Friday, March 15, 2024

In the Marines and Abroad - Part 3

Here is the final chapter of my current Marines story. I hope that you enjoy it! 


In the Marines and Abroad - A Ball Busting Romance — Part 3

Based on an original story by Nicholas


There was a dim light and a sense of oppressive heat as I slowly came back to consciousness. The air smelled musty and stuffy and slightly foul, as if the area wasn’t cleaned very often. I was lying on a dirty concrete floor in a large room, poorly lit by sunlight coming through dirt-encrusted windows. I could see dusty wooden crates and cardboard boxes stacked and scattered around the room, and a pile of rolled up rugs, which made me think that I was in a warehouse of some kind. I was huddled sitting up against a cinderblock wall, my wrists bound tightly together behind me with rough rope, and my ankles likewise bound in front of me. I was also completely naked except for a pair of very dirty white socks. 

Sudden recollection of our assault and capture flooded my brain, allowing me to shake off the last of the cobwebs and making my pulse quicken with fear — fear for both myself and my handsome Marine lover, Brad. I tried to call out, and discovered that I was gagged as well, a strip of dirty cloth forced into my mouth and tied tightly behind my head. I could only make muffled grunts, and I began to panic, fighting desperately against my bindings. 

The sound of another man’s muffled grunts immediately answered mine, and as my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I saw that there was another naked man bound in the room with me. And not just any man — my beautiful green-eyed muscle man, Brad! 

Unlike me, Brad was bound with actual shackles and metal chains, and he was standing upright against the wall not more than 5 or 6 feet away from me. His mighty limbs had been splayed out so that he was spread eagled, rendering all of his ferocious strength completely useless. He had been gagged as well, but it was obvious that he had regained consciousness before I had, for the look of relief on his unbearably handsome face as I woke up was profound. 

We couldn’t communicate in any meaningful way with our mouths gagged, but I could tell by the look on his concerned face that he was trying to calm and reassure me. And strangely enough, just seeing him alive and unharmed did indeed do wonders to slow my racing heartbeat. I was still terrified at not knowing where we were, who had captured us, and what they intended to do with us, but just being near Brad made me feel infinitely safer than if I had been alone. I know that sounds silly, but it’s the truth. 

Strangely, the big Marine looked more gorgeous than ever. His magnificently muscular body was covered in sweat, dirt, and grime, and he had been rendered completely helpless… and I found myself struggling to not throw an instant boner at the sight. Brad’s own massive tool was hanging down, huge and limp, stretching down at least 8 or 9 inches toward the floor. And big as his meat was, it did little to hide the enormous testicles hiding behind it. The Marine’s huge bull nuts looked just as plump and meaty and virile as I remembered them. Gone was any hint of swelling or redness from our previous lovemaking (was that only last night? could it have been more than a full day since we’d been captured?), and they looked as hale and hearty as ever, hanging impressively low due to the stifling heat. 

We both tested our restraints, proving to one another that we were well and truly immobile. We then sat back and waited, gazing longingly into each other’s eyes and wishing more than anything that we could simply hold one another. 

After about an hour or so, we heard the sound of men’s voices speaking Arabic, growing closer and closer to the single door to our room. We heard the sound of a metal key inserted into a lock followed by a loud click, and then the door swung open. Two masked guards carrying automatic weapons slung over their shoulders came into the room, followed by another man, dressed all in black. This third man had the obvious air of authority, for the two guards were clearly deferential to him. The third man was tall, and though his clothing covered everything except his face and his hands, he appeared to have a substantial body beneath his loose-fitting pants and robes. Beneath his black turban, his darkly bearded face was weathered and deeply tanned, making it impossible to judge his age — he could have been anywhere from his late 30s to his mid 50s. Perhaps his most striking feature, however, were his fierce ice blue eyes, an incongruous color for a native to this desert. 

Those cruel blue eyes fixed first on Brad, then back to me, and then back to Brad. He then barked something in Arabic to the two guards, who bowed deeply and then left the room, closing the door behind them. 

Alone in the room with the two of us, the Arab once again looked at both of us and began to speak in thickly accented but very good English. 

“You are both awake now. Good. I was not willing to wait any longer for you to revive.” 

He then stepped farther into the room until he was standing a mere arm’s length from Brad’s bound form. The swarthy man looked the handsome Marine up and down like he was assessing a farm animal, a look of sneering condescension and disgust on his face, and then said, “Your people are not welcome here. You are filthy infidels, and worse, you are Americans. It was no wonder we found the two of you lying with one another, for all Americans are degenerate pigs.” 

He then looked Brad’s enormously muscular body up and down and said, “You are a perfect example of the depravity of your people. You are obscenely muscled like one of our thoroughbred stallions — one would want to place a yoke on you and force you to plow the fields. And you possess the genitalia of some beast! No normal man would have a penis of such astounding length, or testicles that rival those of a bull! You are unnatural, the spawn of something demonic, and these hideous growths between your legs are further proof that your people consort with evil. We will therefore make an example out of you, and of anyone else who dares to invade our nation. You will be tortured, your man parts obliterated, and your broken and defiled bodies placed on display for your comrades to find. You will now feel the wrath of God, the same wrath that will befall all those who invade and defile our ancestral lands.” 

With one swift, fluid motion, the Arab thrust his knee upward directly into Brad’s loose, low-hanging nuts, crushing his massive stones up against his lean and muscular crotch. WHAM! Before Brad could even recover, the blue-eyed assailant thrust his knee upward again, and again, and yet again! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! The Arab nailed Brad’s balls with bone crushing force, striking them so hard that any other man would have been dropped to the floor in a sobbing heap, and quite possibly with a fractured set of testicles. 

But not my Brad. 

I could see the big muscles of Brad’s huge thighs quivering as the brutal ball-busting agony erupted into his guts, his cobblestone abs flexing into even more deeply etched relief, his great gulps of air making his magnificent chest heave and expand into even more extraordinary size. But at the same time and in a matter of less than ten heartbeats, his limp log of a cock grew and hardened and unfurled with incredible swiftness into a massive, throbbing, awe-inspiring erection. The Marine’s enormous schlong resembled a fleshy cannon, a thick barrel of dense meat covered in an angry tracery of gnarled veins, and sticking proudly upward at full salute. The massive organ was so engorged and hard that his foreskin was fully retracted, exposing the moist, purple-hued head of his helmet-shaped glans. 

Brad’s cheeks flushed crimson, and I would have bet that this was the very first time in his life that he had been embarrassed about becoming aroused. He just couldn’t help it — he was simply so finely tuned to testicular pain that any source of ball abuse, even torture by the enemy, was enough to cause him to instantly bone up, no matter how unwillingly. 

The Arab had a look of astonishment and disgust on his deeply tanned face, and he stumbled back a step or two at the sight of Brad’s thick 13 inches of proud Marine meat and shouted, “What is the meaning of this?! You are AROUSED by the punishment of your most sensitive and delicate of male organs!?! You Americans are even more sick and depraved than I had thought! Let us see how much you like having your manhood DESTROYED!!” 

With that, the black-garbed man stepped back and began methodically kicking Brad in the balls in the most savage and brutal assault I had ever witnessed. The man’s legs were thick and powerful, and he launched his black combat boots into Brad’s junk with frightening force, compacting them against the handsome Marine’s chiseled groin so hard that they compressed nearly halfway flat with each devastating kick. Brad was very quickly howling in pain, the gag only partially muffling the deep-throated bellows of agony as his behemoth balls were systematically hammered toward permanent sterility. 

The pain in Brad’s swelling nuts must have been unreal, but you would never have known it from looking at his cock. The Marine’s towering dick was looking so bloated and engorged that it strained the confines of its skin, wagging around violently with each beyond-brutal kick and spraying silvery strands of clear precum in all directions. It was as if Brad’s huge dick really had its own brain, its own impulses, its own destiny, and that it cared not a whit for the potential destruction of its twin companions. In fact, the threat of having his big, beefy bollocks beaten to mush seemed to arouse Brad like nothing before, for his deafening bellows were also accompanied by deep moans and groans of apparent pleasure, and he was soon starting to thrust his muscular hips forward in time to the kicks, mashing his huge balls even harder into the Arab’s swinging boots! 

I was helpless to do anything but watch as the blue-eyed Arab continued to murder my lover’s manhood. I was thrashing against my own restraints and yelling and sobbing into my gag, but the cruel Arab completely ignored me, totally intent on ruining the handsome Marine bull’s humongous balls. 

The ball-kicking abuse continued non stop for a good four or five solid minutes — an absolute eternity for both Brad and me — until the angry Arab finally paused to catch his breath. It was clear that he had never seen a victim react in such a way to testicular torture, for the look on his handsome, craggy face was one of incredulity, surprise, and not a little fear. His large chest was heaving beneath his black clothing, and the legs of his pants were painted in shiny lines of shimmering precum, having been lashed dozens and dozens of times by the clear effluvium streaming freely from Brad’s rock solid cock. 

Brad slumped temporarily exhausted in his restraints during this respite from having his balls punted into next week, and his enormous chest heaved in shuddering breaths as his mind tried to cope with the inferno of pain raging inside of his bruised and battered nuts. A fresh sheen of sweat glistened on his dirt and grease smeared skin, making his huge and chiseled muscles look even more glorious and spectacular in the dim light. His entire abdominal wall, crotch, and the fronts of his muscular thighs were heavily splattered with more of his slick and clear precum, particularly where the swollen head of his cock collided again and again with his upper abs. The buff and enormously boned Marine looked more magnificent and powerful than ever. 

His precious balls, however, were a different story. 

Brad’s enormous ovals of manhood hung down even lower than ever, sagging in their bruised and abraded scrotum after the insane amount of abuse they’d just endured. The massive organs had more than doubled in size, growing from the largest of lemons to something even bigger than a pair of extra large grapefruits! Just the great, heavy weight of those swollen testes seemed to cause Brad terrific pain, let alone the throbbing coming from the traumatized tissues themselves. Both mammoth organs were glowing an angry dark red, and the beginnings of purple bruises were already beginning to blossom all over their vast surfaces, further mottling their unhealthy color. 

An unusual look came into the Arab’s ice blue eyes, an almost timid uncertainty, and then he reached forward and grasped Brad’s face by his heavy and perfectly sculpted jawline, gently turning it from side to side and seeming to study the American’s flawlessly handsome features. He then used both hands, placing them on Brad’s large and rounded deltoids, and began slowly drawing them over the Marine’s sweat-slickened skin. The Arab seemed to be in awe of Brad’s magnificent physique, and used his callous-roughened hands to explore the smooth planes, sharp valleys, and deep striations of the young Marine’s mighty torso. The dusky-skinned man’s hands lingered for a long time on Brad’s massive pecs, and he appeared to be entranced by the stunning width and even more remarkable thickness of those twin armored plates of muscle. He tweaked the thick nubs of Brad’s arousal-hardened nipples and then began cupping and squeezing as much of that heavy hanging pec meat as he could, almost like he was fondling a woman’s breasts. 

I noticed that a sizable bulge was forming in the front of the Arab’s black pants. Our captor may or may not have been gay, but even a straight man couldn’t help but be powerfully moved by this American Adonis for his staggering masculine beauty and sheer overpowering virility. As the man’s attention was now totally focused on the bound Marine, spread like some fantastic feast before him, I began quietly struggling anew to somehow break free of my own bonds. That’s when I noticed that a segment of the cinderblock wall behind me was particularly rough with poorly poured cement, and I started to abrade the ropes at my wrists on this jagged patch of stone. I had no idea if it would be rough enough to cut through my ropes and free my hands, let alone if I could break free in time to save my Marine lover from further abuse or even castration, but I clung to the wild hope that I could somehow break free. 

Brad had recovered enough strength that he noticed the Arab’s attention as well. He lifted his handsome head and spied the bulge in the darker man’s pants, then met the man’s icy blue gaze with his own arrogant and defiant stare. He half grinned / half sneered around the dirty cloth stuffed into his mouth, looking his assailant dead in the eye as he started rhythmically flexing his magnificent pecs. The smooth planes of those heavy slabs of beef suddenly exploded with deep and grainy striations all across their wide expanse, flexing into diamond hardness even as they swelled to even greater dimensions. I had felt that incredible display beneath my own hungry hands, so I couldn’t blame the Arab for being mesmerized by the interplay of muscles beneath his calloused palms. He gripped and groped at Brad’s heaving pecs even harder than before, but now his clutching fingers couldn’t even begin to dent those granite hard muscles. 

The Arab spent several long minutes fondling and exploring Brad’s flexing pecs, his mouth slightly agape in obvious awe and admiration, and no small amount of lust. His hands then resumed their exploration of Brad’s mighty upper body, and wherever he touched, the hunky Marine flexed for him. He flexed his powerful arms as much as his shackles would allow, causing his huge bicep muscles to swell into great mounds of beef, a deep channel cutting between the bifurcation of the two heads of muscle. He flexed his lats, causing them to flare out into wide wings of thick muscle. He flexed his abdominal muscles, causing the chiseled 8-pack of cobblestone abs to bulge and swell into even greater relief, and his serratus and oblique muscles to become so shredded and striated that it seemed his skin disappeared altogether. And then he sucked in his chiseled abdominal wall into the most amazing vacuum pose I’d ever seen, pulling in his abs more than halfway to his spine! The black-clad captor seemed particularly astounded by this sight, and he placed one hand on Brad’s lowest set of abs and the other on the small of his back, measuring the ridiculously small distance between the two in obvious awe. 

But when the Arab’s hands travelled even lower, until they were clasping either side of Brad’s narrow, muscular hips, my Marine stud made a calculated error. Brad made the mistake of starting to flex his steel hard cannon of a cock. The huge, raging, 13-inch beast began to flex and throb forward and back like a metronome of hot, hard flesh, slamming into the rock solid wall of Brad’s abs over and over again with a beefy, staccato SMACK SMACK SMACK. The Arab’s eyes grew even wider with undisguised lust, but then he seemed to break out of his trance and realize that he was lusting after a revolting infidel American. His handsome, rugged face twisted into a mask of hatred and disgust, and whatever spell Brad had managed to cast on him with his overwhelming male beauty was finally broken. 

With a cruel sneer of his own, the Arab reached down with both hands to cup and grasp both of Brad’s supremely low-hanging nuts. Brad’s balls had continued to swell in the meantime, and had now left even the largest of grapefruit behind, bloating to such a massive size that even the Arab’s big hands could only grip a portion of each rotund bollock. The angry, grinning Arab began to squeeze Brad’s big balls, but gently at first, almost like he was testing ripe fruit — squeeze, release, squeeze, release, squeeze, release. Brad’s impossibly fat nuts were noticeably soft and malleable in the Arab’s hands, far more malleable than the incredibly dense and solid sex organs that I was used to. The insanely brutal barrage of sustained kicks had clearly softened up Brad’s balls and significantly weakened them. My heart began to thunder even faster at the sight, as I wondered how much damage Brad’s mighty balls might have already sustained, and if they’d already come to permanent harm. 

Then without warning, the Arab squeezed both hands as hard as he could, his clutching fingers sinking deep into those traumatized tissues. Brad threw back his head and bellowed in agony, and then began thrashing against his restraints. Such crushing abuse to his balls would have been excruciating at the best of times, but after the brutal beating that his profoundly bruised and swollen bollocks had already received, the agony Brad was feeling must have been positively inhuman! 

The Arab’s strong fingers slowly clutched deeper and deeper into Brad’s wounded and weakened balls, causing the mammoth orbs to start to warp and grossly distort in the man’s iron grip. Huge bubbles of dark red nut meat were now bulging between the Arab’s squeezing digits, and his knuckles were turning white from the strain, and yet he continued. Brad was bucking and thrashing like a man possessed, roaring and bellowing mightily as he pulled with all of his extraordinary strength against his metal shackles. 

The Arab began to twist and pull on the captive’s testes while he squeezed them, just to see what the effect would be. Brad’s handsome head thrashed around and he uttered a low moan, but there was more than a hint of sexual gratification in that moan. Like a purebred stallion mounting his last female just before being castrated. Like a prized virile bull bellowing while having his bollocks crushed at the hands of his most trusted handlers. There was something so basic and primal about this muscle man’s moaning that it was arousing the Arab as well. 

Brad somehow managed to work his gag loose and spat the spit-soaked fabric to the floor. And then, to my surprise, he began to taunt and challenge his assailant. 



The Arab soon recovered from his surprise, fury washing over his straining face, and he began squeezing even harder than ever. Brad bellowed in even greater agony, his impossibly huge bollocks distorting so much that they didn’t even look like a pair of testicles anymore. Sweat was beading on the Arab’s rugged features as he threw all of his might into cracking Brad’s huge balls, intent on bursting the melon-sized ovoids in his bare hands. But he reached a point where Brad’s ferociously strong balls refused to distort any further and resisted any additional crushing, the unnaturally dense meat becoming nearly as hard as steel beneath the Arab’s clutching fingers. He kept pulsing his grip, trying with all of his might to break those huge orbs, but all he succeeded in doing was causing his hated enemy’s obscenely large phallus to throb and pulse and leak yet more of its sticky fluid. Which I saw was starting to turn a slightly milky color. Good God, could Brad actually be approaching orgasm!?! 


I wanted to shout to Brad to shut up, but with my mouth still firmly gagged, all I could do was scream into the tight fabric. The Marine’s words only served to infuriate the Arab even more, and the black-clad assailant violently released his crushing grip on Brad’s balls, only to choke them down to the very bottom of their scraped up and heavily bruised sac with one hand, and then began piston-fisting them with the other. 

Brad threw back his handsome head with a howl of ecstatic agony as the Arab began unloading virility-decimating punches directly into the Marine’s bloated bollocks. The furious villain held absolutely nothing back, launching full-force blows into Brad’s battered bollocks as fast and as hard as he could. The Arab’s pounding fists plunged disturbingly deep into those already heavily traumatized testicles, Brad’s balls bending and distorting grotesquely around the man’s invading knuckles as their remaining strength was steadily hammered out of them. My beautiful Marine bull had already endured enough abuse to annihilate another man’s balls a dozen times over, but I feared that even his herculean huevos couldn’t take much more. I worked even more feverishly at trying to sever the ropes binding my wrists, but I dreaded that I wouldn’t be able to break free fast enough to save whatever was left of my handsome lover’s fantastic balls. 

The level of violence and brutality being unleashed on Brad’s big balls was beyond inhuman, and tears were streaming down my cheeks as I watched my handsome Marine’s manhood get massacred. But my brave and proud Marine just kept on barking at his cruel captor, shouting taunts and encouragement in equal measure, his lust-roughened voice sounding even deeper and more resonant than usual. I suddenly realized that Brad’s cock was swelling even larger, if that was possible, the thick veins running all up and down that colossal shaft bloating even bigger as the entire pillar of male muscle began to quiver and shake. Incredibly, beyond all possible reason, my sexy Marine stud was hurtling toward orgasm! 


True to his word, my Brad finally hit his nut, and he began unleashing a load unlike anything I’d ever seen before. 

The first, utterly massive wad of spunk shot out of Brad’s cock with the force of a howitzer, and struck the Arab full in the face. The extreme power and volume of that first shot literally knocked the man’s head sharply backwards, completely coating the Arab’s face with the stud’s trademark ultra thick and gloopy splooge. The shocked Arab immediately released Brad’s tortured nuts and stumbled backwards, but remained directly in the line of fire as the hunky Marine continued to unleash his mammoth load all over him. The Arab turned his head away, shouting in dismay and raising up both arms in a protective stance as his body was lashed over and over and over again by enormous ropes and streamers of prime white hot American stud spunk. Even I, who had seen the super human volumes of Brad’s typical cum loads, was rendered temporarily paralyzed and speechless as I witnessed the ferocious power, violence, and insane volume of Brad’s record-shattering ejaculation. 

The Arab had fallen to the floor, covering his shellacked face with his hands and crying out in shock, terror, and revulsion as Brad’s monstrous load continued to rain down on him in thick, sticky ropes and enormous clotted blasts. I lost count of how many slugs of cum shot out of my lover’s gargantuan horse cock, but he must have jettisoned at least two dozen massive shots before his orgasm even BEGAN to slow down, and then pump out easily another dozen or more steadily diminishing blasts before his godlike orgasm finally ratcheted to a shuddering close. 

It looked like the squirming Arab and the entire floor around him had been doused in several GALLONS of impossibly thick and chunky stud spew, and the heady reek of Brad’s man muck was overpowering. The horrified Arab struggled to his knees and then began scraping big wads of the Marine’s clotted cream off of his face, his eyes stinging mightily from the sludge that had flooded his ice blue orbs. He coughed and sputtered, spitting out mouthfuls of tangy and salty nut juice that had dripped unwanted into his gasping mouth. His black clothes were damn near soaked with the stuff, and the cement floor around him looked positively slippery with sperm. 

Brad’s mighty chest was heaving like he’d just run a marathon, and his brutalized bollocks looked even worse than ever, but the brave and defiant Marine just began chuckling, laughing at the sight of his vile captor squirming on the ground and scraping the splooge off of him. His laughter only made the sperm-drenched Arab more angry, of course, and the furious man leapt to hit feet and began screaming at the bound Marine. 


The Arab took several menacing steps forward, his face flushed with fury and his fists shaking at his side. “For this affront against God, these demonic seed pods of yours must DIE!!”

For all that my brave Marine had already endured, for all the abuse that had been unleashed upon his long suffering balls up to that point, nothing compared to the all out assault that the Arab now directed at Brad’s bloated, battered, and nearly broken balls. He grabbed ahold of Brad’s narrow, sweat-slickened hips and used them as leverage as he began to brutally knee the hunky Marine in the crotch. The knee blows were easily as powerful as his previous kicks, and even more effective, for the man’s thigh trapped Brad’s testes against the solid wall of his crotch and didn’t allow them to squeak out of the way, forcing them to absorb every ounce of the nut-cracking blows. Over and over and over again, the Arab hammered away at the bellowing American’s mammoth bollocks, making it his personal goal to shatter the Marine’s tough stones and deflate his gigantic bull cock forever. 

With all the force he could muster, the Arab continued pounding at Brad’s naked puds. Over and over and over, the man’s black-clad thigh smashed into the two battered and beyond-bloated spheres of delicate, tender flesh that made Brad a bonafide Alpha Male stud bull of the very highest caliber. Brad’s balls were looking dangerously mushy, as they were being crushed dramatically flat against his muscular groin with each devastating blow, and they were swelling even LARGER, if that was even possible! 

The Arab then started changing things up, alternating between annihilating knee raises, pulverizing punches, and family-line-ending kicks, all coming as fast as possible from every conceivable angle, and without giving Brad’s screaming balls even a moment to recover between blows. Most brutal of all, the Arab would slam the heel of his combat boot into the Marine’s sagging nuts, pinning them to the wall behind them and crushing them dangerously flat each time. The howls of animal agony Brad would bellow with each of these boot stomps made my very core twist and clench, his mushy balls gruesomely compacting as flat as thick, blood red hamburger patties against the immovable concrete wall. 

Sickening squishing noises were now coming from Brad’s rapidly failing balls with each brutal strike, and I thought I could hear faint crunching sounds as well. Brad’s titanic testicles were being slaughtered right before my very eyes, and there was nothing I could do to save them! My handsome Marine’s mighty man orbs were being redlined past all possible endurance, and I knew that at any moment, the Arab would land that fateful, final blow that would spell the inevitable and permanent destruction of my lover’s magnificent balls. 

Suddenly and without warning, Brad hit his second orgasm, and began unleashing a flood of semen that was just as powerful and intense and massive as his first load, and perhaps even more so! Brad’s massive cock was belching out enormous slugs of cum like there was no tomorrow, plastering both of their heaving, struggling bodies with his beyond-copious manly emissions. It was as if the Marine’s mighty loins were being defiant right up to the very end, showering the enemy in a final, majestic load of bull jizz even as his bollocks were being shattered into oblivion. For his part, the fury and lust crazed Arab didn’t even seem to notice, even as his body was pelted with blast after enormous blast of the American’s hot and sticky cum. 

Unnoticed by either man, a sharp snap sounded as the ropes binding my wrists finally broke, freeing both of my arms. I worked furiously to untie my legs, and even as I did so, I saw the Arab draw a large, curved knife from a sheath at his waist. Almost in slow motion, I saw him roughly grab the neck of Brad’s elongated scrotum in his free hand and pull it violently forward, very nearly nutting the bucking and braying and cum spraying Marine in the process, and then he raised the blade in his other hand and prepared to make the single slice that would part Brad’s swollen bollocks from his body forever. 

I sprang into action, leaping onto the Arab from behind and grappling with him, grabbing both of his arms and trying to prevent him from making that fateful slice. The man was fearsomely strong, and I had been bound at wrist and ankle for hours, so it was a ferocious struggle. I managed to force the Arab backward, but he refused to loose his grip on Brad’s battered testicles, stretching them farther and farther away from my lover’s straining groin. Farther than any man’s balls could possibly stretch. And then farther still! I was certain that at any moment, we would both tumble backwards as Brad’s balls finally ripped free, unable to take any more stretching!

With a powerful lunge, I grabbed the Arab’s right wrist, the one holding the dagger, and twisted the blade toward the grunting and struggling man. And then with a strength borne of pure desperation, I plunged that dagger towards us, impaling the blade to the hilt into the Arab’s big chest. 

The man froze in place for several long moments, a look of utter surprise in his icy blue eyes as he suddenly released Brad’s hideously overstretched balls. And then he fell like a puppet whose strings have been cut, dead even before he hit the floor. 

As I stood upright, I felt slugs of hot, slick fluid lashing at my body, and I was to my utter amazement that Brad was STILL cumming, pumping out what HAD to be the largest cum load of any creature, man or beast, in world history!! 

I tore the gag from my mouth and rushed forward to embrace my love, wrapping my strong arms around his muscle-girded torso and passionately kissing his beautiful lips. Brad was as passionate as I was, trying to devour me through my mouth, even as his humongous cock, trapped between our naked and sweaty bodies, lashed us with the remainder of his thick and gloopy cum, gluing our bodies together with his seminal juices. 

Though I could have kissed him forever, I knew that we might only have a little time before the guards came in to check on their leader, so I broke our embrace and started working feverishly to unchain my Marine bull. As exhausted and spent as he was, Brad managed to stand on his own two feet, though he kept his legs widely spread to allow his testicles to hang freely and not bump against his thighs. My remarkably resilient lover even took the time to joke. 

“I was wondering when you’d get around to rescuing me, Russ!” Brad said with a teasing grin and a chuckle. “I was trying to distract and occupy our Arab here for as long as I could, hoping that you’d find a way to break free.” 

“I’m sorry that you had to suffer so much, Brad!” I replied, tears still fresh in my eyes. “It was a very near thing! I didn’t think I was going to break free in time before he pulverized your big nuts into mush!” 

“Heh, good thing I got such a tough set o’ stones, right?” Brad said, winking at me and smiling even bigger than before. “That’s by far the worst beating my balls have ever gotten, but I sure am proud of my big boys, for they didn’t break! In fact, that damn Arab was about to cheat at the end and simply cut off my big nuts instead! I could have gone at least a few more rounds with him.” 

Brad chuckled at his own dark humor as I knelt down in a pool of his cooling sludge to inspect Brad’s balls. I was horrified at what I saw. The stud’s normally the-largest-of-lemon-sized spuds had now swollen to the size of extra large ostrich eggs, damn near four times their normal mass, and their entire surface was almost a uniform vibrant purple of deep and penetrating bruising. With quivering hands, I gently cupped the mammoth organs, eliciting a hiss of pain from the stoic Marine, and carefully poked and prodded and squeezed both bloated orbs. Both of Brad’s orbs were exceedingly soft and squishy, disturbingly so, but I couldn’t find any actual cracks or ruptures in the gigantic testes. My mighty Marine’s titanic testicles had indeed somehow defied breaking under the most intense abuse I could have ever imagined! I knew that only time would tell if Brad had taken a serious hit to his awesome virility after the prolonged and inhuman abuse… but if the size of his second cum load was any indication, I strongly suspected that my handsome and fantastically tough Marine would make a full recovery. 

If we could escape this hell hole. 

Brad was simply too muscular, and his bollocks swollen too freakishly big, for him to fit into any clothing. And besides, the only clothes we had were the cum-drenched clothes on the dead Arab, so those were unusable anyway. So completely naked but for our dirty socks, and armed only with the bloody dagger, we sought to make our escape. We placed a stack of wooden crates beneath one of the high windows, and then I climbed on top and used the knife to jimmy open the lock. The warped frame would only open part way, but it was wide enough for even Brad’s muscular form to squeeze through, if only barely. 

Outside, it was late afternoon, and we were in the middle of some dry and dusty neighborhood. We dropped quickly to the hot and sandy dirt outside the window, and then began to search for a way out of there, keeping to the shadows and trying our best not to be seen. The tale of our escape through insurgent-controlled streets was a harrowing one, and we were nearly caught several times, but through luck and skill we arrived back at the outskirts of our base a few hours after dark. 

We no doubt made for quite a sight as we approached the gates — both of us naked and sweaty and caked with dirt, and with Brad’s still monumentally swollen gonads swinging huge and heavy between his muscular legs — but we were finally safe and welcomed back as heroes. It turned out that we were the only two soldiers captured in that fateful raid, and that they had only targeted our guard tower. No one else had even been injured in the abduction, and the Marines on base had gone crazy wondering where we were and how they might find us. They had already feared the worst, so our unexpected and unheralded return was met with jubilation. 

We were both rushed to the infirmary, where the doctors ordered Brad to stay for a week of evaluation and recovery while his battered bollocks slowly returned to their normal size and color. And I stayed with Brad throughout his recovery. 

In the same bed. 

The secret was already out now that we were lovers, so it wasn’t like there was anything to hide at that point. Nor did anyone care. And I was able to prove over the course of that week, many multiple times, that my beautiful Marine bull Brad hadn’t lost a single ounce of his magnificent virility!