Monday, August 31, 2020

Mighty Thor series

I hope you're all enjoying my new 'Thor vs. Thanos' series. I've already preloaded chapters 2 thru 5 onto my blog, and they'll post throughout September. I have also just finished the first draft outline for the final chapter (chapter 6), and will continue working on it for the next week or so. But I'm happy to say that my first new story series in months will hopefully soon be complete! 

In the meantime, I hope that you're all doing well and hanging in there in these troubling and uncertain times. I also hope that my stories offer at least a momentary distraction from the many issues plaguing our world. Take care of yourselves. 


Sunday, August 30, 2020

Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 1

Hello gentle readers! 

I'm in the process of writing a new, original story. This one is going to focus on the mighty demigod Thor, and the brutal tortures he faces once in the clutches of the arch villain Thanos. I'm still very much in the process of writing the story (I'm currently on chapter 4 of a minimum 5-chapter series), but I thought I'd start posting the chapters as I go. 

Thank you for bearing with my periodic lapses and silences here on this blog. Trust that I am still here and still writing, just at a slower pace than before... 

In the meantime, enjoy!


Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 1

An original story by Jayse


Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, slowly awakened, shaking his large blond head in an effort to clear away the cobwebs in his mind. He was immediately aware that he was in a dimly-lit chamber, and that he was securely bound with thick manacles clamped around his wrists and ankles, stretching his enormously-thewed limbs out in an upright and spread-eagled position. 

He also quickly realized that he was completely stark naked, which made him feel even more vulnerable and helpless than if he was still fully clothed. 

The almighty muscle man was drowsy and disoriented, the after effects of powerful drugs that had been used to keep him sedated while he was moved to this unknown location, and he could not remember at first where he was or what had happened to him. Then recent events crashed like a freight train in his memory, quickening his pulse and wrenching him back to full awareness. 

Thanos, the dreaded arch-villain of the multiverse, had finally succeeded in his goal of obtaining all six of the ancient and immensely powerful Infinity Stones, setting all six stones into a massive gauntlet that allowed him to harness their virtually limitless power. Then, with a mere snap of his fingers, Thanos instantly wiped out half of all intelligent life in the universe. The effects were cataclysmic — countless civilizations had fallen as a result, entire worlds had been snuffed of life, planets had cracked, and stars had exploded. The carnage and suffering that followed had been almost incalculable. 

But Thanos’ plans apparently did not end with extinguishing half of all life, for he and his armies then turned to winnowing down the population even further by hunting down and slaughtering the males of each species. Apparently it wasn’t enough for Thanos to decimate the populations of each intelligent race, but to also guarantee that these populations would not rebound for many generations to come. In many cases, entire species were reduced to a literal handful of males, usually the best and most prime examples of manhood in each race, who would then be tasked with rebuilding the species nearly from scratch. 

The surviving Avengers, having failed to stop Thanos from amassing the unstoppable power of the Infinity Gauntlet, had nonetheless continued to valiantly fight on, waging a steadily losing campaign to save the shattered remains of the universe’s myriad peoples from the villain’s evil plans. 

One by one, however, the Avengers had fallen. Some were slain outright by Thanos and his minions, and others — namely, the most powerful males — were captured, apparently being collected by Thanos for an as-yet unknown but doubtless nefarious purpose. Steve Rogers, the mighty Captain America, was the first to disappear in this manner, followed by Spiderman, the young Peter Parker; then King T’Challa of Wakanda, otherwise known as the Black Panther; and then Peter Quill, better known as Starlord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Most recently, the biggest and most massive Avenger of them all, the Incredible Hulk, aka Bruce Banner, had been captured after a huge and epic battle. None of these men had been seen since, and everyone feared the worst. 

Thor Odinson had known with sick certainty that he would be next on Thanos’ list, for it was clear that he was ‘collecting’ the most powerful male Avengers in the universe, and arguably none were stronger or more powerful than the stunningly handsome demigod himself. Regardless of the personal risk, however, Thor nevertheless continued to battle against Thanos and his evil armies, striving to save and protect as many people from his grasp as possible, even though he knew in his stout heart that even his greatest efforts would ultimately prove to be fruitless. In the end, Thor made a final stand against Thanos and his dark forces, trying to protect both the surviving humanity on Earth and the remaining Asgardian refugees from the villain’s evil clutches. And though he fought with legendary bravery and valor, Thor, too, fell before Thanos’ unstoppable might. Beaten and battered and near death, Thor threw everything into a final attack, bellowing in fury and with lightning and thunder all but shattering the cosmos, but was laid low by a gauntlet-charged punch from Thanos himself to Thor’s powerful lantern jaw. The punch was enough to level mountains and crack entire planets, and would have instantly slain almost any being in the universe, but Thor somehow survived the blow, though he was knocked unconscious in the process. 

The golden-haired hero had no idea how much time had elapsed between his confrontation with Thanos and his awakening in this stone-walled chamber, but it had been long enough for all of Thor’s many and varied wounds to completely heal without the slightest scar. That wasn’t necessarily a very long time, however; in addition to being ferociously resilient and tough, Thor possessed incredibly rapid powers of healing, which allowed him to recover from even the most grievous wounds in a remarkably short period of time. So despite having been near death by the end of his confrontation with Thanos, Thor knew that no more than a few days had elapsed since then. 

As strength flooded back into his super human body, Thor flexed his gargantuan muscles and tested his bonds. Every magnificent muscle in his almost indescribably muscular physique swelled and exploded into even greater size and definition as he fought against his restraints, using all of his awesome might to try to break free. But all to no avail — his heavy shackles must have been formed of a metal even stronger than adamantium or vibranium, for even his godly might wasn’t enough to crack them. 

After several long minutes of furious and determined struggling, Thor finally collapsed in his chains, realizing the futility of his actions. His magnificent form was now glistening in the fresh sweat of his exertions, highlighting even more his gargantuan size and overwhelming masculine beauty. 

At a towering height of 6’6” and a staggering weight of 640 pounds of pure muscle and sinew, the God of Thunder pushed the absolute outside edge of what the male human form could achieve, marking him as unquestionably the mightiest of men who had ever lived. As befitted a demigod, Thor’s physical proportions were otherworldly — a thick, bullish, muscular neck that measured a full 25” around, and then flared into two huge, thick, enormous traps; mighty shoulders the size of medicine balls, with a breadth of more than a full yard; colossal upper arms that measured a staggering 32” around, thicker than many men’s waists; and 26” muscle-corded forearms that were larger than the upper arms of even the greatest of Earth’s bodybuilders. A waist of 36 muscular, chiseled, and incredibly lean inches may not have sounded very small, but considering Thor’s great height, his fantastic shoulder breadth, and a truly colossal chest circumference of 98” — nearly THREE TIMES the circumference of his waist!! — the gorgeous demigod had a tiny and waspish waist indeed! The twin plates of his mighty chest were particularly spectacular, tremendously wide and thick, and so dense and meaty that they protruded no less than 8” from the front of his massive ribcage. Those protuberant and mountainous pecs cast a heavy shadow over a set of perfectly-proportioned abdominal muscles that looked like they were carved from cobblestones. Thor’s lats were as impossibly thick as they were spectacularly wide, tying in perfectly with the mouth-watering relief map of muscles that was the demigod’s back. His entire midsection was almost impossibly striated and lean, allowing every chiseled abdominal and oblique and serratus muscle to bulge and flex most dramatically with even his slightest movement. In fact, Thor’s entire body was virtually devoid of fat, allowing the dense and grainy texture of his colossal muscles to show through his thin and perfectly unblemished skin.

Thor’s mammoth legs were every bit as massive and muscular as the rest of his astounding body, with thighs as large as oak tree trunks, and calves that looked like full-grown turtles had been strapped to the backs of his legs. Those magnificent legs were topped by an ass so big, so meaty, so muscular, that it seemed to defy gravity, and so chiseled and striated that every single muscle fiber could be seen through his paper-thin skin. Thor’s hands and feet were as huge and muscular as the rest of his body, looking large even on his staggeringly massive form, yet were also simultaneously graceful and perfectly formed. 

Such perfection also extended to Thor’s breathtakingly handsome face. His powerful jawline, heavy brows, high cheekbones, and strong, prominent chin would have looked oversized or exaggerated on just about any other man, but were exquisite on the demigod’s gorgeous face. Piercing eyes of vibrant, icy blue stared out from beneath those heavy blond brows, deeply intelligent and soulful eyes that could dance easily from laughter to fury, and every emotion in between. A large nose and expressive lips completed Thor’s devastatingly handsome face, which was framed by his fabled locks of pale golden hair, hanging in thick waves just past his mammoth shoulders. And though Thor was many centuries old, he had the body of a man in his peak prime and was actually still quite young, and his face reflected that relative youth, being caught in that magical transition between boy and man, looking for all the world like he was in his early to mid 20s at the most. 

With these features alone, Thor’s face and body would have been the pinnacle of ultra masculine perfection, the epitome of hyper realized male beauty. But the God of Thunder possessed yet another attribute that made him the greatest of all men — the incredibly thick and heavy meat swinging proudly and ponderously between his naked thighs. 

Even among the famously hugely-hung Asgardians, Thor stood head and shoulders above his fellows, possessing a set of genitals of truly mythic proportions. The young demigod’s mighty phallus hung down like an additional limb, measuring an eye-popping and jaw-dropping 14” long and 10” around in its completely flaccid state, heavy and floppy and overwhelmingly male. When hard, Thor’s colossal cock was rumored to achieve an impossible length that was said to be only a couple of inches shy of two full FEET of rock hard demigod cock, with a hole-busting girth rivaling its own colossal length! Enormous veins, some almost as thick as fingers, coursed up and down the beefy, sturdy shaft, topped by a purple-hued, bulbous glans with a wide-flaring corona that was almost as big as one of Thor’s huge, clenched fists. The demigod’s mammoth cock was inarguably a masterpiece of masculinity. 

Hanging turgid and full beneath that colossal cock were a set of gargantuan gonads that were equally epic in size, each magnificent globe nearly the size of a full-grown cantaloupe. The ovoid orbs were as thick and dense as the rest of Thor’s magnificent body, making them extraordinarily heavy and beefy indeed, not to mention spectacularly tough and durable. They nevertheless hung less than an inch or so down below his crotch despite their colossal mass and weight, his voluminous nutsac seeming to defy gravity by keeping his humongous balls locked so close to his body. These were mighty testicles capable of heavy duty use, able to churn out truly mind-boggling amounts of Asgardian jizz in a very short period of time. But due to the outrageously oversized dimensions of his titanic cock, Thor had found very few occasions to test the abilities of his mighty man orbs. In fact, other than a handful of giantesses and other similarly outsized beings from the farthest reached of the cosmos, Thor was very nearly a virgin, an embarrassing fact that the God of Thunder took great pains to hide. 

At this moment, however, all of Thor’s heroic might and tremendous masculine power had been rendered entirely useless and impotent, the huge metal shackles preventing him from escaping or fighting back against whatever was to come next. And the spectacularly handsome muscle hunk didn’t have long to wait to discover just what was in store for him… 

It was but a short time later that the massive iron double doors at the opposite side of the chamber opened, their heavy hinges creaking loudly in protest, and a small group of familiar beings strode into the room. Anger and hatred filled Thor’s valiant heart at the sight of these vile villains, for he recognized them as Thanos’ most infamous minions — the cruel and arrogant Corvus Glaive; the emaciated telepath Ebony Maw; the stone-skinned giant Cull Obsidian; and the deadly but disturbingly beautiful Proxima Midnight. 

And after these four villains had entered the room, flanking the double doors, their leader himself strode purposefully through the open doorway with all of his customary arrogance, and exuding an aura of ferocious power. 

Thanos was one of the mightiest beings Thor had ever fought, and that was even BEFORE he had obtained all of the Infinity Stones. Seeing the purple-skinned giant stride into the room while he himself was bound, naked, and completely helpless caused Thor’s heart to thunder faster still, and a fresh sheen of sweat to break out over his magnificent body. While Thor represented the mightiest achievement of the male human form, Thanos was poured from another mold entirely, one that disregarded merely human dimensions out of hand and went for something far, far larger and bulkier. Thanos stood a towering 8’2” in height, nearly on par with the Incredible Hulk, and his staggering weight was nearly TWICE that of Thor’s own 640 muscular pounds! 

As Thanos stepped into the dim light, Thor could see that the muscular giant was nearly naked as well, clad in only a set of dark-colored shorts girding his loins, and the golden Infinity Gauntlet on his left hand, glittering with a rainbow of all six of the fabled Infinity Stones. With his body thus laid bare, the sheer might of Thanos’ ridiculously muscular body was fully revealed. While Thor himself was massively built on a scale not seen by mortal man, there was an exquisite aesthetic to his magnificent body, with perfect proportions throughout and utter balance to his godly form. Thanos, on the other hand, was simply pure muscular mass incarnate, gigantic and blocky, with little regard to proportions or aesthetics. But while his body couldn’t have been called beautiful, there was little doubt to the fearsome strength encased by all of those muscles, which had now been magnified a thousand-fold by the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Thanos stopped a few feet shy of the bound blond demigod, towering head and shoulders over the relatively smaller man, with a cruel smile on his scored and scarred visage. With his colossal arms crossed over his goliath chest, Thanos looked the naked Thor up and down as one might assess a particularly well bred stallion, and nodded his head approvingly at what he saw. His deep, rumbling voice then broke the near silence by saying, “You certainly are a magnificent specimen, Thor, son of Odin. A magnificent specimen indeed! Both one of the most powerful and one of the most perfectly formed males I have ever encountered.” 

Thanos then reached forward with his enormous right hand, groped beneath the spread-eagled demigod’s heroically muscular legs, and cupped Thor’s enormous left bollock in the expansive palm of his hand. Thor’s ice blue eyes flew open wide and his mighty heart skipped a beat as Thanos’ thick fingers gently encircled one of his gigantic but defenseless balls. As massive as Thor’s nuts were, Thanos’ hands were so enormous that he could have easily palmed BOTH of Thor’s balls in one huge hand. Thor’s solitary left gonad therefore looked dwarfed and extremely vulnerable in the villain’s mammoth paw. 

The purple-skinned giant gently tossed the heavy orb in his hand several times, seeming to enjoy its great weight and the beefy smacking sound it made with each soft impact with his palm. He then rolled the huge ball around in his hand, prodding and exploring the enormous gonad with his fingertips as if to explore its every curve, bulge, and feature. 

“Oh yes,” Thanos continued, “you are most blessed indeed. Such amazing genitals! So huge, so hearty! Some of the very biggest I’ve ever seen, even on men much larger than you! But I wonder just how tough they really are…” 

As his gravelly baritone voice trailed of, Thanos closed his huge fingers over the big, bloated orb and ever so slowly began to squeeze. Thor’s ice blue eyes grew wide in surprise and fear, but he refused to cry out in pain or beg for mercy, even as Thanos’ clutching fingers began to crush and distort his tortured teste. The muscles in his powerful jaw stood out in deep relief as he clenched his teeth against the steadily growing pain, and he watched in horror as dense bubbles of dark red nut meat began to protrude from between Thanos’ thick fingers. Thanos’ gargantuan right arm began to flex dramatically as he poured more and more of his incredible strength into his tightening grip, but at the same time it was clear that he was using but a fraction of his true power. A terrified Thor had no doubt that, if he chose to, Thanos could slam his fingers shut over Thor’s trapped testicle and burst it instantly like a massive grape. But the cruel villain was obviously choosing to toy with Thor instead, crushing his enormous left gonad by tiny degrees, reveling in its slow and inexorable destruction. 

“Excellent!” Thanos said approvingly. “Your nut is indeed as ferociously strong and resilient as it is enormous. Good. Good! In fact, I think it might even be tougher than the Hulk’s humongous green orbs were! Very impressive indeed! I always strongly suspected that you were the most powerful out of all of the Avengers, and now I see that I was correct. I wonder how much more your stubborn teste can take, however, before it breaks.”

Sick, wet crunching sounds began to emanate from the tortured and twisted bollock trapped inside Thanos’ crushing hand, a sure sign that the hideously distorted walls of the beleaguered testicle were starting to crack and fail. Thanos’ digits were digging tremendously deep into all of that thick, thick ball meat, becoming far more familiar with the inner structures of Thor’s massive gonad than any man should have ever been. Terrible power was being put into the villain’s crutching fingers, and it was clear that the super human resilience of Thor’s ill-used ball was quickly coming to its end. 

A low growl built within Thor’s mighty chest, growing louder and louder as Thanos’ grip continued to tighten, but still he refused to cry out. Instead, the brave God of Thunder spat through clenched teeth, “So, the mighty Thanos is capturing heroes simply to emasculate them! I should have known you’d stoop to such sick and sadistic pleasures! I’ll bet you think this somehow makes you more of a man. Well, even if you crush my manhood from me, I shall die more of a man than you shall ever be!” 

“Such fierce and courageous words, my handsome Asgardian!” Thanos mockingly replied, and squeezed his fingers even tighter around the nearly ruptured sphere of ball flesh, taking the grotesquely distorted orb to the very brink of destruction. He seemed to enjoy the way that the nut agony caused thick veins to stand out in Thor’s muscle-corded neck, and how the mighty demigod’s devastatingly handsome face grew a darker and darker red as he fought against bellowing in pain. “But no, I’m not here to destroy your manhood,” he continued. “Or at least, not permanently. Not yet. On the contrary, I could all but worship a set of balls as spectacular as these! I can feel such power, such strength, such VIRILITY flowing through these meaty orbs of yours. It is this very manhood that powers your tremendous strength and endurance, the wellspring from which all of your power flows. No, my dear Thor, I do not wish to destroy your manhood; I wish to HARNESS it!” 

Moments before Thor was absolutely certain his tortured testicle would simply HAVE to explode, Thanos unclenched his fingers and released the young man’s left nut, letting the nearly pulverized orb quickly plump back up to its healthy, oblong shape. The meaty globe was now glowing an angry red after its ill treatment and looked to be swelling slightly, but otherwise appeared miraculously unharmed. 

Thor immediately slumped in his restraints, temporarily exhausted by the brutal and inhuman pain he’d just endured. The giant purple Titan meanwhile began to slowly pace the floor in front of the bound super hero as he explained his plans to a captive Thor, eager for an audience who could understand his twisted genius. 

“My singular goal over these past millennia has been to capture and harness the power of the Infinity Stones so that I could save life from its own excesses. Many centuries ago, I saw that my own people on my homeworld of Titan were heading toward a catastrophe. Rampant overpopulation was going to deplete the planet’s resources, which would result in devastation and famine. I tried to convince my world’s leaders that culling the populace, reducing the world’s population by half, was the only way to avoid such a fate. My people instead called me evil and accused me of suggesting genocide, and so they banished me to another world. By the time I broke free of my prison many years later, my greatest fears had come to pass — Titan had been rendered uninhabitable, and my entire species was extinct, making me the last Titan Eternal.” 

“I wanted to spare other species across the universe from the same fate, but I needed a nearly limitless source of power to achieve my goals. So I sought out and collected the Infinity Stones, knowing that these were the only items in the entire universe that contained sufficient power to help me accomplish my single-minded task. And as you now know, once I obtained the sixth and final stone, I was able to enact my grand plan. With one snap of my fingers, I was able to wipe out half of the life in the known universe!” 

“You monster!!” Thor shot back, pain and fury clear in his deep and resonant voice. “What right did you have to slaughter untold trillions of lives?!” 

“Better that half should die so that the other half might live!” Thanos barked angrily in reply before gaining control of his temper once more. “And I was the only one with the courage and the will and the wherewithal to get the job done.” 

Thanos continued with his tale. “But after I had achieved my millennia-long goal, I realized that something was missing. Yes, I had guaranteed that life would be able to carry on and survive without depleting the entire universe, but I was so alone, the last of my kind. Even the Infinity Stones could not resurrect my dead race. I was destined to spend the rest of eternity alone…” 

“Then an idea came to me! While maybe the Infinity Stones couldn’t directly recreate the lost race of the Titan Eternals, perhaps they could help me find another way to achieve that end. After much research and experimentation, I found a way that the Infinity Stones could indeed power the rebirth of my people!” 

“Today, if I were to mate with a woman of any species in the universe, the spawn of that union would be nothing more than a half breed, a pale shadow of the tremendous power and might of a full-blooded Titan Eternal. Such a sickly reflection of my own superior race would never do! But if my own mighty virility were somehow enhanced by the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, then maybe I could indeed breed true! Through much study, I’ve discovered that I can indeed achieve such a goal — all I need are a few other ingredients first. Another set of ‘stones’, if you will.”  

Thor’s stomach turned, for he saw where Thanos’ revelations were going, and a pit of cold fear began to gnaw at him. 

“I have fashioned a second golden gauntlet to be the brother of the one I now wear on my left hand, and I have called it the Virility Gauntlet. This new mailed glove will be powered by six objects as well, what I call the Virility Stones. These ‘stones’ harness the greatest masculine might of the cosmos, as they come from the mightiest and most virile males from across the universe. Once the sixth stone is obtained and my Virility Gauntlet complete, then I will be able to mate with a female of any species, and my own superior genetics would completely overpower hers, allowing me to father pure-blooded Titan children. The universe would once again be led by the most powerful, most perfect race to ever exist, with me as their supreme leader, and my ultimate dreams will be complete!” 

Thor’s mighty heart was truly thundering inside his enormously muscular chest as the full gravity of the situation dawned on him, and he realized what sort of diabolical plans Thanos had in store for him. Thanos watched the realization dawn on the demigod’s handsome features, and his own smile turned even more cruel and sadistic. 

“In preparation for this event, I’ve continued to cull the universe of superfluous and unnecessary males. I’ll allow a few to live, the strongest and most gifted of each race, to allow the species to continue, as inferior as it might be. But I’m amassing a vast breeding stock of females, each of whom will be used as a vessel to carry my seed and resurrect my race!” 

“And yes, as I’m sure you’ve now guessed, my handsome Thor, I have indeed already harvested the necessary ‘Virility Stones’ from five of your Avenger friends. Captain America, Black Panther, Spiderman, Starlord, and most recently, the Incredible Hulk himself have each given up their most prized possessions, their big and powerful family jewels, in order to power my Virility Gauntlet. I just need one more Virility Stone, the mightiest of them all… and that will be provided by you, my Asgardian prince!” 

As Thor fought anew against his restraints, his strength enhanced by a desperation to break free before his manhood was taken from him, Thanos continued to pace before the bound demigod, ignoring the blond man’s mighty but useless struggles as he described his plans to him. 

“I did stumble across an unexpected wrinkle in my quest for ultimate virility. You see, the males of most species are inconveniently born with two testicles, but I only needed one from each of my six donor subjects. So the question was — which one do I harvest? Which one contains the greatest amount of power, the greatest amount of pure male virility, and which is the lesser of the two? And how do I make this extremely important distinction? If I make a mistake and harvest the wrong bollock, then my Virility Gauntlet might not function as intended, and my dreams of a revived Titan species will never be realized. This quandary gave me pause until I hit upon the obvious solution — I must test the strength and durability of both balls to determine which is the most sturdy, the most beefy, the most powerful of the two!” 

“So with each of my captured Avengers, I subjected their balls to all manner of tests and experiments, trying to determine which was the stone most suitable for harvest. And along the way, I made another important discovery. As talented as I am at torture, at riding that fine line between hale and whole and utter destruction, even I’ve been known to make mistakes, to push a man’s endurance a little bit too far, resulting in a shattered mess of pulverized testicular matter. I made such a mistake with my first captive, the handsome hero Captain America from Earth, accidentally breaking both of his strong and sturdy balls during an admittedly overzealous bit of abuse. I was instantly horrified by what I had done, for I feared that I might have annihilated one of the six Virility Stones permanently out of existence! I immediately used the Infinity Gauntlet to rebuild and repair both of Captain America’s beefy nuts, and was greatly relieved when they were quickly restored to their former firm and bloated glory. The potential crisis had been averted…” 

“But as I quickly learned, the Captain’s balls proved to be even stronger and more durable after the accident. Through trial and error, I further discovered that brutal ball abuse, when healed by the Infinity Gauntlet, made a man’s testicles more powerful than they had been before. AND that such effects were cumulative! So each time I brought a man’s balls to the brink of destruction — or even beyond — once I fully healed them using the Infinity Stones, they proved to be that much harder to crack and break than they’d been before.” 

“With this remarkable discovery, I was able to throw caution to the wind, and REALLY let loose on the stones of my hunky captives! Poor Captain America had his all-American bull nuts wrecked and ruined dozens of times, and each time I rebuilt them, thicker and stronger and tougher than before. In this way, I was able to hone the power and might of his big bollocks, much like one would temper red hot steel with a hammer and anvil. Once I was convinced that Captain America’s big and beautiful balls were at their pinnacle of beefy, masculine might, I put them to their final test, stretching and punching and crushing and otherwise beating on them… until one of his mighty, augmented balls finally failed entirely. With balls tempered to such super human levels of durability, it took quite a while for one of Captain’s huge nuts to burst in his sac, but in the end, his huge left nut proved to be just a touch weaker than his right, and was crushed to oblivion after a particularly nasty blow, leaving his bruised and battered, but whole, right nut as the sole survivor.” 

Thor thought he might be physically sick at the recounting of the brutal torture and repeated emasculation of one of the greatest heroes in the universe, and a close personal friend, but the story then turned even more vile and cruel. 

“I had achieved my goal and successfully determined which of Captain America’s big balls was the strongest. From there, the rest of the process was very simple — while infusing the energy of the Infinity Gauntlet into the Captain’s last big nut, I sliced open his scrotum, fished out the huge grayish-white bollock, and severed the various cords and vessels attaching the manly organ to the young man’s strong and muscular body! The orb then shrank significantly to the size of a large oval gemstone, and was affixed to my new Virility Gauntlet. I had no use for Captain America after that, so I discarded him into one of my many dungeons, nothing more than a useless eunuch.” 

“I have since done the same to all of the male Avengers that I have captured, and all have given up their stones to me. I have discovered no rhyme or reason as to which of their two orbs proves to be the Virility Stone that I seek — sometimes it is the right, as with Captain America, and sometimes it’s the left. I’ve been continually impressed by the stamina and resilience that each of your brothers have shown, and have even been surprised by a few. For example, young Peter Parker, your celebrated Spiderman, may have had the smallest testicles of any of my captives (though still an impressive and sturdy pair compared to most mortal men), but he was able to endure tortures and abuses longer than anyone other than the big green Hulk himself! THAT particular Avenger proved to be the hardest nut to crack, if you’ll forgive the pun, but in the end even HIS oversized elephant balls proved to be no match for me and my Infinity Gauntlet. The Incredible Hulk’s colossal left teste was the most recent stone to be added to my Virility Gauntlet, and now all that remains to complete my glove is your titanic testicular contribution.” 

“So let’s begin, shall we?” 

Thanos gave his cruelest and most condescending smile yet as he began to circle around Thor’s captive and splayed out form, admiring the demigod’s overwhelming masculine beauty and phenomenal musculature from every angle. He seemed to particularly enjoy the mesmerizing interplay of Thor’s gargantuan muscles as they bulged and flexed into impossibly deep relief as he continued his futile struggles to break free. Thanos paused here and there to trace the outline of a particularly cut and chiseled slab of male muscle, cupping a rippling gluteal here, stroking the great outward sweep of a latissimus dorsi muscle there, feeling the great ponderous heft of one of Thor’s colossal pectoral muscles, running his thick, blunt fingers over the astoundingly ripped serratus and oblique muscles on either side of his cobblestone midsection. Thor was truly a feast for the senses, and though Thanos was not sexually attracted to males, he was powerfully aroused by the total control he had over the big blond demigod, and was energized by the knowledge that all of this power, all of this might, all of this overwhelming masculinity would soon be his, once he had tempered and harvested Thor’s giant stones. 

The hulking purple muscle beast couldn’t help but gloat. “You really are a spectacular male specimen, Thor! The most magnificent man I’ve ever seen! You are the strongest of all of the Avengers, eclipsing even the raw might of the Incredible Hulk himself! Truly, none of your brother super heroes could hold a candle to your might and majesty. The only area where you earn second place is in the size of your genitalia, for the Incredible Hulk was hung even bigger than you! Of course, that stands to reason, as the Hulk is nearly four times your mass! Even then, however, you run a surprisingly close second. Very, very impressive indeed!” 

Thanos was standing behind Thor as he said this, and Thor suddenly froze in shock and fear as he felt one of the giant’s enormous hands clasp his heretofore untouched right ball. “And I can already tell that your gonads are naturally tougher than any others I’ve tested before. So dense and meaty and tough — truly the testicles of a demigod! But just so you know your place in this universe, just so you know who is the mightiest of them all, I will give you a little demonstration of my power. I will prove to you just what you’re up against.” 

With that, Thanos slammed his fingers shut like some muscular bear trap, clutching Thor’s mighty bollock in his fearsome grip. Unlike before, where Thanos had increased pressure slowly, and never used but a fraction of his almost limitless strength, this time he squeezed both hard and fast, and used a far, far greater portion of his strength. 

The effects were as instantaneous as they were devastating. 

An explosion of white hot agony erupted in Thor’s groin as his colossal right nut, half of his extraordinary manhood, simply burst like an overripe melon. Actually, disintegrated might have been a better word, for Thanos’ fist instantly crushed the life out of the captive orb, bursting its tough and fibrous outer shell and shattering and shredding all of the dense nut meat inside. The sac itself burst as well, the scrotal skin shredding in at least a dozen places, allowing the broken nut guts to squirt wetly between Thanos’ clutching fingers. Thor threw back his handsome head and bellowed in unimaginable agony, every last one of his gigantic muscles flexing to its maximum as the horrific pain traveled throughout his body. 

Thanos continued squeezing the already annihilated testicle for several more seconds, enjoying the squelching sound of the juicy procreative material as it oozed between his fingers and dripped messily to the floor. The testicular explosion had been so powerful that chunks of nut meat and slugs of raw sperm had splattered against both of Thor’s enormously muscular thighs, painting them with a thick, macabre gore, while slender spaghetti-like tendrils of testicular tissue drooped like glass noodles between Thanos’ fingers. The giant finally released the pulverized testicle, letting the demigod’s nutsac hang freely between his legs, where it was obvious that the left side contained a reddened but still whole testicle, and the right side contained nothing but a small amount of shapeless mush in a shredded sac. 

As Thor continued to bellow and scream in abject agony, Thanos continued, “You are one of the mightiest beings in the universe, Thor, but even your great strength is nothing compared to my unbridled power. I have just proven to you that, tough as your godlike Asgardian nuts are, I can crush them at any moment, if I so choose. I can destroy your fabled masculinity in an instant, and you are powerless to stop me. I am your greatest nightmare come to life, and you are going to relive your nuts’ destruction over and over and over again, until I deem you ready for harvest.” 

The bald muscle giant had now circled before Thor again, and he once again reached forward, this time with his gauntlet-adorned left hand. He grasped and isolated Thor’s mammoth left nut, pulling it slightly forward as if for better inspection. With the many large tears in his nutsac, it was easy to press the enormous, grayish-white orb through one of those ragged openings. Thor’s skinned and naked nut looked even more massive outside of its protective sac, if that was even possible, glistening wetly in the muted light of the chamber, huge and powerful and intensely masculine. The slick and smooth surface was marred in many places by purplish-blue bruises, which showed where Thanos’ thick and powerful fingers had recently clutched the aching orb to the very brink of bursting. Out in the open air for the first time in its existence, Thanos could see a tracery of bluish veins coursing over the ovoid surface of the huge man fruit, the thick epididymus along the backside of the mammoth orb, and the all-important cords and cables and blood vessels that connected the mighty nut to Thor’s mighty body, and that gave the titanic testicle life. Thor’s naked bollock was simultaneously both grotesque and beautiful, and Thanos seemed to study it for several long moments, as if committing every last bulge and curve to memory. 

Thanos then formed a huge purple fist with his gigantic right hand, looked cruelly into the demigod’s pleading blue eyes, and then hurled that fist full force into Thor’s defenseless, naked whale nut. With Thanos’ left hand as an immovable backstop, Thor’s left nut was forced to absorb all of the energy of the devastating blow, and his mighty bollock didn’t stand a chance. Like its brother had done mere moments before, Thor’s gigantic left gonad catastrophically exploded, instantly turning into liquid nut sauce. Even more ruined nut guts and wasted spunk splashed and splattered against Thor’s wide-spread legs, plastering them in even more chunky gore as the other half of his magnificent manhood was obliterated. 

Thor’s screams were nearly deafening at this point, an animal howl of unimaginable agony, and he thrashed most violently against his restraints as the hideous pain wracked his entire body. The thrashing lasted for almost a full minute, as wave after wave of beyond brutal pain crashed through Thor’s magnificent body, making him flex and buck spasmodically and uncontrollably. 

Eventually, the freshly emasculated demigod grew exhausted from his thrashings, and he hung limply in his restraints, quietly sobbing in pain, loss, and the first inklings of hopelessness. Blood dripped from his shredded and empty scrotum, which so recently had held two of the largest testicles ever to grace a man. Thor now knew with a sick certainty that he was in for more pain and suffering than he’d ever imagined was possible. 

“That was me at my most merciful,” Thanos said in a cold and stern voice. “I reduced your mighty testicles to rubble quickly, with just one crushing squeeze to the first, and a single obliterating punch to the second. In the future, however, I will not be so gentle or so kind. I like to toy with my playthings, and you are the most remarkable and resilient toy I’ve ever possessed. I will take great pleasure in slowly working over these gargantuan nuts of yours, breaking them down by degrees, extending their agony beyond anything you could possibly imagine. You’ll be astounded and horrified by just how much abuse you balls can take before they burst, especially as they get continually stronger and tougher over time. Only when I know they’ve endured all that they possibly can will I give them the coup de gras, finishing them in over a hundred different and terrible ways. And then I will rebuild them and heal them until they’re better and stronger than ever before, and I shall start the process all over again.” 

“I wonder how many times you can suffer the brutal loss of your testicles before it drives you mad, Thor.” 

The vile Titan chuckled to himself. “But first things first — let’s heal those shattered nuts of yours, so that we can start round two.” 

With that, Thanos activated the Infinity Gauntlet on his left hand, which began to glow in a rainbow of colors. Thor instantly felt a heat grow inside the gooey remains of his shattered testicles, and his agony erupted anew as he felt the pulverized flesh and shredded tissues start to move around and grow and stitch themselves back together. The testicular healing was just as agonizing as the recent destruction of his nuts, and possibly even more so, as the rebuilding process was slow and methodical, lasting almost a full minute. Thor groaned, growled, and writhed throughout the process, watching in disbelief as two solid, oval forms began to emerge out of the gunk of his ruined bull nuts, and the skin of his shredded nutsac stitched itself back together around its weighty contents. 

After a short but agonizing process, Thor’s mighty bollocks were once again hearty and whole, every bit of damage fully repaired, restored to their virile and turgid glory as if nothing had ever happened. But the gore and raw sperm still oozing slowly down both of his legs was proof that Thor’s colossal gonads had recently been utterly destroyed. 

A cruelly grinning Thanos placed his gore-soaked right fist into his gloved left hand and loudly cracked his knuckles, then said, “Let’s begin.”