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Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 23 - Denying Release

Dalton has devised a suitably epic end to Eric's magnificent monster nuts, a torture that not even the fantastically strong and powerful young lad can endure intact. Or can he...? ;)


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 23
Denying Release

Day 97

Dalton knew that in just a few more days he would reach an epic milestone -- 100 days of holding his handsome young muscle stud in captivity. More than three months spent brutally torturing and tormenting the most overwhelmingly handsome and muscular stud ever produced by the human race. The heroically virile and tough young stallion had provided the Cyborg with countless hours of extraordinary entertainment, surprising and impressing the jaded Cyborg on a nightly, and sometimes even an hourly, basis. 

But the Cyborg knew that, no matter how much he had grown fond of and attached to his all-time favorite plaything, no matter how spectacularly handsome, built, and hung his young human was, the fun eventually had to come to an end. 

In fact, it was the young stud’s own super human strength and resilience that underscored the need to destroy his awesome masculinity once and for all. Dalton had been tracking the growth in Eric’s strength and stamina over the past three months, and was amazed at how much the young man had grown in every conceivable category. The young man had swollen into a true monster of muscle, pushing the scale just past the 525 pound mark and achieving a physique so monumental, so heroically bloated with dense and powerful muscle, that he eclipsed all but the most thickly built of all Cyborgs. The lad had already been the most massive and most muscular human male titan in the history of the universe, but he had now added a staggering 75 pounds of pure muscle to that already utterly spectacular body! 

And a not inconsiderable fraction of that new weight had gone to the handsome stud’s legendary cock and balls. Eric’s behemoth beast of a cock now swelled to 22 1/2 inches when fully hard, having grown three entire inches in the past three months! His mammoth testicles had achieved an even more astounding growth, leaving even the rarified size of melons behind to bloat to the size of small boulders! Eric had already been a living, breathing fantasy man when Dalton had first discovered him less than four months ago, but he was now a super stud beyond even the Cyborg’s wildest imagination. 

Despite all of Eric’s magnificent achievements and spectacular growth, however, Dalton had recently received his greatest shock yet regarding his heroically handsome and hunky prisoner. The Cyborg had performed another round of in-depth diagnostics of the beautiful and beefy lad, and discovered that all of these changes to Eric’s physique and stamina were having an effect on the young man at the genetic level. Somehow, through some incalculably brilliant tinkering by the last geneticists of the human race, Eric had the ability to not only adapt and improve and grow stronger under torture and duress, but these changes affected the young man at the most basic genetic level. That meant that all of these improvements to Eric’s own body could be transferred genetically to his own offspring, making them just as powerful as Eric was today! All of the abuse that Dalton had been heaping upon Eric had only served to make the young stallion even more dangerous, for his unborn children stood to inherit all of his awesome power!!

Dalton knew that the Cyborg Imperium could not afford to allow this extraordinary paragon of masculinity to mate with even a single female of his species, for his potential to breed a new race of super men could, in no matter how small and unlikely a fashion, threaten to topple the Cyborgs’ dominance in the universe. This simply could not be allowed to happen. 

Dalton therefore knew it was time to obliterate Eric’s chances of ever mating with a female…by completely and utterly obliterating the young man’s colossally oversized bull balls. 

But how to do it? How to end the masculinity of the most fabled, legendary bull stud in the history of the human race? 

Dalton thought long and hard about the various methods he could use to unman the muscle monster, but every option seemed to just be a variation on the abuses he had already heaped upon the young man’s almighty bull balls. The Cyborg didn’t want to simply cut the young man’s huge balls off either, for while it would clearly be a quick, efficient, and extremely effective method to unman the stud, it also seemed unceremonial and somehow disrespectful. Such extraordinary and massive balls deserved an ending fitting for their phenomenal strength and virility. 

That’s when Dalton hit on his plan, a truly devious and diabolical torture that would use the young man’s own colossal virility to spell his undoing. The Cyborg almost came in his own pants at the very thought of this latest torture method, and he smiled in avid anticipation of the following night’s tortures. 

Day 98

Dalton gently landed his shuttle in the meadow as the yellow sun began to set in the west. As always, Eric’s monster cock was rock hard long before he even arrived on the scene, and the young uber stud began to ejaculate even before the ship had touched down. Dalton watched from the cockpit as the young stallion pumped out a colossal load that was impressive even for this heroically virile stud. The Cyborg smirked to himself, and silently wished the stud the best of luck in emptying his mighty sperm tanks, for his own spectacular virility was about to be used against him. 

The Cyborg soon powered down his craft and exited the vehicle, striding powerfully toward his bound captive. Eric then surprised him again by spontaneously ejaculating for a second time, pumping out another mind blowingly huge load of thick and powerful cum less than 5 minutes after the previous monster load! The fantastically muscular lad was a walking sperm machine, and Dalton could not help but be impressed by the sheer quantity and thickness of the gloopy nut sludge that was pumping out of his massive dick like some huge fountain. 

Dalton allowed the handsome young man to finish his second huge load, then he reached forward and grasped the stud’s impossibly low hanging scrotum and lifted the heavy sac of nuts upward. The Cyborg then flipped on his laser knife and once again made a long slice down the front of Eric’s scrotum, opening a large hole and popping out first one colossal nut and then the other. Eric’s empty ball sac was then once again pinned and tucked out of the way for the duration of the evening. 

The process of opening Eric’s scrotum and freeing his two gigantic nuts only took Dalton a few minutes, but before he was even finished, the young bull stud was once AGAIN blowing an awesome load, his third magnificent orgasm in only 15 minutes! The amazing stud had clearly grown even more virile and powerful under the months of abuse, but even Dalton was surprised at the young man’s already spectacular performance that evening, pumping out more thick and incredibly potent jizz in this 15 minutes than he had produced in his entire first night under the Cyborg’s tender ministrations! 

It was almost as if Eric’s mighty testicles knew what was in store for them tonight, Dalton thought with a wicked smile. 

Dalton laid out a tray containing a pair of small but very sturdy and heavy clamps and then set about prepping the young wonder stud. The Cyborg roughly fondled the young man’s fully exposed ball cords and located the sperm duct leading to Eric’s mighty left nut. Dalton was once again amazed at the sheer size of the sperm tube, far larger and thicker than any sperm duct he had ever seen on another man. The Cyborg separated the tube from the rest of the veins and cords connecting the goliath gonad to Eric’s body. Then the Cyborg took the first clamp and secured it around the thick tube, just above where it connected to the gigantic testicle. He then spun the handle until the clamp was tight around the sperm duct, crushing the thick tube completely closed and guaranteeing that not a single sperm could escape the enormous bollock. Dalton then proceeded to do the same to the young man’s equally titanic right ball until it, too, was clamped off from the rest of his body. 

Eric’s sperm was now completely trapped within his huge and heavy balls. No matter how much semen was now produced within those mighty lava factories or how urgently the young man needed to cum, not a single ounce of his manly fluids could be released from those twin mighty testes until the wicked clamps were removed. 

With the clamps in place, Dalton simply stepped back to watch the night’s entertainment unfold. He didn’t need to do anything else this evening to further torment his musclebound captive -- the young man’s own nuts were going to do the work for him. 

Eric’s titan testes were already heroically virile when Dalton first captured him almost 100 days ago. But under the constant stimulation and abuse that had been heaped upon them, the young man’s supremely worked over balls had grown even more powerful and virile. In time, their rate of sperm production had doubled, then redoubled, and then doubled yet again, and their storage capacity had been tremendously amplified as well. The boulder-sized gonads were able to able to contain untold gallons of manly spew under intense internal pressures, allowing Eric to perform amazing feats of virility like pumping out three colossal loads in just 15 minutes. 

But even such supremely powerful and tough stud nuts had a limit to how much seed they could carry, how much internal pressure they could endure before they simply burst wide open like a pair of rotten fruit, and this devious and wicked torture was designed to discover exactly how far that capacity could be pushed. 

For Dalton intended to keep the cruel clamps cinched tight around Eric’s thick sperm ducts until both of his exposed and naked nuts simply exploded from trying to contain too much spunk. It could take hours or perhaps even days, but one thing was now certain -- the countdown was ticking to the end of Eric’s balls, and with them, his spectacular manhood. 

The brutal and lust-crazed Cyborg couldn’t just leave well enough alone, however, and he decided to help ‘stimulate’ an increased level of sperm production by beating on Eric’s bald nuts. Such pummeling tortures had always kicked the sperm production inside those mighty bull nuts into overdrive. So Dalton encircled the base of Eric’s balls with his thick fingers, clutching the exposed ball cords and tube clamps in one massive hand as the other formed a huge fist that began to piston into the young man’s nuts like a pile driver. Dalton didn’t use nearly his full strength on this ball busting abuse, for he didn’t want to wear down the young man’s nuts too much or too quickly, but he still punched with enough force to shatter granite and bend steel beams. The pain in Eric’s bull balls was intense, and only continued to build as time went on. 

Nearly three months ago, Dalton had twisted Eric’s scrotum into a braided rope, choking off his sperm output for almost an entire night. The pressures that built up in Eric’s mighty balls that night were almost enough to cause his giant nuts to explode, and that was back when the muscular lad’s sperm production occurred at a comparatively more modest rate. With Eric’s current hyper rapid rate of sperm production, amplified by the testicular abuse of Dalton’s pounding fist, who knew if Eric’s balls would even survive the evening? 


More than half the night later, and Eric’s bull balls were still going strong. Dalton continued to periodically punch and slap the huge cum tanks, keeping their rate of sperm production at maximum intensity. And his efforts were succeeding, because the Cyborg could feel the massive orbs become even more solid and dense as the quantity of trapped spunk inside them continued to grow. The orbs themselves had visibly begun to swell and grow as well, partly due to the pummeling and abuse, but mostly due to the vast cargo of sperm that was backing up inside of them. 

Eric’s aching need to cum was ferocious and all consuming, and the young man fucked the open air with his mammoth 22 1/2-inch super cock in a desperate but ultimately futile attempt to relieve the growing agony in his balls. A steady stream of thick and viscous precum poured out of the gaping hole at the tip of that monster cock, a deluge of clear serum that did nothing to alleviate the steadily building pressures in the young man’s overfilled bollocks. 

On and on the abuse raged for the remainder of the evening, yet Eric continued to endure. Even as the rosy light of dawn appeared on the eastern horizon, the young super stud was still chugging along. His balls had swollen larger than the size of basketballs, a more than 50% increase from their initial size, but the incredibly thick and tough outer walls of the gray orbs were still strong and vital, and were able to contain their burgeoning contents, at least for now. 

Dalton stopped abusing Eric’s swollen cum tanks as the sun peeked over the horizon, but he didn’t go far away. The Cyborg decided he would let the young man’s huge balls recover during the day from the brutal beating they had just received. But since his sperm production continued day and night, Dalton knew he needed to stay near the young man in case his balls reached critical mass prior to nightfall. The cruel Cyborg wasn’t going to risk missing a single moment of the destruction of the most awesome and powerful bull nuts in existence. 


Day 99

The day passed without much incident, though it was clear that Eric’s agony continued to increase as the hours ticked by. His exposed and naked balls had swollen larger as well, and were starting to lose their normal oblong egg shapes and becoming steadily more round and sphere-like. The goliath orbs had swollen to twice their normal size at this point, looking ridiculously oversized even on Eric’s most massive physique, grotesque and monstrous parodies of healthy human testicles. The internal pressures in the heroically bloated bull balls had become truly ferocious at this point, but Dalton’s careful inspection confirmed that the tough gray walls of the two orbs were still holding strong and fast and had a hell of a lot of resiliency left in them. The Cyborg therefore felt confident in resuming his hammer-fisted pummeling of the hugely swollen balls, which he did with gusto. 

Eric’s fresh bellows of agony echoed through the vast jungle, causing the creatures of the forest to once again cower in terror and fear. The undisputed Lord of the Jungle, the mightiest being on the entire huge planet, was being slowly unmanned and destroyed by some vast unstoppable force, and every beast of the forest trembled in fear that the Cyborg’s attention would be turned to them next. 

Colossal quantities of clear and sticky precum poured from Eric’s massive monster cock like he was peeing, but the mighty deluge of clear effluvium continued to do nothing to relieve the awesome pressures building in his balls. Dalton pummeled and beat those huge balls with even greater abandon than the night before, heedless of the fact that the tough fibrous walls were already weakened from struggling to contain their continually swelling contents. Those thick, pale gray walls were now forced to suffer simultaneous abuse both from within and without, and the combined abuse threatened to cave them in. 

But somehow, once again, Eric’s almighty bull balls found the strength and tenacity to survive a second night of abuse. They had swollen even larger than ever, to perhaps two and a half times their normal size, and were now completely round. The off-white walls of the two monstrous testicles were becoming shiny and taut as they stretched to their maximum capacity, fighting and struggling valiantly to contain the truly titanic load that must now be locked deep within both huge balls. 

Dalton gave the huge balls one final inspection as the sun began to rise. The mighty walls were so taut that they resisted the Cyborg’s attempts to squeeze the massive orbs, denting and deforming only slightly and threatening to burst wide open if Dalton squeezed any harder. The Cyborg relented, not wanting to end the stud’s mighty manhood too soon, and instead stepped back for a second day of standing vigil over the mighty bull testicles. Dalton had serious doubts that the colossally overfilled gonads would survive to the next nightfall, so he watched closely, and he waited...


Day 100

As the 99th day of Eric’s captivity drew to a close and night fell on the start of his 100th day, Dalton was overjoyed to see that the young man’s monumentally swollen balls continued to endure. The titanic testicles had reached some sort of critical mass earlier in the day, and now refused to swell any larger, having swollen and bloated as large as their exposed and shiny outer walls would allow. Each orb had now swollen to more than three times its normal size, now resembling a pair of big beach balls hanging from the ends of their fleshy tethers. Both balls were now near-perfect spheres measuring more than a foot in diameter and didn’t resemble anything remotely human. The weight of each gargantuan testicle must have been tremendous, for they tugged so hard on their straining cords and cables that they now hung more than 16 inches from Eric’s crotch. The sight of the young muscle man’s horrifically swollen balls hanging so low and heavy between the lad’s thickly muscled legs was the most disgusting, grotesque, erotic, and magnificent sight that Dalton had ever seen. 

Even though Eric’s behemoth balls refused to swell any larger, it was clear that they were still churning out more and more of his thick baby batter, choking his balls and causing the internal pressures to continue to increase. It was amazing that the thousands of bundled, spaghetti-like filaments within Eric’s balls hadn’t already ruptured under the strain, but instead continued to pump out more and more semen at a horrendous rate, speeding toward their own destruction. 

Dalton didn’t know what was keeping the great orbs from bursting already, so on this third and final night of Eric’s long-denied release and imminent testicle destruction, the Cyborg refrained from punching or squeezing or otherwise abusing the titanic bull nuts. He knew that one solid punch or one firm squeeze might be all it would take to make the straining ball walls simply disintegrate, causing their pressurized contents to spew in all directions and leaving both Eric and Dalton covered in globs of sperm and ruptured testicular matter. The Cyborg much preferred to see the young stallion unman himself with his own monstrous virility, and continued to sit back and watch the show unfold. 

Hours ticked by with agonizing slowness for the young bull hunk, his handsome head thrashing back and forth as waves of pain like mighty hammer blows emanated from his swollen balls. The mighty muscle stud knew that his balls were already well past critical levels and could fail at any moment, but he couldn’t stop them as they continued to produce more and more sperm. He was well aware of the bitter irony that his final unmanning would be by his own mighty virility. He gently sobbed in despair, knowing that he had failed the human race, and that any hopes for humanity’s survival would die along with his beautiful proud balls. 

Three hours went by, and then six, and miraculously, Eric’s balls still endured. The pressures inside those balls were far past anything that should have been physically possible to contain, yet the mighty walls still held, though they were now so taut and tight as to appear almost glassy. Sweat and slugs of clear precum dripped off the huge balls as they struggled with every ounce of their strength to hold together and maintain their integrity, but it was clearly a losing battle. By hour nine, tiny cracks and fissures began appearing all over the surface of both orbs, and it seemed their end must be just moments away. 

But minute after minute went by, and STILL the huge orbs held. The cracks became more numerous and threatened to open at any moment, but seemingly through sheer force of will alone, the mighty bull balls maintained and endured. 

Finally, as the tenth hour of the night was drawing to a close, Dalton could see that the beginning of the end was finally at hand. Both huge orbs, now covered in a complex tracery of fractures and cracks, began to tremble on the ends of their cords, swinging gently between Eric’s mammoth thighs as they entered their final death throes. Sweat was pouring off of the young man’s monumentally muscular body as every mighty muscle and sinew flexed and snapped into perfect relief. Eric had been holding his breath, and he let it go explosively now, uttering the most deep and deafening bellow of pain yet. His whole world, his whole existence, was focused down on the searing agony that was his balls, and his world was about to end. 

And then it happened. 


With two sharp and nearly simultaneous retorts, almost like a pair of guns being fired, the sturdy clamps secured around Eric’s crushed cum tubes suddenly shattered, unable to endure the strain of trying to hold back the ocean of sperm trapped in the young man’s balls. 

What followed would go down in history as the single greatest, largest, most violent, and most titanic orgasm ever achieved by man or beast. 

The thick cum tubes connected to the horrifically swollen balls instantly expanded to ten times their normal size, almost rupturing under the awesome pressure of sperm that began racing up their length. A split second later, Eric’s gargantuan elephant cock likewise swelled larger than ever before, the massive cum tube running along the underside of the massive man sausage swelling so enormously large that it threatened to split the huge cock straight down the middle, destroying him even as he was about to finally release his load. 

But somehow Eric’s plumbing held, his balls, his sperm ducts, his gigantic penis somehow not exploding as the too-long-held sperm began to jet from his cock. 

Dalton couldn’t say he had ever grown accustomed to the size of Eric’s loads, as every time he saw the handsome young stud shoot, he couldn’t help but be impressed by the size, power, and volume of his spectacular emissions. Nevertheless, the Cyborg had learned to expect monster loads from his massively muscular young captive. But nothing that the Cyborg had ever seen could have prepared him for the power and potency of Eric’s titanic bull load. 

There was no throbbing or pulsing of sperm from Eric’s cock. The titanic pressures in his balls were simply too great for that. Instead, the sperm burst out of the young man’s straining cock in a continuous raging stream, like a water cannon being fired in a harbor. The enormous geyser of man milk was thicker than Dalton’s own huge thumb, and shot forth with ferocious power, rocketing easily 30 or more feet straight up into the air before showering everything within a 20-foot radius with a steady downpour of hot splooge. 

Eric continued to thrash and groan and bellow in agony, however, for his balls were still on the very brink of rupturing, and the force of his monumental orgasm threatened to tip them over the edge. The ginormous gonads convulsed and quivered like they had a life of their own, clenching and contracting so hard that they nearly ripped open their extremely fragile outer walls. But once again, they held. 

As minute after minute after minute ticked by, one of Dalton’s subroutines was measuring the torrential sperm output that was thundering out of Eric’s cock, and the Cyborg already knew that this one single load would forever hold the record for the most voluminous ejaculation of all time. 

A half hour passed, and still there was no let up. Then an hour. Dozens and dozens and dozens of gallons of sperm had already shot forth from Eric’s bloated and distended bull cock, and his thundering orgasm hadn’t quieted in the least. After more than an hour of constant purging, however, the titanic, nut-busting size of Eric’s over bloated balls finally began to reduce by just a tiny amount. Their horrific swelling began to diminish, and Dalton let go of the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. With the swelling reducing, Eric’s balls were finally pulling back from the brink of annihilation. 

Dalton took this as a sign that he could resume beating the young man’s sperm-pumping balls, which he now did with renewed abandon. The tough testicular walls of Eric’s two balls, still critically overstretched and weakened by trying to contain nearly three whole days' worth of sperm, threatened once again to rupture spectacularly under the savage onslaught of hammer blows, but even now they managed to defy the cruel Cyborg, absorbing every devastating blow and squeezing out yet more sticky spunk. 

Dawn found the two mighty men still locked in a titanic battle -- Dalton pummeling and hammering Eric’s swollen and beefy bull balls for all he was worth, and Eric pumping out insane volumes of sperm. After two hours of constant ejaculation, Eric’s huge balls had deflated significantly, but were still swollen bigger than basketballs. The force and volume of his constant stream of emissions did not start to diminish until another half hour or so later, when his ejaculation finally began to be broken up into separate slugs of sperm. By then, Eric’s distended and bloated balls were nearly back to their original mammoth size, though they were becoming dangerously mushy and soft from the vicious pounding abuse they were receiving. 

Finally, a full three hours after Eric’s colossal orgasm began and more than an hour after dawn, the young muscle man’s epic, titanic ejaculation finally ebbed and ceased. Both Dalton and young Eric were completely covered and soaked with sperm, and even the lower branches of the two mighty trees holding the huge muscle man were dripping with thick ropes and slugs of Eric’s ejaculate. Dalton read the final readout on his spunk-tracking program, and at first thought that there must have been a malfunction. But as the Cyborg blinked the clotted cum from his eyes, he realized with a start that the readout was indeed correct. 

Eric, the most magnificent, virile mega stud that the human race would ever produce, had just pumped out more than 2,000 GALLONS of cum!!! That was an average of more than ten gallons per MINUTE!!! That was more than THREE TIMES the amount cum the young super stud had blown during his night of constant milking!!! That was enough thick and chunky splooge to fill an average-sized swimming pool more than a quarter full!!! That was enough super rich and potent seed to fill more than 30 bathtubs to the rim!!! The young lad’s awesome and awe-inspiring strength and virility were nothing less than miraculous! Super human didn’t even BEGIN to cover it! 

As Dalton stood there in stupefied wonder, he found that he was still tightly clenching Eric’s exhausted and spent bull balls in his massive fist. The Cyborg dug his thick fingers in deeper into the young man’s soft and yielding ball flesh, the battered and weakened meat squishing easily between his massive digits. Eric’s behemoth balls were all but ruined, having used up all of their tremendous power to survive a three-day marathon of inhumanly brutal abuse. 

But the Cyborg couldn’t resist getting in one last barrage. 


Eric screamed in agony as his utterly depleted and over-worked balls were hammered three more times by Dalton’s huge and mighty fist, each terrific blow threatening to burst the dangerously fragile and weakened balls wide open. But the young man proved his worth yet again, his cock even managing to pump out half a dozen weak but still impressive squirts of thick ball juice in the process. 

The young human, the most fantastically muscular and powerful of his kind to ever exist, had just succeeded in surviving 100 days of constant and unbelievably brutal abuse by a Cyborg. It was a feat that was impossible, unthinkable, and utterly extraordinary. 

As Dalton finally released the bruised, battered, and completely busted balls from his clutching grip, he decided then and there that he couldn’t bring himself to destroy this ultimate paragon of man. The young male was simply too stunningly handsome, too enormously muscular, too colossally hung, too fantastically strong and powerful and virile to annihilate and unman on this backwater planet in a forgotten corner of the galaxy. 

No, the powerful young super stud deserved a better fate than that. 

Dalton decided he would take the young muscle bull back to Primus, the home world of the Cyborg Imperium. There, the last and greatest of all human males could be displayed and tortured for the enjoyment of the entire Cyborg race, while the female slave races of all the many thrall species were all forced to watch his ultimate unmanning and destruction. It would no doubt be a spectacle to be remembered for millennia to come, and would bring Dalton a great measure of fame and influence in the upper echelon of Cyborg politics. 

An excited Dalton immediately began making plans and preparations for their departure. He almost absent-mindedly reinserted Eric’s huge, battered balls into their scrotum, allowing the protective skin to re-envelope them for the first time in almost three days. The skin immediately started to heal closed, and Dalton knew that all of the damage and harm done to Eric over the past three days would heal without the slightest scar or reminder of how close the young man had come to losing his balls once and for all. 

Eric, for the time being, was finally, blissfully left alone to rest and recover from his most recent and most brutal ordeal. The young man drifted into a deep sleep, unaware of the fact that even worse was in store for him...


Okay, that's enough of the Cyborg Saga for the time being. While Dalton packs Eric up and prepares to ship him back to Primus for even MORE brutal tortures, I'll be posting other stories on this site for a few weeks. But don't be surprised if more Cyborg stories pop up here right around Christmas time...  :D

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Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 22 - Brutality Increases

Dalton decides he wants a crack at Eric's bloated bull nuts without their silken scrotum to cover and protect them. The evil Cyborg slices open Eric's sac and attacks his naked bollocks, hammering and piercing them with massive spikes.


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 22
Brutality Increases

Over the next few weeks, the brutality of Dalton’s tortures increased a hundred-fold. He subjected the handsome young muscle monster to new torments, and revisited old ones again but this time with even greater force and brutality. The cruel Cyborg knew that his muscular captive had grown stronger and tougher than ever under the brutal tortures, and wanted to test the young man’s newest limits. The mighty young male was more hard pressed than ever before to endure and survive these latest challenges, but much to the Cyborg’s growing frustration and delight, he continued to do so, all while pounding out ever greater quantities of his super potent sperm. 

Dalton subjected young Eric to every torture and brutality imaginable, pounding, punching, crushing, and squeezing the handsome muscle man’s unbelievably huge testicles until they were nearly an unrecognizable mass of virtually ruined ball flesh. But Eric’s mighty balls survived every abuse that was heaped upon them, coming back from the brink of destruction over and over and over again and healing even the most grievous wounds so that they were healthy and whole and flush with power for the next night’s beatings. 

The Cyborg also pulled and yanked and twisted and stretched Eric’s huge balls with ever increasing force and savagery, threatening over and over again to rip the huge testes from the young man’s gloriously muscular body. And time and time again, Eric’s mighty balls endured, though they were stretched to an inhuman 24 inches almost every night. 

The mighty young muscle man had now endured more than three full months in the Cyborg’s cruel clutches. The Cyborg struggled with his conflicting desires every day, part of him wanting to keep this extraordinary bull stud intact to endure even more tortures, and an equally insistent part of him wanting to annihilate the stud’s most massive of gonads in an explosion of blood and gore. 

Slicing Open the Scrotum and Attacking Eric’s Bare Balls

The tortures turned even more brutal when Dalton decided that he wanted to have access to Eric’s bald bull nuts themselves. He started the next evening by carefully slicing open Eric’s huge scrotum, forcing both humongous nuts out of their protective ball bag for the very first time in their lives and pinning the empty scrotum up and out of the way. The gigantic orbs looked perhaps even more massive and powerful freed from their sac, and each gray, melon-sized orb dangled even more heavily than before, the exposed cables, cords, and ducts stretching more than 14 inches from the top of his balls to the base of his enormous bull cock. 

The tortures and punishments that were then inflicted on Eric’s exposed balls were almost too brutal to describe. Dalton started with his customary tortures, beating and squeezing and crushing each orb individually to test the limits of its awesome strength and resiliency. As the fury and power behind these tortures became ever more savage and vicious, Dalton could actually SEE the tough and fibrous walls of Eric’s titanic balls begin to crack and fracture, and the thick and incredibly dense interior ball meat threaten to bulge and ooze out of the cracks. The Cyborg would take Eric’s mighty balls to the brink of destruction again and again, and stop just before the final squeeze or blow that would spell their annihilation, instead allowing them just enough time to heal and recover so that they could face even more tortures. 

But even these extremes of brutality soon were not enough for the cruel Cyborg, and he began to experiment with ever more vicious torments. On one memorable evening, Dalton had gathered dozens of spiny thorns from a species of cactus found halfway around the planet. The spines of this cactus were extremely long, many measuring over a foot in length, but were also very slender, with a fibrous strength that belied their narrow width. The cruel Cyborg lined these foot-long thorns on a nearby tray, grabbed the first sharp spine, and began to plunge it through the meat of Eric’s mammoth and naked right nut. The young man screamed in agony as the slender spike speared through the tough gray outer wall and into his huge testicle, the burning toxins on the thorn only amplifying the agony searing through his impaled bull nut. Dalton did not stop plunging in the thorny dagger until the tip burst through the far side of the nut, spearing the huge globe of man flesh clear through. A small amount of blood and cum dripped from both puncture wounds as several inches of sharp thorn extended out from either side of the gargantuan bull ball. 

Dalton grabbed a second slender thorn and repeated the procedure on Eric’s equally enormous left ball, to much the same effect. Eric was thrashing and crying in agony as both of his balls were impaled on the huge thorns, and the caustic toxins on the surface of the spines burned into his delicate nut flesh. The young muscle man’s agony was extreme, but was about to get worse. 

The Cyborg once again fell into a lust-crazed fugue as he grabbed needle after spiny needle and plunged it through the very heart of Eric’s epic masculinity. The young muscle man’s thunderous bellows of agony echoed through the forest as his mighty balls were impaled again and again and again. Massive slugs of cum were pumping out of the young man’s colossal cock in a steady, pulsating stream as his humongous nuts were skewered dozens and dozens of times until they resembled beefy porcupines more than they did normal and healthy balls. Despite having over 100 long burning barbs stuck clear through his balls, there was surprisingly little blood dripping from the puncture holes as Eric’s phenomenal powers of healing worked overtime to heal as much as possible the stab wounds created by the thorns. 

Dalton saved the six biggest thorns for last, truly massive cactus spikes that were almost two feet long and thick as knitting needles. The evil Cyborg placed the sharp tip of the first thorn against the pale gray wall of Eric’s behemoth left nut, and then with one massive plunge, shoved the huge needle clear through both Eric’s left ball and his equally gigantic right ball, leaving both enormous orbs speared clear through with the same huge spike. Eric’s scream of agony threatened to shake leaves from the very trees, and his cock throbbed and leapt so hard that it slapped again his mammoth chest with a solid and beefy WHUMP! 

With deliberate and cruel slowness, Dalton repeated this procedure with the next five huge thorns, pushing each spike through Eric’s two massive balls with agonizing slowness. Soon, all six of the largest thorns were imbedded to the hilt inside Eric’s balls, the searing agony inside the gargantuan orbs burning like a blazing fire. The Cyborg then hung weights from each of the protruding ends of all of the thorns, brutally pulling the massive orbs downward by the very spikes that impaled them. 

Dalton considered beating the balls with the pincushion of thorns still inside them, but the Cyborg realized that this would cause the cactus spines themselves to shatter within the young man’s dense ball meat and remain permanently imbedded inside them. Even mighty Eric wouldn’t be able to recover from having shards of broken thorns permanently stuck inside of his mammoth bull balls, so the Cyborg wisely decided to remove all of the thorns before proceeding with that night’s brutal ball beating. 

But as the 100th day of Eric’s captivity approached, even these unbelievably brutal tortures looked like child’s play compared to the final torment Dalton had planned for his heroically handsome and muscular young prisoner. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 21 - Magnet Stretch

This chapter gets rather heavy...and I mean that literally! Let's see just how much weight Eric's behemoth bull balls can carry! 


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 21
Magnet Stretch

Day 73

Over the course of the next three days, Dalton left the 4,000 pounds of steel machinery hanging from young Eric’s mammoth bull nuts. The pain was unreal, and only amplified by each night’s brutal abuses and tortures. The cruel Cyborg beat Eric’s trapped and defenseless nuts to a jellied pulp each night, punching and pounding and all but pulverizing the two titanic orbs of man flesh and making the handsome young muscle stud blow countless monumental loads into the enormous lake of sperm. 

And throughout it all, Eric’s supremely mighty and resilient balls somehow found the strength to survive. Just the unimaginably brutal stretch being applied to his balls threatened at any moment to unman him, but the young man’s almighty ball cords seemed stronger than even the titanium alloy manacles that held the massive stud suspended between the two colossal trees. Eric continued to amaze and impress his wicked captor, and defiantly endured every abuse that the Cyborg could throw his way. 

Dalton was growing increasingly frustrated, however. The Cyborg was absolutely determined to stretch Eric’s massive balls to at least 24 inches from his crotch, or rip the beautiful huge testes off the young muscle stud in the process. Yet even after allowing the two tons of weight to brutally and ceaselessly tear at the young man’s behemoth balls for more than 72 straight hours, his grotesquely elongated scrotum simply refused to stretch another millimeter. In fact, to Dalton’s stunned surprise, the stretch to Eric’s long-suffering scrotum actually decreased, retracting from their previous 22 inches and now holding steady at 19 inches. Somehow, Eric’s mighty ball cords had contracted and actually hauled the two tons of metal upward by three whole inches! Impossibly, the young man’s almighty cords and tendons anchoring his humongous balls to his gorgeous body were becoming even stronger under the constantly pulling and tearing abuse! The awesome strength in those mighty cables was simply super human!!

The Cyborg knew he would need to add greater and greater weights if he ever hoped to achieve his goal of a two-foot nut stretch. And the devious torturer had come up with a diabolical torture that was guaranteed to achieve either a 24-inch ball stretch or the young man’s painful and total castration. 

The massive Cyborg arrived on the scene just as night fell, and despite the horrific tearing agony in his humongous nuts, Eric immediately let loose with a trademark colossal orgasm, pumping out buckets and buckets of jizz from his monstrously swollen bull cock at the mere sight of his cruel torturer. Dalton always enjoyed the sight of the handsome young human blowing his insanely huge loads, and he let the big muscle hunk finish jettisoning his goliath load of baby batter before proceeding with the night’s latest tortures. 

Ten minutes or so later, once Eric had finished blasting out his first mammoth load of the night, Dalton stepped forward and started removing the massive weights hanging from the young man’s heroically overstretched balls. The handsome young stud almost began crying in relief as the ungodly weight was finally removed from his long-suffering balls. With the final weight released, Eric’s nuts sprang upwards toward his crotch, his balls cords snapping upward like giant rubber bands and hauling up the huge weight of his massive elephant nuts with them. Dalton was pleased to see that their natural, relaxed stretch had been increased once again, if only slightly, to an unheard of 12 ½ inches. But it wasn’t the relaxed hang that the cruel Cyborg would be working on tonight. 

Dalton produced a solid block of pure steel, a roughly cubic slab of metal weighing just over 400 pounds, nearly as heavy as the monumentally muscular young stud himself. There was a shackle attached to one side of the steel cube, and as Dalton started attaching one end of a heavy steel cable to that ring, Eric knew the reprieve to his supremely aching nuts was to be short lived. Sure enough, the Cyborg clamped a titanium shackle around the young man’s scrotum right at the base of his melon-sized balls, and attached the loose end of the heavy cable to this thick titanium band. With the cube connected to Eric’s huge balls, Dalton let the 400-pound weight drop, dragging the massive nuts down with it. 

The young stud let out a sharp yelp of pain, but his mighty nuts easily arrested the weight, which only pulled his huge balls down another quarter inch. One of the Cyborg’s eyebrows arched upward in surprise, for such a large weight used to pull the young man’s huge balls much farther from his body. This was even more proof that Eric’s mighty ball cords were indeed, like the rest of his phenomenally powerful body, growing even stronger under all the tortures and abuse. The hunky young stud seemed to possess an unlimited number of fresh ways to impress his gigantic captor. 

Dalton then set up a low platform beneath Eric’s dangling feet and directly below the hanging steel cube, a large circular dais that was sunk partway into the quagmire of sperm and mud, but tall enough that the surface of the platform was several inches above the level of the seminal fluid lake. The surface of the platform contained a series of concentric rings of some sort of ferrous metal. The large steel cube hovered nearly a foot and a half over the innocuous-looking surface of the platform. The muscular young captive had no idea what the platform was for, but his fear and trepidation nevertheless continued to build for he knew that the purpose of the platform would undoubtedly be cruel and nefarious. And he was right. 

The Cyborg gave a push to the steel slab hanging from Eric’s huge balls, sending both the weight and the massive nuts to swinging forward and back between the young man’s colossal thighs. Eric grimaced in discomfort, but otherwise defiantly refused to let the Cyborg know how much pain was already tearing through his overstretched nuts. Dalton smiled to himself, enjoying the fact that his handsome and phenomenally built captive was continuing to fight against him despite the utter hopelessness of his situation. 

And then the Cyborg turned on the giant magnet imbedded in the platform below. 

The steel slab was at the top of its forward swing when the magnet was powered up, and the force of the magnet immediately yanked the weight downward with a powerful snap. Eric barked in surprise and pain as his giant gonads were immediately drawn downward as well, the effective weight of the steel cube immediately doubling to 800 pounds and quickly stretching out his balls to a full 14 inches. Dalton recalled that an 800-pound weight used to pull Eric’s huge bull balls down 18 inches just a couple of months ago, and he began to wonder just how powerful the young man’s ball cords could become. The Cyborg knew that the handsome young stud would need every ounce of strength in those massive balls to survive tonight’s torture. 

Dalton knew he had all night, so he proceeded slowly, inching up the strength of the massive magnet by tiny increments to see how much stretch he could achieve in Eric’s thick scrotum. The 800 pounds currently tearing at the young man’s goliath bull balls was already far more than any previous male had endured, yet he already knew from the previous three days’ experience that Eric could easily endure more than 5 times that weight. Dalton enjoyed the suspense of pulling down Eric’s balls by degrees, though, making sure that the young muscle man felt every millimeter of the night’s tortures. 

Ever so slowly, the magnet’s power increased, yanking even harder at Eric’s screaming bull balls and stretching them ever farther from his muscular and sweaty crotch. The truly brutal tearing at his nuts made Eric cum over and over and over again, his profoundly overstretched and pain-wracked balls trying desperately to unleash their heavy cargo in the hopes of impregnating a female before they were unceremoniously ripped from his supremely muscular body. Gallons and gallons and gallons of the thick pearlescent goo pumped out of Eric’s shuddering 22-inch horse cock as the hours ticked by, pounding out a seemingly endless supply of his powerful baby batter. 

The increased pull at the young man’s behemoth balls at first produced a relatively modest stretch in his huge nuts:  

  • 1,200 pounds produced a 15-inch stretch
  • 1,600 pounds produced a 16-inch stretch
  • 2,000 pounds produced a 17-inch stretch

But as time went on, the increased weight produced smaller and smaller increments of nut stretching as Eric’s heroically powerful ball cords fought valiantly against further pulling:  

  • 3,000 pounds produced an 18-inch stretch, a stretch that used to be achieved by a ‘mere’ 800 pounds less than a month earlier
  • 4,000 pounds produced a 19-inch stretch
  • 5,000 pounds produced a 20-inch stretch

After three hours, Dalton knew he was well into uncharted territory. Eric’s behemoth balls had never before been forced to carry such extraordinarily heavy weights, and it was anyone’s guess how much they could endure before they ripped free. But the Cyborg didn’t seem to notice or care, so intent was he on producing an ever longer stretch to the young man’s tortured sac. In fact, Dalton began increasing the magnet’s rate of intensity, adding weight faster and faster and hastening the ultimate destruction of this paragon of men. 

  • 6,000 pounds produced a 20 ½-inch stretch
  • 7,000 pounds produced a 21-inch stretch
  • 8,000 pounds produced a 21 ½-inch stretch

It took a monstrous and absolutely impossible 10,000 pounds -- 5 fucking TONS of weight, nearly the weight of a full grown bull elephant! -- to achieve a 22-inch stretch to Eric’s bull nuts, a stretch that only three days ago could be achieved with ‘only’ 4,000 pounds!! The horse-hung kid was fucking unreal!! 

Eric was now in dire straits, however. His titanic nuts had once again been mercilessly and brutally pulled to an unbelievable 22 inches, the farthest they had ever been stretched, and his colossally overstretched ball cords and scrotum seemed absolutely unwilling to stretch a single millimeter more. Long ropey strands of cum were now pouring from the young man’s mammoth bull cock at a continuous rate, the extreme castration-threatening torture putting the awesome virility of the stud’s huge balls into overdrive. It was utterly impossible that the young super stud’s mighty balls could be carrying five tons of weight, almost 25 TIMES the huge muscle man’s own massive weight, yet somehow they were doing just that, defying gravity in their heroic struggle to avoid annihilation. But how much more could even Eric’s stupendously powerful bull balls survive before being ripped free? 

And unfortunately for Eric, the night was only half over, leaving another 6 hours of torture still to go. 

Dalton paused in adding further strain on Eric’s balls and reached forward to inspect the young man’s epically elongated nut sac. The stud’s entire scrotum and balls were coated with thick layers of his own potent and plentiful effluvium, which poured down the colossal length of his cock in thick rivers. The Cyborg used Eric’s slick cock snot as a lube, wrapping his thick fingers around the incredibly narrow tube of scrotal flesh and then gently jacking his massive hand up and down. Dalton was astounded at how far his hand could travel up and down the 22-inch length of Eric’s stretched sac, and he could actually feel the huge quantities of spunk racing up the thick tubes from the young man’s powerfully prolific balls to his cock. Dalton stroked up and down on Eric’s sac for several minutes, almost looking like he was milking the muscle man’s two massive bull udders. The Cyborg then tightened his grip near the top of the long sac and gave it a few experimental tugs. Eric moaned in pain at the added strain to his balls, but Dalton judged that there was still a surprising amount of strength left in the young man’s mighty ball cords, so he decided to resume increasing the magnet’s awful power. 

The power of the magnet was now increasing orders of magnitude faster than it had at the beginning of the night, adding a truly terrific pull to Eric’s already screaming balls. Several more tons of weight were added, and still the young man’s bull nuts refused to stretch one iota farther than their already brutal 22 inches. But when the weight passed the 15,000-pound mark, the handsome muscle man’s enormous scrotum began to ever so slowly sag downward once again. Only this time, the awesome inhuman pull at his scrotum began to cause his massive horse cock to lever downward as well. The supremely tough ball cords anchored around the base of Eric’s incredibly thick cock were pulling the young man’s mighty phallic weapon downward. It almost looked like Eric’s massive flesh cannon was being aimed at a target, cranking downward from its nearly fully upright position into a steadily lower angle. Dalton knew from experience just how incredibly tough and strong that monster cock was, so he knew that a truly awesome amount of force was now being applied to that supremely long and thick cock to make it pull downward. 

An hour later, the weight had doubled to 20,000 pounds - 10 freaking TONS!!! The weight of a small semi truck!!! And Eric’s bull nuts had been stretched to a record-breaking 23 inches! But Dalton wasn’t satisfied and continued increasing the magnet’s power, heedless of the unbelievable strain he was placing on Eric’s thick ball cords. 

Another hour passed, and the weight increased by 5 more tons to an awesome 30,000 pounds!! The additional weight only succeeded in adding another half inch to the dangle of Eric’s scrotum, but also pulled the young man’s massive cock almost halfway to horizontal, the titanic member now bouncing and pulsing at an approximately 45 degree angle. Eric’s periodic, pain-wracked orgasms were now blasting far across the swamp of sperm, almost reaching the shore of the cloudy lake itself, more than 60 feet away. 

But the relentless Cyborg wasn’t done yet, for he was determined to reach the magical number of 24 inches. 

On and one the minutes ticked by, the magnet increasing its ungodly pulling force over and over again, and ever so slowly adding tiny amounts of stretch to Eric’s critically overstretched nut sac. The young stud was beyond screaming now, so consumed with agony that his bellows of pain were caught in his throat and came out as whimpers and breathy moans. His fantastically muscular body continued to buck and flex in the throes of his agony, his gargantuan bull muscles bulging and swelling enticingly even as his flexing and jerking movements added even more strain to his already perilously overstretched sac. 

Another hour passed, and the 40,000 pounds of weight had only produced a quarter inch stretch to Eric’s nuts. At 23 ¾ inches, they were still a quarter inch away from achieving the Cyborg’s goal. But judging from the way Eric’s titanic orbs were quivering and trembling in their ridiculously thin sac, it appeared doubtful that they would be able to survive any further pulling. 
But STILL Dalton continued, throwing the magnet into overdrive as he endeavored to get that last quarter inch of stretch out of the young muscle man’s majestic, magnificent nuts before the beautiful orbs were torn from the stud’s body. 

Finally, ten hours into the night’s torture, Dalton achieved his long anticipated goal of stretching Eric’s behemoth balls to a full 24 inches from his crotch. The equivalent of 50,000 jaw dropping pounds were now tearing at the young man’s ferociously stretched nuts -- 25 fucking TONS of weight, and well over 100 times the young stud’s own enormous body weight!!! It was the weight equivalent of hanging an 18-wheeled semi truck and trailer with a full load of cargo from Eric’s monumentally strong balls!!! 

Small tears were now appearing all over the bulging surface of the horrifically overstretched scrotum as it struggled to contain the young man’s ponderous, melon-sized balls, and the ball cords themselves were more taut than bowstrings, ready to snap at any moment. The almighty bull balls could tear loose at any moment, for they had reached the very limit of their ability to stretch. Nevertheless, Dalton kept on ramping up the weight, higher and higher, as he tried to get even a millimeter more stretch out of that huge scrotum, but to no avail. The Cyborg finally had to admit that he had finally reached the absolute limit of the forced hang he could get out of the handsome young buck’s big lug nuts. 

Dalton locked in the magnet at its current setting of approximately 55,000 pounds, enjoying the way the constant heroically brutal pull of the huge magnet continued to threaten young Eric with destruction. The Cyborg then picked up a length of thick metal pipe, and prepared to begin the second phase of the night’s entertainment. 

The first blow landed against the left side of Eric’s ball bag with annihilating force, and the resounding SMACK of metal on flesh echoed across the meadow. The brutal yanking from the magnet rendered Eric’s huge nuts utterly immobile, forcing them to absorb the entire shattering force of the blow. So powerful was the strike of the steel pipe against Eric’s left nut that his equally massive right nut, on the far side of the blow, bulged outwards. After hours of weakly moaning and groaning, Eric finally found his voice again and bellowed in extraordinary agony. At the same moment, a titanic slug of spunk erupted from the tip of his swollen and distended cock. Eric’s huge dick was very nearly parallel to the ground at this point, barely more than horizontal, and the angle of his cock combined with the sheer barbaric force of his ejaculation caused the massive clot of sperm to sail clear over the semen swamp and splash directly into the lake itself, more than 20 feet out from the shore. 

Successive blows caused even larger slugs of cum to blast out into the lake, causing swarms of already sperm-fattened fish to splash to the surface to consume a fresh batch of the young man’s incredibly thick ball batter. No man in history had ever shot his sperm even half so far, and Dalton was once again extraordinarily impressed by the young man’s super human virility and power. 

On and on Dalton pummeled and punished Eric’s trapped and immobilized nuts, hammering the big bruisers with the thick pipe. The Cyborg pounded the huge orbs from every angle, trying to soften up the young man’s tender tissues. He had abused his young captive in this manner dozens and dozens of times in the past, but never with his humongous bull balls stretched so perilously far from his body, and the combination of stretching and beating was steadily wearing down the awesome strength of Eric’s massive balls and threatening to finish them off. 

But somehow the mighty young muscle man continued to endure, pumping out mind boggling quantities of his thick and chunky spunk even as his balls were gradually pounded into goo. The unimaginably brutal hammering with the steel pipe was also causing the small tears in Eric’s scrotum to grow larger, lengthening and widening as the huge sac began to fail, and threatening to rip wide open and spill the gigantic gray orbs into the open air. The brutal beating continued on and on, mercilessly and without pity, forcing the unfortunate muscle hunk to feel every moment of his balls’ gradual destruction. 

Nearly two hours went by, and with dawn only minutes away, young Eric was in many ways and quite literally at the very end of his rope. His ball cords continued to strain mightily against the more than 55,000 pounds of force tearing brutally at them, and his balls themselves were on the verge of rupturing. Their titanically tough and powerful outer walls had once again been nearly pulverized, the fibrous walls starting to crack and fracture in multiple locations as the incredibly thick and dense ball meat threatened to burst from their interior. The end would surely be coming soon for the young man’s powerful and supreme masculinity. 

Dalton reached over to the magnet’s settings and, in a fit of blood lust, flipped the magnet to its highest setting. The hum of the power generators became much louder as the weight suddenly began to increase at an exponential rate, and Eric screeched in unimaginable agony as the force applied to his nuts ratcheted upward once again. The weight increased by a ton every few seconds, quickly climbing to 60,000 pounds, then 70,000 pounds, then 80,000 pounds! And STILL the young stud endured, even as Dalton resumed his furious pounding of the young man’s gargantuan nuts, using every ounce of his cybernetic strength to try to get those huge balls to burst before they were ripped from Eric’s muscular body. 90,000 pounds!! 100,000 pounds!!! That was like suspending a diesel locomotive engine from the young man’s heroically struggling nuts!!! NOTHING could take that much stress!!



The huge cube of steel plummeted the six inches or so remaining between it and the platform, and impacted with the magnet with such awesome force that the circular platform itself was instantly shattered, sundered into more than a dozen pieces as the slab of metal impacted with its surface and then drove clear through it into the sperm and muck below. The cube itself was profoundly dented as it passed through the platform, and didn’t come to a rest until it was nearly completely buried in the soggy ground. 

Eric’s humongous cock, no longer pulled down by the ferocious weight, swung upward and slapped the young man’s colossal chest with such force that it would have broken a lesser man’s sternum and ribs, and let loose a gout of sperm so enormous and so powerful that it shot nearly 20 feet straight up into the air before showering both tormenter and captive with thick slugs of spunk. 

Dalton, panting from the exertion of hammering the young man’s gigantic balls, fully expected to see Eric’s mighty bull nuts resting, battered and broken and torn from his body, alongside the twisted steel cube and sundered remains of the magnet. But to his utter shock and surprise, Eric’s mammoth balls were still hanging, heavy and loose, in their tortured and torn scrotum, dangling just over 12 inches below his monstrous cock. The titanium shackle was still firmly secured around the base of his mega nuts, but only a few inches of the thick metal cable dangled from the shackle. The end of the more than two-inch-thick cable, which was nearly five times as thick as Eric’s overstretched scrotum had been, was shattered, the torn end frayed and splintered where the massive steel cable had finally failed. 

It just wasn’t possible!! Eric’s mighty ball cords had proven themselves even more powerful than a massive steel cable that had been designed to tow spacecraft the size of small buildings!!! Eric was simply a stud beyond all imagining!!! 

A dumbfounded Dalton carefully inspected Eric’s huge ball sac, and as he had already witnessed dozens of times before, the mighty balls and scrotum were healing right before his eyes. The small tears in the thick sac were already closing, and the walls of the orbs themselves were healing their many fractures and regaining and redoubling their awesome strength. The young man had survived once again! 

Dalton could feel huge clots of his own sperm running down his pant leg from where he had cum in the midst of Eric’s herculean display of strength and might. The young muscle man had endured a two FOOT stretch to his nuts and perhaps the most brutal ball pounding they had yet experienced, and were once again coming out of it whole and unharmed. The Cyborg was beginning to despair of finding ANY way to destroy the young man’s huge, proud nuts, short of just slicing them from his body, yet — as evidenced by his own spontaneous orgasm — he was reveling in his handsome young captive’s awesome powers of resilience. 

Dalton eagerly began to devise even more ungodly brutal torments for his incredibly handsome young captive.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 20 - Milking from Within, Part 2

Dalton repeats the previous night's performance, only this time he doesn't allow Eric to recharge with fluids. Will our hunky young bull ejaculate himself to death by dehydration???


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 20
Milking from Within - Part 2

Day 70

Dalton was so impressed and entertained by Eric’s spectacular performance with the vacuum pump that he repeated the process the next night, only with one major difference -- he temporarily disconnected the feeding tubes that constantly pumped nutrients and nourishment into the young man’s fantastically muscular body, and that fueled the young man’s phenomenally rapid production of sperm. 

The cruel Cyborg left the first burned out vacuum pump hanging from the young stud’s gargantuan screaming balls, the more than one full ton of steel and electronics tearing mercilessly at Eric’s grotesquely distended and overstretch gonads, while he put a second, identical pump in place. He once again inserted the plastic tubing down Eric’s magnificent bull cock, which he mercifully did not bend or otherwise distort for this evening’s entertainment. The nano wires were also allowed to snake into the depths of the young man’s plumbing from both ends -- his enormous cock and his muscular ass. When all was in readiness, Dalton switched the wires and the pump on and sat back to watch the punishment unfold. 

Eric’s supremely powerful and virile bull nuts had long since fully recharged after the previous evening’s marathon draining session, and were once more filled to near bursting with an enormous load of spunk. And Dalton wanted to find out just how much jizz those huge sperm factories could carry. 

With the extreme stimulation of the nano wires and the powerful suction of the vacuum pump, it was only a matter of minutes before Eric reached breathtaking orgasm. The young muscle stud bucked his hips in powerful release, heedless of the enormous clump of metal swinging from his huge nuts, as he began to pound out a characteristically gargantuan load. The plastic tubing was immediately filled with thick and chunky baby batter, which was quickly whisked into a waiting receptacle, the 12th and only empty 55-gallon drum from the night before. 

On and on Eric’s orgasm raged, the insistent pump trying to pull every last sperm out of the young man’s brutally powerful balls. The sheer volume and fury of Eric’s orgasms never failed to impress and delight the Cyborg, who watched the scene in rapt fascination. 

The storage capacity of those two amazing bull balls simply could not be believed! Eric quickly pumped out one gallon of his incredibly thick spunk, and then a second, and then a third. As the minutes went by, more and more pearlescent fluid poured into the waiting container, and the young man was still going strong. Four gallons, then five, then six! Even with gonads as heroically massive and beefy as the twin testicles possessed by Eric, there just didn’t seem to be enough ROOM on those massive nuts for all of that cum! And yet still more of the stuff kept jetting out of the young man’s ferociously thundering cock, proving that the internal pressure inside his cum-engorged balls must be tremendous indeed. Seven gallons, eight, nine, TEN gallons of nut sludge, and still more was coming! 

After the tenth gallon of goo had been pumped out of Eric’s massive balls, the volume and force of his ejaculations began to decrease as his huge, heavy balls labored to keep up with the insistent demands of the vacuum pump. Eleven gallons of spunk now filled the huge plastic drum, and then 12 gallons, but the level of sperm in the huge container was now rising at a slower and slower rate. Eric was now groaning in considerable stress and pain as his balls finally pumped out their 13th gallon, and it was clear that the fantastic capacity of his massive nuts was finally beginning to run out. 

It took more than five minutes to pull the 14th gallon of spunk from Eric’s struggling nuts, and nearly 15 minutes to suck out the 15th gallon. The next 30 minutes saw the production of only half a gallon of nut spew, at which point the once copious flow from Eric’s mighty bull cock slowed to the merest trickle. The colossal store of sperm in Eric’s huge and bountiful balls -- more than 15 gallons on splooge! -- had been completely tapped and drained. 

But Dalton wasn’t about to stop there. The evil Cyborg wanted to see how Eric’s gorgeous and massively muscular body would react to an entire evening of nut plundering. Without the constant supply of fluids and nutrients to his massive body, would Eric’s powerhouse nuts be able to continue to pull fluids from the rest of the young man’s glorious body to fuel further sperm production, and if so, would they drain the powerful man to death, essentially killing him through dehydration? And if the continued plundering and raping of his fluids didn’t slay Eric, then would his mighty balls simply burn out from constant overstimulation and the sucking action of the vacuum pump? They were barely more than an hour into the evening’s torture and punishments, so Dalton had plenty of time to watch and enjoy the slow destruction of Eric’s legendary masculinity. 


Hours slowly ticked by, and the agony in Eric’s behemoth bull balls only grew. The young man’s laboring balls had indeed cannibalized fluids elsewhere in the stud’s enormously muscular body in order to produce more and more sperm, and an astounding 20 gallons of the stuff now sat in the clear plastic barrel, an awesome testament to Eric’s phenomenal and unprecedented virility. 

But the beautiful young buck was clearly in trouble. His entire body was now visibly drained of fluid, his handsome face drawn, his skin so tight and thin that his bloated and massively built muscles looked ready to burst through at any moment. Eric was groaning weakly, worn and exhausted both from the plundering of his body’s fluids and from the hours and hours of constant suction on his mighty genitals. 

Eric’s titanic testicles themselves were looking much the worse for wear, for they were not only brutally stretched to an awesome 20 inches from his crotch from the enormous weight of the first massive, broken vacuum pump, but they were also struggling valiantly to try to produce more sperm to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the second pump. And with no fluids left to spare in his body, Eric’s behemoth nuts were burning themselves out trying in vain to produce more of his precious seed. The internal temperature of the young muscle man’s gigantic nuts was nearing critical levels and still rising, creating the very real danger that Eric’s mighty testicles might overheat and fry the delicate meat and sperm producing tissues inside, cooking from the inside out and rendering the young man an impotent eunuch. 

Dalton didn’t seem to notice or care, so intent was he on enjoying the unimaginable pain of his suffering stallion. Even when Eric’s huge balls turned an almost glowing bright red and grew scalding to the touch, the evil Cyborg did nothing to lessen the young man’s pain or distress, and instead kept waiting for the final moment of the young man’s testicular destruction. With hours left to go before the dawn, it didn’t seem as if there was any way Eric’s massive gonads could survive. 


With just over an hour to go, it was unclear if Eric’s huge bull balls had already been burnt out and rendered useless. He had somehow managed to produce another two whole gallons of spunk in the second half of the night, bringing the total up to more than 22 gallons, but the young man was now in serious danger of dehydration and his body simply could not give up any more fluids to his churning and burning balls. As a consequence, Eric’s mighty nuts had grown hotter and hotter still, until the dark red orbs were virtually smoldering. 

Dalton, who’s engineered flesh was highly resistant to temperature extremes, nonetheless winced in sympathy when he grasped and fondled the young man’s grossly overstretched and parboiled bull balls. The heat coming off of them was extreme, and it didn’t seem possible that the super heated flesh inside those most massive of orbs could survive. 

Dalton therefore didn’t feel the need to further increase the power of the suction pump; the current intensity of the vacuum seemed like it was doing more than enough to ruin and wreck Eric’s wonder balls, and anything further would be overkill. Heck, in their extremely weakened and likely fully cooked state, any additional suction pressure would likely just cause the already mangled balls to just implode and get sucked through the suction tube! So Dalton just continued to sit back and watch. 

Eric’s agony was beyond intense, a blinding white storm of agony radiating out from his belabored bull balls. But the young man was so enormously taxed and exhausted by his ordeal that he could only moan and struggle weakly against his bonds. The young muscle hunk was barely even conscious, though any other man would have long since been completely overwhelmed by the pain and passed out. Unfortunately for Eric, he was so phenomenally strong and powerful that the blissful release of unconsciousness was denied to him, and he had to suffer every moment of his agonizing emasculation. 

The minutes continued to tick by, and Dalton could start to smell a mount watering aroma coming from Eric’s darkening balls. The thousands of microfilament wires imbedded deep in the young man’s nuts were steadily heating up as well, and the heady aroma wafting up from the huge orbs was the smell of the incredibly thick and beefy ball meat cooking. The cruel Cyborg licked his lips in anticipation. Though cybernetic beings had no need to consume food as purely biological creatures did, they still enjoyed a flavorful meal, and Eric’s more than 20 pounds of bull nuts looked and smelled like it would make an enormous double helping of a meal. 

Tears were streaming down Eric’s gloriously handsome face, as he could also smell the cooking of his own gargantuan gonads. The screaming pain coming from his throbbing nuts told Eric that his mighty testicles were still somehow alive, but the beautiful young hunk knew that they couldn’t possibly survive much longer. Already, a strange numbness was starting to spread throughout the vast mass of his testicles, and Eric knew that this was a sign that the enormous balls, the wellspring of his phenomenal masculinity, were finally dying. 

And STILL the minutes continued to tick by, with dawn seeming like it would never come. The temperature inside Eric’s balls was approaching that of an oven, and the angry dark red orbs were gradually turning brown. It appeared that the handsome young muscle man’s balls were cooking clear through! 

The rosy glow of dawn finally began to appear on the horizon, but Dalton didn’t stop yet -- he wanted to wait until the golden sun itself began peeking over the tops of the trees, and he refused to shut off the vacuum pump a moment before. 

Eric began wildly bucking and thrashing in his bonds, his agony suddenly jumping to an even more excruciating level. The young muscle stud bucked and writhed so violently that he actually lifted up the 2,000-pound weight hanging from his screaming nuts by several inches, causing the enormous weight to bounce and swing at the end of its cable, stretching out the young man’s titanic balls even farther. But the young stallion didn’t seem to notice, such was the intensity of the pain shooting out of his steadily swelling and dying balls. The enormous, mighty orbs were entering their final moments, and Dalton suddenly realized with great joy that the nano wires were causing the cooking beef to swell and expand, and that the young stud’s goliath balls might actually explode from the searing heat! 

Seconds before the sun crept over the horizon, Eric’s gargantuan cock let loose with a final massive slug of cum. Every enormous muscle in the young man’s fantastic physique suddenly bulged at maximum flexion, and he uttered an almighty bellow of agony, as the sperm racing up the tender inner lining of his cock had been super heated past the boiling point. The white hot fluid seared the inside of the young man’s thundering cock as it burst like a rocket out of his massive flesh cannon. Another pulse followed, and another and another and another. Twelve more blasts in all, a half gallon of completely cooked and congealed sperm, poured into the huge container, creeping the fill line up just past the halfway point. 

Somehow, amazingly, Eric’s cooking and dying nuts had managed to produce one last powerful batch of sperm, despite the ghastly temperature and lack of fluids. Eric felt a tremendous swelling of pride, despite his excruciating agony -- his mighty, massive nuts were defiant to the very end, proving themselves to be the most powerful and virile testicles in history, even as they were reduced to a piping hot goo of liquified, cooked, and congealed ball flesh. 

It is several minutes past dawn before a stunned Dalton shook off his paralysis and finally shut down the vacuum pump and nano wires. The Cyborg barely noticed that he had once again soiled his pants with yet another spontaneous ejaculation, his messy spew running down his enormous leg to the muddy, sperm-drenched soil below. Eric’s final ejaculation was the most powerful, most incredible display of hyper masculine virility that Dalton had even seen in his 6,000+ years, and it was a sight he knew he could never, ever forget. 

As the pump and wires powered down, Dalton carefully and gingerly extracted all of the microfilament wires from Eric’s still rock hard cock and rock hard ass, and then pulled the almost two feet of plastic tubing out of the young man’s 22.5-inch cock. He then absently turned back on the nutrient tubes feeding the muscular powerhouse of a stud before turning to inspect the young man’s baked balls. Dalton grabbed the ridiculously narrow neck of Eric’s brutally overstretched scrotum and pulled upward, lifting both Eric’s massive balls and the 2,000-pound weight attached to them. Eric was so lost in the fog of his own pain and despair that he barely even noticed. 

As Dalton leaned forward to inspect the gargantuan globes, the aroma of cooked ball flesh was even stronger, the delicious scent making the Cyborg eager to begin his meal. With his free hand, he easily dragged the two ton steel block over and placed it beneath the young man. Not bothering to remove the massive weight from Eric’s nuts, he roughly slapped the two humongous balls onto the steel slab, where they landed with a very beefy “SMACK!” and sat there, heavy and inviting, waiting for Dalton’s next move. 

The Cyborg then grabbed a large two-tined fork, similar to the kind used in old time BBQs back on Earth, only much large, and an enormous carving knife. He then plunged the fork into the side of Eric’s swollen and golden brown left bull nut, driving the two steel spikes almost four inches into the gigantic orb. A spurt of juices, mixed with surprisingly little blood, burped out of both puncture wounds. Eric gave a small grunt of pain, but otherwise didn’t seem to notice the fork buried almost halfway into his massive nut. Dalton then placed the massive knife over the end of the goliath gonad and prepared to begin carving up the biggest and most meaty pair of mountain oysters in history. 

Just as the razor-sharp edge of the wicked knife began to cut into Eric’s flesh, the young man gave another weak groan. His cock shuddered up its entire length, quivering almost like a tuning fork. Dalton paused in his carving to look down at the pulsating horse cock, and that’s how the first blast of cum managed to catch him directly in the right eye. 

The first blast of spunk was an almost solid mass of congealed sperm, and it stuck to Dalton’s face like some sort of glue. As the Cyborg stumbled backward, the subsequent blasts of sperm were able to blast out unhindered into the morning air, blasting higher and farther than any previous human male could have ever dreamed to shoot. The next few blasts also contained cooked and dead sperm, seeming to confirm that Eric’s behemoth bull balls were indeed dead as well. But after the first few blasts, Eric’s salvos of cum began to become more liquid and fluid, and in a few more blasts, it was clear that the young man was once again blasting healthy, normal, viable sperm! 

Though Dalton couldn’t at first believe his gummed-up eyes, Eric’s mighty balls were proving that they were very much still alive. What’s more, in the less than 10 minutes since Dalton had reconnected the feeding tubes to Eric’s body, his spectacular gonads had immediately gone into overdrive, manufacturing fresh spunk at an even more fantastic rate than ever before. The proof was in the pudding, so to speak -- the incredibly thick slugs of white pudding blasting out of Eric’s mammoth cock in enormous ropes and streamers of the young man’s monumentally powerful male essence. 

As Eric pumped out this extraordinary load of sperm, Dalton used his diagnostic tools to examine the damage to the handsome stud’s huge balls. His sensors indicated that portions of Eric’s bull balls had indeed been partially cooked by the super heated nano wires. But the incredible thickness and density of the young man’s ball meat, combined with his phenomenal strength and stamina, had spared the bulk of his massive nuts from that fate. In fact, even as he watched, the young man’s incredible healing ability was already working to repair the damage, regrowing the damaged testicular tissue at an astonishing rate. Dalton concluded that any damage from the night’s torments would be healed in a matter of hours, and Eric would once again bear no lasting scar or injury from the inhumanly brutal torture. 

As Dalton put down the carving knife and pulled the sharp fork out of Eric’s quivering left nut, the Cyborg was once again conflicted in his reactions to the young man’s continued survival. On the one hand, Dalton was thrilled that his favorite captive had once again survived, as he would be able to continue visiting ever more brutal tortures on the young super stud. But on the other hand, the destruction of the young man’s almighty bull balls was proving to be a greater challenge than Dalton could have ever imagined, and he was starting to grow frustrated with his continued failed attempts to destroy the massive gonads on the equally massive and handsome young human. 

The Cyborg decided to “reward” his young prisoner as he had done the night before. He pushed the steel block out of the way and grabbed the second vacuum pump, which was just as massive and heavy as the one that had burnt out the night before. Since Eric had proven himself more powerful than both of these huge pumps, Dalton felt it only fitting that the young man’s victory be celebrated by hanging BOTH massive pumps from his huge genitals! Eric began to struggle in panic and fear as he saw the Cyborg clip the second pump to the cable hanging from his balls, but he could do nothing to prevent it was Dalton left the second pump fall. 

Eric’s reaction was epic. The young man let out perhaps his most powerful, blood curdling bellow ever as the second weight suddenly jerked at this huge balls with terrific force, immediately doubling the weight hanging from his mighty gonads to 4,000 awesome pounds! Two full TONS of weight!! Eric’s huge balls were instantly stretched several inches farther from his crotch, threatening to rip right off his body, but the incredibly powerful ball cords anchoring those massive nuts to his massive body somehow arrested the fall of the second weight and survived. A second spontaneous orgasm began to erupt from Eric’s cock, just as massive and ferocious as the one that had ended minutes before, the unbelievably brutal yanking of his balls sending the young man over the edge once again. 

Eric’s ridiculously narrow and overstretched scrotum was now a tube of flesh measuring an impossible 22 inches from crotch to balls, equalling the longest stretch that Dalton had yet achieved on the young stud. But unlike previous occasions where Eric was forced to maintain such a profound stretch for only brief periods of time, Dalton had decided to let the young man’s phenomenally powerful balls carry all 4,000 pounds of metal for the entire DAY!! Twelve hours of nut ripping torture to Eric’s already nearly cooked and destroyed balls. Once again, there would be no respite for the unfortunate young male, and the coming sunset would once again herald new extremes in brutality and pain. The young muscle stud wondered just how much longer he could hope to survive...