Friday, March 30, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 13


What will it be? 
 ___ - Give the handsome hunk his “Happy Ending”. 
 ___ - Press the “Tighter” button again. 
 ___ - Press the “Lower” button again. 
 _X_ - Pull out all the stops! 

You hover your finger over the “Happy Ending” button, the only button you haven’t depressed so far. Judging by how powerfully the young man’s towering penis is throbbing and the amount of milky precum pouring out of its swollen, fist-sized tip like some big broken fire hydrant, you can tell that the huge, handsome boy is on the very edge of shooting his monster load. It wouldn’t take much at all to put him over the top. Without being told, however, you’re certain that if you press the “Happy Ending” button, the other two buttons would grow dark, and your time with this extraordinary hunk will be over. 

And you decide that you’re not done with him yet. Not by a long shot. 

You grip the remote control in both hands, placing your left thumb over the “Lower” button and your right thumb over the “Tighter” button. The handsome hunk sees where your thumbs are resting, and the first look of real fear enters his beautiful hazel eyes. For the first time, he really comprehends that the fate of his huge bollocks, the biggest set of bull nuts on the planet, his greatest pride and joy, the vital source of his utterly epic manhood, is resting literally in the palms of your hands. 

An uncertain grin spreads across the lad’s breathtakingly handsome face as he says, “Hey mate, no need to do that. Ah’m ready to shoot mah load right now.” 

He’s trying to keep calm and hoping that you’ll listen to reason, but the cruel grin on your face lets him know that you really mean business. 

A look of real panic washes over his face, and in his extraordinarily deep voice he says, “Dude, seriously, ah don’t think mah balls can TAKE any more! They feel like they’re ready to burst as it is! So why don’t ya let me cum for ya? Ah promise you that you won’t be disappointed.” 

“Oh, I’m sure I won’t,” you reply, a sly grin on your face, as you start pressing both buttons with your thumbs, rapidly punching out multiple hits on each button. You are so lost in a fog of intense, insane lust that you pay almost no attention to how many times you depress each button — your laser focus is instead on the reaction your efforts end up producing on the big lad’s big balls. 

“NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” the huge stud bellows as the metal band begins to contract and the thick steel cable begins to sink further down into the floor. The mighty muscle man’s defenseless balls are being brutally crushed and stretched at the same time, and the combination hurtles the young man over the edge. 

As all four of the lad’s magnificently muscular limbs contract in the most awesome display of masculine power you’ve ever seen, his oversized horse cock gives a quick series of mighty lurches and convulsions as a gigantic orgasm begins to wrack his body. An instant later, his massive cock gives another mighty heave, and an absolutely titanic load begins to shower your body. 

The ginger hunk immediately proves that his mammoth bollocks are no mere show pieces. You’ve seen some massive loads in your life, including a few loads that you didn’t think were humanly possible, but nothing has prepared you for the unreal size and fury of this stud’s herculean orgasm. 

The first gigantic wad of sperm is an unbroken rope of cum that is thicker than a pencil and at least five feet long. The mammoth spurt of jizz slashes across your torso with astonishing force, powered by the biggest fleshy bazooka you’ve ever seen. The titanic wad paints a thick stripe of creamy white splooge from your belly to your left shoulder, with the remainder of the mighty rope sailing past your shoulder to land wetly on the floor some unknown distance behind you. The colossal wad of spunk strikes you so hard that you almost stumble back a step from the sheer force of the collision. You have a startled moment to glance down at your now sperm-drenched shirt and notice that the stud’s spew is so thick, so unbelievably clotted and chunky, that it’s not even running down your body. It just sticks to your clothes like some pearlescent white glue. Perhaps the prolonged foreplay has indeed depleted the stud’s store of precum that would otherwise dilute and liquify his ejaculant. Or perhaps the ginger hunk is simply so fantastically, heroically virile that his loads are ALWAYS this thick and chunky! Regardless, the fact that he’s able to expel such an amazingly thick liquid out of his cock at all, let alone propel the gloopy stuff with such fantastic force, speaks to the unreal power and strength of his ferociously powerful cock and groin muscles. 

Half a second later, a second titanic wad of sperm jets forth from the lad’s pulsating monster cock. And then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth. The metal band continues to clutch both bloated balls in its deadly embrace, stretching them farther and squeezing them tighter with every passing second, and sending the stud into ever greater throes of ecstasy and agony. 

The handsome ginger hunk is now bellowing and thrashing about in his restraints like never before, looking like some powerful and dangerous caged beast, trying to break free with all of his might and somehow save his doomed balls. But even his awesome strength isn’t enough to break the inches-thick steel manacles securing his wrists and ankles, and his struggles are all for naught. He’s instead forced to feel and endure every agonizing second of his manhood’s brutal and violent demise, even as his monstrous and veiny horse cock continues to belch out an unspeakably huge cumload. 

Just 10 seconds into his orgasm, the lad’s bullish balls have already been stretched to an astounding 6 inches and squeezed to just 20 inches around, and the whirring of the gears can be heard even over the young man’s deafening screams as the metal band and cable continue their deadly work. More and more sperm rockets out of his magnificent man tool in an endless deluge of clotted stud cream, coating and recoating your entire body with his incredibly copious goo, and creating huge puddles of the gloopy stuff all over the floor. 

Ten blasts quickly becomes 20, and then 30, then 40, as the metal loop closes its deadly embrace. It is the most fantastic, magnificent, and utterly unreal purging of sperm you’ve ever seen in your life by many orders of magnitude, and you can’t believe that even a set of testicles as freakishly massive and bulky as those possessed by this young bull could produce so much cum at one go! The massive ginger hunk is a living GOD of SEX!! But will he remain a paragon of manhood for much longer, or will his nuts be destroyed by the metal band and cable? 

Thirty seconds in, and the cable stops retracting into the floor. The hunk’s screaming bollocks have been stretched to a phenomenal 8 INCHES from his muscular body, farther than you’ve ever seen a man’s balls stretched before! The lad’s silky smooth sac is now stretched ridiculously thin over his hideously bulging balls, and the neck of his brutally overstretched ballsac is now so narrow that you can clearly make out all of the life-giving cables and cords that are connecting those amazing lumps of man flesh to his crotch. Those cords and cables are clearly straining mightily to keep from snapping and tearing loose from his crotch, but they are somehow doggedly continuing to hold…for now. 

At the same time, however, the metal band hasn’t stopped its relentless merciless tightening, and the 18-inch circumference of the band continues to decrease. 

You are convinced now that you can indeed hear crunching and crackling sounds even over the lad’s thunderous bellows of agony, the whirring of mechanical gears, and the chunky wet splats and splashes of his huge slugs of cum as they strike you and the floor behind you. The tightening band must be wreaking unspeakable harm on the tough fibrous walls and incredibly dense meat of the lad’s mammoth nuts, but the valiant bollocks are somehow continuing to survive, even as they pump out what must be the single greatest load in human history! 

18 inches becomes 17, and then 10 seconds later shrinks to 16, and STILL the lad endures, pumping out his chunky spunk with wild abandon. You’ve had to wipe the sticky gunk off of your face half a dozen times already, but you ignore the stinging in your eyes and the almost overwhelmingly heady and pungent odor of his freshly spilled seed as you ravenously devour the insanely erotic sight before you. 

A full minute has gone by, shrinking the constricting band down to a mere 15 inches, and STILL it continues its merciless squeezing! Shit, just how many times did you press that button?!? This insanely hunky stud simply CAN’T endure any more of this abuse! Your thundering heart starts filling with panic and regret, for you know that you’re about to witness the spectacularly violent end of the greatest set of bull nuts you’ve ever seen, and are ever likely to see again, and you regret that your time with the ginger bull is going to end so soon. 

14 inches. 

After 70 seconds of relentless, continuous tightening, the thick metal band finally ceases any further constriction. The handsome stud’s titanic bollocks have been squeezed down to a mere 14 inches around, barely HALF of their original circumference, and the hideously swollen spheres of man meat above and below that crushing band look ready to explode at any moment. The formerly healthy pink color of those twin testes has now become an angry dark red bordering on purple, visible evidence of just how close they really are to bursting. But somehow, miraculously, they are still intact and whole! 

The gorgeous stud continues to bellow and thrash and his mighty cock coughs up another 5 or 6 gigantic ropes of cum, followed by 8 or 9 steadily decreasing wads of spunk before his almighty orgasm finally rumbles to a close. 

You know that the unforgettably erotic and intense vision before you will remain burned in your memory forever. 

You take stock of the incredible sight before you, and you can hardly believe your eyes. The ginger bull’s colossal cajones are being crushed so tightly within the metal band that they no longer look like a pair of balls at all. In fact, you almost giggle as you realize that they look like a pair of huge, blood-red dumbbells. Considering that just one of those mammoth orbs was naturally about 20 inches around, the fact that BOTH of those huge lug nuts are sharing a fraction of that space and still surviving is nothing less than spectacular, perhaps even miraculous! 

The mighty bull himself is clearly in terrific pain, for the exquisitely handsome stud continues to writhe and moan in agony. His powerful body is a spectacular display of flexing and bulging muscles, so slick with sweat that they are positively glistening in the overhead lights. You’ve never imagined that a man could BE so fantastically beautiful and overwhelmingly masculine at the same time, and you long to spend an eternity torturing his magnificent form. But you know that you sadly only have this one opportunity to abuse the beautiful lad, and you intend to (literally) wring every last moment of pleasure possible out of him. 

Despite what must be searing agony in his nearly bisected bull nuts, however, the stud’s raging boner hasn’t flagged in the slightest, and indeed remains as swollen and rigid as ever. A long and slender rope of cum is still dangling from his colossally tumescent cock, and you lean forward to take that big white pearl of splooge into your open mouth. The meaty flavor of the man’s spunk explodes across your tongue, gamey and salty and incredibly manly. You let out an involuntary moan yourself as you savor the stud’s rich taste, rolling the thick dollop of cream around in your mouth several times before swallowing. 

The taste is so extraordinary that you scoop a handful of the manly effluent off of your own sperm-soaked chest, filling your palm with a quivering pool of milky white nut oysters. You eagerly suck the entire pool into your hungry mouth, and once again almost cum as the copious fluid floods your mouth. You are unprepared for the incredible thickness of the ginger’s load, however, and have a moment of panic as the chunky splooge nearly gums your mouth closed. With some effort, however, you manage to swallow a portion of the chunky mouthful, and then some more, and then some more, reveling in the intensely strong flavor of the stud’s male essence. 

You finally turn to survey the room behind you, and your involuntary gasp almost makes you choke on the thick and stringy splooge still remaining in your mouth. There is a veritable sea of prime bull stud baby batter behind you, coating not just the floor but also the brightly painted wall and door behind you! The only area not liberally splattered and coated with the ginger stud’s gelatinous goo is a roughly human-shaped clear space directly behind you, a section of floor that was sheltered from the deluge of spunk by your own sperm-drenched body. There must be more than a fucking GALLON of the stuff on the floor and wall behind you, and that’s in addition to the thick coating of white man cream coating the front of your body! Such spectacular virility was simply super human!! 

As if once again reading your mind, the Aussie bull clenches his teeth in a half-grin, half-grimace and says, “Ah TOLD ya that I was a fuckin’ tough stud with a fuckin’ HUGE load, did’n ah?” Even with his freakishly huge bollocks squeezed to the very brink of bursting, this incredibly handsome hunk remains cocky and flirtatious, his deep and mesmerizing voice once again making you almost spontaneously splooge in your pants. You can only nod dumbly in response, too overwhelmed by this stud’s supernatural virility to form words. 

“Man, that was fuckin’ INTENSE!! Best fuckin’ orgasm ah’ve evah had! Thanks mate!! Even ah’ve nevah pushed mah bull balls this far before, ’n ah did’n know they could handle so much abuse. Thanks for proving that mah bollocks are the toughest fuckers in the world!” He winks at you, flashing you the brightest, sexiest grin you’ve ever seen. 

“Ya think you can let me go now, though? My bollocks ‘re nearly done in! Fuck, feels like mah big boys could burst at any moment!” He chuckles despite the pain, his gravelly voice making your cock throb and pulse. “Don’t get me wrong, mate — the ache is fuckin’ intense and ah love it, but ah really don’t think that they can take any more.” 

You look down at the ginger bull’s mighty man orbs, and you strongly suspect that he’s right. Those massive nuggets have been stretched to an incredible 8 inches from his body, and the cruel metal band has crushed them down to only HALF of their original girth. Frankly, you’re astounded that his mammoth balls haven’t been either ripped from his body or crushed to the point of rupturing already! There’s little doubt in your mind that any further stretching or squeezing could very easily result in the destruction of the lad’s magnificent manhood. 

You know that your next decision will likely determine whether this herculean hunk remains an intact male or is reduced to a nutless eunuch. With that in mind, what do you do? 

 ___ - The handsome hunk has had enough; leave the room and leave him intact. 
 ___ - Press the “lower” button yet again. 

 ___ - Press your luck - and the “tighter” button - again. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 12


What’s next? 
 ___ - Push the “Lower” button.
 _X_ - Push the “Tighter” button again.

“Tighter,” the handsome ginger says in a breathy rumble, his deep voice half commanding, half pleading with you to squeeze his meaty bollocks even harder. 

And who are you to deny him? 

The hot ginger has just gotten accustomed to the moderate squeezing on his junk when you press the “Tighter” button again. 

You lean in for a closer look this time, watching as the loop around the young man’s gargantuan balls compresses even further, crushing the fantastic girth of his balls down to 25 inches. This time the big bull lets out a half grunt, half yell in response. Nut meat that isn’t directly trapped in the ring starts to bulge grossly around the edges, looking like it will burst out of his stretched-out sack with even the slightest bit more pressure. But you’re confident that this mighty muscle bull can take even more abuse. 

“TIGHTER!!!” he bellows, a steely-hard look of lust and defiance making his handsome face even more gloriously beautiful. 

You immediately press the “Tighter” button yet again.

The young man arches his powerful back and yells in pain, his bulky nuts now crushed to 24 inches in circumference. His deep-voiced bellow of pain causes your cock to fire yet another wad of precum into your ruined pants, and the look of erotic agony on his contorted and utterly handsome face nearly puts you over the edge. His rippled abs flex and contract over and over again as he struggles to regain his breath, and a thin sheen of sweat is now breaking out all over his magnificent body. 

“Oh YEAH, mate! FUCK yeah!! UUUuuuuh!! Ah TOLD ya that ah’ve got some freakishly tough bollocks, didn’t I? Mmm!! But ah can take even more. Yeah, ya heard me right! Ah want you to really CRUSH these big fat nuts of mine. Squeeze ‘em HARD!! Try ta BREAK ‘em if ya can. Ah can fucking TAKE it!” 

You are amazed at this young bull’s toughness and how much he’s enjoying having his behemoth balls mangled and mauled. He clearly wants it. Hell, he NEEDS it! You don’t need any more prompting than that as you press the “Tighter” button yet again, ripping another bellow of agony from the ginger bull’s big lungs as his mighty bollocks are crushed to only 23 inches around. 

“AW FUCK!!! YEAH!!!” the huge ginger stud bellows as his cock coughs up even larger slugs of gelatinous precum. “UNH!! UNH!! UNNH!!! You’re really crushin’ mah bollocks now, mate! Fuck, you’re doin’ ‘em IN!! TIGHTER!! Ah want you to crush ‘em TIGHTER!!! 

You press the “Tighter” button for a sixth time, taking the big bull off guard as the band slowly chokes down his gigantic testes to just 22 inches around. 

“AAARGH!!!” the rugby stud bellows. “FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!! UNNH!! UNNNNH!! Aw, you’re REALLY crushin’ mah huge nuts now, dude!! Got ‘em choked down REAL fucking tight!! Gawd DAMN!! SHIT!! Hurts so goddamn fucking GOOD!!” 

Not standing on ceremony, you depress the “Tighter” button once again, and watch in amazement the response you elicit from the ginger-haired muscle bull. 

“AAAAAIIEEEE!!!” the handsome muscle titan screams as the thick metal band closes its relentless grip even tighter, further crushing his already grossly distorted elephant balls. Perhaps it’s your imagination, but you think you can actually hear a faint crunching sound as the ring squeezes those freakishly huge nuts like some sort of demonic corset, and you wonder just how much damage the ring must be causing at this point. A man’s nuts simply are not meant to be handled and abused like this! 

The seconds tick by as the thick metal band squeezes tighter and tighter. The ginger giant arches his back and continues bellowing in agony, his muscles bulging and flexing in phenomenal glory as his nuts are crushed harder than should be possible. You notice that the flow of precum from his still steely hard cock has started to grow a bit milky in color, and you realize with amazement that this mighty brute of a bull is actually nearing orgasm through nothing more than testicular torture! What a fucking STUD!!!

After an agonizingly long 10 seconds, the metal band stops its choking movement, and just like that the center of the young man’s humongous balls have been crushed down to just 21 inches. Both of his balls are so tightly cinched at this point that it’s starting to look like there are four separate balls trapped by the ring and not just two. But even now, the lad’s balls look powerful and mighty, particularly since any ONE of his four ball segments is still bigger than any PAIR of nuts you’ve seen on any other man! There’s no doubt about it — this ginger-haired beauty is the most amazing specimen of manhood you’ve ever seen, and you begin to ponder whether you want to spare him any more torment and ensure that you leave him intact. 

As if he was reading your mind, the handsome rugby stud flashes you a lopsided grin and says, “Are ya impressed yet, mate? TOLD ya ah could endure one fucking hell of a lot of abuse! So whaddya say? Maybe it’s time for mah happy ending? Ah’ve got a MASSIVE load sloshing around in these big bound beauties, bloating ‘em up so much it fuckin’ HURTS, and ah’d love to pump it out all over ya!” 

Sweat is now dripping off of the stud’s fantastically muscular body in thick rivers, the steady crushing ache in his mammoth balls no doubt causing the herculean hulk incredibly intense agony. His magnificent chest continues heaving as he pants to regain his breath, but his cocky, sexy smile lets you know that he’s still loving every second of the brutal attention you’re paying to his mighty bollocks. 

You reach out and touch his profoundly crushed ball bag with your free hand, gently cupping the lower segment of his tightly cinched left nut, and you are shocked to discover that his bloated and grossly distended sphere of ball meat feels even MORE dense than ever! His titanic testes are obviously being squeezed so tightly that it’s forcing the thick beef of each nard to become even more dense and compact. The compression pressure inside those nuts must be absolutely unreal!! You try squeezing down on as much of that thick nut meat as you can grasp, and the handsome bull grits his teeth against the raw agony your clutching grip produces. But even as you focus every ounce of your strength into that bloated balloon of nut meat, you can’t get the tortured sphere to dent in the slightest. The stud’s nut meat is simply too dense, too tough, too fantastically compact, and it thwarts your every effort to distort it further. 

It’s obvious that the stud’s big, beautiful nuts might not survive another round of crushing, or much more stretching for that matter…but you long to see if you can push him even further. At the same time, part of you would like nothing more than to reward this epic stud with his long delayed orgasm. Decisions, decisions…

What will it be? 
 ___ - Give the handsome hunk his “Happy Ending”. 
 ___ - Press the “Tighter” button again. 
 ___ - Press the “Lower” button again. 
 ___ - Pull out all the stops! 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 11


Now what? 
 ___ - He’s had enough, leave the room.
 ___ - Push the “Lower” button again.
 _X_ - Push the “Tighter” button.

You decide to try pressing the “Tighter” button. The ring around the stud’s huge balls makes a high pitched hydraulic whirring noise and the young man barks a short yelp of surprise. The metal band slowly ratchets tighter, starting to dig into lad’s fleshy nuts like a circular vise. The whirring lasts for about 10 seconds before stopping, and you see that the number on the band now reads 27 inches. 

The trapped ginger giant tenses and flexes his beautiful muscles, letting out a long and deep grunt of pure pleasure. He quickly grows accustomed to the gnawing pressure in his fat nuts, gently gyrating his muscular hips seductively as his raging boner continues to drip a constant stream of precum. His erotic pelvic motions add even more to the already painful stretch to his gigantic bollocks, and you file that away for future use — clearly, you’re going to be able to stretch the lad’s bound balls even farther! 

But first, you decide to give this stud bull what he so clearly desires, and you press the “Tighter” button again. 

This time, the lad’s moans are even louder and more urgent, as the merciless metal band strangles his bollocks even more, squeezing them down in their center to 26 inches. You step closer to examine his huge nuts, and you can see that the ring is compressing the middle of his bloated ball bag like some cold and utterly dispassionate metal hand. The segments of nut meat above and below that constricting band are bulging even larger, really starting to distort as the band squeezes tighter. But judging by the look of intense pleasure on the lad’s gorgeous, square-jawed face, you’d say that the ginger stud is loving every second of it. You conclude that this handsome muscle bull indeed has an extraordinarily high tolerance for testicular pain and abuse, just as he clearly has an amazing level of endurance for how much his heavy junk can be squeezed. You wonder just how far you can take him… 

What’s next? 
 ___ - Push the “Lower” button.

 ___ - Push the “Tighter” button again.

Friday, March 23, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 10


What do you do now? 

 _X_ - Push the “Lower” button again.
 ___ - Push the “Tighter” button.

You don’t waste any time as you press the “Lower” button again. As before, the cable connecting the young man’s nuts to the hidden gears below the floor starts lowering yet again, adding yet another inch of hang to the gorgeous ginger’s huge balls. They are now stretched a full 4 inches from his body, an impressive stretch for any man’s scrotum, bulging invitingly at the bottom of the lad’s stretched out sack.

You hold for a moment, admiring the view as the ginger’s taught abdominal muscles tense from the increased pain, popping out like mighty cobblestones. The young man moans and his humongous cock starts to drip slick precum at a furious pace. It’s obvious you’ve taken him right to the brink between pleasure and pain, and his eyes are half-lidded as his whole body writhes in agony and pleasure. 

Confident that this strong bull can take even more, you press the “Lower” button yet again. 

“OH FUCK YEAH!!” the ginger-haired rugby stud bellows as his gigantic nuggets are slowly stretched to 5 inches from his groin. It’s clear that this stretch is causing the hunk some serious pain, for his entire body is flexing in spectacular muscular glory. For nearly a minute after the cable comes to a stop, the gorgeous stud continues writhing in agony as his mind and body try to cope with the aching pain in his overstretched bollocks. Eventually, his body relaxes as he grows accustomed to the steady throbbing ache in his balls, and his gorgeous hazel eyes lock once more on yours. He treats you to another one of his dazzling smiles, daring you to hurt him even more. 

His mighty cock reveals just how much he’s enjoying the abuse, for it flexes even harder than before, the endless flow of precum a copious and lush river of glistening male juices. So much of the clear and glistening liquid has been pouring out of his cock already that you wonder just how much of the slick fluid the stud HAS in his body. At the rate that he’s pumping out his precum, you worry that he won’t have any left to fuel his eventual orgasm! The ever-expanding puddle of clear precum on the floor proves that this stud wants you to take him even further. This muscle stud is precumming more than other men pee, and you start wondering just how enormous his actual load will be when he finally nuts! 

You’ve now stretched this bull’s goliath gonads about as far as most men’s nuts could endure. He’s already proving to be one hell of a tough muscle beast, yet you wonder how much lower the stud’s nuts can stretch. Surely you could yank them down even lower! But you are also curious to see how he would react to the “Tighter” button. You hover your finger over the buttons of the remote while you contemplate your next move.

Now what? 
 ___ - He’s had enough, leave the room.
 ___ - Push the “Lower” button again.

 ___ - Push the “Tighter” button.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 9


What now? 
 _X_ - Push the “Lower” button
 ___ - Push the “Tighter” button
 ___ - Push the “Happy Ending” button

You stand in front of the gorgeous young man, ogling the titanic cock that is jutting out proudly and invitingly. Your eyes slowly trace down its colossal length until they rest on the truly mammoth spheres of nut meat locked tightly at the base on that shaft. Even after the ruthless and brutal beating you’ve recently given them, they look as fantastically powerful and sturdy as ever, glowing a bright red perhaps, but clearly none the worse for wear. 

Making your decision, you hover your finger over the “Lower” button.

“Yeah! Oh FUCK yeah!” the big stud eagerly moans just before your finger depresses the big red button.

You hear the movement of gears from under the floor as the cable is slowly drawn downward, pulling the ginger’s bound balls with it. The stud’s cock leaks a particularly thick strand of clear and glistening precum as his gigantic balls are slowly pulled floorward. After about 10 seconds, the whirring of gears ceases, and you can see that the hunk’s bullish balls have been stretched an inch from his bloated cock. They bulge out of the bottom of their sac even bigger than ever, and the sight is incredibly, intensely erotic. 

You long to see those titanic testes stretch out even more. 

You depress the “Lower” button a second time, and immediately give it a third push as well, and watch eagerly as the lad’s impossibly hefty nuts are pulled another couple of inches lower. The sudden increase in pressure seems to catch the muscle bull off guard, and his eyes roll back into his head for a moment. He moans again in pleasure as his behemoth balls are pulled to a total of 3 inches from his crotch, and it takes a few moments for his eyes to refocus on you. 

He licks his lips, grins, and says, “Ah think they can go a little lower.” He then winks at you, obviously egging you on, and fixes his eyes on the remote control in your hands. 

What do you do now? 

 ___ - Push the “Lower” button again.
 ___ - Push the “Tighter” button.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 8


 ___ - Keep playing with that magnificent set of cock and balls. 
 _X_ - Take a quick breather and inspect your handiwork. 
 ___ - You’ve had enough; leave the room and take your unforgettable memories of this magnificent stud with you.

Your mind is swirling in a fog of pure lust. This glorious stud shackled before you is the handsomest, mightiest, most muscular, most fantastically hung male you’ve ever seen or even dreamed of, and he’s easily endured every bit of abuse you’ve dished out so far and is clearly hungry for more! 

“Yeah, mate, you’ve got me all warmed up now. Balls ‘re feeling nice and bulky, and ah can feel a HUGE load sloshin’ around in ‘em. Mah big fat cock is nice and primed now, too. How about ya work me up an’ make me blow mah huge stud load for ya? I promise ya won’t be disappointed.” 

The handsome ginger grins lasciviously at you, and then motions with his head to the right wall. You notice for the first time that there’s a small box attached to the wall, and the box proves to be a remote control device. You detach the remote from the wall and look at the three buttons on its surface, which are labeled “Lower”, “Tighter”, and “Happy Ending”. You strongly suspect that you know what these buttons are intended to do, and you ponder which one you want to try first…

What now? 
 ___ - Push the “Lower” button
 ___ - Push the “Tighter” button
 ___ - Push the “Happy Ending” button

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 7


What would you like to do next? 

 _X_ - Take him up on his offer and start playing with that ridiculously huge stud cock. 
 ___ - Keep hammering on those huge bollocks, even though you know you can’t break them. 
 ___ - Admit that this stud is more man than you can handle, and leave the room. 

You’re not going to give up on this chance to play with the most astoundingly masculine, handsome, and muscular man you’re ever going to meet. You realize that you’ve hardly even touched the man’s magnificent, 16-inch mega cock yet, and you decide to focus your attention on nearly half a YARD of the thickest, hardest, meatiest stud penis that you’ve ever seen. 

The huge muscle giant is suspended high enough that only the lower half of his gargantuan dork is within easy reach of your hungry mouth. You start slathering the lower 9 or 10 inches of his bull cock with your tongue. At the same time, you certainly don’t want to ignore the remaining pulsing inches of that monster dick, so you wrap both of your hands around the impossibly thick shaft, just below the bulbous cock head, and start pumping your fists up and down the precum slickened shaft. 

The stunningly handsome young man starts moaning in even greater pleasure, gently thrusting his hips and pressing more and more of his huge meat into your eager mouth and hands. “Yeah, that’s righ’!” he groans. “Really work that huge cock of mine! Gawd damn, that feels so fuckin’ GOOD! Yeah, ah got the biggest damn cock you’re evah gonna see! And it’s leakin’ for ya, mate!” 

Once again, the big bull of a man is right — his cock is now leaking clear, gelatinous precum at an even more accelerated rate. The slick love juice is flowing over your hands as they wrestle with the top half of that mighty dong. Your hands shuck the thick foreskin up and down over his swollen cock head, adding to the erotic sensations throbbing through the stud’s magnificent loins. The huge purple cock head emerges from its thick hood of flesh, glistening with precum, only to get swallowed up by that huge foreskin, over and over and over again. 

The voluminous purging of precum quickly runs down to your lapping tongue, and you greedily slurp down the stud’s warm juices. The clear fluid is salty and slick, and even thicker than you’d imagined. It quickly coats the inside of your mouth with a slippery sheen, while even more of the stuff is covering your face, hands, and forearms. The guy is precumming like other men pee, and you wonder just how much of the fluid he has stored in his powerful, muscular loins! 

You decide that you want to drink this heady elixir from its source. You firmly grip the upper inches of the lad’s gigantic shaft and try pulling it down towards your face. The huge cock resists your efforts to lever it downward, and it is only with great effort that you manage to crank that cock downward from 80 degrees to perhaps 45 degrees. The massive mushroom head of his humongous cock is now just inches from your hungry mouth, and you extend your tongue as far as it will go, aiming for the dilated piss slit at the tip of that cock. Gooey strands of gelatinous precum steadily drip into your mouth as you get closer and closer to licking it’s swollen tip. 

But the handsome muscle bull flashes you another one of his cocky grins. With a mighty flex of his thick groin muscles, the titanic column of man flesh bloats even larger in your hands, and is literally ripped out of your grip. With almost blinding speed, that huge tower of man meat heaves upward and slaps against the stud’s washboard belly with a resounding WHAP!!! The force and power behind that mighty flex is astounding, and you humbly realize that you had no hope of being able to hold on to such a powerfully flexing tube of muscle. 

You’re still hungry to taste more of this stud’s male essence, however. What do you want to do next? 

 ___ - Keep playing with that magnificent set of cock and balls. 
 ___ - Take a quick breather and inspect your handiwork. 

 ___ - You’ve had enough; leave the room and take your unforgettable memories of this magnificent stud with you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 6


What would you like to do now? 
 _X_ - Keep on abusing his huge bollocks.
 ___ - Turn your attention to the lad’s precum-leaking horse cock. 

This humongously muscular bull stud is so tightly and thoroughly bound that he can’t even begin to defend his massive nuts — not that it looks like he really wants to! All of that phenomenal strength in his massive, bloated, and almost ridiculously oversized muscles has been rendered completely useless by the heavy shackles at his thick wrists and ankles. Willing or not, he’s completely at your mercy, and you decide to take even more advantage of that situation. 

You continue your relentless and unending pounding of the handsome lad’s unbelievably huge bollocks. You’ve never before struck a man’s balls so hard, for the very simple reason that just a handful of truly full force blows would permanently damage — if not destroy — almost any man’s nuts. But this huge dude is made of almost unimaginably tough stuff, so for the first time in your life, you’re able to throw every ounce of your strength behind your punches. The big stud’s mighty nuts seem indestructible, which encourages you to focus every ounce of your strength on their destruction. 

Over and over and over, your big fists connect with those even bigger balls. Again and again and again, their awesome density repels your hardest strikes and most devastating blows. You’re really trying to pound the porridge out of his huge nuts, but they continue to defy you, barely even deforming no matter how hard and how brutally you punch them. 

You are so turned on that your heart is thundering in your chest. You’ve already pounded this ginger-haired hunk’s balls so hard and so long that they should have long since been reduced to mush, but they’re clearly just as powerful and potent as ever. You’ve never imagined that a man’s balls could TAKE such abuse, no matter how huge, heavy, and dense they might be! And that makes you want to pulverize them all the more. 

For his part, the gorgeous stud must be feeling the same way, for he continues to encourage you to beat the shit out of his balls. “Yeah, that’s righ’! Soften ‘em up, mate! Really lay into ‘em! Yeah! Uhh! Uhh! UNNH!! YEAH!! That’s fuckin’ righ’! Try ta OBLITERATE ‘em! I can fuckin’ TAKE it!!” 

The beefy sound of meat striking meat seems to echo loudly in the small room as you slug those massive bollocks hundreds and hundreds of times. Those mighty orbs are so tremendously thick and blubbery that it takes you a while to notice that your fists are finally starting to sink deeper into his nut flesh. The change is subtle, barely noticeable, but you soon realize that your hammering fists are sinking a quarter inch into his nuts, then half an inch. You’re slowly but steadily wearing down the phenomenal strength in those gargantuan gonads, and that realization spurs you to redouble your efforts, punching and pounding those huge nuts even harder and faster than ever before! 

The handsome beast of a bloke also finally starts showing evidence of pain mingling with his pleasure, for he starts to grit his teeth with every blow, making his powerful jawline bulge to even more masculine proportions. Deep grunts and barks of pain start coming from his barrel chest, though his words of encouragement grow even more urgent and insistent. 

“Come ON, mate!! Ah want you to really FUCK UP these huge bollocks!! Come ON!!! Give ‘em everythin’ ya GOT!! UHH!! UHH!! UNNH!! Aw FUCK!!! YEAH!! THAT’S IT!! UNNH!! UNNH!! UNNNHHH!!! SHIT! SHIT! FUCK!!! That’s righ’, dude! You’re gettin’ it now! UHH!! You’re startin’ to wear ‘em down now! Aw FUCK!!! Keep it up, mate!! You gotta BUST ‘em, man!! BREAK ‘em!! Ah fuckin’ NEED it, mate!” 

The ginger bull is right — you really ARE starting to wear down his balls! Your big fists are now sinking an inch or more into those unbelievably huge balls. That’s still only a fraction of their impossibly huge thickness, but it’s a significant fraction, and it’s evidence that the stupendously tough outer walls protecting the stud’s dense but delicate nut meat are finally starting to break down. You start grinding your knuckles as deep and as hard as you can with each ball-busting blow, trying to further wear down those mighty whale nuts. 

But finally, after more than an HOUR of merciless and unrelenting pounding that would have shattered and destroyed even a pair of bowling balls, you realize that you are overmatched. The stud’s massive nuts are simply too strong for you! No matter how hard you strike, you’re simply unable to break them!! The stud’s humongous nuts hardly look any worse for wear, despite your best efforts to hammer them into sludge — they’re glowing an angry red, and perhaps have swollen slightly under the ball-obliterating abuse, but they’re otherwise intact and whole. 

The stud’s monumental elephant cock gives further evidence to the fact that you’ve barely even begun to wear this stud down, for the massive, meaty member is just as hard and rock solid as ever. In fact, so much of his clear precum has been pounded out of his cock that the entire colossal shaft is slick with his own goo, and his cobblestone abdominal muscles are also glistening with the clear effluent. 

The mighty hunk is now panting for breath, his massive chest heaving as he starts to recover from over an hour of nut-crunching punishment. But he locks eyes with yours and flashes you his cocky, sexy grin once again and says, “Aw fuck, mate! That felt AWESOME! You’ve really softened up mah nuts, given ‘em a real good workin’ over. Ah can feel a massive load churnin’ in mah balls now, all ripe and ready for ya. Why don’t ya work over mah cock a little bit now? Get that pump all primed. Ah’ve got a HUGE fuckin’ load waitin’ for ya!” 

What would you like to do next? 

 ___ - Take him up on his offer and start playing with that ridiculously huge stud cock. 
 ___ - Keep hammering on those huge bollocks, even though you know you can’t break them. 
 ___ - Admit that this stud is more man than you can handle, and leave the room. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 5


What now? 
 _X_ - Try punching him in the nuts. 
 ___ - Grab ahold of that mammoth dong with both hands. 

This cocky (and ridiculously over-cocked) ginger stud claims that his huge bull balls are tough as nails, so you decide to put that claim to the test. 

With his huge nards hugging the base of his cock root so tightly, you don’t even need to grab hold of those nuts to steady them — the lad’s own rock solid crotch will work perfectly as a back board for your planned attack. 

You cock back your right fist and take aim. Though it’s still hard to believe, each of the lad’s utterly gigantic nuts is as big as three or four of your fists combined, so you know that you can only punch one titanic teste at a time. So you aim at his massive left orb, and send your fist flying. You’re careful to avoid hitting the metal band encircling his nuts, and instead aim for the bulging underside of the huge, impossibly bulky nut. 

Your aim is true, and your strike that bloated whale nut with all of your might. 


The beefy smack of fist-on-flesh almost seems to echo in the small room. Your fist feels like it’s just struck a big bag full of wet flour, and you wince at the pain in your knuckles. Astoundingly, your big fist barely manages to sink even a millimeter or two into the handsome ginger’s unyielding ball flesh, and for his part, the huge lug just smiles down at you as you rub your aching hand. 

TOLD ya they was tough!” the rugby bull chuckles, flexing his cock a couple of times and wriggling his hips at you. “C’mon, mate! Give it another try.” 

You cock back your left fist and send it careening into his defenseless right bollock. 


This time you actually have to shake out your hand from the pain of the blow, for it almost felt like you were hitting a brick wall! But for his part, the handsome and hairy muscle man just chuckles again, a low rumble that you can almost feel in your belly. 

“Stop yankin’ mah sack, mate! Those are fuckin’ LOVE TAPS! Don’t hold back! Fuckin’ WHACK that sack, mate!” 

You decide you don’t need any further encouragement than that, and you start really laying into the stud’s trapped bull balls. You send one fist after another sailing into those defenseless bollocks, hammering them as hard and as fast as you can. You focus mostly on the lower halves of his two nuts, striking them with jabs, hooks, and powerful uppercuts. But you don’t ignore the upper halves, and send punches and overhand strikes into those massive nut segments as well. You try to ignore the pain and ache in your knuckles, even though you know your hands are going to be bruised for a WEEK after all of this abuse. 

But for his part, the impossibly handsome ginger bull seems to be enjoying every moment of the ball battering abuse, goading you onward with words of encouragement punctuated by moans and grunts of erotic pleasure. 

“Aw yeah, man, really HIT those huge balls! Give it to ‘em GOOD! Uh! Unh! YEAH! That’s more like it! Unh! Unh! UNNH!! FUCK!! That’s right! Give me all ya got, mate! I can fuckin’ TAKE it!! UNH! Got the fuckin’ BIGGEST and fuckin’ TOUGHEST bollocks in the world right here, and they can take ANYTHING you can dish out! Fuckin’ HIT ‘em, man! POUND ‘em!! Uh! Uh! Uh! UNH!! That’s more like it! UNNH!! Oh yeah! UNNNHH!!! FUCK!! Keep poundin’ ‘em man! You’re really churnin’ my huge load now! Yeah!! UNH! UNH!!

You use the stud’s massive nutsac like a speed bag for a good 20 minutes, hammering them mercilessly and without pause over and over and over again. You hurl enough punishment to utterly obliterate any other man’s testicles a dozen times over. Yet the gigantic muscle stud seems hardly fazed by all of the abuse; if anything, all of the relentless nut beating has just made his cock drip lust honey at an even faster rate. 

Panting and breathless from all of your exertions, you finally pause to take stock of your handsome subject, expecting his battered balls to be black and blue and swollen to even more monstrous dimensions. Instead, however, you find that his gargantuan bollocks have hardly changed in the slightest. They are still as rock solid and dense as ever, with no evidence of bruising or swelling anywhere over their vast surface area. In fact, the only evidence that you’ve been pummeling them at all is their warm rosy glow. The kind of glow that might be produced by a couple of hard slaps to another man’s balls. 

This titan of auburn-haired muscle is as good as his word — his behemoth bollocks are indeed as tough as iron! 

What would you like to do now? 
 ___ - Keep on abusing his huge bollocks.

 ___ - Turn your attention to the lad’s precum-leaking horse cock. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Ginger Bull - Part 4


How would you like to start off with this incredible hunk? 
 ___ - Play with his balls.
 ___ - Play with his cock. 
 _X_ - Play with all of those massive muscles. 

You’ve never seen a man so massively muscular in your life, and your hands ache to explore all of those lush acres, chiseled slabs, and exquisite curves of rock solid beef. Your hands reach up to cup those spectacular pecs hanging so huge and meaty off of the front of his big oversized rib cage, and once again, your hands are far too small to grasp more than a fraction of the ginger’s magnificent chest muscles. 

Your hands first contact the coarse coppery hairs that dust the entire expanse of those astoundingly wide pecs, adding an erotic roughness to the smooth, smooth muscular flesh beneath. The overhang of the stud’s thick pec shelf is astounding, and since you’re reaching up from below, you end up cupping the underside of his mammoth pecs, and are amazed at their tremendous weight and heft. You’re barely able to lift those colossal slabs of beef upward, they’re so thick and heavy!! 

But as you struggle to push those pecs upward by more than a fraction of an inch, the handsome muscle stud grins at you and then starts flexing those bountiful mounds of beef, first left and then right, over and over again, literally bouncing the huge beauties in your hands! You had already thought the stud’s bull pecs were rock solid, but now that he’s flexing them for you, you realize that they were fully relaxed before. When flexed, the lad’s chest feels like two thick sheets of armor plating, and you’re convinced that this spectacular, magnificent chest could deflect bullets! Hell, maybe even mortar shells!! 

You are now pressed so close to this insanely handsome muscle bull that the base of his enormous cock shaft is sliding up the valley between your upper pecs, and even through your shirt, the heat of that massive cock almost burns your skin. The gigantic swollen head of that cock rises proudly above you, with the center of his shaft just inches from your face. As you continue to rub and grope and fondle the stud’s mammoth pecs, you stick out your hungry tongue and start licking the center of that shaft. You lather the middle 5 or 6 inches of that insanely thick and hard-as-warm-granite shaft with your saliva, and even turn your head a little sideways to suck and gently gnaw on the thickly protruding cum tube running up the underside of his huge dork. All of this action is getting the huge stud even more randy, and he starts gently writhing against his restraints, rubbing his enormous cock shaft up and down your tongue and working more and more of his pec meat into your eager hands. 

You spread your fingers wide and capture the thick rubbery nubs of the stud’s big nipples between your digits. The heroically handsome hunk lets out a long, low moan of pleasure as you gently rub and tweak those big man paps, turning them into impossibly hard pebbles. You then roughly pinch and pull on those huge man teats, and watch in amazement as the steely-hard cock in front of you rears upward with a mighty pulse, striking against the corrugated concrete wall of his bloated abdominal muscles with a loud and beefy SMACK!! Pinching and pulling harder and harder, you’re soon rewarded with a rhythmic staccato beat of the lad’s towering penis slamming against his abdominal wall. 





Large beads of precum begin to appear at the tip of his enormous cock, and the powerful force of his cock’s rhythmic pulses sends that clear cock snot flying. Most of the slick fluid starts painting the wall of the lad’s lightly-furred abs, making them glisten and shine in the overhead lighting, but a fair amount of the spew lands on your arms, face, and shoulders. The thick droplets of man juice feel like a hot, gentle rain against your skin, and you long to coax more of the clear goo out of his muscular loins. 

You release your grip on the stud’s massive chest and start groping the truly monstrous thigh muscles spread out to either side of you. You’ve never seen such phenomenally beefy legs in your life, and you use both arms to encircle just one of those massive thighs. As your arms reach all the way around that unbelievably mighty column of muscle, pressing yourself against all of those rock-solid thews and sinews, you realize with a start that each of this stud’s gigantic legs are bigger around than most men’s CHESTS! Such insanely huge dimensions just don’t seem humanly possible!! Yet here they are, on the biggest, handsomest, most brutally beautiful specimen of manhood you’ve ever seen. 

You release your grip on the stud’s mammoth thigh and instead throw your arms around his thick, muscular waist, pressing your face against the base of his crotch and burying your face in the junction between his thick cock root and unbelievably enormous bollocks. All of that cock and ball meat easily envelopes your entire face, and you realize that you would gladly die like this, suffocated by the biggest set of genitals to ever grace a man. Up close, the heady musk of his intensely manly scent is literally dizzying, and the erotic stench makes you almost gag and choke even as you struggle to fill your lungs as deeply as possible with his masculine reek. 

Your tongue has a mind of its own, lathering and swirling over the upper curves of those huge, incredibly solid balls, and the swollen, throbbing base of his majestic horse cock. The milky white skin of his loins is completely smooth, and it takes you a few moments (and a dozen or so licks) to realize that such smoothness could only result from his groin being naturally hairless. Not even shaving could produce a nutsac so clean and smooth. You had assumed that the big stud bull had shaved his cannonball nuts, especially since he has such a thick thatch of crotch hair, not to mention the equally dense thickets of fur in his deep and meaty armpits, and the heavy dusting of hair on his chest, abs, legs, and forearms. But no, his titanic testicles must be naturally smooth, and you can only assume that it’s the phenomenal quantities of testosterone produced by those mammoth orbs that result in their natural baldness.   

As your face hungrily ravages the stud’s prodigious loins, yours hands clasp the mammoth mounds of the stud’s unbelievably muscular ass. A light dusting of coppery fur covers the luscious curves of his magnificent ass muscles as well, and your eager fingers start trying to pry open those massive butt cheeks and dig into the deep cleft between them. The mighty stud suddenly flexes his ass cheeks, slamming those two mounds of muscle together so hard that your fingers become almost painfully trapped. 

“Sorry mate,” the handsome hunk says firmly, one auburn eyebrow cocked as he looks down at you. “That’s ‘exit only’. Ah don’t take nuthin’ up me bum.” The stud clearly means it, and has the awesome muscle power to back up his words. It’s clear that even a steel crowbar or the ‘jaws of life’ couldn’t force open those meaty butt cheeks against his will, so you reluctantly withdraw your trapped fingers as he gently releases his butt’s grip on them. 

You instead press your open palms onto the cobbled ridges of the lad’s gorgeous belly, running your hands up and down that rock solid abdominal wall. The bulging bands of corded muscle remind you of a giant tortoise shell, and you let your fingers trace the deep valleys separating each big muscle from its neighbor. The light fur covering these spectacular abs just adds to their beauty without hiding an ounce of their definition or symmetry. 

It is impossible for you to pick a favorite part of this young man’s spectacular physique. Every time you think you’ve found your favorite nook, cranny, or bulge, another one catches your attention, and you must grasp, fondle, and grope that part of his body next. Hardly an inch of the lad’s magnificent body escapes your detailed inspection, and you’re glad that there’s no obvious clock ticking down your time allowed in this room. 

You spend what must be the greater part of an hour simply exploring this mighty paragon’s muscular body, and you’d be happy spending the next MONTH doing nothing else, but you know that it is the stud’s monstrous genitals that are supposed to be the focus of your attention. So you once again turn your eyes toward that rampant and jutting column of cock flesh and two behemoth orbs of nut meat, and ponder what you will do next. 

What now? 
 ___ - Try punching him in the nuts. 
 ___ - Grab ahold of that mammoth dong with both hands.