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Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 5

 Hello everyone! 

It's still late August as I write this message, and I wanted to let you know that I am in the process of writing Chapter 6 to this story. As of this moment, I still don't know what the ultimate fate of Thor's almighty nuts will be. Will Thanos succeed in figuring out which of Thor's behemoth bollocks is the strongest, obliterating the weaker one and harvesting the stronger one to finish his Virility Gauntlet? Or will Thor somehow manage to thwart the villain's vile plans, and survive with his titanic teste intact? 

I would love to hear from you all, and get your thoughts on how this saga should end. In the meantime, please enjoy this penultimate chapter in the Mighty Thor series. 


Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 5

An original story by Jayse


Thor quickly lost count of the days, his mind in a near-constant haze of agonizing, inhuman pain combined with equally intense erotic ecstasy. He likewise lost count of the hundreds upon hundreds of times that his behemoth bull balls had been pounded, pummeled, and punished into useless mush, and the nearly equal number of times that his mighty war hammer, his proud 22-inch mega cock, had likewise been wrecked and ruined. Thor had shot so much splooge that, if it hadn’t been for the various drains in the stone floor, he was certain that he would have flooded the chamber halfway to the ceiling by now! And yet still the brutal punishments and tests continued… 

The demigod tried to remain strong and not lose hope, but that was a monumental challenge in the face of such ceaseless and inhuman tortures. Few beings in the universe were as brave or as stout of heart as the Mighty Thor, but after having his balls smashed to smithereens a few hundred times, even Thor’s indomitable will began to flag. He faced each new day with brave resolve, preparing himself for the brutal tortures ahead, and by the end of the day, he was so exhausted that he was glad just to keep from crying or begging for mercy. 

Thor didn’t know this, but Thanos was secretly extremely impressed with the demigod’s strength and will, for all of the captives before him had eventually broken, begging for clemency or death, neither of which the cruel giant ever afforded them. Thanos was pushing the God of Thunder harder than he’d pushed another of the other mighty Avengers, for he knew that Thor was made of even sterner stuff than his comrades, but even Thanos was surprised and not a little bit awed by the golden-haired hunk’s stamina and resilience. 

And just as Thanos had said would happen, Thor’s oversized genitals grew stronger and tougher with each passing day. Every time they suffered the cruelest and most brutal of tortures and abuses and were then rebuilt and healed by the Infinity Gauntlet, Thor’s already mighty cock and balls grew even stronger and more durable, capable of enduring even harsher punishments. This cycle continued day after day, week after week, and eventually month after month. Thor’s mammoth cock and behemoth balls were being tempered and refined into the most powerful set of male genitalia to ever exist. 

Thanos was shocked by how long the process was taking. Even the Incredible Hulk had been ready for harvest in but a fortnight, at the end of what Thanos had then thought was an unparalleled marathon session of ball wrecking abuse. But there seemed no end to how mighty and powerful Thor’s giant genitals could grow! One full month elapsed, and then a second, and then a THIRD, and STILL Thor was going strong, making significant strides in testicular strength and power each and every day! Though he was excited and eager to finish his Virility Gauntlet, Thanos was utterly fascinated by the steadily growing durability and strength of Thor’s goliath gonads, and he knew that every increase in Thor’s endurance and resilience would eventually translate into even greater power once the demigod’s awesome virility was harvested for his new gauntlet. So Thanos was more than happy to continue pounding and pummeling Thor’s mighty stones, hammering out even the most minute flaws and imperfections, and making them into the toughest testicles in the entire universe. 

In fact, it was getting downright difficult to get Thor’s nuts to crack at this point, as they were becoming nearly indestructible! It took more and more strength and effort for Thanos to burst those meaty orbs, but he certainly enjoyed the challenge. The villain’s own natural strength, greater even than Thor’s, soon proved insufficient to the task, and Thanos was forced to use the Infinity Gauntlet more and more to augment his own colossal power. Sure, with the almost limitless strength given to him by the Infinity Gauntlet, he could still shatter Thor’s eggs with one mighty punch if he chose to do so, or instantly crush them in his massive hands, but he had to use a greater and greater fraction of his Gauntlet-augmented strength to break Thor’s balls. 

One measure of just how ferociously strong and tough Thor’s melon-sized nuts had become was the frequency at which Thanos destroyed them. During the first month or so of Thor’s capture and torture, Thanos consistently broke his balls at least a dozen times each day. By the second month, though, that number had dropped to consistently below ten, and by the third month, he was breaking Thor’s balls only five or six times a day, and that number continued to drop as they entered the fourth month of Thor’s punishment and torture. 

Even a casual observer could see how much Thor’s genitals had grown in strength and resilience. Devastating blows that once would have obliterated the gigantic orbs now bounced off of them with hardly any effect. Earlier vises and clamps and other crushing devices would crack and break when used on Thor’s new and improved bollocks, and sturdier and heavier duty equipment had to be manufactured to be used on the mighty man nuts. Greater levels of heat, cold, electricity, force, vacuum, etc. were required to demolish Thor’s mighty balls, and it took much longer to achieve their demise each time. The demigod’s nuts also naturally healed at an even more accelerated rate than ever, and Thanos found that he needed to use the Infinity Gauntlet less and less frequently, for Thor could now heal any damage short of total annihilation completely on his own, and in very little time. 

In fact, by every measure and estimation, Thor’s nuts were stronger and tougher and hardier than ever before. They had also grown by a small but significant fraction, bloating to an even more enormous size than ever, and were now DEFINITELY larger than cantaloupes. The thick subsurface veins that were normally not readily visible were now permanently bloated and distended, a tortured roadmap that coursed over the vast surfaces of both colossal balls, and make them look even more masculine and formidable. The twin bollocks had already grown considerably heavier due to their greater mass and density, and now hung more than two inches below Thor’s crotch, swinging ponderously with the muscle man’s slightest movement. 

Thor’s balls had already been extraordinarily virile before his capture by Thanos, but they had now reached stratospheric heights of fecundity never before seen among either mortals or gods. The handsome hulk’s orgasms never lasted fewer than two or three minutes, and frequently extended for five minutes or more, and the cum loads themselves were now so titanic that they had to be measured in multiple gallons of hot and chunky effluvium. What’s more, those mighty twin sperm factories could fully recharge in as little as 15 minutes, whipping up a new batch of hot, ripe spunk to spew across the room. Thor’s testosterone levels were now literally off the charts, bathing his entire body in mighty male hormones. Thor himself would have sworn that his already gargantuan muscles had grown even bigger and stronger during his captivity, but the hunky captive was in such a constant state of agony that it was hard for him to tell for sure. 

Thanos succeeded beyond his wildest dreams in conditioning Thor to orgasm under the most brutal of ball abuse. Eventually, he couldn’t STOP the hyper virile super hero from busting his nut on a nearly continuous basis, and the chamber now always reeked of the heady and pungent scent of Thor’s powerful sex. Thor proved to be more susceptible to such conditioning than any male that had gone before him, to the point where Thanos’ initial daily entrance to the torture chamber was met with an instantaneous and volcanic eruption of the demigod’s sperm, purging an entire night’s worth of his impossibly thick and gelatinous spunk all at one go. Just the very ANTICIPATION of ball busting torture was now enough to set Thor off, and the daily spermatic salute made Thanos smile every morning. 

Thor had been a paragon of manhood long before his captivity and tortures began, but he was quickly becoming something greater still. And with every passing day, the long-suffering hero knew he was drawing closer and closer to his inevitable — and permanent — unmanning. 


As the fourth month of Thor’s captivity began to draw to a close, Thanos was down to destroying the demigod’s massive bollocks only two or three times a day, and by the first week of his fifth month of punishments, the evil purple giant was only slaughtering Thor’s gonads once a day. He was still making progress improving those mighty, weighty bull balls, though, so Thanos kept on with his tortures, revisiting older punishments to discover just how much Thor had grown in strength and vigor, and constantly inventing new and cruelly ingenious ways to wreck Thor’s balls, all in a never-ending struggle to find and exceed his captive’s newest limits. 

While Thor was grateful to have his herculean huevos cracked and obliterated with much less frequency, it was not all wine and roses for the mighty demigod. In fact, if anything, he was now in a worse situation, for his ability to endure ever greater punishments meant that he was now forced to endure even more painful abuses. Perversely, his mammoth testes also appeared to have sprouted even MORE nerve endings throughout the months-long process, making his titanic bollocks even MORE sensitive to both pain and pleasure. So while Thor might only have to suffer the catastrophic destruction of his massive sex glands once a day, the sheer inhuman agony of the tortures leading up to that ultimate conclusion were more intense and painful than ever. It was enough to break even the toughest man’s will, but somehow Thor stubbornly held on to defiance, held on to hope. 

But even that hope was beginning to fade, for as the frequency of his ball slaughter decreased, Thor knew that time was running out before Thanos would decide to harvest his huge nuts. 


Thor was more right than he knew, for by the end of the fifth month, Thanos was achieving smaller and smaller increases in the strength and resilience of the demigod’s weighty whoppers with each passing day. Thor’s big balls were now so staggeringly powerful that there was very little improvement that COULD be had at that point, and so Thanos began making plans for the final ceremony to determine which of Thor’s balls was the strongest, so that it could be harvested to complete his Virility Gauntlet. 

Along the way, Thanos catalogued a litany of Thor’s super human achievements, which he reviewed with great excitement and pleasure as he planned the studly super hero’s imminent ‘harvesting’. Thor’s colossal cock and balls, and indeed his entire spectacularly muscular body, were now truly nearly indestructible. The herculean hero’s mammoth genitals were now virtually impervious to extremes of heat and cold, and to sonic vibrations and absolute vacuum. Thor’s mighty testes could now endure the crushing weight of an entire mountain, and their tougher-than-steel cords and cables could support more than 100 metric tons of weight without snapping, increasing the natural 2-inch dangle of his mammoth nuts to a whopping and jaw-dropping 13 inches, very nearly the length of his own enormous, flaccid penis. The tough tissues of Thor’s goliath gonads could endure more than an entire day of strangulation, as Thanos had proved by choking off their blood supply for an entire day and night. Those melon-sized bollocks could also be forced to bloat to two and a half times their normal size with excess sperm, capable of enduring staggeringly high internal pressures without rupturing. 

Thanos’ favorite testicle tortures remained using his own massive hands to punch and pummel, maul and mangle, and squeeze and crush Thor’s behemoth balls, and here the handsome and hunky hero excelled as well. The giant purple villain could pound and smash those massive twin globes to his heart’s content all day every day, and their combinations of insanely rugged toughness and extraordinarily rapid healing meant that Thor’s bloated baby makers could endure just about anything Thanos had to dish out. In fact, it now took MULTIPLE full-force punches from Thanos’ Gauntlet-enhanced fists to crack Thor’s almighty nuts, such was their awesome power. 

Thor’s colossal slab of bull cock had also racked its own list of incredible achievements, the brutally beautiful 22-inch phallus growing stronger and sturdier than adamantium itself! The monstrously girthy rod could be brutally bent up to 270 degrees in any direction without cracking, and could similarly be twisted a full one and a half rotations without breaking. Both tortures now took monumental efforts on Thanos’ part, requiring heavy augmentation of his strength with his mighty Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos could now also force bloat that monster to a stupendous and stupefying 28 gargantuan inches in length and 22+ inches in girth without bursting the grotesquely distended and swollen male member, making it even bigger than the record-breaking cocks of either the Incredible Hulk or Thanos himself! Hell, at that size, Thor wouldn’t even have been able to have intercourse with a female Titan Eternal, had one existed! Thor’s gigantic, diamond-hard dick was now something primordial, and Thanos took great pleasure in the fact that he could pound, punch, choke, throttle, squeeze, and smack that titanic phallus as hard and as fast as he wanted, and it could endure for hours without being destroyed. 

Thor had, in short, become the most perfect torture subject that the universe had ever seen. The demigod’s almighty form had been tempered and refined by months and months of endless abuse until it had achieved a state of utter male perfection. 

And even though further tests and tortures failed to create any additional improvements in Thor’s already power-enhanced genitals, Thanos spent nearly an entire additional month, Thor’s sixth month in captivity, further laying into the super hero’s thick cock and ball meat. Thanos had found that he greatly enjoyed inflicting unforgettable pain and harm upon his handsome and enormously muscular captive, and he knew that once he had harvested the final Virility Stone from Thor’s voluminous blond ball pouch, his favorite play thing will have been destroyed forever. So Thanos spent day after day after day visiting his favorite abuses upon the defiant hunk, taking the handsome hero’s titanic testicles to the brink of destruction each day, and allowing their awesome regenerative powers to heal them completely overnight, only to face fresh brutalities the next morning. 

Part of Thanos wanted to keep right on mauling and mangling Thor’s magnificent manhood forever, such was the profound pleasure he found in torturing and abusing this most manly of men. But the mighty villain knew that he needed to complete his Virility Gauntlet and repopulate with universe with an entire new generation of Titan Eternals, and to do that, he knew that Thor’s almighty bull bollocks had to die. So Thanos made plans for one final, glorious day of tortures — one that would end in the annihilation of Thor’s weaker testicle, and the harvesting of his other bloated orb as the final and most powerful Virility Stone! 

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Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 4

 Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 4

An original story by Jayse


The many hundreds of brutalities visited upon Thor’s gloriously muscular and massive body weren’t solely limited to just his herculean testicles, however. Nearly every part of his massive and mighty frame was subjected to various tests and tortures at one point or another, but the only other part of Thor’s magnificent physique that received an even remotely comparable amount of cruel attention as his mammoth balls was his equally colossal bull cock. 

With 22 rock solid inches of impossibly thick and sturdy mega cock throbbing and bouncing proudly and defiantly before Thanos’ eyes, it was inevitable that the gigantic phallus would receive its own share of unwanted and brutal attention. The massive slab of man meat was pounded and pummeled, pulled and stretched, bent and twisted, speared and skewered, squeezed and crushed, often to the point of utter and complete destruction. Thanos enjoyed wrecking Thor’s majestic whale cock almost as much as he loved obliterating his balls, and he knew that every time he rebuilt the massive phallus with the awesome powers of the Infinity Gauntlet, it was becoming just that much tougher and harder and more resilient. 

As with Thor’s balls, Thanos’ most frequent form of abuse was to pummel, hammer, bash, and bludgeon the demigod’s gigantic dick from every conceivable angle, softening the incredibly dense meat, weakening and shredding the tough tissues, and eventually grinding the humongous red-blooded tubesteak into hamburger meat. Each round of destruction took a long time, as Thor’s cock was as incredibly strong and tough as the rest of his extraordinary body, and it resisted all but the most brutal attempts to damage and harm it. 

And with so much acreage to cover, sometimes Thanos would focus on just one part of the demigod’s gorgeous, gigantic giga cock. He might hammer the spongy cockhead to a pulp one day, and then focus on the impossibly thick and vein-gnarled shaft the next. Sometimes he’d pound away at the base of the cock itself, hammering at the root of the majestic phallus where it joined his body at the base of his chiseled and corrugated abs. Thanos would pound away at the extraordinary tough and powerful muscles and ligaments at the base of his cock that were responsible for cranking the enormous beast cock heavenward, and as the cruel giant would weaken the pulverize those mighty muscles, the monstrous cock would sag lower and lower. Eventually, the thick root would be pounded almost to a pulp, and his still bloated and rock hard cock would be pointing straight downward, broken and unable to crank itself aloft. And if Thanos kept on hammering at the heavily damaged base, Thor’s magnificent bull cock would simply tear free, its great weight ripping at the last remaining tethers and letting the nearly two FEET of Clydesdale cock fall to the floor below with a loud and beefy thump. 

Other times, Thanos would grab the gargantuan phallus at either end and bend or twist it in a variety of unnatural directions. Thanos could bend the God of Thunder’s mighty cock like it was a great longbow, producing a profound upward, downward, or sideways curve of up to an extraordinary 180 degrees, literally bending it back on itself. Or Thanos might tightly grip the head and first few inches of Thor’s mammoth cock and start twisting it along its central axis in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. The thick tissues and mighty ligaments would audibly creak and moan as Thor’s cock neared the limits of its endurance, and sick crunching and crackling sounds would then be indicative of the thick and hardy meat starting to breaking down and snap under the intense strain. 

Thanos would frequently make Thor cum when his massive bull cock was twisted or bent to the very brink of snapping, and his orgasms when his phallus was so profoundly distorted were excruciatingly painful, and sometimes would finish what Thanos had started and resulted in the sharp, staccato snap of overstressed penile tissues finally rending and breaking. And if the orgasm didn’t achieve that end, then Thanos would simply do it himself, cracking Thor’s mighty cock in half while the handsome thunder god bellowed and brayed in unbelievably agony. 

Even then, there were still certain particularly clever and cruel cock tortures that were more memorable than the rest. 

Pretzel Cock

On one particularly cruel occasion, Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to force Thor’s cock into a completely limp and flaccid state, a rare occurrence in the dimly lit chamber. The purple giant then took the 14-inch log of limp meat and gingerly tied it into a simple knot. Even when completely flaccid, Thor’s cock meat was incredibly thick and dense, so it took a good deal of elbow grease and effort on Thanos’ part, and caused no small amount of pain to the bound demigod. But after much effort, Thanos achieved his goal, and smiled as he gazed down upon Thor’s gorgeous, gargantuan bull cock tied in a knot. Thor’s pale blue eyes were wide in terror and disbelief at the intensely disturbing sight, and his valiant heart thundered inside his massive, pec-proud chest in anticipation of what he knew must come next. 

A cruelly grinning Thanos then activated his gauntlet once more, and forced Thor’s twisted cock to once again plump and grow into rock solid hardness. 

The only sounds more disturbing than the crackling and crunching sounds coming from Thor’s cock as it was forced into full tumescence while tied in a knot were the shrill screams of terror and agony coming from the demigod himself, as he watched his colossal cock bloat into some sort of sick parody of a balloon animal. But though Thor’s cock was heavily damaged in the process, with torn tissues, ruptured ligaments, and patches of dark purple bruising occurring all up and down its tremendous length, the overall structural integrity of his mighty bull cock somehow, miraculously, held. Twisted into the shape of a pretzel and straining to the brink of rupture, Thor’s mighty cock somehow managed to endure. 

But Thanos was not yet done. The purple giant then began to smack around the mighty sperm tanks hanging so heavy and full below that twisted, corkscrew penis, gently at first and then with gradually more force and power. Taps became smacks, which grew into stinging slaps, which grew into powerful strikes, which became devastating punches. As intended, all of this rough ball abuse caused Thor’s agony-trained libido to crank into overdrive, and though the mighty hero fought hard against it, he could feel a fresh orgasm building inside his mauled and misshapen loins. The erotic feelings grew and grew and grew, and Thor held back his orgasm by sheer force of will alone, knowing and dreading what would happen it he allowed himself to cum. 

But Thor could no more hold back his burgeoning load than he could hold back the tide. A deep growl formed in the depths of Thor’s mighty chest, and grew in volume and power until it became a bellow of fury and defiance. And then the orgasm hit. Thor’s cock throbbed so hard that a ‘SNAP!’ nearly as loud as a thunderclap could be heard, as his tortured bull cock finally cracked under the awesome strain. But nothing, not even the breaking of his cock, could stop Thor’s mammoth orgasm, and his cock throbbed again and again and again, each time accompanied by loud and sharp sounds of tendons snapping and tissues breaking. Thor’s cock was literally tearing itself apart even as thick pulses of stud cream burst out of the swollen glans and splashed wetly all over the floor. Great rents and tears appeared along the twisted and distorted shaft, and blood poured from the many wounds, but STILL Thor’s orgasm raged onward, in the end lasting more than two full minutes! By the end, not much of Thor’s once glorious cock remained, for it was so cracked and bleeding and broken that it could hardly even be called a penis anymore. 

Getting Thor’s cock OUT of its knot proved to be nearly as painful and destructive, but with a lot of rough man handling, Thanos finally disentangled the wrecked and ruined penis, and only then did he restore it to its previous rampant glory through the use of the Infinity Gauntlet. 

Penis Skinning

An even MORE brutal torture involved the slow and methodical flaying of Thor’s monumental penis. Thanos started at the top, cruelly slicing off the thick foreskin that covered the huge bulbous head of Thor’s towering cock, as the evil villain had done a dozen or more times before. But this time he didn’t stop there. He made a shallow slice near the top of the shaft, just behind the flaring coronal ridge of Thor’s cock, and then started to slowly peel an ever-lengthening strip of skin from the demigod’s cock. The pain was sharp and intense, but even worse was the visual, for Thor was forced to watch as his mighty cock was slowly skinned alive! 

The raw, dark red meat of Thor’s cock flesh was revealed as more and more of his skin was cut and stripped away. There was surprisingly little blood, both because Thor was naturally not much of a bleeder, but also because Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to minimized the messiness of excess blood. The work was slippery enough without a lot of bleeding, and it took Thanos a considerable amount of time, but eventually he managed to skin the entire cock shaft, from just behind the flaring coronal ridge to the thick and beefy root. 

With the skin stripped away, Thor’s cock looked even more fearsome and primeval, a beefy red tower of prime man meat. The internal structures of the demigod’s goliath cock were now on full display, including the two twin chambers of the corpus cavernosa, those long and girthy tubes of spongy tissue that were now fully engorged with blood, and which made up the lion’s share of the titanic, tumescent cock shaft. Ventral to those two massive structures and running along the entire undercarriage of the meaty shaft was the corpus spongiosum, a smaller cylindrical chamber also made up of spongy, blood-engorged tissues, but which also included the urethra, the thick cum tube through which Thor shot his gargantuan spunk loads. All of these structures were covered by a thick tracery of enormous veins, which looked even more powerful and primal now that the protective skin had been carefully sliced away. 

Thanos spent the rest of that day torturing and brutalizing Thor’s mammoth and magnificent balls, enjoying the sight of the Thunder God blasting load after painful, forced load out of his raw and naked penis. It wasn’t until toward the end of the day’s torture session that the evil giant once again returned to Thor’s stripped phallus. He began by prying the three cylindrical chambers apart, stretching them laterally away from each other so that it almost looked like Thor had three separate, narrower penises that all joined at a single, massive, bloated cock head. Thanos then vivisected the mangled penis bit by bit, encouraging a bellowing Thor to cum throughout, as he slowly reduced the skinned cock to ruins. Being the master torturer that he was, Thanos was able to keep Thor’s cock functional far, far longer than should have been possible so that, even after the demigod’s once-proud bull cock had been reduced to a pile of ruined beef, he was still able to force Thor to cum one last time, somehow pumping a huge load of sperm through a mangled mass of dying flesh. 

Only then did Thanos rebuild and restore Thor’s cock once more to its former glory. 

Bloat until It Bursts

Shortly after Thanos had choked off Thor’s big balls and forced them to fill with cum until they burst, Thanos decided to try a similar experiment with the demigod’s mighty penis. An adamantium cock ring was secured around the very root of Thor’s rampant elephant cock, squeezing down on its base and making the rest of the goliath tool fill with even more blood, swelling to its maximum size. Thor’s cock bloated larger than ever before, adding another half inch in length and swelling to a truly gargantuan girth. The mighty veins snaking up and down the colossal shaft bulged so large they looked ready to burst. But Thor’s mighty cock held, aching and straining and bloated to its maximum size. 

Or was it? 

A clear glassteel cylinder was then affixed over the entirety of Thor’s mammoth, distended penis, forming an airtight seal where it joined the tight cock ring. Thanos attached a vacuum pump to the other end of the clear cylinder, and then, as Thor flexed and writhed in a futile effort to break free, the evil giant turned on the pump. 

At first, the growing vacuum around Thor’s cock appeared to have no effect. The demigod’s phallus was already bloated beyond its normal and already gargantuan size, and looked to be incapable of swelling any larger. But then slowly, achingly, the blond hunk’s giant dick began to bloat bigger still. The tissues were becoming dangerously overfilled with blood, so that his entire cock began to turn a darker and darker red, with the spongy cock head itself growing a deep and vibrant purple. Thor’s growls of agony soon turned into full throated bellows, as his cock added another half inch in length, and then another, and then ANOTHER, finally achieving a stupendous 24 full inches in length! 

That’s when Thor’s cock finally hit its ill-fated orgasm. The insanely hyper bloated organ began to buck and flex within the vacuum tube, and the added strain caused his overstretched penile skin to start to rip and tear in over a dozen places. As the first massive slugs of super hero spunk began to spurt out of his obscenely dilated urethra, those skin tears started to squirt out thin streamers of blood under high pressure. With each herculean throb, the tears in Thor’s cock grew larger, and it was abundantly clear that the demigod’s almighty cock was about to fail, and fail spectacularly. 

Thor’s hideously distended and over-bloated cock somehow managed to survive more than a dozen heaving throbs before it simply, for lack of a better word, disintegrated. It was as if all of those tough, dense, beefy tissues failed at the exact same moment, such that the entire colossal organ exploded. Blood, meat, and gore instantly painted the interior walls of the clear cylinder in the shattered and shredded remains of Thor’s once magnificent cock, and the hunky hero bellowed in profound agony and loss. Most disturbing of all, however, was the fact that even the explosive loss of his he-man cock couldn’t stop Thor’s thunderous orgasm, for astoundingly thick slugs of fresh spunk kept erupting out of the ragged and shattered stump of his ruined cock. The deluge of creamy white jizz splattered against the gore-stained walls of the glassteel cylinder, washing down the walls and creating a huge soupy slurry of liquified penile tissues and hyper abundant sperm. 

Not wanting to interrupt Thor’s gigantic orgasm, Thanos waited until the demigod’s mighty cum load was complete before removing the cylinder and spilling more than five gallons of pulped penis and spunk onto the stone floor. Only then did he deign to repair Thor’s utterly destroyed penis, once again restoring it to its awesome glory. 

Friday, September 11, 2020

Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 3

 Mighty Thor and the Virility Stones - Part 3

An original story by Jayse


And thus was Thor thrust into a world of unending pain and inhuman suffering, experiencing levels of agony that most beings couldn’t even dream of. Day after day went by uncounted, as Thor very quickly lost track of how many times his prized balls, the most precious family jewels in all of Asgard, were wrecked, ruined, and destroyed over and over and over again. His poor, beleaguered nuts were obliterated at least a dozen or more times each and every day, with Thanos eagerly inventing more and more creative and painful ways to snuff out the demigod’s magnificent manhood. 

The God of Thunder also quickly lost track of how many times he was forced to purge the white liquid gold from his mighty loins, pumping out load after colossal load even as his massive nuts were reduced to useless hamburger. The entire chamber was soon reeking of Thor’s pungent and heady sex, and great puddles of the stuff formed on the cold stone floor, but no one made much of an effort to clean it away. In fact, if it wasn’t for the multiple drains imbedded in the stone floor, the chamber itself would have had a thin layer of chunky splooge an inch or two thick coating the entire floor, such was the incredible volume of prime super hero spunk that had already been forced from Thor’s much-suffering bollocks. 

The various methods Thanos used to test and torture Thor’s balls were as insanely brutal as they were extraordinarily cruel. Thanos wanted to temper the demigod’s mammoth testicles into the strongest, toughest, most resilient pair of gonads imaginable, and that meant using and abusing them in every way possible. 

Pounding and Clubbing

The majority of the torture methods were straightforward, just multiple variations on blunt force trauma, punching, pounding, and pummeling Thor’s almighty bollocks to their very limits and beyond. Thanos would frequently just squeeze Thor’s bulging balls down to the very bottom of their sac and pummel the literal stuffing out of them, or use the demigod’s golden-haired nutsac as some sort of overloaded and densely fleshy speed bag, raining blow after blow after blow onto them until they simply popped. Thanos never ceased to tire of using his own gargantuan, bony-knuckled fists to endlessly pound and hammer Thor’s nuts to oblivion. 

Other times, Thanos would use some other instrument, like a leather-clad paddle, a steel pipe, an oversized sledgehammer, or some other heavy, blunt object, to inflict terrific damage onto the muscle man’s godly stones. Thanos also enjoyed dropping heavier and heavier weights from a height onto Thor’s trapped and defenseless balls, watching them pancake flatter and flatter until they finally burst within their sac. 

Crushing and Squeezing

Thanos also greatly enjoyed crushing and squeezing Thor’s great bull nuts. He’d most frequently use his own hands to accomplish this tasks, crushing the blond man’s nuts in his massive fists or grinding them against some unforgiving surface with his thick knuckles. Sometimes he’d even use another part of his body, such as when he would isolate one bloated bollock at a time and place it in the crook of his elbow, and then bend his forearm so that Thor’s straining nut was trapped. Then he would start flexing his gargantuan bicep muscles, crushing the valiantly resisting ball harder and harder until it eventually burst. Thanos would almost as frequently use other items to help him in this task, however, such as various vises, hydraulic presses, or just placing heavier and heavier weights atop the double mound of big and beefy balls until they broke. 

But one of Thanos’ favorite crushing methods involved pitting the two titanic testes against one another, such as by gripping them in both of his massive hands and slowly grinding them harder and harder against each other, feeling the two distorting orbs battle against each other for supremacy. Eventually, one or the other great orb (or sometimes both!) would shatter inside Thor’s nutsac in an explosion of burst nut guts. Thanos kept track of which ball (if any) survived such tortures longer than its brother, hoping for a hint as to which orb would prove the strongest and be worthy to be used as a Virility Stone, but both great balls seemed thus far equally matched. 

On another memorable occasion, Thanos placed Thor’s mighty nuts on a raised pedestal, and then started stacking heavier and heavier weights atop the bulging balls. It took a truly impressive amount of weight to even start flattening the big bruisers, and even more weight before they were getting crushed and were struggling to maintain their structural integrity. Eventually, however, as always happened, the ultimate limit of Thor’s balls’ extraordinary endurance was reached, and they were both messily and noisily squashed like bugs beneath the heavy weights, causing the handsome golden-haired Thor to howl in unbearable agony. 

But this time, instead of removing the weights, a cruelly grinning Thanos used his gauntlet to start rebuilding Thor’s balls…while they were still being utterly crushed beneath the weights!! 

What followed was one of the most gruesome of Thanos’ experiments to date. Thor’s broken balls heroically tried to reform themselves while being simultaneously flattened beneath the immense weight. A continuous cacophony of squelching and squishing sounds emanated from beneath the weight stack, chunks of nut meat shattering as soon as they were formed, and Thor’s agonized shrieks were deafening. Minute after minute after minute slowly ticked by, each one an eternity of hell for Thor, but cruel Thanos refused to relent. Thick slugs of pinkish-gray goo oozed constantly from beneath the weights, dripping heavily and wetly to the floor, where they formed an ever-growing pile of liquified nut guts. And STILL Thanos would not relent, even as buckets and buckets full of pulverized procreative material accumulated on the stone floor. 

But Thanos knew what he was doing. He knew that with each passing moment, with each attempt to rebuild themselves, Thor’s nuts were growing stronger and stronger. Thus it was that, some 15 minutes after Thor’s nuts had spectacularly collapsed, the entire stack of weights began to quiver slightly. And then slightly more. And then slightly more, rocking back and forth in various directions as chunks of nut meat reformed and were actually strong enough to survive for a second or two before bursting again. It took another 5 minutes or so before the entire platform of weights began to ever so slowly and ponderous rise upward, being lifted by Thor’s steadily strengthening balls! 

In the end, it took nearly half an hour, but Thor’s mighty bollocks finally grew so incredibly strong that they could once again support the tremendous weight above them. They were still squashed to a mere fraction of their normal girth and were in deep and terrible agony, but they held, proving that they were now stronger than the weight stacked on top of them. Thanos watched with rapt attention as Thor’s mighty balls continued to grow stronger still, very slowly lifting the weights higher and higher, until they were only slightly more than halfway flattened, where they stabilized and seemed capable of supporting the enormous stack of weights indefinitely. Thanos smiled and clapped his massive hands in approval, congratulating Thor on his extraordinary accomplishment. Then, without warning, Thanos instantly doubled the immense amount of weight bearing down on Thor’s nuts, instantly obliterating the recently rebuilt balls once more in a spectacular burst of broken bollocks. 

Energy. Vacuum, and Pressure

Still other methods included subjecting Thor’s mega nuts to various forms of energy and other stresses. Extremes of heat and cold were used on Thor’s huge, heaving nuts, as was electricity and even sound waves. Thor’s nuts were cooked until they were reduced to blackened charcoal briquets, frozen clear through so that they shattered under a single sharp impact, electrocuted until they messily exploded, and exposed to such high frequency sounds that they shook and shuddered and ripped themselves apart in a gory spray of nut guts and raw sperm. 

In a particularly cruel and messy torture, Thanos placed both of Thor’s humongous nuts inside of a very large clear globe, several orders of magnitude larger than the massive nutsac itself, and then gradually sucked the air out of it, subjecting the demigod’s struggling nuts to stronger and stronger forms of vacuum. Thor’s fantastically tough nuts at first resisted any obvious or visible effects, but as the strength of the vacuum got stronger and stronger, the demigod’s enormous nuts slowly swelled larger and larger as they were forced to occupy more and more of the globe’s vacant interior space. They eventually bloated to more than TWICE their normal size and mass, with thick and angry veins protruding all over their distended, ovoid surfaces! Increasing suction and vacuum failed to force Thor’s nuts to grow any larger, for they’d reached their absolute maximum size, but the increased strain was placing ever growing pressure on the extraordinarily tough interior structures of the valiantly struggling man orbs. Eventually, however, they could take no more, and both beyond-bloated testicles finally, simultaneously, and spectacularly burst, coating the entire interior of the globe with the gross innards of the stud’s shattered nuts. 

The opposite method of testicular destruction was used as well. Thor’s mammoth balls were roughly forced into a clear sphere barely large enough to contain them, and Thanos then used the Infinity Gauntlet to gradually and very slowly shrink the size of the sphere. Thor’s huge bollocks were forced to collapse upon themselves, growing more and more dense as they simultaneously pressed harder and harder against each other. Thanos cruelly grinned as he watched the two titanic orbs battle each other for the gradually diminishing space. Eventually, inevitably, one testicle would be triumphant over the other, and the loser would crack and burst. And with no other valve to relieve the building pressure, Thor’s broken nut guts were forced out of his mammoth, majestic stallion cock in a grotesque parody of his normal orgasm. A fountain of gore would erupt from his thunderously throbbing donkey dick as thick chunks and streamers of his shattered nut would be powerfully ejected through his internal plumbing, spraying a chuckling Thanos in a hideous shellacking of ruined testicular matter. 

The implosion of one of his great nuts would grant Thor’s surviving bollock a reprieve against the awful crushing pressure… but only temporarily. Thanos would continue to decrease the size of the sphere’s deadly embrace, bearing down on the demigod’s remaining orb as well until it, too, burst and was vomited forth out of the young muscle man’s bloated and distended penis. 

Other Testicular Tortures

Thanos had an almost limitless imagination, and Thor had a pair of the biggest, toughest, and most beautiful nuts he’d ever seen, so the types of tortures and abuses that were heaped upon those long suffering bollocks was virtually endless. 

Choking Thor’s Nuts

In one cruel torture, Thanos placed several crimping devices around the relatively narrow neck of Thor’s dangling scrotum, securing them so tightly that he very nearly pinched off Thor’s strangled testicles then and there. The crimping devices instantly choked off the vital blood supply for the blond-haired muscle bull’s humongous balls, starving them of the blood and nutrients they needed to survive. The behemoth balls quickly turned a dark and angry red, which progressed to a darker and darker purple over time as what little oxygen remained inside Thor’s bollocks was steadily used up. Blinding pain erupted in Thor’s straining balls as they screamed for oxygen, and the resulting agony sent the handsome demigod into an immediate and intense orgasm… only to have his spunk choked off inside of his nuts as well. The thwarted orgasm only added to the stud’s terrible agony, as the backed up sperm caused the internal plumbing of his nuts to bloat and distend. 

While Thor’s mammoth gonads slowly died on the vine, Thanos amused himself by roughly punching and pounding the screaming orbs, not so hard as to outright demolish them, but hard enough to even further magnify the horrible pain pulsing through both great testes. This torture took many hours, for Thor’s balls were incredibly tough and hardy. Any other man’s balls would have been reduced to cold and dead husks in as little as ten minutes, but Thor’s valiant orbs struggled on and on, stubbornly refusing to die. At the same time, the terrible, knee-buckling pain sent Thor into a thwarted and choked off orgasm again and again, each one more painful and intense than the last. The heavy-hanging orbs seemed to swell in their sac, and the normally almost invisible tracery of veins covering both orbs became more and more prominent, the convoluted cables becoming so bloated and distended that they looked like they might just burst through the skin. 

Thor’s balls slowly cooled, steadily losing their heat as their customary blood supply remained choked off. They also kept turning a darker and darker shade of purple, turning almost black, but STILL they refused to die. It wasn’t until hours into the torture that the deep, throbbing ache inside Thor’s cold, dark nuts started to fade, a disturbing sign that the tissues themselves were finally starting to die. Eventually, Thor couldn’t even feel the heavy pounding of Thanos’ enormous, powerful fists into his nearly dead nuts, the thousands of nerve endings packed inside his mammoth balls no longer firing signals to his brain. And STILL the torture continued, until even Thor’s mighty balls couldn’t endure any longer, and they were truly and completely dead. 

On one particularly memorable occasion, Thanos gently cupped both of Thor’s cold and dead balls in his gloved left hand, and then used the Infinity Gauntlet to quickly restore Thor’s balls to vibrant, painful life. Warmth and feeling flooded back into both titanic testes, and their dark color quickly drained away to reveal a healthy and beautiful pink. But Thor’s reprieve lasted but moments, for with his balls still choked off and the old blood within their depths completely depleted of oxygen and nutrients, the mighty orbs immediately began to die once again, cooling and darkening once more as they were strangled to death. Thanos spent the entire day repeating this process, choking Thor’s nuts to death, only to revive them and watch them die once more. More and more sperm backed up into Thor’s screaming and aching loins until, by the end of the day, they were visibly swollen and bloated with too-long-held spunk. Only at the very end of the day was Thor finally allowed to release his pent up load, and the bound and heaving lad came more powerfully than he had ever done in his life, shooting out a truly monumental load that lasted well over five minutes and painted the entire floor in front of him with his prime demigod splooge. 

Sperm Bloating

In a similar experiment, Thanos clamped off just the spermatic cords that drew the sperm out of Thor’s nuts, leaving their blood supply intact. He then used the Infinity Gauntlet to unnaturally accelerate the already ferociously fast rate at which Thor’s mighty nuts produced sperm, forcing them to crank out fresh seed at a dangerously fast pace. The giant purple villain had hit upon one of his cruelest tortures yet, using Thor’s own freakish virility against him. With no means of escape, Thor’s sperm backed up inside his great nuts, causing them to gradually bloat and swell to even more eye-popping dimensions. The massive nuts grew and grew, their ever-increasing internal pressures causing the young blond demigod intense agony. Thor’s cock attempted to pound out an orgasm to no avail, and then reached orgasm again, and then again, and yet again, until his mighty 22-inch mastodon cock was violently pulsating in a nearly continuous orgasm, desperate to relieve the building pressure inside his burgeoning bollocks. The veins covering Thor’s heavy balls were once again bloated and distended as the huge orbs struggled to maintain their structural integrity, even as they continued to busily churn out even MORE fresh baby batter. 

Thor’s balls drooped lower and lower in their stretched out scrotum as their weight increased, sagging as their already enormously heavy mass grew ever larger. And just as with the vacuum torture, Thor’s gargantuan bollocks eventually swelled to TWICE their normal size, bloating larger than a pair of overinflated ovoid footballs, and STILL they endured. The fibrous and incredibly tough outer walls of Thor’s two balls were stretched to their limits, straining heroically to continue to contain the staggering amount of meat and sperm packed within them, but it was clear that they couldn’t hold out much longer. As still MORE spunk kept on churning out of his hyper virile testes, the great nuts themselves refused to grow any larger, their tough outer shells unable to expand any larger without cracking and bursting. The burgeoning balls were now so tremendously heavy that they’d increased his sac’s natural one-inch dangle to a full FIVE inches, where they hung so weighty and bloated that they looked like they might just rip right off of the hero’s straining crotch! 

Minute after minute ticked by with Thor’s mighty bollocks on the razor’s edge of destruction, and still they doggedly held on. Thanos couldn’t believe his violet eyes — Thor’s balls were unspeakably tough, by far the most powerful and resilient that the purple Titan had ever seen, and were growing ever stronger by the day. The brute hungered for the power and raw virility housed inside of those two beyond-bloated balls, and had known few pleasures greater than torturing this most extraordinary and exceptional of men, pushing him to ever greater heights of pain and endurance. 

Suddenly, a series of short, sharp crackling sounds emanated from both of Thor’s failing nuts, a sure sign that their overburdened walls were finally giving way. Both orbs began to quiver and vibrate within their heavy-hanging sac, getting more and more violent as the seconds ticked by. Thor’s ice blue eyes bugged open wide as he felt the final death throes of his massive nuts, and a mighty bellow of pain erupted from his powerful lungs. Then, with a loud and wet bursting sound, both of Thor’s hideously swollen bollocks exploded, their walls instantly and catastrophically failing. The internal pressure within Thor’s colossal nuts was so great that all four walls of the larger chamber were painted with thick slugs of unspent cum and shredded remnants of Thor’s dense and meaty balls. The amount of raw spunk splattered all over the room and its occupants was nothing short of extraordinary, and a stunned and cum-drenched Thanos estimated that there must have been GALLONS of the chunky stuff stored inside EACH of Thor’s insanely swollen testicles! 

It took Thanos’ lackeys a considerable amount of extra time to wash down the walls and floor of the chamber at the end of that day’s tortures…

Cooking and Eating

One of the cruelest tortures of all would be when Thanos would bring in a portable brazier filled with red hot coals, and then slowly cook Thor’s beautiful, bloated genitals like they were on some oversized barbecue grill. But not only were Thor’s cock and balls tremendously tough and resilient — they were also incredibly thick and meaty. It therefore took a very long time for his mammoth manhood to cook clear through, during which time Thanos would amuse himself by basting Thor’s heavy man meat in his own copious juices, the enormous loads of cum periodically erupting from his reddening and blistering loins. The thick, beefy smell of cooking meat was disturbingly delicious, and Thanos and his minions were literally almost drooling by the time they were finished. 

Thanos would periodically take a large, two-pronged skewer and stab somewhere into Thor’s cooking cock or balls, burying the tines to the hilt. As long as Thor continued to scream in agony with each brutal stab, they knew his genitals were still alive and had not yet cooked all the way through. It wasn’t until such stabbing attacks produced no reaction from the bound muscle behemoth (other than a look of disbelieving shock and horror on his devastatingly handsome face) that Thanos knew that their meal was ready. 

In perhaps the cruelest cut of all, Thor was then forced to watch as Thanos and his minions sliced off slabs and chunks of his thoroughly cooked genitals and ate them right in front of the horrified hero. With so much meat in the offing, it was a large and filling meal for all five of the evil villains, even gigantic Cull Obsidian, and it took them quite a while to finish. All the while, they remarked at how delicious ‘Asgardian beef’ was, taunting the emasculated hero until they’d finished consuming every last morsel of his fabled manhood. 

Only to have Thanos regrow all of that meat once again. 


Every aspect of Thor’s almighty bollocks were tested and pushed and redlined, including the big blond sac itself, and the many cords and cables connecting the massive man orbs to Thor’s muscular and chiseled crotch. Many stretching, tugging, and yanking experiments were performed on the captive demigod’s defenseless nuts, but one of Thanos’ most ingenious tortures in this vein required no chains and pulleys, no gradually heavier weights, just Thor’s heavy-hanging ballsac and Thanos’ own two massive, powerful hands. 

Thor’s huge nuts naturally hung down only an inch or so, despite their tremendous weight. Thanos gently but firmly grasped both humongous nuts in his massive left fist, and savagely yanked them down to an extraordinary six full inches from his crotch! Thor threw back his handsome head, his blond mane flying, and bellowed in agony, feeling like his big bollocks were about to be ripped from his body. In truth, Thanos had actually managed to stretch Thor’s behemoth balls several inches farther than that in the past before snapping those all important nut cables, and all of his tough-as-steel ball cords remained firmly attached to his crotch, so the howling demigod wasn’t in any danger of being castrated. Not immediately, anyway. 

Thanos then gave Thor’s trapped balls a sharp clockwise turn, twisting the nuts a full 180 degrees. The backside of Thor’s goliath bollocks were now facing forward, and vice versa. After a pause, another sharp twist, and they’d been turned a full rotation, 360 degrees, creating a single twisted loop in Thor’s brutally elongated scrotum. A dull ache emanated from Thor’s balls, but he wasn’t in any actual pain. Yet. 

The cruel Thanos then twisted Thor’s four more times in rapid succession, turning them an extraordinary 1080 degrees or three full rotations! Thor’s stretched out scrotum was starting to resemble a braided rope, for it was twisted upon itself, and the strain on the cables and cords attaching those big balls to Thor’s sweaty and heaving body was intensely painful. At this point, with Thor’s twisted balls tightly locked in the brute’s huge left hand, Thanos began using his free right fist to rhythmically punch and pound the trapped testes. Thanos used a relatively small portion of his nearly limitless strength, using punishing but not ruinous force against Thor’s helpless and defenseless testicles, wanting to merely inflict pain but not serious damage. 

Before long, the bruising abuse to his testicles combined with the aching strain on his ball cords sent Thor into an unwilling but powerful orgasm. His mighty body heaved and he bucked his slender, muscular hips, fucking the air with his monumental 22-inch horse cock, as his man sap rose up from his tortured balls. The thick spunk had to spin its way up Thor’s twisted spermatic tubes, almost like whole milk being sucked through a twisting novelty straw. The rush of his thick fluids through his internal plumbing only increased the strain and subsequent agony in his loins, but Thor nevertheless roared in ecstatic release as his mighty phallus shot off like a volcano, spraying massive slugs of his super potent sperm in all directions. 

Thanos continued lightly pummeling Thor’s huge nuts for a good long while, then would give a sudden half twist to his already stretched out balls, and keep punching them some more, gradually increasing the horrific strain on the various ligaments and cords keeping the demigod’s mighty gonads anchored to his muscular crotch. Thanos eventually doubled the number of brutal twists to a seemingly impossible SIX full rotations, making Thor explosively cum another two times in the process. 

At this point, the strain on Thor’s nuts was extreme. His ball cords were so twisted and stretched that they threatened to snap, and the scrotum itself looked about to tear apart. Thor’s balls didn’t look much better, bulging so enormously at the bottom of his scrotum that they looked ready to burst forth, and turning such a dark and angry red that they bordered on purple. Veins were once again popping out all over their enormous surfaces, and their blood supply was half choked off, making them scream for nourishment. Thor massive nuts were also heavily bruised at this point, having sustained many hundreds of hard-knuckled punches. 

The hammering of fist into fleshy nuts continued unabated, with Thanos keeping Thor’s scrotum painfully twisted to the point of snapping. The steady punching went on and on and on, brutally racking Thor’s huge man eggs over and over again, until Thanos could sense a fourth enormous orgasm starting to build within their tortured depths. Thor bellowed in ecstasy and agony as the fourth orgasm slammed into his loins with the force of a freight train, and his sperm made its arduous and twisted way up his nearly choked off cum tubes. The first ginormous slug of pearlescent nut sludge erupted out of the gaping hole at the tip of Thor’s monstrous cock, followed by a second, and a third, in a now familiar (but never anything less than awe inspiring) testicular purging of epic proportions. 

As Thor continued to cum, Thanos suddenly started viciously and aggressively twisting the screaming demigods bloated nutsac again, and again, now at seven full rotations. Tears immediately started to appear all along the braided length of the blond muscle man’s failing scrotum, and blood began to trickle down its stretched out length. Twist, twist, EIGHT full rotations. Thor’s orgasm was slammed to a halt, as the twisted cords and tubules had choked off the outflow of his insanely copious load, trapping it inside of his screaming testicles. Blood was now pouring down the demigod’s shredding nutsac as more and more tears appeared in his gossamer stretched scrotal skin, and the cords and cables themselves were pushed to the snapping point. Thor’s mighty orgasm raged onward, but now the voluminous and powerful flow of cum had ceased, strangled by the twisting of his scrotum. 

Thanos held the screaming demigod in this position for an achingly long time, watching his entire body convulsively buck and dance in a desperate attempt to relieve the strain on his nuts, even as the incredibly thick cords and cables connecting those same nuts to his spectacular body threatened to fail at any moment. The scene stretched on for an eternity, Thor once again held on that knife edge of castration, his bloated balls aching for release… 

With a rapid series of sudden twists, Thanos quickly emasculated the golden haired muscle god. Various ball cords audibly broke and snapped as they couldn’t take the strain any longer, and raw sperm began to gush in a steady pair of streams from the two spermatic ducts as they snapped as well, pouring a massive amount of thick splooge onto the stone floor. After a full TEN rotations, all but a handful of connecting cables had snapped, and with a short, sharp tug, Thanos made quick work of those final cords, ripping Thor’s titanic testicles from his body. 

As Thor bellowed and sobbed, Thanos triumphantly held the severed bollocks up for the young demigod’s inspection. Thor couldn’t help but stare at his own castrated nuts, which up close looked even larger and more massive than he had thought. Such beautiful and bountiful nuts, once again ruined and destroyed for his captor’s pleasure. Thor hung is head in shame and defeat, quietly sobbing even as Thanos used his Infinity Gauntlet to create yet another set of gorgeous Asgardian bull balls for him to wreck and annihilate. Thor was left wondering if this hellish existence would ever end…