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Conan vs. the Tentacle Wizard - Part 2 - Jayse Version

In this chapter, Conan faces the mighty lake monster known as the Balwar. The mammothly muscular barbarian faces a fearsome battle, and even HIS extraordinary strength and skill may not be sufficient to allow him to persevere. Can Conan defeat the fearsome Balwar, or will his mighty bull nuts be harvested as yet another meaty feast for the hideous creature?


Conan vs. the Tentacle Wizard
Part 2
Loosely based on an original story by an unknown author


Conan slept for several hours, sprawled diagonally across the large bed. Despite the oversized nature of the bed, the young barbarian was still too big to fit entirely on the mattress, and his massive arms and even larger legs hung over the sides. The afternoon sun came through the window and slowly crept across his extraordinarily powerful body, stroking and caressing the magnificent young muscles like the hand of a lover. The light seemed to amplify and accentuate the curves and ridges of his huge muscles, making them look even more enormous and powerful. 

The sun also illuminated Conan's enormous erect phallus. The young man had extraordinary powers of recuperation, and already his massive bull balls were churning with another batch or two of his impossibly thick ball sauce. The downside of such hyper virility was that Conan was almost perpetually randy as a result, a curse that the young warrior had long since learned to live with. His cock loomed over his massive body like an arching serpent, ready to strike the young man's humongous pecs at any moment. The great rod gently quivered and pulsed with the young man's slow and steady heartbeat, a tower of powerful and rigid male flesh. 

Conan slowly awoke, feeling revived and refreshed, and ready to face the wizard in his fortress. He got up out of the bed and put on his bracers and boots, but he had to wait several minutes for his heavy afternoon wood to subside before he could put on his loincloth. Finally donning his cloak, Conan set out to rejoin the chieftain and the villagers, and learn all that he could about the evil wizard. 

In the village commons, Conan was greeted by the chieftain and surrounded by the other villagers, all of whom looked to the mighty barbarian with hope shining in their eyes. 

“Here are your weapons, Conan," said the chieftain, handing over the barbarian’s freshly sharped sword, as well as a short sword and a metal-reinforced wooden shield to the young warrior. The short sword was similar to a gladius - short and lightweight, but very sharp. The shield resembled a buckler with metal studs on the exterior. The chieftain explained, "This sword and shield have been in the village's possession for centuries, for they both have magical powers that may help you overcome the wizard and his many traps." 

Conan hefted the short sword, which looked more like a dagger in the hands of the massive muscular giant. But despite the blade's small size, Conan could tell that it was expertly crafted, and he nodded his gratitude and approval. 

“Before facing the wizard, there is something else you will want to acquire first.” the chieftain suggested.

“What might that be, wise chieftain?” Conan asked. 

“Once you cross the bridge north of here, a perilous forest covers the land between the bridge and the cliff wall. After some distance through the forest, you will come upon a clearing with a lake in the center. In the lake is a monstrous creature resembling a gigantic squid. The villagers call him Balwar, the Lake Monster. He captures any prey that dares come to the lake with his many large tentacles, and then sucks the life force out of them. Unfortunately, the only way to the wizard's fortress is past this lake, so you must confront the Balwar and defeat him. He may be formidable, but once defeated you can acquire something of great use,” the chieftain said.

“And that is?” Conan asked.

“The Balwar wine, the monster’s oil. It contains the essence of the trees, the rocks, and the lake itself. You will need this because once this oil is poured on to the body of a man, he will be immune to magic!” the chieftain exclaimed. 

“That’s sounds very useful indeed. Have any others tried to defeat the monster?” Conan asked. 

“Many dozens of brave men have tried, but all have fallen and been drained by the Balwar. But with your size and your strength, I believe that you can defeat him with one mighty stroke!” the chieftain replied. “The magic oil is inside the creature in a sack near his brain,” he added. 

“One more thing you should know. If you are lucky, you will see scattered feathers on the tower’s window. That will mean that the wizard has gone out to hunt for more maidens. The wizard has the power to shape shift into a large bird, which he uses to fly far and wide and to capture women. If the wizard is not in his tower, you will have a greater chance to save my daughter.” 

“Very well. Thank you for the information, and for your confidence in me. I will do all I can to see that your daughter is returned to you safely,” Conan replied, grasping the chieftain's forearm in parting. 

As he turned to leave the village, the chieftain called out, “Hero! May fortune be at your side. You are my daughter’s only hope.” 


Conan left the village on foot, not wanting to risk his faithful steed's life against the Balwar or the wizard. In no time, he came to the bridge across a steep chasm, and entered the forest beyond. There was indeed something ominous about the forest, for it did not contain the normal sounds of birds and squirrels and other animals. All was hushed and subdued, and the only sound was that of the breeze through the thick tree canopy overhead. 

The terrain also proved to be rough, with steep boulder-strewn hills forcing Conan to climb and descend over and over again. The young barbarian was raised in a land far more blasted and barren than this, however, so he proceeded tirelessly and made excellent progress despite the many obstacles. His massive body is like a well oiled machine, his mighty muscles bulging and stretching in perfect harmony as he traversed the uneven terrain. 

It is late afternoon when Conan arrived at the clearing that the chieftain spoke of, and caught his first sight of the lake. The lake was peaceful and calm, breathtaking in fact, with the late afternoon sun giving the still waters a warm, soothing orange glow. Yet as with elsewhere in the forest, the clearing was devoid of animal sounds, and the stillness was almost oppressive. 

The herculean hero approached the lake cautiously, bracing himself for danger. The short sword was already clutched in his right hand, and the shield buckled to his left. He climbed a low rise of flat boulders that protruded some distance into the lake, which allowed him to peer into the deep, dark waters. The sun reflecting on the water's surface prevented Conan from seeing below the waters, so he kneeled on the edge of the stone for a better view, his massive torso leaning out over the water and his heavy pecs drooping toward the lake below. But still he could see nothing. 

Suddenly, two spaghetti thin tentacles shot out of the lake directly beneath him, moving with lightning speed to coil around each of his two large and succulent nipples. The tentacles were wrapped tightly around Conan's thick and sensitive nipples in an instant, and immediately started to squeeze with fearsome power. 

“Aaahhh!!” Conan cried out in surprise. He threw his massive body backward away from the lake, landing on his muscular back and causing the slender tentacles to pull with even more violent force on his swollen nipples, increasing the painful yet erotic sensations tenfold. 

GRRR!!!” Conan growled as he grabbed both tentacles with his shield hand and tried to pull them off of his body. The muscle man gave a mighty tug…and all but ripped his fat nipples off of his chest! The tentacles refused to let go, and the extreme pain/pleasure in his tender nipples was causing his huge cock to start to twitch in his cramped loincloth. 

NNNnnnnhh!!!” the massive warrior moaned, almost swooning at the extreme sensations coming from his trapped nubs. He grabbed the two tentacles once again, this time pulling them toward him, and with his other hand brought the short sword down in a powerful slice, severing the two tentacles and freeing his aching nipples from their grasp. 

A low rumble could be heard from beneath the dark waters, and the very ground began to shake. Conan quickly stood and brought his sword and shield to the ready, for the Balwar was finally coming to the surface of the lake. 

The water roiled and churned for several seconds, and then a massive monster burst from the surface, sending huge waves of water in all directions. The Balwar let out a mighty roar, and flailed what looked to be at least two score of massive tentacles – each as thick as Conan’s brawny forearm and 40 or 50 feet long. The monstrous and grotesque creature did indeed vaguely resemble a giant squid, except for the chitinous armor that coated the creature’s roughly spherical body, and the single great slitted eye that shone with evil intent, staring directly at the handsome and fearless hero. A single great gaping maw opened beneath the giant eye to let out a second thunderous bellow of rage and challenge, and Conan could see multiple rows of razor sharp teeth lining the huge mouth. The creature looked capable of swallowing even the mighty Conan whole, and the young barbarian knew he was in for an epic life-or-death battle. 

Without further preamble, the terrible fight began. Half a dozen of the large tentacles lashed out at the hero with incredible speed, but Conan was even faster, dodging out of the way of each of the flailing limbs. Some of the tentacles struck the rock behind Conan, shattering boulders and sending large stones flying with the force of their blows. The monster was frighteningly strong indeed! 

Conan didn’t waste any time as he lunged at one of the tentacles and neatly severed it with his short sword. The creature screeched in agony, its deafening bellow almost knocking Conan to the ground, and quickly retracted all of its limbs to a safe distance. 

“One down,” Conan smirked to himself. 

The monster renewed its attack, sending multiple tentacles against the nearly naked muscle man. Conan continued to dodge and duck the monster’s attacks, and over the next several minutes managed to sever three more tentacles from the beast. But the creature still had more than three DOZEN additional tentacles at its disposal, and it continued to bring more and more of them to bear on the stalwart and undaunted hero. 

Yet another tentacle lunged at the warrior, which Conan dodged by leaping into the air. The Balwar had been studying the young man’s movements, however, and had learned to anticipate such a dodge. Thus it was that the creature’s next tentacle whipped through the air toward the flying hero, aiming at right where it knew the muscle man would be. Conan saw the danger and tried to twist his massive body in mid-flight, but alas, he was unable to dodge the incoming tentacle. 

With bruising force, the tentacle slammed into Conan’s midsection and immediately wrapped itself around the young man’s tight and awesomely muscular waist, lifting the huge 420-pound muscle giant into the air as if he weighed virtually nothing. Conan made ready to sever the tentacle with his sword, but before he could do so, another tentacle lashed out and captured his right wrist, pulling his arm up and away from his body and squeezing the wrist until the sword fell from Conan’s limp fingers. 

Conan bellowed in animal fury, slamming this latest tentacle with his shield and thrashing wildly with his arm and legs in an attempt to break free. But with one tentacle already wrapped around Conan’s waist and another wrapped around one wrist, however, the young warrior couldn’t hope to break free. It didn’t take long for the creature to capture the young man’s remaining limbs at wrist and ankles, rendering the immensely powerful muscle stud completely helpless. 

The Balwar brought all its tentacles in closer to its body, bringing the trapped barbarian out over the lake and within less than 10 feet of the creature’s huge, fang filled maw. The creature then released the tentacle gripping around the young man’s muscle-packed midsection, and used its other four tentacles to pull the young man’s heroically muscular arms and legs away from his body, leaving him in a completely vulnerable, spread eagled position. At some point during Conan’s struggle, his massive cock had worked its way out the side of his loincloth, the beautiful mega schlong hanging heavy and limp between his legs and pointing down toward the water, while one of his gargantuan hairy bull balls had slipped out the other side of the fur pouch, the spunk engorged orb hanging down several inches in its huge, hairy scrotum. 

Conan could not remember a time when he felt more vulnerable or in greater peril. 

The monster didn’t waste any time. While Conan continued to struggle mightily – but futilely – against the vise-like grip of the tentacles, a series of much smaller tentacles began to erupt from the creature’s mouth. Dozens and dozens of the slender, spaghetti like tendrils, like the ones that had initially captured Conan’s huge nipples, snaked outward in a seething mass, and Conan realized with a start that these slender tentacles were actually the creature’s version of tongues. 

Yet another tentacle emerged from the creature’s gaping maw, and this one was different from all the others. It was only about as thick as Conan’s burly wrist, and had a puckered opening at the end, almost like a small mouth. This tentacle snaked its way upward, heading directly for Conan’s heavy dangling horse cock. Real fear crept into Conan’s massive barrel chest as the end of this tentacle positioned itself directly underneath the young man’s huge, fist-sized, juicy cock head, and the end of the tentacle opened to reveal that the tentacle was in fact a hollow, fleshy tube. 

Conan suddenly realized what the chieftain meant when he said that the Balwar drained its victims of their life force – it sucked out a man’s life energy through his very cock! 

“AAAAAHHHNNGGGHHhhh!!!” Conan roared in defiance as the tube tentacle lunged forward and engulfed nearly the entire colossal length of his thick, juicy cock within its slimy mouth. The tube proved to be lined with powerful undulating muscles, for it immediately began to perform a milking action on the trapped phallus, rhythmically pulling and sucking on the great bull cock with amazing force and suction. 

In spite of himself, Conan felt his ever randy cock betray him and begin to rapidly grow and unfurl to its full and awe inspiring rock hardness. As his cock grew and swelled to its astounding dimensions, the suction tube released more and more of the huge, glistening, vein-gnarled shaft until it was only sucking on the huge, red, over stimulated head. His cock now looked like an extra thick club with a long fleshy sock over the end of it. 

“UUuunnnnngghhhhh!” Conan moaned helplessly. He suddenly regretted having such an overactive libido and overproductive bull nuts, for he was achingly horny and his cock extremely sensitive. 

“Unnh! Aaahh! UUNNH!!” Conan moaned in deep-voiced surprise, for the sucking action of the tube was now being joined by another sensation. From somewhere inside the tube, a slender tentacle was seductively tickling at the opening of his wide gaping piss slit, and was now starting to worm its way inside. The slender, violating tendril wriggled about an inch into the hugely swollen cock head, and then began to quiver and stimulate the inside of his cock. The pleasurable feeling was overwhelming, and Conan feared that his mighty legs would have buckled had he not been held up by the monster’s powerful limbs. 

“GAAAAAHHCCK!” Conan choked as he started to struggle anew, but only his hips could move, bucking his powerful groin in and out and causing his gorgeous abdominal muscles to flex spectacularly. But all he succeeded in doing was fuck the milking tube and force the slender tendril ever farther into his heroically bloated horse cock. Each time his muscular hips bucked into the tube, the tentacle inside his cock slid in deeper and deeper, stimulating the horny muscled hero even more.

“NOOO!! ACCK! Nnnnhhgggnnn!!” Conan was losing the battle in more ways than one. He knew that he mustn’t cum or the hideous creature would suck out his very life essence, but he feared that he was nearing the edge already. He could feel the cum boiling in his massive balls and being ushered out by the dancing tentacle inside his pulsing cock. He was no doubt already leaking a river of precum into the sucking tube, and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he would be shooting a torrent of his heady, powerful man cream down into the creature’s gullet. 

The relentless sucking and interior stimulation of Conan’s trapped bull cock continued for minute after long minute, and the young muscle hunk felt that he was holding back his almighty deluge of stud cream by sheer will alone. 

The Balwar seemed to grow frustrated that its prey had not yet begun to cum. No man had ever endured its ministrations for more than just a few minutes, and this extraordinarily massive and muscular young man had already endured more than 15 minutes of almost unimaginable pleasure and stimulation. The creature decided to use more of its many tentacles to bring the man to orgasm. 

One of the slender tentacle “tongues” wriggled forward and gently wrapped itself around the top of Conan’s low-slung bull balls, both of which had long since slipped from his loincloth. Once the tendril had fully encircled both behemoth orbs, it suddenly cinched itself very tight, and began to pull the huge balls downward. The tendril had a strength that defied its slender size, and it quickly pulled the young man’s boiling bull balls to a full 8 incredible inches from his crotch. This equaled the stretch that Conan had given his own balls earlier that morning when he beat out a massive stud load at the grotto, and added immensely to the erotic pain surging through the young man’s tortured loins. 

The sudden stretch to his beefy stud balls almost put Conan over the edge, but he held on once again and continued his struggle to break free. As he watched in dismay, however, another tendril snaked upward to wrap around his balls, lending its strength to the pull on the young man’s huge nuts. And then a third tendril joined the action, then a fourth, then a fifth, and then a sixth. Each new tendril increased the force bearing down on Conan’s incredibly tough nuts, increasing the stretching from a mere solid pulling to a brutal and violent yanking. 

Conan’s aching and cum-swollen bull balls were quickly stretched to 9 inches, and then 10 inches, and then 11 inches! Within a few minutes, more than a dozen of the slender tentacles had wrapped themselves around the base of the young stud’s bloated balls, and had pulled them to just over 12 inches from his crotch, three times their natural dangle and much, much farther than they’d ever been stretched before!!  

The pain was unbelievable, yet so was the pleasure. Conan’s mind was reeling from the sensations, for he had never had his balls stretched to such an extraordinary length before. The massive, grapefruit-sized orbs bulged bright red and shiny at the extreme bottom of their overstretched scrotum, looking even more massive than ever. Conan was certain his scrotum would split at any moment, for his balls felt like they wanted to burst forth from his sac. Conan looked down and was horrified by the impossible stretch to his scrotum. His normally voluminous ball sac was now reduced to a frighteningly narrow tube of flesh containing the all-important vessels and cords that gave his extraordinary balls life. He knew that he had ball cords of steel, but he wondered just how much more abuse even his awesomely tough nuts could take. 

Yet even as he watched, more and more tendrils were wrapping themselves around the base of his bloated balls, slowly stretching them farther and farther still. Conan wondered if his balls would be brutally torn from his loins even before he was forced to shoot his scalding load. 

Through all of this stimulation and abuse, somehow, miraculously, Conan clung to the edge of orgasm without letting his body fall over the edge. His body was desperate to cum, but his mind was just as desperate to keep from cumming and being drained of his powerful life essence. All of the massive, beefy muscles in his extraordinary body were flexed to the maximum as Conan struggled with every ounce of his awesome might to hold back from cumming. His blue eyes were squeezed shut and his teeth clenched in a grimace of pure agony and ecstasy, a deep grumble of defiance vibrating from the center of his massive chest. He knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. 


Since his eyes were closed, Conan had no idea that the monster had decided to add yet another element to his abuse. That is, until he felt an explosion of unbelievable pain in his trapped and profoundly overstretched elephant nuts. Conan’s eyes flew open in pain and surprise, and a gasp of agony escaped his lips. His balls felt like they had been shattered by an incredible, pulverizing force. In fact, he was surprised to find that his balls were still whole and attached to his body, though the stretch to his screaming spuds had now increased to a eye-popping and outrageous 14 inches. 

As Conan watched, the monster retracted one of its thick tentacles, and then launched it again with frightening speed and force at the young man’s thoroughly trapped and completely helpless balls. 


The impact was spectacular, resounding in a loud, wet, and very beefy smack of flesh on flesh as the tentacle was hurled like a mighty club against Conan’s trapped man eggs. The massive orbs were pulled so taut by the dozens of clutching tendrils that they had no choice but to absorb the entire full force of the devastating blow. These were the same huge tentacles that had recently sundered solid boulders and shattered granite on the lakeshore, and any other man's balls would have been instantly blown to smithereens by such a blow. Conan’s herculean balls somehow endured, but the young warrior knew that even his goliath bull balls could not take much of this extreme abuse before they, too, would be reduced to rubble. 




Three more blows from three separate tentacles, all in quick succession. Conan bellowed in extreme agony, yet his libido was in overdrive. His balls felt ready to burst both with their overabundance of too-long-held cum and with the beyond-brutal beating they were suffering from the creature's thick tentacles. Conan's massive cock was quivering like a vibrating lightning rod, only a hairsbreadth from letting loose with the thunderous orgasm that would spell the end of his life. The head of his cock was screaming from the constant overstimulation being provided by the sucking tube, and the slender tendril inside his cock had snaked all the way down the massive shaft into the very heart of his plumbing, stimulating the inside of his cock from the tip all the way to the very base. 






Conan's mighty bull balls had never known such agony. Though they were thus far still intact, Conan could already feel that their normally rock solid density was starting to become mushy, as the pounding of the creature's tentacles took its toll and began to wear down his orbs' fearsome strength and resilience. He had endured dozens of brutal ball busting encounters in the past that often lasted for many hours, proving again and again the sheer brutal TOUGHNESS of his mighty balls by surviving abuse that would have obliterated any other man’s balls. But never before had an assailant brought such incredible force to bear on his mighty man nuts. Conan doubted his huge bull balls could endure 10 minutes of this brutality, let alone hours. 








The Balwar was bringing more and more of its huge tentacles to bear, allowing it to hammer Conan's screaming balls in rapid and endless succession, without a moment’s respite between annihilating blows. The mighty barbarian could feel his colossal nuts crumbling even faster, and he now wondered if he could survive even one more MINUTE of this horrific ball abuse! 

Scores and scores of powerful tendrils had now wrapped themselves around Conan's mammoth cum-bloated nuts, and the stretching force they were exerting on those most massive of plums was nothing short of tremendous. Conan glanced down, and his beautiful blue eyes flew open wide in disbelief at what he saw. Between the utterly brutal hammering of the thick tendrils against his trapped balls and the merciless and relentless tugging of the slender tendrils, Conan could see that his monstrous gonads had now been stretched to just over 16 jaw dropping inches from his crotch!! That was more than FOUR TIMES their natural dangle!!! And just a few inches shy of the unparalleled length of his own gargantuan monster cock. In some quiet and detached corner of his pain and pleasure addled mind, Conan found himself intensely proud at the extraordinary amount of abuse his mighty body could withstand, and he was only sorry that his heroic young life was about to end when he felt there were still so many more adventures awaiting him. 

For Conan knew that his end had come. It wasn't just that his extraordinarily oversized bull bollocks were about to be smashed into paste and ripped from his body, though both of those events were indeed about to come to pass. Conan also knew with certainty that he couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer under such an assault. His great libido and extraordinary virility were just too freakishly strong. He could already feel the massive shudderings in his goliath cock that signaled an imminent and unstoppable orgasm. He was holding on by sheer force of will now, doing all he could to delay his orgasm as long as possible, but knowing with a tremendous sense of defeat that his orgasm could no longer be denied. 

The Balwar had no concern for Conan's feelings, however, nor for his safety, for the creature went into overdrive, pounding its tentacles against the young man's trapped balls faster and faster, and harder than ever before. Even MORE tendrils found purchase around the already crowded base of his gigantic gonads and added their frightening strength to those already pulling mightily at the humongous baby makers. Conan let out a final, ear-splitting bellow of utter defiance as he endured the most brutal treatment yet, knowing his end was only moments away. 






















Conan opened his beautiful blue eyes to take in one last glance of the idyllic lake and the rays of the setting sun before his young life was tragically and prematurely ended. That's when he saw that the Balwar had brought its tentacles much closer to its body, most likely so that it could more closely watch the destruction of the most formidable prey it had ever encountered. Its great, globular eye was just a few feet from the bound muscle man, and Conan knew he had perhaps one chance to break free. 

Twisting his great muscular body as much as his bonds allowed, he thrust his powerful right knee forward and buried it with great force into the monster's eye. 

The recoil was awesome. 

The creature let out an earth shattering screech of pain and surprise, and instinctively hurled the barbarian away from its injured eye. Conan flew dozens of feet through the air, and landed with a great thud onto the broken rocks of the lakeside promontory. 

Conan was only stunned for a bare instant before he was on his feet. The creature had released its grip with its thick tentacle arms and its slender tentacle tongues, but its suction tube was still enveloped around Conan's achingly swollen cock head, and its tendril was still buried deep inside to the root of his monster cock. Both the tube and the tendril were still doing their insidious work, hurtling Conan ever closer to his unstoppable orgasm. Conan knew that if he came into that tube, his life would be over just as surely as if he was still in the creature's powerful grasp, for it would still be able to feast on his super abundant sperm and drain him of his vital life essence. 

The young barbarian looked around desperately for something that would help him, his titanic orgasm continuing to build until he felt his loins must surely burst. His eyes caught a glimpse of his short sword, which was buried to the hilt in the rocks not 20 feet away. Apparently the force of the creature's blow when it knocked the sword free from his hand was so great that it actually buried the blade deep into solid rock. 

The massive muscle man made a giant leap for the sword, his massive thigh muscles propelling him with incredible force, just avoiding the bone breaking impact of almost half a dozen frenzied tentacle arms that came crashing down onto the stop where he had just stood. Conan landed with a practiced roll right next to the sword. Wasting no time, he grabbed the hilt with both hands, uttered a mighty war cry, and with a gigantic heave pulled the sword free from the stone. 

With a thunderous yell, Conan brought the sword down in a great arc and severed the suction tube less than a foot beyond the end of his cock. The creature screamed again, and was momentarily distracted by its own pain. Conan took those precious moments to rip the dead tube off of his long suffering cock head, which gleamed bright red and shiny in the setting sun, coated with globs and globs of his thick, viscous precum. The thin tendril, however, was still buried deep inside the hero's enormous cock, where it continued to wriggle and stimulate the young and heroically horny stud. Conan caught the wriggling tendril by the few inches that were exposed out of the end of his cock, and yanked it out in one long, mighty tug. 

“GAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!” Conan cried as the sudden sensation hurled him over the edge. A TITANIC string of semen, thick as one of Conan’s blunt finger and at least 10 or 12 feet long, escaped from the mammoth organ with tremendous force, blasting out and over the lake and landing in the churning water just a few feet from the body of the wounded and epically furious monster

What followed was the most gargantuan, thunderous, knee buckling orgasm the young man had ever experienced. Wad after massive, throw-you-to-the-ground wad blasted out of the handsome stud's colossally bloated bull cock, each slug of super thick and rich semen following so closely upon its previous brother that it looked like Conan was peeing instead of cumming. Only no one could possibly pee - let alone cum - in such extraordinary, super human quantities. 

Conan was staggered by the force of his own orgasm, and his massive balls were contracting so hard that he was sure that the nearly busted balls would simply implode under the terrific strain. The young muscle stud wanted nothing more than to drop to his knees and violently stroke his massive cock as his horrifically bruised and battered - but incredibly still intact! - bull balls churned out the most massive load of all time. But Conan knew that the Balwar would only be distracted for a few moments, and then would be attacking him again full force - and the mighty warrior knew he would never survive being in the creature's clutches again. 

Mustering all of his great strength, and with his cock continuing to blast out the greatest load of his young life, the naked warrior shouted a great battle cry, took a running start, and leapt off the edge of the rocky promontory, launching himself straight for the flailing monster. His great, massively muscular legs propelled the hero with awesome force, easily clearing the 30 or 40 foot gap between the shore and the angry monster. Conan clutched his short sword over his head with both hands, and the creature looked up just in time to see the great muscular beast of a warrior land with full force, blade first, into the creature's huge eye. The force of the blow drove the sword clear through the eye into the creature's brain, killing it instantly and driving Conan’s mammoth forearm into the monster's gelatinous eye right up to his elbow. The many tentacles shook and quivered and thrashed in the air for a few moments, and then fell limply into the water. Just like that, the mighty Balwar, great scourge of the lake, was finally dead. 

Conan pulled his gore-coated arm and sword out of the creature's head with a great wet sucking sound, and the fell onto his back atop the chitin-armored corpse. His massive horse cock continued to thunder out its mighty load, and the warrior gripped the huge phallus with his other hand and started to jerk out the remainder of his awesome load. His entire, massively muscular body shuddered and bucked with the intensity of his orgasm, and it took more than two more minutes before the final slugs of cum burped weakly from his cock to fall upon his cum drenched chest and shoulders. 

The muscle-bound warrior fell back in exhaustion, temporarily spent and immensely grateful to still be alive. His rock hard cock continued to quiver and throb in the afterglow of his incredibly intense orgasm, and the stunningly handsome young man could do nothing else but lay there for several minutes, panting to regain his breath. He knew it would likely be an hour or more before his cock finally went soft, so he decided he wouldn't even bother looking for his loincloth. The garment had been torn from his body some time during his ordeal, and was probably ruined anyway. He seemed to lose more loincloths that way...

After several minutes of rest, Conan reached down and gently cupped his huge and almost cripplingly aching bollocks. Never before had he felt such a deep, gut wrenching ache from his balls before. He gently fondled his massive, swollen, and battered baby makers in his big hand, and confirmed that they were indeed somehow, miraculously, intact. They were significantly swollen and horrifically bruised and would no doubt be sore for days to come, but they would soon recover their rock solid hardness, and would even quicker be recharged with another mammoth load of his stud cum. 

Conan gently tugged his balls downward, and was shocked to discover that the natural hang and heft of his balls had actually been increased by all of the brutal ball pulling. Instead of their usual 4-inch dangle, his behemoth bull balls now stretched their massive scrotum to just over 6 inches from his crotch, hanging huge and heavy and supremely powerful a full HALF FOOT from his hairy crotch. Time would tell if this was a permanent stretch, but Conan was rather hoping it was. He liked the way his balls looked hanging even farther from his sweaty, hairy, and and ultra muscular crotch. Sure, he'd have to be more careful when he walked to make sure he didn't crush his massive gonads between his gigantic, columnar thighs, but he had to admit that his colossally huge bull balls looked even more impressive hanging half a foot from his groin. 

After inspecting his junk and making sure he hadn't sustained any lasting injuries, Conan set about the grisly and disgusting task of finding and retrieving the fleshy sac that contained the Balwar wine, the magical oil that would offer him protection from the wizard's magic spells. He began hacking and digging into the creature's massive skull, and soon enough located a round, soft sac about the size of a gourd behind the creature's brain, just where the chieftain had said it would be. 

By the time he was done with this grisly chore, much of the warrior’s massive body was covered in the creature's gore. At least, Conan thought to himself with a smile, his eternal hard on had finally gone soft. His cock was still a little puffy and tender from being kept so hard and so stimulated for so long, but was otherwise fine. The massive warrior dove into the cool lake to thoroughly wash the cum, sweat, and gore from his flawless, tanned skin and thick, wavy hair. He then swam to the shore and shook himself dry. His only article of clothing that had survived the battle with the Balwar was his boots, so he put those back on, grabbed his sword, shield, and sack of Balwar wine oil, and set out in all his naked glory for the wizard's fortress. The sun had almost set, and the spring evening was crisp, but that didn't faze Conan in the slightest - he had endured nights in the frozen north with nothing but memories of a blazing hearth to keep him warm, so this slightly chill weather was nothing to the hardened barbarian. 

He set his massive, muscular shoulders, and began the final march to the entrance of the wizard's mighty fortress, his massive purplish balls smacking loudly against his humongous thighs with each step. 


The powerful wizard felt he might swoon. He had just finished watching the massive and achingly handsome young warrior's battle with the Balwar, and the mighty young stud had actually come out victorious! It was a close thing, and the young man almost lost both his life and his balls to the guardian of the lake, but in the end his strength, bravery, and cunning saved the day. And the load he pounded out at the end of the battle was even more massive and more super human in both quantity and sheer power than the one the wizard had seen him blow at the grotto!! The wizard knew without a doubt that this was the perfect man he had been waiting for all of his life. 

For only a man who could defeat the wizard's pet Balwar would be worthy to make the ultimate sacrifice, and allow the wizard to achieve his dreams. 

The wizard distractedly dabbed at another large wet stain at the front of his pants, and set about the task of making his new "guest" welcome…


Friday, July 24, 2015

Conan vs. the Tentacle Wizard - Part 1 - Jayse Version

I'm returning to the realm of sword and sorcery and super heroes for the next three posts, which are all in a series regarding the mighty Conan. Sadly, I no longer have the original story from which I created these three chapters, but suffice it to say that I EXTENSIVELY expanded the story. :)


Conan vs. the Tentacle Wizard
Part 1
Loosely based on an original story by an unknown author


“Please have mercy!!” the beautiful young maiden begged. 

“But my pretty darling, I have none to spare,” the bent and decrepit sorcerer replied with a smile, just before he plunged the wicked dagger deep into the young woman’s chest. A short scream and a cough of blood ended the ceremony, and the lovely young maiden’s terror. The dagger glowed with golden and white light as the maiden's life force was transferred to the wizard's aged body, once again reversing decades of aging and extending his already unnaturally long life. 

Yet another maiden had died for the wizard’s pursuit of the essence of vitality and beauty. The ancient being had been searching for the elusive secret to immortality for millennia, and felt he was close to achieving his goal. Using magicks both ancient and foul, the evil wizard had extended his life to a vastly unnatural length, and had maintained a vigor that belied his true age. But he had not yet succeeded in granting himself either true beauty or eternal youth. After this most recent transfer of life essence, the ancient wizard now appeared to be in his late fifties, and was still a small and thin man. His body was very slender and compact, and what muscles he had were very lean and wiry. His fingers were unusually long and thin like spider legs. And his face was anything but handsome, with a weak jaw, beaked nose, beady eyes, and dark, lank hair that hung past his shoulders in long greasy locks. 

The wizard commanded immense magical powers, enough to level mountains and lay waste to entire civilizations, but he did not have the two things he truly craved – youth and beauty. 

Over the many centuries, the wizard had captured and enslaved thousands of beautiful young men and women, breeding them in captivity in an attempt to produce men and women of perfect form and beauty. In at least half of his goal, the wizard had been incredibly successful, for his breeding program had produced countless women of flawless beauty and perfection, like the one he had just sacrificed. His stables now held many hundreds of these jewels, women with flawless alabaster skin, flaxen hair like spun gold or burnished copper or dark bronze or fiery red, and radiant eyes of emerald green, sapphire blue, bright turquoise, and topaz yellow. But in all of these thousands of years, no man that the wizard had ever captured or bred had met his impossibly high standards for beauty, and all had eventually perished by his hand. 

In order to achieve his goal of eternal youth and beauty, the wizard needed to find a male of utter masculine perfection, a man he could enslave, breed, and then drain of his manly essence. A man worthy of the sacrifice required for the wizard’s bid for immortality. 

The wizard returned to his scrying pool, ready to resume his millennia-long search for the perfect male, once again suppressing his growing frustration and despair of ever finding that paragon of man. 


Dawn serenely crept upon the virgin forest, the sunlight sparkling on the dew captured on leaves and on blades of grass, adding a promise of warmth to the cool spring air. A lone figure astride a powerful stallion rode slowly between the huge and ancient trees, breathing deeply of the crisp morning air and enjoying the sounds of the birds and other small animals welcoming the new day. 

As the dawn’s light illuminated the forest, the figure on the huge horse threw back his cloak, revealing a bare-chested giant of a man of almost impossibly huge dimensions. The man was very tall, almost six and a half feet in height, and was even more fantastically muscular than his gallant mount. 

The beefy giant of a man must have weighed well over 420 pounds, and it was all muscle. His mountainous muscles were encased within flawless, caramel colored skin, the kind of glorious color that fair skin achieves once it reaches a perfect tan. His bare legs were simply phenomenal, with thickly muscled, gargantuan thighs like the trunks of the forest’s mighty oak trees, and powerful calves larger than most men’s thighs. His feet were covered by half boots made of cured leather and fur, but they were clearly massive feet, in perfect proportion to the rest of the man’s awesome physique. The man sat very upright in his saddle, displaying the magnificent wall of his abdominal muscles to great effect. The man’s abs were like a series of large, chiseled cobblestones, set in a tight, muscular waist that seemed almost ridiculously tiny and narrow compared to the rest of his mighty body, but was nevertheless a tight column of pure muscle. His shoulders were impossibly wide, and were capped with spheres of muscle bigger than 30-pound cannonballs. The arms that descended from those mighty shoulders were even most astounding, gigantic arms of pure muscular power that flexed and bulged with the rolling gait of his horse. His bare hands were enormous, large enough to palm the head of a mighty troll…and no doubt crush it to dust as well. 

The man’s chest, however, was perhaps the most stunningly massive and muscular feature on his spectacular body, two awesomely beefy pecs that were simply breathtaking in their size, shape,  and thickness. The man’s monumental chest was swollen almost obscenely large, two massive plates of muscle that were impossibly wide, and easily more than 6 inches thick. The mighty crevasse between those two thick plates of muscle was so deep that the sun’s light didn’t penetrate all the way down, and was obscured even further by the fur of dark chest hair that dusted the expanse of the man’s impossibly huge pecs. The underside of his pecs were extraordinarily rounded, and their heft was clearly enormous, for the heavy muscle barely even bounced with the steps of the huge mount. The man’s huge pecs were so swollen with muscle that his nipples nearly pointed straight downward. Those nipples were luscious beyond compare, the nipples themselves bigger than large pencil erasers and set in large aureolas the size of silver dollars. 

There was no doubt that this must be the mightiest man in the world, perhaps even the mightiest man that had ever lived. And the huge muscle man rode with a confidence and self-assuredness that made it clear he was aware of this fact as well. 

A beam of sunlight landed on the man’s face, illuminating it for the first time that morning, and it was quickly and abundantly apparent that the huge muscular hulk of a man possessed a phenomenal masculine beauty to match his peerless and flawless physique. And even more astoundingly, it was the face of a young man of perhaps only 20 or 22 years. If the young man was this huge at such a tender age, then the gods only knew how massive the young stud would be as he got older! 

The young man had a face that was caught in that magical transition between boy and man, combining the best features of both into a countenance that was beyond handsome, beyond beautiful, chiseled and sculpted to perfection. He had an extremely powerful square jaw and prominent chin, high cheekbones, and a large aquiline nose over a wide, expressive mouth. His cerulean blue eyes sparkled with intelligence and curiosity, taking in details that most would miss, and capable of peering deep into someone’s very soul. He had a mane of thick and luxuriously wavy chestnut hair that came to just beyond his shoulders, worn free and loose. A dusting of the same dark brown hair coated his chest, forearms, and legs, but his gloriously muscular body was otherwise virtually hairless. 

The handsome and impossibly beefy young lad was clearly a warrior. The proof was not only in his extraordinary size and muscular development, but also in the fact that he had a truly massive sword in a scabbard strapped to his incredibly wide and densely muscled back. The hilt of the massive sword peeked out over the giant’s enormous right shoulder, and though it looked to be too heavy for most men to lift even with both hands, the powerful young warrior was more than strong enough to be able to wield the mighty blade one-handed with expert ease. 

The young man was also clearly a barbarian, for he had the enormous frame, fair skin, and dark hair of the northern Cimmerian people. He was also dressed as a barbarian, for other than his leather boots, giant sword, fur loincloth, and the cloak he had so recently removed, the young man was entirely naked. For a tough and beefy young northerner like him, the somewhat chilly morning in the forest was almost tropical in comparison to the frozen lands of his birth, as he had been bred to be able to endure great fluctuations in temperature and climate with ease. 

The skimpy fur loincloth did little to conceal yet another extraordinary feature of this young man’s already unparalleled physique. The dark fur strained to contain a mound of impossible dimensions, a bulge that was bigger than an extra large gourd. Surely no man, not even a giant of such prodigious dimensions, could be so hugely endowed! The massive bulge of the young man’s groin ground into the pommel of his saddle with each plodding step of his mighty stallion, causing the mound to bulge and compress quite dramatically, but clearly causing the young barbarian warrior not the least bit of discomfort or distress. No doubt the young man’s mighty genitals were as tough and hardened as the rest of his magnificent body. 

The barbarian rode for several more hours before coming upon a small village nestled in the forest. He had not seen another human soul in many days, and after a long journey, the beefy barbarian decided he would like a place to rest for a while. 

As the young muscle man entered the village, the rustic folk of the hamlet stared at him in open mouthed awe and wonder. He didn’t mind, as he was accustomed to the reaction that his massively muscular size and near nudity had on people. But it was the hope in the eyes of the villagers that made him curious, and he wondered if this was a community in need of a warrior. The young man had encountered many such towns and villages in his travels, and he was usually happy to assist such communities with their troubles in return for food, wine, and lodging. 

A middle-aged man suddenly came running toward the muscled barbarian. 

“At last, a brave warrior!” the man exclaimed as he nearly ran into the young man’s mount. He was wearing layers of robes and had a medallion of office around his neck, clearly marking him as the village chief. The young muscle man reined in his mount so that he could listen to the village chief. 

“Please, my daughter! Save her! You must save her!” the chief pleaded. 

“Your daughter?” the young man responded in a deep and rich baritone voice. “What has happened to her, and where is she?” The young man replied, looking down upon the chief. By his size alone, the barbarian dwarfed the chieftain; being mounted upon his mighty stallion just made him that much larger than the averaged sized man.

“The evil wizard has kidnapped her! Please save her! Anyone that the wizard captures is never seen again, and I fear for her life. She is my only daughter, and the light of my life. She is being held captive in the wizard’s castle,” the chieftain said, pointing at a large cliff face visible in the far distance and looming over the edge of the forest. The young man’s superior vision allowed him to see the outline of a large fortress at the edge of the cliff, looking down upon the forest below. 

The chieftain was clearly distraught, for he stumbled over his own words when talking to the huge muscle man. 

The young man reached up to scratch the back of his head as he considered the chieftain’s plea. His melon-sized biceps swelled to even greater dimension even with this simple endeavor, and the chieftain’s eyes all but bugged out of his head at the awesome sight. The chieftain began to panic, for he feared that the warrior would decline to help him. He racked his mind to think of something to convince the muscular giant to aid him. 

“I will provide you with a place to stay, food, wine, bath, a blacksmith to reshoe your horse and to temper your sword!” the chieftain said. “We are but a poor community, but all that we have is yours if you will but help us.” 

The young man reached out a massive hand and laid it gently gripped the chieftain’s shoulder, saying, “I appreciate your offer of hospitality, but I do not require payment. I will take on this quest for your sake, and for the sake of your daughter.”

 “Thank you! Oh, thank you!” the chieftain exclaimed, nearly sobbing with relief. “What is your name, noble warrior?” 

The young man softly laughed and tossed back his unruly mane of hair, saying, “I am no noble, but I am indeed a warrior, and I have never been bested in battle. My name is Conan. Conan of Cimmeria.” 

The chieftain took Conan’s huge hand in both of his and shook it firmly, welcoming the huge warrior to the village and introducing him to the other villagers. Conan dismounted off of his steed and allowed the huge black beast to be taken to the stable to be brushed and fed while he in turn partook of the hospitality of the villagers. 

As always happened everywhere that he traveled, Conan’s stunning good looks, the rakish hair falling loosely about his shoulders, his several days of beard stubble, his nearly naked physique covered in the sweat and dirt of traveling, all conspired to quicken the pulse of all who saw him, man and woman alike. But when he smiled and flashed his smoldering blue eyes, women swooned and men fawned on him. The women around the laundry tub couldn’t take their eyes off of Conan’s cobblestone abs, for they wished they had washboards half as defined in order to clean their linens. The young man was more than just a warrior, more than just a barbarian – he was like a masculine god of beauty and lust come to earth. 

The chieftain led Conan to the local inn, a two-story affair at the top of a steep riverbank. The chieftain left the young man in the care of the innkeeper, and went to prepare a lunch feast for the village’s new hero. The friendly innkeeper showed Conan to his room on the second floor. The room was small but cozy. Conan entered the room, and his great muscular bulk seemed to fill the small room to capacity. The room was dominated by a large bed, a bed that was perhaps just large enough to accommodate the huge lad. The innkeeper explained that the bed normally slept two or even three people, and apologized that this was the largest bed he had at his inn. Conan smiled and thanked the man, and assured him that he would be comfortable here. 

Through the one small window, Conan could see the steep ravine leading down to the small river that ran through the village. The ravine was thick with ferns and other lush vegetation, so he could not actually see the river itself. The innkeeper noticed Conan’s interest, and led him back down the stairs and out the back of the inn. Conan had to exit the door sideways, as his frame was far too massive to fit through most doorways. 

Out the rear of the inn was a steep stairway cut into the very rock of the riverbank, descending down toward the river. Conan followed the innkeeper down the stairs, and as the vegetation parted, he was surprised to discover a small grotto at the base of the stairs, with a waterfall of clear water tumbling from the tiered cliff face. It was a majestic and beautiful sight. 

 “This is where our guests – and some villagers – come to bathe and meditate. It is a very serene location, and as you can see, very private as well,” the innkeeper said, motioning to the dense vegetation above them that hid even the inn from view. The only access to the grotto was via the stone stairway, so the location was indeed very private. 

The innkeeper led Conan back up the stairs and into the inn. Conan deposited his sword and a few other belongings in his small room, threw his cloak back on over his massive cannonball shoulders, and went back outside to rejoin the villagers at the feast being thrown in his honor. 

The chieftain greeted Conan warmly, saying, “Welcome to our village, Conan of Cimmeria, and please enjoy this humble meal. Our foods may be simple fare, but they are hearty and robust. We must feed you so you have strength to face the sorcerer.” 

The banquet was indeed bountiful. Meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, and wine were all spread out in abundance on the table. The village may not be rich in silks and gems, Conan thought, but they were rich in the things that mattered – food on the table, shelter from the storm, and peace with their neighbors. 

As Conan sat to eating, the villagers all clamored to hear the stories of his travels. Conan smiled good-naturedly, and told several amazing tales of his many adventures. From anyone else, the fantastic stories would sound like pure fiction, but the size and obvious strength of the young man telling the stories convinced all the villagers that they were indeed true, and soon Conan had them all in awe. The chieftain and the villagers became more and more hopeful that Conan would be able to save the chieftain’s daughter. 

Conan gradually found himself surrounded by a bevy of shy and enamored maidens. As these women became more emboldened by the charming and handsome barbarian, they began to vie for his attention, dancing before him and even massaging his tremendous shoulders and monstrously huge arms. The young man was simply too beautiful, too masculine and perfect not to touch. 

The beefy young muscle monster soon realized that he had a problem. The women had begun to rub his mammoth chest, their slender fingers brushing against his large nipples, and it was beginning to arouse him. It had been many weeks since he had lain with a woman, and an almost equally long time since he had even pleasured himself, so he had less control over his massive cock than he would have otherwise. Already, he could feel the huge snake that was his cock beginning to twitch within his loincloth, and he knew he had to get away quickly before things got out of hand. Conan knew from experience that mere fabric was powerless to contain his mighty cock at full mast, and that if his massive truncheon were to be revealed before this group of villagers, there would be a riot as the women (and perhaps even some of the men) fought for the honor of pleasuring him. 

The mighty warrior excused himself from the table, saying that he wanted to rest for a few hours before heading out to the wizard’s castle. A large bulge was already starting to strain against the young man’s loincloth, and so Conan hurried back to the inn before the situation got any more out of control. 

The young man decided that he would take a bath in the grotto before retiring to his room for a short nap. He descended the stone stairway, his big hand rubbing against his rapidly growing cock all the way, and at the bottom began to disrobe. With as little clothing as Conan wore, he was able to disrobe quickly, taking off his cloak and then his boots before unfastening and shucking off his fur loincloth. 

As Conan began to peel the loincloth down his mighty and awesomely muscular thighs, his enormous cock began to be revealed. The base of the semi-erect cock was truly massive, thicker than a man’s wrist and nestled in thatch of thick, dark hair. As the loincloth dropped lower and lower, inch after inch of tremendously thick cock shaft was revealed. The mighty shaft was covered in an amazing tracery of thick veins, and as more and more of Conan’s magnificent cock was revealed, the more it began to look like a weapon nearly as formidable as the sword that had been strapped to the young man’s awesomely broad back. 

Conan hurried to get his cock free of the restricting loincloth, as his mighty crank was rapidly reaching full size, and would soon rip his loincloth asunder if not released. The young man’s columnar thighs made removing the tiny garment difficult, but finally Conan worked the loincloth past the thickest part of his thighs, and the loincloth fell to the ground, releasing the young man’s massive cock. 

The huge, throbbing cock sprang upward as it was released, slapping Conan in his muscular belly as it did so. The young man’s cock was simply gigantic, a massive rod of rock hard flesh that visibly throbbed to the young man’s heartbeat. The mighty cock was longer than three ale flagons stacked end to end, and nearly as thick. The young man’s large foreskin was fully retracted, revealing a huge helmet-shaped cock head bigger than a man’s fist, and more succulent than the ripest plum. Such was the tremendous weight of the huge cock that, strong as it was, it was unable to stand completely vertical, and instead jutted proudly from the young man’s muscular groin at about a 45 degree angle. Conan flexed his rampant cock a few times, causing it to slap again and again against his rock hard abdominal muscles. The mighty phallus was so long that the great knob at the end of his gigantic cock struck his muscular belly just below the mammoth overhang of his awesome pecs. This was truly the cock worthy of an heroic warrior. 

Once Conan’s cock was freed from the confining loincloth and allowed to bob freely in the warm air, the young man’s balls were finally revealed as well. Not surprisingly, Conan possessed a set of giant gonads that were every bit a match for his heroic monster cock and phenomenally muscular body. Each massive testicle was larger than the largest of grapefruit, and together were so heavy that they hung exceedingly low, stretching his voluminous ball sac to more than four inches from his crotch, where they swung ponderously and majestically beneath his mammoth cock. These were truly a set of balls that would make a prize stud bull jealous. 

Conan stood on the bank of the river for a moment in all of his naked glory, stretching his massive arms up over his head to ease the tension in his enormous muscles. The sight was utterly spectacular, this god of a man standing on the river’s edge, his every feature an exaggerated parody of masculinity that was nevertheless beautiful, glorious, perfect. The mighty warrior then slowly stepped into the cold water of the grotto and moved toward the waterfall itself. The cool water washed over his massive thighs, and then his mighty testicles became submerged, causing a jolt to run through Conan's muscular body. The pool was not tremendously deep, so the young man was only up to his chest at the deepest part of the pool before reaching the waterfall. 

The falling water actually landed on a wide ledge of rock at the edge of the pool, so Conan climbed out of the water and stood beneath the cool spray of the water. While the rest of his body was hidden behind the curtain of the waterfall, his enormously erect cock protruded through the falls, parting the waters and jutting out over the pool. Conan grabbed the soap and scrub brush from the pail located on the ledge, and started cleaning the grime of several weeks of travel from his massively muscular body. 

The big muscle monster took his time, enjoying the luxury of the fragrant soap and the idyllic grotto. When the rest of his body was clean, the young man brought the soap to bear on his enormous horse cock and pendulous bull balls. 

Uuuunnnhhh,” Conan moaned as his soap slick hands stroked up and down the tremendous length of his huge cock. It had been many days since he blew his last load, and his balls were bloated and churning with gallons of baby batter. 

“Aaaaawwwww...unnnh.” he moaned again as he started slowly jacking himself off. He was so horny he needed to blow off now, or he would never get any rest. His freed one hand from his cock to start to massage and squeeze one of his humungous pecs. His hand went to the weighty underside of the huge muscle and started pushing the slab of meat up and letting it bounce back, his index finger teasing his nipple with every pass. 

After just ten minutes of jacking his huge bull cock, and Conan was already nearing climax. His mind drifted to the maidens at the luncheon feast, and their slender hands stroking his huge muscles. The thought turned his huge fist into a piston, which starting jacking his mammoth phallus even faster. His massive balls were now bouncing around almost violently in their huge sac due to the fisting action on his cock, smacking roughly against his pistoning fist and then the flat rock in a staccato rhythm. Long streamers of precum were now dripping from his rampant cock, and it was clear he was about to blow his hero seed. 

“AAAHHHhhnnnn!! Oooohhhhhh!” he moaned in a heavy pant. He was nearly there, his heavily muscled body pushing his crotch further forward as he prepared to blast his pent up load. 

Conan used his free hand to grip around the base of his massive bull balls, and then he tugged down on his huge nuggies, hard, instantly doubling their already tremendous dangle to over 8 amazing inches. Any other man's balls would have been instantly torn from his crotch, but Conan's gigantic balls were as tough and hardened as the rest of his glorious body. Not only did Conan's balls endure the extraordinary stretch, but the pressure of having his balls squeezed to the bottom of his scrotum had the young bull stud on the verge of blowing his load. 

The huge hand gripping his bloated balls clutched as much of the thick ball meat as it could, and started to squeeze. Harder. And harder! And harder STILL!! Conan's incredibly dense and awesomely tough balls were actually deforming in his hand, bending around his clutching fingers as they attempted to dig into the very heart of his giant gonads. The pain was tremendous, but was far outweighed by the pleasure that now coursed through Conan's fantastically muscular body. 

“GAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Conan bellowed as the ball bursting squeeze drove him over the edge. 

Conan's humongous cock lurch once, twice, and then once more, and then began to jettison an almighty load of pearlescent stud cum. Conan watched in orgasmic bliss through the curtain of water as his cock spewed out massive rope after massive rope of his impossibly thick man juice. He bucked his hips in time to his throbbing cock, and continued to clench down on his screaming bull balls as his cock continued to spew and spew and spew massive wads of cum. 

The stud's mighty orgasm went on and on for over a minute as his cock blasted out dozens and dozens of huge slugs of cum. It was an orgasm beyond the realm of mortal man, a titanic deluge of sperm that was completely and utterly super human. The mighty young stud had already pumped out more of his incredibly potent spunk than it seemed possible to store in balls even of Conan’s gargantuan size, and yet he was still going strong. 

Finally, the epic, cataclysmic orgasm began to ebb until only the dregs of his monumental load were burping from his rock solid cock. Conan finally released the choke hold on his quivering bull nuts, and used both hands to squeeze and drain the last thick slugs of cum from his mighty fuck cannon. He was finally spent -- for the moment at least -- and wanted to go back to his room and rest before heading out to the wizard's fortress. 

Conan stepped out from behind the waterfall, his spectacular naked form glistening with water and vitality, and he could see that he had made quite the mess of the lovely grotto. The pool itself was murky with what had to be several gallons of prime barbarian jizz swirling in its depths. Even more astoundingly, the ferns and other plants that grew along the pool's edge were also festooned with thick ropes and sticky strings of his male effluvium. The far shore of the pool was at least 40 feet away from the waterfall, yet the power and sheer might of Conan's cock was such that his fuck cannon propelled his cum clear across the pool and into the foliage beyond. Even Conan was impressed with the mess, and made a mental note to himself to drain his massive and overactive bull balls more frequently in the future. Clearly a fortnight was far too long to leave his mighty sperm tanks untapped. 

Conan idly wondered with a grin on his handsome face what the next villager to visit the grotto would think when they saw and smelled the thick, rich funk coating the grotto’s banks. At least the waterfall should clear out the pool in the next couple of hours or so, but it would take a good rainstorm or two to wash the plants and river bank clean. 

Conan gathered up his clothes and began the climb back up the stairs, his still rock hard cock jutting proudly before him and dripping the last of his massive load. He was definitely looking forward to a few hours of sleep on a real bed...


The wizard looked up from his magical font with a look of pure joy and excitement on his pinched and unattractive face. His magical pool had discovered and located the powerful and beautiful young warrior as he was descending to the hidden grotto, and the wizard had watched in utter lustful amazement as this paragon of masculinity pounded out the largest load ever produced by man or beast. The wizard doubted that 100 normal man could produce in an entire year of constant milking as much cum as this monstrously muscular and hung young stud had produced in that one magnificent orgasm! The wizard was so overcome with lust and joy at this discovery that he didn't even notice the wet spot spreading in the crotch of his robes, for he had spontaneously cum without even touching himself at the mere sight of this incredibly gifted young man. 

The mighty wizard knew that the barbarian warrior would soon be heading his way, and so he began excited preparations for the young man's arrival. The wicked sorcerer knew that his search was finally over, and that the perfect man, the man he had been trying so desperately to find for these past thousands of years, would soon be arriving at his very door. 

And when he did, the evil wizard intended to capture and enslave the young man as his sex slave, breeding him like the stud bull he was and draining him of his male essence before eventually sacrificing him in the ceremony that would award him eternal youth and beauty. The sorcerer gleefully began laying the traps that would ensnare this paragon of man. 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

BIlly and his Aunt Vicky - Original Version

And here is the original version of last week's story. Poor Billy doesn't come through this version as well as he did in mine, I'm afraid...  ;)


Aunt Vicky
By: Fantasy Man 

Billy's aunt knows what's best for his large testicles...
Aunt Vicky (re-write)
He did not understand what was about to happen. Aunt Vicky had given him a nice warm cup of tea spiked with an arousal/sedative drug. He was lying on her bed nude with his legs spread open. He couldn't figure out why he had no desire to close them. His well-developed testicles rested heavily on the bed, his large penis semi rigid...
Aunt Vicky glanced at her nephew. An attractive, large breasted woman of 32, she loved the boy but was quite concerned about how his hormones were now changing their relationship. He was almost 17 and she'd caught him glancing at her giant breasts several times. Admittedly, she enjoyed wearing flimsy demi-cup push-up bras under tight shirts - perfect tools for selecting men in need of clinical "taming" or just a milking (the choice was hers) at the correctional facility where she worked. Her suspicions were confirmed; his sac was gigantic, hairless, and rested heavily on her silky sheets. She quite enjoyed the men with large testicles but it was necessary to drug them before their procedure - informing them that their testicles needed to be removed could cause quite a stir!
She entered the room, smiled at the young boy and sat next to him - her breasts heaved provocatively under her tight shirt. "Billy," she softly spoke, "you do know how much I love you, don't you?" The semi-conscious boy smiled and nodded, feeling embarrassed yet strangely comfortable. Despite his drugged state, his penis began erecting at the sight of her so close. Vicky smiled again, aware of his struggle not to look at her jutting breasts, and continued: "It's time I performed a little procedure on you Billy..." Billy watched in frozen embarrassment as she casually lifted his large, swollen balls. "Your testicles are just too big and heavy..." She smiled sympathetically.
Try as he might, the sight of her large, tightly clad breasts, the feel of her hands lifting his heavy nuts... his penis reached full erection in no time. "You poor thing..." was all she said, calmly holding his penis away from his sack.... "You've let your big balls get way too full..." she said softly and hefted his balls as if measuring their weight. He groaned with embarrassment - the drug in his drink kept him docile while mounting his arousal. "We cannot expect your penis to behave if he's not ejaculated at least once a day..." she observed, squeezing it gently just beneath its head.
He saw Aunt Vicky remove a device from her nearby table - it looked like some sort of clamping tool - and he watched as if in a dream as she carefully placed his large, bloated sack into it.... "There we are Billy... Just relax - this is going to feel a little snug..." Squeezing the handles gently his balls were pushed to the bottom of his sack nice and slow - he then felt something closing tightly around the top of his scrotum. "There we are Billy - that's my Testicle Choker..." she smiled, "It makes balls nice and snug. Nurses use it when they need to take a sperm sample..." Looking between his legs, he saw his balls pressed into a tight, fat ball at the end of his now doubly crimped scrotal neck. "Crimping a man's scrotum makes his ejaculation more manageable - instead of strong, messy spurts the nurse gets a nice controlled dribble." She smiled, holding his tight testicles reassuringly. "The nurses at the sperm bank use it to accurately supervise and measure a man's ejaculation." Billy's face was red with embarrassment, trying not to think about the humiliating, yet arousing, procedure. However, as the drug took more affect, he thought only of how her small pink top contoured perfectly to her giant breasts, clearly revealing the half-cup push-up bra underneath.
"We should really have you ejaculate Billy, but I don't like doing it without my little milker..." She was holding them now, lovingly passing his straining lump back-and-forth between her soft, manicured hands. With a calm, 'I know what's best' look, she continued; "The machine I use to milk a man's penis is totally automated. It has a penis sleeve which gently pumps and vibrates until I decide he's done ejaculating..." She squeezed his nuts playfully, "but just before you came, my friend borrowed the sperm-collection container." She was now holding a smooth black tube with a cute little pink bow at the top. "Billy, I was just going to milk you today but, without the collection cup to catch your mess, I can't let you spurt." She smiled gently. "I just don't want any on my new shirt..." she sighed and innocently stuck her chest out, slowly moving her massive breasts from side-to-side, showing him exactly where she didn't want a mess.
"There, there..." she cooed, cupping his heavy package in her left palm, pulling his balls forward, "That only leaves us with one option Billy - I'll have to remove your balls ..." she said sweetly. What? Had he heard right? He started to panic, recognizing her breasts for the distraction they were, but was overcome with a relaxed sense of purpose. They felt so bloated and safe in Aunt Vicky's soft, feminine hands. "That's right Billy, your auntie's going to take them nice and full..."
Letting his meaty lump rest on the silky sheets, she slid his penis into the sheath. "I'll let the milker get you nice and close before I take your balls ..." The black tube felt smooth as she slid it down his giant, erect penis. It felt rather snug, probably not made for a penis of his girth, but the length was just right - it came to rest under his head, leaving it to swell unchecked. "Oh dear, it's enormous..." she cooed, carefully trailing a finger across his tight, shiny cock-head and reached for a switch. He groaned in response to the soft hum as the milker started to pump his shaft. Aunt Vicky smiled and wrapped her perfectly manicured hands around the black shaft. "The milker makes most men dribble in less than a minute..." she said with a smile, pointing his straining, choked head at the deep valley between her massive breasts. "Be a good boy and tell me before you let go..." she whispered, holding up a little pink pair of scissors. She giggled and snipped the air playfully, "We don't want you dribbling on my breasts!" she laughed - Billy's embarrassment with her large breasts was so cute...
The milker continued steadily, pumping and vibrating with a predictable pattern. The head of his penis flared to the size on an apple, pulsing steadily with the rhythm of the milking machine. It looked almost feminine with the little pink bow so close to his pulsing penis-head. Aunt Vicky was so beautiful - she watched his tormented penis with a big smile on her face. Men were so cute when faced with this dilemma - an erotic situation soon to be ended by a busty woman and her cute little scissors.
She placed her scissors between the tight crimpings on his nicely stretched scrotum and hefted his fat testicle-lump with her other hand. "Your balls feel so full..." she smiled. "I'll hold them nice and safe when they come off - I always weigh the big ones..." Billy was moaning with lust now, feeling her pull his nuts expectantly. "I'm going to watch your piss-slit Billy..." she was squeezing now, "When it starts to open, I'll give you a little snip before you let out any mess..." She made her point by gently squeezing the handles, allowing him to feel a slight compression of steel on his banded sack.
Billy started grunting, thrusting his hips ever-so-slightly. "There's a good boy..." Aunt Vicky said, watching his penis closely. She was holding his nut pouch possessively, her scissors ready to snip. "Almost ready Billy?" she asked casually - her nipples were erect, sticking out just above the confines of her demi-bra. He felt his cum boiling up, making him thrust his cock forward involuntarily. "There we are..." she was staring at his gasping piss-slit and whispered; "off they come..." with a girlish giggle. With a "prissy" thumb-and-forefinger-hold on the scissors, she gave the handles a little squeeze at the last possible moment - it took almost no effort at all! His fat testicle lump easily came free in her waiting hand... His face became a mix of horror and disbelief, realizing how such a pivotal event had just been so trivialized by his busty aunt. "They always come off easy..." came her soothing voice, holding up his fat bulge as proof. "It wasn't really that bad, was it Billy?" she asked, passing it between her manicured hands. She squeezed them experimentally, feeling their density: "For goodness sake! Feels like a big load in there... I bet you would have made a big mess on my shirt!" she said excitedly, putting them on her little scale...