that are simultaneously rugged and beautiful. You know the kind, those very rare lucky studs who look like a comic book super hero, with the square jaw line and powerful chin. He’s also got these stunning blue eyes that can see right through you, and a thick mop of blond hair worn short on top and cropped on the sides and back. Yeah, Bull is as alpha male as they come, and though all of us guys resent and fear the guy, I think we’re all more than a little bit jealous of him too. 

And that’s all completely independent of the fact that Bull is also hung bigger than I would have thought humanly possible. 

Yeah, that’s right — on top of everything else, Bull is also hung like some sort of prehistoric beast, possessing a gigantic set of cock and balls that would look big even on the animal from which he gets his name. His schlong is just fucking huge, a giant dangling limb of male meat that measures just over 10 inches long when completely soft, and is thicker than most men’s forearms. When hard, his mighty column of flesh rears up to what has GOT to be a record-breaking 14.5 inches of the hardest, thickest, fattest, veiniest human cock in history! And the huge set of meatballs hanging below that monument to manhood are, if anything, even MORE impressive! Bull’s got a set of cajones on him that would make the biggest Brahma bull cry. They’re bigger than softballs, bigger than ripe grapefruit, and almost as big as the guy’s own enormous, ham hock fists!! 

The reason why we’re all intimately aware of the gargantuan size of Bull’s big male junk is because the dude whips it out every damn chance he gets! He’s always taking bets with both guys and girls that result in him showing off his goliath goods. One of his favorite bets is a game he likes to call “Rack ‘Em”. He’ll be playing pool with someone and will then suddenly unzip his pants, haul out his meaty genitals, and stuff his big balls into the corner pocket. The great spherical mass of his nutsac is too big to fit comfortably inside the big pocket, so he always has to stuff and deform his huge balls to get them in there, but he doesn’t seem to mind the rough ball play in the slightest. Once his impossibly fat nuts are crammed into the pocket, Bull will then challenge his opponent with a $100 wager that he can take a slam to the balls from a cue ball launched from across the table and remain standing. The opponent is invited to hit the cue ball as hard as they can into the corner pocket and slam it into his awaiting nuts. If Bull drops to his knees, then his opponent wins, but if he stays standing, then he wins. 

Bull has never lost a game of “Rack ‘Em”. The dude is incredibly tough, I have to give him that, as I’ve seen that cue ball collide with his mammoth gonads with enough force that any other man would be crumpled on the floor, cradling his broken nuts and sobbing in agony. But not this huge muscle stud! He rarely even flinches when the cue ball crashes into his meaty ‘nads, and I’ve only heard him grunt on impact a couple of times. And even on those occasions, I strongly suspect that he was letting out a grunt of pleasure, not pain, as I think the huge muscle hulk actually gets off on having his behemoth balls bashed! 

Another one of his favorite bets is one that he does only with women. He’ll bet them that they can’t stuff the head of his hard cock into their mouths, with $100 on the line if they can do it. As forward as it sounds, he gets a lot of replies based on his reputation as having the biggest and thickest dick in town, as well as his reputation as being an all-around stud. Hell, I think most women agree to the bet as it gives them a chance to touch, lick, and suck on the biggest cock they’ll ever hope to see! Because even if they lose the bet, their “punishment” is to give Bull head as best that they can until he shoots his mammoth cumload all over their faces. 

Even soft, it would be a herculean effort to fit Bull’s apple-sized cock head into your mouth. But when he’s hard, it’s downright impossible! When bloated to full size, Bull’s gigantic cock head swells to the size of a softball, a size far too big to fit into anyone’s mouth. And the colossal, tubular, vein-gnarled shaft behind that massive head is even THICKER! Needless to say, Bull has never lost this bet either, and sometimes as much as five or six women in one night will have their faces and chest shellacked by the stud’s superhuman-sized load, each happily losing their bet against the huge muscle stud. 

I guess that was a consolation for some of us, though. Seeing Bull’s titanic cock in all of its rampant glory was visual proof that the huge and annoyingly handsome stud simply HAD to be a virgin. The big guy could have - and frequently got - any woman he wanted, even women who came to the bar with their boyfriends or their husbands. When he got them home, though, they might jerk off his cock or tittie fuck his huge meat, but one thing was for certain, he never fucked them. There wasn’t an orifice on the human body built large enough to contain the phenomenal girth that was Bull’s horse cock! Heck, maybe that was why he was such an asshole all of the time — he was frustrated because he’d never been able to fuck anyone in his entire life, and he never would! You could almost pity the big guy for that… 

Anyway, Bull had been a fixture at the bar for several years now. The bar catered to a very blue collar crowd, ranging from steel workers to firemen to construction workers. It was a very masculine, tough guy crowd, but there was no question that Bull was the biggest, manliest stud of them all, and everyone gave him a wide berth. 

Until last night…


Last Saturday night was hot and sticky, even for August, and the bar was even more crowded than usual by folks trying to cool off with a couple of ice cold beers. Bull was there, of course, just as cocky and arrogant as ever. He was wearing blue jeans that seemed to almost audibly groan at the effort of trying to contain his massively muscular thighs and huge ass, not to mention the colossal bulge of his crotch. His pale gray t-shirt may have been an XXXXL, but it was still several sizes too small for him, and clung to his enormous muscles like a second skin. Every gigantic swell and graceful curve of his fantastically muscular body was on clear display, and even the straightest guys in the bar had a hard time keeping their eyes off of his spectacular frame. 

Due to the heat in the place, the armpits of Bull’s straining shirt were stained dark gray with the stud’s heavy sweat. The guy clearly hadn’t bothered to use any sort of antiperspirant that day, as the sweat was just pouring out of his deep and muscular pits. The stud’s heady odor filled the space around him, but it wasn’t some sort of horrible reek. If I’m being honest, then I’ve got to admit that the huge stud smelled good. Amazing, in fact. Like his body was pumping out pheromones that worked on both sexes at the same time. It was a smell that was rich and heavy and 100% male, and promised rough sex and brutal, overwhelming power. 

It was still early, maybe only 8 o’clock or so, when she stepped in. Rebecca was her name, and she was one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen. Tall and leggy and breathtakingly beautiful. She was young, mid 20’s at the most, and had thick blond hair that cascaded down her back in beautiful waves. Even though she was in blue jeans and a t-shirt, the standard attire for a bar like this, there was an elegance and poise about her that made all of the other women in the place look underdressed. She commanded attention from the very moment she stepped into the place. 

Along with half the rest of the dive, I stared at her as she made her way to the bar and ordered a beer. She smiled at the bartender, and I swear her smile made her even more spectacularly beautiful! The poor guy behind the bar was little more than a kid, a handsome young guy with dark brown hair and puppy dog eyes, and I could see how flustered the poor lad was as he spoke with this beautiful creature. Hell, even from a dozen feet away, I could see the huge boner that he’d sprung in his pants, and the way he was trying to hide it behind the bar. The handsome kid was surprisingly big, though, and so hiding his rampant cock was proving to be a losing proposition. 

I could overhear her small talk with the stammering young lad, and that’s how I learned that her name was Rebecca and that she’d just moved to town and taken a finance job at the local mill. She said that she’d heard some interesting stories about this bar, and that she wanted to check them out. In particular, she was interested in the stories about a man named Bull, and whether or not those stories were actually true. 

Meanwhile, Bull had also noticed the gorgeous young woman and had strutted his way across the room. Men automatically got out of his way, as everyone was accustomed to the fact that Bull didn’t make way for anyone — if you didn’t get out of his path, then he’d just effortlessly knock you over with his colossal, unstoppable bulk without giving it a second thought. In only about a dozen long-legged strides, the grinning hulk was standing right behind the young lady, listening to her asking questions about him. For her part, Rebecca didn’t seem to notice the massive presence looming behind her, a massively muscular stud that was easily three times her weight. But I strongly suspect that she knew he was there all along, and was purposely asking questions about him so that he could hear. 

Bull interrupted the obviously love-struck bartender to say, “Hey baby! What’s a hot piece of ass like you doing in a place like this?” Bull was obviously not know for his lightning wit or his impressive one liners. 

Rebecca slowly turned around and casually looked the huge muscle man up and down, with an aloof air like she was appraising a car or a refrigerator, or perhaps even a piece of prime livestock. And not looking the least bit impressed, she said out loud to the room that she would like to play some pool, if some guy had the balls to challenge her. 

You know that these were magical words for the big tough guy, and he bellowed in his rich baritone, “Clear a table for this pretty lady!” The group of off-duty firemen who had been in the midst of a game immediately stepped back from the table, obeying Bull’s command and also very curious to see what this beautiful young woman would do. 

Bull opened one of his monumentally muscular arms wide toward the pool table as an invitation, and Rebecca casually walked to the table. Mine were among at least a hundred pairs of eyes that were glued to her gorgeous ass as she gracefully sauntered to the pool table, mesmerized by her sheer beauty. Bull’s hungry blues drank in her form as well, though in a far more predatory manner than the rest of us. Oh yeah, there’s was no question that Bull wanted to claim this gorgeous young woman as his prize! 

Bull followed Rebecca to the pool table, and then watched with his big hands on his hips as she racked up all of the balls and set up the table. It quickly became clear that the young woman was largely ignoring the young muscle beast, which only served to turn him on more…which was no doubt her intension. Women normally threw themselves at Bull, so to have a stunningly beautiful young woman play aloof and hard to get was really pushing the guy’s buttons in a big way. 

After setting up the table, Rebecca grabbed a pool stick, chalked it up, and then said to the room at large, “I like to break balls.” You could almost SEE the fires of lust blazing even brighter in Bull’s blue eyes. She aimed her cue carefully, taking a few slow practice jabs, and then slammed it with impressive force into the cue ball. The white ball streaked across the table and slammed with a loud CLACK!! into the rest of the balls, scattering the other balls across the table. A stripe and a solid landed into separate pockets at the same time. 

Bull was clearly impressed, and walked up behind Rebecca and loudly whispered, “Nice break, gorgeous! I really like the way you rack the balls.” Then his right hand grabbed her firm rear end, cupping almost an entire butt cheek in his huge paw, as he gently squeezed and massaged her shapely butt. 

Rebecca hardly seemed to notice his groping hand as she replied, “Oh, if you like that, then you’ll probably love this.” She then positioned the butt end of her pool stick between Bull’s thick, thick thighs and leaned forward onto the table. In an impressive move, she then forcefully brought the pool stick to horizontal, leveraging up the thick tail end right into the stud’s tightly-packed groin. The dull meaty THUD!! of solid wood striking dense nut flesh could be heard clear across the room, and a surprised Bull dropped his hand away from Rebecca’s ass as his mind registered the blow to his balls. Just about any other man would be bent double and puking up his lunch after a crushing nut blow like that, but big Bull just grunted lightly and arched one of his eyebrows in surprise. He seemed to consider the beautiful woman in front of him more closely, and a slow smile spread across his handsome face. Oh yes, he must have thought — here was an opponent worthy of my time! 

Bull’s attention never wavered as he watched Rebecca quickly and expertly sink shot after shot into the side and corner pockets, rapidly clearing the table of every billiard ball without giving anyone else a chance to play. The huge man’s curiosity and interest only increased as he took in her obvious skill at the pool table. 

As she sank the cue ball into a corner pocket, ending the completely one-sided game, she flashed the crowd a devastating smile and teased, “How about another game, big boy?” 

Bull grinned in return, and then strutted over to the bar to get a pitcher of beer and two glasses. By the time he got back to the table, Rebecca had racked the balls up again and was about to start her second game. She once again struck the cue ball with astonishing force, scattering balls in all directions. This time, however, she failed to sink a ball on her third shot, finally opening up the game to Bull. She fearlessly walked up to the big man and met his cool blue eyes for the first time, taking one of the glasses of beer offered from his huge hand. And with her free hand, she gently cupped the underside of his protruding crotch bulge (or at least as much of that man meat as she could with her delicate, dainty hand) and squeezed lightly. 

“I like playing with balls,” she said in her soft, sultry voice. Damn, I’m pretty sure more than one guy in the bar shot his load then and there! 

Bull’s own huge clock was clearly on the rise as well, making an ever lengthening and thickening swell in his already overstuffed pants. He grinned down at the beautiful young woman, brimming with masculine confidence, and said, “Try squeezing harder. I like it rough.” 

And so their overt flirtation began. Just about every person in the bar gathered around the pool table to watch the two play their game of pool, as well as their game of teasing and seduction. Throughout the pool game, both players took turns exchanging ever more forward and sexual grabs and feels, rubbing their bodies past each other and teasing the crowd as much as they teased each other. Rebecca was squeezing Bull’s goliath gonads harder and harder each time she walked past him, clearly enjoying the feel of his mammoth ball mass pressured in her strong grip. Bull was just as clearly enjoying all of the attention, and encouraged her to crush his nuts even harder by thrusting his power-packed groin into her hands each time the walked past each other. 

It was a disgusting display on unbridled male lust, really. Or it would have been disgusting if both Bull and Rebecca hadn’t been utter paragons of their respective genders. As it was, the mating display we were all watching was the most erotic sight I’d ever seen in my life, and my own cock was rock hard and steadily leaking into my pants. 

At one point, Bull forcefully grabbed Rebecca’s ridiculously smaller hand and thrust it down the front of his jeans. It was a tight fit with all of that bloated cock and ball meat already stretching that denim to the max, but the lithe young goddess stroked her fingers over the silky smooth surfaces of both magnificent bollocks. She could no longer keep up the pretense that she wasn’t awestruck by the sheer monumental SIZE of the muscle man’s humongous balls, and she cupped first one ball and then the other, clearly trying to wrap her head around the unreal mass of the man’s world class testicles. 

Rebecca met the stud’s cocky grin and arrogant stare with a smirking glare of her own, as she started squeezing each ball one at a time, back and forth, using greater and greater pressure each time. She could only grip a fraction of each mammoth ball at a time, of course, but she had astonishingly strong hands, and her fingers were able to dig impressively deep into the stud’s dense ball flesh with each brutal squeeze. 

Bull’s handsome face betrayed nothing as she squeeze each nut again and again, harder and harder, really putting all of her impressive strength behind each nut-wrenching squeeze. Soon, all pretense of playing the pool game was left behind as Rebecca dropped her pool stick and shoved her other hand down Bull’s pants, letting her squeeze BOTH of his balls at the same time! 

Minute after minute of this brutal ball abuse went by, and all of us guys in the crowd were flinching and moaning in sympathy for the agony that must have been shooting through Bull’s behemoth bollocks. But the huge muscle guy proved once again that he was a tough fucking bastard, as he endured every nut-busting squeeze and wrench and twist of his balls with cocky stoicism. 

After about 10 minutes of this nut torture, abuse that would have burst another man’s balls a dozen times over, Bull finally started showing the slightest signs that even his mighty lug nuts might have an endurance limit. First it was some minor flinching around his eyes. Then his ridiculously powerful jaw started to clench, his jaw muscles rippling as he fought harder and harder to not groan in pain. Finally, a low and guttural growl could be heard coming out from behind his clenched teeth, the big guy no longer able to hide the fact that Rebecca’s strong fingers were working over his bulging bollocks something fierce. 

This nut play went on and on for a good long while, until Bull finally let out a loud shout and all but ripped open the front of his packed jeans. Rebecca stumbled back a step or two in response, releasing her death grip on the guy’s tortured jewels. But it was immediately obvious that Bull wasn’t yelling in pain — he was getting more and more overcome with lust. The huge stud hauled his enormous bollocks out of his underwear and let them dangle in the open air, looking even more breathtakingly massive than ever. I could see that the normally pale pink skin of his smooth ballsac was now glowing a bright red, visible proof of the rough mauling they’d just received at the hands of the petite young blond. But those titanic testicles were clearly none the worse for wear, as they looked as bloated and powerful as ever, and eager to pump out yet another of the stud’s signature earth shattering cum loads. 

The huge muscle man stomped over to the nearest corner of the pool table and plopped his enormous ballsac on top of one of the pockets. His gargantuan nuts looked even bigger than usual, swollen either because of their heavy load or all of the recent abuse, or perhaps both. Bull used both hands to roughly compress the sides of that titanic sac to force both balls partway into the table pocket, really distorting those huge rubbery orbs and cramming them hard with his thick, blunt fingers, but soon he had them secured in place. 

He then took a $100 bill out of his back pocket and placed on the side of the table — the same $100 bill that he’d used for all of his bets, as far as I could tell — and bellowed his usual challenge to the crowd. He declared a game of “Rack ‘Em”, and said that he’d give $100 to any man — or woman — how could get him to drop to his knees from a cue ball to the nuts. 

The crowd had been talking and murmuring constantly during the earlier part of their game, but now a hush fell over the bar’s patrons. All eyes turned to the gorgeous young blond to see if she would take up the challenge. Most of us had never seen a guy — let alone a girl — break a racked set of billiard balls like this young lady had done, and we were all eager to see her take a whack at Bull’s huge bollocks. 

Rebecca seemed to consider the offer and then shot back, “Tell you what, big boy. Let’s make it double or nothing. You pull out that big fat cock of yours, too, and I win an extra hundred dollars if I can make you cum as well.” 

This was the boldest counter offer we’d ever heard, and I could tell that it turned Bull on, as I could see his mammoth cock lurch in his meat-packed pants. Hell, I think the huge stud almost came at the very mention of Rebecca’s offer! The herculean hulk flashed a dazzling grin of his own as he shoved one hand deep in his pants in an effort to haul out his massive fuck stick. Of course, that huge slab of beef was now beyond rock hard and snaking down his right pant leg almost all the way to the stud’s fucking KNEE, so it took considerable effort and not a small amount of cock-bending pain, but eventually Bull worked his huge member free. 

His mighty cock heaved upward and slammed into his muscular abdomen with a beefy slap, and we all once again marveled at the utterly spectacular size of his enormous penis. Its length was phenomenal, nearly 15 inches of prime, 100% Grade AAA stud cock, stretching upward almost to the colossal overhang of the guy’s mammoth swollen pecs. But it was the ungodly GIRTH of that massive battering ram of a cock that really took the prize, for it was so unimaginably thick and wide that it almost made his cock look stout in comparison to the length. I certainly hoped that Rebecca didn’t challenge Bull to any sort of sucking or fucking contest, as the dude’s mighty man meat would no doubt rip her apart!! 

Bull’s titanic cock pulsed and throbbed in eager anticipation as it hovered proud and protective over his colossal testicles, now firmly wedged into the corner pocket of the pool table. The huge muscle man possessed unspeakable masculine power, and he was now displaying it for the whole world to see, daring the petite blond to do her worst to him. 

“I’m ready when you are, babe,” Bull said in his cockiest and most arrogant voice, a confident, shit-eating grin plastered across his handsome face. 

Rebecca calmly set the white cue ball in front of the far corner pocket for maximum distance. She was clearly not in any hurry, and her every movement was steady and completely controlled. She grabbed a fresh pool stick, thoroughly chalked its tip, and then lined up her shot. The raucous cheers and cat calls from the audience quickly died down as the beautiful young woman focused on her shot. She brought the pool stick back three or four times, practicing her aim, and then brought her right arm as far back as it would go. Time paused for an eternity as she took final aim, and then her arm snapped forward with incredible speed. 


The pool stick connected so hard with the cue ball that I would not have been surprised if the stick itself shattered into splinters. The cue ball raced across the green felt of the table with such amazing speed that it was little more than a white blur. Rebecca’s aim was true, for the cue ball struck right in the middle of the stud’s huge sac, directly into the seam separating his right ball from his left. 


It was well known that Bull’s behemoth balls weren’t just inhumanly large, but unnaturally dense as well. It took a great deal of force and power just to dent the incredibly tough and durable outer walls of those massive gonads. Bull easily had the strength to do so, as so recently evidenced by the way he mauled and deformed his own bull gonads in order to fit them into the corner pocket. But few others had ever managed to even dimple the surface of those huge stud nuts. 

Rebecca’s billiard ball collided with such overwhelming force into Bull’s huge gonads, however, that it buried itself more than halfway into his traumatized testicular tissues!! In fact, the cue ball actually lodged itself in Bull’s huge nuts for several long and agonizing moments, before finally plopping back onto the table and allowing the stud’s injured nuts to rebound back to their normal shape. 

The look on Bull’s handsome face said it all. His eyebrows shot up and his jaw dropped open in shock and surprise, but not a sound escaped his lips. He just stood there stock still for several long seconds, and we all wondered if this titanic stack of muscles would be able to remain standing after such a devastating blow to his nuts. But then his stunning blue eyes crossed, and we knew it was all over for the previously undefeated stud. 

Bull began to topple backwards like some mighty tree felled in the forest, falling over in epic slow motion. His behemoth balls remained trapped in the corner pocket, however, and so his thick, hairless scrotum started stretching out like some huge rubber band. Those fleshy cords and cables connecting his mammoth bollocks to his massive body must have been just as ferociously tough as the rest of him, however, for his toppling descent actually began to slow. His balls were quickly stretched to 5 inches, then 6, slowing down, then 7 inches, slowing even further, and finally stretching to a phenomenal 8 inches! Then Bull’s fall ceased, halted by nothing more than the power of his colossal balls!! 

Bull was now leaning backwards at about a 60 degree angle, so the force and weight tearing at his mighty nuts must have been awesome indeed. The eye-popping stretch to his thick scrotum was simply unbelievable, and I think we were all convinced that the dude’s huge balls would tear off at any moment. I mean, no man’s balls could endure such a profound and painful stretch! But Bull’s mighty balls somehow held, second after second, even as his scrotum continued to ever so slowly stretch out even further. 

No one made a move to help the big lug. I don’t know if we were just too paralyzed in that moment to act, or if our resentment and jealousy of the huge mega stud had something to do with it, but we all just watched mesmerized as the stud’s behemoth bollocks prepared to rip right off of his massively muscular body. 

The stud’s own colossal weight and the super human stretch to his nuts finally won out over any other resistance, and with a sound similar to a wellington boot being pulled out of the mud, Bull’s balls finally worked themselves free from the corner pocket, popping free. With nothing else holding the huge stud aloft, he quickly fell the rest of the way, toppling backwards and striking the wooden floor so hard that I swear the pool table itself jumped up off the ground by a good inch or two! 

Rebecca had won!! She had succeeded where men twice her size and twenty times her strength had failed, and she had toppled the massively muscular stud with a single, perfectly-placed billiard shot to the nuts!! 

Of course, that was only the first half of Rebecca’s bet. 

Determined to collect on the second half of her bet as well, Rebecca asked the men nearby to help Bull to his feet. The firemen who had vacated the table for Rebecca all but fell over themselves to fulfill their request. As big and strong as those men were, however, it took half a dozen of them to lift the semiconscious muscle monster to his feet. 

Bull was moaning in pain, and his blue eyes were half lidded as he struggled to regain full consciousness. He didn’t put up any resistance to the strong arms holding him upright, however, and I wondered if the big lug even knew where he was at that moment. His humongous stud balls, which normally hugged his crotch tight, were dangling a good two or three inches from his groin, no doubt as a result of the violent stretching they had just endured…and I wondered if that stretch would be permanent. The balls themselves were visibly swelling from the brutal blow they’d received, bloating even bigger than ever, and the site of the cue ball’s impact was glowing an angry red. Oh yeah, that billiard ball strike had done some serious DAMAGE to Bull’s big nuts! 

Amazingly, however, Bull’s raging horse cock was just as huge and rock solid as ever, and if anything was even MORE big and bloated than before! What’s more, a steady river of clear precum was now leaking from the colossal cock head and running down that enormous shaft in slick streamers. The impact of the cue ball into the stud’s massive nuts must have broken some sort of dam, and now a flood of the stud’s clear lust honey was virtually pouring out of his cock! Any other man would have been nursing his battered balls for weeks, unable to throw a boner for a month or more, but this heroically horny and virile stud was just as randy as ever! Damn, but this muscle stud was one fucking tough BEAST of a man!! 

While the firemen levered Bull upright, Rebecca went around the table and collected all of the solid-colored billiard balls and brought them to the corner pocket. She dropped ball #1 into the pocket, and then grasped Bull’s massive right nut and plopped it into the hole. She then took balls 2 through 4 and wedged them into the pocket between the bloated right nut and the pocket wall, creating a triangle of billiard balls with the stud’s thick nut meat trapped in the middle. Even though the stud’s brutally tough balls had softened up a little bit under the cue ball strike, they were still ferociously dense and strong, so Rebecca had to enlist the help of the two biggest firemen to poke and prod the stud’s resilient gonad to force the billiard balls into place. 

With the first behemoth ball wedged firmly in the corner pocket, Rebecca placed ball #5 on top of the trapped gonad and then stuffed the stud’s equally enormous left ball in after its brother. Again, she enlisted the help of the firemen to force balls 6 through 8 around the sides of the left bollock, forming a triangle that was inverted compared to the triangle beneath it. 

When Rebecca and the firemen were though, the corner pocket was bulging to near bursting with both of the stud’s herculean nuts and the eight billiard balls crammed all around them. The leather basket itself was filled to overflowing, and the crosshatched leather cords that formed the basket were starting to dig deeply into the stud’s distorted testicular tissues. 

But as we soon learned, this was just the beginning. 

Rebecca then walked to the far end of the table and gracefully hopped on top. She now towered over everyone else in the room, including the massive form of Bull himself. A cruel smile on her beautiful face, she then walked the length of the table toward the captive muscle man, rolling her hips seductively and tossing the white cue ball back and forth between her petite little hands. When she reached the corner where Bull’s gonads were plugging and overflowing the pocket, she just stood over him for several long moments, taunting him with her gorgeous form and the knowledge that she was utterly dominating him. Bull’s magnificently rampant cock was sticking straight upward between her widely planted legs, throbbing and pulsing almost as if it was straining to reach her glorious pussy. 

Rebecca then began to lower herself downward, bending at the knees and straddling the stud’s enormous cock. She scooted far enough forward so that, when his huge cock finally touched her groin, his fist-sized cock head was situated back behind her crotch. That way, as she continued to lower herself, her own weight forced the stud’s ridiculously bloated bull cock to lever downward, pushing it down towards the surface of the table. 

Any other man’s cock would have been easily pressed downward by the young woman’s weight, no matter how hard his cock might be. But Bull’s groin muscles proved that they, too, were as phenomenally strong and tough as the rest of his body, and they resisted being pushed toward the table. Rebecca was therefore able to use Bull’s cock as something of a makeshift chair, wedging the stupendously thick shaft in the crevice of her magnificent ass and resting all of her weight on the massive member. She was able to force the towering staff downward until it was about 30 degrees above the horizontal, but it refused to budge any further. She was now being held aloft almost entirely by the stud’s brutally powerful cock, using her feet just to maintain her balance on either side of the colossal column of man flesh. 

The gorgeous blond was now essentially eye level with the moaning male beast, and it was clear by the long gaze that they exchanged that both of them knew that Bull was now completely in Rebecca’s power. No words were traded between them, as none were needed. 

Rebecca gently reached down with both hands, straddling the underside of the thick base of Bull’s cock, and softly placed the white cue ball directly on top of the stud’s bloated and straining left nut. Then, with erotic slowness, she began to lean forward, placing more and more of her weight on top of the cue ball, and forcing it further and further into the stud’s tough but yielding nut meat. 

Given the way that Rebecca had stacked the billiard balls, balls #1 and #5 were in a direct vertical line with the cue ball, and so as she pressed downward, each of Bull’s gigantic balls were trapped between two of the billiard balls, forcing them to squash flatter and flatter as the three billiard balls dug deep into their centers. However, as the squashing nut meat pressed outward, it was the forced up against the solid spheres of the other six billiard balls, which then squished the colossal nuts from the sides as well. 

In effect, as Rebecca pressed downward, Bull’s mighty nuts were being crushed by nine billiard balls at the same time, and from all directions! It was a diabolically clever way to thoroughly crush a man’s nuts! 

The pain must have been extraordinary, for Bull threw back his handsome head and bellowed in agony. The thick muscles on his massive neck stood out in deep relief as his thunderous roar echoed throughout the room. But his protestations of pain only coaxed the young blond to press down even harder, and soon the cue ball was disappearing more than halfway into the stud’s grossly distorting nut meat. 

The basket itself started to bulge dramatically outward as the tough leather straps strained against the gargantuan mass of flesh and billiard balls that were pushing harder and harder against the pocket’s walls. Small bubbles of nut meat began to protrude through the straining leather mesh, the stud’s quivering and weakening balls desperate for any escape, no matter how small, from the crushing forces being exerted on them from all sides. 

Bull’s titanic stud cock began visibly vibrating, and impossibly began to bloat even thicker and longer than ever! The massive veins snaking up and down the gargantuan tubular shaft were bulging so huge that they looked like they would rip right out of the skin, and the normally pale skin of the hunk’s ponderous prick darkened further and further until it was an angry dark red verging on purple. The super human stud was clearly on the edge of blowing his mammoth load. 

At the same time, it looked like his massive stud balls might burst at any moment. They were now profoundly and grotesquely distorted, mauled and mangled into shapes that no human balls were even meant to take. But they somehow still endured, even as Rebecca pressed the cue ball right into the very heart of his failing left bollock. 

Bull’s entire, magnificently muscular body arched backward, every spectacular muscle and sinew bulging in astounding relief as his body was wracked by the most powerful, painful, and erotically intense orgasm of his young life. With a terrific shudder, Bull’s mammoth cock spurted an impossibly thick and heavy rope of cum, which shot diagonally across the entire length of the pool table and beyond, painting an enormous white stripe of clotted stud cream across the vibrantly green felt. The crowd erupted into wild cheers as Rebecca won the second half of her bet. 

That single slug of nut juice contained more spunk than most men could produce in a year, but Bull quickly proved that that was just the beachhead of his monumental load. A second, equally spectacular slug of cum burst from his throbbing cock, blasting even farther across the room, only to be followed by a third, a fourth, and a fifth magnificent blast. Undaunted, Rebecca just kept pressing down harder and harder on the cue ball, forcing Bull’s bulging and straining balls to cough up even more of their precious male fluids. 

The crowd started chanting with each new massive spurt of splooge, calling out the numbers as Bull’s epic orgasm soon reached legendary status. Half a dozen gigantic blasts, then eight, then ten, then a dozen, then 15. The stud’s spectacular orgasm just went on and on, a purging of his behemoth balls that would no doubt go down in the record books as the single most powerful and voluminous cum load in history! And STILL his load raged onward! 

Meanwhile, Bull’s battered and bulging balls were looking much the worse for wear. All nine billiard balls were now pressing so deep into his screaming bollocks that they all threatened to meet in the center. Sick crunching and crackling sounds could be heard coming from deep within those traumatized tissues as the very heart of the stud’s heroic manhood was being mauled and mangled beyond all possible endurance. Yet, somehow, impossibly, Bull’s nuts did indeed continue to endure, holding their structural integrity against all odds and continuing to purge themselves of his supremely potent seed. 

18 blasts of cum! 20!! 22!! 25!!! 

Bull had been moaning and shouting throughout his entire, almighty orgasm, but now his screams were taking on a desperate sense of urgency. The stud’s deep blue eyes were open wide in terror as he watched his proud bollocks, the source of his phenomenal masculine power, slowly and steadily crumbling into rubble. It was clear that Rebecca was nearing the limits of even Bull’s legendary endurance, and the huge man thrashed and struggled even harder against the men holding him, desperate to break free and save his balls before it was too late. But the horrific agony in his balls was sapping the lion’s share of his upper human strength, and Bull was therefore unable to break free. Instead, he was forced to watch as Rebecca steadily ground his massive balls into oblivion. 

Bull suddenly threw back his head and roared his most defining bellow yet, a cry of anguish and agony unlike anything he’d uttered before. At that same moment, a tremendously loud CRUNCH!!!!! sound could be heard as the cue ball suddenly plunged another half inch into the leather basket. A final, colossal gout of cum burst from Bull’s mammoth cock, his 32nd blast of his impossibly huge orgasm, and shot so hard and so far that it slammed into the side of the bar itself, dozens of feet away, narrowly missing the handsome dark-haired bartender who was as transfixed by this spectacular sight as the rest of us. 

Rebecca’s entire lithe form shuddered as she hit her own orgasm, her blue eyes all but rolling back in her head as her beautiful form quivered and quaked over that of the defeated male. She continued pressing the cue ball into Bull’s hideously compressed testicles, eliciting even more wet crackling and scrunching sounds, until her own long orgasm finally subsided. 

The young woman then released her grip on the cue ball and stood upright once more. Bull’s hideously compressed balls immediately began to rebound back toward something resembling their normal shapes, and then immediately began to swell larger still, the trauma they had just endured causing the tissues to swell and bloat larger than ever. They rapidly grew so big that they popped right up out of the pocket, forcing all but the bottom billiard ball out as well. These no longer resembled the perfect male orbs of a mere hour ago — Bull’s balls were now soft, mushy, distended, somewhat misshapen, bloated beyond all possible human size, and mottled an ugly purplish red all over their massive surfaces from the brutal punishments they had just endured. 

But astoundingly, miraculously, despite all of the damage and abuse they had just suffered, both of Bull’s behemoth bollocks still looked intact! Mauled, mangled, and nearly broken, but still very much alive! 

The pool table area was a spectacular mess. It looked like someone had taken an entire bucket of cum and splashed it across the pool table itself, from one corner to the opposite corner. The felt cloth itself was clearly ruined, and if the bar owner didn’t act fast, the wood of the table itself might get swollen and warped from all of the blindingly white cum spewed across its length. Even more of the astoundingly thick and clotted gloop festooned both the patrons and the floor beyond the far table corner, extending all the way to the bar itself more than 30 feet away. The sheer volume of ripe male spunk that had been splashed and splattered across the room was only matched by the unbelievable power it took to launch such unnaturally thick and copious spume such incredible distances! 

“Looks like we have a winner!” Rebecca proclaimed as she swiped Bull’s $100 bill off of the edge of the table. “You owe me another hundred, big guy,” the gorgeous blond said, running her delicate hand along the powerful jawline of the barely conscious muscle beast. “Don’t make me come find you to collect, or I’ll finish what I started here.” She lightly smacked her other hand down a couple of times on the swelling mound of Bull’s mangled balls, and the huge dude flinched in pain and fear. 

Rebecca then hopped down off of the pool table, remarkably free of any of the stud’s unnaturally copious cum. She then grabbed her beer and headed back to the bar, leaving the barely conscious loser in the hands of the dozens of men he had ridiculed and bullied for so long. And these men all decided that it was time to take revenge on the arrogant young muscle man. 

Half a dozen men manhandled Bull’s weakly protesting form over to the end of the table and rested his swollen and bloating balls on the green felt against the back rail. At least four guys held him as the rest of the men formed a line to take shots at the stud’s exposed and completely vulnerable balls. 

The first guy grabbed the three ball in his hand and hurled it across the table. The thick lines of cum slashing diagonally across the table slowed the ball’s progress down appreciably, but it still slammed into the stud’s colossal right nut with a satisfying THUD!!! The beefy giant howled in agony once again, and a small spurt of clotted cum was forced out of his still rock hard cock. The gout of spunk was paltry compared to the mighty salvos of Bull’s recent orgasm, but was still huge by any other man’s reckoning. The second and third guys repeated this move, shooting billiard balls across the surface of the table to strike with remarkable precision into one or the other of Bull’s already bruised and battered testicles, and forcing similar small spurts of cum to erupt from the stud’s almost terminally hard cock. 

The men quickly realized, however, that the thick coating of fresh nut sludge sprayed across the table was slowing the billiard balls down too much, so they did away with the surface of the table altogether. Tossing away any semblance of the game of pool, the men started hurling the billiard balls overhand as if they were baseballs, aiming for the massive target that was Bull’s behemoth gonads. 


The beefy smack of stone on flesh filled the room, each devastating blow accompanied by the loud and raucous cheers of the crowd. There were a lot of very strong men in the room, fire fighters and construction workers and brick layers, all of whom used their physical strength daily at their jobs. And these big, tough men brought all of that power and strength to bear as they hurled billiard ball after billiard ball into Bull’s defenseless nuts. 

The poor herculean hunk was bellowing with every brutal blow. The billiards slammed into his nuts with terrific force, like a series of wrecking balls were hammering into their steadily softening forms over and over again. The large marble balls would often sink deep into the stud’s traumatized testicular tissues, burying themselves almost halfway into the incredibly dense meat before bouncing free again. 

Each strike of a billiard ball forced another gout of spunk from his heavily battered and wounded cum tanks, rocketing out of his colossal cock with astounding force. The size of each cum slug was in direct proportion to the force of the blow, so the guys quickly started trying to outdo each other to force the biggest and most powerful streamer of cum from the handsome stud. Each guy tried to outperform the last, trying to get Bull to shoot the white jets of his seemingly limitless supply of stud cum farther and farther from their source. 

The eventual winner was a former minor league baseball pitcher who struck Bull’s sagging left nard so hard that he nearly shattered the weakening orb. The devastating blow forced a majestic ‘ten-footer’ from Bull’s cock, a colossal gout of cum so huge that it was longer than the pool table itself! This titanic streamer of splooge erupted from his cock with such force that the bulk of the huge wad struck directly in the center of the dart board more than 40 feet away! That single rope of cum was so unbelievably thick and chunky that it splattered across the entire face of the dart board, covering nearly its entire surface with the muscle man’s procreatic goo. Needless to say, the pitcher was declared the winner, to much cheering and applauding from the happy crowd. 

Meanwhile, the beautiful blond had been making time with the handsome young bartender. The dark-haired lad clearly couldn’t believe that this spectacular creature was talking to HIM, but I had know the guy for several years and knew that he was a good kid, one of those nice guys who is effortlessly charming. But the young lad could have been mute and dumb for all that it mattered, for it was clear that Rebecca had made her decision and would be going home with the lucky young bastard. While Bull was continuing to have his monstrously huge and tough balls hammered into mush by a rowdy group of vengeance-seeking men, the bartender took off his apron, hopped over the bar, and offered the beautiful young blond his arm. The smile on the kid’s face was pure joy as Rebecca took his arm and let him lead her from the bar. I said a silent prayer for the kid, and hoped that he would have the fuck of his life and not have his own seed-heavy balls mangled by this gorgeous nut buster. 

Then, with that pair gone, I turned my attention back to the pool table, and added my own cheers to those of the assembled throng as we watched Bull’s balls get bashed and bludgeoned beyond all possible endurance. The brutal punishment went on for hours and hours on end, with all sorts of creative ways devised to beat and squeeze and crush those ridiculously oversized bollocks. I gotta hand it to the guy, though, for Bull’s big balls took everything that we could dish out and more. 

It wasn’t until closing time that the guys finally let up on their nut annihilating abuse. Bull had long since passed out from the pain, but his cock had somehow remained rock fucking hard, pumping out another half dozen herculean loads throughout the remainder of the night. The place reeked of sex and the floor was positively slippery with all of the stud’s spilled juices, and it seemed impossible that all of that cum could have come from one set of nuts, even a set as inhumanly oversized as those possessed by the handsome muscle stud. 

Those balls were very much the worse for wear by night’s end, however. They had bloated and swollen to easily three times their normal size, looking for all the world like a pair of bowling balls in some big, purple, leathery sack. Bull’s nuts were so battered and mushy that it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began — they just made one gigantic lopsided sphere in his battered and abraded scrotum. It was hard to believe that the guy could even have a functioning set of nuts after all of those hours of abuse, but the continued jets of thick cum erupting from his cock proved time and again that Bull’s huge bollocks were down but definitely not out. 

As the last of the patrons were leaving the bar, the owner asked me and two other guys to help Bull into the back room. The bar owner had a cot there where he’d sometimes allow a passed out patron to sleep off a night of excess instead of trying to go home. Even with the four of us, though, it was damn tough to lift the stud’s colossal dead weight and heave his unconscious form onto the cot, but somehow we did it. 

The owner tossed me some ice packs, which I then placed all around Bull’s humongous balls. Up close, I could see just how deeply bruised his nuts were, and I could tell that they would likely be swollen and battered-looking for weeks to come. When no one else was looking, I also had a feel of those mighty man nuts, and was shocked at just how soft and mushy they’d become. Bull’s balls might have survived an epic night of brutal abuse, but it was a close thing. It clearly wouldn’t take too much more abuse at all to split those gigantic nuts wide open like a pair of rotting melons. 

The thought of permanently destroying this stud’s magnificent bull balls gave me instant wood. As the other two patrons left, I told the owner that I would be happy to make sure that Bull was settled and lock up the place after I left. I’d helped close the bar many times in the past, and the owner knew and trusted me, so he gladly tossed me the keys and headed out the door. 

Leaving me alone with an unconscious Bull O’Neil and his legendary bull balls. 

But the rest of that epic night is a tale for another time…

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 30


The formerly empty foyer now contains a stack of plush red towels, a wash basin, and a change of clothes. Still lost in a fugue of overwhelming lust, you wander over to these materials and wash the worst of the gore and chunks of maleness off of you. As you change out of your ruined clothes, you find that your cock is amazingly still rock hard, despite having cum more times than you can count. In fact, as you tentatively grip your quivering cock, you are slammed with yet another orgasm! This one almost buckles your knees with its intensity, and even though only a few drops of thin fluid leak out of the distended tip, it’s one of the most powerful orgasms in your life! 

You also realize that those few drops of fertile jizz are more than young Markus will ever produce again. You silently hope that he has already fathered some children, or at least frozen some of his sperm for future use, as there’s no way he’s ever going to fuck or impregnate anything ever again. 

In a new set of clothes and relatively clean (though still reeking of sex, man musk, and shredded beef), you enter the elevator and ride it down to the lobby, exiting the building and returning to the street. Your heart is still racing from your incredible experience in the Fun House, and you wonder if it was just a dream. The slugs of drying stud sperm still matted in your hair prove that your experiences were real, but it already seems like a dream. 

As you make your way back to the subway and home, you hope that one day you will be invited back to play more ‘ball games’ at the Fun House. 

The end…for now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 29

What do you do?
___ - Pinch the fuse with your fingers to put it out. He’s had enough. 
_X_ - Let it burn!



“Oooh, unh, unnnh…”

The lumbering muscle stud is barely conscious, looking down with groggy eyes at his about-to-be-wrecked package. His dazed expression makes it clear he isn’t entirely aware of what is about to happen. 


The fuse continues to burn toward the explosive nestled under his enormous package, the sizable bomb completely hidden by the far greater mass of the hairy hunk’s gloop-filled ball bag. 


A small waft of grey smoke appears as the fuse finally disappears under Markus’ sack.

“OH MEIN GOTT!!!” Markus bellows as the fuse finally disappears under his broken nuts and wilted horse cock. The gravity of the situation must have finally registered in his brain, as Markus' eyes grow huge and he screams in a deep, guttural drone. You look up into his adorable blue eyes and lock eye contact with him as the firework nears detonation.


The characteristic sizzling of the fuse continues for several more moments and you wait breathlessly for the resulting explosion. There’s no turning back now…


“OH MEIN GOTT!!!” Markus roars again, his gorgeous blue eyes locked on his mammoth genitals throughout the final moments of their existence. “JA!!!” he cries out in exultation. “JA!! JA!! JA!!!!!!!”



There is a blindingly white flash of light that causes you to momentarily look away from your vigil on Markus’ bulging manhood as the bomb explodes. And it’s a good thing you did, as a split second after the blast, a gory, gooey shock wave hits you. Chunks and shreds of the gorgeous muscle stud’s once magnificent manhood splatter against your face and body with impressive force, almost knocking you backwards! 

You wipe the gory gunk out of your face and open your eyes, and are stunned by the level of devastation that you see. Every last bit of the German hunk’s hulking manhood — his titanic testicles and behemoth bull cock — have utterly disintegrated! Not even a stub of a cock remains on the muscle man’s denuded groin!! The handsome man’s mighty manhood, the biggest and most insanely erotic and powerful set of genitals you’ve ever seen or will ever see again, are now totally gone! 

You look down at yourself and see your shirt and jeans are completely covered in the gory remains of Markus’ heroic manhood.  Indeed, you have to wipe several more beefy chunks from your face before you can continue your assessment, and you are amazed by the sheer level of carnage. 

There is absolutely nothing left of Markus’ junk other than hamburger-like chunks that are now splattered all over his corrugated abs and thickly muscled thighs, as well as the entire surface of the steel table top. In fact, a small crater, perhaps several inches deep, marks the spot on the table top where the bomb exploded, speaking to the great power of that black sphere. Markus’ stunned and heart breakingly handsome face has actually been spared from the splattering, for the impossibly thick and heavy overhang of his mammoth, hairy chest has shielded the rest of his upper body from the gory explosion. A few thick, gooey strings of ruined testicular (or possibly penile) matter ooze down the awesomely thick overhang of those monstrous pecs. You expected to be able to at least make out what was testicle and what was cock, but the destruction is so complete that such distinctions are proving impossible. 

The walls of the room are also covered in the splattered remains of Markus’ junk! There is absolutely nothing left but unrecognizable gloop, which is now slowly dripping and oozing down the walls. In fact, out of context, the room would look more like an exhibit in modern abstract art than the splattered remains of big, beefy testicles and a gigantic German schwanz. Even given the overwhelmingly massive SIZE of Markus’ mammoth genitals, you can hardly believe what an enormous mess they’ve now made of the room and its two occupants. 

Congratulations! You turned those impossibly hefty German nuts and gigantic mule dick into wall decoration!

Markus is too stunned to even scream for what seems like several moments, but then throws back his gorgeous head and bellows like some sort of mortally wounded beast. He thrashes against his restraints for several long moments, and then finally falls limp in his chains, his thunderous bellow of agony ending at the same time. He slowly lifts his handsome head, obviously using a great deal of effort to do even that, and he locks eyes with you one last time. 

“Thank you sir!” he whispers before finally and mercifully passing out for good, a small smile of complete fulfillment on his impossibly handsome and masculine features. 

Blood is seeping from the ruin of his groin at an alarming rate, and you realize that you’d better leave and let the Organization clean up the mess. You stand up slowly and take one last, long look at this utterly de-sexed German muscle stud, burning the sight into your memory forever, then you turn to go. You nearly slip on a pile of mushy nut guts are you make your way out of the room, and you don’t even look behind you as you close the door. 

_X_ - Leave the Room

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 28

What would you like to do now? 
_X_ - Grab the bomb off of the side table!
___ - Leave the room. Poor Markus has already had enough! 


Markus’ gigantic limp cock is now lying protectively over the remains of his mutilated and utterly pulverized nuts, almost like a flag draped over a coffin. You know that the handsome muscle man’s once glorious virility has come to a painful, brutal, and utterly mangled end. Yet he still possesses the largest man tool you’ve ever seen on man or beast, and you long to remove even that symbol of manhood from the former stud. 

You grab the round firework from the table of goodies and inspect it. Less than a quarter inch length of wick is sticking out of the big black sphere, visible proof of how close you came to blowing up his entire package hours ago. You tear some thick threads from the hem of your shirt (it’s already ruined with being drenched so many times with the thickest stud cum you’ve ever seen — there’s no WAY such a thick, gloopy molasses will ever come out in the wash!) and carefully braid them onto the end of the wick. Now you’ve got almost six inches of wick to play with, more than enough to let you safely place the bomb under Markus’ junked junk. 

You lift one side of Markus’ ruined sac, watching with delight as the thick contents immediately slosh toward the other side, and place the bomb directly under the center of the ruined balls. Markus’ mighty, flaccid cock is draped back over the giant mound of broken nut guts, and the huge German organs completely cover the bomb, all except for the short fuse sticking out the front, which you waste no time lighting.


The cotton fuse burns slowly away as it inches toward Markus’ mounding mass of gonad paste and huge, beefy cock.


You kneel on the cum-drenched floor so that you’re face level with the about-to-be-destroyed German manhood. 


As the end draws ever nearer for the biggest package you’ve ever seen, you think what a waste it is to destroy such magnificent maleness. You can only imagine how many willing and hungry holes have been ruthlessly pounded by the enormous penis staring you in the face, and now here it is about to be turned into wallpaper.


The fuse is nearly burnt out and your heart races with excitement. Markus seems to be coming to a bit, slowly rousing from a fog of unbelievable agony. 

‘Perfect timing!’ you think to yourself.


What do you do?
___ - Pinch the fuse with your fingers to put it out. He’s had enough. 
___ - Let it burn!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 27

What would you like to do next? 
_X_ - See if you can pound the lumps out of his sac! 
___ - The ruined hunk has had enough - leave the room! 


Although Markus’ bull nuts are destroyed, you can’t help but feel his battered sack could be just a little flatter. After all, the two bisected halves of his broken left nut are making his scrotum bulge even more than than the nutsac on the biggest Brahma bull! 

You also realize that, though both of his mighty bollocks are now mortally wounded and dying, much of his broken nut flesh is still very much alive! Alive with nerve endings and pain receptors, and still capable of causing the great lumbering muscle stud even greater agony. 

Markus is breathing deeply, totally blacked out and totally unable to stop you from what you’re planning on doing next. Though you’re pretty sure he wouldn’t try to stop you even if he could! 

You pick up the heavy metal sledge hammer, discarded on the floor more than an hour ago, and grasp the handle with both hands for maximum power. The hammer feels even heavier in your hands now than ever before, and you know that this time Markus’ testicular remains cannot hope to hold out against your intended onslaught. You position the mallet over the chunky ball bag, take aim over one of the split halves of the stud’s dying left nut, lift the hammer high into the air…and then send it crashing full force into the fleshy mass. 


One half of Markus’ split left nut instantly disintegrates inside of his sac. The stud’s spectacularly muscular body gives a small lurch, and his head rolls weakly, but he otherwise evinces virtually no reaction to the pulverization of the huge nut chunk. 


The other half explodes just as dramatically under your next hammer strike, obliterating the biggest chunk of viable nut meat still remaining inside the stud’s swollen nut pouch. You look down at his half-flattened sack and decide it out look better if both sides were equally squashed. 




The mallet comes down three more times, rapidly striking three different random places on his destroyed nuts and obliterating any surviving chunks in its path. There’s no evidence of either of the huge halves of his humongous left nut, as each has been ground almost to paste, and now the smaller chunks of his shattered right nut are being pulverized as well. 


You continue pounding the heavy mallet indiscriminately into Markus’ battered sac, being sure to aim for anything that even resembles a chunk, until his fuzzy German sack is entirely flat. The once goliath bull nuts now form a shapeless blob covering an area the size of an extra-large pizza, only much, much thicker! The fantastic MASS of his broken balls looks even bigger now that they have been utterly liquified. 

The mallet falls from your fingers to clatter on the sperm-covered floor, and you reach forward with both hands to grasp that gigantic, quivering, gelatinous mass of ruined nut meat. Your fingers clench into the bloated ball bag with absolutely no resistance, and you gleefully knead your fingers through all of the mush, happily finding absolutely no evidence of any remaining chunks of intact ball flesh. In fact, the huge, shapeless mass feels like a big sac of warm oatmeal, thick but liquid. Yes, you have indeed truly and utterly destroyed this heroic young stud’s mighty manhood! 

As if to formally signal your victory, Markus’ mighty bull cock, which had been rocked hard and throbbing throughout virtually all of the hours and hours of brutal abuse, finally begins to wilt and grow limp. The gigantic German sausage looks like some sort of mighty dirigible with the wind flowing out of it, slowly shrinking and drooping from its mighty skyward glory. With a last and final throb, the gigantic wilted member flops heavily over the wrecked remains of Markus’ balls, collapsing atop the utter ruin of his manhood. 

The overkill of Markus’ castration is complete, but you wonder if you could perhaps inflict even more harm on the lad’s once magnificent manhood. 

What would you like to do now? 
___ - Grab the bomb off of the side table!
___ - Leave the room. Poor Markus has already had enough!