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The Draining of Cosmic Kid

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The Thanksgiving holiday is tomorrow, and I'll be gone on vacation for a little over a week, so this will unfortunately be my last posting until December 8th when I return.

However, this will be the first time that I add IMAGES along with the story! I found these images connected to the original version of the story - I don't know whether Robert Moon created them himself or if someone else did, but they clearly go along with the story. They're perhaps not the best computer-drawn images in the world, as they're more than a decade old. But I think they add to the story, so I'm including them here.

This story is yet another inspired by Robert Moon. The original story implies the permanent destruction of the young super hero's bull balls at the end, and for once, I've left that aspect of the story essentially intact. Cosmic Kid IS a super hero, though, so I leave it up to the reader whether or not he can heal from such a brutal and extended assault on his huge nuts.

The Draining of Cosmic Kid 

Based on an original story by Robert Moon (a.k.a. Lunatrick)


Full of youthful vigor and pride, Cosmic Kid loves to display his powerful physique for his fans... and even his enemies! The young superhero was barely 19 year old, yet he packed nearly 350 pounds of incredibly dense and thick muscle on his imposing 6'6" frame. Every massive muscle in the handsome kid's body was pumped and sculpted to perfection, and he dwarfed even the most massive of bodybuilders. Cosmic Kid's more than skin tight uniform outlined and highlighted every glorious muscle in perfect detail. 

The young stud was as achingly handsome as he was phenomenally built, with the square-jawed, chiseled features one would expect from a super hero, but caught in that magical state between boy and man. Cosmic Kid's awesome power and incredible beauty had captivated the world when he mysteriously appeared on the scene just a few years ago, and his epic battles against the forces of evil had quickly made him a hero. 

The world believed that Cosmic Kid got his super human powers from the cosmic rays that bathe the universe - hence his name - but this was only partly true. The main source of the young super stud's powers was his own testicles, a freakishly huge set of bull balls that all but throbbed with raw power and masculine might. Each mighty gonad was big as the biggest, juiciest ripe grapefruit, and hung incredibly low and heavy in his baggy, oversized scrotum. Such was the great weight of his massive nuggies that Cosmic Kid's balls often hung 4 inches or more from his crotch, his massive sac straining to contain those most prodigious of man nuts. 

And as was only fitting for a young man blessed with the biggest testicles on the planet, Cosmic Kid had a monster cock to match. The handsome hunk's huge cock measured 12 inches long and was thicker than a beer can...and that was when it was totally flaccid! When Cosmic Kid's cock grew hard, it was a true monument to masculinity, stretching the measuring tape to a full 18 inches of rock hard, vein gnarled man meat. The massive cock was as thick as a baseball bat, and nearly as long! 

Cosmic Kid's uniform did nothing to hide the massive bulge in his crotch, and if anything only served to outline and define the heroic bull cock and oversized balls. The proud hero loved to flaunt his enormous package as much as his fantastic physique, producing lust and jealous envy from all who saw him. 

Despite his youthful pride and lack of modesty, Cosmic Kid was a true super hero, and he was ever vigilant against the plots of criminals and agents of evil all over the world. 


The Cosmic Kid had learned of a bomb treat in a nearby city, and flew to the scene. The muscular lad couldn't see any foul play from the air, and so he entered the old abandoned warehouse to search for the hidden bomb. He was exploring the dim and dirty building when suddenly... 


A powerful ray of blinding light bursts out of the darkness. The muscular young hero is struck squarely in his massive torso by the light ray, and the force of the beam actually makes the massive kid take a step back. A wave of tremendous pain courses through the young man's colossally built body. 

The beam disappears as quickly as it came, and silence falls over the warehouse. The Cosmic Kid suddenly begins to feel a sensation that he's never experienced before. His legs begin to tremble, and he is having a hard time standing up. With a start of fear, Cosmic Kid suddenly realizes that he's feeling weakness for the very first time in his life. The pain fades somewhat, but continues to sear every one of his nerve endings as he quickly feels his strength draining. 

He takes a lurching step forward, and then drops suddenly to his knees. He is gasping for breath with the effort of just staying upright, but his strength continues to leave his massively muscular body with frightening speed. Cosmic Kid falls forward onto all fours for a few moments, and then like a mighty redwood felled by the woodsman's axe, his massive body slowly topples sideways and then lies in a heap on the floor. 

Cosmic Kid remains totally conscious - only his muscles seems to have been effected by the ray. What power could have defeated the heroic lad so easily, he wonders? Fear makes his heart beat faster in his massive barrel chest, for he has never before been helpless in his entire young life. 
Several minutes pass, and then several figures begin moving in the shadows…

Four hulking forms move out of the shadows into the dim light in the center of the warehouse, and encircle Cosmic Kid's prone, helpless form. Each of these men is large and powerfully built, and none of them could have weighed less than 260 pounds. Each also wore a mask to cover his face, but the hungry eyes and wicked, evil grins visible on each of their faces left no doubt that they were enjoying seeing the fallen hero helpless and in pain. The four big men stood there silently and marveled at the handsome hero's chiseled body straining beneath his form-fitting tights. 

A fifth figure emerges from the darkness, one with the dimensions of a normal-sized man. As Cosmic Kid watches this figure step into the light, his beautiful blue eyes open wide as he recognizes his arch nemesis, Professor Zed. He had thought the evil fiend locked up for good, but clearly the uber villain had escaped once again to wreak havoc upon the world. 

The Professor stands over Cosmic Kid for several long moments, clearly enjoying having his enemy finally helpless at his feet, and then addresses his henchmen. "You boys can have a little fun with our new friend. Don't get too carried away, though." Zed glares at the Cosmic Kid's enormous crotch bulge, "We don't want to damage the merchandise before we get him to the laboratory." 

With that, the Professor turns and walks into the shadows.

Once the Professor left, his four henchmen wasted no time unzipping their trousers and hauling out their junk. Each of the beefy muscle men was prodigiously well hung, with big, fat cocks and thick balls that any man would be proud of. Their endowments didn't hold a candle to Cosmic Kid's own monstrous cock and balls, but they were huge nonetheless. The four men began to fondle the helpless young super hero's huge muscles while stroking their hard cocks, clearly reveling in the sheer size and mass of the captive stud. 

One of the thugs grabbed Cosmic Kid by the hair, holding his face up to make sure he watched their perverted acts. One of the goons straddled one Cosmic Kid's massive left leg and thrust his hard, hairy dick against it until he spurted thick lines of goo all over the mighty tree trunk of a thigh. Another did the same against the hero's bulging right arm, spraying his big load all over the massive, meaty, 28-inch bicep. A third straddled the stud's huge chest and fucked the mountainous valley between his massive pecs. Those mighty plates of muscle were over 6 inches thick, and the cleft between them was so deep that the goon's cock all but disappeared into the crevasse. When he finally came, the muscle-bound thug sprayed his heavy load all over the young man's stunningly handsome face, his bullish neck, and his bulging upper chest. Cosmic Kid had never felt so humiliated and violated in his life, and he was revolted as the hot sperm seeped through the fabric of his tights and dripped from his cum-soaked face. 

The fourth goon, a true monster of a man at well over 300 pounds of muscle, kneeled between Cosmic Kid's spread legs with his rigid and cum-dripping 12inch cock throbbing before him. The huge thug reach out both massive hands and began to paw at Cosmic Kid's lycra-encased crotch, firmly fondling and kneading the massive meat and potatoes between the super stud's legs. Cosmic Kid's throat was paralyzed by the ray, and so he couldn't even yell or protest against this most intimate of violations. 

The thug focused all of his attention on Cosmic Kid's huge, bloated bull balls, gripping as much of one colossal nut in each huge hand as he could. Then the masked meat head began to squeeze, harder and harder and harder still. Cosmic Kid's balls were just as tough and powerful as the rest of his body, and at first they resisted the man's clutching hands. But as the powerful goon squeezed harder still, they began to deform in his hands, oozing between the man's thick fingers as he tried to dig into the very center of the young man's maleness. 

The massive thug enjoyed nothing more in life than squeezing a man's testicles until they burst, and he has thus unmanned many dozens of men in his life. The bigger the nuts the better, and he had never seen anything even remotely approaching the truly eye-popping, gargantuan size of this hot young stud's enormous door knockers. Even though he had been instructed to not damage Cosmic Kid's "assets", the thug squeezed harder than he had ever squeezed in his life, trying with all of his might to bust the enormous globes trapped in his fists. 

The pain in Cosmic Kid's nuts was unbearable, unlike anything he had ever felt before, and he wanted to scream in agony. But with his vocal cords paralyzed, the only visible sign of the pain of his ordeal was the tears streaming from both of his beautiful eyes. 

Cruel fingers dug even more brutally into Cosmic Kid's nuts, but the enormous bull balls simply refused to rupture. The gigantic muscles on the thug's massive, 25-inch arms strained and bulged with the effort, and Cosmic Kid's balls were frighteningly distended and actually bending around his clutching fingers, but the huge baby makers refused to crumble. 

The thug threw back his head and let out an animal bellow of supreme effort, throwing every ounce of strength into his grasping hands, and at the same moment, his untouched horse cock began to spew out a truly massive load of cock snot. The force of his orgasm caused the huge goon to squeeze harder still, threatening to finish the destruction of Cosmic Kid's legendary bull nuts, but the handsome hero's balls held as the thug's cock lashed the Kid's crotch with more than a dozen huge ropes of gamey cum. 

His orgasm complete, the huge thug shook the last of his humongous load onto Cosmic Kid's prone body, stood up, and then planted a powerful booted kick right into the Kid's already screaming nuts. The Cosmic Kid wanted to pass out from the pain, and could only cry in agony as the four goons laughed at his predicament. 

The Professor's neutralizing ray continues to leave the Cosmic Kid helpless. The four goons lift the cum-dripping hero off the cold warehouse floor, and carry him through a doorway and into a very large elevator. The elevator begins to descend, dropping deeper and deeper into the earth for several long minutes. The muscular lad realizes that he is now a mile or more underground, and very far away from any potential rescue. 

He is carried into a large and brightly lit room, full of machines and gadgets and other paraphernalia of a laboratory. The goons unceremoniously dump the hero's limp form onto the floor and begin to rip off his costume, revealing more and more of his perfectly toned flesh beneath. The crotch of his costume comes off last, allowing his huge sausage of a cock and massive eggs to tumble out into the open air. The thugs are clearly awed by the sheer massive size of the Cosmic Kid's family jewels, and more than one of them involuntarily gasps as the first sight of his naked schlong and stones. 

They use his ripped and ruined costume to wipe the worst of the splooge off of Cosmic Kid's face and thick neck, and then they secure him to a large metal table. What hideous experiments are about to befall the mighty Cosmic Kid? 


Hours later, the Cosmic Kid feels just a hint of his strength return, enough to speak and move his head, and weakly move his body within the confines of his thick steel restraints. The waiting only serves to increase his anxiety, and so when the Professor enters the lab some time later, it comes as almost a relief to the handsome muscle stud. 

"Ah, I see you're awake, Cosmic Kid. My men didn't rough you up too much, did they? Oh, and I'm so sorry about your costume. We had to remove it. All those cum stains were just so unsightly." 

The Cosmic Kid said nothing to the arch villain, and instead strained against the manacles causing his powerless muscles to bulge and flex. 

"As you've no doubt surmised, your powers have been cancelled out by my neutralizer ray. It took me several years to perfect my ray, and I'm so pleased that it has had the desired effect. So you might as well save your strength," the Professor explained. "Now it's time to check out your most precious commodities!" 

With that, Zed reached down almost reverently and started poking and probing at the Cosmic Kid's enormous flaccid cock and huge donkey balls. "My goodness! You're even more freakishly endowed than I had imagined!! I can feel your 'cosmic cum' pulsing through your huge testicles! This is just what I've been looking for..." The evil Professor continued to fondle the young                       hero's genitals for many long minutes, clearly marveling at their sheer size and enormous weight. On any other man, these would have been obscene parodies of male organs, but on the Cosmic Kid, they looked absolutely perfect. 

After thoroughly examining the Cosmic Kid's meaty package, Professor Zed turned and picked up a very large hypodermic needle. Faintly glowing green liquid filled the large glass syringe. The Professor chuckled as he brought the huge needle closer to the bound muscle stud. 

"Get ready my hunky young hero. I have a little surprise for you!" 

The Professor moved down the lad's body until he was level with his huge genitals, and then reached forward and placed the sharp needle against the wall of the studly champion's right nut! The Cosmic Kid's blue eyes flew wide at the sight of the 3-inch needle pressed up against one of his proud spuds. 

"I have concocted a super-potent Viagra serum that will work against even the world's mightiest man! Your super human strength and will power will be useless against the effects of this Super Viagra. In fact, if you are as extraordinarily virile as I suspect, you will be orders of magnitude MORE susceptible to this serum than would a normal man. Your erection will no doubt be prolonged AND quite painful," an excited Zed explained. 

"Why are you doing this to me?!?" the Cosmic Kid asked, finally breaking his stoic silence. 

"I intend to harvest every drop of 'cosmic cum' from your body, Super Stud. After draining all of your manly essence, I will have accomplished two things. First, I will possess the only stockpile of the greatest super-semen in the world. With your fantastically potent and powerful sperm, I will be able to breed a race of super men to do my bidding, and allow me to finally conquer the world" 

"Second, without your magnificent sperm, I'm happy to say that you'll no longer be the world's strongest man! You see, this serum will force your mighty balls to go into overdrive, producing sperm at a truly alarming rate. While the serum will tremendously speed up my harvesting efforts, it also has the unfortunate side effect of completely burning out a man's balls, causing them to shrivel and implode from severe overuse. A normal man might last an hour or less. The current record holder was a particularly hung and virile young man who lasted almost three full hours before his fried balls spectacularly failed. I'm confident that you'll last much longer than that before your balls die, perhaps even several days. And when your mammoth balls are reduced to worthless, lifeless husks, you will never again be a menace to me." 

With an evil laugh, Professor Zed jammed the needle into the Cosmic Kid's huge ball, plunging the 3-inch needle in to the hilt. He slowly began pushing the plunger, injecting the green Super Viagra directly into the handsome lad's screaming nut!! The muscular hero let out a tremendous bellow of pain as his massive orb was thus punctured and violated, and he thrashed about in his restraints in yet another futile attempt to escape. The Cosmic Kid cried out in agony while Zed pumped his bulging bull nut full of more than 20 CCs of Super Viagra. 

At last, the hypodermic was emptied and withdrawn. Cosmic Kid's massive chest heaved as he breathed in much needed air. While the pain in his right ball subsided, Professor Zed smiled at the helpless hero and grasped his second nut. The handsome hero hadn't seen the Professor grab a second, identical hypodermic, and so his pain was amplified by surprise as this second needle plunged into his massive left ball, repeating the injection process. 

With the second hypodermic emptied and removed, the Cosmic Kid gasped and regained his breath while he rode out the worst of the pain. Meanwhile, Zed worked a control on a nearby console, and the metal table began to tilt, bringing the bound super hero into an upright position. 

Minutes after the twin injections, a familiar tingling begins deep inside the hero's massive groin. His thick, meaty, 12-inch shaft begins to stir. The young man tries to think mundane thoughts in order to stifle his growing cock, but it is useless as Zed's concoction spreads through his nuts and penis. While the Cosmic Kid watches in horror, his mammoth cock betrays him growing larger and larger until it reaches its full, proud 18 inches of colossal man meat, pointing defiantly toward the ceiling above. 

The itching and burning within the young man's massive cock continues, however, and to the Cosmic Kid's further horror, his already colossal cock continues to swell! The already impossibly long love muscle keeps growing bit by bit, adding to both its length and girth as it bloats to even more unimaginable dimensions. Ecstasy slowly turns into aching agony as his skin stretches tighter and tighter in an effort to contain the expanding shaft. The thick tracery of veins running up and down the shaft bulge and swell as well, becoming raised and angry looking, each as thick as a pencil. The flaring cock head was now bigger than a man's fist, and still swelling. The mammoth glans is turning an angry shade of red, making it look like the biggest red apple he had ever seen. 

Professor Zed tried to wrap his hand around the hero's powerfully throbbing cock, but he could not. Even using both hands, the Professor couldn't get his fingers to meet around the great swollen trunk of the young stud's titanically swollen shaft, and even Zed's eyes widened at the wonder and sheer majesty of such a massive cock. One of the thugs produced a tape measure, which the Professor unfurled. Then starting at the base of the mighty organ, he slowly unrolled the tape along its phenomenal length until he reached the very tip. Someone whistled softly in the background as the final number was revealed -- 20 ½ inches, a full 2 ½ inches longer than the Cosmic Kid's normal erection! The young man was painfully engorged indeed! 

"Marvelous!" shouted the Projessor. "The Super Viagra serum is working perfectly! And I do believe your penis is still growing, Cosmic Kid!!" chuckled Professor Zed. 

He then began to slowly stroke the Cosmic Kid's rock hard shaft. 

"Oooohh! Aaah! Please, stop!!" moaned the poor superhero. He could already feel his manly spunk aching for release. The Cosmic Kid was powerless to do anything but hang from the metal frame, his aching, humongous dick poking straight out from his body. 

"Now we begin the harvesting..." Professor Zed announced. 

Professor Zed pumped the Cosmic Kid's meaty shaft vigorously, using both hands and focusing most of his efforts on the upper 8 to 10 inches of bloated man meat. The effects of Zed's Super Viagra serum were continuing to have their desired effect on the young lad, and he found that even his extraordinary will power was no match for the sensations being created by the serum. In just minutes, the Cosmic Kid was on the edge of release, and even with every gigantic muscle flexed in an effort to halt his impending orgasm, he knew it was no use. 


With a mighty shudder and a bellowing roar, the Cosmic Kid unleashed the first hot spurt of his manly seed. 

Professor Zed watched the ropey white goo spew forth with a power and a volume that he had never even imagined before. That first blast contained more splooge than a normal man could produce in a week! The mighty wad was at least 5 feet long and thick as a pencil, and shot with such great force that it arced up and over Zed and his men to land with a very wet splat over 25 feet away! 

With great speed, Zed caught the next massive volley in a metal bucket, and the next dozen or so after that while the thugs prepared a suction device. With deft reflexes, Zed switched the bucket for a flexible rubber sheath that fit over the young lad's huge cock head and first several inches of shaft. The sheath had a thick tube that ran down to a large metal and glass canister sitting on the floor. So quick was Zed with the switch that he didn't lose a drop of the Cosmic Kid's super hero cum. 

While the groaning young bull stud continued to thunder out his super human load, the Professor reached under Cosmic Kid's heavy nut sack and fondled both spasming balls, actually feeling them throb and pulse as they pumped out their vast reservoir of stud sperm. 

The aroused hero's orgasm went on and on and on, minute after minute, pumping out truly mind blowing quantities of his ultra powerful spunk. Finally, after five whole MINUTES of the biggest orgasm of Cosmic Kid's life, his ejaculations slowed to a continuous dribble of thick, milky white spunk. The 5-gallon canister now contained over 2 whole gallons of spunk from the muscle kid's spectacular load! 

"That was stunningly impressive, Cosmic Kid! You've produced more semen than even I would have thought possible! Unfortunately for you, another side effect of my Super Viagra serum is that it prevents your orgasm from ever completely stopping. As you can see, your climax has lessened, but you're still oozing sperm! Within a few minutes, you will be capable of having another full orgasm. And I intend to force you to cum as often as possible!!" 

The Cosmic Kid barely heard and understood Professor Zed's explanations. He was still experiencing the ecstasy and pain of such a prolonged climax. The magnitude of his situation began to sink in when Zed placed dozens more empty canisters on the floor underneath his dribbling cock. The first bucket was already half full and his balls continued to release their precious cargo. 

To the young man's horror, Professor Zed wrapped his fingers on his cum soaked cock and once again began pumping it! In moments, he could feel his climax growing stronger. The contractions in his groin began and he once more shot full volleys of virile cum into the waiting canister. The raping of the Cosmic Kid had begun…


Hours went by, and the Cosmic Kid's orgasms continued, never fully diminishing. His huge balls already ached from being repeatedly purged, yet they continued producing massive amounts of cum just as fast as it was being forcibly pumped out of him. The Professor had inserted an intravenous drip into his right forearm to constantly replenish his fluids and electrolytes, for the hyper virile young lad would have already drained himself to death without this constant hydration. 

Already, the stud's powerful effluvium had filled nearly two dozen canisters. He was filling four canisters an hour - that was 20 GALLONS of cum each and every hour!!! The Cosmic Kid was truly a muscle god of sex and virility. 

The erotic convulsions that tingled throughout his crotch never ceased, and the Cosmic Kid was in a constant haze of lust and agony. All manner of henchmen entered the laboratory and took turns masturbating the whimpering hero. When the Professor wasn't looking, the muscular goons would also take turns punching the super stud's aching and swollen gonads, or yanking his bull balls down as far as they could, making them stand out all bright and shiny in his overstretched sac until they threatened to burst out of his ball bag. Throughout all of this attention, his bull cock alternated between dribbling like a leaky faucet and exploding like a geyser, filling canister after endless canister with his manly emissions. 

After allowing his men to have their fun masturbating Cosmic Kid's huge meat pole, the Professor hooked the bound hunk to an electronic milker called the Jack-u-tron. The device continuously pistoned the young man's aching schlong, its furious and untiring stroking driving the virile young man to even greater heights of orgasm. The device was relentless, and never paused or stopped, even when the Cosmic Kid finally drifted off into an agonized and fitful sleep…


The hours stretched into days, and the purging of Cosmic Kid's loins continued unabated. A betting pool had begun to see when the young man's extraordinary balls would die, but as day after day passed, each of the men lost the bet. The lad's massive bull balls were proving to be even more tough than anyone had anticipated. The Professor had to have additional canisters created, and was running out of cryo storage lockers in the underground laboratory to store the young man's vital and potent seed. 

Two weeks into the prolonged raping, the Professor studied a read out and then smiled. He turned to the Cosmic Kid and said, "Ah, finally, we are starting to see the prolonged effects of the Super Viagra start to manifest themselves in your balls. Your loads have steadily started to decrease, and where you were pumping out 20 gallons of your baby batter per hour, you are now down to 18 gallons an hour. A small decrease, but a noticeable one. Also, your nuts themselves have shrunk slightly in size, and are now at about 95% of their original size. The permanent damage to your mighty spuds has begun!" 

A worried and panicked Cosmic Kid looked down past his massively muscular chest and heroically swollen monster cock to see how his balls were doing. Indeed, just as Professor Zed had indicated, both balls slightly smaller and hung even lower in his nut sack. Fear washed over the hunky hero at the thought of the evil villain draining him dry! His proud manhood would be forever ruined!!

The Professor also performed the daily measurement of Cosmic Kid's overinflated horse cock. "Well, it looks like your cock is continuing to grow, Cosmic Kid! Your massive super dork is now a full 21 ¾ inches long! Look at all of those stretch marks running up and down the length of your huge organ. Why, I don't think your cock will ever be "merely" 18 inches long again! Not that that will matter much; with your bull balls destroyed, you're not likely to ever get a hard on again!" 

The Professor then barked out an evil laugh, reveling in the slow destruction of his hated enemy. The Cosmic Kid could do nothing but struggle weakly in his restraints, knowing that his balls were being broken down bit by bit, and that he would never leave this room as an intact male. 


Another week went by, then another, and then another, and the volume of Cosmic Kid's emissions continued to decrease -- 17 gallons an hour, then 15 gallons an hour, then 12 gallons an hour, then 10 gallons an hour. His balls also continued to decrease in size, though less dramatically, and after 5 weeks of continuous raping of their fluids, they had shrunk down to barely 80% of their original size. They were still massive stud spuds that would have been the envy of a prize bull, but they were definitely smaller than before. They were indeed starting to burn out from all of the constant purging of sperm. 

Just after the 5-week mark, the brutalized young buck's virility began to drop off much more quickly, and by the end of week 6, he was producing less than 5 gallons an hour of spunk. His balls were also down to ⅔ of their normal size, and were still shrinking. 

Starting at week 6, his productivity dropped by another gallon each day, and the Professor and his men knew that the Cosmic Kid's days as a super hero and uber stud were rapidly coming to an end. All the men gathered in the lab as week 6 drew to a close, as everyone wanted to witness the final unmanning of the heroically hung super hero. 

The Cosmic Kid was delirious after over a month and a half of the brutal raping of his supremely aching loins. He had been at the mercy of the Jack-u-tron's steely claw for weeks, and he had no idea of what inhuman amounts of cum he had spewed in all of that time. The Professor had certainly kept careful track, however, and knew that the unfathomably fertile young muscle stud had filled no less than 2,668 5-gallon canisters with his semen. That was 13,340 gallons of sperm!!! Enough to fill a good-sized swimming pool!!! 

But sadly, the Professor knew that he wasn't going to get much more spunk out of the Cosmic Kid's depleted balls. Two days ago, he had gotten only 5 canisters of sperm from the young man's bull nuts, and yesterday, barely 1 canister. The young man's monstrously oversized balls, once fat and ripe with jism, now hung much reduced in size and very, very low in their sac. Though still bigger than the biggest of lemons, they were perhaps half of their original size. The weeks of hyper accelerated sperm production (and the continuous pulling and yanking by the muscle-bound henchmen) had more than doubled the stretch in Cosmic Kid's low slung scrotum, and his balls now hung an extraordinary 9 inches from his crotch! 

Cosmic Kid also knew that his balls were doomed, and that they weren't going to be able to continue making sperm for much longer. It looked like Zed was effectively going to milk him to the point of castration! 

Suddenly, the Jack-u-tron stopped stroking his raw, puffy, and positively bloated shaft. It clicked and whirred and pulled away from his cock. Relief at last! He'd been masturbated non-stop by the devilish device for more than a month and a half! 

Zed stepped forward with his tape measure for the last time, unfurling it along the tremendous, swollen length of the young man's monumental cock. When he reached the tip, Zed announced, "Cosmic Kid's monster cock is now 22 ¾ inches in length! That's 4 ¾ inches longer than when we started! And at least 10 whole inches longer than the longest human cock in history! You've secured your place in the record books, Cosmic Kid...well, at least until my new army matures, grown from the thousands of gallons of your studly sperm that I now have stored on ice!" 

"Your balls have been greatly diminished in size and nearly pumped inside out, and they will never be the same again. However, they have not yet been completely destroyed - there is still a small reservoir of cum remaining in your shrunken nuts. And I must extract every last sperm from your once-powerful balls, Cosmic Kid, for only then I will have rendered you into a sterile eunuch! Prepare to meet your end!" 

Zed then stepped back, and the Cosmic Kid realized that his reprieve was short-lived. Two metal arms, each ending in six equally-spaced steel fingers, rose up from the floor toward his crotch. As the young man looked down in growing horror and realization, the two metal claws clamped down on his shrunken and depleted balls! They pulled the young man's nuts down to an extraordinary 12 full inches, and then began to rhythmically squeeze and release his nuts in unison, stimulating his nearly burned out balls to produce even more of their precious sperm and all but crushing it out of his screaming spuds. 

After a few moments, a spurt of somewhat watery jism began to shoot out of his hyper erect dick. The Jack-u-tron kneaded both aching balls, pumping their dwindling load out. 

"UUHHHH! AAAHHH!!!! ZED, I give up!!! STOP THIS THING!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! My BALLS!!! Oh God, my BALLS!!!!!" screamed the muscular stud. 

Professor Zed merely watched proudly while the Jack-u-tron continued to pump the remaining sperm out of the Cosmic Kid's nuts. 

As minute after minute wore by, the stud's cum quickly became more watery and diluted, and the volume of his effluvium began to slow to a mere trickle. The two metal claws began to squeeze the young man's tender nuts even harder, eliciting even louder bellows of agony from the young man. The claws were now digging into the very heart of his masculinity. The much weakened walls of his battered bull balls could put up meager resistance against the invading metal digits. The young muscle man's balls bulged and oozed grotesquely between the steel claws, and looked ready to burst. And STILL the claws dug deeper, determined to extract every last drop of the once-virile stud's semen. 

Though the latest canister was more than ⅞ full, it was clear that the Cosmic Kid would not be able to fill this one to the top. 

Suddenly, manacled hero threw back his handsome head and let out a deafening scream, drowning out the mechanical sounds of the Jack-u-tron and causing several of the men present to cover their ears in pain. 


Cosmic Kid's heroically bloated super cock squirted out a small wad of diluted semen, throbbed out a few more drops of almost clear fluid, and then ran dry. The last of the young man's awesomely potent sperm had been extracted from his nuts. 


Moments later, a very loud crunching sound came from the Jack-u-tron, like someone cracking open something made of hard and extremely tough gristle. The twin claws of the Jack-u-tron suddenly clutched even deeper, for both of the Cosmic Kid's completely burned out balls had catastrophically and spectacularly burst within his straining nut sac. 

Mercifully, after weeks of having his body brutally milked of sperm and his balls destroyed, the Cosmic Kid passed out. His knees gave out and the unconscious lad's spectacularly muscular body hung limply by the wrist shackles. The ultimate hero had finally been defeated. 

Unfortunately for the young former stud, the Jack-u-tron didn't stop. For almost thirty minutes, the metal fingers poked at his pulped and shattered nuts, creating a wet squishing and squelching sound as the mushy nuts were crushed in every direction. A few drops of hero’s spunk, the very last vestiges of the greatest specimen of masculinity to ever walk the earth, hung from his cock head before dribbling down the suction tube. 

Finally, the Jack-u-tron released the lumpy and horribly distorted nut sack. The Cosmic Kid's balls, once the massive and powerful vessels of the young man's extraordinary virility, had been reduced to a shapeless, jellied mass at the bottom of his supremely stretched scrotum.  

"Oh my, it looks like you're not quite the MAN you used to be!" gloated Professor Zed. 

The Cosmic Kid was blissfully unaware that his ruined and shattered balls now had a sperm count of zero!

Zed reached between the impotent hero’s colossally muscular legs and cupped both broken nuts in his hands. Though tremendously shrunken and less than half their original monstrous size and utterly pulverized into a liquid goo, the remains of Cosmic Kid’s once-powerful balls still make an impressive bulge at the bottom of his bruised and overstretched sac. Zed squeezed both hands, clutching the huge hanging mass of broken ball meat in his hands, and it felt like he was squeezing a large sack of lumpy oatmeal. As he further mauled Cosmic Kid’s already ruined and cooling bull balls, he said to the big unconscious super hero, “Hmm, it’s a pity really. Those were quite an amazing set of sperm-makers you had there...” 

To be continued...? 

Is this the end for our mighty super hunk? Have his massive bull balls indeed been irrevocably destroyed by the evil Professor Zed? Can even this incredibly powerful muscle man recover from such a brutal annihilation of his mammoth balls...? 

Samson and Delilah - Original Version

Here is the original version of Robert Moon's story "Samson and Delilah". This is the only one of his stories where his hunky hero ALMOST survives to the end intact. So close! LOL!

Samson and Delilah 
Original story by  Robert Moon
Nothing is sacred in this narrative about the misadventures of the virile Samson.  The tortured stud takes it all and dishes it out in the end.

By Robert Moon (a. k. a. "Lunatrick")
written: 7/25/99

The Emperor was outraged by the latest exploits of Samson.  Too many 
times had Samson been the undoing of his evil plans.  Common 
citizens adored the strapping hero.  The Emperor despised him.  
Samson's amazing strength and skill as a warrior were well known 
across the land.  What wasn't well known was Samson's secret 
weakness.  Using a well-placed accomplice, the Emperor was preparing 
a most unwelcome surprise for the young, muscled hero.

Delilah welcomed him into her dwelling.  Samson's bulging muscles 
glistened with sweat.  After eating a full meal and telling Delilah 
of his latest victory over the Emperor's soldiers, Samson retired to 
the bath to cleanse himself.  Delilah removed the tunic from his 
mammoth frame.  She admired his nakedness - his beautiful face 
framed by long, flowing hair; his mighty shoulders and arms, strong 
enough to defeat a regiment of men; his mountainous chest with its 
deep valley and peaked nipples; the slender waist with a whisper of 
hair starting just below the navel; tree-trunk thighs with enough 
power to support many times Samson's own weight; perfectly 
proportioned calves which complemented the thighs; the deep ridge 
running down his back, between his shoulder blades and into the 
crevice separating the beautiful round buttocks.  And yet, the most 
impressive aspect of Samson was his extraordinary set of genitalia.  
The thick penis hung halfway down those muscular thighs.  His balls, 
churning with virile male seed, were so large it took two hands to 
hold one of them.  The thick ball sack stretched low from the weight 
of the twin eggs cradled within.  His groin and balls were covered 
with thick pubic hair which tapered into a thin trail as it 
approached his navel. Many nights had been spent with Samson 
thrusting his huge cock inside of her, bringing her to erotic 
ecstasy over and over again.  Tonight would be no different.  After 
bathing Samson, they both retired to her bed chamber.  Delilah 
prepared wine while Samson stretched out in bed, his masculine body 
finally relaxing.  Samson sipped on the wine as Delilah slowly 
massaged his legs, belly, and chest.  Delilah's sensual touch 
aroused the hero, his penis began to engorge, getting fatter and 
longer.  Samson gulped down the remaining wine as Delilah lowered 
her face into his groin.  There she began licking the shaft and head 
of that magnificent cock.  Samson spread his legs apart, exposing 
his furry ball sack to Delilah.  As she continued to lick Samson's 
penis, her hands reached into the dark mass of hair and began 
fondling the hot, heavy balls.  Samson's breathing was becoming 
heavier, his cock continued to harden and swell.  Delilah enjoyed 
the feel of smooth, hot skin on her tongue; the pulsing, meaty balls 
resting in her hands.  Samson was starting to rhythmically lift his 
buttocks off the bed as Delilah continued her skillful fondling and 
licking of his quivering genitals.  Delilah paused long enough to 
drink some wine, letting it dribble onto Samson's glistening cock.  
She quickly placed the cock head at her lips, stretching her mouth 
wide and let the huge mushroomed tip force its way into her wine-
filled mouth.  Samson was moaning in ecstasy as Delilah closed her 
lips tightly around the shaft, licking the trapped cock head over 
and over.  Still keeping her lips locked on the penis, Delilah 
gently blew on the cock, forcing the wine in her mouth into the piss 
slit.  Samson could feel the sweet, warm wine flowing into his shaft 
and began moaning in pleasure.  The vein running along the underside 
of his shaft was bulging with the wine.  Delilah stopped blowing, 
letting the wine return into her mouth.  She loved the taste of the 
wine which was now mixed with Samson's pre-cum.  Over and over she 
expelled the wine into Samson's dick, letting it spew back into her 
mouth, each time tasting saltier and thicker as it was diluted with 
more of his ball-dribblings.  Delilah enjoyed this foreplay as it 
was always a taste of things to come.  Samson was panting heavily 
from the repeated "wine orgasms" that Delilah was giving him.  She 
finally swallowed the pre-cum flavored wine and began sucking on the 
cock head, reclaiming as much wine as she could from Samson's rock 
hard penis.  Samson placed his hands on Delilah's head, forcing her 
down.  Delilah was able to take the long rod completely in her mouth 
and throat.  Her nose nestled in his pubic hair and her chin forced 
his balls to either side of their sack.  His cock head probed her 
throat over and over as she slid her mouth up and down the monstrous 
girth of his penis.  Samson began thrusting his hips and grunting 
loudly.  He pulled his knees up slightly, cradling her body between 
both mighty, shaking thighs.  Delilah stopped moving her head, 
instead letting Samson push his dick in and out of her mouth.  His 
meaty buttocks clenched and relaxed with each thrust.  Delilah 
buried her hands inside his thick pubic bush.  Grabbing as much of a 
ball as she could in each hand, she began squeezing them.  Samson's 
thrusting sped up, he was enjoying the feeling of his virility being 
ravaged by a female.  Like milking a cow, Delilah continued to 
forcefully knead Samson's sperm-makers.  Samson was almost yelling 
with pleasure as he thrust his penis down Delilah's throat.  His 
balls were being squeezed to the point of delicious pain.  Delilah 
could feel the manly orbs tighten.  She could taste the pre-cum 
spurting from his cock.  He was close to coming.  With all her 
might, she clamped down on his balls.  Samson let out a loud short 
grunt as he spewed a huge load of sperm into Delilah's eager mouth.  
The hot man seed coated her throat as Samson grunted and groaned, 
thrusting his shaft deeply inside her mouth.  Delilah's grip on his 
ball sack was relentless.  She was forcing every drop of Samson's 
virile juices from the engorged orbs.  Finally, Samson quit 
thrusting, his legs locked rock hard and quivering, his buttocks 
clenched tightly together.  Delilah continued pressing her fingers 
together as Samson gulped for air and grunted over and over.  More 
of the salty, thick liquid erupted from her muscular lover's penis 
as she milked his manly balls of all their masculine cargo.  Samson 
was in pleasure and pain as the last load of sperm was squeezed out 
of him.  Delilah swallowed all of his man seed and licked the mighty 
shaft clean before letting go of his balls.  Sitting up between the 
spasming legs, she watched Samson's massive chest heaving as he 
gasped for air.  A smile was on his face, as the pleasure and pain 
of his orgasm began to fade away.  The ache in his ball sack felt 
good and kept his penis hard.  Delilah got up and fetched more wine.  
Besides Samson's legendary strength, he also possessed extraordinary 
sexual prowess.  Their love making session was not over yet.  
Delilah refilled their goblets and Samson quenched his thirst with 
several drinks of the sweet wine.  Taking her own goblet, Delilah 
poured wine on Samson's chest and belly.  She spread it around his 
torso, playfully fingering his navel and nipples.  Samson was 
getting aroused again, his manhood rising straight up above his 
hairy balls.  Delilah ran her fingers through his long hair, kissing 
him deeply.  She then inched slowly down his body, lapping up the 
sticky sweet wine from his torso.  Delilah then turned and straddled 
his waist, facing his feet.  Samson's huge penis  was jutting up 
right in front of her vagina as she sat on his belly, looking down 
at his glorious manhood.  Samson reached around and grabbed her 
breasts with each hand.  As he fondled her, she squatted up over the 
tip of his penis, slowly sitting down on it.  The flared head pushed 
against her as she tried to relax and let it enter her body.  Bit by 
bit she sank, the massive cock working into her, filling her with 
its hardness and warmth.  Samson continued to massage her breasts 
and admire the sight of his long, thick shaft disappearing inside 
Delilah's body.  Delilah was panting when she finally was sitting on 
Samson's groin, his penis completely inside her vagina.  As the pain 
in her groin turned to an erotic warmth, she put her hands on 
Samson's hands, helping him massage her bosom.  Delilah looked down 
between her legs, marvelling in the sight of her vagina stretched 
wide by the girth of Samson's meaty shaft.  As she sat impaled on 
the hot, rigid penis, she reached down and once again began kneading 
Samson's hairy vessels of manhood.  Samson watched Delilah's back as 
she tortured his virile balls again.  He could see her shoulder 
muscles contract and relax with every squeeze of his scrotum.  
Delilah started moving slowly up and down on his penis.  The feeling 
was exquisite for both lovers.  Delilah loved the feeling of 
Samson's shaft rubbing deep inside her.  Between the tight warmth 
sliding up and down his cock and the increasing pain in his balls, 
Samson was in heaven.  As Delilah quickened her pace, sliding faster 
and faster on the hot shaft, Samson arched his mighty back, lifting  
his buttocks off the bed.  Delilah's knees left the bed and her legs 
straightened out, as Samson pushed his groin higher.  Letting go of 
her breasts, Samson put his arms out on the bed, stabilizing his 
body.  Samson's face was contorted with pleasure.  His shoulders, 
arms and feet alone supported the weight of both his and Delilah's 
bodies.  Delilah was able to stand spread-legged on the bed, 
straddling the magnificently arched body of Samson beneath her.  
With his cock impaled inside her, Samson slowly relaxed down and 
thrust back up.  Delilah was in ecstasy with every stroke.  Again 
and again Samson would relax his back and knees, withdrawing from 
underneath Delilah before arching upwards again, forcing the thick, 
meaty penis into her.  As Samson's thrusting increased, he would 
lift Delilah completely off the bed, her legs hanging in the air, 
totally impaled by his penis.  As he reversed his thrust, her feet 
would rest on the bed, allowing him to slide most of the way out of 
her before repeating it all over.  Without releasing her grip, 
Delilah would pull Samson's ball sack down and then up again, 
regulating Samson's thrusting.  She was moaning from pleasure with 
each thrust.  Samson groaned and grunted as he arched his body up 
and down in response to Delilah's tugging on his balls.  When she 
pulled his ball sack up, she would squeeze the orbs together, 
causing Samson to gasp.  Likewise, when she pulled his balls 
straight down against he clenched butt cheeks, she would mash them 
hard against his rock hard buttocks.  Delilah was determined to mash 
all the ball juice from Samson, to fill her womb because she 
secretly wanted to bear his child.  Samson loved the feeling of 
having his balls crushed by a woman, since no man could harm him due 
to his incredible strength. The thought of Delilah squeezing his 
huge globes of life excited him.  The fate of his masculinity 
literally rested in her hands.  The excruciating pain that Delilah 
was inflicting on his virility; his well of manhood, brought Samson 
closer and closer to orgasm. Delilah tightened her grip on Samson's 
manly orbs as he thrust his body faster.  Once again, Delilah could 
feel his balls hardening, a sure sign that his orgasm was near.  
Finally, as Samson relaxed the arch in his back and legs, Delilah 
swung the full ball sack down and back, into the crack between 
Samson's semi-relaxed buttocks.  As Samson thrust upward, he 
clenched his buttocks together.  His own strength surprised him as 
waves of pain washed over his groin and balls.  Samson was crushing 
his virile balls between his own mighty buttocks with each upward 
thrust.  The pain felt so good, he began thrusting quickly.  Delilah 
kept her hands underneath his butt to prevent the huge balls from 
escaping the grinding butt muscles.  Samson was in a state of pure 
animal excitement.  His fat balls stayed wedged in the tight ass 
crack.  The mighty clenching of his buttocks inflicted unimaginable 
pain upon his pair of sperm makers.  The bull-sized balls were 
quickly succumbing to the pressure.  Even so, the intense hurting 
was like an intoxicant to Samson.  He began fantasizing that his 
pounding buttocks would burst his balls wide open like ripened 
grapes being squeezed.  Unable to control himself, he increased the 
speed of his thrusting motions.  Finally, his trapped and nearly 
crushed balls released their seed in an explosive orgasm.  Delilah 
could feel the hot jets of sperm shooting deep inside of her vagina.  
Each thrust sent more of the hot, white liquid oozing out of 
Samson's penis, coating and lubricating it and increasing the 
sensations of Delilah's vagina on it.  Samson was making wild 
grunting yelps as he continued to uncontrollably spasm inside 
Delilah.  Every spasm sent a thunderbolt of pain through Samson's 
loins as his balls were rhythmically crushed by his own body.  
Finally, Samson arched his back up one last time, sending the last 
remnants of man juice erupting from his penis.  His legs and chest 
shook as he remained locked in the arch with Delilah sitting on his 
crotch, her legs dangling over either side of his hips.  His 
buttocks strained, increasing the agony he felt in his man sack.  As 
his legs began to shake, Delilah reached between the quivering 
thighs and pulled the tortured ball sack from between Samson's butt 
cheeks.  Samson collapsed back onto the bed, leaving Delilah 
standing and empty.  His cock was red and shiny with his white seed.  
He had spewed goblets full of his male juices in that last orgasm.  
While Samson moaned and gasped for air, Delilah knelt down between 
his legs.  Examining the sweaty scrotum, she could see that no 
permanent damage had been done.  Both of his balls were intact, 
though certainly drained of their virility for now.  Delilah now 
laid herself face down on top of  the exhausted hero.  She gently 
guided his softening penis inside her vagina, relishing in its warm, 
sticky fullness.  They kissed passionately, until Samson fell into a 
deep sleep.  Partly due to the intense love making and ball 
draining, but also partly due to the potion that Delilah had put in 
Samson's wine.  The Emperor's Priestess had given it to her.  Now 
Delilah could carry out the Emperor's orders safely.  With some 
regret, Delilah climbed off Samson's now soft penis.  Arranging his 
head comfortably on the pillow, she spread his long hair out on 
either side of his face, covering the pillow.  Samson was in a deep 
sleep and she had no fear of him waking up.  The Emperor had given 
her specific instructions to find Samson's weakness.  The previous 
night, Samson had finally confided in her.  Now she would violate 
his trust by exposing his weakness to the Emperor.  Quickly entering 
the bath, she retrieved a short knife used for shaving and returned 
to the bed.  The unconscious, muscled body of Samson lay spread-
eagled on the bed, glimmering in the candlelight.  Delilah went to 
work on her massive lover.  Sitting on the bed, she poured some 
scented oil onto the groin of Samson.  She worked the oil into his 
pubic bush until all the hair from his navel to his balls was 
drenched.  Next, taking the knife, she began scraping the hair off 
from between his legs.  Working down his body, she removed the hair 
below his navel.  Then moving into the thick pubic hair around the 
base of his shaft, she carefully scraped and cut the thick matted 
hair away.  The oil lubricated the blade and protected Samson's pale 
skin as his masculine hair was slowly and deliberately removed.  
Scraping upwards, the hair at the top of Samson's inner thighs was 
removed next.  Delilah laid Samson's penis along his belly, out of 
the way as she shaved the hair from the top side of his balls.  More 
and more tufts of thick pubic hair were piled on the bed as Delilah 
gently trimmed away Samson's manly hair.  With some effort, Delilah 
grabbed each of his ankles and lifted them up and over until his 
thighs were resting on his chest.  Leaving the hair on his head 
intact, she twisted it into braids.  Using the long braided hair as 
rope, Delilah tied Samson's knees to either side of his head.  
Samson was now flat on his back with his legs doubled up on his 
chest, unable to move.  Delilah now had unobstructed access to 
Samson's balls and the crevice between his buttocks.  Once again, 
she began a careful scraping on the underside of his ball sack, 
trimming all the pubic hair below the heavy vessels of manhood.  
Finally, she removed the wisps of dark hair that were hiding around 
his anus.  Delilah washed him clean and stood back.  The mighty 
Samson, lay before her, his legs up, knees tied to his head, his 
depleted balls exposed.  His pubic hair completely gone, he looked 
like a hugely muscled child.  Delilah summoned the Emperor.  Soon 
the Emperor and his guards entered the bed chamber.  Delilah had 
done an excellent job.  She told the Emperor how she had learned 
that Samson's strength came from his hair - his pubic hair to be 
exact.  Now that Delilah had tricked Samson and removed the source 
of his strength, the Emperor was no longer threatened by this 
handsome hero.  The Emperor had what he wanted and Delilah wanted to 
make sure she got what she wanted.  The Emperor assured her that 
Samson would sire her baby.  He would be forced to orgasm inside her 
if necessary - a task the guards would surely look forward to 
assisting with.  The Emperor ordered Samson awakened.  A guard threw 
water on the helpless warrior.  Sputtering, Samson awoke, struggling 
to free himself from his own bondage.  It was useless. With every 
stroke of her knife, Delilah had removed his pubic hair along with 
his incredible strength.  Samson was helpless, robbed of his 
strength and dignity.  Samson writhed vainly to free himself from 
the braids.  The Emperor watched in satisfaction.  The muscular stud 
looked like a whore as he lay on his back with his bound legs up in 
the air.  Proclaiming that Samson had violated many of the Emperors 
laws, the Emperor declared that a violation of Samson was in order.  
With that, the Emperor removed a sword from its leather sheath.  
Using the broadside of the pliant leather sheath, he began beating 
Samson's exposed ball sack.  Each whack made the bound hero yelp in 
pain.  His powerless muscles tightened.  Over and over, the Emperor 
struck the bulging, naked orbs.  Each ball jerked around inside 
Samson's thick scrotum, the agony building with each impact.  
Delilah pointed out that Samson's penis was getting harder.  The 
Emperor stopped and gazed down between the humiliated Samson's legs.  
Indeed, Samson was oozing pre-cum from his lengthening cock.  
Despite his best efforts, Samson could not control the erotic 
feelings resulting from the Emperor's thrashing of his balls.  The 
Emperor decided to cease the painful pleasure on him and inflict a 
less pleasurable act.  Taking the leather sheath, he placed the 
blunt tip against Samson's anus.  With a firm shove, the Emperor 
slid the sheath up inside of Samson's butt.  The muscled body 
convulsed on the bed.  He had never been violated like this - like a 
woman.  The Emperor slid the sheath in and out of Samson's butt, 
declaring that Samson's humiliation was his greatest triumph.  Tears 
came to Samson's eyes as he was forced into feminine submission.  
The long leather sheath poked and prodded deep inside Samson.  He 
tried with all his might to expel the intruder.  The rough leather 
tugged on the rim of his anus, puckering it in then out.  At last, 
the sheath was removed.  Samson's precious anal virginity had been 
lost forever.  The amused guards were commanded to cut Samson free 
from his braided locks of hair.  Too weak to stand, Samson was held 
by the wrists and biceps by two guards and dragged into the night.  
Amid great fanfare, his naked body was displayed to everyone as he 
was hauled through the streets towards the palace.  His great balls 
bounced and jostled about, no longer hidden by his pubic hair - the 
source of his great strength and protector of his awesome manliness.  
The meaty shaft of his flaccid penis swung back and forth with each 
step, slapping into his balls, inflicting more pain.  Still, his 
abused and exhausted balls began producing more male seed, slowly 
refilling his well of virility.  As the guards struggled to support 
Samson's weakened muscular body, his balls collided repeatedly with 
one meaty thigh, then the other sending dull aches into his belly 
and ball sack.  Samson moaned from the pain.  His balls were no 
longer cushioned by the thick growth of coarse, dense hair.  They 
were now exposed and vulnerable.  Every slap of his balls against a 
thigh or his penis, sent a shudder of pain through Samson.  Pre-cum 
once again began leaking from his cock head, leaving a sticky trail 
in the dirt.  Onlookers gasped in horror at the sight of their hero 
being led through the dark streets, his now smooth genitalia bared 
for all to see.  Samson's symbol of virility, masculinity and power 
was gone, scraped off by Delilah's blade.  He had been reduced from 
an invincible man to a feeble boy.  The Emperor had made his mark on 
the body of Samson by removing his pubic hair.  Delilah followed the 
guards, smiling to herself as she imagined all the treasures the 
Emperor would bestow upon her.  She giggled at the thought of using 
Samson's magnificent body as a breeding male.  Delilah could hardly 
wait for more of Samson's hot, sticky, virile seed to erupt into her 

Upon reaching the palace, Samson was dropped unceremoniously into 
the center of the main hall.  The Emperor's court had assembled and 
were jeering at the defeated hero.  Samson tried to cover his 
nakedness, but was too weak.  He lay on his back in pitiful 
exhaustion as the spectators continued their ridicule.  The Emperor 
addressed everyone, telling of Delilah's deception, the shaving of 
Samson's pubic hair, and how he had deflowered Samson's anus.  As 
the audience laughed and clapped, one of the Emperor's soldiers was 
summoned to the hall.  The Emperor explained that Samson had brought 
terror to his soldiers and they would soon repay the favor.  The 
soldier walked up to where Samson lay.  Delilah joined them and 
began removing the soldiers tunic.  He was a thickly muscled, stocky 
man.  His chest was covered with dark hair which tapered down across 
his firm belly.  Fine dark hair covered both his muscular legs, 
joined by the thick garden of pubic hair from which his penis and 
balls hung.  Samson was envious as he stared up at the hairy figure 
towering above him.  Delilah started using her skills as a 
seductress to quickly arouse the soldier.  She stroked his manhood 
to a full erection while fondling the balls squirming in their sack.  
Adding some oil to the shaft, Delilah began pumping the soldiers 
hardened cock with all her might.  The soldier began groaning as 
Delilah smiled at Samson.  She kissed the oily cock head causing the 
soldier to shudder with delight.  Samson could only watch as his 
lover continued to excite the soldier.  Delilah ran her fingers 
through the thick pubic hairs, gently pulling them aside so Samson 
could glimpse the sweating balls hidden within.  With one foot, the 
soldier rolled Samson's massively muscled body onto his stomach.  
Delilah knelt down, straddling Samson's lower back.  She reached up 
and gently guided the soldiers throbbing penis down.  The soldier 
dropped to his knees between Samson's spread legs.  His oily penis 
hovered just above the valley between Samson's buttocks.  Delilah 
leaned backwards using Samson's body as a bed.  Samson and Delilah 
lay back to back , Samson's upturned buttocks jutting out from 
between Delilah's spread legs.  The soldier crouched over Samson and 
Delilah, placing his hands on either side of Samson's broad 
shoulders.  Burying his face between Delilah's breasts, the soldier 
began kissing the smooth bosom.  Delilah continued guiding the rock 
hard penis forward.  Samson could feel the hot, hard shaft resting 
along the crevice of his butt.  Slowly the soldier slid upward 
towards Delilah's vagina.  At the last moment, Delilah pushed the 
rigid cock downward.  Samson felt the oily member push between his 
tight buttocks.  He pleaded for them to stop, but Delilah whispered 
that he was to be raped as a woman.  The soldiers hot cock head slid 
up and down between Samson's buttocks, searching for his manly 
opening.  Samson clenched his teeth when the penis found its target.  
The huge, slick head pressed hard against his anus before popping 
in.  Samson grunted as more of the shaft entered his body.  While 
kissing and licking Delilah's breasts, the soldier began forcefully 
pumping his penis in and out of Samson's ass.  Heat and pain spread 
through Samson's butt as the hairy soldier assaulted the helpless 
hero.  He could feel the soldier's pubic hair mashing into his 
buttocks with every thrust.  As the soldiers ball sack swung back 
and forth, it collided with Samson's defenseless balls, shooting 
even more pain into his body.  The audience watched in silence at 
the spectacle unfolded before them.  The sounds of Samson's painful 
moans, the slurping of a well oiled penis thrusting in and out of a 
tight hole, the slapping of one massive ball sack hitting another, 
and the soldier's groans of rapture echoed off the walls.  Delilah 
ran her hands along the soldiers back, urging him on.  Every impact 
on Samson's naked balls caused his own penis to stiffen.  Samson 
could feel the sticky clear juice beginning to leak from his cock 
head.  Fortunately, his penis was trapped between his belly and the 
stone floor, out of sight.  As the tortuous rape intensified, 
Samson's moans became more lustful.  The virile soldiers heavy balls 
were beating Samson's orbs to the limits of pain.  Hearing the 
change in Samson's moans, Delilah immediately realized what was 
happening.  She deftly slid out from between the soldier and Samson.  
Ignoring her absence, the soldier continued his relentless attack on 
Samson's anus.  Delilah positioned the soldiers hands on Samson's 
hips.  The soldier lifted Samson's body off the floor until Samson 
was on hands and knees.  Without missing a beat, the soldier, now 
kneeling upright behind him, continued to thrust in and out of 
Samson's loosening anus.  No longer restrained by the floor, 
Samson's balls swung forward striking his groin before swinging 
backwards to be slammed again by the soldiers own swinging ball 
sack.  The erotic throbbing in his hairless scrotum caused Samson's 
penis to arc forward, parallel to the floor.  The audience watched 
in disgust as Samson's penis swelled larger and more erect.  The 
fallen hero was apparently being excited by another man.  Despite 
Samson's revulsion of having another man's penis inside of him, the 
constant rubbing on his prostate was heightening his sexual arousal.  
Clear pre-cum was dribbling from the end of his penis as the 
soldier's thrusting intensified.  Delilah, knowing that the 
unrelenting smacking of Samson's balls were the real reason for his 
erection, decided to add more humiliation to his rape.  She crawled 
beneath Samson's heaving belly and looked up at his fat, drooling 
penis.  Watching his manly eggs tossing back and forth, she reached 
up and caught them.  After the evening's earlier orgasms, Samson's 
balls had shrunk just enough for Delilah to get her hands wrapped 
around both orbs.  She fondled the smooth, hairless ball sack, 
enjoying the unusual sensation.  She could feel his male seed makers 
constricting.  Samson uttered a long, low moan as Delilah began 
forcing her hands together, trapping his nearly depleted balls with 
increasing pressure.  Intense pain radiated into his loins.  Samson 
was helpless as the soldier began to grunt and bury his penis deeper 
inside his aching butt.  The soldier's body started to spasm as he 
unloaded torrents of sperm deep inside Samson's ass.  The hot male 
juices flowed within Samson coating the recesses of Samson's anus 
and the soldiers hard penis.  Delilah pressed harder on Samson's 
agonized balls.  The incredible ache running through his scrotum 
pushed Samson over the edge.  His balls unleashed another load of 
his seed.  It spasmed out of his penis, shooting onto the floor and 
Delilah's face repeatedly.  Delilah maintained the pressure, forcing 
his orbs to cough up their remaining juices.  Spurt after spurt of 
white liquid continued to erupt from Samson's cock head.  At last 
the liquid slowed and thinned to a clear consistency.  Samson's 
vessels of manhood had finally been drained of their contents.  The 
exhausted soldier slowly pulled out of Samson's butt, his penis 
coated with his own slimy juices.   The salty, thick cream oozed 
from Samson's anus, running down the back of his ball sack and onto 
Delilah's clenched hands.  When Delilah released her grip, Samson's 
scrotum was wrinkled and baggy, his shrunken and empty balls rested 
in agony at the bottom of the hairless sack.  Delilah slid out from 
underneath Samson and cleaned his sticky seed from her face and 
hands.  The soldier released his hold on Samson's hips, sending the 
raped hero crashing into the floor.  The audience applauded wildly 
as the soldier raised his hands in victory.  He had been the first 
to satisfy himself with Samson as he would with a woman.  Revelling 
at the sight of Samson lying trembling in a pool of sperm, the 
soldier rose to his feet and walked into the crowd.  The Emperor was 
satisfied with the conquest of Samson's manliness.  The soldier 
would be very handsomely rewarded.  Samson sobbed quietly as his 
drained and aching balls convulsed sporadically.  Guards lifted his 
raped body and began dragging him to the prisoner cages.  The crowd 
parted to let them pass.  His muscular physique was coated with his 
own juices.  Samson's scrotum was sticky with the soldier's sperm 
which was still leaking from between his buttocks.  The mighty 
hero's disgrace was complete.  He was dropped inside a large cage 
which was chained shut.  Shortly, he was bathed and left alone to 
fall into a much needed slumber.

For the next few days, Samson was displayed like a wild animal.  The 
Emperor took great delight in telling the story of Samson's capture 
and rape.  Samson's naked groin was examined daily by the Priestess.  
As expected, Samson's balls were once again engorged with his manly 
sperm.  His ball sack was heavy with the juice-swollen orbs.  Every 
other day, Samson was escorted under guard to Delilah's bed chamber.  
She varied her techniques for bringing the reluctant hero to orgasm.  
His sexual appetite was insatiable when his meaty balls were abused.  
The exquisite pain that Delilah would inflict on them always brought 
intense orgasms from Samson.  Time and time again, he unloaded his 
sperm into Delilah's womb.    On the days he didn't spend with 
Delilah, Samson was made to perform manual labor.  Usually, he would 
haul buckets of water to the palace or, along with other prisoners, 
turn the massive stone wheel used for grinding grains.  
Occasionally, a group of soldiers or guards would be allowed to 
pleasure themselves in Samson's ass.  He had become the palace whore 
for many of the men.  They always enjoyed spewing their masculine 
juices into Samson.  All were curious about Samson's huge, smooth 
genitals.  Sometimes the men would grope Samson's hairless penis and 
scrotum, much to his disgust.  The Priestess' visits became more 
frequent much to the chagrin of Delilah.  Delilah's jealousy 
intensified with each passing day.  She believed the Priestess was 
gaining Samson's affections.  The Emperor intervened when he tired 
of hearing the two women fighting over Samson.  One day, Delilah and 
the Priestess joined the Emperor in the palace.  Samson was brought 
in and tied to a large granite column.  The Emperor decreed that 
Samson would pay the price for causing the conflict between Delilah 
and the Priestess.  While both women watched, a metal urn of glowing 
coals was placed on the floor beside Samson.  The blade of a long, 
thin knife rested on top of the coals, its metal glowing a dull 
orange.  The Emperor ordered Samson blinded, so he could no longer 
gaze upon the beauty of the women.  Samson struggled vainly to 
escape.  Guards held his head, forcing his eyelids open.  The 
Priestess was instructed to carry out the punishment.  She 
reluctantly grasped the glowing knife by the handle and held it in 
front of Samson's face.  When Samson began begging for mercy, a 
cloth was forced into his mouth to silence him.  The Priestess gazed 
into Samson's eyes as she apologized for the violent act that she 
was about to commit.  Turning to Delilah and the Emperor, she 
explained that if she could not possess Samson, then no one should.  
She turned back to Samson and using her free hand, grabbed his sperm 
filled ball sack, pulling it safely away from between his legs.  In 
one swift move, she plunged the glowing blade directly into the side 
of his scrotum.  The blade easily pierced the sack and both immense 
balls.  Samson's vessels of manhood were skewered on the hot knife.  
The scrotum was illuminated from within as the glowing metal began 
to boil away Samson's sperm.  The searing pain was so intense, 
Samson's penis stiffened almost immediately.  Boiling globs of sperm 
erupted from Samson's erect shaft.  His spontaneous orgasm 
intensified as his balls began to dissolve under the intense heat.  
The hot man juice burned his penis like lava as it flowed over the 
cock head.  The Priestess withdrew the knife as quickly as she had 
inserted it.  Thanks to the high temperature, the slits in Samson's 
scrotum sealed up, locking his mortally wounded balls in their sack.  
Samson hung from the ropes, mercifully blacking out from the pain.  
Scalding man juice kept erupting from the thick, hard penis.  
Staring in utter disbelief, everyone could not believe what just 
happened.  Delilah fainted at the sight of her lover's virile 
liquids boiling away forever.  Using the still hot knife, the 
Priestess slashed through the ropes which bound Samson to the 
column.  After falling into the guards arms, Samson was quickly 
moved to the Priestess' chamber.  The Emperor stood quietly, looking 
at the steaming puddles of sperm on the floor.  Back in the 
Priestess' chamber, Samson was laid out spread-eagle on a stone 
table, his wrists and ankles bound to each corner.  A square stone 
tile was placed on the table, between Samson's knees.  It was turned 
diagonally, and slid into place, acting like a wedge, forcing 
Samson's heavy thighs further apart.  His genitals were gently set 
on top of the tile, elevating them for easy access.  Samson's mule-
sized penis lay across the top of his ball sack while hot clumps of 
fused sperm still oozed from the blistered cock head.  Quickly 
gathering an assortment of medicinal herbs, ointments, and salves, 
the Priestess began rubbing the healing potions onto Samson's 
injured scrotum and penis.  She stroked Samson's penis, spreading 
the medicine over the entire shaft.  Starting at the base of his 
cock, she pressed her thumbs into its underbelly.  Working her way 
towards the cock head, she squeezed the fat vein which still carried 
the remnants of Samson's final, scorching orgasm.  A steady flow of 
congealed man juices bubbled out of Samson's piss slit, pooling on 
the stone tile.  When the shaft was emptied of the jellied male 
seed, the Priestess laid it over onto Samson's belly, out of the 
way.  She proceeded to apply generous amounts of herbal balm to the 
deflated ball sack.  Using her fingers, she gently pressed on the 
clean-shaven sack, being careful not to open the knife wounds.  As 
she traced the outline of the skewered, quivering balls, she was 
relieved to discover that they were not totally destroyed.  In fact, 
much of their sizable bulk remained.  Though no longer as large as 
before, they were still of envious proportions.  However, Samson's 
once-bloated scrotum no longer strained to contain enormous sperm-
engorged balls.  The Priestess boiled a flask of her healing potion 
over a small flame.  Various herbs were dissolved into the mixture.  
The strange brew was then poured into a goatskin bag and set aside 
to cool.  Removing a marsh reed from a pot of boiling water, she 
gently dried it off.  The hollow tubed plant was now soft and 
flexible.  She trimmed the ends off until she had a section that was 
as long as her forearm and no larger in diameter than her little 
finger.  Hearing Samson awaken, she returned to the table.  The 
dazed warrior twisted weakly on the hard stone table.  The Priestess 
caressed his face and told him not to worry.  The medicinal salve 
coating his genitalia produced a numbing side-effect.  Samson could 
feel a dull soreness spreading throughout his groin.  Occasionally, 
a sharp spike of pain would cause his brawny body to twitch.  The 
Priestess placed the warm, fluid-filled goatskin bag in the cleft of 
Samson's chest.  The bag was held upright by his prominent chest 
muscles.  Samson continued to calm down as the soothing warmth of 
the goatskin bag radiated throughout his torso.  Taking the supple 
hollow reed, the Priestess applied olive oil to its outer surface.  
One end of the reed was inserted into the neck of the goatskin bag 
and secured with twine.  She gently squeezed the bag until the warm 
liquid began dripping out of the reed's free end.  Next, she held 
the reed above Samson's belly.  A few drops of ointment were 
dribbled onto his cock head.  The Priestess massaged the liquid into 
his piss slit working it deeper inside his penis.  The oiled reed 
was placed directly in the piss slit, at the entrance to the fat 
vein running along the underside of Samson's meaty penis.  Still 
lightly squeezing the bag, she inserted the reed further into the 
slit.  The lubricated reed easily slid down Samson's shaft, forcing 
the vein to swell outward.  The potion coated the inner walls of the 
vein as the reed probed closer to the cock root.  Even when the fat 
vein bulged out along the entire length of his penis, the Priestess 
kept slipping more of the reed deeper into the canal.  Samson rolled 
his hips, trying to escape from the intruder snaking its way inside 
his penis and groin.  He could feel the fullness in his stretched 
vein and piss slit.  The Priestess finally stopped sliding the reed 
into Samson.  While maintaining pressure on the goatskin bag, she 
placed her free hand underneath Samson's scrotum.  Finding a spot 
between the top of his ball sack and his anus, she pressed hard, 
pinching the vein closed.  The potion continued to flow through the 
reed, but was blocked just after the scrotum.  The ointment backed 
up, spilling into the canals leading into Samson's injured balls.  
Samson could feel the warm fluid coursing through his balls.  The 
strange ointment saturated his balls, with the excess seeping into 
his ball sack.  Slowly his balls grew in size, becoming more egg 
shaped again.  The Priestess watched as Samson's scrotum expanded.  
She quit pumping ointment into his penis when the ball sack was 
plump and round.  It had swollen much larger than ever before.  His 
balls floated around within the engorged scrotum.  Samson felt the 
sensation to urinate.  The Priestess allowed his balls to soak for 
what seemed like an eternity.  At last she pulled the reed from 
Samson's cock.  Draping his penis across one hip, she put a goblet 
underneath the cock head which hung over the side.  Samson felt 
relief as the ointment drained from his scrotum and out his penis.  
Dead sperm was flushed out in coagulated lumps.  The Priestess 
carefully lifted and massaged Samson's scrotum, allowing gravity to 
empty the excess fluids.  His invigorated balls were clearly 
outlined as the scrotum shrunk back to its normal size.  The 
Priestess once again laid his penis against his belly.  Now she 
needed to give Samson's genitalia a chance to heal.  Using a long 
strip of ointment soaked cloth, the Priestess began wrapping the 
tender ball sack.  Taking care to use as little pressure as 
possible, she completely enveloped Samson's scrotum.  Continuing to 
unroll the wet cloth, she passed it underneath the base of Samson's 
penis, arcing it over his left hip and across the small of his back.  
Angling the strip around his right hip, the Priestess again brought 
the strip under the penis.  She spiralled the strip around his 
abundant shaft, moving upwards toward the tip.  Leaving a gap over 
the piss slit, she tied the strip off.  Samson lay outstretched on 
the table.  The stone tile wedged between his thighs supported the 
cloth-encased ball sack.  Likewise, his enclosed penis lay limp 
across his belly.  The Priestess summoned her attendants.  They 
lifted Samson's awesome body from the table and laid him on the 
Priestess' bed.  She made him as comfortable as possible by 
arranging pillows under his head and genitals.  The attendants 
cleansed his enormous, muscular body.  Food and wine were brought 
forth.  Samson ate and drank huge amounts until his appetite was 
satisfied.  Excusing the attendants, the Priestess joined Samson in 
bed.  Her hands massaged Samson, enjoying the feel of his skin 
stretched tightly over his dense muscles.  She vowed to take care of 
him while his wounds healed.

For the next week, Samson's every need was attended to. The 
medicinal salve and bandages were reapplied daily. His genitals 
recuperated at a fantastic rate due to the medicine's potent effect. 
At last he was able to leave the bed. Samson staggered into the 
Priestess' bath. For the last time, she removed his bandages. 
Washing the salve away, she saw his pristine penis and scrotum. They 
were completely healed, except for the two narrow scars on either 
side of his fat ball sack.  The scars served as a visible mark of 
Samson's impotence.  The Priestess sat Samson down on a short wooden 
stool in the bath. She poured buckets of water over his body, 
refreshing him.  As she continued to bathe him, she pressed the side 
of her face against his warm, wet flesh.  She relished touching 
every part of his body.  Samson groaned with delight when she licked 
and nibbled on his protruding nipples.  His breathing became deeper 
as she slid lower, kissing the area just below his navel.  Kneeling 
between his legs, the Priestess lifted his hardening penis in both 
hands.  Placing the growing cock head between her lips, she began 
licking and sucking on it.  Samson threw his head back in ecstasy as 
the Priestess stimulated his cock.  Her lips were stretched tight 
when Samson's penis stiffened into a full erection.  His girth was 
enormous, and the length more so.  Though she only dared to swallow 
the cock head, fearing injury to her own mouth, Samson was 
experiencing intense pleasure.  He had been deprived of sex for a 
week, and he was used to having orgasms several times a night.  The 
Priestess moved her hands underneath Samson's balls, cupping them in 
her palms.  Samson put his hands on her head, attempting to force 
her further down his shaft.  It was of no use, without his pubic 
hair, his strength had been sapped.  A child could easily defeat him 
now.  The Priestess fondled his naked balls, delighted with the 
curious sensation of their baldness.  His groin resembled that of a 
young boy's and this thought vaguely repulsed her.  However, there 
was no denying that the genitalia in her mouth and hands belonged to 
a very well endowed man.  She could taste a trickle of Samson's 
thick pre-cum now.  The Priestess swirled the viscous fluid over his 
sensitive cock head, sending waves of pleasure through his body.  
Letting the slick head slide out of her mouth, she let go of 
Samson's trembling ball sack.  With one hand she stroked his rigid 
shaft.  The other hand was placed palm down on his oozing cock head.  
She rubbed her palm firmly against the flared tip, spreading his 
manly lubricant around.  Samson slouched forward, trying to back 
away from the intense feelings on the end of his penis.  In moments, 
the erotic sensations brought him over the edge.  Clear, sperm-less 
juice spurted from Samson's cock.  The Priestess could feel the hot 
liquid shooting into her palm as she continued rubbing.  Samson 
grunted over and over, lifting his convulsing legs into the air.  As 
more of his impotent juices flowed from him, Samson leaned his torso 
backwards until his shoulders and head were on the floor.  He lay 
arched over the stool, while the Priestess continued to fondle his 
slippery penis.  She finally removed her hands from the spasming 
penis.  Samson was breathing heavily, his massive body draped across 
the stool, his glistening penis pointed straight up.  Great streams 
of his infertile secretions ran down the shaft, coating his pulsing 
scrotum.  The Priestess examined the liquid, but could find no trace 
of milkiness in it.  If Samson's balls were producing sperm again, 
they had certainly not given them up this time.  The Priestess was 
determined to prime Samson's well of fertility.  She lifted his 
fatigued legs up and placed her shoulders under his knees.  Pressing 
up and forward, she curled his thighs over above his chest.  She 
stopped when his fleshy buttocks were rotated into view.  Samson's 
low hanging ball sack lay against his butt, covering the crevice 
leading to his anus.  The Priestess then brought his legs back down 
in front of the stool, trapping Samson's ample balls between his 
buttocks and the stool.  The exhausted warrior began squirming in 
agony as the weight on his balls increased.  He was too weak to 
resist as the Priestess pulled his torso upright, into a sitting 
position.  His weak legs could offer no support, bringing all of his 
weight to bear on his scrotum.  He could feel the two fist-sized 
balls wriggling against each other, pressing against his buttocks, 
trying to escape the pressure.  As the pain increased, so did his 
erection.  Samson's penis pointed upright between his bulging 
thighs.  The Priestess grabbed his hips, pulling them forward and 
back, grinding his buttocks over the confined balls.  She became 
strangely excited at the sight of Samson's clean-shaven groin.  The 
big cock was throbbing upwards, but no balls were visible hanging 
underneath it.  The top of the sack was just visible before it 
disappeared into his ass crack.  Once again, Samson's penis started 
to leak pre-cum.  He actually began rocking his hips, causing his 
balls to ache even more.  The Priestess sat on Samson's thighs, 
facing him.  His huge, oozing cock was pressed upright between their 
two bellies.  She stood up slightly letting her belly and groin rub 
Samson's shaft.  Reversing direction, she slowly descended to sit on 
his legs again.  She repeated this faster and faster, enjoying the 
sensation of her body rubbing up and down against his rippled 
abdomen and hot penis.  The pleasure coming from his cock was the 
extreme opposite of what he felt from his squashed scrotum.  The 
fiery ache in his manly eggs stimulated his sexual reflexes.  Samson 
craved the torture on his bull balls.  The more they hurt, the more 
excited he became.  Recalling the sight of a blazing knife poking 
through his enormous balls caused Samson's penis to seep pre-cum.  
Both his and the Priestess' bellies were lubricated by Samson's 
emissions.  The Priestess increased her sliding motion, landing 
harder and harder on Samson's legs.  Every time she sat down on 
Samson's legs, a terrific bolt of pain shot through his already 
agonized balls.  He urged the Priestess on, begging her to crush his 
huge balls.  With that, she wrapped her legs around his hips, 
locking her feet together against the small of his back.  Samson 
writhed in agony, adding more grinding pain to his ball sack.  Their 
combined weight was being applied to Samson's flattening balls.  
Samson could feel his manly eggs starting to succumb to the 
pressure.  Suddenly finding an opening, one of his balls squeezed 
part way into Samson's flexing anus.  For a moment, he thought the 
ball had burst.  His other ball slid into the crevice between his 
buttocks, relieving most of the crushing pressure on it.  However, 
the first orb continued to be pressed up into his ass hole.  His 
anus felt like fire as the massive ball penetrated his man hole.  
Involuntarily clenching his muscles, the ball was caught midway 
through by the constricting anus.  Horrible waves of pain passed 
through Samson's groin as his tightening ass hole continued its 
crushing grip on the massive intruder.  Samson began screaming while 
the fist-sized ball slid further into his ass.  His ball and anus 
were being simultaneously tortured.  Without warning, hot streams of 
fluid shot from Samson's erect cock, spraying his stomach, nipples 
and chest.  More of his man juice spewed forth, coating the 
Priestess' bosom.  Samson thrashed about wildly, his orgasm flowing 
unrestricted between their two bodies.  His ball finally penetrated 
the anal opening, rubbing against Samson's prostate and multiplying 
the power of his orgasm many times.  Copious amounts of white, 
sperm-laden juices were surrendered from Samson's rejuvenated balls.  
When the virile fluids stopped flowing, the Priestess and Samson sat 
embraced, trying to catch their breath.  They both felt great relief 
as they watched the globs of sperm running down their bodies.  The 
Priestess' medicine had certainly been effective in restoring 
Samson's bull balls virility.  She lapped up the streams of sperm 
hanging from Samson's chest and nipples.  Biting and sucking on his 
erect nipples, she enjoyed the salty taste of Samson's manly fluids.  
Scooping some of the sperm onto her fingers, she guided them into 
Samson's panting mouth.  Scraping her fingers gently against his 
teeth, she deposited the white juice onto his tongue.  Samson was 
startled at the thought of eating his own sperm, but the taste was 
curiously pleasant.  He willingly opened his mouth when the 
Priestess offered him more of the tangy substance.  As she cleaned 
the sperm from his torso and penis, they shared the remaining 
masculine nectar.  At last they untangled from their embrace.  The 
Priestess helped the physically and sexually exhausted warrior to 
his feet.  His flaccid cock still leaked an occasional drop of sperm 
now and then.  Half of his scrotum was visible as one ball hung 
tightly between his sweating buttocks.  The other half was still 
tucked inside his anus along with his other ball.  The Priestess 
tried to get Samson to relax as she gently pulled the trapped ball 
from its musky prison.  His anus widened as the ball started to 
emerge.  Grunting with the pain building in his ball and butt, a 
thin stream of ball milk poured from the cock head.  The tight anus 
pressed the remaining, pent up sperm from Samson's ball as it slowly 
slid from his butt.  Finally, the last bit of scrotum and ball 
dropped out from within his anus.  Once again, Samson's huge scrotum 
swung low, cradling his two immense balls.  Samson was thankful that 
he had survived yet another sexual encounter with his genitalia 
intact.  He and the Priestess returned to her bed, falling asleep in 
each others arms.

Hours later, they were awakened by the sound of the Emperor's guards 
rushing into the bed chamber.  Pulling Samson from bed, they hauled 
him off to the palace.  Once there, he was presented to the Emperor.  
The Priestess was forbidden to be with Samson again.  The Emperor 
then ordered Samson's hairless groin covered.  The Emperor had a 
special treat for his guests at the upcoming Festival of Dagon.  He 
didn't want the festival attendees seeing Samson's baby-smooth 
genitals ahead of time.  A white cloth sack was placed over Samson's 
gigantic manhood.  His penis and balls were clearly outlined against 
the tight fitting bag.  Cloth strips sewn into the top of the bag 
were tied around his waist, preventing the bag from sliding off.  
The Emperor instructed Samson to wear the thong-like garment 
whenever he was in public.  The penalty for disobedience would be 
extreme.  With that warning, Samson was led away to resume his 
manual labors.  Each night he was fed, bathed and locked in his 
cell.  One night, three soldiers entered his cell.  The two older 
soldiers held Samson down on his back.  The third soldier was young, 
barely into manhood.  He was about to leave for battle and wanted to 
lose his virginity before departing.  The two older soldiers 
convinced him that planting his seed in their once mighty enemy 
would prove his manhood.  The young soldier removed his clothing, 
revealing a tight, firm body.  Fine dark hairs covered his lower 
abdomen above his penis.  His balls were still hairless, but they 
were plump, full of his youthful juices.  The soldier hesitated for 
a moment as he examined the physique and endowment of the legendary 
warrior lying before him.  At the other soldiers urging, he sat on 
Samson's chest.  Laying his penis across Samson's lips, the other 
soldiers grabbed Samson's jaw and forced his mouth open.  The young 
soldier slid his cock into Samson's mouth.  The soldiers began 
taunting Samson while cheering the young soldier on.  Wrapping his 
hands in Samson's long locks of hair, the young man began thrusting 
his cock in and out of Samson's mouth.  Samson was sickened at 
having another mans penis in his mouth.  He could feel the cock 
getting hard.  Warm pre-cum quickly started oozing from the lad's 
stiff penis.  Samson tried not to swallow it without success.  The 
soldier's pace increased causing his balls to slap repeatedly 
against Samson's chin.  Samson was gagging as the throbbing, oozing 
cock head reached the back of his throat.  The look of panic on 
Samson's face excited the young man.  He buried his crotch against 
Samson's mouth, sending torrents of sperm flooding into Samson's 
throat.  Samson shook his head from side to side, trying to get the 
spewing penis out of his mouth.  Most of the hot seed flowed down 
his throat and into his belly.  The young man kept his cock pushed 
into Samson's mouth until his orgasm subsided.  Samson coughed up 
some of the sperm, coating the soldiers penis and crotch hairs.  The 
soldier pulled his dripping cock out of Samson's mouth, spreading 
his virile ball milk across Samson's lips and cheeks.  The older 
soldiers howled with laughter, obviously amused at the unmanly act 
that Samson had just performed.  They congratulated the lad who was 
leering down at Samson.  The young man shakily stood up, weak kneed 
from the intensity of his first orgasm.  He walked over to the cell 
door, checking for the guards.  Seeing none, he returned to where 
the other soldiers were now spreading Samson's legs apart.  They 
removed the cloth thong from his penis and ball sack.  His 
vulnerable genitals hung between his thighs.  All three soldiers 
were fascinated at the size of Samson's manhood.  Without warning, 
the young man kicked Samson's balls with enough force to send the 
heavy penis flopping over against his straining abdomen.  The 
soldier kept kicking Samson in the balls while the other two 
soldiers held Samson down.  As the kicks continued, Samson closed 
his eyes, trying to shut out the inevitable humiliation that was 
soon to come.  In disbelief, the soldiers watched as Samson's penis 
grew harder with each kick.  A slimy patch of pre-cum trailed up his 
belly as his cock lengthened.  Samson's shaft arced up off his 
stomach bubbling clear fluid from its tip.  The young man shouted 
that he was going to turn Samson into a woman.  He began stomping on 
Samson's meaty balls, trying to force them inside his groin.  Samson 
tried to block the erotic feelings produced by the abuse on his 
scrotum.  His balls were being forced higher into the ball sack.  
The older soldiers stopped the lad.  They had him hold Samson's 
ankles apart so they could each grab a ball.  The two soldiers 
started forcing each ball into his crotch at the base of his penis.  
As the balls began to disappear into Samson's pelvis, they could 
feel them harden.  To their surprise, Samson's started rocking his 
hips.  His pre-cum thickened and then turned white as he orgasmed.  
The older soldiers continued to mash the jerking balls deeper, 
attempting to push them completely inside his lower abdomen.  
Samson's ball milk squirted on his belly, running down to fill his 
navel.  Ceasing their efforts to stuff Samson's quivering balls 
inside his groin, the two soldiers released their grip.  Samson 
looked down at the pair of wriggling balls that were hugging the 
base of his cock.  He could see the twin bulges in his groin where 
they had been partially inserted.  The young soldier released 
Samson's ankles and stood between his thighs.  Stroking his own 
cock, the lad erupted another load of hot sperm on the protruding 
ends of Samson's half-buried balls, marking his territory.  The 
older soldiers rubbed their shafts to hardness and added their own 
virile seed to Samson's scrotum.  The hot sperm of three men was 
splattered against his pulsing ball sack.  His lips and cheeks were 
wet with young ball milk.  Samson's own juices filled his navel and 
cascaded down his stomach.  All three soldiers spat on the powerless 
warrior then dressed and hurried out of the cell before any guards 
appeared.  Samson struggled over to a bucket of water and washed 
away all traces of shame and humiliation from his body.  Next, he 
tried to dislodge his bruised balls from his pelvis.  The upper ends 
of both balls were wedged tightly between the root of his cock and 
his pelvic bone.  No matter how gently he tried to pull them out, 
the intense pain caused his legs to weaken.  Finally, using both 
hands, Samson drove his fists into the bulges in his groin.  His 
balls shot back into his scrotum as he let out a loud, anguished 
yelp.  He massaged his ball sack, easing away the pain.  Samson did 
not want the pain to drive him to another orgasm.  He wanted to 
conserve his manly seed in hopes that its potent virility might 
strengthen his will, making him less docile.  The next few days were 
uneventful and routine.  Samson continued to toil at his daily 
labors.  The cloth thong he was forced to wear in public was getting 
uncomfortable.  As his balls continued to produce sperm, his scrotum 
gradually enlarged.  The cloth bag enclosing his balls and penis was 
stretched tight, applying great pressure on Samson's genitals.  Of 
course, the pain aroused Samson causing his penis to stiffen 
somewhat, packing his balls even tighter into the unyielding cloth 
bag.  At the end of each day, the guards would taunt Samson, as his 
swollen thong would be drenched with pre-cum.  Samson was able to 
keep his sexual urges under control and did not allow himself to 
reach orgasm.  Each night he would remove the tight thong and pour 
cold water over his large balls, cooling the erotic fire that he 
felt in them.  The Festival of Dagon was approaching and each 
passing day brought Samson closer to finding out what the Emperor 
had in store for him.

The day of the festival finally arrived and the Emperor was 
gleefully contemplating what will soon be his ultimate conquest.  
The main event at the festival was to have Samson castrated in front 
of the guests.  The scourge of the Emperor would soon find himself 
permanently crippled.  Samson would be unable to partake of sexual 
gratification; unable to sire children; and most importantly, unable 
to foil the Emperor's plans.  Samson's loyal followers would cringe 
at the sight of their hero.  The Emperor would parade the naked, 
emasculated Samson throughout the city.  Everyone would know the 
Emperor had claimed Samson's mighty strength and manhood in victory.  
Samson and his allies would be defeated!  The Emperor summoned 
Delilah and the Priestess so that they could escort him to the 

Samson's heart was racing when the guards fetched him from his cell.  
He didn't know what the Emperor had in store for him, but he was 
sure it would be most unpleasant.  As the guards led him to the 
temple, he could see the huge audience that was gathering.  The 
Emperor had many friends and all of them were Samson's enemies.  The 
crowd moved aside to let the small procession through.  The closest 
guests could see patches of flesh peeking through the bulging cloth 
thong wrapped tightly around his manhood.  Samson's sweaty muscles 
gleamed and rippled in the sun as they begin climbing the temple 
steps.  Upon reaching the top, the guards stood Samson on the altar 
and bound his compliant arms and legs to a pair of massive stone 
columns.  His spread-eagled body was stretched upright between the 
columns for all the audience to see.  The crowd applauded at the 
display of the Emperor's most powerful adversary in such a helpless 

The Emperor, followed by the Priestess and Delilah, arrived amid a 
wildly cheering audience.  They climbed the steps to the temple to 
join the captive Samson.  Once there, the Emperor welcomed his many 
guests.  He promised them good food, good wine and, pointing at 
Samson, good entertainment.  Thunderous cheering shook the temple as 
the crowd roared their approval.  The Emperor and his court sat in 
front of the altar, looking down at the hundreds of guests below 
them.  Samson remained tethered behind and above the royal table, 
silently observing his enemies.  Food and wine were served and the 
Festival of Dagon commenced.  Neither the Priestess nor Delilah cast 
a glance in Samson's direction, not daring to call down the 
Emperor's wrath upon themselves.  Hours of gluttony passed by as the 
crowd indulged themselves on the Emperor's generous feast.

Finally, the Emperor addressed his guests, cautioning those with 
weak appetites to sustain from their meals until after the main 
event.  He then turned his attention to Samson, walking around the 
bound muscleman while telling the story of Samson's capture and 
downfall at the hands of Delilah, the Priestess, and himself.  The 
audience listened intently as the Emperor's story unfolded.  Samson 
hung his head in shame as the agonizing details of his tortures were 
described.  The guests cheered when the Emperor finished his tale.  
The powerless prisoner remained strapped to the columns, his bulging 
legs and arms stretched wide.  Long, dark hair flowed around his 
face and over his straining shoulders, shielding his anguished 
features from view.  At the Emperor's command, a multitude of 
torture devices were brought to the altar.  The Emperor examined the 
various implements before taking a short bladed knife.  The guests 
were silent when he approached Samson.  He took the knife and gently 
placed the tip into Samson's navel.  Samson's muscles strained at 
their bindings while the Emperor ran the blade lightly down the 
smooth skin.  Much to his relief, the blade didn't penetrate the 
skin.  The Emperor laughed.  He enjoyed tormenting his feeble 
opponent.  When he reached the top band of the thong, the Emperor 
plunged the blade straight down into the cloth pouch.  Samson gasped 
in fear as the blade approached his penis.  The Emperor thrust the 
blade outward, slicing the thong open.  When the cloth surrounding 
his loins fell away, Samson's genitals were revealed.  The crowd 
gasped with delight upon seeing the unnaturally large penis and 
balls swinging between Samson's muscled thighs.  Given Samson's 
marvelous physique and enormously proportioned genitalia, his public 
emasculation would be spectacular.  The crowd could hardly wait to 
see the handsome warrior's balls drained and then removed along with 
his penis, reducing him to a passive eunuch.  The Emperor tossed the 
knife aside and returned to his seat.  Samson stood naked and 
helpless before the Emperor and his guests.

The Emperor had decided to ridicule Samson in front of the many 
guests before castrating him.  Several of the Emperor's guards 
surrounded Samson.  A plate was taken from the Emperor's table and 
lifted up to the altar.  One guard took a large bone, half cleaned 
of its meat and walked behind Samson.  He placed one hand on 
Samson's taut buttocks and forced the meaty bone up Samson's ass.  
With no mercy, he thrust the bone in and out between the tightly 
clenched buttocks.  A few scraps of meat fell from the bone, unable 
to fit through the sphincter.  Samson grunted and squirmed in his 
bindings while the guard defiled his body.  The crowd cheered wildly 
at Samson's obvious discomfort.  The bone was driven deeply into his 
anus where it was deliberately rammed into his prostate gland.  Much 
to the disgust of the audience, Samson's fat penis began dripping 
clear pre-cum.  It appeared that the muscle-bound hero was not as 
manly as they once thought.  The Emperor clapped his hands, halting 
the guard's manipulations with the bone.  The audience laughed as 
the guard left the bone buried in Samson's ass.  The bone finally 
wiggled free and dropped onto the altar.  Chunks of meat were also 
expelled by the humiliated hero.  All Samson could do was close his 
eyes in shame during his public rape.  The guards did not give him a 
moment of rest.  Olive oil was poured onto Samson's long, pre-cum 
dribbling penis.  Several pairs of hands were needed to spread the 
oil over the massive length and girth of Samson's manhood.  Soon, 
his erect shaft was shimmering with oil.  Even his plump, furry 
scrotum was fondled and slathered with olive oil.  The guards could 
not resist squeezing his gargantuan balls while they smeared oil 
across his tightly packed scrotum.  The crowd gazed silently at 
Samson's muscular body, stretched between the columns, as it was 
groped and manhandled by the Emperor's minions.  The captive hero 
wept as his body was violated by the guards roaming hands.  While 
Samson writhed on the altar, the Emperor pondered the method of 
Samson's imminent castration.  Should it be by hot poker?  No, he's 
seen that before.  Perhaps by attaching heavy weights to his balls.  
They could stretch until they were ripped off.  He was partial to 
having leeches placed on Samson's thriving balls.  They could eat 
their way into his manhood until he begged to have his balls cut 
off.  The slow agony would be delicious.  At last, the Emperor 
settled on the means by which Samson would be castrated.

A thick length of hemp rope was coiled around Samson's scrotum.  
Starting at the top, nearest his cock, the rope was wound tightly 
about Samson's virile balls.  Lesser endowed men would have already 
succumbed to the strangling pressure of the rope.  Samson's huge, 
meaty balls painfully resisted the tight coils.  Sweat once again 
poured off his muscles as the aching throb in his scrotum increased.  
It had been many days since his last orgasm.  His balls were 
overflowing with sperm and had become tender and ripe.  Ripe for 
picking, thought the Emperor!  Each end of the rope was tied to the 
columns.  Samson was bound by hands, ankles, and now balls.  The 
grunting hero was even more helpless than before.  Once more, the 
feeling of captivity and the pain in his balls triggered erotic 
feelings in Samson.  Even as the rope was crushing and strangling 
his scrotum, Samson's fat penis arched upward.  More cheers erupted 
from the audience as his penis swelled up above his trapped scrotum.  
Everyone had a clear view of Samson's manhood now.  The Emperor was 
delighted at the sight.  Samson's agony was providing an exciting 
spectacle.  True to his desire to make Samson's castration as slow 
and painful as possible, the Emperor held a pitcher of water up.  He 
calmly poured it over the rope, drenching the coiled hemp 
thoroughly.  At first the water felt refreshing on Samson's confined 
balls.  Soon, the water caused the rope to begin swelling.  As the 
rope grew, it began to crush his plump balls.  The ache in his 
scrotum intensified with each passing minute.  One guard continued 
to wet the rope while the Emperor and his guests kept eating and 
watching Samson's dilemma unfolding before them.  More pre-cum 
started dribbling from the tip of Samson's erect penis.  Standing 
high above the gluttonous crowd, Samson stood helpless and ashamed.  
His lustful groans became more throaty as the wet rope tightened its 
grip on his ball sack.  Everyone gloated at the slow torture the 
Emperor was inflicting on Samson.  The guards laughed as Samson's 
monstrous balls started turning cold and blue.  His sperm-ripened 
balls were in agony when the first spurt of gism oozed out of his 
penis.  The crowd grew silent while they watched the huge stud 
thrust his hips against the rope.  Long, white jets of sperm spewed 
forth as Samson's orgasm began.  Despite his dire predicament, 
Samson was in momentary ecstasy.  The feeling of his plentiful balls 
being choked to death while he was bound to the columns triggered 
his climax.  He grunted and moaned with each spurt of thick, hot 
gism that erupted into the air.  The Emperor and his guests went 
wild with excitement.  They were witnessing the annihilation of 
Samson's heart of virility.  His potent juices streamed out for 
everyone to see.  A pool of sperm rapidly formed between Samson's 
feet.  Delilah fought back sadness while his potent man seed spilled 
onto the altar.  She yearned to have Samson's penis inside her body, 
impregnating her with his abundant sperm.  Now his semen was being 
wasted for the enjoyment of the Emperor.  For a moment, she 
considered mounting her muscular lover's cock right in front of 
everyone.  After contemplating the consequences, Delilah remained 
seated.  She watched Samson's hot, white discharge subside.  His 
erect penis shone with ejaculate as it dripped down from the tip 
along the shaft before splattering onto the altar.  Samson's mighty 
chest and stomach expanded and contracted while he took deep 
breaths.  The ropes creaked as he hung by his wrists.  His mighty 
legs quivered, weakened by the intensity of his climax.  Samson's 
head slumped forward, his chin resting in the valley between his 
chest muscles.  The Emperor's guests went wild.  They cheered at the 
scene up on the altar.  It appeared that the ropes had squeezed the 
sperm right out of Samson's testicles, causing him to pass out.  
Despite having unleashed such a large amount of sperm, Samson's 
balls were still plump with his fertile seed.  Fortunately, his 
balls had shrunk just enough to prevent the swollen, wet rope from 
crushing them.  Little by little, warmth and color returned to 
Samson's nearly choked scrotum.  When the guards removed the damp 
rope from his intact scrotum, the audience moaned with 
disappointment.  Samson still retained his huge vessels of manhood.  
From their size, the crowd knew they had not been drained of their 
precious sperm.  The Emperor quickly addressed the unhappy audience.  
He explained that this was merely the prelude to Samson's 
castration.  They should treat it as an appetizer for what was to 
come.  More food and wine was brought in as the food orgy continued.  
Between the food and the prospect of seeing Samson tortured even 
further, the crowd quickly became jovial.  The Emperor, pleased that 
his guests were anxious to see the big man mutilated, allowed Samson 
to recover from his profuse orgasm.  He wanted Samson to know that 
his balls would be plucked from his body while still brimming with 
fresh sperm.  Once more, everyone ate, drank, and watched the 
weakened Samson.  It was well into the afternoon before the Emperor 
once more turned his full attention to Samson.  

As the moment of his manly destruction loomed near, an intense 
feeling of anger and hatred overcame Samson.  The great warrior had 
never been so enraged as he was at the Emperor and his followers.  
From deep within his heart, Samson's will to survive rushed out.  
Amidst his fury, he suddenly realized that his legendary strength 
had returned.  Indeed, the Emperor had neglected to keep Samson's 
groin sheared of manly hair.  The fur sprouting between his legs and 
across his heavy balls was plentiful enough to rejuvenate him!  
Having regained much of his mighty strength, Samson pushed against 
the great stone columns.  Everyone watched him struggling against 
his bindings.  The crowd laughed and cheered at the Emperor's 
muscular foe.  They were convinced that Samson had become terrified 
and was trying to free himself.  The Emperor himself approached 
Samson.  He would permanently destroy Samson's virility in front of 
the roaring audience.  As he grasped Samson's throbbing scrotum, the 
Emperor remarked that it was like holding a beating heart.  In fact, 
within its leathery confines beat two massive orbs of manhood.  
Bountiful quantities of Samson's vital, masculine sperm were growing 
within the marrow of his meaty testicles.  The Emperor tightened his 
grip on Samson's balls.  He was going to burst those ripe balls with 
his own hands.  Samson was in a race now.  He had to break free 
before the Emperor crushed his balls.  The bound warrior also knew 
he had to overcome his own innermost desire.  He could already feel 
an approaching orgasm.  If he ejaculated before freeing himself, he 
may not have the strength to break lose.  The Emperor laughed as he 
clasped Samson's leathery scrotum in his fingers.  He felt the sperm 
sloshing around inside while he strangled the twin orbs.  Samson 
tried to direct his attention on escaping.  Unfortunately, his 
lustful ambitions were proving to be as menacing an adversary as the 
Emperor!  Samson's penis had grown erect once more.  The crushing 
grip on his balls by his mortal enemy caused intense erotic feelings 
to spread through his loins.  Here he stood, spread out and exposed 
before his foes.  His captor was pulverizing his balls while he was 
strapped to the thick stone pillars.  Samson tried to fight the 
desire to have his balls split open.  He wanted to escape, but his 
sexual urges were beginning to overwhelm him.  The Emperor was 
surprised when Samson thrust his groin forward, grinding his ample 
balls further into his hands!  Samson's will was caving in.  He 
wanted and needed the Emperor to destroy his masculinity.  His 
ability to reproduce had to be removed and along with it, his great 
strength and sexual prowess.  As the Emperor mashed Samson's balls, 
he could feel them harden.  Knowing that the helpless stud was close 
to orgasm, he doubled his efforts to flatten the massive nuts.  He 
was determined to deny Samson of this final ejaculation.  The mighty 
Samson was in a state of erotic delirium.  He struggled to force the 
pillars apart, but his sensual longings were sapping his 
determination.  Samson imagined that all of his masculine milk was 
spilling from his body and oozing from between the Emperor's 
clenched fingers.  Even while his bulging shoulders, biceps and 
forearms strained against the columns, Samson started begging the 
Emperor to rip his balls off.  The Emperor and the crowd were amazed 
when they heard Samson begging to be castrated.  The audience 
cheered and urged the Emperor on.  They wanted to see the muscle 
man's scrotum ripped apart.  The Emperor dug his fingers into the 
ball sack.  He was attempting to gouge out Samson's testicles and 
shred them before the great stud could ejaculate.  Samson could feel 
the fingers trying to claw their way inside his scrotum.  He yelled 
out in agony as his immense testicles began to deform in the 
Emperor's hands.  In the midst of his ultimate sexual desire, 
Samson's muscles strained until, finally, the columns began to 
yield.  Even as the Emperor began to remove Samson's manly essence, 
cracks appeared in the stone supports.  At first, no one noticed.  
All eyes were focused on Samson and the Emperor.  Suddenly, the 
guards became aware that small stones had begun to rain down on 
them.  With a mighty shout, Samson smashed his bulging arms against 
the columns once more, forcing them to collapse.  A cascade of large 
stones and columns rushed down into the large crowd.  The temple 
walls and ceiling dropped onto the stunned audience.  A great 
rumbling echoed throughout the city, silencing the crowd's cheering.  
The temple continued to fall into a pile of debris.  The Emperor, 
Priestess and Delilah were buried beneath the shattered ruins.  The 
last thing they saw was that of Samson breaking free of his bondage.  
As the dust settled, only the occasional crash of granite against 
granite could be heard.  Most of the temple lay in ruin.  The 
Emperor and all of his guests had been crushed by the heavy stones.  
Up on the altar, large slabs of granite had fallen from overhead, 
pinning Samson down.  Thrown onto his back, both of his brawny legs 
were buried under the rubble.  His long penis and plump balls rested 
safely on top of several large granite fragments, while his buttocks 
and back lay on the smooth, unbroken floor.  Samson used his 
newfound strength to raise one leg, then the other, slowly clearing 
them from beneath the debris.  As the last heavy pieces of stone 
rolled off his legs, Samson lay quietly in the remnants of the 
temple.   Though bruised and scraped, his body was otherwise 
unharmed.  Samson was glad to be alive.  The hatred within him 
slowly ebbed away as he caught his breath.  He listened intently, 
but could hear no sounds coming from the toppled remnants of the 
temple.  Samson had destroyed his enemies and his lovers in one 
lethal act.  He quietly lay where he had fallen, allowing his body 
to recuperate.  Once and for all, he had triumphed over the Emperor.  

Without warning, another granite stone fell from high above.  Samson 
watched in horror as the stone plummeted downward, landing directly 
between his legs.  The broken edges of granite acted like a knife, 
instantly severing Samson's fat penis from his body.  His bulging 
scrotum burst open, as both sperm-filled balls exploded in a shower 
of flesh and male seed.  In one instant, the rejuvenated hero was 
completely emasculated.  His manhood, virility and strength were now 
permanently eradicated.  A horrendous shriek reverberated across the 
city.  Samson lost control of his rippling muscles as they convulsed 
uncontrollably.  As his beautiful physique trembled, he could see 
the meaty remnants of his balls splattered over his legs and groin.  
His own sperm was dripping from the granite jutting up between his 
legs.  The impact had been mercifully swift and almost painless.  
However, waves of agony began to pound through his body, signaling 
his unimaginable loss of manhood.  Out of the corner of his eye, 
Samson saw something moving nearby.  He cried out for help, however, 
his pleas went unanswered.  Turning his head, he looked directly at 
the source of the movement.  It took a few moments for his 
disbelieving eyes to register what it was.  His cleanly severed 
penis was writhing about on its own.  Like a fish out of water, the 
long, fat member convulsed in a pool of blood. At last, his deepest 
sexual desire had been fulfilled.   Lying in shock, Samson gasped 
his last breaths as his life slipped away.

His massive body would be found devoid of genitalia and life.  
Samson's face was frozen with an expression of pain and sorrow.  The 
heavy granite shard between his thighs was covered with red blood 
and white sperm.  A few feet away lay Samson's detached penis.  Even 
in death, the Emperor had triumphed over the mighty Samson.