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The Final Load

The Final Load

Based on an original story by Carol O

In the future, genetic manipulation and careful breeding have produced a far superior human race. Women control society, and men are nothing more than slaves and cattle. Males have been bred such that they are all enormously muscular and strong, and have massive sexual equipment. Only a select few, the best of the best, are allowed to remain intact; the remaining 99.9% are castrated when they reach maturity and become the workers that are the backbone of this new society. The tiny fraction that remains become breeding males who are destined for the milking factories. 

These breeding males are capable of producing enormous quantities of sperm in a very short period of time. They are hooked up daily to milking machines that relentlessly rape them of their powerful male fluids, taxing even their super human virility to its utter limits. A small fraction of these fluids are actually used to inseminate the women, and an average breeding male will produce over 2,000 offspring during his mating life, while some of the most popular and prolific males may father more than 10,000 children. The bulk of the seminal fluids, however, are used for more mundane purposes, such as food additives and personal hygiene products. 

Breeding males begin their “careers” at the age of 18, and are allowed a maximum of five years of breeding, sometimes less depending on their performance – cum volume, sperm count and motility, etc. At the end of their breeding life, these males are also castrated in order to prevent any one male from fathering too many offspring and creating inbreeding. However, breeding males don’t have their entire ball bags removed; instead, their testicles are removed from their scrotums, and fake testicles put in their place. That way, other males will immediately recognize such a male as a former breeder, and give him the added respect to which he is entitled. Such former breeders typically become the sex slaves of the more wealthy women. 

The ultimate emasculation of these prime breeding males is performed by a special corps of women who take great pride and joy in their work. 


Senior Instructor Angela is in her mid 30's, slim, stern, and beautiful, with long fiery orange hair, stunning green eyes, and milky white skin. Tall and curvaceous, she is a spectacular beauty among a world of beautiful men and women. Ms. Angela runs the training facility and has trained “harvesters” for more than 10 years. 

Ms. Angela stands before 20 new trainees. She will work with these women for two days before they will be allowed to harvest male organs on their own. 

The eyes of the young women turn to Angela as she addresses the class. “Good morning, students. I am Senior Instructor Angela, and I run the Harvesting Section of the facility. We will work together for the next two days, during which time I will instruct you on proper and improper harvesting procedures.” 

“After a male has served his time as a breeding bull, he is sent here.” Angela indicates the room located beyond a set of heavy double doors. “Your task is to obtain the final harvest of sperm from their potent balls, and then surgically remove those balls and replace them with silicon replacements.”

Ms. Angela walks over to the double doors and pushes them open, ushering the young women inside. The training room had 10 work stations forming a circle in the large room. Each station had a stainless steel worktable, sink, several boxes of glass jars and a roll around toolbox…as well as an occupant. 

Each work station contained a young male of truly awesome proportions, securely shackled at wrist and ankle, and stripped completely naked. Even for the genetically modified men of this society, the specimens of masculinity displayed before these women were phenomenal. Each male was over six feet tall and weighed at least 300 pounds of pure muscle, with several of the men exceeding 350 pounds. Their well-oiled physiques were perfectly toned and proportioned, each bulging muscle developed to its greatest potential. All 10 men were also extraordinarily handsome, with chiseled, masculine features like the comic book super heroes of old. The sight of these extraordinary young men took the students’ breath away. 

But what was most remarkable about these young men was the heavy endowment swinging between each of their powerful legs. All 10 males were hung like stallions, with enormous cocks and balls that would make a stud bull jealous. 

Ms. Angela positioned herself in the center of the room and instructed the trainees to double up and select a workstation. “I like to think that there is no better way of learning than doing, so let’s jump right in. First, you will want to achieve an erection.” 

The women opened a drawer on their toolboxes and removed a container of clear lubricant. Using the lubricant, both trainees at each workstation begin to liberally lather up the enormous man tube with both hands. “If you are not getting any reaction, slap the cock head a couple of times, that usually gets their attention,” said Ms. Angela. Several slaps were heard in the room as well as muffled moans from the men. 

In short order, there were 10 huge erections around the room, and it looked like a human merry-go round. The smallest cock in the group was a stout 12-incher, while the largest was a true monster of a cock that measured over 16 inches and was over 3 ½ inches across. The women gaped at the size of these monstrous tools, but continued to stroke their specimens to insure they remained rigid. A small cup shaped device was placed over the head of each spunk cannon and a vacuum sucked it down tight. A thick plastic tube was then connected from the end of the glans hood to one of several large glass jars, where the harvested sperm would be kept. 

“Now ladies, do your best to get that last load from your specimen.” The teams began to stroke and caress the man meat for several long minutes, but with no reward. Some rubbed their breasts against the huge cock, while others licked and sucked the massive shafts, but to no avail. Tired and frustrated after 15 minutes of fruitless masturbating, the women began to ask Ms. Angela what they were doing wrong. 

Finally Ms. Angela explained, “These men have been cumming for five years straight under the not-so-tender suction of the milking machines. They have also been held in place by shackles and clamps, prodded, slapped, and beaten for that same period of time, so their pain and pleasure senses have intertwined. In other words, they are conditioned to react to pain more favorably than caressing touches. Try it out, one of you stroke the cock, while the other… well... have some fun with their balls.” 

Each workstation soon developed their own technique, but the favorite was grabbing the base of the ball sack and slapping and punching the man’s cum tanks around. Ms. Angela nodded approvingly, but also reminded the young students that each man’s nuts were to be removed at the end of the session anyway, so they didn’t have to worry about doing damage to their huge testicles. With those words of permission, the attention to the men’s balls became far more brutal. Some of the women began letting the huge, low-hanging spunk nuts rest on the table and striking them with fists or blunt instruments. Others simply kicked upwards into the men’s defenseless crotches and crushed their massive gonads against their groins. Punching, squeezing, biting, stepping, and mashing were all techniques used. 

Soon the men were groaning in both pain and pleasure, and began to show signs of cumming. The women worked more frantically, beating those huge nuts with abandon, and were rewarded as the men started blowing their loads, one after the other. Each load was mammoth, monumental, a deluge of powerful and potent sperm. The tubes attached to each mighty penis quickly sucked the blasts of spunk into the waiting glass jars, which began to gradually fill with white male essence. 

These were breeding males, and so the students knew each had far more than just one massive load in their mighty stud nuts, and so they continued their brutal attentions with the goal of draining each set of balls completely dry. The women worked more diligently, smashing the spunk containers into submission. The harder they pounded the more spunk was extracted. The first orgasms were followed by a second, and a third, and a fourth, and so on, in a seemingly endless cycle of beating and cumming. 

But even these super strong and hyper virile breeding slaves could not endure such terrific abuse forever, and one by one, their nuts began to explode under the constant beating. Ms. Angela explained that this would happen, and encouraged the women to continue with the beatings, explaining that even the busted nuts could still cough up more of their fluids. Soon the muffled sound of popped balls could be heard throughout the room as -- one by one -- the men succumbed to the brutal ball beating, groaning in agony as their balls were reduced to a jellied goo of broken ball guts. Excited by the process, some of the women found themselves beating on a sack full of broken ball meat without realizing it. 

One by one the trainees dropped the big bag of mush to the table, and turned to face Angela. 

Angela watched as a pair of students exploded the last huge nut on a particularly handsome and massively built young stud, and then turned to face the last pair of students. 

These two were working on the last remaining man, a true giant of a male standing 6’5” tall and weighing just a few pounds shy of 400 pounds. They didn’t come much bigger than this, thought Angela. The women of the facility had nicknamed this male “Thor”, due to his massive physique, his extraordinarily handsome face, his cornflower blue eyes, and long golden-blonde hair that fell in sexy waves almost halfway down his awesomely muscular back. His cock had become nicknamed “Thor’s Hammer” due to its extraordinary size and girth. At 16 ½ inches fully hard and a thickness approaching 4 inches in diameter, Thor possessed one of the largest cocks that the breeding program had ever produced. This monument of a cock was more than matched by a set of balls whose size was simply legendary, and again were some of the largest spunk nuts that the breeding program had ever produced. Each mighty orb was larger than the largest of grapefruit, and had proven themselves to be extraordinarily tough and durable. Out of curiosity, Angela had once measured the circumference of Thor’s mighty nuts, and had nearly cum herself when her measuring tape had read 25 ½ inches! 

Thor was something of a celebrity in the facility, not just for his extraordinary handsomeness, physique, and sexual endowment, but also for the quantity and quality of his spunk. The young man had entered service at the breeding facility at the almost unheard of age of just 16, and even at that tender young age, Thor was one of the greatest producers the facility had ever known. The massively muscular young stud produced literally bucket loads of sperm each day, and his extraordinarily powerful sperm had been used to father over 20,000 children, which didn’t count those fathered overseas when his sperm was exported. That was double what was normally ever allowed for breeding males, but the facility had made an exception in Thor’s case. The remarkable and gorgeous young man was the darling of the facility, and now that his five-year tour of duty was coming to an end, Angela found that she was sad that it was time for this most gifted and extraordinary specimen of man to finally be nutted. 

Angela remembered back to a time a couple of years ago when there had been a power outage at the facility due to a huge freak storm. The milking machines were idle and none of the men were harvested for three days. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but toward the end of the three days, one of the supervisors at the facility noticed that Thor was groaning in pain, and that his ballsack had swollen to grotesque proportions. Ms. Angela was called in immediately, as they thought the young man was ill with an infection and that perhaps his testicles needed to be immediately removed. Angela had inspected the young man and found that his testicular circumference had expanded to a monstrous 30 ½ inches, even bigger than his gargantuan 30-inch biceps. Even touching the young man’s distended scrotum seemed to cause him great pain, but his humongous cock throbbed powerfully in the air, begging for release. 

With a gasp, Angela realized that Thor’s balls had swollen to such a bloated size simply due to pent up sperm, and in less than three days. She and the other ladies immediately began harvesting him by hand, trying to milk him before his balls simply exploded from their extreme internal pressures. It was touch and go there for a while and they almost lost him that night, but in the end Thor let loose with the largest orgasm Angela had ever seen, a mammoth ejaculation lasting for five full minutes and producing well over a gallon of spunk. They drained him a dozen more times that night to get him back down to a safe level before power came back on. It was a night she would never forget… 

Coming back out of her reverie, Angela approached the two remaining students, who seemed embarrassed about their inability to bust the nuts of the giant blond muscle man before them. 

“What seems to be the problem here ladies?” Angela asked. 

One of the young women sheepishly replied, “We’ve been taking turns wailing on this breeder’s enormous nuts with all our strength, but they simply refuse to burst.” 

“That’s okay,” replied Angela. “Some very few of our most gifted men have extraordinarily tough testicles that are resistant to damage and rupture. It’s a feature that we’ve been trying to breed into them for centuries, and Thor here is clearly an example of one of our successes.” 

Angela then inspected the glass beakers in front of the stud slave, and resisted the urge to give out a low whistle. “You’ve done a very good job, ladies. Most of the teams here managed to extract between two and three quarts of sperm from their breeders before their busted and pulverized nuts were finally spermed out, but you’ve accumulated over two gallons from this enormous breeding bull. That’s very fine work!” 

The other student replied, “Thank you, Mistress. But we couldn’t STOP him from cumming, and he just kept pumping his stuff out almost the entire time we worked on him! We even had to borrow containers from the neighboring tables to catch all his sperm!” 

“Well again, a very good job. We’ll leave him intact for now while we deal with the other men. I’ll come back to him later for another demonstration.” 

Ms. Angela then instructed the students on how to store the recently harvested sperm, and once that was all cleared away, she returned their attention to the recently ball busted men. “Now I will instruct you on how to prepare the former breeder slaves for their next role as sex slaves. Keep in mind that this facility processes on average 100 men a day in this way, so you will need to learn how to be efficient with your time as well.” 

Angela walks over to the dark haired stud she had recently watch become a ball busted eunuch, and gingerly lifted up his heavy bag full of ball mush. She made a long vertical incision along the rear of the scrotum, and the man’s broken nut guts began pouring out onto the floor below. The man’s balls seemed even larger now that they had been reduced to so much worthless ground beef. Once she had completely emptied the man’s huge sack, she produced two enormous silicon testicles and inserted first one then the other into the slit at the back of the man’s baggy scrotum. She then expertly sewed up the rear of the ballsack, and to all intents and purposes, the huge man appeared to have his huge balls back. 

She then went around the workstations and supervised as the trainees repeated the process on the remaining eight men, until they had all been properly emasculated and prepared for their next phase in life. A group of orderlies came in and removed the nice emasculated men, taking them to holding cells where they would spend about a week healing before being sold off to rich socialites and collectors all across the continent. 

As the students finished cleaning up the room from the previous lesson, Angela turned her attention to the last remaining man in the room – Thor. 

Ms. Angela inspected the mighty man in front of her, and once again took in all of his amazing beauty. Her eyes were eventually drawn to his enormous bull testicles, which were bright red and slightly swollen from all the beating, but otherwise intact. They hung extremely loosely in their baggy sack, hanging down over six inches from his crotch. That was an unusually low dangle, but Angela knew just how heavy this young man’s nuts were, so she wasn’t in the least bit surprised. 

She wheeled over a high table, grabbed Thor’s huge sack of balls around the base, and dropped the huge bruisers on the table with a loud and satisfying plop. “This one will require some special attention.” Ms Angela said to her students. 

“Thor here has been once of the facility’s greatest producers during his five years as a breeder. He has produced over five gallons of sperm a day, double that of most breeders, and has some of the largest sexual equipment that this facility has ever seen. It’s going to take a lot more effort to drain these huge nuggies dry.” 

Ms. Angela then grabbed a long, slender tube, greases it up with lube, and begins to insert it into Thor’s hugely muscular ass. The muscle man protests in his bonds, but Angela slowly pushes the tube all the way in. A series of cables protrudes from the end of the tube and connects to another devise. Angela explains that the tip of the tube is pressed up against the big man’s prostate gland, and that the dials on the device control would much electricity is sent through the rod and directly into his prostate gland. The bolts of electricity will force Thor to have the mother of all orgasms, and should pump his balls nearly completely dry. She instructed the students to have a series of glass collection jars ready, and then she turns the device on. 

Angela starts at a low voltage, but already sees the device having its desired effect. Thor moans in pleasure as his innermost parts are stimulated, causing his gigantic cock to throb powerfully with his impending orgasm. Angela slowly turns up the dial, causing Thor’s moans to become louder and more urgent. She cranks the knob a few more notches, and then Thor lets loose with a massive wad of cum. The young man begins grunting as pulse after pulse of thick, rich spunk is sucked straight out of his cock, fast as his huge balls can supply it. 

While Angela monitors the dial on the electronic shock devise, she watches as the first glass jar steadily fills with Thor’s pure white fluids. In just a matter of minutes, the students replace the first jar with a second. And then a third. And then a fourth and a fifth. Even Angela is amazed at the amount of spunk being forced out of Thor’s behemoth balls. Finally, when Thor is on his sixth jar, the size of his titanic pulses of sperm begins to diminish slightly. Though still massive, his wads gradually become smaller and spaced farther apart. With the sixth jar full, the women start a seventh jar, but it’s clear that Thor won’t be able to fill it. 

Or would he? 

Angela takes the dial, and turns it to its maximum setting. Thor’s pleasure turns to agony as huge bolts of lightning attack his prostate gland, and he bellows in pure pain. Angela is rewarded, however, with a renewed burst of cum from Thor’s aching stud balls. Pulse after huge pulse fills the glass jar. With the jar nearly full, Thor’s spurts quickly become smaller and smaller, diminishing rapidly in size until just a trickle oozes out of his gaping piss slit. After about 30 seconds with no significant amount of sperm production, Angela turns off the device. Thor slumps in his restraints, temporarily exhausted, while Angela gingerly removed the rod from the big man’s muscular ass. 

The students can’t believe their eyes, and neither can Angela – Thor had produced 9 gallons of spunk in little more than an hour! That was by far a facility record! His balls were truly two of the mightiest sperm factories the world had ever seen. But Angela knew that they weren’t empty. Not quite. Not yet. 

She then produced a huge vice made of two thick plates of clear plastic, and began securing the device around Thor’s aching balls. As she tightened the device, Thor’s balls began to bulge and deform as they were slowly crushed between the two plates. The plates were huge, over two feet across square, but Angela wondered if they would be large enough, or if Thor’s gigantic balls would ooze out the sides. Only one way to find out… 

Thor could only grunt in pain as the clamp tightened inexorably on his huge bull nuts. Normally almost 6 inches thick each, they were soon crushed to 4 inches, and then 3 inches, and then 2 ½ inches. When Angela had crushed the huge balls down to only 2 inches thick, she started getting the result she was looking for. A twist of the handle produced a thick spurt of white cum from Thor’s monstrous cock. The fluid seemed unusually gloopy in some way, and not as creamy and fluid as his previous spunk, and Angela explained that that was because this was sperm pressed directly from Thor’s balls, undiluted by any other seminal fluids. The next twist of the handle was rewarded with an even larger gout of sperm from his cock, followed by another and another with each turn of the handle. 

Angela was in heaven. She had the biggest balls she had even seen in a ball vice, and she was steadily crushing them while raping them of their vital male essence. She wondered just how much Thor’s balls could take. Two inches became 1 ¾ inches, then 1 ½ inches, then 1 ¼ inches, and then just one mere inch. Thor’s balls were perilously close to bursting wide open, but Angela continued. 

By this point, Thor’s 10th jar of the day was more than ¾ full, but the size of the wads from his cock were once again starting to diminish. Angela was close to crushing every last sperm from his nuts, but she wouldn’t stop until they were completely dry. She was determined to fill that 10th jar, or bust Thor’s nuts in the process. Or perhaps maybe both… 

Each turn of the handle was much more difficult now, and Angela had to use both arms with each twist. Thor’s muscles were bulging mightily as he fought valiantly against his restraints, but to no avail. The agony in his nuts must have been tremendous, but he continued to struggle. Each turn of the vice was now bringing only a trickle of sperm from Thor’s nearly broken balls, and though the 10th jar was nearly full, it didn’t look like he was going to make it. 

Thor’s balls were now squashed to a mere ¾-inch thickness, and Angela was sure that they would burst any moment. Each twist was now bringing only drops of sperm from his huge, quivering cock, but she kept pressing onward. Bit by bit, Thor’s gargantuan balls were crushed flatter and flatter, taking them to the very brink of destruction. 

With a final great twist, Angela crushes Thor’s balls to an unbelievable ½-inch thickness, and the remarkable happens. She somehow tapped into the deepest reserve in Thor’s mighty nuts, for a tremendous gout of sperm, one of the biggest of the night, erupted from Thor’s rampant horse cock. Such was a stupendous size of this final burst of sperm that it not only filled the jar, it filled the tube leading from Thor’s cock to the jar and then some, causing the plastic tube to burst and pouring a good quantity of his potent seed onto the cold cement floor. All of the women, Angela included, were astounded by the sight, and several experienced a spontaneous orgasm. 

Angela still held the handle to the vice in her hand, and she knew that just one more twist of the handle would utterly destroy Thor’s gorgeous nuts forever. Those mighty sperm factories were on the very razors edge of destruction, fighting against the crushing force with all their awesome strength to resist exploding in a spectacular and catastrophic fashion. 

She felt a moment of supreme power, knowing without a doubt that a simple turn of the handle would annihilate the greatest male the world had ever seen. She made a decision there and then that this would not be the way Thor’s sex life would end. 

Ms. Angela released the wheel on the clamp, and it opened to full size within seconds. Thor bellowed in renewed agony as blood flow returned to his screaming balls, and they inflated once more to full size, having narrowly avoided destruction…for the time being. The class seemed disappointed for a moment, until Angela said, “This afternoon, I have shown you how to emasculate a man whose balls have already been rendered to mush, but now I would like to demonstrate how to castrate a man who is still intact.” The students smiled and eagerly approached the work station. 

Angela grasped Thor’s balls one last time, amazed at their awesome size and weight even when completely emptied of sperm, and pulled them harshly downward. With her other hand, she used a knife to open up an incision at the back of Thor’s scrotum. Due to the humongous size of Thor’s bull balls, she had to make the incision over 6 inches long, and even them she had to squeeze hard to push first one massive testicle and then its twin out of the opening. 

Freed from their protective sack, Thor’s gigantic nuts looked even more massive – and vulnerable – than ever before. Without their sack to contain them, the massive whitish-grey gonads fell to the bottom of their thick ball cords, hanging nearly 12 inches from his crotch. The cords and life-giving veins connecting the huge nuts to Thor’s body were much thicker than those on the average man, but that didn’t surprise Angela – everything on this enormous stud of a man was oversized. 

Angela prepared to remove the first bull nut, and felt sad that she had to cut such an incredible specimen of man. She grasped his huge left nut and pulled it as far down as it would go, and placed the knife against the ball cords, preparing to make the slice close to Thor’s crotch. 

The feel of the cold steel against Thor’s nut cords must have triggered something deep and primal within the young man’s powerful loins, for he began to spontaneously ejaculate, shooting out his sperm onto the surrounding students, who cried out in surprise and dismay. Angela was flabbergasted, for she knew that she had just completely drained Thor’s balls less than 15 minutes before! The only possible explanation was that Thor’s balls had already begun to recharge in the short time that had elapsed. He was simply incredible! 

Not wishing to drag the lesson out any longer, Angela made a deft flick of her wrist, and Thor’s first massive ball came free in her hand. Thor bucked in agony, and fought like a man possessed. Angela carefully placed the first huge nut in a tray and then grasped Thor’s remaining bull nut. Thor continued to pound out his final load, but he knew that his moment had come and that he was about to be made a eunuch forever. His cornflower blue eyes locked with Angela’s fiery green ones for several long moments, and then she flicked the knife again. Thor’s last ball came free in her hand to join the other in the dish. 

Thor bellowed in unimaginable agony as the final burst of seed shot from his cock, flying high into the air before landing with a loud splat on the concrete floor. Then his entire body went limp, acknowledging his defeat at the hands of the Mistress. 

Angela then excused the class and instructed them on what lessons they would be covering the next day. As the students gathered their things and filed out, Angela prepared the fake testicles that would be inserted into Thor’s scrotum. 

After the last student left the room, however, Angela quickly began to go into motion. She knew she had only a little time before Thor’s balls actually died. Working quickly, she grabbed Thor’s enormous left testicle from the dish, grasped the severed ends of the cords and veins, and began to reattach them to the severed ends still hanging freely out of Thor’s filleted scrotum. Thor was too delirious with pain and loss at first to realize what was happening until she had nearly finished reattaching his first nut. He could only watch in wonder and confusion as Angela grabbed the second nut from the dish and began reattaching it as well. 

She then explained to him, “I am so sorry that I had to cut these amazing balls off of you, Thor, but it was the only way to convince the facility and the government that you had indeed been castrated. When they see you in the future, they will see the scar at the back of your scrotum and be convinced that the gargantuan bulge in your sack is from a pair of silicon balls, and there were 20 witnesses here today who would confirm that. I am using a medical bonding agent to reattach the cords and veins to your balls – it heals the severed ends completely with absolutely no damage or scarring. I’m just so thankful that I was able to do it in time; I was worried that the students would hang around for too long asking too many questions, and that your balls would perish in that dish. There! Now your balls are completely reattached and will be as good as new. I now need to stitch up your scrotum, but I won’t use the bonding agent there as you will need to have the scar there for your own protection and for the protection of your balls.”

“Why are you doing this?” Thor asked in an amazingly deep yet gentle voice. 

“There are a few of us who believe that society needs to change, that men and women should be equals. We work covertly, and are but a small underground movement. You are one of a handful of men that we have managed to save so far. We only save the absolute best of the best, and you are the best that I have ever seen in my 10 years at this facility.” 

“In two weeks, after you have healed from your ‘castration’, you will be sold to a woman who is also part of our organization and taken back to her estate. There, you will be welcomed as a brother, and will continue your life as a breeder. You will father hundreds if not thousands of children with other members of our faction, children that the government will not be aware of, children that have not been sanctioned – boys and girls that will have your astounding strength and power. When the time is right, we will rise up against the oppressors and restore balance between the sexes.” 

“But until then, you are still a breeder male, albeit a secret one masquerading as a eunuch sex slave.” 


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    1. Thanks for the response, Denis! Much appreciated! I always liked the original version of this story, but I have to admit, I prefer my ending. I hate the idea of destroying such an incredible stud bull of a man.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comment and compliment, and I'm glad you enjoyed my rewrite!

  3. This is an excellent story and i love the ending you have out done yourself on this one i would love a second one

    1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this story! I don't see a lot of stories out there where the stud receives truly brutal ball abuse, but yet survives intact to fight and fuck another day. Most of my inspiration and source material therefore comes from hardcore stories that almost always end in castration, and I often find that I need to be creative in finding ways to allow my bull-hung heroes to survive! :)

      Oh, and most of my stories don't have sequels, but I am always open to the idea...

  4. I have to say I loved this story. It got me all hot and bothered and I was glad to see that the mistress was a coll lady after all. The covert op part was cool too. Will there be a sequel?

    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Buster! In case you haven't noticed, I tend to try to find creative ways to save the muscle studs in my stories. I just hate seeing all of that masculine goodness going to waste, you know? :)

      As for a sequel, no, I don't have anything planned at the moment. Already have a ton of brands in the fire, lots of stories in progress. BUT, if you come up with some good ideas for how to advance this story, I'd definitely consider it! :D

  5. I only wish I could stand before a superior, naked, powerful woman and have her draw close to me and ram her knees up into my swollen balls over and over again until they are forced up into my lower belly and my male milk comes spurting from bludgeoned balls as she buries her fist deeply and repeatedly into my heaving, convulsing belly. Finally, she smiles as she gets my body to succumb to her superior fists and knees, and I begin cumming and vomiting until my balls and belly were completely emptied.

  6. this was truly a memorable story, even if the original has resisted being tracked down.

    1. Thank you Robyn, and I'm so glad that you liked it! :D