Monday, December 20, 2021

A Curious Gifter - Jayse Version

Happy holidays to you all! In this season of gift giving, I thought it only appropriate to post my reworking of a classic Sack Stomper story. I've significantly changed the original ending. I hope you enjoy this reimagining of the original story, and I wish you all a healthy and happy 2022! 


The Curious Gifter

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


It took Carlos’ lustrous brown eyes a moment to adjust to the dim lighting inside ‘The Curious Gifter’, a small but tidy shop on the outskirts of the bustling downtown. The store was located down a narrow, dead-end alley, the kind common in old European cities such as this one, and would have been very easy to miss if the young man hadn’t been looking for it. The shop itself was crowded with tall shelves and filled to bursting with all manner of trinkets, bobbles, and ornaments of glass, crystal, porcelain, ceramic, and other fragile and delicate materials. There were also exotic plants in ornamental pots, stacks of old hardbound books on stands, display cases filled with gold and silver jewelry, and all manner of other esoteric and unusual items. Carlos carefully maneuvered his massive, hulking frame down the narrow aisles of the store, not wanting to bump into any of the expensive looking, precariously-arranged merchandise as he made his way to the counter that lined the back wall of the store. 

John, his boyfriend of nearly a year, had left an add for ‘The Curious Gifter’ out on the kitchen table in their upscale and very exclusive flat in the heart of the city, and with their anniversary coming up, a smiling Carlos had known that it had been a not-so-subtle hint from his handsome beau. 

While the 22-year-old Carlos had grown up in poverty in Rio de Janeiro, the only son of an Italian carpenter father and a Brazilian factory worker mother, his boyfriend John had been born into great wealth and privilege in the United States. Despite John’s constant reassurances to his exquisitely handsome and enormously muscular Brazilian lover, it had taken Carlos a long while to grow at least somewhat accustomed to the lavish lifestyle and nearly unlimited money his partner had access to, and even now the olive-skinned young hunk wasn’t completely comfortable spending large sums of money. He knew his boyfriend loved collecting unique and beautiful items, however, and so Carlos had taken the hint and come to ‘The Curious Gifter’ to find something suitably special to commemorate their one-year anniversary. And with the vast and crowded array of diverse items crammed into the small store, Carlos knew that he would have no trouble finding the perfect gift. 

Like the rest of the store, virtually the entire surface of the counter top at the back of the shop was covered in trinkets and display cases. Carlos carefully picked up a small glass tiger near the cash register and placed it in the palm of his hand, holding it up to examine it in the dim light. The figurine looked even more delicate cradled in his huge, muscular hand, and Carlos was struck by the incredible level of intricate detailing covering the crystal creature. 

“Hello young sir,” came a quiet male voice from almost directly behind the young man. The shop’s proprietor had emerged from an obscured door in the back wall, and had walked up behind Carlos without the young man being aware of him. 

The huge Brazilian muscle stud was so startled that he flinched in surprise, sending the tiger figurine sailing up into the air. Carlos desperately tried to catch the fragile crystalline figurine, but only succeeded in batting it up into the air a couple more times. It was clear that the tiny statue was about to collide with the floor and shatter into a thousand shards of broken glass. 

Suddenly, a hand appeared like a blur and snatched the figurine in mid air, just inches in front of Carlos’ startled face. 

“This is a limited-edition Charn Crystal Company figurine from the late 1700s,” a lightly-accented voice said in a calm and matter-of-fact manner. “I believe it is the last such figurine remaining in existence, and is therefore priceless.” 

The young man’s wide-eyed gaze traveled down the arm to find an impeccably-dressed older man standing in front of him. The shop’s proprietor was in his late 40s or early 50s, and Carlos was immediately struck by how handsome the older man was with his rugged, almost craggy features, stunning blue eyes, and thick head of short but stylishly cropped white hair. Carlos had to look down to meet the relatively short man’s blue gaze, but that was nothing new for Carlos, as most people were ‘short’ compared to him. 

Carlos was a true monster of a man, standing just over 6 feet, 9 inches tall with an enormous and exceedingly broad-shouldered frame. Most extremely tall men were unavoidably lean and lanky, never able to adequately fill out their larger frames, but not Carlos. The young man had a spectacularly muscular body, with the kind of hyper dense musculature and freakishly swollen proportions that would have been the envy of the largest professional bodybuilders anywhere on the planet, most of whom were nearly a full foot shorter in height than the young Brazilian stud. 

Carlos had always been naturally big, even as a boy growing up in the rough-and-tumble barrios of Rio, and his precocious growth simply skyrocketed from his adolescence onward. The lad was as extraordinarily strong as he was huge, which had come in handy in the tough and violent slums of his youth, as he had protected his entire family (including his nine stunningly beautiful older sisters) from harm, robbery, and assault dozens of times. Carlos had first started going to a gym at the age of 12, as a local gym owner had taken a shine to the handsome and courageous young boy and wanted to help him develop his clearly extraordinary potential. The lad’s growth had exploded from that point forward, and he just kept on packing on the pounds with ridiculous ease all the way into his adulthood, without the need for any supplements or artificial growth enhancers of any kind! The young man had obliterated the 400-pound barrier even before he met John while the slightly older man was on vacation in Rio nearly a year ago, and he now topped the scales at a colossal 485 pounds of pure, ripped, titanic muscle, looking like the most extreme morphed muscleman photo come to impossible life! Given the sheer massive size of Carlos’ frame and the rate at which he was still growing, the huge muscle monster would soon no doubt be shattering the 500-pound barrier as well!! 

So needless to say, Carlos was larger than EVERYONE he met. And as he now towered head and shoulders above the handsome older man standing before him, he casually estimated that he probably weighed TRIPLE what the compact and exquisitely well-dressed proprietor weighed. 

The fabric of Carlos’ expensive sweater strained across his mighty pecs as he drew in a huge breath and then let it out in relief, thankful that the figurine had been caught by the lightning reflexes of the older man. The fabric seemed like it wouldn’t be able to accommodate the young man’s heroic muscular bulk, particularly at the peak of his inhalation when the fabric strained across the expanse of his gargantuan pecs, but the sweater somehow endured. Carlos wasn’t sure where John special-ordered his clothes from, but they were always beautifully made and perfectly tailored, and made out of materials that could endure the casual bunching and flexing of his gigantic muscles in his everyday movements. Carlos was not the kind of man who usually intended to show off his body, but most clothes ended up doing so anyway on the impossibly beefy Latino stud. John’s tailors had somehow managed to find a way to showcase Carlos’ extraordinary physique in a tasteful yet still very complimentary manner. 

“I’m so very sorry,” Carlos said in his own lightly-accented English, his bass profundo voice rumbling from deep inside his massive chest. “I didn’t hear you come in and I was startled and, well… it slipped,” he continued, a contrite and apologetic look on his extraordinarily handsome face. “The figurine isn’t damaged, is it? If it is, then I will gladly pay for it.” Carlos fished his wallet out of the straining back pocket of his fitted slacks and placed a black and unadorned credit card on the glass counter. 

“Not to worry, young man,” the proprietor replied. “The figurine is unharmed. Besides, this wouldn’t cover it,” he continued with a strange smile on his face as he pushed the sleek black card back toward Carlos with one manicured finger. 

“But…,” Carlos stammered in surprise, “it’s an American Express Black Card!” 

The shop keeper didn’t even blink in response, clearly unimpressed. “Like I said, an item such as this one is considered priceless. And since I do not have a ‘priceless’ button on my register, I could not ring such an item up for you.” 

Carlos was nonplussed by the older man’s words and stood there for several seconds in numb silence before retrieving his credit card. The proprietor’s eyes took that time to appraise the hulking young man standing before him, and Carlos thought that the handsome silver-haired man’s eyes seemed to linger a few moments too long on the very substantial bulge between the young man’s massively muscular legs. He couldn’t tell if the shop keeper’s wry smile indicated that he was quietly angry with the clumsy young hulk or simply bemused by the younger man’s loss for words. Or both. 

“What can I do for you today, young sir?” he then asked, breaking the awkward silence. 

“Oh! Yes, thank you!” Carlos said, grateful for the excuse to ignore the situation with the figurine and move on with the conversation. “I was looking for something special for my boyfriend, to help us celebrate our one year anniversary together.”

The shop keeper’s right eyebrow quirked slightly, rising upward in a wordless request for more clarification.

“Well, we, um, met last year in my hometown of Rio de Janeiro, fell in love, and I’ve been traveling with him ever since. John, my boyfriend… well, he comes from a lot of money, so we’ve been traveling the world — a few weeks here, a few months there. Anyway, he’s truly ‘the man who has everything’, making him exceptionally difficult to shop for. And when I learned of your shop, I felt confident that I could find something here that would be appropriate to show him how much I love him.” 

The shop keeper rubbed his chin in thought and continued to stare into Carlos’ earnest, puppy dog eyes for several moments before saying, “Ah, I see! So, what does he like?” 

“Gosh, well…” Carlos stammered again, a bit at a loss for where to start. “John is a collector of rare and unusual items. He collects old books, as he knows eight languages and loves to read. He loves artwork, statues, carved crystal, vintage wines. It seems there’s nothing that he ISN’T interested in! He even has a novelty spoon collection that I think he began in his childhood! Um, let’s see… He loves antique furniture, vinyl records, Persian rugs, artisan jams and jellies…” 

The shop keeper raised his hand, silently motioning Carlos to halt his rambling wish list.

“He likes jam?” the older man asked. 

“Um, er, yeah. I know it might sound strange, but he’s always going on about some crazy new variety he’s found at a local farmer’s market, or some old recipe that’s been unearthed somewhere. I guess maybe that’s a normal obsession for a guy with a spoon collection, right?” Carlos said, laughing nervously, but the shop keeper appeared unimpressed by the lame joke. 

“Perhaps I have something that would suffice. Follow me please.” 

The handsome shop keeper came from behind the counter and motioned for Carlos to follow him. The muscular young giant walked carefully behind the shop keeper as they made their way toward the front of the store, and a shelf full of what appeared to be innocuous looking glass jars. Carlos almost reached to grab one, but then thought better of it as he recalled the recent incident with the glass tiger. Perhaps, like the priceless crystal tiger, these jars were worth more than they appeared. 

The shop keeper gave a small smile as he reached for a medium-sized jar and handed it to Carlos. The jar looked tiny in Carlos’ huge hand. At a cursory glance, it looked no more special than any of the hundreds of thousands of mass produced glass jars that filled the shelves of grocery stores. Carlos held it up hoping to see some kind of inscription or ornate carving, but found nothing special. 

“Is this jar also made of fine crystal, like that glass tiger?” 

The shop keeper’s blue eyes sparkled as he uttered a soft laugh and gave Carlos’ massive, sweater-clad upper arm a gentle but lingering squeeze. “No, this is simply a washed out jar of preserves from the local market. What I can do, however, is have it engraved with a name or a message or an anniversary date. What is your beau’s name again?” 

“It’s John,” Carlos said, his devastatingly handsome face blushing slightly. Even though Carlos had been together with John for almost a year, the mere mention of John’s name still made Carlos’ heart flutter. He was madly in love with him and didn’t want to spoil their first anniversary together with some generic gift from the mall. 

“Do you know what kind of jam you would like me to make for John?” the shop keeper asked as they walked back toward the register. 

“Wow, do you make jam here as well?” Carlos asked with a surprised voice, glancing around and not seeing any space in the crowded shop where any sort of cooking could take place. 

“Yes, in the back room,” the older man explained, indicating the door he had emerged from earlier. He then continued, “If you don’t have any preferences, then I can offer to make a jar of my wild strawberry and mint jam. It is very popular with my local customers, and I ship small batches to a handful of exclusive restaurants. It’s a seasonal jam, and I happen to be making a batch this week.” 

“Oh, that sounds perfect!” Carlos exclaimed, genuinely excited at the thought of creating a personalized gift for John. 

“Excellent,” the shop owner said as he finished ringing up the jar, engraving, and jam. “I should have it ready by Friday.” 

“Thank you!” Carlos replied as he signed for the receipt. “I’m sure John will love it. I’ll be back on Friday.” He smiled at the older man and turned to go, an extra spring in his step knowing that he’d found a special gift for the man in his life. 

The silver-haired man watched the positively enormous dark-haired stud leave, a well-manicured eyebrow rising as a slight, knowing smile played across his lips. “Yes,” he said quietly, “I look forward to your return.” 


Maybe it was simply the knowledge of their upcoming anniversary, the first anniversary young Carlos had spent with any partner, but the handsome, raven-haired giant felt closer than ever to his equally handsome lover over the next few days, spending nearly all of their time together and creating even more special memories. Every meal, every social engagement, every outing to the park or the museum or even to the corner store, every work out (and Carlos had insisted from the start of their relationship that they both worked out together, and he had been extremely pleased and gratified to see the gains that John himself had made under the far larger man’s tutelage), every moment together was special and perfect, and Carlos felt his love grow and deepen each and every day. 

Even their love making, which had always been frequent and passionate and vigorous and inventive and extremely athletic, seemed to reach new and epic heights. Carlos was a fantastic, natural-born lover, the kind of man who focused first and foremost on the pleasure of his partner, and it didn’t hurt that he was lavishly well endowed — exceedingly so, in fact. John often joked that it had been Carlos’ dashingly handsome face and massive and magnificent physique that had first caught his eye, but that it was the young man’s colossal set of cock and balls that made him fall in love with the sexy Brazilian bull. 

Carlos loved the contrasts between the two of them, and he knew that they made quite the striking pair whenever they were seen together. He particularly reveled in those contrasts when they were naked together and making passionate love — his tanned olive skin against John’s fair skin, his straight jet black hair against John’s wavy brown hair with its natural golden highlights, his warm brown eyes against John’s crystal blue orbs. He even loved their size difference, for even though John was a good-sized young man at 6 feet, 2 inches tall and 245 pounds of solid muscle, he was dwarfed by the gentle Latino giant, who weighed nearly twice his lover’s considerable weight. That size difference extended to their groins as well, for while John was very generously endowed with a beautifully formed, circumsized cock that measured a very impressive 10 inches in length and was paired with a set of heavy and sturdy balls each the size of a large lemon, Carlos was simply… larger. Much, much larger. 

The whole week felt like it was leading up to a crescendo for their anniversary on the coming Saturday, and Carlos was on cloud nine all week, his excitement growing more and more as their anniversary neared… 


Carlos returned to ‘A Curious Gifter’ a few days later and found the shop was abuzz, a stark contrast from his last visit when the store had been deserted. A moderate-sized crowd of mostly middle aged women were gathered at the counter, happily chattering among themselves and expressing delight at the ornately-decorated gift bags that the handsome and sharply dressed shop keeper was handing out to them one by one. It was clear to Carlos that these were all well-to-do women from the local neighborhood, and judging from the amount of product the older man was moving, he hadn’t been exaggerating when he’d said that his specialty jams were locally popular! 

“Oh, isn’t Oliver wonderful?!” one older woman gushed to her friend as they passed Carlos on their way out of the store. 

“And so handsome, too!” the other responded with a conspiratorial wink. 

Carlos’ face lit up in a smile at the obvious joy in the two women’s voices, and as he got closer to the counter, he saw another customer pull one of the beribboned and decorated jars out of her bag to look at the contents, excitement clear on her matronly features. Carlos could see that the jam was a pale pink color with streaks of strawberry red artfully swirled in. He had to admit that the presentation was beautiful, and that the jam looked delicious. 

The enormous muscle man didn’t want to get in the way or block any of the aisles, though, so he stood off to the side until the last of the gaggle of women finally left the store, treasured purchases in their excited hands. Only then did he make his way back up to the register and greet the shop keeper, Oliver. 

“Ah, young sir, you are back! Excellent!” the handsome older man said as he reached beneath the counter and retrieved a beautiful red gift bag. “Here you are.” 

Carlos eagerly opened the bag and was surprised to find a gorgeous set of vintage collectible spoons inside, as well as a three-inch-high glass figurine. At first, Carlos thought the figurine was just an abstract geometric shape, but then he quickly realized it was the letters ‘J’ and ‘C’ — for John and Carlos — cleverly interwoven into each other. 

“This is amazing!” Carlos beamed as he cradled the beautiful figurine in his huge hand. “Wherever did you find it?!” 

“Actually, young sir, I made it,” Oliver said with a smile. 

“You’re a very talented artisan!” the big man said with real feeling, deeply impressed by the thought and craftsmanship that had gone into the crystal ornament. Clearly Oliver was a jack of all trades. “How much do I owe you for these? Oh, and where is that personalized jar of jam?” Carlos said as he realized that the gift he was expecting was not in the red bag. 

“Thank you for the compliments, young sir! And please consider these gifts on the house.” The older man’s handsome face took a more somber appearance as he said, “Regretfully, I was not able to fulfill your request for that seasonal jam. I had not adequately gauged my inventory, and after I completed all of my previous orders, I found I did not have enough for your order as well.” 

“Oh, I understand,” Carlos said, trying not to show how crestfallen he was to not have that specialized jam and jar he’d been hoping for. The young man’s expressions were an open book for the older shop keeper, though, for he had so been hoping to surprise John with such a personalized gift. Carlos gave the older man a charming and appreciative smile instead, and thanked him profusely for the thoughtful and beautiful gifts he’d arranged in the jar’s stead. 

The handsome Latino muscle man was about to turn and leave the store when he felt Oliver place a hand on his enormously bulging bicep and say with uncharacteristic gentleness, “I would hate to see you leave here disappointed, young man. Come back tonight at around seven o’clock. I have another batch of jam cooling, and it should be ready by then. I’ll give you a double order on the house.” 

Carlos beamed in response and gushed in profuse gratitude. The shop keeper seemed delighted and charmed by the polite and earnest young man, and the handsome Latino stud agreed to return at the appointed time that evening to pick up the special order. 


Later that evening, Carlos returned to the tucked away little shop. It was little before seven, but the door was locked. Carlos looked at the sign displayed in one of the shop windows and saw that Friday’s store hours ended at 6 PM. Disheartened, the big Latino bull was about to turn and leave when he heard a click from the shop’s door, and it suddenly opened. 

“Come in, come in!” A smiling Oliver stood in the open doorway and ushered the big man inside. The shop keeper had discarded his three-piece suit for more casual attire, namely a set of pressed khaki pants and a short-sleeved white dress shirt, though he was still immaculately dressed. Carlos also noticed that the silver-haired man, who stood at least two feet shorter than the raven-haired giant, sported a damn impressive physique beneath his formal clothing. The open collar of his white shirt revealed a surprisingly well-developed chest, and the short sleeves hugged his considerable biceps. The older man clearly had a lean and extremely well-defined physique, the kind of body that would be the envy of a man of any age. Carlos realized that, if he wasn’t already madly in love and definitely off the market, he would have been powerfully attracted to the very handsome older man. 

The shop owner seemed much more relaxed and welcoming than Carlos had seen him on their previous encounters, as he led the muscular giant through the shop to the far counter, and then opened the door to the room beyond. Oliver even turned to Carlos at that point and, flashing a wink and a grin, said, “Right this way! And don’t worry — I don’t bite.” 

The Latino stud grinned amiably in response, his already devastatingly handsome face becoming even more gorgeous when he flashed his warm smile, and followed the shorter man into the large, cluttered work room beyond. 

The back room was surprisingly large, far larger, in fact, than the shop itself. The space was almost equally as packed with boxes and crates and other merchandise as the show room itself, with all four walls packed with stacks of goods and overloaded shelves. The center of the room was dominated by four long, narrow tables, each apparently devoted to various aspects of Oliver’s trades. One table was filled with glass objects, pincers, tweezers, and other implements of the glass blowing trade. The next was covered with various art objects in porcelain and clay that appeared to be in various stages of restoration, while the third was covered in gift bags and boxes, ribbons, and wrapping paper. The fourth and final table was largely bare, save for a large and empty glass jar, several bowls of fresh strawberries, and what appeared to be a Bunsen burner. Several rows of overhead lights gave the room bright illumination. The delicious smell of warm strawberry preserves filled the large space. 

“You clearly have a very well run operation here!” Carlos said approvingly, admiring the orderliness of the stored items, as well as the sheer volume of art objects that the older man created, repaired, and sold. 

Oliver walked over to the fourth table and picked up the empty glass jar, holding it out for the larger man’s inspection. “I thought you’d like to see the inscription,” the older man smiled as Carlos accepted the jar into his massive hands. 

The jar was far larger than the one he’d been presented with a few days prior, closer to the size of those pickle jars he’d seen in delicatessens than a typical mason jar for preserves. The glass was very thick, making the jar surprisingly heavy, but was made from such a high quality glass that it was almost perfectly transparent. A beautifully carved engraving did indeed grace the face of the jar, providing today’s date and the words ‘Carlos Souza’. 

Confused, Carlos placed the jar back on the long wooden table and said, “I’m sorry, but our anniversary date is tomorrow, not today. And why is my name on the jar? Shouldn’t it be both of our names…?” 

As Carlos turned to direct his query to Oliver directly, he was just in time to see the smaller man lunge forward with some sort of long black stick in his hand, jabbing the two-pronged tip of the device against the base of the young man’s outrageously thick, bullish neck. Searing agony suddenly exploded throughout the Latino giant’s enormously muscular body as the older man unleashed a full-powered jolt from the military-grade taser into the young man’s unsuspecting body. Carlos’ soft brown eyes flew open in complete surprise as his entire body was paralyzed for several agonizingly long seconds, frozen in a rictus from the electrical assault. When Oliver finally took his finger off the trigger, nearly 500 pounds of pure stud muscle collapsed bonelessly to the cold cement floor. 

The huge muscle hunk was too stunned and paralyzed to even make a sound, let alone fight back against his assailant, for he could barely even breathe with the aftereffects of the intensely powerful electric shock. The taser had been set to its highest output, releasing enough electric charge to take down a rushing bull elephant, so it was no surprise that it had easily felled the handsome young Brazilian muscle stud as well. 

Carlos felt a pair of strong hands gripping his massive left shoulder and arm as Oliver rolled the stunned muscle giant onto his back, leaving the terrified young man staring up at the glaring overhead lights. Tears were streaming down both of the young man’s exquisitely handsome cheeks, both from the recent pain and his devastating sense of betrayal by the older man. Oliver stood smugly over the fallen giant, taser still in hand, and said, “You are by far the biggest and most muscular man I have yet captured, Mr. Souza. I therefore wish to apologize ahead of time, but I cannot take any risks that you will shake off the effects of this stun gun before I have you properly secured. Forgive me, my handsome young man.” 

With that, the silver-haired stud jammed the twin prongs hard into the enormous mound of Carlos’ denim-clad groin and pulled the trigger again, sending insane amounts of electricity slamming into the young man’s genitals. Carlos would have screamed if he could, for it felt like his mighty cock and balls had simply exploded inside of his pants, the searing agony so great that he thought his heart might stop. The cruel shop owner kept the trigger pressed far longer on this second attack, more than twice as long as the jolt to the young man’s thick neck, and he half expected to see smoke rising from the unbelievably massive mound. 

Finally, however, the older man relented and turned off the taser. Carlos was left gasping for breath, his entire body on fire with pain, and the tiniest of groans escaped his slightly parted lips. His innocent brown eyes were wide with terror, but he couldn’t move a single muscle in his entire gym- and barrio-hardened body, for every ounce of his fearsome and ferocious strength had been temporarily sapped from him. 

Oliver stood over the young man’s motionless form in victory, clearly pleased at so easily taking down the far larger man. But then his steely blue eyes widened in surprise as he said, “How are you even still conscious?! I’ve shocked you with enough juice to take down a brontosaurus!! My, you ARE a powerful young bull, aren’t you? Well, third time is a charm, as they say…” 

The silver-haired stud then plunged the business end of the taser into the young man’s utterly colossal left pec and dug the prongs as deep as the astoundingly dense and beefy muscle would allow, and then pulled the trigger for a third time, right over the Latino stud’s powerfully beating heart. What little breath Carlos had recovered instantly died in his chest as soul-rending agony once again tore through his entire body. Carlos could only look up pleadingly into Oliver’s blue eyes as his monumentally muscular body thrashed and convulsed on the cold stone floor, but the older man’s cold stare held not an ounce of pity or mercy. The young man’s vision began to narrow and darken as he sank toward unconsciousness, and the last coherent thought he had was one of infinite sadness that he hadn’t had a chance to tell his boyfriend goodbye… 


When Carlos came to some unknown time later, he found that he was still in the shop’s back room, but that his situation had dramatically changed. He was standing upright with his wrists bound far above his head, and his back was pressed against one of the thick steel poles scattered evenly throughout the room that supported the multiple stories of building overhead. The fourth long table stretched in front of him, now devoid of any objects on its varnished wooden surface. 

The young man’s muscles still ached from the triple tasering he’d received earlier, and it took him a few more moments to shake the cobwebs from his mind, his expertly cut raven-colored hair cascading over one of his soulful brown eyes. That was when Carlos noticed that he was nearly completely naked, his custom-tailored Polo shirt having been stripped off of his body, and his dark blue denim jeans pooled around his securely bound ankles. All that he still had on were his navy blue briefs with the pale gray waistband, also custom made to accommodate the exceedingly huge package that sprouted magnificently from his lean and muscular crotch. And the entire contents of that mammoth pouch were now lying heavily on the surface of the large wooden table. 

“Ah, you’re awake! Good!” Oliver’s now familiar voice said to Carlos’ right. The older man stepped into the bound bull’s field of view, and Carlos could see that the handsome gentleman had now added a cream-colored apron to his ensemble. “You recovered even faster than I would have imagined! Although I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised by your resilience and stamina, given your extraordinary size and strength. You certainly are a magnificent specimen, Mr. Souza!” 

With his herculean form now on full display in the brightly lit work room, the shop owner’s words were, if anything, perhaps a bit of an understatement. Few men in the world could boast a physique even remotely as enormous and muscular as that sported by the 22-year-old Brazilian bull, and fewer still could compare to the chiseled, sculpted, utterly balanced perfection of the young man’s mammoth and spectacular form. The lad’s unblemished olive skin was stretched taut across muscles of such gargantuan proportions that he was the bane of even his boyfriend John’s most talented tailors. Even for Carlos’ great height, his shoulders were almost impossibly wide, and topped with deeply segmented deltoid muscles the size of large medicine balls. His arms were utterly gigantic, with colossal upper arms measuring an astounding 30 inches around — and considering just how long of limb the young man was, it took an extraordinarily huge volume of muscle mass to achieve such fantastic dimensions. The young man’s chest was truly colossal, the plates of his twin pecs extremely wide and monstrously thick, extending at least six inches from his large rib cage. His immensely thick lats only added to the tremendous width of his upper torso, which made the narrowness of his slender waist even more dramatic in comparison. A waist measurement of 38 inches might not have sounded all that small on a typical man, but it was very trim indeed for any man of Carlos’ lofty height. Add his freakish muscular bulk and a chest circumference that was well more than double his waist measurement, and that chiseled midsection looked positively waspish! 

Carlos’ abdominal muscles were sculpted perfection, a stack of eight expertly carved slabs of muscle resembling the ancient cobblestone streets outside the quaint old shop. This phenomenal 8-pack was surrounded by a set of oblique and serratus muscles so outrageously shredded and defined that even when they were in a fully relaxed state, they looked flexed. And when flexed, the incredible muscles of Carlos’ midsection almost defied description! The gorgeous Latino stud fondly remembered one evening when a particularly playful John had his gigantic boyfriend lie back on the bed, and then used his flat washboard stomach as a chess board, setting up all of the pieces on each exquisitely defined muscle. The rippling expanse of Carlos’ extraordinary abdomen had been able to accommodate the entire chess set, but eventually the muscular titan could hold back his stifled laughter no longer, and the pieces had all toppled over as he let out an uncontrollable belly laugh. 

The young man’s long, beautiful legs were equally as magnificent and muscular as his upper body. His massive thighs looked to be carved of granite, and were of such fantastic dimensions that they actually exceeded the circumference of his waist! His calves were gigantic, which made sense considering just how much weight they had to carry. The bifurcated heads of his calves looked like two overinflated footballs had been strapped to the back of his legs, and turned into two sharp-edged diamonds of rigid muscle when flexed. Even the young man’s feet were massive, again defying cobblers the world over, for not only were they immensely long, requiring a size 18 shoe, but they were exceptionally thick and muscular as well. Carlos’ legs and the tops of his feet had a light dusting of short, dark hairs, further accentuating their masculine, muscular perfection, while his upper body was naturally almost completely hairless. The major exception were his exposed armpits, which exploded with an abundance of thick, dark hair. Deep, furry armpits into which John buried his handsome face at almost every opportunity. 

Carlos felt even more naked than ever as he watched Oliver lasciviously assess his mammoth physique with his steel gray eyes, lingering longest of all on the one part of his anatomy that was still clothed — his bulging groin. 

The young man realized that the smaller, unassuming man had beaten him where so many others, much larger and more physically powerful than the dapper shop owner, had tried and failed when Carlos still lived on the mean streets of Rio de Janeiro. Carlos had grown accustomed to living in a more civilized society, and he’d let his guard completely down around the meticulously well-mannered older man. That man had then ambushed him, taking him down with a series of cheap taser shots, whereas in any remotely fair fight, Carlos’ tremendous height, weight, reach, and strength advantages would have virtually guaranteed him victory, let alone his years-long training as a fighter and boxer. But all of the young man’s tremendous strength and masculine might had been effectively and completely neutralized, for the manacles and chains binding his wrists and ankles to the vertical steel pole behind him were far too big for even his nearly super human strength to break. The handsome muscle giant was truly and completely at the mercy of the much smaller and weaker man. 

Carlos fought back his rising fear and asked, “Have I done something to offend you, sir? If so, then I am deeply sorry, and will do whatever you want in order to make amends. Just please don’t hurt me.” 

The malicious grin on Oliver’s craggy and handsome face just grew wider as he replied, “That is very kind of you to offer, Mr. Souza, but rest assured that you have done nothing wrong. In fact, I find you an eminently polite and well-mannered young man, and under different circumstances I would enjoy nothing more than to spend an evening of stimulating conversation with you over a fine dinner. But fate has brought us together today for an altogether different purpose, and neither of us can escape fate.” 

“What do you want? Please!” Carlos pleaded. “If it’s money you want, then I’m sure that my boyfriend John would pay anything for my safe return. Just name your price! Please, PLEASE, don’t hurt me!” 

The young man began to struggle even harder against his restraints as the older man drew near, standing directly beside the bound and helpless stud. The shop owner then placed one well-formed, manicured hand over the colossal package bulging prominently from the stud’s crotch, gently feeling up the mammoth size and shape of the beefy contents within. Carlos’ navy blue underwear left very little to the imagination, for the great curved expanse of each of his extra extra large balls was clearly visible along with the snaking outline of his absolutely enormous, thick, flaccid cock. All of that fantastic wealth of man meat rested heavily on the table top, and the older man used his strong hand to firmly smush and roll the huge genitals against the unyielding surface. 

“My my, you ARE an incredibly gifted young man!” Oliver said in frank admiration, now using both hands to roughly fondle and manhandle the stud’s outrageously huge and heavy goods. “I’ve seen a lot of well hung men in my time, but I’ve never seen a set of genitals as immense as these before! They are magnificent, Mr. Souza, and I’m sure you must be very proud of them. And your testicles in particular feel unusually dense and beefy, barely even deforming as I press them against the table. I can see that I will have my work cut out for me this evening.” 

With that, the older man reached beneath the table top and withdrew a large meat tenderizer, the kind with a large, block-shaped steel head and a face covered with sharp, pointed teeth. Oliver admired the handsome stud for a few moments longer before raising his lean, muscular arm up high. Carlos’ eyes flew open wide as he took in the sight of the deadly hammer poised above his defenseless genitals, and he had time to beg, “NO! NO! NOOO!!!” before the jagged face of the hammer came crashing down onto his underwear-clad package. 


Oliver mercilessly squashed Carlos’ entire sexual package into the slick hardwood table. Carlos gasped in shock and agony as the first few hammer blows fell into his cock and balls, and he began to scream so loudly that he thought the ceiling would come down on them both. But the handsome older man didn’t even pause in his violent attentions, and kept on hammering away. 


Carlos’ crotch bulge was so enormous that Oliver could only strike a modest fraction of it at a time, so he kept on changing his aim throughout the brutal assault, making sure to hit every square inch of surface area open to him. Though the young man’s humongous cock was enduring a vicious attack, it was really his massive bollocks that were suffering the brunt of the abuse, both because they made such huge and inviting targets, and because the soft, limp hose of the young man’s huge penis provided very little protection for the far more solid lumps of man meat nestled below it. Every blow felt like the stud’s gigantic nuts had just burst, and Carlos thought for sure that he was going to pass out from the unreal pain. But unfortunately for the handsome Brazilian muscle giant, he was far too tough to succumb to blissful unconsciousness. Instead, he was forced to feel every ounce of force that was being hammered repeatedly into his massive genitals, his extraordinary abdominal muscles flexing into even more spectacular relief with each punishing blow. 




After several dozen merciless hammer blows, the young man’s straining underwear was looking much the worse for wear. The sharp spikes on the face of the heavy meat tenderizer had begun to shred and tear the reinforced fabric such that the pale golden hue of his burgeoning nut flesh was starting to show through dozens of small holes and rips. Further blows caused these rips and tears to widen, the shredding underwear steadily losing the valiant fight to contain the utterly massive genitals contained within. 



Oliver suddenly placed the meat tenderizer on the table and then used both of his hands to finish the work of shredding Carlos’ ruined underwear, ripping the fabric apart and tearing it off of his body. By the time he was done, the young man’s huge, heavy balls had rolled out onto the wooden table, and the massive slab of his enormous cock had flopped heavily atop them. 

The older man gasped as the sheer stupendous size of the young man’s huge Latin bollocks and gigantic cock were revealed, and he quietly uttered the word, “Magnificent!” under his breath. 

Carlos was quietly sobbing from pain and terror, and he looked down in horror at the unspeakably vulnerable position his genitals were in. Nevertheless, some small, quiet portion of his mind couldn’t help but admire the staggering size of his own gorgeous manhood. The young man’s limp cock extended nearly a full foot in front of him and was nearly as thick as a beer can. Even soft, Carlos’ was bigger than John’s most powerfully stiff erections, a fact that never seemed to stop amazing his handsome boyfriend. His massive member was exquisitely well formed, and even the fresh bruises just starting to erupt all up and down its colossal length could not detract from its powerful male beauty. A thick hood of foreskin covered the large, bulbous, helmet-shaped glans, but Carlos knew that when his cock was fully hard, that foreskin would fully - and almost painfully - retract to expose the glistening, purple-hued head. 

The young man’s twin man nuts were perhaps even more amazing, for their size dwarfed anything that would have been remotely considered a ‘normal’ size for a set of human testicles… or for most full-grown bulls, for that matter! Each goliath globe was bigger than the biggest of grapefruits, perhaps closer to ripe coconuts in size, and looked positively immense and ridiculously oversized even on Carlos’ gigantic body. The young man kept his lush crotch hair neatly trimmed, but his behemoth bollocks themselves were shaved meticulously bald, allowing every silky fold and tiny wrinkle in his golden-hued sac to be clearly visible. The oblong and rotund sex glands were slightly reddened and appeared to be a little swollen from their recent beating, but otherwise appeared to be perfectly intact despite the terrific abuse they’d already suffered. 

“Please, let me go!” Carlos begged, tears streaming down his breathtakingly gorgeous features, his naturally deep voice roughened and hoarse from all of his previous screaming. He continued to weakly struggle against his thick metal shackles, the deep nut pain sapping the majority of his great strength, but he was so tightly bound that he could barely budge. 

Oliver seemed to completely ignore the young man’s pleas for mercy, instead saying, “It’s time that we start gathering the ingredients for our jam.” He then delicately pinched the muscle man’s giant, foreskin-covered glans between thumb and forefinger, and then gingerly lifted the great weight of the stud’s huge Latin cock and draped it heavily to his left, fully exposing both of the young man’s humongous bollocks to view. Then, without another word, he once again picked up the meat tenderizer and raised it up high. 

“Wha…? WAIT! 


Before Carlos had time to more than cry out, Oliver slammed the large metal head of the heavy mallet directly into the stud’s huge left nut, using even more force than he’d used during his previous genital assault. Carlos inhaled a great lungful of air, but before he could even begin screaming, the barrage continued. 


Carlos bellowed in unbelievable agony as the older man hammered his big left bollock over and over and over again, as if determined to utterly obliterate the huge nut. The mighty sex gland was so extraordinarily gigantic, however, that Oliver had a lot of acreage to cover, and he changed his aim slightly with each blow, making sure to clobber and pummel every last square inch of that mammoth orb. 


For his part, the silver-haired shop owner appeared amazed at the fantastic — some might even say super human — resiliency of the young man’s tough testicle meat. The rubbery flesh was barely even deforming, no matter how hard he struck, and the spiked face of the mallet simply bounced off the huge gonad with every pulverizing strike. The enormous ball was so incredibly dense and thick that it almost felt like he was trying to tenderize one of the young man’s rock hard cannonball biceps! 


The beefy smack of metal-on-flesh was music to the older gentleman’s ears, as were the staccato cries and deep, guttural bellows of agony from the devastatingly sexy young muscle man. The older man took obvious great pleasure in hammering the fuck out of the lad’s slowly swelling bull nut, pausing now and again to gently turn the screaming man egg this way or that so that he could strike the slowly and steadily bruising orb from every conceivable angle. 


The beefy hunk was totally defenseless, unable to move his nuts to safety no matter how hard he pulled against his restraints. Tears streamed unchecked down his exquisitely sculpted face, desperate to save his glorious manhood from destruction, for it was clear that the silver-haired assailant wasn’t going to stop until the young man’s sex life was extinguished forever, and his once-mighty bollocks were reduced to a shapeless pile of goo! 




After nearly ten minutes of non-stop ball bashing, Oliver could feel that his hammer was finally starting to sink deeper and deeper into the slowly softening ball meat. It had taken a truly tremendous amount of abuse, but the mighty orb was finally beginning to weaken under the merciless onslaught of blows. Carlos’ huge left ball was now glowing a dark and angry red, and had swollen significantly larger than its mostly undamaged twin, looking even more massive and insanely powerful than ever. Worse, the serrated face of the meat tenderizer was starting to abrade and lacerate the soft skin of the young man’s enormous ball bag, creating tiny bleeding cuts over its vast surface. 

Satisfied that he had adequately tenderized Carlos’ huge left ball, Oliver circled around to the other side of the table and began to unleash a similar bombardment on the young man’s virtually untouched right bollock, to much the same effect. 






Another ten minutes elapsed, and poor Carlos was nearly delirious from the pain. He didn’t even realize at first that the silver-haired man had paused in his assault of the young stud’s gigantic nuts, for they were throbbing in such continuous, pulsating agony that it felt as if they were still being repeatedly struck by the hammer. The exhausted Latino stud collapsed as much as his restraints would allow, softly sobbing in pain and despair. His entire, gargantuan form was covered in a thick sheen of sweat, making his enormous and exquisitely chiseled muscles glisten and shine under the overhead lights. 

The young Brazilian bull looked down at his genitals, which still lay heavily on the surface of the wooden table, and his breath caught in his throat as he drank in the devastation that had been wrought on his precious balls. His usually olive-colored nuts were now glowing a very dark and angry red, with purplish mottling starting to blossom where some truly horrible bruising had begun to develop. Both ovoid orbs were now so swollen that they strained against the skin of his overstuffed scrotum, leaving even coconuts behind to approach the stratospheric size of cantaloupes or honeydew melons! Abrasions and tiny lacerations now marred the entirety of the young man’s colossal ball bag, and disturbingly there were even small flecks of blood spattering the surface of the table. 

In short, Carlos’ titanic testes were a bruised and battered mess — but they were very much still alive and unbroken, at least for now. 

“Pl-please! Please, sir! Please stop! Please don’t hurt me anymore!” Carlos plaintively begged, his gorgeous, soulful brown eyes full of pain and desperation. “Please don’t wreck my balls! I want to have children some day…” 

Without saying a word, Oliver retrieved a few other items from beneath the table. The first was the large glass jar with the personalized inscription, which he placed on the table top about 6 feet down the table from the trapped Latino muscle bull. The next two items were a bottle of lubricant and one of those clear silicon penis sheaths Carlos had seen in adult sex shops. The sheath’s interior was lined with hundreds of tiny finger-like protrusions, a textured surface designed to maximize stimulation and pleasure. 

Oliver liberally squirted the clear and slick lubricant inside the penis sheath, and then he gently picked up Carlos’ massive, limp member and guided the huge flaccid organ into one end of the clear plastic sheath. Carlos involuntarily shivered at the sensation of the pliable sheath engulfing over half of his 12-inch soft dick, the lube creating an extremely slick surface. 

“Time for the first ingredient,” Oliver affably said as he started to stroke the huge cock trapped inside the penis sheath. 

Despite the brutal pain in his nutsac and the terror he felt at being jacked off by his assailant, Carlos couldn’t help himself as his cock started to inflate. The young man’s extraordinary libido and virility were simply too great, too powerful, to not react to the sheath-assisted hand job he was receiving from the older man. 

“Oh God!” Carlos cried out, as Oliver’s hand pumped up and down the increasingly hard cock, pounding into his bloated nuts on each down stroke. 

It only took a few minutes before Oliver was forced to involve his other hand in stroking Carlos’ still growing cock. The mighty member was simply too long, too thick, too staggeringly huge for the older man to handle with just one hand. Carlos, through his shouts of protest, shivered and moaned uncontrollably as precum began to drip from the bulbous head of his inflating, throbbing cock. Whatever lube Oliver was using was amazingly slick, allowing the ribbed penis sheath to glide effortlessly over the entire length of Carlos’ cock. The shop keeper was starting to sport a visible bulge in his own pants, clearly getting excited at the sight of Carlos’ utterly enormous cock as it grew into its rock hard fullness. 

Incredibly, it turned out that young Carlos was a ‘grower’ and not a ‘show-er’, for his steely hard phallus was a true monster of man meat, undoubtedly the largest cock in the entire world, and perhaps in all of human history! The Latino giga cock measured an absolutely staggering 21 inches from root to tip, with a girth that was equally as mind blowing and hole busting. The mighty whale cock measured just over 4 inches wide and 12 inches around at its thickest point, just a few inches behind the bloated, purple-hued head. It was a good thing that the devastatingly gorgeous young muscle bull enjoyed being a bottom, for there were very few men on the entire planet who could hope to accommodate even a portion of Carlos’ titanic trouser beast. 

Carlos looked down at his red, swollen bull nuts and thick, lube-slickened horse cock and tried to will himself not to get any more excited, but it was no use. The older man was as merciless in his erotic assault on the Latino’s huge cock as he had been earlier during the brutal ball bashing, and it was quickly becoming one of the best hand jobs Carlos had ever had. He fought valiantly against the pleasurable sensations swelling and rising within his mighty loins, but after fifteen minutes of nonstop jacking, Carlos knew that his red-blooded Latino bull cock wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. 

Oliver sensed as well that the young man was nearing the point of no return, for he could see Carlos’ massive man eggs starting to contract and pull up in their sac as the gorgeous muscle man’s boiling load prepared to blow. Carlos had closed his eyes, his thick, dark lashes making his face even more exquisitely and angelically beautiful, as he focused on slowing his breathing and preventing his assailant from having the sick pleasure of making him cum. Fresh beads of sweat were forming on his brow as Oliver stroked faster and faster with the penis sheath in one hand, and using his other hand to furiously twist and knead the lube- and precum-slickened head. The young man was flighting a losing battle and he knew it, but he was determined to hold back for as long as he could. 

“Oh God, why are you doing this?” Carlos asked breathlessly between his now uncontrollable moans. 

Oliver said nothing in response, but instead stopped the rough doorknobbing of the young man’s bloated cock head so that he could once again pick up the heavy mallet. While not slowing down his sensual and rapid stroking of Carlos’ insanely thick, heavily veined cock, Oliver positioned the mallet head directly over Carlos’ defenseless, tightening left nut. Carlos could feel his load building and opened his eyes just in time to see the mallet hovering over his bloated left ball. The bound stud screamed and begged, but his cock remained rock hard as he hurtled toward the precipice.

“NO!! NO!!! PLEASE!!!” Carlos begged. A moment later, his massive muscles tensed and his back arched as his much-delayed orgasm slammed into his loins with the force of a tanker truck. His goliath cock gave a mighty throb, and an unbelievably thick and huge rope of semen erupted from the head of his cock. 

Just as the first hammer blow landed deep into the bruised tissues of Carlos’ battered and wounded bull nut. 


The blow appeared to launch the almighty slug of sperm straight out of the young man’s nuts with impossible force and power, but the reality was that all of Carlos’ cum loads were this violent and explosive. The first giant wad of spunk blasted forth in a great, graceful arc, easily sailing higher than the young man’s own head to splatter messily and noisily onto the table top. The lad’s cum covered an astounding distance, creating a slimy trail of thick, creamy spunk extending more than halfway down the long table. 

Carlos was wailing in an almost inhuman mixture of pleasure and pain as a second, equally-massive glob of cum shot out of his pulsating cock, and the mallet crashed down for a second time, this time into the young man’s busily contracting right bollock. 


What followed was the most brutal assault on Carlos’ nuts yet, as Oliver repeatedly pounded the spasming and convulsing bull balls as they pumped their bulky ballast out of his mightily throbbing cock. The 21-inch truncheon even more resembled a stout, long-barreled cannon as it launched salvo after salvo down the length of the long wooden table, enormous ropes and streamers of thick jizz soon festooning a vast area of the varnished surface. Carlos could only look down in helpless horror as the older man pounded the mallet down over and over and over again into his quivering bollocks, the metal head of the heavy mallet making sickening crunching sounds as it drove deep into all of that beefy ball flesh. 





It was a truly awesome display of hyper-realized masculine virility, and the brutal shop keeper didn’t stop pounding until Carlos’ unbelievably explosive orgasm finally subsided. In the end, the monumentally muscular Brazilian bull had pumped out more than a score of wads of his thick nut sauce, any single slug of which would have dwarfed any other man’s most virile ejaculation. Carlos’ massive bull balls had proven that they were not only still intact and fully functional despite the brutal abuse they’d already received, they also showed that they were no mere showpieces. 

“Oh Dios! Please! Please stop!” Carlos sobbed as his mighty orgasm finally ebbed to a trickle of clotted and chunky spunk, that ran down the awesome length of his colossal cock shaft to ooze over his red and swollen nuts in thick and lazy rivers. 

Oliver once again ignored the bound muscle man as he grabbed a large putty knife from beneath the table and started efficiently and expertly scraping up all of Carlos’ creamy white effluvium and dumping it into the waiting glass jar. The bast bulk of the young man’s monstrous load had landed on the smooth, varnished surface of the wooden table, making its collection a relatively simple and quick task. 

Once the older man had harvested all of the spunk off of the table, he was visibly impressed with the quantity of the off-white sludge that now pooled in the bottom of the large jar. The pearlescent, opaque fluid filled the lower portion of the large jar, creating a thick, gloopy layer of nut butter over an inch deep. He then turned to regard the panting, sobbing muscle man, and noticed that his 21-inch stallion staff was still hard as a rock and lightly bobbing in time to the young man’s powerful heart beat. 

“Still hard, my handsome young friend? My goodness, you DO have some staying power, don’t you? Well let’s see if we can lighten you of another load…” 

So saying, the older man retrieved the well-used penis sheath, squirted a fresh coating of lubricant into its studded interior, and once again engulfed Carlos’ massive cock within its embrace. Such erotic overstimulation so soon after blowing a massive load had the young man’s toes curling and his chest heaving, but there was nothing that the raven-haired stud could do to stop the continued raping of his unbelievably lush loins. 

The process repeated much like the first time, with Oliver using both hands to vigorously stroke and jack the mammoth phallus from bloated tip to thick and sturdy root, once again coaxing the young muscle man toward an unwilling orgasm. It took a little bit longer the second time, both due to the increased pain in Carlos’ heavily bruised and battered nuts, and the fact that he’d already blown a gigantic load such a short time before, but in the end it still only took about 20 minutes before the young man’s hideously swollen and mangled nuts started their laborious climb back up to the stud’s lean and muscular crotch once again. 

And when Carlos was once again primed and ready to blow, Oliver retrieved the meat tenderizer once more and held it ready, swinging it down sharply just as the first colossal gout of splooge erupted out of the young man’s thundering cock. 



The young Brazilian bull was bellowing and roaring with all of the might in his powerful lungs, and it seemed incredible that he hadn’t already shredded his vocal cords from all of the screaming. But unbeknownst to him, the work room was extremely well insulated, and there was no one to hear his cries for help. 

The mallet was making hideous, squishy splats with each blow into the massively swollen sex organs, squashing them almost halfway flat with every devastating impact, but they steadfastly continued to plump back to their original size and shape after each blow… though Carlos wasn’t sure even his supremely beefy and burly balls could continue to endure such violent abuse for much longer. Still, just the fact that his behemoth balls were continuing to pump out slug after enormous slug of gelatinous baby batter from his gargantuan cock gave him reassurance that his testicles were intact and functioning, at least for now… 




Carlos’ second load was, if anything, even more massive than the first, both in volume and duration! The bellowing bull pumped out more than two dozen mammoth ropes of his astonishingly thick and chunky sperm, once more splattering more than two thirds of the length of the wooden table with his insanely copious spew. And Oliver kept right on hammering the young man’s weakening balls even long after Carlos’ second load was finally complete. 

The young man collapsed in his restraints, exhausted to the brink of passing out, the only signs of life the steady rise and fall of his massive, pec proud chest, and the continued drooling of the dregs of his phenomenal second orgasm from the tip of his bloated and distended bull cock. Meanwhile, as if he did this every day, Oliver calmly put down the heavy mallet and used his large putty knife to once more scoop up the deluge of jizz drenching the table, and depositing all of that slick and gloopy fluid into the waiting glass jar, adding another astonishingly thick layer of Carlos’ potent stud sperm into the bottom of the clear container. 

The older man then regarded his captive muscle man again, and noticed that his monstrous 21-inch cock was just as freakishly hard and erect as ever! 

“Remarkable!” the silver-haired shop keeper exclaimed to himself in a soft voice. “How can he still be hard? I’ve beaten his humongous bollocks more than half to death, and already ripped the two most colossal cum loads in history from his loins, and yet this mighty young bull appears ready and eager for more! And who am I to disappoint him…?” 

Oliver then squirted even more of the super slick lubricant into the cum-drenched penis sheath. Carlos’ mighty meat hammer was looking rather red and raw from nearly an hour of continuous masturbation, but otherwise indeed looked randy and ready for more. The sheath made a wet sucking sound as it once more engulfed the diamond hard cock in its silky, sensuous grasp, and ignoring the wretched moans and painful wails of the bound muscle bull, Oliver once more started to jack and stroke the titanic penis. 

The erotic sensations were now so intense that the sweat-soaked muscle bull uncontrollably bucked and writhed within the older man’s grip, but there was nothing he could do to stop the continued raping of his sore and aching loins. His abraded and bleeding balls looked much the worse for wear, swollen to nearly twice their normal size and glowing in various shades of dark red and purple. They now jiggled and quivered with each stroke like they were filled with jelly, no longer resembling the solid and meaty orbs of a mere hour ago. They were still intact, still whole, still functioning, but it was clear that they could not suffer much more abuse without sustaining permanent injury. 

It took much longer for an exhausted Carlos to build toward his third orgasm, and the older gentleman almost gave up on the idea of coaxing a third and final load from him. But Oliver was determined to wring an unprecedented third gusher of spunk from this unparalleled specimen of uber masculinity, so he kept right on pumping away at Carlos’ swollen and aching cock. The shaft was by now turning an angry shade of red, and the bloated, fist-sized head was growing a darker and darker purple from almost terminal engorgement. Even the many thick and tortured veins that gnarled the colossal shaft became even more bloated, looking like crooked, dark purple fingers clutching its entire length. 

But finally, more than half an hour later, Oliver noticed the telltale signs of an impending orgasm, including the slow and laborious climb of Carlos’ exhausted and ill-used spunk bunkers as they contracted and tightened, readying themselves to unleash yet another massive bull load. 

“No! Please! Don’t!” Carlos croaked with a dry and cracked voice as Oliver once more picked up the heavy meat tenderizer and prepared to assault the lad’s nearly pulverized bollocks yet again. 

“Uh! Unh! UNNH! No! Uh! UNH!! UNNHH!! UNNNNNNH!!!” Carlos wailed as he busted his nut for the third time that night, even as the hammer came crashing down once again into his heaving and spasming right nut. 


The first slug of cum to erupt from Carlos’ throbbing cock was perhaps the single largest wad of spunk yet, an utterly colossal rope of blindingly white splooge that rocketed forth with such incredible force that it very nearly cleared the far end of the table, exploding across its surface with a load and wet SPLAT! The next six or seven salvos of sperm were very nearly as massive, creating another enormous mess all over the varnished wooden surface. But as the murderous hammer blows continued to pound into the young man’s gigantic nuts, further wearing down their extraordinary tough and beefy interiors, the subsequent spurts of cum quickly lessened in size and force, squirting a shorter and shorter distance across the table. In the end, there were ‘only’ perhaps 15 or 16 slugs of cum total. And much to Carlos’ dismay and horror, he saw that the last few spurts of cum were tinged slightly pink. 

His third majestic and spectacular orgasm complete, Carlos’ mighty boner finally started to deflate. The older gentleman continued to stroke and pump the flagging and softening organ with the slick penis sheath, but it was clear that the increasingly floppy phallus would be needing a much-deserved rest before being able to rise to do battle once more. The magnificent cock finally collapsed, flaccid and utterly spent, draped over the monstrously swollen spheres of his two bloated bollocks. 

The young man’s dick was red and puffy and distended, but otherwise largely undamaged from the marathon jacking session. The same could not be said, however, for his behemoth bollocks, which hardly even looked human anymore. Swollen to the brink of bursting, battered and bruised into near uselessness, bleeding from dozens of tiny nicks and cuts, and drained dry of every last vital sperm cell, Carlos’ oversized seed pods looked to be only a few solid blows away from shattering asunder into dozens of chunks of broken ball meat. And yet, as heavy and extensive as that damage was, it was still possible — perhaps even likely — that Carlos’ mighty man nuts could make a full and complete recovery. But only if the abuse stopped right now. 

For a third time, Oliver calmly used his putty knife to scrape up all of the young bull’s spilled seed, depositing the scooped up jizz into the jam jar, which was now nearly a third full. It would take most other men a full year of constant milking to produce such a massive quantity of sperm, but the young Brazilian adonis had done it in just under two hours! The handsome young muscle hunk was a virtual god of sex and virility! 

Oliver then returned to the young man’s side and began to probe and inspect his deeply aching gonads with his strong fingers. His slender digits were now able to sink disturbingly deep into the pulped and softened tissues of Carlos’ thoroughly pummeled bollocks, but Oliver was impressed that both mighty orbs still had a solid and dense inner core, evidence that some strength yet remained inside both humongous testes. The older man then nodded his silver-haired head approvingly and said, “I think they’re ready now for the next step.” 

‘Ready for what?’ Carlos wanted to ask, but he was far too weary and exhausted to waste his breath on such a question. And regardless, he didn’t have long to wait for an answer. 

Oliver pulled a small blue metal canister from below the table, which Carlos instantly recognized as a propane tank. He then produced a slender metal tube and attached it to the top of the propane tank, creating a nozzle. And then, whistling an incongruously whimsical tune, he ignited the business end of the nozzle, producing a bright blue flame. 

Carlos’ rich brown eyes widened at the sight, and he began to wail in terror. “Oh God! NO!! PLEASE!! 

The older man fiddled with a knob until the flame became smaller, shorter, perhaps only an inch long, and had faded from an intense blue to a pale yellow. Satisfied, he brought the blow torch to bear on Carlos’ bound form, slowly bringing the flame closer and closer to the young man’s spent and sagging bull nuts. 

“NO!! NOOO!! AAAAAAAH!!!” Carlos screamed in fresh agony as the intense heat from the torch started to boil his nuts. Oliver continued whistling, slowly closing the gap between the flame and Carlos’ incredibly bloated nutsack. Although the flame was still more than a foot away, Carlos felt as if his sack was on fire. 

The cruel assailant slowly moved the flame in closer…  and closer… and closer. The raw and abraded skin on Carlos’ magnificent sack was starting to sweat and his huge testicles were becoming visibly even looser in their bag, all in a desperate but futile attempt to cool off. Oliver moved the flame ever closer, not stopping until the tip of the flame was only a mere inch from Carlos’ beautiful, bountiful bollocks. 

Carlos continued to scream in inhuman pain and terror, thrashing about wildly in his restraints, as he felt his very balls begin to cook. Welts and blisters started to appear in random places all over his much abused scrotum, but the majority of the heat seemed to pass right through the sac and the outer shells of his nuts to sear the delicate interiors of both mammoth orbs. 

Oliver smiled broadly as he held the flame right against the Latino’s bloated balls, roasting them mercilessly. After only a few minutes, Carlos’ once perfect scrotum was a mess of burns and blisters. There wasn’t a single square inch of his massive sac that wasn’t either a fiery lobster red from the heat or a mottled purplish black from the beating. The older man was sure to move the flame slowly back and forth, evenly cooking each of Carlos’ beyond-huge balls. 

The young muscle bull’s writhing and thrashing gradually became weaker, the last of his phenomenal stores of strength finally waning as he became utterly exhausted. Sweat poured from his pitifully struggling form, dripping off of his huge sac onto the table. Carlos mustered the last bit of strength he had and looked directly into Oliver’s merciless gray eyes, and meekly pleaded, “Please…!” before his handsome head slumped forward and he slipped into blessed unconsciousness. 

The silver-haired shop keeper kept right on roasting the unconscious stud’s massive nuts for several minutes longer, really cooking those enormous lumps of man meat, before finally turning off the flame and setting the blow torch aside. He then scooped up Carlos’ right bollock, cradling the mammoth orb in both of his hands, and began rolling and squeezing the goliath gonad with his strong fingers. The mighty sphere was quite hot to the touch, almost scaldingly so, but what really delighted the older man was how malleable and squishy the huge nut was now, easily bending and warping and deforming in his rough grip. He then repeated that same brutal digital exploration on the big muscle man’s huge left nut, finding that orb just as mushy and battered as its brother. 

Pleased, Oliver let both nearly ruined bull testicles plop heavily back onto the table. 

The older man once again reached beneath the table, this time retrieving a large plate of plexiglas with a series of heavy iron clamps attached to three of the four sides of the clear glass. The plexiglas itself was as wide as the table top itself and several feet deep, and a good inch and a half thick. He placed the glass on top of Carlos’ humongous balls, once again draping his soft cock off to one side, positioning the clear plate in such as way that the six clamps fit over the front and two sides of the table top. The weight of the plexiglas alone was enough to significantly smoosh down the young man’s horrifically mistreated bollocks, and as Oliver started to tighten down the six clamps, both swollen and rotund testicles flattened further still, providing almost no resistance as the makeshift vise was tightened. Soon, both of Carlos’ enormous nuts were firmly trapped against the table, flattened to half their fantastic girth and fully wedged between the thick sheet of plexiglas and the solid wooden table top. 

Oliver then quietly made himself a cup of tea and waited for Carlos to wake up. 

The mighty young muscle bull awoke in a surprisingly short amount of time, perhaps some twenty minutes later. He began to stir, awakening to a deep and steady ache in his bruised and swollen bollocks, and opened his eyes to find that his precious balls were now caught in a huge vise. Carlos immediately began pleading for help, and that was Oliver’s cue. 

“Oh good, you’re awake,” the older man said in a pleasant and conversational tone. “I didn’t want you to miss the best part. It’s time for the final ingredient.” 

Without further ceremony, Oliver began to systematically turn the screws on the six clamps, making the vise bear down tighter and tighter on the young man’s trapped balls. Only four inches were separating the plexiglas from the table’s surface, and as the older man turned the screws, that distance slowly decreased, compressing Carlos’ ensnared bollocks flatter and flatter. The dull ache gradually increased in intensity, and the young man’s moans soon became cries, and then turned into full-throated bellows of agony. And still the vise kept right on tightening. 

The clear plexiglas allowed both men an unobstructed view of the young man’s titanic testicles as they grew ever flatter, spreading out more and more across the surface of the table. The twin testes already resembled two large dinner plates, and they were growing larger still, impossibly so, as the distance between the two faces of the vise diminished. 

Incredibly, Carlos’ humongous cock began to wake up from its own slumber, and began to swell and inflate before two sets of disbelieving eyes. It seemed an impossibility that a man who was so exhausted, sexually spent, and in such intense agony could possibly achieve a hard on, but that’s exactly what was happening as the young man’s behemoth phallus once more bloated and engorged to its full, eye-popping 21 inches, throbbing proudly and defiantly before him. It was almost as if the mighty penis was standing vigil over the young man’s squishing nuts, swelling into one last magnificent boner before his glorious manhood was irretrievably destroyed. 

And it didn’t appear as if that towering colossus of a cock would have long to wait. The gap between the plates shrank to three inches, and then only two inches, compressing Carlos’ screaming balls flatter and flatter and spreading them out over an insane amount of surface area. Sick, wet crunching sounds were starting to come from the young stud’s failing balls as the delicate membranes and inner structures of his two massive bollocks were being crushed to the breaking point by the unyielding vise. The vast acreage of flesh in contact with the plexiglas had blanched into a pale creamy white, the very blood forced out of the collapsing tissues, while the sides of his bulging and straining nuts were a deep dark red, looking like they could burst open at any moment. 

It was truly a testament to the awesome strength and durability of Carlos’ mighty man nuts that they hadn’t exploded already, for even after all that they’d already been through — the beatings, the roasting, the multiple pillaging of their vital male essence — the two hearty huevos were putting up a fantastic amount of resistance, valiantly fighting against their imminent implosion. In fact, had it not been for the previous abuses heaped upon the young man’s colossal stones, the older shop owner would have had a far more difficult time compressing the two massive orbs. And now that only a two-inch gap separated the plexiglas plate from the table’s surface, Carlos’ struggling orbs were proving to be even tougher than Oliver could have imagined, for he was finding it more and more difficult to turn the screws of the six heavy clamps. 

But turn them he did, using all of his impressive strength to crank the six clamps and continue the slow castration and emasculation of the bound Brazilian bull. Oliver’s intent had become obvious even to the agony-addled mind of the only semi-conscious Carlos. The older man clearly planned on crushing the young man’s bollocks until they burst, reducing them to so much shapeless mush, and then scraping up all of the chunky nut guts to add to the huge glass jar. With the creamy white semen from Carlos’ final three loads forming a thick and gloopy bottom layer, the pulverized remains of his colossal stud nuts would add a bloody, grayish goop to fill the top two thirds of the jar. Hardly a traditional ‘jam’, but, as Oliver had said, it would be uniquely Carlos flavored.

Carlos could only moan and groan in extreme agony as his mammoth nuts flattened even further, the gap closing to just an inch and a half, then just a single inch, and then smaller still. The crackling and crunching sounds coming from the young man’s horrifically squashed nuts were becoming louder and more urgent, and it was clear that the handsome and herculean young muscle man was no more than a few twists away from losing his big, beautiful balls forever… 

Just then, the sound of a ringing telephone echoed throughout the large room. The land line across the room was ringing, and Oliver paused in the vise-tightening with a sigh of mild annoyance. He gently patted Carlos’ sweaty and fabulously muscular right flank and said, “I’ll be right back,” and then walked off to answer the phone, leaving the huge muscle man writhing in unbearable torment, his massive bollocks on the very razor’s edge of destruction. 

His hands gummy with lube and spunk and even a little bit of blood, Oliver decided to not pick the phone up from the cradle, and instead pressed a flashing white light and answered the call on speaker phone. 

“‘A Curious Gifter’, Oliver speaking,” the older man said pleasantly into the phone, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. 

There was a brief pause, and then a deep and resonant man’s voice said, “Is it done?” 

“Not quite yet,” the silver-haired gentleman responded. “The young man has proven to be a particularly challenging case. You had told me of his incredible strength and resilience, and while I had found your fantastic claims difficult to credit, I must say that you actually undersold the young man’s phenomenal endurance and durability. The handsome young man has not just the biggest testicles I’ve ever seen, but by far the toughest as well. I’m happy to say, however, that I am very close to finishing the process. Just a few more twists of the screws, and the young man’s gigantic balls will be crushed into pate. Your specialty jam should therefore be ready in less than an hour.” 

“Good,” came the deep-voiced reply. “I’m eager to add his jar to my collection.” 

“Splendid!” came Oliver’s reply. “I think you will be pleased. And I must thank you for recommending that I use such an unusually large jar for this young man. Though the dimensions you requested seemed ridiculously oversized at first, I now completely understand why you provided me with that information. The combination of the young man’s impossibly voluminous loads and the sheer mass of his pulped testicles will fill the jar to overflowing!” 

“Yes, he is a magnificent specimen,” agreed the voice on the other end of the line. “The most remarkable and gifted young man I have yet encountered. He also has well over a dozen nephews, all of them still children, but at least some of whom are likely to have been blessed with his same gargantuan endowment. I intend to monitor them, and, when they’re full grown, I may harvest them as well. Hell, I may end up collecting the entire family tree!” 

As the two men continued their conversation, Carlos roused himself from his half-conscious stupor, struggling against the unreal agony in his hideously flattened nuts to stay awake. He had heard a voice, a voice that was extremely familiar, and he tried to clear the fog in his brain to make it out more clearly. The two men were now discussing the time and method of delivery of the Carlos-flavored jam jar, and that’s when the bound young muscle man suddenly realized who was on the other end of that telephone line. Time seemed to stop and the bottom fell out of his world as he realized that the man on the other end of the line, the man who had ordered Oliver to torture and castrate him, was none other than his very own boyfriend, John!! 

In that instant, Carlos’ heart was shattered into a thousand little pieces, just as his own massive nuts were about to be similarly shattered. The betrayal of his love and his trust was so immense, so profound, that the young man actually felt his mighty, thundering heart skip several beats, before resuming once more. He knew that the remainder of his life would hinge on this single moment in time, splitting it between the time before he knew of John’s evil and depravity, and after the man’s unspeakable villainy had become known to him. 

For several long moments, Carlos simply wanted to die, wishing for his life to be extinguished in order to end the emotional agony inside of him. But that utter despair was soon replaced by a growing fury and a will to live. For he had overheard John just now threaten the lives of his beloved nephews back in Rio de Janeiro, and he knew that he was now the only thing standing between them and their own torture and unmanning. 

With a strength borne of anger and betrayal and desperation, Carlos began pulling at his steel bindings once more. The metal cuffs cut cruelly into his muscular wrists, but the big Brazilian bull was now numb to any pain, focusing his entire mighty will on breaking free. And while Oliver blithely continued with his phone conversation, his back to the struggling muscle man, he neither saw nor heard the links of the steel chain above Carlos’ head strain and then snap under the young man’s unspeakable power. 

His wrists free, Carlos quickly leaned forward and began to loosen the screws on the metal clamps, slowly lifting the thick plexiglas plate off of his balls and rescuing them from the brink of annihilation. The pain of blood surging back into his almost terminally crushed testicular tissues was so brutal and so intense that the big man nearly blacked out, but he fought through the pain, knowing he would only get one chance at escape. 

When the plexiglas was raised to about six or seven inches off of the table, Carlos was able to wiggle and pull his wedged bollocks out from the vise, letting them dangle once more from his lean and muscular crotch. They looked a complete wreck, bruised and burned and bloated and battered to within an inch of their lives, but Carlos knew that his mighty nuts were still whole and intact, and in time would heal. He knew that he couldn’t take the time to worry about his nuts now, but instead had to flee for his life. He bent down and unclasped the chains from around his bound ankles, stood back upright, and pulled his jeans up to this hips. With his raging 21-inch boner and heroically swollen bollocks, the young man knew that there was no conceivable way he could stuff his bloated genitals back into his pants. 

Just then, Carlos heard Oliver exclaim, “He’s escaping!!” Not wasting a single moment, Carlos spun around and started sprinting for the door. He heard a sharp crack behind him, and then another, and saw plaster splinter off of the wall in front of him as bullets narrowly missed his bulky, fleeing form. Carlos nearly tore the door off of its hinges as he plunged into the crowded shop itself, hurtling down the central aisle toward the front door and escape. More gun shots rang out, and priceless porcelain and glass art objects disintegrated as they were struck by bullets. In desperation, a running Carlos gripped one of the sturdy metal shelving units and heaved with all of his strength, sending it toppling forward into the aisle and partially blocking the path behind him. He heaved with such force that he began a domino effect, as one shelf toppled into the next, sending debris and shattered objects flying everywhere. 

Carlos struck the front door so hard that, despite it being triple locked, he ripped the door right out of the frame, tumbling into the cobblestone alley beyond. He instantly rolled to his feet, his fighter training from the barrios of Rio coming to the fore, and sprinted off into the dark night, the angry shouts of a furious Oliver fading behind him. 

As Carlos fled into the night, naked from the waist up and with his mauled and mangled genitals flopping wildly before him, he knew that he was in a desperate plight. He had no money, no passport, no resources at all, yet he knew that he had to find someplace safe, some shelter for the night, where he could make a call to his family back in Brazil and warn them against his duplicitous beau, warn them to keep his beloved nephews safe and out of the evil man’s clutches. 

And as he kept on running, his immensely powerful legs propelling him forward at a tremendous speed, especially for a man so large, Carlos knew that he would never be able to stop running. For with his wealth and resources and connections, John would stop at nothing to track him down and claim his huge balls.