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The Rusty Talon -- original furry version

Hopefully with the author's indulgence, I'm posting the original version of The Rusty Talon here. Though I'm not 'into' furry/anthropomorphic stories, this one is so hot that I knew I HAD to do a human version! :) Enjoy! 


The Rusty Talon



I wrote this as part of a 'story swap' I was invited to participate in by a fellow ball-buster. It is a 'furry' story (the characters are anthropomorphized animals). If this isn't your scene, you may want to skip and come back Monday for the next regular update. 

The Rusty Talon was a dive of a boxing gym with obsolete equipment, dingy lighting, and perpetually broken bathroom plumbing. The cheap gym facade was a thin veneer to the club's true purpose, a place where masters placed nightly bets as their doms duked it out in the ring in brutal no-holds-barred throwdowns. Although small fortunes were won and lost in the betting pool, the real action happened Friday nights when Rex, a sly leisure-suit-wearing alligator who reeked of cheap cologne and booze, took bets for the even seedier clients of The Rusty Talon. 

The intrepid bookie was notorious for setting up bets where the losing sub - and even some former doms -  became the prizes to be won. Some masters had amassed a small army of burly, gym-toned beasts that they put into the ring knowing that, if they lost, he'd become someone else's property. After a particularly wild night of gambling and fighting, one especially ruthless master had won a wager with the ultimate prize...

Bruce practically reeked of hubris as he sauntered through The Rusty Talon well before the night's regular fights were scheduled to start. Bruce was a hulking figure even by bull standards, standing nearly seven feet tall and weighing at least five-hundred pounds, most of which was carried in his barrel-shaped, powerful torso. Per usual, he was only wearing a leather harness that seemed to strain to contain the bull's beefy pecs and a pair of white gym shorts that allowed his pendulous nuts to flop obviously against the fabric as he walked.

He was carrying a large flat-faced paddle clad in leather that got curious glances from the few gym-goers working out during the day. A handsome young tiger practically dove out of Bruce's path as the hulking bull strolled toward a door in the back of the gym like he owned the place. Today was the day Bruce was going to cash in on his winning bet.

Following close behind him was Rex, wearing a very cheap suit and grinning ear to ear, and Yule, a fellow bull who was significantly shorter than Bruce but whose lean body made his musculature much more obvious. Unlike Rex, Yule wasn't smiling.

"Bruce, buddy. We've known each other for years. Give my guys a break, will ya?" Yule said putting a hand on Bruce's shoulder.

Bruce snapped his thick, long tail in annoyance and turned to Yule huffing impatiently. He'd heard Yule's pleas nearly non-stop since he had won the bet and was growing tired of the cocky bull's insistent attitude. If it wasn't for the club's strictly-enforced honor system, he would have just head-butted him into silence and been done with it. Instead, the shiny surface of the enormous golden ring protruding from Bruce's snout fogged as he snorted in annoyance. 

"Deal's a deal, kid. Don't wager what you can't afford to lose," Rex sneered.

"I gotta' reputation to keep. No one's gonna' wanna' use a bookie who can't make guys honor their bets. You wouldn't want me to get nasty, would ya'?" 

Rex's cheesy facade collapsed as a wave of anger flashed over his face, he flexed the muscles that were usually obscured by his ill-fitting suits and snapped his snout at Yule, bearing his razor-sharp teeth. Just as quickly as it had started, the moment lapsed and Rex went back into leisure-suit mode. It was obvious Rex's ostensible meekness was a carefully played facade that he would not hesitate to break if the need arose and even this brief display was enough to silence Yule.

The three men walked into the back room and closed the door. The small room had a rank smell of sweat, dirty fur, piss, and blood.  In front of them was a bull, a minotaur, and a fox all tied against the wall with their arms bound behind their backs, legs spread and shackled to the floor and thick chains around their necks which were bolted to the stone wall. The rope stopped all but the slightest upper body movement and the leg shackles kept them locked firmly in place. All of them were naked and gagged with pleading expressions on their faces.

They were three of Yule's best fighters whom Bruce had won the weekend before. The wager came with a cruel provision that Bruce would return them after practicing his swing for an afternoon. Unfortunately for them, Bruce's sheer size and brute strength meant there was no telling what condition they'd be in when he finally gave them back to Yule. This was going to be a long afternoon. Of course, Bruce recognized all of them and smiled evilly as he reviewed his prizes. 

Jax, the bull, was an up and coming stud who drove heifers wild with his striking good looks and toned build.  He was relatively short but what he lacked in height he made up for in muscle and was lightning quick in the ring. His ring name was the Bird Bull for the almost flightly way he danced around the ring, striking his opponents ruthlessly while evading their attacks. But those skills were useless as he was tied helplessly in place, his grapefruit-sized, heavy testicles sagging between his stout legs.

Next was Lyndol. Lyndol was a gruff-looking minotaur who had been competing at The Rusty Talon for years before joining the elite ranks of Yule's harem. Even Bruce seemed small compared to the hulking minotaur. His size alone would have made the eight-foot-tall beast a force to be reckoned with, but when combined with his animalistic blood-lust and rippling physique made him a fighter with few peers. Although horns were technically not allowed to be used as weapons, it wasn't unusual for Lyndol to use his twin horns to toss opponents into the air where he would deliver devastating blows with his powerful fists in midair. Lyndol often left the ring with his thick fur matted with the blood - and occasionally the entrails - of his defeated opponents. In fact, his horns had taken on a semi-permanent rust color as a testament to his depraved brutality. 

Even now the angry beast was grunting through his gag and raging in a futile attempt to get free. All he succeeded in doing was working up a sweat and making his absolutely colossal nuts bounce and jiggle between his thick thighs. 

Last in line was Kyro a slim, toned fox who affectionately went by Goldilocks in the ring due to the thick coat of perfectly manicured, golden brown fur that covered his taught frame. Despite the playful moniker, a fight with Kyro was no fairytale for his opponents and the crafty fox was known to down opponents much larger than him.

Kyro was easily the youngest of the three but his cocky attitude and playboy antics had already made him notorious. There was none of that on display now however and the fur around the young fox's eyes was wet with tears as he desperately pleaded for mercy through his gag.  Bruce eyed the supple, modest-sized sack hanging disproportionately low between his legs and grinned as he took a step toward him.

"Bruce, man. Do I really have to watch?" Yule pleaded.

"That was the deal," Rex hissed, flashing his teeth.

Yule crossed his eyes and looked on helplessly with the indifference of a bull looking at three toys about to be smashed to pieces, not three men about to be brutally beaten.

Bruce was now standing snout to snout with the quivering Kyro. He could smell the fox's couture cologne that barely masked the musk of his fur and the smell of fear that seemed to physically radiate from him. Bruce inhaled deeply and laughed, his maniacal booming laugh echoing in the small room.

"I'm gonna' have so much fun with you, lil' pup,"

Bruce set down his paddle and balled his hands into two huge fists the site of which made Kyro wail into his gag. 


Yule shuddered and looked away as the giant bull's fist slammed Kyro's pecs, slamming into them over and over as he mercilessly tried to crush his rib cage.  Kyro screamed as Bruce continued slamming his fists so hard that they seemed to get buried in the fox's fur. After nearly a minute Bruce's aim started to get lower and lower with each blow until he was slamming Kyro's chiseled, furry abs. Yule was sure at least some of his best canid fighter's ribs had been broken and Bruce wasn't slowing down. Instead, his piston-like fists got lower, and lower until they were hovering over Kyro's sack.

Kyro heaved and cried out as Bruce reared his fist back, his bicep becoming a huge hairy mass of muscle, and then sent his fist sailing forward.

Kyro dry heaved all over Bruce's horns as the bull's fist collided with his nutsack and was slammed against the wall. The fox's balls, though large, were the smallest of the bunch so fit perfectly until Bruce's fist which was slamming them into the stone wall like a jackhammer.  

Sickening, wet crunching echoed through the room as Bruce laid waste to Kyro's junk.

"Mmmph! Mmmph!" 

Kyro was in hysterics as Bruce slammed his fist faster and faster, his knuckles swelling from the abuse until he felt a slight popping sensation under his fist. He drew back his hand to reveal Kyro's furry nuts had puffed up and turned an angry shade of purple. Bruce roughly cupped them in his hands and squeezed, delighted that nothing felt broken.

Bruce picked up his paddle and rubbed his hand over the surface as if polishing a rare jewel.

Yule rolled his eyes and snarled but was silenced by a flash of Rex's teeth. He knew his plans to breed another generation of fox cubs were about to be crushed and there wasn't anything he could do without being torn to shreds by Rex, assuming of course Bruce didn't finish the job first.

Bruce placed the wide paddle under Kyro's fuzzy sack and lightly batted them up and down like a paddle ball. Kyro screamed as the intensity increased, filling the room with wet slapping sounds. His young nuts were bouncing harder and harder, flattening against the surface of the paddle to Bruce's delight.

"I think I'm going to practice my backhand," 

Bruce threw the paddle into the air with a twirl and caught it with the opposite hand.  His tail snapped as he drew back his arm for the swing. Kyro's eyes turned into saucers as he became fixated on the truly enormous bulk of Bruce's body, especially the arm holding the paddle. This was going to be one hell of a blow...



Kyro passed out.


Yule looked away as the paddle collided with Kyro's sack which flattened against its surface, becoming flatter and flatter as the membranes collapsed into nothing. Bruce could feel the resistance - and shape - of Kyro's balls disappearing under the terminal blow and when he withdrew the bat his suspicions were confirmed. His swollen sack, though bloated, lacked the clearly defined lumps the young fox had started with. Instead, his scrotum was full of prime stud nut chunks floating around freely, freed of the pesty confines of an intact tunica vaginalis.

Satisfied that his work with Kyro was done, Bruce turned and nodded to Rex who pounded the entry door three times. Two aging bears who worked as The Rusty Talon's security entered and quickly got to work untying the blacked-out fox from the wall, carrying him out gently.

"Clean 'em up. I want him back in the ring by next week," Yule shouted after them.

"You know, you're a real piece of work, Bruce. A real son of a bitch. Do you know how many chicks I bagged with him as my wingman? He was like honey to my trap, cute lil' pup."

The bears had barely left the room, closing the door behind them, when Bruce strolled over to Jax. The younger bull looked like a newborn calf compared to Bruce's towering build and his legs were shaking as he desperately tried to close them. Bruce could barely cup the huge, round things in a single palm as he took a moment to admire their heft. As he cradled them, Bruce couldn't help but admire the handsome young bull's physique. Jax was easily the most attractive bull Bruce had ever seen in his life. He had seen models in magazines that didn't have the strikingly good looks of this young bull and he had a body to match. Countless hours at the gym and a strict diet had rendered him virtually devoid of extra fat. An anatomy professor could have used him as a prop, so carved was every muscle in his body and his thick brown coat was always neatly trimmed. A very skilled barber had cut a tribal-looking design into the fur on his chest that spiraled outward culminating at what would have ordinarily been the waistline of his boxing shorts.

Bruce took several steps back, lowered his head, and charged directly at Jax at speed.


Yule grimaced sympathetically as Bruce's large head smashed into Jax's handsome face, instantly shattering it. Blood spilled from his broken snout and one of his eyes almost instantly swelled shut. Jax whimpered as Bruce looked at his handiwork. 

"Not so pretty now, are you?" he sneered.

He proceeded to grip the paddle with both hands and pull back so far his torso rotated before sending the bat smashing into Jax's balls.

"I want to see if I can break a steer-making record!" 


Jax's huge, firm nuts seemed to barely deform as they collided over and over with the broad face of the paddle. 

Rex and Yule looked on as the hulking bull put every ounce of his strength into destroying Jax's chances at siring a calf. Although he wished he could just pass out, panic and pain kept Jax firmly planted in reality so he was able to fully experience every testicle-bursting hit. After whacking with a two-handed grip, Bruce decided to practice his forehand grip. The smaller bull wailed at the site of Bruce's massive arm drawn back before there was a loud whoosh and the paddle smashed full force into Jax's sack.

Jax's balls were big, heavy, and swollen and Bruce wasn't giving them any time to recover between blows. The stud's sack bounced madly with each blow as Bruce alternate hands and grip styles to see which was the most effective in rendering a scream from the about to be neutered boxer.


Jax shook his head pleading with Bruce to stop his non-stop assault but it was no use.


Jax's right nut cracked wide open in his sack.

Bruce stopped swinging and for a moment Rex was about to pound the door to get the bear security guards back in to clean up the mess, but the pause was brief.

Bruce snorted and waved his tail wildly as he again gripped the bat with both hands and swung over and over into Jax's half-busted spuds. Hundreds of pounds of force came with each rapid-fire blow and Yule rolled his eyes and waited for the inevitable.


Jax's last whole nut was annihilated. Bruce, never one to leave a job half-finished, took the shattered orbs - one in each of his massive hands - and squeezed. Gross, wet crunching and splishing sounds emanated from the bull's rapidly closing fists until, with a final crunching, only a few large, disconnected chunks were floating the newly-created steer's sack.

Bruce turned to Rex and nodded and Rex again pounded on the door. The two bears waddled in, untied Jax from his constraints, and carried him out. Yule shook his head as he saw another of his prize fighters being carried out utterly broken.

The door slammed behind them and Bruce sauntered in front of Lyndol. The giant minotaur struggled against the ropes, more in rage than any attempt to escape and his black eyes glared menacingly at Bruce. As an alpha bull, Bruce was almost always the largest person in any room, but even his hefty build was utter dwarfed by the minotaur. Lyndol's thick legs and head were thick in a tangled mess of nearly jet-black fur and his monstrously large horns easily added another foot to his overall height. In stark contrast to the rest of his body, his huge torso was neatly shaved almost bald allowing for his corrugated muscles to glisten with sweat. Lyndol's chest - like the rest of his body - was broad and muscular and the rippling abdominal muscles were so rock-hard and well-sculpted that they looked like a piece of armor had been bolted to his body. And swinging between his thick thighs were two enormous spuds the size of small melons which would have been comically huge on any other breast but seemed proportionate to Lyndol's towering size.

Yule impatiently checked his watch.

"Bruce, just get it over with would ya'?"

Bruce's tale lazily swayed back and forth as he grasped the paddle with both hands. He started batting Lyndol's nuts gently at first but with increasing ferocity switching up his technique enjoying how different angles and grips caused the minotaur's equipment to violently bobble about in various ways.

Lyndol's nuts were as strong as they were large and Bruce quickly realized all his blows were doing was making the raging stud more angry, the pain barely registering. After a few minutes, though they were starting to turn rosy red under the thick coating of fur that covered them Lyndol's balls were hardly scathed. Undeterred, Bruce grasped the paddle firmly with both hands, lined up the shot, and swung the paddle like a bat as hard as he could. It connected in the middle of Lyndol's sack with a hard twack that was still resonating off the walls before it was followed by another, and another and another. Bruce's arms were becoming sore from the viscous force he was exerting and for the first time, the minotaur howled in genuine pain.

As Lyndol struggled, Bruce was determined to crack the huge ball bag open like a pinata and was now laying into it. The room was filled with Lyndol's gagged screams, Bruce grunting in effort, the loud 'whoosh' of the paddle sailing through the air and the loud, hard smack of the paddle slamming into the beast's nuts.

Bruce's fur was becoming damp with sweat as he poured every ounce of his strength into ruining the arrogant minotaur. Lyndol screamed and for the first time attempted to beg through his gag even though he knew it was hopeless.

The bull stepped away reared back his leg and sent it slamming into Lyndol's nuts. The screaming organs rocketed upward and hadn't even finished bouncing before Bruce slammed his massive foot into them. Lyndol gagged and screamed as Bruce spent the next ten minutes mercilessly pulping his nuts with his field goal kicks. He then grabbed Lyndol's giant right nugget, sandwiched it in his thick palms and compressed his hands together as hard as he could. Lyndol's eyes opened wide as his ball was compressed into a dense mound of ball meat, valiantly resisting any further deformation.

"Poor little minotaur,"

Bruce sneered as he looked up at the captive in front of him. Tears streaked down Lyndol's face as Bruce's bull hands compressed tighter... and tighter..


Yule and Rex turned away shuddering at the extremely loud, disturbing crunch of Lyndol's nut bursting in Bruce's hands. Bruce smiled as he felt the ball explode in the sack and he stepped pack, grabbed his paddle and started slamming it into Lyndol's swinging fury sack.  Lyndol faded in and out of consciousness and barely stirred when his last nut split open like a ripe antelope, his massive bag now full of nothing but two enormous, shattered orbs. But Bruce didn't stop.




The massive chunks of testicle remanents were being annihilated by the bull and the bag bounced and jiggled as Bruce slammed it so hard it was being ping-ponged between the paddle and the wall as it swung like a fleshy pendulum. Bruce snorted, his tail whipped wildly and he reared back screaming in conquest as he sent the paddle slamming with devastating force for a continuous five minutes. There was absolutely nothing left in Lyndol's sack at this point but mush and small welts and tears appeared along his scrotum's shredded surface. Patches of fur were matted into the surface of the paddle.

"Almost done," Bruce said looking up at the pleading minotaur.

Bruce lined up the paddle and took several large steps backward, his tail sweeping the ground behind him like a path.  Yule's eyes grew huge as he realized what Bruce was about to do.

With a growl, Bruce charged the minotaur and just before making contact swung the bat, combing the inertia of his hulking frame moving at speed with the force of his paddle. The results were catastrophic for Lyndol.


Lyndol's goop filled sack exploded open spraying Bruce, the paddle and the wall with a shower of liquified, chunky mess. Streaks and chunks landed all over Lyndol's abs and the horrified minotaur passed out with his eyes half-open, a look of absolute horror and shock etched across his face.

Rex pounded the door and the two bears entered, stopped by the stunning sight. One of them called for a third, who called for a fourth who quickly untied Lyndol, started crudely treating his shredded scrotum, and the group struggled to carry out the enormous beast. The ground that had been under the minotaur and the wall were an absolute mess and shapeless testicle gunk had formed a pile several inches high on the ground.  Bruce rose his foot over it, turned to Yule, and smiled.


The bull's shins were coated with the former reproductive organs of the studly minotaur. Bruce looked down at his trusty, gore covered paddle and smiled. 

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The Rusty Talon - Part 3

The Rusty Talon - Part 3

Based on an original story by Buster


The leering artisan sauntered over in front of the shackled giant, who simply stared back at his captor with nothing but rage and defiance in his dark, deep-set eyes. He menacingly flexed his gargantuan arms, making his gigantic muscles bulge to even more mind-blowing dimensions. It was clear that the iron manacles were too large and too strong for even this giant of a man to break free, but Darius nonetheless found himself stumbling back half a step at the muscular brute’s staggering display of his raw, masculine power. 

Darius then noticed that the giant, floppy snake dangling between the man’s colossal legs looked even bigger than before. The gigantic phallus was still clearly soft and limp and was pointing toward the floor, but the young Senator could swear that the huge member had plumped up even thicker than before, and looked to have added at least an inch or two to its already record-breaking length! Was this mighty bull actually getting off on watching his fellow slaves get neutered?! Did the thought of his own imminent castration actually turn him on!?!?

Tall as he was, Maximus had to tilt his head back and look upward to meet Rex’s steely gaze, for the huge muscle giant stood over a full head taller than the powerful artisan. And just as the muscular Jaxon had been overshadowed by the even larger Maximus, so too was Maximus dwarfed by the super human size of the chained up, dark haired beast. As Darius gazed upon the two muscle giants staring at each other virtually toe-to-toe, he was able to compare them up close, and he had to revise his estimation of Rex’s gargantuan size. The handsome, muscular goliath looked like he was closer to FIVE hundred pounds of pure muscle, making even the massive Maximus look small and scrawny in comparison! Darius was simply staggered by the Northman’s utterly and unbelievably colossal size. 

Without tearing his eyes from Rex’s dark and menacing stare, Maximus addressed his two guests, saying, “This hairy beast of a man is clearly a spectacular specimen, and I have only seen a tiny handful like him in all of my years working as an artisan of the flesh. I’ve been holding him aside for several weeks now, delaying his modifications until you both could be present. I have spent the past few weeks torturing and abusing the giant brute — nothing that would cause him any permanent injury, mind you, but enough to test his endurance — and I am happy to say that I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a slave as strong and tough and resilient as Rex. He may even have a surprise or two in store for us today, which I hope you will enjoy. I wanted to be sure to put on a suitably entertaining show for you!” The huge man chuckled at his own dark humor. 

Darius simply could not stop staring at Rex, and was overwhelmed by the man’s god-like beauty. His face wasn’t was exquisitely refined as Jaxon’s, but his features were nevertheless overpoweringly masculine and erotic. His colossally muscular form was what Darius imagined one would get if they melded the bodies of Zeus, Ares, and Hercules together into one mighty, magnificent form. The powerfully aroused young Senator didn’t think that another ounce of muscle could have been packed onto the man’s enormous, broad-shouldered frame, and he felt tiny and insignificant standing near the mighty giant. 

And then there was the man’s monstrously oversized genitalia, so thick and massive that they should have looked ridiculous and obscene, but were instead glorious and beautiful, the very pinnacle of hyper masculine perfection. The entirely flaccid organ hung down well over a full foot in length, and its stupendous size and girth eclipsed even that of Jaxon’s magnificent penis at full mast. Darius longed to see that member grow hard, and he knew that he didn’t have long to wait. The big man’s impossibly massive balls were easily the size of large cantaloupes, and Darius wondered how the huge man could even walk with such massive boulders dangling between his titanically muscular legs. 

The young Senator was completely infatuated with the dark-haired and handsome giant, and he wished that the circumstances of their meeting had been vastly different, for he longed to touch and explore this fantastic bull of a man. He also found himself devoutly hoping that the man had had a chance to pass on his extraordinary gifts to his progeny, for he would have found it a devastating waste for the man’s family tree to be snuffed out here and now in this dank and darkened room. 

Big Maximus seemed to read Darius’ mind, for he then said, “Rex was first brought to Rome as a slave just over two years ago, and was immediately acquired by one of the Empire’s wealthiest and most powerful merchants. This Master has a very large stable of slaves from all over the world, and is renowned for the quality of his slave flesh. Rex became the star addition to his breeding stock, mating the mighty bull with every female in his stable in the past two-plus years, impregnating each of them two or even three times each, underscoring his truly unprecedented virility. At the same time, however, this muscle giant has proven to be very stubborn and willful and difficult to keep contained, and has very nearly broken free on multiple occasions, injuring dozens of guards in the process and very nearly killing several of them. A single such offense is usually an immediate death sentence for a slave, but Rex’s powerful and beyond-bountiful seed has proven to be of such extraordinarily high quality that his Master has forgiven these multiple offenses.” 

“Recently, however, his Master has decided that a modification to his slave is finally in order. He now has many hundreds of the bull’s progeny growing up within his stable’s walls, and in another decade and a half or so, these children will start to grow up to have the tremendous size, strength, power, and beauty of their unparalleled father. Rex’s Master has determined that any further breeding with this stud bull could result in future inbreeding, and has therefore determined that it is time pare down this particular family tree…by taking out the sire.” 

Maximus continued, “But his Master has no intention of selling Rex thereafter. Oh no, quite the contrary! The wealthy man has been very proud of his prime bull stud, and always enjoys showing off the man’s terrific size and mammoth endowment to all of his visitors, and he wishes to continue to do so. He also wishes to keep Rex in order to use him to punish other disobedient slaves. As you can see, Rex possesses a truly gargantuan phallus, and when it is hard, it is so thick and massive that very few women — or men — can accommodate even a fraction of it in any orifice. In fact, most of the slave’s breeding activities have been accomplished by first milking his copious seed by hand, and then manually inseminating the females in the stable. Some of the women that Rex has attempted to fuck have experienced severe trauma, and a few have even died, so it is no exaggeration that the man is known throughout the stables to have the ‘Dick of Death’. Once I have given Rex the Priapus Potion, he will be perpetually rock hard and so indiscriminately horny that he will fuck any available hole, man, woman, or beast. The Master plans on using the bull’s enormous size and insatiable libido to execute unruly slaves… by allowing Rex to fuck them to death!” 

Darius shuddered at the thought, even as his aching cock gave a mighty pulse of arousal beneath his robes. 

“The removal of Rex’s heavy stones will therefore serve two purposes. First, it will ensure that no further stock can be created from the man’s superior seed, guaranteeing that the Master possesses the only supply of the man’s remarkable progeny, all of whom will sell for a fantastic price once they reach maturity. And second, his unmanning will hopefully make Rex more docile and easier to manage. I have assured the wealthy merchant that, after Rex has been forced to quaff the Priapus Potion, he will be far more interested in sex than escape!” 

As Maximus continued to stare into Rex’s dark eyes, meeting the bound bull’s hate-filled stare with a look of contempt, he said, “Yes, this man is a prize indeed, and will put on a great show for us today before his unmanning is complete. But first, we must give him the special elixir. And for a man this huge and this gifted, I don’t think a single potion will do. No, I think I will give him THREE vials of the Priapus Potion!” 

So saying, Maximus strode to the cabinet and retrieved three vials of the glowing, golden liquid, and then once again pounded on the door. A pair of guards entered, and Maximus instructed them to help him with administering the draught. The two guards forcefully yanked the bound slave’s handsome head back and pried open his powerful jaw, allowing Maximus to drain the contents of all three vials into the man’s open mouth. And before he could spit it out, the guards slammed Rex’s jaw closed and covered his face and mouth, preventing the muscular giant from taking a breath until he swallowed. Rex struggled mightily, and a few trickles of golden fluid oozed past the guards’ hands, but try as he might, he could neither spit out the offending brew nor take a breath. 

The struggle continued for a full minute, and then TWO minutes, and the giant muscle man kept right on fighting and resisting with no end in sight. Maximus began to grow annoyed and impatient, so he stood before the bound beast, planted his feet on the packed earth, balled his huge hands into fists… and then began to hammer Rex’s chiseled, cobblestone midsection with bone-breaking punches. Over and over and over again, Maximus hurled his big fists into Rex’s rock-hard gut. The blows were so hard that any other man would have had the wind instantly knocked out of him, and perhaps even snapped his spine, but the muscular giant’s abdominal wall formed an impenetrable barrier. It sounded like Maximus was pummeling a side of beef, the staccato SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! echoing off of the stone walls, but Rex’s abdomen wouldn’t dent in the slightest. The only sign of the brutal abuse being rained down on his corrugated belly was the bright red color of his skin, darkening wherever the punches fell most heavily. 

But even with this brutal beating to his abdomen and flanks, the mighty Rex still would not give in. A third minute ticked by, and then a FOURTH, and STILL the mighty muscle beast fought back, refusing to swallow! By this time, however, his handsome face had gone from healthy pink to angry red to a darkening purple, and the veins in his tremendously thick and muscular neck were sticking out like cords of rope. It was clear that the huge man couldn’t hold out much longer without passing out. 

Finally, after nearly FIVE whole minutes, Rex convulsively swallowed the contents in his mouth, chugging down the three vials of Priapus Potion. The guards released their iron grip on the man’s beard-stubbled jaw, and the man began to take in great gasping lungfuls of air, his color quickly returning to normal. 

Maximus, his guards, and the two Senators then stood back to watch the results of the special elixir. 

For nearly a dozen heartbeats, nothing seemed to happen, and Darius began to wonder if the slave was somehow immune to the potion’s effect. Then Rex’s huge, flaccid cock gave a twitch, and then twitched again, and then shuddered down it’s entire length. And then, before their amazed eyes, the bound man’s humongous cock began to swell and grow ever larger, shattering all previous records for the dimensions of a man’s penis. Darius, and even the two guards, took an unconscious and involuntary step backward as the mighty organ continued to balloon and inflate to impossible size, lifting off the cradle of his goliath bollocks to crank higher and higher. It took more than a full minute for Rex’s colossal cock to reach full size, simply due to the immense amount of blood that had to be pumped into its spongy tissues in order to reach full tumescence. But when it was finally complete, a towering masterpiece of manhood jutted proudly from Rex’s hairy groin like some mighty, fleshy spear of the gods. 

Darius was dimly aware that his jaw had dropped some time during the swelling of the man’s magnificent erection. The junior Senator had a hard time at first trying to judge the monstrous member’s size, as it was many orders of magnitude larger than anything he’d ever seen before. Darius glanced down at his own arms and realized with a start that Rex’s mighty cock was longer than one of his own forearms measured from elbow to fingertip, and far thicker as well! And even as he watched, more and more thick veins erupted all along the tortured length of the colossal shaft, growing bigger and darker as more and more blood was forced into the mammoth cock. The mighty glans swelled until it was a bulb bigger than Darius’ own fist, and so bloated that it was turning purple. Rex growled and groaned as his gigantic cock swelled stiffer and thicker than it had ever been in his life, the triple dose of elixir having a dramatic effect on the mammoth member. 

The three vials of Priapus Potion were also apparently having a strong effect on the man’s mighty testicles as well, for the huge orbs began to flex and quiver in their huge, hairy sac, and a thin stream of clear precum began to ooze from the dilated tip of his gargantuan cock. 

Darius knew then and there that no matter how long he lived, he would never again witness a sight as majestic and overwhelmingly masculine as that of a chained and bound Rex sporting the most colossal, throbbing penis in human history! 

“MUCH better!” Maximus said to himself, a wicked smile playing across his broad features. “With his massive cock now erect and out of the way, I’ll have unfettered access to those two giant testicles!” The big man rubbed his hands together in eagerness and pleasure, and then once more picked up his leather encased paddle and prepared to wail on the slave’s twin sperm tanks. 

Maximus swayed in place, back and forth, as he transferred the large paddle from one hand to the other. Darius was expecting the artisan and torturer to immediately begin hammering the two titanic testes with all of his might, so he was surprised when Maximus instead began by lightly batting Rex’s bull balls around. He gently bounced the enormous bollocks on the paddle’s large face, and then teasingly knocked them about from side to side, the quiet FAP-FAP-FAP sound echoing loudly in the otherwise almost silent room. The other four men were silent spectators as this maestro of torture began to ever-so-slowly abuse his captive. 

After a few minutes, Maximus began to slowly dial up the intensity of the blows, but they were still little more than stinging slaps, especially to a set of bollocks as monstrously huge as those possessed by the big and burly Rex. Maximus was clearly taking his time and enjoying every moment, using different angles and grips to make the slave’s massive equipment violently wobble and bounce around in various ways. 

Rex’s mammoth man nuts proved to be as astoundingly strong and solid as they were staggeringly huge, and even when the strength of the blows finally reached an intensity nearly rivaling what the torturer had recently used to de-sex Jaxon, Maximus quickly realized all his blows were doing was making the raging stud more angry, the pain barely registering. After more than ten minutes of continuous abuse, Rex’s behemoth balls were hardly scathed. In fact, other than turning a rosy red color beneath all of that thick coating of coarse, dark fur, the man’s mighty bull balls appeared just as rock solid and undamaged as they’d been at the start of the day. 

Maximus seemed unsurprised and undeterred by the lack of injury he was inflicting on this majestic pair of massive bollocks. The master torturer had learned over his three weeks with the captive Rex that the huge muscle giant possessed a set of stones far tougher and denser than any Maximus had ever encountered before, and could therefore absorb and endure levels of abuse that would quickly castrate any other man a hundred times over. He’d already beaten Rex’s balls even harder than this, many dozens of times, over the past few weeks, so he knew that the huge muscle man could take more. A whole lot more… 

The huge torturer grasped the paddle firmly with both hands, lined up his next shot, and swung the paddle like a club as hard as he could. The leather-bound weapon collided with the middle of Rex’s beet red sac with a hard THWACK! that was still resounding off the walls before it was followed by another, and another and another and another. Maximus’ mighty arms were becoming sore from the truly vicious levels of force he was throwing into his blows, but his efforts were soon rewarded. The angry and defiant visage of the handsome bound muscle giant began to show signs of the pain that was steadily and relentlessly growing inside his battered and bludgeoned bull nuts. His heavy brow began to crease, his powerful jaw began to clench, and the look of pain began to seep into his dark eyes. Still, it took another ten full minutes of nut-shattering abuse before a rumbling growl began to build in Rex’s muscle-corded neck and deep inside his ridiculously thick and powerful chest, building and growing until it erupted in a full-throated howl of genuine agony. 

The thunderous, baritone bellow seemed to echo off the walls as a maniacally grinning Maximus continued to hammer at the big man’s screaming balls. Darius winced in sympathy at the near-deafening howl of pain, and he desperately wished he could do something to end the gorgeous muscle man’s torment, but he knew that his hands were tied. He could only watch in sick yet rapt fascination as Maximus worked to slowly wear down the man’s almighty bollocks. 

That was when Darius suddenly noticed that Rex’s towering pillar of man meat was starting to throb harder and harder, swelling even larger than ever as the snaking veins coursing all up and down its extraordinary length seemed to bulge ever thicker. The already copious flow of glistening precum from the tip of the monstrous phallus seemed to be increasing, and clear, slick fluids were slowly turning positively milky in color, becoming thicker and thicker with sperm. Could it be possible that the massive muscle giant was actually being turned on by the brutal paddling of his balls!?! Was he actually going to ORGASM under such violent and inhuman abuse!?!?! How was that even POSSIBLE?!?! 

Maximus clearly saw the same response in Rex, for he redoubled his efforts, striking harder and faster than ever before, and really trying to lay waste to Rex’s magnificent manhood. Between staccato, bone-shattering blows, Maximus began to holler, “Watch closely now! You’re all in for a real treat! Any moment now…!” 

A few more pulverizing paddle blows, and that moment arrived. Rex bellowed louder than ever before, throwing back his handsome head as every one of his gargantuan muscles flexed simultaneously into the most magnificent, unforgettable display of hyper masculine musculature imaginable. 

And then he hit orgasm. 

Rex’s balls gave a mighty and violent convulsion, and a titanic rope of the thickest, chunkiest semen Darius had ever seen erupted from the man’s powerfully throbbing cock, with a power and force greater than the young Senator could have ever imagined. The huge ribbon of cum had to be at least half a dozen feet long. Maximus was standing in the way of the mighty geyser of spume, so the bulk of that first wad splashed messily against his belly and huge right pec, slashing across his enormous right shoulder to strike the ground at the foot of the iron door across the room. Maximus then gracefully dodged to one side, allowing the subsequent blasts to shoot forth unimpeded, even as he continued pounding at Rex’s busily unloading balls. 

What followed was an eruption to rival that of fabled Mount Vesuvius. The other four men watched in open-mouthed awe as rope after rope after huge, colossal, staggeringly virile rope of creamy cum slashed long lines across the room. Many of the huge sperm salvos shot forth with such violent power that they actually struck the iron door clear on the other side of the room, painting its large, rusty surface with great, gooey chunks of hot man spew. One dozen shots rocketed forth, and then two dozen, and then THREE dozen, each mighty wad containing more sperm than the average man could produce in an entire YEAR! Clearly, those titanic testicles were no mere showpieces! Darius realized that it was no WONDER the mighty Rex had managed to impregnate hundreds of women, year after year; with such spectacularly massive ejaculations, the mighty muscle man could have impregnated THOUSANDS of women a year, and still had plenty of stud sperm left over! The handsome muscle giant was a true demigod of sex!! 

Rex’s titanic orgasm lasted for more than a minute and a half, and throughout it all, Maximus kept mercilessly hammering at the quivering and convulsing sex glands. It was only after the last dregs of the monstrous load belched out of Rex’s pulsing mega cock that Maximus finally ceased slamming the paddle into the giant’s screaming nuts, panting to regain his breath and wiping the sweat from his brow. Great slugs and streamers of gelatinous jizz were dripping from his massive chest and bulging right arm from Rex’s first sperm salvo, so thick and chunky that the spunk flowed like molasses. 

“That, my friends, is the surprise I had waiting for you!” Maximus declared, pride evident in his deep and rumbling voice. “It is rare for a slave to act with arousal to the hammering of his testicles, and even rarer still for a man to achieve orgasm in such a way. I was therefore understandably overjoyed to discover that big Rex here responds so dramatically — and copiously — to such stimulation. I have greatly enjoyed taking full advantage of this slave’s remarkable ability over the past few weeks, and have punched and pounded out at least four or five such loads a day from him throughout his captivity here. We’ll be spending the next WEEK washing down his holding cell, and the heady reek of his sex will no doubt linger there for many more weeks to come!” 

“But now that you’ve all had a chance to enjoy the show,” Maximus continued, “it is now finally time to put an end to this slave’s doomed manhood. That was his final ejaculation as an intact male, as any future orgasms will result in nothing more than the impotent throbbing of this disgustingly oversized excuse for a cock. I encourage you all to bid a final farewell to Rex’s gigantic balls, as it is well past time for them to be violently and permanently destroyed!” 

With the pungent yet not unpleasant smell of Rex’s hyper-abundant sperm filling the room with its heady and dizzying fragrance, Maximus once again took up his paddle and resumed bludgeoning the bound bull’s colossal balls. 

Rex kept on howling and writhing in agony as his bruised balls were hammered once more, the pain no doubt even more intense so soon after blowing such a colossal load. His poor, beleaguered testes were violently bouncing every which way as blows landed on them from every possible direction. It seemed impossible that any set of nuts, even a pair as fantastically huge and unnaturally dense as these, could endure such horrific abuse, but somehow they did. Minute after minute continued to tick by, and STILL Rex’s behemoth balls refused to burst. Maximus was determined to crack the huge ball bag open like a gigantic rotting gourd, and he had the advantage of all the time in the world. The room was filled with the sounds of Rex’s deep-throated and gagged screams, Maximus’ grunts of effort, the loud ‘whoosh!’ of the paddle sailing through the air, and the loud, hard, beefy ‘SMACK!’ of the paddle slamming into the beast’s magnificent bull nuts.

Both mighty muscle men were soon gleaming with a thick sheen of sweat — Maximus from the exertion of throwing every ounce of his strength into ruining the bound muscle giant, Rex from his powerful yet futile struggles against the thick shackles binding him at wrist and ankle — and Darius couldn’t help but compare the scene to a mighty battle between the mightiest of gods. 

And still, throughout it all, a defiant Rex refused to call out for mercy, refused to beg. He just bellowed and fought with every bit of his being in an epic struggle to break free. 

A frustrated Maximus then threw his huge paddle to one side, and began to stomp the slave’s dark red balls against the solid stone wall. 


Maximus was wearing heavy-soled boots with metal studs all over the bottom, and a terrified Darius knew that it would only take a stomp or two to turn even the toughest bollocks into puree, and he flinched at each devastating, ball-bursting kick. 


The vicious torturer’s shoes were very large, but Rex’s behemoth bollocks were larger still, and Darius realized that Maximus was focusing almost all of his boot-stomping abuse on Rex’s sagging right ball. The heaving giant’s massive right nut was steadily growing an even darker red than its twin, verging onto purple with fresh bruising, and was beginning to swell visibly larger than its brother. Slave or not, Darius found this level of abuse simply inhuman, and he trembled in sadness and despair for the handsome and hairy bull. 


After several minutes and untold dozens of brutal boot stomps, Maximus suddenly lunged forward and grasped Rex’s giant right nugget, lifting it upward and sandwiching the melon-sized orbs between his thick palms. With a great grunt of effort, Maximus compressed his hands together as hard as he could, trying to crush the mighty oval sex gland. Rex’s dark brown eyes flew open wide as his titanic nut was compressed into a dense mound of ball meat, barely a third of its normal, gigantic girth. 

Darius was certain that even the tremendous strength possessed by the enormous Maximus wouldn’t have been enough to do more than barely dent Rex’s mighty man fruits in their normal, healthy state. But now that those tremendous testes had been mercilessly pounded and pulped for more than half an hour. the cruel torturer was able to make the trapped testicle deform dramatically between his crushing hands, squashing it down to a firm, dark red patty of man meat. 

But, try as he might, the straining Maximus simply could not force the mighty orb to burst! Though Rex was bellowing in his greatest agony yet, tears streaming down his handsome, beard-stubbled cheeks, his behemoth bull ball valiantly resisted any further deformation! It was if the slave’s colossal balls were harder than stone and tougher than iron! 

Maximus continued crushing Rex’s right ball for more than a full minute, his muscle-bloated arms straining and quivering with the effort as the torturer became even more angry and red-faced. With a grunt of fury, he violently released the battered ball, which quickly plumped back to its full ovoid shape as it dropped heavily to the bottom of its sack, and then he immediately resumed stomping on the profoundly traumatized teste with his booted foot. 



Disturbingly wetter, crunchier sounds started emanating from Rex’s swelling nut as it was repeatedly crushed against the solid stone wall again and again and again and again. The bound muscle giant was thrashing around so violently at this point that Darius feared he would dislocate his own limbs, but Maximus clearly did not seem to care, focused solely on shattering his targeted nut. 



After several more minutes of this unrelenting and merciless abuse, Maximus once again scooped up Rex’s bloated and badly bruised bollock into his hands and began to squeeze. The much-weakened testicle immediately squashed even flatter than before, perhaps to only a quarter of its monumental thickness… and once again refused to crush any farther! Maximus gave great pulsing squeezes of his arms, trying to violently burst the huge bubble of meat, and even tried rolling his palms in opposite directions from each other, rolling the huge nard between them like he was trying to flatten a massive mound of dough beneath a rolling pin. But it was no use; even after more than TWO minutes of ceaseless crushing and merciless mauling within Maximus’ powerful hands, Rex’s proud and defiant right nut refused to break! 

For a THIRD time, a furious Maximus released the muscle man’s hairy right ball and resumed trying to quash it with his boots, stomping it over and over and over again in an effort to pound its waning strength out of existence. 




The slick, disgusting sounds coming from Rex’s failing bollock became wetter and chunkier still. Rex’s mighty nut was being crushed nearly as flat by Maximus’ boot as it had been between his thick hands, over and over and over again. Darius was sickened by the disturbing sight of how much longer it was taking the bound slave’s titanic teste to plump back up again after each beyond-brutal stomp, and he knew with a dreadful certainly that the traumatized testicle couldn’t hope to last much longer. The devastated and horrified young Senator knew that the death of Rex’s first mammoth nut was just moments away. 

Maximus spent more than twice as long stomping the slave’s right nut this time than he had done on either previous occasion, throwing every ounce of strength and muscle behind each hammer blow, determined to stop at nothing until the man’s nut had been reduced to meat sauce. After several long and agonizing minutes, he roughly grabbed the heaving and bellowing bull’s right nut in his huge hands, and once again began to squeeze his hands together, mercilessly compressing the fragile and wounded flesh between them. 

The mammoth orb compressed flatter than ever before, but once again appeared to valiantly resist any further crushing. Maximus persisted, however, throwing everything he had into his powerful arms, trying to annihilate the super sized sphere of ball meat trapped between his palms. Rex’s bellows and screams suddenly turned more urgent than ever, and he began to violently shake his head back and forth. Though the gag muffled and distorted his words, it was clear that the massive muscle giant from Germania was finally begging for mercy, desperate to save his failing egg. 

Maximus merely sneered through his clenched jaw in response. In fact, the sight of the big bull’s terrified, pleading eyes seemed to lend the huge torturer the final bit of strength he needed, as he forced untold hundreds of pounds of pressure into the nearly flattened orb. Tears streaked down Rex’s devastatingly handsome face as Maximus’ huge hands compressed tighter... and tighter… 

A series of sharp crunching and popping sounds began to come from Rex’s rapidly failing orb as its insanely tough and fibrous outer wall finally began to crack and give way. 

“That’s right!” Maximus snarled through gritted teeth. “Pop for me! I’m going to wreck this titanic teste with my bare hands! Come on and BURST!!” 

With a final heave of terrific strength, an extremely loud and disturbing crunching sound came from between the torturer’s grasping palms as Rex’s right nut burst spectacularly within its hairy sac. The mighty slave screamed in animal agony as the space between Maximus’ hands suddenly and dramatically collapsed, allowing his thick palms to meet with little more than a bruised and abraded scrotum between them. The thick, huge, and heavy bull testicle that had once occupied that gradually narrowing space had explosively burst, obliterated by the torturer’s own hands. 

Maximus gave a sharp bark of victory, but wasted no time as he retrieved his discarded paddle and began to use it once more to hammer and pound the remaining half of Rex’s epic manhood. For the first time, however, Maximus turned the paddle on its side and began using it edge on, slamming it down like a leather-bound wooden sword and trying to chop the stud’s giant left bollock in half! 

Rex was screaming in baritone agony as his furry, half-ruined sack was struck over and over and over again. With each blow, Maximus pinned the trapped testicle against the wall, forcing the mighty orb to absorb the full force of each paddle strike. Worse, the cruel torturer was hitting the same spot over and over again, striking the thickest part of the middle of Rex’s big nut, trying to weaken that ferociously tough ball and crack it wide open. 

Darius was paralyzed by a disturbing mixture of horror and lust as he watched Maximus lay waste to Rex’s final bollock. The power and violence the torturer was now unleashing on that screaming testicle was unlike anything that had come before, and the handsome young Senator knew with sick certainty that the powerful slave’s already wounded ball could not hope to stand long against such abuse. 

At the same time, Darius noted with wonder that Rex’s goliath bull cock was starting to pulse and flex and swell once again! Good GOD, but was the mighty muscle beast about to cum AGAIN!?! How was that even POSSIBLE?!? The hairy brute had already been half de-sexed, and his remaining bollock was in imminent danger of being literally chopped in half, and yet the insanely randy bull was about to shoot a SECOND load!!! Something inside Darius’ own chest seemed to break at the sight of this most spectacular and magnificent male in the world being ruined and wrecked right before his eyes. 

Thick and wet crunching sounds were now coming from Rex’s huge left ball with each edge-on strike of the heavy paddle, signaling the orb’s impending destruction. It would be mere moments now before the men in the room would witness the final unmanning of the greatest beast of a man in the world… 

The first blast of cum caught them all by surprise, blasting forth with incredible speed and force out of Rex’s terminally tumescent monster cock. Even powered as it was by the dark-haired slave’s sole remaining bollock, that single shot of sperm was fantastically huge, nearly as massive as the slugs of cum from the man’s previous epic load. It was rapidly followed by another and another and another in staccato succession, painting even more thick lines of goo from the bound bull to the heavy iron door across the room. Darius could only guess that the imminent loss of his manhood was making Rex desperate to impregnate something, ANYTHING, before his final testicle was destroyed forever. 

Maximus was a man possessed, and he continued madly hammering away at the stud’s huge hairy sac throughout his final orgasm, inching ever closer to achieving his ultimate goal of nullifying the huge, hairy brute. And judging by the sorry state of Rex’s last huge, struggling nut, it was clear that the cruel torturer was rapidly nearing that goal… 

After the first dozen or so colossal gouts of prime stud semen, Darius noticed that the thick and creamy white goo was starting to be streaked with hints of pink, visible evidence of the horrific trauma being inflicted upon the meaty depths of the bull’s failing orb. More hints of pink and streaks of red began to appear in the insanely copious spew, signaling that the final stage of Rex’s testicular destruction had begun. 

Rex was bellowing and thrashing like a wounded animal possessed by a demon, forced to suffer every last agonizing moment of his manhood’s demise. Tears were streaming down Darius’ handsome cheeks in sympathy for the writhing bull male, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away. 


With a last, almighty swing of his paddle, Maximus succeeded in his goal; Rex’s mammoth, swollen, and horribly bruised left nut, which had endured almost a full hour of constant and merciless abuse, split in half like an overripe melon. The unimaginable agony of his last testicle’s destruction choked off the slave’s bellow, strangling it inside of his massive, hairy chest, and his dark eyes nearly bugged right out of his head. A last, short spurt of blood-tinged sperm shot out of his cock at that same moment, as his final orgasm was suddenly and violently choked off as well. 

But Maximus didn’t stop, and instead kept right on hammering away at Rex’s broken sack. He once again turned the paddle face on, allowing him to strike as much surface area of the ruined nutsac as possible with each powerful blow. 


The massive chunks of testicle remnants were being systematically annihilated by the furiously swinging Maximus. The mammoth ballsac bounced and jiggled as Maximus hammered it over and over again, slamming the paddle into the ruined nuts so hard that the entire bag kept rebounding off the stone wall behind it, slapping back and forth like some enormous, fleshy pendulum. The broken pieces of Rex’s gigantic, shattered orbs kept bursting into smaller and smaller chunks under the pitiless abuse, what little structural integrity they had left being steadily pounded out of them. 

Maximus grunted and snorted and roared throughout his final assault on Rex’s broken balls, laughing and hollering in victory and conquest as he sent the paddle slamming into those shattered nuts with devastating force over and over and over again. To say that his efforts were overkill would have been an understatement. 

Five minutes later, and there was absolutely nothing left in Rex’s massive, furry sac but mush — every last vestige of his once-legendary manhood had been obliterated forever. Small welts and tears had begun to appear all over his hairy scrotum’s shredded surface, and it was amazing at this point that his poorly-used nutsac was capable of containing anything anymore, let alone the nearly liquified remains of his once-proud bollocks. For his part, the mighty Rex was fading in and out of consciousness, the violent destruction of his goliath testicles even more than the enormous muscle brute could endure. 

“Almost done,” Maximus said with a cruel smile playing across his ruggedly handsome face. He backed up all the way to the iron door and lined up his deadly paddle. Darius’ eyes grew huge as he realized what the massively muscular torturer was about to do. 

With a deafening roar, Maximus charged toward the bound and helpless muscle slave, lining up his final strike as he went. Just as he reached the bound bull, Maximus swung the paddle with all of his awesome might, adding the charging fury of his own 300+ pound hulking form to the force behind his paddle. 

The results were devastating and catastrophic for Rex.


Rex’s gloop-filled sack instantly exploded open, spraying Maximus, Rex, the offending paddle, and the stone wall with a shower of liquified, chunky ball matter. Streaks and chunks landed all over Rex’s furry, cobblestone abs and the underside of his great, overhanging pecs, as well as his monumentally muscular thighs, and the horrified muscle giant passed out with his dark eyes still half open, a look of absolute shock and agony etched across his achingly handsome face. At that same moment, his titanic cock gave one last tremendous pulse, and a hideous, pinkish-gray spray of raw sperm and shredded testicular matter erupted from its dilated tip. That gargantuan gout of gore sprayed almost all the way to the iron door on the far side of the room, splattering loudly and very wetly onto the sperm-drenched straw coating the hard-packed floor. 

Darius was suddenly very glad that he hadn’t eaten for several hours, as the sight instantly made him double over and start to dry heave. At the same time, his rock hard cock, untouched beneath his Senatorial robes, suddenly shot off with the most violent and knee-buckling orgasm of his young life, nearly driving him to the floor with its suddenness and intensity. The front of his robes were quickly soaked and plastered with his own big load and dripped down his lean and muscular legs toward his sandaled feet. 

Maximus issued orders to his guards that the remains of Rex’s shredded and empty scrotum be removed and the resulting wound stitched closed, and turned toward his guests as the guards opened the door and called out for assistance. Two more guards came into the room, and were momentarily stunned by the incredible sight before them. They recovered quickly, however, and assisted their brothers in unshackling the unconscious Rex. Even with four big, muscular men, it was still a struggle to carry out the dead weight of the enormous muscle beast, but they soon dragged his limp form from the room. 

Thick chunks and slugs of ruined nut guts slowly oozed down the wall where Rex had been chained, and on the ground beneath where he’d stood was a mound of shapeless testicle gunk that formed a pile several inches high. Maximus rose his foot over the gruesome mound, turned to a quivering Darius with a cruel smile, and then stomped his foot down. 


Testicle matter sprayed in all directions, coating Maximus’s boot and shins, and even splattering the tops of Darius’s sandaled feet with the remains of the most massive reproductive organs he was likely ever to see in his life. 

The young Senator was too shocked to pay attention to the pleasantries that were then exchanged between Tiberius and Maximus, too stunned and horrified by what he had seen to pay any attention. He vaguely noted that Tiberius was making to leave, and he turned to follow the senior Senator when he suddenly felt a huge and impossibly strong hand grip his upper arm, halting him in place. 

Terror filled his eyes as he gazed up into the cold, hard smile of Maximus, who was looking down at the smaller man with a hunger and lust in his eyes. 

Maximus leaned forward until his face has next to Darius’s own, and he could feel the man’s hot breath on his neck. The huge man then whispered, “Please feel free to come back any time, my young Senator. I’m eager to give you another demonstration of my talents.” He then chuckled arrogantly and released the younger man’s arm, letting the confused and terrified man flee the building into the too-bright sunlight outside. 

Darius hurriedly thanked the smirking Tiberius for his time and generosity for showing him around, but begged his forgiveness. The young man desperately needed to avail himself of the nearest baths, both to wash the remains of Rex’s magnificent balls off of his feet and to wash his spontaneous emissions from the front of his robes. 

But he feared that nothing would clean the stain on his soul from the casual cruelty of what he had just been forced to witness…