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Sperm Cow - Part 1

This next two-part story is adapted from an original story by the incredible author and artist, Jotto. I have only expanded upon his already brilliant and boner-inducing story...

Sperm Cow - Part 1
Based on an original story by Jotto


“Wanted:  Muscle-bound stud to do heavy lifting for good pay.” 

That message and a phone number were all that was scribbled on a three by five card pinned to the bulletin board at the local gym. The note was far too brief to reveal the nefarious intent and the dark heart of the man who put it there…

Rod Steel was the alpha bull of this local house of muscle development, and his hulking mass was the gym’s dominant feature whenever he was working out. No longer a boy, but not yet a man, the only knowledge he possessed was how to build big muscles, and his only belief was in his beauty. 

When he saw the note, Rod knew he was willing and quite able to do some heavy lifting. And since he was in need of money, the overdeveloped stack of muscle was quick to take the notice off the wall and call the number. 

A deep and heavily graveled voice scratched its way into his ear…


“I’m calling about doing some heavy lifting.”

“So, you think you’re big enough for the job? You got a strong enough back?”

“Oh yeah, I’m plenty strong enough.”

“Really? I don’t want to waste my time with some scrawny greenhorn. Just how big are you?”

“Well, does six feet tall and two-hundred and ninety-five pounds of muscle sound big enough for you?”

“Yes it does. You’ll do just fine. Be here by eight-o-clock Saturday morning. If you want the job, it pays a hundred dollars a day. The address is on the back of the card.”


The man hung up before Rod could say anything more. 

As instructed, Rod got up bright and early on Saturday morning, and drove out to an isolated slaughterhouse that reigned over a deserted cattle ranch. As Rod pulled up on his secondhand Kawasaki, he ignored the sense of doom that momentarily swept over his immodestly clothed musculature, blaming it on the smell of dried manure and rusting metal. Rod parked his bike next to the hall of bovine death, oblivious to the dark pair of eyes that peered out of soiled windows. 

The dark and intense eyes focused on the stunning physique of the young buck as he dismounted his motorcycle and pushed back his thick, golden-red hair. The young man was intensely handsome, with the square-jawed features of a comic book super hero, and the body to match. The huge young stud had the body of a Greek god, thick with dense and rock hard muscles that only a life devoted to the gym can bestow upon a man. Not an ounce of fat marred this young bull’s phenomenal physique, and his smooth, tanned, perfect skin was stretched so tight across that incredible collection of hard muscles that it looked like it was two sizes too small for his body.

To perform the heavy lifting at hand, Rod chose to scantily clad his enormously muscular body in a manner that screamed “Look at me!” His outfit consisted of a simple pair of sneakers (size 16 for his unusually huge feet), an undersized white tank top that stretched dangerously tight across the perfect mounds of his thickly muscled chest, and a stunted pare of skin-tight blue jean cut-offs that fit his loins more like a pair of Speedos. A small rip beside his rear pocket of those skimpy jean shorts revealed some of the tight flesh of his muscular, youthful buttocks. 

A button missing from the front of his shorts allowed the forward gap of his waistband to form a “V” that pointed downward to an overworked zipper, a zipper that did its best to stay in place as it coasted up and over a truly voluminous denim bulge. Rod’s crotch bulge was so large that it commanded the attention of all who caught a glimpse of the young muscle god’s front elevation. 

The unkempt dirt road and poor shock absorbers of his motorcycle had wreaked havoc on his manly cargo, bashing and crushing his huge package over every bump, and leaving his manhood screaming for attention. Rod posed beside his bike and quickly scanned the area before adjusting himself, even though he was never shy about revealing his form. Rod quickly undid his fly, revealing the massive meat within his shorts. He quickly flopped his manhood out and jostled it around, his hands grasped on to his waistband, using his over stuffed under shorts like a sling forcing his goods to dance around and refresh in the warm morning air. 

The dark, hidden eyes grew wide at the sight before them. Rod’s cock was a true monster, a massive, mighty horse dick that was 12 inches long and thick as a beer can – when completely soft!!! The immense girth of his shaft was covered in a thick tracery of veins, making the mighty male organ look just as strong and powerful as any of his other overly developed muscles. Even soft, the huge head on the end of that thick shaft was as big as an apple, huge and juicy and shiny. 

The enormous nuts that draped low and oh so heavy beneath that majestic cock were equally as massive and awe inspiring. Each immense, obscenely oversized orb was as big as a man’s fist, and was so heavy that together they stretched his loose and floppy (and freshly shaved) ballsac to more than 3 inches from his muscular crotch. These were mighty balls indeed, and built for heavy action. 

Rod loved to flaunt his extraordinarily muscular body and eye popping genitals in the locker room every chance he got, and there wasn’t a single man at the gym who wasn’t jealous to the core of this young masculine muscle god. 

Just as Rod was skillfully folding his hefty cock and voluminous balls back in to his tight shorts, his future employer emerged from a giant gap in the building’s side. He was a huge, hairy bear of a man, standing at least 6’6” tall and with a mighty, meaty, muscular torso that resembled a beer keg. Rod’s beautiful green eyes almost bugged out of his head as he took in the sheer awesome size of the man, and the young man estimated that the huge bear must outweigh him by a good 100 pounds or more! He’d never seen a man so huge in his life, and for the first time in many years, Rod felt almost puny. The massive man was fully clad in very old and dirty denim that clung to his huge and hairy muscles, and made him look somehow even more intimidating and imposing than his extraordinary size would already allow. 

The huge man stomped his boots as he walked his way over to the nearly naked Rod, who feigned embarrassment at being caught fiddling with his own junk.

“Sorry about that, but that road is pretty rough.”

The deep and heavily gravelly voice replied, “Ain’t anybody around for miles. You can be naked as a jay bird for all I care.”

Rod could barely see the man’s mouth move through the thick nest of the dark beard that covered the lower half of his face. As the two men shook hands, Rod almost cringed at the power of the larger man’s grip. Rod knew that he was phenomenally strong, but this mighty tree of a man was even stronger than him! 

The huge man used the handshake as an opportunity to pull Rod in and turn him around, examining him like all the butchered steer that had once passed through these unholy grounds.

“Yeah, you look just right for what I have in mind. Follow me.”

A little surprised and shaken at his treatment, Rod followed the man into the building, intimidated by both the condemned slaughterhouse and the huge man in leading him in to the darkness.

“Ah, my name is Rod.”

“Good for you.” The man replies growlingly.

Rod takes the cue and leaves the pleasantries out. The two men walk down a faintly lit stairway that leads down to a subterranean hold filled with tons of old and forgotten machine parts. The man stops abruptly at the base of the stairs and Rod almost collides into him. The vast room is lit by a single light bulb, and it takes a moment for the young bodybuilder’s eyes to adjust.

The man orders Rod, “Take all this shit out of here and place it upstairs. This room is going to serve a new purpose. Take everything out except that chair and the stuff behind it.” 

In the corner sits an old wooden chair, some rope, and an old pool pump, a pump that looked like it was last used to pump out cow blood from the collection wells. 

As the man heads back up the stairs, Rod begins this physical activity like he’s begun every other previous task, by taking off his shirt. The man stops to watch Rod reveal his mighty musculature, watching with hungry eyes as his tight tank top hugs his body, then sweeps over the sharply defined abs and the massive chest made of two rock-hard pillows of flesh. 

As Rod drapes his shirt over the stair’s railing, he notices the man studying him. Not one to pass up an opportunity to be the center of attention, the young body builder begins an impromptu pose down. Rod flexes and coyly poses, pretending to be stretching, pretending not to notice the man’s breathing is getting heavier. As Rod makes an exaggerated grab onto a piece of junk, the man takes one step back down towards the conceded show-off, stops, and quickly debates to himself what to say next.

“You think you’re all that?”

Rod teases, “Whatever do you mean?”

“Think you’re God’s gift to us mortals, think you’re the cat’s meow?”

Rod drops the piece of junk and defiantly places his hands on his tight, muscular hips. With a smile, he says, “Yeah, I think I’m the man-bomb. You disagree?”

The man thinks for a moment, “No, I don’t disagree. You are quite the stud all right. But I just don’t know how full of yourself you are, you arrogant prick.” 

Rod smile brightens, “Guilty as charged. I’m full of myself, from head to toe, nothing but ego. So?”

“So I bet for an extra hundred dollars… that you’ll gladly do your job wearing only your shoes.”

Rod is startled but receptive, “An extra hundred a day?”


“It’s a deal then, you get the full show.”

Without the hesitation of modesty or the restraint of morality, Rod pulls at each side of his shorts forcing the zipper to zoom apart. A flick of his wrists sends the swatch-like remnant of denim cascading down his thunderous legs and collapsing around his ankles. Rod steps one foot out and uses the other to fling his shorts into his hands, and he places his last shred of decency on the railing beside his shirt. Rod turns toward the man as his big hands groom his hugely muscular and perfectly-defined body. Rod’s enormous set of cock and balls sway majestically as he shifts his weight through a subtle series of poses.

Rod, thoroughly self absorbed, says, “Well?”

The man lets out with a huff of a laugh, “I knew it, you’re a whore.”

“For another hundred, I’ll call you daddy.”

“That won’t be necessary, but just to make sure you earn your pay…”

The man walks down and gathers up Rod’s two bits of clothing. He walks back up and out of sight, leaving behind a naked and bewildered Rod. The young stud just stood there wondering why things didn’t go to the next level. He thought he was going to get out of the hard labor and make his money performing the world’s oldest profession. The man pokes his head back down through a gap in the floor.

“Well, get to work you whore, that shit ain’t going to move itself.”

Rod throws his hands up in frustration and picks up the piece of junk closest to him, beginning the task of moving all of the junk upstairs. And so it went all day long, the young naked bodybuilder moving junk upstairs under the leering eyes of the huge hairy man. As Rod sweated off the last few ounces of fat from his body, he would occasionally tease the man by appearing with a massive (but still only half hard) erection from time to time, but to no avail – the man would keep his distance, but would always remain within sight of the young buck. 

By the end of the day, Rod had managed to remove most of the junk and soil his bare brawn with dirt, oil, and rust. The exhausted lad collapsed into an unstable lawn chair beside where the man has been sitting all day.

“So, where is my money… and where are my clothes?”

“You’ll get paid when the job is done.”

“And my clothes?”

“Follow me.”

The man leads Rod to a rickety water tower where the young man’s clothes wait hanging on a nail beside a soap-on-a-rope. As Rod reaches for his shorts, the man pulls on a chain, releasing a brief torrent of water that completely douses the bodybuilder. Rod yells and shivers from the surprisingly frigid water. Before he could gather his wits, the man has the bar of soap in his huge paws and is becoming familiar with the young man’s body. 

Rod was about to protest but yields his will to the power of the man’s impressively strong fingers. The last time someone washed him so thoroughly, he was a child that had tangled with a skunk. And that someone was his father. 

He surrendered to the therapeutic rhythms of the man’s hands exploring his body on a layer of soapsuds. Fingers sliding across the contours of his back, around his waist to his stomach and then up to his chest, roughly kneading his man flesh and the twin nubs of his big nipples, made the bodybuilder’s thoughts turn erotic. Hands hugging his neck soon maneuvered down his back and between his surrendering buttocks. Seemingly countless fingers traversing his ankles, calves, and thighs also found their way back up to his ass. 

Then, one persistent finger negotiated with his glory hole until it was allowed in to dance amongst the silky walls of his previously untouched inner sanctum. The young bodybuilder gasped for air as two very thick fingers were suddenly playing inside of him. As pressure was applied to all the right places, the pressure in his cock increased until the massive meat swelled to its full potential. As the hungry hairy brute watched in thinly disguised awe, Rod’s mighty truncheon grew larger and larger and larger still, until it reached its full glory – 16 ½ of the thickest, juiciest, hardest inches of hot man cock that the huge man had ever seen. 

While the two fingers continued playing Rod’s muscular ass expertly, another set of fingers squeezed past his massive thighs and caressed the neatly saved skin of his enormous scrotum. Rod groaned in pleasure at having such a huge hand fondle his most massive of gonads. Then the fun suddenly ended as the man’s ticklish grasp on his balls turned into a chokehold.

“Hey, that kind-a hurts.” Rod warned the man, starting to get worried.

“You’re a big strong boy, you can take it.” The man insisted.

With that as his only warning, the huge bear shoves his remaining three thick fingers and the rest of his fist up into the muscular ass of the helpless lad. Rod screams in agony as he tries to fight off the violation, his hands reaching franticly behind him in a futile effort to push away at the man’s arms.


The huge man pushes on, undaunted. “I know what you can take, you big overdeveloped stud. Now, just relax and breathe deep. You can do it.”

Rod’s breath is coming in gasps, and his beautiful blue eyes are as round as saucers as he pleads, “NO, THIS CAN’T BE!! PLEASE STOP!!!”

Rod starts to hyperventilate and grabs onto one of the struts of the water tower for support. He tries to pull himself off the man’s invading fist, but his huge nuts are too tightly held in a vise-like grasp. The huge, hairy, gnarly, knuckled fist rolls around and pushes deeper into the boy’s ravaged ass. Amazingly, Rod’s cock is now achingly erect, throbbing visibly with every heart beat and flopping around in all directions, spewing precum like a leaky faucet. The gym boy has certainly never trained for this, and he is on the verge of passing out when he feels a familiar yet unusually powerful surge through his loins.


The man Laughs, “There you go, my big boy!”

Rod’s body arches back in an uncontrollable convulsion, forcing all his weight onto the man’s infringing hand. A violent gush of man-seed geysers out of his massive cock and paints the water tower leg a pearlescent white. A second mighty surge flexes Rod’s cock straight up, slapping it against his rock-like abs as a spray of cum shoots upward and saturates his chest and face, displacing the soapsuds that once had him clean. 

A third mighty slug of cum follows, and then a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth, in a seemingly endless display of hyper masculine virility. The hairy bear can’t believe his eyes as the young man’s ass continues to powerfully flex around his invading hand, and his tremendous horse cock spews out the largest load (by several orders of magnitude) that he has ever seen. 

All told, a dozen powerful blasts – each larger than the most voluminous orgasm the dark-haired bear had ever seen – rocketed out of the young bodybuilder’s cock with extraordinary force. Several mighty blasts had painted portions of the young man’s perfectly tanned flesh a nearly pure white, while other salvos had struck the water tower in several places, leaving long ropey strands of cum to run down the struts and supports in thick rivers or fall in heavy globs to the dusty ground below. 

Another half dozen smaller blasts erupt from the powerfully spasming cock, and then the monumental orgasm finally ceases. The thick dregs of the young man’s titanic testicle purge continue to burp out of his rock hard cock, leaking in long ribbons down to the already soaked metal platform. 

The bodybuilder collapses weakly against the water tower as the man finally frees his hands from Rod’s ravaged body. The huge man is flabbergasted, and says, “You’re fucking amazing kid! Kee-RIST!! I’ve never seen such a huge load before, let alone such a massive set of cock and balls! I’d say your parents hit the nail on the head when they named you ‘Rod’. You are exactly what I need for my new business.”

Rod breathlessly exclaims, “Oh my God, what just happened? How could I shoot like that? And without stroking myself?” 

The man smirks, “It’s all about pressure points, kid, and massaging your overactive prostate.”

Rod’s amazement quickly turns to shame as he avoids making eye contact with the man.
“You have to teach me that sometime.” Rod tries to recover, “I guess.”

The man pulls Rod off the tower and places him under the spout as he yanks the chain one more time. The water rinses the slick cock snot off of the boy’s enormous muscles, but does little to cleanse his conscience. The sullied lad reaches for his shorts and ashamedly slides back into them, gently sheathing his sperm drooling cock back into its denim holster. His ass is burning from its recent invasion, but Rod realizes with even greater shame that the burning sensation actually feels good. 

In a disapproving tone, the man asks, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Rod can’t look him in the eye, “Just give me my money, okay? I just want to get the fuck out of here.” 

“Oh, don’t be like that. It’s okay for two men can have fun together.”

“That’s your idea of fun!? Whatever.”

“Sorry, hope I didn’t hurt you.”

The man places his hand on Rod’s shoulder, but the boy tries to shy away from any more possible advances. With just a minor grip on Rod, the man is still able to spin the young bodybuilder into him and place him in an inescapable chokehold. 

Rod panics, “What are you doing?! Let me GO, you mother-fucker!! Come on, this ain’t… you’re … CHOKING me!!!”

“I know,” gently whispers the man, smiling almost benignly down on the handsome young muscle stud.

The truly massive and ever-tightening arm around Rod’s neck cuts off his words. The hapless lad gasps desperately for air, his extraordinarily handsome face turning red and then purple he tries valiantly to claw his way out of the man’s hold. With seemingly little strain, the huge bear of a man ably holds his ground while the bodybuilder’s muscles flex and bulge in vain. 

Rod resists violently at first, and then slowly his struggles become weaker and weaker until, finally, his huge muscular arms fall limply to his side, and his massive legs falter and then fold up beneath him. Even his mighty, massive cock wilts like a plant without water. Then like a sack of potatoes, an unconscious Rod is flung over the man’s enormous shoulder and carried back into the slaughterhouse. 

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Dan’s Tag Team Ball Bashing, Part 1

Dan’s Tag Team Ball Bashing, Part 1
Based on an original story by The Mangler


Dan felt somewhat uneasy about tonight's wrestling match. It wasn't his opponent that bothered him, although Steve was a very formidable opponent who would do anything to win. Rather it was the referee for tonight, Jason, that had big Dan concerned. 

Jason was a scrupulously fair referee and was in very high demand for difficult matches. However, Dan felt that he might be on the hit list tonight. In his last three matches, Dan had actually lost by disqualification for using a foreign object. And in all three instances, the foreign objects had been brought in the ring by his opponent, but he managed to snatch them away and then get caught using them. Thus, even though everyone knew that it had been his opponents who had done the cheating, Dan had recently won a reputation as a dirty wrestler among the refs. While he knew that Jason would not necessarily hold that against him directly, he also knew that Jason would go to any lengths to keep the fight fair and above board, and that led to some unease on his part. 

Not helping the matter was that he and Steve did not like each other and had had several heated and brutal matches in the past. Tonight’s match was being advertised as an ultimate rematch between two hugely popular wrestling titans, and it event was expected to bring a capacity crowd, as well as nearly record-breaking viewership on cable TV. 

The final cause of Dan’s concern was that his second, Big John, had not shown up and it was almost time for the match. Even with a fair ref, Dan knew that he needed a second for tonight's match. But the rules were very specific that the second had to be certified, and he knew that no substitution would be accepted. His only hope was that John would show up soon. 

The ring rep stuck his head in the door of the dressing room and announced, “Hey, Dan. About five minutes until ring time, and the ref will do the shakedown in the ring.” 

“Okay, thanks!” 

The gnawing feeling in the pit of his stomach continued to deepen with those words. Sighing, Dan took one last look in the mirror and was at least pleased with the sight that greeted him back. 

The hunky 25-year-old stood 6’3” tall and weighed a whopping 285 pounds of thick, beefy, chiseled muscle, his entire body heroically built like some comic book super hero after more than a decade of dedication in the gym. The young muscle man had short, dark hair, soulful blue-green eyes, and a nice light tan that served to accentuate his gorgeous muscular development. Dan also had a rugged, masculine face perhaps best described as “working class handsome”, combining the best of his Italian and Australian heritage. His body was extremely shredded and tight, with a thick growth of dark hair across his wide, square pecs, and trailing down the center of his chiseled abdomen before disappearing into his tight purple and yellow trunks. The outline of his thin protective cup, required by the league, could be seen in the tight trunks, the extra-large cup straining to contain the huge mass of Dan’s oversized genitals. The tight trunks also displayed his gorgeous, muscular ass to great effect, the two mighty globes of man muscle straining the tensile strength of the lycra fabric. Dan elected not to wear a jacket into the ring, preferring to display his incredible physique to the crowd from the very get go. 

Dan was a massive, sexy stud, pure and simple, and his enormous size, dashing good looks, and nearly unrivaled skill in the ring all combined to make him a favorite among the throngs of wrestling fans. 

The huge, dark-haired stud could hear the crowd start to roar even in the underground dressing room, so he quickly made his way up the stairs. The announcer called the wrestlers for the next fight, and Dan jogged into the ring to many loud cheers, especially from the female members of the crowd. Dan’s rugged good looks and fantastic physique – not to mention the truly huge bulge in his trunks – had always made him a particular  favorite with the ladies, and female viewership had increased substantially when he had signed on with the league. 

Dan’s opponent, Steve, entered next, accompanied by his second for the night, Greg. Greg and Steve had occasionally tag teamed together, but only in underground leagues and not in the mainstream wrestling world. Steve stood 6' tall and was slightly less bulky and massively muscled than Dan at 270 pounds, but all of it was thick, Grade-AAA stud muscle. Steve looked like a typical beach stud, with medium length blond hair, bleached almost white by the sun, a nice dark tan, and piercing blue eyes. He was extremely good looking, and was the picture of the "baby face" good guy. However, his wrestling style was anything but that of a good guy. Tonight his wrestling outfit was a white University of Georgia singlet, worn to congratulate the University Wrestling Team for winning the NCAA wrestling tournament. Several of those wrestler's were in the crowd tonight and appreciated the gesture. A few of them even appreciated Steve's wrestling style. The singlet clung tightly to Steve’s mighty physique, revealing a powerful body of battle-hardened muscles and Steve’s own well-packed groin. 

Greg, on the other hand, was a gigantic ox of a man, famous for his tremendous size and strength, as well as for his lack of agility in the ring. At 6’6” and nearly 400 pounds of rock-solid muscle, Greg won his bouts by simply pounding his opponents into the mat. Time and time again, opponents had worn themselves out by pounding away at this huge lug, who simply smiled and absorbed all their blows without the slightest sign of weakening. When his opponents had finished wearing themselves out, Greg would hit them, usually flattening them with one awesome blow from his huge, 28-inch arms. Greg was brutishly handsome, with short curly brown hair, brown eyes, thick square features, and a disarming smile. His massive body was freakishly muscular, dwarfing both of the other men in the ring, with measurements that defied description. Though Greg’s gargantuan physique lacked Dan’s classic lines and stunning aesthetics, there was no doubt that Greg was a human tanks. Blue trunks covered his enormous, muscular ass and significant crotch bulge, while his awesome upper physique was exposed for the crowd’s appreciation. 

Dan and Steve met in the middle of the ring for the pre-fight check. Jason first turned to Steve and said, "Okay, pull the straps down off your shoulders and down to the waist." 

"Hey, why the hell would I…," began Steve. 

Interrupting the wrestler, Jason replied, "Just shut the fuck up and do what you are told or forfeit the match. I'm not putting up with any bullshit tonight." 

Steve shot the ref a challenging look before complying with the request, striping his singlet down to the waist. The 23-year-old’s naturally hairless body was a sight to behold, the huge muscles of his chest, shoulders, and 22-inch arms tapering majestically to an incredibly tight and muscular waist. Dan felt the knot in his stomach expand even more. He knew that he was in for a rough time even before the match began. 

Jason carefully examined the waistband of Steve's trunks and examined the knee pads he was wearing, satisfying himself that all was well. 

He then turned to Dan and looked him right in the eye and without so much as blinking demanded, "Okay, hot shot, strip." 

Dan was stunned by the request and hesitated for a few seconds before responding, "What do you mean?" 

"I mean strip your cheating hide butt naked! I have no intention of putting up with any of your bullshit tonight and am going to examine you from head to toe." 

"Hey come on, you can't do that here! We’re on national TV for crying out loud!! If you wanted to do that, you could have done it in the dressing room," Dan protested. In spite of his awesome body and stunning good looks, Dan was at heart somewhat shy and was terrified of exposing himself to the packed auditorium, let alone the thousands of fans watching at home. 

"Listen to me and listen good, big guy! This isn't negotiable. The fans have a right to know that I am running a clean fight, and after your last few performances, you have forfeited any rights you might have had. Now we do this my way, or the match is over right now!" 

Realizing he had no choice, Dan responded by stripping down. He bent over, revealing first his incredibly tight, muscular, and striated ass, and then he stood up. He had to make a conscious effort not to cover himself with his huge hands because he knew that would have only have made maters worse...if they could get any worse. 

A collective gasp went up from the crowd as Dan was revealed in all his stunning naked glory. Most had believed that Dan had been padding his overstuffed jock to produce the infamous and enormous bulge at the front of his trunks, but he was now proving otherwise. Dan’s thick, uncut horse cock arched over a heroic set of bull-like balls. The Herculean, fist-sized nuts rested full and oh so low in their huge furry nutsac, and were so heavy and dense that they naturally hung more than three inches from the base of his astoundingly thick cock. 

While the ref carefully examined the jockstrap, protective cup, and wrestling trunks, Steve took full advantage of the situation to laugh, point, and humiliate his opponent to the fans. Some in the crowd laughed, and some jeered, but most were simply stunned at the sheer size of Dan’s now legendary endowment. However, when Jason lifted the 8-inch-long flaccid beer can of a cock and then hefted the mighty testicles looking for hidden illegal devises, Dan blushed with embarrassment, and the crowd did laugh. All were amused at the embarrassment of the heroically hung stud -- the “massive nuts on the massive man” as one young frat guy called out. 

Steve also took advantage of this time to go over and talk to Greg, and he managed to place a hard plastic insert into one of the knee pads, as well as a couple of other objects into his singlet. Amazingly enough, no one in the crowd seemed to catch the illegal action, as everyone’s attention was focused on Dan and his mammoth cock and balls. 

Much to Dan's chagrin, the flashbulbs of hundreds of cameras were going off, recording the event for posterity, along with the half dozen studio cameras that were sending a live feed of the event on pay-per-view. The knot in his stomach had now blossomed into a full size body ache. 

Satisfied with his inspection of Dan’s gear and gigantic genitals, Jason made Dan turn around, bend over, and spread his muscular ass cheeks. This elicited even more laughs and howls from the audience, as well as several hundred more photos that would soon appear on dozens of web sites. Jason returned the clothing to the wrestler and allowed the embarrassed muscle man to finally dress. 

The referee’s message had been sent loud and clear -- he was watching Dan closely. 

Once Dan was ready to go, Jason signaled for the match to begin. 

After circling each other several times with starts and stops at holds, the two wrestlers locked up in a test of strength with their hands over their heads. Dan slowly began to get the edge with his superior size and strength, but he was a little too close to the ropes. Greg jumped up on the ring edge and tried to grab the back of Dan's trunks. Jason was in position, however, and quickly interceded, forcing Greg back to the floor. 

Once Jason was out of view of the action, however, Steve took advantage of the situation and pumped his loaded knee into the massive groin of his opponent. While the protective cup absorbed some of the blow, it was still enough to momentarily break Dan’s concentration and strength, allowing Steve to force Dan down to his knees. He managed to get a second knee into the groin before Dan hit the mat. As Jason turned back to the action, all he saw was Dan being forced to his knees as a result of losing the strength match. 

With Dan on the canvas, Steve, still holding the hands, crossed Dan's hands around his neck, placed his knee in the back of his kneeling opponent and applied pressure to the Japanese strangle hold. Steve now had control of the match, and it was a control he had no intention of losing. 

Steve released the hold after several minutes. As Dan brought his hands and massive arms back to the front of his body, Steve grabbed Dan in a headlock and delivered a bulldog, driving the handsome man’s forehead into the mat and stunning the big man. Steve stood and waved to the crowd before turning to pull his opponent to a full standing position. Grabbing Dan by his right wrist, he twisted and threw him across the ring and into the far ring post back first. 

He quickly followed up with a running shoulder block, driving his shoulder into Dan’s corrugated midsection, forcing the air from the big man’s lungs and driving his back into the turnbuckle. The blond surfer stud then delivered a series of powerful blows into the exposed stomach of the dark-haired stud, causing the ref to finally get between the two wrestlers. He forced Steve back out into the center of the ring while berating him for using illegal blows. 

Dan had fallen to his knees and was still in the corner. Greg reached through the ropes and, pushing on his flaring and muscular back, roughly knocked Dan onto his stomach on the mat. He then grabbed one of Dan’s ankles in each hand, made sure each leg was around a different side of the ring post, and pulled back with all his awesome might, pulling Dan’s crotch into the ring post with a very meaty smack. Even with the protective cup in place, the positioning still delivered a devastatingly painful blow to the man’s trapped cock and balls. Being short of breath from the earlier blows, all Dan could do was grunt in pain and curl up into a protective ball. 

When Jason turned toward the corner, all he saw was Dan on the mat in a curled position. He assumed that this was from the shoulder block and illegal stomach blows, and did not interfere when Steve walked over to his fallen opponent to deliver a series of kicks into the dark-haired stud’s lower back and muscular flanks. 

Steve then pulled Dan from the mat by his hair (an illegal tactic now so common among all the wrestlers that the refs essentially ignored it) and crotch lifted him into a standing cross body hold. Positioning Dan in the appropriate place, Steve then charged across the ring, driving the kidney areas into the ring turnbuckle. This was repeated several times before Dan was brought across Steve’s knee in a back breaker. He balanced Dan on his knee and applied pressure to the strong chin and enormous upper thighs. This caused Dan’s huge crotch to be on prominent display. However, Steve knew that Jason would never allow a crotch shot to pass without major problems, so he passed up the opportunity...for the time being. 

Tiring of this hold, he dropped Dan to the mat, repositioned him on his stomach, and delivered a series of knee drops and kicks into the man’s muscular lower back. He knew that if he could incapacitate his opponent’s lower back, the tide of the battle would remain in his favor. The big dark-haired stud groaned and moaned pitifully, too weakened to defend himself from the brutal rain of blows. 

The blond hunk left Dan lying on the mat and walked over to Greg, conferring with the huge muscle giant on the next series of moves, mainly trying to figure out a way to deliver some debilitating and humiliating blows to their weakened opponent. But both knew that Jason was going to be hard to get around. 

Returning to the middle of the ring, Steve grabbed Dan, who had managed to pull himself up to a kneeling position, and applied a standing abdominal stretch. The time had come to loosen up the man’s phenomenal abdominal muscles. After applying the excruciating hold for about 5 minutes, Steve released it and sent Dan flying across the ring and into the ropes. 

As the gorgeous muscle man rebounded from the ropes, he was greeted with a loaded knee into the pit of his corrugated stomach. Being an expert at such matters, Steve had placed his knee such that it struck low, just above the pubic bone. Technically it was an illegal move since it was below the belt (and also because of the foreign object in Steve’s kneepad), but it was an illegal maneuver that a referee would never be able to call. Twice more this knee was repeated to devastating effect, further weakening the already battered bull stud. 

Next Dan was backed into the corner and received a series of quick rapid closed fists into the pit of the stomach and lower abdomen. Jason was quick to break up the hold, but this time while berating Steve, he kept both Greg and Dan in full view, thwarting any plans for illegal activity. Realizing the chance for further illegal damage was minimal, Steve was about to go for the final moves before a pin when the perfect diversion occurred. 

Arriving late for the match was Big John, Dan’s second. John was a stunningly handsome man, and his arrival distracted many of the audience members as well. John had the all-American boy-next-door look, with thick brown hair, bright blue eyes, a square jaw, and masculine, angular features. And at 6’4” and 355 pounds of massive, beefy muscle, John cut quite a figure in his tight red lycra trunks, and was second only to the muscle monster Greg in size and sheer muscle mass. 

However, Jason was having none of this and met John outside the ring. As per league rules, he demanded to see certification as a manager. Normally, this would have been done pre-match (as it had been done for Greg), but since John was late he could not have been pre-certified. Jason did not have the time, or if truth be known the inclination, to do the job now. 

Seizing upon the opportunity, Steve grabbed Dan, and with Greg’s help, forced him out onto the ring apron. The Italian stud’s huge 24-inch arms were outstretched and then trapped between the top two ropes. Jumping to the arena floor, Steve grabbed the man’s enormous left leg, Greg grabbed the equally massive right leg, and they simultaneously pulled down and out, splitting the man’s muscular crotch wide. Greg then pulled out a pair of brass knuckles from his trunks, which he slipped onto Steve’s right hand. Steve then delivered a powerful uppercut into Dan’s completely exposed crotch. Even the protective cup he was wearing was not enough to absorb the full brunt of the blow, and Dan felt like a freight train had hit him right in his gigantic balls. The pain was so intense that the bellow hung in his throat, and the thick plastic cup itself was broken in two. 

John was so intent on his argument with the referee that he was completely unaware of what was happening to Dan in the ring, and thus continued to argue with Jason. 

Greg was not satisfied with the effect of Steve’s last blow, and, smiling his signature handsome sneer, he reached up and pulled down the trunk’s of the suspended wrestler, reaching into the bulging jock strap and removing the two shattered pieces of the protective cup. He then tossed the pieces into the crowd, where the audience fought over the shattered cup. 

With an evil leer on his lips, Steve then proceeded to deliver a second mighty blow into the now completely defenseless crotch with the brass knuckles, slamming his fist dead on target into the massive, meaty balls. The force of the blow drove the huge, soft nuts up into the muscular wall of the man’s crotch, where they were trapped between the fist and the unyielding bone, grotesquely flattening out before springing back into their regular egg-like shapes. 

Dan now truly understood the meaning of the word pain as an atomic bomb exploded in his nuts. 

A third blow was delivered to his beefy balls before Dan was released from the ropes and dropped to the arena floor, where he lay rocking back and forth in tremendous pain. 

Realizing that they still had a few moments before Jason was back in the action, Greg and Steve picked Dan off the floor and, with much difficulty, pried his hands from his wounded crotch. They each then got under a shoulder and began walking toward the metal guardrails separating the crowd from the action. For those who didn’t know better, it looked like two friends helping a third. Upon reaching the dividers, Greg kicked one so that it was facing the ring. On the count of three, he and Steve picked Dan up by the muscular thighs and then yanked him down crotch first (well, really balls first) onto the unyielding bar with all of their awesome, squashing the mighty testicles to the brink of bursting and completing the pain lesson. Dan was all but out of it as he was thrown back into the ring. 

Jason had finally managed to dispatch John back to the locker room when he re-entered the ring to a downed Dan clutching his groin and a smirking Steve standing over him. Jason knew something had happened, but was unable to prove it. He mentally kicked himself for allowing the long distraction, but knew there was nothing to be done about it now. 

Steve delivered a series of kicks and stomps to the fallen stud’s muscular back and washboard abdomen before placing Dan in a headlock. He then held onto the brutal headlock until Dan was able to regain his voice and submit. That was the most humiliating part of all. The record would indicate that Dan had submitted to a simple headlock. 

Raising his big arms in victory, Steve was joined in the ring by giant Greg. But the tag team still wasn’t quite yet finished wrecking havoc. With an apparently well-planned approach, they charged the downed Dan and ripped his trunks and jockstrap off, leaving him naked except for his boots. Jason was roughly pushed to the side, so hard that he actually fell through the ropes and hit the floor, temporarily stunning himself. 

Once again, Steve and Greg assumed the “friends helping friends” stance, but this time simply turned the defeated stud to all four sides of the rings where cameras and videos could record the swollen, bloated, and horribly bruised nuts hanging so heavily below the huge horse cock. Dan’s colossal bull balls were glowing an angry shade of dark red that was verging toward purple, but they were remarkably still intact. 

Seeing Jason regaining his feet, the two decided the time had come for their special finishing move. Dan was placed in a corner with one leg inside the ring and one outside, his enormously muscular body straddling the ropes. Steve stood holding the leg inside the ring, while Greg stood on the apron. A little positioning made sure that Dan’s gigantic hairy ball sack was resting under his body and directly on the ropes. 

At a predetermined signal, the two wrestlers began pulling their victim down the length of the ropes, giving a wicked rope burn to the already battered and screaming balls. They ran forward and back along the rope several times, searing Dan’s huge nuts both front and back and either burning or pulling most of the dark, curly pubic hairs off of them. Dan could only whimper in agony, tears of shame pouring down his handsome face. 

The two wrestlers stopped when reached the center of the rope on their fifth or sixth pass. Dan was lifted so that his scorched nuts were hanging about two feet from the rope, and on the count of three, Greg jumped off the ring apron and Steve dropped to the mat, both while still holding onto Dan’s ankles. His balls made contact with the top rope with a loud smack, and then the rope gave and stretched about two feet before the recoil pulled his ankles free and catapulted him into the center of the ring. By this time, Jason had regained his senses and the ring, but all he could do was try to prevent further damage to the fallen muscle god. 

Laughing, Steve and Greg left the ring under thunderous applause from an appreciative crowd, and then retired to the dressing room. The left a nearly unconscious Dan curled up in the center of the ring, his massively muscled form curled up in the fetal position around his mangled and battered bull balls. 

Jason quickly removed his referee’s jersey to cover Dan’s nakedness. In doing so, he revealed his own awesome physique, including a very muscular and well-developed chest. Both Steve and Greg saw this before exiting the floor, and began plotting how to get hold of the sexy Jason for a little action as well. 

Big John had finally returned to the ring and, with Jason’s help, the two big men escorted an exhausted Dan back stage. However, instead of taking Dan to his dressing room, though, the two decided to place him in a private office. Jason had to get back to the next match, and John quickly went looking for medical assistance, leaving Dan unattended. All of this was observed by Steve and Greg, who seized the opportunity to finish what had been started in the ring. 

The two dirty wrestlers snuck into the room and grabbed an unresisting Dan. He was propped upright on the corner of the desk with his hugely muscular legs off to either side. With Steve and Greg each standing between the beefy legs, they were able to make sure that the man’s crotch was wide open with the heroically massive – and still enlarging – mule nuts resting heavily and defenselessly on the desk, completely vulnerable, and the huge flaccid dong draped over Dan’s massive right thigh. The gorgeous muscle stud was roused by the rough man handling of his body, and as he struggled back to consciousness and saw who the two men were that were holding him on the table, he began to struggle weakly in an effort to escape the brutal torment that he knew was to come. 

Without warning or preamble, Steve began pounding fist after devastating fist into the bruised and swollen bull nuts, bludgeoning the gigantic orbs with destructive force and violently crushing them against the unyielding hardwood desk. Exhausted and barely conscious, Dan was unable to offer much defense, even though he realized that Steve was trying to do permanent damage to his mammoth manhood. 

Steve’s huge fist landed like a sledgehammer, again and again and again and again, into Dan’s mighty but steadily weakening balls. Few men’s balls could have survived the abuse that Dan’s huge nuts had already endured in the ring -- loaded knee blows, punches with brass knuckles, slamming into a metal turnbuckle, crushing against a metal divider, and a mighty rug burn from being dragged back and forth across the ropes. Dan’s fist-sized bull balls had already proved that they were made from some incredibly tough stuff already just to survive for this long, but even Dan’s humongous gonads couldn’t endure this kind of punishing abuse for long, particularly after already being so tremendously battered and weakened in the arena. 

A dozen ruinous blows land on Dan’s screaming nuts, then a dozen more. The gigantic orbs are flattening more and more with each terrific blow, and while they keep rebounding into their healthy egg-like shape after each punch, it started taking them longer and longer to bounce back. Steve was already doing permanent damage to Dan’s precious baby makers, and it was clear that it wouldn’t take too much more to crack those huge walnuts wide open. The cruel blond wrestler didn’t let up on his attack for an instant, and kept right on pounding Dan’s balls into permanent sterility. 

Dan finally could not take any more, and letting go of the last of his pride, he began to cry and beg for his tormentors to stop. 

Steve landed one more brutal punch into Dan’s extremely mushy nuts and said, “All right pussy boy, here’s the deal! I’ll stop punching you and let you keep what’s left of your sorry excuse for balls on one condition. We will set up a tag match with you and Big John after you have recovered sufficiently from tonight. Except you ain’t going to wrestle.”  

Noticing the look of confusion on Dan’s stunningly handsome face, Greg delivered a truly devastating hammer blow to the badly wounded nuts, nearly bursting the massive testes with the force of his blow. Dan screamed in terrible agony and tried to clutch his tortured nuts, but Greg kept his enormous fist planted deep in the stud’s distended balls, twisting his fist in the tortured ball flesh like he was grinding out a cigarette. Dan’s beautiful brown eyes all but bugged out of his head with the pain, and his huge balls were bulging ominously around the huge invading knuckles, looking like they could burst wide open at any moment. 

Greg then said, “It’s real simple, stud. You are going to let us have your partner to beat on, two on one. You will distract the referee for us, pretend concern, but will not tag in. NO! MATTER! WHAT!” 

As Greg said the last three words, each word was accompanied by an obliterating punch into the dark-haired stud’s swollen and nearly ruptured nuts. Any one of those titanic blows from Greg’s 28-inch monster guns could have been enough to pop Dan’s goliath bull balls, ending his awesome masculinity forever. Amazingly, however, Dan’s mighty nuts somehow endured, though he was sure that they had been reduced to a beefy, jellied pulp, and it would be a long while before he would know whether he would ever be able to father children. 

“In exchange for that,” Steve added, “we let YOU keep your bull nuts, or what’s left of them. Your big muscle giant of a partner, on the other hand, will not. And that only seems fair, since it was because of him that we had the opportunity to do this to you tonight.” 

Another punch as Greg said, “Any attempt to stop or interfere with us, and we will find you. It would be such a shame to have to destroy such enormous manly nuts as yours.” 

“So what’s is it going to be,” Steve concluded. “Do we finish our work and make you into a nutless boy pussy tonight, or do you surrender your partner’s bull nuts?” 

“Okay! OKAY!! Please just leave me alone! I’ll do it!” sobbed Dan, as he was in more pain that he knew was even possible. He would have agreed to anything at that point to end the thunderous throbbing agony in his balls and to protect what was left of his broken manhood. 

Greg and Steve each delivered a final parting blow to Dan’s monstrously swollen and almost terminally squishy balls before leaving to return to their dressing room. They left Dan in a huge heap of sobbing muscles on the floor, cradling his brutalized bull balls. They duo were already plotting their tag team action, and in particular planning a way to incapacitate the handsome referee as well for a truly memorable and brutal tag bout. Their luck continued to hold as John returned with a doctor just seconds after they left. 

Dan could not look his handsome partner in the eye, but he had already began to rationalize his decision. It was John’s fault after all that he had just suffered such a violent, brutal, and humiliating ball beating and defeat at the hands of the two vicious wrestlers. He knew that Big John’s gargantuan cock and balls were even larger and more oversized than Dan’s own, and that John was understandably proud of his enormous endowment. Dan bitterly looked forward to Big John’s upcoming match with Steve and Greg, and he hoped that the mighty muscle man’s goliath gonads would be reduced to nothing more than a bloody smear on the ring floor. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cum Fantasy - Part 3

Cum Fantasy - Part 3
Based on an original story by an anonymous author


Cum Fantasy Part 3: The Water Polo Team

Our story continues: 


The local college water polo team was like any other Division I water polo program: basically, a mix of excellent athletes who chose the school for it's athletic scholarship programs, and other strong but perhaps less-than stellar swimmers just out to have fun and take a break from academia. This resulted in a healthy mix of body types on the team, from big ripped mega-hunks to lean and muscular swimmer types.

Jake's job with the water polo team was strictly as a volunteer. He enjoyed working with Phil, the head coach, who he'd met at a local gay bar years back and shared his swimming past. Phil was a short, stocky, and rather handsome guy that Jake had always found very sexy, but the two had never fooled around together. They each got a healthy kick out of the fact that many other gay men considered that they had "dream jobs" -- working a bunch of nearly naked 18- to 22-year-old bodies into extraordinary shape for eight months out of the year. Both men remained closeted to the team, fearing a loss of respect from the swimmers, who tended to be somewhat homophobic. Strange for a bunch of guys who spent a good deal of time together with next to nothing on, climbing over one another in the swimming pool for hours at a time, and showering with one another sometimes six days a week. 

Ah, yes, the showers. Always a strange place when the water polo team occupied them. After practice, they all marched into the open shower room (there were no dividing partition, just one rectangular room with 25 shower heads on three walls) and washed down their exhausted bodies, but always leaving on their suits. Occasionally, Jake and Phil would shower with the team after a practice to get the smell of the chlorine off their bodies that hung around the pool, but they were always naked. The guys tried to seem like they didn’t notice, but Jake had caught nearly all the boys checking out his huge cock and massive balls at one time or another. It seemed to make quite a few uncomfortable. 

Specifically, earlier this year, two freshmen, Martin and Jordan, always seemed to steal what they believed to be hidden glances at the coaches’ soaped up naked bodies. Jake caught each of them on separate occasions peering over and him and Phil from time to time. Once he even smiled back at Martin during one of these furtive staring sessions, which completely embarrassed the boy, so much so that he immediately left the shower area, blushing and immediately wrapping a towel around what appeared to be a growing erection. Speedo swimming suits never did leave much to the imagination. 

Jake had felt bad for these two boys, remembering how impossible it was to come out of the closet when he was a swimmer (he had waited until he was 24 and well out of college before he told anyone). They both looked the part, too. Slender, muscular, and fit with their hair cropped short and their body hair shaved. Though both young men tried to hide their male attraction, even others on the team had eventually begun to pick up on it, as Jake had overhead several of them recently asking each other whether they thought, "Those two freshmen were homos." 

Helping them come out of the closet was not really what spurred Jake’s interest in using the water polo team as his next test subjects for his new drug, but he secretly hoped this would edge those two out, and maybe a few others as well. At the very least, the experience should make the team a little more tolerant of homosexuality, since they would have now all experienced it first hand! Heck, if the component of the drug that stimulated homosexuality really worked (this didn't get much of a test in a bathhouse full of gay men), the team would have a new level of "appreciation" for gays and man-on-man sex! 

The only way he could devise to get the drug to the boys was to lace the team's supply of Gatorade right at the end of practice. He and Phil had long ago made it a requirement for everyone at the end of practice to rehydrate, as swimming takes just as much moisture and electrolytes from your body as any sport where you visibly sweat. Everyone took to the rule religiously at the end of every practice, and they always chugged a couple of cups of the stuff before heading to the showers. Phil and Jake usually joined them, just to make the point.

Jake chose a Friday afternoon practice to run his test. Rather than making pills, he'd measured out what appeared to be a heavy dose of the drug, but only because it was in powder form so that it would easily dissolve in any liquid. Jake figured that he could easily slip this into the Gatorade, which he made from a powder each practice and that was kept in a large vat at poolside. He figured all the boys would have a chance to make it to the showers before the effects would kick in, and at that point, their own thirst would be enough to get them to drink all the available water they'd need to keep the drug's potency going. 

Jake’s plan worked like a charm. 

Just before the end of the practice, while Phil was wrapping up the final cool down with the guys, Jake mixed his "special batch" of Gatorade. Twenty-two exhausted boys got out of the pool, grabbed cups, drank, and headed immediately for the showers. It was no accident that Jake had chosen Friday night to run his test, as nobody tended to linger around the gym and showers on Friday nights with all of the frat parties and other college events to go to. Many of the guys had steady girlfriends that they were eager to get to, and hopefully score with that evening. Jake and Phil grabbed cups of their own and drank some of the Gatorade, and then headed into the showers as well. Jake made sure he poured out any leftover drink down the drain before they left the pool area, for fear that someone might accidentally discover it or consume more than a single dose of the drug.

The shower routine started off just as it always did, but didn't take long to change...and change dramatically. All 22 guys were showering, all still wearing their black Speedo suits, none daring to take them off. Martin and Jordan had taken their usual spot in the corner, sort of out of the way of the bigger juniors and seniors, who were chatting it up about their plans for the weekend. As usual, the conversation was usually about sex.

"Dude, I can't wait to get out of here! I need to get myself laid like nobody’s business," yelled Chad, a 6’4” senior from Theta Kappa Delta fraternity. One of the captains of the team, Chad was every woman's and gay man's physical dream. A blond crew-cut Adonis with incredibly wide shoulders and huge pectorals gracing his mighty chest, tapering down to an 8-pack abdomen that ripped across a 32-inch waist. Though none of them would admit it, all the guys secretly wished they had his body. Chad didn't date anyone specifically, but never seemed to be out of a chance to get pussy, given his physique and the never-ending flow of drunk, loose sorority women who flowed through his frat house. Chad tended to be a bit of an arrogant asshole, and frequently picked on the freshmen, often singling out Martin and Jordan as "the team homos." Jake and Phil always told him to knock off the language, but never disciplined him beyond that for fear of exposing themselves.

"Man, I'll bet you just go home and spank it every night. All these stories are just trash!" jeered Tony, another senior and co-captain of the team. Chad and Tony frequently had this banter, and though great friends, seemed to always have a rivalry in and out of the pool. Tony was similarly built, with thick muscles in his shoulders, arms, chest, and legs and a very narrow and lean waist, only he was about 4 inches shorter and had dark, olive Italian skin covered with a light carpet of dark hair. At the end of the season when all the boys shaved down for the final meet, Tony always looked a bit naked without his soft coat of man-fur.

Ray and Carter broke into peals of laughter at this retort from Tony. Both were Juniors on the team, definitely primed to be captains in the fall. While Ray was a strong swimmer, also very well built and tall at 6" 2', Carter was definitely usually taking up the last position in races. Though wiry, muscular, and scrappy, Carter stood at only 5’5”. During the season, the kid played hard and gave it his all, and he was one of the strongest members of the team despite his shorter height. When he first joined the team two years ago, Carter was the weakest swimmer, but he stuck with the team and was always cheering everyone else on, and now he was poised to make co-captain.

"What the fuck are you laughing at, Chubs?" Chad hollered over at Carter, calling him by the nickname that he'd had since day one on the team. Carter had a huge bulge at the front of his Speedos, and when his fellow teammates had seen that bulge for the first time, they all assumed he was sporting a “chubby”. They quickly realized that Carter simply had a HUGE basket, even bigger than Chad’s famous bulge, but by then the nickname had stuck. Carter didn't seem to mind it, even joking about it from time to time. 

Chad said, "I don't see your little dick getting a lot of action! And for you information, Tony boy, I get a lot more play in a week than you're ass will see in a lifetime."

Brushing off the onslaught of insults, Tony simply retorted, "Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it."

"Yeah, me too!" chimed in Ray, along with a bunch of the other guys, some of whom had been dying to have a chance to put Chad in his place a bit, a little weary of his posturing, arrogance, and bullying.

Chad began to take this all a little more seriously, feeling the pressure of being ganged up on. He also started to feel a little feverish, and noticed his own big cock seemed to be getting hard. Fuck, he thought, all this chick talk's giving me a woody; I'd better cool it. "Yeah, I bet y'all are just jealous. Heck, I bet even some of you envy the chicks I sleep with...yeah, that's right. Maybe you two homos over there go home and jerk off thinking about me, huh?" Chad then immediately found himself thinking about that, and found the thought incredibly erotic and exciting. What the fuck is happening to me, he thought. I'm no homo, but damn the idea of those two jerking each other off is really hot...shit, what's going on?!

Meanwhile, Jordan and Martin were cowering in the corner, trying desperately to cover their own growing erections. Both had the same thought -- ‘Shit, he knows! And now the whole team is going to know! Here I am getting a hard on as he's asking me if I jerk off thinking about him!’ Because, of course, both boys had worked up their own sexual fantasies about Chad. 

Martin had developed an elaborate one where he was fucking Chad in the shower after practice one day after Jake kept them late. Unsuspecting that Jake was also gay, Martin also fantasized that Jake came in, discovered them, and stripped, jamming his huge cock deep into Chad's throat while Martin fucked his ass. 

Jordan had developed his own fantasy where Chad AND Tony both cornered him in the steam room at the gym and took turns fucking him in the face and ass, in the end spewing their pent up loads all over his body as he jerked himself off. Memories of these fantasies were now ALL Martin and Jordan could think about, and their cocks strained their Speedo's in response.

Martin, sensing that something fucked up was going on by his own mind beginning to reel with sexual desire, decided to be a bold for the first time. "Looks like you're getting turned on by that thought, Chad, judging from the rod you're sprouting in your suit there."

Chad blushed the deepest shade of red anyone had ever seen a guy turn. Jake was looking over the entire scene with great interest now, staring at all the boys in the shower stalls. As much as he was trying to control his own erection, it was quickly growing as well. He looked over at Phil, who seemed a little shocked at his own cock rising up on its own to its full 6 very thick inches. As Phil made attempts to cover it with his hands, he found his fingers wrapping around it instead and slowly beginning to pump. He too noticed now that all the boys in the shower had raging erections, and all seemed to be consciously or unconsciously rubbing them, all while quietly standing back witnessing the altercation between Chad and Martin. 

Chad started to stutter as he tried to come up with a come back, and all he could think about was fucking Martin, fucking Jordan, fucking any of the other boys in the shower. Heck, even Jake and Phil looked pretty hot right now, and DAMN, they were hard too! All the guys were blushing now as they realized they were all hard, but unable to make any attempts to hide their tented Speedos.

"Aww....f-f-f-fuck, what's going on?! I n-n-eed it bad, holy shit...!" Chad cried as he leaned against the shower wall and whipped down his suit, revealing a dripping, 12-inch whopper of a bull cock. ALL of the boys in the shower gasped at the sight of it, and were filled with their own lust watching Chad grab his meat and pound it up and down with unrivaled fury. 

Just as an army follows their leader, the rest of the team started removing their suits too, some not in enough time for what followed. One by one, all of them started to ejaculate gargantuan streamers of cum. 

Tony was actually first, having taken down his suit seconds after Chad revealed his mammoth rod. His more than respectable 9-inch Italian sausage sprang out and almost immediately began shooting cream straight across the shower, hitting Chad's well built chest, and then spraying over the teammates to his left and right. Chad almost immediately followed, his own cock spraying back across to Tony, sometimes hitting him directly in the crotch, soaking his thick black pubic fur with white sticky frat-boy jism, while at other points nailing him in the chest and abs. 

Ray, who was standing next to Tony, also got hit with Chad's load, but didn't seem to notice as he was preoccupied staring at the 5-foot arc of cum streaming from his own dick. He'd whipped out of his suit moments before, his mind filled with images of going down on any guy there. 

Carter was the slowest to react, and had not even gotten the chance to pull down his suit. Instead, he stared down in amazement at his extremely over packed Speedo that was now seeping incredible amounts of white cream out over the elastic and through the material. His suit, usually stretched close to its limits by his huge soft package, now ballooned out in further with cum and a still engorging monster cock. 

Seeing his friend’s distress, Ray felt an overwhelming need to help his short and beefy buddy. The taller man dropped to his knees while pulling the boy's cum- and cock-filled suit down over his large and muscular ass. A cascade of cum flowed out over Ray's hands and down his arms, as well as down Carter's thick legs, as his gargantuan erection sprang forward and slapped Ray in the face, shooting him point blank with a massive slug of cum in the process. 

The other guys could only stare in wonder at the magnificent cock that the short stud was sporting. Freed of the tight confines of the swimsuit, Carter’s mammoth cock was able to unfurl to its full, eye-popping, and mouthwatering 13 ½ awesome inches. The huge cock was as thick as a baseball bat, and nearly half as long. Carter had always been able to hide the true size of his huge cock, and despite not being ashamed of his height, always felt a bit self-conscious about his dick being too huge. He didn't seem to care now, though, nor did Ray who, seeing no other solution to stop getting hit in the face with Carter's cum, simply dove into his fat crotch and took as much of the shooting cock into his mouth as he could, which proved to be quite a lot!

Jake was watching all of this, dumbfounded and also lost in the realm of his own incredible orgasm, shooting his spunk five or six feet in the air to rain down on himself and Phil, who was standing next to him, doing the same thing. 

At the sight of Ray going down on Carter, Jake figured the show had started, and pulled Phil to the already cum soaked floor. "Fuck me," he commanded, and Phil needed no more encouragement. Propping Jake's legs up on his shoulders, he drove his thick 6 incher straight into Jake's twitching asshole. No need for lube when all the he needed was shooting out of his own cock at an alarming rate. He no longer questioned what was happening or why, all he needed now was cock, ass, anything related to sex and men. As he bent Jake further and further onto his back, Jake was able to better aim his own cock into his mouth, drinking up the precious fluid. 

Not that there was any shortage of cum or water in the place. All the showers were still on, and every boy in the place was shooting semen at a rate of at least a quart a minute. Throughout the massive orgy that had ensued, Jake looked down the shower room to see what he had long hoped to see --  young Martin and Jordan locked in a passionate kiss. Their own young cocks shot endlessly between their pressed bodies, coating their hairless chests with a slick coat of jism.

Jake had not anticipated the extended duration of the potency of the drug when mixed with Gatorade, along with the fact that the boys never left the showers and pretty much endlessly quenched their thirsts. For five hours straight, the scene continued with all the boys, Jake, and Phil, totally without any sense of time passing. All their focus was aimed at fucking and getting fucked. 

Over the course of the night, both Martin and Jordan got to live out their secret fantasies with Chad, Tony, and Jake. About 15 minutes into the cum-soaked orgy, Martin left Jordan and stumbled over to Chad, who was busy sucking on Jake's spurting rod. "Got any orifices open for a faggot like me?" he asked grinning from ear to ear. 

Chad sheepishly looked up, wiping the cum from his eyes that dripped out of his jism soaked crew cut hair, and simply gurgled, "Fuck my ass, stud!" before returning to slathering Jake's cock. 

Martin was the first to take the frat-boy's cherry, and Chad loved every moment of it. Martin slid his 7 inches all at once into the beautifully muscled asshole, and felt its tight warmth encase his spouting cock. He, Jake, and Chad stayed locked in this fuck for a good 10 minutes before Jordan came over, and grabbing Tony on the way, asked the two captains, "Which one of you wants my ass first?" 

Tony, who had been getting his own ass fucked by two other freshmen simultaneously while having his face pounded by Carter’s gargantuan spewing prong for what seemed like hours, was certainly ready to play top. Slipping to the floor with a splash into the inch-deep swill of cum and water mixed there, he pulled Jordan down with him and right onto his raging, shooting cock with a loud THUD. Chad pulled himself free from Jake and Martin, and forced as much of his 12-inch ejaculating rod into Jordan's mouth as would fit. Jordan soaked his fingers with his own come, as well as Chad's load spilling out of his mouth, and drove them deep into Chad's ass, only causing Chad to howl with pleasure and increase the power and volume of his cum stream.

By the time the drug wore off, 22 completely spent boys and two coaches all lay on their backs or leaned up against the walls of the shower room, sitting in five inches of their own warm spunk. The drains had finally backed up during the last hour, and there was a 6-inch ledge that normally kept the water in, which now served as a dam for what must have been nearly 1,000 gallons of cum that swirled around on the floor. Several of the boys continued to suck one another off, getting the final bits of fresh cream from each other's softening dicks, while others just lazily jerked the last spurts of cum out of their own dicks as their bodies occasionally convulsed with short jags of orgasmic pleasure. 

Martin and Jordan were passed out in the corner, Martin's now-flaccid dick firmly embedded in Jordan's still-convulsing ass. 

Chad was lying flat on his broad muscular back, slowly massaging the cum swirling all around him over his huge body, while Ray fed him the last bits of his cum standing over him, spilling spurt after spurt in his open mouth. 

Carter and Tony sat in another corner, having a small "cum battle", splashing each other with the deep accumulated load on the floor, occasionally stopping to jam their own fingers into each other’s cum filled asses to force any last remains of jism from their spent rods. 

Jake surveyed the scene as he and Phil slowly rubbed each other's now flaccid cocks, and thought how his latest test had gone far beyond his expectations. It would be interesting to see how the team reacted to one another in the days that followed, now that they had all had sex with one another. 

And he also wondered how much of the homosexual lusts brought on by the drug would be permanent. 

But what was even more on his mind was deciding on the next experiment he would perform. There seemed to be no end to the possibilities! As he hugged Phil’s hunky body tight to his own, Jake grinned broadly at the thought that Pfizer really never knew how close they had come to making a REALLY fantastic drug.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Cum Fantasy - Part 2

Cum Fantasy - Part 2
Based on an original story by an anonymous author


Cum Fantasy Part 2: The Bath House

Our story continues:  

Jake Thompson, a brilliant bioengineer from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, had taken it upon himself to take the revolutionary drug Viagra, which he'd helped develop, to the next "level." Unsupported by his peers in this endeavor, Jake secretly developed a new drug based on the old Viagra in Pfizer's labs. After extensive testing on rats, Jake emerged having developed a drug that not only triggered overwhelming gay male sexual desire, but also produced mind-bending orgasms. What was truly remarkable about his creation is that, depending on the dosage, these orgasms could be drawn out for many minutes, perhaps even hours, so long as the taker of the drug continued to replenish his fluids, in the form of a specially-formulated protein-and-electrolyte fluid or even the man’s own semen. After having performed a fantastically successful, sticky test on himself, Jake vowed to take his drug out into the world to test in as many different places as he could find.


Jake could hardly sit still at work the day after he tested the new drug on himself, knowing that tonight he'd test the same drug in the local city bathhouse. Having been there a few times in the past, Jake knew his way around the place well enough to know it would be the perfect place to run his test. All he had to do was walk into the place, find a few men by the hot tub, offer them the new drug, and he was pretty sure they'd give it a try.

After work, perhaps the worst torture for Jake was coaching the local college water polo team for two hours, fantasizing about what would happen if he introduced his drug into the lives of these 18- to 22-year-old young men, all of whom were handsome, hunky, and hot. None of these beautiful young men were gay to Jake’s knowledge, but if he experiments with the new drug were correct, that wouldn’t matter; if these horny young bucks took the pills, then they would soon be fucking and sucking each other as if they were born to it. Jake had to hide several boners throughout the water polo practice, which was very hard to do with an 11-inch monster cock stuffed into skimpy Speedos, but he finally got through the practice and headed for the bathhouse. 

Jake arrived at the bathhouse during it's busiest time, 9:00 PM. This was not a dumpy facility by any means like some bathhouses. There was a large 15-person jacuzzi, clean showers, a weight room (which never seemed to get used for weight lifting!), and about 20 lockers complete with lounge chairs and televisions. Of course, the place often reeked of sweat and cum, but that was part of the attraction. And Jake hid a secret smile as he realized that that heady odor was nothing compared to what it would smell like later on tonight. 

The handsome young scientist had made sure to come with 50 pills, each containing a dose that was a bit stronger than what he'd taken the night before. He paid the desk attendant, stripped out of his day clothes, took the pill bottle, and wrapped the large white towel around himself. He had also grabbed two jugs of fluid from his house that he had stashed in his gym bag when he entered the place. Now, he was getting mildly strange looks from the men cruising the halls as he walked along with a shit-eating grin on his face, toting two gallon jugs of water through the place. He went straight upstairs to the jacuzzi, where he figured he could start.

There he found six perfect subjects to start with. 

There were two handsome, married lawyers in their 30’s, Gordon and John, both whom worked at the same firm and came to the bathhouse just to, as that put it, "sit back and watch." Neither of them had ever dared have sex with each other or with the men there, claiming that they were both straight and just got "sort of turned on watching men have sex." Both men were of about medium height and had nice builds, muscular and lean. They sat on the edge of the tub, lazily pulling on their ample, semi-erect cocks watching the other four men in the jacuzzi work each other over. 

Jose, a cute, short, muscular, and wiry 24-year-old Latino grad student seemed to be the center of attention. He was standing in the middle of the tub, two men slathering his big cock with their mouths, another one gently chewing on his nipples while jerking off his own stiff 10-inch cock. The man on the nipples was Steve, a 35-year-old and extremely well endowed ex-football jock that still had the build he had in college. Forever closeted, his only sexual release came in the anonymous sex he had in the bathhouse. Steve’s cock was nearly as huge as Jake’s own massive dork, and his big tight balls were the size of hen’s eggs. Though his were undoubtedly big balls to be proud of, they couldn’t match young Jake’s mighty gonads in sheer size and heft. 

The two men taking turns giving Jose's big and slender 9-inch prong the tongue bath were actually twins, Casey and Brennan. They were the perfect Irish stereotype: strawberry blond hair, fair skinned, handsome faces, husky and hunky frames, and perfectly matching thick 8-inch cocks with good-sized, very low-hanging balls to match. They worked a local hardware store in town, pretty much running the family business that had been passed down in their family for generations. At a young age, the two had discovered the joys of jerking off together, then blowing each other, and finally, all out sex with one another. Throughout junior high and high school, they kept their love for one another a secret, but pretty much most people in town had them pegged. As they languished on Jose's turgid cock, they both stroked each other’s dicks with their thick, work-calloused hands under the bubbling water.

Jake had never seen a more erotic and sexy grouping of hunky men on any of his previous visits to the baths, and he knew that he had hit pay dirt. The handsome young scientist stopped at the edge of the tub and removed his towel, letting his massive and mostly erect cock spring forward as he sat down at the edge next to Gordon and John. Both handsome lawyers eyed him – and his huge cock – hungrily and smiled, not interrupting their self-pleasuring actions.

"Sit down and enjoy the show. We certainly are," crooned Gordon. 

John smiled and laughed. "Yeah, we figured we'd let these hot young guys fuck it out. We'll just play the very appreciative audience."

"How would you like the show to get a whole lot better, and maybe require some audience participation?" asked Jake, still smiling that shit-eating grin.

"What do you mean?" questioned John. "Looks like they've got it going on pretty well without two more guys in the way!"

Jake was impatient and figured he'd go for broke. "What if I told you that I had a little pill for each of you that made you not only hard as a rock for as long as you can stand, but would make you cum endlessly, so long as you keep drinking water or cum?"

Gordon looked at him and said, "I'd say you were about to put Viagra out of business! Then I'd say you were crazy. You think we'd take a drug without knowing what it would do to us?"

Jake laughed. "What if I took it first?"

Gordon and John looked at one another, still slowly jerking their semi-hard and ample 7- and 8-inch cocks. "Heck, sure! Knock yourself out." John muttered. "You don't actually expect us to believe you, do you?"

"I suppose it does sound pretty fucked up. So sit back and watch my show then." Jake opened the pill bottle and swallowed the first pill, chasing it with a healthy dose of fluid. At this point, the action in the hot tub had sort of subsided, as all the men had overheard the conversation, but not given it much notice until Jake actually took real pills out and consumed one. Now they all were staring at him with curious looks on their faces. Jose looked a little impatient, as he was certainly missing the attention of his boys, but he figured it could wait once everyone figured out that this guy was nuts.

All of a sudden, Jake's cock visibly sprung from three-quarters hard to full, rock hard, 11-inch attention. He immediately grabbed it and started wanking it for all it was worth, his massive balls bouncing and careening off the walls of his quivering sac. 

"That's nothing special,” said Brennan. "I've heard Viagra will give you a woody that won't quit. I'll be impressed if that huge cock of yours shoots at all." 

No sooner had the words left his mouth than Jake's cock erupted with extraordinarily powerful force, shooting a stream of cum straight up into the air. The first great geyser of cum must have shot a good five or six feet straight up, and continued in an unabated, pulsating stream for more than 20 seconds, raining white hot splooge down on all seven men. 

The six onlookers all stood there dumbfounded, their mouths wide open. Some of Jake’s cum dripped into the gaping mouths of each of the six men, and all were in such a state of shock that none of whom even moved to wipe it off. 

Jake’s first monumental blast of sperm was followed by regular pulses of sperm, each a mighty slug of baby batter that arced high into the air to land wetly on every surface within a 10-foot radius. As Jake's cum stream slowly subsided to a languid, spurting flow several minutes later, Casey was the first to speak. "Are you sure this stuff is safe?" he asked. 

Through the spasms of his continued orgasm, Jake exclaimed, "As long as you k-k-keep drinking w-w-water or cummmm..." and then proceeded to shoot another giant load, this time preserving the precious fluid by shooting it straight into his own mouth.

"Unbelievable..." all six men said in unison.

"The pills are in the bottle, please make sure you only take one." The six scrambled for the bottle, and despite their eagerness, each carefully snagged a pill for themselves, downing it as quickly as possible. In moments, each of them joined Jake in his orgasmic bliss.

The twins had gotten out of the tub and, after several seconds of non-stop ejaculation, immediately got the same idea and chowed down on each other’s spurting rods. It didn't take long before their faces were coated in the other's cum that poured out of their mouths, unable to completely swallow the incredibly copious amounts of spunk spurting from their respective, rock-hard 8-inch cocks. At several points, each would "come up for air", pointing the others prick at their chests, soaking themselves in white creamy ejaculate before returning to the sucking. 

Gordon and John watched this scene intently as their hard cocks began erupting with the same extraordinary fervor, raining sperm down on their beefy pectorals and flat, smooth bellies. Both had increased their masturbatory pace to a blurry pounding of fists, and their minds were now filled with true gay desires, the lust for cock unbearable. Neither could go on with what they now knew was a lie all along, that they just "liked to watch." As if on cue, both of them looked at one another, and then immediately fell into the same position as Casey and Brennan, greedily chomping down on the other's endlessly spurting penis as if it were their last meal. 

Meanwhile, Jose and Steve were still standing in the jacuzzi, locked in a fierce kiss with their bodies pressed as tightly together as possible with their huge cocks spewing cups and cups of jism between then, dripping down their flat, muscular stomachs and into the hot bubbling water. Jose would periodically reach between them and scoop up a handful of the load and rub it all over Steve's hugely-built frame, into his thick brown hair, and occasionally sticking his coated fingers in his mouth, given them both a taste of their mixed semen. Steve in turn began to do the same, only taking his sticky coated fingers and working them into Jose's twitching asshole. 

All the while, Jake sat back fisting his exploding rod, drinking in the scene as well as periodically taking a swig from the 6-foot arc of semen that just kept streaming from his straining 11-inch cock. ‘THIS was more like it!’ he thought.

After about 10 minutes of this continuous orgasm, enough semen was lost dripping from mouths, spurting onto orgasm-wracked bodies, flowing into the turbulent water of the hot tub (which had begun to turn a milky shade of white), and just lost on the tile floors and walls surrounding the men that the drug's effectiveness slowly wore off. Gordon had figured this out, and remembering Jake's words, immediately began passing around the remaining jugs of water. All the men, feeling incredibly parched, drank feverishly from the containers, spilling much of the precious water onto their semen-soaked bodies. So much water was lost in this process that by the time the jugs reached John again, they were bone dry. 

"I'll get more, hang on!!!!" John cried, and pulled his lean and muscular body up off the sticky floor and, toting both jugs in hand, ran as fast as he could to the showers to refill them, his raging hard on leading the way. Upon entering the showers, he immediately turned three of them on and stood in one, refilling the jugs in either hand while keeping his mouth upturned into the shower he was standing in, gulping down as much water as he could. 

Just as the jugs filled and John felt in control of his thirst, the second wave of orgasm hit him. His legs gave out as his thick dick once again shot clear across the shower room, striking a group of five men who had previously been engaged in a mutual jerk off session of their own when this guy with the rock hard boner entered the shower and began filling up jugs and drinking the water from the shower head like a madman. 

As John squealed with pleasure, once again fisting his spurting cock at a furious pace, the five men rushed over to him to assist, assuming there was some kind of medical condition. One asked, "Dear god, is there anything we can do?" 

John merely looked up, still firing wad after wad of sticky jism at the men, and managed to grunt, "Take this water to the hot tub and ask-k-k-k about the p-p-pills." The men looked at one another and then back at John, who now had begun aiming his big dick at his face, lapping up anything he could get into his mouth, and with the other hand, massaging the rest of his copious load all over his muscular body and then jamming 3 of his big fingers as far as they could go up his asshole. Finding his prostate, he began massaging it, only to induce another round of deep growls and grunts as increased semen began to erupt flow from his prick.

The men grabbed the jugs and rushed out to the jacuzzi, where they were met with the most amazing sight. The entire area was soaked in semen, so much so that several of the men slipped on the gooey tile and fell down into the mess as they ran to the scene. Everyone there, including Jake, was covered in a pearly white sheen of sticky cock juice. Brennan and Casey were now engaged in a rather acrobatic feat, rolling along the slippery tile until one was sitting astride the other with that brother's pulsing rod spewing cream deep into his asshole, only to be flowing out again and around the aching shaft as there was just too much cream for anyone's rectum to hold.

The brother on top was roaring with pleasure has he fed his brother his own spurting rod as he bounced hard up and down on the other's cock. After about 30 seconds of this relentless fucking, they would roll the other direction and switch places. 

Meanwhile, Jose and Steve had gotten out of the hot tub and were engaged in a tight 69, Jose deep throating all of Steve's 10-inch wonder, the jet of cum streaming directly into his stomach. Steve, in turn, was doing much the same, creating a complete cycle of cum. 

With John gone, Jake had taken over servicing Gordon, having pushed him into the hot tub and bending him over forwards as he plowed his massive 11 inches over and over into Gordon's tight, muscular ass. Periodically he would reach around the man’s tight body and grab a handful of the cum spewing out of Gordon's rock hard prick and devour it, while Gordon took to simply diving his head into the now completely cum-stained jacuzzi water and drinking it like a pig at the trough.

The five men who arrived at the scene just stood there stunned, all grabbing their newly renewed erections as they took in the scene. Finally, one had the gumption to ask, "Your friend said something about a pill?"

Thus began the most intense night of sex any of the men at the bathhouse had ever witnessed or experienced in their lives. Gone were the preferences of body type, race, and age. By the time the evening was over, every man in the place had fucked and sucked or been fucked by or sucked by almost every other guy. Despite all the frenzy, Jake was able to monitor the pill bottle, and made sure that every man got just one. 

The increased dosage carried the men to two hours of near constant ejaculation, interrupted only by periods of mass rushing to the showers to drink. And even this interruption didn’t begin until the entire contents of the jacuzzi, a thick and soupy mix of water and fresh sperm, had been consumed, as well as great quantities of the pools of sperm that had formed all over the floor and walls in the jacuzzi room. 

John became pretty much immobilized on the shower right where he'd collapsed the first time as man after man would come in to drink water, and he'd be the first one they'd see when their orgasms began again. By the end of the evening, John sat dazed in a pool of cum inches deep in the shower room, having had his mouth fucked and ass plowed by every man there at least two or three times. Still, his thick cock spurted out big jets of cum here and there as he lay swimming in the warm creamy sea of spunk. 

The Irish twins, Casey and Brennan, had at one point in the night teamed with another pair of twins, and pretty much tried every possible combination and position with the other couple that was possible. 

Steve and Jose became lost in the sea of men, each taking turns informing newcomers of what was going on (though it didn't take anyone long to figure it out).

Jake took orders for pills at the end of that night that he figured he could sell for several thousands of dollars, which was more than enough to pay to have the bathhouse cleaned, which took the entire next day. He figured that now that he had the formula, he could pretty much set up his own lab in his house and use his Pfizer connections to buy the raw materials wholesale without anyone knowing. While the excitement of a new business opportunity was on his mind as he stumbled from the bathhouse just before sunrise, his true interest was continuing to test and perfect his new drug. All his thoughts were soon turned towards that water polo team he helped coach. He just needed to figure out a way to get them all to take his new drug.