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Coach Clayton - Part 2

Coach Clayton — Part 2

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


The State University school year was fast coming to a close, with graduation itself only a few weeks away. The Seniors, including Alex Davidson, were looking ahead to obtaining their diplomas and moving out into the real world. But there were still a few major events happening before then, including the regional rugby championships. Alex had helped lead his team to victory the previous three years, and all eyes were on him to make history and secure an unprecedented four-year winning streak for the State team. 

Coach Brad Clayton watched and roared and cheered from the sidelines as the State University rugby team played perhaps their best game in his twenty years of coaching. Alex Davidson was simply amazing on the field, his power and grace appearing almost super human as he made tackle after tackle, interception after interception, and scored goal after goal. The poor opposing team didn’t even stand a chance, as the victory was a blowout. The home team crowd went absolutely wild as the final seconds wound down, and Alex secured his place in history by leading his team to its fourth consecutive victory. 

The energy in the locker room after the game was electric, as Alex’s teammates ecstatically celebrated their victory, joking and laughing and roughhousing in that way that young jocks do. The young men quickly showered and changed so that they could meet up with friends, family, and other supporters, and hit the college bars. 

All except Alex. 

After his initial sense of achievement, Alex’s mood quickly changed, and he became increasingly quiet and withdrawn. He remained behind as his teammates left to go party, and he placed his phone on silent so that he didn’t see or hear the many calls and text messages asking where he was and when he was going to join them. Alex instead remained in the locker room, listening to the pounding silence of his own thoughts, growing more and more morose and despondent. He was disturbed to think that he might have achieved his athletic peak with this final game. And he was even more disheartened and sad to realize that his special friendship and relationship with Coach Clayton was coming to an end as well. He was only vaguely saddened by the other upcoming changes in his life — the scattering of his friends to the four winds with graduation, the end of college life, the upcoming end to his relationship with his latest girlfriend when he moved away from campus. No, it was his secret relationship with big Coach Clayton that Alex realized he was going to miss most of all. And that thought made him want to seek out the older man’s company for brutal ball punishment one last time. 

As if his mind had conjured him, Alex’s beautiful blue eyes lit up as he saw Coach Clayton walk into the locker room. The game had ended over two hours before, but his Coach knew that he would find his star player hanging out in the deserted locker room. 

The tall and enormously muscular coach wordlessly walked down the aisle until he was looming over the seated Alex, who was completely naked except for a thin white towel wrapped tightly around his extremely narrow and spectacularly muscular waist. Alex gazed upward at the huge, handsome, square-jawed tank of a man, clad in his usual State t-shirt and baggy shorts, his sad eyes full of a pleading yearning. The big man’s cotton-clad crotch was at Alex’s eye level, not a foot from the young man’s face, and as the handsome jock watched, he was sure he detected the telltale signs of that bulge growing. Coach Clayton always got hard when the two of them were alone together, but Alex didn’t think a thing of it. He’d long since become used to the giant muscular coach throwing massive wood whenever they were together, and he just considered it a normal part of their relationship. 

Coach Clayton just gazed down at his fantastically handsome and phenomenally built protege for many long moments, oceans of silent communication passing between their blue-eyed stares. Both men realizing that their long relationship was finally coming to an end, and for different reasons not wanting that to happen. An unspoken decision was made, and Alex’s heart began to beat faster with anticipation. 

“What the HELL was that, Davidson?!” Clayton barked, his deep voice reverberating loudly through the empty locker room. As was their custom, Coach Clayton had locked the door behind him, making sure that no one else could walk in on them. The solitude in the normally bustling space made the whole scenario even hotter. 

Alex was a tough little fucker, thought Clayton, but the huge Coach knew that if it came down to it, he could easily overpower and absolutely destroy his star rugby player. It was a dark rabbit hole of a thought that had made Clayton spill countless loads over the years as he thought through scenarios in his head. Even now, that thought alone made his cock jerk so violently in his shorts that Alex raised a quizzical eyebrow before looking back to the ground in shame and defeat. 

Coach Clayton took another step toward Alex, coming so close that his swollen and throbbing crotch was now just inches from Alex’s face. He gently kicked at Alex’s naked ankles, which caused the submissive stud to spread his enormously muscular legs wider. Clayton looked down at the thin towel covering Alex’s oversized nuts and his hands reflexively tightened into massive fists. He then flew into a fiery tirade denigrating Alex’s poor performance, making fun of his ‘over hyped’ skills, and basically knocking the hunky rugby player down several pegs with his sharp and biting words. Although the criticisms were entirely untrue — Alex had played the best game in his whole life — the cruel delivery was exactly what both men craved. 

Alex tried to maintain eye contact with his coach, but instead found himself mostly staring at the ground and at Coach Clayton’s enormous size 18 sneakers as the older man’s booming voice ricocheted around him. ‘I deserve this,’ Alex thought as his own gigantic phallus began to bloat and swell under the towel, creating an ever-expanding tube-shaped bulge beneath the thin white cotton fabric. Meanwhile, Coach’s own literally beer-can-sized cock was tenting his shorts, pulsing so hard that it was nearly hitting Alex in the nose. The big man usually got excited while degrading Alex, but this reaction seemed especially pronounced, especially since the coach hadn’t even touched Alex’s humongous balls yet. 

Clayton was painfully aware that young Alex would graduate soon, and that their regular sessions were coming to an end. In fact, tonight would likely be their final encounter together. Alex seemed content to be dressed down in the locker room, take his punishment, and go back out into the world refreshed and humbled. It seemed unlikely Alex would have any interest in meeting up with the big man after he’d graduated and left the university, having gotten all that he needed out of their four-year relationship together. For Alex, it had been the perfect arrangement; he got to have his darkest, most socially unacceptable urges satiated without the added drama of being in any kind of romantic or sexual relationship with big Coach Clayton. Clayton, for his part, had always seemed to enjoy it too, judging by the number of hands-free loads that had flooded his gym shorts over the years as he pounded and mangled the young rugby player’s fantastic bull nuts in his huge hands.

But it had never been enough for Clayton, not really. He respected that his straight punching bag didn’t want a cock rammed down his throat or up his ass, but the closer graduation came, the more Coach wanted to take Alex to the next level — begging and screaming if need be. 

“Stand up!” Coach Clayton suddenly roared, his harsh baritone voice making Alex cringe. 

Before Alex could even respond, Clayton used one mammoth paw to grab him by his thick, wavy brown hair and wrench him upright like a rag doll. Alex’s white towel fell fluttering to his feet,  revealing his huge pendulous nuts and releasing his mighty cock, which had been galvanized by all of the verbal abuse into a towering pillar of rock solid man flesh, slapping hard against his washboard belly with the swollen head tapping just inches below the impressive overhang of his massive chest. 

Despite all of the muscle and bulk Alex had added to his already gloriously fit and gym-hardened  body, the submissive naked jock looked absolutely meek compared to the clothed and extraordinarily burly coach. Alex looked his coach pleadingly in the eyes before suddenly crossing them and letting out a short, sharp yelp; Coach Clayton had slammed his big knee upward into Alex’s crotch, smashing the rugby stud’s huge and heavy orbs into his pelvis. Alex’s eyes bugged out even more as Clayton slammed his knee into his crotch again, and again, and again and again and again, striking them at a perfect well-practiced angle to ensure the low hanging fruit were violently crushed between his broad knee cap and Alex’s own rock solid body. The tough and tenacious orbs had nowhere to escape, so every last ounce of force in the beyond-brutal knee slams went into deforming the massive bollocks as they were pancaked between the two unyielding surfaces. Alex fought back tears but kept his big, powerful arms dutifully behind his back even after more than a dozen knee-buckling blows. Coach Clayton weighed over 100 pounds more than Alex, and he was using every ounce of that extra mass to his advantage as he thrust his goliath and phenomenally strong leg to propel his knee with bone-shattering force into Alex’s defenseless huevos.

Clayton finally took a step back to admire his handiwork, his breath coming faster and deeper with both lust and exertion. Despite having endured a barrage of knee slams that would have utterly blown apart almost any other man’s balls and left him a mewling heap on the cold cement floor, Alex continued to stand there, tall and proud, his back still ramrod straight and his muscular arms clasped tightly behind his back, thrusting his magnificent pecs forward. The ridiculously handsome lad stood there stoic and still, the only sign of the fiery agony inside his nuts being the fresh tears standing inside of his beautiful blue eyes and the slight quiver to his full and oh so kissable lower lip. Even his humongous bull nuts looked almost entirely untouched, a faint rosy glow the only sign that they had just endured a ball-demolishing series of low blows. Their very hardiness and resiliency only made them even more of a target in Coach Clayton’s steely blue eyes. 

“Your performance on the pitch was terrible today…” Clayton started berating Alex as he reached forward with one massive hand and firmly grasped Alex’s incredibly beefy right nut. Big Coach never could get over the staggering size of the young man’s mammoth testicles, and marveled for the thousandth time how just the single massive orb filled even the Coach’s huge hand to overflowing. The young man’s bulbous sex organ was incredibly heavy as well, even heavier than it looked, and Coach’s iron-hard cock throbbed in his shorts as the great heft and heat of the gigantic gonad filled his hand. Coach took his free hand and placed it on top of the other, forming a cage of big, muscular fingers around the trapped teste, and then began to squeeze. 

Alex gasped as Clayton’s meaty, bear-like paws began to squeeze together, crushing ruthlessly down on the massive orb, seemingly determined to destroy the fat ball trapped between them. As he squeezed, Clayton leaned in an whispered degrading slurs into Alex’s ear.

“You know you deserve this, you dumb-as-rocks jock,” Coach said in his deep and gravelly voice as he bore down even harder on the trapped orb. 

Alex grunted and growled against the growing agony inside his steadily flattening bollock, and could only nod his head in the affirmative. Clayton’s palms had sandwiched his unusually firm and normally only slightly malleable ball to less than half its normal girth, and the almost inhumanly strong coach didn’t show any signs of slowing down. Coach had gone hard on Alex’s balls before, but never quite so quickly. 

“I should just pop this worthless thing right now, shouldn’t I? Star player my ass! It’s not like any woman would wanna have kids with you, you pathetic piece of shit. How many abortions have you caused now? Four? Five? Maybe more? Yeah, you may be virile as fuck, bursting condoms and knocking up every pretty little thing that comes your way, but nobody wants your inferior seed.” Alex felt Clayton’s hot breath against his ear and neck as the enormously muscular older man continued to knead his massive bollock like it was bread dough.

“Yes sir, Coach!” Alex replied through gritted teeth, his magnificent muscles flexing and bulging spasmodically against the pain, creating a symphony of muscular beauty as he fought against the crippling pain. His devastatingly handsome face was turning red with the strain, large veins standing out on his thick and beefy neck muscles as he fought the almost overwhelming urge to scream. A sheen of sweat began to break out all over the young man’s glorious body, but incredibly, his gargantuan, 14+ inch cock remained hard as a crowbar, beads of crystalline clear precum starting to appear at its swollen tip and languidly running down the length of his huge, columnar shaft. 

Clayton’s cock gave a mighty twitch, spitting a huge slug of precum into his own shorts, and creating a large and growing wet stain. The big man didn’t know which he enjoyed more — the actual act of brutally squeezing one of Alex’s titanic nuts, or watching the hunky young alpha stud turn into a subservient sex object right before his very eyes. He was now squeezing his hands together so hard that his mammoth arms were beginning to tremble and his big knuckles were turning white, but he just poured even more energy into his deadly grip, crushing Alex’s trapped bollock harder than he’d ever done before. 

A cruel smile spread across the big man’s rugged and handsome face as he finally relented and relaxed his grip, allowing the humongous orb to tumble free. Both men had lost track of how long Coach Clayton had been squeezing down full force, but the effect on half of Alex’s bloated manhood was immediately visible. Though the goliath orb instantly plumped back up to its normal, ovoid shape, it took several long seconds for the blanched imprint of the Coach’s fingers to fade from the tortured flesh, replaced by an angry red glow. The gigantic orb began to swell even larger still, exceeding even the mighty size of its far less damaged twin. 

Alex was about to instinctively clutch his wounded junk before catching himself, and instead asking permission from Clayton in a deep, strained voice. 

“May I, Coach?” Alex croaked. 

Clayton paused and then gave one stern nod of his head, after which Alex immediately cupped his huge nuts in his strong and muscular hands. Both of his balls ached terribly after the treatment they’d just received, but his right nugget had turned noticeably redder from the brutal squeezing, and it felt like it was even hanging a bit lower than the left. 


Alex’s eyes went wide as Clayton’s knee unexpectedly slammed into his cupped hands, sandwiching both nuts between his knee cap, Alex’s own hands, and his pelvis, threatening to break the young man’s thick fingers. Alex yelped in genuine surprise, pulling his injured hands away from his throbbing crotch before collapsing heavily to his knees. 

‘Uh oh!’ he thought. 

It was a well-established rule that Alex needed permission before nursing his wounds, covering up his balls, taking a break, or falling to his knees. Doing so was a major infraction, and a cause for even greater punishment. 

“I’m worthless, Sir! AAAH!!” Alex screamed as Clayton’s size 18, sneaker-clad foot slammed between his slightly spread legs, striking dead center into the lad’s completely unprotected nuts. 


Clayton roared a furious battle cry as he kicked Alex between the legs with reckless abandon, punting his huge, dangling bollocks again and again and again, taking delight as Alex begged him for a break. 




“Please Sir! PLEASE!!”








Despite years of conditioning and heavy, intense practice, there was a limit to how many violent kicks that even Alex Davidson could take to his defenseless seedpods. After several long minutes of virility-annihilating kicks, the young man could take no more; the desperate stud cried out in agony, collapsing onto his broad, muscular back on the cold cement floor and writhing in exquisite pain. 

Coach Clayton was tempted to stomp straight down onto Alex’s vulnerable ball bag, but stopped to give the stud a short break, letting the lad clutch his screaming nuts and rocking from side to side in misery. 

“Thank you, coach!” Alex managed to grunt out. “I deserve that!”

Clayton’s cock spasmed violently in his shorts, letting out another huge burp of slippery precum, as he gazed down upon the lad’s squirming form. Every huge and perfectly proportioned muscle in Alex’s tight and immensely muscular body was tensed up, making him look even more gorgeous and sexy than ever. Coach Clayton nearly hauled out his terminally rock hard cock and stroked off all over Alex then and there, his huge nuts cramping with the urgent need to unload. But he wanted to push his favorite athlete even farther, increasingly dark thoughts filling his lust-crazed mind. 

In a surprisingly short span of time (Coach Clayton never ceased to be amazed by the young man’s powers of recuperation and his willpower to endure even greater abuse), Alex had recovered enough from the kicking and squeezing that he was able to place his arms once again at his sides as he gazed imploringly upward at his big, hunky Coach. 

“Please Coach, punish me more,” Alex said in a soft but controlled and steady voice. 

Clayton’s huge cock lurched yet again at Alex’s words, encouraging him to punish the smaller, younger man even more. 

“How much did you fuck up today?” Clayton sternly asked, his heart racing. “How much should I punish you?” 

Alex seemed to give the question serious thought for a few moments, swallowing hard before replying, “Really bad, Sir. My worst fuck up yet. I’m a hopeless screw up, a worthless stack of useless muscles, a cocky, pussy-chasing asshole with a fucking inflated ego. I need to be punished more severely than I’ve ever been punished before.” 

To Clayton’s surprise and amazement, Alex doggedly pulled himself to his knees, right at the Coach’s feet, the huge wet bulge in the older man’s tenting shorts literally brushing against  Alex’s nose. The achingly handsome young man looked up at his big, burly coach with tears brimming in his deep blue eyes. 

“Coach, though I am unworthy of your attention, I deserve the worst punishment you have ever given me.”  

Alex crossed his huge, flexing arms behind his back, once again thrusting forward his gorgeous, mounded, pec-proud chest and letting his slightly swollen and very red bollocks dangle heavy and free between his extremely muscular thighs. The colossal orbs looked bigger and heavier than ever, and hung down impossibly low in their battered sac, swaying ponderously to even the slightest motion. Astonishingly, Alex’s big, burly bullbone remained as rock hard and aroused as ever, straining skyward and glistening with rivers of clear lust honey. It was clear that the young hunk absolutely loved being owned and dominated by his macho, massive, manly coach. Even with his nose pressed against his coach’s straining cock, just the thin and damp fabric separating his face from the hot, smooth skin of the older man’s giant hog and filling his nose with the rich and musky scent of the big man’s sex, Alex’s own huge cock was throbbing and pulsing like never before. The young rugby star might have been a dyed-in-the-wool heterosexual male, but there was no doubt that he was getting off on the idea of being utterly dominated and humiliated by the taller, bigger, stronger man. 

“So you want me to knock you down a peg or two, huh?” Brad Clayton said in a gruff and mocking tone. 

Alex simply spread his massively beefy thighs even wider, not uttering a single word in response but just looking upward with big, pleading blue eyes. Clayton couldn’t help but lust after Alex’s truly massive, swollen, cum-bloated testicles swinging down, their angry red color contrasting nicely with the pale gray concrete floor below. 

“You don’t even deserve my attention, Alex,” Coach Clayton said in a cold, menacing voice. 


Clayton kicked forward, the top of his shoe connecting with brutal force into Alex’s massive left nut. While the aim was a bit sloppy, the kick had so much force behind it that it didn’t matter; Alex’s gigantic jock nut was compressed dangerously flat by the over-powered kick, squashing the sturdy orb down to a fraction of its normal girth and literally lifting the smaller stud off the ground. Alex tumbled backward under the insane force of the kick, hitting the back of his head on the edge of the bench before landing flat on his back. The handsome lad was dazed by the unexpected blow to the head, moaning and groggy, his spectacularly muscular body laid out spread eagled on the floor. Alex’s titanic testes were sagging so low in their sac at this point that they were resting heavily on the cold concrete floor, looking simultaneously huge and powerful, and intensely vulnerable. 

‘Well he WAS begging for it,’ Clayton thought to himself, as if he needed any encouragement. 


Alex gritted his teeth and clasped his hands together behind the small of his back in a disciplined effort to avoid crying out or fighting back. Coach Clayton’s massive sneaker-clad foot had stomped down full force on the young man’s defenseless testicles, flattening the huge orbs against the ground. 




The coach repeated the brutally effective ball stomping technique thrice more before starting in on a more vicious variation. 


On his subsequent foot stomps, Coach Clayton twisted the heel that was planted into the meaty depths of Alex’s screaming nuts, grinding the hunk’s humongous bollocks into the ground and increasing the agony of each impact. 







The massive things warped and flattened dramatically with each brutal stomp and grind, filling Coach Clayton with erotic delight and Alex with both agony and a deep, twisted satisfaction. The lad’s mighty phallus somehow remained as rock hard as ever, dripping long strands of clear precum onto his violently bunching and quivering abdominals, making the glorious stomach muscles glisten wetly in the harsh overhead light. 

Not satisfied with even this level of abuse, Coach Clayton starting jumping up between stomps, adding his nearly 400 pounds of monstrous muscle to the force crashing down onto Alex’s already battered spuds. The extra force was an intense escalation from the ‘mere’ stomping, more debilitatingly brutal than any punishment the big Coach had ever unleashed before, and Alex wasn’t prepared. He immediately started screaming and thrashing wildly on the floor, and begging Coach Clayton for a break, but the insanely muscular coach just kept right on jumping and stomping and grinding on the steadily swelling nuts beneath his foot. 



“Coach PLEASE!!”



“Please WHAT?” 




“I’M SORRY, COACH!! I’m sorry for being a such fuck up!!” 




Alex’s massive bollocks had never been subjected to such a sustained, intense, and violent barrage of punishment before, but the goliath gonads were proving their mettle by continuing to endure a level of abuse that would have already turned even the toughest set of nuts into a messy stain on the concrete floor. Still, the beyond brutal punishment was taking its toll. Alex’s huge bull nuts were being crushed more than halfway flat with each devastating stomp, grotesquely bulging and bending dramatically around the sole of the older man’s deeply penetrating shoe, thick and distorted bubbles of man meat protruding out to either side as the humongous orbs were flattened into the unyielding concrete. And though the mammoth testicles immediately plumped back up to their normal size and shape as soon as the invading shoe was removed, the battered sex organs were becoming a sorry sight indeed. Vibrant purple bruises were starting to erupt all over their vast and voluminous surfaces, creating a mottled appearance that spoke to just how much trauma the two titanic testes were sustaining. The swollen balls were also starting to becoming markedly less firm and solid as the insanely brutal onslaught continued, the ferociously tough meat growing softer and squishier as the vicious beating continued with no end in sight. 

After scores and scores of bone-breaking foot stomps and granite-pulverizing grinding, Alex could endure no more. A particularly well-placed jumping stomp tore a blood-curdling scream from Alex’s powerful lungs, and the trembling young man curled up into a ball on his side, his big hands raced to his crotch to cradle his badly bruised and swollen nuts. The achingly handsome lad was gasping in agony, his taut and enormously muscular body flexing and straining, and glistening with sweat and a fantastic amount of sticky and slippery precum. 

Big Coach Clayton was having none of it, however. He knew that this was going to be their final session together, and he needed Alex to suffer like never before. He reached down and scooped up a weakly struggling Alex under his sweaty armpits, lifting the massively muscular and nearly 300 pound rugby player like he weighed almost nothing, and tossing him roughly onto the nearby wooden bench. Alex landed heavily on his back once more, striking the bench with such force that his thickly muscled limbs were splayed out his sides, leaving his mottled purplish-red balls resting heavily on the pale wood, almost visibly throbbing in abject agony. 

Before Alex could even begin to protect himself, Coach Clayton began hurling abuse onto the lad’s unprotected bull nuts once more, punching and squeezing and stomping them with deadly force. Knee slams and elbow drops were added to the mix as well, tearing fresh bellows and screeches of pain from the writhing and convulsing college jock. Clayton was no longer holding anything back, throwing all of his nearly super human strength into his efforts to pulverize the lad’s gigantic stones, and pretending not to hear the young man’s increasingly urgent pleas for mercy. And it seemed that the more violent and deranged big Coach Clayton got, the less of an alpha male Alex became and the further he wanted to go as he tumbled down the rabbit hole of punishment and humiliation. 

Their sessions had never been gentle, but the big coach seemed to have unleashed a beast that he’d been hiding all this time, and burly young rugby player was perversely loving every second of it. 






Coach Clayton’s big shoe heel slammed down especially hard, utterly crushing Alex’s heavily wounded nuts and compressing the stud’s gigantic bollocks into the bench so hard that barely an inch separated the hard rubber of the shoe heel with the even harder wood of the bench. Both Coach Clayton and Alex swore that they felt — and heard — something give slightly inside of the young rugby player’s mammoth ball bag. Alex’s blue eyes nearly rolled back into his head and he uttered a thunderous bellow of agony, his deep voice long since grown hoarse from nearly an hour of continuous ball punishment. 

At that same moment, Alex’s distended and almost hideously engorged stud cock began to let loose with one of the most violent and voluminous orgasms in his entire life. The precum-slickened tower of man meat began to pulse and convulse like some mighty, wild beast, spurting and spraying out truly gargantuan ropes and streamers of pure jock jizz, slashing the bench, the lockers, the floor, and the hunky stud’s own phenomenal body with thick and chunky slugs of his prime male seed. 

The big coach didn’t remain idle during his hunky protege’s colossal ejaculation, however. He kept his sneaker-clad foot buried deep into Alex’s bruised and bulging plums, cruelly grinding his heel into the tortured testes even as they struggled to pump out their heavy ballast. Wet and disgusting crunching and sloshing sounds came out of the profoundly deformed sex glands as they were pulverized against the solid bench, distorted into shapes no man’s balls were meant to take, yet still somehow struggling valiantly to maintain their structural integrity against seemingly impossible odds. 

Unfortunately for Alex, his herculean orgasm last for well over a full minute, pumping out dozens and dozens of mighty ropes of clotted cum. All the while, Coach Clayton ground his heel into the mushy and battered orbs, threatening to rupture them at any moment, even as they desperately tried to fertilize something, ANYthing, before they were crushed into uselessness. The longer Alex came, the harder Coach Clayton ground his foot into the failing orbs, his mammoth thigh and calf muscles bulging to even greater dimensions as the focused and determined older man tried to snuff out the young hunk’s sex life forever. It was clear that even Alex’s mighty bull nuts were finally reaching their limit, huge hard bubbles of man meat bulging larger and larger beneath the coach’s steadily compressing foot. It was clear that, at any moment, the handsome young muscle stud’s mammoth bollocks were going to explode! 

Alex’s volcanic ejaculation finally began to ebb, the spurts of cum diminishing in size and volume as his almighty orgasm shuddered to a close. But still big Brad Clayton bore down with his huge heel, grinding the lad’s screaming bollocks to dust beneath his foot. The final dregs of milky spunk burped and drooled heavily out of the young man’s still steely hard and throbbing penis, adding to the vast mess of smelly and gloopy spunk coating the handsome lad’s massive chest and cobblestone abs. The mighty coach, his powerful jaw flexing as he growled through clenched teeth, kept on grinding his heel into the nearly busted bull balls for several long moments longer until he was finally convinced that every last drop of sperm had been crushed out of the humongous huevos. Only then did Coach Clayton haul his foot out of the thoroughly busted bollocks, letting the tortured orbs finally plump back to their normal, massive size. 

Coach Clayton stepped back to take a good look at his star player, smirking cruelly at what he saw. Alex was weak with pain and exhaustion, his magnificent physique giving the occasional flex and shudder as the aftershocks of his spectacular orgasm rocked through his hunky body. It looked like the hyper virile lad had pumped out several QUARTS of his thick and funky gruel, plastering his torso, festooning the bench and lockers with long ribbons of jizz, and making an obscenely large area of the floor slick with his own male juices. It was a colossal load even for Alex, and Coach Clayton breathed in deep through his nose to relish the heady and pungent scent of the young man’s sex. 

The handsome and quietly sobbing lad gently clutched at his balls, groaning and mewling in terrific pain. Clayton used the toe of his foot to roughly knock the lad’s weak hands away from his genitals, giving him a full and unobstructed view of Alex’s behemoth balls. The sight made Clayton’s big heart skip a beat and his painfully hard cock spit another slug of messy precum into his already flooded and soaked shorts, for he had never seen Alex’s nuts look so heavily mauled and battered before. The two huge orbs looked utterly massive as they rested heavily on the cum-spattered bench, sagging so low in their battered bag that they looked like they might stretch more than halfway to the poor stud’s knees! Though still maintaining their oblong spherical shapes, both huge orbs looked puffy and distended, the unbelievably heavy trauma having made them bloat and swell until they looked like a pair of ostrich eggs contained within a thin, fleshy sac. What turned Coach Clayton on the most, though, was how thoroughly bruised the lad’s titanic testes looked. The blood red orbs were mottled all over with a bluish-purple hue, with disturbing dark purple streaks where superficial blood vessels had ruptured. The big man had never dealt such heavy damage to Alex’s gigantic and freakishly tough bollocks before, and he knew that if he’d unleashed much more abuse on the nearly broken orbs, the handsome young hunk would have needed to receive swift medical attention. As it was, Clayton knew that even Alex’s stolid and incredibly resilient balls would need at least a week to recover from this intense punishment session, and that the ridiculously handsome jock would be walking funny for days. 

With a groan, Alex tumbled off the bench onto the floor, landing in a messy puddle of his own cooling spunk with a wet splat. The defeated athlete looked up almost worshipfully at big Coach Clayton with a tear-streaked face, his startling blue eyes will with a mixture of pain and profound gratitude. 

“Coach…,” the young man croaked out through a hoarse and scream-roughened voice. “I’ve learned my lesson, Coach… I won’t fuck up again… I promise…” 

Coach Clayton’s ruggedly handsome face turned dark and unreadable. ‘I’ve learned my lesson, Coach’ was Alex’s safe word, usually marking the end of a session. It was the phrase that the punishment pig’s brain had been conditioned to say when the actual damage to his big boys was finally starting to exceed the twisted catharsis of being used as a human punching bag. As Clayton looked down at the naked, crying, dry-heaving mess of cum-drenched muscles lying on the floor, he was once again overcome with the thought that had been with him all night. This would be their last session together, and he would likely never again have the opportunity to use and abuse the breathtakingly handsome young man’s colossally oversized genitals. 

Clayton picked up the discarded towel and threw it at Alex. 

“Go clean yourself up, you pathetic loser,” Coach said with disgust and disdain before turning on one heel and heading back to his office. “You reek of jizz.” 

Coach Clayton’s small office had a large window, providing him with an excellent view of the locker room and showers beyond. He fondled his raging hard on through his wet and sticky shorts as he watched Alex’s crumpled form from his office window. It took several long minutes before young Alex recovered enough strength to get up, standing with his legs spread wide apart to let his extremely battered testicles hang heavy between his muscular thighs. Clayton’s cock lurched through his shorts at the sight of the huge, dark, purplish-red orbs hung so incredibly low between the lad’s legs, and it was clear that even the slightest touch or jostle caused the young man intense, soul-rending pain. 

The magnificently muscular young man was hunched partway over as he gingerly limped and stumbled off to the showers, leaving a messy trail of sticky cum behind him. Man, but that kid shot a massive load this time, reflected Clayton with a healthy dose of awe — perhaps the biggest load the buff and bulky Coach had ever seen from the handsome rugby stud. 

Alex remained under the spray of the hot showers for more than 20 minutes, his big hands planted against the cool tile wall and his beefy legs spread wide, as he let the water sluice over his massive muscles and down over his throbbing groin. His monster boner had finally subsided, hanging huge and limp between his legs, but his mangled bollocks continued to pulse with the white hot pain of a thousand suns. Even when that terrific pain started to slowly diminish to more manageable levels, Alex was very gentle as he soaped up his spectacular body and washed off all of the sweat and sperm from his most recent punishment session, taking particular care when it came to his overworked and worked over genitals. And all the while, the unbearably hunky lad reflected on his four years of college and his time under Coach Brad Clayton, knowing that he would miss his private sessions with the hunky muscle titan and mentor more than anything else. 

When the fiery pain in his balls finally faded to a steady, burning ache, Alex turned off the water, toweled off, and walked back to his locker. He was pleased to find that if he walked carefully, then his limp wouldn’t be obvious. With some extra towels, he wiped the worst of the cum splatters off of the bench and locker doors, placing more towels on the floor to soak up the big sticky mess he’d left behind. Fortunately, his own locker door had been closed when he came, so his clothes and shoes were clean and dry and stain free. 

Getting back into his street clothes was more of a struggle. He put on his maroon t-shirt on first, the one with the State University name and logo splashed across the front in gold. Alex liked to buy his shirts a size too small, so that the straining cotton fabric clung tightly to his enormously muscled torso, really showing off his huge, rounded delts and the glorious mounds of his gigantic pecs, with the tight sleeves acting like pressure cuffs over his powerful and heroically muscular upper arms. Heck, the t-shirt was so tight that even the cobblestones of his corrugated abs and the chiseled superstructure of his dramatically defined obliques and serratus muscles were clearly visible though the thin, soft fabric. Though very snug and tight, the t-shirt went on with practiced ease — it was Alex’s underwear and blue jeans that were more of a struggle. 

Just like his idol, Coach Clayton, Alex’s ass, thighs, and calves had grown so enormously muscular, his physical proportions so outside the boundaries of the human norm, that he had to have all of his pants specially tailored to fit him. Even his blue jeans were specially made, and cut from a particularly stretchy and forgiving type of denim, allowing the big lad enough room and give to squeeze himself into the stretchy jeans, yet also allowing the dark blue fabric to tightly mould to his glorious legs and ass, hugging his fantastic physique in all the right places. His huge, tight, heavily muscled ass looked especially sexy encased in a tight pair of blue jeans. Alex managed to stuff his swollen and battered manhood into his tight, white cotton briefs, the stretchy material struggling but somehow succeeding in encasing all of his bloated meat. But even with the specially cut jeans, with the extra roomy crotch and flexible material, Alex had a difficult time stuffing his limp but puffy cock into his pants, not to mention his swollen and extremely tender bull balls. He nevertheless managed to gingerly stuff his manhood inside his pants and button them closed — if only barely. He then put on his sport socks and sneakers, and got ready to leave the locker room. He didn’t bother with hair products, as he had the kind of wavy hair that looked stylish all on its own, needing no gel or mousse to look tousled and sexy and perfect. 

The young man walked over to the sinks, wincing with each step and reconsidering the wisdom of wearing pants that were quite so tight. But it didn’t matter. He’d finally seen the text messages from his friends and teammates, and looked forward to meeting up with them at a bar to celebrate their victory. He’d no doubt follow that up with an extended love-making session with his gorgeous girlfriend, who worshipped his magnificently muscular body and gigantic cock. The handsome hunk smiled to himself at the thought. Cumming after a punishment session with big Coach Clayton always made his huge balls ache and throb something fierce, and he knew tonight would be no exception. He already felt another big load starting to slosh around inside of his massive nuts, and he began to invent suitable excuses to explain to his girlfriend why his big burly balls were looking so bruised and puffy. 

Coach Clayton saw the cocky, shit-eating grin that the absurdly handsome college jock gave himself in the mirror, and it proved to be the last straw for the Alex-obsessed, angst-ridden man. He grabbed a few items he’d been keeping for just such an occasion in one of his desk drawers, and then left his office to intercept the young, arrogant hunk. 

Alex was so lost in happy anticipation of partying with his friends and fucking his girlfriend that he didn’t see big Coach Clayton until he nearly walked right into the towering giant of muscle. Quickly stopping short, a startled Alex looked up at his beloved Coach, a shy and uncertain smile playing across his gorgeous features. Brad Clayton just stood there, stern and silent, as he stared down at the younger man. He had to admit that the young brown-haired muscle bull cleaned up quite well, looking nearly as sexy and scrumptious in clothes as he did out of them. It was almost like the young man was taunting Clayton with his impossibly good looks and ravishing body, and with his form-fitting clothing showing off the truly colossal bulge at the front of his jeans to excellent effect. 

“And where do you think you’re headed, Mr. Davidson?” Clayton barked as he stepped in front of the young man, blocking his path. Coach’s hands were clasped behind his back, but Alex was so surprised by the big man’s sudden appearance and his dark, threatening demeanor that he didn’t even consider that the muscular ox of a man might be hiding something behind his back.

Alex tried to stammered out an answer, but Clayton just interrupted him. 

“So let me get this straight?” Coach Clayton said, his deep voice echoing off of the locker room walls. “After all of your major fuck ups today, you think you deserve to go out and get drunk with your loser friends? To go fuck your dumb girlfriend?! Do you really think you’ve EARNED that right!?!” 

Alex’s face turned bright red with fresh humiliation, and he cast his eyes downward toward the floor. He could feel shame welling inside as he mumbled out an especially pathetic reply. He had thought his session with Coach Clayton was already over, and the confused but excited lad didn’t know what to do. 

“Oh, we aren’t even CLOSE to being done yet, you little fuck!”