Monday, June 10, 2019

Crushing the Football Stud

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I was going through my files today, though, and was surprised to discover a nearly complete version of a rewrite I did last year. I was able to finish it in under an hour, and am now posting it for you all to (hopefully) enjoy!

As for additional stories, there are more in the queue, but nothing is finished as of yet, so be prepared for another dry spell here, I'm afraid. I DO have more drawings currently posting on my other blog, though, so please check those out. :)



Crushing the Football Stud
Based on an original story by an unknown author

The twilight air was crisp, and the smell of fresh cut grass wafted in the breeze. It was a Friday evening in late summer, yet close enough to autumn that the day’s earlier scorching temperatures had settled down to a much more comfortable, balmy evening. Though fire flies were out and street lamps were coming on, the football field at the local university was lit up as if were the middle of the day. The Lions, the university’s cherished football team, were hosting the Barracudas during the first invitational game of the season. Being a friendly invitational, the game didn’t actually effect the rankings, but the lack of technical importance of the outcome was far outweighed by the ceremonial importance. The college town and dozens of communities that surrounded it weren’t nearly large enough for a national league stadium, so the locals focused their attention on the college league games. And it was almost a given that the Lions would trounce the Barracudas, setting the tone for the rest of the season. 

And that was because of the Lions’ star quarterback, 19-year-old sophomore Craig Taylor. 

The Lions had historically been a mediocre team, rarely advancing to the playoffs and never having won the Division Championships. That all changed the previous year when then-freshman Craig Taylor was selected as the first-string quarterback for the struggling football team, the very first time a freshman had received such an honor. Craig was a natural-born athlete of extraordinary skill and impressive strength, and his physical abilities alone were an enormous boon to the team. But it was the young man’s leadership skills and his ability to bring the best out of his fellow teammates that really turned things around for the team. With Craig at the helm, the Lions had made Division history that year by playing an undefeated season, culminating with an extraordinary and exciting win at the Division Championships. The upstart football team’s amazing rise from obscurity to victory made national news, and Craig in particular became something of a media darling leading up to the championship game and in the weeks and months that followed. Many eyes were now watching the Lions this year, and recruiters from the professional football leagues were already salivating over the prospects of potentially gaining the astoundingly talented young man after he graduated from college in a few more years. 

But none of that truly mattered to Craig at this moment. 

While the spectators were settling into their seats, Lions quarterback Craig Taylor was on the sidelines giving his beautiful girlfriend a long, deep kiss before sliding on his helmet and taking the field to the cheering applause from the excited crowd. He hadn’t seen his girl Jennifer all summer, as she had left for Europe on a study abroad program right after the spring semester had ended, and had only arrived back in the States that very day. In fact, she’d arrived home just in time to watch the Lions’ season debut, but too late for the two of them to unleash three months of pent up sexual urges before the game. 

Their passionate kiss had been a delicious precursor to the fun they were planning to have together that night as soon as the game was over. Craig was so outrageously horny that he wasn’t even going to waste time in the locker room after the game — instead, he was just going to take Jennifer home, strip out of his dirty and smelly uniform, and have hot, sweaty sex right there in his living room. To heighten his own sexual tension, he had purposely abstained from jacking off for more than a full week in anticipation of tonight’s marathon love-making session with his special lady, leaving him feeling hornier than he could ever remember feeling in his young life. In fact, Craig’s big cock swelled uncomfortably as he thought about his plans for that night, the huge slab of meat folding painfully within the confines of his big and sturdy athletic cup as he took to the field. 

With his girlfriend thousands of miles away for the entire summer, Craig Taylor had thrown all of his burgeoning and overflowing sexual energy into further improving his already amazingly athletic body and training for the new football season, and all of those efforts showed in the spectacular figure he cut on the field. Craig was somewhat on the short side for a star football player, standing just 5 feet, 10 inches tall when most of the men around him were 6-foot, 4-inches in height or taller. But the handsome quarterback more than made up for his shorter stature with his astounding muscular size, packing an extraordinary amount of dense muscle mass on his sturdy frame. As an 18-year-old freshman, Craig had started his college football career with a body that would have been the envy of any man, packing a massive 240 pounds of rock solid jock beef onto his big frame. Now, after a summer of hitting the weights harder than ever before in his life, the young college bull had packed on another 35 pounds of muscle, tipping the scales at an astounding and awe-inspiring 275 pounds of chiseled, corrugated, rock hard muscle! Craig was now without a doubt the heaviest and most muscular quarterback in all of college football, and might arguably be the biggest in the professional leagues as well! In fact, the now almost freakishly beefy lad was heavier than a large number of the defensive linebackers he faced every time he took to the gridiron, most of whom had 6 or more inches in height over the shorter Craig! The handsome quarterback’s massively muscular size was nothing short of extraordinary, and when one factored in how young the lad still was, his potential for even more muscular growth was mind boggling. 

Yet despite his extraordinary muscular mass, Craig’s physique was not the least big blocky or overblown, even after his recent 35-pound explosion in muscle mass. His muscles were somehow both massively swollen and perfectly proportioned, creating a breathtakingly beautiful physique that turned heads everywhere he went. His powerful biceps were the size of swollen softballs, stretching the measuring tape to just over 24 inches, a pair of gigantic guns that outsized and outshined all but the very biggest of professional bodybuilders. His equally mammoth shoulders were like a pair of rippling bowling balls, and even the big shoulder pads he wore as protection on the field couldn’t disguise the sheer massive size of his boulder shoulders. It was these herculean arms and shoulders that Craig used to propel the football with such incredible speed and power down the field. Craig’s chest was utterly spectacular, two massive plates of extremely dense muscle that stuck out a good 5 or 6 inches off of his big rib cage. A light dusting of curly brown hairs were scattered across the wide, wide expanse of pec flesh, hinting at the hairiness that the young bull stud would likely achieve in the next few years. With such an incredibly wide chest and broad shoulders, Craig possessed an extraordinary V-tapered torso, the wide flare of his thick lats quickly narrowing down to a waspish waist, with his ridiculously corrugated abdominal wall looking like two rows of perfectly-matched cobblestones. Craig also had one of those perfect bubble butts, the kind of awesomely-built muscular asses that was shown off to stunning effect by a tight pair of football pants. His legs were two mighty, bulging pillars of thick, granite-hard muscle, capable of propelling the handsome stud down the field like a juggernaut, yet also capable of extraordinary speed, grace, and agility, allowing him to frequently dodge and evade the far more lumbering forms of the defensive lineman. 

In short, Craig had a physique that was the envy of just about every man alive, particularly now that he was showcasing his new-and-improved body for the first time on the playing field! 

So fantastic and exquisite was Craig’s muscular development that when Sports Illustrated placed him on the cover of their magazine after he led the Lions to their first Division Championship, they decided to feature the smiling 18-year-old (and then only 240-pound) jock in his football pants but without a shirt, exposing his spectacular upper body to the camera. That issue broke records as being one of the most sold SI issues in the magazine’s long history, even surpassing nearly all of the magazine’s famous swimsuit issues! 

The issue’s success, however, wasn’t just due to the young man’s astounding athleticism and spectacular physique, or his infectious charm and natural-born leadership abilities. It was also due in large part to the fact that Craig possessed the sort of stunningly handsome, all-American good looks that one always associated with college jocks. In Craig’s case, however, few of even the most handsome of college jocks across the entire nation could hold a candle to the young quarterback’s extraordinary masculine beauty. He had the sort of open, friendly, boyishly handsome face that allowed him to make friends with everyone he met, combined with the chiseled jawline and powerful chin usually reserved for comic book super heroes. His thick and shaggy blond hair (often referred to as his “Lion’s Mane”) added to his boyish charm, while his stunning violet eyes captured hearts everywhere. The lad’s stunningly handsome head was set atop a thickly muscled, 22-inch bullish neck that defied shirt manufacturers everywhere. 

Despite the Sports Illustrated magazine cover — and the multipage spread inside the now-legendary issue — Craig wasn’t a show off by nature. He couldn’t help the stunning figure he cut in his tight football uniform on the field, but when he was off the field, he tended to dress in baggy jeans and loose-fitting shirts, partially obscuring his magnificent body. Craig wasn’t an egotistical man, and he felt no need to preen or attract attention. Especially when he already had a beautiful soon-to-be fiancĂ© on his arm. He was already making plans to propose to his wonderful girlfriend in the fall, and that thought put a broad smile on his handsome face as he reached the huddle in the center of the field. 


“What an asshole,” Quinnten muttered to himself as he watched Craig and his girlfriend make their way through the cheering and happy crowd in the parking lot. As the de facto captain of the Barracudas, the big man was particularly furious at his team’s embarrassing thrashing during that evening’s invitational game. Craig, the Lions’ dashingly handsome and incredibly talented quarterback, had more than lived up to his hype, playing a brilliant game and running in 4 of the team’s 10 touchdowns himself. The guy was even bigger and more powerful than Quinnten remembered from the previous year, and it was clear that with Craig at the helm, the Lions were already poised for another undefeated season. 

As Quinnten watched, a smiling Craig knelt down and motioned for his girlfriend to get on his padded shoulders. The beautiful young woman laughed and complied, hooking her slender legs on either side of the young man’s thickly muscular neck. Craig effortlessly straightened his legs, lifting his lady love up into the air and proceeding merrily on their way. Spectators and fellow students in the immediate vicinity couldn’t help but smile at the gorgeous and obviously in love couple, and people kept clapping the big quarterback on his back or giving the smiling stud a high five as he wound his way through the crowd. 

For Craig’s part, he was oblivious to the angry stares he was getting from Quinnten and other members of the opposing team, or really anything else other than his girlfriend and his own happiness. Craig had been dreaming of Jennifer’s return for more than 3 months, and the more that they talked and laughed together, the more he realized just how much he loved and missed her. With her legs wrapped around his powerful neck and her slender form balanced on his broad, broad shoulders, Craig couldn’t wait to get her home so that they could make sweet and passionate love all night long. True to his plan, he hadn’t showered or even changed out of his football uniform yet; he planned on stripping in front of her as soon as he got he home, taking off his dirty and stinky gear and taking her into his massive and sweaty arms. Heck, even the one-sided victory over the visiting Barracudas made little difference to the handsome young man. His girlfriend was finally home, and he wasn’t going to leave her side for the entire weekend. 

“Can you believe that fucking guy?” Quinnten growled to Carl, the team’s massive and hulking linebacker and by far the biggest man on their team. “He trounces us during today’s game, and then rubs it in by walking off in victory with his fucking girlfriend.” 

“Yeah, somebody needs to cut that guy down to size, BIG time!” said the huge Carl, his deep bass voice rumbling from inside his massive chest. 

Josh, the team’s tall and muscular tight end, joined the other two as they regarded the retreating form of the Lions’ big quarterback. “You guys as pissed off as I am about today’s loss?” 

“Hell yeah!” Quinnten and Carl barked in unison. 

Josh angrily sighed, “That dude is totally unstoppable. Did you see the way he plowed through our defensive line tonight?! The guy’s a freaking TANK! There’s no way we’re ever going to beat the Lions with him as their quarterback. The whole fucking season is just going to be a race to second place.” 

The three continued on in the same vein, joined by more and more Barracuda players, until ten of Craig’s most ardent (and envious) detractors had talked themselves into disliking the handsome and charismatic jock even more than they already did.

“What say we do something about it,” Carl said menacingly, an evil glint in his slate blue eyes. By then, even the stadium lights had been turned off. The ten big men, huddled beneath the lurid light of a streetlamp in the university parking lot, cheered in approval, though no one had any idea on how to actually take vengeance on Craig for his apparent transgressions. But big Carl had already hit on an idea, and when he explained his plan to the rest of the guys, his teammates eagerly agreed. Smirking evilly and giving each other fist bumps, they clambered into a pair of vans and set off for Craig’s off-campus apartment… 


It had taken longer than he’d planned to get back to his apartment. It seemed that everyone in the parking lot wanted to congratulate the big quarterback on his spectacular win that night, and the good-natured college jock gladly stopped for frequent handshakes and photo ops, and to sign autographs for fans. He’d eventually had to take Jennifer off of his shoulders so that he could greet his fans, but she smiled and nodded at him and let him know that she understood. She was clearly just as eager to get back to his apartment as he was, but she also understood how important it was to make time for the fans. 

By the time they actually got back to Craig’s car, most of the parking lot was empty, but at least that meant that they had an easier time leaving the lot. Just 10 minutes later, they’d pulled up to Craig’s apartment and were behind closed doors. Craig made sure that the blinds were closed as well — no need to give the neighbors a free peep show — and he and Jennifer were able to once again fall into each other’s arms and resume their passionate make out session. 

Jennifer helped pull Craig’s sweaty and grass-stained jersey up and over his head — no small feat considering the size of the stud’s gigantic arms or the yard-wide breadth of his massive shoulders. His huge shoulder pads quickly followed suit, exposing his spectacular upper body for her hungry view. Jennifer’s mouth gaped open as she drank in the extraordinary increase in muscular weight Craig had achieved in her 3-month absence, her trembling hands cupping as much of the vast bulk of Craig’s overhanging pecs as she could. She had always secretly liked her men big and muscular, and no one she’d ever met was as big and muscular as Craig Taylor. Her soft, petite hands rubbed against the sprinkling of rough chest hair on those massive, sweat-slickened pectorals, and Jennifer also realized that her handsome beau was a little hairier than she remembered, which tightened the deep recesses of her nether regions even further. Craig was 100% MAN, a prime Grade AAA specimen of masculine perfection, and he was HERS! 

But Jennifer was even more eager to unleash the mighty beast that she knew was cradled in the oversized cup in her boyfriend’s tight pants, and she wondered with mounting excitement whether he might have grown down there as well… 

Despite the raw lust raging through his veins, Craig was very tender and gentle as he pulled Jennifer’s t-shirt over her head, exposing her lace bra and getting his first glimpse in 3 months of her large, perfectly formed breasts. He could feel his big cock swelling in his jock, painfully pressing against his big gonads as they fought for space in the cramped plastic cup. The young man could feel more than 10 days’ worth of pent up jizz clogging up his internal plumbing, and he looked forward to pumping all of that thick sperm into his lovely and loving girlfriend. Heck, the way that he was feeling, Craig was already convinced that tonight he would break his previous marathon love-making session with Jennifer of 10 times in one night! 


An unsuspecting Craig staggered sideways as a heavy object struck a mighty blow up the side of his head. Stunned and confused, the young man tried to make sense of what was happening, but he was struggling to shake off the aftereffects of the head blow. He could hear Jennifer scream as nearly a dozen big men in various types of masks rushed at them both. Craig tried to fight back, and if he hadn’t just taken a brain-rattling blow to the head, he might have stood a chance, even against such uneven odds. But he was still too stunned by the blow upside his head to mount a meaningful defense, and in short order, both he and Jennifer were overpowered and tied up, and at the mercy of whatever the masked invaders wanted to do to them. 

All of the men were very, very large, with all of them being taller than the 5-foot, 10-inch Craig and at least three or four of them outweighing the massively muscular stud as well. These were some truly enormously-built dudes! They were wearing nondescript clothing, mostly blue jeans and t-shirts, so Craig had no idea who they were. One of the masked men stepped forward to stand in front of Craig, towering over him by half a foot, and said, “Well, you arrogant prick. You think you’re better than everyone else, don’t you? Like you’re some sort of super stud or something. Well we’re here to cut you down to size, little man. And we’re going to sideline your game…permanently!” 

A horrified Craig watched as another man, a huge beast of a guy standing at least 6 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing what HAD to be well over 400 pounds, stepped forward and took a charging stance at the far end of the living room. Craig was manhandled until his back was flat against the brick wall next to the fireplace, and his legs were untied and held out in a wide stance by a kneeling man on either side of him. The muscular giant at the other end of the room put on a football helmet covered in duct tape, but Craig could make out hints of the red and gold colors of the Barracudas football team. He knew with absolute certainty that these guys had to be his opponents from earlier that day, what with their huge size and the colors on the football helmet. He thought he recognized the first guy’s voice as Quinnten, the team’s captain. And that meant that the muscular giant in front of him had to be the fearsome linebacker named Carl, one of the biggest, strongest, heaviest — and meanest — men in college sports. 

“Oh, this is gonna be fun,” the huge man said with a grin, his incredibly deep voice striking even more fear into Craig’s already thundering heart. 

Carl dropped down on one knee, taking a footballer’s stance, and then suddenly charged at Craig. The other men roared their approval, while Jennifer screamed in terror. For his part, Craig could only watch helplessly as the gigantic bull of a man sped across the long room, picking up terrific speed and he rumbled toward the captive jock. At the last moment, the huge dude ducked his head down, propelling himself helmet-first right into Craig’s crotch like a battering ram. 

A devastating, hollow CRACK!!! resounded in the packed room. Carl’s head had slammed into the bound and immobile quarterback’s defenseless crotch with so much force that the huge linebacker was genuinely alarmed for a moment that he’d snapped his own neck! Craig’s pelvis was slammed against the brick wall behind him, forcing his groin to receive every ounce of the devastating impact. 

“GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Craig bellowed in agony. His genitals felt like they had just been destroyed, flattened between his hard cup and his muscular body. The heavy-duty and ultra-thick cup, specially made to fit the young man’s unusually large package, had shattered on impact, so not only was Craig’s entire package crushed nearly flat against the unyielding brick wall, but he also felt a searing pain as his big cock was cut and impaled by pieces of the broken plastic cup! 

The men on either side of the hollering quarterback stud released their hold, and Craig helplessly dropped heavily to his knees. With his big hands still bound behind his back, Craig could do nothing to soothe the raging cauldron of pain in his cock and balls, so he simply bent forward at the waist and moaned loudly in crippling agony. 

“Let’s see the damage!” one of the masked men shouted, obviously eager to get a glimpse. The other men roughly hauled Craig onto his back. His fantastically muscular torso and arms bulged and flexed mightily as he struggled uselessly to break free, and the gorgeous play of his massive muscles made the masked men even more jealous than ever. 

“Tie him up,” said Carl, easily the biggest man in the room and clearly the alpha male of the bunch, as the other guys quickly scrambled to obey his command. Craig’s wrists were temporarily freed from their bonds, and his massively muscular arms where then stretched out to either side. His bound wrists were then tied off, one to the heavy iron radiator on one side of the room, and the other to the wrought iron fireplace grating built into the brick wall. His ankles were similarly bound, leaving the half-naked man spread eagled on his own hardwood floor, completely vulnerable to whatever might come next. 

The young quarterback was still writhing in pain from the agony shooting from his wounded crotch. A couple of men took sharp knives from the kitchen to start cutting away the young man’s tight football pants, leaving him with nothing on except his cleated shoes, dirty socks, and off-white jock strap. 

The masked men were obviously stunned by what they saw, for the mound of Craig’s cotton-clad crotch was far, far larger than any crotch bulge they’d ever seen before. It looked like someone had shoved an overinflated football into the straining pouch of the lad’s jockstrap, creating a massive bulge that simply couldn’t be real! It just HAD to be the lad’s oversized plastic cup, right?! 

One of the men knelt down by Craig’s side and pulled the straining cotton pouch down, exposing the enormous cup covering the man’s genitals beneath. A cup that had been shattered into several dozen pieces by the terrific blow from Carl’s helmet, breaking into sharp and jagged shards of plastic, some of which had lacerated the man meat beneath. As the kneeling man pulled away the broken chunks of plastic, the young man’s wounded cock and balls finally came into view, and nearly a dozen sets of jaws dropped even further. 

It turned out that Craig Taylor, the stunningly handsome athlete, muscle man, and national football star, was also hung like some prehistoric beast! His massive cock looked like some sort of huge snake, a truly titanic log of meat that measured a full foot in length — completely soft! The mighty truncheon had more than a dozen superficial lacerations along its columnar length, and nearly as many shards of plastic were still imbedded partway into the thick meat, but there was no denying that it was the most massive, most powerful, most beautiful slab of man meat that any of the men had ever seen. 

The kneeling masked man lightly gripped the bloodied and shrapnel-imbedded cock to get a better look at the massive globes beneath, and the men’s collective shock only grew. Here were a pair of mighty testicles that belonged on a bull elephant, not on a mortal man! Each colossal orb was bigger than a man’s fist, and they were encased in a huge scrotum that, despite the great weight of the contents it contained, hung less than an inch from the young man’s crotch. Miraculously, Craig’s balls had somehow escaped any puncturing or laceration from the shattered plastic cup, and though they were bright red and obviously still aching from the force of Carl’s head butt, they were otherwise perfectly intact. 

“Holy SHIT!!” one of the masked men said in an almost reverent tone, and the other men had to silently agree. Craig’s freakishly oversized genitals were like a monument to hyper masculinity, and they couldn’t help but feel inadequate in the young man’s overwhelming presence. The sight was both awe- and anger-inspiring, for the ridiculously blessed young quarterback was making the other men even more green with envy and jealousy. 

The kneeling man used his free hand to grip one of the jagged pieces of broken plastic sticking out of Craig’s wounded cock, and with a rough pull, yanked the shard out of the young man’s harpooned cock. Craig bellowed in pain once again as the sharp plastic violently left his limp dick, the agony immediate and overwhelming. The pain was so intense that Craig’s muscular legs bucked violently and he desperately tried to comfort himself with his bound and shackled hands. Tears streamed from his beautiful violet eyes like rivers.

The smirking masked man, enjoying his captive’s reaction, repeated the procedure on the remaining broken shards, creating as much added pain as possible as he ripped the pieces free from the young man’s wounded manhood. More screams and bellows were torn from the young man’s powerful chest along with each imbedded piece of broken cup. Finally, just one broken piece remained, a slender but long shard of plastic imbedded deeply into the apple-sized head of Craig’s enormous phallus. 

“Get ready for this, guys! It’s gonna be good!” the kneeling man said with a twinkle in his eyes. Then he gripped the exposed piece of plastic in one hand while gripping the bloodied shaft of meat in the other. He gave a sharp yank, but the shard of plastic refused to pull free. The masked man pulled harder, and Craig bellowed in even greater pain as his gorgeous cock was pulled by its huge mushroom head. The masked man, frustrated that the chunk of plastic wouldn’t pull free, changed his position, gripping the plastic shard tight in one hand and bracing his other hand against Craig’s monstrously muscular and rock-solid thigh. Craig was openly sobbing and begging for the man to stop, but his assailant he was deaf to the handsome young man’s pleas. With one last mighty yank, the grinning man violently pulled the long shard of plastic right out of the lad’s skewered cock head, ripping the most agonized scream of pain yet from the bound and helpless stud as he felt his cock head virtually torn apart. 

While Craig continued to bellow in inhuman agony, the grinning masked man held the bloodied shard up for his laughing friends to see, showing that the narrow chunk of jagged plastic had been buried more than an inch into the young quarterback’s tortured flesh. 

“Jesus, man!” said one of the masked men. “You did some serious damage to the dude’s huge cock, Carl!” 

“What the FUCK!!” bellowed the huge man. “Why the fuck you using my name, asshole! That’s why we’re wearing the fuckin’ MASKS, dick head!” The muscle giant ripped off his now-useless mask in disgust, revealing the heavy, brutish, but still ruggedly handsome features of the massive Barracuda linebacker, Carl. 

“Hey guys, stop your fighting and toss me a roll of gauze, will ya?” said the kneeling man. Someone tossed him a roll of white gauze from a backpack full of sports injury supplies, and the kneeling man gingerly and almost tenderly wrapped the young man’s lacerated cock in the stretchy fabric. Despite the numerous lacerations and puncture wounds, the man’s wounded cock had mostly stopped bleeding and was still largely intact. Provided the lad was given medical attention, he would likely fully recover with perhaps only some faint scars to mark his ordeal. 

But the masked men didn’t look like they were done with the big quarterback just yet. Nope, not by a long shot. For the mangling of the stud’s massive whale cock had never been their goal — it was Craig’s mammoth, heavy, sagging balls that were their ultimate target. 

Craig was now in incredible, throbbing pain. He was panicking, worried about what the group of strong, clearly angry men would do to him next, horrified at the mutilation of his penis, and even more terrified that they might eventually turn their attentions to his helpless girlfriend, lying trussed up, gagged, and helpless on the couch. But there was nothing he could do — he was securely bound and couldn’t hope to escape.  

Wasting no time, the kneeling masked man reached between Craig’s thick, thick thighs and grasped one of his reddened, saggy nuts in each hand, wrapping his strong fingers around as much of that massive nut meat as he could. The assailant had thought that the studly quarterback must be regularly shaving his bull bollocks, for despite a thick thatch of short coarse hairs surrounding the root of his manhood, Craig’s balls appeared to be completely bald and devoid of hair. But the masked man could now feel that the massive globes were covered in a light coating of very short, almost downy hairs. He had read that high levels of testosterone were often linked to male pattern baldness, and he wondered if the obviously massive levels of the male hormone being produced by these two gigantic sex glands had resulted in their naturally nearly hairless state. 

The kneeling man spent several long moments gently, almost reverently fondling the two enormous testicles, weighing them in his big hands and applying light pressure and squeezes with his thick fingers. “You guys have got to feel this!” he exclaimed to his companions with a huge grin. “These fuckin’ bull’s balls are even heavier than they look! Gotta weight at least 3 or 4 pounds, EACH! Feel really fuckin’ dense, too. Like they’re made out of a really hard rubber or something. It’ll bet these mega nuts pack one hell of a load!” 

“Well don’t just sit there feelin’ the guy, up!” shouted one of his masked friends. “Let’s see just how tough those oversized nuts really are!” 

With the shouts of encouragement from his fellow teammates, the kneeling assailant laughed into Craig’s handsome, terrified face and said, “Fuck yeah! I’m gonna use these freak-sized nuts of yours as a pair of huge stress balls, you fucker! And I am VERY stressed out at how our team lost the football game today!” 

The big kneeling man then clamped down with his fingers, HARD, squeezing down as hard as  he possibly could onto Craig’s trapped balls. 

Craig screeched in renewed agony, feeling an explosion of white hot pain in his massive nuts. His heart thundered in horror, for he now realized that these masked intruders intended to bust his huge nuts, perhaps even destroy them, and there was nothing he could do to stop them. 

Craig’s massive balls were already beet red from Carl’s earlier head butt, and they were now turning a frightening shade of purplish-red as his assailant tried to dig his fingers right into the heart of his huge testicles. Amazingly, however, the young man’s gigantic nuts were barely even denting under the assault. It was very quickly apparent that Craig’s nuts were even more dense and resilient than the assailant’s initial estimation had indicated. The kneeling man could actually feel the astonishingly tough and fibrous outer walls of those two balls actively resisting his efforts to get them to bend or break, and it felt like the incredibly thick and dense meat behind those walls was nearly as tough and unyielding. It almost felt like he was trying to crush a pair of huge shot put stones for all the success he was having at getting them to break! 

Nevertheless, the pain being generated by the crushing assault on his nuts was extreme, every nerve ending in Craig’s mammoth bollocks screaming out in agony under the brutal pressure. Craig’s mouth was stretched open so wide his jaw ached as he howled like a wounded demon, and his beautiful violet eyes were pleading for the pain to stop. The inhuman pressure was building and building in his nuts, and he could swear that he felt them starting to cave in under the masked man’s determined attempt to crush his huge spuds. He didn’t even think it was possible to stay conscious during such pain and he prayed to pass out. He found that he almost didn’t even care if the man kept squeezing until his balls literally burst, just as long as he blacked out before it happened. But unfortunately for Craig Taylor, the young athlete was made of extremely tough and sturdy stuff, and his tortured brain refused to pass out, no matter how insanely intense the agony that was shooting from his compressing balls. 

The watching men erupted into macabre laughter at Craig’s desperate writhing and struggles, the awesome display of his wildly flexing, bulging, and convulsing muscles, and his confused pleas for mercy. The minutes ticked on and on, with the masked man throwing all of his considerable strength into his clenching fists, trying to break Craig’s massive balls. A low grumbling growl started coming from the straining mask man’s chest, and his knuckles were turning white with the force he was throwing into his hands, but still he doggedly forced every ounce of his strength into those massive bull balls. Yet astoundingly, those mammoth testes continued to resist the man’s most ardent attempts to get them to flatten. Finally, with a shout of effort and frustration, the masked man released Craig’s reddened balls, allowing the huge orbs to immediately plump back up to their original shapes, reclaiming any small amount of compression that the masked man had been able to achieve. The handsome quarterback’s massive chest was heaving as he struggled to regain his breath, and his bellows and screams quickly tapered off to a hoarse and blubbering jumble. 

“DAMN it!” the masked man said. “I couldn’t get ‘em to break! Hell, I could barely even get them to DENT!! And I was throwing everything I had into squeezing those huge fuckers! This kid has got one sturdy set of bollocks on him, I gotta admit. They’re like fucking ROCKS, I swear!! I wonder how long they’ll be able to last. Hell, they feel damn near unBREAKable! So, who’s next?”

“Let ME give it a try!” the next guy exclaimed, roughly pushing the first man out of the way to kneel in front of Craig’s wide-spread thighs. The second big man scooped up Craig’s already mauled testicles up off the hardwood floor in both of his hands and exclaimed, “Holy SHIT, dude! You weren’t kidding! This kid’s fucking stones are HEAVY! But they’re still just a pair of nuts, and as vulnerable as any other guy’s nuts, and I guarantee that they’ll crack, eventually. Let me show you how it’s done!” 

With that, the big guy interlaced his fingers around the gigantic double handful of prodigious stud nuts and started pressing his palms toward one another, trapping Craig’s goliath gonads in the middle of a steadily compressing vise. The handsome blond football star started bellowing anew as he felt his bullish balls crushed up against one another, fighting each other to occupy a slowly narrowing space. The masked man’s muscular arms bulged and flexed enormously as he tried to literally extinguish Craig’s sex life between his crushing hands. 

“CRUSH them! CRUSH them! CRUSH them!” the other men started chanting in unison, sounding like excited schoolchildren counting down the minutes to the end of the school day. The masked man redoubled his efforts, bellowing as he tried to bring his heavy palms together, but Craig’s behemoth bull balls would only compress part way, perhaps by just an inch each, refusing to crush down any further no matter how hard his assailant tried to flatten them.  

Then the totally unexpected started to happen. To Craig’s wide-eyed astonishment, his wounded and gauze-bound cock started to inflate, growing thicker and longer before his very eyes. The young man simply couldn’t believe it! The crippling pain emanating from his partially flattened nuts should have rendered the most rock solid and randy cock into a limp noodle of dangling flesh, but for some inexplicable reason, the terrible agony was doing just the opposite to Craig. His colossal, gauze-mummified horse cock, which had been draped heavily over one of his immensely muscular thighs, started to twitch and jerk as it grew, sliding over his sweat slickened flesh as it slowly worked its way upward toward his abdomen. 

The masked man currently trying to pancake Craig’s bull nuts was the first to notice the young man’s unexpected reaction, and he redoubled his efforts to shatter the young man’s mammoth man marbles, crushing them against each other with even greater force. But it seemed that the harder he pressed, the thicker and longer Craig’s mule dick became. 

The engorgement of Craig’s giant cock began as a slow and laborious process, but soon all of the men had noticed the change, and they watched in rapt fascination as that great log of man meat grew thicker and longer and fatter and harder with each passing second. The mighty horse cock had already gained at least three inches in length, yet didn’t appear to be any harder than in its initially totally flaccid state. The surrounding men thought at first that Craig might possess one of those huge cocks that can never actually get hard, but as they continued to watch, the young man’s cock continued to grow and change, and proved them all wrong. 

With one particularly strong pulse, the young man’s half-hard cock flopped backward onto his corrugated belly with a SMACK! of beef on beef, where it continued to swell and grow. Craig’s magnificent manhood had started off as thick as a beer can, but now it was thicker than a 40 ouncer, and STILL it continued to plump and grow. The gauze bandages were starting to painfully constrict around the ballooning girth of the young man’s monstrous penis, but that didn’t stop its continued growth. The pliable white fabric was pulled taut, and as the length of that great phallus grew, segments of the bloated shaft became visible in the openings that appeared between the loops of bandages. Thick veins were popping up through the skin of that titanic column of a shaft, looking gnarled and angry. 

The bloated, purplish helmet of Craig’s cock head had nearly reached the massive underhang of his voluptuous pecs before the huge cock finally began to rise off of the corrugated washboard of his chiseled abdominals. As the great cock lifted slowly upward, it continued to gain even more length and thick, meaty girth, plunging the swollen head up into the deep crevasse between his thickly mounded chest muscles. 

The masked man currently mauling Craig’s nuts eventually loosened his grip, letting the young man’s thoroughly mangled but still entirely intact nuts drop heavily back to the solid hardwood floor, entranced and mesmerized by the awesome and intensely masculine sight before him. 

In another dozen or so heartbeats, Craig’s oversized whale cock finally reached its full eye-popping size. The utterly colossal sex organ must have measured a good 18 or 19 inches in length, a full half a FOOT longer than the current known world record holder. Its stupendous girth was nearly equal to that of Craig’s own muscle-corded forearm, and the swollen and bloated head was easily as big as his fist. The almighty phallus had levered itself upward by a good 30 degrees, hovering over the young man’s corrugated gut and smooth plates of chest muscle like some mighty and fearsome battering ram, proudly declaring Craig’s defiance against the planned slow destruction of his epic manhood. A few of the deeper puncture wounds on his massively bloated member had opened in the process, trickling a small amount of blood into the overstretched gauze, but these wounds quickly stabilized again, leaving a scratched and scarred but still heroically powerful symbol of manhood hovering, quivering, and pulsating over the young man’s massively muscular torso. 

“Jesus FUCK!” whispered one awed onlooker. 

“Look at the SIZE of that fuckin’ thing!” another hoarsely muttered. 

Most of the men were simply incapable of speech, however, for they were utterly awed and intimidated by the colossal slab of prime stud meat pulsing and throbbing before them. 

One of the masked men finally found his voice and shouted, “Good GOD, man! You fuck your GIRLFRIEND with that thing?! How do you even fit the HEAD inside her?! You’d fuckin’ rip someone apart with that disgustingly oversized piece of meat! Fuck, dude, you’re a fucking FREAK!!” 

“Stand aside!” grunted one of the man’s comrades, who took his place between Craig’s muscle-bound thighs and once more scooped up the young man’s screaming balls. “We’re here to mangle his balls, not gawk at the size of his huge schlong, so let’s get back to business!” 

So it was that, one by one, all ten of the men got to squeeze and knead and crush Craig’s huge and defenseless baby makers for 10 minutes or more at a time. One big man discovered that pressing his thumb into the center of the fat organs really made Craig squeal. Another spent his turn concentrating on just one of Craig’s steadily collapsing nuts, pouring all of his strength and efforts into cracking just that one mammoth nard. Yet another pressed his bare-knuckled fists down from above, trapping the young man’s balls against the floor and grinding the meaty orbs against the unyielding wood. Craig’s balls grew steadily softer and mushier after each man’s turn, gradually crushing flatter and flatter and flatter with each round of abuse, but the heroically tough and powerful balls valiantly fought on, simply refusing to burst. 

Craig knew that even his ridiculously tough and oversized balls couldn’t endure such brutal attention forever, though, and he continued to buck and struggle and try to fight his way free. But all of his efforts were for naught, for he was simply bound too securely for even his awesome strength to set him free. He could only look down in muted horror at the steady mangling of his colossal nuts, trying to drown out the cruel cheers of the crowd of men as his latest assailant tried to lay waste to his manhood. 

Finally, it was Carl’s turn. The huge man strode forward, his gigantic 6-foot, 8-inch, 425-pound form towering over the much smaller quarterback. The giant smirked as he slammed one ham hock fist into his other open palm, obviously threatening Craig with testicular annihilation. The action also showcased the unreal size of the man’s gargantuan 26.5-inch guns, some of the biggest arms in all of football and bursting with raw power. The huge man then dropped heavily to his knees, slamming into the hardwood floor so hard that the whole house actually shook. Craig tried desperately to squirm away from the threatening giant, but the bindings at wrist and ankle held him fast. 

Carl then took each of Craig’s balls into his truly massive hands, and just seemed to weigh and study the young man’s colossal orbs for many long moments. The huge and heavy globes had turned an even darker and angrier shade of red after more than two hours of nut crushing abuse, and were noticeably a little swollen as well, but the twin testes were otherwise clearly still intact and brimming over with pure male vitality. 

Carl was clearly determined to change all of that. 

“Please!” Craig begged. “Please Carl! I want to have kids some day! Please don’t take my balls away from me. I promise to quit football forever, and never mention to anyone that you guys were here! You’ll never see me again, I swear! Just please, please, let me and Jennifer go.” 

The brutish muscle giant simply ignored the handsome quarterback’s words, and instead marveled at how even his oversized paws were barely large enough to encompass Craig’s freakishly oversized bollocks. He slowly began to close his thick, muscular fingers over his two meaty prizes until they were locked in his steady grip. 

And then the real crushing began. 

Carl started slowly, not wanting to destroy the stud’s mammoth nuts too soon. He smiled as his clutching fingers quickly dug deep into the young man’s yielding flesh. Just two hours ago, Craig’s big bollocks had been as dense and tough as the ripe coconuts they resembled, resisting even the strongest among them to significantly dent their tough outer walls. Even Carl, with his 26.5-inch biceps and enormous muscular power, would have had a hard time crushing these big bruisers a couple of hours ago. But now, his huge fingers met little resistance until the huge orbs were crushed about halfway flat, and even then, the orbs were clearly much weakened from their original state. The massive testicles were well on the path toward being destroyed utterly. 

Yet at the same time, the young stud’s monstrous bull cock was harder than ever before, somehow maintaining what simply HAD to be a painfully hard erection, even through the most brutal ball abuse imaginable. Carl had to hand it to the handsome stud, he was one tough sonofabitch! Fucker had to be horny as SHIT to keep hard through such nut crushing torture. Then again, Carl thought as he stole another glance at Craig’s bound and sobbing girlfriend, with a gorgeous babe like that on his arm, any man might be able to get hard even in the most dire circumstances. Carl chuckled quietly at his own private thoughts as he once again increased the pressure on Craig’s steadily crumbling nuts. 

Craig was soon once again bellowing in extreme agony. His balls were now being crushed far flatter than any other man had done, and thick bubbles of mushy nut meat were starting to squish out between Carl’s clutching fingers. The handsome footballer knew that his balls’ valiant resistance was nearing an explosive end. 

Carl could feel Craig’s flattening nuts starting to become crushed in his grip, literally collapsing in his massive hands, their tough and fibrous outer walls starting to crack and break down under the inhuman pressure. He felt an incredible surge of brute emotion as he continued to lay waste to another man’s baby makers, a man nearly as big and powerful as himself. These were the biggest bollocks he’d ever seen! Perhaps the biggest set of stud balls in the entire world!! And Carl was drunk on the power he felt at the idea of annihilating such a mammoth set of balls. 

“Carl! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!” the young man sobbed. 

Yeah, maybe I’ll fuck this stud’s hot girlfriend when I’m done here, thought Carl. Show her what a REAL man looks like. But even as he thought this, Carl knew in his deepest heart that Craig outclassed and outmanned him in just about every way possible. Though Carl had the guy on height, weight, and sheer colossal mass, he knew that he could never compare to this stunningly handsome, powerfully built, amazingly athletic, and impossibly hung super stud. And that realization made Carl angry. Very, very angry. 

“Carl! Don’t! Kids!” Craig’s hoarse screams barely formed an intelligible plea. 

Dammit, this cocky little fuck didn’t DESERVE a monstrous set of cock and balls, thought Carl. And he sure as shit hadn’t earned the right to pass on his overblown genes to another next generation of little Craigs. Carl licked his lips and smiled wide at the thought of all of the millions and millions of potential babies currently swimming around within Craig’s huge, failing bull balls. All of the handsome and fantastically built boys, the gorgeous and athletic girls. Craig’s genetic potential was truly unparalleled, and Carl held the future of all of that phenomenal potential literally in the palms of his massive hands. 

“Well Craig, I hope you made a sperm deposit, as your baby-making days are about to be over!” 

With that, Carl redoubled the strength he was pouring into his massive fists, bearing down with overwhelming force into the very heart of Craig’s screaming manhood, ripping the most thunderous bellow yet from Craig’s heaving lungs. 

Something must have finally snapped deep within Craig’s massive plumbing, for his monstrous member swelled and bloated even larger still, quivered for half a second…and then began spewing forth the single greatest cum load in the young man’s life. Ten whole days of abstinence followed by the most brutal ball mauling imaginable combined into a perfect storm, and the hollering quarterback began to purge the milky contents of his shuddering balls in an epic release. 

The first gigantic rope of cum was as thick as a finger and more than 6 feet long, and shot forth with such force that it landed squarely within the fireplace more than a dozen feet away, slapping wetly against the blackened bricks within and painting them a blinding white. The second colossal gout was even bigger and more powerful, if that was even possible, striking the mantel above the fireplace and spraying a thick wad of sperm shrapnel across the tan-colored wall above. 

What followed was the most insanely powerful orgasm any of the men could ever dream of. Even Craig, as consumed as he was by the agony erupting inside his convulsing and shuddering bollocks, was shocked at the fury and sheer volume of his ejaculate, and some small corner of his mind was proud that his final load as an intact male would be one of such heroic proportions. These rival footballers might be jealous of his strength, skill, and manhood, but even once they’d stolen all of that from him, they would forever know that Craig Taylor had been a far more superior male than all of them put together! 

Pulse after pulse after pulse after gigantic, knock-you-to-the-ground pulse of jock jizz kept rocketing out of Craig’s massive bazooka of a cock with no end in sight, even as Carl’s claw-like fingers continued to dig ever deeper into his crumbling nut meat. The entire fireplace, mantel, and wall were soon white-washed with his male effluvium, and the old ashes in the fireplace were becoming a sticky, gray morass of pasty cum. Virtually none of the cum was landing on Craig himself, for the thick fluid was jetting forth from his cock under such terrific force that it cleared his body entirely! 

One full minute slowly ticked by, and Craig’s orgasm raged onward, even as Carl’s fingers dug even deeper into his hideously distorted balls. 

A second minute ticked by, and STILL Craig’s cock kept right on pumping, his load just as copious, as white, as thick with prime stud sperm as when his orgasm started. Like the rest of the men, Carl was open mouthed and awestruck at the incredible sight, and he barely paid any attention to the terrific force he was still exerting on Craig’s nearly broken balls. In fact, Carl was so turned on by the whole experience that he was clutching Craig’s huge bollocks even harder than he intended, very nearly rupturing the behemoth orbs then and there in the midst of the football jock’s final, epic load. But somehow the young man’s humongous nuts continued to endure, pumping out more and more of their heavy cargo. 

At three full minutes of continuous orgasm, Craig’s titanic orgasm finally began to ratchet down. The force and volume of his testicular purges steadily decreased, with the final few spurts spraying out across the young man’s own meaty pecs, but still copious enough to liberally shellack the massive pectoral muscles in a thick layer of white, curdy man cream. 

Carl kept right on squeezing Craig’s balls, however, even long after the final drop of spunk dripped from the young man’s still rock-hard member. The young quarterback was beyond screaming and bellowing at this point, and could only weakly thrash against his restraints as he let out low, breathy moans of agony. A deep, guttural chuckle began to come from Carl’s barrel chest as he felt Craig’s massive right nut starting to really lose its shape… 

The muscle giant suddenly released Craig’s nearly broken balls, letting them fall heavily to the floor with a loud SLAP! The grotesquely mangled sex glands only very slowly began to regain their original orb-like shape, and were now such a deep and dark bruised red that they were nearly purple. The traumatized tissues also began to swell, making the young man’s bollocks bloat to even more stupendous dimensions, leaving coconuts behind to approach the size of melons. 

There was no doubt about it — Craig’s mammoth man orbs were very nearly done in. In fact, who knew how much damage had already been done to those huge whoppers. It was only the fact that Craig’s balls had just pumped out the single greatest cum load in human history that confirmed to the men in the room that his balls were still very much alive, and at least intact enough to still pump out a championship load. But there was no way, no way at all, that they could endure any more abuse. 

Carl gazed upward from his kneeling position and looked at the fireplace and wall across from him. The entire edifice, almost up to the ceiling, was thickly coated in enormous slugs and globs of Craig’s nut juice. The thick sludge hung in huge, heavy globs from the mantelpiece, attesting to the unnaturally thick and clotted nature of the young man’s studly fluids. Fuck, forget millions — that must have been BILLIONS of potential babies that Craig has just sprayed all over the wall!! 

The huge brute looked downward at his softly weeping captive, and could only marvel at the man’s stunning, masculine beauty. His gorgeous face, his fantastically muscular and perfectly proportioned body, his enormous mule cock that even now continued to pulse and throb as if it was ready to go for round two. And his balls, his huge, bulbous, rotund, bloated, sagging, magnificent balls. Even after more than two hours of continuous, brutal mauling and mangling, those titanic testes were still alive. Bruised, battered, beaten, and nearly broken, but alive. 

The sight filled Carl with a rage unlike anything he had ever known. 

Howling with animal fury, Carl raised his enormously muscular right arm high over his head, formed a massive fist, and sent it smashing down with unspeakable force into Craig’s defenseless bollocks like some sort of sledgehammer. 


Craig’s entire body convulsed, his massive muscles spasmodically flexing in agony, but only the faintest grunt escaped the young man’s lips. 

Carl raised his huge fist up again, and once more sent it down with pulverizing force into Craig’s crumbling nuts. 


Over and over and over again, Carl ruthlessly and mercilessly pummeled and pounded Craig’s balls, all while yelling and sweating in terrible rage. 


DIE, you mother fucking BULL BALLS!!” 


“ARGH!! You fucking FREAK!!!


“You don’t DESERVE your fucking nuts!!!” 


The other masked men began to back away from the enraged Carl, horror clearly written on their faces. Many of them were starting to come to their senses, realizing that they were taking this situation much too far. But all were too terrified of Carl to try to stop him. 


Craig’s huge bull nuts were getting smashed flatter and flatter with each pulverizing hammer blow from Carl’s massive fist, and were taking longer and longer to plump back up to something resembling an orb-like shape. Even more disturbing, however, were the steadily wetter and crunchier sounds coming from the young man’s nearly obliterated nuts, proof that his bollocks were sustaining some truly horrific damage. Even if Carl stopped right now, there might be nothing left of Craig’s fabled manhood to save! 

Carl was astounded that Craig’s huge testes hadn’t yet exploded in a ruined mess of gore. He knew just how fantastically strong his gigantic guns truly were, and he was using all of that super human might in his attack on the young quarterback’s oversized orbs — he had therefore fully expected them to burst on just the first or second punch! But those twin bull balls had already endured nearly a SCORE of annihilating punches, and just kept on plumping back up for more! 

Carl changed his tactics, and began using both of his massive arms to rain down hammer blows of destruction onto Craig’s helpless nuts. He also began hitting them from multiple angles — the top, the front, the sides, and even brutal upper cuts from below. He even tried singling out just one mammoth, sagging orb at a time and striking it from all sides, raining down punches that would have caved in a car door or shattered concrete blocks. But STILL Craig’s bull nuts endured! 


“Why won’t your balls fucking BURST!?!?” Carl raged. 


“Can you feel ‘em weakening, fucker? Getting all soft and gloopy, like I’m punchin’ a fuckin’ sack of wet oatmeal! Yeah! FUCK yeah!! Won’t be fucking long now, dude!”


“FUCK yeah! They’re crushing almost flat as pancakes now, and barely plumping even halfway up! How’s it feel to have your entire manhood, the source of all of your masculine power, crumble beneath the fists of a bigger, badder stud?! I fucking OWN you, asshole!!” 


“Dude, you hear how wet and sloshy your balls are sounding now? Fuck, they’re probably already dead, even if they haven’t burst yet! But I’m gonna break ‘em anyway! And you know why? Cuz you’re a fuckin’ cocky bastard who needs to learn his place!!” 


“Oh fuck! Fuck yeah! It’s happening! Your huge bollocks are finally breaking! Just a few more punches and it’ll all be over!”


Craig’s massive bollocks, the seat of his unsurpassed masculinity, were quivering like gelatin and barely plumping up to a half of their normal thickness under the speed and fury of Carl’s pulverizing punches. It was starting to get hard to tell where one ball ended and the other began, for both of his once-beautiful balls had been virtually liquified after hours of relentless, merciless abuse. By all accounts, the young man’s bollocks should have long since burst asunder, and it was a testament to their awesome durability and toughness that they had even survived this long. But it was clear that their mighty resilience was soon going to reach its end. 

The giant muscle monster brought down a rain of destruction onto Craig’s horrifically soft and squishy nuts. Any single punch could have easily been the one to spell the end of the young quarterback’s oversized manhood forever, but the two mushy, half-flattened orbs of pulped and pulverized ball meat simply refused to break open. 

After a final barrage of blows, Carl was panting and grunting like some sort of massive bull, his eyes swimming with rage and the need to utterly pulverize and destroy the stud laid out before him. Craig’s mammoth, mighty testicles were now halfway flat, and clearly more than halfway ruined. The mammoth sex glands were discolored, distorted, lumpy, mushy, and barely resembled the magnificent bull balls of three hours before, but amazingly, astoundingly, they hadn’t yet cracked! Both of the handsome young quarterback’s titanic testicles were still alive and in one piece!!

“Get him on his knees!!!” Carl bellowed to the other men. Terrified of refusing the enraged beast, the other men untied the herculean hunk and positioned his limp, muscular body on the ground, his knees spread wide apart and his mammoth, swollen, mangled ball bag hanging almost halfway to the floor. 

Carl reared back his cleated, size 18 foot and sent it sailing full force into Craig’s sack with a devastating kick. 


Craig’s handsome head rolled, but the utterly vulnerable and defeated stud didn’t otherwise react, nearly unconscious with fatigue and inhuman agony. 


Three more kicks were launched into Craig’s softening sack, almost like Carl was practicing his field goal kicks. The blows were devastating, even more powerful than the punches that had laid waste to Craig’s gigantic right nut, with the sheer force of the blows lifting Craig’s 275 pounds of rock hard muscle a couple of inches off of the floor! 

Yet still the lad’s awesome nuts refused to crack! 

“Damn, Carl!” one of his teammates weakly joked. “You should try out for the position of field goal kicker! You look like you’re gonna kick Craig’s big, puffy football for a 100-yard field goal!!”

“AAARGH!!!” Carl bellowed in response, kicking the lad’s battered nutsack with wild abandon. 


A dozen kicks more. Then two dozen. Then three dozen. Craig’s bloated, pulverized, and half-flattened sack didn’t even remotely resemble a sack of human nuts anymore. Each kick was sinking so deep into the lad’s traumatized testicles that less than an inch thick of jellied nut meat was separating the giant’s cleated foot from the young man’s muscular crotch, and that precious gap of weakening flesh was getting narrower and narrower still on each subsequent kick. Craig’s mighty balls were beyond red lined at this point. It looked like Craig’s balls couldn’t possibly endure even a single blow more without blowing apart…and Carl clearly realized that as well. 

The gigantic muscle beast roughly grabbed Craig by his chiseled jaw and forced the young man to look up at him, and then cruelly taunted the rising football superstar by saying, “Say goodbye to your unborn sons, asshole! It’s the end of the line for these oversized balls of yours!” Carl then released Craig’s chin, took a big step back, and then let loose with his most devastating kick yet. 


Craig’s much abused right nut took the brunt of the blow, and unable to endure any more brutal torture, violently blew to pieces inside the young man’s scratched and battered sack with a sickening and explosive POP!!! At that same moment, a terrific howl of unimaginable agony was torn from Craig’s throat. Even his unearthly howl couldn’t completely drown out the resounding popping and crunching sound of the young man’s titanic right bollock bursting asunder, and the reverberating sound made the other men in the room cringe in horror. 

After uttering this one last bellow of animal agony, Craig finally, mercifully fell unconscious. 

“Hey, he’s passed out!” one of the men said. 

But Carl didn’t seem to care or notice, continuing raining down thunderous, devastating, murderous kicks into Craig’s lone surviving bollock. 


Another dozen deadly kicks rained upon Craig’s quivering and shuddering left nut, but the massive orb proved to be even tougher than its shattered twin and endured every single blow without cracking open. 

Each kick compressed the quarterback’s lone bull nut down to a mere fraction of its colossal size, pancaking the huge orb against the stud’s rock-solid crotch. Each kick struck the quivering, brutally battered orb from a slightly different angle, making the oblong globe bulge and bend in all sorts of unnatural and grotesque ways. How the handsome lad’s nearly broken nut could survive even ONE such blow, let alone a constant and merciless barrage of them, had the other masked men awestruck and mystified. 

Craig’s mighty right nut was by now entirely reduced to goop, but amazingly, the left orb was still hanging on, if only barely. The unbelievably massive left nut had now swollen to three times its original size, turned a disturbing purplish-black, and was almost certainly completely ruined already. But the great nut was still visibly plump and intact, and Carl simply would not be satisfied until the left nut, like its recently deceased twin, was nothing more than a mushy, destroyed ruin. 

“Was he really tryin' to have kids?” someone asked in a meek voice, realizing the brutal seriousness of what they were doing.

Carl screamed bloody murder as he sent his foot sailing into Craig’s crotch over and over again, clearly not willing to let this cocky stud get away with even one intact nut. 


“BREAK!! Why won’t you fucking BREAK!?! Carl bellowed in fury and frustration. 

Carl finally paused in his punishment of Craig’s sack, knelt down, and felt the quarterback’s last nut, rolling the goliath and misshapen orb between his thumb and fingers. Craig seemed to barely register what was happening. The mammoth gland was discolored, distorted, lumpy, mushy, and barely resembled the magnificent bull ball of three hours before. Carl could feel that Craig’s final remaining sperm factory was so soft that it was nearly liquified, but was still somehow, impossibly, whole!

“Guys, I think we taught him good,” someone said, the tone of sobering realization weighing heavily. “Maybe it’s time to go now…”

It was as if the gathered men were coming down from the euphoric high of doing some juvenile prank and were now starting to contemplate the reality of cleaning up the mess. Carl, however, was determined to totally castrate Craig. He quickly wheeled in a shop vac that they’d brought into the adjacent room, one of several potential torture devices that they’d found in and around their locker room and that they’d originally intended to use to just scare the big quarterback. 

“Dude, what’re you doing?” Quinnten said to the lust and anger crazed Carl. 

“C’mon, dude! Seriously! Cut it out!” Josh said, echoing Quinnten’s sentiments. 

But Carl ignored the increasingly panicked appeals to sanity. One of the football players, realizing that at least half of Craig’s epic manhood had been utterly pulverized and destroyed, suddenly began to throw up. But once again, none of the men made a move to stop the giant stack of muscles from carrying out his destructive plan. 

Carl stomped over to the kneeling and nearly unconscious quarterback, and pressed his cleated boot against the young man’s perfect right pecs and pushed him callously onto his back. He then guided the hose of the industrial strength vacuum so that it was firmly resting against the skin of Craig’s horrifically bloated nutsac. The large opening at the end of the hose was a good 5 inches in diameter…but Craig’s goliath gonad had swollen to perhaps three times that dimension! There was no way the young man’s testicle could possibly fit into that hose…right…?

“Carl! STOP!!” shouted Quinnten, but to no avail. 

Carl reached down one hand to firmly and painfully grasp the powerful, perfect chin of the groggy Craig Taylor, gave a cold hard stare into the young man’s beautiful violet eyes, and said, “It’s the end of the road for your big balls, stud! Kiss your last bull nut goodbye!” 

And with that, Carl flipped the switch, turning the industrial strength shop vac up to its highest setting. 


Craig’s entire body arched backwards in a spectacular display of exquisitely-formed musculature as the vacuum began to suck his bloated bollock into the thick rubber hose. The horrifically battered orb had become so mushy and pliant that, in a matter of just a few seconds, it had smushed down and morphed enough to get completely sucked into the rubber tube, disappearing down the black throat of the merciless shop vac. The shattered and liquified remains of Craig’s pulverized right nut followed suit moments later, and then the sucking hose moved up the short length of the lad’s scrotum to lock itself securely around the very root of his ballsac, latching onto the young man’s muscular groin with a death grip. 

For a few seconds, nothing else seemed to happen, just Craig’s muscular convulsions and hoarse cries of agony and the steady whir of the vacuum’s powerful motor. But then the vacuum’s tone went up a few octaves as it began to struggle harder and harder to suck the thick and meaty obstruction all the way into the large metal canister waiting at the end of the 8-foot-long hose. All eyes in the room, including Craig’s own beautiful violet orbs, are focused on the huge compressed bulge clearly visible in the black rubber hose, and everyone’s eyes began to grow wider as that bulge began to slowly inch its way down the length of the vacuum tube. 

Craig did not know he could experience any greater pain than what he’d already suffered, but he quickly discovered he was wrong. As the shop vac began to apply unimaginable suction to Craig’s last whole nut, and indeed his entire scrotum, the all-important cords and tendons and vessels that connected the young man’s mighty left nut to his astoundingly muscular body began to be stretched to their limits and beyond. The unforgiving and unfeeling machine was trying to literally suck Craig’s last big nut right out of the sack, attempting to tear it loose from its moorings and consume the last big lump of the young man’s heroic manhood! 

The machine loudly huffed and wheezed and chugged as it slowly stretched the stud’s straining nut farther and farther from his body. The end of the hose remained firmly attached to Craig’s muscular groin, but as the stretch applied to Craig’s bloated bollock increased to 2 inches, and then 3 inches, and then 4 inches, the section of rubber tubing extending from the base of Craig’s ball to his groin collapsed downward until it was tightly hugging the narrow — and narrowing — neck of Craig’s stretched out scrotal sac. 

It was the ultimate tug of war, man against machine, with the man at a very serious disadvantage. 

Carl fully expected the powerful vacuum to rip the connecting cords loose from Craig’s body in seconds, particularly in the horrifically weakened state of his bulging bull nut. But the mighty muscle man stymied Carl yet again, his straining nut doggedly remaining attached to his body, even as it was gradually stretched even farther from his body to 5 inches, and then 6 inches. 

“I know how to hurry this along!” Carl shouted, running back to the adjoining room and coming back moments later with another big tool in his hands. Craig’s pain-wracked and tear-filled eyes opened wide in horror when they saw what the giant muscle beast was carrying in his hands. It was a massive, oversized sledgehammer, the kind that even big Carl would need to wield two handed. It was the kind of tool used to shatter boulders and drive huge metal spikes deep into rock…and Carl was obviously intending to use that tool on Craig’s already mangled and half ruined plumbing. 

Carl took a position standing next to the young stud’s humongously muscular left leg, and stared down at the brutal tug-of-war taking place between Craig and the vacuum cleaner. The lad’s nutsac had already been stretched to 7 inches in the brief time Carl had stepped away, and even as the giant brute watched, that stretch was further increased to an absolutely incredible 8 inches!! No man’s nuts were ever meant to be stretched so far!! 

Carl gently placed the head of the huge sledgehammer right next to the very narrow black rubber tube that contained the slender 8-inch neck…wait, make that 9-inch neck…of Craig’s ridiculously overstretched scrotum. The cruel brute leaned on the thick wooden handle of that hammer, grinning evilly down at Craig as he watched the young man’s last surviving nut being slowly stretched to oblivion. Maybe Carl wouldn’t have to do anything after all to finish off Craig’s last nut…

The lad’s heroically straining nut soon reached an unbelievable stretch of 10 astounding inches, no doubt shattering a number of world records, and STILL it continued to become slowly pulled ever farther and farther away from his muscular crotch. The heavy duty cords and thick cables that connected that mammoth orb to his body must have been made of some stern stuff indeed to survive so long, but surely they must be nearing their ultimate breaking point! 

The increases in scrotal stretch occurred much slower now, Craig’s behemoth bull ball fighting desperately against any further stretching. But the relentless shop vac kept on chugging away, ever increasing the tremendous suctioning pressure that was slowly winning the battle for the huge, meaty testicle. It seemed at any moment, those straining cables would snap one by one, and Craig’s final intact gonad would be forever detached from his body. Indeed, the suction was now so intense that it seemed certain that the lad’s entire scrotum — his intact left ball, the pulverized nut guts from his shattered right ball, and the whole scrotal sac itself — would be ripped clean away from the very base of the stud’s muscular, sweaty crotch. This was a battle that Craig couldn’t hope to win. 

10.5 inches! 11 inches! The horrific strain on Craig’s bloated bollock was unreal! 

11.5 inches! 11.75 inches!! 12 FUCKING INCHES!!!

When Craig’s straining nut finally reached the extraordinary and unprecedented benchmark of 12 astounding inches, his nut cords simply refused to give any further. All of those mighty cables and cords had now been stretched to their absolute and utter limits, and simply refused to stretch a single millimeter further. Even as the industrial strength machine continued to ramp up its fearsome power, sucking so hard that it threatened to pull the contents of Craig’s nearly shattered left ball inside out, those almighty ball cords wouldn’t budge any further. A temporary stalemate had been reached between flesh and metal, though it was a truce that all knew wouldn’t last for long. Even now, the machine was ramping up its power more and more, determined to remove the big, bloated obstruction in its rubbery throat. 

Carl looked down at the foot-long segment of narrow rubber tubing, stretching from the massive oblong bulge that was Craig’s straining left nut to the base of the young man’s crotch, just below his still steely hard 19-inch mega penis. The length of black rubber tube was barely an inch in diameter, meaning that the slender neck of flesh connecting the young man’s bollock to his body was perhaps only half that wide. Those all-important cords and cables giving continued life to Craig’s dying ball were contained in a stretched out, narrow tube of flesh that was barely half an inch wide! 

“Hey there hot shot!” Carl said to the weakly struggling young quarterback. “Your big nut is nearly finished! Any moment now, that ridiculously oversized bollock of yours is gonna be ripped right off of your body! And I’m going to help move things along!” 

Flashing a big, evil smile, Carl heaved the incredibly heavy metal mallet up into the air, taking a wide, two-handed stance and balancing the huge sledgehammer over his head. 

“I call this little move the ‘Vasectomizer’!” Carl chuckled at his little joke, took careful aim, and then brought the massive mallet down full force — right into the impossibly narrow black tube containing all of those critical cords and tendons. 


The whole house seemed to shake with the force of the impact, and the narrow rubber tube and its straining contents were utterly flattened beneath the massive metal head of the mallet. Craig’s mind was beyond registering any additional pain at this point, but his massive body still gave a short convulsion as the hammer made mush of his already redlined and overstrained ball cords. 

Laughing wildly, Carl raised the hammer up again and brought it down once more with annihilating force into the narrow tube. 


Carl was lost in a fog of lust and destruction, gleefully wreaking the most terrible abuse and havoc that he could think of on the object of his greatest envy. 




Again and again, Carl brought down that colossal mallet onto the slender rope of flesh that continued to give Craig’s last bulky nut life. 




The thick hardwood planks beneath the stud’s stretched out nutsac started to crack and splinter under the awful abuse, but Carl would not be stopped as he continued raining down devastation on Craig’s sexual plumbing. 






After a dozen blows, the hardwood floor was a cracked and shattered mess, but the pliant rubber tubing stretching right up to the base of Craig’s monster cock was intact. Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for Craig’s internal plumbing, which had been pulverized beyond repair by the relentless hammer blows. 

Carl looked down with undisguised joy at the utterly destroyed jock, his perfectly sculpted muscles glistening with sweat and sperm, his thick blonde hair matted to his head, his achingly handsome face wet with tears and cum. Craig’s deep violet eyes were half lidded in his exhausted and nearly comatose state, though it was obvious he wasn’t actually looking at anything anymore. Craig, who had been sobbing for over three hours under the unspeakably brutal assault, was completely cried out, a single lone tear slowly streaming down the right side of his still stunningly handsome face.

The big brute’s teammates had been rendered speechless by the incredibly violent destruction of Craig’s sex life, staring blankly at the mangled, mushy bag still locked in the deadly embrace of the shop vac’s suction tube. Most of the men were too stunned to actually register what they were seeing, but the sounds of violent retching spoke to the fact that at least one of the football players realized exactly what they had done.

Carl, like a 6-foot, 8-inch statue of solid muscle, stood defiantly against the growing unease among his teammates. How moronic, Carl thought to himself with a subhuman level of callousness. What did they THINK was going to happen when ten big, strong men went to town on one man’s defenseless and vulnerable balls? Did they expect to simply get in a few punches and for Craig to casually laugh it off? Did they think this was some sort of high school prank? 

Carl had known from the very start, even before they left the campus parking lot, what the end game would be tonight. He knew that he would stop at nothing until Craig Taylor’s balls were history. He hadn’t counted on the fact that the handsome young quarterback’s balls would be so ridiculously HUGE, let alone so unbelievably, unimaginably TOUGH. But none of that really mattered in the end. No matter how big and tough Craig’s balls had been, they were ruined now! 

The gigantic brute’s lips curled into a particularly vile, demented smile as he gazed hungrily at the handsome young stud laid out before him. Craig was the epitome of masculine virility, what with his stunningly handsome face, rippling stud muscles, and obscenely oversized cock. But all of that prime masculinity now looked ridiculously out of place on the de-sexed college jock. No more would the young man lead his football team to victory after victory. Gone were the former stud’s hopes of a glorious career in the NFL. Gone as well were any chances that the handsome hunk would ever father babies that would inherit his stunning genetic potential. Hell, once the guy’s 19-inch cock finally went limp (DAMN, how could he still be HARD after all of this!?!), Carl realized with a surge of glee that the handsome young ex-stud would never throw a boner again. Instead, Craig would be left with nothing but a huge, floppy, foot-long tube of useless manflesh to remind himself of the awesome, awe-inspiring virility he had once possessed. 

Oh yes, Carl had indeed destroyed this young man’s bright future. The big brute contrasted the sobbing, spent, and sexless ex-jock before him with the beaming, incredibly happy young man Craig had been just a few hours earlier. Fresh from a football victory, rushing home to make love to a girlfriend he hadn’t seen in over three months, his entire life still ahead of him. With all of his life plans snuffed out, Craig’s striking violet eyes would never again have that same sparkle. Carl was beyond satisfied with himself for having permanently extinguished that light out of Craig’s beautiful eyes. And all it took was the rupturing of the young man’s testicles, the oversized sex organs that had powered the former stud’s extraordinary athleticism and phenomenal virility. 

Well played, Carl thought to himself. Well played. 

Only one thing still bothered the victorious muscle giant. The shop vac’s black rubber tubing still contained a huge, oblong lump, proof that Craig’s lone remaining testicle was still in one piece. The titanic testicle had already been bludgeoned into impotent uselessness and the vessels connecting it to the young man’s crotch hammered into paste. Hell, the huge muscle stud was already effectively a eunuch! But that lone lump of manflesh represented the last vestige of the gorgeous stud’s once-magnificent manhood, and Carl would not be satisfied until every trace of the young quarterback’s virility had been destroyed. And he knew JUST how he wanted to do it! A coup de grace worthy of the quarterback’s epic manhood. 

Carl laughed at the defeated football hero and cruelly taunted him some more. “Ha ha! YES!! How do you like THAT, you cocky fucker! I’ve already burst your right nut, and punched and kicked your left nut into permanent sterility, and now I’ve fucked up your plumbing so bad that it will never function again. The blood supply to your mangled nut has been destroyed, and your fat bull ball just doesn’t know that it’s dead yet. All that’s left is for me to shatter that still-whole orb into a thousand meaty chunks. Get ready for it, stud, cuz this is your last moment as a man!!” 

Carl then lifted the mallet up with both of his hands, his gargantuan arms flexing with incredible power. Then he gave a mighty bellow of fury and victory, and slammed the hammer head down with blinding speed and atomic force into the huge, oblong, rubber-encased blob that was the last visible remnant of Craig’s once-glorious manhood. 


“GAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Craig let out a primal roar, so loud and deafening that the masked men covered their ears in pain, and the glass windows shook as if they might shatter from the sonic power of the stud’s thunderous bellow. His mammoth bollock had completely disappeared under the huge mattock, crushed utterly flat by the blow, with barely a half inch separating the sledgehammer’s head from the cracked and broken hardwood floor. 

At that same instant, a truly colossal gout of blindingly white cum erupted from the stud’s powerfully spasming cock, blasting through the air with such force that it shattered into a hundred big globs when it struck the far wall. No sooner had the first mighty sperm salvo struck the wall than the next mighty pulsation of cum spewed forth, followed by another, and another, and another. 

Though it seemed utterly impossible, Craig’s defiant left nut was giving the assailants irrefutable proof that it was not only still somehow alive and attached to its beefy owner, it was also very, very much still virile and hale, and its hideously overstretched plumbing still in full working order!! Massive amounts of hunk spunk were blasting out of Craig’s gigantic cock as if from a cannon, and it looked like the young man’s final orgasm might be even more colossal than the record-breaking cum load he’d shot not one hour before! And that with only ONE functioning testicle!!! 

“NOOOOOO!!!!!!” Carl cried out in fury and frustration, and he immediately jumped on top of the huge hammer head and used his own enormous, 425 pounds of muscular weight to further crush Craig’s already flattened stud nut. The minuscule space between the hammer head and the floor was immediately reduced by half, crushing everything in between into a quarter-inch-thick pancake. The young quarterback cried out in even greater agony, and the power of his thunderous orgasm seemed to redouble in both force and volume, his dying left nut trying to valiantly purge itself of one last awesome load before it was squashed forever. 

Carl started twisting the huge sledgehammer back and forth, using his enormous weight to grind the already impossibly-flattened bollock into the cracked and splintered floor, almost like he was crushing a bug beneath his heel. The look of animal fury on Carl’s brutish face was terrifying. He wanted to see, hear, and feel the young stud’s ball explode beneath his feet, and watch the inevitable spray of blood and gore that would occur as soon as the hammer head finally made direct contact with the wooden floor. 

It was this almost indescribable sight that greeted the police when they first charged into Craig’s living room. The six officers were immediately stunned into immobility at the impossible sight before them — the crowd of nearly a dozen masked men, the inhuman howling of a naked young muscle man on the floor, the insane volumes of thick, thick nut butter spurting forth from a gigantic bull cock that had to be at least a foot and a half long, the slender length of black rubber tubing extending an impossible distance from the base of the young man’s columnar club of a cock to disappear beneath the solid steel head of a massive sledgehammer (Could the young man’s nuts POSSIBLY be stretched that far from his body?! Could they actually be TRAPPED beneath that gigantic hammer?!?!), and the biggest, most muscular giant of a man that any of the cops had ever seen, standing on top of that hammer head and grinding whatever lay beneath him into oblivion. 

Moments after the cops charged into the room, the industrial strength vacuum cleaner started making even more labored sounds than ever, and then started emitting thin wisps of smoke from its quivering canister. The machine had gone into overdrive, pushing past all of its design limits in one last attempt to separate Craig’s last nut from his body and clear the massive obstruction in its thick rubber tube. But in the end, it may have been the fact that huge Carl had the bulging and flattened nut pinned in place by the sledgehammer and his own bodyweight that finally tipped the scales in Craig’s favor, for with one last shuddering lurch, the shop vac’s innards blew with a loud BOOM!!! Black smoke started billowing out of the machine, and the terrific suction that had been trying to rip Craig’s bull nut apart immediately ceased. 

In the stunned silence that followed, Carl was the first to react. The huge muscle giant gave a great bellowing cry of fury, hopping off the hammer, tossing huge club aside one-handed like it weighed almost nothing (and barely missing one of the police officers, who dodged aside just in time to avoid being clobbered by the flying hammer), and then bending down to pick up the black rubber hose of the shop vac. He gave one mighty tug on the hose, ripping the tube off of Craig’s nutsac and very nearly finishing the task of tearing the entire scrotum free from the young man’s gorgeous body. 

Several of the masked men, as well as a couple of the police officers, immediately began dry heaving and retching at the sight of Craig’s horribly mangled ballsac. The state of the young man’s profoundly disfigured nut bag was hard to describe. A tortured tube of limp flesh nearly 8 inches long and barely half an inch wide stretched from the base of Craig’s STILL rock hard cock (belching out the chunky dregs of the single greatest orgasm in the young football stud’s life) down to a lumpy, misshapen blob at the other end. Clearly, the shop vac’s insanely powerful suction had had a permanent stretching effect on the young man’s sack, extending his nut dangle from a mere 1 inch to a grotesque 8 inches! But it was the nuts themselves — or more accurately, his nut — that were truly terrifying to behold. 

The lumpy, puffy, and misshapen mass at the end of Craig’s horrifically elongated scrotum was about the size and mass of a basketball, perhaps even a bit bigger, but not nearly so spherical in shape. More like a half-deflated medicine ball. The entire mass was a mottled mess, ranging from a dark red to eggplant purple with bruises, broken blood vessels, and internal hemorrhaging. There were also a large number of abrasions and superficial scratches all over the surface of the ballbag, especially the underside that had been pressed and ground against the broken hardwood floor, evidence that the nut bag itself hadn’t escaped damage from the splintering floor boards and rough treatment by the huge sledgehammer. 

It was even harder to describe what was contained within that ragged and mangled nutsac. The huge misshapen lump was a swirling blend of broken ball meat, liquified nut guts, and raw sperm from Craig’s obliterated right ball, within which floated the lad’s lumpy, mangled, battered, and cracked — but not yet broken — left ball. 

Before anyone else could act, a desperate Carl lunged down, wrapped both of his hands around the brutally elongated neck of Craig’s scrotum, and planted his cleated feet firmly into the awesomely thick and muscular flesh of the young man’s massive upper thighs. Then, with a mighty animal-like bellow, the 6-foot, 8-inch giant yanked back with all of his might, throwing his entire 425 pounds backward for good measure. 

And unfortunately for Craig, the six police officers chose that same moment to finally break free from their paralysis an act. All six of them instantly whipped out their taser guns, took aim at Carl’s impossibly wide and muscular back, and fired. 

Everything then seemed to happen in slow motion. 

Carl’s gargantuan arms flexed even larger than their usual 26.5-inch girth, turning into fantastic beasts of raw muscular power as they bulged to super human size. Craig’s battered nutsac was instantly stretched from 8 inches to a deadly and horrific 14 inches, a full 2 inches further than the industrial-strength shop vac had been able to achieve. The 425-pound giant’s body fell backward as well, toppling backward only to be hauled up short by the quarterback’s hideously overstretched scrotum, which somehow continued to hold even under this most brutal assault yet! 

Carl was trying to bend his mighty arms even farther, attempting to rip Craig’s entire nutsac off at the root, when all six sets of taser needles plunged into the dense meat of his massive back. 

Thousands of kilovolts of electricity immediately started coursing through Carl’s enormous body, paralyzing his massive muscles in a rictus of contraction, and in fact making those gigantic muscles contract even harder than ever…which only served to further increase the inhumanly powerful pull being exerted onto Craig’s strangled ballsac. Even worse, the searing and deadly pain from all of that electricity was not only wracking Carl’s hulking form, but it was also traveling down his gargantuan arms into Craig’s quivering nutsac, and then down the length of his 14-inch scrotal neck to the lad’s convulsing body. 

The intense electrical energy from just one taser would bring down any man, regardless of his size. Two tasers could bring down a horse, and three would fell a bull elephant. Six tasers discharging all at once were potentially downright deadly. And with the various wires of the six tasers all crossed and tangled together, the six guns were forced to misfire, discharging ALL of their stored up energy into the two huge football players. 

Carl’s pale gray eyes had immediately flew open wide as the electrical energy first slammed into his back, and the other men could readily see the fear and agony in his eyes as his entire body was locked in a tight spasm. As the horrific seconds wore on and on and on, the panic in the big man’s eyes only grew. The other men started hearing loud snapping and popping sounds, and everyone at first assumed it was the cords and tendons in Craig’s beyond-brutally stretched scrotum finally snapping and breaking. But the horrified men soon realized that it was actually the sound of Carl’s own over contracted muscles that were starting to fail under the strain. His entire body was locked into such a profound rictus of contraction that the massively overdeveloped muscles all over his body began to snap and fail. Two particularly loud and echoing pops spelled the end of Carl’s titanic guns, as the tendons connecting his massive bicep muscles to his bones finally snapped and gave way. 

Young Craig was faring only marginally better, his spectacular form arched in an image of abject agony, and his gorgeously developed muscles looking like they would also rip themselves apart at any moment. 

The terrible electrical discharge lasted for more than half a minute, and by the end, Carl’s pale eyes had glazed over, and thin wisps of smoke were trailing out of his flared nostrils and from between his tightly clenched teeth. When the final surge of electricity was spent, Carl’s limp hands finally released their death grip on the quarterback’s ballsac, and the nearly 7-foot-tall giant toppled over backward to land with a terrible THUD on the broken floor. 

The masked men backed away and huddled in abject terror as the six officers rushed forward to the two downed men. One man immediately radioed dispatch, shouting for two ambulances, while the other officers checked both unmoving men for vital signs. Big Carl had no signs of either a pulse or breathing, and so two officers immediately began CPR on the huge footballer. Another officer quickly scraped off the bulk of the vast sea of sperm that had pooled on Craig’s incredibly wide chest, and then pressed his ear to the young man’s huge left pec, listening for many long seconds for any sign of a heart beat. 

At first, the officer heard nothing for a good 6 or 8 seconds. Then, when he was just about to give up and start giving compressions, the lad’s big, muscular heart gave a mighty, stuttering beat…followed by another…and then another. A huge intake of breath followed, and then another. It was clear that at least one of the two men had a chance of surviving this horrific encounter. But at the officer purveyed the damage that had been done to the handsome stud’s freakishly oversized genitalia, he was sickened by the realization that this beautiful young boy would never be a man again. 

Two ambulances arrived just minutes later, and paramedics took over the role of trying to save the lives of both young men. Jennifer was rescued and untied, none the worse for wear physically from the night’s events, but no doubt scarred for life from what she had witnessed. The other 9 football players were all very meek and contrite after the police arrived, and they put up absolutely no resistance as they were all arrested and hauled off to the county jail. 


The two ambulances screamed their way to the local hospital, EMT crews working frantically to save the lives of both muscular young athletes. The paramedics were finally able to restart Carl’s heart beat en route to the hospital, but he was pronounced brain dead shortly thereafter. The multiple taser shots had apparently fried his brain, leaving his massively muscular bulk intact. The young man was registered as an organ donor, and since he was such a prime example of healthy jock male, virtually every possible organ was culled from his massive body and given to those in need. At least in death, Carl was able to make a positive difference in others’ lives. 

Craig was far more lucky. His vital signs stabilized in the ambulance and he regained consciousness while in the hospital a few hours later. The doctors determined that the muscular young man would not suffer any lasting injuries from the multiple taser blasts and was expected to make a full recovery. His massive cock — which had finally deflated and gone limp a few minutes after his second colossal orgasm — was likewise expected to fully heal and recover from the ordeal. Craig’s cock received a number of stitches for the worst of the puncture wounds from the shattered plastic cup, but the doctors were confident that the mammoth organ would heal with little to no scarring. 

It was the mangled mess that had been Craig’s once-magnificent scrotum that had the doctors most concerned. Miraculously, the hideously swollen and bruised left bollock was still fully attached to the young man’s body, despite being stretched to an ungodly 14 inches from his crotch by Carl’s final efforts to rip it free, and time would tell if the current 9-inch dangle to that enormous testicle would retract as the young man healed. However, the dense beef of that giant goolie was so heavily traumatized and battered that doctors feared the mighty orb couldn’t possibly survive. Still, all they could do was wait and see if the young man’s lone nut could recover. 

The emergency room doctors inspected the shattered remains of the lad’s equally bulky right nut through his bruised and abraded scrotum, and immediately wrote off that testicle as a lost cause. The mammoth nut had clearly been pulverized into a nearly liquified pulp, and the doctors knew that there was nothing they could do to save it. They quickly wheeled the young man in for surgery, intending to open up that side of his scrotum and drain out the mushy and shattered remains of the lad’s right nut in order to prevent necrosis and infection. 

Just as the emergency room doctors were making their initial incision into Craig’s ballsac, however, another doctor burst into the room and shouted for them to stop. The doctor was a young surgeon who specialized in sports medicine, and he had performed more than a dozen surgeries in the past on men who had suffered a cracked or split testicle. He wanted to see if he could salvage even a portion of the young man’s obviously super-sized ball. After a brief conference, the other doctors agreed to allow the surgeon a chance to save what he could. They all agreed that any hope of salvaging even a small fraction of the obliterated orb was very slim, but they also hated the thought of at least half of this young man’s awesome virility cut down in his prime. 

When Craig’s scrotum was finally cut open, one of the attending doctors and two of the nurses had to immediately leave the room, overcome by nausea. The sight that greeted the young surgeon was dire indeed, and at first the pulverized mess that had been the quarterback’s massive right ball appeared completely unsalvageable. But the brilliant surgeon refused to give up, and for four long hours he labored to reassemble the broken chunks of the young man’s ball, and stitch back together the shattered pieces of the tough and fibrous outer wall that had struggled so valiantly — but, in the end, fruitlessly — to shield and protect all of that dense testicular meat. The surgeon didn’t complete the operation until several hours past dawn, and even he wasn’t too optimistic about the chances of success. The waiting game had begun. 


A media storm hit as soon as word leaked out about the circumstances surrounding the event, and news outlets from all over the country quickly descended on the small county hospital, trying to gain more news about what had happened and the status of the handsome and popular young football star. The journalists were only told that Craig Taylor was in serious but stable condition. 

Jennifer had been cleared by the paramedics at the scene, but she also remained in the hospital, staying constantly at Craig’s bedside throughout his slow recovery. It turned out that it had been the actions of the quick-witted young woman that were responsible for the police officers’ timely arrival and the couple’s ultimate rescue. After she had been trussed up, tossed on the couch, and forgotten, Jennifer managed to surreptitiously reach into her back pocket and retrieve her cell phone. It took her several hours of quiet struggling, but she eventually was able to place her phone on silent, dial 9-1-1, and let the police GPS system locate the source of the call. Had the brave girl not kept her head and acted as she did, the situation would have gotten even worse. As it was, any chance for Craig to keep even a portion of his manhood was because of Jennifer’s actions. 

Jennifer was also pivotal in guaranteeing Craig’s potential as a future father, for as the police took her statement at the scene, she begged the investigators to obtain a sample of the young athlete’s sperm to place in deep freeze. With so much of the thick, gloopy baby batter running down the walls in slow-moving rivers, it was no problem at all for the police to comply with Jennifer’s request and obtain a sample or two. In fact, the overeager young officer who was given the task managed to fill no less than TWELVE plastic specimen containers with Craig’s phenomenally copious spunk, all of which were placed into cryogenic storage for later possible use for insemination. 

Strangely, 16 empty specimen containers had been removed from central supply, but the remaining 4 containers were never accounted for… 

In the end, though, Jennifer needn’t have worried. By the end of the first week in the hospital, the horrific swelling in Craig’s bloated left ball went away, as did the ugly bruising. The overstretched ball cords also retracted, but not all the way. Craig’s huge nuts were now permanently stretched to a full 4 inches from his crotch, leaving his former 1-inch dangle far behind. Far more importantly, though, the heroically tough nut was intact, and Craig was still a fully functional male. The relief that both Jennifer and Craig felt when they heard that news was profound, and they cried together with joy. 

The status of the young man’s shattered and reassembled right nut took much longer to determine, however. No man had ever before recovered from such extensive and complete trauma to a testicle, so the doctors held little hope for any kind of success. The best they hoped for was that some fraction of the testicle’s mass would survive, providing Craig with a sense of balance in his huge scrotum, but none of the doctors thought that there was even the most remote chance that any viable sperm-producing tissues could have survived the testicle’s brutal annihilation… 

A month after the incident, Craig was ready to finally be released from the hospital. He was long since back to full health, his quick recovery credited to his phenomenal state of health at the time of the attack, and he was back up to full strength and eager to get back to playing football. The only matter that remained was to perform a final test of his reconstructed right bollock. A nervous Craig was given a private room, where he worked himself up to a full and raging 19-inch boner. After a goodly amount of power fisting of his huge pole, Craig grunted and pounded out his first load post-attack…and what a load it was!!! After more than 4 weeks of abstaining from any kind of release, Craig’s bollocks were positively brimming with fresh cum, and the monstrous load he produce was bigger than either of his previous two loads, COMBINED! Even Craig was dumbfounded at the sheer mammoth size of his seminal output, and he could only hope that that meant both of his nuts were still functioning. 

Tests confirmed the seemingly impossible — not only was Craig still very much a fertile male, his virility was literally off the charts! The same was true for the young man’s testosterone output, which would have been considered nearly toxic levels in any other man. There was no doubt about it — Craig’s status as a prime alpha male stud jock was intact. 


In the meantime, the 9 other members of the Barracuda football team were all convicted under charges of kidnapping and aggravated assault, and all received prison sentences of 2-5 years in the state penitentiary. Most members of the public felt that the nine young men got off lightly, but it was Craig himself who spoke at their sentencing and petitioned the court for leniency. With a tearful Jennifer at his side, Craig spoke eloquently to the court about how he had forgiven the men for their crimes, even the late ringleader of the group, Carl, and that he hoped that they would all be able to move on with their lives. 

Moving on was going to prove harder than he thought for Craig himself, however. 

Several of the assailants had used their cell phones to film the systematic and brutal punishment inflicted onto Craig’s mammoth bull nuts, and these recordings were submitted as state’s evidence at the trial. Somehow, someone in the judicial system leaked copies of these videos to the media, and once they were uploaded to the Internet, they immediately went viral. As in breaking Internet records viral. Many people claimed that the videos were some sort of sick and elaborate hoax, but when yet another video was leaked showing Craig’s first marathon masturbation session post-recovery (an enterprising someone had snuck a hidden camera into Craig’s “private” hospital room when he pulled out his first monumental cum load), a stunned public realized that all of the videos were very, very real indeed. 

Needless to say, the media storm that surrounded the young man in the months to follow was beyond extreme, and he was forced to sit out the football season and go into hiding until the worst of the storm blew over. Nevertheless, Craig knew that he would be plagued by probing and embarrassing questions the rest of his life, along with continuous requests for him to pose for nude photos or film a porn video. The handsome lad’s life would never be the same again. 


The following autumn, Craig made his triumphant return to college football. The stadium was packed to overflowing with fans eager to see their hometown hero return to the gridiron, and by news reporters from all over the world chomping at the bit to get their first glimpse of the reclusive young he-man in nearly a year. 

A herculean figure took to the field, heralded by the deafening cheers of the crowd. Carrying his helmet in one hand, the stunningly handsome Craig Taylor smiled and waved to the packed stands, so many flashbulbs going off that the early night was illuminated as if it was noon. The already massive Craig had grown even more fantastically muscular in the year since he’d last taken the field, packing on nearly 50 pounds of granite-hard muscle to now tip the scales at a whopping 320 pounds. The 20-year-old mega stud and mega star was now literally a tank of muscle, bigger than almost every other man in college football, and bigger than most of the guys in the big leagues as well! 

The audience leapt to their feet at the sight of the handsome young athlete, and their thunderous applause lasted for well over 5 minutes, making the huge stud blush and then get tears in his eyes, humbled and deeply moved by the love he felt from the crowd. He went on that night to decimate the opposing team in one of the most lop-sided victories in college football history. The rest of the season was more of the same, with Craig charging like a massive bull to touchdown after touchdown in game after game. He made college history by completing the season with zero sacks and zero tackles, as he was literally unstoppable. 

The division championship at the end of the season was a foregone conclusion. 

Craig and Jennifer wed shortly after the end of his junior year football season, and their first child — a son — was born right before the start of his final college season. 

Craig’s remarkable story was sure to follow him for the rest of his career. He beat incredible odds to survive an attack that was intended to destroy his athletic and genetic potential forever, and now had a future that seemed limitless!