Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 16

Shift your weight to his last whole nut!

The Latino stud’s granite hard dick twitches spasmodically as you shift your weight and stand firmly on his last whole ball. You can feel the big swollen thing rolling and shifting under your weight as it bulges and strains and gets flatter and flatter. You rock slightly, grinding into the doomed ball, but it staunchly refuses to yield. 

You simply can’t BELIEVE that the stud’s sole remaining nut is somehow able to support your entire weight! The last time you stood on this behemoth ball, you had managed to squash it to a mere inch in girth, and that was before you’d kicked and stomped the stuffing out of the huge orb, AND your weight had previously been shared with the nut’s now-demolished twin! The fact that the stud’s heavily damaged left nut remains capable of supporting your weight all on its own after the monstrous beating it had received is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!

This devastatingly beautiful, fantastically muscular, and monstrously hung stud must possess the toughest and strongest balls in the entire WORLD!! Well, make that ‘ball’ now…

Nevertheless, that lad’s huge bollock has been compressed almost impossibly flat and bulges obscenely from under your boot. The purplish red orb looks like it’s going to burst at any moment, and the thick and pronounced veins all over its surface are bulging even bigger under the orb’s heroic efforts to continue to support your weight. The sight of that massive bollock pancaked beneath your boot, resting next to the pulped and shattered remains of his brother, is almost more than your libido can take, and you very nearly pop off another load in your already cum drenched pants. But somehow you hold off, and continue pressing your weight down into that unyielding and monstrously massive nugget of man meat. 

But that mammoth bull nut refuses to compress any more no matter how much you rock your boot or shift your weight. Instead, the horribly crushed ball only rolls slightly, seemingly resistant to any more flattening.

The young man’s entire body is now quivering in agony, his gorgeous muscles locked in mid flex as he tries to somehow pour all of his remaining strength into his last whole and hale nut. Tears are once more streaming from his beautiful brown eyes. and his thick neck muscles are bulging with the effort of keeping his head elevated so that he can witness the scene of his own manhood’s utter destruction. 

“PLEASE!!” the gorgeous young lad gasps in a hoarse, strangled voice, his raw throat finally starting to fail him after hours and hours of bellowing and screaming. “Please, spare me! Spare my last nut! I want to have children some day! Please don’t make me less than a man! Please don’t take my last big nut!” 

You chuckle to yourself, thinking that he should have thought about fathering children BEFORE volunteering to put his magnificent balls on the line at The Fun House! You ignore him and keep balancing yourself on the left side of the stud’s nutsac, making sure that his dangerously flat manhood is bearing every last ounce of your weight. You shift your foot slightly, feeling the nut roll under your boot, and smile wickedly when you feel his sack — already what must be a hair’s breadth from popping — start to get even flatter, like you’re descending on a very slow elevator.


Unexpectedly, an absolutely gargantuan rope of cum jets forth from the Latino’s thundering bull cock, the biggest single blast of cum you have yet seen from this beyond remarkable young man!! Due to the angle of his colossal cock, the almighty spray of stud jizz sails over his prone body entirely, missing most of the floor as well to strike the far wall a good six or seven feet up its face!! The force required to eject such an extremely thick and heavy fluid and propel it so far completely boggles your mind, and you stand there in numb shock as the hyper virile super stud hits his THIRD orgasm, barely more than 20 minutes after his LAST monstrous cum load!!! 


Sensing its pending destruction, the lad’s colossal left nut must be trying desperately to fertilize something, ANYTHING, before it is destroyed forever. But instead, the lad’s final cum load is being sprayed uselessly all over his convulsing body and the bright, sterile, white-washed floor and walls of the small room. 


Even though it is being powered by only one nut, the Latino stud’s third ejaculation is incredibly impressive. The first three cum blasts are absolutely titanic, no doubt augmented in both size and power by the awful pressure bearing down on that utterly squashed nut. The next five or six cum shots, however, while still massive and extraordinary examples of hyper virility, are considerably smaller in size, and the half dozen or so that follow are smaller still. 


Throughout the lad’s third and final orgasm, his straining bollock continues to compress flatter and flatter in little fits and starts, sick crunching sounds accompanying each tiny decrease in testicular girth. You realize that the mighty purging of seed from the hunk’s last remaining ball is also depleting the last of the thick, chunky fluids that are helping the struggling orb maintain its remaining structural integrity. A wicked smile breaks across your face as you realize that the lad’s last bull nut is sacrificing its own strength in a desperate — and futile — effort to impregnate something before it is crushed to oblivion! How wonderfully poetic!! The stud’s last big bull ball is gonna break because the freakishly fertile hunk came too damn much!! You love it!! 

For a split second, you consider stepping off and salvaging the stud’s final ball, but quickly change your mind when you feel yourself suddenly lower significantly. 


The ridiculously handsome young stud is beyond screaming now. His gorgeous, dark-haired head is thrown back and his handsome features are a rictus of agony. Not a single sound is emanating from his big muscular chest, for the lad is holding his breath, muscles straining and bulging throughout his entire body as he tries to somehow endure the unimaginably brutal crushing of his last remaining nut. 

The center of the lad’s gargantuan left ball has been squashed as flat as a thick hamburger patty, all of the burgeoning excess nut meat bulging and squishing out to every side. Your heavy boot is a mere fraction of an inch from the hard cement floor, and the young man’s titanic teste is finally well and truly empty of his stud splooge, having pumped out three legendary loads in the span of little more than half an hour. Only a thin drool of slightly milky fluids now leaks out of the dark-haired stud’s massive penis, which continues to frantically and violently throb and pulse in what has now become a completely dry and exquisitely painful orgasm. 

But the horrifically compressed nut meat beneath your boot STILL refuses to burst!! 

You’ve pounded and crushed every last drop of sperm from the studly lad’s titanic nuts. One sperm tank is now a crumbling ruin, while the other is still alive, but only a fraction of an inch away from rupturing. This is your LAST CHANCE to leave this spectacularly gorgeous lad with at least one functioning bollock. What do you do? 

___ - Keep rocking on your feet and see if you can get his bull nut to compress even flatter!
___ - Kick that fat bollock until it breaks!
___ - Stomp the guts out of that mighty, meaty bull nut! 
___ - Take pity on the poor stud, who has already given one gigantic bollock and three beyond monstrous loads for your entertainment! Let him live and love and fuck again another day! PLEASE! Before it’s too late! 
___ - Pull out all the stops!!!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 15

STAND on that fractured nut!!

The big nutsac in front of you has swollen to monstrous proportions, each colossal bollock now easily three times its normal, healthy size. One behemoth bollock, however, is now barely more than half the girth of its still round and spherical brother, for its protective outer casing has finally been compromised, cracked and fractured in a dozen or more places, rendering the delicate and beefy inner tissues unprotected from any further assault. 

In other words, you’ve got that big, bloated BEHEMOTH of a right ball right where you want it! 

A wicked, evil grin spreads across your face as you lock eyes with the desperate young muscle stud, lifting your left foot and positioning the heavy boot directly over the lad’s broken ball. The hunky jock is frantic and crying, screaming at you and pleading for mercy, but that only makes your terminally hard cock throb even harder. Interestingly, the Latino’s monstrous meat pole is also throbbing harder than ever, almost as if he WANTS you take his supremely overdeveloped, super-sized manhood from him. 

You lower your left boot onto the young man’s mushy right nut, feeling the nearly pulverized orb start to flatten beneath you, and then begin to shift your weight onto that foot. 

“PLEASE, Sir!! POR FAVOR!! NO!!! Oh God, my BALL!! You’re going to break my BALL!!!” the lad screams in agony and terror as your weight steadily shifts to your left foot, compressing his fractured nut flatter and flatter. 


Sick crunching and squelching sounds are coming from the depths of the lad’s dying right nut as it steadily compresses flatter and flatter beneath your full weight. You would have thought that the broken nut would have exploded immediately without its thick and fibrous walls to protect it, but apparently the thick and dense beef of the nut’s interior is made of some stern stuff as well, for it fights valiantly in a losing battle to maintain its structural cohesion. 


The delicate membranes and thick tissues of the ball’s massive interior are starting to rend and tear, shifting more and more of your weight to the dwindling portions of the great orb that are still intact. 


“NO!! PLEASE!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” the Latino lad shouts in desperation, his behemoth bollock flattened to less than an inch in girth and squashing down even further with every slight moment of your body. You can actually feel the little ‘pops’ and ‘squicks’ as pieces of the lad’s titanic teste break and burst beneath your weight. But the great heart of that mighty nut is still fighting against you, struggling heroically with each passing moment to somehow remain intact. 

You stand on his hideously flattened ball for what to him must feel like an eternity. He’s babbling incoherently between deafening bellows and high pitched squeals, and his convulsions make his pornographically well-sculpted abs and the rest of his perfectly sculpted physique ripple magnificently. His mammoth bull cock remains as stiff and hard as a steel girder, and the half of his manhood squashed beneath your booted heel has compacted down to a flattering circle larger than a dinner plate. The sight of this heroically hunky young bull is finally too much for you, and you explosively flood your jeans with cum, your knees nearly buckling at the sheer power of your violent orgasm.


The slight shifting of your weight during your orgasm proves to be too much for his cracked and battered right nut to take, and you feel yourself suddenly lower unevenly as the gigantic gonad bursts explosively inside its sack!

“AIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” the bull stud screams in an agonized falsetto as he feels every moment of his titanic testicle’s destruction. Astoundingly, however, his bloated horse cock is STILL ramrod straight and hard as iron, visibly pulsing with his every heart beat, despite the sudden obliteration of half of his manhood!! This young man is a pure sexual BEAST!!! 

Congratulations!! You’ve turned one of his humongous huevos into chunky hamburger!!

You consider giving the ruined half of his nutsac a nice hard stomp to see if you can get his obviously pulped nut guts to shoot out of his painfully throbbing bull cock. On the other hand, the lad’s left ball also beckons to you, its spherical form and sturdy firmness begging you to lay waste to it as well. And yet another part of you wishes to leave this most exquisite and remarkable of men with at least ONE of his balls still intact, for even with only one goliath gonad, the handsome young Latino boy would still be one of the greatest alpha males in the entire world! 

You’ve popped a nut! What now? 

___ - Kick his last ‘nard to death! 
___ - Stomp the life out of his last ball! 
___ - Shift your weight again and see what happens! 
___ - For mercy’s sake, leave the boy with at least PART of his manhood intact!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 14

Stomp until his nut breaks!!

The handsome Latino jock looks like he’s going to pass out, but the poor studly lad is simply too strong, too tough to be rendered unconscious, even by the insanely brutal beating his mighty sperm tanks are receiving. No, the unfortunate young stud is going to feel every last ounce of the suffering you’re inflicting on him! 

The sight of his partially flattened but still juicy nuggets is too tempting to resist! You take in the sight of his outrageously handsome young man and his smoking hot body while your heavy boot hovers precariously over his bloated, purple nutsac. Your cock rages in your tight jeans as you send your boot stomping downward once again with as much force as you can muster.


Over and over and over, your deadly boot crashes into the increasingly mushy sack.


After yet ANTHER five minutes of violent and vicious stomping, there is no doubt about it — the Latino stud’s mighty right bollock is very markedly flatter than its still spherical twin! It’s not going to take much more to blow that huge whale nut wide open!! 

“Please!! PLEASE!!! PLEEEASE!!!!! No more! No more!!” he begs, but you determine his that his rich baritone voice is still far, far too deep...


“AAAAAAAAAHH!!!!!” the handsome hunk bellows in freakish agony, and you can actually FEEL his right nut fracture beneath your booted foot! You’ve DONE it!! You’ve FINALLY cracked one of his massive dinosaur eggs!! 

You prod the fractured and partially flattened right nut with the toe of your heavy boot, and you can feel that the mighty orb has lost its perfect oblong shape. It’s not totally destroyed — you can tell that most of the meat inside that titanic teste is still relatively intact and in one piece — but the dense, fibrous walls that had once protected the thick, beefy interior of that bull nut are no more. That goliath right goolie is only one swift kick or stomp away from being destroyed forever. 

That said, the young bull stud could potentially conceivably recover from his grievous wounds even now, but only if you stopped any further abuse now. As in right the FUCK now! A talented surgeon could repair the shattered casing around the lad’s busted right ball, and the young super stud could maybe still make a full recovery. But you’d have to stop RIGHT NOW!! 

What will be the fate of the lad’s magnificent manhood? 

___ - Kick that stud nut to smithereens! 
___ - Stomp his fat right ball into paste! 
___ - Try standing on his failing nuts one last time! 
___ - For God’s sake, show some mercy!! Give the lad a chance to survive this abuse intact!! The beautiful boy is the personification of male beauty and masculine perfection — don’t ruin him forever!!! 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 13

Stomp on his failing nuts!! 

The handsome Latino super jock is still wailing and writhing in unbearable agony from your last assault and his SECOND gargantuan orgasm, but those juicy nuggets are too tempting a target to resist! You make sure to make eye contact with him while your heavy boot hovers precariously over his ridiculously overstuffed sack. He regains his small measure of his composure, shaking his handsome head back and forth in a desperate bid for you to change your mind. 

“PLEASE!! No more!!” he begs, his deep, lightly-accented voice full of terror and genuine panic. 

Your cock — and his — rages while you consider holding back, but you simply can’t resist...



His wild bucking and agonized screaming continue with renewed vigor as he begs and pleads for you to stop, but you’ve made up your mind. Over and over your boot crashes into the increasingly soft orbs until you can feel they are starting to lose the last vestiges of their once- awesome firmness, and are finally starting to succumb to your non-stop abuse. Stomp after devastating stomp rains down without giving the now-frantic young jock’s nuts even a moment to recover between blows.


After nearly five minutes of non stop, inhumanly brutal stomping, you actually feel one of the big orbs crack in its sack. Your foot is still pressed into his now half-flattened sack when he bellows a deep, guttural roar. The thick, fibrous, unbelievably tough wall surrounding the stud’s mammoth right nut has started to fracture, meaning its explosive end cannot be far away!! 


You give the lad’s nutsac three more brutal stomps, focusing solely on his failing right ball, and can both hear and feel the continued cracking and fracturing of that nut’s final defenses. In fact, the stud’s ginormous right bollock is now markably flatter than its brother, partially and perhaps permanently flattened by the force of your steady and unrelenting blows. 

It looks like the poor lad’s massive right nut isn’t going to survive any more abuse. What do you do? 

___ - Stomp that gigantic whale nut until it BURSTS!!
___ - Kick the shit out of his worthless sac!! 
___ - Dear God, leave NOW!! Before it’s too late!!! 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 12

Kick the lad’s whale nuts into OBLIVION!!! 

You can’t resist yourself and send your heavy, steel-toed boot sailing into the big, heaving, swollen Latin balls over and over and over again. Blow after blow lands so hard and so fast that the poor lad can barely catch enough breath to scream. You know you are steadily breaking down down any structural resistance that might still remain in those supremely tough and durable bull balls. 




“PLEASE, Sir! PLEASE!!” he begs in his rough and sexy baritone, but you ignore his cries and just keep sending your leg flying so fast and hard into his weakening balls that your thigh actually starts to HURT. 




You unleash dozens of kicks, and it is obvious one of his nuts is perilously close to being fractured in the sack while the remaining one won’t last much longer.


The stunningly handsome young muscle man screams several octaves higher than normal as you feel the toe of your boot break INTO the lad’s mammoth right ball. Your steel-reinforced toe has finally caved in a portion of the huge nut’s weakening wall, plowing into the dense and delicate nut meat within! Even more incredibly, this event is also marked by the impossibly hot Latino’s crotch cannon going off for a second time, barely more than five MINUTES after his heavily mauled bull nuts had popped off the largest single cum load in human HISTORY!! 

Shot after shot of outrageously thick and chunky sperm fires out of the lad’s lurching and violently throbbing cock, splattering his creamy white sperm all over his already spunk-drenched form. Astoundingly, the force and volume of his second orgasm looks like it might actually equal that of his first! 


Another beyond-brutal kick into his heavily mangled manhood, and you can feel more cracks forming in his mammoth right nut. You are so turned on that you never want to stop, and you continue your merciless pummeling of the lad’s heaving, convulsing nuts, even as they purge themselves of another titanic load of stud sperm. 


Despite the fact that you are steadily destroying his big, beautiful bollocks, the Latino’s mighty cock is still pumping out his thick and chunky bull semen like there’s no tomorrow. The pearlescent crude is shooting out in random directions as his cock wildly bounces with each kick, spraying thick ropes of stud spunk over everything he strikes. 


Tremendously thick ribbons and giant globules of hunk batter spray everywhere, painting thick lines of prime baby batter in a sunburst pattern all over the floor and striking the walls of the room. You yourself are struck by one particularly enormous spume of chunky nut butter, which slashes across your body from your left hip across to your right shoulder, and then over to the floor and wall behind you! This handsome stud is a walking SPERM FACTORY, pure and simple!! His prodigious virility is of legendary proportions, leaving all other mortal men in the DUST!!! 

But despite your overwhelming awe at this stud’s pure, raw, masculine POWER, you don’t let up for a minute on his balls, and keep hammering them with brutal booted kicked throughout the remainder of the spectacularly long orgasm, and well after as well. 





The young stud’s monumental second orgasm has long since rumbled to a close, but not until absolutely drenching his abs, chest, face, and thighs with even more of his alpha bull sperm. He continues to buck and bray in a most appealing fashion as you batter and bash his hideously bruised and swollen nuts, throwing in a few hard boot stomps for good measure. 


You know your kicks are likely overkill at this point since his balls have clearly both suffered spectacular damage. The cracked and damaged wall of the lad’s mammoth right nut is in peril of failing altogether, and his equally swollen left nut cannot be far behind. 

Still, by any reasonable analysis, the Latino stud’s hulking bull nuts should have long since become history, yet here they are, proving their awesome power by pumping out a SECOND herculean stud load, defying the very worst abuse you can heap upon them and coming back for more! Both of the stud’s massively swollen balls are still round, hale, and reasonably intact, despite all of the horrific tortures you have dumped on them. So why doesn’t his ballsac look more ‘mushy’? Why aren’t his balls more flat? 

Frustrated, you decide that his bloated, round sack should look a little flatter so, without thinking and without warning, you leap into the air and perform a two-footed boot stomp right down onto both of the gorgeous Latino’s bound and defenseless bollocks! 


Your last stomp has achieved your goal! The lad’s bloated nutsac is now permanently half as flat as before, and you encountered virtually no resistance as you stomped! There’s now absolutely no question — you’ve turned those massive balls into goo!!!

Congratulations!! You’ve busted those huge Latino eggs pretty good!!

But what’s this!?!?! Even as your stunned eyes watch, the muscular man’s bruised and bludgeoned bollocks begin to slowly, ever so slowly, plump back toward their spherical, round shapes!! You cannot believe your eyes!! You were CERTAIN that you had completely wrecked the stud’s mighty bollocks with that last stomp!! But the almighty hunk continues to defy you with the unspeakably awesome strength in his bull balls. In less than half a minute, both behemoth balls have resumed their previous ovoid shapes, having refused to burst even under your most powerful stomp yet!!! 

Perhaps equally as miraculously, the handsome lad’s bloated and distended cum cannon is STILL hard as a fucking rock, refusing to deflate even after blasting out the two biggest cum loads in history, back to back!! This dude is proving to be well nigh INDESTRUCTIBLE!!! 

That said, the lad’s heavy, hefty bull nuts are in sorry shape indeed! Now so bruised that they are approaching eggplant purple, and so swollen that the sides of his bruised and abraded nutsac are actually pressing up against the stud’s wide spread and massively muscular thighs, there’s no WAY they could endure much more abuse! Hell, they might be mortally wounded even now, so heavily damaged that they might never recover from the massive injuries they’ve already sustained! 

So what now? 

___ - The beautiful boy has suffered enough. Leave the room.
___ - Give him a few more stomps to be sure.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 11

Keep on kicking!!! 

Those two swollen, bloated balls are too tempting a target to resist, and before you know it, your foot is crashing into them yet again in a volley of kicks that would quickly reduce an untouched so of nuts to rubble, let alone these quickly crumbing orbs in front of you.


Despite being nearly delirious from the agony, the young man’s gargantuan, 14-inch horse cock is still rock hard, and looking like it is going to unleash a flood of sperm at any minute. To add to the fun, his cock is curving slightly, pointing its bulbous, bloated, mushroom-shaped tip right at his achingly handsome face. 


Right before your disbelieving eyes, the lad’s already terminally bloated bull cock swells even BIGGER, lengthening and thickening and darkening as it swells to truly impossible dimensions! The already thick veins snaking up the awesome length of that supremely sturdy and girthy shaft bloat even thicker, and look like they might burst out of the skin at any moment! Realizing that this spectacular hunk is actually on the verge of orgasming solely from having his behemoth balls beaten to a jellied pulp, you pull out all the stops and start kicking his screaming bollocks as hard and as fast as you can!! 


On your final kick, your steel-reinforced boot collides such incredible force that you expect your foot to pass right on THROUGH the stud’s astoundingly tough nuts and out the other side! It feels like your foot is meeting virtually no resistance as it plunges deep, deep, DEEP into the lad’s heavily traumatized tissues. His goliath right nut is feeling markedly more mushy than its twin, almost like it’s a balloon filled with lumpy oatmeal, but both massive bollocks are clearly in dire shape. The whole bloated nutsac though looks like it is on the verge of exploding, and the sick, wet, disgusting crunching sounds coming from those brutalized balls on each kick make it clear that the young man’s herculean nuts are indeed being turned into mush! 

That last kick is also the proverbial ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’, at least as far as the lad’s virility is concerned. The handsome Latino’s overactive libido simply cannot take any more of this savagely violent abuse, and he finally reaches a much delayed orgasm. 

As the handsome Latino gives a deep, animal roar of primal pleasure and pain, an absolutely enormous eruption of cum shoots forth from the lad’s bloated whale cock like it’s being fired from a cannon. A GARGANTUAN gout of cum slashes a line of thick, gloopy, blindingly white baby batter across the stud’s beefy chest, up his thick neck, and all over his stunningly handsome, beard-stubbled face, with a considerable portion of that titanic wad continuing well past the young man’s head to splash in a thick, creamy line for a good six or seven feet beyond the big man’s shackled body!! It is the single biggest jet of cum you have ever seen, proof positive that the Latino’s titanic testicles are no mere showpieces! The young man’s gorgeous face already looks like the recipient of a bukkake fest involving no fewer than a dozen porn stars, and that’s just his FIRST bull shot!! 

You can only watch in stunned, open-mouthed awe as a second gigantic pulse of pure stud spunk follows immediately on the heels of the first, easily matching its brother in size and raw power, further shellacking the young man’s face and upper body in his own hyper abundant spew. The second shot is followed by a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, in what you are certain will be the single largest purging of seminal fluids you will ever see in your life. 

The gorgeous Latino continues to buck and bellow and writhe in his restraints, though now his grunts and deep groans of pain are mixed with undeniable sounds of ecstasy. The lad’s hefty bull balls may be mauled, mangled, and all but beaten to a pulp, but they are proving to you at this moment that they are still alive and very, VERY much fully functional. Oh no, they haven’t NEARLY given up their fight yet! 

You silently count off each shot as it pulses out of the muscular young uber athlete’s mammoth bull cock. 

Six! Seven! Eight unbelievably thick and lush pulses of cum! 

A large glob of the thick man cream lands in the stud’s wide open mouth, causing him to gag and retch as still more of the unimaginably copious effluvium ejects from his cock with unparalleled fury. 

Nine! Ten! Eleven! 

Astoundingly, each wad of spunk is just as huge and powerful as the first!! 

Twelve! Thirteen!! Fourteen!!! 

It’s hard to imagine that even balls as freakishly dense and enormous as these could possibly hold THIS much sperm!! 

Fifteen!! Sixteen!!! SEVENteen!!! EIGHTeen!!! 

You begin to fear that perhaps you’ve broken something in the lad’s mammoth loins, and that his orgasm will never end! Can a person die of dehydration from over ejaculation?! 

NINEteen!!! TWENTY!!!  

The lad’s 20th cum blast proves to be the largest and most powerful one yet, reaching all the way to the far wall more than a dozen feet past the lad’s violently pulsing and throbbing bull cock!! This handsome kid is simply super human!!! 

After the 20th utterly spectacular cum burst, the Latino’s testicular purges start to rapidly decline in force and volume. Nevertheless, it takes no fewer than a dozen more shots and squirts of cum for the lad’s orgasm to ratchet down to a close. But finally, after what must have been more than a full minute of the most overwhelmingly massive and erotic human fireworks display you’ve ever seen, the muscle stud’s heroic bull load comes to an end. The dregs of his mammoth cum load are slowly oozing out of his still rock solid cock to pool on the veritable sea of hot sperm already completely coating his spectacular abs and chest. In fact, it looks like a couple of large BUCKETS of cum have been splashed across the young man’s upper body and face, as well as across a large expanse of the cold concrete floor! This handsome kid is a true GOD of sex!! 

You are left panting and gasping for breath after witnessing this stupendous sight, your heart thundering in your chest like you’ve just run a marathon. Miraculously, your own rock hard cock did not shoot off during the Latino stud’s monumental testicle purge. You can only figure that you were simply too overcome with lust to have an orgasm of your own, that your senses were so totally overwhelmed that your cock was literally paralyzed with lust. Judging from the extremely heavy feeling in your balls and the way that your cock is quivering, however, you know that you are very close to having an orgasm of your own. 

You’re nearly about to unleash another volley devastating kicks into his sack, but instead pause for a moment to survey the scene. Both of his balls are hideously swollen and feel absolutely mushy even through the toe of your boot, but at least they’re visibly round and whole, and judging from the herculean load they just squeezed out, obviously still intact. Surely the swelling would die down if his violent nut pounding was stopped right then and there. Hell, he could probably heal nearly all of the damage you’ve inflicted on his bullish stud nuts, if just given the chance! You could leave the dashingly handsome young man as a fully intact alpha stud, a paragon among men, the pinnacle of masculine perfection. 

But then you get a sick visual of how hot it would be for those glistening, cum-drenched abs to be coated in layers of mutilated, splattered testicular matter. You rear your leg back as you contemplate... decisions, decisions. 

The handsome lad is nearly at the very end of his resistance — what would you like to do to the stud next? 

___ - The poor kid has had enough already!! Leave right now while you can guarantee that he’s still intact! 
___ - Kick his failing nuts to DEATH!! 
___ - Stomp his balls into paste! 
___ - Try standing on his bloated balls again! 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 9

Kick him in the nuts again! 

Disappointed that you haven’t already popped at least one of the stud’s massive bull balls, you decide to get in a few more ‘penalty’ kicks on the rapidly crumbling orbs. His abs glisten with sweat and precum, and his chest heaves while he takes frantic breaths, all the while looking straight down the length of his gorgeous body toward his manhood and your booted foot lining up the next kick, an enticing mixture of lust and fear in his gorgeous brown eyes.

You taunt him with a few false starts, throwing your leg back as far as it can go and sending your boot flying at his junk, but stopping just short of the enormous beefy globes each time. Nevertheless, he howls in terrified anticipation each time, and is still in mid bellow when your first real kick from this round actually struck its target.


You feel the tip of your steel-toed boot sink deep into the assaulted nutsack, which by now has lost a great deal of its former firmness. He screams in a hoarse, baritone screech and his magnificent musculature ripples as waves of agony radiate from his mangled crotch. 


Four more kicks — as powerful as you can make them — crash into his extremely swollen, mushy sack in rapid succession. The skin of his bloated nutsac has turned purple and is covered with welts and abrasions, and his screams have turned into unintelligible rumbling and babbling. You’re frankly surprised that the young muscle stud still has a voice, for he has been screaming and bellowing so much that you’re certain his throat must be raw. 


Your boot sinks much, much deeper towards the very center of the Latino’s fleshy soccer balls, causing his eyes to bulge out as he wails and thrashes in a futile attempt to break free. You don’t know what the Organizers offered to the hapless young man to get him to agree to this, but whatever it was couldn’t possibly be enough. His once undamaged and godlike ballsac is now a deep, dark purplish red, and the titanic nuts themselves feel positively mushy and have swollen to well over twice their original, extraordinarily prodigious size. They CLEARLY cannot take much more abuse before rupturing. 

What do you do next? 

___ - Stomp on his swollen sack!
___ - Kick his nuts some more! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 8

Give the lad a rest

You decide to give the stud a break and step off of his flattened and very nearly busted sack. His huge balls take a disturbingly long time to plump back into shape, but slowly and surely, they do indeed ponderously swell back to their roughly spherical shapes. Unbelievably, the lad’s hulking bull nuts are still intact! Mauled, mangled, and bloated to well over twice their normal size, but INTACT!! 

The Latino’s achingly handsome face looks incredibly hot contorted in unbearable ball pain, and you hungrily admire his spectacular body while he slowly recovers. The powerful struggles against his restraints have caused every square inch of his golden sun-kissed skin to be covered in sweat. His muscles are pumped and flexed to the max with all of his useless struggles, and his powerful chest is heaving, making his big pecs and chiseled abdominal wall look even more delicious than ever. 

His raging cock continues to tower over his washboard twelve-pack, curved ever so slightly towards his body as if ready to give himself a very messy self facial. His entire chest and abdomen is a mess of clear, snot-slick goo, the entire vast expanse of exquisite musculature having been liberally coated with the lad’s seemingly never-ending supply of gelatinous precum. Meanwhile, his flattened sack has plumped back to its swollen state, and the contrast of the two plump organs with the flattened state they were in just a few moments ago is striking. You realize just how close you must have been to popping his balls. You estimate that the monstrously swollen bollocks must now each be a good nine or even ten inches in diameter, which meant that while you were standing on them, they were barely a tenth of their current, swollen girth! Incredible!! 

Clearly, this guy’s extraordinary bull balls simply can’t take too much more abuse before they are reduced to useless mush. If you stopped now, he might recover, but you’re pretty sure any further abuse won’t end well for this beautiful and muscular young Latino athlete, this paragon of virile manhood.

It looks like he might not last another round…

___ - Kick his worthless sack!
___ - Stomp them to paste!
___ - He’s had enough! Leave the room. 

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 7

Bounce on his flattened sac

Despite the fact that you’ve already pressed the Latino stud’s normally enormous, super dense balls into grossly deformed patties of thick male beef, you just can’t help put push his limits even further! While keeping all of your weight firmly planted on his squashed nuts, you begin to bounce your foot, more of a rocking motion at first but quickly building up to jumping, using his massive nutsac like a miniature trampoline. 

He lets out a deep, continuous, guttural drone as you feel his nuts flatten even further with each hop. Soon you are bouncing on one foot, jumping a foot or more in the air each time, before landing full force on his trapped nuts. You are fascinated with how the huge, flat sac bulges out grotesquely from the sides of your heavy boot each time you land, looking as if the entire ballsac is going to catastrophically burst and eject his ball guts out on all sides like the gooey center of a smashed jelly donut. 


Clearly audible wet crunching sounds accompany every bounce, though they are mostly drowned out by the young muscle man’s deep, desperate screaming. The lad’s mighty bull nuts are growing weaker and squishier with each bounce, and the disturbing squelching sounds are proof that you are steadily laying waste to their beefy interiors. 

Yet through it all, his cock is still hard, GRANITE hard, and leaking precum so steadily that at first you think he’s pissing on himself. His balls get flatter with flatter with each bounce, but keep plumping back each time, simply refusing to burst. Frustrated, you give one final hop, leaping straight up in the air a good three feet or more, and then come crashing down with all of your might on the lad’s struggling huevos, determined to crack them wide open. 

“BWAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” the handsome hunk bellows as the stud’s heavy nuts are compressed flatter than ever before. Perhaps only two inches separate your booted foot from the solid concrete floor, and even as you stand their with your entire weight bearing down on the stud’s battered nuts, you can both feel and hear a mixture of crackling and crunching sensations. The bull’s nuts are finally starting to crack! Those mighty man orbs are finally going to burst! You aren’t going to stop until you hit the floor! 

Bit by bit, you feel yourself lowering, the Latino stud’s huge balls growing flatter and flatter as their final strength starts to leave them. Your cock gives a mighty lurch in your pants as you prepare to feel the biggest nuts in the entire world BURST beneath your foot! 

But alas, it isn’t meant to be. His nutsac is now so ridiculously compressed that it’s as dense as a brick and adamantly refuses to compress any farther. You look down and see that barely an inch separates your booted foot from the floor, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t get the stud’s squashed bull nuts to flatten any farther. It turns out that there was even more strength left in those burly, beefy balls than you had thought! 

“PLEEEEASE!!” the handsome lad plaintively wails before the rest of his babbling becomes incomprehensible. 

You stare down at the pancaked bollocks protruding from under your booted foot, and ponder what to do next. 

His huge balls are looking pretty messed up — what should you do?

___ - He’s had enough, leave the room.
___ - Give him a rest and step off his sack. 
___ - Give ‘em another bounce.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 6

Stand on his bloated nutsac

The colossal nut sack in front of you has swollen to beyond-ridiculous proportions, resembling two billowy pillows rather than a pair of man’s balls. You decide to test out just how fluffy those nut-pillows are the best way you know how — by standing on them. 

The young man’s devastatingly handsome face is wet with tears and contorted in pain, but he is still able to lift his head to look over the beefy swell of his mounded pecs and the magnificent expanse of his chiseled abs to watch what you plan on doing to him next. He can see with obvious relief that his balls, though massively swollen, completely mottled with angry bruises, and throbbing in excruciating agony, are still whole and intact, at least for the moment. But his flash of relief is short lived.

You place your right boot firmly on top of his balls, but don’t press too hard. Even this slight touch elicits a deep, agonized groan from the young man’s powerful chest, and he shakes his head back and forth, brown eyes wide as he desperately begs you to stop. You lock eyes with the terrified hunk as you slowly raise your left foot off the ground, making the lad’s screaming nutsac bear more and more of your weight all by itself. The hunky jock is frantic and crying, flailing against his bonds and pleading with you to stop, but his words fall on deaf ears. In a matter of less than 10 seconds, you have lifted your left foot totally off the ground, placing all of your weight on your right foot — which is now pressing down into the lad’s bulging nutbag. His hideously abused nutsac is now being forced to hold up your entire weight! 

And despite himself, the young stud’s donkey-thick, 14-inch mega cock is still utterly rock hard and incredibly seems to be getting harder as you feel your foot slowly sinking into the squishy nuts.


You can feel yourself slowly start to lower as the fibrous walls and delicate membranes holding his nuts together start to fail. You fully expect both of his balls to burst at any moment, for even in their healthy and hale state, you wouldn’t have expected this stud’s nuts to be able to support your entire weight. NO man’s balls should be able to bear that much weight! ESPECIALLY when those balls have already been so brutally beaten and worked over!! But after a few long moments, you realize that the compression of the lad’s heroically powerful balls has slowed, and finally ceases. 

When you come to rest, the burly stud’s thick balls are compressed to half of their original girth, forming a huge flattened disc of incredibly compressed ball meat. For now at least, the gradual crushing you had been feeling has stopped, the still dense and hardy cores of his twin nuggies halting any further compression. 

You realize once again that his magnificent nuts might still make it if you stopped now. Those goliath gonads are still intact and in one piece, and the handsome young lad is obviously strong enough that he can likely recover from all of the damage you’ve inflicted thus far. But it’s clear that his phenomenal strength is running out. Your mind turns while your boxers get absolutely soaked with precum, the outrageously erotic feeling of having the biggest balls you’ve ever seen compressed to meaty patties under your foot clouding your mind with pure lust.

Just how much more can you push him until his mighty nuts fail? 

___ - Leave the room, he’s had enough.
___ - Step off of his sack and give him a rest.
___ - Bounce on his flattened sack.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Fun House - The Blue Door - Chapter 5

Stomp some more!

You look down at the swollen, reddening sack resting huge and heavy and helpless on the concrete floor between the Latino stud’s hairy, muscular legs, and figure those massive orbs can withstand even MORE abuse. Without ceremony, you raise your right boot over his bulging sack and stomp down as hard as you can, taking a small leap first to add to your momentum and the brutal force of your blow.


“GAAAAAA!!!!” the dark-haired hunk screams as his huge bull nuts are instantly pancaked down to a fraction of their normal gargantuan girth. You swear that you can actually FEEL the membranes breaking and tissue rending inside of those goliath gonads! Those oversized hunk nuts are starting to crack!! He continues to scream and bellow at the top of his lungs, pulling wildly at the restraints, but it’s no use — even THIS stud’s obvious power and strength is no match for the steel manacles and the bolts drilled into the very concrete itself. Tears are streaming openly from his beautiful brown eyes, yet his bloated and distended horse cock is still harder than a crowbar, raging and throbbing despite the mortal danger to his now ridiculously swollen nuts. It’s almost too much for you, and you feel your boxers getting positively soaked in precum from your own quivering and vibrating boner. 



Over and over and over, you jump up in the air and stomp down on the hunky Latino’s defenseless balls, unable to hold back your lust for testicular destruction. The lad’s huge, grossly  swollen orbs are crushed flatter and flatter with each ruthless stomp, and take longer and longer to plump back up once your offending boot is removed from their beefy depths. The extraordinary muscles in the stud’s exquisitely-defined abs ripple and flex in an almost hypnotic dance as his body arches upward like a man possessed. But despite his wild flailing, the Latino’s steadily crumbling balls remain firmly planted in place, totally exposed and utterly defenseless.



The muscle hunk’s herculean bull balls are now in a sorry state indeed. Both gargantuan orbs are now EACH swollen to the size of a big soccer ball, having nearly doubled in size from all of the brutal trauma. Bruises have exploded all over the vast surface of the straining, bulging scrotum, a mottling of purple and dark red that is a stark contrast from the sterile gleaming gray-white surface of the floor and the golden, undamaged skin of his monstrously engorged penis. You can actually see imprints of your boots’ heavy tread on the lad’s heavily wounded bollocks, and a small amount of blood is welling up from various scrapes and abrasions all over that thoroughly pummeled and abused sac. 

You’ve never seen such a beautiful and erotic sight in your entire life! 

You lift up one boot and rest it atop of the young man’s swollen and bloated bollocks, and then begin to gently press down on your foot. Both nuts feel more than a bit soft and mushy beneath your booted foot, a marked departure from the rock solid firmness they possessed only a short time ago. The huge orbs compress flatter without much effort on your part, showing just how much you have already weakened his mighty nuts. But after compressing a couple of inches, you are surprised to meet more and more resistance, and soon the lad’s balls refuse to smush any farther. The deep, dense, beefy core of each of the stud’s powerful nuts is still hard and solid, showing that the lad’s valiant cajones haven’t nearly given up the fight yet. 

You’re also confident that, despite the heavy damage you’ve already inflicted on the muscular Latino stud’s humongous balls, and their current bruised, soft, mushy, and swollen state, the mighty hunk could probably heal even these brutal injuries if you stopped right now. 


A sickening, wet crunching sound, much like gristle being pounded by a heavy meat tenderizer, fills the small room as you deliver one more annihilating stomp to the stud’s screaming and bleeding bollocks. You press and dig your boot into the lad’s disturbingly flattened balls and grind your foot back and forth, increasing and prolonging the young man’s agony for almost a full minute. By the time you lift your foot off of the screaming stud’s mangled sac, you fully expect to see a pair of permanently flattened balls. Yet amazingly, his balls slowly plump back to their normal oblong spherical shapes, almost visibly throbbing in pain and severely traumatized, but miraculously still intact! 

It looks like he might not last another round... 

___ - Stomp his balls into paste!
___ - Give his sack a kick! 
___ - Try standing on his bloated sack!
___ - The valiant lad has had enough; leave now while he’s still intact!