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Venom of Medusa - Original Version

Here is the original story that inspired my version of Venom of Medusa. As you can see, my version is WILDLY different from the original -- pretty much the only concept I kept was that a guy gets bitten by Medusa and ejaculates her snake babies. But I thought you all might want to see the original anyway.

Venom of Medusa

Medusa must reproduce to ensure a future of pure sadism

Venom of Medusa

They had come to this old place because Jane thought it would be sexy for their first time. Both Mark and Jane were virgins, and though Mark wasn't too picky, Jane wanted something to put her in the mood, and one thing that worked was scary old houses. But this was no ordinary house.

The people of this town spoke of a woman who haunted this house, a lust-bent hellspawn named Medusa, who seduced young men in order to impregnate herself and give birth to a demon child, who would walk the earth causing mass suffering and chaos. Of course they didn't believe such a tale, but it was sexy.

They climbed up to the old bedroom, chasing each other and giggling all the way. Once inside, they kissed vigorously on the bed, pawing each other all over. She began to undress and Mark thought he would explode from excitement.

Her small breasts bounced out of her bra and he ripped his shirt and pants off in no time. Jane was evidently starting to get nervous though, this was her first time after all. When he pulled out his penis, she gasped. "What's wrong with it?" she said in a shakey voice.

"What do you mean?" asked Mark, quite startled by her question, he thought she would be impressed with his raging 8 inches.

"Where is the.. why is there all that skin over it?" She had three brothers and had seen many a penis, but never an uncircumsized one.

"Oh, I just haven't been circumsized," he retorted, pulling back the skin to reveal his large cockhead.

"I-I'm sorry, I just can't do this now," she said shakily, gathering up her clothes and running out.

"Jane, wait!!" he cried, but it was too late. He felt terrible, not just because he didn't get his chance to get laid, but he just felt bad about the situation, as if he had done something wrong to Jane, though he knew he hadn't. He sat down on the bed and sighed to himself.

Just then his eye caught a figure in the corner. His heart jumped and he pulled up a dusty sheet to cover himself.

"I think it's beautiful," the shape said, and as it emerged from the shadows, it revealed itself as one of the most gorgeous (and NUDE) women he had ever seen. She looked to be about 30, 14 years older than him, but she had smooth pale white skin, round hips, a slightly rounded belly, perky breasts, long black braided hair with a tuft of curly black hair between her legs, and a heart-stopping face, with full lips and golden-green eyes. "I'd be glad to put my lips on that lovely pee-pee of yours," she said playfully but sensuously.

He instantly forgot the old story and was swept away. "Come on, don't be afraid to show it off boy, I've seen those things before you know." She came over and sat beside him, rubbing his back gently. He still held the covers over his genitals instinctively, but he wanted this woman more than he had ever wanted anything before. "You're a young one, aren't you?" she said, "Come on, let's see it," as she pulled the covers a bit and the large cock poked out. She grabbed it and he whimpered slightly as her forefinger and thumb gently peeled his foreskin down and his glans penis, already wet with excitement, popped out. "Have you ever had a blowjob, sweetie??" He shook his head no. As he sat on the bed, she got down on her knees and lowered her head slowly, extending her tongue to lather the swollen ridges of his cockhead.

Mark lay on his back and began to moan at this glorious attention. Her hand pumped his member up and down as she sucked, licked and playfully nipped at his glans and foreskin, his whole body shivered with excitement. She continued at it and he knew it wouldn't take him long at all. As she went, she got a little rougher with him, her nips turned into little bites, but this made him more and more excited. He didn't see that the black braids around her head had taken on life, writhing and taking the form of black vipers. He began to cry more excitedly as his hips began to push forward into the air. She withdrew her lips from his penis but continued to stroke the large cock, every upstroke burying his cockhead in folds of sensitive skin, every downstroke unwrapping the leaking plumb, and as she parted her full lips, the black head of a viper slowly emerged.

Mark began to make high-pitched squeaking noises as his body shivered and quaked. He bit down on the sheets as his toes curled and he let out the most massive squirt of semen possible, letting it fly clear over his head. His whole body recoiled as the second stream washed over his chest and the blankets. At this point the silent viper/tongue flicked it's own tongue out to catch a taste of the forcefully ejected stream, then, opening its mouth, just on a rough upstroke, it buried its fangs through his foreskin and deep into his large cockhead.

His cry of pleasure turned into a cry of horrifying pain as it released a venom that seemed to paralyze him, not entirely but enough that he could not move very well. He managed a couple of small squirts of semen, but his orgasm was rather short-lived. He writhed in pain, as she said nothing and just watched. His whole penis felt as though it was on fire, and it began to painfully swell, until the whole member was almost three times as thick as it was naturally. Tears rushed down his face, he could barely make a noise at this point. Then he felt something else.

There was a strange wriggling feeling from inside his penis. His urethra felt blocked up, almost like something was fucking him from inside. There was an intense wave of itchiness inside him, something that at first was unbearable, but then almost pleasurable. His prostate kicked in and then his hips began to buck completely involutarily. He suddenly felt that his body was trying desperately to ejactulate to relieve the blockage and the wiggling itch or tickle from inside. His whole lower torso pushed as if he were constipated, and he was sure he would lose his bowels. Though he couldn't move very well, he could bring his head up enough to see that his inhumanly swollen member was oozing a mix of cum and blood, his testicles were drawn tightly in and his penis was actually ejaculating, but in a way as if to release something more. He moaned, it was so good and so painful all at once. A squirt of blood shot out and hit him in the cheek, and then his piss-slit stretched open as the tiny head of a baby snake poked out. His body struggled to force it out, his hips continued to thrust to the best of their ability, and finally it did slither out, only to be followed by two more heads struggling to get out at the same time. Now pain had taken over as his penis swelled even more and a pool of blood and ejaculate continued to deposit itself on his belly. He rolled his head back and forth is pain, teeth clenched, as more of these creatured filled his urethra.

One had carved a new path and he watched through tears as one of the bite marked on his cockhead opened up and a snake forced its way out. He let out the best scream he could manage as his piss-slit finally stretched too far and his cockhead split in half, hordes of tiny snakes pouring out of his destroyed shaft. Mercifully, he managed to pass out, as the snakes made their way off of his belly, off of the side of the bed, and slithered into the waiting vagina of Medusa.

When she had sucked the last one into her womb, she smiled and said to herself, "finally it is ready. My child shall come and all will suffer even worse than you did my dear boy." With that she stood up and returned to the shadows from where she came.

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Venom of Medusa

I'm taking a brief departure from posting my correspondence with Alex to post this story. It was the story that Alex commented on (in part 7 of his posts), and since one of you requested that I post that story, I thought I would oblige.

The original version of this story was barely two and a half pages long, while mine comes out to just over 12 pages of text -- so clearly my version is an extensive embellishment on the original. I hope you enjoy it!

Venom of Medusa

Based on an original story concept by an anonymous author

Medusa must reproduce to ensure a future of pure evil 


As night began to fall, Medusa walked into her prisoner chamber, eager to begin tonight’s ceremony. For tonight would witness the creation of her demon child, a child that would have tremendous power and would usher in a new era of mass suffering and chaos. 

As she entered the room, Medusa saw the rays of the setting sun beaming through the far window and across the naked and prone form of her captive. The fading light cast the young man’s awesome musculature in deep relief, and made him appear even more beautiful than ever. He lay exactly where she had left him at dawn earlier that day, for he was shackled at wrist and ankle with huge chains of cold-forged iron, and his mighty limbs stretched out from his body so that he lay spread eagled upon the cushions and pillows she had set for him. 

The young man chained before her was masculinity personified, a perfect specimen and paragon of man. His name was Torc Bonecrusher, and he was a mighty barbarian warrior from the tribes of the frozen north, a hard and powerful people who had learned to live in one of the harshest environments on earth, and who therefore produced some of the strongest and toughest men on the planet. In fact, Torc’s last name, Bonecrusher, was an appellation he earned for his ability to actually crush and pulverize the bones of his enemies as he grappled with them. Torc’s awesome strength had grown legendary, even among his own powerful people, and he was said to be stronger than the mightiest of ogres. 

And judging simply from the size of Torc’s mighty physique, Medusa did not doubt that claim. 

Torc was massive even by the standards of the men of the north. He stood a full 6’6” tall, and his wide, massive frame was packed with over 385 pounds of pure, battle-hardened muscle. Medusa had had to have Torc’s shackles and chains specially made with an adamantine alloy just to make sure they would be strong enough to hold the young man, such was his phenomenal strength. Each of Torc’s muscles was bulging with raw strength and power, from his bullish neck, to his magnificent chest, to his awesome arms (which measured over 26 inches around when completely cold!), to his barn-door back, to his tight, corrugated waist, to his massive flaring legs and mighty calves. Torc’s very presence was awesome, and made even more amazing by the fact that, at a mere 20 years of age, he was still growing!  

In addition to his unsurpassed strength and gloriously muscular physique, Torc possessed the face of an Adonis. The young man’s extraordinarily handsome face was stuck in that wondrous space between boy and man, and having all of the benefits of both. His flawless skin stretched over perfect features – high cheekbones, long straight nose, high forehead, full sensual lips, a strong powerful jaw, and a prominent chin. Yet it was his eyes that were most captivating, eyes the color of the blue ocean, and so deep that one could get lost in his gaze. These eyes were rimmed by thick blond eyelashes the same color as the thick blond hair upon the youth’s head. This same blond hair was also thick at Torc’s armpits and crotch, but was otherwise only lightly sprinkled across his forearms, legs, and monumental chest, a golden dusting of manly fur. 

While all of these features certainly made Torc a most remarkable young man, a mighty hero worthy of the tales of skalds and bards, it was what swung between Torc’s columnar thighs that made him truly unique, and that made him such a prize for Medusa. 

Torc possessed what may have been the largest set of genitals ever seen on a man. Torc’s gigantic cock was a masterpiece of man flesh, a true battering ram of a cock. Even when completely limp, Torc’s mighty horse cock was well over 11 inches long and thick as a club, but when it grew fully hard, it was truly a sight to behold. Torc’s rock hard cock measured just over 16 ½ inches in length, and was as thick as a strong man’s forearm. It was a cock even a prize stud horse would be jealous of. And unlike most super huge cocks that remained puffy even when fully erect, or that drooped under their own massive weight, Torc’s pulsing cock was as hard as steel and jutted skywards from his crotch, a testament to the enormous strength of the muscles and ligaments in his huge cock. 

Medusa was mightily impressed by Torc’s behemoth bull cock, and had taken great pleasure in playing with the young man’s titanic member these past few weeks. But it was Torc’s equally gigantic balls that really captured her attention. 

About two years before, Medusa had first heard the rumor of a young man with the balls of a bull and the virility of 100 men, but she had not believed the tales until she had actually laid eyes upon Torc’s colossal testicles. Then she realized that the tales had actually not done him justice, for surely there was no bull on earth with balls as large as the pair of mighty gonads swinging so heavily from this young warrior’s crotch. 

Medusa wondered how the young man could walk, let alone swing his mighty blade into battle while completely naked, for his massive balls were each larger than the largest of grapefruit, and looked to be ten times as juicy. Each spectacular orb of man meat was incredibly dense and contained within a thick, fibrous, and extraordinarily tough outer wall. This awesome density and thick meatiness not only made Torc’s balls incredibly heavy, but also made his gonads very tough and resilient to harm. Tales told of enemies clubbing Torc in the balls in an effort to incapacitate him, blows that by all rights should have shattered his bull nuts and sent chunks of broken ball meat flying into the snow, but not only did Torc’s nuts survive, the young man would laugh off the blow as he effortlessly decapitated his assailant. 

The awesome weight of Torc's mammoth bull balls created an enormous stretch to his thick, baggy scrotum. The young man's gigantic man orbs hung a fantastic 6 inches from his muscular crotch, the most magnificent natural dangle that Medusa had ever seen. The sight was powerfully masculine and intensely erotic.  

Upon capturing the young warrior, Medusa had gone to great lengths to test the hardiness and endurance of Torc’s incredible body, paying particular attention to those gargantuan balls. She subjected the young man's massive baby makers to terrible tortures, beating, stretching, and crushing those mighty sperm factories far beyond what any other man's balls could possibly survive. And she found that the young stud's mighty orbs could endure just about anything she could think of to do to them. 

At the same time, she also tested Torc’s legendary virility. Dozens of stories told of how women were constantly throwing themselves at the feet of the gorgeous young warrior, begging him to fill them with his powerful seed and thus give them strong and beautiful children. These same stories told that young Torc would never say no to these women, and many stories told of how the handsome young stud had had intercourse with 20 or more women in a single night and gotten every single one of them with child. 

Medusa soon learned firsthand, however, that even these fantastical stories fell shy of the spectacular truth. Torc could produce truly extraordinary, mind blowing quantities of his seed, and each titanic load from him produced more cum than a normal man could produce in a month of steady milking. And not only did Torc cum in gargantuan quantities, but he could also cum dozens of times in a single day, proving that his enormous balls not only had an extraordinary storage capacity, but that they could also manufacture sperm at a phenomenally accelerated rate. In the first week alone after Medusa had captured Torc, she brought him to orgasm more than 200 times, and each orgasm was just as massive and mind-blowing as the one before! By the end of the week, Torc's small dungeon cell was flooded several inches deep with his powerful male fluids, and the walls and even the ceiling 12 feet overhead were coated with the gamey and unusually thick spunk. Torc’s mighty cannon of a cock proved to be extraordinarily powerful as well, capable of propelling the massive, 6-foot-long slugs of his spunk for remarkable distances. 

As she gazed upon her gorgeous prisoner, watching his mighty chest rise and fall with his every breath, Medusa reflected on how this day came to be. 


For more than 5,000 years, Medusa had longed to bring a child into this world, one that would bring eternal night and darkness, and spread evil and suffering to every corner of the globe. But in order to do create this child, she knew that she had to find a man of unsurpassed masculinity, beauty, and virility, for only such a man would be powerful enough to successfully father this child of darkness. Medusa had searched for untold centuries for such a man, scouring high and low and across the length and breadth of the world. On the rare instances that she found a likely candidate, a man of exceptional strength and beauty and sexual prowess, she would try to mate with him. But each attempt ended disastrously, killing the man in the process and failing to conceive the prophesied child. She had begun to despair of there ever being a man powerful and virile enough to survive the process. 

When she began hearing of young Torc a few years ago, Medusa at first dismissed the stories as mere fiction, the exaggerated tales of mummers and charlatans. But as the stories spread and grew, she began to hope once again. The fantastic stories of the young warrior grew and traveled quickly, telling of his great strength, bravery, beauty, and above all else, his extraordinary virility. As these stories grew and multiplied, Medusa knew she had her first potential candidate for a mate in over a century, and quickly made plans to capture the young man. 

She had lured Torc to her dungeon by spreading tales of fell creatures, great treasures, and damsels in distress, knowing that no true hero could resist such tales. Torc explored deep into the dungeons, overcoming many tests of strength, courage, and cunning, before Medusa finally sprung her trap, capturing the beautiful warrior and chaining him with such mighty chains that even his great strength was rendered useless. 

For the next several weeks, Medusa tortured and tested the young man in every way possible, assessing his strength and endurance in addition to his spectacular virility. Many men in the past had failed these tests, dying in the process or losing their testicles to the brutal ball tortures Medusa would subject them to. But Torc survived these tests not only intact, but with relative ease, displaying greater strength and hardiness than any man she had ever seen before. Her hopes had swelled greater still - perhaps this was the man who would be able to father her child. 

After the weeks of tests, Medusa was convinced of the young man's suitability for mating, and she began to prepare her prisoner for the fertility ceremony. Now, instead of constantly milking the sperm from his great orbs, she began to stimulate ever greater production of his male fluids without letting him spill even a drop of his prodigious and steadily growing load. She did this by continually exciting the young man and stroking his great rampant horse cock, but not allowing him to ejaculate. After millennia of practice, Medusa was an expert at this extremely delicate art, and for the past 10 days has brought Torc to the edge of cumming innumerable times, only to bring him back from the very brink and start all over again. This constant stimulation quickly caused Torc’s great nuts to become painfully congested and engorged with sperm, a pain which has grown with each passing day, giving Torc the worst case of blue balls imaginable and driving him nearly mad with the need for release. 

After the first few days of such exquisite torture and abuse, Medusa realized that Torc’s virility was so great that even her skills might not be able to prevent his long-delayed ejaculation, so she devised several measures to help prevent such a premature occurrence. She secured a series of tight iron bands along the length of Torc's gigantic penis, choking the young man's huge, beautiful member. She also placed a pair of tiny but strong metal clamps on the extremely long neck of Torc's thick scrotum. These clamps were carefully tightened down over the twin sperm ducts leading from Torc's enormous bull balls to his loins, completely crimping off the ability of a single sperm to leave the huge orbs, but not affecting the lush blood supply needed to nourish the great gonads. 

But the most effective method of all has been to tie massive weights to the young man’s enormous balls to stretch them away from his crotch, not only causing tremendous pain (especially when he had already developed a roaring case of blue balls), but also preventing the bull balls from locking in place at the base of his cock. She has found, however, that over time she has required greater and greater weights to keep Torc’s balls at a full stretch, for such was the extraordinary power of the young man's balls and such was their desperate need for release that they would continue to crank upward even with vast amounts of cast iron weight yanking them downward. 

Now, with the start of the fertility ceremony close at hand, Medusa had more than 500 pounds of naked steel hanging from Torc's screaming bull balls, over 100 pounds MORE than the young man's own tremendous body weight, tearing cruelly at his monumentally congested nuts and yanking them down to an extraordinary distance from his muscular crotch. Medusa had already found Torc's natural 6-inch dangle to be one of the most profound and beautiful nut stretches she had ever seen, but she was nearly overcome now with lust, for the tremendous weight pulling mercilessly at his balls for over a week has actually more than doubled their phenomenal stretch to just over 12 full inches. In all her several millennia of existence, Medusa had never seen such an enormous stretch to a man's balls, and she finds the sight overwhelmingly erotic. 

As Medusa now gazed upon Torc’s massive balls, she could readily see that they were very visibly swollen, positively bloated with cum, to the point where they had left their grapefruit size far behind and were now approaching the realm of melons. The titanic orbs bulged obscenely at the bottom of their severely overstretched sac, bulging bright red and shiny as if they were about to burst forth from their scrotum. But Medusa suspected that it would take a hell of a lot more than even 500 pounds of ranging metal to tear this young stud’s great balls off. A whole hell of a lot more, in fact! 

She was only sad that she wouldn't get the chance after tonight to further test the young muscle man's limits. She would have greatly enjoyed taking him to greater and greater heights of agony, and see how far she could push him until his extraordinary masculinity finally gave out and he was left a ball-less, useless husk. But no, the creation of her ultimate child of darkness took precedence over any simple desire for torture and bloodshed. 

And besides, in a couple of decades, Torc's many hundreds of male children across the globe will have ripened into manhood, and she could have her way with them in ways that she had not been able to with their mighty father. 


Medusa entered the vast ceremony hall and, as always, was greeted by the gorgeous and intensely masculine sight of Torc’s cock at full, rampant attention, throbbing visibly with the youth’s powerful heart beat. The beautiful Medusa was herself naked save for the gauzy veil hiding her eyes, and her lovely and shapely form only served to arouse the young muscle man even more. The young man’s sexual appetite was insatiable, even when Medusa was torturing him in her most inventive and cruel ways, and she was pleased to see him so fully and achingly aroused this night of the ceremony. She approached the young muscle hunk and firmly grasped his mighty cock with both hands, gently stroking up and down, and was once again amazed at her inability to get even both of her hands combined around the great girth of the mighty cock. 

Her hands caressed the length of that great shaft, traveling up its vein-gnarled length to the steel vise locked in a death grip just beneath the base of his massive, bulbous cock head, making the enormous glans bloat to even more obscene dimensions. This was yet another device intended to prevent Torc’s premature ejaculation, and it had been tremendously effective. 

Medusa pressed her thumb into Torc’s swollen cum tube just above the vise and began to loosen the crank. She could see that the tube beneath the vice was extremely distended, and wondered exactly how much sweet and slick precum he would have ready for her today. As soon as the vise was released, Medusa placed her free hand in a tight grip at the base of Torc’s penis along the cum tube and then, releasing his cock head with her other hand, ran her thumb up the length of his cum tube. A thick and translucent jelly-like goo literally poured out of the gaping piss slit at the tip of his cock, belching out huge amounts of clear, gelatinous precum onto his corrugated and extraordinarily muscular belly. Medusa was impressed, for in all there must have been more than a pint of precum stored up within his cock shaft, and more of the gloopy slime continued to pour forth now that the vise on his cock head had been released. 

For the first time that evening, Medusa addressed Torc, saying, “My beautiful stud, my muscular warrior, my horse hung young bull, tonight is the night you have been waiting for. Tonight you will be my mate, and father a child like this world has never seen, a great and terrible child that will bring eternal darkness and night.”  

Medusa then began to remove the weights pulling at Torc’s bloated and cum-swollen balls, bringing great relief to the beleaguered and supremely overstretched bull nuts. As the final weights came free, Medusa remarked, “My goodness! You continue to amaze me, Torc! It seems the weights may have permanently stretched your mighty balls even farther from your beautiful body, for they are now dangling over 8 inches from your crotch! What an amazing and erotic sight!”  

Medusa then removed the clamps and vises from along the length of Torc’s enormous horse cock and the thick sperm ducts in his scrotum. She then began to fondle and massage both great orbs, eliciting low groans of both pleasure and pain from the young warrior, for his balls were now so congested and swollen with cum that the merest touch was painful to them. But the expert ministrations were beginning to have their desired effect, and soon the moans of pleasure overwhelmed the groans of pain, and the heroically muscular young stud began to writhe in pleasure and gently buck his slender, muscular hips, fucking the air above him with his titanically engorged cock with his desperate need for release. Medusa then began to lick the massive orbs all over, slathering the great lumps of man meat with her tongue until they shone wetly in the flickering torchlight. 

Torc could do nothing but lay on his massive back and moan at this glorious attention, feeling his need for release building once again as it had for the 10 nights previous. But this time the huge and handsome stud hoped to finally be able to relieve that aching need. 

One of Medusa's hands gripped the base of his humongous balls, the surprising strength in her arm evident by the way she was able to almost effortlessly hoist the tremendous weight and mass of those twin boulders into the air. As she bent forward to lick and kiss those mighty mangos, her other hand pumped his massively engorged member up and down, running his slick and slippery juices all over the mighty head and colossal shaft. Torc’s entire, muscular body shivered in excitement, his great muscles and sinews bulging and flexing dramatically, much to Medusa's delight. 

The young man's beautiful blue eyes were closed in erotic bliss, so he didn't see Medusa begin to unhinge her lovely jaw like that of a snake. With her mouth gaping open like that of some fearsome beast, Medusa was able to take Torc’s entire, monstrously-swollen left nut into her mouth, bathing the huge orb in her warm mouth. Torc cried out with excitement and his muscular hips began to push into the air even harder, for no one had ever managed to take even one of his gigantic nuts into their mouth before. 

(Technically, there had been one time last year when a gigantic, 15-foot-tall ogre had managed to stuff BOTH of Torc’s huge nuts into his mouth in an attempt to bite them off, but then realized that his mouth was so full he couldn’t even bite down. This mistake allowed Torc to run the ogre through with his sword, slaying the beast and rescuing his nuts from becoming ogre food.)

Torc's eyes remained closed, and so he didn't see that the many black braids around Medusa's head had taken on unnatural life, writhing and taking the form of long black vipers. She was transforming into her true form - that of a beautiful but fearsome snake-haired woman. Medusa continued to stroke the massive and heavy horse cock, every upstroke burying his mighty cock head in folds of sensitive skin, every down stroke unwrapping the copiously leaking head, now swollen larger than a man’s fist. Torc was quickly approaching the point of no return, his whole body shivering and quaking with his unimaginable need for release. 

Suddenly and without warning, Medusa released her retracted fangs and bit down hard on the titanic nut trapped in her mouth. Her thick, 3-inch-long fangs sank deep into the very heart of Torc's incredibly thick ball meat, injecting her special venom deep into the beefy core of the goliath nut. Torc’s cries of pleasure immediately turned into a terrible bellow of horrific pain as Medusa's awesomely powerful jaw clenched down tight on his trapped gonad, crushing the freakishly huge ball and causing it to bend and distort grotesquely in Medusa's mouth in a valiant struggle to not burst asunder. 

Medusa mercilessly bore down on Torc's twisted and bulging bull nut for several eternally long minutes, and then released the nearly busted organ from her huge mouth. But before the young stud could even regain his breath, she had stuffed his remaining right nut into her fang-filled maw and repeated the process, spearing her cruel fangs deep into Torc's defenseless bull ball and injecting it with a second dose of her vile poison. 

When Medusa was convinced that she had injected two full doses of her venom into Torc's huge and cum-heavy nuts, she released the second orb and stood back, ready to watch the results of her handiwork. Sweat had broken out all over Torc’s gloriously muscular body, and his massive chest heaved dramatically as he tried to regain his breath and recover from the agony on having his huge balls so cruelly bitten. Just the sheer size of such large fangs piercing deep into ball flesh would have been a mortal wound for a typical man’s testicles, but such was the enormous size and tremendous strength of Torc’s colossal nuts that even being impaled on the snake woman’s sharp ivory fangs would not in itself cause any lasting or permanent harm to his balls. But the venom that Medusa had just injected into those mighty man orbs was another story… 

“You were probably expecting me to mount your gigantic pole and let you fill me with your seed, weren’t you?” Medusa said sweetly to the young man, who was still writhing and bellowing in agony in his huge restraints as her poisonous venom coursed through his aching bull balls. “But that is not how I mate. No, I need to find a very special host to carry my eggs, and I have just injected those tiny eggs deep into your balls. Very quickly now, those eggs will grow and hatch, and the young will feed on the rich, abundant harvest of sperm locked in your massive balls, growing big and strong on your supremely powerful male essence.”  

Even as Medusa spoke, Torc could feel a warmth and an even greater heaviness building inside his balls, and he felt the congestion grow more painful still, as if something was indeed growing inside his balls, something that was growing fast and wanted to get out. 

“Even now, my young are hatching and swelling inside your balls, growing strong and fat on the powerful sperm you are feeding them. Soon, it will be time for them to be born.”  

The beautiful, snake-headed woman began to walk around Torc's chained and writhing form, admiring the play of his fantastic muscles as they bulged and flexed in agony, and the way his rock hard cock continued to throb and quake, looking like a powerful spear protruding proudly from his muscular groin. 

“You are by no means the first man who I have tried to mate with, Torc. Indeed, there have been hundreds of men who have come before you, men of tremendous might and beauty. But where all the others failed, I believe you may have the strength to succeed. You have already survived longer than most men I have captured, but now is when the true tests start. Most of the men who made it to this point failed when their balls simply could not take any more pressure, and burst open like rotting melons, spilling their broken meaty contents across the floor, and killing my young in the process. A few men nearly made it, but their huge cocks split open with the pressure of attempting to release the young, destroying their meaty pricks and again killing my babies. No man has been able to survive long enough to successfully birth my beautiful young...but with your super human strength and resilient, not to mention your truly massive balls and rock solid horse cock, I believe that you might just survive long enough for the birth to be a success!”  

Torc’s balls felt like they were on fire, and they began to painfully swell even bigger than their already monumentally bloated size. Larger and larger they grew, filling his big, baggy scrotum until it began to grow tight around the huge orbs. And STILL Torc’s nuts grew, threatening to split his straining sac wide open. Thick, white goo poured out of the four big puncture wounds in each ball, the young man's raw sperm being forced out by the sheer unimaginable pressures building in his titanic nuts. 

Within 10 minutes, Torc's straining balls had swollen to three times their normal size, now larger than most ripe melons, and filled their scrotum to overflowing. Medusa’s eyes grew wide with lustful delight, for she had never seen a man’s balls swell anywhere near such monstrous proportions before, and she realized that Torc’s sperm must be even richer and more potent than she had thought, allowing her young to grow even larger than she could have hoped. However, she also began to worry, for Torc’s scrotum was stretched perilously thin across its burgeoning and still growing contents, and she knew that his gargantuan, mighty balls must also be nearing their breaking point. She realized that if the handsome young super hunk didn’t ejaculate soon, his titanic balls could spectacularly rupture as had those of so many men before, and once more she would fail in her attempt to birth a child of darkness. 

Through his guttural bellows of pain, Torc began to feel something else, something new. He felt a strange wriggling feeling inside the base of his penis, and his urethra felt blocked up, almost as if something was fucking him from the inside. There was an intense wave of itchiness inside him that at first was unbearable, but then became almost pleasurable. Torc’s prostate suddenly kicked in, and he knew he was rocketing toward the cliff. Incredibly, his cock swelled larger still, reaching a full 18 monstrous inches in length and bloating in girth as well. He began to buck his hips wildly, causing his obscenely swollen balls to bounce heavily against the platform to which he was bound, and also caroming against his massively muscular thighs. 

Torc’s inhumanly swollen member began to ooze thick ropes of pure white cum as he finally hit his much, MUCH delayed orgasm, but despite the powerful pumping of his orgasming cock, he was still unable to properly cum. It felt as if his whole body was desperately trying to ejaculate to relieve the blockage in his cock, but he remained unable to spew his gargantuan load. He moaned, and it was so good and so painful all at once. 

A thick and powerful jet of cum suddenly shot out from his massive cock and struck him in the neck, and then his piss slit stretched open as the tiny dark head of a baby snake poked its way out. Torc cried out in horror and pain as his body struggled to force the tiny serpent out, his hips thrusting violently and his balls swelling larger still, threatening to burst at any moment. Finally, the two-foot-long snake slithered out onto his precum and sperm-soaked belly, only to be followed by two more heads struggling to get out at the same time. 

The pain became overwhelming as Torc’s piss slit stretched to the breaking point. He threw his handsome head back and clenched his teeth against the pain, and then cried out in pure agony as the next two snakes popped out, only to be followed by more and more of the little serpents. Titanic quantities of sperm and goo poured out of his cock along with the baby snakes, pooling on his corrugated muscle belly and running off his sides in thick sheets of sticky cum, as still more and more snakes poured out of his cock. Torc thought his cock would explode, and his urethra was obscenely swollen. Medusa could even see the wriggling forms of her young within that thick and straining cum tube as they struggled against one another to make their way out. 

One dozen, and then two dozen of the little serpents made their way out of Torc’s cock and onto his soaked belly, and still more poured forth. The frightful swelling of his balls steadily decreased as more and more snakes poured forth, but Medusa knew Torc still wasn’t out of the woods. It was touch and go in the long minutes that followed as another dozen, and another dozen, and yet another dozen of the slender black vipers erupted from Torc's rigid and pulsating cock. 

Finally, the last snake, number 66, peeked it’s head out of Torc’s cock. Behind the snake was a massive beach head of cum of such volume, power, and force that, as the snake’s wiggling head cleared itself from Torc’s grotesquely gaping and nearly torn piss slit, the force of his pent up cum propelled the rest of the snake out of his cock along with a monumental, finger-thick, 10-foot-long ribbon of pure white cum. The colossal rope of cum carried the final snake clear across the room, striking wetly against the far wall over 15 feet behind Torc with a very loud splat. The last serpent was free!  

Torc continued to bellow in agony, but it was now mixed with intense pleasure as 10 days of pent up sperm began to rocket out of his body. Mighty jets and streamers of cum flew in every direction, quickly coating and recoating Torc’s massively muscular body in his own juices, as well as the cushioned bed and even far wall behind him. Everything from Torc's waist on up was thoroughly drenched with his cum, and yet more of the stuff was throbbing out of his cock in a never-ending geyser of incredibly thick and gamey spunk. So much cum was landing on Torc's own face that he had to turn his head just to breathe. 

While Torc thundered out his magnificent orgasm, Medusa’s young slithered to their mother, and crawled up her legs to climb into her waiting womb. There, they would gradually merge into one creature, the child of darkness she had been awaiting for so many long centuries. 

Medusa was so pleased with his performance that she allowed Torc to continue to pound out his almighty load, granting him the release that he so craved. His orgasm went on and on and on as his balls finally got the chance to jettison their tremendous load. One minute became two, then three, and then four, and STILL his orgasm raged onwards, threatening to once again fill the chamber with his thick and lush fluids. The horrific swelling in his sperm-bloated nuts was steadily decreasing, but his balls were still swollen far larger than their normally massive size, and there was still clearly a lot of spunk left trapped in those huge orbs. 

Finally, more than five full minutes of cumming, Torc pumped out the last of his truly monstrous load, letting the dregs burp out of his distended cock to pool on his muscular belly, already awash with sperm. All told, Torc must have just shot over four gallons of spunk, more than two gallons per nut. Those were mighty powerhouses indeed! 

Torc threw his handsome and cum-drenched head back, panting in pain and exhaustion, completely coated in a thick sheen of his freshly spilled male juices. His cock, grossly distended and still belching out thick ropes and clots of his overripe spunk, was still randy and nowhere near ready to go down. Torc’s balls were back to something approaching their normal size, still visibly swollen and hanging more than 9 inches from his crotch, but otherwise intact. The powerful muscle man had survived! 

Medusa walked up to the prone warrior, once more admiring his awesome musculature and great beauty, and said, “Thank you for fathering my beautiful child of darkness, Torc. And as a reward, I want to give you a permanent place by my side.”  With that, she lifted up her thin silk veil, and let Torc look into her glowing green eyes for the very first time. 

Torc cried out in horror as he gazed upon her naked demonic visage, and he immediately began to feel a strange tingling sensation throughout his whole body. Looking down, he could see his feet starting to turn gray and become heavy as stone, and he began to lose all feeling in his lower extremities. The effect began to travel slowly up his colossally muscular legs, and he realized with terror that the demon woman was using her infamous magical gaze to turn him into stone! He cried out in terror, but was powerless to stop the magical onslaught. 

Medusa watched enraptured as the gorgeous young man's magnificently muscular body was slowly petrified before her demonic eyes. The process was taking much longer than it usually did with other men, and Medusa realized it was because of both young Torc's phenomenal muscular size and his staggering strength and will. She was mightily impressed at how strongly he was fighting against her petrifying gaze, but also knew that the outcome was inevitable. If anything, the slow creeping of her magic along Torc's beautiful body was simply prolonging her pleasure and joy at her ultimate victory. 

As the effect of Medusa's cursed gaze reached Torc's groin, something remarkable happened. Though the young super stud had just had the orgasm of his life a few mere moments before, Torc’s cock began to spontaneously erupt with another orgasm, once again pumping out gout after massive gout of cum. 

The transformation seemed to advance slower on his genitals, but continued apace on his torso, and then his arms, all while his cock was pumping out more and more of his stud cream to pool on a body that was now nearly solid rock. 

Finally, only Torc’s head and genitals remained. His balls finally turned completely gray, and the effect slowly traveled up his cock. Torc left out one final, bellowing cry, shooting the most massive and magnificent wad yet, which cleared his cock just as Torc turned completely to stone. The massive gout of cum struck high up on the wall behind him, and then began to run down its surface to mingle with the hundreds of other chunky cum slugs already coating its surface. 

Medusa admired her stony handiwork, having caught Torc in the moment of his greatest torment and release. His mighty back was arched, his magnificent muscles flexed, his gargantuan cock caught in mid throb, his massive bull balls lying heavily on the cum-drenched pillows, his handsome head thrown back in pain and ecstasy. She would treasure this moment for eternity, and would always have her statue of Torc to remind her of his final, glorious orgasm and how he fathered her beautiful child of darkness. 

And who knew…maybe some time in the future Medusa would return her handsome muscle warrior to flesh so that she could torture him and mate once again with this ultimate paragon of man.