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Pyntherian Saga - Part Six

Pyntherian Saga — Part SIX
Based on an original and unpublished story by Robert Moon


A day after his near-gelding at the claws of the mechanized murderer sent after him by Khrang, Jake was back at work trying to cure as many Pyntherian males as possible of the virulent plague before their balls were completely burned out and ruined. Over and over and over again, Jake used his massive, muscular body to thrust his penis into the hungry mouths and muscular asses of hundreds of Pyntherian men. His ferociously virile balls had churned out untold volumes of manly spunk, and now, just over two weeks after he’d landed on the beautiful paradise planet, he had successfully saved more than 1,400 young men from permanent sterility. 

But even these heroically impressive numbers were a mere drop in the bucket compared to a planetary population that exceeded 10 million people. Jake and the scientists knew that they were running out of time to save even more men before their balls were reduced to nothing more than shriveled husks. The mighty Space Ranger expressed his concerns to the lead scientist, and indicated that he wanted to increase his output even further. The senior scientist sympathized with Jake’s desire to help, but he was clearly concerned that the mighty warrior was already redlining his massive balls. The scientist feared that any additional strain on Jake’s nuts could start causing them permanent damage, and cautioned the Ranger against any further increases in sexual activity. 

Nevertheless, the handsome and brave Space Ranger felt strongly that the needs of the Pyntherian people more than justified the risk. Even the most virile of the Pyntherian males were now succumbing to the pathogen, their balls irrevocably burning out as the disease ran its course. The big muscle man knew that he needed to up his game if he was going to save as many men as possible. So he began mating day and night, virtually nonstop, hardly even sleeping, trying to inseminate every last male that he could. He even ordered a vibrating prostate stimulator inserted into his ass, seeking to further increase the already astounding frequency of his orgasms. 

Despite the scientist’s fears, Jake succeeded in very nearly doubling his daily sperm output in this manner, and increased his daily matings to upwards of 180 to 190 men a day! The sheer volume of spunk being generated by Jake’s powerhouse bull balls was simply staggering, and though the entire medical team was worried about the Ranger’s continued well-being, they assisted him in every way that they could. 

Without adequate break periods to rest and recharge, the nonstop fucking began to take its toll on the dashingly handsome young Ranger. A steady and growing agony began to build in his massive balls, such that every contraction of every orgasm felt like a pile driver was crashing directly into his bloated nuts, but Jake was utterly determined to keep on going. The exhausted young warrior showed tremendous will and super human stamina as he fought valiantly onward, even though his gigantic balls had become two burning knots of pure agony. 

A third week passed by, and Jake nearly doubled the number of cured Pyntherian males, swelling their ranks to over 2,700 virile and healthy men. The plague meanwhile continued to ravage the planet, however, and it was becoming harder and harder to find candidates who hadn’t yet reached the point of no return. Nevertheless, the hidden underground laboratory was teeming with gorgeous and powerful young men who were all desperate to receive Jake’s fertility-saving “injection”. Jake couldn’t let a single one of those beautiful young men down, so he doggedly pushed forward with his efforts. 

By the beginning of the fourth week, however, the concerned scientists began noticing a disturbing change in Jake’s orgasms. The volume of Jake’s titanic emissions began to diminish, which probably wasn’t helped by the fact that he had somehow upped his daily matings even further to just over 200 men a day! The decrease in sperm volume was very minor at first, almost unnoticeable, but it continued to steadily drop as the days slowly and tortuously wore on. Jake’s loads were still colossal, seminal emissions of absolutely legendary proportions, orders of magnitude larger than any mortal man had the right to ejaculate, and far, far larger than what was truly necessary to cure each male, but they were indeed dropping. 

By the fifth day of week four, Jake’s sperm count began plummeting precipitously, and the doctors were becoming extremely worried that the young man was permanently burning out his own balls through extreme overuse. The massive orbs themselves had long since turned an angry dark red, looking almost bruised, and were unusually warm to the touch. Those mighty sperm factories were definitely working triple time to try to keep up with demand, and they were finally starting to fail. Jake’s pain had grown extreme, and every load now felt like someone was stabbing a pair of knives deep into his balls on every orgasmic contraction. The non-stop, constant sex had long since lost any trace of pleasure for the hulking muscle stud, and the agony had grown inhuman. But Jake would not be dissuaded, though his balls felt like they would implode from the effort to pump out even more of his supremely potent goo. 

Jake was heedless of the warning signs, yet when the inevitable finally happened, it still caught him by surprise. For the day finally came when Jake’s extraordinary balls, with their seemingly bottomless wellspring of super human strength and vitality, finally ran empty. 

The mighty muscle bull had entered into his FIFTH week of constant daily mating, and each of his orgasms had dwindled to just a couple of (comparatively) weak squirts of watery jism, barely enough to fill a beaker let alone coat the insides of a desperate young Pyntherian man. Each load was also now accompanied by bellows of agony from the brave and stalwart hero, who just gritted his teeth through the pain and kept right on going. His loads were still more than potent and powerful enough to cure each young male who received them, but it was clear that even Jake’s mighty well of virility was rapidly approaching its end. The stud’s supply of his precious semen was running out! 

Jake had already fucked nearly 100 men that day, and was laying back on the metal examination table, panting and covered in sweat as he continued to fight through the horrific agony in his swollen balls. Yet another gorgeous young man, this one a dark-haired and brown-eyed beauty of uncommonly muscular size and prodigious endowment, was straddling Jake’s muscular hips, burying the man’s colossal, nearly two-foot-long horse cock as far up his shit chute as was physiologically possible. The young Pyntherian pounded his beautiful ass up and down on more than half the length of Jake’s raw and distended penis, an extraordinary achievement that very few others could claim. But sadly for Jake, the spectacularly talented young ass wasn’t providing him with even the tiniest bit of pleasure. 

A lineup of more than a dozen other young men were anxiously waiting their turn on the stud, lined up naked against the far wall and watching the Olympic-level sexual display with a mixture of unbridled lust and desperation. The scientists had calculated that even the most virile among their remaining untreated men had only hours, or perhaps a day or two at most, before their balls were burned out forever, so Jake had been racing to save as many of this last batch of men as he could. 

Jake grunted and groaned on almost every stroke, his cobblestone abs tightening and his colossally muscular thighs quaking with the effort to not cry out in pain. He almost doubled up in agony as he plunged his cock upwards into the squatting Pyntherian. But he stoically continued to bear it all, despite the supreme torture of his overheated gonads. He could feel yet another orgasm approaching like a speeding freight train, and he braced himself for yet another eruption of agony from his balls. 

And that’s when it happened. Jake hit orgasm for the 4,531st time in one month, and his bruised and swollen bull balls contracted so hard that they seized up and began convulsing. Jake’s entire muscular body arched backward in terrible agony, effortlessly pressing the 280-pound young man above him completely off the table like he weighed nothing, and burying his cock another couple of inches up the man’s already overstuffed ass. Jake threw back his achingly handsome head and bellowed in inhuman agony, his huge and powerful hands gripping the sides of the steel table so tightly that the metal began to warp and deform in his grip. 

The violent contracting in his nuts sent a single, weak wad of spunk rocketing deep into the young Pyntherian’s insides, a paltry spurt of watery fluid that contained only traces of healthy sperm. The next contraction produced just a few dribbles of spunk, and then the third produced nothing at all. Jake’s almighty bull nuts, the wellspring of the greatest source of virility the galaxy had ever seen, were well and truly empty. 

Only Jake’s orgasm didn’t cease. In fact, if anything, it became even more violent and insistent. Jake continued to howl in agony as he thrust his muscular hips up into the air as hard and as fast as he could. The poor lad riding his cock was mercilessly plowed by Jake’s titanic cannon of a cock, but fortunately for the young man, he couldn’t hold on after the first dozen or so thrusts, and was quickly bucked off the writhing and screaming muscle man. 

Jake wailed loudly as the pain between his legs intensified even further, pain unlike anything he’d ever known erupting from his convulsing stud nuts. Again and again, his prostate and balls contracted and tried to pump semen up from his well of manhood, but unlike every time before, no lush river of sperm poured forth. He could feel the constrictions in his groin and ass that accompanied his normally bountiful orgasms, the rhythmic squeezing building to greater and greater intensity, but still not a single drop of fluid came out of his swollen and aching whale dick. His gargantuan cock continued to dry heave as he bellowed in extreme agony, his entire, exquisite, utterly massive body convulsing uncontrollably on the steel table. 

The terrified scientists could see that Jake’s balls were continuing to convulse, contracting harder and harder in an effort to pump something, anything, out of their deep, beefy depths. The pressure building inside his massive balls was tremendous, and it soon became evident that the young man was in imminent danger of ejaculating out his own shattered nut guts! 

Like all men, Jake’s balls were surrounded by several smooth layers of muscle, muscles that were responsible for raising and lowering those great beefy orbs, and which also contracted during orgasm to assist with expelling his ripe and potent sperm. Unfortunately for the handsome Space Ranger, his scrotal muscles were just as powerful as those of the rest of his colossally massive body, and had grown even stronger during the month-long, non-stop, epic workout they’d received. These same muscles were now trying to crush the dense, sperm-manufacturing meat of his testes with such ferocious, devastating force that they were threatening to burst the massive orbs and squirt their ruined remains out of his thundering, pile driving cock! 

Everyone in the room could only back away and watch in helpless horror as Jake struggled against his own phenomenal masculinity to save his screaming and dying nuts. The huge orbs were now drawn up incredibly tight against the base of Jake’s cock, looking like they were trying to burrow their way back inside his body. And in a very real sense, that’s exactly what they were trying to do. 

Tears of unbelievable agony streamed down either side of Jake’s heroically handsome face as he continued to fuck the air above him, the terrible orgasm continuing to crash through his loins with such force that it threatened to pulverize his overworked man eggs. The fearsome bucking and convulsions lasted more than ten full minutes, Jake’s huge balls on the verge of collapsing and catastrophically imploding the whole while, and it seemed at any moment those mighty nuts would fail. 

But somehow, impossibly, they endured the most brutal squeezing imaginable. 

The spasmodic contractions in Jake’s balls finally began to slow and eventually cease. The young muscle man collapsed exhausted on the table, that massive stack of muscles flopping into a virtual lake of his own sweat, splashing the warm, clear fluid in all directions. The mighty muscle stud was panting like he’d just sprinted for 100 miles, and was completely drenched in a thick sheen of sweat. 

And then, with one last, prolonged, agony-filled contraction of his nuts, Jake mercifully passed out. 

The doctors hustled the terrified young men and other bystanders from the room and then rushed to Jake’s side. As they desperately checked his vital signs and gave what assistance they could, the young man’s colossal tower of a cock, which had been rock hard almost continuously for more than a full month, finally began to wilt. Puffy and distended from much prolonged use and abuse, the massive member was now still over 18 inches long when completely limp, and hung so far over one hip that the bulbous head was drooping off the side of the table and pointing straight toward the floor. A single of drop of nearly clear fluid — perhaps Jake’s last fertile emissions as an intact male — hung from his gaping piss slit for a few moments before dropping unnoticed to the floor. 

Using the fluoroscopic magnifier, the lead scientist confirmed his worst fears. Jake was totally spent, his colossally massive balls now rendered as infertile as the majority of the Pyntherian males he was trying to save. His once beautiful balls were now so swollen and puffy and bloated and bruised that they barely even resembled a human set of balls anymore. The young stud’s burgeoning and extraordinary virility had been nipped in the bud, and the tissues themselves appeared to be burned out and useless. 

The unconscious muscle giant had just sacrificed his own mighty virility to save a dying race, and the entire community was humbled and deeply moved by his efforts. The team of doctors rushed to do what they could to save the big man, but nearly all of them were convinced that they had just witnessed the emasculation of their legendary hero…


It was three days later before Jake was allowed to get up and move around again. Three days of sleep, hearty meals, and lots of rest to allow his exhausted and depleted genitals a chance to recover and heal from over a month of intense sexual activity and ejaculation overload. He was subjected to regular examinations throughout his recovery to track the progress of his returning masculinity.

And Jake’s virility had indeed returned, with a vengeance. It looked to be touch-and-go there for a while, as his massive balls had narrowly avoided implosion and annihilation from extreme overuse, but they had proved their tough mettle and survived intact. Jake’s mighty gonads still ached deeply from the super human workout they’d recently received, but he could already feel the heavy, turgid weight of a massive fresh batch of his stud spew brewing and swelling within his nuts. 

Despite the temporary loss of his virility, Jake’s titanically muscular body had benefited tremendously from all the non-stop sex, likely resulting from the even greater levels of testosterone pumping through his powerful veins. His muscles had swollen larger than ever before, if that was even possible, and his physique had become even more exquisitely sculpted and defined. Even Jake was as stunned as the doctors when he stepped on a scale to find that he now weighed 525 pounds of massive, chiseled, rock hard muscle! That represented a 40-pound weight gain in about as many days!! That was an extraordinary rate of weight gain for any man, and particularly for one who was already pushing the outer boundaries of what the human frame could hold. Jake had always suspected that sex was the best exercise, and now he had proof. The fact that he’d almost fatally over-exercised his mighty bull nuts in the process didn’t seem to phase him one bit. 

So even though there was a lingering and throbbing ache in his meaty and impossibly massive balls, Jake was once again ready and randy to mate. 

Unfortunately, during the time he had been temporarily out of commission, the last remaining untreated Pyntherian males had crossed the point of no return. The several score of young men who had been waiting that fateful day for Jake’s sperm insemination could not be treated, and so their young nuts had burnt out, rendered permanently sterile by the insidious virus. The young and handsome dark-haired lad who had been riding the Space Ranger’s mammoth cock at the time of his near-catastrophic testicular crisis had been the final man that Jake had been able to rescue from permanent sterility. The evil pathogen had finished its job of ravaging the males of Pyntheria, and every last Pyntherian male who had not been treated with Jake’s ultra potent sperm was now effectively a eunuch. 

Jake was devastated to learn that time had run out to save even more of these gorgeous males from such nullification, and he felt guilty for not somehow doing more to save these young men from ruin. The Mayor and the entire medical team quickly and overwhelmingly reassured him, however, that his efforts had been more than heroic, they had been positively super human, and all of Pyntheria felt deeply and eternally grateful for all the selfless assistance Jake had provided. Most of the Pyntherians, in fact, were incredulous at Jake’s reaction, and reminded him that the mighty Ranger had very nearly sacrificed his own behemoth balls in his brave and tireless efforts to save every man he could. 

Thanks to Jake’s heroic efforts, a total of 4,531 young Pyntherian men, including Prince Conrad himself, had been saved from losing their precious balls. That was nearly 1 of every 1,000 of the 5 MILLION men that resided on Pyntheria, a Herculean achievement that no other man in the galaxy could have hoped to accomplish. The hopes for the future of Pyntheria now rested on this tiny percentage of virile males, less than 0.1% of the total men on the planet, who would need to work overtime to ensure the creation of the next generation of Pyntherians. It would take almost equally heroic efforts on the part of these Pyntherians to guarantee that future, but the randy and virile young men were more than up to the task. 

None of this would have been possible had Jake not worked so tirelessly to assist the Pyntherians. Nevertheless, Jake beat himself up, wondering if he could have done more. 

Jake had to push such despondent thoughts aside, however, for he knew that saving the men of Pyntheria was only the first step. Now, he and the Pyntherian Council faced an even greater challenge — how to stop Emperor Khrang before he succeeded in his diabolical plans to conquer the galaxy! 

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Pyntherian Saga - Part Five

Pyntherian Saga — Part Five
Based on an original and unpublished story by Robert Moon


Unbeknownst to all except the Emperor himself, Khrang had been aware of Space Ranger Jake Spanner’s presence from the moment that his ship entered the Pyntherian star system. Emperor Khrang had learned to not take any chances this time around, and had therefore seeded the entire Pyntherian star system with tiny stealth satellites that would warn him of any unscheduled approach. He was therefore able to watch from his headquarters, a massive starship currently hidden in a deep ocean trench along with the rest of his armada, as the small Space Ranger craft first circled the planet several times and then eventually landed. 

Emperor Khrang was at first somewhat surprised that his activities had already somehow been detected by Space Ranger HQ back on Earth, but then smiled; he expected nothing less from such a talented and vigilant team of overzealous heroes and meddlesome peace officers, and he grudgingly respected them for being such worthy adversaries. But he knew with utter confidence that once he had completed his tasks here on Pyntheria, not even the combined might of the Space Rangers could stand before him and domination of the entire galaxy. 

The Emperor was somewhat more surprised when his satellites and tiny, airborne spy cameras revealed the occupant of that Space Ranger vessel to be none other than Jake Spanner, son of the legendary Brock Spanner who had nearly single-handedly foiled his first attempts at galaxy-wide domination just over five years ago. Khrang deeply enjoyed the irony that the son had been sent after the very villain who had been responsible for the loss of his father. Khrang also couldn’t help but notice that Jake appeared to be even more fantastically handsome and muscular than his forbearer, and decided he might have a use for the young Ranger after all… 

Emperor Khrang tracked Jake’s movements over the next several weeks, and watched with amusement as the nascent and desperate resistance movement learned to use Jake’s sperm as a cure for Khrang’s brilliantly engineered pathogen plague. The evil warlord’s surprise was therefore profound when the cure turned out to actually work! The Pyntherian resistance was gathering hundreds of their best, brightest, and most powerful males in their hidden underground redoubt, and Jake was curing them of the infertility plague one man at a time! At the phenomenal rate at which the Space Ranger was going, Jake might just be able to cure enough of these men to save the Pyntherian race from extinction, and perhaps even gather enough restored males to rise up successfully in revolt. 

Though still amused by these pathetic efforts at resistance, Emperor Khrang did not want to take any chances that his carefully laid plans could be disrupted. So he sent one of his most powerful and effective weapons, an enormous mechanized warrior assassin, to track down and put an end to Jake Spanner and his meddling Space Ranger ways once and for all…


The whole town slept soundly on this warm spring night. The Pyntherian residents of the town were now fully aware of the handsome Space Ranger in their midst, and they maintained the young man’s secrecy in the hopes that their race could be saved by the extraordinarily studly Earthling hero. None suspected that their enemy not only knew of the young he-man’s presence, but had unleashed a weapon that even now closed in on its target, ready to annihilate him. 

A huge, blocky figure glided through the early morning darkness, moving nearly silently despite its massive size and mechanized gait. Easily avoiding detection, the unknown figure shuffled to the outskirts of town and the secluded complex of small buildings that was the only surface evidence of the much larger research facility located deep underground. 

With the warm spring weather, Jake had left the windows to his small cabana open, the better to enjoy the soft breezes and the smells of lush plant life. He slept soundly, recharging after yet another epic marathon session of male insemination. After two weeks of constant milking, Jake appeared to have reached the maximum output for his balls, allowing him to inseminate just over 100 men every day. He had reached a new record the day before, pumping an incredible 108 loads into an equal number of willing and eager volunteers, but his daily tally had otherwise stabilized at roughly 105 men a day. 

His Herculean efforts left the huge muscle man exhausted and literally drained at the end of each day, so he slept extremely deeply, more deeply than usual. So deeply, in fact, that he did not detect the intruder’s deadly presence until it was too late. 

A nearly full moon cast a long and ominous shadow into the room. Standing at the foot of Jake’s bed was a creature of nightmares, a massive hulking form of metal and machinery with one programmed goal - to kill. The robot stood over 9 feet tall and weighed close to a full ton of steel and circuitry. Its shape was vaguely humanoid, with two legs descending from a thick torso, and a squat head atop its incredibly broad shoulders. Instead of just two arms, the mechanical killer had four long, articulated arms, two sprouting from its large shoulders and another pair originating just beneath the first. These four arms each ended in wicked-looking pincer claws consisting of six long and thick metal ‘digits’ equally spaced around a central hub. 

Two glowing amber eyes, lacking any shred of emotion or mercy, gazed down impassively at the gorgeous naked form lying atop the sheets. The robot was unmoved by the young man’s phenomenal masculine beauty, his angelic face relaxed in peaceful repose, just as it was unmoved by the sheer gargantuan size and exquisitely proportioned beauty of his massively muscular body. Instead, the mechanical warrior’s gaze locked on the colossal nocturnal erection proudly arching over the young man’s muscular torso, and the two magnificent testicles hanging so huge and heavy beneath it. These goliath gonads, the wellspring of the young Ranger’s unparalleled virility, were the creature’s designated targets, and it honed in on them with single-minded focus. 

A faint clicking and whirring noise could be heard as the metal warrior extended its upper pair of arms, the articulated metal reaching out toward Jake’s unprotected and completely vulnerable groin. The claw-like hands opened wide as they approached the young man’s exposed balls, their metal grip more than large enough to engulf even Jake’s fantastically enormous, melon-sized testicles into their clutches. The steel pincers were slowly positioned so that each one could grasp a meaty testicle. Dull reflections bounced off the metal body of the intruder as it carried out its instructions. 

The robot seemed to pause for a moment. The only sounds were the cicadas outside the cabana, and the soft whisper of the gentle breeze in the trees. All seemed utterly peaceful and tranquil. 

Then, with lightning speed, the robot closed its pincers tightly around both of Jake’s balls and then hauled the big muscle man upright by his straining nutsac. Jake awoke instantly, the agony in his nuts ripping a bellow of pain and surprise from his massive chest. The young Ranger was momentarily confused by the sight of the giant humanoid at the foot of his bed, but any shred of sleepiness was instantly wiped away as the agony in his balls exploded tenfold. In an instant, the young man was hauled upward as if he weighed almost nothing, leaving only his head and his massive shoulders resting on the bed and forcing his straining bull balls to support a dangerously large portion of his awesome bodyweight. His huge balls were immediately stretched to nearly a full FOOT from his crotch as a result, straining heroically at the ends of their brutally overstretched cords. 

But that was only the beginning of Jake’s agony. 

The pincer claws locked tight around each of his balls began to close even tighter, bearing down on the young man’s delicate and sensitive balls with inhuman force. Jake cried out in pain and horror, his own fingers scrabbling at the steel claws in a fruitless attempt to free his balls from their deadly clutches. But even his phenomenal strength was no match for that of the mechanoid figure, and he could only watch in mounting terror as the claws continued narrowing their crushing grip. His trapped balls ballooned obscenely around the claws, bulging and bending in ways that a man’s testicles were never meant to be shaped. Each ball began to look like a series of sectioned off wedges, much like a split orange, and STILL the claws narrowed their inexorable grip. 

Any other man’s balls, no matter how huge or strong, would have long since exploded under such a devastatingly powerful grip, but Jake’s almighty nuts somehow endured. The genetic engineering that had gone into the creation of the Space Rangers had clearly gone into overdrive when creating not only perhaps the largest testicles in the history of the human race, but quite clearly the toughest and most resilient. Still, it was clear that even the young Space Ranger’s Herculean super nuts couldn’t take much more, and with each of the claws barely one inch from meeting in the middle and ensuring the annihilation of both magnificent testicles, it looked like all hope was lost for the handsome muscle stud. 

But then, just as quickly as they’d begun to close, the claws ceased their inward motion. Jake’s quivering bull balls were held on the very verge of rupturing, but the robot had ceased any further closing of its grip, for the moment at least. 

Jake’s massively muscular body flailed in agony and desperation, his ferociously powerful legs kicking and battering at the metal behemoth. But all the young man succeeded in doing was bruising his heels, and after a few solid kicks, the robot halted any further battering abuse of his steel-plated carapace by using its two lower limbs to lock onto Jake’s two kicking ankles. The mechanoid’s iron grip held both of the young man’s legs fast, stretching them almost impossibly wide and rendering his powerful lower body completely immobile. 

The only up side to having his legs caught in the creature’s steel embrace was that it took a large fraction of his body weight off of his screaming ball cords, but that was little solace to the young Space Ranger. He was effectively immobilized and helpless, and his vulnerable balls were literally held fast in the clutches of a deadly robot. Jake had no illusions about his situation; if the robot wanted to, it could forever destroy his huge nuts by simply squeezing down just another fraction of an inch with its primary pair of steel claws. Jake knew that was all it would take to cause his massive balls, his greatest pride and joy, to explode dramatically and splatter every wall in the small room with chunks of his ruined nut meat. Jake steeled himself for the brutally painful end to his heroic manhood. 

Emperor Khrang was never so merciful as to grant something as simple as a quick emasculation, however. No, the evil and cruel tyrant preferred to punish those who resisted him, drawing out their destruction for as long as possible and causing the maximum amount of pain that he could. And he had just such a fate planned for the dashing young Space Ranger. 

The metal creature just stood there, holding Jake aloft with an agonizing death grip on both of his huge, hyper-virile nuts. A few long seconds ticked by, an eternity to Jake, and nothing seemed to be happening. 

Then Jake began to feel it, a slight tingling in his nuts. The tingling rapidly grew more intense, feeling like a thousand ants were biting his huge testicles at the same time. A blue spark suddenly flickered across his throbbing ball sac, and a horrified Jake suddenly realized what was going on; his balls weren’t just to be crushed, they were to be electrocuted as well!! 

As the voltage increased, it rapidly reached excruciating levels. Jake’s balls — or rather, the portions of his balls bulging monstrously from between the robot’s clutching digits — convulsed and jerked wildly, looking like they might tear themselves apart or burst out from their sac just from the sheer intensity of the electrical discharge coursing through them. The electric shock also forced all of the young man’s gargantuan muscles to flex and bulge to inhuman dimensions, virtually paralyzing the young man as his muscles seized and spasmed uncontrollably. Small wisps of blue smoke drifted up from his scrotum, signaling that the dense meaty flesh itself was starting to cook. Jake was helpless as he watched his balls getting fried right before his very eyes! 

Jake suddenly bellowed and arched his back with the most powerful convulsion yet, his massive physique exploding with magnificent muscles. An even more agonizingly painful sensation began to surge through his loins, a white hot heat that seemed to be rising up the length of his still titanically erect cock. A moment later, his massive cock began to erupt with a steaming and milky white foam, a bubbling and searing hot goo that painfully burned the inside of his cock as it poured and spurted out of his gaping piss slit in great steaming jets and frothy rivers. His own cooked and electrocuted sperm was being forced out of his cock in the most painful orgasm of the young man’s life!! 

Jake shuddered even more violently as his electrocution was magnified by the forced orgasm. Spurt after searing spurt of boiling, clotted jism sprayed all over his convulsing body, painting thick white lines across his gorgeous muscles and leaving raised red welts wherever the pearlescent magma landed. The young man never knew that he could experience such intense and mind-numbing levels of pain. 

The mechanoid man never eased up its tight hold on Jake’s nest of manhood for even a moment, maintaining its brutal crushing grip even as it shocked and seared the very life out of the colossal man orbs. Jake’s mind was nearly lost in a haze of agony as he watched the metallic fiend fry his once-virile manhood. The muscular warrior knew that his mighty genitals couldn’t take much more of this abuse, that even now the delicate tissues inside his mighty balls might be cooked and fried beyond repair. But he knew he had to do something to try to save his beleaguered balls. 

Summoning every remaining ounce of willpower that he could, Jake reached out with one massive, spasming arm for the holster on his nightstand, his fingers stretching toward the handle of his radium pistol. For many agonizing seconds, Jake’s twisting fingers inched closer and closer to the gun, and with a final push, he wrapped his big fingers around the weapon and tugged it free of its holster. 

Unfortunately, with his body hoisted more than halfway into the air, Jake didn’t have a clean shot. He knew that the robot’s dense armor was proof against virtually all weapons, and that its only weak spot was the processing sensor located in the center of its chest. And with his shoulders still resting on the bed and his sac hoisted high into the air, Jake’s own huge balls were blocking his shot. Jake knew what he had to do. 

With a strength born of desperation, Jake lurched upright, using his powerful brick-like abdominal muscles to pull his upper body up off of the bed and into the air. Unfortunately, this move also had the effect of vastly increasing the weight that his straining ball cords were forced to bear. With his entire body lifted off of the bed, nearly every ounce of Jake’s magnificent 485 pounds was now tearing at his screaming balls. The added weight, along with the crushing grip and the massive amounts of electricity surging through their meaty interiors, threatened to be the last straw that would destroy the young man’s super human balls forever. 

Yet somehow, impossibly, they held. 

Jake could barely aim, his sight beginning to dim and his mighty arms quaking from the electricity blasting through his body as he tried to steady the radium pistol in a two-handed grip. Almost by instinct, Jake squeezed the trigger, aiming as best he could at the mechanical ‘heart’ of the robotic beast. A bright beam of searing blue light leapt from the barrel of the pistol and struck the mechanoid man square in the chest, narrowly avoiding his own crushed and mangled nuts by the barest of margins. Instantly, the gigantic pulses of electricity slamming into Jake’s humongous balls ceased. Jake’s aim had been true, and he’d stopped the robotic killer, scrambling its processor and turning the deadly killing machine into a giant, inanimate statue. 

Unfortunately, the statue still had a crushingly tight grip on Jake’s ankles and battered balls. The young man flopped back onto the bed, relieving the worst of the weight pulling at his tortured gonads. A few final weak streams of boiling cum squirted out of his cock to join the others making a clotted, smelly, steamy, and sticky mess of Jake’s spectacular body and mattress beneath him. The huge muscle man had ruined a second mattress, but at least this time it wasn’t his fault. 

The sounds of battle had brought the scientists, researchers, and male insemination volunteers running, but none of them reached Jake’s cabana until the battle was already over. The sight they found was both terrifying and incredible — a massive four-armed robot stood over the foot of Jake’s bed, its massive size dwarfing that of even the fantastically muscled warrior lying naked in the bed. The creature’s four arms were gripping the young man’s balls and ankles, hoisting him halfway up into the air even as its claws clamped down with impossible force onto the young man’s horrifically distended and bulging bull nuts. A small hole was visible clear through the robot’s thoracic cage, leaking wisps of smoke and the occasional spark. 

And everywhere, steam rose from cooling puddles and streamers of Jake’s boiled spunk. The smell of cooked sperm filled the room, all the more disturbing for the fact that it smelled absolutely delicious. As the crowd watched, paralyzed with stunned surprise and fear, a few clumps of clotted, dead, electrocuted sperm leaked from Jake’s still rock hard dick onto his already cum-coated chest. Everyone’s immediate fear was whether or not their huge studly savior was still even alive, let alone intact. 

Jake weakly called out to his would-be rescuers, and some of the young man snapped out of their paralysis to rush toward the wounded he-man. A team of four strong men hoisted his gargantuan upper body upright, carefully taking the stretching strain off of the young man’s brutally overstretched balls, while others ran to adjacent buildings to grab any furniture items they could use to support the young man while they worked him free of the dead robot’s clutches. 

It took more than an hour to free Jake’s nearly obliterated bull balls from the robot’s vise-like grip, and another half an hour to free his legs as well. Despite his incredible pain, the huge muscle man stood upright on his own and staggered unassisted to the elevator, his swollen and horribly lobster red testicles swinging heavily between his legs. The stretch to his ballsac was profound, exceeding 8 inches in length, and it was unclear whether that stretch would be permanent. But that mattered little if the gigantic balls resting in the bottom of that sac were already dead. 

Jake was attended by a small army of doctors and scientists. Others were speculating on how it was the Emperor Khrang’s robot assassin had found Jake, but the doctors were focusing on more immediate concerns, like whether Jake’s mammoth balls, the sole source of a cure for the infertility plague, had themselves been rendered infertile by the vicious mechanical attack. 

The big man was helped onto an examination table, and while others cleaned the young man up and measured his vital signs, the lead scientist focused his attention on Jake’s mauled and wounded balls. The seasoned medical professional was utterly shocked by what he saw. Jake’s scrotum was heavily scorched, looking like it had been cooked from the inside out, and the extreme internal temperatures had forced his own sperm to boil, pouring out of the young man’s balls in an agonizing and cruel parody of an orgasm. Evidence of the extreme temperatures of that fluid were evident all over the young man’s gloriously muscular body, angry red welts covering almost the entirety of his torso and belly where he had been coated in the white hot spunk. The cum tube inside his cock was even more badly burnt, and a particularly skilled young medic was even now at work gently inserting a salve-coated cotton swab down the entire length of that nearly two-foot-long horse cock, trying to relieve some of the young man’s pain and promote his healing. 

But it was the huge balls that most concerned the scientist. He gently poked and prodded at the angry red scrotum, wincing in sympathy as Jake grunted and groaned at the slightest touch. Palpating the huge orbs showed that they were far softer and mushier than their normally rock solid selves, but that they were at least still whole and unruptured. Diagnostic scanners revealed the first good news, that the flesh inside those mighty balls was still alive. The scientist could only conclude that the unbelievably massive size of Jake’s tough and durable balls had allowed them to endure electricity that would have quickly cooked any other man’s balls clear through. The only remaining question was whether the sperm-generating capacity of those miraculous balls had been damaged, and whether Jake would be able to resume his role rejuvenating the Pyntherian men. 

They had no choice but to wait. 

The same healing salve that had been used to coat most of Jake’s upper body and the inside of his seared cock was also liberally applied to his swollen nutsac. The exhausted man was then allowed to rest in a side room off of the lab. The big man would now remain underground and under the protection and constant surveillance of the science team and around-the-clock guards. 

Nearly 10 hours later, Jake finally awoke from the deep and dreamless slumber of the truly exhausted, and felt much refreshed. The welts and burns on his body had entirely disappeared, and even his cock felt like it was returning to normal. His huge balls, however, still ached terribly, though not nearly as horribly as before. Jake was deeply concerned regarding whether his balls were still functional, and decided to take matters into his own hands. 

He emerged from his new underground sleeping quarters to find the scientists anxiously waiting for him. The big man said he’d like to test his plumbing out, and the team rushed forward to assist with monitoring his output. 

Jake quickly stroked his cock to full rock solid hardness, the 23-inch mega cock protruding proudly before him as if to dare Emperor Khrang and his minions to try destroying him again. The huge muscle man wrapped both hands around his monster meat and started beating it for all he was worth, anxious to see if his balls could still manufacture viable sperm. 

About 10 minutes later, Jake was rewarded with a groin-wracking orgasm. His balls were still tremendously sore and tender after the punishment they had suffered, and the contractions and convulsions in his balls almost made the muscle giant drop to his knees in pain. But he somehow remained upright as his huge cock vomited forth a massive load of dead, lifeless sperm in dozens of clotted bursts and clumps. Undaunted, Jake kept right on frigging his cock, hoping to be able to prime his pump. But 15 minutes later, he was again rewarded with a sticky clotted mass of lifeless seed. Each powerful contraction of his orgasm felt like a Clydesdale horse was kicking him right in the gonads, but Jake just grit his teeth can kept pumping out his thick and clotted goo. 

Many of the scientists began to despair, a few silently and openly weeping at the loss of so spectacular and magnificent a male. But Jake refused to give up, and kept right on stroking and jacking his mighty cock, perhaps the largest and most powerful penis in the galaxy. He refused to believe that his balls had been destroyed, that his mighty well of virility had been burned out and electrocuted into sterility. 

The dashing Space Ranger kept on jacking his huge meat, his achingly handsome face a mask of concentration, his enormously muscular arms blowing up even larger than their normally 32-inch dimensions. All of his focus and energy was concentrated on pulling another load out of his battered balls, a load of viable sperm that would indicate both that he was still a fertile male, and that he could continue to help save other Pyntherian men from permanent sterility. 

His third load took another 20 minutes to achieve, and a sheen of sweat was glistening all over Jake’s gargantuan body by the time it finally arrived. This orgasm hit Jake like a freight train, the power and force behind the ejaculation increasing the great agony in his aching balls. But Jake barely even noticed the pain, for the sight that greeted him filled him with joy. 

A massive bolt of thick and viscous spunk shot out of Jake’s cannon of a cock with such force that it sailed more than 30 feet across the room. The mighty blast would clearly have gone a lot farther, but its forward progress was halted by the glass wall that led into an interior hallway, exploding all over the window’s clear surface. The first blast was joined by a second, then a third, then a fourth and fifth and sixth, in a characteristically titanic deluge of spunk that all of the researchers had grown to expect from the fantastically virile stud. 

The white liquid bouillon being purged from Jake’s aching loins was so thick with sperm that it was like a tremendously thick custard, almost more solid than liquid, and even at a glance there was no question in anyone’s mind as to the viability of this sperm sample. Tests were nevertheless run, which quickly proved that Jake remained the undisputed title holder of the most virile male in the galaxy. His sperm count was even greater than the measurements taken when he’d first arrived on the planet, no doubt due to all of the rigorous exercise Jake’s cock and balls were receiving. 

A greatly relieved Jake rode out the rest of his thunderous orgasm, trying to pump the rest of his awesome load into receptacles that could then be cryogenically frozen as an additional sperm supply for the beleaguered populace. The muscle hulk realized that his first two orgasms were required to simply purge and cleanse the remaining lifeless seeds out of his balls after the harrowing trauma they had suffered less than 12 hours before. His powerhouse bull balls had once again proven that they were even tougher than anyone could have ever imagined. 

The doctors urged Jake to take the rest of the day off to rest and recuperate, and that they would resume the inseminations the following morning. Jake refused to wait, however, knowing that any time he took to rest and recover would result in the loss of dozens more virile Pyntherian males. Besides, Jake found himself already looking forward to pumping fresh torrents of his virile and incredibly potent jism into another batch of Pyntherian recruits… 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Pyntherian Saga - Part Four

Pyntherian Saga — Part Four
Based on an original and unpublished story by Robert Moon


On his ninth full day of insemination duty, Jake was surprised to see only the lead scientist, Mayor Swanson, and a single young male waiting for him in the main laboratory. The lad was among the youngest volunteers Jake had seen thus far, and he wouldn’t have pegged the kid at more than 18. Nevertheless, the youth was one of the most strikingly handsome men that Jake had yet seen. Dark, nearly jet-black hair framed a face that had been expertly sculpted, riding that fine line between staggering, almost feminine beauty and raw masculine power. The lad’s eyes were most striking of all, two crystal blue orbs framed by thick, dark lashes, eyes that held an intelligence and wisdom at odds with the boy’s obvious youth. The young man was of slightly above average height, and though his body was exquisitely well-muscled, visible even beneath the nondescript clothing he was wearing, Jake could tell that the youth’s frame could hold a great deal more muscle. The huge muscle man knew talent and potential when he saw it, and this kid had the potential to someday qualify as a Space Ranger! 

The Mayor stepped forward and, with great respect and deference, introduced Jake to Prince Conrad of Pyntheria. A briefly shocked Jake extended a large hand to shake the lad’s own, and was impressed by the boy’s grip. The young man certainly had a noble and regal bearing that even the normal clothes, no doubt intended to act as a disguise, could not hide. The lead scientist explained that, when the Prince learned of Jake’s presence on the planet and his efforts to save their people from extinction, he chose to travel to the hidden laboratory under the greatest secrecy to meet Jake himself. 

The lead scientist further explained that, with the death of his father, Prince Conrad was now the heir to the throne of Pyntheria. The royal family was revered by all Pyntherians, for not only were the King and his son the direct descendants of the man who had originally discovered the planet and established a colony here, they were also a symbol of what the founding fathers had wanted Pyntheria to become:  a noble, fair, and honest people. 

Unfortunately, just as with every other Pyntherian male on the planet, the Prince had been infected by Khrang’s evil pathogen and become infertile. Prince Conrad was among the small and steadily dwindling number of Pyntherian males with any life left in their balls. As he had just entered his eighteenth year and was preparing to wed, the scientist explained that it was vital that Prince Conrad’s sexual abilities were restored so that he could continue the family line. 

Jake listened intently and nodded his understanding of the situation. The Mayor further explained that the Prince was still a virgin and must remain so until his wedding night. Therefore, a sexual encounter between Jake and the Prince was out of the question. If Jake agreed, the Prince would allow his testicles to be injected with Jake's sperm. The sooner they could revive the Prince’s potency, the sooner he could lead his people into a rebellion against the evil warlord. 

Jake grimaced inwardly at the thought of what he had to do, but immediately agreed to the procedure. He knew how vital the Prince was as a symbol of hope and freedom to the Pyntherian people, and he was willing to do whatever was necessary to restore the beautiful young man’s virility. 

While the scientist prepared the equipment for the sperm transfer, the regal Prince knelt down before Jake, pressed his forehead against the back of Jake’s hand, and arose. He sincerely thanked the astonished Space Ranger for all of his efforts to save his people as well as himself. The Prince knew Jake’s donation of semen would not be pleasurable, and assured him that his sacrifice would be rewarded. Jake blushed at the young man’s words and actions and returned the thanks. Though the Prince put on a very brave and stoic face, Jake could sense the fear that underlay the young man’s regal and erect bearing, so he placed one large hand on the young man’s well-muscled shoulder and assured him that he would do whatever he could to help the Prince overthrow the evil tyrant. 

The two men were led to adjacent examination tables and asked to strip naked. As Jake stripped, he couldn’t help but glance over at the young Prince, and was happy to see that the young man’s heavy genitals were as impressive as the rest of his beautiful body. The lad’s penis was long and thick, beautifully formed and extending more than halfway to his knees even in its current flaccid state. The young man’s balls were of a respectable size as well, despite having no doubt shrunk considerably due to the effects of Emperor Khrang’s infertility pathogen. One of Jake’s eyebrows rose in admiration, for surely when restored to full strength and vigor, the young man must possess one of the largest sets of nuts on the planet! 

Jake lay his nude body back on the cold examination table. The scientist offered to strap the man’s wrists and ankles to the table, but Jake assured him that he would be able to hold still for the procedure. Besides, Jake said with a wry grin, the simple restraints wouldn’t be nearly strong enough to hold him if really he wanted to break free. The scientist likewise chuckled in response, and realized that what Jake was saying was no doubt correct. The Prince, however, was securely strapped down to his table for his own safety to make sure he didn’t writhe or otherwise move during the procedure. 

Jake twisted his head to gaze at the stunningly handsome Prince. Though Jake was apprehensive, he had willed his body into a calm and relaxed state, telling himself (and quite truthfully) that his balls had experienced far more pain than what they were about to endure. He was sure that the Prince had never experienced anything like this before, however, so when the young man’s crystal blue eyes met Jake’s steady gaze, he once again reassured the frightened young man that everything would be okay.  

The lead scientist returned to Jake’s side, carrying a tray with antiseptics and a very large syringe with a very long needle. He had to once again will his body to relax as the scientist gently swabbed the surface of Jake’s voluminous and meat-packed scrotum with disinfectant. Jake had chosen to forego an anesthetic, for he knew he would spend the rest of the day inseminating other males and would need full sensation in his balls to do so at peak ability. 

The scientist told Jayse to brace himself, and then with one swift motion plunged the thick needle deep into the very heart of Jake’s monstrous left ball. The big man let out a short grunt of pain, and his incredibly strong hands gripped the sides of the metal table so hard that it creaked and threatened to buckle. But the mighty warrior otherwise remained perfectly still as the scientist drew back the plunger and drew more than 10 ccs of pure, raw sperm directly out of the harpooned nut. Sharp pain radiated from the giant ball, which quaked spasmodically at the cruel invasion. But soon enough, the needle was removed from the quivering bollock. The scientist paused to clean the length of the needle with a disinfectant before plunging it into Jake’s right ball, repeating the procedure and drawing another 10 ccs or so from that huge nut. 

With the first half of the procedure over, Jake was allowed to sit up and nurse his stinging balls. A tiny pinprick of blood on the surface of each ball was the only visible evidence of the needle’s recent intrusion, and Jake knew that the tiny amount of internal damage to his nuts from the needle’s passage would be completely healed within minutes, thanks to his biologically engineered powers of healing. Even now, the ache in his balls was quickly fading, and he knew he’d be able to resume his insemination duties shortly. 

Jake rose and walked over to the Prince’s bedside, grasping one of the young man’s shackled hands in his much larger one and again speaking reassurances to the lad. The young man was clearly thankful for the support, and he surprised everyone else in the room when he decided to forego anesthetic as well. He said that if the Space Ranger was willing to suffer so much for a people who weren’t even his own, then how could he, Prince of the Realm, do any less. Jake looked down at this beautiful young man, barely more than a boy, and felt even greater admiration for him. 

When the Prince signaled his readiness, the scientist plunged the needle into the first of the young man’s balls. Prince Conrad yelped in pain, but clenched his teeth and struggled to not make another sound, the veins and muscles in his neck standing out in deep relief at the extreme effort. Jake watched as half of the syringe’s contents of thick white goo was injected directly into the interior of Prince Conrad’s ball, causing it to plump and balloon dramatically as it was forced to contain the large shot of viscous fluid. Tears streamed from the lad’s eyes as the needle was plunged a second time into his other ball, but Jake was impressed that the young man never cried out. As the second needle was removed from the handsome lad’s now cum-bloated ball, Jake complimented the Prince and told him that his father would have been tremendously proud of him. Prince Conrad smiled weakly, the first smile that Jake had seen on his handsome face, and thanked Jake in return. 

As soon as the procedure was over, the scientist examined Prince Conrad’s scrotum and then bandaged his swollen sac. The Mayor then led Prince Conrad topside to a vehicle that was waiting to spirit him away to his next hiding place. Jake watched the young man go, saying a silent prayer that the boy would remain safe. 

Jake was offered more time to recover from the painful sperm extraction, but the big muscle man declined. He knew that every moment of delay meant another young man would lose his testicles forever, so he was eager to get back to work. The research team was once again moved by the young muscle man’s devotion to their cause, and immediately started lining up the next queue of young Pyntherian males eagerly awaiting their own sperm injection from the massive hunk. 

Just to prove his unquestioned status as the greatest stud bull that ever lived, Jake went on to tie the previous day’s record of 96 men inseminated in one day, despite the fact that he’d lost more than an hour at the beginning of the day to the sperm-transference procedure with Prince Conrad. And the following day, he achieved another record-breaking first, becoming the first man in the history of the human race to ejaculate 100 times in a single day! 

Jake just hoped that all of his efforts would be enough to pull the Pyntherian people back from the brink of extinction. 

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Pyntherian Saga - Part Three

Pyntherian Saga — Part Three
Based on an original and unpublished story by Robert Moon


Jake awoke the next morning to find his entire, massive torso and behemoth shoulders completely soaked with a thick coating of his own ball spew. The huge muscle man grinned ruefully in chagrin, remembering the incredibly erotic dreams he had had about the beautiful blond lad with the gorgeous green eyes. The naked warrior sat up, sheets of thick, gloopy jizz running down his fabulous physique, and saw that the mattress beneath him was soaked as well, no doubt ruined by his spectacularly heavy load. Jake felt a twinge of guilt for ruining the mattress, but he regretted far more the loss of his first load of the day, a load that could have saved the virility of a young Pyntherian male. The handsome and hulking muscle beast realized he would need to be careful to not waste another load like that in the future. 

After showering and a quick, hearty meal to supply him with the energy he’d need for the day, Jake returned to the underground research lab to begin his duties as a one man stud inseminator. He once again stripped naked and then joined the research team in the main laboratory. The scientists were patiently waiting for him, along with dozens and dozens of very eager young Pyntherian men, all here in the hopes that the mighty Space Ranger would be able to cure them of the infertility plague before their balls were permanently burned out. 

Jake had never before seen such a spectacular line up of incredibly handsome studs, each young man a prime example of Pyntherian masculinity and beauty. The young men ranged widely in shape and form, but all were examples of exquisite male perfection, the very best that the people of Pyntheria had to offer. For their part, the young men had never seen a male as massive or as powerfully masculine as Jake, and their eyes widened in awe and erotic wonder. Every penis in the room, including Jake’s own mammoth beast of a cock, was rock hard within a span of a dozen heartbeats, and there was so much sexual energy flooding the room that some of the scientists could have sworn that they smelled ozone. A few of the men involuntarily stumbled back a pace or two when they saw the full enormous size of the Space Ranger’s heroic cock, but most began to salivate at the sight, eager to ride that massive monster. 

The subjects were clearly ready to begin the experiment. 

Lots were drawn to determine the order in which the young men would see Jake, and each was given a choice between oral and anal sex with the handsome muscle giant. Despite the gigantic size of Jake’s cock and the healthy fear evident in many pairs of eyes, a surprising number of the young men chose anal sex. Either option suited Jake just fine, as he was so aroused by the sight of all of these stunningly gorgeous men that he would have fucked the bole of a tree to get his sperm-engorged rocks off. He suggested that the scientists allow 4 or 5 of the men to approach him simultaneously, allowing him to service one young man while the others kissed and fondled and sucked on the rest of his massively muscular body. Jake knew that receiving such attention from as many men as possible would keep him at the maximum level of arousal, which would in turn maximize his level of performance and the rate at which his balls manufactured his super potent sperm. Both the scientists and the volunteers eagerly agreed. 

Jake stood in the center of the room as he and the young men went to work. The first volunteer, a dark-haired lad of uncommon beauty, knelt submissively in front of the muscular giant and began stroking Jake’s colossal cock. The gentle Ranger knew that the young man would never be able to level his powerful tool downward, so he grasped the base of his own cock and slowly forced it to point downward at the young man’s handsome, awestruck face, placing it in the perfect angle to be sucked. With practiced skill, the young man enveloped the titanically swollen head and the first 5 or 6 inches of the shaft down his talented throat, and was soon pistoning his mouth up and down nearly half of Jake’s fantastically long and monstrously thick cock. 

Meanwhile, the next five men in the queue stepped forward and began running their hands (and mouths and groins and bodies) all over the gorgeous body of the massive Earth stud. Jake loved the feel of his muscular body being groped and fondled by so many beautiful young men, and he was soon giving back as much as he was getting, kissing one man’s mouth, kneading another man’s muscular back or buttocks, sucking on a well-muscled tit, licking a hairy armpit, or swallowing a thick, veiny cock right on down to its root. All of the volunteers were spectacularly well hung, with the smallest dick measuring an impressive 10.5 inches, and the largest measuring just over 16 whopping inches, but Jake took all of them down to the base with practiced ease and consummate skill. 

The sounds of slurping and moaning echoed throughout the lab while the Pyntherian men coaxed the sperm out of Jake’s phenomenally virile body. Even had he wanted to hold back, the incredibly erotic sensations flowing through his body had Jake careening over the edge in less than five minutes, and he began shooting his load down the dark-haired stud’s gagging and clutching throat. His powerful and gargantuan legs jerked with every spurt of jism, forcing the young man to hold on for dear life as ungodly quantities of ripe sperm were ejaculated directly into his stomach. The handsome lad tried to keep down all of the rich effluvium, but Jake was simply too impossibly virile, and great jets and sprays of cum were soon bursting out of the struggling young man’s nostrils and mouth. The muscular lad was sputtering and coughing in a failing effort to keep up with Jake’s load, but despite his struggles, the kid proved his mettle by keeping his lips locked around that mighty, meaty cock until the titanic orgasm was over more than a minute later. 

As Jake grunted and huffed for breath, his magnificent chest inflating to even more prodigious dimensions, the dark-haired beauty slowly pulled the mammoth cock out of his throat, thick ropes and strings of the Ranger’s clotted and gamey cum stretching out behind it. The lad then swallowed the final huge mouthful of sperm and politely thanked the panting Ranger, his soulful brown eyes looking up at the huge muscle giant with something approaching worship. 

He then moved out of the way and let the second volunteer advance, a stunningly handsome, square-jawed red head with one of the most powerful and muscular physiques Jake had seen outside of the Space Ranger Academy. The blue-eyed beauty surprised Jake by offering up his milky white and gorgeously muscular ass to the mighty stud, politely asking the huge man to breed him deep. Jake’s mammoth cock lurched at the suggestion, burping out even more thick nut scum. The eager red head lay face down on the nearby table, and Jake used a generous amount of oily lubricant to slather the man’s ass and rectum, sticking two very thick fingers up the young man’s tight hole to loosen him up for the epic fuck that was to come. He then gently and slowly eased his monstrous cock head into the lad, making the handsome red head whimper with pain and pleasure as his hole was soon filled to capacity and beyond with more than half of the Ranger’s enormous, 23-inch horse cock. 

So began Jake’s first full day of insemination duty. 


Jake worked as hard and as fast as he could, blasting out a fresh load of spunk every 15 to 20 minutes for the entire 16-hour day. The first dozen or so loads were intensely pleasurable, particularly with such gorgeous specimens of man as his sexual partners. However, each successive climax began to cause Jake more and more discomfort. Even Jake’s super human virility wasn’t accustomed to cumming scores of times in one day, and the deep ache in his balls grew more and more pronounced as he pushed their sperm-producing capacity to its limit. 

As the last man got up off of the table — his 56th stud serviced that day — Jake examined his genitals. His Herculean cock had finally grown limp, but was still swollen and puffy from the marathon session of sucking and fucking it had just been through. Thick purple veins stood out in deep relief all over the red and nearly raw shaft, making his cock look even more massive and masculine than ever. Jake’s huge nuts showed an equal amount of fatigue, the goliath gonads looking red and swollen as they hung extremely low in their sagging scrotum. He had never worked his balls so hard in his life, and the massive orbs ached terribly after having discharged their awesome virility more than 50 times in one day. 

The scientists congratulated Jake on his phenomenal success that day, but both he and the scientists knew that he’d have to inseminate more than 20 times that number if he was going to provide the Pyntherians with even a slender hope of stabilizing their 10 million citizen population. Time was rapidly running out for the men of Pyntheria, for every day, even the most powerful and virile among them were inching closer to permanent sterility. Jake knew it was going to take every last ounce of his legendary endurance and virility to save the Pyntherian race. 

The temporarily exhausted muscle stud swung his massive legs off the table and lurched heavily to his feet. Though tremendously depleted of both strength and sperm, the huge man still made a spectacular sight as he stood there and allowed the scientists to run a series of diagnostic tests on his body. Scanners indicated that Jake’s balls, though severely taxed and slightly swollen, were even now busily replenishing themselves with fresh and vital sperm, and the mighty Ranger would no doubt be fully recharged by the next morning. 

One of the scientists smeared a healing salve on Jake’s puffy and over-sensitized penis and scrotum. The salve contained a powerful numbing solution that immediately provided a significant amount of relief to Jake’s aching genitals. As the pain ebbed away, Jake felt stronger and more invigorated, and assured the research team that he’d be ready to resume his duties the next morning. 

Jake smiled and thanked the scientists for their help, and then retired topside. One of the males he had serviced that day, the huge and hulking red head, arrived with Jake’s evening meal, a hearty combination of food and drink guaranteed to restore his strength and vitality. The handsome young lad thanked Jake for restoring his manliness — and for the greatest fuck of his life — and then quietly left. Jake ate and drank everything laid before him, and then retired to his bed. The team had thoughtfully changed out his sperm-soaked mattress for a new one, and Jake gratefully collapsed upon the soft material and drifted off into some much deserved sleep. 


The next morning, Jake awoke surprisingly refreshed and invigorated. The healing salve and special diet had clearly done their job. His genitals were no longer red, raw, and puffy, and even the dull throbbing ache in his abused and overused testicles had disappeared. He felt a fresh batch of splooge sloshing around inside his nuts, and they felt once again engorged with rich man milk. Just hefting his massive, cum-laden balls in both hands was enough to start arousing the huge muscle man, and he quickly released his heavy spuds for fear of losing control and jerking himself off to a wasted orgasm. He instead hurriedly dressed and gobbled down a massive breakfast before returning to the underground laboratory. 

A fresh line up of hot young Pyntherian studs was awaiting Jake as he entered the laboratory, and he and the volunteers eagerly got to work. 

Jake’s second day of insemination duty progressed much like the first, as did the third day, and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth. The handsome Space Ranger performed like some sort of virtually tireless sex machine every day, blasting out load after massive load into the eager mouths and muscular asses of some of the most beautiful men he’d ever seen. The terrible throbbing ache in his balls at the end of each day felt like he’d been kicked square in the nuts — repeatedly! — by an Athasian war horse, but Jake felt it was more than worth it; seeing the looks of gratitude on the stunningly handsome faces of the young men, men that he was single-handedly saving from a fate of pathogenic castration, made enduring the brutal daily pain all worth it. 

The continuing tests on the first subject, the beautiful blond stud, revealed that Jake’s sperm infusion worked even faster than anyone could have hoped. In less than 72 hours, the lad’s balls had gone from shriveled and nearly dead husks devoid of even a spark of virility, to large and sperm-bloated vessels of peak vitality. What’s more, the young man swore that his now nearly grapefruit-sized balls were actually BIGGER than they’d been before the plague. It appeared that Jake’s powerful spunk was actually making the volunteers even MORE virile than ever before. 

The beautiful blond and the first day’s volunteers were all secretly whisked off to undisclosed locations scattered around the globe, the better to minimize the chance that Emperor Khrang would learn of their existence or be able to round up more than a few of them at a time. These handsome young men were now the most precious commodity on Pyntheria, for the people’s hope for a future rested solely with them. The scientists vowed to do all in their power to keep this handful of men hidden and safe. 

As the days progressed, however, the scientists made another and perhaps even more startling discovery. Jake managed to inseminate a few more men each day, his already phenomenal productivity somehow increasing with each passing day. He serviced 58 men on his second day, then 61 on the third, and 65 on the fourth. As the tally continued to increase, the amazed scientists could only conclude that the extreme work out they were giving Jake’s genitals was causing them to grow and swell and become even more powerful than ever! Since working his body’s muscles to exhaustion had caused them to grow to phenomenal dimensions rarely before achieved by man, Jake in the end wasn’t surprised that the same might be true for his mighty balls. He’d never had to work them so hard before, as even the most horny, randy, and sperm-hungry partners in his sexual past were utterly satisfied and satiated by just a handful of Jake’s loads. Now that he was pushing his testicles like he’d always pushed the rest of his body, though, it made sense that Jake’s mighty gonads were rising to the challenge. 

By the end of the first week, even Jake could sense the change in his own balls. Each morning, his already gigantic balls felt even larger and more swollen than the day before, packed with even more life-giving and rejuvenating sperm. He came harder and more frequently with each passing day, and he could swear that the volume of each orgasm was increasing as well. 

This fantastic surge in Jake’s already super human virility gave the scientists even greater hope that the mighty Space Ranger might be able to save enough of their males to perpetuate their race. And for his part, Jake was only too glad to fuck even more of the planet’s stunningly handsome and bull-hung men.