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The Ghost Network -- What a Mess -- Part 8 (Final)

Hello friends and readers! 

First, a housekeeping update. The blog administrators have started placing a couple dozen of my stories behind warnings to viewers (and rightly so), but hopefully you can still access them. If it gets to the point, however, where they're blocking access entirely, then I will shut down this blog for good. I'll try to give you warning if that looks like it's coming to pass -- fingers crossed that it won't. But in this time of growing censorship, who know how far it will go? 

Thank you to everyone who dropped comments on this story series thus far! It sounds like many of you enjoyed the ride (well, except for Nikolai, of course). I love the ideas that some of you proposed for a suitable ending to this story, and I wish I could write ALL of those versions. But instead, I'm including an ending below that I hope is sufficiently 'explosive' for you all... ;)


The Ghost Network V — What A Mess

Part 8

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper



Nikolai uttered his most deep and deafening bellow of the night, his entire body flexing into the single greatest display of masculine muscular might ever seen. At that same moment, the young man’s loins clenched down like a fist, and his mammoth 19-inch cock gave its mightiest pulse yet. Somehow, impossibly, the heaving flesh cannon managed to overcome the overwhelming suction power of the vacuum chamber, unlocking the sperm too long trapped inside of his balls and unleashing the most powerful ejaculation of the young muscle bull’s life. 

With a force and power that was truly super human, Nikolai’s mighty phallus gave a great heaving throb, and the most unimaginably massive gout of pure white sperm jetted forth. The colossal rope of cum had to be at least twelve feet long and thick as a man’s finger, an impossibly voluminous seminal deluge that pumped out with such violent force that the bulk of the gigantic sperm salvo cleared the stainless steel table entirely to splat very messily against the far wall of the room. 

Nikolai’s cum cannon was recoiling from this first salvo and preparing to pump out a second massive river of cum when it happened. The terrific vacuum forces being exerted on the young man’s quivering balls from without, combined with the added pressure of his thundering cock forcibly pulling at the beleaguered organs from within, proved to be the final straw leading to the blond muscle stud’s ultimate undoing. 


In a single cataclysmic instant, every square inch of the inside surface of the globe-sized glass chamber was painted with thick gore as Nikolai’s entire nutsac spectacularly burst into ruined and shattered chunks. It’s likely that the explosive mess would have struck the cameras, the walls, and perhaps even the ceiling itself had it not been for the hardened plexiglas walls of the chamber keeping the spray in check. The titanic pressures both outside and inside Nikolai’s already profoundly damaged and injured testicles had simply gotten too great, and every structure, fiber, and tubule inside the mammoth sex glands failed catastrophically all at once. 

Even The Ghost was visibly startled by the suddenness and sheer violence of the event. One instant, Nikolai’s balls had been terminally swollen but were whole and largely intact male sex organs, and the next, BOOM!  

The wet splashing of meaty chunks splattering the inside of the chamber was audible even over the whirring sounds of the suction machine. A gruesome slurry of ruined testicular matter — the pink and gray of the shattered vessels of manhood themselves, the red of engorged blood, and the creamy white of raw, pent up sperm — coated the interior of the sphere, with thick chunks of ball beef slowly oozing down the walls toward the base of the glass globe. The explosive end to Nikolai’s legendary manhood was as quick and violent as it was utterly final. 

The young man’s final bellow of agony was caught in his throat at the moment of his testicles’ destruction, his blue eyes bulging wide and his entire phenomenally muscular body frozen in a rictus of the greatest display of flexing male muscle ever seen. Even his mightily throbbing penis was paralyzed in mid ejaculation, his final titanic orgasm cut brutally short at the moment of his unmanning. A thick slurry of grayish-white spunk continued to ooze from his gaping cum hole, his final seminal discharge as an intact male, so thick with undiluted sperm that it was nearly as much solid as liquid. The thick and chunky spunk splattered to the floor with wet plopping sounds, but the room was otherwise eerily quiet in the moments following Nikolai’s explosive castration. 

The moment seemed suspended in time for an eternity. But after a few moments, the sphere began to slowly drop downward, still gripping the neck of Nikolai’s burst scrotum. The powerful connective tissues anchoring Nikolai’s beautiful bull balls to his body had been obliterated right along with his balls, allowing the chamber’s sturdy gasket to squeak lower and then finally seal itself shut, freeing the glass ball from the young man’s body. The goop-filled sphere ponderously fell to the ground and shattered into a thousand pieces, spilling the gory remains of Nikolai’s once-magnificent manhood all over the floor. A staggering volume of flesh and fluids splattered everywhere, a sizable amount splashing against the calves and thighs of both men, coating them with procreative rubble. 

The various cameras zoomed in on the absolute disaster that until moments before had been the largest and most powerful set of stud nuts in the entire world. 

An exuberant and victorious Ghost said, “I told you, folks! W - A - M — ‘What a mess!’” 

Overwhelmed by the unimaginable agony of his nuts’ catastrophic destruction, young Nikolai made a short, sharp choking sound, and then fell utterly limp, his tortured mind finally reaching the blissful mercy of unconsciousness. Only the titanic bulk of his 19+ inch monster cock remained vibratingly rock hard and pointed proudly heavenward, the chemical cocktail that The Ghost had injected into the massive male member two hours ago preventing the colossal schlong from growing soft… perhaps ever! The poor jock was likely going to be left with a permanently rock hard cock of mind-boggling proportions, a cruel and constant reminder of the unbearably tragic loss he had suffered that evening. 

The Ghost placed a black lacquered shoe above one of the largest chunks of ruined testicular matter littering the floor, a massive hunk of meat nearly the size of an irregularly-shaped baseball, and hovered it there for a moment. Then he brought his foot slowly down onto the yielding chunk of beefy flesh, pressing it into the floor. Gross squelching and crunching sounds came from the shattered tissues as the chunk of ball readily burst apart, spraying more gore and nut shrapnel across the floor. 

“There you have it, my faithful followers,” The Ghost said in a incongruously cheerful voice as he faced the main camera once more. “Tonight was without a doubt my greatest masterpiece of torture and castration yet, a symphony of agony and destruction. But never fear — I fully intend to bring you more and even greater displays of jock destruction and muscle bull unmanning in the future! But for now, so long, and see you next time!” 

The cameras then went dark, and the transmission ended… 


Just imagine the heavenly sensation as he pumps boiling ropes of silky jet-fuel into your churning guts, his almighty arms wrapped around you and holding you tight as his gigantic, throbbing bull cock plunders the depths of your hungry ass!

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The Ghost Network V — What A Mess -- Part 7

Here is the penultimate chapter in this latest series. Please see my comments at the end, as I will want your input on what happens next... 


The Ghost Network V — What A Mess

Part 7

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


As Nikolai stood helplessly bound to the steel pole, The Ghost headed back to the table and retrieved another glass chamber. Only this one was much larger than the first, easily the size of a large, perfectly-clear, desktop globe, with the same rubber gasket entry hole drilled into one end. 

Nikolai screamed in terror as the grinning Ghost walked back to his side with the enormous vacuum chamber in his hands, and his screams only became louder as The Ghost began to violently shove his battered nuts into the large glass ball. The Ghost used his powerful, blunt-tipped fingers to viciously squeeze and poke and prod Nikolai’s tenderized testicles, forcing the softened organs to hideously warp and bulge as they were forced through the ridiculously small and tight opening. Even though they had been much smaller then, Nikolai’s balls at the beginning of the evening would have never fit through the tight gasket, as they had been so unnaturally dense and tough that The Ghost would not have been able to get them to distort enough to squeeze into the tiny space. Now, however, despite having swollen to truly gargantuan size, Nikolai’s battered testicles were so damaged and mushy that they could be molded like wet clay, the beefy flesh distorting profoundly as more and more of his first mammoth nut was forced through the tiny rubber opening. 

Cruelly, The Ghost briefly halted his efforts when Nikolai’s first bollock was only halfway through the rubber opening, and showcased the sight to the remote audience. The tiny gasket was nearly bisecting the disturbingly distorted teste, which had been sectioned off into two nearly equal halves, each segment bulging so enormously that it was bigger than either of Nikolai’s huge balls had been at the start of the night. In fact, the tight rubber gasket looked ready to finish the job that The Ghost had started that night and burst that huge, straining bollock, but somehow it endured, and the masked man finally relented and pushed the rest of the meaty mass through the opening, followed by its equally mammoth twin. He then connected the vacuum machine’s tubing to the nipple on the other end of the enormous glass sphere, and then stepped back to let the cameras drink in the sight. 

The Ghost let the large glass orb hang freely from Nikolai’s etched and magnificently chiseled crotch, tugging at his already abused and astoundingly elongated scrotum. The thick, hard gasket on this air chamber was even tighter than the previous one, nearly clamping off Nikolai’s massive balls completely. Within a matter of moments, the young man’s screaming balls began to feel numb, and they started turning an even darker and angrier shade of purple as their vital blood supply was nearly choked off. The cameras were all still pointed directly at Nikolai, with his luscious, sweaty, muscular body on full display. His swollen testicles bulged inside of the crystal-clear globe-sized bubble that surrounded it. The Ghost gave his viewers several moments to savor the visual before he turned on the machine, simultaneously reactivating the enormous vibrator still shoved to the hilt up Nikolai’s fantastically muscled backside.   

The air compressor came to life and Nikolai could once again feel intense pressure from inside his testicles as they expanded. And expanded. And expanded. Nikolai looked toward The Ghost and shook his head in frantic desperation, his crystal blue eyes sparkling with fresh tears, but The Ghost only shrugged and placed the small black remote into his back pants pocket, crossing his arms over his chest in a clear indication that he had no intentions of stopping the machine this time. 

Nnmmmp!! NNNNnnmpph!!! Hmmmmph!! HMMMPH!!! PWWPPH!!!”

Nikolai hysterically pleaded as searing pain exploded from his engorging scrotum. All of the puffiness and size his nuts had lost when the previous suction machine had been shot off surged back with a vengeance, and then grew even larger still. The young man’s titanic nuts were now THREE times as large as normal, and were still slowly swelling! 

The heartstoppingly handsome stud could feel tearing and popping inside his sack, and it felt like someone was simultaneously squeezing them and shredding them apart from the inside. As his scrotum continued to swell to impossible dimensions, normally invisible veins along the surface of each grotesquely bloated testicle ballooned and throbbed like thick spaghetti, turning the normally smooth surfaces of the two mammoth orbs into a landscape of thick, writhing worms that looked like they would burst from under this skin at any moment. 

At the same time, Nikolai’s colossal cock, which had now been beyond rock hard for the better part of two hours, continued to strain and throb as it hurtled toward its third orgasm. The huge vibrator impaling his shit chute was violently ravaging the young stud’s swollen and battered prostate, rhythmically hammering his bruised sex gland and sending his super human virility into overdrive. Even as The Ghost watched in rapt amazement, Nikolai’s already hyper engorged stallion dick managed to swell even larger STILL, surpassing the 18-inch mark as it plumped even larger! Incredibly, fresh stretch marks could be seen erupting all up and down the monstrously bloated shaft, the sheath of silky skin covering the mammoth organ being forced to stretch past its intended design. Even the enormously swollen, purple-hued head, which was normally somewhat spongy and soft, had reached a diamond hard solidity, so engorged and bloated with blood that it wouldn’t even dent as The Ghost tested its firmness, his big, muscular hand engulfing as much of that huge bulb of flesh as it could. 

Nikolai felt a tremendous pain from his left nut as if it was being torn apart from the inside out, and he looked down in terror to see that the enormous orb was starting to weirdly dimple and deform, losing its nearly spherical shape as its tough and fibrous outer wall was stressed to the ultimate breaking point. 


The wicked machine huffed and puffed as Nikolai’s sack continued to bulge and expand. His already utterly massive nuts were now nearly FOUR times their original size, filling more than two thirds of the volume of the huge, globe-sized glass sphere. Both goliath sex organs were now starting to dimple and distort as they were redlined past all conceivable endurance. Nikolai prayed to black out as he felt a huge and gross squishing sensation fill the right side of his sac. Chambers and structures were rupturing and tearing inside both of his heroically straining nuts as his bloated scrotum kept expanding. 

But then the devastatingly handsome hunk suddenly hit orgasm for his third and final time that night, the most powerful surge of raw sexual energy and power he’d ever felt in his young life thundering through his magnificent body. Nikolai began to thrash and buck so hard that it looked like he might tear his own body apart, his chiseled, muscular hips violently thrusting forward and back as his monumentally engorged penis desperately fucked thin air. 

Nikolai howled and shrieked as his furiously throbbing cock tried with all of its might to pull forth the vast reservoir of sperm that was trapped inside of his steadily shredding nuts, but the almost unimaginably strong vacuum tearing at his trapped nuts kept all of that cum locked deep inside the failing orbs. His nearly purple bull cock swelled even larger STILL, nearly reaching the 19-inch mark as it valiantly and violently pulled at his dying balls. 

The almighty throbbing power of Nikolai’s furiously pulsating elephant cock may have been the final factor that contributed to what happened next… 


Only one final chapter remains in this series, and before it posts in a week, I want to hear from all of you. What should be Nikolai's fate? Should he somehow endure the brutal suction of this even larger sphere? Should the authorities track down The Ghost and perform a last minute rescue of the impossibly handsome muscle hunk? Or should the stud's goliath gonads go out in a blaze of glory? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 


Hasn't this poor handsome lad suffered enough!?!? Or will The Ghost see his cruel game through to its very messy conclusion...?

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The Ghost Network V — What A Mess -- Part 6

The Ghost Network V — What A Mess

Part 6

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


While Nikolai panted and weakly moaned in tremendous nut agony, The Ghost set about staging his next scene. He retrieved a solid cylindrical pillar of metal from behind the table, muscling it over to the bound jock and setting it in front of his slightly spread legs. The short column of steel was a little over 3 feet tall and about a foot in diameter. Nikolai’s bruised bollocks now hung so incredibly low that they easily rested heavily on the cool surface of the pillar with several inches of scrotal slack to spare, looking positively huge and monstrous against the gleaming metal, and filling the top of the pedestal almost to capacity. 

The Ghost then went back to the table, reached beneath the white linen covering it, and retrieved a large mallet. Nikolai’s stunning blue eyes grew wide as he recognized the weapon for what it was — a large meat tenderizer, the kind one might use to hammer and soften a 96-ounce porterhouse steak! 

Or a humongous set of blond boy nuts. 

The mallet had a thick wooden handle that was about a foot and a half long. It was topped by a large rectangular cube of solid steel, with the two business-end faces of the cube studded with uniform spikes that were easily half an inch long. Thankfully, the tip of each squat pyramid of a spike was blunted, and therefore wouldn’t outright puncture or shred any tissue that it pounded. But that was the only saving grace, for the size, weight, and heft of the oversized mallet was deadly-looking enough. 

The Ghost addressed the central camera, brandishing the enormous meat tenderizer, and said, “Now normally, this little hammer here would be instant overkill for almost any set of nuts. But Nikolai here has proven that he’s got a uniquely tough and durable set of bull balls on him, so let’s see how long he lasts under the ‘tenderizer’!” 

Even at their original size, Nikolai’s balls were far too massive for The Ghost to strike both at the same time; now that they had been forcefully bloated to double their normal size, the cruel and wicked captor had even more acreage to play with! He lined up the head of his meat hammer with his intended target, and then brought the mallet head down full force, directly into the center of Nikolai’s mammoth right bollock. 

Any other man’s testicle would have almost certainly exploded under the terrible blow. But even after all that it had already endured, Nikolai’s goliath right testicle only flattened a little bit under the crushing strike. The puffy and slightly softened gonad still had a rock solid core, which resisted further deformation even as The Ghost hammered Niko’s right ball again and again and again and again. The handsome blond jock was shrieking in animal agony as his humongous right nut was mercilessly clubbed and clobbered dozens and dozens of times in a row. The pain was beyond extreme, and Nikolai wished once again that he wasn’t so insanely tough so that he could pass out and be spared the worst of the blinding agony. But the hunky golden-haired giant was simply too strong, too much of a big muscle bull, to slip into blessed unconsciousness. 

Blow after blow after ruinous, thunderous blow landed directly into Niko’s mammoth right orb, and yet it continued to endure, repelling each and every strike. The Ghost seemed almost tireless, however, and he kept right on hammering the helpless man egg, trying with all of his might to crack it. And after what had to be more than a hundred mallet blows, the cruel captor could see that his efforts were finally starting to have an effect. Ever so slowly, the repeated hammer strikes were weakening the young man’s ferociously tough nuts, as his big bollock was starting to flatten more and more under the murderous onslaught. Almost imperceptibly at first, but more and more, Nikolai’s right ball was getting hammered flatter and flatter with each successive strike, the behemoth baby maker pancaking more and more under the unceasing attack. It was quickly rebounding back to its original spheroid shape after each blow, but it was clear that its resistance was being worn down little by little, bit by bit. 

After more than two hundred mallet blows had collided with every square inch of surface on Nikolai’s vast right bollock, the titanic orb was being crushed almost halfway flat with each blow, the stainless steel head of the meat tenderizer sinking deep into the heavily traumatized tissues, which warped and bent and nearly engulfed the entire steel head of the mallet into their beefy depths. And STILL The Ghost kept hammering away at the screaming testicle, flattening it more and more, decimating half of the young man’s heroic manhood, and threatening to shatter the mighty gonad. 

More than three hundred devastating hammer blows had landed into Nikolai’s bloated right nut before The Ghost paused to assess the damage. Nikolai’s voice was hoarse from all of the screaming, and he could only sob in quiet desolation as the masked man poked and prodded the now profoundly wounded organ. The young man’s right ball was now significantly larger than his left, the tenderized tissues swelling even more from all of the violent and extreme abuse. Dark bluish-purple bruises were spreading across the vast orb, testament to the deep and pervasive injuries that had bee inflicted on the long-suffering nut. The Ghost’s prodding fingers easily sank past the first knuckle into all of that puffy and softening flesh. But the dense core of the goliath gonad still resisted further invasion by his digging digits, and despite its horribly battered and mangled appearance, the mighty testicle was still intact, whole, and fully functional. The Ghost was clearly astounded by the titanic sex organ’s super human levels of endurance, and found that he was equal parts pleased and frustrated by its continued survival. 

Nikolai’s bruised and swollen left testicle made a tempting next target, looking positively untouched compared to its far more battered twin. The Ghost decided to give the young man’s throbbing right ball a break, and instead started unleashing terrible abuse upon the stud’s huge left nut. 

The rhythmic, staccato thud of steel on beef once again echoed throughout the white-walled room as The Ghost relentlessly hammered and pummeled Nikolai’s bulging and bloated left testicle with his oversized meat tenderizer. The ferociously tough testicle resisted more than the most minimal deformation for a good long while, just like its twin had. But with the steel pillar resting beneath it and functioning as a solid backstop, the trapped testicle was forced to absorb the entire force of each and every blow. Nikolai’s monumentally muscular body continued writhing and thrashing against his restraints, sweat flying off of his massive, glistening muscles, as the screaming stud fought futilely to break free. 

In time, Nikolai’s huge left bollock began to compress and flatten more and more with each hammer blow, just as his right ball had done, as first one hundred, then two hundred, and then more than three hundred mallet blows collided with devastating force into all of that helpless male beef. 

The Ghost had to take a few moments to pause in his exertions, panting heavily as he once again assessed Nikolai’s battered bollocks. The masked smile frozen on his face seemed to reflect the man’s true mood, however, for he seemed extremely pleased with the unbelievably heavy damage he’d inflicted on the young man’s mammoth testicles. Neither of the stud’s behemoth balls looked even remotely healthy anymore. They were swollen even larger than honeydew melons at this point, glowing an almost solid purple from massive amounts of deep bruising, and were throbbing with such unbearable agony that even mighty Nikolai was struggling to remain conscious. The Ghost used both of his hands to grip the young man’s hideously swollen seed pods, humming with satisfaction as his clutching fingers easily sank deep into all of that softened testicle meat. 

Nikolai’s big blond balls definitely weren’t broken, but they we no longer intact either. 

The masked assailant seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time caressing, kneading, and roughly fondling those two behemoth bollocks, appearing to revel in their titanic size and terrific staying power. The Ghost appeared to be etching every last detail of the beyond-gigantic orbs into his memory, for he knew deep down that he would likely never find a male as magnificent as young Nikolai ever again. He therefore savored every moment with the elephantine-endowed blond muscle stud, searing every gorgeous detail of the handsome young man’s mammoth testicles into his memory. 

After several minutes of rest, The Ghost took up his meat tenderizer again, and as Nikolai plaintively cried out and begged wordlessly for mercy, he raised the mallet up high and prepared to resume the testicle beating. 

What followed was perhaps the most brutal ten minutes of bollock abuse ever recorded. The Ghost wailed upon Nikolai’s helpless orbs with reckless abandon, heedless of the deep damage he was causing the already heavily wounded and dangerously weakened orbs. He randomly struck either the left or the right bollock, making sure to spread out his blows so that he could inflict the maximum amount of pain and injury onto the unbelievably massive wealth of testicle meat displayed so beautifully before him. Nikolai’s monumentally muscular form could only quake and shudder and writhe under the devastating barrage of abuse, and his cries of agony became even deeper and more hoarse as his ravaged vocal cords tried to give voice to the unimaginable pain he was suffering. 

The audience watching remotely was able to witness an unmitigated massacre, as The Ghost sought to slaughter Nikolai’s bloated bull nuts with the spiked meat tenderizer. Blow after blow after blow after blow rained down on the gorgeous young man’s weakening balls, steadily flattening them even more with each ruinous strike, slowly butchering the beef-packed bollocks. The meaty thuds of each impact were soon mixed with disturbingly wet and sloppy sounds as the structural integrity of the young man’s mammoth testicles was slowly ground down, and the delicate internal structures of his sexual plumbing began to break apart. 

Later playback of the video recording would show that The Ghost landed over a thousand additional hammer blows during that protracted ten minutes of beyond extreme testicular violence, enough force and brutality to turn even the most hardened set of bull nuts to nothing more than a greasy, bloody stain. 

Thus it was even more extraordinary when Nikolai’s monstrously swollen and hideously bruised testicles survived even THIS abuse! 

After what felt like an eternity, The Ghost violently tossed the large meat tenderizer aside and began aggressively groping and fondling and squeezing Nikolai’s mangled ballsac. The masked man more than half expected to find a soupy mess of shattered meat and ruined sperm sloshing around inside of the bruised and heavily abraded nutsac, so it was with a great deal of surprise that his gripping fingers found two marginally solid — but clearly intact — orbs! Massively swollen, profoundly bruised, and soft and squishy to the point of near uselessness, but still hale and whole! 

“Well there you have it, folks!” The Ghost said, addressing his hidden audience through the camera lens and panting a little breathlessly. “This outrageously handsome young bull of a man has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he has the biggest, toughest, strongest set of bollocks on the entire planet! Let’s give our young Nikolai a hand!” 

The Ghost pressed a button on a hidden remote, and canned applause filled the small room for almost half a minute, and even the masked man himself turned toward the panting and heaving young muscle stud and gave a dozen or so sincere claps with his big, strong hands. He then turned off the fake applause and addressed the camera again. 

“But you know me, my devoted fans and followers. I never leave a project unfinished. So though part of me would dearly love to let this handsome hunk of blond muscles fully recover so that I could punish and abuse his peerless nuts again, you and I both know that’s now how this show ends. So let’s see if we can send Nikolai off with a bang, shall we?” 

Good gawd, poor Nikolai's massive bollocks have nearly been hammered into sterility!! How much more abuse can the long-suffered lad take?!? Find out in the next installment... ;)

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The Ghost Network V — What A Mess -- Part 5

The Ghost Network V — What A Mess

Part 5

Based on an original story by Sack Stomper


The Ghost casually walked over to the table and retrieved a small steel chain with a narrow manacle at one end. He then walked back to the bound muscle hunk and secured the manacle around the base of Nikolai’s tight nutsac like a noose, forcing the titanic testicles perhaps an inch or so away from the young man’s crotch, and let the steel chain dangle between the young man’s colossally muscular thighs. Nikolai roused from his exhausted state and once again began to beg and plead with his callous captor, tears streaming from his bright blue eyes and drool dangling from his gorgeous and kissable lips as he tried unsuccessfully to force words past his ball gag. But the heartless torturer ignored it all, instead turning his attention to the cameras once again. 

“I wonder just how much weight Nikolai’s super tough sac can take. Let’s find out together!” 

The Ghost had a fresh spring in his step as he walked to the table and came back carrying a very large iron block with a hook on the end. Nikolai looked on in horror as The Ghost attached the hook to the bottom of the chain dangling from his balls. The Ghost’s masked face looked directly at a silently pleading Nikolai for several long seconds, his mask’s rictus grin seeming to taunt the captive jock, before suddenly stepping back and simultaneously letting the weight free fall. 

Nikolai hollered in agony and fear as his huge balls were viciously yanked downward by the enormous iron weight. His blue eyes crossed and his abdominals instantly rippled and clenched into stunning relief as his entire body tensed up, trying to somehow share the heavy burden that was now being supported only by his beleaguered nuts. The huge fleshy orbs were instantly pulled three or four inches from his body before hauling the weight to an abrupt halt, the iron block hanging suspended in midair as the hunk’s huge sac and the big weight reached a painful equilibrium. The Ghost, not wanting to rush the experience for his thousands of remote fans, stood off camera so that everyone could admire the new significant hang to Nikolai’s usually tightly locked nuts. The big weight slowly swung slightly from side to side, pulling the young man’s straining balls with it, but the sturdy gonads appeared capable of bearing the heavy block indefinitely. 

“Very impressive!” The Ghost said. “I’ve castrated some very big-balled men with less weight than that! But I think that we can do better.” 

The tall, blond athlete could only flex and buck his tightly bound body as he watched The Ghost saunter back to the table and come back with a second, equally huge weight. Nikolai felt nauseous just at the sight of it, and The Ghost wasted no time attaching it to the steel chain as well. The black-clad man held the heavy weight aloft for a few moments, allowing his audience to admire Nikolai's massive nutsac being pulled by the first weight with the second precariously ready to drop. The sick visual lingered for several moments longer before The Ghost let the second weight fall. 

Nikolai thought he felt something tear in his sac as his scrotum was violently pulled toward the floor several more inches. The young jock struggled and screamed, trying to move his narrow, muscular hips in a desperate attempt to relieve the terrific strain, but that only succeeded in making his heavy sac swing wildly, forcing the two weights to ponderously swing as well, and pull even harder at his heroically straining nuts. There was another heinous tearing sensation and his nuts quickly lowered another inch or so before the weights stopped again, reaching a new equilibrium and refusing to stretch any farther. 

“MMMmmph!! MMMMPHmmmm!”

The young man’s melon-sized bollocks were now bulging enormously in their overstretched sac, previously hidden veins beginning to bulge and swell all over their bloated surfaces, and looking like they could burst out of the tautly stretched skin at any moment. The huge, ovoid-shaped testicles were now hanging nearly eight spectacular inches from the lad’s hairy and precum- and sweat-soaked crotch, an impossibly narrow tube of flesh connecting the massive orbs to his magnificent body. The incredibly tough cords and cables that anchored Nikolai’s big balls to his chiseled and muscular crotch were now clearly visible through the thin skin of his long and slender scrotum neck, mighty bands of sinew and muscle that had been stretched unbelievably taut in their continued valiant effort to keep from snapping apart or ripping free. 

But once again, Nikolai’s supremely powerful ball cords looked like they could support both massive weights indefinitely, refusing to allow his bollocks to drop any lower in their already dangerously overstretched sac. 

The Ghost danced a little excited jig before heading back to the table to retrieve yet another enormous iron block. Nikolai’s bright blue eyes flew open wide in terror at the sight of the third weight, for he knew with dire certainty what would happen to his already nearly failing nuts if the masked man added even more weight to the chain. The Ghost attached the third weight and, ever the showman, held it aloft for what seemed like several minutes. Nikolai’s massively muscular form was shaking like a leaf and his spectacular body was positively glistening with sweat as he wordlessly pleaded for the man to show mercy. 


But everyone knew — The Ghost, the audience, and even Nikolai himself — that such mercy would never come. 

Nikolai nearly blacked out as the third weight was released and immediately tore at his screaming balls. His humongous, melon-sized nuts were violently yanked down another inch or two almost instantly before the connective tissues in Nikolai’s sac stiffened and arrested the weights’ fall, again reaching a new equilibrium. But that precarious balance seemed to last only a few moments, the incredibly tough fleshy tethers valiantly suspending all three heavy weights, before the iron blocks resumed their slow descent toward the floor. Nikolai bellowed and screamed in increasing urgency as he felt his helpless nuts being brutally dragged downward. He could feel his mighty testicles being ripped from his body, and there was nothing he could do about it! Slowly but inexorably, the weight stack lowered and lowered and lowered, further elongating the already insanely long and narrow neck of Nikolai’s scrotum, as the howling and sobbing young man felt the delicate internal structures of his humongous balls start to tear apart under the ferocious strain. 

The Ghost just stood there silently the entire time, his rapt attention laser focused on the almighty struggle between man and gravity. Any ONE of those weights would have been enough to instantly rip off almost any other man’s balls, yet here was this impossibly handsome blond muscle giant suspending THREE of the deadly iron bricks from his herculean huevos! The sight was utterly awe inspiring! 

But even as The Ghost watched, it was clear that Nikolai’s mighty and magnificent bull balls were steadily losing the fight. They were sagging lower and lower as each second ticked by, already exceeding any possible stretch that a man’s balls could conceivably endure, and yet they continued to survive, if just barely. It was clear, however, that even Niko’s behemoth bollocks couldn’t hope to take much more. Those battered orbs had nearly been pulled past the quivering and quaking muscle man’s knees by this point, and his horrifically overstretched ball cords were on the verge of snapping like over taut rubber bands, which would spell instant death for the handsome jock’s record-breaking boulder balls. 

And STILL The Ghost continued to passively watch the drama unfold before him. The stretch to Nikolai’s scrotal neck had long since surpassed an entire FOOT of dangle, and yet his almighty ball cords and cables simply refused to break! The end was clearly coming fast, however, for the excruciatingly slow pace of his balls’ descent slowly began to speed up. Nikolai’s valiant ball cords were finally failing, and it would only be a matter of moments before his beautiful bollocks were ripped right off of his spectacular, muscle-girded body… 

At the seemingly last possible moment, The Ghost languidly moved forward and, with unrushed motions, detached the third weight from the stack yanking mercilessly at Nikolai’s balls. With only two weights tugging at them, the descent of Niko’s balls finally stopped, though they were still stretched to the very brink of snapping, seemingly unable to rebound even with one of the huge weights removed. The Ghost tossed the first weight to the floor with a loud thud and then removed the second weight. Only then did Nikolai’s balls recover somewhat, the overtaxed but terrifically strong cables managing to haul the last weight upward by a good three or four inches, providing much-needed relief to his nearly broken ball cords. 

But even after the final big iron block was removed, Nikolai’s testicles remained stretched out an astonishing distance from his crotch. Where they had once nestled tight against his lean and hairy groin, Niko’s humongous balls now rested impossibly low in their sagging scrotum, coming to rest over eight inches below the root of his outrageously engorged monster cock. Nikolai swore that he had felt the floor vibrate as each big metal block hit the ground, a testament to their ridiculous weight, and he was profoundly relieved that they were no longer yanking at his battered and deeply aching balls. 

The Ghost unshackled the steel manacle from around Niko’s scrotum and tossed it aside, and then once again lifted up the young man’s nuts for the audience. This time, the dark-clothed man had to use both hands to cradle the battered testicles, as they had now swollen to easily twice their original mammoth size. They only vaguely resembled the healthy, pink, grapefruit-sized orbs of barely more than an hour ago. Nikolai’s testicles were now hideously swollen, permanently lower hanging, and a dark purplish-red with mottled bruising. Yet they still maintained their oblong spherical shapes and a great deal of their unnatural firmness and density. Even after all of the brutality that they had endured, Nikolai’s massive orbs were still hale and hearty, proving that, against all odds, he was still an intact male. 

But how much longer could even Nikolai’s mighty bull balls survive The Ghost’s brutal tortures…? 

Apparently this handsome blond muscle hunk was simply MADE for prolonged, hard abuse!