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Marine Corp Meat - Part 3

Marine Corp Meat, Part 3
Based on an original story by an unknown author


Untold hours into the plane flight, word was passed from the cockpit to the Russian troops wailing upon Lance Corporal Schmidt’s bound and trussed up body. Matt couldn’t understand what was being said, as it was all in Russian, but whatever the news was, it made the soldiers begin to shout and laugh and dance around the cargo hold. The cocky Russians taunted their giant Marine captive, and though Matt couldn’t understand the words, the intent was clear. Some decision had been made regarding the hulking Marine’s fate, and whatever that fate was, it made the evil and cruel soldiers very excited and happy. 

And young Matt knew that whatever was making these vile men happy could not be good news for him. 

Sure enough, Matt could feel the massive cargo plane make a wide banked turn, changing direction and heading to a new destination. Just what that destination was, and what would happen to him once he arrived there, remained unknowns to the hunky bound Marine…


It was several more hours before the huge aircraft made its landing, and in that time, the Russian soldiers seemed to redouble their efforts to use and abuse the enormous stack of bound muscles. They knew that their limited time with this paragon of manhood was coming to an end, and they wanted to wrest every grunt, howl, and bellow of pain that they could from the handsome stud, and purge every last ounce of seed that they could from his fantastically virile boulder balls. 

By the time the plane finally landed, a fresh layer of bruises, welts, and shallow lacerations overlaid those created many hours earlier in a basement somewhere in the Ukraine. Matt’s horribly tortured shoulders had very nearly been dislocated from their sockets, but as a testament to the young Marine’s extraordinary strength, the mighty deltoid muscles somehow held on despite the hours and hours of tortured suspension. Sweat ran off of the stud’s hulking muscles in rivers, the salty fluid stinging every cut and welt on his once perfectly unblemished, tanned skin. Yet despite the extremely bruised and battered appearance of his body, despite the exhaustion resulting from nearly four full days of continuous brutal tortures, the young Lance Corporal’s form remained absolutely magnificent. Each mark and welt seemed to only highlight his extraordinary masculine beauty, not detract from it. And the fact that the young man’s will and spirit still somehow remained unbroken only added to his deep manly appeal. 

As badly as his body had been abused, however, the damage was all superficial, and would clearly heal in time. The havoc wreaked on his gigantic genitals, however, appeared far more profound and extensive. His mammoth, fourteen-plus-inch erection had been rock hard for so long that it looked bloated, distended, the many thick and tortuous veins running up and down the colossal shaft looking so swollen and angry that they might actually burst. His exquisitely-shaped male appendage was covered in more welts, wounds, and bruises than almost any other part of his body, but no matter how hard and how viciously they abused his mammoth meat, Matt’s titanic bull cock stolidly refused to grow even the least bit soft. 

The young Marine’s gigantic bollocks had been even MORE horribly mauled, if that was even possible. The stud’s mighty nuts were so heavily mangled and battered that they barely even looked like a set of testicles anymore, their surfaces a nearly uniform dark purple of extensive bruises, the thick sac abraded in a dozen places, the gonads themselves swollen and puffy from all of the unrelenting trauma. 

Yet despite the extreme brutality heaped upon Lance Corporal Schmidt’s herculean bull nuts, his manhood miraculously remained intact! The size, power, and frequency of his seminal emissions did not slack in the slightest, nor did the unusual and almost inhuman thickness and viscosity of his manly fluids diminish, remaining just as thick and chunky and lush with alpha stud sperm as ever. 

Matt’s extraordinary sexual stamina both infuriated and powerfully aroused the cruel Russian soldiers, and even as the massive cargo plane was landing, they kept hurling abuse after painful abuse upon the young Marine’s bullish manhood, trying in vain to exhaust the mighty stud. But Lance Corporal Schmidt continued to endure it all, bellowing and braying in brutal pain even as he continued to taunt and curse the vicious soldiers. 

After taxiing for a short distance, the plane’s engines ceased and the cargo door opened. A gust of furnace-like heat washed into the large cargo hold, making the panting bull stud sweat even more profusely. Matt looked out the opening and saw a landscape of barren and virtually lifeless desert at the base of equally dry, brown, and austere mountains. He suspected that he was somewhere in the southern reaches of Russia, or perhaps even in northern Afghanistan, but he realized that his destination mattered little, for there could be no hope of discovery or rescue. 

The cockpit doors opened, and one of the men exiting the head of the plane was none other than the richly-dressed businessman from hours earlier. The Russian walked up to the bound muscle Marine and said, “Well, my handsome muscle man, this is where we part company. And I am sorry to say, we will not be seeing each other again. Your new master is not known for keeping his acquisitions for long, so I am afraid you have, how do you say… drawn the short straw?” 

The businessman reached out one well-manicured hand to fondle the underside of Matt’s heavy, stretched out, horribly bruised ballsac, cupping as much of that extraordinary double-barreled mass of man meat as possible. The young man’s humongous balls were slick with sweat and his own copious seminal fluids, allowing the man’s hand to glide easily over the hot and tortured flesh. He gave a few gentle, exploratory squeezes, and he could feel that the swollen testicles were far softer and squishier than they had been at the beginning of the flight. At the same time, however, the businessman was surprised and impressed with how much firmness yet remained in the titanic testes, a true testament to their tremendous durability and strength. 

“Such a shame,” the well-dressed man continued. “You are such an extraordinary specimen of prime manhood, and it is pity that you will not survive intact for much longer. Such massive and powerful genitals could have provided years of entertainment in other hands, but your new owner has more immediate plans for these.” He hefted the young man’s colossal bollocks several more times, deeply admiring their enormous size and staggering weight. “Yes, such a pity…” 

The Russian then drew a handkerchief from his breast pocket with a free hand, cleaned the sweat and splooge off of his other hand, and bid the big Marine farewell. Matt growled and spat after the man, refusing to show the slightest hint of fear or hopelessness. He then turned his attention to the waiting Russian soldiers and, with a sneer on his ruggedly handsome face, shouted, “Well, what are you Commie fucks waiting for?! Why don’t you cut me down and take me to my new ‘owner’?! C’mon, I ain’t got all day!” 

The grumbling Russians finally lowered an aching and exhausted Matt Schmidt to the floor, and the moment his big naked feet hit the deck, his screaming shoulders began to throb with relief. The pain was still blinding, and he knew that he wouldn’t have much strength in his ill-used arms until they’d had some time to heal and recover, but he finally felt he could breathe a big, if temporary, sigh of relief. His ankles were quickly shackled together once more with a short line of thick chains, and his wrists remained chained behind his back, so there was nothing big Matt could do to free himself. Worse, the 20-kilo lead weight remained chained around the neck of his deeply throbbing bull balls, continuing to mercilessly pull and yank at his horribly battered man eggs with each and every step. The big man therefore put up no overt resistance as he proudly marched down the ramp at the rear of the plane. 

The sunlight hit the huge Marine almost like a fist, the oppressive heat seeming to magnify a thousandfold as the searing rays scorched his tender, battered flesh. Apparently none of the other captive American soldiers were being offloaded at this location, for the plane’s cargo door was already closing, and the engines coming back to life for a quick takeoff. The huge, hulking Marine gave a silent prayer of thanks that none of his fellow grunts would be suffering the same fate that was in store for him. Matt didn’t look back, instead focusing his crystal blue gaze straight ahead to the waiting military truck. The naked hulk was unceremoniously loaded into the back of the cargo truck, and with the doors closed, the vehicle sped off to its next destination… 


The drive couldn’t have lasted more than half an hour, and at some point, Matt was certain that they had entered some sort of building, likely carved directly into the face of one of the nearby mountains. The air inside the vehicle grew mercifully cooler once they were no longer out in the sun, though it was still stuffy and warm inside the back of the truck. Finally, the truck came to a full stop and the rear doors were opened, revealing an enormous chamber beyond. 

Matt knew he was right about being inside the belly of a mountain the moment he looked out the doors, for the large vaulted room was clearly an underground chamber of some kind. The rough-hewn ceilings extended a good 100 or 120 feet overhead, and the vast, cement-floored room could have held an entire football field complete with grandstands, and still have room to spare. Instead, the chamber was filled with all manner of military vehicles and weapons, and was swarming with Russian soldiers. Those closest to the bound and naked muscle giant stopped and stared, their mouths gaping at the sheer size and power of the Marine bull stud as he was hustled out of the truck. Big Matt just grinned and proudly puffed up his enormous chest, swaggering as much as the thick iron leg shackles would allow. He might be going to his doom, but he was determined to show these Russian punks what a REAL man looked like! 

The handsome Marine wasn’t given long to survey the huge vault, for he was quickly marched through another set of double doors into what was clearly some sort of laboratory complex. The large, while-walled room was brightly lit, and all sorts of medical equipment was scattered throughout the big room. Men and women in stark white lab coats and masks rushed around, though more than a few stopped to stare at the huge naked bull as he sauntered into the room. 

“Okay, you sick fucks!” Lance Corporal Schmidt shouted in his deep baritone as he entered the room, stunning the scientists and doctors into silence. “Bring on the fuckin’ torture! I’m the biggest, toughest, strongest damn muscle bull you’re ever gonna meet, and I can handle ANYTHING you fuckers wanna dish out! Bring it ON!!” 

One of the Russian soldiers angrily drove the butt of his rifle into Matt’s lower back, striking the young man directly over one of his kidneys, but the huge stud didn’t even flinch, the rifle simply bouncing off the iron-hard muscles. The handsome Marine just looked back and sneered at the offending Russian, who involuntarily backed up a step in fear, and the naked muscle beast began to walk across the room like he owned the place. 

The bound Marine was ushered into a large side room, all four walls covered in white tiles and the ceiling and floor made of sealed and shellacked gray concrete. Various pieces of equipment and instruments littered the outside edges of the room, but Matt’s attention was focused on the set of manacles and chains set up in the middle of the room. Sure enough, that’s where the soldiers led him, and his existing bindings were replaced with those already in the room. Soon enough, the young man’s four enormously muscular limbs were stretched out in a spreadeagled pattern, his wrists raised aloft by thick chains bolted into the ceiling, and his ankles held fast by equally-thick chains imbedded into the floor. Lance Corporal Schmidt was once again completely bound and incapacitated, his massively muscular frame suspended more than a foot above the cold stone. 

With the huge Marine muscle bull once again bound and helpless, the soldiers were ushered out of the room by the white-clad scientists, who then stepped forward to start inspecting their latest addition. Many eyebrows shot upward as they looked over the unbelievably enormous muscle man, and several shook their heads or whistled in stunned disbelief at his utterly magnificent physique and beyond-prodigious sexual endowments. Others looked disapprovingly upon the state of the huge muscle stud, for he had clearly been poorly used and abused before arriving at the laboratory. 

The first thing the scientists did was lift up the huge lead ball hanging from his goliath nuts, much to Matt’s great relief, and unshackle the chain from around his stretched out scrotum. After so many hours of being yanked downward by the heavy weight, Matt’s huge nuts were dangling exceedingly low in their sac, hanging more than four inches below his lean and muscular crotch, but at the moment Matt didn’t care. He was just grateful to have the heavy weight removed from his aching nuts. 

The scientists’ second action was to thoroughly wash and clean their hunky captive. High-powered hoses were used to blast his tender and battered flesh with soapy water, and then bristle brushes and scouring pads were used to vigorously scrub his skin. Matt couldn’t help but wince and grunt as their ungentle work opened up the worst of his cuts and scrapes once again, but he refused to cry out in pain. That work was even harder when the scientists used harsh antiseptics to clean these same wounds, and he couldn’t help but grunt now and then as the stinging unguents and ointments burned his aching flesh. But soon enough, Matt’s skin was gleaming and the worst of his wounds tended and dressed. They even cleaned out his shit chute, sticking a slender hose up his butt and washing out his guts several times. But considering that the big man hadn’t had a single thing to eat for more than four days, there was very little to clean out. 

The scientists next inserted several IV needles into the pencil-thick veins coursing over each of his forearms, and a cocktail of fluids, nutrients, and electrolytes was fed into the much-depleted bull stud. Young Matt had to admit that he was already starting to feel better within minutes of the infusion of fluids and nutrients, bolstering his flagging strength and preparing him for whatever ministrations might come next. 

With relatively little attention being played to Matt’s massive genitals, however, the young Marine’s mighty bull cock was finally allowed to grow limp, hanging like an exhausted third limb over his extremely low-hanging bollocks. But that state of affairs didn’t last for long. The big, muscular grunt realized that the IV fluids must have contained some sort of performance-enhancing drugs, for his thick, limp horse cock started to plump up and rise once again. Powerful erotic pulsations surged through Matt’s heavy loins, and his huge and freshly-cleaned penis was soon once again standing at its full, proud fourteen-plus inches of magnificent man meat. Shortly after that, long and slender ropes of clear lust honey began to drip from the slit in the swollen cock head, signaling that the young man’s pipes had once again been primed and were ready for plundering. 

Matt’s eyebrows went up as he saw a pair of scientists wheel over another large piece of equipment. The muscular Marine grunt had grown up on a cattle farm in the Midwest, so he knew a milking machine when he saw one. But he had only seen such machines used on the udders of female cattle before; this machine had clearly been modified for use on the human male member, and this particular model had even been specially sized for Matt’s own beyond-prodigious proportions. The clear cylinder was placed over the entire length of Matt’s colossal shaft and the suction-cup base fastened tightly around the very root of his thick column of man meat. The young Marine felt other hands pawing at his massively muscular butt cheeks, and though he immediately tensed his thick and beefy ass muscles as hard as he could, he couldn’t prevent the insertion of a long, slick rod of some sort into the hot depths of his butt. 

Finally, a series of adhesive pads were placed over various sensitive parts of his body, including his nipples, his armpits, and the deeply etched Adonis belt leading down to his groin. Over a dozen of these pads were placed on Matt’s humongous balls as well, with half a dozen adhesive pads placed on each of his behemoth bollocks. Each adhesive pad was attached by a slender wire to a machine displaying a complex keyboard of dials and switches. Matt suspected he knew what those dials and switches were for, and he braced himself for what was to come. 

The lead scientist took his place in front of the control panel and started fiddling with the dials. Immediately, Matt felt the cylinder engulfing his dick start to decompress, sucking his massive meat even more firmly into its embrace and using the newly-created vacuum to pump it to even greater dimensions. At the same time, the slender metal dildo imbedded deeply inside his fantastically muscular ass began to activate, slowly pumping deep into his insides even as it began to vibrate against his swollen, oversized prostate. Finally, the pads attached to his mighty body began to turn on, providing electric stimulation to the most sensitive and erogenous zones of the young Marine’s magnificent body. 

Lance Corporal Matthew Schmidt was ferociously randy at the best of times, but now that every pleasure center in his enormous body was being expertly stimulated at the same time, the young man was being taken to heights of pleasure he had never even imagined before. And even though his mighty genitals had been so cruelly mauled and mangled after four days of relentless, unceasing torture, the young man quickly felt a huge orgasm building inside of his bruised and aching loins. 

Matt tried to hold back his orgasm by sheer will alone, wanting to deny his captor’s their prize, but it felt like he was trying to hold back the ocean. The scientist kept cranking up the dials, increasing the incredibly erotic sensations that were flowing through the young grunt’s body. The stud’s big toes began to curl with the intensity of the pleasure, and he was soon unwillingly grunting and moaning. Matt clamped down on his groin muscles with all of his extraordinary might, willing his renegade body into obeying him, but it was no use — his mighty orgasm would not be denied. 

Still, Matt held off for just over twelve minutes, a full eight and a half minutes longer than any other man had held back before, deeply impressing all of the scientists in attendance and those watching remotely through the myriad of cameras trained on the young Marine bull. In the end, though, Matt’s hyper virile body betrayed him, and with a roar of ecstasy and defeat, the handsome muscle giant let loose with his first titanic orgasm. 

Thick and incredibly lush pulses of Matt’s creamy spunk began to flood the top of the cylinder encasing his spasming bull cock, only to be almost instantly whisked away by the suction tubing at the end of the pump. The white bullion of Matt’s beefy loins was deposited inside a large containment canister nearby, the loud and chunky splattering and plopping sounds making a nice counterpoint to Matt’s own cries and bellows of release. The Marine’s entire monumental frame quaked and shuddered with the violent intensity of his orgasm, and the feelings of erotic bliss were so powerful that the young man thought he might almost lose consciousness. But the mighty stud was far too strong for that, and he stayed fully awake and aware for what had to have been the single largest orgasm in his entire young life! In the end, his monumental orgasm lasted nearly two full minutes and produced well over a full LITER of his rich and sperm-packed spunk. 

Matt slumped in his restraints at the end of his earth-shattering orgasm, trying to regain his breath, but his reprieve was short lived. After only ten seconds or so, the demonic combination of cock pumping, ass raping, and electro-stimulating attentions to his monstrously oversized equipment had him hurtling toward orgasm once again. And again, Matt tried to hold back by force of will alone, but his great stamina was failing him. This time, it only took slightly more than seven minutes before the young Marine was blowing his second gargantuan load, just as massive and powerful as the first. 

It only took just under five minutes before Matt blew his third load, and three and a half minutes before he blew his fourth. After that, the young bound Marine fell into a rhythm of cumming every two or three minutes, each orgasm a truly titanic purging of incredibly thick and gelatinous bull spew. Whatever cocktails the scientists were pumping into his body weren’t just increasing his libido and sex drive, they were also vastly accelerating the speed at which his mammoth testicles were manufacturing his male essence. And considering just how hyper virile the mighty young Marine was to begin with, Matt suspected that he’d be flooding the entire room in no time with his chunky seed. His evil and cruel captors were turning the handsome muscle bull into a veritable sperm cow, and there was nothing that the big Marine could do to stop them!

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Marine Corp Meat - Part 2

Marine Corp Meat, Part 2
Based on an original story by an unknown author


As Corporal Matt Schmidt was marched into the hot interior of the Russian cargo plane, he saw that both sides of the plane were lined with large steel cages, perhaps two dozen in all. Each cage was occupied by a naked and muscular young man, all of them wearing American-issue dog tags. The caged and naked men all had traditional military haircuts, and some even had the Marine Corp globe, anchor, and eagle tattooed on their muscular shoulder or bulging bicep. All of the caged servicemen were young, hung, and exceptionally well built, ranging in age from late teens to perhaps mid twenties. None of the young men were as massive as the 6’5”, 380+ pound muscle beast with the fourteen-inch bull cock and grapefruit-sized stud balls, of course, but a few of them came surprisingly close. 

The oppressive heat caused all of the men to be drenched in sweat, and the musky odor of unwashed males permeated the large room. 

The well abused and thickly muscled Marine was marched into the center of the cargo hold, where a thick steel cable was hanging from the ceiling. A large hook was located on the end of the cable, and the Russian soldiers placed the hook through the chains binding Matt’s hands behind his back, and then began to sadistically hoist the young muscle giant upward. With his arms still bound behind his back, Lance Corporal Matt Schmidt’s massive iron-pumped body was strung up in the air strappado style until his big naked feet cleared the floor by a good five or six inches. His enormous pectoral, shoulder, and arm muscles stretched and strained as they endured the excruciatingly painful medieval torture suspension, wrenching fresh agonies from his already battered and poorly-used muscles. 

The powerful Marine clenched his chiseled jaw as a deep rumble emanated from the depths of his enormous chest, but he refused to cry out in pain. For the average man, this sort of suspension could quickly result in the dislocation of both shoulders… and most men didn’t weigh anywhere CLOSE to 380+ pounds of dense and rock solid muscle, nor did they have close to ANOTHER 50 pounds hanging from their aching, stretched-out nuts!! Fortunately for Matt, he was as fearsomely strong as he was immensely muscular, so he endured the agonizing stretch to his upper torso as stoically as he had all of his many previous torments. 

Despite the agony in his shoulders and upper body, young Matt’s defiant bull cock was still as raging hard as ever, the thick veins coursing up and down its colossal length looking like they could burst through his skin at any moment. The gaping slit in the swollen, reddish-purple head of his massive, fourteen-inch hardon was dripping with even more of his thick and milky precum, even though he had just finished a marathon masturbation and ejaculation session not fifteen minutes earlier! The dude was simply a colossal rutting BEAST of sex!! 

The laughing Russian soldiers playfully swatted at Matt’s straining and throbbing horse cock, each slap causing a sharp sting to the tender and raw tissues of his gargantuan dong, but not causing its rigidity to flag in the slightest. On the contrary, such rough abuse to his mammoth cock was turning the huge and hung Marine on something fierce, and he could feel the beginnings of yet another mighty orgasm starting to boil inside his massive balls. 

One of the soldiers grabbed hold of the chain hanging down from Matt’s behemoth balls, and then gave it a sharp tug, yanking the young bull’s straining nuts down even farther than ever! Matt barked in surprise and pain as his mighty stones were stretched impossibly far from his body, exceeding five inches from his thickly-muscled crotch! The soldier pulled even harder STILL, making the humongous testicles bulge even LARGER at the very bottom of their sac, quickly turning an even darker purple as a convoluted tracery of veins erupted all over their surface! The maliciously laughing Russian soldier was testing the very limits of the thick fleshy tethers connecting the Marine’s hulking bull balls to his immensely muscular body, and he was in very real danger of ripping those fantastic bollocks right off of his body!! 

At the same time, another soldier grabbed the thin chain linking the two alligator clips together and gave them a sharp tug, pulling the tightly clamped nipples more than an inch out from the young man’s herculean chest and causing the sharp teeth of the clips to bite even deeper! 

That was all the young Lance Corporal could take. With both his balls and his nipples stretched to the breaking point, the oversexed muscle giant hit orgasm yet again. His quivering and pulsating horse cock began to shoot an outrageously voluminous load of rich, creamy man milk all over the cargo hold floor, thick lines of his pearlescent goo criss-crossing the steel floor for more than a dozen feet in front of him. It was an absolutely enormous load, even by the hunky Marine’s stratospheric standards, and made all the more impressive considering that his mighty bollocks had been so recently plundered multiple, multiple times of their precious seed such a short time before! 

When Matt finally finished shooting this latest mega load more than half a minute later, the six soldiers took one last opportunity to use and abuse their handsome captive, groping his magnificent body, stroking his gigantic bull cock, and caressing and squeezing his impossibly massive balls as hard as they could. As the sexually exhausted Lance Corporal hung in his tortured suspended position and endured rough manhandling by the Russian soldiers, the other muscular naked Marines in the surrounding steel cages shouted out words of encourage­ment to their fellow bodybuilder stud while cursing obscene comments at the sadistic torturers. The Russians’ added abuse lasted for another five or six long minutes, nearly bringing Matt to yet ANOTHER knee-buckling orgasm, but finally the soldiers said their taunting goodbyes and left the cargo hold. 

A snarling and growling Matt was not sorry to see the vicious punks go. 

A new Russian soldier then stepped forward, this one a grizzled and very muscular man in his early 40s. Corporal Schmidt could see the this soldier was carrying a large, blunt, cylindrical object in his hands, and it took the young man’s eyes a couple of moments to figure out what it is. Matt’s bright blue eyes grew wide as he realized that the powerful soldier was carrying a steel, heavily-studded dildo, easily twelve inches long and nearly as thick as Matt’s own massive member. Fear and excitement warred within the handsome hunk’s colossal chest as, without any warning, the grizzled soldier plunged the dildo to the hilt into the Marine’s big, muscular, and well-used asshole. The tortured Marine uttered a deafening bellow as the ass-ripping device plundered deep into his heaving guts, creating a new agony in his already brutally tortured ass. 

The plane’s cargo door slowly lifted shut, and the engines started to rev up and roar. Within minutes, the huge cargo plane was airborne and bound for an unknown destination…


As with all of the action that had taken place in the basement with the first six Russian soldiers, everything occurring on the cargo plane was being filmed from multiple angles. This time, however, the video was being live streamed to dozens of private and very secure addresses all over Russia. Many very rich and very discerning members of the Russian elite were even now watching the action taking place inside of that plane, and deciding whether or not they would like to bid for these most magnificent male specimens.  

Known only to a select few at the highest echelons of power, there was a secret and very lucrative market in Russia for hugely muscular male slaves, the bigger the better. These men were seen as prizes and great trophies, for being able to dominate such paragons of manhood helped elevate their own status in the oligarchy. Beautiful and well-built men were culled from all over the world, but the most desired slaves were those from America, partly because of the long-standing rivalry between the two nations, but also because American men were also often viewed as the most handsome, most manly, and therefore the most intrinsically desirable, so such men often drew top prices from the rich elite. 

Interestingly, despite a culture that looked down upon and severely punished homosexuality, gay slaves were the most highly prized slaves of all. Gay men were viewed as being more oversexed and virile than straight men, making them the manliest of all men in the eyes of the elite. Their seminal emissions were therefore often used for supposed restorative properties among the Russian oligarchs. The sperm of muscular gay men was eagerly sought after as an aphrodisiac for both men and women, and was believed the boost the virility and staying power of men. The most extreme even sometimes consumed the meat of such men, particularly their testicles, which were seen as the source of their manhood and power. The nuts of especially handsome, hung, and muscular gay men were often prized even more than grizzly bear claws or rhinoceros horns! 

For Matt and the other young captives aboard the cargo plane, the live video stream was in a very real way deciding their fate, for they were even now being selected and bid upon by the wealthy elite all over the country. Many would be sold to private and secluded estates, where they would become sex slaves, whipping boys, hard laborers, or all of the above. Some would even become bull studs, their seed used to impregnate anyone from the lowly slave women of breeding stables to the wives of the oligarchs themselves, fathering a future generation of handsome and muscular sons. Young men sent to these households might survive a decade or more under such conditions, and a lucky few might even earn kind treatment from their masters and owners in time. 

Some unlucky men, however, faced an even worse and more dire fate. The more sadistic of the oligarchs purchased such handsome and virile men to use simply as torture slaves. Depending on the depravity of the new master, men sent to such households might live anywhere from days to weeks to months, but inevitably, when the slave became too damaged or his owner simply tired of him, these men were killed. Often, the unfortunates were pleading for the sweet release of death long before it was granted to them, but eventually, nearly all men who were selected by violent and sadistic masters met such brutal ends. 

Finally, for the truly unlucky, there were those who were bought and delivered to oligarchs who simply wanted to consume the genitalia of their hulking and hung slaves, believing that the consumption of such organs would increase their own power and virility. Such young men lasted days at the most, often only hours — however long it took to complete preparations of the young stud’s engorged and powerful cock and balls.  


Matt lost track of how much time he had been aloft in the plane, though he knew it had to have been many hours. The entire time, he had been kept in the excruciatingly painful strappado position, suspended over the steel floor with this massive arms bent behind his back. His goliath shoulder muscles in particular were screaming for release, but big Matt just gritted his teeth through the pain, determined to show these Russian soldiers just how tough American Marines really were. 

Those Russian soldiers sure were putting the hulking young grunt through his paces, though, tormenting and abusing his already poorly used body throughout the entire flight. The older, grizzled soldier in particular, who must have been an officer, seemed to take tremendous pleasure in finding ways to make Matt’s spectacularly muscular body sing, with the goals of making the handsome bull bellow and bray and blast out one thick, clotted load of stud spunk after another. And after hours and hours of relentless, ceaseless torture, Lance Corporal Schmidt had pumped out so much gelatinous cock snot from his mammoth, fourteen-plus-inch man cannon that the entire deck was awash with his chunky male fluids, making footing slippery and hazardous for the grinning and cackling soldiers. 

Particular attention was paid to Matt’s herculean huevos, those massive and mighty man nuts that had been stretched to nearly half a foot from his heaving body and forced to empty their ballast so many times that each throb and contraction of the great orbs caused the young man almost knee-buckling pain. Much caressing and fondling and gentle squeezing was lavished on Matt’s most massive of bull balls, at least at first. But as the soldiers gradually learned of the young man’s more masochistic inclinations and how much bigger his loads were when his genitals were under great stress, the more and more extreme such attentions became. Soon, a nearly continuous barrage of slaps, strikes, punches, kicks, and other hammering and bludgeoning attacks were being unleashed on Matt’s defenseless and utterly vulnerable gonads, causing the handsome hulk to cry and bellow in terrific agony even as load after massive load was ripped from his screaming nuts. His balls received enough pulverizing abuse to reduce granite rocks to rubble, but Matt’s huge boulders were apparently built even tougher than stone, for they continued to endure and pump out ever greater quantities of his powerful male essence. Both of the young man’s bollocks had turned an almost uniformly dark purple color, both from the intense strain of being stretched so far from his body and from the deep, deep bruising occurring throughout their profoundly traumatized tissues. There could be no doubt, however, that despite how puffy and swollen and battered and bruised Matt’s nuts had become, they were still very much alive and fully functional, for they kept right on whipping up enormous fresh batches of thick and chunky stud spunk. 

All the while, Matt’s indomitable will and spirit never flagged or faltered, and he kept calling out taunts and daring the Russian soldiers to wreak even more terrible havoc on his he-man body. Which they did, and STILL he endured, much to the surprise and delight of Matt’s many torturers. 

Behind the scenes, the bidding war on this mighty muscle beast was going fast and furious, for Lance Corporal Matt Schmidt was the hottest, handsomest, biggest, toughest, and most outrageously hung muscle bull that had ever been up for auction. The bid price on the devastatingly handsome Hercules hit positively stratospheric levels, breaking all previous records for the slave market… and kept right on climbing. Soon, the bid price on the Marine hunk was so astronomical that more and more of the oligarchs and other Russian elites had to start dropping out of the bidding war. No matter how much each and every one of them hungered to get their hands on this magnificent male specimen, the price was simply too high, and most were not willing — or even able — to keep up. 

The number of bidders dwindled down to a mere handful, and then one by one, these too dropped out of the bidding war until just two bidders remained. The first was a powerful and vastly wealthy oligarch who was infamous for the size and quality of his slave stable, where he ran a huge eugenics program attempting to breed a better, tougher, stronger super soldier who would be intensely loyal to Mother Russia. If the handsome young Marine wound up with this master, he could expect to be forced into hard manual labors during the day in quarries and fields, and milked and bred each night with a dizzying array of the most beautiful slave women from around the world. While not an easy life, it wasn’t one without some rewards, and a stud bull of Matt’s unsurpassed quality and caliber could potentially survive decades in such a role, using his prized cunt-splitting horse cock to father literally thousands of beautiful and strong children. 

Very little was known about the identity of the other remaining bidder, but his proclivities were legendary even among the secret cabal of oligarchs. It was said that no prisoner had survived more than a fortnight in his keeping, for the tortures he subjected them to were so brutal and so intense that even the toughest of men usually expired within no more than a week or two. Even worse, he was one of the few among the Russian elite who was widely known to consume the genitals of his male captives, the more well hung the better, apparently believing in the idea that eating a man’s cock and balls transferred some portion of his manhood and male energy to the consumer. This latter habit had earned the faceless bidder the nickname ‘The Cannibal’. 

As the huge cargo plane continued to fly high over the heart of Russia, and as the soldiers continued to literally pound load after precious load out of Matt’s profoundly bruised and battered balls, the life or death fate of the beefy bound Marine was being decided online… 

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Marine Corp Meat - Part 1

Here's another military-themed story series for you all to enjoy! I unfortunately no longer recall who was the original author of this story idea; otherwise, I would gladly give credit to whoever came up with the story idea at the heart of this saga. I have greatly expanded upon the original version, though, and added my usual 'Jayse' touches, and I hope it keeps you all entertained. :) 

There are 6 chapters in total for this series, so please enjoy the next month and a half of weekly installments...


Marine Corp Meat, Part 1
Based on an original story by an unknown author


Even after many hours of brutal tortures, the spectacularly muscular POW’s stubborn resistance hadn’t flagged in the slightest. In fact, not only was he becoming accustomed to the pain and abuse, he was also powerfully sexually aroused by it all. The U.S. Marine knew that he was built fantastically strong and tough, and he was determined to prove to his Russian captors that he could endure any and all abuses that they could heap upon him. It turned him on to no end to stun and astound his brutal captors by showing off his manly defiance, maintaining an utterly colossal boner throughout his hours-long torture session, and periodically pumping out a MASSIVE load of his G.I. jizz during the most severe of torments. Matt knew he was a true he-man alpha stud, and he was going to show these Commie punks how a REAL man endured torture! 

Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Schmidt had been on a routine patrol with his unit along the Russian-held Ukrainian border when his unit had been ambushed. A concussion grenade had temporarily incapacitated him, but he was conscious enough to remember half a dozen sets of enemy hands roughly grabbing him and dragging his temporarily stunned and paralyzed body from the scene, even as his comrades in arms fought back and tried to rescue him. The ambush was too well planned, however, and his Russian captors had made it away with his limp, heavy form without suffering any casualties of their own. 

That had been more than two days ago, and even after untold tortures, Corporal Schmidt STILL refused to beg for mercy or answer any of their questions. Instead, Matt used his deep baritone voice to taunt his tormentors, daring them to visit even worse abuses upon his phenomenally muscular body. 

“Oh yeah, fuckin’ TORTURE my big, iron-pumped body, you pussy-boy Ruskies! I’m the biggest badass muthafuckin’ Marine you’re ever gonna see, and I can take anything that you worthless punks can dish out on my big, hard, muscular body! Beat and whip my fuckin’ steel-pumped grunt muscles as hard as you fuckin’ want! Hammer my fat meaty stallion cock and torture my huge cum-filled stud balls, you fuckin’ sadistic commie pigs! Do your fuckin’ WORST to my bull-muscled body, fuckin’ torture me to death! I ain’t gonna break!” 

The six sadistic young Russian soldiers had been enthusiastically torturing the enormously muscular American for almost 48 hours now, but his continued proud defiance and snarling insults — not to mention the countless and utterly porn-star-eclipsing stallion cum loads that he had been shooting from his monstrous and ever hard bull cock — had them feeling worried and concerned. Maybe the mighty Marine was right, maybe they COULDN’T break his spirit OR his body! They felt that they had no choice but to continue, however, and so they redoubled their abusive interrogation of the enormous muscle stud, inflicting even more painful and bloody tortures on the massive bodybuilder grunt throughout a second long and agonizingly painful night. 

Throughout it all, Corporal Schmidt’s taunts and insults continued. “Fuckin’ kill me, you communist pricks! Chop off my ass-splitting, he-man horse cock and my softball-sized, baby-makin’ bull balls! Slice open my guts and cut out my beating heart, you fuckin’ girlie-boy bastards! Gouge out my baby blue eyes, cut out my cursing tongue, hack off my gargantuan arms and my goliath legs! Impale my big fuckin’ beefy body on a spike and roast my super human, USDA prime, Marine Corp muscle man body just like a gutted steer at a Texas cook-out! Do your worst to me, you wanna be mama fuckers, I ain’t gonna talk!” 

Several red-blinking video cameras continued to record the scene as the frustrated soldiers discussed what to do next. Young Matt, who didn’t speak any Russian, took the temporary reprieve as an opportunity to regain his breath and his strength, for he was certain that even more tortures are about to come. The bound and spread eagled muscle bull flexed his gargantuan muscles to even greater dimensions, further intimidating his trembling captors. At 6’5” and over 380 pounds of pure, battle-hardened muscle, Corporal Schmidt was several inches taller and at LEAST 100 pounds heavier than even the biggest of his captors, so he knew that these smaller men would be deeply jealous of his proud, rock-hard body. So he kept right on flexing his bleeding and sweat-drenched muscle-bound leatherneck body, still utterly magnificent despite the many lacerations, welts, and bruises that marred its spectacular surface. The young Marine bull also kept right on flexing the truly COLOSSAL, fourteen-plus-inch, cum-dripping man sausage that throbbed back and forth from his muscular crotch like an oversized metronome beating time. Matt knew that he was more of a man than these punks would ever be, and a continued showing that to them every chance he got. 

After even more heated discussion, which included a couple of calls on cell phones, the six young Russian soldiers approached the bound muscle bull once again. Matt was aware that enemy soldiers often filmed their torture sessions of Americans and other Allied prisoners, for such videos were often later sold on the black market and used to intimidate soldiers. Turns out that there was a whole industry devoted to such films, satisfying the lustful needs of sick fucks who liked to see buff American soldiers get tortured, mutilated, or even killed. The young American bodybuilder was therefore determined to put on an unforgettable show for his captors and anyone who might later view these videos. He couldn’t stop these six Commie bastards from making a small fortune off of this particular torture and snuff film, but he COULD show the world how a real man goes down, fighting and cumming the whole way. In fact, his huge, low-hanging bull balls already felt heavy with yet another monstrous Marine load, the bruised and battered orbs gravid with even more of his prime stud seed. 

“Go ahead and butcher my pumped Marine body like a Texan steer, you sadistic fucks!” Matt shouted in his deep, deep voice. “I’m packing more meat than all of you combined can choke down, you simper­ing pansy-ass faggot wanna bees!” The fearless and incredibly handsome Marine hunk seemed about to get his spoken wish, for the tightly bound muscle bull looked like he was about to be gutted and butchered alive like he was in some sort of slaughter­house. 

The various video cameras zoomed in on every angle of the Marine’s prime USMC body in all of its bound muscular glory, studying every iron-pumped and outrageously-muscled part of the staggeringly handsome young hunk. Several cameras were devoted solely to capturing the epic majesty of Matt’s throbbing, well-over-a-foot-long horse cock, so swollen and vein-gnarled that it didn’t look like it could possibly be a healthy human penis, beads of precum still dripping from his almost painfully erect and sausage-thick horse cock. 

The Russian soldiers snapped a thick iron slave collar around the grunt’s extraordinarily thick bull neck, nearly choking the handsome young Marine and severely restricting his ability to move his head. Another, much smaller iron collar was shackled around the top of the stud’s huge grapefruit-sized balls. A chain was connected to this second collar, with the other end attached to an iron ring in the floor, tugging the Marine stud’s trapped nuts painfully downward and making it so that even the slightest movement from the huge bull caused him to pull his strung out nuts ever harder. Next, the sadistic soldiers attached vicious, long-toothed alligator tit clamps to the hunky stud’s large and succulent coral nipples, and then hung heavy lead weights from the clamps to boot, really tearing at the Marine’s hard, rubbery nips. 

All of this attention to his turgid balls and aching nipples had Matt dripping precum even faster than ever. One of the Russian lads then used the Corporal’s own natural lubricant to jack the tortured grunt’s monumentally erect bull cock, really working the randy tool over using both of his big and roughly-calloused hands. The soldier smiled maliciously as he watched the Marine’s beyond-enormous stud balls try to draw upwards in their sac, only to be thwarted by the heavy chain and shackle yanking them painfully downward. But the agonizing strain to his titanic testes only served to turn Matt on even more, and in minutes, his powerfully throbbing cock was shooting out yet ANOTHER intense and violently gushing orgasm. The power and volume of the stud’s volcanic emissions was unlike anything the young soldiers had ever seen before, and even now after shooting literally dozens of loads over the past two days, Matt’s powerhouse bollocks were still pumping out loads that would have made the biggest Clydesdale stud stallion jealous. 

The six Russian soldiers then left the basement and went back upstairs, leaving their living human beef carcass to hang by his thick wrists and rest — or rather to drift off to a restless and troubled sleep — while they made another series of phone calls. The nipple clamps were left secured tightly over the Marine’s tortured nubs, and the collar and short chain were left attached to his profoundly stretched out stud nuts. Periodically, Matt would shift his weight or puff out his chest, increasing the erotically painful sensations emanating from his trapped nuts and clamped nipples. And no less than three times that long and painful day, Matt began to slowly and rhythmically buck his muscular hips, stretching out his tortured nuts farther than ever before, until he achieved an explosive, hands-free orgasm. All the while, Corporal Schmidt kept focusing on the many cameras trained on his herculean body, and even talked dirty to the future viewers of these videos. He was totally getting off on his super human manliness, and wasn’t shy about letting any future video viewers know it! 

It wasn’t until nightfall by the end of that third day that anyone came downstairs again. The six Russian soldiers trooped back downstairs, followed by three well-dressed businessmen. Matt’s cock was once again hard as a rock at this point, so he defiantly stared at the nonplussed businessmen and flexed his cock repeatedly, over and over again, beating out a staccato rhythm against his own corrugated muscle gut. The young man could not decipher any of the Russian that the visitors are speaking, but he rightly assumed that they were haggling over a price for the captive American grunt. It was also clear that the six young Russian soldiers were excited about all of the money they hoped to get for their super hunky and massively-built American captive. 

One of the businessmen stepped forward and began to visually and physically examine the helpless and vulnerable Marine, running his hands over the enormous, sweat-soaked muscles of the naked bull male. He appraised Matt’s enormously muscled body with a critical eye, calling out comments to his comrades several times. He then made a ‘Tsk’ sound and addressed Matt for the first time, speaking in heavily accented English. 

“It is shame that your ignorant young captors do not know value of such a prize when they see it. Too many marks and scars reduces sale value of slave. However, it appears they have not hurt you too badly, and these many cuts and bruises will heal quickly. You will still bring very high price. You are very, very good looking, and your body is exceptionally muscular, largest I have seen in nearly 30 years of slave trade. Yes, you will make excellent sale price!” 

“But it is these heavy organs between your big muscular legs that is most extraordinary and will bring greatest price of all!” the businessman said, gripping Matt’s sweat- and cum-slickened cock shaft with one hand and gently cupping one of his enormously bulky whale nuts with the other. “I never see or even HEAR about man with genitals so big!! Are you part bull or something?! Ha!” The Russian gave his hand a firm squeeze, bearing down on the overstretched and bulging bollock resting in his hand and making Matt clench his powerful jaw against the dull ache radiating from the tortured globe. But the hunky Marine refused to cry out, even as the businessman squeezed harder and harder still, and he kept his bright blue eyes locked in a cold stare with his latest tormentor. 

“Good!” the Russian exclaimed after a time, releasing his crushing grip on Matt’s throbbing orb. “Your testicle is unusually firm and strong, and you have very high pain tolerance. Again, this bring good money!” 

“Fuck you, you filthy Commie pig!” Corporal Schmidt spat in return, cold fury in his deep baritone voice. 

“Defiant, too, I see! Good, GOOD! I have many wealthy clients who will bid eagerly and pay well for such a handsome, muscular, and massively hung young Marine bulldog such as you, and most prefer to buy their slaves with spirit intact, as well as flesh. Depending on who buys you, strong bull such as you could survive up to ten years of heavy slavery before wearing out. A few of my other clients, though, well, let us say that you should pray to not go to them. Some buyers exhaust their purchase within a matter of days! In my opinion, would be terrible waste of truly exceptional male flesh, but I am not one to judge…” 

The Russian businessman chuckled as he finally released Matt’s massive meat, and then said, “I am going to give our young soldiers here another task. They say that you are exceptionally, what is English word… ‘virile’? There is also lucrative black market in semen from strong and handsome American beefcake soldiers such as you.” The businessman then held up a large glass beaker for Matt’s inspection. “I will ask soldiers to milk you of precious male sex juices. If they can get you to fill this glass jar in one hour, then I will double price I pay them for you. It is still fraction of what I will get when I later sell you, but for these ignorant boys, is more money than they will see in a year. Good luck, my handsome American friend!” 

The smiling Russian then addressed the anxious young soldiers, and Matt could see large smiles and eager nods of approval from the six men. The three businessmen took their leave as the half dozen soldiers surrounded their captive American stud and started working him over. Two of the soldiers manned Matt’s mammoth horse cock, using all four hands to roughly stroke and pump the huge sex organ. Another man knelt behind the massively muscular stud and plunged two thick fingers up the G.I.’s hot and tight bung hole, rudely exploring his tight shit chute and prodding and stabbing at the young man’s oversized prostate. A fourth man stood in front of the Marine and fondled his enormous, pec-proud chest, focusing his attention on Matt’s hypersensitive nipples, pinching and twisting the exposed nubs and yanking on the alligator clamps still tightly secured over each large coral nipple. The final two men knelt in front of Matt, each reaching up to grasp one of the handsome muscle stud’s gigantic, grapefruit-sized bollocks. The overstretched orbs were already throbbing in agony from all of their previous abuses and from being pulled so far from the young man’s muscular crotch, so when the two men started to punch, squeeze, and crush the American’s massive balls in their fists, it really drove the young muscle hunk wild. 

It took only a few minutes of this genital-focused abuse before Matt started shooting his first he-man load, which one of the men deftly caught within the glass beaker. The soldiers didn’t let up for a moment, however, and kept on torturing the big man throughout his voluminous orgasm and beyond. Money was a great motivator, and these young punks were extremely motivated to see just how many loads they could rape out of Matt’s prodigious loins before the hour-long timer ran out. 

The cameras caught every spectacular load on video, and there were MANY big loads. The cruel Russian soldiers used every technique at their disposal to force load after massive load out of Matt’s brutally overworked nuts. The rough attention to his manly genitals was excruciating, and the agony only increased after each fresh load was pulled from his loins. The handsome young Marine bull was soon bellowing in pain as his huge balls were hammered, punched, flattened, and squeezed, all in an attempt to milk them of every last drop of their precious male fluids within the allotted hour. 

The three businessmen, waiting patiently upstairs, smiled with approval each time they heard the soldiers cheer each success, and every time they heard the hunky American muscle giant holler and bellow in agony and release. At the end of the hour, the three returned to the basement downstairs, and were visibly impressed to discover that the six Russian soldiers had indeed succeeded in their task, in spades! Sitting on a small wooden table in front of the panting and huffing bound prisoner was a glass beaker that was filled to overflowing with the thickest, gloopiest, chunkiest batch of nut oysters any of the men had ever seen. Thick slugs of the viscous white fluid ran down the sides of the beaker in large globs, and even more of the rich, gamey funk was splattered all over the table. Hell, there was easily enough of the thick, smelly baby batter splashed on the table and floor to fill a SECOND beaker! And even MORE of the stuff was still dripping from his obscenely bloated and erect bull sausage, his fourteen-plus-inch member glowing an angry red from the recent rough abuse! The young Marine’s awesome virility was simply super human!! 

The lead businessman recovered his composure first, and said to Matt, “Very impressive, young man! Very impressive indeed! You are not only hung like stud bull, you cum like one, too! I am certain you will be highest selling slave ever seen at auction! I must now finish sale and make preparations for your transport. It was sincere pleasure to meet you, Corporal Matt Schmidt, and I wish you long and happy life as slave.” 

“Fuck you!” Matt snarled in reply, but he was powerless to otherwise do anything to the malevolently smirking Russian. 

One of the businessman then provided the excited soldiers with a briefcase full of rubles, while the lead businessman placed a lid firmly over the cum-drenched beaker, opened a larger briefcase, and placed the beaker and its extremely valuable contents inside the foam-filled interior. 

The six soldiers carefully unbound their captive stud and secured his immensely powerful arms behind his back. His legs were unshackled as well, and then hobbled with a short length of chain. As physically and sexually exhausted as Matt was after nearly three days of continuous torture and abuse, he still managed to struggle mightily against his captors, but their sheer numbers and his extreme fatigue allowed them to overcome his naturally greater strength, and they soon had him ready to march out of the room. The alligator clamps were left securely attached to his raw and bleeding nipples, and a 20 kilogram weight had been added to the end of the chain hanging from Matt’s battered and deeply bruised balls. The heavy weight pulled mercilessly at the Marine’s deeply aching bull balls, stretching them more than four full inches from his lean and muscular crotch. And with each painful step, the lead weight would swing wildly and bounce off of Corporal Schmidt’s enormously muscular thighs, adding to the agony tearing through the young man’s bound nuts, stretching fresh nerves and sending skull-crushing pain through the super stud’s muscular belly. 

Matt was unceremoniously frog-walked up the stairs and out the front door of the small house. Outside, the young American found himself near an airstrip that looked to be in the middle of nowhere, with a large Russian cargo plane waiting nearby with its rear ramp already down and ready to be loaded. The handsome young Marine knew that he was likely doomed to a short and painful life of a slave, but he was still one proud, macho, bull-built bodybuilder of a Marine, and he wasn’t going to let these evil fucking Commies forget it! Matt threw his huge cannonball shoulders back and walked tall and proud, his still bone hard, foot-long-plus bull cock leading the way. Though he was wearing nothing but his metal dog tags around his thick, muscular neck and the shackles secured around his wrists, ankles, and balls, the Marine cut a striking and regal figure as he crossed the hot tarmac and was forced up the ramp to the dark interior of the waiting cargo plane. The young bull Marine didn’t know what horrors he would face next, but he was determined to face his fate with pride and stoic dignity. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Scrambled Eggs - Jayse Version

The following story is yet another adaptation of a tale from the incomparable Sack Stomper. It's a stand-alone story, and I have no current intentions for any follow up chapters -- in this case, I prefer for your minds to ponder what punishments may yet befall the mighty, massive nuts of the hunky, hulky muscle stud. :)


Scrambled Eggs
Based on an original story by Ghost Writer (aka Sack Stomper) 


To everyone in town, ‘Two Guys and a Spatula’ was a pleasant, community-oriented, 1950’s themed diner that had, since its opening six years ago, held its own against the big box breakfast-all-day restaurants that seemed to pop all over the region. The logo on the restaurant’s sign showed two cartoon men, one holding an enormous egg and the other cracking it with a comically large spatula, with the contents falling into a frying pan. It was indeed a quintessential ‘ma-and-pa’ operation, at least from the outside. 

However, tension had been building behind the scenes of ‘Two Guys’ for months. The ‘two guys’ were the co-owners, Nathan and Josh, who had been best friends since their college days. Both had majored in business and had started the restaurant on a whim right out of college, and its phenomenal success had caught them both off guard. But now, Nathan was ready to branch out from the breakfast-all-day concept, while Josh lived by the adage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and wanted to keep their restaurant unchanged. The tensions had started slowly with backroom squabbling, but had since escalated over the months to more and more frequent clashes and fights, no doubt because the men spent more than ten hours a day working and running the restaurant in close quarters. 

In many ways, the two young men were a study in contrasts. Both were 28 years old, very athletic, and extremely handsome, but that was about where the similarities ended. 

Josh was of slightly above average height and build, standing 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighing a lean and muscular 190 pounds. He had played soccer in high school and college, and he had maintained his athleticism in the years since then, keeping his solid and impressively lean physique. His black hair, worn short, contrasted nicely with his fair skin and ruddy cheeks, speaking to his Irish heritage. His sky blue eyes were focused and serious, for Josh was by far the more stern and driven of the pair. 

If Josh was only slightly above average in size, then Nathan was a beast. Standing just over 6 feet, 4 inches tall and weighing a monstrous 285 pounds of pure, chiseled, battle-hardened muscle, Nathan had been a star linebacker in both high school and college, and had turned down what could have been a highly lucrative career in the NFL to go into business with his best friend instead. Nathan had never regretted not going into professional football, but nor had he given up on athletics and fitness, for he still went to the gym every day and maintained an enormously muscular and spectacularly defined physique that would have been the envy of most professional bodybuilders. Thick brown hair framed a face that was classically handsome, with a powerful jawline, strong and prominent chin, and stunning blue eyes. Nathan was the more friendly and outgoing of the two men, quick to laugh and always ready to engage his customers in conversation. Though his height and muscular size could be intimidating, Nathan was really just a teddy bear, and by far the more approachable of the two young men. 

Nathan and Josh had become friends Freshman year of college, when by chance they were assigned to be roommates together in the dorms. They had remained best friends and roommates ever since, which had served them well until recently. The stress of running a successful business, combined with their differing opinions on the future direction of their company, had started putting them at odds with each other, creating a friction in their friendship that had never been there before. 

Josh in particular had grown resentful of Nathan, who he felt was not only not putting in as much time at work as him, but was now also trying to tinker with ‘Two Guys’. Josh also felt that the restaurant had been more his dream than Nathan’s, and he subsequently felt more ownership for the business than his big best friend. Nathan, on the other hand, was becoming offended by Josh’s seemingly senseless opposition to all of his ideas since the beginning, especially since it was Nathan who had put up most of the starting cash. 

And all of these tensions were about to come to a head. 

That day had been an especially hectic Sunday, and the last customers hadn’t left the diner until nearly five in the afternoon. To make matters worse, several of their staff were out with the flu, and Nathan and Josh had to go out serving meals, pouring coffee, and refilling mimosas themselves instead of working on payroll and inventory in the office. 

When the last staffer had finally gone home about an hour later, Josh exhaustedly plopped down into the chair in the office and let out a resounding sigh. Josh’s powerful biceps bulged in the sleeves of his short-sleeved, white button up shirt as he ran a hand through his short black hair and began to analyze the payroll spreadsheets in front of him. They had fallen behind on their bookkeeping for the week, which Josh blamed on Nathan’s obsession with daily visits to the gym. The files were needed by their accountant first thing Monday morning, and the task before Josh was daunting. Josh quickly became so involved in his computer screen that, when Nathan finally entered the office some 20 minutes later, Josh didn’t even look up or acknowledge his presence. 

“Hey there Josh!” Nathan greeted his friend and business co-owner as the big man started filing away some binders on an upper shelf. 

“Don’t ‘Hey Josh’ me!” Josh roared in reply, slamming the lid of his laptop closed and turning to glare at his business partner. Nathan was so stunned by his outburst that he froze in place, blue eyes going wide in surprise. As Josh glared at his friend, he was struck for the ten thousandth time by just how big the guy was. Not just tall, but built, too, one of the biggest guys Josh had ever seen. The short-sleeved white shirt and gray slacks of their uniform looked painted on Nathan’s massively muscular body, and he didn’t so much ‘wear’ the clothes as ‘model’ them. 
“Damn! What’s your problem, Josh!?” Nathan asked in startled surprise. 

“My problem?!” an angry Josh responded as he stood up quickly and walked from behind the desk. “It’s you! Walking around here and acting like you own the place!”

Josh was now standing inches from the much larger man, all but yelling in his face as he threw down a document on the adjacent desk. It was a quote from a vendor for various items relating to a potential new business venture called ‘Two Guys and Lunch’. 

Nathan looked down at the document and blushed a bit in embarrassment, but he stood his ground as he calmly replied, “Yes, I’ve been collecting price quotes to see what it might cost if we expanded to include a lunch menu as well. I know you don’t like the idea, but if you’d just look at the business plan I’ve put together…” 

“And!? I TOLD you that the lunch thing is a non starter!” Josh replied dismissively. 

“See?! There you go again, Josh!” Nathan replied, the first hint of anger creeping into his deep baritone voice. “You’re acting like you’re the only one here! We own this business together, and I think we need to at least discuss expansion options! And don’t think our employees haven’t been telling me all of the things you’ve been saying about me behind my back!” 

“Well if you don’t like it, Nathan, then you can piss the fuck off!” Josh was yelling at this point, and clearly the proverbial gloves had come off. Months of pent up anger and frustration were coming out all at once. 

Nathan visibly bristled at Josh’s harsh words, and the big man took an aggressive step forward, forcing Josh to take a step backward until he felt the back of his legs come up against the desk. The big man raised one of his muscular arms and pointed a finger right in Josh’s face, saying, “Now listen here…!” 

Without warning, something snapped inside Josh. He never really consciously admitted it to himself, but Josh had always been deeply jealous of Nathan. Josh was tall, strong, and handsome, but Nathan was taller, stronger, and even more gorgeous. Josh could be charming and personable and had had more than his share of attention from the fairer sex, but Nathan’s easy going personality and natural charm made everyone he met simply love him, and the amount of attention he effortlessly got from women (and even men) was legendary. Hell, even when it came to their genitalia, Nathan outstripped Josh in every possible way! Josh was very well hung, with a thick 9-inch cock and big juicy balls the size of a pair of ripe kiwi fruits. But Nathan was hung like some sort of fucking Neanderthal! The big dude’s cock was longer and thicker completely limp than Josh’s biggest and hardest boner, and when hard was a true trouser beast, measuring just over 15 monstrously thick inches in length! Nathan’s behemoth bollocks were possibly even more impressive than his cock, for each dense and weighty orb was easily as big as an extra large grapefruit! Even though he had his pants specially tailored with extra room in the groin, Nathan’s prominent and pornographic bulge was unmistakeable. 

Josh’s long-standing jealousy combined with his current feelings of resentment and anger, boiling into a white-hot rage at his long-time friend and business partner. The massively muscular bull of a man was right in Josh’s face at this point, their bodies just inches apart from each other, and Josh suddenly reacted to the larger man’s presence without a conscious thought. 

Josh’s right knee shot up like a bolt of lightning, slamming directly into Nathan’s exposed crotch and cutting the big guy off in mid sentence. The smaller man could feel his bony knee connect squarely with one of Nathan’s fist-sized nuts, crushing the huge orb against his rock solid pelvis. Nathan’s brilliant blue eyes shot open wide first in surprise, and then in agony, as the impact caused an explosion of pain in his wounded nut. 

A fury unlike anything he had ever felt before gripped Josh, his big bicep and thick neck muscles trembling, his mind unable to even find the words to express his sudden rage and hatred toward his former best friend. In quick succession, Josh sent two more devastating knee lifts into Nathan’s unprotected crotch, feeling the huge bulging mass of Nathan’s huge defenseless eggs being flattened against the studly man’s muscular groin each time. The additional two low blows knocked the wind out of the bigger man, causing him to drop heavily to his knees, his huge hands protecting his battered balls and a look of anguish, confusion, and shock on his devastatingly handsome face. 

“Oh God! Why, Josh?! Why?!” Nathan managed to croak out in a hoarse voice, cradling his screaming bollocks in both hands. 

A furious Josh picked up his laptop from the table and, with a powerful swing, slammed the computer into the side of the kneeling man’s head. Plastic and glass cracked and shattered as the computer exploded against the side of Nathan’s head, knocking the huge man backward onto the floor and leaving him temporarily stunned. Josh stood over the felled giant, his nostrils flaring and his chest heaving as he swallowed great gulps of air. His business partner lay stunned and spread eagled on the floor, a trickle of blood running down his handsome face from a small cut above his left eye. The assault with the computer had dazed him, but Josh knew what an insanely tough man Nathan was and that he would be recovering from the head blow quickly, so he immediately pressed his advantage. 

“You son of a bitch!” Josh yelled and he stomped his work shoes over and over again onto Nathan’s prominent and impossible-to-miss crotch bulge, using his soccer-honed legs to inflict brutal pain onto his fallen partner. Nathan writhed and bellowed in pain as blow after blow rained down upon his trouser-clad cock and balls, and when he tried to cover his screaming crotch with his big hands, Josh merely stomped on them as well, forcing Nathan to literally crush his own gonads with his huge hands. 

“Josh! Josh stop! Please!” Nathan cried between boot stomps, his blue eyes filled with agony and fear, but his former friend paid him no heed, focusing instead on trying to end the muscle man’s family line right then and there. Josh smirked as a particularly violent kick caused Nathan to let out an agonized howl, his massive left nut flattened to a fraction of its normal width against the solid muscular wall of his crotch. 

After what had to be at least three or four dozen wicked boot stomps onto Nathan’s rapidly swelling junk, Josh planted a powerful kick into Nathan’s corrugated washboard midsection, once again knocking the wind out of him. He followed that up with a kick to the fallen muscle man’s left temple, right where he’d previously struck the man with his shattered laptop. The force of the kick knocked the man’s handsome head violently to the side, and his beautiful blue eyes rolled back in his head. Big Nathan was now unconscious. 

Josh panted with effort and fury as he gazed down at his fallen partner. Blood was still trickling from the superficial cut on the handsome man’s forehead, and the ridiculously oversized mound of his crotch was swelling even larger still after all of the trauma inflicted upon it. The pale gray of Nathan’s slacks was also now soiled and dirty all over and around the big man’s crotch from Josh’s shoes, and the dark-haired man grunted with satisfaction at the various dirty shoe prints he’d left all over the front of those bulging pants. 

Josh dropped to his knees between Nathan’s massively muscular thighs, eager to see what damage he had caused to his partner’s enormous package. He quickly unbuttoned the unconscious man’s pants and violently ripped them down to his knees. As usual, the big guy wasn’t wearing any underwear (less out of a desire to ‘go commando’, and more out of an inability to find underwear with a pouch large and strong enough to contain his oversized goods), so his gargantuan cock and balls tumbled out into the open air for Josh’s inspection. 

Josh had always been secretly in awe of Nathan’s beyond-prodigious manhood. The muscle man’s equine cock and bovine balls were simply so huge, so powerful, so overwhelmingly virile and masculine that they often made Josh feel like a tiny-dicked wimp in comparison. As he now gazed down upon Nathan’s naked junk, Josh could see that they were looking considerably worse for wear, but were still damn impressive. The limp 10+ inches of Nathan’s heroically huge dick had a few red marks and welts marring its long and generous shaft, but it looked otherwise unharmed, having escaped the bulk of the boot stomps. But Nathan’s behemoth bull balls were another matter entirely. Both fist-sized orbs were an angry dark red with hints of the blue and purple bruises that would soon be erupting all over them. Now that they had been freed from the tight confines of the young man’s gray slacks, the two balls were also starting to rapidly swell, the traumatized tissues filling with fluids. 

Reaching down with both of his large and powerful hands, Josh scooped up both low-hanging balls off the floor, one mammoth testicle in each palm, filling his hands to overflowing with Grade-AAA nut meat. He’d never held his roommate’s balls in his hands before (despite some rumors that had spread across campus back in their old college days, Josh and Nathan had never been lovers; Josh was straight, and while Nathan was fully bisexual, he had never once made any sort of sexual advance on his best friend, not even during the rowdy and often drunken frat parties of those halcyon days), and Josh was amazed by their tremendous weight. The hot, sweaty orbs were even heavier than they looked, and they looked damn heavy indeed! Almost against his will, Josh fondled and caressed both damaged balls, running his thumbs over the vast expanse of their bulk and hefting their surprising weight in his hands. Good GOD but this dude had a huge set of balls!! 

The dark haired man gave the twin testes a series of gentle, exploratory squeezes, and he was shocked to discover that though the outer portions of both massive nuts were a bit soft and mushy, they surrounded a very dense and hard inner core. Josh supposed that he shouldn’t have been surprised. He knew that, back when Nathan was playing college ball, he never wore a cup or any other form of protection on the gridiron. There simply wasn’t a cup built big enough to accommodate the freakishly huge mass of his oversized genitals! Josh had attended many of Nathan’s football games, and had personally witnessed the big muscle man take terrible blows to his groin — collisions with big shoulder pads, padded knees, hard helmets, and cleated feet, all driven at great speed by large and strong young men right into Nathan’s unprotected crotch. And every time, the huge muscle man would get right back up, shake off whatever pain he might be feeling, and get right back into the game. Josh supposed that Nathan’s titanic testes must have been as tough and solid as they were huge, and he could only figure that nearly a decade of brutal low blows to his nuts from the football field had only toughened them further. 

So while Josh had half expected Nathan’s nuts to have already been reduced to a useless mush (as just about any other man’s delicate and fragile balls would have been by now), he wasn’t entirely surprised to discover that the big man’s big nuggets were still intact and whole…for now…

As he considered what to do next, Josh was surprised to hear the rumble of Nathan’s deep voice once more. “Josh, no…” A weak moan escaped Nathan’s lips as the handsome muscle man began to regain consciousness. He lifted his handsome head off the floor with a great effort, his tear-filled blue eyes locking with Josh’s cold stare and beseeching him to have mercy and stop hurting him. But Josh’s upper lip curled in a half snarl, half sneer, and he squeezed his hands with all of his considerable might. 

Nathan threw back his head and bellowed in renewed agony as Josh clutched and crushed his huge baby makers in his strong hands. Josh made sure that he had positioned his thumbs over the central meat of each orb, so that the thick nut beef was compressed as hard as possible by his hands. Nathan appeared too weak and powerless to do anything but scream and weakly writhe in agony as Josh increased the pressure as hard as he could, trying to burst Nathan’s huge nuts with his bare hands! But try as he might, Josh simply couldn’t get the big balls to break. They would deform partway, bending around his clutching fingers and drilling thumbs, but would give no further. Despite the dozens of kicks and boot stomps, Nathan’s balls were still simply too unbelievably tough and solid for Josh to destroy. 

After several very long minutes of brutal nut-busting squeezing, Josh released Nathan’s tortured testicles with disgust and let them drop back to the big man’s crotch, only then realizing that the huge muscle stud had passed out again somewhere along the way from the brutal nut pain. The huge orbs immediately plumped back up to their normal oblong shapes and tumbled to the bottom of his enormous nutsack. Nathan’s balls hung so low that the two bruised and wounded balls now fully rested on the cold cement floor. Josh guessed that it wasn’t surprising that a set of balls as freakishly heavy as Nathan’s would also hang so incredibly low — their great weight must be a real drag on his big ball bag! 

Josh stood back up, lifted his shoe over the bulging sack of defenseless man eggs, and slammed his foot down with all of his might. Although he had once again passed out, Nathan’s massively muscular body still let an involuntary convulsion. Josh kept his foot planted in Nathan’s huge nuts, crushing them halfway flat, and then started twisting his heel like he was squashing a bug. The dark-haired stud could feel Nathan’s fat nuts squish and roll beneath his grinding foot, causing even more trauma to the twin balls and forcing them to bulge out grotesquely around his invading foot. Josh savored the sensation of having Nathan’s entire future as an intact male beneath his foot, and he lifted up his shoe and slammed it down again. And again. And again and again and again, each time grinding his heel and smooshing Nathan’s soft and pliable nuts against the cold, uncaring, and unyielding floor. 

After six full force heel stomps, Josh was sure that he must have done some serious permanent damage to Nathan’s manhood. He knelt down once again and began to roughly massage each ball, feeling for signs of cracked walls, pulverized meat, softening tissues, and any other indications that they were no longer firm. To his great dismay and annoyance, however, Nathan’s big balls were still totally firm and intact. Perhaps a little softer than before, and even more bruised, but otherwise intact! In fact, had it not been for the severe bruising and obvious swelling, Nathan’s balls looked like they were ready for one of his legendary marathon fuck sessions! 

An angry Josh stood back up and stomped on Nathan’s naked and defenseless nuts three more times out of sheer hatred and malice. As he lifted his foot and prepared for a fourth blow, his sky blue eyes lit up with another idea. Josh briefly left the office and rummaged around elsewhere in the restaurant, coming back with an armload of various supplies. 

With considerable effort, Josh then lifted Nathan beneath his enormous shoulders and half-carried, half-dragged his limp and unresponsive body to a nearby chair, and wrestled the huge muscle man into the seat. It was an oversized chair made of sturdy metal and solid wood, big and strong enough that even Nathan’s phenomenal strength shouldn’t be enough to allow him to break free. Josh worked quickly, fearing that the tough stud could wake up at any moment. He bound the man’s enormously muscular arms behind the back of the chair, and then similarly bound his ankles to the back legs of the chair, leaving Nathan’s huge thighs spread wide open and allowing his huge, pendulous nuts to hang freely off the front of the chair. The man’s humongous limp log of a cock was draped over the stud’s right thigh almost as an afterthought. 

Once Nathan was firmly secured in place, Josh retrieved the smelling salts from the emergency first aid kit, and wafted the pungent salts beneath Nathan’s nose. The huge man’s handsome head jerked and he woke up with a start, panic and fear in his wide blue eyes. His mind was still hazy and he was still dazed, but Nathan immediately realized the danger he was in, and once again began begging for Josh to stop hurting him and let him free. 

“Josh? Josh! Josh, what are you doing?! Please, man! Let me go! Please don’t hurt me anymore!!” 

Josh just ignored him as he grabbed an object off the desk. Nathan’s eyes bugged out in absolute terror as he saw what it was, and he struggled in vain against his tight restraints. 

“I wanted you to see this, Nathan,” Josh said with cold hatred in his voice. “I wanted you to be awake while we tested out one of your ridiculous ideas.” 

Josh held the ‘Egg Scrambler Pro’ in his hands. The plastic device consisted of both an upper and a lower compartment. The upper compartment was large enough to fit up to half a dozen eggs at a time, and included two large paddles of hard plastic that could rotate in either direction at the press of a button. The lower portion was a collection chamber, and also included two large paddles. The device was advertised as being the perfect egg scrambler. You simply dropped one or more eggs into the upper compartment, closed the lid, and pressed the button. The rapidly spinning paddles would cleanly crack open the eggs, allowing their gooey innards to ooze through a plastic sieve into the lower chamber, where the other two paddles would churn and whip the egg guts into a scramble that was ready for the skillet. It looked great on the informercial, but in practice, the Egg Scrambler Pro actually decimated the egg shells as well, meaning that small pieces of crunchy shell ended up in the mixing chamber and subsequently in the omelet itself. Not to mention the fact that it took almost a full minute for the egg gloop to seep through from one chamber to the next. It was just too slow for commercial use, and too unreliable in allowing egg shell shards to wind up in the scrambled eggs. 

But Nathan had been insistent that they invest in one to try it out… and now he was about to get his own demonstration on its effectiveness at laying waste to hens’ eggs! 

Josh knelt down and held the Scrambler dangerously close to Nathan’s dangling bull nuts. He slapped the bruised and swollen balls around several times to get them to ponderously and heavily swing from side to side, causing Nathan to wince and tense, fearful of more pain to come. Josh placed an egg, which was a tiny fraction of the size of one of Nathan’s gigantic nuts, into the upper chamber and briefly hit the pulse button. The machine whirred a couple of times and stopped. The egg shell had been cracked but not penetrated completely, allowing just a little bit of the gooey egg innards to ooze out. 

“Hmm, looks like it needs a little more time on the spin cycle,” Josh taunted, and then proceeded to press and hold the pulse button. Instead of just spinning once and cracking the egg shell, as designed, the Scrambler’s ‘cracking’ blades spun around again and again and again. The device quickly shattered the egg, slaughtering it and quickly filling the lower chamber with pulverized egg shell and thoroughly scrambled egg. 

Poor Nathan was all but hyperventilating at this point, watching the chicken egg get utterly destroyed, and knowing that his own man eggs were next. 

“Hey, I guess it works after all! But we should try it again, just to be sure. Maybe with a slightly larger ‘egg’ perhaps…?” 

Josh casually dumped the scrambled egg matter onto the floor and viciously grabbed Nathan’s pendulous right nut, violently forcing the oversized orb into the machine. Nathan’s titanic testicles had swollen nearly to the size of ostrich eggs at this point; just cramming one massive gonad into the Egg Scrambler Pro was a struggle, while stuffing in both at the same time was clearly impossible. Nathan hollered and bellowed and pleaded and begged, but Josh just ignored him, his index finger hovering over the pulse button for several moments. Then, with an evil smile on his face, he pressed and held down the button. 

The ‘cracking paddle’ spun around and slammed into the side of Nathan’s massive right ball with a loud and beefy SMACK!’ But the huge sex gland proved to be far too large and sturdy to break, so the paddle’s momentum simply stopped. Frustrated, Josh pressed the button again, causing the paddles to reverse direction, and the second cracking paddle to slam into the other side of Nathan’s bruised and swollen nut. SMACK! Encouraged, Josh began to rapidly and rhythmically press the pulse button, causing the large paddles to slam into the sides of Nathan’s screaming ball over and over and over again. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! 

Nathan began to bellow and buck wildly as he felt the kitchen gadget begin to lay waste to the right half of his manhood. He never would have guessed that the simple paddles could strike with such brutal and painful force, and his didn’t know how much longer his already damaged and weakened ball could survive. 


The huge muscle man bucked and brayed like some wounded animal, his massive muscles bulging and flexing most dramatically in his futile attempt to break free of his bindings. The handsome hunk felt like his huge nut was indeed being systematically pulverized, and he wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to see his shattered nut guts starting to ooze and drip into the lower chamber. 


Josh didn’t even try to mask his delight as he continued the slow destruction of Nathan’s right bollock. “Oh fuck yeah!” he said. “Really laying waste to your freakishly oversized gonad now, Nate! Can you feel that? I’m fucking WRECKING your worthless bull nut!! Half of all of your unborn children are in that chamber, being slowly beaten to death, and there’s NOTHING you can do to stop me!!” 


“Fuck yeah!” Josh exclaimed again. “Almost scrambled! Won’t be long now!” 


After more than five minutes of this non-stop assault, Nathan had passed out for the third time, the extreme testicular pain more than even the legendarily tough stud could endure. But Josh kept on going for a few minutes longer, paddling the very life out of Nathan’s swollen right bollock, until his finger was too tired to keep going. Then, with a violent yank, he tore Nathan’s bloated ball out of the Scrambler and threw the device against the wall, where it shattered into numerous pieces. 

Josh held up Nathan’s mangled right ball in his clutching hand, fully expecting it to be a pulped and mushy ruin. Thus his surprise was almost complete when his examining fingers found that the huge orb was still intact! Swollen even larger than its brother, and markedly less firm than before, but still alive and whole! Nathan’s humongous bollocks were proving to be well nigh indestructible!! 

An incredulous Josh let the battered orb drop back onto the wooden seat of the chair with a meaty ‘SLAP!’ and just stared at it for a few long moments. Some still sane corner of his mind warned him that he’d better stop right now if he wanted his long-time friend to remain an intact male. Nathan’s heavily wounded right nut clearly couldn’t take much more, and was already dangerously close to bursting. This tiny corner of Josh’s mind begged him to consider what he was doing and stop now before it was too late. 

A look of cold fury crept over Josh’s handsome face as he quashed that little voice in his head. 

On his knees once more, Josh was now eye level with the still unconscious Nathan, drinking in the sight of his defeated and soon to be destroyed business partner. He once again had to grudgingly admit that his roommate and co-owner of his business was a spectacular example of hyper virile manhood, with his stunningly handsome face, absolutely massive and chiseled physique, and surely one of the largest sets of genitals to ever grace a man. Josh’s long-standing jealousy of his bigger and handsomer friend now demanded that he take Nathan out of the gene pool, permanently. 

Josh raised his right hand high into the air, formed a tight fist, and slammed it down full force into Nathan’s critically wounded right nut. 


Nathan’s handsome face twitched slightly as his giant ball was instantly pancaked to barely half its normal width. He raised his fist up again, watching the huge orb painfully inflate back to its normal oblong egg shape, before slamming his fist down again. 


Nathan’s massive chest heaved involuntarily and his muscular arms flexed as the bloated ball, trapped between Josh’s hard fist and the solid, unyielding surface of the chair below, absorbed the full force of the vicious blow. Josh wailed on Nathan’s gigantic nut again and again and again, feeling the massive orb flatten a little more each time. 


On the ninth or tenth blow, Josh thought he heard a faint cracking sound, almost like gristle or cartilage tearing, but he kept going. 


By the 14th or 15th hammer blow of his fist, Josh was now certain that the incredibly tough outer wall of Nathan’s mammoth right ‘nard was starting to fail, because those crunching sounds were getting louder and wetter, and the impacts were feeling very different. Nathan’s mighty nut was getting markedly softer and mushier at this point, as its structural integrity finally started to give way. And STILL Josh kept on hammering away, exalting in the feeling of having a man’s massive gonad crumbling beneath his pounding fist. 


Considering just how flat and mushy Nathan’s nut had become, it was astonishing that it still hadn’t simply exploded inside of its bruised and abraded pouch. The behemoth ball no longer plumped back into its full orb-like shape after each blow, but instead remained partially flattened by the insanely brutal barrage of blows. 


The orb no longer resisted deformation as it began to collapse in its sack. The titanic teste was losing its round shape and was starting to become slightly lumpy, the dense meat of the tortured nut starting to break down as the last strength of its extraordinary tough and durable outer wall faded. It almost felt like he was hammering a sack of warm mashed potatoes at this point, not the incredibly firm and solid ball from less than an hour ago. He knew that at this point, any blow could be the one to spell the permanent destruction of Nathan’s mighty right nut. 


Yes, this was it — Josh knew he was surely just a punch or two away from bursting the right side of Nathan’s overstuffed ball bag, making him only half a man. His heart was thundering in his chest in excitement, and he threw everything he had into his next hammering fist blows. 


At the last moment, Josh halted his hammer blows of destruction, his fist poised high in the air for the blow that would spell certain doom to Nathan’s beleaguered bollock. Nathan’s right nut was a sorry sight indeed, flattened to barely a third of its normal girth, lumpy and misshapen, swollen to inhuman size, and so black and blue that it didn’t look like a human testicle at all. But, miraculously, it was still alive!! Josh wasn’t sure if the traumatized testicle could survive, let alone heal and regain its normal egg-like shape. Hell, even if the mighty orb did recover, Josh was almost certain that he’d beaten the titanic gonad into permanent sterility. But somehow, the damnably tough bull ball had refused to shatter! 

And Josh decided that he wanted Nathan to be awake and conscious for the loss of his gigantic goolie. 

Josh gently knocked Nathan’s right bollock off the seat of the chair, so that it could plummet to the bottom of its voluminous sack and jostle up next to its twin. The dark-haired stud noted that the mangled right ball now hung down considerably lower than its still relatively intact brother, and that it was swollen so huge that it was half again as massive as Nathan’s left ball. Josh found the sight strangely and deeply erotic, and he realized that he had a raging boner fighting to break free from his pants. He then realized with a start that he’d had that boner for a good long time now. He didn’t bother to wonder at that moment what that meant, and instead focused on what other tortures he could inflict on his former friend. 

As he knelt there and considered his next actions, Josh was stunned to discover that Nathan was beginning to stir once again. God DAMN, but this was one tough beast of a man!! Josh had thought for sure that he’d need the smelling salts again to bring Nathan around, but the big guy’s blue eyes were open once more, clouded with pain and terror, but very much awake. 

“You just sit right there, Nate,” Josh said in a falsely friendly tone. “I’ll be right back. I’m just going back to the kitchen for a moment to get more supplies.” 

Josh the stood up and made his way into the kitchen, whistling happily to himself as he walked. There were so many implements of torture that he could choose from — rolling pins, meat tenderizers, cheese graters, knives and blades of every shape and size, kabob skewers, blow torches, and so, so much more! The only hard part was going to be deciding which one to use first!