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Banded Olympian Muscle Stud - Part 4 of 4

Here is the conclusion of the Banded Olympian saga, just in time for Christmas! :D I really hope that you all enjoy it. At the last minute, I've added an afterword to suggest a continuation of the series, though I have no plans to do so at the moment. 

But, as always, I encourage your input in the comments section below on where you'd like to see this story go next...  


Banded Olympian Muscle Stud - Part 4

Based on an original story by an unknown author


Tim realized that his jaw had been gaping open for at least the past ten minutes, and he slowly closed his suddenly dry mouth. He had just witnessed the most incredible display of hyper virile masculinity in history splash across his various computer monitors, and it was taking him a very long time to collect himself again. He felt something warm and wet on his chin and neck, and realized that he had spontaneously shot his own load during Matthew’s colossal testicular purge, plastering his own upper body with one of the biggest and most violent loads of his life. 

The stunned football player absentmindedly wiped away the bulk of his hot and creamy jizz with a handy kitchen towel as his mind processed the extraordinary scene he’d just witnessed. His heart flooded with joy as he watched his hunky friend Matthew defeat the dark green band that had been trying to strangulate his massive balls, and seeing a healthy color return to those enormous bollocks let Tim know that the stud’s titanic testes still lived! 

But Tim also quickly realized that his friend’s behemoth balls were still in mortal danger, for if Matthew was still trapped inside that metal stall come dawn, his gorgeous gonads would be unceremoniously sliced off as the sun peeked above the horizon! With renewed hope and urgency in his heart, Tim resumed his efforts to crack the code of the livecam website, desperate to locate and save his secret love before it was too late. 


After night fell, the temperature inside the barn once again dropped, and only the heat from the dozens of bright lights kept the temperature from becoming dangerously low. Still, the exposure of Matthew’s naked body to the chill cold further sapped his flagging energy, leaving the handsome young muscle bull more exhausted and fatigued than ever. Hour after hour slowly ticked by, and the raping of Matthew’s loins continued at regular intervals, forcing his beleaguered and critically overworked balls to cough up more of their precious liquid cargo every 15 minutes. 

Matthew had never been so tired in his whole life, and had never known so much deep throbbing agony. His humongous cock was so hideously bloated and distended that it was nearly purple with congested blood, and it burned with an ache unlike anything the young hunk had ever known. His prostate was a swollen knot of pure agony, so bruised and battered by the invading dildo that it felt like a white hot coal of pain. And his balls, his poor ill-used and overworked balls, felt utterly spent and exhausted, even as they continued to prove their unparalleled mettle by whipping up vast amounts of fresh baby batter at a fantastically accelerated rate, and then pumping out all of that prime quality seed every quarter hour. His great vessels of manhood sagged lower than they ever had in his life, dangling a good 8 or 9 inches below his crotch, and glowing a bright and angry red from being forced to churn out sperm at such an unnaturally rapid rate. 

Matthew’s giant gonads were being redlined to the extreme, and though the devastatingly handsome muscle man was grateful that his huge orbs had survived their near death experience with the bander, he began to fear that they might burn out into useless husks even before they were sliced off at dawn. The gorgeous Olympian despaired that he would survive the coming day an intact male… 


Precious hours had slipped by, and a desperate Tim once again began to despair of ever being able to trace the website and locate Matt’s position. There were only hours to go before dawn, and he knew that time was running out for his handsome friend. 

The big football player was at a loss for what to do next, his anxiety growing with each passing minute. He began to pour over the footage he’d recorded for the thousandth time, searching for some hint, some clue he hadn’t noticed before, that might help him save his friend. 

That’s when he noticed it. His timestamped footage showed the exact moment when the previous dawn’s light had begun to bathe Matthew’s staggeringly muscular body with its golden radiance, as well as the exact moment that the sun had passed below the horizon some 12 hours later. Tim also realized that he could determine the angle at which the sunlight entered through the barn doors. With a flash of an idea, the excited college jock realized that he might be able to closely estimate the latitude of Matthew’s location based on the times of the sunrise and sunset, and that he might be able to use satellite imagery and the orientation of the barn to find suitably-sized structures that might meet the barn’s description. With hope and resolve flaring once more in his heart, Tim quickly got dressed, packed up his two laptops, and raced down to his car. He was going to use the two computers to start zeroing in on Matthew’s position as he drove into the night. He just prayed that he’d be able to find Matthew in time… 


00:34:25 — 00:34:24 — 00:34:23

Matt couldn’t believe that he was now in the final hour of his 48-hour torture. He was both relieved and terrified; relieved that, in a little more than half an hour and for better or for worse, his punishment would be over and he would be free, but terrified that the coming dawn would also mean the end of his precious balls. He was weary beyond description, having been forced to orgasm nearly 200 times in the past two days while his powerful body has been kept shackled and nearly immobile. The proof of his phenomenal virility was sprayed out before him in a massive, fan-shaped swamp of soggy earth, sperm-drenched hay, and huge pools of cooling spunk. 

The young muscle giant felt chilled to the bone, the cold pre-dawn air sucking the dwindling energy from his body. Matthew felt he might never be warm again. But the cold was nothing compared to the inhuman pain he was suffering. 

The herculean stud flexed his titanic arms once again, struggling futilely to somehow free himself from the steel restraints that had kept him bound at ankle, wrist, and neck for two full days. His massive muscles were tight and stiff from being kept in the same position for so long, his joints aching and sore, but those aches and pains were NOTHING compared to the inferno of agony erupting from his genitals. Matt knew that his sexual plumbing was already damn near ruined, and that even if he were somehow rescued at this late hour, he wasn’t sure if there was anything left that could be saved. His hideously bloated cock, so horrifically swollen and distended that it now easily measured over 18 extraordinary inches in length, had been kept so turgid and so stiff for so long that Matthew feared it might die. And his prostate had been so ruthlessly and mercilessly zapped and hammered for so long that it felt like it was wrecked and destroyed, and his monumentally muscular ass raped until his previously tight hole felt raw and gaping. 

But even those pains paled in comparison to the white hot agony inside of his balls. Oh, his balls, his BALLS! Matthew’s mighty sex organs almost visibly pulsed in raging pain, bright red and bloated, with enormous veins protruding all over their vast curved surfaces. He couldn’t see them from over his mammoth pectoral muscles, but he could FEEL how swollen and distended they were. Even all of these hours after finally breaking free of the dark green rubber band and purging the multiple gallons of splooge that had been packed inside of them, Matt’s boulder balls hadn’t shrunk any smaller than ostrich eggs in size, and the jury was out on how much of that expanded size was simply temporary swelling due to abuse and overuse, and how much might actually be permanent. Not that that was much of a concern at that moment, what with his impending castration at dawn… 

The two IVs inserted into Matthew’s big bollocks were even now still pumping those mighty sperm factories chock full of nutrients, growth hormones, and spunk accelerants, brutally fording those hot, heavy, and exhausted orbs pump out even more of their vital essence. The pain felt like his huge gonads must have already been reduced to burnt out rubble, utterly stripped of their virility and their ability to make sperm, but those twin spunk bunkers continued to defy all odds and prove their continued vitality again and again, as they churned out a seemingly never-ending supply of rich and thick baby batter. 

With each ejaculation, the burning pain inside his nuts increased to the point where they now felt like they were filled with molten magma. What had started out as toe-curling ecstasy 48 hours ago had become the stuff of nightmares, with each orgasmic contraction of his nuts feeling like he was being kicked square in the balls by a bull elephant. Even the mighty Matthew Clarke nearly lost consciousness with each goliath cum load, for the agony was so intense that his massively muscular body could scarce endure it. 

Some small corner of his pain-wracked and fatigue-addled mind still prayed for a miracle, that someone would find him, that someone would rescue him, that somehow he’d break loose or the machine itself would malfunction. But as the clock ticked down and the electronic dildo once again revved up to herald the beginning of yet another extraction cycle, Matthew felt his last hopes ebbing away… 


The growing brightness on the horizon only increased Tim’s panic as he raced down narrow country roads. He knew he was getting close, but he’d checked out nearly a dozen barns and similar structures within the past hour, and none of them housed the missing Olympian. There were scarcely ten minutes left on the clock. Tim threw caution to the wind and drove his car to dangerous speeds, hoping against hope that he could find his friend Matthew in time. 


Matthew was so exhausted that he hung limply from his restraints, his handsome head slumped as far forward as the steel band around his bison neck would allow. The dregs of his most recent bull load were still dripping from his monstrous, throbbing cock into the vast lake of spunk below. It had been perhaps his most painful and voluminous ejaculation yet, a fitting swan song to his soon-to-be-ended masculinity. The young man felt like he’d pumped his very soul out of his huge cock, like his life force was being forced out of his balls through his pulsating cock. 

Every beat of his proud heart felt like a kick to his balls, over and over and over again, and his mind swam in a continuous fog of pain. Just the very weight of his ostrich egg sized bollocks caused him tremendous pain, pulling and tugging at the thick cords and cables that anchored those gigantic nuts to his lean and muscular crotch. Matthew’s nuts had never hung free of his compression shorts or any other form of support for such a long time before, and even without all of the swelling and bloating and marathon ejaculating, he was pretty sure his nuts would be aching simply from their own great weight. But now they were even heavier than ever, and had been worked almost to failure by the extraction machine, Matthew’s behemoth bollocks were now twin suns of searing agony. Though he was desperate to somehow save his beautiful nuts, he knew with dread certainty that, one way or another, their extended abuse and torture would end soon. 

Despite his exhaustion, Matthew was painfully aware of the ticking clock, counting down the remaining moments of his intact manhood. 

00:04:00 — 00:03:59 — 00:03:58 

There was the other pain as well, also deep, almost within his bowels. At first it had been a source of wondrous pleasure unlike anything he’d ever known, and with each cycle the machine had milked his manhood with an intensity that curled his muscular toes and made his thundering heart skip a beat. The first dozen ejaculations had been pure orgasmic pleasure — hell, the first several dozen had been amazing! — but even Matthew’s sturdy plumbing wasn’t meant to be pushed to such extremes. After a time he reached a point where the electrical pulsation of the invading dildo had burned its way up through his asshole and fired its charge down the awesome length of his throbbing cock, literally burning its way right through the middle of his prostate gland in the process. The current had milked him like a bull, and he had shot more hot, chunky, and incredibly thick semen out of his dick in the last two days than he’d shot in his entire life! He’d eventually reached a point where the pleasure had just disappeared totally, and had been instead replaced with only pain, the current splitting him in two, his humongous horse cock twitching spasmodically under the lightning bolts of electrical agony. 

Matthew was surprised that he hadn’t already lost the ability to ejaculate. Between the utter exhaustion of all of the ejaculatory muscles in his groin and the brutal punishment his prostate had endured, he would have more than half expected that all of his sensory nerves would have been fried, his mammoth cock would have finally failed and flagged and gone limp, never to rise again, and that his poor prostate gland would have been cooked and charred to a shriveled lump of carbon. But the mighty Olympian’s sexual plumbing had proven itself to be every bit as strong and tough and powerful as the rest of his magnificent physique, and Matt felt a strange sense of pride that he’d be facing his unmanning with his gigantic rock still standing hard as a steel beam and his colossal balls almost visibly pulsing with vitality and life. He would remain a man right up until the very end. 

00:02:00 — 00:01:59 — 00:01:58 

And that end was coming very soon… 


With just minutes to go, Tim spotted yet another barn on the near horizon, another possible hiding place for his hunky friend. He knew that if he gunned the engine, he might have just enough time to check this final barn. The sun had almost risen above the treetops in the distance, and Tim threw the car into its highest gear as he sped toward the waiting building. 


With one minute to go on the clock, the diabolical extraction machine switched on once more. The hated dildo began to plow his churning bowels once again, hammering at his prostate even as it sent bolts of lightning through the tortured gland and up the entire length of his massive penis. 

Matthew groaned and sobbed as he was raped for what he knew would be the final time. He began to weakly fight against his restraints once more, his fantastic strength now a mere fraction of its former glory. But desperation drove him on, trying with every ounce of his being to free himself and save his nuts. 

A golden glow flooded the room, and Matthew lifted his weary head to see the sun starting to peek above the horizon. It’s warm light bathed his heartbreakingly handsome face, and started to slowly illuminate down the length of his gorgeous body, working its way down toward his tortured groin. Once that sunlight was fully striking his low-hanging nuts, Matthew knew that the final solenoid would activate and slice off his beloved balls. The time of his castration was almost at hand. 

Suddenly, Matt heard what sounded like a car engine, growing closer even as he listened. Hope gave him a surge of energy, and he began to shout and scream for help. He saw a familiar car race up the driveway, and his relief was so profound that he didn’t even question why his friend Tim’s car was arriving on the scene. The final seconds continued to wind down, and he knew it would be a race against time for his would-be rescuer to save his huge nuts. 


Tim could see the shine of dozens of lights coming out of the open barn doors, and he knew without a shred of doubt that he’d finally found the correct farm. He gunned the engine until the last second, skidding to a gravel-spraying stop just feet from the barn entrance. He threw himself out of the open car door and began to sprint into the barn. It only took him a heartbeat to take in the scene — his gorgeous friend Matthew shackled within a metal horse stall in the center of the large room, his naked body splayed out spread eagled, his massive limbs spread out wide, his impossibly gigantic cock pointing skyward and throbbing with masculine might, a look of wild hope and desperation shining in his beautiful blue eyes. 

And his titanic bull balls, hanging so tremendously low and heavy from his crotch, directly in line with the deadly path of the solenoid with its super heated wire. Tim knew that all he had to do was reach Matthew’s side in time to lift up his nuts with his hands to get them out of that deadly path. That’s it — that’s all he needed to do! And with mere seconds on the clock, he was going to get there just in time! 


The instant relief on Matthew’s handsome face when he saw his teammate and pal Tim appear was enough to break one’s heart. The gorgeous stud began to sob as his dear friend sprinted toward him. Their eyes met, and the smiles that broke across both of their faces made even the dawn’s rosy light pale in comparison. 


Tim was grinning from ear to ear as his gridiron-trained legs pumped and chewed up the distance from the barn opening to his waiting, captive friend. He was going to make it! He was going to save Matthew’s big, beautiful balls!! 

But Tim hadn’t counted on how slick the earthen floor had become after being sprayed with gallons and gallons of Matt’s incredibly thick and slippery nut slop. He’d crossed half the distance in a flash, but then his right foot slipped in all of the nut sludge. He tried to catch and right himself, stumbling a couple more steps forward, but then he completely lost his footing and tumbled forward. 

Time seemed to slow down as Tim fell. Both his and Matthew’s eyes grew large with surprise and terror as they saw the Olympian’s final hopes at rescue draining away. The second solenoid had already been activated, the 1/8-inch wire already glowing with red-hot heat, ready to slice through anything in its path. Tim screamed as he fell. 



Matthew’s overwhelming joy turned to terror and soul-crushing disappointment in an instant as he saw his friend Tim slip and stumble and start to fall. There was no way he could get up in time to reach him now, and he braced himself for the painful slicing of his heavy, throbbing nuts. 


There were only a few seconds left on the clock as Tim’s powerful jock body impacted the cum-splattered ground with a huge splash of sperm and mud. His forward momentum made Tim skid forward like he was sliding into home plate, great slugs of gamey spunk splashing ahead of him. He came to a rest less than half a dozen feet in front of his naked friend, and he therefore had a perfect front row seat for what happened next. 


Even in these final seconds, the malicious machine continued attacking his body, thrusting the metal dildo into his wrecked and ruined prostate, pulsing electrical current through the burned out gland and through his hard-as-a-fucking-crowbar cock. Matthew bucked and thrust his hips as his ass was getting raped once more, powerless to do anything but ride out these final seconds of torture. His great muscles were forced to spasmodically contract and flex in time with the electrical pulsations, his ass jerking and his hips humping the open air as if his life depended on it. 

And perversely, even in these final seconds, Matthew felt another orgasm about to slam into his loins. His aching, exhausted, beyond-spent loins. And it looked like that orgasm was going to hit just as the wire sliced off his nuts. 

In a final act of desperation, Matthew began to flex the cremaster muscles inside his scrotum, in the hopes of lifting his huge balls out of the path of the super heated wire. But perhaps the most exhausted muscles in his entire body were those that encircled his two titanic testicles in a smooth sheet of muscle. Two entire days of continuous contractions and pulsations had utterly worn out these muscles, which was part of the reason why his massive bull nuts were sagging 9 full inches below his crotch. Two days of being continuously pumped full of growth hormones and virility enhancements had also caused his already gargantuan bollocks to swell even bigger, growing fatter and fuller and thicker and denser, until each mammoth orb was actually heavier than the 16-pound shot put balls that Matthew used in competition! There was no WAY that those exhausted cremaster muscles could haul more than 40 pounds of prime bull nut meat high enough to escape the deadly embrace of the cutting wire! Was there?! 


The entire front of Tim’s body was completely drenched in his friend’s incredibly thick and funky spunk, but the horrified football jock barely noticed. His sorrowful green eyes were locked on the massive, double-barreled bulge of his best friend’s goliath nutsac, hanging so low and vulnerable between his colossally muscular thighs. He knew with a sick certainty that he was about to see the red hot wire cut through the neck of that saggy scrotum. And then Matthew’s ball sac, that massive pouch of velvety smooth skin that contained the young man’s most prized possessions, the two sex glands that were the ultimate source of his incredible strength and muscularity and overwhelming manliness, would drop to the barnyard floor below with a wet splat, landing in a cooling pool of his own heroic virility. Tim was filled with a sense of soul-crushing loss and he turned his tear-stained face upward and prepared to witness the unmanning of his best friend. 


As the final seconds counted down, Matthew rhythmically flexed his groin muscles as hard as he could, trying to force the exhausted tethers suspending his monstrously swollen bollocks to retract. The spermatic muscles quivered and flexed, causing his gargantuan gonads to jump and quiver on the ends of their cables, hauling themselves up and inch or two with each flex before falling heavily to the bottom of their sac once again. Just that small amount of movement was a herculean effort on Matthew’s part, but he knew that it wouldn’t be nearly enough to save his balls. His titanic testicles had swollen so impossibly huge, and were hanging so impossibly low, that they would need to retract nearly the entire 9 inches of their extraordinary dangle to escape death at the hands of the white hot cutting wire. 

There would be no reprieve. There would be no last minute rescue at the hands of his faithful friend. There would be no thwarting his imminent and beyond cruel castration. Matthew could only look helplessly at the digital clock as it counted down the final moments of his masculinity. 

00:00:05 — 00:00:04 — 00:00:03 — 00:00:02 — 00:00:01… 

In those final seconds, Matthew’s ultimate orgasm hit like a planet-busting meteor directly into his nuts, his most outrageously powerful and painful orgasm yet. With a mighty bellow of defiance and desperation, Matthew flexed every mighty muscle in his gargantuan body, including the exhausted and spent muscles between his legs, creating the most fantastic vision of hyper-flexing muscular perfection that the world had ever seen. And just as the second solenoid was released and the white hot wire began its path of destruction toward the neck of Matthew’s dangling nutsac, his groin muscles gave one last, mighty heave, and with a spasmodic jerk, yanked his bloated bollocks upward so hard and so fast that they collided with his groin, locking in place just as the first great blast of spunk shot like a rocket out of his terminally engorged penis. 

With a fraction of a second to spare, Matthew’s goliath gonad’s narrowly escaped destruction, heaving themselves upwards in the nick of time as the super heated wire passed harmlessly below them! 

A prone Tim looked up at the mighty super stud with a mixture of awe, surprise, and tremendous relief on his handsome face as he began to be showered and pelted with the steamy hot sludge of Matthew’s ridiculously copious procreative juices. Matthew continued to bellow — in defiance, in agony, and in victory — as he laid a fresh coat of chunky white spunk all the way to the barn doorway. 

After the first few gargantuan pulses of man cream, Matthew’s balls unlocked themselves from the base of his thundering cock and plummeted nearly to the bottom of their fleshy tethers, only to be hauled upward again on the next mighty pulse. This continued, over and over and over again, Matthew’s impossibly massive balls violently yo-yoing up and down throughout the remainder of his record-shattering final orgasm, their jerking movements causing the young Olympian knee-buckling pain even as they unloaded their heavy ballast across the large room. 

When Matthew’s orgasm shuddered to an end many long minutes later, a loud bang issued throughout the room as all five restraints at neck, wrist, and ankle suddenly unlocked and released the exhausted muscle bull. Tim had regained his feet by this point, and he lunged forward to help support Matthew’s enormous bulk before he could collapse to the sperm lake before. The metal dildo had also simultaneously extracted itself from the well-plumbed depths of the young man’s ravaged ass, leaving behind a deep, dull ache. Matthew wrapped his mammoth arms around his hunky friend and clung to him like his life depended upon it, huge sobs racking his massive frame as he began to release the terror and agony of his recent travails. Tim just held his best friend tight and helped prop the nearly 400 pound stud bull upright as relief washed over them both, whispering soothing words into his ear and gently stroking the sweat drenched muscles of his naked back. 

It took more than ten minutes for Matthew’s racking sobs to die down and the tears to stop flowing from his brilliant, cornflower blue eyes. By then, the mighty muscle man could once more stand on his own, and he pulled away just enough to stare wordlessly into Tim’s upturned eyes, the two friends sharing a silent moment of deepest understanding. And then, without a word, Matthew leaned forward and began to tenderly and passionately kiss the shorter man, wrapping his massive guns even tighter around Tim’s smaller form. Tim’s secret dream came true in that moment, and he returned Matthew’s passionate kiss with even greater fervor, and the two remained locked in their first embrace for a long, long time. 

When the pair finally broke from their first kiss, Tim helped Matthew assess the damage to his raped and pillaged body. Matthew’s injuries, such as they were, were focused almost entirely on his bollocks, which were still bloated larger than ostrich eggs and dangled impossibly low between his enormously muscled thighs. Those two titanic testicles were glowing a dark and angry red from the extreme levels of overuse to which they’d been subjected, and they felt feverishly hot cradled in Tim’s gentle hands, but they appeared to be completely intact. Even the dark ring of bruising where the rubber castration band had nearly choked his balls to death was starting to fade. Matthew would no doubt be sore in his cock, balls, and ass for many days to come, but he appeared to have somehow miraculously escaped any permanent injury! In fact, the only lasting change from his near-brush with emasculation was the fact that his already gargantuan balls had permanently swollen almost 50% larger than before, and that their great weight caused them to hang even lower than ever. Otherwise, Matthew’s status as the greatest alpha stud male the world had ever seen remained unchanged. 

Tim helped Matthew remove the two IVs still imbedded inside his balls, which were continuing to flood their beefy interiors with fluids and nutrients and performance-enhancing cocktails. He then helped his friend hobble over to a chair in the corner of the barn, finding some heavy woolen blankets to drape over Matthew’s hulking form as he got out his cell phone and called the police. The two friends — and now more-than-friends — huddled together for the next 20 minutes or so as they waiting for the authorities to arrive. They both knew that a media firestorm of unprecedented proportions was about to break across the globe, and Tim swore to help Matthew get through it. 

But important questions remained. Who had orchestrated Matthew Clarke’s capture, torture, and near-castration? And perhaps even more importantly, would they come back and try again? Tim and Matthew looked wordlessly into each other’s eyes, both fearful that they knew the answer to that second question… 



Matthew did indeed make a full and complete recovery in the days that followed. Both he and Tim were interviewed extensively by the FBI, giving every detail they could recall of the events of Matt’s abduction and torture to the authorities, but they had little hope that the mysterious cabal of wealthy and jaded elites known simply as the Organization would be found. It was hard for either young man to not be constantly looking over their shoulders, waiting for masked abductors to show up again, but they moved on as best they can. 

Upon his release, Matt threw himself headlong into training during the final two months leading up to the Summer Olympic Games. Tim took a leave from his university studies to devote himself full time to being Matthew’s trainer… and his full time, live in boyfriend and lover. Perhaps the most amazing result to come out of Matt’s abduction and near unmanning was that he and Tim found true love in each other. Their multiple daily love-making sessions were Olympic-level events themselves, and quickly became another part of Matthew’s rigorous training regimen. 

Some of the effects of the marathon raping and plundering of the handsome muscle hunk’s outsized manhood were indeed permanent. The dangerously prolonged erection of his massive stud cock had stretched out those beefy tissues to such a degree that, even at its most flaccid and limp state, Matt’s cock now never measured less than 12 inches in length. When steely hard and erect, his titanic schlong measured a record-annihilating 18+ inches in length, and was now so thick and vein gnarled that it was simply too girthy and massive to readily fit into any human orifice. Fortunately, the huge muscle titan proved to be a ravenously hungry bottom, loving nothing more than feeling Tim’s massive 10-inch cock hammering at his swollen and throbbing prostate. 

Matt’s testicles also hadn’t emerged from their ordeal unchanged. Each colossal oblong orb was now the size of the very largest of ostrich eggs, and so extraordinarily heavy and dense that the 40 pounds of prime nut meat created an obscenely profound dangle to his scrotum, stretching his burgeoning nutsac down a good 8 or 9 inches from his muscular crotch. The extreme workout they’d endured, plus the gallons of growth hormones and virility enhancers that had been pumped into them for 48 long hours, had permanently increased their sperm production as well, taking his already super human virility to stratospheric levels. Big Matt simply HAD to purge his bloated testicles of their sloshing mega load every few hours to avoid very painful swelling and congestion in his nuts, and Tim was only more than happy to help out his devastatingly handsome friend every chance he got. 

The young Olympic hopeful made extraordinary gains in both muscle mass and strength over the course of the next weeks. Perhaps it was Matthew’s almost single-minded dedication to his training, or the nearly constant and extremely athletic love-making that the handsome hulk and his beautiful lover Tim engaged in. Or maybe it was the almost incalculable levels of testosterone and growth hormones now pumping out of Matt’s now super-sized nuts, flooding his titanic body with the building blocks for explosive muscle growth. Probably it was a combination of all three of these factors. Regardless, Matthew gained a staggering amount of muscular weight in the final weeks leading up to the competition, so that when he and Tim arrived at the Olympic Stadium, the handsome behemoth weighed in as the heaviest Olympic athlete of all time. The combination of the 20-pound gain in testicular mass he’d gained during his abduction and forced gonadal growth, and the astounding 70 pounds of freakishly dense and striated muscle mass that he added over the course of two months on insanely intense training to his already stupendously muscular frame, meant that Matthew Clarke topped the scales at a mind-blowing 485 pounds!! That was a full 150 POUNDS heavier than he’d been when he’d competed at his previous Olympic Games, and 4 pounds heavier than the next heaviest Olympic athlete in history, who had been a morbidly obese judo wrestler!!! Matt had transformed into a walking BEAST of muscle beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings, and yet he somehow maintained a level of insanely shredded conditioning and heart-stoppingly beautiful proportions and aesthetics that would have seemed utterly impossible for a man of such goliath size and mass. 

Needless to say, Matthew’s arrival at the Summer Games triggered a publicity blitz unlike anything ever seen before in any sports competition in history. And it was also a foregone conclusion that the 22-year-old muscle titan would once again sweep all ten gold medals in his powerlifting and field competitions, as well as utterly obliterate his previously-established world records in every strength event. The media firestorm that followed Matt’s stunning victories — and the mysterious abduction of both Matthew Clarke and his handsome lover Tim shortly after the conclusion of the Olympic Games — shook the sporting world to its core. 

But that, as they say, is another story… 

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Banded Olympian Muscle Stud - Part 3 of 4

Oh no!! Matthew's big, beautiful balls are in greater peril than ever!! How can he possibly survive such cruel and deadly abuse...?  


Banded Olympian Muscle Stud - Part 3

Based on an original story by an unknown author


Even under the heat of the many bright lights, Matthew could feel the huge open barn start to get colder as evening approached. The sun was heading toward the horizon, taking with it what little heat the cold winter day had provided. The young man’s sweat soaked muscles were chilled by the cooling air, and his large, succulent nipples once again hardened into thick nubs of dense, rubbery flesh. 

But the discomfort of the steadily cooling air hardly registered in Matt’s mind, for his crotch was so awash in pain that he could barely think of anything else. 

The clock now read 36:32:27, which meant that it was nearly 6 PM and he’d been ravaged by the soulless machine for close to 12 hours now! Matt did the math in his pain-addled brain and realized with a shock that he had already cum an extraordinary 46 times, and orgasm number 47 was only minutes away. His whole body ached from all of the bucking and flexing, but it was his ass, cock, and nuts that hurt most of all. 

Matt’s well-plundered butt felt raw and swollen from the rhythmic and electrical stimulating attentions of the large chrome dildo that had been shoved to the hilt up his massively muscular backside. But it was his prostate that had taken the brunt of the dildo’s rough abuse, and that gland now felt big, bruised, and swollen, like a massive hard and hot knot of agony between his ass and his balls. 

The young man’s monstrous cock looked bigger and more bloated than he’d ever seen it in his life, its thick veins standing out like never before and his huge, helmet-shaped cock knob darkening to an actual purple color. The huge phallus throbbed with a constant and unremitting ache, over congested with too-long-held blood. Matt knew that it wasn’t healthy for a man’s cock to remain hard for such a prolonged period of time, but something in the cocktail that they were pumping into his balls was keeping his massive penis harder than steel. The huge hunk had already been terrified of having his balls cut off and his prostate burned out and hammered to mush, but now he began to worry about his cock as well, wondering if it would die simply from being kept rock hard for so very long. 

And then there were the young man’s bound and bloated balls. Matthew couldn’t actually see his huge nuts at the moment, for his massive pecs were just too spectacularly thick for him to see over, and the shackle secured around his powerful, beefy neck allowed him a bare minimum of movement. But it was likely a good thing that Matthew couldn’t actually see his nuts, for the sight would have sent him into even greater panic. 

The constricting green band was now so tight that only a small fraction of his balls’ normal blood flow was making in through the bottleneck and into the starving, aching bollocks. The huge nuts themselves had darkened further from their earlier angry red to a vibrant purple, visual proof that their normal oxygen supply was well on its way to being completely cut off. The tracery of normally invisible veins that covered both massive orbs were now protruding through the thinly stretched scrotal skin, rivaling the mighty, tortured veins of his massive, muscle-corded forearms in their size and prominence. Those huge testicular veins were an even darker shade of purple than the balls themselves, looking like dark worms writhing beneath the surface of his nutsac. 

Matthew couldn’t see his balls, but he could sure as hell FEEL them, for they throbbed with an agony unlike anything he’d ever known. Every mighty beat of his powerful heart sent a wave of agony into the young man’s nuts, feeling like someone was kicking him square in the meaty bollocks, over and over and over again. With steel-toed shoes, no less! The fiery pain was unbearable, and Matt sobbed and moaned against the pain, but he had no choice but to endure it. 

Part of the terrible ache was the result of the constriction of the infernal rubber band cinched painfully tight around the neck of his elongated scrotum, forcing his huge and powerful nuts to struggle for the decreasing supply of oxygen that they desperately needed to survive. But perhaps the greater pain came from the fact that his oversized and overworked gonads had been ratcheted into high gear, literally being flooded with nutrients and growth hormones through the pair of IVs, and forced to manufacture fresh sperm at an alarmingly accelerated rate. His twin spunk bunkers felt extremely heavy and gravid with seed, even after pumping out dozens of unnaturally massive loads, and were positively aching from their constant fullness. At the same time, the frequent raping of his balls’ precious fluids made the overloaded orbs throb and pulse with a pain that was like a raging case of ‘blue balls’, only magnified 1,000 times. Matthew never knew that he was capable of feeling such intense and soul-rending pain, and he began to silently curse his natural toughness, for he was simply too damned strong and resilient to slip into blessed unconsciousness. Instead, he was fated to feel every last moment of his manhood’s slow demise. 

The cruel clock was rapidly nearing 36:30:00, and the handsome young Olympian muscle god steeled himself for the next cycle of testicular pillaging, sinking into even deeper despair as the sun began to sink over the horizon. 

With a low hum, the semen extraction machine kicked in once again, and his bloated and battered prostate was once more being hammered and shocked by the metal dildo impaled into his sore and tender ass. Matthew let out a deep and growling groan as his overworked pleasure centers were stimulated yet again, and his ever-randy cock began to throb with urgent need. The flow of crystalline precum from his cock no longer ceased between extractions, but as the machine activated, the flow from Matt’s painfully engorged and turgid cock increased to a steady river of slick, clear goo. 

The titanic Olympian whimpered as the infernal machine began to plunder his loins once more, and he felt his muscular hips began to involuntarily buck and quiver as the brutally erotic sensations began to build. His bloated and swollen bollocks felt like they weighed 20 pounds each, and Matthew was desperate to jettison the massive load of fresh sperm that was sloshing around inside of those twin orbs. It only took a couple of minutes for the stimulation to reach critical levels, and the young muscle man knew he was about to shoot his wad again. 

Matthew cried out in agony and release as his mammoth bull cock hit orgasm, thrusting his hips forward as much as his bindings would allow as he fucked the cool evening air. Nothing happened for the first few bucks of his slender hips, and no matter how powerfully his gigantic penis pulsed and flexed, only a steady drool of clear precum oozed out. But then his massive wellhead of splooge finally managed to start squeezing its way past the frighteningly tight constriction of the green band, and his cum began to pour out of his mightily throbbing cock. Unlike with his previous orgasms, however, Matthew’s load didn’t blast out in long, powerful streamers and ribbons of hot sperm. Instead, the extremely tight constriction of the rubber band greatly blunted the power behind each ejaculatory contraction so that his spunk sprayed out in a continuous, pulsating stream, half shooting, half pouring out of his shuddering cock. Even the most powerful and violent pulses of his thundering dick couldn’t project his spew more than 4 or 5 feet in front of him, and the bulk of his load was forced to pour almost straight down toward the ground beneath his bound and shackled body. 

The band’s tight constriction forced Matthew’s load to back up inside of his balls, further increasing his already super human pain to even greater levels. It took the young man more than three full minutes to pump out his latest load, and even after his agonizing orgasm was complete and the machine had once again switched off, Matt could tell that there was still a lot of sperm trapped inside of his profoundly aching bollocks. 

The constriction had now reached a critical point where Matthew could no longer fully release his load, and as he heard the solenoid retract just a tiny bit farther and felt the dark green band grow just a tiny bit tighter around the neck of his strangled nutsac, he began to truly despair… 


Night found Tim still furiously typing at his multiple computers, desperately trying to trace the source of the video signals. Whoever was behind Matthew’s abduction and torture was damnably clever, and every time Tim broke through one fire wall and thought he might be nearing the vital information he sought, another obstacle would appear in his way, thwarting his forward progress. The young man remained undaunted, however, and kept right on trying, racing against time to save his friend. 

Meanwhile, Tim stole frequent glances at his central computer monitor, following Matthew’s progress and watching in rapt amazement each time the herculean hunk pumped out another gargantuan cum load, every 15 minutes like clockwork. The big dude was like Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park! Tim hadn’t been sure at first, but now he was convinced — Matthew’s volcanic and explosive orgasms were becoming even more voluminous over time, not less! Even a stud of Matthew Clark’s lofty heights should have had the size of his cum loads tapering downward after the couple almighty wads, and by all rights even Matthew’s humongous bollocks should have been bone dry and empty by now, but the exact opposite had been holding true for the colossally muscular hunk. Tim strongly suspected that the fluids pumping directly into Matt’s behemoth balls were likely the source for the Olympic athlete’s steadily increasing virility, and he wondered what sort of permanent effects such chemicals and stimulants might have on the young muscle god’s already supremely virile nuts. 

But considering the disturbing state of Matthew’s humongous huevos, Tim realized that permanent effects might be the least of the young man’s worries. 

Matthew’s dramatically low-hanging bollocks had grown to a dark, mottled, and unhealthy-looking purple color, clearly starting to starve for oxygen. Their condition already looked dire, and the clock still had nearly 30 hours to go. There was no way that even Matthew’s big bull balls could survive such conditions much longer. Tim looked longingly at Matt’s gorgeous, bloated bollocks, and then redoubled his efforts to try to track down the stud’s location… 


It was some time in the pre-dawn hours that the ‘lazy bander’ reached its ultimate setting. Matthew had just been forced to cum yet again, and only a small fraction of his enormous, burgeoning load was able to achieve release, dribbling out of his violently throbbing, 16.5-inch horse cock into the massive pool of splooge beneath his bound and muscular form. His thundering penis was able to cough and sputter a few dozen thick slugs of his supremely potent seed — far more than a typical male could cum in an entire day, but still just a fraction of Matthew’s phenomenal virile potential — while most of his absolutely humongous cum load remained trapped in his hideously distended, bloated, and dark purple bollocks. 

His orgasm complete, Matt could hear the solenoid retract once more with its characteristic and dreaded clicking sound, and he let out a loud grunt as the elastic band encircling his testicles finally, and forevermore, reached the point where no further retraction was possible. The center of Matthew’s long and dangling nutsac was crimped to a fraction of its normal size, and the all-important blood vessels, cords, and cables contained within that narrow neck of flesh could be crushed no further. For the first — and the last — time in the young muscle man’s life, the blood supply that had been nurturing those two fantastic gonads was cut off completely from the rest of his body. 

With the final constriction came a wave of pain and nausea unlike anything Matthew had suffered before, and the huge muscle titan began to thrash, flex, and struggle more violently than ever, desperate to save his starving balls. Matt bucked and heaved like a wild animal for several long minutes, the entire metal stall rocking and shaking with the power and violence of the huge man’s efforts, but it was all for naught — the young Olympian was well and truly helpless. With a sob of defeat, Matthew collapsed limply in his restraints, tears streaming from his stunning blue eyes and sliding unheeded down his perfectly carved cheeks. The pain in his testicles was growing ever more intense by the minute, the green band now so tight that the flesh beneath had all but disappeared from sight, the balls themselves growing ever darker. 

With more than 24 hours to go before his ‘performance’ was complete, Matthew knew with a dread certainty that his big, beautiful balls would be cold and dead long before they were unceremoniously sliced from his body, strangled to death by the insidious ring of hard rubber throttling the neck of his bloated nutsac. 


Hours had passed — Matthew was too delirious from pain to estimate how many. All he knew was that enough time had passed for the sun to climb over the horizon and bathe the interior of the barn with its cold light. The white hot agony in his balls was all consuming, a soul-rending pain that threatened to tear his mind apart, a constant, throbbing drum of searing agony as his behemoth bollocks struggled to stay alive. Though Matthew couldn’t see them, his titanic testes had swollen larger still, now resembling a pair of vein-gnarled melons, and they had turned a purple so dark that it was almost black. 

The young man’s pain became even worse each and every time he was forced to orgasm, for even though his sperm was now permanently trapped in his strangled and dying balls, he was still more than capable of reaching violent if unfulfilled orgasm. Every 15 minutes, the extraction machine would rev up anew, zapping and hammering at his nearly busted prostate and hurling him over the edge into one cataclysmic orgasm after another. His bollocks were so impossibly bloated with cooling nut sludge by this point that they felt like they might actually burst from the extreme internal pressures, and each subsequent orgasm caused even more of the stuff to back up inside of his hideously distended testicular plumbing. Every throb of his massive cock, every contraction inside of his goliath gonads, felt like his mighty bull nuts were being clobbered by a huge sledgehammer, again and again and again. The inhuman agony was almost — almost — enough to make the long-suffering Olympian pass out… but unfortunately for Matthew, he was built of supremely tough stuff, and his herculean body still wouldn’t grant him the sweet mercy of unconsciousness. 

Matthew’s only comfort — and cold comfort it was — was the fact that the continued scorching agony in his balls at least meant that this precious testicles were still alive. He knew that as the pain began to fade, it would mean that his bulky testes were finally dying. And the handsome hunk realized that he was torn — while he obviously didn’t want to lose his big beautiful balls, he also wanted the terrible pain to end, so part of his mind began to silently wish that his humongous bollocks would simply die faster and get it over with. In fact, he was frankly astounded that his balls yet lived, and he could only credit the nutrients and fluids that even now were still being pumped into his already overfilled nuts — and their natural, super human toughness and durability — that had allowed them to linger far longer than any other man’s balls could have survived. But Matthew knew that even HIS balls had their limit, and that in the not too distant future he would be sporting two huge, cold, dead, lifeless husks in his strangled nutsac…


Tim startled himself awake, having dozed off at his computer desk. He had been working furiously though the night to try to track the website that was live streaming Matthew Clarke’s unmanning, but sheer exhaustion had finally taken over and he’d fallen asleep upright in his chair. He must have been out for several hours, too, for his clock now read well past noon. 

His television still blared in the background, national news providing continuous coverage of the desperate manhunt for the legendary Olympian’s location, hoping against hope that the police or FBI could track him down before every last vestige of his mighty manhood was lost. But so far, no one had any leads as to the young man’s location, and time appeared to be running out for the handsome muscle man, for while his ultimate castration was still nearly 18 hours away, his big balls appeared to be already past saving. 

Tim listened to the news reports even as he gazed at the technicolor horror playing out across his various computer monitors. Matthew seemed to be barely conscious at this point, only the rise and fall of his mighty chest — and the continued rock hardness of his purple, distended, vein-gnarled cock — providing proof that the handsome titan of muscle was still alive. Or at least MOST of him still appeared to be alive, for his gigantic testicles looked like they were already well and truly dead. 

The twin spheres hanging impossibly low beneath Matthew’s chiseled and muscular crotch didn’t even look like anything remotely human anymore. They had swollen from their original size as the largest of grapefruit to something truly monstrous and obscene, having more than tripled their mass and size to approach the size of basketballs!! Such swelling and growth just wasn’t even possible!! They were sagging even lower than ever, no doubt from their new tremendous weight, and looked to be a good 8 inches from the young man’s crotch at this point! But while the insane amount of swelling was deeply disturbing and no doubt extremely dangerous, it was their color that was truly horrifying. The entire huge double-barreled sphere of man meat beneath the constricting green band was a solid purplish-brown so deep and so dark as to be nearly black. Matthew’s bull balls even looked cold, devoid of even a spark of life. Young Tim was oblivious to the tears streaming down both of his checks, his heart breaking to see his friend and secret love being tortured and mutilated in such a cruel fashion. 

Even as Tim watched, the heartless extraction machine began yet another cycle. Matthew stirred from his nearly unconscious stupor, weakly struggling against his thick metal bonds as his magnificent body was raped once again. He slowly writhed and bucked his hips in response to the plundering of his well-used ass, moaning piteously as his body was forced closer and closer to orgasm. Matt’s titanic cock appeared mindless to the death of his massive testicles, for it continued to throb and pulse with a power and vigor unmatched by mortal men, making it look for all the world that Matthew was ENJOYING having his huge testicles taken from him. Matt’s soft, perfect lips parted in an almost silent groan as he hit his mark for the one-hundred-somethingth time, his towering pillar of a cock violently convulsing in a mighty but impotent attempt to pump anything from his strangled bollocks. But not even a single sperm could escape the prison that was Matthew’s cold, dead balls. 

Tim sobbed in despair, and just stared at the screen, watching the slaughter of his best friend’s manhood through a shimmering veil of his own tears… 


The fading light outside the barn doorway and the steadily dropping temperature told Matthew that the sun had already set, and that his big balls had been completely strangled for more than 12 hours now. The young muscle giant was nearly delirious with exhaustion, but the great throbbing agony in his balls had long since faded to the dullest of aches, a mere phantom of the earlier agony. That near lack of pain more than anything else let Matthew know that his gigantic gonads must be close to completely dead by now, reduced to so much worthless meat. 

He had somehow gotten through the most recent extraction cycle, and his body was collapsing from the ungodly intensity of it. It seemed each session was worse than the one before, both more painful and yet even more mind-blowingly orgasmic. Though the horrific pain in his nuts had all but disappeared, he was hurting from so many other places now that he just wished he’d died. But once again, his magnificent, gym-hardened body was simply too tough, too strong, too damnably resilient to perish. 

Suddenly, he couldn’t hold it any longer, and he realized his bladder was emptying itself, the urine flowing out of his terminally erect penis like some sort of pornographic water fountain. The bulk of the flow arched several feet up into the air to splash wetly and messily into the thick cum and mud puddle beneath him, but a substantial portion of his piss flowed down the extraordinary length of his monumentally bloated cock in thick rivers, to then pour down the tremendous length of his sagging scrotum to run over his cold, dead balls, the heat of his urine giving the dark, bloated lumps a false semblance of warmth and life. 

Strangely, impossibly, Matthew still felt horny, perhaps even hornier than he’d felt since the whole punishment process had begun. He figured it must have been the strange cocktail of chemicals and hormones that they’d been pumping into his balls for the past day and a half, plus the big, relentless dildo quivering and zapping his prostate every 15 minutes, but he was still amazed that he could feel ANY sort of sexual urges at this point. After all, with his big, beautiful balls now assuredly dead, and his battered and swollen prostate not far from being hammered into permanent uselessness, it seemed like any possibility for sexual arousal should be dead and gone as well. Big Matt knew that these were likely his last moments to experience any sort of sexual release, however, so he tried to experience as much pleasure as he could, despite the overwhelming pain. He mourned for the thousandth time since his capture that he was doomed to forever remain a virgin, having never experienced the pleasure of laying with another human being. 

As the next extraction cycle began and his poor prostate was once again being shocked and prodded into action, an exhausted Matthew felt the now-too-familiar feelings of a fresh orgasm beginning to build in his tortured loins. Each of Matthew’s orgasms over the past six or seven hours had been more violent, more powerful, more desperate than the last, as if his ever-randy penis knew that its status as a prime, oversized alpha male cock was soon coming to a cruel and ignoble end, and it was determined to somehow release one last magnificent deluge of sperm before it fell limp forever. But with his balls now deceased and his vast reservoir of cooling spunk slowly dying on the vine, Matthew knew that his days of cumming like a firehose were already over. 

Matthew’s cock refused to be convinced of that fact, however, and continued to pulse and throb to the mighty beat of the young man’s muscular heart as his arousal reached higher and higher levels than ever before. Young Matt was now continuously groaning and moaning in a wild mixture of both pleasure and pain as he hurtled toward the point of no return. He thought he might pass out from the intensity of the sensations flooding his loins, but he held on, forced to ride the waves of erotic agony surging through his hideously abused genitals. 

His orgasm hit him like a freight train square in the nuts, and Matthew screamed in agonized release. Every muscle in his cock and crotch began to flex and convulse more powerfully than ever before, and the handsome young muscle man was convinced that had his huge nuts not already been crimped off by the evil green band, then the force of his ejaculation might have actually caused him to jettison his own titanic testicles out through his madly quivering cock! As it was, the extreme sensations pulsing through his magnificent and massively muscular body caused Matthew to buck and writhe within his restraints like never before. Even Matthew’s dark and dead bollocks were powerfully and violently contracting, giving them a macabre semblance of their former life and vitality, the grossly distended and bloated orbs quivering and shivering so wildly that they looked like they were about to explode. 

And that’s when it happened. 

A loud, sharp cracking sound could be heard, and Matthew Clarke screamed in inhuman agony, every colossally built muscle in his phenomenal body flexing to its maximum size all at once as the most insane, extreme pain slammed into the young man’s tortured groin. Most people viewing the live feed at that moment thought that something in the young muscle man’s plumbing must have finally burst — perhaps his ridiculously bloated cock had split open, or his bruised and battered prostate had cracked under the relentless assault. Or perhaps his gargantuan gonads, swollen to more than three times their normal size with IV fluids and too-long-held spunk and slowly choked to death by the ‘lazy bander’, had finally succumbed to the terrific internal pressures and had burst open like a pair of mammoth eggs, spilling their contents into their bloated scrotum. But in truth, none of these things had happened. 

Later review of the live feed footage would show that the dark green band of hardened rubber encircling the neck of Matthew’s sagging scrotum had snapped into nearly a dozen broken pieces. The mighty convulsions of Matt’s mammoth testicles were so forceful, the sheer volume of spunk trapped inside of those swollen orbs so unbelievably massive, that the pressure proved too much for the tough elastic band to take. The death throes of Matthew’s goliath gonads were so violent and powerful that they shattered the green band, an unprecedented action in the long history of banding that even the biggest of Brahma bulls had never accomplished. 

Matthew’s bellowing cry of unimaginable agony was from the sensation of fresh blood and desperately needed oxygen suddenly rushing into the very, very nearly starved and deceased tissues of his colossal cajones. The nearly dead nerves inside of his mammoth balls suddenly flared to life, screaming out in agony as the old blood was flushed out of them and life-giving oxygen once more flooded their interiors. 

A bare second or two later, Matthew’s agony increased ten fold as the vast storehouse of thick, thick spunk packed inside of his impossibly bulky and bloated balls tried to pump itself out all at once through his wildly throbbing horse cock. Matthew thought his entire crotch would split open and explode under the insane pressure, and in truth it very nearly did, as literally gallons of smegma tried to evacuate his suddenly freed testicles all at once. 

The young man’s devastatingly handsome head fell back limply on his huge, bullish neck as the mighty hunk nearly passed out from orgasmic agony. The rest of his body, however, was throbbing and bucking violently in time to his pulsating penis, as a veritable torrent of spunk began to spray out of his cannon of a cock with super human force. The unimaginably lush, pulsating river of cum was thicker than one of Matthew’s own thick and muscular fingers, far larger than the oversized cum channel inside the young man’s nearly foot and a half long cock, and the sheer size of the cum stream threatened to split the young man’s bullish cock wide open from base to tip — but somehow it managed to valiantly hold on, blasting out his spunk with such terrific force that some of his pearlescent spew very nearly cleared the open barn doorway more than 60 feet away! 

What followed was the most massive, most terrible, most glorious testicular purging in human history, blowing away even Matthew’s own stratospheric records achieved throughout his punishment. The deluge of stud jizz lasted for more than six solid minutes, and pumped out an impossible flood of the young man’s thick and chunky cum. Throughout the marathon ejaculation, Matthew’s staggeringly swollen and distended bollocks slowly began to shrink in size, contracting as their impossibly heavy burden was finally being released. The dangerously dark purple color was also steadily being washed out of his beyond-bountiful bollocks, gradually turning to an angry but healthier looking reddish pink. 

By the time that the final convulsions of his epic orgasm were making his mighty body flex and jerk almost spasmodically, mighty Matthew had nearly DOUBLED the volume of splooge that was strewn messily in front of him, damn near flooding the barn with his chunky nut slop. The size of his spuds had reduced dramatically, but they were still far larger than their normal size, looking like a pair of gigantic ostrich eggs. As the last of the old blood was washed away, they humongous orbs returned to very nearly their normal, healthy pink color, only the angry, dark red welt of where the green rubber band had nearly pinched off his balls leaving any real evidence of how close Matthew had come to being permanently emasculated. Somehow, against seemingly impossible odds, Matthew’s behemoth bollocks had endured more than 12 hours of strangulation, and ultimately destroyed the hard elastic band that had been trying to slaughter them!! Matthew’s balls had survived!!! 

But as Matthew collapsed in his restraints, panting heavily like he’d just sprinted ten miles, he knew that his nigh-miraculous reprieve was only temporary. His mighty balls might still be alive, hale and hearty as ever, but he was still trapped within the metal livestock stall, still shackled at neck, wrist, and ankle, and still unable to fight his way free. And his balls, his big, beautiful balls, were still dangling heavy and huge between his monumentally muscular thighs, still in the path of the second solenoid with its cutting wire. And come dawn, that solenoid would activate, heating up the cutting wire and sending it on a path of destruction to slice through the neck of his scrotum and sever his enormous bollocks from his body forever. 

No, Matthew wasn’t safe yet, not by a long shot. In fact, he had just gone from the frying pan into the fire…