Thursday, April 30, 2015

James the Bodybuilder - Part 4 - Alternate Ending!!!

James the Bodybuilder - Part 4

I posted my original ending to the James the Bodybuilder series back in December. I've always felt sad about how brutally the young man's magnificent balls were stolen from him, and it turns out several of you felt the same way. 

So after a couple of requests, I went ahead and created an alternate ending this morning. I hope you all like it! 

In this final, fateful chapter, our handsome, awesomely muscular, and outrageously handsome bodybuilder is now put up for auction to the highest bidder, with the winner not only claiming the teen stud titan as their prize, but also getting to decide the fate of James' colossal baby makers.

Will James be allowed to remain an intact male for another day, or will his reign as the uncontested greatest stud bull in the world be cut tragically short? Read on to find out...

James the Bodybuilder - Part 4

Happy Version

Based on an original story by Jeremy Tucker

James is a freakishly massive teen bodybuilder with a desperate need to make some fast money. And there is only one easy way for him to get the money that he needs... 


After James’ earth-shattering orgasm had finally ended and the tremendously excited and cheering crowd had died down, Mark turned to face the audience once again and shouted, “How’s THAT for a demonstration, folks!?! Didn’t I tell you this kid was unbelievable!?! I’d say that was close to two fucking GALLONS of cum he just spewed all over the stage and the front five or six rows! I doubt that there’s ever been a bull stud anywhere CLOSE to as powerful and virile as this extraordinary teenager in the whole history of the human race!” 

“Now that the demonstration is over, we’ve come to the ‘climax’ of the evening, so to speak,” Mark said, laying a hand against the side of James’ chiseled midsection and smiling at the titters of laughter in the crowd. “We’ll be opening the bidding on this gorgeous, glorious, and utterly unique young muscle giant in a few moments, so get your accounts ready. And don’t forget — the winning bidder will not only get to take this handsome hunk home with them, but he or she will also be the one to decide the fate of the young man’s colossal bull nuts, right here in front of the entire audience. So let’s make it interesting, shall we? Brutus! Samson!” 

At the shouted commands, the two biggest Rottweilers James had ever seen trotted out of the shadows and into the spotlight, obediently sitting to either side of their obvious master. The huge canine beasts had to be close to three feet tall at the shoulders, and where so thick and densely muscular that they easily topped 200 pounds each. Even their enormous heads and bullish necks were simply massive, and the perpetually grinning faces of the two beasts belied the awesome crushing power of their big, muscular jaws. 

Mark affectionately petted the two slobbering beasts on their enormous heads, and then pointed at the bound and helpless bodybuilder and said, “Guard!” The two massive canines immediately loped over to the terrified young muscle giant and began growling threateningly at the handsome young stud, standing to either side of the herculean hunk and exposing their long and pointed teeth as their lips curled back in a fearsome snarl. James’ heart was thundering in his mammoth chest as he saw the two dogs looking up at him with hunger and hate clearly written in their liquid brown eyes. But despite the young man’s terror, his monstrous whale cock was just as hard as ever, having not flagged in the slightest even after his recent and utterly spectacular ejaculation. The mighty tool was galvanized by a heady combination of fear and the continued plowing of his heroically muscular ass by the relentless steel vibrator. 

“Grip!” Mark called out in a loud voice, and the two huge dogs both lunged forward, opening their slavering jaws wide, engulfing one of James’ massive nuts each, and snapping their mouths shut on their meaty prize. James screamed in pain as he felt the sharp fangs puncture his tender flesh and bury themselves partway into his thick ball meat. The young man threw back his handsome head as the loud cry was torn from his lungs, and every titanic muscle on his phenomenal body stood out in extraordinary relief as he once again thrashed against his bonds and struggled in vain to break free. 

“Hold!” Mark quickly shouted, and the two huge Rottweilers effectively froze in place, holding the future of James’ phenomenal manhood in their powerful, drooling jaws. 

The two massive Rottweilers had clenched down hard with their powerful jaws, crushing James’ gigantic orbs more than halfway flat, but they clearly were not using their entire strength. If they had, James was entirely sure that even his incredibly tough nuts would have surely burst in the dogs’ mouths. Instead, the two vicious canines only bit down part way, crushing the gigantic balls in their fearsome jaws but not rupturing them, stretching the huge orbs out to either side by at least 6 full inches but not tearing the colossal cajones from the young bull stud’s muscular groin. 

Not yet, anyway. 

The two Rottweilers showed remarkable restraint — the growling and slobbering beasts clearly wanted to chomp down on the feast of thick ball meat clenched so tightly in their jaws, but Mark’s expert training made both dogs utterly obedient to their master, and they would not bite down further without the proper shouted command. Nevertheless, the dogs couldn’t help but worry at their meaty prizes now and again, shaking their massive heads and stretching out James’ screaming balls even more. Small rivulets of blood ran from the relatively superficial puncture wounds in both of the muscle boy’s humongous balls, sliding hot and tangy across the dogs’ slavering tongues and dripping in great crimson drops onto the cum-stained floor. 

“We want young James here to understand the severe gravity of his predicament, so we’ll let Brutus and Samson here maintain their ‘protective custody’ of James’ gargantuan gonads throughout the bidding process. When we’re done, the lucky bidder will get to decide if the dogs get to claim their meaty treats, or if James will survive with his colossal testicles still intact. So let’s start the bidding off! Do I hear one penny for this paragon of youth, beauty, and muscle?” 

Large digital displays set up along the perimeter of the huge auditorium lit up and showed an amount of $0.01 in big red numbers, but this value very quickly ballooned and skyrocketed as the silent and invisible bidding war began. The original one cent figure was immediately replaced by a staggeringly huge $50 million — the most that any previous subject had ever sold for — and then continued to rapidly climb from there. 

The bidding was fast and furious, and the occasional shouts of frustration and disappointment could be heard coming from the dark as the bidding price exceeded the pocketbooks of more and more of the wealthy elite. Minute after minute, the young man’s bidding price shot up like a missile into the stratosphere. Mark followed the bidding along on his computer tablet, and was as shocked as everyone else present as the price soon climbed into the hundreds of millions. The amount of money being offered for this fantastically handsome, hunky, and hung super stud was making Mark’s head spin (particularly since he would be earning a fat commission off of the final sale price), but his eyes remained glued to the screen as the war continued. 

Eventually, the bidders were winnowed down to two of the wealthiest members among a cabal of insanely wealthy elite. The first bidder was an aging but still beautiful aristocrat from the south of France, a harsh and cold woman known for her exquisite taste in men and who owned a reportedly unrivaled cadre of handsome and ultra hung sex slaves for her personal pleasure. She loved to torture and sexually abuse her beautiful men, but she never castrated them, as that ended any future fun and enjoyment. 

The other bidder was a Caliph from Saudi Arabia, more known for his collection of fine female flesh than for his men. The Caliph was said to have a harem of more than 500 women from all over the world, each one a model of physical perfection and beauty. He also had a small stable of extraordinary stud bulls that he used in his own private breeding program with his harem, but he was just as well known for nutting his male acquisitions as he was for adding them to his breeding stable. Both the nutted males and the breeding bulls were used for the cruel and brutal sexual depredations of the Caliph and his favored soldiers and advisors. 

Mark much preferred James’ chances with the French aristocrat. She might viciously use and abuse the hulking teen titan, but at least Mark was confident that she wouldn’t remove his spectacular nuts. Mark did not feel as confident of the young man’s future with the Caliph. 

The bidding price topped one billion dollars — more than the annual GDP for several smaller nations!! — and kept right on climbing! Mark couldn’t believe his eyes! This was going to be an auction that would be remembered forever! 

The bidding finally started to slow down as the two adversaries approached the end of their war, each one desperate to outbid the other. 

The chittering conversations in the invisible crowd grew louder as the bidding climbed to utterly unheard of levels, reaching a crescendo when the bidding finally stopped. Everyone stared incredulously at the digital displays, which showed a final bid of $1,217,000,000. 

Mark called out, “We had a final bid of 1.217 billion dollars going once...! Twice...!” The handsome man gazed out over the audience once more, letting the moment build... “SOLD to the Caliph from Saudi Arabia!” 

Loud clapping and cheering from the audience signaled their appreciation and approval of the utterly unprecedented sale price. Mark had no doubt that the French bidder was fuming and stewing in her seat at that moment, furious at being outbid for this extraordinary specimen of muscular male flesh. He knew from personal experience that she was NOT one who was accustomed to disappointment… 

“Okay folks, we have our lucky winner! Now it’s time for the Caliph to decide the fate of James’ big, burly, behemoth bull balls! Turn on the display, please.” At Mark’s request, a series of three horizontal lights lit up high above the audience. The light display looked like a sideways traffic light, with a yellow light in the middle and a green and red light to either side. “A green light will mean that this beautiful young stud gets to remain a bull for at least another day, while a red light will result in the handsome hunk being immediately made into a steer.” The green and red lights went out, leaving just the yellow light shining like a beacon overhead. “Honored Caliph, please take your time making your final selection.” 

Time seemed to come to a standstill and a hush fell over the entire crowd. Everyone’s eyes were trained on the lights overhead, where the fate of James’ manhood would be decided by the whim of a single man. The tension in the air was extraordinarily high, and continued to build as the seconds continued to tick by with no response from the Caliph. 

James was openly sobbing, his unusually deep voice begging and pleading with them to not take his balls. He continued fighting mightily against his restraints, but even his extraordinary, super human strength couldn’t hope to shatter such huge bonds forged of solid steel. The beautiful young muscle man was utterly helpless, and could only wait in mounting fear as his fate was being decided. The two huge dogs had never stopped their snarling or their worrying at the trapped and half-crushed nuts held hostage in their muscular jaws. The beasts were clearly eager to claim their massive prizes, and were only awaiting the proper word to rip the young man’s nuts off. 

The seconds stretched into an eternity, a magical moment between young James being allowed to continue his reign as the most colossally hung and virile stud in the world, and the handsome hunk being ruthlessly and viciously gelded and turned into something less than a man. Even James’ beautiful eyes were locked on the bar of lights overhead, praying that he would be seeing a green light at any moment. 

The yellow light blinked out, and was replaced half a second later by another light. 

A roar of thunderous approval erupted from the crowd, even as James screamed in terror. The light that shone overhead was the ruby red light signaling his manhood’s destruction. 

“TEAR!!” Mark shouted to his waiting pets. 

Both Rottweilers instantly reared back with tremendous force, their powerful legs launching their 200+ pound bodies backward as they pulled at James’ trapped balls with all of their might. Any other man’s balls would have been instantly torn from his body, but James’ mighty bull nuts somehow held, stubbornly refusing to be ripped from his crotch. Mark couldn’t believe that even James’ bloated balls could survive such brutal tearing and yanking for even one instant, yet the mighty nuts miraculously held, at least for the moment.

At the same time as the Rottweilers began their final assault on the muscle boy’s magnificent bull testicles, the mightiest cum wad yet exploded from the young man’s straining horse cock, an extraordinarily thick rope of cum that stretched more than a dozen feet long! The unbelievably brutal pulling at his tortured balls had also levered James’ behemoth bull cock downward to nearly horizontal, so the massive slug of spunk burst forth like it was being launched from a cannon, hurtling incredibly far out into the audience. The titanic blast of white bullion was met with screams and shouts of surprise and awe from the enraptured audience. 

James bellowed in unimaginable agony as a second monumental wad shot from his cock, and then a third. The stud’s hyper inflated cock appeared to be making one last desperate attempt to fertilize something before his manhood was stolen forever. 

The two Rottweilers were now viciously and ferociously thrashing their heads back and forth as they leapt backward again and again, yanking and tearing harder and harder at the huge balls clenched so tightly in their powerful jaws. More blood began to ooze wetly from their jowls as they bit down harder still, driving their sharp teeth even further into the straining and convulsing ball meat. James’ incredibly tough and solid bollocks had been severely weakened by their recent bludgeoning, and they now bulged grotesquely from the jowls of the two angry and determined dogs, crushed disturbingly and dangerously flat. Mark wondered if those twin paragons of masculinity might explode even before they were ripped from the unfortunate young stud’s glorious body! 

But STILL James’ almighty nuts continued to doggedly and heroically endure, pumping out four, five, size more colossal slugs of his male essence even as his humongous balls fought valiantly against being torn free. 

Seven blasts, then eight, then nine! 

The thick fleshy tethers anchoring those most massive of gonads to James’ muscular body were now stretched to their absolute limit, elongating his horrifically overstretched sac to more than 12 inches in either direction! The scrotum itself was stretched perilously tight, the gossamer-thin skin stretched so taut over their enormous contents that the grainy surface of each of his squashed balls could be clearly seen. Two ridiculously narrow and grotesquely long tubes of flesh were all that was keeping James’ most massive of balls attached to his body. And it was clear that they couldn’t hold out much longer. 

Ten gargantuan blasts!! Then 11!!! Then 12, then 13, then 14, then 15!!!! Each titanic salvo more powerful, more voluminous, more insanely massive than anything the teen hulk had shot during his first orgasm! Mark was utterly stunned at the impossibly masculine sight, and thought for the thousandth time what a tragic shame it was that this beautiful young man was about to lose those magnificent balls forever, while still barely out of the flower of his youth. The handsome man could think of endless ways that he would like to pleasure and torture this most masculine and powerful of super men. 

James threw back his achingly handsome head and bellowed a thunderous cry of agony and impending loss. Every mammoth, rock-solid muscle of his spectacular body flexed into diamond hardness, and his cock seemed to swell even larger still as it shuddered and blasted out a 16th monumental glob of stud spunk. The young man’s balls were blasting out a magnificent farewell salvo, even as the phenomenally powerful cables anchoring those beautiful bollocks to his body were about to fail. James’ brief reign as the most epic and unparalleled bull stud in history was about to come to a tragic and painful end. 

Suddenly, the red light overhead shut off and the green light came on, pulsing with urgency. A loud gasp went up from the audience, and Mark gaped open-mouthed at the sudden reversal of events. The Caliph had apparently changed his mind regarding castrating his latest and greatest prize, no doubt as awed and impressed by the handsome lad’s heroic endurance and the sheer, unspeakable toughness of his behemoth balls as the rest of the audience. The young man’s phenomenal strength and virility were earning him a reprieve from destruction! 

Mark was so stunned by this turn of events that James was able to blast out another trio of loads — SPLURT! SPLURT! SPLURT! — even as tiny tears began to appear in the lad’s failing nutsac. Any moment now, and it would be too late to save the hunk’s mammoth whale nuts. 

“HOLD!!!” Mark belatedly bellowed at the last possible instant. Both Rottweilers immediately froze in place, their fanged mouths clamped ferociously tight on the massive spheres of man meat that were nearly pulverized within their powerful jaws. The massive dogs had managed to pull the young stud’s gigantic bollocks a couple of inches farther from his muscular crotch, and they were straining at the ultimate ends of their life-giving cords, which threatened to snap at any moment. Mark could see blood dripping from the dogs’ jowls, as well as huge clots of raw sperm that oozed thickly from the numerous puncture wounds in the man’s straining nuts. James continued to bellow in agony and his cock continued to hammer out its most massive load ever, even as his gargantuan balls were entering into their death throes. But STILL Mark did nothing, letting the agonizing moment stretch into eternity, and riding that incredibly fine razor’s edge between the handsome stud’s ultimate virility and epic emasculation. The audience also watched in rapt silence, each of them equally conflicted regarding whether they wanted to see mercy or death for these most mighty of testicles. 

The only sounds that could be heard were the young man’s agony-filled bellows and sobs, and the great gushing sounds made by the stud’s unspeakably huge cum loads as they blasted from his cock. More than a dozen more of these impossibly thick and ridiculously long ropes and streamers of cum blasted out of James’ cock with mind-numbing power, shooting so far out into the huge auditorium that Mark wouldn’t have been surprised if the titanic stud wasn’t hitting the rear wall of the place! His balls meanwhile were but a hairsbreadth from destruction… 

As the 40th or so monumental slug of sperm erupted from James’ cock, a tear could be seen in the young man’s scrotum right beneath the base of his pulsating horse dick. By the time the next epic blast of nut slop shot from his dick, that tear had widened, and as the next titanic wad of stud sperm shot from James’ cock cannon, it was obvious that the young man’s whole sac was about to fail, and with it, his mighty balls. James screamed louder still, and his whole immensely muscular body shook with the inhuman pain. 

“HEEL!” Mark finally commanded. 

Both Rottweilers simultaneously opened their jaws and released their more than half busted contents, which rocketed back toward one another with such surprising force that they collided with each other with a loud and beefy SMACK! The huge dogs then gracefully padded over to their master, sitting on their haunches on either side of the handsome man like they were some sort of statues. 

James’ mammoth body was wracked by agonizing sobs as his horrifically tortured balls were finally released. The gargantuan orbs were now swollen even bigger than coconuts and were covered in dark purplish-red bruises. Blood and clotted raw sperm, even thicker than the dense custard-like substance that even now continued to last from his rock hard cock, oozed steadily from more than a dozen deep puncture holes made in each ball by the Rottweilers’ large fangs. Perhaps most disturbingly, the two goliath gonads were now resting more than 10 inches below the young man’s muscular crotch, hanging nearly to the kid’s fucking KNEES at the end of a ridiculously long tube of scrotum. Mark doubted that the lad’s huge and incredibly heavy alls would ever hang at a ‘mere’ 6 inches ever again! 

But remarkably, impossibly, miraculously, James’ mighty and magnificent nuts were still alive!!! The achingly handsome stud had survived a series of unspeakably brutal tortures that would have destroyed any other man a dozen times over, and yet not only was he still intact, he was still pounding out the most colossal orgasm in human history. Awe didn’t begin to express how Mark and the rest of the audience members felt at that moment. 

The crowd suddenly erupted in the most fevered and rapturous applause yet, a rolling sound that echoed like thunder in the large auditorium. This elite cabal of the world’s wealthiest people were not easily impressed to say the least, and they were all over-awed by the hyper masculine display they had just witnessed. 

The huge muscle man slumped in his restraints, utterly exhausted and defeated, his handsome head hanging forward in humiliation and shame as he continued to gently sob. A pair of masked medics came forward and began to gently clean and patch up the numerous wounds on the boy’s bountiful nuts. Mark had worked with this pair many times in the past, and knew that their skill and expertise would result in no lasting damage or scarring to the young man’s most glorious of gonads — they would look as pristine and as perfect as they had been earlier today, and would continue to churn out insane quantities of the most potent and virile man splooge in the world. 

James’ monumental orgasm thundered onward throughout the entire triage of his massive nuts, lasting for many more minutes and blasting out perhaps TWICE the spunk that he had shot in his first magnificent orgasm. Fuck, where does he STORE that much sperm, Mark wondered. Even cum tanks as huge as those possessed by the young uber hunk couldn’t possibly hold THAT much spunk at one time, could they? Maybe they manufactured the stuff almost as fast as they could shoot it, whipping up vast volumes of precious sperm at a fantastic rate. Mark didn’t know, nor did he really care. He was just glad and deeply relieved that they handsome hunk had been able to keep his magnificent nuts. 

Mark was overwhelmed by a mixture of both lust and pity for the handsome and innocent young man, and he almost wished he would be traveling with the young stud to his new home in Saudi Arabia. As horrible as the young hunk’s torture and near castration on stage had been, Mark knew that James’ descent into hell had only just begun. 

Mark turned back to address the audience as the house lights came up, saying, “Well, that concludes our show and our auction for this evening. I’m sure you’ll all agree that this event was unforgettable!”

The applause and cheering reached an even louder crescendo at these words, and Mark had to almost shout into the microphone to continue to be heard. 

“Thank you all for your attendance and participation. You will all be receiving extensive video coverage of tonight’s events, as well as hours and hours of DVD footage of the nine months I spent tracking and shadowing this young muscle giant. You’ll get to watch him at work, pumping massive amounts of weight at the gym, and strutting around naked in his apartment. The DVD series ends with a video of James jerking off in his bathroom, and filling up multiple sample jars with his incredibly copious sperm! Believe me when I say that this is a series of DVDs that you will want to watch over and over and over again!” 

The happy and excited audience clapped enthusiastically at that news, but Mark wasn’t done yet. 

“Also, you will each be receiving a vial containing just over an ounce of the stud’s super potent ejaculate. This spunk was collected in the very same ejaculation that was caught in the aforementioned video. And now that James’ balls have been so claimed by the Caliph and taken off the market, so to speak, these vials contain the sole supply of the young man’s thick cum in the whole world. Well, and of course the 5 or 6 GALLONS of the stuff coating half of this auditorium!” 

The audience laughed heartily at this last comment, for the whole huge room indeed reeked of the young stud’s thick and gamey splooge. Mark could see that James’ two colossal orgasms had indeed liberally splattered the first dozen or so rows of tables and chairs in the audience, coating a wedge about 30 degrees wide and perhaps 100 feet deep with the young man’s slick nut sludge. The sight was unbelievably erotic and masculine, the veritable deluge of spunk from James’ battered and nearly wrecked balls nearly flooding the front of the auditorium. 

But as if that wasn’t extraordinary enough, Mark could also now see that servile of the young man’s most recent salvos of sperm, those most magnificent cum blasts that were each more than a dozen feet long and contained more raw sperm than most men could produce in an entire lifetime, had sailed impossibly, inconceivably farther. Mark wouldn’t believe his own eyes at first, but there against the far wall of the vast warehouse, some 200+ feet away, were a series of very large and very wet splotches of slimy, gunk-covered concrete walls. There was no mistaking the intensely thick and chunky fluids slowly oozing down the face of the wall as anything other than the young muscle man’s supremely potent spew! In a super human display of ultra masculine power and virility, James’ final wads of cum shot over the ENTIRE audience to strike the far wall of the huge room!! 

Mark couldn’t comprehend the extraordinary POWER that must have been required to propel a wad of spunk, particularly one so awesomely thick and clotted with raw sperm, more than two-thirds the length of a football field! He could only figure that, since James’ cock was pointing nearly horizontal at the time it began firing for the second time, the aim and trajectory of his cock allowed his slugs of sperm to travel even farther than with his previous mega load. 

A small army of technicians was already hard at work suctioning up as much of the gloopy syrup as they could from the stage and the floor and the chairs and the tables and even the far wall into special receptacles designed just for this purpose. This considerable volume of additional sperm (which would prove to be nearly FOUR TIMES the volume that Mark had brought back with him from James’ home town) would be frozen and later made available to members of the consortium…for a premium price, of course. Mark could also see that the audience members themselves, many of whom looked like they’d just been the subject of an epic bukkake session, were harvesting the stud’s splooge as well. Some were scooping and scraping the thick sludge into containers, so doubt to take home with them, while others were hungrily slurping down the gamey spunk, reveling in the potent and powerful and meaty flavor of the young man’s pearlescent nut spew. 

Mark continued, “The vial of James’ stud sperm will be for use as you see fit, but we suspect that most of you will use the young man’s extraordinary muscle milk for the purposes of insemination. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have children that stand to inherit this young bull stud’s magnificent genes!? If used judiciously, there is enough spunk in each vial to father hundreds, if not thousands, of children! Just think — in only a couple of decades, there could be thousands of James’ beautiful and hunky offspring out there in the world! No doubt many of his boys will inherit his beauty, his spectacular brawn, and his monumental endowment. A brave new world may be in store for all of us!” 

There was even more enthusiastic applause at the mention of the portioning out of James’ cryogenically frozen sperm. And Mark was correct; most of the patrons in the warehouse or viewing the events of the evening remotely would indeed be using their vial of James’ precious fluids to father thousands and thousands of the young stud’s beautiful and genetically blessed children. Some would be heirs to power and colossal fortunes, others would be used to create a private army of super soldiers, and still others would be cruelly used as sex slaves and play things for the wealthy and elite. But all would carry the indelible stamp of their extraordinary powerful and beautiful and virile father. 

“Good night to you all, and safe journeys home!” With that, Mark bowed to the clapping audience, which had begun to pack up and file out the rear doors into waiting limousines and town cars. These members of the super wealthy elite would be heading home with their new DVDs and vials of precious man milk. And one member, the wealthy Caliph, would be flying home with the greatest prize of all, the most massively muscular and hung stud slave in history. 

As Mark prepared to exit the stage, he first walked up to the still bound and gently sobbing teen muscle hunk, and wrapped his arms around as much of the lad’s sweat-slick torso as he could. James didn’t even flinch as Mark hugged him tightly, laying his head onto one of the young man’s mammoth, mounded pec muscles like it was some gigantic beefy pillow. He then lifted his head and sucked the big nipple hanging off of that mighty pec into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the thick nub several times before planting a wet kiss onto that colossal chest and stepping away. He then leaned forward and used both hands to lift James’ wilted but still monumentally huge cock upright. A single thick rope of cum hung huge and heavy from the tip of the young man’s glistening cock head. Mark leaned his head forward, stuck out his tongue, and collected that thick and gelatinous glob of splooge on his tongue, bringing it into his mouth to savor the unforgettable flavor and pungent, overwhelming taste of the stud’s man cream. 

Mark then reverently lowered the enormous, columnar dick and gazed longingly at the herculean stud bound before him. The handsome man wanted nothing more than to continue using and abusing young James in every way imaginable, brutalizing his beautiful body and testing his ultimate limits…assuming the stud HAD any limits! Mark hated parting with such a fantastically beautiful and powerful man, but he knew that the time had come to say goodbye. With a lump in his throat and a much larger lump stretching down one of his pant legs, Mark turned on his heel and prepared to walk away. 

As he turned, a young and handsome Middle Eastern man in an exquisite suit stood before him. The young man bowed to Mark and presented a letter, obviously sent by the Caliph. Mark immediately opened the letter, and was stunned by what he read. The Caliph was offering Mark a ridiculous sum of money to travel with James back to Saudi Arabia, and to be the Caliph’s royal torturer. Mark’s entire body trembled as he spontaneously shot a huge load of spunk down his pants leg. He shuddered again and again and again as more than a dozen thick ropes of splooge created a dark wet stain that stretched all the way down to his boots. 

A smiling Mark turned back to his captive and laid a hand on one of James’ enormously flaring lat muscles. “Well, my handsome young muscle hunk! It looks like you’re not parted from me yet after all! I’m traveling back with you to the Caliph’s palace, and we’re going to have MANY torture-filled evenings ahead of us. Brace yourself, lad, for your days of freedom are over, and your descent into hell had just begun!” 

With those words, an excited Mark turned and started to leave the stage, his two massive Rottweilers trotting up behind him. Mark didn’t once look back at the magnificent muscle stud hanging suspended in the center of the stage, utterly defeated and mourning the loss of his freedom, for he knew he’d be seeing that beautiful stud and his magnificent bull balls again very, very soon… 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Fantasy of an Ancient and Cruel Time - Jayse Version

I love stories from ancient times, telling of young and muscular men captured by military forces and cruelly used and abused. The story below was one of my earlier attempts at rewriting another author's stories, and tells of the cruel and brutal entertainments that almost certainly took place in the distant past...


Fantasy of an Ancient Cruel Time
Based on an original story by an unknown author


The handsome young man’s ankles were fastened widespread to the floor, and his hands were bound to a low post behind him. I ran my hand over his rippled, muscular belly and well-mounded deltoid and pectoral muscles, emphasized by the low arm position. His large muscles stood out beautifully under his thin, unblemished skin. He wasn't overly bulky, but had a strong, powerful build and a great, exquisitely defined stomach. His beautiful blue eyes glared defiantly at me, which I liked; the defiant ones were always more fun to break. 

Some of the officers liked these pretty boy types for variety, but also enjoyed men of other various sizes, ages, and builds. This trim blond lad of about twenty years was about to become a penis and testicle torture treat for the victory feast.

I unclipped the leather waist thong that rested low on the young man’s muscular hips, revealing the handsome captive's heavy-hung sex equipment. The soldiers particularly enjoyed men with unusually large genitals, and this beautiful young stud wasn’t going to disappoint them. I slid the thick foreskin off of his tapered cockhead and immediately felt his large shaft begin to harden in my hand. Very soon it was jutting sharply upward, his naturally vertical hard-on arching to over 10 ½ inches of very thick cock meat, and displaying his compact and very meaty ball package. I explored his large, delicate nuts with my expert fingers, and he didn't protest when I patted them against the base of his cock. His large penis pumped reflexively and a pearl of precum formed at the tip. Yes, this would be a lively one!

Most of the naked crowd at the victory feast were hard and a few were pumping their dongs as they watched me work.

I bound the boy's swollen cockhead with a woven leather harness and attached it to a winch on the ceiling, slightly in front of him. The winch pulled his large, meaty shaft upward and outward. At first, the stress on his harnessed penis only curved his body away from the post, but his feet and hands were held behind him. When his pelvis was as far from the pole as possible, the tension grew in the lad's big cock. He was gasping a little and a sheen of sweat popped out over his well-muscled body. I knew his entire penis was now racked with the pain of the stretching. I stopped turning the winch and plucked the rope, vibrating the binding to strain the cords and muscles that attached the young man’s very large penis to his body. The handsome stud shuddered and screamed, but even the slightest movement only increased the pain deep in his meat.

Any pressure backward would tighten the cruel rope torturing his cock. I firmly massaged his muscular chest and belly. He cried out when my caresses pushed back on his pelvis and strained his young, swollen prong. I ran my fingers over the satiny skin of the brutally elongated cock. I dug my fingers into the tight ligaments supporting the base and made sure that nothing was tearing loose. Using my thumb on top and two fingers underneath, I gently jacked his punished penis. I felt the youth's organ respond and new blood pump in, lengthening his hard-on slightly and reducing the stress, so I tightened the winch more. I oiled my hand and massaged the youth's rippled belly. The more firmly I massaged and kneaded the young muscles, the slimmer and longer his cock got as the harness tried to tear it loose from his crotch, lengthening now to more than 11 inches. The warm muscles of his belly, clutching and flexing from the cock torture, felt delicious sliding under my palm. Every slight increase in tension tore a new cry from his mouth.

Most of the crowd was slowly jacking now and occasionally pausing so they wouldn't shoot.

After oiling and kneading the blond’s large testicles to loosen them slightly, I managed to imprison each of his large plums in its own gold clamshell olive press. I have ball crushers in every size from #5 (very small) to #10,000 (elephantine). Sometimes these crushers are left on for hours while a captive served the guests at a party. A pair of beefy nuts in a gold clamshell design is quite decorative at the base of a cock. I had never had the occasion to use the largest press, and indeed the manufacturers of the press had scoffed when I said that I intended to one day use it on a man as they felt it was more suitable for a large beast. For this young man’s big nuts, however, I used a #500, a larger than average clamshell press.

After roughly stuffing the meaty nuts into the press, I tightened the screws on the clamshells. Each trapped testicle was individually crushed in the grip of the gold shells. The blond youth gagged at the gut-wrenching pain, but didn't throw up. I had had him fast beforehand so he couldn't vomit and spoil the scene when his testicles were tortured. The nut pain made the muscles of his glorious belly stand out even more, and I took the opportunity to rub them and stretch his huge upthrust cock one more time. Then I massaged his firm chest as I turned the winch to his penis. When his penis was almost at the point of ripping, I stopped and held him there on the razor’s edge for a few long minutes, and then quickly unwound the winch and took the cock harness off his aching dick. I left his nuts well clamped, however, wanting the deep throbbing ache in his big balls to continue building to ever greater levels.

He was still rock hard, which was a very good sign. The crowd was going crazy and yelling, "Shoot, Shoot, Shoot!” Rather than risk a riot, I decided to milk the boy for them. I stood behind the youth to give them a good view of his muscular torso, large vertical hard-on, and big clamped balls. My right hand enveloped his freed cock and I jacked his very large cock slowly up and down. 

Five times I slid his uncut foreskin gently off and on his cockhead. He was harder than ever. I paused to tighten the clamps on his nuts. Five more times I felt his cockhead become bare as it pushed through my hand. He wiggled and became frantic as I tightened the clamshells yet again. When I went to pump him again he started thrusting hard and fast. He had figured out I would increase the ball compression each time until he came. 

I let him jab my grasping hand with his cock all he wanted and gave him a firm grip to force into. With my other hand, I continuously turned the testicle torture screws, squashing the young stud’s big balls almost completely flat. He suddenly went glassy hard, and I felt his glans stay bare and fully expand out of his foreskin on both directions of pumping. He stiffened and flushed from head to toe. To give the crowd a good view I released his cock and just caressed his shoulders, chest, and belly. I knew he was well past the point of needing any cock stimulation at this point. 

As I viciously screwed the ball clamps to their limits with both hands, all but bursting his big balls, the handsome young lad screamed in agony and shot his huge load, creaming in long ribbons that burst forth with such unexpected power that they hit the first row of the crowd. The young man shot forth a dozen huge ropes of cum, and then a few more steadily diminishing shots until his huge orgasm was complete. As the last of his thick, creamy cum ran down his rock hard cock, I unclamped his tortured testicles and released the nearly busted balls.

The captive was released from his bindings to circulate in the crowd as a toy. Most of the men were jacking each other and drinking heavily at this point, and a few had already shot their first loads while watching the torture entertainment. The soldiers eagerly grabbed their latest toy, quickly sucking the young cock back up to steely hardness and then passing him around. They roughly fondled his trim, muscular torso, and he occasionally yelped as they played with the sensitive, lemon-sized balls in his sac.
I was ready for my next subject, the main attraction for the evening. 

Guards struggled in with the next captive, for the big, muscular lad was putting up a heck of a fight. The young man was another blond Gaul from the far north and he was my most valuable and impressive captive, recently taken in the northern crusades at the cost of many strong men, and I was unveiling him for the first time tonight. Though he was younger than the previous lad at only 18 years of age, this enormous young man was built like a prize stud bull. The mighty youth towered over the guards, standing a full 6’5” in height and weighing a colossal 335 pounds of pure muscle. 

When the young Gaul was brought into the room, a hush quickly fell over the carousing soldiers. The seasoned and battle hardened warriors simply couldn’t believe the sheer size and dimensions of the titanically muscular young stud, and even with his hands bound by thick ropes behind his massive back, it took six large guards to wrestle him into the room.  

The blond youth was a true Adonis, perfect in every way. His face was noble and handsome, with prominent cheekbones, a very square jaw, powerful chin, full lips, and stunning crystal blue eyes. His blond hair was straight and very thick, worn relatively short in a shaggy haircut. Darker blond hair peppered the young stud’s massively muscular chest and trailed in a thin line down his amazingly chiseled and corrugated belly and into his loincloth. 

The stud’s physique was truly breath taking, with enormously wide shoulders the size of cannon balls, a wide square chest so thick that it was larger than the thick plate armor worn by the soldiers, mighty arms that stretched the measuring tape to nearly 26 inches, and a back and lats so wide and large that they nearly prevented him from entering the doorway. This massive upper body tapered majestically down to an incredibly tight, muscular waist, measuring no more than 32 inches, only a half dozen or so inches larger than his gigantic arms! His legs were a perfect match for his upper body, huge and thick with muscles, powerfully yet gracefully built, in perfect proportion with the rest of his enormously muscular body. 

It was almost frightening to realize that the young man was not fully grown yet, and I wondered how much larger he would eventually become in the next few years. I planned on working this massive muscle giant HARD, and had no doubt that I would be able to pack even more muscle onto his already unrivaled physique. 

Like all of the captives, the stunningly handsome blond beast was wearing nothing but a thin loincloth. His tight muscular ass was clearly visible through the skimpy loincloth, but it was the enormous bulge in the front of the garment that barely concealed the young stud’s greatest assets. 

The blond muscle boy struggled to break free of his captors’ grasp, the prominent veins on his muscles bulging almost obscenely, but the guards’ hold held. One of the guards tied his ankles to the floor and his hands to a winch overhead. The youth struggled and rattled the chains on the winch until I cranked it tight and stretched him vertically, displaying him for the appreciation of the crowd.

With a theatrical flourish, I pulled forth a small knife and cut the big, overstuffed leather pouch off his cock and balls. The warriors took a collective gasp, for simply stated, the muscular teen was hung like some prehistoric beast. His heroic cock arched out over the most massive pair of balls I had ever seen. One of the guards immediately knelt on the flagstone floor and sucked as much of the enormous penis as he could in his mouth, working the great knob until it was rigid and shiny. The young man’s gargantuan cock grew from an almost impossibly thick 9 ½ flaccid inches – nearly as long and even more thick that the previous lad’s erect cock! – to an eye-popping 14 ½ inches. I couldn't even close my fingers around the base of his incredibly thick shaft, which swelled even wider up its length until it reached the massive head, which itself was the size of a large apple. 

With the great cock arching skyward and out of the way, the crowd had an unobstructed view of the lad’s truly incredible balls. And what balls they were, like something out of legend! Each massive nut was larger than the largest grapefruit, bigger than the young man’s own massive fists, and even just one nut filled my hand to overflowing. I cupped as much of the great nuts as I could in both of my hands, marveling once again at their tremendous heft and density, for they were even heavier and beefier than they looked, if that was possible. The great orbs filled their large hairy sac to the maximum, and when I released them, their tremendous weight pulled them to nearly three full inches from the base of his gigantic cock. The youth had a pair of nuts that would have made a bull elephant jealous, and although the #10,000 clamshells would have fit his nuts -- if only barely -- I wanted to leave the titanic testes in full view. There would be plenty of time later for the gold nut press…

Using a leather-covered wood baton, I began to lightly beat the young titan’s impossibly corded, rippled midsection. He flexed his heavily muscled abdomen into an impenetrable barrier, and didn't cry out even as I increased the power of my blows. I was pleased with his reaction and defiance, as I wanted to tire his belly muscles so he couldn't clench them as much later when his nuts were tortured. I have found that when a man’s belly relaxes during ball punishment, he is more easily broken.

I beat the young man’s solid abdomen for a good long while before moving lower to his gargantuan genitals. His cock and balls certainly supplied plenty of meat to work on, and they were heavy enough to make a good beefy sound when struck. Using a wide leather strap on his penis seemed like the right start. 

First, I grasped his warm, thick cockhead in one fist, leaving nearly a full foot of hard, exposed, and awesomely thick cock shaft between his belly and my hand. Then I used a wide doubled belt to beat the topside of his cock near the base. He started groaning with each loud whack, and it wasn’t clear if these were groans of pain, groans of pleasure, or both. I fondled the big juicy glans bulging out of my hand as I let the crowd listen to the thuds of his astonishingly solid cock base being beaten. 

Next, I lifted his massive cock up and beat its underside just above the massive nuts. The crowd could see the stud’s thick cum-tube running along the bottom of his hard-on pulse with each thwack and his massive nuts bounce in their huge sac. The base of his cock soon turned bright red from the beating.

Now that the lower part of his shaft was well beaten, I strapped a thin leather sleeve with interior brass studs onto the base of that magnificent cock. His untouched protruding shaft and glans were hot and shiny, begging for more attention. I squeezed hard on the base of his thick dick and jacked short strokes just at the base with the brass studs digging into the beaten part of the teen's meat. He bellowed wildly as the studs raked the hard meat through the sliding skin of his cock. Keeping up this action with my left hand, I started slapping his bulging cockhead and adjacent shaft with the leather belt. It made a good solid sound.
THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! I carefully beat the broad upper surface of the youth’s tumescent cock, and around the sides to the deeply grooved bulges on the bottom of his huge glans, making sure that every square inch of the young man’s incomparably massive cock was thoroughly beaten and glowing an angry red.

The young stud was strong, VERY strong, and he impressed me mightily by enduring the pain without passing out or begging for mercy. I was already very pleased indeed with this heroically handsome and massively built young stud, and I longed to visit even more brutal punishments upon his spectacular body. 

I took off the leather sleeve and had him sucked some more by one of the guards, though that wasn’t really necessary as the randy young lad hadn’t lost an iota of his steel-like hardness. The young man’s cock was swollen so large and so thick that even my expert assistant could barely stuff the massive head and the first couple of inches of impossibly thick shaft into his mouth; deep throating the entire monstrous cock was clearly out of the question! 

After he was a little rested, I had him strung up again in the rack upside down with his feet wide apart in the winches on the ceiling. I could see the realization of what was to happen next dawn in his eyes, and I smiled. But still he did not plead for me to stop. Oh yes, this young muscle giant was brave and strong indeed!

I checked his heroically overstuffed ball sac. It was so fully packed that it domed upward and didn't let his behemoth bull nuts flop on each side of his hard-on as they would on most men. That was perfect for my purposes, as it meant I didn’t have to truss up his huge nuts or otherwise immobilize them -- they were already positioned exactly where I wanted them to be. 

I slapped squarely on the wide, double bulge of the teen's testicles with the wide leather belt, producing a satisfying low-pitched WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! with each strike. The huge balls bulged and bounced with each blow, but they were so incredibly dense that they deformed but very little with each blow, and I knew they could take a lot more abuse than this. A whole lot more! 

The handsome young muscle stud groaned and jerked and tried to double up with each solid blow, but his inverted position and punished muscles kept him vertical. I alternated slapping his nuts with whipping his midsection. His huge and heavy cock hung well past his navel and took most of the blows to the midsection, turning an even more angry red. 

After a few dozen powerful whacks to the young man’s gargantuan gonads (as well as a few dozen more to his crowbar of a cock and cobblestone midsection), I let the six guards suck his cock and fondle his aching nuts for a while. One of the guards began trying to stuff one of the stud’s massive nuts into his mouth. It seemed like an impossibility at first due to the unnaturally massive size of the giant gonad, but the guard kept jamming the nut into his mouth with his blunt fingers, causing the young stud immense pain but finally managing to stuff the entire orb into his ridiculously puffed-out mouth. 

A second guard followed suit on the other huge bollock, and soon both guards began to chew on the gigantic orbs as hard as they could, squeezing the mighty testicles and crushing them with all their might with their grinding molars, their jaws bulging with the effort. The big blond boy was bellowing and hollering freely now, his enormous muscles bulging magnificently as he strained fruitlessly to break free of his restraints. 

The crowd was getting worked up into a real frenzy now, and I knew that I had to let them have at this huge stud for a while or they would go berserk. I knew the handsome young muscle man had plenty of cum in those gargantuan balls of his, so I sent him out to the crowd without making him shoot first. I knew the gathered soldiers would like to have the first crack — and the second, and third, and fourth — at making this mighty bull stud spill his powerful seed.

At the First Officer's table, the warriors grabbed thew shackled young man and held him down to the table. Two big soldiers pinned down each limb, and another pair of men held down his muscle swollen shoulders, and STILL they could barely keep the big man down, but eventually ten big warriors had him sufficiently trapped. 

Two additional officers then each selected a titanic testicle for special attention. One officer beat the struggling muscle boy's left nut with a heavy knucklebone, mashing the huge orb into the unforgiving table. The other officer used the thick hilt of his sword to pound into the kid’s massive right nut, striking the tender orb so hard that the huge ball was bending grotesquely around the iron hilt. This was the kind of brutal abuse that would quickly reduce any other man’s nuts to useless mush with just a couple of blows, shattering them and reducing them to so much ruined ball meat. But this young man’s goliath balls were made of far stronger stuff than those of other men, truly mighty testicles that were so dense, so tough, so unimaginably beefy that they repelled every blow and all but begged for more. So I knew that the handsome young stud could endure this brutal abuse, at least for a while. 

That’s not to say that the horrible rain of blows onto the young man’s mammoth nuts wasn’t causing damage. The handsome young captive was all but screaming in agony, the explosive pain in his huge balls unlike anything he had ever experienced. The gigantic nuts were quickly turning bright red and started shading toward purple with fresh bruises, and the unrelenting, merciless beating was causing the already colossal testicles to swell larger still, growing to even more astounding proportions as they were viciously tenderized under the brutal punishment. 

Every couple of minutes, the two guards switched places and swapped nuts, making sure that they delivered equal brutality to each swelling orb. I watched the men go through several cycles of this punishment, and even I couldn’t believe how much abuse the young man’s mighty mule nuts were sustaining and enduring. But even as I watched, I could see that the enormous balls were starting to squash more on each blow. Their incredibly tough outer walls were starting to weaken, and I knew it wouldn’t be too long before those two mighty globes of nut meat started taking on permanent damage. 

At the same time, however, we were all amazed to see that the muscular teen’s huge cock remained bone hard throughout the brutal ball beating, and in fact seemed to have swollen larger still! Even though I knew it was risking permanent damage to or destruction of the young man’s unparalleled bull nuts, I wanted to let the officers continue their abuse and see if they could make the young bull hunk cum from testicle torture alone. 

The rest of the young man’s spectacular body was not being ignored while his humongous balls were being beaten and abused. Other officers massaged the young man’s massively muscular chest and rippled midsection with oil. Another beat the base of the muscle boy’s massive hard-on with a wood baton, striking so hard that I thought for sure that even this young man’s impossibly thick and hard cock would snap in half. They caressed and sucked the glans and top six or seven inches of his cock even as they brutally beat the bottom five or six inches. 

And each time the handsome young captive was about to shoot, a torch flame was briefly flickered over his shiny swollen cockhead. The torch would cause the youth to scream, and his building load would be temporarily halted. 

This cycle was repeated again and again, bringing the young stud to the brink of orgasm over a dozen times and then halting it just before release. His balls were now also swelling from holding too much pent up cum, and it was difficult to tell which was causing more of the inflation and bloating, the horrific beating or the many delayed ejaculations. One thing was for sure, though; the young man’s huge balls were now almost exploding with agony.

When the gathered officers decided that his genitals were thoroughly worked over and they wanted him to cum, they burned his glans just a little more so it would keep him in continual agony for a while longer. By this time, the apple-sized glans was thick, hard, shiny, and looked badly sunburned from repeated applications of the torch. A constant stream of thick precum was also oozing from the stud’s distended and vein-gnarled horse cock, and the sticky cream pooled onto his chest and abdomen, where the warriors rubbed it into the youth’s tanned skin.

The warriors then pulled him over to the other table where the first lad was still being played with. They took the muscular teen stud’s thick, scorched cock and beat the twenty-year-old boy's delicate testicles with it. The hung teen's glans was swollen so huge that it was wider than the other's entire nut sac! At each blow of the heavy cock on his heavy-hung sac, the older youth's corded abdomen flashed with definition and he paled. The beating went on for about ten minutes with both boys screaming, one from having his balls battered by the heavy cockhead, and the other from the extra pain each time his burned glans landed a blow. If the beaten youth softened, the beating moved up onto his shaft. Having his large shaft beaten by the muscle boy’s big horse cock turned him back on fast.

Then the tables were turned. The crowd forced the older youth to beat the huge nuts of the awesomely muscular teenager. The older blond youth held his large shaft at the base with his thumb and index finger. He was just able to spring his vertical hard on up and down enough to rap the huge, hung balls on the reclining muscle boy. The relatively narrow cockhead could slap only part of one testicle at a time, so the young man had to vary his blows to cover all of the vast acreage of those two stunningly humongous nuts. 

The older youth was clearly getting powerfully turned on as his horny cockhead smacked into the behemoth teen nuts. He thoroughly tapped over the surface of both balls and also below them on the base of the thick shaft. The teen's huge cock was two or three times the width of the slender shaft beating him, and almost half again as long. The smaller cock doing the beating mostly stimulated, rather than tortured, the heavier organs even as it stimulated itself. 

Finally, after many long minutes of this double stimulation, the long-delayed orgasms could no longer be denied and both young men came almost simultaneously. When the heroically hung muscle boy started to shoot, the soldier flamed his glans again with the torch, causing him to bellow bloody murder, but even that scorching pain could not prevent the young man’s much overdue orgasm. 

Despite the burning, the blond muscle boy shot nearly two dozen of the largest, longest, whitest, and thickest wads I or any of the warriors had ever seen, shooting the astoundingly huge globs of seed all over the large room. Each mighty blast was far more than a normal man could cum in an entire orgasm, or for that matter in an entire day, and when the mighty orgasm finally ebbed and ceased, over a quart of thick sperm had been spilled onto the youth’s gorgeous muscles, the many soldiers, and the cold table! It was the most powerfully erotic and masculine sight any of us had even seen! 

Meanwhile, the older blond had managed a more than ample load himself, even though it was his third of the evening. Still, it utterly paled in comparison to the super human virility of the muscle hunk, and it finished even as the handsome teen’s titanic orgasm thundered onward, the older lad’s heavy ropes of sperm lost within the messy, creamy morass of the cum deluge thundering out of the young man’s heroically massive cock.

To show he was merciful and to reward the young muscle bull’s magnificent display of hyper masculine virility, the First Officer soothed the flame-reddened surface of the teenager's cum-drenched doorknob with a cooling oil. Next, he was gently massaged all over, had his prostate expertly fingered, and had his chest and nipples caressed. The eighteen-year-old's huge dick, which had never gone soft even after shooting the most epic cum load in human history, now got harder and harder and lost its angry red color. The soldiers lightly licked and jacked his colossal cock until the prominent veins along the sides nearly popped out of its skin. The caressing continued for an hour until his pain was forgotten and he was all but begging to be allowed to shoot. His teen hormones would now keep him hard until he was finally allowed to cum.

When he was fully prepared, I grasped and circled the kid's gargantuan balls, still extremely heavy with his seed, and explored them with my fingers. I then pulled down and squeezed them as hard as I could with both hands. Sweat poured off of his gorgeous muscular body, and several guys were necessary to hold him down as he struggled violently against the terrific pain. He could no longer scream and just quivered in extreme agony. 

I could tell that the recent abuse to his monstrous testicles had worn them down quite a bit, for my grasping fingers could now dig far deeper than before into his awesomely thick ball meat. I could also tell, however, that there was still a great deal of strength and power left in those mighty orbs, and that they could yet endure a great deal more abuse. 

The squeezing did a good job of torturing the thick meat of the teen's beefy testicles. However, when I pulled down on his balls, the skin of his young scrotum, like a natural jockstrap, stretched tight first, preventing the thick, powerful cords from which his huge balls dangled from tightening any further. Rather than tearing his scrotal skin, I wanted to threaten him with having his young bull nuts pulled loose from his muscular crotch.

Six additional men were required now to hold him down. The young man’s muscular strength was just phenomenal, and I didn’t want to risk the young stud breaking free. 

Then with my left hand, I held his bulging nuts stationary but with some loose skin above which to maneuver. I encircled the ligaments above his testicles with the thumb and two fingers of my other hand. With the ligaments anchored in his belly on one end and to his balls on the other, I pulled my circled fingers forward with all my might, removing all the play from them and then some. 

The recoil was amazing! The handsome young man’s jaw muscles tightened and then he bellowed in animal pain. But the unexpected pain where his oversized equipment was deeply anchored to his muscular body must have confused his nerve impulses, for instead of his mighty cock wilting in agony, he jerked and shot another impossibly heavy, earth shattering load from his thundering dick, his mighty orgasm just as titanic and spectacular as the one before. 

I realized that I was dangerously close to castrating my handsome bull stud, for I was yanking and tugging at his thick ball cords with frightening force. But I just couldn’t help myself; I was utterly overcome with lust for this most glorious and beautiful of men, and part of me did indeed want to nut the heroically muscular beast then and there. But somehow, I held back, or perhaps the lad’s mighty ball cords were simply too impossibly strong and tough to be yanked out of their roots by just the strength of one man. Regardless, I rhythmically jerked the sinews I could see stretched over my fingers through the thin skin as the beefy lad came, and came and came and came, continuing to tug with all of my might in an effort to tear his balls free from their strong fleshy tethers. Simultaneously, my other hand compression tortured his bulky testicle meat, crushing and mashing the giant and already unimaginably battered balls into the solid and unyielding table. 

It was truly astounding how much abuse the blond stud could endure, and as I worked the huge hot nuts through to the end of his second cataclysmic orgasm, I spontaneously convulsed with huge spurts of cum of my own. At each spasm of climax, I involuntarily and convulsively pulled and squeezed harder on the muscle boy’s huge balls. The incredibly strong ligaments holding his behemoth nuts were like cords of steel and somehow refused to tear loose despite the unbelievable torture I was wreaking upon them. By rights, even this young stud’s most mighty of balls should have been torn free from his body or crushed beneath my squashing hand, yet they defiantly and valiantly continued to endure. 

And amazingly, as I continued to compress and yank at his colossal gonads, the young blond muscle stud creamed yet again, his third and largest orgasm yet, sending massive salvos of his extraordinary male essence flying about the room in great white streamers, drenching me and the more than dozen guards holding him down. It was a truly awesome and awe-inspiring sight, and there was not a soldier in the room who wasn’t rock hard watching the massive and muscular youth’s colossal orgasm. 

Now, with the warm-up over, I decided that it was finally time to break out the #10,000 clam shells…

Friday, April 17, 2015

Little Pedro vs. Big Dan - Jayse Version

Has muscle stud Pedro finally met his match in Big Dan?


Little Pedro vs. Big Dan 
Based on an original story by an unknown author


A few weeks had passed since Pedro’s championship match, and there was now a new face in the gym. The 23-year-old, 6’3”, 285-pound muscle stud was cocky and utterly confident, with a breathtakingly handsome face that was every bit a match for his colossal muscular development. The blond-haired, blue-eyed Irish-Danish hunk was named Dan, and he had heard of the run-down gym from his friends. He had come visiting to find out for himself just how “bad” these fighters are, and if they were dirty enough to initiate him into their ranks. 

Dan enjoyed a good street fight where there were no fouls and no rules. Fighting dirty had been second nature to him ever since he got jumped by gang punks when he was a freshman in high school. They beat him up real bad, blacking both of his eyes, punching his gut, kicking him in the balls repeatedly, but fortunately not breaking any bones or doing him any permanent damage. A couple years later, the same gang members jumped him again. But this time they were in for a big surprise -- Dan's older brother Jeff. 

Jeff was a senior in high school at that point, and had already grown into a tall, strapping lad and star athlete. After Dan’s first attack, his big brother taught him a few tricks on how to defend himself. Jeff was on the high school varsity water polo and wrestling teams. In both sports, a competitor’s balls were protected by nothing more than a thin layer of cloth, and they get worked over frequently by opponents. Jeff liked having another stud go for his big balls, for then he had an excuse for attacking their balls mercilessly until they submitted. 

Jeff loved to get into cock and ball fights. He had beaten so many of the other jocks in school that very few of them would now willingly fight him. But when they did fight, everyone circled around to watch the two jock studs go for each other's big, low hanging balls. They’d slap, punch, grab, and kick each other's balls until one either quit or got knocked out. And Jeff never quit or got knocked out. 

When Dan got beaten up the first time, Jeff cared for him and helped him recover. But when Dan showed Jeff his young tender balls and what the three punks had done to him, Jeff went into a rage. Jeff wanted to take the three apart all by himself, but Dan said, “I want to be there and help!” 

That was when Jeff began to teach Dan how to fight. Jeff stripped and told Dan to fondle his huge, low-slung balls, each the size of large lemons, and to feel the tough leathery sac that held and protected them. Then Jeff said, “Now punch my balls as hard as you can with your fist.” Dan was caught off guard by his brother's strange request, and only tapped Jeff's balls lightly, not wanting to hurt his older brother. Jeff looked at Dan, grabbed his bruised balls roughly, and said, “You can do better than that! Now punch my balls, HARD!! Or I'll make you even sorrier than you are now!” 

Dan was fearful about additional punishment to his own wounded balls, so he followed his brother’s instructions and punched Jeff's huge balls again and again, while Jeff continued to grip his own aching balls. He drove his fists harder and harder into Jeff's balls until the big bruisers were swinging wildly between his brother’s muscular legs, almost reaching the crack of his beefy ass. Dan was watching Jeff's face for a sign of pain, but all he saw was pleasure, and cum began to drip from Jeff's now rigid cock. 

Jeff straddled Dan's legs and ordered his brother to kick him between his massive thighs. Dan smiled and gladly complied, as he was starting to enjoy working on his brother's enormous manhood even while Jeff continued to squeeze and knead his own bruised balls. Dan was in awe at the amount of brutal punishment that Jeff’s balls could endure, and he soon realized that Jeff was in second heaven as he bashed away at his balls, kicking the huge nuts again and again with his knee and foot. Suddenly, Jeff's big ramrod cock unexpectedly shot cum all over Dan's naked belly and chest, coating his younger brother with a thick shellack of ball grease. 

They both sighed in relief after Jeff shot his massive load. Jeff laid down on the bed next to his little brother and released his balls. Then Jeff rubbed the cum all over Dan's tight young body and fondled his younger brother’s big, battered balls. Jeff said, “As soon as you are well, I'm going to toughen your balls like mine, teach you how to fight, and then we'll take care of those three punks that jumped you!” 

Dan recovered sufficiently in three days that Jeff began training his brother. Dan had always looked up to Jeff and now his brother was going to teach him all that he knew, especially dirty fighting and ball bashing. For two years, Jeff and Dan worked out together secretly, after school in the woods and at night in their basement, where Jeff had built his own gym and training arena. Dan learned quickly, both because Jeff was a good instructor and because Dan turned out to be a natural fighter, and they both enjoyed being close to each other. 

In that two years, Dan grew quickly in height and muscle mass, soon surpassing even his own studly hunk of a brother in sheer size. Dan’s balls also grew, and grew and grew and grew, becoming fist-sized orbs of incredible strength and power, dwarfing even his older brother’s impressively massive nuts. After the two years of training, Dan was even tougher than his brother, and they could beat on each other’s balls for hours without stopping. They both got frequent hard ons from their fights, and they took turns getting each other off. Jeff knew after the two years of training that Dan was ready to finally face his attackers, and so they went after the three who had attacked Dan two years before. 

Jeff quietly followed behind Dan as the now huge muscle teen walked into the same rough area of town where he had been attacked two years before. It didn't take long to find the three bullies, and they wasted no time in accosting the lone young man. Even though Dan outweighed the biggest of the three punks by almost 100 pounds, the trio of toughs felt confident in their superior numbers. 

One of the punks stood up and blocked Dan's way, while the other two got behind big Dan. They didn’t notice the hulking form of Jeff sneaking up behind them. The three punks began trying to push Dan between them, meeting very limited success due to the young man’s awesome size and weight, when suddenly Dan punched the biggest one directly in the balls. 

The mighty uppercut caught the punk by surprise and he bent over in agony, clutching his  screaming balls. The other two punks immediately attacked Dan, grabbing the big man’s huge arms and trying to hold him still. Dan kicked at their legs, but he couldn't reach their balls with his foot. 

That’s when Jeff came up behind the punk on Dan's right and jammed his hand between his legs. Jeff slapped the man’s balls with a resounding SMACK!! and dug his strong fingers deep into the levi-clad groin. Jeff squeezed the punk’s fat balls, slipped a half nelson on him, and picked him up by his crotch, adding to the force attacking his balls. The young punk screamed in agony and released his hold on Dan's right arm. 

Dan quickly spun to his left and swung his knee around the remaining punk's right leg and slammed it into his balls. Then Dan grabbed the punk in a bear hug and pumped his right knee into his crotch and balls, again and again and again. The two big punks were openly crying in pain as the two brothers worked their balls over. Jeff continued to squash the one's punk's balls with his strong fingers while his brother switched from using his knee to using his hand. Dan drove his big hand into the waist of punk's jeans, shoving it deeply into his crotch. When Dan found the young stud’s big balls, he too dug his fingers into the punk's sac, using the nut claw that Jeff had shown and demonstrated on him many times. 

The first punk had recovered somewhat from Dan's nut cracking uppercut and, seeing his two buddies in big trouble, charged at Jeff. Dan saw him first and lashed out with an instep kick that landed between the punk’s legs and slammed into his balls. The impact was so brutal and so powerful that it lifted the punk clear off of the ground, knocking him back more than a dozen feet to land prone on his back, clutching his shattered nuts in utter agony. 

Jeff rotated the punk that he was holding by the balls and slammed him down over his bent knee and knocked the wind out of him. Jeff decided it was to finish him off. The punk was bent over clutching his aching gonads when Jeff drove an upper cut into his hands and smashed them into his balls again. The action broke several of the punk’s fingers, and nearly burst his big nuts as well. Jeff moved quickly behind the punk, shoved his hand into his Levis, and found his balls. Jeff’s fingers were stronger than the punk’s, and he was able to force the punk’s fingers away from his hurt nuts. Then Jeff dug his fingers into the punk’s sac, his thumbs splitting the twin orbs as he clamped his fingers shut. With the punk locked in a nut claw, Jeff lifted him bodily off of the ground by his balls. 

The twin nut claws being administered by the two brothers were so brutal and so effective that both the punks passed out within 30 seconds, joining the third in the land of unconsciousness. With the three punks out of commission, Jeff stepped between their legs and stomped his foot into their undefended crotches, giving them their just desserts. Dan wanted a piece of the action, and when Jeff was finished, he drove his toes into the remains of their manhood, making sure that none of the punks’ six big nuts survived intact. 

When Dan and Jeff were through thrashing and deballing the three nasty punks, the two brothers just walked away, without a single scratch on their gorgeous bodies. No witnesses ever came forward to accuse the two brothers of assault, as everyone in the neighborhood hated the three punks. The punks themselves were too embarrassed and ashamed to speak to the police about who had castrated them, and so Dan and Jeff got away scot free. 

Now, six years later, Dan was even bigger and beefier than ever, and had survived hundreds more rough brawls and brutal street fights with his massive bull nuts intact. In fact, years of punishment and brutal ball play had only served to further toughen his gigantic balls, and even his mighty brother Jeff could no longer match him in a fight. That’s why Dan had sought out the roughest, dirtiest gym he could find, hoping to find a worthy opponent.  

While he is going through his very first work out at the gym, Dan saw Pedro trading low blows with his brother Antonio. Dan particularly liked to fight against little guys, especially the really beefy ones that fought hard and dirty, and hunky Pedro seemed to be a first class candidate on all counts. In fact, Dan soon realized that most of the fighters in the gym fought dirty and used low blows to weaken their opponents. Dan found that he was getting incredibly turned on watching Pedro spar, and in no time, his huge cock was straining at the mesh of his jock, and his juices were beginning to soak through the fabric of his boxing trunks. 

Pedro was clearly a cocky little son a bitch and he loved to fight with bigger men. The taller they were, the easier it was for him to punch their nuts once he got inside their reach. Pedro favored the upper cut because he could bring it up under their crotches and rack their balls even if they were wearing a cup. Pedro’s dark eyes also locked on big Dan the moment the big anglo guy entered the gym, and he secretly watched the huge stud throughout his extremely impressive work out. He also noticed that this new guy was watching him while he sparred, and that a distinct bulge had been steadily growing in his shorts. The bulge at the front of the big blond’s shorts was now almost too enormous to be believed, and Pedro knew that he just HAD to get his hands on this big muscle stud’s huge nuts. 

Pedro figured that maybe this hot new anglo stud was a little shy, so he finally just walked up to him and introduced himself. 

“Hey there! You’re new around here. I'm Pedro.” 

Dan grinned back at the handsome and beefy Latino, replying, "Nice to meet you, Pedro! I'm Dan.” 

With the formalities over, Pedro asked Dan if he would like to spar a little bit. Dan was already so turned on by the short Latino stud that he could barely stand it, and he readily agreed. They quickly moved off to one side of the gym and started their semi-private bout by keeping their blows in legal territory. As their practice continued, however, their blows got lower and lower, until finally Pedro punched Dan right in his humongous bull balls. Dan grunted both with surprise and with the sheer power of the blow, but he smiled as he returned the favor to Pedro's balls, punching his mighty fist into the Latin stud’s huge nuts. 

While they sparred, the two massive muscle men started trading fight stories. Along with words, they demonstrated the tactics that they had used to attack other men's balls. Blow after blow rained onto the two sets of gigantic nuts as they showed off their various techniques, kicking, punching, crushing, twisting, pulling, and squeezing the mighty orbs of their hunky opponent past all possible human endurance. Yet both fought on, each overwhelmed with lust to have found a man who could match him blow for blow, punch for punch, squeeze for squeeze, and keep begging for more. 

Half an hour later, both men’s balls were brutally swollen and all but reduced to mush, but due to their awesome conditioning and supreme toughness, both sets of monster nuts were still whole and intact. Both sets of trunks were straining to contain bloated cocks and swollen balls, and both had large wet spots in front from continuous and extreme arousal. Both muscle men knew that they were powerfully turned on by one another, and so when Pedro suggested that they head for the shower, Dan immediately agreed and was close behind the shorter man. 

By chance, their lockers were near to each other. Both men slowly removed their sweat-soaked shirts, revealing massively muscled, gorgeous bodies. Dan was far taller than Pedro and out massed him by 55 pounds, but pound for pound, the shorter stud was actually the more massive of the two. Together, they were a complimentary set of muscle titans, light and dark, tall and short, and both beefy beyond reason. 

They slid their trunks down from their waists and over their muscular thighs, and stood facing each other wearing only their bulging and precum-soaked jocks. They moved nearer to each other, their eyes riveted on the other's jock-clad basket. When they were within arm’s reach, they lightly punched the other's balls. 

Then Dan slid his hand over Pedro's crotch and gently fondled the stud’s enormous balls. Pedro returned the grope, but he squeezed Dan's balls with his strong fingers and roughly massaged them. Dan's handsome blond head fell back in pleasure as Pedro roughly worked on his balls, and Dan began to squeeze Pedro's balls using an equal amount of force. The gentle squeezed became harder and harder as the two fighters were turned on to even greater heights of ball-busting pleasure. 

Unable to contain his lust any longer, Pedro worked Dan's jock down over his immensely muscular legs, releasing the man’s gigantic, thick-as-a-beer-can, 14-inch cock and Herculean bull balls. The handsome Latino gasped at the sight of the monstrous tool, which was even more massive than his own legendary meat. Dan quickly striped Pedro of his jock as well, revealing the shorter man’s almost equally enormous endowment, and they were both naked, hard, and ready. 

They walked naked together into the showers and adjusted the water temperature, and then they continued where they left off. Dan slapped Pedro's enormous balls hard with his open hand and then trapped them in his big fist. Pedro drove both of his hands into Dan's balls and locked his fingers around the huge, loose sac. They released each other's balls and began to trade ball slaps. Harder and harder they slammed their hands into the other's nuts. But instead of forcing their hips back, they pushed their hips closer together until their stiff dicks were almost touching. Neither was willing to concede to his opponent, and they were both soon trading brutal punches back and forth into each other’s already terrifically battered balls. 

The punches continued to build in force and frequency, raining down harder and faster on each other’s profoundly bruised and swollen nuts, finally building to a crescendo of truly nut annihilating destruction. 

When neither man could take it any more, they both reached orgasm at the same moment and began pounding out insanely enormous, massive loads of stud spunk. As the two muscle titans began to blow their loads, they stopped punching and instead locked a vicious nut claw on the other’s screaming nuts, squeezing so hard that the tough and dense nut meat bulged grotesquely between their clutching fingers. They continued to maul and mangle each other’s thoroughly scrambled nuts throughout their monumental orgasms, squeezing even more precious nut milk out of their huge, battered balls. 

Dozens of blasts of cum later, the two muscle men finally released each other’s aching and thoroughly busted balls, reveling in the pleasurable afterglow. They then embraced, clutching their massive muscles close together in a mighty bear hug and all but gluing their meaty torsos together with the copious sticky fluids of their mutual almighty testicle purge. The two men then kissed long and deep, Dan bending down to lock his mouth with Pedro’s luscious lips, and then they slowly and gently washed each other clean. 

As the two naked muscle giants returned to their lockers, both were now walking a bit bow legged due to the heroically throbbing and pounding ache in their gigantic balls. They agreed that their recent match had resulted in a draw, and Dan agreed to come to Pedro’s house for a rematch. The two mighty studs were determined to discover which of them had the strongest, toughest bull balls, and they were willing to punch each other’s balls all night long to find out the winner. 

Just the thought of that gave both men new raging boners, and as they walked out of the gym together, Dan’s massively muscled arm draped over Pedro’s wide boulder shoulders, it was clear that the two men had finally met their match, in more ways than one!