Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Bursting - Jayse Version

Here's a new story for you all, just in time for Thanksgiving! It's set in ancient Roman times, and centers around a young man who wishes to make the ultimate sacrifice to the gods. Enjoy! 


The Bursting

Based on a story originally posted on Nicholas’ Nuts, Bursts, and Ballbusting Stories


Benedicia, the High Priestess of Vesta, looked down from her throne upon the dais. Her silky raven hair fell in a cascading waterfall over one shoulder, and her gauzy, diaphanous white gown did little to hide the lush beauty of her figure. The High Priestess was in her mid 30s and at the height of her lustrous beauty. She had already held the position of High Priestess for nearly a decade, and would likely remain the High Priestess of the temple for another decade or more. Only women were allowed to be priestesses within Vesta’s religion, and even then, only women of childbearing age. 

The High Priestess directed her gaze upon the trio who had entered the grand chamber of the temple. A large man stood in the center at the bottom of the stairs, flanked by two sisters of the order, who were both his guards and his guides. The young male was a supplicant, unshod and dressed in simple, sleeveless white robes, which did little to hide the vast muscular grandeur of his phenomenal body. Benedicia guessed the young man to be in his early 20s, certainly no more than 25, and yet he had the physique of a seasoned warrior, with uncommonly broad shoulders and extraordinarily powerful arms made massive with chiseled and heavily veined muscles. The tall male was also exceedingly handsome, astonishingly so, with a square-jawed face worthy of the finest marble sculptors of the realm, large and luminous green eyes flecked with gold, and very thick and wavy brown hair burnished bronze by the sun. Benedicia’s interest was instantly piqued by this breathtakingly handsome and enormously muscular young man, but her stern and beautiful features were schooled to neutrality and gave nothing away. 

One of the sisters addressed the throne and said, “This is Maximus, my Mistress. He is the son of a Senator, and he has come to us so that he may sacrifice his manhood to the Goddess. He wishes to experience the ultimate ecstasy of ‘The Bursting’.” 

“I see,” remarked Benedicia, before turning her cool gaze on the handsome male standing stoically before her. “Is this true, young man?” 

“Yes, High Priestess,” Maximus said in a voice that was surprisingly deep and resonant. His tone was properly deferential, but he bravely, perhaps even brazenly, made sustained eye contact with the beautiful High Priestess, something few supplicants were brave enough to do. 

“And what is it that he is offering?” Benedicia said to the two sisters. “Let us see his sacrifice.” 

The blond priestess to Maximus’ right undid his sash and disrobed him, revealing a body that was magnificent, perfect, and utterly flawless. Maximus’ chest was absolutely enormous, two wide plates of thick muscle, topped by the small nubs of his nipples set in coral-colored aureolas. His midsection was phenomenally chiseled and corrugated, showing eight perfectly proportioned abdominal muscles in two equal stacks, framed by exquisitely shredded serratus and oblique muscles. The breadth of his shoulders, chest, and latissimus muscles was striking, but perhaps even more impressive was their dramatic taper to the young man’s narrow, lean, and muscle-etched waist. His enormous legs were easily the equal of his spectacular upper body, thick with powerful muscle and beautifully formed. The remarkable young man was built bigger than any of the mighty gladiators the High Priestess had seen in the arena, bigger even than the famous statues of Hercules himself. The young man’s massively muscled and expertly proportioned physique truly had no equal. 

But what really caught the High Priestess’s attention was the fabulous wealth of man meat hanging loose and heavy between the young male’s thickly-muscled legs. Benedicia’s eyes involuntarily widened for a moment at the incredible sight before she could once again school her expression to neutrality. Maximus’ flaccid member was bigger than almost any erect phallus Benedicia had ever seen, and among the most beautiful as well, lusciously and generously formed, with a thick hood of foreskin covering the large, helmet-shaped head. Perhaps even more impressive, however, were the enormous testicles hanging beneath his limp penis. The turgid ovals of the young man’s balls were simply mammoth, and hung like a pair of ripe grapefruit in their silken pouch, round, succulent, and vulnerable. 

Benedicia stood and walked down the stairs in a stately fashion, stopping in front of the motionless and silent man, who stoically awaited her inspection. She slowly raised her delicate hands to cup and caress the man’s devastatingly handsome face, then ran her hands down the muscular cables and cords of his astonishingly thick and bullish neck, feeling his pulse race beneath the surface of his warm, smooth skin. Next, she ran her hands across the vast planes of his enormous pecs, over the washboard perfection of his abs, down the flat of his pelvis, and finally to his balls. She gently cupped the massive male stones, marveling silently at their unprecedented size and weight, and thought that she could actually feel the awesome levels of pure masculine power surging through the huge reproductive organs. Maximus’ bollocks were breathtakingly beautiful, and by far the largest set she’d ever seen on a man, each mammoth orb filling her palm to overflowing. There were beasts that possessed larger testicles, such as the largest of bulls and horses, but these were nonetheless massive, and would be a fitting tribute to the Goddess. 

She then looked up into the young man’s striking green eyes, searching deep into his soul, and said, “Do you realize what you are about to do?” 

Maximus’ voice was even more deep and husky as he replied, “I do, most revered High Priestess. My father selected me for the honor of sacrificing my manhood, as I have the largest balls from among all of my many brothers. I want to experience the ultimate ejaculation in service to your order, and I wish with all of my heart that the Goddess should have my balls.” 

Benedicia rolled the young man’s heavy stones around in her hands as he spoke, and they did not shrivel or retreat. This young man meant what he said, having come to the temple willingly to sacrifice his manhood to Vesta. 

“Very well,” she said. “First, you will experience pleasure unlike any other, but you will be denied release. Next, your testicles shall be tortured and endure pain unlike any other, but again you will be denied release. And finally, you shall be taken to the sacrificial chamber and have your bollocks placed upon the altar, where they shall be crushed until they burst. When that happens, you shall cum like a chariot horse, experiencing a final ecstasy that few men shall ever know. Most men die from the pain at this point, but the few that survive receive an honored and hallowed place in our temple as a lifelong servant of Vesta. I wish you well, young man.” The beautiful High Priestess caressed both of Maximus’ massive balls one last time, before releasing them and resuming her seat upon her throne. 

“Take him to the bed chamber, and prepare him for sacrifice,” Benedicia proclaimed in her regal voice. 

“As you will, High Priestess,” the auburn-haired sister replied, and the pair of women led the naked Maximus out of the throne room and to a different wing of the temple. They brought the muscular young man to a large bed chamber. In the center of the room was an oversized bed fitted with silk sheets and overstuffed pillows. On the bed was a naked woman of surpassing beauty, with long curly black hair, alabaster skin, and stunning hazel eyes. Her breasts were large, firm, and perfectly formed, and her cunny was shaved and a delicate pink. If there was ever a woman ready to please a man, it was she, and the unashamed Maximus felt his phallus quickly growing erect at the sight. As with the woman on the bed, Maximus was perfectly at ease with his body and nudity, and felt no shyness at showing his arousal. 

The eyes of all three women grew large as they took in the sight of Maximus’ rampant member, for it had grown and swelled from merely huge to positively immense. The young women estimated that the handsome young man’s fully engorged penis measured nearly a full cubit [17.5 inches] in length, with a tremendous girth surpassing that of the man’s own thick, heavy-boned wrists! They had never seen a phallus such as this on a man before, and they were awed by its staggering size and almost unearthly beauty. 

Maximus was gently led to the bed by his two escorts so that he was standing before the kneeling woman on the bed. He noticed that the raven-haired woman had a long length of leather cord in her hand. 

“Noble male, welcome to the temple of Vesta. I am Tatiana, and this is Callista and Julia,” she said, pointing to his blond and red-haired chaperones respectively, “and we are here to pleasure you. But first, I must tie this length of leather cord around your verpa and cōleī [penis and testicles], and then douse the cord with special oils. As the leather gets wet, it will swell and tighten, constricting even harder around your man parts and ensuring you do not achieve release. The cord will hurt, but you will also find that this pain will actually heighten your pleasure. Let us begin.” 

With delicate hands, Tatiana started tying off Maximus’ manhood. She first looped the cord several times around his entire package, and then looped another half dozen coils around the base of his prodigiously rampant cock, making his already massive phallus swell even larger. The fat veins snaking up and down the tremendous shaft bulged larger than ever, looking engorged and angry, and the generous hood of foreskin was now fully retracted to reveal the bulbous cock head, which was purple and shiny with glassy hardness. 

Tatiana couldn’t help but remark about the size of the young muscle man’s gigantic penis as she trussed it up, saying, “You are aptly named, Maximus! You have by far the largest member I have ever seen on a man! Is your family descended from horses?” 

Maximus blushed most charmingly at the beautiful woman’s gentle teasing, and replied, “My family is rather famous for the size of our man parts. In fact, my father’s nickname is ‘Senator Equus’. All of my brothers are similarly blessed as well.” 

“My, what a gifted family!” Tatiana replied, turning her attention now to the young man’s massive stones. She began to wrap the leather cord around the neck of his scrotum, stretching out his bollocks more and more as coil after coil encircled his nutsac. “What of these?” she continued. “Are all of your brothers equally blessed here as well? I’ve never seen a set of testicles to rival yours, young Maximus. And they feel unusually dense and firm, and are even heavier than they look! Why is that so?” 

Maximus blushed even harder at the beautiful woman’s compliments, averting his gaze and suddenly becoming rather shy as he replied. “All of my brothers have exceptionally large bollocks, though mine are indeed the largest, which was why I was chosen to make a sacrifice to the Goddess Vesta. They have also always been very tough and durable, which has served me well in physical contests and in battle. But I also must admit that I have refrained from enjoying any pleasures of the flesh for a full fortnight, guaranteeing that my cōleī are as full and gravid with seed as possible, which I think has made them swell even bigger and firmer than usual. I wanted to make sure that I was a suitable sacrifice for the Goddess.” 

“You are indeed a most remarkable and worthy sacrifice, my handsome young warrior,” Tatiana said with a demure smile as she continued trussing up his mammoth set of gonads. She had created a tube of looped coils more than three inches long, forcing Maximus’ bollocks down to the very bottom of their straining scrotum, where they bulged bright red and shiny, looking even bigger than ever. She then placed a final few coils around first one ball, and then the other, stretching them even farther from his crotch and separating them from one another. A look of erotic pain flashed across the young man’s exquisitely handsome features as his huge bollocks were pulled farther away from his crotch than they’d ever been before, but the thick cables and tendons anchoring those massive gonads to his muscular crotch were made of stern stuff, and they held without issue. 

As Tatiana finished her initial preparations, Callista and Julia disrobed as well, revealing equally gorgeous forms as that of Tatiana, and began caressing the young man’s enormously muscular body. Maximus’ eyes fluttered closed as all three women began to fondle and caress his magnificent body, losing himself in pleasure. The three priestesses were enjoying themselves as well, for they had never seen a man of such prodigious muscular size, or with man parts of such an equine stature, and they reveled in pleasuring the extraordinarily handsome male. 

Hands and tongues were soon caressing and exploring every inch of the young man’s spectacular body. Maximus also felt a warm oil being poured over his tightly bound genitalia, drenching his flesh and the leather cord in its slick wetness. As the leather began to absorb the fluid, it began to swell, just as Tatiana had promised, and Maximus felt the bindings begin to tighten even further. He grimaced and moaned as the base of his cock was throttled even tighter, and his mammoth gonads were choked even farther from his straining groin, but the lascivious attentions of the three beautiful women did indeed transform that aching pain into a kind of pleasure. 

As the three sets of delicate, expert hands continued to stroke and caress his gigantic muscles, Maximus felt Tatiana engulf his bloated cock head into her hot, wet mouth. The young man had had many women )as well as several men) try to offer him oral pleasure over the years, but none could accommodate more than the head and perhaps the first few inches of his shaft; his girth was just too phenomenally huge to allow for passage into someone’s throat. But Maximus didn’t count on the expertise of the priestesses of Vesta, who trained their whole life in the giving and receiving of pleasure. The young man’s stunning green eyes flew open wide as he felt inch after inch after bloated inch slowly work its way down Tatiana’s eager throat. The beautiful young woman was frequently coughing and retching as she tried to shove what looked like an entire forearm into her gullet, and tears were streaming from her eyes, but she was also clearly in heaven, thoroughly enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to test her skills against the greatest and mightiest of cocks. 

Callista and Julia kept busy as well, with the beautiful blond passionately kissing Maximus’ full and expressive lips, while Julia had her mouth clamped over one of the young man’s hard and erect nipples, teasing the sensitive nub with lips, tongue, and teeth. Maximus was in ecstasy unlike anything he’d felt before. 

Like any hot-blooded Roman male, Maximus was at ease with women worshiping his magnificent body, but these weren’t just any women — these were holy priestesses of the order of Vesta! One cut below actual royalty! So it was an honor just to be in their presence, let alone to be the subject of their expert ministrations. 

In addition to that, this whole exercise in sacrifice was about purging his family bloodline of his father’s shame and ignominy for accidentally getting on the wrong side of the Senate and damaging his position of power within the Empire. His father had taken turns fondling all of his sons’ massive sets of testicles, one after the other, and though it had been a very close contest, Maximus was deemed to have the largest set of them all, and thus was chosen to be the sacrifice. Though he dreaded losing his mighty manhood, Maximus was proud of being selected for this great honor, and was eager to make the ultimate sacrifice to the Goddess and thus assure that his family would reclaim their success and station through divine intercession. And he was glad to do it, for it was said that an hour with a Vestal priestess was like being in the blissful Elysian fields, and that the final release when his balls were crushed would be a transcendent experience unlike any other. 

Suddenly, and for the first time in the muscular man’s young life, Maximus felt a set of soft lips lock themselves around the base of his colossal cock. He could only look down in stunned amazement as the sight of the lovely Tatiana swallowing his entire mammoth member, her throat visibly bulging with the effort. He knew that his bloated cock head must be poking and prodding around inside of her very stomach, and that thought excited him even further. She then began to convulsively swallow around the invading column of man meat, and Maximus felt erotic sensations that he’d never known were even possible. It felt as if the entire length of his massive cock was being stroked and massaged all at the same time. 

As Tatiana choked down the entire length of Maximus’ cock, the other two women continued their ministrations, and also started bathing the rest of the young man’s phenomenally muscular body in more scented oils, making his warm, tanned, and perfectly unblemished skin slippery and slick. And when the raven-haired priestess finally hauled the young man’s fleshy sword out of her gullet one last time, gasping for breath but smiling in beatific pleasure, the other two women bathed the aching, throbbing, rigid phallus in oil as well. 

Maximus had been standing at the bedside this entire time, but he was now pulled onto the bed by all three women and coaxed to lay on his broad, muscular back. Tatiana then straddled his narrow, muscular hips and positioned her quivering cunny over the tip of his titanically engorged cock. Then, with aching slowness, she lowered herself down inch after inch of his tremendous length, mounting his massive penis, both young lovers helplessly moaning in pleasure. Maximus’ moans were soon muffled, however, as Julia pushed her plump pillows into the young man’s handsome face, and watched as he eagerly and earnestly suckled on her large nipples and worshipped her more-than-ample breasts. 

Tatiana began to slowly ride her muscular young buck while the other two priestesses worshiped his body and let Maximus worship theirs. The raven-haired beauty found that she could ‘only’ accommodate about two-thirds of the young man’s colossal penis, as his swollen cock head was soon slamming into the bottom of her cervix, but that was still many inches more than any other woman had achieved, and Maximus was in heaven. Callista increased his pleasure by straddling his face and having him eat her out, which he did with great skill and enthusiasm. Julia got into the act by kneeling between Maximus’ mammoth thighs, right behind the phallus-riding Tatiana, and roughly fondling and massaging the man’s tightly bound and hyper engorged balls. The scarlet-haired priestess soon discovered that the young man’s exceedingly large testicles were one of his most erogenous zones, and she soon had Maximus moaning and groaning loudly into Callista’s cunny as she lavished erotic attention on his cum-swollen stones. 

This scene played out for over an hour, with all three women achieving orgasm multiple times. But no matter how hard he tried, Maximus simply couldn’t cum. Though he was understandably proud of his legendary sexual stamina, the mighty young man had never not been able to achieve orgasm before, and the sensation was tremendously frustrating. At the same time, the inability to achieve release was serving to further increase his pleasure, taking him to stratospheric levels of ecstasy, even as his congested balls became ever more painfully turgid with sperm. 

After the first hour, the three women traded positions, and Julia mounted the young man’s powerfully throbbing cock. Then an hour after that, Callista took her turn atop the massive phallus, riding it to many shuddering orgasms. This process they repeated again, and again, and yet again, even as the sun began to set in the west. Maximus was proving to be as magnificent a lover as he was enormously muscular and staggeringly well hung, and the trio of women had themselves discovered a pleasure they’d never known before. They reveled in every moment of their time with the spectacularly handsome young male, trying to put out of their minds the fact that this majestic and awe-inspiring bull of a man was soon to become a steer, and that his glorious bollocks would soon be crushed to further Vesta’s glory. 

For his part, Maximus felt like there was a vise closing around his man parts, crushing them harder and harder, the pain in his bloated bollocks mounting more and more over time. His massive balls had taken on a purplish hue, dark veins erupting all over their vast surfaces like angry snakes, making his swollen testicles look simultaneously monstrous and more beautiful than ever. But despite the growing, fiery ache in his massive testes, Maximus kept lavishing all three priestesses with attention, bringing them to endless orgasm over and over again with his cock, mouth, and hands. Even though he could not achieve release himself, the young man was in heaven, pleasuring three of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen, and in turn experiencing sexual pleasures he’d never dreamed existed. 

When all four of them were finally exhausted and spent many hours later — the women from their scores and scores of orgasms, and Maximus from providing them — it was time to move on to the second, and significantly more painful, part of the sacrifice. 

As the sun set, two new women entered the room. “We are Flavia and Thecia,” one of them said, her saffron hair braided almost all the way down her back. “We are here to escort you to the next part of your experience.” 

Maximus moved off the bed and stood up. His massively muscular body was flushed with pleasure, his perfect skin glistening with scented oils, his body bearing the scratches and bite marks of untold hours of Olympic-level lovemaking. His enormous phallus looked red and raw from overuse, but remained as rigid as iron and pointing proudly skyward. All three women stood as well, huddling around their mighty male lover and embracing him one last time. Each of them bestowed a long and lingering kiss on the handsome young warrior, the greatest praise that can be given by a priestess of Vesta, and only reluctantly let him go. They all knew that the next time they saw Maximus, assuming he even survived the sacrifice, he would no longer be this mighty stallion of masculine virility and beauty that now stood before them. They were proud of his upcoming and selfless sacrifice to their great Goddess, but they couldn’t help but feel bittersweet about the destruction of such a magnificent and unparalleled male. 

With a determined set to his powerful jaw, the stoic young man followed his two new guides to another wing of the temple, and to yet another large room. Unlike the previous room, which was appointed with the trappings of pleasure, this large and unadorned stone room was equipped only for the giving of pain. Tables and shelves lined the room, filled with various torture devices, while the center of the chamber was dominated by a set of very large shackles and a winch and pulley system. 

An unresisting Maximus was led into the center of the room, and he stood silently as the two women fixed heavy iron manacles around his thick wrists and ankles. These manacles were attached to large iron chains, which in turn connected to the winch system. Flavia and Thecia started turning the winch in unison, causing the chains to retract and stretching Maximus’ mighty limbs out in a spread eagled position. He also began to lift off of the floor, his weight now carried by the manacles at his wrists, hauling his great muscular bulk upward. Once he was several feet off the ground and his swollen, purplish, vein gnarled testicles were at about chest level to the two women, they stopped turning the winch and locked the chains in place. Maximus was now suspended and helpless, his massive legs stretched out wide, and his bound and enormously engorged cock and balls throbbing and swaying before him. 

Maximus expected them to immediately begin to torture him, but instead, the two women brought out pots of henna oil and brushes, and began to paint his naked body. They worked slowly and meticulously, tracing whorls and swirls and mystic markings all over his fantastically muscular physique, taking almost an hour to complete their task. Maximus’ titanic cock remained rock hard the entire time, the swollen leather cords not allowing the massive member to lose even an ounce of its eye-popping size and granite hardness, and they even painted that as well. When they were finished, the young man’s breathtaking form looked otherworldly, bestial and beautiful all at once, and ready for the next phase of the sacrifice. 

As if on cue, a small group of women filed into the room, all carrying various musical instruments. While they took their seats, Flavia and Thecia stripped naked, revealing lush figures just as gorgeous and beautiful as those of Maximus’ recent lovers, and they attached delicate metal circlets to their ankles, each with dozens of tiny bells. The musicians began to play a lively tune, and the two naked priestesses began to dance around the male’s bound form, enticing the randy young man with their great beauty. 

At crucial points in the music, the two women began to attack Maximus’ heavy, dangling orbs, striking the bound up balls with slaps, punches, and full-force kicks. The anklets rattled and chimed in time to their dance, especially when they landed a well-placed kick into the young male’s swollen gonads. Tinkle WHAM! Tinkle WHAM! Tinkle WHAM! And as the music got louder and more intense, picking up the pace and tempo, so too did the ball busting. Tinkle-WHAM!! Tinkle-WHAM!! Tinkle-WHAM!! Tinkle-WHAM!! Tinkle-WHAM!!

Maximus’ huge balls began to swell even bigger and turn an angrier shade of red, and the big man started to grunt loudly with each punt and punch, but he was powerless to stop them. His sperm-engorged bollocks were already tremendously sore and aching from the hours of prolonged lovemaking without the possibility of release, but this brutal torture of his tightly bound balls was rapidly increasing that pain to levels of agony the strong young male had never known. The music, dancing, and torture became relentless. Maximus’ humongous balls were kicked, smashed, punched, and sometimes even tugged and squeezed. At times, the women picked up additional objects — stout staves, lengths of chain, leather straps, studded gloves — and used these devices to further increase the pain and suffering of the young man’s huge sagging nuts. 

Were he not in such terrific pain, Maximus would have greatly enjoyed and admired the sight of the women dancing before him. They were as athletic and graceful as they were beautiful, and they achieved many amazing acrobatic feats with their tireless energy. Flavia and Thecia twisted, swooped, leapt, spun, undulated, and thrust themselves into a religious frenzy, and were it not for the accompanying assault on Maximus’ steadily swelling nuts, he would have thought it one of the most beautiful and impressive performances he’d ever seen. 

The music increased in tempo even more, and despite his best attempt to remain as stoic and silent as possible, Maximus’ grunts soon turned into bellows and screams of agony. The dancing, whirling, and ball busting went on for hour after hour, and to Maximus it felt like an eternity. His balls swelled and bloated and grew until they had nearly tripled in size, leaving their extra large grapefruit size far behind, and now actually surpassing the mighty bollocks of a prized bull. The strangled orbs had taken on a very unhealthy color, a mottled mixture of dark red and deep purple, heavy bruising erupting all over their beyond-massive surfaces. 

They were also no longer the unusually — some would say unnaturally — dense and solid stones of hours before, but were now positively soft and squishy. Whereas earlier, the young man’s sturdy bollocks would repel even the hardest of punches and kicks, now the women’s swinging fists and thrusting feet dug deep into the traumatized tissues with each strike, causing the testicle meat itself to bend and warp grotesquely, and compressing the balls dangerously thin on the most brutal of strikes. 

The inferno of pain inside of Maximus’ balls was almost unimaginable, and the supremely strong and hardy warrior cursed that he was too ferociously tough to pass out from the pain, denying him the merciful bliss of unconsciousness. Maximus was also astounded that even his big burly balls could endure so much violent abuse without rupturing, and some distant corner of his pain-wracked mind was actually quite proud of his fantastically tough testicles. 

Despite the agony flooding his churning, muscular guts, Maximus’ mighty phallus remained just as rock hard and rigid as ever, clearly not intending to go down this side of ejaculation, castration, or death… and the big man no longer knew which of these options he most wished for. Worst of all, Maximus found that some part of him actually enjoyed the deep testicular pain, the pleasure centers inside of his massive testes being perversely turned on and activated by all of the brutal attention they were receiving. In fact, if it weren’t for the leather cord strangling his hyper swollen manhood, an ashamed Maximus realized that he would likely be cumming from all of the heavy ball abuse. 

As it was, though, every ounce of cum packed into his mammoth balls was utterly trapped, and not a single drop of his precious seminal fluids could escape. It felt like the congestion inside of his balls was reaching and exceeding critical levels, but his mighty man orbs somehow continued to endure. 

Finally, after hours of violent abuse and soul-rending pain, the music rose to a crescendo, and the speed and severity of the women’s attacks increased as well. Flavia and Thecia became whirling dervishes in a ball busting frenzy, their powerful legs and arms a blur of motion as their kicks and punches become one long, sustained assault on the crumbling core of his fabled manhood. Maximus howled in animal agony, his massively muscular body thrashing and bucking wildly against his restraints, his enormous phallus slashing through the air and spasmodically pulsing like it was about to reach that long-awaited orgasm. Maximus thought he would lose his mind from the searing pain tearing through his rapidly failing nuts, and he expected at any moment that his profoundly bruised and horrifically battered balls would simply explode inside of their sac. 

Just when Maximus was certain that he could not take any more, the music suddenly stopped and both dancing priestesses dropped to the floor, panting heavily from the hours of heavy exertion. 

Maximus collapsed in his restraints like a limp doll, his head lolling forward on those bullish neck muscles, his entire, massive, muscular form dripping with sweat. He was only semi conscious at this point, lost to the world. One of the women stepped forward with a pitcher of cold water, pouring it into a ceramic cup and holding it up to the young man’s parched lips, letting water trickle into his mouth and revive him a little. Another priestess stepped forward with a small tray of honeyed biscuits, and gently fed the grateful muscle man. The food and water gave the lagging warrior a much needed boost in energy, and allowed him to rally his strength and resolve to face the final challenge ahead. 

The priestesses then gently lowered the big man to the floor, using the winch to loosen the chains, and then unshackling the manacles at his wrists and ankles. Though worn and exhausted like never before in his life, Maximus was able to stand on his own, much to the surprise of the priestesses, who became even more impressed with his phenomenal strength and stamina. He had to keep his legs spread wide to prevent knocking about his colossally swollen testes, and he waddled and limped a bit when he walked, but he was able to follow Flavia and Thecia out of the torture chamber and down yet another hall. Maximus could see out the windows of an elegant arcade that the sky in the east was just starting to brighten with the promise of dawn, and he knew that his castration and sacrifice were now only a short time away. 

Maximus was led into the innermost holy chamber of the Temple of Vesta, the inner sanctum that contained their most prized relics and sacraments. The chamber was a large circle, with a series of concentric stairs leading down to the floor of the room, which contained a large altar of solid granite. The sides of the altar were carved with many scenes from Vesta’s theology, while the top was flat and featureless, though covered in dark stains of brown and rust. A large iron brazier burned in front of the altar, which along with the flaming torches in the sconces along the circular wall, provided light to the large chamber. 

High Priestess Benedicia stood next to the large stone altar, calmly and serenely awaiting the arrival of tonight’s offering, while the stone seats around the room contained dozens and dozens of priestesses and acolytes, all there to bear silent witness to Maximus’ brave sacrifice. 

Maximus was led to the floor of the chamber and made to stand facing the altar and audience. The top of the altar came to only about mid thigh on the tall and muscular warrior, so as he stood with his mighty legs pressed to the edge of the altar, his monumentally swollen sex organs rested naturally on its cool stone surface. Maximus gazed down upon his bloated and distended gonads, and couldn’t believe how utterly massive they’d become. The rotund oval glands looked like purplish-red melons, ripe and ready for harvesting — a very apt description, as it turned out, for the events that were soon to follow. 

Flavia bowed to Benedicia, offering the High Priestess a gilt-edged dagger studded with gems and precious stones. The High Priestess accepted the curved blade and, with surprising gentleness and meticulous care, began to cut the leather bindings secured around the big male’s enormous cock and balls. Maximus could barely stifle a whimper of relief as the strangling cord was finally cut, allowing his massive erection to throb and slap freely against the rock solid wall of his corrugated stomach. His brutally worked over nuts were freed next, but they were now so huge and heavy, and had been stretched out for so long, that they remained extremely low hanging, resting heavily on the stone altar with slack to spare. 

Benedicia then addressed the proud and stoic warrior. 

“You have done well, my young Maximus. Very well indeed! No man in the history of this temple has lasted so long in the pleasure chamber and given our priestesses so many righteous orgasms in praise of Vesta. No man has endured as much punishment in the pain chamber. You have proven your worthiness a hundred-fold, my brave young warrior, and now you shall have your reward. Drink from this chalice, as the brew contained within will allow you to finally achieve release at the culmination of the ceremony.” 

Maximus took to proffered goblet and drank deeply of the golden-hued liquid within. The drink was sweet and fruit flavored, and burned pleasantly as he swallowed it, warming his nearly empty stomach. 

Benedicia spoke again, saying, “Now Thecia will bind your wrists behind your back.” 

“No,” Maximus said in his deep, deep voice, startling all of the women present and freezing Thecia in her tracks. “Revered High Priestess, I would prefer to have my arms remain free to further prove my supplication to the great Goddess.” 

Hushed whispers echoed throughout the chamber as Benedicia briefly considered the male’s unusual and unexpected request, but presently she gave a brief nod and said, “I grant your request, young Maximus. Your sacrifice will indeed make a magnificent offering to Vesta.” 

With the aid of two other priestesses, Benedicia gracefully stepped up on top of the altar to stand, towering and statuesque, before the handsome and exquisitely muscled male. She spoke once more. “This is where I crush your cōleī in honor of our goddess. I will stomp upon the great vessels of your manhood until they burst beneath my feet, and you shall know the greatest release granted to mortals. I commend you once more for your bravery and heroism, my young Maximus, and may the gods look kindly upon your sacrifice.” 

The gathered priestesses then began to chant and sing an ancient religious hymn, while Benedicia swayed and danced upon the altar. She began to chant in the ancient temple language, of which Maximus could only understand a little. “Dear Goddess… take these organs… the organs of life… give this man… everlasting purity… from now on… and bless him in your radiant light.” On and on it went, while Maximus waited, stoically and patiently, for a brutal and painful end to come to his swollen and horrifically aching manhood. He began to feel a warmth and languor spread throughout his extraordinarily muscular and powerful body, simultaneously filling him with vigor and energy, and making him relax. Any last vestiges of fear or doubt left his body, and the beautiful and fantastically built young male fully accepted his fate, offering up his bruised and battered, but still utterly magnificent, manhood up to his revered Goddess. 

The chanting steadily increased in intensity, until the whole room was filled with the sounds of frenzied devotion, and Benedicia’s gyrations upon the altar became extreme. Then, without warning, she stomped her foot down onto Maximus’ lolling left testicle, once, twice, thrice, crushing the wounded sex organ against the unyielding stone altar with bone shattering force. Almost any other man’s testicle would have instantly burst under the violent and beyond brutal assault, and even Maximus’ undamaged organs would have had a hard time enduring such extreme abuse. But his grotesquely swollen bollocks were now a far cry from the hale and hearty orbs of dense masculine power that they had been only hours before, horribly battered, profoundly weakened, and so soft and squishy that they were squashed nearly flat beneath the High Priestess’ heel. 

And yet somehow, incredibly, his monstrous left bollock survived, looking unbelievably massive and defiant as it rested heavily upon the sacrificial altar. 

Before Maximus could do more than open his gorgeous green eyes wide at this new, unprecedented level of agony, Benedicia stomped down on the young man’s bloated right testicle, one, two, three times, trying with all of her considerable might to shatter the massive oval of male tissue. 

Miraculously, Maximus’ right bollock also survived, quickly plumping back up to its normal ovoid shape. 

The wounded male finally found his voice, and began to bellow in his greatest agony yet, his balls feeling like twin suns of burning fire. It was all that Maximus could do to keep his arms at his sides, the gigantic muscles in his vein-gnarled arms flexing and bulging dramatically as he fought against his body’s natural inclinations toward self preservation. The very walls of the massive stone temple seemed like they would shake apart at the power of his screams and the intensity of the priestesses’ chanting, but the singing and dancing continued, and only moments later, the High Priestess repeated her devastating foot stomps, three to his swollen left bull nut, and three to his right. 

And once again, against all reason, both bollocks survived! 

Never in the history of the Temple of Vesta had a male survived so many stomps with his nuts still intact, and the chanting reached an even more frenzied pitch, the priestesses all overwhelmed with devotional joy at the realization that this night’s offering would be the greatest ever made to their Goddess. The women were all but screaming their religious chant as the High Priestess stomped down again. And again. And again. Three more sets of three vicious nut stomps to each of Maximus’ screaming bollocks. 

And the almighty man orbs continued to survive!! 

Tears of agony were streaming unchecked down Maximus’ devastatingly handsome cheeks, but the mighty warrior held himself still and kept his clenched fists tight to his sides, willingly enduring the worst pain that any man could know. His massive chest swelled with pride as his behemoth balls proved their mettle, showing themselves to be outrageously tough, freakishly tough, tougher than any other man’s balls that had come before him. But he also knew that their fabled endurance was rapidly coming to an end. His failing bollocks were taking longer and longer to plump back up to their spheroid shapes after each barrage of stomps, and they were being crushed flatter and flatter with each devastating strike. He knew his long-suffering testicles couldn’t last much longer. 

Three more stomps left, three more stomps right, as the High Priestess continued to massacre the muscular warrior’s fabled manhood. 

Faint crunching sounds could be heard emanating from the young man’s pummeled spuds, but yet they continued to hold fast, refusing to break. Maximus nearly swooned in unreal agony, and he felt he might retch, but he steeled himself to hold his position, wanting to make his father and his family proud, and to honor the Goddess. He flexed his gargantuan muscles, gritting his powerful jaw and pressing his crotch farther forward, offering up even more of his manhood to the onslaught. 

Three more stomps left, three more stomps right. 

The young warrior’s once-magnificent bull balls had now endured an impossible 21 foot stomps each, with each virility-decimating stomp powerful enough to obliterate most men’s testicles. The sickening wet crunching and sloshing sounds coming from his bollocks on each stomp were getting louder and more disturbing, however, and it was clear that if the young man’s manhood were to be saved and spared, then the beating would need to end now. As in right now. The horrifically mauled testicles were no longer plumping back to their full size, instead remaining partially flattened, and their shape was taking on a slightly lumpy appearance. They were also now glowing an almost solid dark purple, enormous bruises now covering almost the entirety of both mighty organs. 

At the same time, a pain-wracked Maximus felt the rumblings of an almighty ejaculation finally stirring in his much-abused loins, and he knew that he was finally hurtling toward that long delayed orgasm. 

High Priestess Benedicia changed her tactics, isolating just his mangled left testicle, and began stomping solely on that turgid, squishy nut, hammering it again and again and again and again with her hard heel. 

Maximus roared in extreme agony and ecstasy as his mighty cannon of a cock finally achieved release. His colossal body shuddered as a strange and powerful pleasure overtook him, and he began bucking his slender and muscular hips as his thick sap began to rise. His huge, vein-gnarled cock began to spurt his gleaming white man milk in the most powerful, violent, and unspeakably voluminous jets that any of the women had ever seen, blasting astoundingly high up into the air in graceful, sperm-heavy arcs. 

Another priestess was waiting in front of the altar, carrying a large gold offering bowl, but she was unprepared for both the size and the power of Maximus’ positively volcanic emissions. The young woman missed the first three titanic blasts altogether, the immense and heavy ropes of cum splashing uselessly against the stone floor far behind her. She stumbled backwards in time to get in line with the rest of his spectacular cum load, however, and the sounds of the chanting women and the bellowing and howling muscle man were soon joined by the wet splashes of his unnaturally thick and chunky load landing in the large bowl. 

As the young man’s orgasm raged onward, Benedicia kept on stomping his mammoth left testicle, crushing it flatter and flatter with each strike. After a dozen or so foot stomps, she could actually feel the tough and fibrous outer wall of the obscenely bloated orb start to crack, and after another dozen blows, those cracks grew into larger and larger fractures. And STILL Maximus’ obese orb refused to break! In fact, it took nearly a dozen MORE stomps before the handsome young warrior’s valiant left bollock finally burst within its much abused sac. 

A loud and beefy popping sound echoed across the large chamber, but even the loud cheers of the jubilant women could not overpower the almighty bellow of unimaginable agony that burst from Maximus’ powerful lungs. The young man felt every moment of his nut’s violent destruction, and he thought he might die from the pain of it. 

And yet his monumental orgasm thundered onward, undiminished and unabated even after the explosive loss of one of his titanic testicles! 

Benedicia began stomping on his still whole and unbroken right testicle, redlining the failing nut and rapidly approaching the point of no return. A dozen annihilating foot stomps fell onto Maximus’ final bollock, and then a dozen more, and then a dozen more, and STILL the mammoth orb refused to burst. Cracks were forming all over the massive ball, fractures that grew larger and larger with each blow, yet the titanic teste still somehow maintained its structural integrity. 

Another dozen blows. 

And yet ANOTHER dozen blows! 

Maximus howled and furiously bucked his hips, pumping out more and more of his seemingly never-ending cum load, even as his heroic right bollock careened toward destruction. 

But even now, if the High Priestess stopped her brutal assault of his mammoth sex organ, then some remnant of his super human virility might yet have been saved. Who knows, perhaps his extraordinarily sturdy and resilient right testicle might even have made a full recovery. But that was not meant to be. 


The last vestiges of strength in the mighty young male’s right bollock were being hammered out of the enormous organ. 


The vast and gigantic testicle appeared to be now crushed more than halfway flat, yet still refused to break. 


Maximus was bellowing incoherently, his colossal phallus still vomiting forth insanely prodigious ropes and streamers of stud cum even as the right half of his manhood was being systematically slaughtered. His hammering heart felt like it might burst inside of his massive chest, the combination of unearthly ecstasy and agony threatening to kill the mighty young man. 


“VESTA!!! PLEASE ACCEPT MY UNWORTHY SACRIFICE!!!” Maximus bellowed in a voice so loud that dust actually fell from the ceiling far overhead. 


With one final nut-annihilating stomp, Maximus’ final testicle exploded catastrophically within his enormous nutsac, instantly shattering into more than a dozen broken chunks of ruined nut meat. 

Astoundingly, the violent and explosive loss of his last testicle didn’t immediately end the young man’s legendary orgasm, though the force and size of his staggeringly massive cum blasts dropped precipitously. His cum shots were still enormous by any other male’s estimation, and the castrated male continued to pump out steadily lessening salvos of his thick and sticky splooge all over Benedicia’s shapely legs and feet, even as she continued to dance upon the mushy remains of his decimated manhood. 


The High Priestess could feel individual bubbles and chunks of still-solid man meat bursting beneath her smashing heels, and with the destruction of each remaining segment of intact nut flesh, the volume of Maximus’ dwindling orgasm declined even further. The women chanted, Maximus barely hung onto consciousness, and Benedicia pummeled the remains of his mush-filled nutbag. 

Only once the final intact chunks of beefy ball flesh were shattered beneath Benedicia’s heel did the young man’s beyond epic orgasm stutter to a halt. Before Maximus could collapse, Benedicia pulled the ceremonial dagger from its sheath once again, and with a smooth and swift motion, deftly sliced the mangled remains of the young man’s ballsac from his body. She held up the gigantic nutsac of pulped and mushed stud nuts high overhead, reveling in the cheers of her fellow priestesses, even as another priestess used a glowing brand to cauterize the wound at the base of Maximus’ still rock hard cock. The High Priestess then threw the heavy sac of pulverized nuts into the fiery brazier below her, and the loud crackling and popping of sizing flesh soon filled the room. 

Benedicia looked down and was shocked to see the young priestess who had been in charge of catching the warrior’s heavy load. The pretty young woman had a look of shock on her face, for she was all but drenched in cum. Countless huge ropes and slashes of the young male’s insanely copious sperm load had lashed the maiden’s voluptuous form, soaking her diaphanous robes and plastering her thick blond hair to her head. The ground around her was also festooned with enormous amounts of cum, and the High Priestess would have been furious with her underling for failing to catch the young warrior’s mighty load, had she not also seen the contents of the golden offering bowl. The enormous, shallow bowl was filled to overflowing with the incredibly thick seminal fluids of the formerly bull-hung stud, thick globs of the stuff sloshing over the side to drip heavily to the floor below. There was enough gelatinous splooge contained in that bowl to fill a tall amphora, possibly even two! And if they carefully scraped more of the viscous, sticky fluid off of the stunned young priestess and the floor surrounding her, and from Benedicia’s own cum-drenched legs and feet, they might harvest yet another amphora of the creamy white goo! 

The High Priestess of Vesta had never seen a cum load even remotely as colossal as this, not even from the mightiest of farm animals out in the fields, and she knew that they had captured a prize of incalculable value. 

Everyone in the Roman Empire knew of the famous Vestal Virgins, the young maidens who remained chaste and pure in honor of their goddess, never knowing the touch of a man. What no one outside the temple knew was that the seed harvested from willing male sacrifices was sometimes used to impregnate these virgins, filling their wombs with the best seed of the Empire, the true ‘cream of the crop’. These young maidens technically remained virgins, yet carried the sons and daughters of these sacrifices to term. The girls were added to the ranks of the priesthood of Vesta, growing up within the temple grounds, while the boys were little more than slaves, performing menial tasks around the temple grounds, and with the most promising sometimes ending up as sacrificial offerings themselves. Benedicia herself was the product of one of these secret virgin births, and it was a long tradition that she intended to maintain. 

And with this overwhelming abundance of prime male seed supplied by young Maximus, Benedicia could impregnate every last priestess and acolyte in the temple, herself included, resulting in over three hundred new births! In fact, if she acted quickly and sent swift riders out to the nearest sister temples, she could gather over a thousand more fertile women here before the young warriors seed even cooled. The possibilities and ramifications for her priesthood were vast, for she could only begin to imagine the beauty, strength, power, and virility of Maximus’ potential offspring, and the High Priestess was already focusing on how to capitalize on this unique opportunity. 

The young gelded warrior was all but forgotten by High Priestess Benedicia, so intent was she on her future plans. The massively muscular man was swaying on his feet, but somehow still remained upright even after suffering the greatest pain and loss that a male could possibly endure, a true testament to his fantastic stamina and strength. Maximus himself was of course wholly ignorant of the priestess’ machinations, or her plans for his last, magnificent cum load. All that the weary and exhausted young warrior knew was that he had fulfilled his familial obligations, and sacrificed his most precious of possessions to the Goddess Vesta. A great sense of pride, peace, and completion filled his enormously muscular chest. And as the fragrant smell of his roasting manhood drifted throughout the room, and his colossal phallus began to wilt for the final time, Maximus had one last thought before he passed into merciful unconsciousness — ‘Dear Vesta, please give my family good fortune and expatiate our shame. Amen…’