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Castration Warehouse - Part 1

I am now posting the first chapter in what is currently slated to be a 12-chapter series. The first 8 chapters are complete, and the final 4 are in various stages of completion, so hopefully I'll get them all done in time to keep up with my posts. :) 

The next chapter will post the first Saturday in May, with each subsequent chapter following a week later. 

This series may end up being particularly brutal, even for me, and will be happening to an innocent young man whose only crime was to be outrageously handsome, muscular, and hung. I hope you all enjoy it! 


Castration Warehouse - Part One

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


The high end Mercedes looked out of place driving through the run down and largely abandoned warehouse district. Even the darkness of the moonless night and the near absence of street lights couldn’t disguise that this part of the city was many decades past its heyday, and the sedan’s headlights illuminated the fronts of dilapidated buildings and piles of refuse and detritus from a previous, prosperous, bygone era. 

The elegantly dressed young woman behind the wheel checked the address once again, holding the monogramed business card up with one delicate, well-manicured hand to confirm that she was nearing her destination. She pulled up to the address on the card, a four-story brick office building that, while perhaps better maintained than the buildings surrounding it, was otherwise bland and nondescript and blended in with its neighbors. 

She pulled into the empty lot adjacent to the building and parked her car. If there was anyone else in the building, their cars were nowhere to be found. Nevertheless, she gracefully stepped out of her car, revealing a ravishing, flaxen-haired woman of staggering beauty. She was in her mid 20s and just coming into the full flower of her womanhood, with the type of exquisitely chiseled features that could launch a thousand ships, and a fit, toned, and curvaceous body that could stop traffic. The gorgeous young woman held herself with the poise and self-assuredness of one who was born to great wealth, and walked confidently toward the entrance to the building, her expensive high heels clacking rhythmically on the pavement. 

The recessed entrance featured a large, windowless door with a small speaker box next to it. She pressed the button, and after a short pause, a man’s deep voice came through the speaker asking, “Good evening, how may I help you?” 

“I have an appointment with Ms. Akers,” the woman replied in a soft, cultured voice. There was no immediate response, but after several moments, the heavy door opened. She was greeted by a tall, well dressed, and extraordinarily large and muscular man. He was in perhaps his mid 30s with a handsome, rugged, square-jawed face and a blond crew cut. His clothes were expensive and expertly tailored to be both stylish and loose fitting, but no amount of tailoring could disguise the positively enormous size of his bulging muscles. 

“Ms. Daniels?” the big man politely asked in a deep and husky voice that fit with his tall stature and imposing size. 

“Yes, I’m Veronica Daniels. I apologize for being a few minutes early.” 

“A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Daniels, and it’s no trouble at all. My name is Mitch, and if you will please follow me, I will escort you to Ms. Akers’ office. Right this way.” The big man held the door open for her, and then led her down a clean but unremarkable hallway before arriving at an office door. After Mitch gave a light knock at the door, a woman’s voice beckoned him to enter. The big man then turned the knob, and ushered Ms. Daniels into the room beyond. 

Where the neighborhood might have charitably been called derelict, and the building itself clean but plain, the office beyond the open door had a reserved opulence that would have fit in at any of the most expensive real estate in the city’s bustling heart. Rich dark woods, tall leather-backed chairs, and tasteful artwork greeted Ms. Daniels as she stepped into the room, and an attractive, immaculately dressed, middle-aged woman stood up from behind her desk and approached the newcomer. 

“Ms. Daniels,” she smiled as she extended her hand in greeting, “a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jessica Akers. We spoke earlier on the phone.” 

“Yes, Ms. Akers, it’s a pleasure to meet you as well,” the younger woman said as she gave a soft smile in return and shook the older woman’s hand. “And please, call me Veronica. Thank you again for agreeing to see me.” 

“Will you ladies require anything else?” Mitch politely inquired from the doorway in his gravelly but respectful voice. 

Jessica replied, “No, thank you, Mitch. Please close the door behind you.” 

Without another word, the big man gently closed the door, leaving the two women alone in the room. 

“Please sit down, Veronica,” Jessica said as she motioned toward one of the chairs on the opposite side of the desk. “How can I help you today?” 

“I am in need of the special services you offer,” the blond woman began after taking a seat, looking pensive at first but gaining more confidence as she told her story. “A few months ago, I was at a social gala downtown. My husband wasn’t able to attend as he was overseas on business, so I was at the event on my own. A young man named Jack Samson was in attendance as well. I had never met him before; he is apparently something of a local celebrity, but since I don’t follow sports, I had never heard of him. He had been invited to attend the gala as he had just led his university’s football team for its fourth straight regional championship in a row.” 

A slight smile spread across Veronica’s graceful lips as she recounted the story. “I have to admit, the young man looked dashingly handsome in his tuxedo, and he had exactly the sort of fresh-faced, all-American, boy-next-door good looks you would expect from a quintessential college quarterback hero. And when an acquaintance introduced me to young Mr. Samson, I found him to be instantly charming, with his easy smile and the sturdy confidence of youth. I must confess, I was quite taken by the lad, and his attention and flattery caused me to lower my guard.” 

Veronica then paused for a moment, her crystal blue eyes looking troubled and lost as she gazed into the middle distance, clearly replaying the events in her mind. “Against what should have been my better judgement, I allowed the handsome and charming young man to accompany me and escort me around the event. As we traveled around the museum, we suddenly found ourselves alone in a quiet and unvisited corner. And that’s where he took advantage of me.” 

The beautiful blond suddenly raised a trembling hand to her lips as tears streamed unnoticed from her downcast eyes. Jessica Akers, a look of motherly concern and sympathy on her handsome features, silently passed several facial tissues to the crying woman, who accepted them gratefully before continuing on with her story. 

“Looking back, I can now see how he had been steering me toward a secluded location, intending all along to get me alone so that he could have his way with me. I feel so foolish!” 

“Nonsense!” Jessica gently chided. “It was not your fault, Veronica. The young man is clearly a sexual predator. He attacked you, and you are not to blame for his actions.” 

Veronica raised her tear-streaked eyes to meet Jessica’s gaze, steel creeping into her voice as she said, “I want him to pay for what he did to me!” 

“You’ve come to the right place, Ms. Daniels,” the older woman replied, the intensity in her eyes at odds with the slight smile on her face. “We can make sure that Mr. Samson never violates a woman ever again…” 


The truth of the matter was altogether different from the story that Veronica Daniels told to a sympathetic Jessica Akers. 

Veronica had married her husband, Richard Daniels, just a little over two years ago, uniting two highly pedigreed families of old money. Richard, a very successful attorney, was just a few years older than Veronica, with handsome, GQ-quality good looks, a trim and fit physique, and a quiet charm that the beautiful blond woman found quite appealing. The union had been as much a love match as a sound financial decision, and the two started trying to have a family right away. But after two years, Veronica had yet to become pregnant with a child. 

Concerned, the young woman had quietly and privately sought out the services of a fertility clinic, where she underwent an extensive battery of tests, all of which concluded that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her body or her womb. She then covertly obtained a sample of her husband’s sperm and brought it in for testing, and that’s when the doctors discovered the real problem — Richard Daniels was shooting nothing but blanks. There was no way that he could ever father a child, and since neither of them had any siblings, the inheritance of their combined wealth and fortune was now at stake. 

Veronica was very distraught at the news of her beloved husband’s infertility, but it took only a matter of a few days for the brilliant and resourceful young woman to come up with a solution. She decided to secretly find a sperm donor to father a child, a man with a similar heritage and coloring to her own husband, so that no one — not even her husband — would ever suspect the child was anything but a Daniels. She quickly realized that she couldn’t use a sperm bank service, not even the ones catering to exclusive clientele such as herself, for she knew that if her plan was to work, then no one but herself should be allowed to know the truth. So she started seeking out a suitable sperm donor on her own. 

Fate intervened one morning just a week later. She was enjoying breakfast with her husband on their veranda, overlooking the breathtaking gardens of their estate, when her gaze chanced upon a photo on the cover of the sports section of her husband’s newspaper. The crisp color photograph showed a group of ecstatic young men on a football field celebrating their record-breaking victory at winning their regional championship an unprecedented four years in a row, their handsome young faces overjoyed and flushed with exuberance and pride. The young men had hoisted one of their own onto their shoulders, their quarterback and MVP, who had been the cornerstone of their victories these past four years. 

When her bright blue eyes landed on the quarterback’s face, Veronica felt her heart skip a beat, for she knew with one hundred percent certainty that she had just found her sperm donor. 

The quarterback’s name was Jack Samson, and he was perfect in every way. Not only did his fair skin, wavy dark brown hair, and stunning blue eyes match her husband’s coloring, but with his chiseled features and powerful jawline, the young man almost looked like he could be a not-too-distant relation to Richard Daniels. Like perhaps a younger and even more devastatingly handsome cousin. Even through his bulky football uniform, Veronica could also see that Jack Samson had a very muscular and beefy body, unusually so even for a college football player. The blond beauty had always been attracted to fit and muscular men, and in her wilder youth had had several flings with some top world-class athletes, but she had never encountered a man with a build as thick and muscular as that possessed by young Jack. Her target acquired, Veronica began setting plans in motion to capture her quarry. 

The Gala Committee was just one of many social organizations she belonged to, and at one of the Committee planning meetings, she bent the ear of one of the stodgy older men on the board, one who she happened to know was a big fan of college football. Veronica made a calculated off-hand suggestion that the Gala extend invitations this year to a select few celebrities, including perhaps some local sports heroes, like, oh, maybe that young man who had helped the university win that football game? Veronica smiled inwardly as she watched the seed she planted take hold, and she knew that the sweet but rather daft old man would think that the idea had been his own. 

She then scoped out the museum where the Gala would be taking place, making note of all of the closed circuit camera locations and where security would be stationed during the event. She wanted to make sure that she would remain unseen when she left the event early… with young Jack Samson in tow. 

The night of the Gala, Veronica made sure that she looked her ravishing best. Her pale golden hair cascaded down the open back of her form-hugging cocktail dress in large waves, and the artful application of a small amount of cosmetics (Veronica had the kind of natural beauty that did not need much enhancing) accentuated her stunning blue eyes and her dazzling, captivating smile. She was ready to go for the kill. 

Seducing Jack Samson ended up being the easiest part of her plan. 

The unsuspecting college athlete proved to be defenseless against her lush womanly charms. In fact, if anything, the fact that the young man remained such a gentleman despite Veronica’s coy teasing and sly advances was quite remarkable, but it was a foregone conclusion that he would be going home with her — the lad was putty in her hands from the moment that his eyes found her in the crowd. 

What Veronica hadn’t counted on was how attracted she herself would be to the dashingly handsome young man. Jack was even more devastatingly handsome in person, and his quick wit, self-deprecating manner, and easy charm made him even more appealing. She didn’t know where he’d acquired the tuxedo, but the suit had been expertly tailored to his fit and astonishingly muscular figure. The young man was an inch or two taller than Richard’s 6 feet, and with his unusually broad shoulders, tight waist, and slender hips, he must have been a particularly difficult fit for clothes, but the tuxedo looked like it was made for him, hugging him in all of the right places. 

Veronica also hadn’t expected to be quite so taken with the charmingly shy young man. The way he would occasionally stammer and blush in her presence was actually surprisingly adorable and endearing and sexy, and it was abundantly clear that he had been instantly infatuated with her from the moment the two met. 

She made sure that their conversation took place in a group of her own acquaintances, and that she didn’t act with any undue impropriety. She needed to have witnesses to her actions that night so that none would ever suspect her plans. She then bade her fellow Gala attendees a good night, apologizing that she needed to leave early. As she made her goodbyes, she offered her hand to the unbelievably handsome and sexy college football star, and the young man actually bent down to gently grasp and kiss her hand. When he straightened, there was an unmistakable look of shock and surprise on his face, perhaps invisible to the rest of the guests, but obvious to the beautiful Veronica, for she had quietly slipped a piece of paper into his large, warm, muscular hand. The message on the paper, written in the young woman’s own delicate script, asked him to meet her in 15 minutes, and included a map of the museum with a hand-drawn route on where to meet her. 

Veronica then flashed Jack another one of her dazzling smiles and left, smirking to herself in the secure knowledge that the infatuated boy was watching her walk away. 

She made a few more goodbyes to friends and fellow socialites, retrieved her coat and purse, and made her way out of the Gala. She then circled around to the back of the building, avoiding all of the cameras, and reentered the rear of the structure, where she’d made sure to have a door unlocked just for that purpose. Sure enough, right on time, a breathless and obviously excited Jack Samson rounded the corner, his achingly handsome face lighting up in a smile bright enough to illuminate even the dimly lit room. Veronica answered him with a smile of her own, and the two passionately embraced for the first time. Jack kissed her with all of the ardor of a besotted young man, and Veronica surprised herself when she responded in kind, for not only was Jack a gorgeous young man, but he was instantly likable and charming, and a surprisingly talented kisser. 

The beautiful blond allowed them to kiss for several long minutes, all while Jack gushed about how lovely she was, and all of the things he wanted to do with her. His deep, rich voice and hot breath against her slender neck made Veronica shiver with lustful anticipation, but she knew that they couldn’t stay at the museum without risking discovery. So she lured him out the rear door to her waiting car, where he eagerly got in and she drove them away. 

Veronica drove the rented towncar to a lovely, secluded residence, an AirBnB that she had similarly rented for the occasion — she wanted to make sure that the young man wouldn’t be able to trace anything back to her after their night of sex was complete. 

Her intention was simply to seduce the young man, fuck him a couple of times, and then drop him off back on campus and never see him again. But as she got the handsome young man inside and took off his tuxedo to reveal his body in all of its naked glory, she gasped and realized that she would instead make a full night of it. 

Jack Samson was even more staggeringly beautiful in the nude, for his physique was more spectacular than she would have ever guessed. The young man was simply enormously muscular, even bigger than in the newspaper photo that Veronica had seen barely more than a month before, and at the same time had the type of perfect proportions and stunning aesthetics that would make a master sculptor weep. And all of those massive muscles were expertly showcased by the natural leanness of youth, the cuts and shreds of his magnificent physique making him look even bigger, if that was possible. 

Veronica gave an involuntary gasp when Jack first took off his tuxedo dress shirt to reveal his majestic upper body, and the young man blushed and shyly smiled at her reaction. He explained that he’d been hitting the weights hard ever since the end of the college football season, as in addition to wanting to play professional football, Jack had aspirations of being a competitive bodybuilder. His coach hadn’t wanted him to get too big and bulky for the gridiron, but now that the football season was over, he was finally free to start packing on the size he craved. 

She lightly ran her delicate hands admiringly over his mighty shoulders and incredibly thick and expansive chest, cooing that with a last name like ‘Samson’, it seemed only natural that he would pursue bodybuilding. Sure, she was stroking the young man’s ego and arousing him to even greater heights, but she was also being serious — the extraordinarily gifted young man did indeed look like a modern day Samson, and she had no doubt that he could have an extremely successful career in bodybuilding. Hell, she thought that he could take any stage anywhere that very night and win top prize, for his massive size and extraordinary conditioning were unlike anything she’d ever seen before. 

Now more eager than ever, Veronica started trying to wrestle Jack’s pants off of him. The young man blushed in embarrassment, making his face look even more achingly handsome than ever, as he gently caught her hands in his and gazed into her eyes. The look he gave her with his soulful blue eyes stopped her in her lustful tracks, for his gaze was full of equal parts hurt and hope. Jack warned the beautiful blond that he was hung big. As in very, very big. Veronica made a light-hearted joke in response, saying something to the effect that ‘that’s what all the boys say.’ But something in the intense look in Jack’s beautiful blue eyes gave her pause, and with that same wounded look, the gorgeous young man said that if, after seeing the size of his cock, she decided that she didn’t want to have sex with him, he would understand. 

With a stoic look on his face and clearly fearing rejection, Jack unbuttoned his pants himself and drew down his pants and underwear in one smooth motion. As he straightened up, the largest and hardest penis Veronica had ever seen slapped hard against his rock solid, cobblestone abs with a loud and beefy smack, standing ramrod straight and already fully, and almost painfully, erect. The enormous organ stretched from his groin all the way up his abdominal wall, the bloated and distended and beautifully-formed head tapping against his chiseled upper abs just below the dramatic overhang of his fantastically thick pectoral muscles. The mighty column of man meat was as extraordinarily thick and girthy as it was long, and the graceful shaft was covered in many prominent and convoluted veins, making the giant dong look even more imposing and powerful. 

Jack just stood still with downcast eyes as the gorgeous blond gazed in utter shock as the sight of his massive sex organ. Veronica gasped again, unable to control her response as her eyes drank in the view of Jack’s unbelievably colossal cock, and she took an involuntary step backward. The young man’s look of crushed dejection nearly broke her heart, and he bent over to start pulling his pants back up. But the luscious blond stopped him with a hand on his mammoth shoulder as she honestly gushed, “Jack, that’s the most beautiful cock I have ever seen.” She had to swallow twice to find her voice again, and then she huskily asked, “Just how long IS it?” 

Jack blushed again, but this time in pleased modesty, as he replied, “My cock measures just over fourteen and a half inches from root to tip, and at its thickest point just a couple of inches behind the head, which is itself about three inches long, it measures ten and a half inches around.” 

Veronica gave a low whistle of admiration, and Jack chuckled wryly and said, “Yeah, a lot of guys in the locker room have been jealous when they see what I’ve got packing, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, you know? Some women I’ve been with have become obsessed with my size, and don’t see me as a person anymore. Others, the majority in fact, run for the hills once they see the size of my cock. It gets even worse when they see the size of my balls, too, as they’re convinced that my big nuts will make them pregnant if they simply get too close to me!” 

The young woman hadn’t yet noticed Jack’s balls, so fascinated was she by his undoubtedly record-breaking 14.5-inch super cock. But as her gaze swept lower to encompass his low-slung ball sac, her blue eyes grew even wider and she gasped again, for Jack also possessed a set of massive bollocks that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a prized stud bull! As voluminous as his cleanly shaved scrotum was, it strained to contain the sheer mass of the two enormous testicles contained within. Veronica struggled to determine what she could compare the two massive oval gonads to, for they were orders of magnitude larger than any balls she’d seen on a man before, and she eventually decided that they were even bigger than the juiciest of ripe grapefruits, and were more like baby smooth, oblong pink coconuts in size. 

Veronica gazed up at Jack’s expressive blue eyes and said in a soft voice, “May I touch them?” With a shy, hesitant smile on his gorgeous features, he nodded yes, and she reached out with both hands — which, surprisingly, were not trembling — and cupped the undersides of the two mammoth man eggs, cradling the enormous sex glands in her palms and gently lifting them upward. There was such a wealth of beefy man meat stuffed into Jack’s sac that his balls filled her small hands to well beyond overflowing, and she couldn’t even hope to wrap her fingers around the colossal orbs. The skin of the young man’s sac was soft and warm and silky to the touch, but the flesh within felt extremely dense, and their weight was immense, for his balls were even heavier than they looked. 

“Jack, you are absolutely magnificent!” Veronica said with real feeling, looking up almost worshipfully into the handsome young man’s stunning blue eyes. “I would like it very, very much if you would fuck me now.” 

An ecstatic and eager smile broke across Jack’s gorgeous face, washing away the previous fear and doubt, and he gently cradled Veronica’s beautiful face in his massive, muscular hands and gave her a deep and passionate kiss, the first of many that night. 

Veronica had always been proud of her own physical fitness and sexual stamina, but all of her skills and endurance were put to the ultimate test that night as she made love with the ridiculously handsome, hunky, and hung football stud over and over and over again. Once she had falsely assured the young man that she was on the pill and had an IUD, Jack quickly showed that he didn’t just have a huge cock, but that he knew how to use it, too. The breathtakingly handsome young muscle stud proved himself to be a maestro at bringing a woman pleasure. And not just with his cock, either, but also with his fingers, lips, and tongue as well, bringing Veronica to screaming, clawing, bone-melting release again and again and again and again that glorious night. 

The young man also proved that his humongous, wrecking ball sized nuts weren’t just for show, either, but were heavy duty powerhouses of staggering male virility. His first load of seed was so massive that it completely filled Veronica’s womb and overflowed onto the bed in great gloopy rivers. The young woman was flabbergasted by the sheer volume of spunk in that single load, and she was certain that he must have been storing up his cum for weeks to produce a load so unbelievably immense. But a blushing Jack assured her that he could cum many times in one night, and he proceeded to prove it by shooting no fewer than a dozen loads before the sun even rose the next morning… and then a few more loads after that! None of the subsequent cum loads were quite as mind-bogglingly massive as the first, but they were all huge, far larger than anything Veronica had ever seen before, and astonishingly thick — perhaps even unnaturally so — with his hyper abundant sperm. 

Veronica’s overstretched pussy was already aching and battered by their third or fourth lovemaking session, so she gave her overused and abused vagina periodic breaks by bringing Jack off with other parts of her body, including her hands, her breasts, and her buttocks, marveling each time at the sheer unreal quantity of prime baby batter that the impossibly handsome and hunky lad would spew all over her lush body. But after each break, it would be back to fucking again, with Veronica moaning and quivering as Jack’s huge cock would fill her to overflowing with all of that hot, sleek, steely-hard man meat. 

The night became a marathon fuck-a-thon of Olympic proportions, with young Jack proving to be an exuberant and passionate and almost tireless lover. It wasn’t until an hour or so after dawn that the massively muscular young he-man was temporarily spent, collapsing happily on his back with his mammoth erection finally growing mostly limp, the flaccid penis angry-looking and distended from hours of overuse, but otherwise looking as satisfied as its owner. Handsome Jack then fell asleep with Veronica’s lovely but exhausted form draped over his. 

After the young fuck lord finally fell into a deep slumber, a tired and sore Veronica dragged herself out of the bed to put the next step of her plan in motion. She had brought a special cryo canister with her, which she’d stored in the home’s freezer, and she retrieved it now so that she could store a sample of Jack Samson’s sperm for later use. She had intended to obtain a sample just in case she didn’t get pregnant from their night of love making, or in case she wanted her child to have a sibling or two in the future. But considering the insane amount of hot, thick, and messy jizz that had pooled on the bedsheets and the floor, that was splattered across both nightstands and even sprayed across more than one wall, Veronica knew that she could harvest enough spunk to bear an veritable army of Jack’s mighty and gifted offspring! The cryo canister held a dozen sizable test tubes, and though she had originally only intended to fill just one with Jack’s seed, she decided to fill all twelve test tubes with the young man’s gloopy and gamey emissions, harvesting just a fraction of the stud fluid sprayed all over the room. Once her task was completed and the cryo canister safely stuffed into a waiting duffel bag, Veronica returned to the bed and curled up next to the slumbering hunk, letting his body’s potent heat melt away her own aches and pains, and lull her into slumber. 

The two awoke a few hours later as hunger gnawed at them both, and the pair sat naked at the dining table and broke their fast together. Veronica was surprised to discover that she’d developed strong, tender feelings for the sweet and charming and thoughtful and ridiculously handsome young man, and it was clear that he was falling head over heels for her. They talked and joked and flirted over breakfast, made passionate love on the dining room table, and then took a hot shower together, where they fucked three more times. 

Veronica knew that if she didn’t turn up pregnant at this point, then her womb must be more barren than the Sahara Desert! 

Eventually, the two got dressed, reluctant to stop being bare ass naked in each other’s company, but knowing that they had to return to their normal lives. With Jack back in his tuxedo (sans the bow tie) and Veronica in a tasteful change of clothes that she’d had the foresight to bring with her, the pair got into her rented car, and she drove him back to the university campus across town. She parked on a quiet side street, far away from any cameras, and the pair made out for another ten minutes in her car, their bodies still ravenously hungry for one another. But finally, they reluctantly disentangled themselves from each other and said their final goodbyes, Jack glancing back numerous times as he walked away toward his apartment, smiling happily at the beautiful woman who had given him a magical night he would never forget. 

As Veronica drove away, her body satiated like never before in her life, she immediately got on her cell phone and put the final phases of her plan in action. She called a professional cleaning service to perform a deep clean on the rental house — paying them extra for the unanticipated level of sticky mess that Jack had left behind — returned the rental car, came home, and stored the cryo canister in her private freezer. She then took a long, languid bath, easing away the various aches and pains from her incredible night with the impossibly handsome young college boy, bringing herself to languid and extended orgasm several more times as she remembered being held in his immensely powerful arms. 

Then she got dressed and intentionally put him permanently out of her mind, returning to her normal life as if nothing had happened. 

Her pregnancy test came back positive less than a week later, but she held off telling her husband the happy news until a full month — and more than a dozen more positive pregnancy tests — had passed, before sharing the joyous news that they were going to become parents. By then, she was even able to discover that she was carrying twins, two fraternal boys, and determine that the fetuses were perfectly healthy and developing normally. 

All was rosy in Veronica’s world for several weeks. Her loving husband doted on her more than ever, deeply excited to be welcoming children into their lives. She was happier than she’d been in a long time, eager to start this next chapter in her life. The line of inheritance would soon be secure once more. 

But then a nagging worry began to eat at her — what if Jack had children of his own some day, and what if now-widely-available genetic testing somehow discovered the link between his children and Veronica’s own children? The family’s wealth and inheritance, the very line of succession, could be in jeopardy if Jack’s potential future children ever decided to litigate for their own legitimate share of the family fortune. 

Veronica knew that she would need to take drastic measures to make sure that Jack never had any children other than those conceived in her own womb. And despite the heady mix of tender affection and unadulterated lust she felt for the stunning and surprisingly gentle young athlete, her upbringing made her choose the protection of the family name and the family money over such petty concerns as morals and love. Veronica knew that she would have to destroy the very source of Jack’s supremely potent sperm — his utterly massive and fantastically virile bollocks — in order to make sure he never sired any half-siblings to Veronica’s own children. 

Through shadowy contacts, Veronica learned of a special and very exclusive service offered by a Ms. Jessica Akers, who ran a very hush hush agency that catered to the rarefied needs of the super wealthy. For a modest fee, this agency could take care of any problems that the super rich might encounter. A philandering spouse? A boyfriend not treating your daughter right? A business partner doctoring the books and skimming money off the top? Ms. Akers and her team of associates could take care of your needs quietly and with the utmost of discretion. Veronica called the number on the business card that a friend had slyly given her, made an appointment, and manufactured a story suitable to justify targeting her one-time lover for sexecution. 

A secret part of Veronica deep down in her soul felt great sadness and remorse at ordering a hit on Jack Samson’s balls, especially since they were a truly magnificent set of bollocks and would be the source of her own precious children. But she knew that it had to be done, and so she gave the performance of her life to a sympathetic and receptive Jessica Akers… 


Jessica reclined in her chair just a bit, and sighed in sadness, taken in completely by Veronica’s make-believe story. “I am so very sorry that that happened to you, Ms. Daniels. Apologies — Veronica. Let me assure you that our agency offers a wide range of services to assist a woman in your, uh… circumstances. Of course, those services come at a cost. Our most basic service includes one of my men inflicting severe cock and ball torture for about an hour. As with most of our services, this is done at one of our facilities here in the warehouse district. The cost is $10,000, and includes location of the target, subduing him, and, of course, the roughing up in question, which — usually — leaves the target in excruciating pain but otherwise intact.”

A cold, iron glint entered into Veronica’s crystal blue eyes as she asked, “What is your most expensive package?” 

Ms. Akers politely cleared her throat and said, “I see. Yes, why don’t you follow me…” 

The older woman got up and walked to the door, opening it and ushering Veronica Daniels back into the hallway. After a short walk, they came to another door that opened into a very large room, which was clearly part of the original building. The walls of the room were red brick, and the ceiling rose up the full four stories of the building, the far ceiling nearly lost in darkness in the sparsely-lit room. High windows lined one long wall, letting in sparse star light, and wavy-cut foam lined large sections of the walls to make the enormous room essentially sound proofed to the outside world. On the wall next to the door was a large peg board that looked to be at least 30 feet wide, and which held a very wide variety of tools and devices. Many of these objects Veronica could readily name as implements of torture or sadomasochism, but others she had never seen before and whose use she couldn’t begin to identify. 

Large steel beams ran parallel horizontally along the full length of the large building, about 20 feet above the floor, and from these beams hung a multitude of chains and pulleys, several slings of various sizes and materials, and other pieces of bondage furniture. 

Despite her lack of experience with BDSM, Veronica recognized the room as one vast and extremely well-equipped dungeon, capable of accommodating over a dozen victims at the same time. The pretty young blond was amazed and impressed at the sight. 

“Our most intense package options are usually performed here,” Ms. Akers said as her gaze washed over the immaculate room. “I gather from our words earlier that you don’t just want Mr. Samson roughed up, do you? Our most complete package includes the castration of the target, and I have to assume that you want your young assailant castrated?” 

“Yes,” Veronica bit out the word like it tasted vile in her mouth. “But I don’t want your associates to just cut off his balls. I want him to have plenty of time to think about it. I want him to suffer.” Her words were filled with menace and venom, and she didn’t look at the older woman as she spoke, instead gazing about the room and imagining the various torture implements being used on the handsome and innocent young football star. 

Jessica continued, “The complete package does indeed include castration, like I mentioned, but this happens only at the conclusion of several hours of severe and brutal torture, most of which is focused on the man’s doomed testes. Most men who are fated to endure our complete service begin begging to be castrated after an hour or so, but the session is guaranteed to last at least two hours. If Mr. Samson passes out in the course of the torture, he will be revived, and the session will continue. I must warn you, however, that it will be quite excruciating, involving some of the worst agony that a man can feel. Are you sure that you want to order the complete package?” 

Veronica only paused for a moment before replying, her beautiful lips twisting into a wry grin, “Oh, yes. Ms. Akers. I have had weeks to think this over, and I cannot let the young brute get away with his assault. But I would like more details. What exactly do you mean by excruciating?” 

“We can, of course, accommodate most special requests, but the ‘Cadillac Plan’ begins with the abduction of your target, Mr. Samson, and his transportation to this warehouse, where he will be placed in the center of this room, stripped naked, and bound spread eagled from the chains overhead. We use i-hooks bolted into the floor and padded ankle restraints to keep the legs spread, and our pulleys and wrist restraints to spread out the arms.” Jessica pointed out the various bolts and pulleys as she spoke. 

“On the evening of your choosing, we’ll arrange for you to be somewhere public — at an event with your husband, or a night out with the girls, something like that — to provide you with the necessary alibi should anyone ever think to connect you to Mr. Samson’s abduction, torture, and castration. The target will be acquired from his home — my associates are very very good at what they do, and they usually use a gas or a sedative in the target’s food or drink to render them unconscious and docile for the trip to and from the warehouse. The dosage depends on the size of the target, of course, and from your description, Mr. Samson is a very big boy, so my men will no doubt use the maximum dose to take him down.” 

“He will arrive here unconscious, and will not wake up until he is secured and ready. After he regains consciousness, he will be left alone for some length of time, so that he can ponder his predicament and so that the fear can slowly build. Once the cold panic really starts to set in, then a team of my five best men — including my lead associate, Mitch, who you met earlier — will enter the room. They will make clear to Mr. Samson that he has been brought to this warehouse to undergo castration, and that he will suffer several long hours of torture and torment before that deed is performed and completed. That way, he will suffer the entire time with the knowledge that he will ultimately be losing his precious testicles at the end of the night.” 

Veronica’s feral grin grew wider, showing her perfect teeth, as she said, “Please continue.” 

“My men like to begin their process with a long session of electro torture. This inflicts severe pain, but does not significantly damage the testicles if done properly. We want our targets to endure extreme and prolonged psychological and physical pain to their testicles, so we don’t want their balls giving out too soon.” 

“After the electro torture, Mr. Samson will endure a wide variety of methods to inflict cock and ball abuse, but again, using methods that result in little to no permanent damage, at least not at this stage. He will also be tortured in a variety of other ways, but the focus of the torment will be on his balls.” 

Veronica was now grinning from ear to ear, with a sadistic glint in her eyes. She was so committed to her plan and so dedicated to protecting her family name and fortune, that she was starting to actually believe that the handsome and charming young college jock actually deserved this, and she was becoming more and more turned on by the description of the planned events.

“Throughout the session, Mr. Samson will also be repeatedly raw fucked by my associates. All are tall and very muscular men nearly on scale of Mitch, and I can further guarantee that all are exceptionally well hung, as I have inspected them myself. The gang rape of Mr. Samson’s ass will be another form of unmanning, and due to the exceptionally large and girthy size of my men’s appendages, it will not only be humiliating, but also very painful. My men will typically refrain from having any sort of orgasm or release for at least a week prior to one of these full package sessions, as such abstinence ensures that they are at their peak sex drive, that they will be driven to extremely brutal fucking, that their cum loads are as large as possible, and that they will be able to fuck and cum multiple times throughout the night.” 

“In time, of course, the punishments will grow progressively more brutal and intense, and the subject’s balls will begin to suffer greater and greater damage. How long the target endures intact at that point is largely a factor of how strong and tough his testicles are. But at a minimum, our agency guarantees that the target will suffer for a minimum of two hours before his testicles are completely destroyed. And to accomplish the actual nutting at the end of the session, Mitch will use his bull whip to unman the subject. He is extremely skilled in the whip’s use, and he can target objects with extreme precision. Once Mitch breaks out the whip, castration will soon follow, and the session will end.” 

“Afterwards,” Jessica continued, “the subject will be drugged once more, the remains of his scrotal sac cut away and stitched closed, and any other wounds he has suffered will be tended and dressed. We don’t commit murder here, only extra-judicial punishment, so we always make sure that the subject survives his treatment. We then bring him back to his home and place him back in bed, usually well before dawn the next day. He will then wake up on his own and begin his new life as a eunuch.” 

“Excellent, and thank you very much for the explanation,” Veronica replied. “But I am curious; what is the longest length of time that one of your subjects has lasted under such abuse?” 

Nonplussed, Ms. Akers replied, “Well, I cannot divulge too many details due to client confidentiality of course, but a few years ago we brought a particularly strong and athletic man here to our facility, and he had unusually large and sturdy balls. He lasted over four and a half hours before his castration was complete.” 

“Interesting…,” the flaxen-haired young woman said as her sharp eyes continued to scan the room, as if to memorize every detail. “Jack Samson will break that record, I can guarantee it.” 

She then turned to face Ms. Akers with a deceptively sweet expression on her face, and asked, “How much for the premium Cadillac package?” 

“The cost of this service is $250,000,” Ms. Akers replied. 

“Thank you, Jessica. That sounds perfect. I’ll just have a few minor requests of my own to add,” Veronica said, now all business.  

“Then let’s go back to my office to work out the details, the date, and method of payment,” Ms. Akers replied pleasantly, gently guiding the younger woman back into the hall and toward her office… 


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