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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 34 - Testicle Leeches

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I hope you don't mind waiting a week for the next installment of the Cyborg Saga. I have to admit, this next chapter is one of my favorites, so I hope you enjoy it! :D


Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 34
Testicle Leeches

During the centuries when the Cyborg Empire was waging its war of eradication against the human race 5,000 years ago, the Cyborgs had invented hundreds of cruel and painful ways to emasculate human males before killing them. One of the most vicious and inhuman of these tortures was to insert testicle leeches into the man’s balls and allow the mindless creatures to consume the male’s balls from the inside out. 

The leeches themselves were tiny vermin, pale limbless creatures not much larger than a maggot. Perhaps a dozen of these grubs would be siphoned down the length of a man’s penis, whereupon the tiny worms would wiggle their way through the man’s plumbing to enter his balls. Once imbedded inside a man’s nuts, the leeches would begin to feed. 

At first, the grubs would sate their ravenous hunger on the supply of sperm stored in the man’s balls. The more virile the man, the longer he could satiate the leeches in this manner. But eventually, that sperm would run out, and the grubs would begin to feed on the testicle meat itself. Records told of one fantastically virile man captured toward the end of the Cyborg wars who had so much sperm packed in his huge nuts that he was able to feed the grubs for nearly four hours before their attention turned to his fist-sized nuts themselves. 

The second stage of feeding was by far the more brutal. The leeches grew extremely quickly on their rich diet of sperm, swelling much larger in size and causing extreme agony as the man’s nuts were forced to swell to accommodate the increased size of the grubs. But that pain was nothing compared to the agony caused when the leeches began to feed on the man’s meaty nuts. A dozen tiny little mouths began to chew and tear at the spaghetti-like filaments and tubules inside a man’s balls, slowly consuming them bit by bit as they swelled larger still. Most men expired due to the extreme pain caused by the feeding of the testicle leaches, but those unlucky few who were tough enough to endure and survive that agony were forced to experience an even worse fate. 

As the grubs continued to feed on the man’s testicles, they grew larger still, sometimes growing into huge slugs more than three inches in length. This phenomenal growth forced the man’s ballsac to swell even bigger, even though the size of his actual balls was steadily diminishing as both orbs were consumed by the bloating leeches. During the final stages of feeding, the leeches would reach a critical mass. With the final bits of testicular matter consumed and the ballsac itself swollen to many times its normal size, the scrotum itself would split open and spill out a dozen cum- and meat-fattened slugs and the liquid, gooey remains of the man’s once proud testicles. The whole wriggling mass would fall to the ground with a wet and sickening splat. If the pain and horror of this final degradation wasn’t enough to kill the victim, then the Cyborg would quickly finish him off, for the Cyborgs quickly lost interest in their prey once the man’s testicles had been destroyed. 

No man had ever survived an infestation of testicle leeches before, and it was long thought that no male could ever possibly survive so brutal a torture. But with the arrival of the heroically powerful and colossally endowed young Eric, the torturers thought that they had found a male who might, just might, be able to survive. 

The torturers prepared the young muscle man by shoving two feet of thick plastic tubing down the extraordinary length of his cock, the better to implant the leeches. Due to the huge size of Eric’s colossal balls, the Cyborgs decided to use more than four times the normal number of tiny grubs -- some 50 in all -- and carefully started forcing the tiny, half inch long leeches down the plastic tubing. When the last grubs were implanted, the tubing was removed and the torture began. The whole preparation and implantation process took less than 15 minutes. 

Eric felt a profound itching in his huge balls as the dozens of tiny grubs rooted around inside his gigantic gonads to find their new home. The grubs were immediately presented with a feast beyond imagining, an enormously vast reservoir of the thickest, richest stud cum in the universe, and the grubs began to ravenously feed. 

The tiny vermin crawling within Eric’s testicles sent the young man over the edge into orgasm for the first of what would be numerous times, and he grunted and bucked as an enormous load of fresh baby batter was pumped out all over the uncaring floor. The torturers couldn’t help but smile evilly at the sight, however, for they knew that every drop of sperm that shot out of Eric’s huge cock was one less drop for the leeches to feast upon in his balls. The more sperm Eric shot out in useless orgasms, the less sperm there would be in his balls, and the faster the leeches would exhaust the supply and start feeding on his behemoth bull nuts themselves! The Cyborgs found it fittingly ironic that the young stallion’s own unstoppable virility would only serve to hasten his testicles’ potential destruction. 

The Cyborgs thought it would take at least a few hours for the young muscle giant to start showing any ill effects of the grub infestation, but they hadn’t counted on the sheer protein-packed power of Eric’s extraordinarily thick and hyper abundant sperm. The tiny grubs had never fed on such an incredibly nutrient rich meal before, and their already phenomenal rate of growth accelerated by several orders of magnitude. It was barely a half hour into the torture before Eric’s balls began to visibly swell, bloating larger as the grubs inside his balls grew and expanded. 

The crowd’s excitement grew right along with Eric’s nuts, and the leeches’ rate of expansion soon became so great that one could actually see Eric’s huge balls grow in response to the swelling of the tiny invaders! The little slugs must have already been larger than the largest leeches ever harvested from a man’s nuts, and they were still growing! 

The pain really started to grow in Eric’s goliath gonads when, an hour into the torture, the humongous nuts had already doubled in size! Tiny tears were beginning to form in his overstretched scrotum as the thinning skin tried valiantly to contain its burgeoning contents in a steadily losing battle. These small rips grew wider and more numerous as the massive testicles continued to swell, the whitish-gray walls of the gonads themselves becoming more and more visible as the scrotum continued to shred. 

Despite the ferocious rate at which the leeches were consuming the cum inside his nuts, Eric kept right on pumping out load after massive load, his goliath powerhouse balls able to supply enough splooge to satiate the 50 slugs growing inside their bellies AND still pound out colossal salvos of rich and gamey spunk. The young bull was truly a god of virility! 

But eventually, the slugs had swollen so large and become so rapacious that even Eric’s behemoth balls began struggling to keep up with their appetites. The size of Eric’s loads began to diminish, just a little at first, but steadily faster and faster as the leeches demanded more and more of Eric’s bountiful supply of cum. 

An hour and a half into the torture, and Eric’s overstretched scrotum couldn’t handle the strain. A hole in the left side of the shredded ball sac finally tore open large enough that the young man’s colossal left nut slipped out, dropping several inches to hang heavily from its thick cords. The mammoth left nut, as well as its twin still cradled inside the remains of the shredded and torn sac, had each swollen larger than a big medicine ball, about two and a half times their normal size and perhaps four times their normal weight. The incredibly thick and tough outer walls of Eric’s balls were once again becoming taut and shiny, straining to contain their swelling contents. Even more disturbingly, movement could be seen beneath those awesomely tough walls. Long, eel-like shapes could be seen moving and wriggling just beneath the surface, the now grotesquely huge leeches rooting around inside Eric’s titanically swollen balls looking for even more of his powerful cum. 

Two hours into the torture, and the flow of sperm running from Eric’s humongous cock finally ceased. The enormous slugs living inside the young man’s mighty balls were consuming his sperm as fast as those fantastically virile lumps of man meat could produce it! It wouldn’t be long now before the enormous leeches would start feeding on the ball meat itself! 

Eric’s goliath, behemoth balls were now three times their normal size, swollen to the size of beach balls, and were reaching critical mass. The huge orbs had been forced to swell this large only twice before -- first when Eric had been forced to keep from cumming for nearly three days, and second when his balls had been injected full of caustic green acid -- and both times they had nearly exploded. But the Cyborg torturers made no move to assist their struggling prisoner, who continued to bellow in pain as his balls swelled larger still. 

Two and a half hours had now passed, and miraculously, the leeches hadn’t yet begun to consume the thick meat of Eric’s huge balls. The mighty sperm factories were working overtime, struggling to manufacture enough spunk to keep the growing slugs fed, but it was clear that the grubs had swollen so tremendously huge that even Eric’s mighty balls would soon no longer be able to keep up with the leeches’ insatiable demands. 

Worse, his horrifically bloated nuts had swollen larger STILL, surpassing all previous records and nearing FOUR TIMES their normal size!! Each unbelievably gargantuan orb now measured some 14 or 15 inches across, and had long since lost their normal oval egg shapes to become almost perfectly spherical. The almighty congestion in Eric’s nuts had the young stud continually bellowing in unimaginable pain, his screams growing more and more panicked and desperate as the swelling in his balls passed all critical levels. The remains of his shredded scrotum could no longer contain the sheer unbridled mass of even one of Eric’s super bloated balls, and the titanic right teste slipped out of its sac to fall heavily beside its brother. 

The wriggling within Eric’s huge balls had grown even more frantic and disturbing, and the giant nuts now resembled one seething mass of squirming, wriggling flesh. The movement of the huge slugs inside Eric’s critically swollen balls threatened to finish the job and cause the young man’s balls to explode even before the leeches began to consume the rich ball meat, but somehow they continued to endure. 

The Cyborgs knew that they had pushed Eric’s balls as far as they could dare, and they prepared to begin the removal of the fattened and enormously bloated testicle leeches. The only problem was that they could only come out the way they went in, through Eric’s gargantuan penis, and the slugs had now grown so unbelievably huge that the Cyborgs feared the massive grubs would rip the young man’s mighty bull cock apart. They realized that they would only be able to remove the slugs from one testicle at a time, as even the removal of half the slugs at a time could split Eric’s cock wide open. 

Testicle slugs were averse to extreme heat, and so the Cyborgs set up a heat ray machine to focus a beam of intense heat energy into the heart of Eric’s utterly goliath left nut. The advanced technology of the heat ray allowed it to bypass the taut and straining outer wall of the young man’s colossal bull nut and only release its heat within the dense meaty interior. 

The Cyborgs turned the beam on, and the interior of Eric’s left ball began to quickly heat up. The huge slugs inside the ball began to wriggle and writhe with even greater urgency, threatening to tear the ball wide open. But as the heat grew even greater, the panicking slugs began to seek a means of retreat, and began to fight their way out of the titanic ball. 

Eric’s sperm ducts were unusually thick and tough -- they had to be in order to carry the enormous volume of cum pumped out of Eric’s balls under intense internal pressures. But the thick duct to Eric’s left ball was soon put to the ultimate test as the first slug worked its way up toward the young man’s fantastically muscular body. The slender duct was normally perhaps a quarter of an inch thick, but it was now forced to swell to over two inches in diameter!! The tough and fibrous walls of the sperm duct, their awesome durability having been further toughened by the months and months of abuse at the hands of the Cyborgs, strained to the maximum and threatened to split wide open, but held as first one, then two, then more of the slugs began to escape the boiling heat in Eric’s ball. 

When the first huge leech reached the base of Eric’s penis, the young man began to bellow and buck his hips in agony, fucking thin air in an effort to relieve the profound and intensely painful congestion in his cock. The thick cum tube running down the underside of that colossal dong swelled larger and larger still, bulging to accommodate the massive grub as it crawled its way out. Cyborgs and thralls all over the galaxy seemed to hold their collective breath as the first huge leech worked its way up the tube. The gaping piss slit at the tip of Eric’s massive cock suddenly dilated even larger still, and the hideous head of the slug finally poked its way out. More and more of its body worked its way out until, with about seven or eight inches of its disgusting, slick body hanging out of Eric’s quivering cock, gravity did the rest and pulled the rest of the huge leech out. 

The first leech landed in the vast pool of sperm below with a loud and wet splash, and there was a collective gasp as everyone was finally able to see the enormous size of the creature. The slug was a colossal beast larger than any previous member of its species, a wet and pale blue-gray eel well over a foot long and four inches wide at its widest part. It was fortunate that the slimy slugs were so pliable and able to squeeze through narrow openings, as even Eric’s oversized plumbing could not have been able to accommodate a four-inch-wide grub. 

The first leech immediately set about eating from the enormous supply of cum on the floor, and soon the second enormous leech joined it, freeing itself from Eric’s massive cock to land with its own splash in the huge pool of spunk below. One after another, the swollen and bloated leeches were extruded from Eric’s distended bull cock like he was giving birth to a litter of giant slugs. Each bloated grub landed with its own splash in the spunky funk below, and began wriggling around and consuming even more thick sperm. 

Eric’s mighty left nut had been steadily decreasing in size as the huge slugs exited the sperm-depleted orb. The normally pale orb was now glowing an angry lobster red, however, as its contents were becoming super heated to almost the boiling point. The heat ray was threatening to cook the massive testicle from the inside, but the Cyborgs did not relent until the last slug had worked its way out of the young man’s plumbing and out his mammoth horse cock. Only once all 25 huge slugs had exited Eric’s parboiled bull nut did the Cyborgs finally turn off the heat ray. The huge orb had shrunk back down almost to its normal size, and though it was more than half cooked from the focused heat ray, it had survived! 

Meanwhile, Eric’s other ball was looking much the worse for wear. While the Cyborgs had been focusing on extracting the slugs from the muscle man’s enormous left ball, his already about-to-burst right ball had swollen larger still. The slugs in that ball had grown even bigger in the intervening time, and the horrifically bloated and distended organ didn’t even remotely resemble a human testicle anymore. The titanic sphere was almost a foot and a half in diameter, and the entire surface of the outer wall was covered in fractures and cracks that, even as the Cyborgs watched aghast in sick fascination, began to grow wider still. Eric’s terminally bloated right bull nut was about to explode! 

Thinking quickly, Dalton spun the heat ray machine around to aim it at the goliath gonad and turned the ray on at full power, sending devastating amounts of heat energy coursing into Eric’s dying ball. The Cyborg knew that if the slugs were not immediately removed from the quivering, convulsing nut, it would explode in a spectacular shower of gigantic slugs and massive chunks of ball flesh. 

Eric screamed as the terrific heat tore into his already nearly busted nut. The enormous slugs immediately began to writhe and spasm, fighting against one another in an effort to escape the rapidly building heat. His right sperm duct began to swell, and swell larger, and swell larger still! The heroically straining tube expanded to an unbelievable three inches in diameter as the first mammoth grub began its laborious climb back up to Eric’s body. The young muscle man screamed in fresh agony as his delicate plumbing expanded far beyond its capacity to allow the vile intruders to flee. Soon, his goliath monster cock was swelling larger as well, straining and bulging and distending to even more grotesque dimensions as the first leech wriggled up the dilated cum tube. 

As the head of the first slug emerged from Eric’s quivering cock, the Cyborgs could see that this slug was even more monstrous and enormous than the ones that had come from the young stud’s left nut. The additional 15 minutes that they had been allowed to live inside Eric’s right ball, feeding and swelling and growing, had allowed them to reach even more unbelievable dimensions. The piss slit in Eric’s enormous, fist-sized glans dilated and strained almost to the breaking point as the head and bulky body of the first slug emerged. As the slug continued to extrude from Eric’s cock, its body plumped back up to its normal dimensions, which the Cyborgs were astounded to discover was just over six bloated inches! And nearly a full foot of the beast had to emerge from the young man’s mammoth cock before the enormous creature slipped the rest of the way out. The colossal leech measured a full 18 inches from head to tip -- a full foot and a half in length!! And there were still two dozen more of the gargantuan beasts to go!!!

Dalton feared that he had waited too long to begin the extraction process. Every aspect of Eric’s sexual plumbing was being stressed to the maximum, and the Cyborg worried at any moment that something would finally rupture and the young man’s spectacular masculinity would finally be destroyed. The monstrous right nut quivered on the edge of exploding, the slender sperm duct strained to expand to more than ten times its normal size, and the magnificent 22-inch bull cock was threatening to split up its length trying to accommodate the enormous exiting leeches. 

Everything was touch and go for many long minutes. Even after the first four or five slugs had successfully been extracted, the ones still residing in the swollen and cooking right nut continued to grow, and the colossal orb grew bigger still! But after about five minutes, the swelling began to ratchet down a notch, and then another. The gonad was still stressed to the breaking point, but if it could hold out just a little bit longer, it might actually survive. 

In the meantime, the intense heat ray was threatening to kill the leeches still trapped inside Eric’s bloated nut, which could also spell doom for the horrifically swollen ball. Dalton adjusted the ray to slightly reduce its intensity, but even so, the dense and tortured ball meat was starting to heat to critically dangerous levels. 

A half dozen slugs had been extracted, then a half dozen more. The swelling in Eric’s bloated ball began to decrease rapidly as additional leeches were pulled free, removing the colossal bulk of each massive leech from the swollen and straining orb. 

Soon, only three or four slugs remained, but these had grown into the most enormous leeches of them all. The next grub seemed to get caught inside Eric’s supremely bloated sperm duct, the creature so thick and bloated with rich spunk that it didn’t seem like it would be able to escape. Eric’s enormous bull cock throbbed harder, then harder still, pulling and pumping at the massive obstruction, and gradually inching it up the blocked passage. So too with the next leech, and the next, and the next. As these beasts were expelled from the young man’s cock, the crowd gasped at the sheer size of the slimy monsters, for each one measured nearly two FEET in length! 

Only one leech remained, the granddaddy of them all. Eric pumped and bucked his hips in extreme agony and need, trying with all of his awesome might to ejaculate the gigantic creature out of his body. Though his magnificent right ball had returned to nearly normal size, his tortured sperm duct was forced to expand even larger than ever before. The fibrous wall of the duct was stretched so thin that every detail of the slimy invader could be clearly seen as it ever so slowly inched its way up toward Eric’s body. The slug was so huge and so bloated that it could barely move itself, and the young muscle stud was forced to use his own groin muscles to haul and pull the huge and heavy beast up through the ridiculously narrow duct. 

Finally, the slug reached Eric’s groin and began forcing its way out of his cock. The beast had grown larger STILL in the intervening time, and Eric’s thick cum tube was forced to swell to unbelievable dimensions. When the slug finally worked its way into Eric’s dick, the cum tube swelled to more than four full inches in diameter, nearly the same girth as the young man’s enormous monster cock! It almost looked like the young man was sporting two mammoth cocks, one stacked upon the other!! The sight was utterly gruesome and intensely erotic at the same time. 

The massive head was soon emerging from Eric’s bloated cock head, which itself was swollen to nearly twice its normal size. The piss slit finally did start to tear at this point, and a trickle of blood started to run down the underside of Eric’s cock. With only an inch or two of the grub’s huge head sticking out of Eric’s cock, the beast seemed to become stuck, and it looked like Eric’s enormous cock was tragically going to burst open on the very eve of victory. 

Eric began bucking and thrusting his muscular hips with even greater urgency, violently fucking the air in front of him in a desperate attempt to free the blockage in his cock. The young man’s enormous naked nuts swung forward and back like massive pendulums, the heavy orbs making a wide arc on the ends of their fleshy tethers. But as hard as the young stud would pump his hips, as hard as his mighty and distended cock would throb, it seemed there was no hope. The huge slug was stuck, trapped inside his straining cock, and soon the mighty organ would burst open. 

A deep rumble began to build in Eric’s mammoth chest, a growl that built in power and intensity until the young muscle bull released his loudest and most powerful bellow yet. At that same moment, the entire two-foot-long beast was ejected from his cock with incredible force. Right behind the slug was an almighty wellhead of cum, a massive geyser of sperm that forced the huge intruder out of Eric’s straining cock and blasted it forth with such force that the heavy, cum-bloated beast cleared more than two dozen feet before landing with a heavy splash in the vast fecund pool of Eric’s powerful baby batter. The last slug was free!!!

And what a slug it was! The goliath beast was every bit of 28 inches long and 8 inches in diameter at its widest point. No one could fathom how the young bull stud had managed to force such a humongous creature out of his plumbing, but there it was, wriggling on the floor for all to see, already setting to work eating the feast of sperm lying ignored on the ground. 

As if to prove his mastery over the testicle leeches, Eric pounded out a colossal load, showering the more than four dozen goliath grubs with a fresh batch of his extraordinary spunk. The stunning young muscle man bucked his slender hips in epic release, emptying his already cum-bloated balls as his tortured plumbing struggled to return to normal size. Meanwhile, the crowd erupted into its most thunderous applause yet, stunned and overjoyed that the handsome young bull had survived yet another insanely and unimaginably cruel torment. For every torture and torment that young Eric survived would make his eventual emasculation and destruction at the hands of Optimus that much more spectacular. 

While the young man’s orgasm thundered on for many long minutes, Dalton stepped forward, gingerly avoiding the feeding testicle leeches, and began to attend to the exhausted and battered muscle stud. The Cyborg gently lifted the young man’s shrunken balls and inserted them back into their torn and tattered ball sac. The scrotum almost immediately began to heal, slowly closing up the tears and growing back around the massive bull balls. Dalton knew that in a short time, the young man’s large and silky nutsac would be completely healed, as would the two extraordinary balls contained within. 

But the hunky hero would be given precious little time to recover, for the Cyborgs were already preparing for the next brutal torment they would inflict on the handsome and muscle bound stallion. 

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 33 - Impalement

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 33

Many of the torturers had been tremendously impressed of the young stallion’s ability to endure and survive having over 100 cactus thorns speared through his nuts, so they all took turns impaling Eric’s huge and incredibly meaty nuts on all manner of sharp devices. They used a frightening variety of wicked implements on the helpless young stud, some as slender as needles, but others far larger and thicker then the cactus thorns of months ago. 

The ability of Eric’s mighty bull nuts to heal without the slightest injury or scar was put to the extreme test under these tortures. Metal spikes were driven deep into the young man’s ball flesh, while spears and swords were thrust straight through the enormous testicles, sometimes skewering both giant orbs at the same time like meat on a BBQ spit. And on one particularly brutal occasion, a Cyborg used a high-powered gun to shoot bullets into the young man’s big bloated nuts. The thick metal slugs impacted at super sonic speeds and with such force that they plunged clear through the more than six-inch-thick monster balls, punching through the incredibly dense meat with ease. The bullet holes would leak copious amounts of raw sperm for up to several minutes before the wounds would start to close and heal. 

Throughout each torture, Eric would shriek and bellow in unimaginable agony, thrashing and pulling at his bonds in a mighty but futile attempt to free himself and rescue his horrifically abused balls. Yet his mighty baby makers continued to manufacture gallons and gallons of his supremely potent spunk no matter how brutal the abuse or how many sharp implements of pain were driven into the very heart of his manhood. 

These were tortures of such utterly barbaric brutality that no other male had ever survived them, let alone recovered from them, but Eric’s super human powers of healing proved each time to be up to the task, healing the internal injuries of every stabbing wound, sealing every puncture, erasing any evidence that his mighty bull balls had been mauled and mangled into a nearly unrecognizable mass of ruined man meat. And all without the slightest scar or lasting ill effect. It was as if Eric’s monumentally powerful balls could heal any injury...provided they weren’t utterly demolished first. 

There were many times, however, when the huge testicles had been all but cut to ribbons, riddled with spikes like a pincushion, or shot through with so many bullet holes that they leaked raw sperm like a sieve, and the extreme brutality of the abuse very nearly spelled the end of the young muscle man’s mighty manhood. But each time he managed to pull through, if only by the barest of margins, and heal every last bit of damage...only to have his mammoth balls sliced, speared, and shot all over again. 

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Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 32 - Nut Choking

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 32
Nut Choking

Not long after the brutal jackhammering torture, the legendary resilience of Eric’s huge and extraordinarily bulky nuts was tested in yet another way. Eric’s scrotum was carefully sliced open with a six-inch-long vertical cut in the long neck of the sac, near where it met Eric’s groin and the base of his gigantic horse dick. Eric winced in pain as the silky smooth skin of his scrotum was sliced open, but he had endured so many tortures that were many orders of magnitude more painful than this, so he remained stoic and defiant. The two sides of the scrotal skin were pulled back to reveal the thick cords and ligaments beneath, the all important cords and ducts and blood vessels that connected the young man’s enormous bollocks to his mighty body. 

Months ago, Dalton had famously clamped off Eric’s thick sperm ducts and prevented his balls from pumping out their colossal cargo of cum for nearly three days. This torture had nearly resulted in the violent explosion of Eric’s horrifically swollen and spectacularly cum-bloated balls. Dalton now wanted to try something similar on Eric’s balls, using thick metal clamps as before, but this time he would not be clamping off the young man’s sperm ducts. No, this time Eric would be allowed to pump out as much thick and chunky sperm as he wanted. Dalton had something even more cruel and insidious — and deadly — in mind for this torture. 

The massive Cyborg felt among the many tough cords and tendons connecting Eric’s mammoth right nut to his gloriously muscular body, and located and singled out the thick artery that supplied the vital blood and oxygen to the titanic teste. Dalton placed a thick metal clamp over this artery near where it came out of Eric’s groin and then tightened it down with crushing force, completely cutting off the blood supply to Eric’s mammoth orb. Dalton then quickly repeated the same procedure for Eric’s equally massive left ball, leaving it choked off from its blood and oxygen supply as well. 

This torture was quite simple -- Dalton wanted to see just how long the two massive orbs could survive without life-giving nourishment. 

Almost immediately, the pain began to mount in Eric’s gigantic balls as they were deprived of their customary blood supply. The colossal sac of bull nuts also began to immediately darken, turning from a healthy pink to an angrier and angrier shade of red. The brutal nut choking torture had begun. 

Over the next hours, Dalton and the other Cyborg torturers visited the usual battery of punishments and abuses on the slowly starving balls, beating and punching and crushing the massive nuts even as they slowly died from lack of oxygen. The meaty smack of metal on flesh reverberated around the vast arena as Eric’s mighty bollocks were beaten and bludgeoned and pummeled in every imaginable way, even as they continued to starve for oxygen.

The torturers knew from extensive previous experience that a typical human male’s balls were usually completely and utterly dead within just an hour or two of losing their blood supply, and they fully expected Eric’s mighty man orbs to last much longer than this. But as three hours went by, and then four, and STILL Eric’s balls endured, the Cyborgs realized that the hunky young muscle man was even more fearsomely strong than they had already come to believe. By now, the lad’s mighty balls had turned a dark red, then an angry shade of burgundy, but they fought valiantly onward, somehow continuing to produce vast quantities of cum that were forced out of the huge nuts in orgasm after painful, agony-induced orgasm. 

The agony in Eric’s balls was a continuous, gut wrenching ache of super human proportions. The young bull was being made to feel every moment of his balls’ slow demise, and even during the brief pauses between the merciless pounding and squeezing of his huge nuts, Eric couldn’t escape the searing agony coming from his slowly suffocating balls. 

And STILL the young man’s colossal balls endured, as five hours passed, and then SIX hours! Eric’s entire ball bag had swollen even bigger, and the huge sac had turned an alarming and unhealthy shade of dark purple. The massive sac was also becoming positively cold to the touch, another sign that their end could not be far away. The Cyborgs knew that once the huge balls turned black, they would be completely dead, and their current and dangerous shade of deep eggplant purple was nearing that fatal color. Eric’s mind was lost in a searing fog of agony, but his only solace was that as long as his humongous balls still felt pain, they were still alive. Another part of the young man’s mind, though, was almost praying for his proud and mighty balls to die so that there would be an end to this soul shattering agony. But his goliath balls continued to defy him and his torturers, clinging to life even as they began to shudder and quiver in what could only be their imminent death throes. 

Starting shortly after the fourth hour, the flow of sperm from Eric’s mammoth bull cock had finally begun to slow, and not long after the fifth hour it had ceased altogether, for without the nutrients supplied by the young man’s bloodstream, his mighty sperm factories simply could not manufacture any more of his male essence. Yet Eric’s mighty truncheon remained granite hard and continued to pulse and quiver in continuous orgasm in the hours that followed, all in a vain effort to pump out even more sperm from a well that had long since run dry. The prolonged dry orgasm only served to increase the agony in Eric’s starving nuts, and it almost felt like the convulsive power of his orgasms would start to spew out the very meat of his dying nuts. 

Six and a half hours had now gone by, and Eric’s balls were verging on black, clearly dying and perhaps already beyond saving. It had been more than an hour since a single drop of sperm had dripped from the young man’s quivering cock, proving that the muscle stud’s balls were well and truly empty even as they were choking to death. The terrific agony in Eric’s balls was finally, frighteningly, starting to fade, and the young man knew that his mighty nuts would very soon be history, reduced to 20 pounds of dead meat swinging uselessly between his mammoth thighs. 

Dalton knew he had taken Eric well beyond critical levels, and that he should have removed the artery clamps more than an hour ago, but he just couldn’t bring himself to free the young man’s dying bull balls. Minute after minute ticked by, and Dalton continued to lustfully watch the final shudderings and contractions pulse through those two massive and frightfully cold man lumps as their final reserves of strength were exhausted. And STILL Dalton wouldn’t relent! If the Cyborg wanted to save whatever was left of Eric’s dying balls, then it was far past time that he do so! But the cruel Cyborg was completely captivated by the gentle shivers and convulsions passing through Eric’s balls as the massive orbs slowly died on the vine, and it looked like all hope was lost. 

Seven hours after having the arteries to his balls clamped off, Eric’s gigantic, magnificent nuts had finally turned black, and must surely be dead. Even their quivering and shaking had ceased, and they were utterly still. Yet Dalton waited several minutes MORE, wanting to punish the young male past all reason, even though the agony in Eric’s cold balls had ceased nearly half an hour ago. 

Only then, once Eric’s majestic manhood had been reduced to so much dead meat, did Dalton unscrew the clamps and let the blood rush back into the young man’s dead nut tissue. 

Pain like a freight train slammed Eric in his gargantuan nuts, and the agony was so intense that the young man could only gasp for air, his blue eyes open wide in indescribable pain. Long seconds later, the handsome super stud finally found his voice and bellowed in excruciating animal agony. The oxygen and nutrient starved tissues of his colossal balls sucked greedily at the return of a fresh blood supply, and every nerve ending in the mammoth testicles screamed as life rushed back into the depleted and nearly dead tissues. Despite their horrifically dark color, despite being denied their all important blood supply for more than seven HOURS, Eric’s colossal balls were somehow, barely, still alive!!

As the mighty thumping of Eric’s powerful heart flushed the old blood out of his balls and replaced it with life rejuvenating fluids, the blue-black color of his balls began to quickly flush back to a healthier shade of bright red, and warmth and heat quickly returned to the cold meat as well. It had been an extremely close thing, for the delicate tissues of Eric’s huge balls had indeed been mere heartbeats away from the finality of death, but Dalton had pulled them from the fire at the last possible moment. Thunderous cheers erupted from the enormous audience as they celebrated Dalton’s uncanny and expert skill at taking the beautiful young male to the edge of the cliff and then bringing him back unscathed. 

Dalton and the other torturers concluded that the sheer unbelievable SIZE of Eric’s huge bull balls, combined with their super human strength and toughness, had allowed them to survive without their blood supply for more than five HOURS longer than any other male in history! None of the torturers had ever encountered a subject as filled with raw power and might as this handsome and heroically muscular young bull, and all 12 of the cruel Cyborgs were reveling in every moment of the 30 days of torture, because they knew that they would never again find a prisoner who could match the beauty, bravery, virility, and might of this stunning young thoroughbred. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 31 - Jackhammer Abuse

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 31
Jackhammer Abuse

The next horrifically brutal abuse was administered by the largest of the 12 Cyborgs on the raised dais. This titanic brute of a Cyborg stood more than 24 feet tall and was basically bipedal in structure, though built on a colossally thick and sturdy scale. Instead of hands, the creature’s enormous arms ended in a pair of truly massive jackhammers. This Cyborg and others like him had been created to invade rocky, mountainous worlds where they could use their incredibly powerful jackhammer fists to drill huge tunnels and demolish even the largest of boulders in mere minutes. 

And this titanic Cyborg had decided to bring those jackhammering fists to bear on the only “boulders” in the vast arena — Eric’s helpless and unprotected bull balls. 

Eric’s humongous and astonishingly heavy balls were lifted and gently placed on a squat metal cylinder, where they rested huge and heavy, defenseless against any torture or abuse the Cyborgs wanted to visit upon them. The cylinder itself was made from the same titanium steel alloy that was used in the manacles and ring holding the young muscle bull hostage and immobile. The young man’s balls were about to be caught between an immovable object and an unstoppable force, on a scale they had never experienced before. 

With surprising and deceptive gentleness, the cybernetic titan pressed his hammer-headed fists against Eric’s massive balls, pushing against the gigantic orbs until they began to bulge around the invading pillars of metal. The brutish Cyborg then gave its equivalent of an evil smile, and activated his jackhammering fists. 

The Cyborg’s fists instantly became a blur as they hammered ferociously into Eric’s massive nuts, striking each orb more than a 100 times per second and crushing them almost flat with the inhuman force behind each blow. The stunningly handsome young man threw back his head and bellowed in unbearable agony, the muscles of his bullish neck standing out in deep relief as the anguished scream was torn from his throat. His whole muscular body vibrated with the staccato force of each impact, every gigantic muscle and sinew quivering as destructive, ruinous force was applied to his trapped and screaming nuts. 

No part of Eric’s fantastic body vibrated as much as his enormous tumescent cock, however, which quivered and shuddered so powerfully that it was almost as much of a blur as the Cyborg’s huge pistoning fists. 

Almost immediately, huge ropes of cum began flying in every direction. The force of the Cyborg’s blows was so great that the sperm was being forcefully pounded out of Eric’s huge nuts, and his mammoth cock sprayed the sticky stuff in gigantic ribbons of white spew as it quivered and jiggled and throbbed. The pounding fists of the huge Cyborg were quickly coated in the liquid white gold, but the cruel creature had no intention of stopping as he steadily pummeled Eric’s huge balls into mush. 

The mighty Cyborg had used these same fists in the past to shatter entire mountain ranges and reduce them to gravel, and he now used all of that mighty power and force on the handsome stud’s enormous bull balls. The titanic torturer fully expected his hammering fists to reduce the young man’s once proud gonads to a greasy smear of pulverized flesh in mere moments, but minute after minute slowly ticked by with the huge gonads enduring punishment that had crumpled even fellow Cyborgs to bits. The Cyborg was truly astounded by the super human strength and resilience he could feel in Eric’s mighty man nuts. 

Even Eric’s monstrous bull balls were far from invincible, however, and the merely flesh and blood orbs finally began to get mushier and mushier as the punishment continued, slowly being laid waste and reduced to rubble by the Cyborg’s fearsome metal fists. It was soon clear that the young muscle bull’s colossal bollocks couldn’t survive this level of violent abuse for much longer. 

Still the titanic Cyborg refused to let up, turning up the power even more and hammering Eric’s enormous balls nearly as flat as pancakes. With the speed and terrible fury of the blows, Eric’s balls had no chance to plump back up to their healthy orb shapes, and were instead kept in a constant flattened state, the combination of crushing and pummeling wearing down even their legendary resilience. The beefy, intensely meaty contents of the stallion’s huge balls already appeared to be liquified, quivering like two flattened sacks of jelly with each rapid blow, but they continued pumping out mind blowing amounts of sperm, proving that they yet lived and endured. But for how much longer? 

It suddenly looked as if the young man’s balls were simply disappearing, hammered as flat as sheets of paper, but in fact the squat cylinder itself was starting to fail. The force of the Cyborg’s blows were actually passing THROUGH the young man’s brutally powerful balls and into the metal pedestal itself, warping and denting the cylinder as the horrific hammer blows began to pass into the metal. The stout walls of the cylinder began to bulge outward as Eric’s balls were relentlessly pounded deeper and deeper into the steel. They were soon completely hidden from view, only the narrow neck of the young man’s steadily elongating scrotum disappearing into the deepening hole proving that the sunken balls were still connected to Eric’s muscular body. 

Eric was sobbing in agony by this point, tears streaming down his spectacularly handsome face as he felt his proud balls being pounded into useless goo. With the gigantic bull nuts completely hidden from view within the bulging cylinder, no one knew if the young man’s ginormous testicles had already been shattered. The gallons and gallons of cum blasting out of his quivering cock demonstrated that they had not yet been completely annihilated, but even Eric’s monstrous and mighty gonads must have surely been mortally wounded at this point, damaged beyond any hope of repair. 

The Cyborg was now bearing down on his two targets, leaning his extraordinary weight and mass into his fists as they jackhammered full force into Eric’s failing testes. At least a foot of the Cyborg’s huge fists were now buried in the now greatly warped and distended metal cylinder, meaning that Eric’s humongous nuts must have been stretched close to their 24-inch limit by now. It was possible that Eric’s battered and bludgeoned nuts might actually be torn off of his body even as they were reduced to smithereens! 

The horrifically loud groan of failing metal nearly drowned out the cheering crowd as the cylinder buckled, unable to endure any more of the furious abuse. With a series of sharp CRACK! sounds, the thick sides of the warped cylinder suddenly split open in half a dozen places, and then with a final terrifically loud screech of metal, it sundered in half down the middle, the two halves toppling slowly and majestically to either side to crash against the top of the platform. 

Eric’s brutally overstretched balls suddenly shot upward as the clutching metal pit split wide open, the purplish-red and horribly battered balls rocketing upward like they had been launched from a sling shot. The titanic Cyborg turned off his jackhammering fists and stumbled backward several steps, dumbfounded that the young male’s bludgeoned testicles could still somehow be whole. 

The retreat of the huge Cyborg allowed a smaller Cyborg to scuttle forward. This vaguely crab-shaped Cyborg extended several tentacles to grasp and gently palpate the profoundly squishy balls, but quickly announced that the mighty testicles were still vital and whole. The young muscle bull had survived one of his most brutal punishments yet, proving once again that his mighty baby makers were stronger than steel! 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 30 - Acid Injection

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 30
Acid Injection

In a particularly cruel and horrific torture, one of the Cyborgs prepared two large syringes of a vibrant green fluid and simultaneously injected their contents into both of Eric’s mammoth nuts, plunging the thick needles deep into the very heart of the lad’s gigantic gonads. The young man immediately began to scream in animal agony, for the green fluid was actually a caustic acid that immediately began to burn and sear the tender and delicate tissues inside Eric’s huge balls. The mighty muscle man thrashed uncontrollably against his restraints, threatening to tear his limbs apart as he suffered the unimaginably intense pain of having his monster balls dissolved from the inside out. Even the Cyborg torturers weren’t sure if the young stud could survive such an insanely brutal torture, but nothing would stop them from pushing the muscle man’s every conceivable limit. 

As the acid worked its way through the enormous beefy mass of each massive testicle, the two orbs began to dramatically swell. The roiling and boiling acid was causing the young man’s ball flesh to expand as it was burned, the acrid vapors and gases emitted by the acid forcing the balls to balloon outward. In a matter of minutes, Eric’s balls had already doubled in size, and in a few minutes more, they doubled again. The young man’s colossal nuts were now the size of beach balls, approaching the titanic size they had reached just a few months before when Dalton had forced them to swell with nearly three days of unspent cum. And just like that previous torture, Eric’s gargantuan orbs were on the brink of exploding from the insanely intense internal pressures. Soon, his huge scrotum had split wide open down its central seam, spilling his titanic testicles into the open air where they dangled, impossibly huge and heavy, at the ends of their life-giving cords. The thick and fibrous ball walls themselves were taut and shiny as they fought desperately to contain their rapidly swelling contents. 

It seemed at any moment that Eric’s monstrously swollen balls would pop, exploding in a gory shower of ball meat and acid. Even the Cyborg torturers feared that they had finally gone too far with their young charge, and they unconsciously stepped back several paces in anticipation of the impending catastrophic failure of both mighty balls. 

Eric suddenly bellowed louder still, and thrust his muscular hips forward as he reached an agony-induced orgasm. Only this time, his ejaculation didn’t contain the normal pearlescent deluge of stud spunk. The green acid had attacked the vast store of sperm in Eric’s huge balls as well, so what shot out of his cock now was a frothy spew of thick yellowish-green foam, a disgusting mixture of dissolved spunk and caustic acid. The foamy batter shot more than a dozen feet out of the young man’s cock, the range greatly reduced by the frothy nature of the sputum, and also poured down his huge cock in thick rivers. Eric’s ejaculant burned the inside of his cock on the way out, adding to his horrific pain, and also seared the outside of the mighty penis as it ran down the titanic shaft, leaving a trail of bright red welts wherever it touched his skin. 

The terrible orgasm raged on and on, yet Eric’s balls continued to increase in size, surpassing any previous dimensions and reaching a truly grotesque size. Fractures started to appear in the huge nuts, and more of the yellowish-green foam began to leak and ooze from a dozen fissures in the rapidly failing ball walls. The spectacular end of Eric’s almighty gonads seemed but moments away, an agonizing and particularly brutal end for the universe’s final and most spectacular set of human testicles. 

But finally, the colossal flood of sperm and acid pumping out of his cock began to reduce the horrific nut swelling, and Eric’s balls began to inch back from the brink of disaster. It was still touch and go for a very long time, but eventually the horrific swelling ratcheted down from super critical levels. Even though the mighty young stud had somehow dodged the sundering and bursting of his precious nuts, the Cyborgs knew with a certainty that the caustic and vitriolic solution searing through his testicular meat was steadily dissolving and melting Eric’s spectacularly beefy balls into useless slag. Not even Eric’s unnaturally tough and resilient flesh could endure the burning effects of such an acidic serum. 

The gigantic orgasm lasted even longer than the stallion’s normally titanic release, pumping out the disgusting frothy foam in never ending fountaining spurts and thick rivers. As Eric’s agony-filled orgasm thundered furiously onward, however, the torturers began to notice that the spew was turning more liquid and slowly losing its unnatural yellowish-green color. Many minutes later and this unbelievable sight was confirmed; Eric’s pulses of cum had once again returned to their normally thick, white, chunky, and astoundingly viscous consistency as he pounded out a healthy discharge of living, virile sperm. Not only had his powerhouse balls succeeded in pumping all of the deadly acid out of his beefy ball meat, the spectacularly virile balls had somehow survived long enough to cook up a fresh batch of spunk to flush out their seared, damaged, but otherwise intact interiors! 

The entire Cyborg audience was flabbergasted at the raw power just displayed by the young muscle bull, and the applause was deafening as the torturers were praised for their extraordinary skills. The young man’s now shrunken and ‘merely’ melon-sized balls were carefully inserted back into their split scrotum, which immediately began to heal and enclose the humongous orbs once more within the protective skin. 

Eric’s fried and nearly busted nuts were given nearly an hour to recover from this most brutal abuse. Meanwhile, the Cyborgs temporarily turned their attentions to the young stud’s thick, swollen nipples and astoundingly massive and muscular chest, eagerly mauling and mangling the muscles of the lad’s pec-proud chest and using his super-sensitive nipples to cause the handsome lad even more exquisite and soul-shattering pain. Soon enough, however, Eric’s almighty bull balls were deemed recovered enough to face their next brutal torture…

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 29 - Energy Extremes

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 29
Energy Extremes

The sheer mass and density of Eric’s colossal low hangers meant that they could endure extremes of temperatures and energy discharges that no other male’s balls could have ever hoped to survive. The Cyborg torturers used this fact to their advantage as they subjected the young man’s massive balls to all sorts of extremes of heat, cold, electricity, and even vacuum, and the beefy bull stud successfully endured it all. No matter whether the Cyborgs were trying to freeze his titanic nuts solid or were trying to boil away the incredibly dense ball meat with focused heat energy, Eric kept right on pumping out massive wads of his hyper abundant cum. And no matter how much electrical current was forced through those two mighty lumps of man meat, or how extreme of a vacuum was used to try to rip his spuds apart, Eric’s huge nuts valiantly powered through it all, proving their mettle time and time again, and making the gathered crowd and the trillions watching the broadcasts around the galaxy wonder if the young man’s goliath gonads might truly be invincible. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 28 - The Tortures Begin

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 28
The Tortures Begin

The elite torturers of the Cyborg Empire were nothing if not cunning and inventive. Over the next 30 days, each of these torturers visited a stunningly wide variety of ingenious, devious, and brutally inhumane tortures on the helpless young male, focusing the vast majority of their attention on his two goliath melon-sized balls. Some of the tortures were relatively straight forward and familiar as young Eric’s massive balls were beaten, pummeled, stretched, squeezed, crushed, and all but pulverized in countless different ways. Others were more complicated, with some having been invented just for the young muscle man, tortures that had never before been applied to a subject because there had never before been a subject with the strength and resilience to survive them. 

With the wealth of data that the Cyborg scientists had gleaned in their studies of the young human, the torturers were able to take the muscle bull even closer to the brink of destruction than Dalton had been able to do back on Eric’s jungle planet. Over and over and over again, Eric’s mammoth gonads were tortured and abused to the point where it seemed they simply HAD to burst, and then the Cyborgs would stop just a hairsbreadth shy of utter testicular annihilation. The tortures were more intense, more violent, and more unspeakably brutal than anything Eric had faced before, but the young stud endured it all while pumping out endless barrel’s worth of his powerful male essence all over the arena floor. 

The young man was allowed brief respites from the agony and abuse only when his titanic testes had been redlined and taken well past critical levels. It was only when it was clear that Eric’s behemoth bull balls were at the point where just one more well placed blow or one more rough squeeze would cause them to rupture explosively in their massive bag that he was allowed to rest and recover, and only long enough for his big and beefy nuts to heal sufficiently to face yet another round of abuse. He wasn’t even allowed the 12 hours a day of rest that Dalton had provided back on the jungle world; instead, his balls might be given a maximum of one hour to heal while the cruel torturers punished some other part of the young man’s phenomenal physique. 

Thus it was that Eric was kept in a constant state of pure agony for 30 days, his massive bollocks having to struggle valiantly every moment of every day just to survive. 

The horrific tortures applied to Eric’s mighty bull nuts almost defied description. A small selection of the more unusual tortures are detailed in the following chapters. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 27 - Festival of Primus

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 27
Festival of Primus

Excitement and anticipation throughout the Imperium had been building for weeks. A great festival had been announced to celebrate the capture and upcoming destruction of the last surviving human male in the universe, an extravaganza that would involve subjecting the handsome young male to 30 days of extreme testicular punishment by the very best torturers in the Cyborg Empire. The festival’s events would be broadcast to every corner of the Imperium, and every slave and thrall would be forced to watch as well, to witness as the final male of yet another species was brutally and horrifically beaten, unmanned, and then ultimately killed for the entertainment of the evil Cyborgs. 

This rare event had been made even more extraordinary by the announcement that Optimus himself would deliver the final punishments to the massively muscular young man, destroying the lad’s colossally oversized balls and forever ending humanity’s hopes of ever escaping the cruel dominion of their Cyborg overlords. This wondrous and rare announcement, which only happened two or three times every million years, was an even greater cause for celebration among the Cyborg race, and was sure to make the festival an event that would go down in the annals of Cyborg history. 

As the final days leading up to the festival slowly ticked by, excitement had peaked to a raging crescendo, and there was an almost palpable hum in the air. All over the galaxy, attention turned inward toward Primus as the first day of the festival finally arrived. 

The Festival Begins

The excitement in the Cyborg Empire was almost explosive as the festival finally began. All the action was to take place in the very heart of Primus, a vast bowl of an arena near the center of the huge planet. The colossal chamber was over a mile across and 2,000 feet from the ceiling to the arena floor. The bowl-shaped chamber was ringed with tiered seating, allowing a capacity crowd of over one million Cyborgs to attend in person. 

A giant pulsating disc was set into the ceiling far above, looking almost like a huge blue, black, and steel gray cybernetic eye looking down on the arena. In truth, it was that, and so much more, for the massive disc and eye was none other than Optimus himself. Retracted into the ceiling behind that massive eye was an enormous and almost infinitely powerful super computer, the overmind and undisputed leader of the vast Cyborg Empire. It was Optimus who was ultimately responsible for the annihilation of untold hundreds of sapient races all across the galaxy, and it would be Optimus who cut yet another race short when he nutted the handsome and spectacularly muscular young human. 

The gargantuan crowd began to thunder and cheer as the stadium floor opened and an elevated platform began to rise out of the ground. Mounted on the platform was an enormous titanium ring, measuring more than a dozen feet across and standing upright on the platform. And suspended within this ring by manacles attached at wrist and ankle was the young human himself, trussed up naked and spread eagled in all of his awesome masculine and muscular glory. The lad’s monstrously oversized 22 1/2-inch super cock was already hard as a steel crowbar, and at the sight of the more than one million Cyborgs assembled to watch his torture and destruction, the young man’s cock instantly erupted in a spectacular orgasm. The beautiful man bucked erotically in his restraints as he pounded out slug after massive slug of sperm, laying down a thick coating of his powerful splooge from the top of the platform down the dozen steps to the arena floor itself. 

The young man’s first ejaculation of the festival was met with even more thunderous roars of approval from the crowd. The muscle bull’s seed represented perhaps the greatest threat that the Cyborg’s had encountered in thousands of millennia, and watching the young stallion uselessly pound out his mighty load onto the uncaring floor, where it fell in gigantic ropes and streamers of unbelievably thick jizz, only served to amplify the sense of the Cyborgs’ dominance and victory over the human race. 

All of Eric’s heroically copious loads would be allowed to splash over the arena floor for the duration of the festival, taunting the human female thralls across the galaxy with the sight of so much of the supremely powerful seed being wasted. The young stud’s thick and gloopy baby batter could resurrect the human race, bringing it back from the brink of extinction, and instead the female slaves would see countless gallons of the stuff pounded out uselessly, knowing that every last sperm that came out of those two mighty spunk factories would be destroyed along with humanity’s final hopes for a future. It was a diabolical torture not only for Eric, but for every member of the human race. 

A dozen enormous Cyborgs of varying shapes and sizes also stood on the platform as it rose out of the arena floor. The crowd cheered for these dozen Cyborgs as well, for they were the most talented and celebrated torturers in the galaxy. Dalton, the Cyborg that had won such acclaim for not only finding and capturing this human, but also expertly torturing him for an unprecedented 150 days, was given the honor of being among these dozen elite Cyborgs, and would be taking part in the extreme tortures visited upon the handsome muscle boy over the next 30 days. 

The dozen torturers stood back as the young stallion busted out his first gargantuan load, and only when this first huge orgasm subsided some ten minutes later did they finally step forward. The time had come for the tortures to commence...

Monday, January 11, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 26 - Testing Eric's Limits

The next five chapters of the Cyborg Saga are relatively short in length, so I'm going to post one a day for the next five days. And don't worry, I'll return to some lengthier chapters in the weeks ahead! :)


Captive of the Cyborgs - Part 26
Testing Eric’s Limits

In the end, Dalton was wrong about one detail -- Cyborg High Command kept the huge human male under its care and study for far more than just a few days. In fact, the scientists at High Command ended up keeping Eric in their laboratories and testing rooms for nearly three weeks! 

The Cyborg scientists subjected the handsome young bull stud to a barrage of tests, some relatively benign, and some outright brutal and inhumane. Eric’s thundering bellows and screams of agony could be heard with regularity, echoing even beyond the scientists’ chambers, and the sound always caused nearby Cyborgs to smile in grim satisfaction that the magnificent male was being subjected to painful tortures. 

Tests performed by the Cyborgs confirmed all that Dalton had already discovered, that Eric was many orders of magnitude more powerful and resilient than any human, or any other biological creature, the Empire had ever encountered. But the scientists learned even more. They discovered that Eric’s genetic code was nothing less than a masterpiece of engineering, a work of art worthy of awe and admiration. Each and every sperm cell produced by the young man’s enormous and spectacularly virile balls carried this same genetic perfection, and the scientists knew that if the young muscle bull was ever somehow allowed to father male children, his offspring would all possess the same extraordinary qualities of beauty, strength, intelligence, and fecundity as their father. 

And of course, this could never be allowed to happen. 

They were therefore careful to destroy every last male sperm cell pulled from the young man’s extraordinarily prolific nuts upon completion of Eric’s testing, making sure that no males would ever be produced by the young bull. His female sperm cells were kept for use in the human female breeding program, however, for the Cyborgs were eager to further improve upon the beauty and power of their female slave thralls. And after just a few weeks of harvesting Eric’s sperm, the Cyborg scientists had more than enough female sperm cells to keep the breeding program running full tilt for years to come! 

The scientists also gathered tremendous volumes of data on the young male’s stamina, resilience, and powers of healing, and decided to use this information for the entertainment of the Cyborg Imperium. Cyborg High Command had announced a 30-day festival where the handsome young stud would be taken to the brink of destruction over and over and over again for the amusement and entertainment of the entire Cyborg Empire, periodically allowed to heal just enough so that he could survive and endure the next battery of abuse. The data collected by the scientists would allow the team of torturers to fine tune their victim’s punishment to an even finer edge than Dalton, an expert on torturing human males, had been able to achieve. 

This month-long celebration would culminate in the final emasculation and ultimate destruction of the beautiful young muscle boy, to be performed by the overlord Optimus himself! Mauling and death at the hands of the overlord was greatest honor that the Cyborg Imperium could ever bestow on a biological creature, a show of respect that was only awarded to the most powerful and magnificent of captured foes. It had been more than 100,000 years since the overlord had last participated in the torture and destruction of a biological being, and the announcement that Optimus himself would be performing the emasculation of the handsome young super hunk already had the excitement in the vast Cyborg hive building to epic levels. The festival was sure to be a spectacle that would become legend for eons and eons to come. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 25 - Arrival at Primus

Now we return to the trials and tribulations of young Eric, the last human male in existence. He has now arrived at Primus, home world of the Cyborg Imperium, and will soon face an extended series of tortures before his unmanning and execution before Optimus himself, the supreme leader of the Cyborg race.


Captive of the Cyborgs – Part 25
Arrival at Primus

Primus, the Cyborg home world, was a unique feature in the galaxy. The world was the size of a large planet, and was formed almost completely out of metal. It was a purely manufactured world, formed from the destruction and assimilation of thousands of metal-rich asteroids and planetoids to form one solid, enormous planet, completely honeycombed and riddled with passages and chambers that contained truly vast armies of Cyborgs in all their myriad shapes and sizes. This world was also where the overlord of the vast Cyborg Empire, the gigantic super computer known as Optimus, held sway over its vast Imperium. 

Only Primus was more than just a planet, it was also a spaceship, built on an unimaginably vast scale. The gargantuan vessel didn’t just float in a star system or orbit any large body, but was itself an independently mobile ship, traveling the vast reaches of the galaxy to perform the Cyborgs’ prime goal and mission -- to seek out, conquer, and destroy any and all forms of intelligent biological life. 

It was to this roaming planet of destruction that Dalton now raced, with his extraordinarily precious cargo in tow. 

The journey from Eric’s jungle home world to Primus took more than six weeks. Even with the ship’s faster than light propulsion technology and judicious use of worm holes, the distance to be traveled was incredibly vast and could not be accomplished overnight. 

Dalton amused himself on the long journey by further studying and tormenting his stunningly handsome and spectacularly muscular captive. The Cyborg gleefully inflicted brutal punishments on Eric’s goliath bull balls on a nearly continuous basis, forcing the young man’s massive nuts to grow even stronger and more powerful as their limits were pushed farther and farther. Eric’s mighty balls miraculously avoided destruction innumerable times, enduring insanely brutal punishments that would have obliterated them just months, or even weeks, before. 

And all the while, throughout all the inhumanly and indescribably brutal tortures and torments, Eric’s rock solid monster cock kept pumping out load after massive load of his now legendary jizz, his huge 22 1/2-inch flesh cannon painting everything from the raised dais to the bulkhead 50 feet away with an incredibly thick whitewash of his super potent spunk. In fact, Eric’s balls were manufacturing and pumping out so much pure sperm that the cockpit deck began to be flooded with man cream. At first it was only a slick coating on the cold metal floor, but since the room had no drains or outlets, Eric’s monstrously prolific emissions began to build up. An inch deep, then two inches, then three. Almost 100 massive orgasms a day began to build up in the large but self-contained room. A few weeks into the trip, and the entire cockpit was flooded more than a foot deep in Eric’s gloopy and pungent spunk. The heady stench of man and sex was so powerful and overwhelming that the young muscle man sometimes found it hard to breathe, but nothing could stop him from pounding out more and more of his thick and musky ball juice. A month into the journey, and the level of sperm overtopped the raised platform, and by the time the ship arrived at Primus, the room was so flooded that the suspended bull stud was ankle deep in his own white and gooey muck. Dalton was glad that Primus was currently located relatively nearby in this arm of the spiral galaxy; if he had had to cross the width of the galaxy to get to the Cyborg home world, then Eric would have drowned in his own bountiful emissions long before they’d reached their destination! 

Eric’s titanic testicles were also kept at the unbelievably extreme stretch of 24 full inches for the entire duration of the journey. The agonized tearing at the young man’s bull balls was merciless and unrelenting, and kept the handsome prisoner in a constant state of extreme pain. The powerful winch beneath the floor kept the two-inch-thick titanium alloy cable attached to Eric’s balls extremely taut, ensuring that there was a constant and profound tension kept on the big muscle man’s thick ball cords. Both prisoner and Cyborg knew that, at any moment and with the simple press of a button, the winch could be made to pull just a fraction of an inch farther, and Eric’s magnificent, oversized balls would be instantly torn from him. Some days, it was all Dalton could do to avoid that temptation and destroy the manhood of his beautiful young captive, but the Cyborg somehow managed to control his lustful, destructive urges for the remainder of the flight. 

The extraordinarily handsome and muscular young human continued to surprise and impress the Cyborg throughout the long journey. Eric’s stamina and resilience were far beyond the realm of mortal man, and his awesome powers of virility were simply legendary. Perhaps one of the young stallion’s most impressive feats, besides flooding the cockpit with his super abundant splooge, was breaking the enormously thick cable attached to his balls. This awesome feat of strength occurred three weeks into the flight. Eric was in the midst of one of his trademark colossal orgasms, his gargantuan, overstretched balls powerfully convulsing as they forced monstrous quantities of his rich spunk out through his thundering cock. As Dalton watched, he saw one strand of the cable suddenly snap, then another, and then another. Soon, the remaining strands of cable, unable to compensate for the lost bands, cracked and snapped in rapid succession until the entire cable had shattered. Eric’s humongous melon-sized balls, suddenly freed from the cable, snapped upward on their overstretched ball cords so rapidly that they collided heavily with the young man’s solid and muscular crotch, producing a loud and beefy SMACK of flesh on flesh. The huge balls then tumbled to the bottom of their sac, hanging ponderous, proud, and defiant just over a full foot from his groin. 

The two-inch-thick cable, after being exposed to extreme stress and tension for three weeks, simply couldn’t take the strain any longer and had snapped. 

Dalton, powerfully impressed, used a larger and stronger cable to rebind Eric’s balls, a massive braided cord a full three inches thick. He winched Eric’s tender bull balls down to 24 inches once again, and was satisfied that this larger cable would hold. 

A week and a half later, the second cable snapped. 

Stunned, Dalton used an even larger cable, a truly monstrous band of filaments and wires a full four inches thick, and bound and stretched Eric’s huge nuts again. The Cyborg knew that even this stallion’s supremely powerful balls couldn’t hope to shatter such a thick cable. 

But a week later, the third cable snapped as well. 

Dumbfounded and frustrated, Dalton had the ship’s computer manufacture a cable that was over six inches thick and reinforced with tiny filaments made of diamond. This cable was used to secure Eric’s bull nuts for the last remaining week of the flight, and this thickest of the cables did indeed prove to be strong enough to stand up to Eric’s heroically strong ball cords. Though Dalton did discover upon arriving at Primus that tiny threads within the cable were starting to fray...


Other than his frustration with the repeated sundering of cables securing Eric’s behemoth balls, Dalton was extremely pleased with both the journey and the progress he had made with his young captive by the time his ship arrived in Primus space. The huge Cyborg had decided to heighten the dramatic effect of his arrival by not revealing the nature of his cargo until he was less than a day away from the gargantuan metal planet. Upon exiting the final worm hole into Primus space, Dalton broadcast his arrival on all channels, announcing that he had captured a live male human, the first such specimen found in over 5,000 years. 

The announcement caused an immediate stir within Cyborg High Command. The male of the human species had been believed extinct for a several eons, and so the discovery of a living male set the massive hive of Primus abuzz with speculation and excitement. And that excitement only grew as Dalton began broadcasting his recordings of the discovery, capture, and  over 150-day-long torture of this singularly remarkable paragon of man. 

Such was the buzz generated by Dalton’s announcement and subsequent broadcasts that, by the time the craft had docked within the enormous, planet-sized starship, there were tens of thousands of Cyborgs of every shape and description waiting to catch their first glimpse of the first live male human discovered in 5,000 years. And their first glimpse of what was surely the most handsome and powerful male to ever exist. 

As the door to Dalton’s craft opened, a literal flood of ripe stud semen poured out of the opening, the tumbling waterfall of pure sperm making a loud splash as it tumbled to the cargo deck and started spreading into a massive pool of jizz. A collective gasp arose from the assembled multitude of Cyborgs, for the product of six weeks of Eric’s extreme virility simply could not be believed! It took nearly an entire minute for the lion’s share of the deluge to pour out onto the deck, leaving the crowd of Cyborgs in stunned silence. 

Dalton then emerged from his space craft to the thunderous cheers and adulation of the assembled Cyborg horde, and he basked in that glory for several long moments before presenting his captive to his people. The massively muscular young captive was completely naked, his powerful arms bound behind his back and a large shackle around his neck. Fresh sperm coated the young man from his massively muscular calves to his huge feet, providing a waterline for the depth of the sperm lake that had until recently been flooding the hull of the ship. Dalton led the stunningly handsome young man by a chain connected to this collar, and proudly displayed his prisoner to the cheering Cyborg crowd. Many had doubted Dalton’s claims about the size and beauty of this fabled prisoner, even after seeing the recorded footage taken from the jungle planet, but once young Eric was revealed to the throng in all his naked and fantastically muscular glory, the final doubters became believers. 

The young muscle man had long since become trained to cum almost instantly at the sight of his Cyborg captor. So it should have therefore come as no surprise that, upon seeing a vast sea of cruel and powerful Cyborgs before him, Eric grunted and his massive cock began to violently spasm and pound out an immense load of fresh jism. The hyper virile lad shot so hard and so far that the first several rows of Cyborgs got sprayed with thick slugs of his cum, ropes and ribbons of the sticky white fluid hanging in great festoons off of limbs, tentacles, treads, and various other Cyborg body parts. The colossal ejaculation was met with another thunderous roar from the crowd. The entire Cyborg Empire was excited to witness the imminent destruction of the final human male in existence, and the fact that this stunningly handsome, fantastically muscular, heroically endowed, and colossally virile ultimate paragon of the human race should be that final male only amplified their excitement. 

Dalton led his prisoner down a long processional as the crowd continued to cheer. The Cyborg knew that the event was being broadcast to every corner of the Imperium, so he made sure to hold his head high and march with pride. He knew that all eyes in the Imperium were on him and his beautiful, spectacular captive. 

Dalton was also aware that the vassal slave races under the Imperium’s command and control, including the untold trillions of human females kept as thralls all over the galaxy, were being allowed to witness the event as well. The Cyborg High Command often found it useful to allow the slave races a slender glimmer of hope before dashing it to bits, as it served to break the thralls’ spirits even further and make them more tractable and pliable. Thus it was that female humans from all over the galaxy were being allowed to see a fabled male of their species for the very first time, a being long thought to be out of legend and myth. And what a male he was! Dalton knew that at that moment, all over the galaxy, untold billions of females were dropping to their knees with sudden, overwhelming lust, gushing wetness from between their thighs at the sight of this spectacular and superb specimen of man. 

That would serve to make Eric’s ultimate destruction, also before the eyes of every slave in the Imperium, that much sweeter. 

The Cyborg also didn’t miss the fact that there was a robotic cleaning crew following behind him and his charge, making sure to incinerate even the tiniest drop of sperm that might fall from the young human’s majestic 22 1/2-inch super cock. Dalton smiled to himself when he thought of the immense challenge that cleaning crew would encounter when it entered his sperm-shellacked ship’s cockpit, but he knew that they would complete their assigned task with alacrity. The Cyborg High Command didn’t want even a single sperm cell from the brutally muscular young stud falling into the wrong hands, so every measure was being taken to ensure that the last supply of male seed in the universe would be destroyed along with the young man’s immense and oversized balls.

The thunderous cheers and applause followed Dalton and his prisoner all the way to the chambers of the Cyborg High Command. Dalton knew that he would spend the next several days in these chambers being debriefed by his commanders, while his handsome young human was subjected to a wide battery of exams and tests. But the grinning Cyborg already knew what they would find -- that the sheer raw strength and power possessed by this young stallion was unlike anything the Cyborg Empire had encountered before. And Dalton knew that High Command would have the same reaction that he did to the muscular stud -- stunned admiration for the young man’s extraordinary abilities, and an exponentially increased certainty that such a powerful and virile bull must be utterly and absolutely destroyed before he ever had the opportunity to mate. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Painful Loss - Original Version

Here is the original story that inspired my "A Painful Encounter in Baghdad" series. And as you can read below, the poor Marine doesn't fare as well as the end of this version...  :)


A Painful Loss
An original story by Anthony 

It was a torturous hot day in the streets of Baghdad and it was difficult dealing with the heat while carrying my equipment, heavy helmet, and semi-automatic. I was only 19, but after training for several months, I thought I was physically fit to deal with any environment I was exposed to. I knew that being a Marine would expose me to many dangers, but this is what I wanted to do and here I was. 

I grabbed my water and poured some of it over my face to help me deal with the scorching heat. I was part of a platoon that was assigned to guarding several streets in Baghdad. I had been more
relaxed because the violence had subsided and things seemed calmer. The platoon usually spread out in pairs while patrolling the streets. 

I was talking to my partner about life back at home when a women ran up to us crying pointing towards an abandoned building. She was motioning us to follow her. My partner motioned for two other soldiers at a distance to come forth and he told them that he wanted to see why the woman wanted us to go into the building and hence, he needed back up. We then cautiously follow her into the building and after searching the whole building for something abnormal we arrive at the last room in the hall and find two men laying on the floor unconscious. My partner asks one of the soldiers to get a medic response unit and to show them the location of the building. My partner tells me to take the women to another room because he can’t take her sobbing.

So I motion the woman to follow me out of the room. After complying and walking down the hallway she stops crying and turns around facing me. She frowns and points towards a door I had not seen when searching the building. I open the door and see that it leads to a dark basement. I should have waited until back up came, but I wanted to brave it out. So I proceed to go down the stairs, barely being able to see anything with the flashlight attached to my gun. The woman follows me in and closes the door behind her. I stop for a second to tell her to keep the door open, when she pushes me down the flight of stairs. When I reached the bottom, I was aching in pain from all over. I then quickly reacted and began to feel the floor for my rifle that I lost while falling down the stairs. All of a sudden lights went on and I had found my gun. It was in front of my face, pointed toward my forehead. I slowly got up and lifted my hands up in the air.

Looking for this? asked a young man about my age.

I looked around the room and there were other guys pointing guns at me. 

Fuck! was the only word that came out of my mouth. I looked back in search for the woman that had pushed me and she was there sitting at the steps, simply smiling.

What do you want? I nervously asked.

The stranger laughed. It seems like you Americans always seem to know what we want, or may I say, you always seem to know what you want and how to make it appear that we want it as well.

He looked at his men and then back at me. We just wanted to take out our anger and frustration towards an American idiot like yourself. He got closer and with the butt of my rifle, bashed my
balls. Oh god, fuck, ah my fuckin balls I moaned as I fell to his feet in absolute pain.

Get Up! He shouted.

I obeyed as I was clutching my balls.

Strip down to your shirt and undergarment! He ordered.

As I looked around the room, I realized I didn’t have much of a choice. I took off my gloves, and then my helmet, followed by my equipment mounted on my bullet proof vest. I then took off my jacket displaying my body tight military t-shirt drenched in sweat. I unlaced my boots and took them off along with my socks. I unbuckled and unzipped my pants and took them off, displaying my tight military boxer briefs that held my hung flaccid and big juicy American balls. I noticed that some of the guys could not stop looking at my bulge.

The stranger gave my gun to the woman and then he approached me, pushing my stuff away from me with his foot. He begins to circle around me and says, you Americans think you are everything with your worked out chests and bulging muscles. You especially feel superior when you carry big balls and a big cock. However, here in this part of town if you want to keep them, you need to earn them! With that said he quickly swung his knee right into my bulge. Ugh! I attempted to hold the pain that was spreading throughout my cock and balls.

He then told his friends to blindfold me and that they had to move to another location before they found me. I could not see where they were taking me but I am guessing there was a passage that I missed because we did not go up the flight of stairs.

After several minutes of walking and getting pushed around, they take off my blindfold. The place smelled like a shit hole and it looked like a room in an underground sewer. Several guys grabbed me and handcuffed me to some pipes. They made sure my arms and legs were held apart.

Today, is you most unlucky day, soldier He pulled out a knife and began to tear my t-shirt off of me. I could see my sweaty muscled chest and abs now being displayed to these men.

The stranger shouted at his friends, I will go first! He looked at me and smiled. He came up to me and began to bite deep into my nipple while kneeing me in the balls non-stop. Every time he bit my nipple, he would strike harder against my balls. I felt his knee meet by balls and smash them against my pelvis harder and harder each time. I felt like they were going to explode. He then went for the second nipple and began to knee me with his other leg. I could not help but throw up from the intense, dreadful pain. He then stopped and enjoyed observing the blood that was slowly oozing out of my bitten nipples.

Then a second guy came up to me. He had an iron stick and he swung it unto my abs, nearly knocking the wind out of me. Each swing he took, he aimed lower and lower. He first struck my top abs, then my mid abs, and then lower abs. However, he did not stop there. I was terrified because he was not stopping at my lower abs. He struck me in my V area. Then, the moment I most dreaded came. The Iron came into contact with flaccid cock and balls. 

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted my lungs out as I felt the iron strike my cock and then my tender sensitive balls. However, he then aimed differently. He wanted to make sure that my balls took all the pain the next strike. So he aimed in order for the iron stick to swing directly between my legs. And he swung. 

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted, pulling on all the hand cuffs as much as I could to the point I felt they were cutting into my arms and ankles. After several swings, he was satisfied.

I was begging for them to stop, only being able to mumble the words, please, please stop.

Of course, they found it amusing. The third guy came up to me and spit in my face and wasted no time to begin punching my nuts. Every punch was brought me a torturous pain from balls to my abdomen. I just wanted to faint and let it all be over. I stopped trying to struggle to get loose and instead attempted to mentally prepare myself for each punch. I looked towards my genitals and assumed my nuts were getting extremely swollen because my bulge was getting abnormally bigger.

Another guy came up to me and I in my mind I was like, how am going to go through another session of this pain. He reaped my boxer briefs off of me. My flaccid cock was hanging there all bruised from the hit it received from the iron stick earlier. My balls were red and purple, swollen to an abnormal size. He presented me with a bear bottle and I thought he was going to bust me with it, but instead he proceeded to insert it into my ass. Fuck no! Fuck no! Fuck no! I shouted. My words didn’t stop him and he continued to insert the bottle up my ass. I tried to harden my ass muscles to stop him from putting it in, but he lubed it well and he was not letting me stop him. He was merciless with my virgin ass. He just thrust the bottle neck into my ass without any concern of my tightness. I felt humiliated and powerless as everyone was laughing and staring. The bottle neck was horrifically painful and I was shocked when he kept trying to push it in further. Stop! I shouted, but he kept pushing it in further. My legs were shaking from the pain. After several minutes, he managed to stretch my ass enough to take the entire beer bottle. My legs were shaking and my face was covered in sweat and tears. He left the bottle in place and walked away.

An older man approached me and grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. In a matter of seconds I began to get hard. Once he had me completely hard, he inserted my cock into his mouth. I was grossed out that not only was a guy sucking on my cock, but an old one too. While he was sucking my cock, he glanced up at me and saw the disgusted look in my face. It must have pissed him off because he closed eyes and began to grind my cock with his teeth. Oh my god, get him off me!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted in tears as he was biting my cock like no other. The leader of the bunch told them to get the old man off of me. As they tried to pull him off of me, he clenched with his teeth unto my cock and so every time they pulled him, he teeth pulled on my cock. Eventually, however, he released my cock from his mouth, displaying my 8 in cock with bloody bite marks all over it. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

A middle aged man approached me next and he did not seem to know what he wanted to do to me. All of a sudden my ass couldn’t take anymore and pushed out the beer bottle and let it shatter unto floor. The man calmly picked up a piece of the glass and very gently began to make painful but small bloody swift scratches on my skin. He started on my muscled chest, then moved down to my abed stomach, then to my V, and finally stopped when he reached my genitals. He looked at me. He seemed puzzled as to whether he should go on. Then the others in the background were beginning to tell him to keep going. He began to stroke my cock. I felt a mixture of pleasure and pain due to the bite marks on my cock. Once I was hard again, he began to give me swift bloody scratches throughout my cock. The pain I felt was indescribable. I was powerlessly whaling and asking him to stop. He grabbed my cocked firmly and began to cut at my pee hole, making it according to him, a little bigger in order to ease my piss. It was too much for me and I just fell unconscious.

When I woke up, I was tied down unto a restrained bed and my legs were lifted and spread. In a matter of seconds my body reminded me of my injuries through the sifting pain that was emanating from my wounds. I looked around me and everyone was now naked. Each of them had long penises but they were skinny ones nonetheless.

A new stranger came up to me and with broken English said you penis and balls..thirsty I help them. He stood on a stool and someone handed him a bucket of water. He then tilted the bucket for the water to splash unto my balls and cock, but to my dismay, the water was boiling hot. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted and moaned as the boiling was burning my cock and balls. I had to take the pain because I could not move or shift away from the pouring water. Finally, he was done. Or so I thought. He then had another bucket on his hand. This time he wanted to pour it throughout my body. As soon as the liquid hit my body I realized it was alcohol and that it was meant to sting my wounds. The worst pain came when he was pouring it over my wounded cock.

Another guy came close to me and smiled. He walked towards my ass and inserted his dick into it. I couldn’t believe this. I was getting fucked. I was getting fucked by a guy. I now truly was humiliated. As he was fucking me, someone handed him a hammer and he was carelessly hammering my nuts. Many times he missed since he was distracted fucking me, but when he did strike, my injured nut would feel like it wanted to explode. Finally it appeared he was coming inside me and he place the hammer down in an attempt to fully enjoy his orgasm. He then pulled out caressing my shaved body.

Out of nowhere, the old man ran up to my balls and put them in his mouth and sure enough, he began to bite. Shit!~ Fuck! Once again, I passed out from the pain.

When I woke up again, my genitals were no longer in pain. I looked down afraid they were gone, but they were still there. The initial stranger calmly began to explain,

We just wanted to give you a good lesson but it seems like one of our friends here got too carried away. It seems like he permanently might have damaged your balls while biting down on them. So we decided to save you the medical bill and take care of them for you. We have given you something so that you don’t feel any pain in your genital area. They placed a piece of wood under my cock and balls in order for them to lay them against it. I did not want to know what was going to happen next and I began to panic again. One of them laid four nails on top of my stomach. The initial stranger grabbed one of the nails and placed it near the base of my cock and with a swift blow, hammered it in! I only felt discomfort and I did not feel any pain. Nevertheless, the sight of a nail being hammered unto my cock was horrifying causing me to scream: Noooooooo!!! Please Stop!!! I’ll do anything!!!!!!!! The stranger grabbed a second nail and placed it near the head of my penis and again, with a swift motion hammered it into my cock. This is to teach you Americans that the world is not subject to you! said the stranger while calmly grabbing a third nail. He placed the nail over my right nut and hammered it in. This one I did feel and I clenched my teeth in pain. He now quickly grabbed the last nail and hammered it into my left nut. I took one last look at my purple nailed bloody genitals and I was out.

When I re-awoke, I refused to open my eyes. I refused to continue living the nightmare. However, the sewage smell was gone and I heard a medical machine. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to mediate the light. I then realized that I was in a military medical center. I looked to my side and my partner was there with the captain.

What happened? I asked.

The Captain responded, we found you injured inside a room of an abandoned building in civilian clothes. I am sorry son but I promise we will do our best to find the culprits. In the meantime, please rest up. You’ll be going home right after you recover The captain found it difficult to look at me in the eye. He and my partner then left me alone.

I was confused and fatigued, but I was glad it was over. Then I remembered what had been done to my genitals and a stroke of fear hit me. I slowly placed my hand under my covers. Moved my hand from my chest, past my abs, over my v, and.

There was nothing. My cock and balls, My pride and joys, had been removed. No, oh no, not me.....! With that, I closed my eyes attempting to withhold my quite tears.