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In the Marines and Abroad - Part 2

In the Marines and Abroad - A Ball Busting Romance — Part 2

Based on an original story by Nicholas


From that day forward, Brad and I were officially in a relationship… even if no one else in the platoon knew it. Finding the time and privacy to actually pursue anything physical with each other was, of course, next to impossible. The Marine base was always crawling with soldiers at all hours of the day and night, there were cameras monitoring virtually every inch of the large compound — in short, our chances for privacy were essentially nil. Even the showers and bathrooms weren’t safe, as guys came in and out at all times. So for the first few weeks after our initial ‘truck liaison’, we had to settle for sack tapping. 

Lots and LOTS of sack tapping! 

Sack tapping had long been one of those relatively harmless pranks that young men have been playing on each other since time began, and it was no different in our platoon. Guys would occasionally tap each other in the nuts to get a reaction out of their fellow soldier buddies, and it was viewed as nothing more than a harmless game. And that’s why I knew I could get away with tapping Brad’s huge sac from time to time, in full public view, and no one but the two of us would know that it was actually erotic foreplay between two male lovers. 

At mealtimes, in the barracks, during our training exercises, on the parade grounds — Brad never knew when the back of my bare-knuckled hand would come into contact with his tightly pouched nutsac. Nor did he know how strong that contact would be — a light brush of my hand across the front of his huge crotch bulge, a light tap against his nuts, a medium smack into his balls, or a full-force punch into the heart of his big bollocks. 

But no matter how hard I hit him in the nuts, Brad never so much as flinched. That beefy bull of a Marine was one tough fucker, I can tell you that! He never doubled over, he never clutched or rubbed at his wounded balls, hell, he never so much as grunted. Instead, he just looked at me with a sparkle in his mesmerizing green eyes, a slight grin turning up one corner of his gorgeous mouth. 

And never once did he retaliate and tap me in the nuts in response, though he did occasionally attack me in other ways. Sometimes I’d smack him in the balls, and a laughing Brad would suddenly grapple with me, placing me in a bear hug or putting me in a head lock, or otherwise quickly overpowering me. It looked like playful rough housing between two friends to all the other guys, but to us it was the only form of foreplay and physical contact we could find. 

I didn’t sack tap Brad often enough to raise suspicions, but it was often enough that other guys in the platoon started to notice. Brad was a couple of inches taller than me, and he was far bulkier and more muscular than anyone else on base, me included. So when they would see this relatively smaller, weaker guy smack big, affable Brad in the nuts with relative impunity, they thought it was hilarious, and they started to get in on the action as well. 

More and more guys started taking pot shots at Brad’s big balls, at all hours of the day and night, and it became something of a game. The guys started competing to see who could tap Brad hard enough to get the big muscle man to show even a hint of pain, but as the weeks went by, no one ever succeeded, not even me. The big Marine was simply too strong, his balls too incredibly tough. And since nearly every grunt in our unit took at least a couple of swings at Brad’s crotch, it soon became common knowledge that he had a huge cock and a truly massive pair of balls, and I know that the open discussion of the enormous size of his genitals was a huge added turn on for Brad. Hell, it was also a huge turn on for me. 

What really got me was that Brad never tried to meet the gaze of the guy who tapped him, but instead would instantly make eye contact with me, giving me that slight grin and those intense, sparkling eyes. My heart would race and my mouth would get instantly dry, as I knew exactly what he was thinking. No one knew about the significance of the rough ball play but the two of us. I’d also glance down at his crotch, and every damn time he got knocked in the sac, I could see his cock grow inside of his camo pants. No one else noticed it, as he concealed it well (which was remarkable, considering just how BIG his boner was!), but I always saw it. I loved watching his fat trouser monster bloat and swell and grow rigid, and I desperately longed to get my hands and mouth around that magnificent tool again. 

The constant rough attention to his big, beefy balls must have been sweet torture for Brad, always stirring up the huge load of cum sloshing around in his oversized baby makers, but never allowing him the relief of an orgasm. But strangely, it was almost as much of a torture for me. Seeing the man I loved and lusted for get socked in the balls a dozen or more times a day, but not be able to kiss or touch his naked flesh, drove me crazy with desire. My aching cock was hard virtually all the time, and I developed a chronic and almost constant state of blue balls. Hell, my poor neglected cock was dripping and leaking so frequently that I sometimes had to change my underwear two or three times a day! 

So since we couldn’t make love with our bodies, we had to settle for making love with our eyes. At meals we would always sit facing each other so that we could stare into each other’s eyes while we ate, sometimes just from across the table, and at other times from across the room. Every spoon of mashed potatoes was a kiss to his lips. Every swallowed green bean was my mouth on his cock, sucking in his length. Every tongue across a spoon after a bite of peach cobbler was my tongue plunging into his hole, giving him the rim job of a lifetime. And so we’d sit in silence, staring at each other while everyone else talked and joked and banged on about this and that. We were two heavenly bodies caught in each other’s gravity amidst a sea of oblivious stars, circling unnoticed around us.

Our big break finally came about three weeks after our initial hook up in the hummer. And it couldn’t have come soon enough, for I was going nearly crazy with lust for my big Marine stud! We were both assigned to work the night shift in the monitoring center, which was on the top floor of the only real building on base, located near the southern edge of the compound. It was a circular room filled with monitors and communication equipment, and it was one of the only places on base that did not, itself, have cameras. Not only that, but we would be the only two people in there AND the doors could be locked from the inside! Our shift would run from 2100 to 0500, when most of the rest of the troops would be asleep, quietly nestled in their bunks. It was all too perfect. 

On the day of our monitoring duty, we both had hardons all day long, and I personally sack tapped Brad three times throughout the day, just so I could cop a feel, no matter how brief, of his mighty weapon and the two massive spunk bunkers that powered it. With our hormones all pent up and the expectation of hot sex that night, I was dripping baby batter all day long, through exercise drills, through showers, through guard duty — I was leaking like a mofo. They say that anticipation is half the pleasure, but for me it had the sweet pain of a broken tooth, because my whole body and libido was straining against the constraints of societal bonds, bonds which prevented red blooded Americans like us from having raunchy gay sex in the middle of the barracks in broad daylight amidst a sea of heterosexual guys who would probably throw up at even the idea of gay sex. 

A day of agonizing repression ended at around 2045, when both Brad and I showed up for the shift change in the monitoring room. 

Our marine base was crawling with cameras, eyes peering down to monitor all activity both within and without. Activity that was recorded and archived so that no enemy could infiltrate our base without someone knowing. We had guards on duty 24/7 at all entrances of the base and roving squads of men with German Shepard dogs patrolling the perimeter. And inside the monitoring center, there were dozens of LED screens watching all of it happen. Our job, that night, was to keep an eye on everything and make sure the base was secure and safe. However, we had both wordlessly agreed that the likelihood of enemies choosing just that night and just our shift to launch an attack was slim to none, and that we could therefore instead enjoy our privacy and pay little attention to the many monitors in the room. 

We received a shift change report from the two grunts who were going off duty, writing down the final notes in the log about what had occurred on their shift. Our two Marine buddies then wished us a good shift, one giving me a playful punch in the shoulder, and the other landing a hard tap into Brad’s bulging crotch. We all laughed and bid them a good night, and then closed and locked the door behind us. 

When the other two men had left, we waited for about five minutes to make sure no one else came along to check on us, then Brad just smiled and looked at me with that glinting green stare and stripped off his shirt, revealing his huge and utterly chiseled upper body. Smiling with delight, I stripped off mine as well, and then I pushed a yielding and willing Brad up against a wall and began to kiss him passionately, our dog tags clinking against one another as our bare chests and bellies rubbed together. The sensation was indescribably erotic, for Brad was pure masculine perfection, and I felt, groped, and fondled as much of his spectacular body as I could reach. 

Ten minutes or so into our athletic and heated make out and groping session, I suddenly jerked my knee upward between his slightly spread legs, nailing his swollen package with my bony knee cap. Brad was already rock hard by this point, his huge bull cock snaking halfway down one of his pants legs and therefore out of the way, so I was able to really slam the man’s huge nuts against his pelvis. Brad responded by groaning in pleasure and practically swallowing my tongue, so eager was he to consume me. I began cramming my knee into his nuts over and over and over again as we kept making out, and Brad just drove his hips forward, meeting each of my upward thrusts and really grinding his bollocks against my leg. I was pounding his potatoes for all I was worth, an assault that would have dropped any other man to his knees in moments, but Brad’s breathing merely came faster and deeper as he surrendered to each knee jab, each thigh slam, moaning softly as he encouraged me to strike his nuts even harder. 

“Oh yeah! Oh yes, Russ! My nuts have been aching for you! Give it to me good!” 

I couldn’t believe how incredibly dense and solid Brad’s nuts felt, even after landing dozens and dozens of testicle-shattering knee blows right into his huge bollocks. It felt like I was striking two big lumps of hard clay, deforming only very slightly even against my hardest blows. The handsome muscle man was just one unmitigated STUD! 

I longed to feel his huge cock in my mouth again, however, so eventually I stopped pounding his balls and instead kneeled in front of him as he passively stood there, pressed against the wall. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his fly, and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles. His gorgeous cock sprang free like some great rearing beast, narrowly missing smacking me in the face as it lurched upward into a nearly vertical position. My amazed eyes grew even wider when I saw that his massive schlong stretched many inches past his sexy navel, the swollen head actually tapping against his upper abs! The man’s cock was simply HUGE!! 

But then my gaze focused on his even more incredible balls, which hung so huge and so unbelievably heavy from his lean and muscular crotch. The two mighty orbs had taken on a slightly rosy hue, but otherwise showed absolutely no hint that they’d just been clobbered by something close to a hundred pulverizing knee thrusts. I grasped his massive balls with my hands, each enormous orb filling a hand to nearly overflowing, and gave them some experimental squeezes. My memory from a few weeks prior had not been exaggerated — Brad’s huge nuts really WERE damn near as hard as rocks, barely deforming in my hand no matter how hard I squeezed! 

I kept on roughly kneading and fondling my stud’s massive balls as I once again swallowed his astoundingly thick and long cock, gradually forcing it in all the way down to the root. This time he was leaking precum, no doubt due to the pounding I’d just given his nuts, so his mighty shaft was already slick and wet, allowing me to deep throat the monster much easier than before. The sticky sweet taste of his clear spew coated my lips and tongue, while the heady smell of his man musk filled my nostrils and made me swoon. I was in heaven! 

I loved kneeling before my putative boy friend so that I could suck on his thick meat. I pistoned up and down on his mammoth cock while my fingers roughly manhandled his big bollocks, my flexing fingers clutching harder and harder with each passing minute. He had a lovely little treasure trail running down the center of his perfectly formed abs, joining the small patch of pubic hair above his crotch that tickled my nose when I had him buried to the hilt in my throat. I started drilling my thumbs into his trapped testes, loving the way that the deep nut pain made him moan and sweat. I could feel his entire body tense and flex each time I tried to dig my thumbs in to the core of his huge nuts, and he was clearly enjoying every second of it. From the way he was groaning and writhing, I could tell I was bringing him closer and closer to orgasm, so I wasn’t surprised when he gently but firmly pushed me away, no doubt wanting to prevent a premature ejaculation. 

Brad was breathing heavily as he unlaced his boots, shucked off his pants and underwear, and strode into the center of the room. His entire spectacular body glistened with sweat, making every muscle shine like burnished bronze. I hurriedly undressed as well, both of us now down to just our socks. Brad sat in an oversized chair, smiling and beckoning to me. You didn’t have to tell me twice! I was at his side in heartbeat, straddling his naked body and sitting on his lap, my big cock rubbing up against his even bigger one. I kissed him with longing, with pent up passion, with a feverish sort of frenzy, for I was about to give myself to this man who I'd drooled over for more than a year. 

Between kisses I whispered into his sex-flushed ear, “I knew this was going to happen, so I cleaned myself out today. And…” I said, holding up a small plastic tube, “I brought lube.” He grinned and chuckled, and I grinned back, and we kept on kissing. I pressed my big boner against his and let our cock juices mingle, for he was oozing prejack as much or more than I was. Things were getting slippery and hot, and I was ready for more. 

I stopped kissing him and lubed up his dick even further with the artificial lube, and then I stood up, legs on either side of the chair. With my left hand, I grasped his rigid and extraordinarily girthy rod and with great care guided it into my hole. My hungry, eager hole. The big, spongy head popped in with relative ease, but the steely hardness of his extremely thick shaft was another matter. I’ve taken some very big cocks up my talented and experienced ass before, but no man had ever matched Brad for either length or thickness. Very carefully and with infinite slowness, I sat down on his dick, and all he could do was sigh with pleasure. I winced more than once as the Marine bull’s huge cock threatened to rip me open, but I just gritted my teeth and breathed through it as I forced more and more of his spectacular schlong inside of me. And before I knew it, my muscular butt was sitting in Brad’s lap, his huge balls pressing hard against my cheeks, his equine cock buried to the root up my shit chute. My ass and guts quivered and flexed a few times, and then relaxed. 

Slowly and carefully, I lifted myself back up, my muscular guts caressing Brad’s enormous cock, until just the head was still buried inside of me. And then I slowly lowered myself back down, gently and rhythmically riding his monster dick. Up and down, up and down, over and over and over again. I could feel his cock head massage my swollen prostate before plunging even deeper inside of me, his massive shaft plugging me completely, my guts filling with the biggest penis I had ever seen. And I loved every second of it. Yes, there was a not inconsiderable amount of pain, but it was a good pain, and the stimulation of my prostate and the feeling of utter fullness in my guts more than made up for it. 

I rode Brad like the prime thoroughbred stallion that he was, the two of us staring into each other’s eyes and feeling up on each other’s muscular bodies as our two bodies were welded into one. I can’t describe both how erotic and how romantic it was to be fucked by the man I’d been secretly falling in love with for the past year. I worshiped his handsome face with my lips, I worshiped his fantastically muscular body with my hands, and I worshiped his enormous cock with my ass. I made sure to go slowly enough that I didn’t cum, because I wanted the night to last as long as possible. And so I rode him. My man. My big, hot, sexy Marine bull. 

I must have pumped myself up and down Brad’s goliath cock for a good half hour, until my thighs were burning and my poor asshole was nearly raw. I knew, of course, that Brad couldn’t get off without nut pain, but the expert fucking had Brad’s spunk just roiling inside of his massive nuts, the huge muscle hunk sweating and panting in extreme lust. I knew it was time to give the big guy some relief, so I gently lifted myself off of him. When the swollen plum of his big cock head finally popped out of my ass, I could actually hear a faint squelching sound, almost like a Wellington boot being pulled out of the mud. My ass felt cavernous and empty without Brad’s huge cock sheathed inside of it, and I knew I’d likely be walking a little funny for the next few days, but it was so worth it. 

I knelt before my handsome muscle bull, his entire body gleaming with sweat and his huge cock glistening with precum, lube, and my own juices. Brad was gripping the seat of the wooden chair so hard that his knuckles were turning white, fighting against the urge to touch me or his own cock, and instead just staring at me with undisguised lust and need in his stunning green eyes. 

Nestled in the crook of his enormously muscular legs and resting heavily on the seat of the chair, Brad’s bollocks looked even bigger than ever, and they must have been positively throbbing with their heavy, churning load. I gently cupped his huge balls in my hands, drawing them a little closer for inspection, and considered what I should do next. I wanted to find some way of bringing Brad the ball pain that he so desired, but without using percussion. My eyes lit up with a wicked idea. I knew it would be difficult, perhaps even impossible, but I wanted to give it a try. 

Holding one hand tight around the neck of Brad’s scrotum and forcing his gonads to the very bottom of their sac, I began to bathe both massive man orbs with my tongue, coating them with my own saliva. I also kissed and suckled at those massive, oblong spheres, paying homage to the source and wellspring of Brad’s staggering masculinity. The young Marine hunk kept moaning and writhing as I lathered his behemoth balls, his handsome head lolling on his thick and muscular neck as waves of pleasure washed over his body. Then, with his huge balls as slick as I could make them, I began trying to stuff both huge orbs into my mouth. 

Try to imagine cramming two full-grown oranges into your mouth. Only this was harder, as oranges are at least a bit malleable; Brad’s huge testicles were so dense that they were almost as solid as rocks, and even with my blunt fingers roughly stabbing and prodding at the huge man lumps, it was a very difficult task getting them both into my mouth. In fact, had the stud’s bull nuts been even just a little bit bigger, it would have been impossible. As it was, my cheeks were comically bulging and my jaw was damn near unhinged as I finally succeeding in stuffing the entire contents of Brad’s bloated nutsac into my hot and hungry mouth. 

I could tell that this was the first time anyone had sucked on his balls, for Brad’s beautiful green eyes flew open wide, and the look of shock and surprise on his handsome face was so funny that I would have laughed out loud… if my mouth hadn’t been stuffed to capacity with the young man’s gigantic nuts. 

I began to suck on those bull nuts as hard as I could, and at the same time pressed them against the roof of my mouth with my powerful tongue. Brad sucked in his breath, making his huge chest expand to even more massive dimensions, and then let it out with a hiss. This was clearly a sensation that he wasn’t used to, but judging from the instant increase in the amount of precum flowing from his painfully rigid and erect cock, I knew that I was pressing all of the right buttons. I then switched to popping his balls between my molars and squeezing down with my strong and muscular jaw. That REALLY drove Brad wild, moaning and groaning between clenched teeth as his magnificent muscles bulged and flexed most appealingly. I was soon chomping down with so much force that any other man would have been screaming for mercy, and grinding his fat testes between my molars so hard that and other nuts would have been quickly pulverized into a procreative pulp. 

But Brad just gasped and moaned and writhed through the extreme pleasure and pain, gripping the seat so hard the I actually heard the wood creak in protest. And his big dick? Never once flagged in the slightest. In fact, Brad’s mighty truncheon of a cock seemed to swell even bigger, the thick, tortured veins running all up and down the massive shaft growing so thick and pronounced that they looked ready to burst right out of his skin! I could feel the hot tube of his huge cock pressed against my forehead as I chomped and squeezed his nuts. I sucked, crushed, twisted, and pulled on Brad’s humongous nuts until I’d turned my hunky he-man into a sweaty, moaning, quivering bag of meat. 

When I finally tired of abusing his huge eggs with my teeth and tongue, I let Brad’s titanic testes pop wetly out of my mouth and plop heavily onto the chair’s hard surface. Angry red teeth marks covered their entire rotund surfaces, and now that they were freed from the confined space of my mouth, I could actually see his tortured nuts start to visibly swell. But I was just getting started… 

I stood up and placed my right knee on top of his aching balls. Sandwiched and trapped as they were between his massively muscular thighs, Brad’s balls had nowhere to go as I ground my knee into them, crushing them hard against the wooden seat of the chair. A low growl began to build in the man’s deep chest as I transferred more and more of my weight onto the knee pressing into his trapped sac, bearing down on them harder and harder. This caused literal geysers of precum to erupt from his gaping piss slit. Huge geysers that shellacked his corrugated belly and my big thigh with his clear and slippery goo, so hot that it almost seared my skin. 

Brad kept moaning and groaning throughout the extensive torture of his huge testicles, saying, “Oh fuck! Fuck yeah! Oh! Unh! Unh! UNNNH! That’s right, baby! Wreck my huge bull balls! Oh yeah Russ! Oh shit! Unh! Yeah! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh SHIT!!” 

But once again, I didn’t want things to go too far or end too soon, and so I stopped when I sensed that Brad was nearing the point of no return. I lifted my knee off of his bright red and swelling nuts, and then I sat down in a chair opposite him, giving his manhood a reprieve from the unrelenting abuse. Brad hungrily lunged at me like a man possessed, ravenously trying to consume my entire body through his hands and mouth. Never had I experienced such a passionate lover before, and it was clear that he was trying to lavish me with pleasure. And God DAMN, but he was amazing at it! 

Before long, Brad was kneeling before me and sucking my entire cock down his thick and muscular throat, giving me the blowjob of a lifetime. He also toyed with and fondled my balls at the same time. I’ve got a large set of balls myself, a pair of stout and sizable orbs to go with my big, 9.5-inch stud cock, but even both of my big balls together couldn’t equal even ONE of Brad’s massive cajones. Nevertheless, the ferociously strong Marine was nothing but gentle with my delicate testicles, just caressing and fondling and gently tugging on them as he sucked my dick like a vacuum cleaner. 

I felt a massive orgasm building in my loins, and though I fought against it as hard as I could, I knew I was about to hurtle over the edge. That’s when Brad paused in his expert ministrations, giving me just enough time to cool down and for the wellhead of spunk to recede before sucking my cock once more. Turns out that my surprising stud excelled at edging even more than I did, for he brought me to the brink of cumming at least a dozen times, until my entire body was singing and screaming for release. 

We took turns pleasuring each other for what felt like hours, and only the fact that we were young and athletic men in our physical prime allowed us to make love for so long. Though actually, Brad was such a mighty beast of a man that I bet he could have gone on for hours longer without a break, but I was nearing my limit. When I knew we couldn’t hold back any longer, I once again mounted his colossal cock, this time facing away from him. As I pounded my ass into his lap over and over again, I also had a death grip on his bruised and swollen nuts with one hand while the other formed a fist that I pounded mercilessly into his impossibly huge and bloated bull nuts. In the end, we came at the same time, him buried to the hilt inside of me, and me spraying one of the largest loads in my life all over the uncaring concrete floor. 

Actually, Brad came inside of me a total of four times, for he had me keep beating his tenderized bollocks long after my own orgasm was complete, hitting orgasm after orgasm. He pumped so much of his baby batter into me that my normally washboard belly was visibly distended, and I murmured in his ear that I loved knowing that I’d have a part of him inside of me for at least the next week to come. He chuckled that deep, rumbling laugh of his, which I could feel through my whole body, as he held me tight to him, his spent cock still almost diamond hard inside of me. 

It was a long time before Brad finally drew his softening pole out of my well-fucked ass. A shocking amount of hot and chunky spunk spurted out of my butt onto the floor, but I could still feel the bulk of it sloshing around in my insides, making me feel warm and full. I had the passing, crazy notion that I would have loved to have borne this magnificent alpha stud’s babies, as I knew that I had been pumped full of some of the highest grade nut sludge in existence. But we were both men, and I knew that was never to be. 

Brad made a crude bed out of a stack of blankets, and we lay on the floor together, cuddling in each other’s arms, still soaked with sweat and other juices. Our hot bodies slid against one another as we slowly and languidly stroked each other’s skin and explored each other’s bodies. We spoke in low tones with each other, revealing more about ourselves and truly getting to know one another. Brad was so gentle and attentive and tender with me, and I felt myself melting in his embrace. 

That was the moment that I knew that my year-long lustful crush with this amazing, incredible man had turned into love. 

We cuddled like that until the wee hours of the night, and I suggested that we start cleaning ourselves up and getting some work done so that we wouldn’t get in trouble. That’s when I noticed that Brad’s huge cock was once again rock hard and pressing insistently against my hip. We both smiled knowingly at each other, and decided to have another round before getting back to work. 

That’s when the thunderous sound of gunshots rang out, and the door to the room burst open, the lock having been blown away by bullets. The two of us were caught completely by surprise, and we tried to scramble to our feet as at least a half dozen men, dressed as desert warriors and their faces masked with head scarves, rushed into the room. 

I had barely gotten to my knees when I felt twin sharp pains in my right pec, and then felt the searing pain of electricity coursing through my body. The taser blast threw me onto my back on the blankets, my entire body rigid with agony. When the charge finally released, I was completely paralyzed, my body limp on the blankets and unable to help defend my handsome Marine bull. 

Brad leapt to his feet with amazing speed, and had already charged halfway across the room when he was hit in his massively muscular right shoulder by a taser blast. His enormous form was stopped in its tracks as massive bolts of electricity shot through his body, making his huge muscles flex with rigidity. 

But Brad just snarled and clenched his teeth, and started fighting his way forward, his body moving in unsteady jerks as he made his painful way toward his assailants. I could see the men’s eyes grow wide in amazement, and they hit him with a second taser, this time in his left pec. Brad howled with agony and fell to one knee, his still rock hard cock bouncing and quivering before him like some fleshy spear. 

But incredibly, Brad fought his way to his feet once again, despite the full charge of TWO tasers still coursing through his magnificent body! How he found and strength, I’ll never know! He took one stumbling step forward, and then another, and I could see real fear in the eyes of the masked assailants as they all took an involuntary step or two backwards. A third warrior aimed his taser at the naked and furious brute of muscle lurching toward them, and as he pulled the trigger, the prongs of his taser gun sailed true and implanted themselves into each of Brad’s gargantuan, red, bruised, swollen bollocks. 

The bellow of agony that was then ripped from Brad’s powerful lungs is a sound that I’ll never forget as long as I live. 

The big man threw his handsome head back as a freight train of agony slammed into his ill-used bollocks, and it must have felt like his enormous testicles had exploded. As all THREE tasers discharged untold thousands of volts into Brad’s quivering and convulsing body, the huge Marine dropped to his knees, and then fell heavily to his side. His body gave a few more violent jerks, and then went limp. My handsome lover had been rendered as paralyzed as I was! 

A pair of the angry desert warriors then rushed at my prone form, quickly throwing a burlap bag over my head and then hoisting me onto their shoulders as they hurried to carry me out of the room. By the grunts of effort I could hear behind me, the remaining guerrillas were struggling to do the same with Brad’s much larger, bulkier, and heavier form. 

Terror made my blood run like ice in my veins, despite the hot and oppressive temperature outside. I knew that insurgents must have stormed the base while we were distracted with our lovemaking, and that we had now been captured by the enemy. And knowing how brutal and cruel the desert warriors were with their captives, I didn’t hold much hope that we would remain alive for much longer…