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How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 3

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 3 - The Claw

Claw stepped forward to stand before the defiant - yet obviously terrified - young super hero, and stood with his upper claws resting on his hips as he drank in and admired the incredibly handsome and sexy sight of the massively muscled young bull stud. “This is gonna be FUN!” he exclaimed, to the laughter and delight of the audience. The assembled villains were all hungry to see this super stud suffer and suffer mightily.

Brick’s gigantic balls had had more than enough time to recover from the dozen or so hammer blows they’d suffered from the massive Behemoth, and now looked as pink and healthy and unharmed as when Doc Evil had first unveiled the super hero less than 30 minutes before. The huge cum tanks were hanging low and loose in their baggy scrotum, and with his mighty, muscular thighs spread open wide, there was nothing to get between Claw and the big meaty prizes swinging so huge and heavy beneath Brick’s 22.5-inch mega cock.

“Let’s start with some love taps!” Claw said, and then began using Brick’s huge hanging ballsac as a speed bag. All four of Claw’s big arms came into play, expertly hammering at the young man’s defenseless nutsac like it was a piƱata full of candy. Brick could only grunt and groan as blow after blow landed square in his bulging balls, causing them to jiggle and swing wildly between his legs. The force of the blows even made his towering column of a penis bob and sway in every direction.

But after five minutes or so, Claw was no closer to causing the young super hero to give up his heavy load, so the four-armed mutant stopped holding back and REALLY let Brick have it. Claw started throwing all of his considerable strength behind each claw-fisted blow, hoping to soften up the ridiculously huge and surprisingly solid bollocks and stir his burgeoning load to the boiling point. He even began hammering brutal upper cuts into the young man’s bouncing balls, all four fists slamming into his balls one after the other so fast the the huge nuggets barely had time to rebound from one punch before they were being clobbered by the next. The hammer blows into the bottom of Brick’s bulging ballsac were so brutal and so powerful that they sent shockwaves throughout his entire enormously muscular body, but the handsome hunk had no choice but to endure the epic clobbering of his bull bollocks, bellowing in futile anger and agony into his red ball gag.

Another five minutes into this abuse, Claw was rewarded when he saw a small trickle of clear precum begin to ooze out of Brick’s mammoth cock and drain down the clear plastic tubing. As the pummeling of the young lad’s mighty bollocks continued, that trickle of precum grew into a stream, and soon a steady river. Claw’s brutal attentions were starting to have their desired effects!

Claw doubled down on his punches and launched an assault on Brick’s balls that no man could possibly endure. He was pulling out all the stops, using every means at his disposal to try to destroy the hero. With four powerful arms, he was able to hammer and pound those screaming bollocks so furiously fast that the gigantic man globes were soon quivering like they were filled with jelly. Claw’s pincer hands were as solid as tempered steel, and the impacts on Brick’s balls were devastating. Yet the young man continued to endure, and the flow of slick lust honey from his heroically huge and rigid cock continued to increase.

Twenty minutes into the assault, Brick’s grunts and bellows of pain started turning into groans and moans of mounting pleasure. At the same time, the flow of precum from his quivering cock started to take on a slightly milky quality, and Claw knew that the big handsome lug was nearing the tipping point. The other students in the auditorium were loudly cheering, for they, too, could see that Claw was nearing his goal, and they were eager to see just how big this massive-balled muscle man could cum.

Claw suddenly ceased his hammering assault on Brick’s bright red and slightly swollen bollocks, watching the huge orbs as they wobbled and quieted down to a slow and ponderous swing between the young man’s quivering muscular thighs. He grinned and then exclaimed, “Time to break out the BIG guns!” Claw then opened all four sets of pincers wide. “Which one to start with? Let’s go with Lefty! That big bruiser is hangin’ just a little bit lower than his brother, so he makes an even better target.”

Chuckling at his own humor, Claw slowly extended one pincered arm, its claw one wide, and brought the claw up under the mammoth, sagging nard. Ever so slowly, he began to close his huge claw until the serrated edges began to press against the dense nut meat from both above and below.

And then Claw REALLY began to squeeze.

Brick bellowed in agony as the center of his massive bull nut was immediately crushed to less than half its usual width, caught in the nut-cracking grasp of the huge, jagged claw. His huge bull nut ballooned out to either side, the two halves bulging larger and larger as the closing claw threatened to bisect the huge bollock right down the middle. Brick’s cock gave a mighty lurch in response, and a small spurt of thick seed shot into the clear rubber tube. It was a paltry amount of cum, really, about as much as a typical mortal man could produce, and the assembled villains were tremendously disappointed at the sight. Another pulsating lurch followed, and then another, and another, each time spurting out just a small squirt of rather thin semen. What a shame — the stud had such phenomenally huge balls, one would have thought he’d have a similarly massive cum load, but apparently that wasn’t to be.

“Seriously dude?!” Claw exclaimed. “That’s it?! That’s all you’ve got?! You’ve got a set of unbelievably huge lug nuts that would make a Brahma bull jealous, and THAT’S as much as you cum!?!? I don’t care what the Doc says; these huge nuts of yours are almost worthless, and I don’t think you deserve ‘em. So great ready to kiss ol’ Lefty goodbye!”

Claw brought up two more of his pincers, set the open claws carefully over the two massive bubbles of tortured nut meat, and then closed both claws down with all of his might. Claw fully intended to shatter than goliath gonad with his huge pincers. Instead, his brutal action unleashed a torrent of sperm unlike anything anyone had ever seen.

Brick’s humongous left bollock was crimped to the brink of splitting in three separate places, causing the egg-shaped orb to distort hideously into shapes that no man’s ball was ever meant to endure. But the mighty bull ball refused to burst, and instead both massive nards began to visibly convulse and contract in their sac. Brick uttered a deafening bellow of agony and release as the first titanic bolt of spunk erupted from his pulsating dick.

Apparently those earlier short spurts of cum were just precursors to the veritable flood of sperm trapped inside the young man’s colossal cajones.

The first gigantic slug of cum was so thick and so copious that it filled the plastic tubing completely. The machine’s voracious suction quickly whisked that first blast into the waiting receptacle, the huge wad landing in the bottom of the container with a wet and gloopy SPLAT. None of the men in the room could believe the sheer VOLUME of that single enormous splurt of cum, for it contained more thick, chunky cum than any of them could produce in a WEEK of steady milking.

But as they were soon to learn, that was merely the beachhead of Brick’s colossal cumload.

A second mighty pulse of cum followed, and then a third, and then a fourth, all just as titanic and powerful as the first, steadily filling the bottom of the 5-liter canister. Everyone in the room, including Doc Evil himself, was completely awed by what they were seeing. Even Claw temporarily forgot what he was doing, watching mesmerized as pulse after pulse after huge, lush pulse of prime stud cream was pounding out of Brick’s behemoth of a cock, only to be sucked away into the waiting canister.

But by the 12th or 15th mammoth burst of spunk, Claw regained his wits and began to clamp down harder than ever with his three claws, trying to chop Brick’s straining left nut into four broken chunks. The handsome and heroically muscular hero threw back his head and bellowed even louder than ever, and the intensity of his orgasm actually increased, if that was even possible. Claw used his fourth arm to start punching and hammering at the straining bubbles of man meat bulging out to either side of his crunching claws. The brutal blows threatened to burst those screaming segments of nearly-quartered ball, but somehow Brick’s almighty man egg endured as his loins continued to pump out what had to be the greatest load in human history!

Brick’s orgasm raged onward with no end in sight. 20 wads became 30, and then 40, and then 50, never losing a fraction of their intensity or an ounce of their massive volume! It wasn’t until more than two minutes — and 80 magnificent cum wads — into his thunderous, earth-shattering orgasm that the time between blasts began to increase, and the volume of each blast start to diminish. Even then, it was a good minute or more later before the last chunky dregs of Brick’s unbelievably titanic load belched into the waiting suction tube.

There was near silence in the room for several long moments after that, broken only by the ragged breathing of the hunky hero as he struggled to recover from his epic release. Claw slowly released his death grip on Brick’s nearly busted left bollock, and watched in awe as the titanic teste quickly plumped back up to its full size and shape. Other than turning an angry shade of red, with bruising visible where each of the three claws had clamped down and nearly bisected the gigantic nut, the mammoth orb looked intact and unharmed. The young super hero clearly had a mighty set of stones indeed!

Claw looked at the clear plastic canister, and was even more stunned to see that it was more than four-fifths full! The mighty Brick Haus had just jettisoned just over four liters — that’s more than an entire GALLON!!! — of the thickest, chunkiest, gloopiest spunk he had ever seen! The kid was just UNREAL!

“Well, congratulations Claw!” Doc Evil said, the first to recover his voice and shake himself back to reality. “That’s an extraordinarily impressive volume to obtain, especially for Brick’s very first milking! You’ve done an excellent job and will get an A+ on this assignment!”

“But Doc,” Claw said, a wicked grin on his face, “I’m not done yet! I’ve only tortured ONE of Brick’s big balls. Ol’ Righty is still hangin’ there, nearly untouched and just aching for my strong embrace!”

Doc Evil chuckled and said, “You’re right, Claw, and my apologies! Please, by all means, proceed with his second ball. Though I’ll be surprised if you can get more than a few dribbles from his huge bollocks at this point. I can only imagine Brick’s huge balls must be pretty tapped out after an orgasm like that!”

“Oh, I dunno Doc,” Claw said, gently lifting up Brick’s relatively untouched right ball in one of his clawed hands. “These big beauties still feel mighty full. Heavy as fuck and just THROBBIN’ with juices! I’ll bet ol’ Brick here has plenty more to give us!”

So saying, Claw squeezed down with his pincered hand, brutally crushing the mammoth gland trapped in his serrated claw. Brick once again cried out in agony, his massive muscles flexing to even greater glory as he tried to endure the worst pain he’d ever felt in his life. Claw brought up two more pincers, placing them on either side of the lad’s nearly bisected nut, but before squeezing down, he placed his fourth claw around Brick’s massive cock shaft, right behind the swollen head. All at the same time, he squeezed down all four claws with all of the strength he could muster.

The result was epic. Brick threw back his head and brayed an inhuman cry of utter agony. Not only was his mighty right nut crushed to the brink of bursting, but his humongous cock shaft was partially crushed as well, making his huge, bulbous cock head swell to even more gigantic proportions. And as a second massive orgasm was instantly triggered in Brick’s aching loins, he quickly realized why Claw had clamped down on his mega schlong. With his thick cum tube — and hence the rubber suction tubing as well — completely clamped off, not a single drop of sperm could escape past the mutant’s clutching pincer.

Brick’s mammoth load began to back up in his internal plumbing, causing him even greater agony as his loins tried to accommodate the steadily growing volume of sperm that was pulsing to escape his body. The massive cum tube running along the underside of Brick’s magnificent horse cock began to swell and expand, growing thicker and wider than ever as it tried to contain both the invading suction tube AND the lad’s burgeoning cum load. And STILL Claw showed no sign of relenting, brutally crushing one of Brick’s beyond-massive balls while his mighty bull cock threatened to explode from the strain of his trapped mega load.

“Careful there, Claw,” Doc Evil admonished. “Brick’s huge cock looks like it’s nearing critical mass. I intend to milk a great deal more of the stud super sperm from his massive balls, and to do that, I need him to have a functioning penis.”

“Don’t worry there, Doc! I know what I’m doing,” the cocky Claw said, full of confidence. But the other villains in the audience feared that the mutant’s self-assuredness might be misplaced, for the underside of Brick’s cock had swollen to ridiculous proportions. His mammoth cum tube looked to be three or even FOUR times its original size, and was still growing! It almost looked like a second huge dick was forming on the underside of Brick’s mammoth schlong! How much more could his tortured cock take before its huge cum tube simply exploded?!?

Brick’s cries and grunts of pain were growing more urgent and desperate, for the young man could also tell that his internal plumbing was being redlined beyond all conceivable capacity. He had never needed to cum so badly in his whole life, and he feared that his entire crotch would burst before he got the chance.

At the last possible moment, Claw finally relented and released his crushing grip on Brick’s freakishly straining monster cock.

Instantly, the most colossal deluge of sperm imaginable began to thunder out of the young man’s  pulsating loins. Even the industrial strength suction machine was struggling to keep up with the unbelievable volume of spume that was rocketing out of Brick’s bloated cock. Instead of separate pulses of cum, the young hero’s smegma was blasting out in one continuous torrent, the extreme pressures built up inside his loins causing the sperm to burst out as if from a high powered fire hose.

Brick continued to bellow and roar in unimaginable agony, his entire body bucking and writhing against his immovable restraints. His massive cock was actually swelling even BIGGER with the young man’s desperate need to purge his loins, and it seemed at any moment, his massive schlong might split up the entire length, bursting in a spectacular explosion of beefy man flesh and sperm.

But somehow, miraculously, Brick’s genitals continued to endure!

It took more than half a minute before the constant deluge of sperm began to separate into separate salvos of cum. Brick’s horrifically bloated cock began to quickly deflate back to its normally prodigious size as it continued to pound out a load that looked like it was going to be just as massive as the first, if not bigger!

Sure enough, Brick’s second orgasm lasted even longer than his first, and in the end produced 4.25 liters of fresh stud jizz. Near the end of the young man’s mammoth load, Claw released two of his pincers from Brick’s tortured right nut, and instead placed them over the meaty nubs of the young man’s proud nipples and clamped down HARD. Brick screamed in renewed agony, his thick paps feeling like they were about to be snipped right off of his body. But the action succeeded in making the final five or six pulses of the young hero’s cum even more massive and lush than any that had come before.

Finally, Brick’s second orgasm was complete, and his behemoth balls temporarily depleted.

Claw used his huge pincer fists to land a few dozen more blows into the young man’s bruised and battered nuts, clobbering them with a violence that couldn’t be believed, and trying unsuccessfully to coax even more sperm out of the man’s battered cum tanks. The evil mutant landed one last blow, striking the huge sac of mangled nuts with all four claws at the same time, utterly crushing the massive orbs from four sides at once. Claw was certain that he had finally succeeded in shattering the young bull’s mighty nuts once and for all, but as he retracted his huge fists, he could only stare in amazement as both of Brick’s huge balls plumped right back up to their oblong, egg-like shapes. Both mighty nuts were glowing an angry red bordering on purple and felt like they had halfway been turned to mush, but they had survived intact.

Thunderous applause erupted from the other mutants lining the auditorium. Even more mutants had filed in during Claw’s abuse of Brick’s massive equipment, attracted by the bellows of agony and the raucous cheers of the rowdy crowd. The audience had already doubled in size, and more mutants were entering the room all the time. This was obviously going to be a lecture that would go down in legend, and everyone at the academy wanted to be present!

Doc Evil addressed the eager and excited crowd, saying, “I want each of you to get a chance to maul the spunk out of this super hero’s massive bull nuts. Sign up sheets are available here at the front of the class. Each slot starts at the top of the hour and lasts for 45 minutes. The last 15 minutes of each hour is allocated to allow Brick’s balls to heal the worst of the damage done to them, hopefully allowing them to be fresh and fully healed for the next student. I’m not sure if even HIS extraordinary recuperative powers will be able to keep up with the levels of abuse I’m anticipating from each of you, but we’ll see how it goes…”

“Young Brick is going to be milked 24/7, but the hours from 10 PM and 6 AM are blocked off to provide the stud some amount of rest before the next day’s tortures. These hours are STRICTLY prohibited for torture practice.”

Doc gave a hard and steady glare to the rowdy students, chastening some of them and quieting the room down.

“Awards will be given at the end of the young man’s marathon milking for the largest number of orgasms attained in 45 minutes, the greatest volume of sperm in a single orgasm, and the greatest volume of sperm produced in a 45-minute torture session. Good luck class, and remember, no permanent damage to our handsome guest!”

“At least not until I’ve drained him completely dry…”

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Why the underlining?!?!?!

Hey there folks!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am NOT underlining the text in my stories -- for some reason, this website is doing that for me. Text that I actually type into the blog (like the text I'm writing now) seems to post without the annoying underlining, but anything that I copy and paste from my files is 100% underlined. Even then, there is absolutely no underlining showing up on the screen before I hit the "publish" button, yet when the story actually posts to my blog, every last word is underlined. I've tried going back to the edit the post, and I just can't seem to get rid of the underlining.

I'm truly sorry if the underlining is a nuisance and a distraction, but it appears that I'm unable to make it go away. :(

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How to Break a Super Hero - Part 1

I'm going to start posting the chapters to an as-yet uncompleted series. The saga is based on the multiple (and AWESOME) super hero busting stories created by Arthur Hero, and I've borrowed from several of his stories to create this amalgam of brutal ball torture.

Since this series is not yet complete, I'll happily take suggestions from all of you on how to finish the series. :)


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 1 - Villain School

Inspired by an original story by Arthur Hero 


Doc Evil looked around the small auditorium from his place at the center of the lecture floor, admiring the collection of aspiring mutant villains he had gathered here at his academy. Tired of being defeated over and over again by crusading, do-gooder super heroes, the diabolical genius had decided to train his own cadre of mutants with super human powers, and recruit them as his servants of evil. This academy contained the fruit of his labors, for he now had dozens and dozens of loyal followers who were nearing graduation and ready to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. 

And today he had a very special lesson planned for them. 

“Good morning class,” Doc Evil said with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “Today’s lecture may be the most important one that I ever teach you. Soon, you will be graduating from these hallowed halls and set free into the world, to prey upon the weak and feeble that populate this planet. I must warn you, however; there are a small number of men and women out there who break that mold, who share your fabulous mutant gifts. And instead of using these natural abilities to achieve their rightful place of power and dominance, these so called ‘super heroes’ defend the weaklings and protect their fragile societies. These super heroes will attempt to stop you at every turn. You must never underestimate their power and determination, as they can foil even the most perfectly planned plot.” 

There was a great deal of rumbling and unease among the two dozen or so students in the room, for they had all faced one or more super heroes in their past and been summarily defeated. 

“But never fear!” Doc Evil shouted, gaining the room’s immediate attention once again. “For every super hero has his or her weakness, and if you can find and exploit that weakness, then you can DEFEAT them!” 

Doc then turned to the large structure in the center of the room, which was covered by an oversized white sheet. With a showman’s flourish, Doc whipped the sheet off, revealing a heavy duty steel table with a single occupant shackled on top at wrist and ankle with manacles made of the heaviest adamantium. 

And that occupant, much to the surprise and terror of the students in the room, was none other than arguably one of the most powerful super hero of them all, Brick Haus! Chaos erupted among the auditorium seats as many of the students began to panic at the mere sight of the legendary super hero, and more than a few of the more terrified students started scrambling for one of the room’s exits. 

“Class! Class! Please settle down,” Doc Evil intoned, a wry grin still spread across his face as he made a mental note of which students panicked and which sat steadfast in their seats. “You have nothing to fear. Young Brick here has been completely incapacitated and cannot do you any harm. He graciously allowed me to capture him yesterday after unleashing a particularly devious trap, and he is now here to assist us with this demonstration.” 

For his part, Brick Haus was clearly NOT a willing participant for today’s lecture. The massively muscular super hero thrashed mightily against the foot-thick manacles securing all four of his powerful limbs, but even his superior strength was insufficient to break free. He was still wearing his famous red suit and mask, and a big red ball gag had been placed in his mouth, preventing the handsome hero from doing more than grunt like some caged animal. The rubberized suit material looked like it was sprayed on his body, doing nothing to hide his spectacular musculature from view. The young man had the sort of colossally muscular physique that professional bodybuilders could only dream of — a massive frame, enormously hyper-developed muscles, perfect proportions and aesthetics, and a naturally extraordinarily low bodyfat of under 2%. So as he bucked and writhed against his unbreakable restraints, every gargantuan muscle bulged and flexed in stunning relief, a fantastic display of raw and restrained masculine power. 

“Now, as you can see, the first step is always to immobilize your hero,” Doc continued, motioning to the bound and gagged Brick. “This particular young man combines extraordinary super human strength and speed with a very quick and agile mind, so he was very difficult to capture. Immobilizing your enemy is often the most dangerous step in the process, and I cannot stress enough that you must never underestimate your prey. Brick Haus has escaped my clutches and foiled my plans nearly a score of times, so this time I took every precaution and made sure that I bound him in shackles that even his mighty strength could not break.” 

Doc moved toward the top of the large steel table where the supine super hero’s masked head was thrashing back and forth in fury. 

“Step two,” he continued, “is to uncover the secret identity of your enemy and learn all you can about his back story.” 

With that, Doc Evil grabbed the mask on Brick’s head and, in one swift motion, tore the mask away. The face revealed beneath that mask was breathtakingly handsome, the kind of rugged, square-jawed look one would expect to find on a crime-fighting super hero. The stunning lad was younger than the students expected, and the surprise and fear in his gorgeous blue eyes at having his face revealed made more than a few of the students smile in evil anticipation. 

“Class, meet Brandon Hausman, a 22-year-old college senior from the University of California in Los Angeles. Young Brandon started developing his mutant talents at an early age, having precocious speed and strength even as a young child, and an incredibly sharp mind with an IQ north of 160. It was at puberty, though, that Brandon really started coming into his gifts. Starting at the tender age of 10, young Brandon started packing on muscle at an extraordinary rate. No one in his little home town in rural Indiana had ever seen a lad grow as big and as fast as young Brandon. His phenomenal strength and endurance were a huge asset on his family’s modest farm, but he really started to shine when he started participating in sports in school.” 

“Brandon was clever, though, and he quickly learned to conceal just how strong he really was. He didn’t want the world to know he was a mutant, for he would have faced many of the same challenges and discriminations that you have all had to endure. So instead, he chose to live as phenomenally strong and talented athlete, but he only allowed himself to use a tiny fraction of his true strength and skill in public.” 

“The young man’s life changed while he was still in high school. He happened to be at the local bank when a group of masked and armed men broke in and attempted an armed robbery. Things went wrong, as they often do.” At this, many of the students chuckled at the Doc’s wry humor, for they all had plenty of experience with plans that had gone awry. “Anyway, several innocent bystanders were shot when one of the gunmen panicked, and it looked like the rest of the hostages would soon follow suit. Brandon realized that he couldn’t just sit by and watch these people that he’d known and grown up with all of his life get gunned down in cold blood. So he suddenly lunged forward and attacked the gunmen. In the chaos that followed, gunfire rang out, and several eye witnesses could have sworn that the muscular young high school student had been shot multiple times at point blank. But when the dust settled and the smoke cleared, the young man was unharmed, and all six of the gunmen were unconscious and bound, ready for the police to arrive.” 

“This event marked the turning point in Brandon’s young life, and inspired him to use his extraordinary mutant powers to protect the innocent and downtrodden, and stop those who would seek to do harm.” 

At that, the audience erupted into boos and cat-calls. Doc Evil stood there for several long moments, smiling again as he allowed his students to blow off some steam. When they had finally quieted down a bit, he continued. 

“Brandon, aka Brick Haus, possesses the greatest physical strength of any mutant to date. He stands 6 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs a staggering 485 pounds of granite hard muscle. His bullish neck measures 23.5 inches around (bigger than most bodybuilder’s arms!), while his upper arms measure a titanic 32 inches around (bigger than some men’s waists!), and his forearms measure 22 inches. Those ferociously powerful arms end in massive hands big enough to not just palm a basketball, but to pop that ball with ease. His gigantic shoulders measure 44 inches across — yes, that is more than three and a half feet wide! — and the circumference of his colossal chest is an unreal 105 inches. The incredibly wide plates of his thick chest and broad wings of his humongous lats taper down majestically and dramatically to a narrow, corrugated, and extraordinarily muscular waist that measures a mere 35 inches in circumference. Yes, that’s right, the lad’s tight, muscular waist is exactly ONE THIRD the circumference of his almighty chest, and only three inches bigger than his own freakishly powerful arms! To say that the young man has a dramatic ‘V’ taper would be an understatement!” 

“Brick’s lower body possesses the same level of extraordinary dimensions as his fantastic upper body, with 48-inch monster thighs, 28 inch calves that look like ridiculously overinflated footballs (and really ought to be called ‘bulls’, not ‘calves’), and size 22 extra wide feet. Needless to say, his shoes need to be custom made…” The students laughed at the Doc’s remark, for many of them had also run into the problem of having their attire custom made for one reason of another, such as deformities or proportions that were outside of the human norn. 

“Brick has other phenomenal physical gifts, like the massively muscular and powerful ass that you can’t actually see at the moment due to his position on the exam table.” More tittering laughter at this remark. “He has other noteworthy gifts as well, and I’ll cover those as we continue the lesson.” 

“In addition to extraordinary strength that allows him to bench press a locomotive with ease, Brick’s diamond hard muscles make him impervious to most harm. He was indeed shot numerous times during that bank heist gone wrong a few years ago, but the bullets bounced harmlessly off of his phenomenally dense musculature, leaving the lad without a scratch. And even on the rare occasions when Brick IS injured during an epic battle, his astounding recuperative powers greatly accelerate his healing and leave him with no lasting damage. The young man’s smooth skin is flawless and completely unblemished, a testament to his body’s ability to heal any damage without the slightest scar.” 

“Brick Haus truly is one of the mightiest mutants ever born,” Doc said to his rapt audience. “If only this handsome young muscle beast had chosen a different path, he could have dominated the world. Instead, he’s now here being dominated by me, and ready to be part of today’s demonstration.” 

Doc Evil once again moved to the front of the lecture floor and addressed the class. “Step three in defeating your enemy is to find his weakness. Even the most powerful of super hero has at least one weakness. Can any of you guess what Brick Haus’ weakness might be? I’ll give you a hint — it’s also the source of his phenomenal and super human strength.” 

“His abs?” said a huge, hulking student with metallic plates growing out of the backs of his hands and fingers.

“A worthy guess, Knuckles,” Doc said. “Brick does have an extraordinary 8-pack of abdominal muscles, like big, deeply etched cobblestones of iron. Why don’t you come up to the front of the class and have a go at the young man’s muscular belly.” 

The student got up and lugged his huge frame over to Brick. Knuckles had never been this up close and personal with a super hero before, let alone one as famous as the legendary Brick, and he was more than a bit star struck. The young man was outrageously handsome, his chiseled features intensely masculine yet simultaneously softened by the beauty of youth. The lad’s thick brown hair was worn very short and tight on the sides and back with a thick, wavy shock of hair on top. It was Brick’s stunning blue eyes that really captivated one’s attention, though, and those piercing blue orbs were now locked defiantly on those of the nervous student, as if daring him to do his worst. That heated stare helped galvanize the student’s courage, and he broke his gaze with Brick to drink in the sight of the young man’s utterly spectacular body. 

The red rubberized suit left almost nothing to the imagination. Every one of Brick’s gargantuan, super-sized stud muscles seemed ready to burst through the thin material at any moment, and their raw unadulterated power was palpable even from several feet away. The student let his gaze focus on the object of his guess, the super hero’s deeply corrugated abdomen. Brick’s stunning 8-pack was absolutely amazing, rocky and hard and exquisitely proportioned. The student took one of his oversized, meaty hands and rubbed Brick’s abs through his rubber synthetic suit, feeling just how incredibly solid those muscles really were. 

Even while the huge, hulking student was feeling up on Brick’s magnificent abs with one hand, he was raising the other hand up high, forming a fist with his metal knuckle plates aimed downward at the handsome hero’s rock-solid washboard. Those plates on the back of the student’s hands were like a natural form of brass knuckles, only bigger, harder, and far more deadly. He took aim at the sexy dimple of Brick’s navel, visible even though the form-fitting red suit, and then plunged his fist downward with all of his might. 


Knuckles felt several bones in his oversized ham fist snap. It felt like he had just punched a foot-thick plate of solid steel full force, and the sharp agony of the blow traveled all the way up his massive arm. The hulking student cradled his wounded fist in his free hand and backed away from the bound super hero, a look of pain and shock on his brutish features. 

For his part, Brick was entirely unfazed by the powerful blow to his mighty abs. He had flexed his abdominal wall at the last moment, turning it into an immovable barrier of iron-hard flesh and making his belly muscles stand out join even greater relief. If the punch had caused him any pain, Brick showed no sign — only the slightest grunt of effort was forced from his lips as the mutant’s metallic fist slammed into his midsection. 

While the other students cat-called their injured classmate and taunted him for his failure, Doc Evil said, “An excellent try, Knuckles, but clearly incorrect. You may take your seat. Any other guesses?” 

“His biceps!” shouted another student, an even bigger specimen of mutant than the previous one. 

Doc smiled and said, “I’d say that’s a better guess, Pile Driver. Why don’t you come down here and see if you’re correct.” 

The smiling mutant stood up to his full 7 feet in height, revealing that his forearms ended not in hands, but in the gigantic pistons that gave him his name. The massive brute was arrogant and cocky, and he sauntered over to the table where Brick was securely bound and loomed over the handsome stud, leering down at the smaller man. Pile Driver stood behind the head of the table, leaned forward, and placed his deadly piston fists on either side of the young man’s stunningly handsome head in almost gentle caress and said, “I’m gonna fuck up those huge guns of yours, super stud! I’m gonna pound ‘em to mush and rob you of your mutant strength! Get ready, cuz your days of being a super hero are OVER!” 

With that, Pile Driver stood upright and pressed the face of each of his piston fists on top of the gigantic, bulging, flexing biceps of Brick’s gargantuan 32-inch upper arms. The evil mutant then activated his metallic fists, which instantly became a blur of focused power as they rained destruction down on the young stud’s mammoth guns. 


Brick’s mighty arms were receiving some terrifically brutal punishment, but the sneer of contempt on the young man’s heroically handsome face told just how little he was being affected by the abuse. Almost any other mutant’s muscles would have been quickly battered and bludgeoned into formless uselessness under such a brutal barrage, let alone the arms of a merely mortal man, but Brick’s titanic biceps refused to even dent under this violent onslaught. In fact, the young man just flexed his massive guns, making his behemoth biceps swell to even greater dimensions, and stoically endured the brutal bicep beating without comment or sound. 

Pile Driver began to roar in fury and frustration, sending his pounding fists into overdrive. He leaned forward, adding the weight of his great bulk to the force pummeling Brick’s biceps at a rate of more than 20 annihilating hammer blows a second. 

The huge mutant kept up the punishing abuse for more than 5 full minutes. Finally, thin wisps of black, acrid smoke began to rise from Pile Driver’s pistoning fists, and he realized that he was redlining his own metallic arms. With a final cry of fury, he switched off his metal arms and stumbled back a couple of steps from the captive muscle hunk, panting and heaving to regain his breath after his powerful efforts. 

For his part, Brick merely flexed his massive biceps once again, swelling their already extraordinary dimensions to at least 35 mouth-watering inches of raw male muscle, showing to the auditorium full of super villains that he was still completely unharmed. The only visible evidence of the recent muscle shredding abuse were the angry red circles in the center of each bicep at the location of the multiple impacts. But even as the audience watched, that angry red color quickly began to fade, to be replaced by the lightly tanned hue of the young man’s healthy and unblemished skin. 

“I’m sorry,” Doc Evil said. “You also guessed wrong, Pile Driver. Though Brick’s massive arms are indeed almost unimaginably powerful, they’re not the source of the young man’s extraordinary mutant powers. Any other guesses out there?” 

A deep and booming voice thundered from the back of the auditorium, “HIS BALLS!”

Doc Evil looked up and smiled as the largest student in the classroom — indeed, one of the largest humans in the entire world — stood up in the back row. A hush fell over the rest of the students, for this was the most feared and most respected student at the university. 

The gigantic man was Doc’s favorite student, a gargantuan bull elephant of a male named simply ‘Behemoth’ due to his gigantic size, dwarfing even the phenomenally built super hero currently strapped to the table. Brick and Behemoth were a study in similarities and contrasts. Both men were tall, but while Brick’s 6’5” was still well within the realm of human norms, Behemoth’s 10’4” was perhaps the tallest height ever yet achieved by a human being. Both men were outrageously muscular, but while Brick’s exquisitely chiseled physique was masculine perfection taken to the utter extreme, Behemoth’s gargantuan muscles were so bloated and monstrous as to be outright obscene. It was a wonder that the huge mountain of muscle could even move at all with his frame so overpacked with goliath muscles! While Brick’s 485 pounds of rock solid muscle was admittedly outside the realm of what any merely mortal man could ever hope to achieve, Behemoth’s weight exceeded a staggering and mind boggling 5,000 pounds!! That was more than two and a half TONS of raw muscular power, and more than TEN TIMES Brick’s own extraordinary weight!!! 

Brick may have held the title of Strongest Man on the Planet, but Behemoth was a not too distant second. 

What few people guessed, though, was that Behemoth had a sharp and intelligent mind hidden behind his brutish, heavy-featured countenance. It was that intelligence that had truly earned the respect of Doc Evil, for he saw in Behemoth a mutant who might someday inherit the empire that he himself hoped to build. 

The other students backed away from the gigantic muscle beast as he slowly lumbered down the steps to the lecture floor. Even Brick’s stunning blue eyes widened in the first real sign of fear the young hero had shown since his capture. 

Doc favored his student with a large smile and said, “That’s an excellent guess, Behemoth! Please give us a demonstration to see if you are correct.” 

Behemoth lumbered over to the captive hunk and took a few moments to survey the stud’s gorgeous form. Then he reached forward with his massive left hand, a hand bigger than a dinner plate, toward the enormous bulge at the front of Brick’s suit. The young man’s eyes widened in horror, and he began to thrash about wildly against his restraints, but there was no escaping the clutches of the gargantuan muscle beast. 

Behemoth’s hand roughly encircled the base of Brick’s prodigious genitalia and squeezed hard, eliciting a grunt of pain from the handsome stud as his entire package was squeezed down to the bottom of his crotch, forming a colossal mound bigger than an overinflated basketball. Behemoth then lifted his other hand up, formed a fist nearly the size of a wrecking ball, and brought it down full force into Brick’s straining package. 


The thunderous impact seemed to shake the very walls, and Brick threw back his handsome head to bellow in terrible agony. Behemoth’s massive fist had crushed that enormous crotch mound more than halfway flat, and the giant compounded the handsome lad’s agony by grinding his huge, bony knuckles into the traumatized flesh before raising his fist upwards and slamming it home again. 


Brick’s entire body convulsed into one gigantic flexing muscle, his back arching so hard that his body nearly lifted off of the table. His compacted cock and balls were again forced to absorb the entirety of the devastating blow, smooshing more than halfway flat only to rebound to full size again once the offending fist was removed. 




Three more terrible punches, each powerful enough to shatter house-sized boulders, landed square into Brick’s vulnerable man parts, and the handsome young lad bellowed and brayed into his ball gag like some wounded animal. 

The tough rubber of Brick’s red suit couldn’t handle such horrific abuse, and small tears appeared in the fabric, exposing the reddening flesh of the young man’s massive cock and gigantic balls. These tears opened larger and larger with each successive blow. 




Brick thought for sure that his massive genitals had already been reduced to a jellied, mutilated pulp, but despite the inferno of agony erupting from his huge cock and burly balls, they were continuing to endure, plumping back up after each devastating hammer blow, only to be crushed nearly flat again with the next inhumanly brutal punch. 




The tears in the suit’s crotch were now large enough that the entire apple-sized head of Brick’s huge cock came into view, and on the next strike, his mammoth left testicle came into view, rolling out of the shredded confines of his suit to lay heavily on the reinforced steel table. The oblong globe of Brick’s ball looked like some sort of dinosaur egg, an incredibly massive and meaty orb of nut flesh that looked even more vulnerable and fragile as it rested on the slab, exposed and naked and unutterably male. Gasps could be heard throughout the rapt audience at the sight of this colossal gonad, for none of them had ever seen such a titanically oversized bollock in their lives. Even Behemoth appeared impressed at the sheer enormous size of Brick’s gigantic left ball, and he seemed to consider that massive man lump for several moments before aiming his next bludgeoning hammer blows on just that isolated bull nut. 






Brick was now sobbing openly at the unreal agony erupting from his wounded bollock, and his screams and bellows grew even louder and more urgent with each successive hammer blow. His massive bull nut seemed to be flattening a bit further with each titanic strike, and he wondered how much longer even his heroically tough nuts could endure such terrible abuse. 

Behemoth stepped back for a moment to survey Brick’s abused and traumatized crotch. His genitals were now more than half exposed, the crotch of his red suit barely containing his goliath limp cock and equally mammoth right bollock. Behemoth reached forward with one great paw, gathered some of the suit fabric from above the young man’s crotch, and effortlessly tore a huge opening in the front of the suit, exposing the young man from mid belly down to his upper thighs, and revealing the entirety of the young man’s extraordinary genitals to the view of the class for the very first time. 

“Now as I alluded earlier,” Doc said, addressing his students, who had been stunned into temporary silence at the sight of the young super hero’s enormous genitalia, “Brick possesses additional physical attributes that are of important note. And I think you can all see exactly which ‘attributes’ I’m talking about. Young Brick possesses a huge monster cock that, even when completely limp, exceeds the length and girth of 99.999% of the biggest, hardest boners on the planet. His flaccid cock is almost like a third leg, measuring just over 12 inches long and more than 10 inches around at its widest point mid shaft. Even I haven’t yet seen how big that massive schlong gets when it’s hard, so that is a bit of data we have yet to collect…” 

“Perhaps even more impressive, though, are the colossal testes hanging so huge and heavy beneath that masterpiece of man meat. Each mighty orb is the size of a ripe cantaloupe and weighs in excess of 5 pounds, making them the largest and heaviest human testicles in recorded history. They are also ferociously tough, with an incredibly thick and fibrous outer wall that makes them nearly as indestructible as the rest of his fantastic and rock hard body. But despite their near invulnerability, Brick’s power-packed nuts contain ten times more nerve endings per cubic centimeter of testicular tissue than those of a normal man, meaning that he feels the pain of brutal ball abuse exponentially more than a typical male. And this vulnerability to testicular pain is Brick’s greatest weakness!” 

“Congratulations, Behemoth! You have correctly deduced Brick Haus’ greatest weakness! Remind me later that you will receive a special award for your correct answer.” 

“Now class, it’s time for us to exploit this handsome super hero’s weakness. And for that, we’ll need some additional equipment…” 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Update on blog status

Hey there everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that the regular weekly posting of stories on this blog is likely going to be interrupted in the weeks and months ahead. I have another half dozen or so stories that I'll be posting here soon, but after that, I don't have any more completed stories ready to post. I DO have a number of multi-chapter stories where the first few chapters are completed, but the entire series is still in progress, so I might start posting the completed chapters and then solicit comments from all of you on where you'd like to see the story go next. That will be a significant departure for me, as I almost always have an entire series 100% completed before the first chapter hits this blog. But I also think it could be a lot of fun to allow you all to have input on what happens to my big, muscular, bull-hung studs! :D

I've also been super busy with work, and will be transferring to another department in about a month, so I expect to be preoccupied with that for the next little while. Never fear, though, as I promise that I will return with more ball-busting stories in the near future.

As always, thank you to all of you who visit this blog and enjoy the stories I post here!


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In Just A Moment - Original Version

In Just a Moment
An original story by JAD

The mightily-muscled and equally mightily-membered knight had been stripped naked and secured to the huge wooden block the TortureMaster lovingly called 'Old Oakheart'.  His handsome head hung back over one edge of the cube.  His enormous arms were manacled to the adjacent sides.  And his ankles were short-shackled at the bottom of the fourth face, with his thick-thewed thighs spread in a T with his powerful torso and anchored to the top of the cube by heavy leather straps.

A cut-out area in the foot end of the block exposed the man's boulder buttocks and gave access to the virgin pucker hiding between them.

His stallion staff had been forced to full equine hardness through manipulation and aphrodisiacs, then cuffed at the root to keep it that way.

His bullish balls had been captured in a hellishly clever device called Stone Screws, which first spread the nuts wide and taut in their sack, and then trapped them in separate sharp-studded bar vises which could be tightened individually.  Additionally, the Screws had a ring, to which was attached a stout chain.  Currently, this chain had been run over a hitching bar, and a hundredweight of iron plates had been hung from the other end, stretching the powerful paladin's prodigious plums to near their limit.

Karok, the Torturemaster and his minions, Torg and Veelo, had amused themselves by sticking large bead-headed pins into the giant's flesh--particularly such tender areas as his fat sovereign-sized paps and his monster member with its apple-like head--and then heating them with pokers fresh from a blazing brazier.

However, they had also been disappointed.  For unlike other guests whom they had treated to this entertainment, this stoic cavalier had refused to either scream or ejaculate from the pain.  In truth, the man was not unfeeling, for his massive muscles were constantly flexed against his bonds, and his eyes were screwed tight with his brow deeply furrowed.  Additionally, a sweaty sheen covered his bare, brawny body, gleaming gold in the light of the torches that lit the chamber.

But the only thing that escaped his lips were curses growled through gritted teeth.  And the only thing that emerged from his quivering, huge-veined member was an unceasing stream of dewy pre-seed.

The Torturemaster had avoided puncturing the prisoner's seed-pods; however,he had tightened the Stone Screws so tightly that the knight's duet of enormous man-eggs looked like a quartet of still-oversized human gonads.

But now he took up another great pin and pushed the sharp end against the purple skin of one of the bulging sub-nuts.  Slowly and steadily he pressed, as the metal made a deeper and deeper indentation.  And then it popped through the thick scrotal skin and slid well into the meaty interior.  A bead of blood welled up from the wound and the prisoner made a small grunt.

Karok gave a close-lipped grin and took a fresh poker from the coals.  He held it to the pin head and the heat of the larger metal rod began to transfer to the smaller one.  The ooze of red sizzled and was cauterized, and then there was the fresh smell of singing flesh.

The powerful prisoner tensed harder and struggled, just slightly.  He groaned low, but his lips remained tightly shut.  His studly staff quivered more and the dewy stream increased.

Grinning wider, the Torturemaster returned the poker to the coals, then took a second pin and slowly inserted it in another scrotal segment.  Another bead of blood and another grunt, both a bit bigger. He took back the poker and heated the pin head.

The knight thrashed harder and gave a louder groan, which turned into a half moan.  The horse cock twitched even more and the thick, clear stream was now a freshet.

The beaming Karok took a third pin and repeated the process in a third portion.

The bound giant moaned louder and gasped once, twice, three times. He writhed mightily against his chains.  His enormous staff seemed to be swelling even larger.  It twitched wildly and the freshet was becoming a flood.

But still the iron-willed paladin resisted, bravely battling the inevitable.

With lips pulled back in a wolfish grimace, Korak took a fourth pin and jammed it into the last, untouched bulge.

The prisoner began grunting continually, deep and throatily.  He bobbed his head back and forth with increasing vigor, as though trying to bang it against something.  He pounded his huge fists against Old Oakheart and pulled at his chains, but his restraints held fast.  His powerful feet kicked against his fetters, but again to no avail.

The monstrous member was vibrating, flailing its thick, clear rope all about. What had been a puddle and then a pool on the floor was becoming a sticky sea.

Laughing, the Torturemaster again took up the poker.  Slowly and deliberately he moved the red-hot iron toward its target.  And then, just before the two pieces of metal touched, he hesitated.

Oh, if only he could make this delicious torment last, so he could savor it forever!

In only a moment, he knew, this Herculean, heroic, sweating, stinking prisoner would be at last broken, bellowing like the pain-and-lust maddened beast he now was, and he would spew a volcanic eruption of thick, creamy seed high and far across Karok's wonderful studio of suffering, his beloved chamber of pain!

And then he touched the poker to the pinhead.

Friday, March 3, 2017

In Just Another Moment - Jayse Version

A dear friend and fellow artist/writer provided me with the inspiration and raw material for the story below. I am endlessly impressed by his imagination and creativity! Thanks JAD!! :D


In Just Another Moment
Based on an original story by JAD


The mightily-muscled and equally mightily-membered knight had been stripped naked and secured to the huge wooden rack the Torture Master lovingly called ‘Old Oakheart’. Karok, the Duke’s Torture Master, had never seen a man of such spectacular male beauty and prodigious muscular development as this young knight, and he had longed to torture the breathtakingly handsome young man ever since he had first risen to prominence among the Duke’s knights just a short year ago. The massive young knight had enjoyed the Duke’s favor for a time, much longer than most in fact. But as always happened with the fickle and ruthless Duke, that favor could be revoked in an instant. Through no real fault of his own, the handsome and valiant knight now found himself in the castle’s deepest, darkest dungeons, to be thoroughly tortured and abused — and eventually emasculated — by Karok and his cruel and eager minions. 

The dashingly handsome young knight was purported to have the strength of 20 men, and judging from his freakishly enormous muscular size, Karok did not doubt the truth of such claims. He had therefore taken extra precautions to ensure that his mighty young charge was securely shackled and bound using the thickest, strongest irons at his disposal. The young man’s handsome head hung back over one edge of the huge wooden table, while his enormously muscular arms were manacled straight out to the adjacent sides. The knight’s herculean torso was further anchored to the heavy wooden block by a series of three thick leather straps, one across the corrugated washboard of his cobblestone abdominals, one across the tremendously wide and almost impossibly thick plates of his pectoral muscles, and one across his thick, corded, bull-like neck. His ankles were short-shackled at the bottom of the fourth face of the table, his tremendously thick-thewed and awesomely powerful thighs rendered as helpless and inert as his ferociously strong arms. The knight’s spectacularly muscular body was therefore spread in a large ‘T’, his perfectly-formed physique fully displayed for the appreciation of the Torture Master and his minions. 

A cut-out area on the backside of the rack exposed the man’s boulder buttocks and gave access to the virgin pucker hiding between them. Karok knew that the young knight was a fervent follower of the chivalric code, and was thence a virgin in every sense of the word. And the Torture Master longed to deflower the muscular man in every way imaginable, particularly by exploring the hot, beefy depths of the young man’s shit chute. 

Meanwhile, on the front side of the rack, the knight’s stallion staff had been forced to full equine hardness through rough manipulation and liberal use of aphrodisiacs, then cuffed at its astonishingly thick root to keep it that way. Karok and his men had certainly seen some truly enormous cocks over the years, but none could remotely compare to the mighty monster of a penis rising majestically from the young knight’s muscular groin. The knight’s colossal member exceeded the previous record-holding length by more than three inches, was thicker than a warrior’s muscular forearm, and was harder and stronger than an iron crowbar. The towering masterpiece of a cock jutting proudly skyward, defiantly daring the dungeoneers to do their worst…a task for which the men in Karok’s command were uniquely and eagerly suited. 

But despite all of the knight’s spectacular attributes — his almost impossibly handsome face, a massively muscular body out of legend, and a colossal cock whose bulbous, foreskin-hooded tip was even now tapping him in the middle of his prodigious chest — his crowning glory was nestled in the huge, baggy scrotum dangling so heavily between his massively muscled legs. 

The knight’s gargantuan testicles could only be described as titanic. Even likening them to bull’s balls did them a disservice, as the knight’s goliath gonads were even bigger than the mighty testes hanging from the Duke’s prized stud bull. Each mighty orb was bigger than two men’s fists clasped together, and hung extraordinarily low in their massive sac. It was no wonder that the young knight was built far, far bigger than any other man alive, for with testes as monstrously massive as these, his manhood was beyond compare. 

Karok had made sure to pay special attention to the knight’s colossal nuts. The handsome warrior’s beyond-bullish balls had been captured in a hellishly clever device called the Stone Screws, which first spread the nuts taut and shiny in the very bottom of their sac, more than half a foot from his straining crotch, and then trapped them in separate sharp-studded bar vises that could be tightened individually. Additionally, the Screws had a ring to which was attached a stout chain. Currently, this chain had been run over a hitching bar, and several hundredweight of iron plates had been hung from the other end, stretching the powerful paladin’s prodigious plums several MORE inches from their muscular crotch. Though the titanic testes looked like they had been stretched to their utter limit, Karok believed that they might yet be able to carry even more weight, and so had stacked more iron plates off to the side for later use. 

The Torture Master had slowly tightened both of the Stone Screws, gradually crushing the studded bars down across the center of each goliath nut. The duet of unbelievably enormous man eggs had soon begun to appear like a quartet of still-oversized human gonads, each segment of ball meat still larger than any PAIR of man balls the torturers had ever seen before. But the mighty knight refused to cry out. In fact, the only thing that escaped his lips were curses growled through gritted teeth. Eventually, Karok had tightened the Screws down as far as he dared, nearly bisecting the gargantuan balls, and STILL the heroic warrior would not bellow or cry out in pain. The Torture Master feared that any additional tightening of the Screws could result in the rupturing and destruction of the knight’s massive balls, an unthinkable result so very early in the young man’s torture. Karok and his minions had to therefore resort to other means to break their herculean prisoner. 

Karok and his men began to amuse themselves by sticking large bead-headed pins into the giant’s muscular flesh, particularly in the most tender areas of his massive body. They started by skewering his fat, sovereign-sized paps, then moved on to his deep, hairy, muscular armpits. His colossal cock followed, with pins speared into the astonishingly thick cum tube running up the underbelly of that gigantic beast, more pins inserted into the flaring coronal ridge of his apple-sized glans, and even more pins thrust into the unusually tough meat of the tremendously thick shaft and bulbous head. With such a vast acreage of man meat at their disposal, the dungeoneers were able to insert several hundred pins into the knight’s quivering cock, and still leave room for many hundreds more. 

The Torture Master then took red-hot pokers heated in a blazing brazier, and touched the glowing tips of the pokers to these bead-headed pins, heating up the pins and scorching and searing the flesh of the achingly handsome muscle man. 

Yet still the dungeoneers were disappointed. Any other guest would have screamed or ejaculated (or both!) from a tenth of the abuse that had already been heaped upon the young man, but the stoic cavalier refused to do either. It wasn’t that the young warrior was unfeeling; in fact, just the opposite was true. His utterly massive muscles were constantly flexing and straining against his heavy iron bonds, bulging heroically as he struggled in vain to free himself from his mounting agony. The pain was obvious on the young man’s breathtakingly handsome face as well, for his eyes were screwed shut, his powerful jaw tightly clenched, and his handsome brow deeply furrowed. Additionally, a sheen of manly sweat covered his bare and unspeakably brawny body, causing his gigantic muscles to gleam in the ruddy light of the many torches and fire pits that lit the stone chamber. 

The knight’s almighty cock was also showing evidence of the extreme strain the young man was enduring. The gnarled veins that ran up and down the fantastically thick cock shaft were bulging so hard that they looked like they might burst right through the overstretched skin, and the magnificent glans was so bloated and purple that it looked like it might explode. The monumental, quivering member was pulsing with every one of the knight’s thunderous heart beats, and an unceasing stream of dewy pre-seed flowed down the colossal length of his massive member in clear slick rivers. 

There was no doubt the the heroic paladin was holding back his churning, boiling load by sheer force of his tremendous will, but that even his mighty endurance was waning. Karok knew that it wouldn’t take too much more to make the warrior blow his long-overdue load — the first of many, many loads that the Dungeoneer intended to torture from the young muscle bull’s loins. And with testicles as freakishly and monstrously oversized as these, Karok knew that the young man’s cum load would be something out of legend. 

The Torture Master had thus far avoided puncturing the prisoner’s seed-pods with the metal pins. Karok had feared that any further abuse of the viciously crushed man eggs might cause them to finally lose their battle with the Stone Screws and burst asunder. But his lustful need to break the defiant warrior to his will overwhelmed any sense of caution, and Karok decided to harpoon the young man’s balls anyway. 

Karok picked up a great pin that was larger than any of the others he had thus far used. The pin was still a slender length of metal with a beaded head, but it measured half a foot in length, twice as long as the other pins. He gently pushed the sharp end against the reddish-purple skin of one of the huge bulging sub-nuts. Slowly and steadily he pressed, causing the metal to make a deeper and deeper indentation against the straining wall of the surprisingly tough and fibrous nut. The pin suddenly popped through the stretched skin and hardened outer wall of the mammoth orb, causing the hunky prisoner to make a small grunt of pain as a small bead of blood welled up from the tiny wound. 

With exquisite slowness and almost loving touch, Karok pressed the pin even more, driving the slender metal spear into the very heart of the young man’s delicate testicular tissues. The young man’s entire body flexed spectacularly as he fought the searing agony of his mammoth nut being slowly skewered on the long metal spike. Karok finally felt the pin hit the wood on the far side of the punctured nut segment. Barely an inch of the pin was still exposed on the top side of that mighty gland, further evidence of the impossibly thick meatiness of just HALF of one of the knight’s behemoth bollocks. 

Karok picked up a fresh brand from the brazier, a close-lipped grin spreading across his face, and touched the red-hot poker to the beaded head of the pin. As the heat was transferred from the hot iron to the slender pin, the small upwelling of blood sizzled as the wound was cauterized. The powerful prisoner tensed and flexed even harder than before, a low growl rumbling in his massive chest, but still he refused to cry out. His gargantuan cock gave a mighty lurch, though, his studly staff quivering even harder as the dewy stream increased in volume. 

The smell of singed flesh filled the air, and the dungeoneers began to salivate at the delicious scent of cooked nut meat. 

Grinning wider, the Torture Master returned the poker to the coals, then took a second pin and slowly inserted it in another scrotal segment. Another bead of blood appeared, and another grunt was torn from the knight’s huge lungs, bigger than the last. 

Karok took back the poker and heated the second pin head, causing the knight to thrash even harder than before, giving out an even louder groan of pain, which soon turned into a half moan. The mighty horse cock twitched even more and the thick, clear stream was now a freshet.

The beaming Karok took a third pin and repeated the process in a third portion, slowly harpooning the massive nut segment and then heating the pin with a poker. 

The bound muscle giant moaned louder and gasped once, twice, three times. He writhed mightily against his chains. His enormous staff seemed to be swelling even larger still, if that was possible, and it twitched wildly, the freshet becoming a flood.

But still the iron-willed paladin stoically resisted, bravely battling the inevitable.

With lips pulled back in a wolfish grimace, Karok grabbed a fourth pin and isolated the last untouched bulge of nut meat. But instead of slowly inserting this fourth pin, Karok jammed the pin through the young man’s ball segment with one violent thrust, burying it almost to the hilt in the warrior’s tortured nut flesh. 

The knight’s response was extraordinary. Every one of his monumentally massive muscles bulged in fantastic relief, and Karok feared for a moment that the mighty warrior might actually succeed in breaking his fire-forged iron chains! It was the single most spectacularly powerful and masculine sight that any of the men had ever seen! The prisoner began grunting continually, deep and throatily, his baritone voice grown husky. He bobbed his handsome head back and forth with increasing vigor, as though trying to bang it against something. He pounded his huge fists against Old Oakheart and pulled mightily at his chains, but his restraints held fast. His powerful feet likewise kicked against his fetters, but again to no avail. 

His truly monstrous member was vibrating, flailing its thick, clear rope all about like some great drooling beast. What had been a puddle and then a pool of lust honey on the young man’s torso, the table, and the floor was now becoming a slick and sticky sea.

Laughing, the Torture Master again took up the poker. Slowly and deliberately he moved the red-hot iron toward its target. And then, just before the two pieces of metal touched, he hesitated.

Oh, if only he could make this delicious torment last so that he could savor it forever!

In just another moment, he knew this heroic, herculean, sweating, stinking prisoner would at last be broken, bellowing like the pain-and-lust maddened beast he now was, and that he would spew a volcanic eruption of manly warrior cum unlike anything he had seen before. He knew that the thick, chunky, creamy seed would blast high and far across Karok’s wonderful studio of suffering, his beloved chamber of pain! No doubt the first of countless loads that would be tortured out of the young knight’s mighty loins in the hours and days ahead, before his magnificent man parts were finally mauled and mangled into uselessness. 

And then he touched the poker to the pinhead.