Thursday, May 26, 2022

Glory Hole Reunion - Jayse Version

Glory Hole Reunion

Based on an original story by Darrel L


Jake was home for vacation, enjoying a few weeks of some well deserved R&R from the Marine Corps. He had enlisted straight out of high school four years ago, eager to escape the small midwestern town of his birth and explore the world, and he’d hardly been back since. Jake had been a shy and quiet bookworm back in high school, achieving very high marks academically, but he had been very short and slender, and graced (or cursed) with a face so fine featured and exquisitely handsome as to border on pretty. Jake hadn’t been much for sports back then, and so the combination of his small stature, shy demeanor, and pretty boy looks had made him a prime target for the various bullies and jocks on campus, who made the young lad’s life a living hell. What made it all even worse was that Jake was also secretly gay. It was no wonder that he’d split town at the first opportunity, and why he rarely returned. 

But life in the Marines had toughened up the bookish lad and turned him into a warrior, and Jake was virtually unrecognizable now from the short and slender teenager he’d been when he’d first enlisted. The handsome young man had had a rather spectacular ‘glow up’, growing another five inches in height after high school to now stand at a respectable 5’9” tall, and filling out his compact frame with a very impressive 200 pounds of extremely dense and exceptionally lean muscle. His was no gym-hardened body built just for show; no, Jake had built and honed his body for battle, and there wasn’t an ounce of extra weight anywhere on his gorgeous physique. He had always been exceptionally lean and wiry, even as a teenager, but his muscular military physique was now shredded and cut in a way that few men could ever hope to achieve. Forget a 6-pack — Jake had an absolutely chiseled and deeply etched 8-pack, framed by an Adonis belt that looked to be carved from stone! 

Unlike most dedicated bodybuilders who prioritized size over power, speed, and flexibility, Jake could largely disguise his musculature if he so chose, for his build was so dense and compact that he didn’t bulge enormously through loose-fitting clothing. But in form-fitting clothes or with his clothes off altogether, the young man had an incredibly awe inspiring physique, with truly insane proportions. He had unusually wide shoulders and big, muscular arms, and a thick and beefy chest with dense, squared-off pectoral muscles that measured 48” around. But that thick and densely beefy upper body tapered down spectacularly to an almost impossibly narrow and chiseled waist that measured a mere 28” around! Hell, his rock solid, muscular thighs measured only a few inches smaller than his waspish waist! Yeah, Jake had a body that would be the envy of any man. 

Jake had also become even more devastatingly handsome over the past few years, his face filling out and maturing so that it looked far more masculine than the delicate pretty boy people remembered from high school. The short military cut to his brown hair further accentuated the chiseled line of his strong jaw and chin, and the light golden tan on his naturally fair skin brought out the deep richness of his dark brown eyes. The hunky young Marine couldn’t help but turn heads everywhere he went, including here in his home town. 

The young Marine had come home for a couple of weeks to visit with his folks and the very few friends he had kept in touch with since high school, but he’d been back only a couple of days and was already feeling bored. Bored and insanely horny. Jake had graduated high school a virgin, as he had been deeply in the closet about his sexuality back then, but he had more than blossomed since then. The extraordinarily handsome young Marine got all of the hot military cock he could want, and he had plenty of fuck buddies back on the base. But out here in bum-fuck nowhere, the hot-blooded and randy young stud had no outlets for his mounting sexual tension. 

So that evening, the horny 22-year-old snapped some selfies of his exquisitely toned, amazingly defined, densely muscled torso and posted it on Grindr, curious to see who he could chat up in his small town. Not surprisingly, there weren’t many guys in his vicinity, and the few that were online where only showing headless torsos as their profile pics, wary of being recognized by other members of their community. Jake wasn’t casting stones, though, for he had also only posted headless body shots, but not for the same reason as the other guys. He could have cared less about being outed in his home town, as he was proud of being a gay man, but he had learned from experience that if he posted photos of his handsome face along with his extraordinary physique, then it was like adding chum to the water — he couldn’t keep the guys off of him! And forget dick pics! The Marine was very generously well hung, and he knew from experience that just posting photos of his crotch all by itself was more than enough to secure him some top notch ass. Yeah, Jake got plenty of prime tail just from posting his body photos, and he got a kick out of surprising his hook ups with his stunningly handsome face and impressive endowment as well. 

Jake scrolled through the few other profiles showing up on Grindr, hoping to find someone to help him blow his heavy load. And truth be told, he was curious to see if he recognized anyone, especially any of his old high school classmates. But so far, he wasn’t seeing anyone he was even remotely interested in. 

‘Hey’ came a message from a picture-less profile. Usually, Jake wouldn’t even entertain messages from completely anonymous profiles, but he was so bored — and boned — that he replied. 

‘What’s up?’ Jake typed on his phone. 

‘Horned up. You?’ came the reply, getting straight to the point with a directness that Jake liked. 

‘Me too.’ Jake typed, curious to see how far this conversation would go. 

‘Need someone to suck the spunk out of this bad boy’ the anonymous person replied, followed by a picture of his junk. 

Jake’s eyebrows shot up and his jaw actually dropped, for the photo showed the largest set of cock and balls the young Marine had ever seen — and he had seen a LOT of men’s junk! The guy’s circumsized cock was clearly soft and flaccid, but it looked to be at least as long as Jake’s own 9.5-inch boner, and just as thick, which was saying something, as the hunky young Marine was blessed with one thick hog of a stud cock. But it was the man’s balls that really staggered the young Marine, for they looked like they belonged on one of the breeding bulls you saw on the various cattle ranches outside of town. The man’s testicles were absolutely huge and thick and bulky, looking bigger than a pair of oblong softballs, and they must have been damn heavy too, for they weighed down his low-slung nutsac so that the rotund orbs stretched down nearly to the fat tip of his enormous cock. 

In fact, Jake had only seen one set of family jewels so impossibly huge in all of his life, and he instantly knew who the junk in the photo belonged to. ‘Holy fuck, it’s Brett Compton!’ Jake thought to himself, and almost wanted to laugh at the irony of it all. 

Brett Compton had been the single greatest source of Jake’s misery and teen angst in high school. Brett had always been an enormous young lad, the tallest and biggest boy in school, who naturally excelled at all sports. He was the star linebacker on the high school football team, was undefeated all four years as a super heavyweight wrestler, and won state championships in field events, nearly securing a spot his senior year in the Summer Olympics. He was a huge bull of a lad, as fearsomely strong as he was enormously muscular, and he was the most popular jock in the entire school. 

He also happened to be the school’s biggest bully, and he particularly liked tormenting young Jake. Brett had easily three times Jake’s mass back then, and loved to mercilessly taunt and intimidate the smaller lad. He very rarely laid a hand on Jake, and never punched him — he didn’t have to. His colossal size was so overpowering and intimidating all by itself that Brett didn’t need to resort to physical violence to abuse and torture the young Jake. The shy and meek lad would just try to cower and look down and ignore Brett as best he could, avoiding eye contact at all costs, and never putting up a fight when he was shoved around, or pantsed in front of his classmates, or called a fag or other derogatory word, or stuffed into a locker. He just quietly and stoically endured the abuse, knowing that high school would not be forever, and that he would escape his podunk town at the first opportunity. 

But what made Brett’s abuse infinitely worse and more painful was the fact that Jake had a mad crush on the huge, muscular bully. As fate would have it, Brett was exactly Jake’s type, tall and handsome and massively muscular, with thick blond hair and gorgeous blue eyes, and the smaller lad couldn’t help but quietly pine after Brett even as the bigger boy relentlessly abused him. 

Sharing the locker room with Brett for P.E. was the sweetest pain for Jake, for the big jock would parade around the boy’s locker room in the nude, boisterously laughing and joking with his jock friends and showing off his impossibly beefy physique to all of the other boys. Brett already had a man’s physique by the time he was 14, and he only kept getting bigger and more muscular as the years went by. His muscles were huge and thick and blocky, yet at the same time marvelously proportioned, and lean in the way that only a young man’s body could be lean. The 6’4” blond jock had an absolutely magnificent physique, and Jake beat off endlessly each day after seeing the object of his desire in all of his naked glory. 

Brett particularly loved to show off his cock and balls, for the lad was freakishly well endowed, his genitals looking massive even on his enormous body. The young jock was blessed with a cock and balls that were positively equine in their size and stature. Jake remembered that Brett loved to joke with his jock friends that his balls were as big and heavy as the large shot put stones he would throw so expertly on the field, and damn it, it looked like Brett might actually be right! Jake would never forget the one afternoon when Brett’s jock friends finally told the big man to prove it. Laughing and joking amongst themselves, they drew straws, and the loser had to kneel down in front of Brett and lift one shot put stone in one hand while hefting one of Brett’s massive nuts in the other. The other boys ignored little Jake altogether, so intent were they on their game, so the smaller lad was able to watch from the bench in front of his nearby locker, hiding his own painfully rampant boner as he saw the kneeling jock’s face screw up in mock concentration as he weighed the two big objects. After much ribbing and horsing around, the kneeling jock announced that the lead shot put stone was a little heavier, though not by much, and that Brett’s bloated bollock was actually a little bigger! Jake instantly shot off a big load into his gym shorts at that announcement, and had to quietly flee to the bathroom to clean up. 

Jake still fantasized about that experience, and about Brett Compton in general, to this very day. His pulse was therefore racing and his mouth had grown suddenly dry as he gazed down on his phone, staring at the beyond-massive genitals of the man who had been the bane of his existence and the object of so much lust all through his teenage years. 

The horny young Marine quickly shook off his shock and surprise and texted back, ‘Wow, nice piece, man!’ 

‘Wanna drain these big bull balls for me?’ Brett replied moments later. 

Jake was momentarily speechless. He had shot countless loads fantasizing about Brett’s handsome, square-jawed face, his monumentally muscular and beefy physique, his thick and ponderous cock, and those monstrously overgrown testicles. He never in his wildest dreams thought that he would ever be able to fulfill any of his lustful dreams surrounding big Brett, but now the huge jock was offering to hook up with him! 

‘Don’t waste my time. I need my big cock sucked,’ Brett impatiently typed, clearly not happy with the delay in Jake’s response. 

‘Where do we meet?’ Jake quickly answered, his heart thundering in his chest at the prospect of meeting up with his former crush/bully. 

‘Park. West restrooms. Get in one stall and I’ll get in the other. Meet me in an hour.’ 

‘OK. See you there.’ 

Jake could hardly believe what was happening. Not only had his high school crush turned out to secretly be into guys, but he was going to be hooking up with the huge muscle man in less than an hour! The excitement made his nerves sing as Jake changed into a pair of tight blue jeans, the kind that accentuated his narrow waist and his beefy, muscular bubble butt, and threw on his black combat boots. He also donned a dark olive green, military-issue t-shirt, the kind that hugged every muscle of his gorgeously developed physique, and was tight enough that even his corrugated 8-pack of abdominal muscles was clearly visible through the fabric. Jake knew that he looked like sex on a stick, so he grabbed his father’s car keys and drove to the local park. 

It was several hours after nightfall, so the park was quiet and completely deserted. Jake remembered where the park restrooms were located from his youth, so he beelined it to the old, tired-looking structure and went inside. The interior was much as he remembered it, very worn and utilitarian looking with just a couple of bare, overhead lightbulbs illuminating the space. 

‘I guess it can’t get any seedier than this,’ Jake thought to himself with a wry grin. ‘But at least it’s clean.’ Jake inspected the bathroom stalls, and noticed that there was a crudely-cut hole in the metal partition wall separating the final two stalls. The beefy Marine smiled at the sight — he sure didn’t remember there being a glory hole in the restroom when HE was a kid, but then again maybe he’d never noticed or known what it was for. In fact, the hole seemed unusually large for a glory hole, big enough to accommodate Jake’s muscle-corded forearm, and he had the sudden realization that this hole must have been cut specifically for Brett. The big bull was hung too damn huge to fit through anything smaller! 

Jake got into the final stall and shut the door, peering through a gap as he waited patiently for Brett to arrive. He didn’t have to wait long, for apparently Brett was eager for the hook up as well. 

He could see an utterly massive dark silhouette outside the entryway before Brett stepped into the room, and Jake quietly gasped as the man entered the brightly lit interior. Brett was even bigger than Jake remembered! The huge bull of a man had also grown an extra few inches in height since graduation, and now stood at a towering 6’7” in height. What was even more staggering was the man’s titanic muscular size. There was no shortage of big, thickly-muscled men back on the military base — and Jake should know, as he’d fucked far more than his fair share of them — but the hot Marine hunk had never met anyone who could hold a candle to the immense tank of muscle that had walked into the public restroom. 

Jake had been with some really enormous men, some of whom packed more than 300 pounds of muscle onto their sturdy studly frames, but he quickly estimated that Brett must be sporting well north of 400 pounds on his gigantic, broad-shouldered frame! That was still over TWICE Jake’s own impressive weight! Brett was wearing an oversized t-shirt that nevertheless strained across the immense width of his medicine ball sized deltoids and had to stretch to accommodate the truly gigantic pectoral muscles of his barrel-like chest. The man’s arms were titanic, with gargantuan upper arms that looked to be damn near as big around as Jake’s own waist! His faded jeans would have been baggy on anyone else, but hugged Brett’s goliath thighs and huge, melon-sized glutes like a second skin, and also showcased the insanely oversized package straining at the front of his pants. Jake noticed that Brett’s midsection was much thicker than the trim and toned waist and abdominals he remembered from four years ago; in fact, it looked like Brett was now sporting a bit of a belly. But his heroically massive upper body was so huge and so much broader in comparison that Brett could pull it off, and in Jake’s opinion the thickness of his middle actually added to his rugged sex appeal. Jake’s rock hard cock, which was snaking its way down one of his pants legs, throbbed powerfully at his first sight of the huge muscle bull, demanding the Marine’s attention, but the young man was too mesmerized by the sight before him to pay his cock the least bit of notice. 

He finally gazed upward to Brett’s face, and his heart almost skipped a beat. The former high school jock was even more handsome and manly than ever! The face sitting atop that thickly-muscled bison neck was even more rugged and masculine than Jake had remembered, with a short but thick blond beard further accentuating his almost comically heavy, square jawline, and making his piercing blue eyes stand out even more. The thick blond hair atop his head was a bit longer and shaggier than the nearly military-style cut he’d worn in high school, but it went very well with the beard and made Brett look like a greatest lumberjack fantasy come to life. 

Brett strode confidently but cautiously into the room, quickly glancing around to make sure that the two of them were alone before entering the stall next to Jake’s. The man’s enormous sneaker-clad feet were visible below the bottom of the partition wall, facing toward Jake’s kneeling form as the eager Marine looked up through the large glory hole at his silent crush. Not wasting any time, Brett grabbed the bottom of his huge, baggy t-shirt and lifted it up over his head in one smooth, swift motion, revealing his unbelievably massive torso. Brett’s monumental pecs defied belief — and gravity! — with their staggering size, protruding from the man’s rib cage like two enormous muscular half globes, and Jake estimated that they had to be at LEAST half a foot thick of pure muscle, and likely considerably more. The man did indeed have a belly, but it wasn’t flab, for Brett’s turtle gut looked as firm and rock solid as the rest of his astounding physique. 

But what really caught Jake’s eye was the thick pelt of dark blond fur all but coating that gigantic chest and thick belly. Brett had only been sporting a light dusting of hair across the vast expanse of his chest by the end of high school, but since then he’d transformed into a hairy BEAST. His massive, muscle-bracketed forearms were also coated in that same thick, coarse hair, and Jake could see that more of the dark blond body hair was cresting over the tops of his mammoth shoulders and tremendously thick traps. Jake couldn’t see the man’s back from his position looking through the glory hole, but he would have confidently wagered that the muscle man’s wide back was likely also covered in more of the dark blond fur. The sight was overwhelmingly masculine, and a wet spot began to grow in Jake’s jeans where his painfully bloated cock head was starting to leak precum. 

Jake had no more than a few moments to drink in this stunningly erotic sight before Brett started undoing his big belt buckle and unfastening his jeans. He reached in one huge, hairy hand and fished out the gigantic genitals that Jake had fantasized about since he first hit puberty. He had never been so close to those magnificent man parts, and he was giddy with excitement, his muscles thrumming with eagerness. Brett’s beyond massive cock and balls erupted from a thick thatch of dark blond pubic hair, but the big man must have fastidiously shaved his balls and the base of his huge cock, for they looked to be smooth as silk. 

The hot young Marine had to quickly back away from the opening in the partition wall, for Brett started working his junk through the hole with an ease that spoke to much practice. Brett worked his massive balls through the hole first, but his nutsac was so huge and so voluminous that he had to thread his giant gonads through one at a time, and still he had to warp and deform the enormous oblong spheres somewhat to get them to barely squeeze through the opening. Once both of his heavy, cum-filled bollocks had popped through, the huge muscle giant then wormed his thick, flaccid cock through the opening, until all of that tremendous fortune of man meat was protruding through Jake’s side of the partition wall. 

Jake’s proud Marine heart was hammering in his chest as he gazed lustfully upon the behemoth cock and balls of his teenage crush. They looked even more massive than they had in high school, and he swore that they had grown thicker and beefier along with the rest of the muscle man’s titanic physique. Though he longed to touch them, Jake hesitated, prolonging the sweet anticipation of it all, and partly disbelieving that it was even happening. 

“Go on, boy!” Brett demanded, his extremely deep voice sounding irritated at the other man’s hesitation. 

Without needing any further prompting, Jake reached up with both hungry hands to gently cup the undersides of Brett’s mammoth testicles. A quiet shudder ran through his sinewy body as he touched Brett’s big balls for the first time. The skin of his scrotum felt velvety smooth and soft, while the twin orbs within felt extremely firm and solid, unusually so in fact. The warm bull nuts filled Jake’s strong hands to way beyond overflowing, and he marveled at the astounding size of the two large organs. Their weight was especially surprising, for they felt even heavier than they looked, and Jake wondered if that high school jock from years ago had gotten it wrong when he compared one of Brett’s fat nuts to a shot put stone, or whether Brett’s balls had simply gotten even bigger and heavier in the time since then. Regardless, Jake was convinced that Brett’s bollocks were both bigger AND heavier than a pair of shot put balls, and then some! Jake estimated their size to be equivalent to a pair of extra large grapefruit, or perhaps even cantaloupe melons! 

“Mmm, fuck yeah!” moaned Brett from his side of the partition wall, his deep, deep voice reverberating in the small, concrete-walled room. “Fondle my big fucking bull balls. Biggest damn set of breeder balls you’re ever gonna see.” 

Jake could only nod in silent agreement, for he knew that these indeed had to be some of the biggest human testicles on the entire planet, and he could almost feel the intense virile power pulsing off of the two massive lumps of man meat. He leaned forward as he gently brought the huge bollocks closer to his face, inhaling Brett’s manly scent like the bouquet of a fine wine. The heady and profoundly erotic funk of sweat and Brett’s own unique man musk filled Jake’s brain and made his cock pulse spasmodically in his pants. Jake extended his tongue and started giving both of Brett’s huge balls long, lingering licks, tasting the meaty saltiness of his skin and making his gigantic gonads glisten with his spit. 

Brett’s huge, flaccid schlong started to twitch and plump as he worked over the man’s humongous balls, and even when only semi hard, his colossal cock was already bigger than almost any boner Jake had ever seen. While he continued to roll and gently knead the huge and unusually dense orbs in his hands, Jake began to slowly and languorously lick the dorsal length of that mighty prick, from tip to stem to root, watching it gradually swell and unfurl into even more magnificent size. 

It wasn’t long before Brett’s gigantic cock reached its fully steel-hard tumescence, and Jake took a few brief moments to admire and marvel at its truly titanic dimensions. The cock-hungry young Marine had encountered a handful of monster dicks in his time that reached a full 12 inches in length, and he’d once had a fellow Marine fuck buddy who proudly sported a staggeringly huge 13.5-inch beast cock. But Brett’s gigantic trouser snake blew all of the rest of them out of the water. Jake estimated that Brett’s cock had to measure at least 15 inches in length, maybe even 16 inches or more, with a massive, vein-gnarled shaft that had to be thicker than Jake’s own wrists! It was the granddaddy of all super cocks, and Jake knew that he would need to use every ounce of his vast cock sucking skills to accommodate the big man’s massive member. 

Jake engulfed the wide, flaring, bloated head of Brett’s cock into his mouth, stretching his lips to wrap around the apple-sized mass of the firm but spongy cock head, and making his cheeks bulge with the effort. He lapped hungrily at that mouthful of man meat, bathing the sensitive cock head with his tongue and gently working it over with lips and teeth. Brett moaned with obvious appreciation, and when Jake started to tease the wide slit at the tip with his muscular and talented tongue, he was rewarded with his first squirt of salty pre. The smiling Marine savored the delicious essence of Brett’s manly fluids across his tongue, and then eagerly began to stuff that gigantic cock head down his throat. 

The handsome young man was an expert cock sucker and was blessed with absolutely no gag reflex, but even he was soon struggling to accommodate the muscle man’s humongous schlong down his gullet. The extreme length was challenging enough, but Brett’s monster cock also possessed a girth unlike anything Jake had ever experienced before, so just expanding his throat enough to encompass the man’s magnificent penis was pushing the outer boundaries of human possibility. But Jake was determined to cram every last inch of that ginormous bull cock down his neck, and bit by bit, he was succeeding. 

“Mmm… Fuck yeah…” Brett sighed from behind the divider wall, clearly enjoying the expert attention his cock was receiving. Jake continued noisily sucking and gulping at Brett’s monster meat, coming up for air every so often before shoving it back down his throat, deeper than before. 

“Damn, you’re good, man!” Brett grumbled, his voice even deeper and more gravelly than ever. “No one’s ever taken so much of me before! Aw fuck yeah! Keep it up, dude!” 

Jake was incapable of speech at this point, and could only moan and grunt and gurgle as he attempted to swallow one of the biggest bull cocks in human history. Brett was precumming freely now, which helped grease the sluiceway of Jake’s throat. He continued to fondle and massage the man’s titanic nuts, still unable to get over how freakishly huge they really were. In fact, he was so intent on memorizing every curve and bump and vein on those two huge seed pods that he was taken by surprise when his lips were suddenly wrapped around the very base of Brett’s mighty cock. He’d done it!! He’d taken every single inch of the big man’s humongous horse cock right down to the hairy root!! 

“Holy shit, dude! Aw fuck! You’ve taken me down to the short and curlies!” Brett exclaimed in surprise and obvious pleasure, moaning and groaning at the novel sensation of having his entire cock encased in another man’s throat. “Hot damn, that’s a first! You’ve got one hell of a talented throat, buddy. Now get ready, cuz I’m gonna fuck your tight little throat until I nut in your belly!” 


Jake could feel Brett grab the top of the metal partition wall with both huge hands, the steel creaking as he braced himself and began to pump his hips and pound his gigantic cock down Jake’s eager and willing throat. Now that he’d grown relatively accustomed to Brett’s humongous size, Jake was able to brace himself on his side of the wall and allow the bigger man to vigorously and forcefully fuck his face. The handsome Marine was able to quickly establish a rhythm, swallowing and contracting his throat on every inward plunge, and taking a deep breath through his nose every few strokes as Brett pulled almost all of the way back out. 

Brett’s thrusting hips gradually became more powerful and forceful until they were downright violent, with his muscular pelvis and hard belly striking the metal wall so hard with each thrust that the wall shook, and the staccato slapping sounds of beef-on-metal echoed loudly in the small room. A staggered Jake found himself deeply grateful that the solid metal wall separated the two of them, for Brett was slamming into the partition wall so hard that, had it been Jake’s face instead, he would have broken the handsome Marine’s nose and likely his jaw as well! As it was, Brett was pulling so far back before each thrust that his huge nuts were pulling up tight against the glory hole opening, bulging enormously in their smooth-shaven sac and looking like they might burst right through the skin! Jake couldn’t tell from his side of the partition wall, but he suspected that Brett was stretching the fuck out of his big, burly balls with each stroke, yanking them brutally before thrusting his hips forward once more and plunging his huge elephant dick once more down his throat. 

Jake was an expert at making men blow their loads, and he used every bit of skill and talent he had to bring Brett off. But the 6’7” muscle giant proved what a stud he really was by holding off his orgasm for a surprisingly long time, especially considering that this was the first real and complete blow job he’d ever experienced in his young life. The big man’s staying power was extraordinary! But eventually Jake could tell that Brett was starting to reach his mark, the sap starting to rise from his mammoth bull bollocks as he hurtled toward the edge. The young man redoubled his efforts, sucking that monster cock for all that he was worth, and more firmly and insistently kneading and squeezing Brett’s big boulder balls. 

“Aw fuck! Fuck yeah! I’m gonna cum!” Brett growled, the bass rumble of his voice reverberating right through his cock and balls into Jake’s throat and hands. “Yeah, that’s it! Suck harder! Suck harder, you fucking fag!” 

Something suddenly clicked in Jake’s brain at the sound of that familiar and hated epithet. Memories of Brett bullying him and tormenting him in high school came flooding back. Memories of the taunting, the shoving, the humiliation, the pantsing. Memories of being called all sorts of names, most especially and painfully, ‘fag’. 

Jake suddenly pulled the entire length of Brett’s colossal cock out of his clutching throat with a loud slurping sound. Brett kept on pumping his hips, more urgently now that the delicious stimulation had suddenly been removed. His titanic bull cock glistened in the overhead lights with Jake’s spit and Brett’s own precum completely coating its entire length, and Jake half expected to see steam rising off of the hot, throbbing column of man meat in the cooler air of the small room. A thick slug of milky-colored precum burped out of the gaping slit at the tip of his massive dong, creating a long rope of slick nut sauce that extended more than halfway to the cold cement floor. 

“What the fuck, fag?! Don’t stop now!” Brett angrily demanded. “I wanna bust a nut down your fucking fag throat! Suck my cock NOW, you faggot!” 

A cruel smile lifted the edges of Jake’s gorgeous lips as his fingers locked around Brett’s enormous but delicate meatballs. He decided that it was finally time for the big bully to be taught a lesson, and he gradually began tightening his grip, squeezing the pair of Brett’s jumbo-sized bollocks harder and harder and harder. 

“Hey! What the fuck?! Stop! That fucking hurts!” Brett began to protest as his huge, proud balls were crushed harder and harder in Jake’s iron grip. The big man started trying to yank his vulnerable genitals back through the glory hole opening, but not only were they far too massive for easy retrieval, Jake’s death grip on his mammoth sex organs also prevented any easy escape. 

Jake compressed the fleshy orbs between his thumbs, index, and middle fingers, digging his fingers into them with all of his considerable might. Brett’s huge bull nuts proved to be far tougher and denser than any balls Jake had felt before, resisting deformation far more than any set of testicles should. But as Jake threw more and more strength into his muscular, claw-like hands, he could feel the round organs slowly distort as the hefty former jock began screaming in agony. 

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!! I’m gonna beat your ass, fag!! GAAA!!! FUCK!!! Stop squeezing my fucking nuts!!” Brett threatened in his huge, booming voice as he began punching the partition wall with his big bare fists. The entire metal wall shook and shuddered with each mighty blow, and Jake half expected huge dents to start appearing in the warping steel, but the wall held, keeping Jake safely on the other side of the trapped muscle beast. 

Unperturbed, Jake continued to powerfully knead and mash the plump, sperm-laden organs, deforming the massive orbs more and more as Brett’s cries grew louder and more desperate. He rolled his thumb around the increasingly squishy, nerve-rich gonads, digging into the delicate nut meat from every angle. He chuckled as Brett’s agonized screams and bellows changed in volume and pitch as he pressed into different regions of his traumatized testicles. The backside of the impossibly bulbous organs seemed to be the most sensitive area, where the thick epididymus hugged the back of each goliath teste, and Brett would hyperventilate and his mammoth body tremble uncontrollably whenever Jake dug in his thumbs there. So naturally, Jake focused most of his punishment and strength on the back of Brett’s screaming balls, really digging into the tender tissues with the tips of all of his powerful fingers as big Brett continued to pound uselessly against the partition wall. 

Jake was profoundly impressed by how much abuse Brett’s huge balls could take, for he was soon using extreme pressure that would have quickly burst another man’s nuts, but which caused only modest warping and distention of Brett’s massive whoopers. It was clear that Brett’s massive testicles were as ferociously strong as they were titanically huge, which encouraged Jake to hold nothing back. Also astounding was the fact that Brett’s mammoth horse cock had remained as iron hard and rock solid as ever, protruding from the glory hole like some steel beam and throbbing with the muscle man’s thundering heart beat. Brett’s monstrous boner was apparently not going soft this side of orgasm or death, and was continuing to leak milky-tinged precum like most other men could pee. The handsome young Marine was soon unleashing the full force of his powerful arms into his vise-like grip, crushing Brett’s balls for all he was worth, and grinning malevolently as he tore fresh howls of agony out of the big brute. 

After what seemed an eternity, Jake decided to switch up the abuse. He grabbed the enormous, sagging scrotum with his left hand, squeezing Brett’s rapidly-swelling testicles to the bottom of his reddened sac and trapping the massive orbs against the solid backstop of the metal wall itself. 

As if sensing what Jake intended, Brett stopped hurling threats and began begging for mercy, sobbing audibly. “Please! Please stop! Please don’t hurt my balls anymore!” 

Jake couldn’t even begin to guess the number of times he’d begged the huge bully to stop taunting him, to stop calling him names, to stop pushing him around, but the huge jock had never once shown him any mercy. And the angry and determined young Marine wasn’t about to show him any mercy now in return. 

The handsome stud balled up his right hand into a hard and bony-knuckled fist. Jake had been honed into a deadly hand-to-hand fighter in the Marine Corps, and he knew that his fists were dangerous and potentially lethal weapons, but he held nothing back as he focused all of his strength and energy and drove his fist with devastating force directly into Brett’s trapped left nut, crushing it almost halfway flat against the unyielding steel wall. Brett howled in fresh agony, but Jake gave him barely a moment to recover before driving his fist into the big bully’s other bloated nut, to similar effect. 

Brett was soon bellowing almost continuously as Jake began hammering his bullish stud nuts over and over and over again, punching and pummeling and pounding his hard fist into the big man’s trapped, distended testicles with a fury he didn’t know he had. He smashed each bloated organ in turn, each time feeling like his unstoppable fist was going to collide with the unyielding steel wall behind the man’s insanely thick nuts, but Brett’s tough testes instead absorbed the force of each mighty blow into their dense and beefy tissues. Brett’s enormously muscular body was shuddering and quaking uncontrollably with the rhythmic battering of his huge bollocks, and there was nothing that the hapless young muscle bull could do to stop it. 

Jake continued his relentless assault on his former bully’s very swollen and hideously inflamed manhood for a good 15 to 20 minutes, his powerful right arm working like a tireless piston and driving his fist into Brett’s nuts again and again with truly punishing force. Any other man’s nuts would have easily been reduced to rubble a dozen times over, but Brett’s huge gonads proved to be freakishly tough and endured everything Jake had to give. The hunky Marine finally stopped only when the lactic acid build up in his arm became too great, which allowed the sweaty and panting young stud a moment to admire his handiwork. Brett’s once-proud, damn near cantaloupe-sized testicles were now a bruised, crimson, puffy double-barreled mass of traumatized tissues covered in grotesquely-distended green veins. The big man’s mammoth bollocks had swollen to very nearly twice their normal size, impossibly approaching the size of a pair of huge bowling balls, and were now far, far too large to be withdrawn through the glory hole. The tremendous inflammation turned the glory hole itself into a tight cock ring, trapping Brett’s huge cock as well and forcing it to stay freakishly engorged with blood. In fact, Jake could have sworn that the huge fuck tool was even bigger than ever, bloating in both length and girth from all of the intense constriction. New veins seemed to have erupted all up and down the great columnar length of his titanic cock shaft, and the purplish head was so swollen and bloated that its skin had taken on a glassy sheen, as if even one single additional ounce of blood would make it split open and burst. 

The once arrogant and powerfully-muscled bully was now a crying, blubbering mess, repeatedly banging his broad forehead against the wall in a futile attempt to distract from the incredibly intense pain exploding from inside his much abused genitals. Jake released his left hand’s death grip on the neck of Brett’s sagging scrotum and reached up with both hands to fondle and grope the insanely bloated nuts, admiring the punishment he’d inflicted on the man’s spunk-loaded testicles. As he gently squeezed his hands, the goliath orbs felt more turgid and full than ever, inhumanly swollen with fluids after all of the trauma they’d already endured, yet they had simultaneously grown downright squishy as well, for his clutching fingers were able to dig deeper into the weakened nuts than ever before, and with much less effort. Brett’s huge bollocks were softening up nicely, and Jake knew that it wouldn’t take too much more abuse to crack those massive melons wide open. 

Jake released Brett’s big balls, stood up, and opened the door to his stall, peeking around the corner at the trapped muscle bull. He chuckled at the comical sight of the gargantuan jock pressed up tight against the partition wall, tears staining his rugged and devastatingly handsome face, his huge, hairy muscles rendered utterly useless, sweat pouring off of his magnificent body and making each and every one of his insanely massive and hyper developed muscles glisten in the harsh overhead light. 

Part of Jake had longed to have the big muscular bully in this defenseless position, ready to suffer the Marine’s righteous revenge, and the handsome young stud wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by. He gripped the entrance to the doorway with both hands to steady himself, and then sent his heavy, size 10 combat boot careening directly into Brett’s trapped nuts, smashing his fragile traumatized testicles against the partition wall with a sickening smack and crushing them more than halfway flat. The beyond brutal kick ripped a miserable howl of pure agony from Brett, and this time Jake could see how every muscle in Brett’s overdeveloped body flexed to even more enormous dimensions, creating an overwhelmingly erotic sight. Brett’s huge, hairy, and outrageously muscular ass tensed so hard that deep cuts and striations exploded across both mammoth globes for several long seconds, before relaxing back to two huge, round, quaking mounds of beef. Jake’s rock hard cock throbbed powerfully at the glorious sight. 

“Hey there Brett!” Jake called out with fake friendliness, ready to reveal his identity to his former bully. 

“Wha…?! Who the fuck are you!? How do you know me?!” a surprised and still sobbing Brett replied, his deep voice grown hoarse with all of the earlier bellowing and screaming. 

“You forgot your old pal Jake? From high school?” Jake answered in a teasing tone. 

Brett’s bearded lantern jaw fell open in shock and his gorgeous blue eyes flew open wide. The tiny pretty boy pip-squeak he’d mercilessly picked on in high school was now a devastatingly handsome muscle stud in his own right. 

“Yeah, I thought you might remember me,” Jake said at Brett’s obvious surprise, taking great satisfaction at the huge man’s reaction to the hot young Marine’s transformation. “You made my life miserable in high school, teasing me and taunting me, pushing me around and humiliating me, and calling me fag all of the time. But who would have known — you’re a fag yourself!” 

Brett’s handsome face turned red with rage and embarrassment. “I’m gonna KILL you!!” he roared, his huge right arm lunging for his smug tormentor, who remained safely out of his limited reach. 

“Oh, I don’t think so, Brett. You’re not going anywhere. Your big balls are stuck in that tight, little hole.” As if to emphasize Brett’s predicament, Jake leaned back and launched a rapid volley of three full-force kicks into the man’s trapped stones, tearing yet another scream of animal agony from the big bull. 

“You were always so proud of your balls,” Jake continued. “I remember how you couldn’t wait to get naked in the locker room after PE each day so that you could show off and wave your huge cock and balls around. Not that I’m complaining, though. You’ve got the biggest dick and largest set of door-knockers I’ve ever seen, and I loved watching them swing around.” 

The hunky Marine suddenly unleashed another quick series of nut-crushing kicks into Brett’s massively swollen genitals, making the big man scream in agony. His former bully’s blond-bearded face was contorted into a mask of pure anguish, tears streaming from his bright blue eyes down his ruggedly handsome face. His enormously muscular legs were rubbery and he just wanted to collapse to the concrete floor, but his trapped cock and beyond-bloated balls kept him firmly rooted to the glory hole. 

“Now look at you,” Jake laughed in a taunting voice. “Those big baby makers you were so proud of are now your greatest liability, letting a smaller man like me completely dominate a huge muscle bull like you!” 

“Please, man!” Brett begged between fresh sobs. “I’ll do anything… Don’t kick my balls anymore… I can’t take it.” 

Jake paused to think and consider Brett’s words, and as his eyes wandered to Brett’s incredibly thick and beefy ass, he smiled. He entered the stall and stood behind the terrified male’s tall and hulking frame, and then used both hands to grab a double handful of Brett’s gigantic globular ass cheeks. Brett immediately tensed at the unwanted touch, his massive asscheeks flexing into deep relief. Jake caressed his hands over the sweat-slickened flesh, greatly enjoying the contrast between the coarseness of the thick body hair and the smoothness of the skin beneath. Ignoring Brett’s renewed struggles, Jake said, “If you want me to stop hurting your weak, pathetic balls, then I’m gonna fuck this nice, fat, juicy ass.” 

“Fuck no, man!” Brett roared in response as his entire, magnificently muscular body flexed and writhed in a useless attempt to work his way free. “Nobody fucks ME in the ass! NOBODY!!” 

In response, Jake stepped back to the doorway and unleashed another violent volley of kicks against Brett’s trapped and defenseless balls, stomping them over and over and over again nearly a dozen times and crushing them well over halfway flat against the metal wall. 

“You better agree to my terms soon, Brett. You really should see the sorry state of your huge bull balls. I don’t think they can take too many more kicks before they burst.” 

After the most recent assault on his mega nuts, Brett was slumped against the wall, his hands gripping the top of the wall and seeming to support the bulk of his enormous mass. “Yes! Yes. Anything, man,” the big man whimpered, clearly beaten by the smaller Marine. “Just don’t hurt my boys anymore.” 

Jake had been hard as a rock the entire time. He unbuckled his pants and hauled out his extremely thick 9.5-inch cock, letting Brett see if for the very first time. The big man’s blue eyes bulged with surprise and fear at the enormous size of the Marine’s bull cock, which made Jake sneer in response. He reached into his own bathroom stall to run one hand down the length of Brett’s still granite hard penis, scraping up a slick handful of cock snot to lubricate his own big dick. Then he got behind the taller man, lined up his swollen cock head with the big man’s virgin hole, and then drove all 9.5 inches home in one brutal thrust. 

Brett bellowed in burning pain as his ass was violated by Jake’s big cock, his head thrown back and his eyes bugging out as he felt like he’d be torn in two. But as Jake began thrusting and pumping his slender and insanely muscular hips, Brett’s asshole quivered and finally relaxed, and that burning pain quickly became an intensely erotic fullness. Jake reached around as started groping and caressing huge handfuls of Brett’s gigantic muscles, gripping enormous slabs of beef, punching the unyielding mounds of muscle, and slapping and spanking his solid belly and massively muscular ass. Brett began to moan and groan and emit soft sounds of ecstasy, and as Jake explored the massive planes of his monumental pecs and found the hard nubs of his big, protuberant nipples and began clawing and squeezing at the thick paps, the huge muscle giant began to beg the hot young Marine to fuck him harder and faster. Jake knew in that moment that he had succeeded in fully dominating the huge muscular giant. He had effectively emasculated the big beefy football jock who had both terrorized and aroused him all throughout high school, and now he was making him his bitch by fucking him up his huge, beefy butt. His unexpected revenge couldn’t be more complete. 

The sounds emanating from Brett’s deep, muscular chest let Jake know that the big stud was nearing orgasm, so he started fucking the giant even harder and faster than ever, slamming his body against Brett’s so hard that the entire partition wall began to shake. Brett suddenly hit his mark, throwing back his handsome head in a mighty howl of mixed agony and ecstasy as his much abused genitals finally achieved release. To Jake, it sounded like someone had turned a fire hose on high, for he could hear the staccato splat-splat-splat of Brett’s cum wads striking the far wall of the adjacent bathroom stall. The messy sounds of Brett’s juicy orgasm, combined with the rhythmic clenching of his spasming guts around Jake’s invading cock, took the hunky Marine over the edge as well, and he buried his huge cock home deep inside Brett’s muscular guts as he unloaded his own massive wad inside of him. 

Both sweaty beasts of muscle — one big, the other one huge — kept right on bucking and braying and grunting and humping for a very long time, one filling the other’s beefy ass with his huge load, and the other whitewashing the neighboring stall with his own beyond-copious nut sludge. Even when their almighty orgasms were complete, Jake remained clinging to Brett’s much larger body, his handsome face slack with release as it was pressed against one of Brett’s sweat-slickened shoulders, his strong arms wrapped around as much of that colossal body as he could reach. 

Eventually, Jake slowly withdrew his softening cock from Brett’s well-plumbed guts, drawing additional moans of pleasure from the huge man, and he released the larger man. He then poked his head around the corner to the neighboring stall, and he literally gaped at what he saw. Brett’s huge cock was just as rock hard as ever, the tourniquet of the glory hole making the enormous schlong turn a deep red color with veins that looked like they were about to explode. His battered testicles continued to look monstrous as well, titanically swollen and almost visibly throbbing with agony. But what stunned Jake and stopped him in his tracks was the sheer, impossible VOLUME of stud spunk that had blasted all over the interior of the bathroom stall. It looked like an entire PLATOON of horny young Marines had unloaded a week’s worth of jizz onto the wall, floor, and toilet itself, huge ropes and slugs of the stuff festooning every surface in front of the man’s quivering cock! Huge wads of the thick and clotted spunk slowly oozed down the metal wall, dripping heavily into a steadily growing pool of smegma on the concrete floor. Jake had seen some colossal cum loads before, but nothing like THIS! Brett’s boulder balls were clearly no mere showpieces — they were mighty, industrial-sized spunk bunkers built for baby making! 

“Fuck! Good job Brett! I’m impressed!” Jake said with real feeling. “The poor custodian is gonna have to spend hours cleaning up this mess!” 

Big Brett kept on huffing and panting like he’d just run a marathon, the huge man clearly exhausted and collapsed as much as his glory hole bound genitals would allow. He looked at Jake with sad, tear-streaked eyes and said, “Please let me go, man. Please. I promise not to tell anyone, just please let me go.” 

Now that he’d spent his fury on Brett’s mammoth bull balls, fucked his beyond beefy ass, and pumped his huge, muscular body full of his sperm, Jake decided to take pity on the huge naked bull. Part of him wanted to leave the huge lug trapped in the stall to be found the next morning by some wandering stranger, but he feared that continued constriction of the tight glory hole might actually strangle his mammoth cock and balls to death, or that the big stud might finally pass out and tear his own oversized genitals off. As much as he wanted his former bully to suffer, he didn’t want him actually castrated or otherwise permanently harmed. Hell, he realized that he still had something of a crush on the big oaf after all of these years, and it would also be a tragedy of epic proportions if that record-breaking cock and blue ribbon balls were destroyed. 

“Okay Brett,” Jake said, deciding to help out the huge muscle man. “My dad has usually got some tools in the trunk of his car. Let me see what I can find. But first…” Jake then got out his cell phone and snapped a couple dozen shots of the trapped and defeated muscle jock, both for spank bank material later and to use it as possible blackmail should Brett decide to go after him later. He then stuffed his soft, spent cock back into his pants and went out into the night to see what he could pull from the trunk. 

Jake returned less than five minutes later, protective goggles on his face and a large power saw held in both of his strong hands. Brett’s eyes flew wide when he saw the power tool, and his hands once again began to scrabble uselessly at the wall as he fought to somehow break free. 

“Relax, dude!” Jake said, trying to calm the big man down. “I’m not going to cut off your junk! Or at least not on purpose. Now hold still so that I don’t accidentally sever your huge cock and balls.” 

With that, Jake revved up the saw and began chopping into the partition wall itself. Brett couldn’t help but whimper softly in pain and terror as the power saw churned its way through the metal and drew closer and closer to his trapped junk. But when Jake got within an inch of the glory hole itself, he changed direction and carved a circle around the hole itself, freeing Brett from the wall, but leaving a tight and jagged metal ring trapped tight around the root of his manhood. Jake then drew a set of manual metal cutters from his back pocket, and with a terrified Brett sitting naked on the toilet, Jake began the more delicate operation of cutting through that ring to release Brett’s goods. 

For his part, Brett sat mutely on the toilet, still passive and scared, a far cry from the arrogant bully he’d been when he’d entered the room. Jake knew that he had nothing to fear from the big muscle man, for he’d proven that he could best him. 

It took a little time, but soon Jake had cut through enough of the metal ring that he was able to pry the remainder of the ruined metal wall off of Brett’s crotch and free his cock and balls. Brett immediately began to sob in exhaustion, pain, and relief, his huge hands clutching at his heavily wounded genitals as he fell heavily to his knees, and then collapsed on his side with a loud and beefy smack. 

Jake stood over the fallen high school hero and said, “Let this be a lesson to you, Brett. Don’t be a dick, because you never know when that little guy you’re bullying might someday get the upper hand on you.” 

The hot young Marine turned to go, but then paused and looked back at the quivering stack of muscles that was curled up in a fetal position and softly weeping on the cold floor. “You know what, Brett? I think you secretly like what happened to you today. You sure as hell blew a massive load with my big cock buried up your ass! I think you’ve wanted someone to dominate you for a long time, and now you’ve finally found that someone - ME! So I tell you what, you big stud. If you want some more of this fat Marine cock, then you know where to find me. I’ll be in town for another couple of weeks before I ship out again, but that’s plenty of time for me to rock your fucking world. Call me if you want a rematch.” 

Without another word, Jake turned on his heel and went out into the night, filled with a deep satisfaction at besting his bully, and a wonderful sense of relaxation in his hefty and temporarily spent balls. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that after Brett had a day or two to ice his battered balls and think about what happened, the huge muscle stud would come to him shamefacedly begging him to fuck him up the ass again. A wide grin spread across Jake’s devastatingly handsome face as he headed back to his car. It looked like it was going to be an awesome visit back home after all!