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Pyntherian Saga - Part One

Pyntherian Saga — Part One
Based on an original and unpublished story by Robert Moon


Jake Spanner hurtled through space in his sleek, faster-than-light rocket ship. The young Space Ranger was accustomed to long solo missions such as these, and had completed more than one hundred such missions since his graduation from the Academy a mere four years ago, at the unprecedented and tender age of just 18. And not only had the young man been the youngest cadet ever to graduate from the Academy, he was also at the very top of his class, with test scores and aptitude analyses that were literally off the charts. Jake’s service record since his graduation had only served to further elevate his position among the Space Rangers, and he was widely recognized as being one of the best — if not THE best — Space Ranger ever produced by the Academy, beginning to eclipse even the record of his celebrated father, Brock Spanner. 

The young man kept a keen eye on the ship’s instrumentation. Even though vessels such as these could virtually fly themselves, and indeed had done so on rare occasions when the crew and passengers on board a ship had been incapacitated, Jake always liked to monitor his progress closely. The frequent ship diagnostics and course analyses not only provided him with a diversion to while away the long hours spent alone in deep space, but it also further guaranteed that he wouldn’t be surprised by any malfunction in the ship’s systems. Though such malfunctions had grown exceedingly rare as ship safety systems had been improved over the years, they weren’t unheard of. There weren’t very many human outposts in this distant and sparsely populated corner of the galaxy, and Jake preferred not to be stranded hundreds of light years from the nearest assistance. 

Jake checked the ship’s chronometer and calculated that it would be another 12 hours or so before he arrived on distant Pyntheria. The stunningly handsome ship pilot had already completed his preparations for the mission, including thoroughly studying everything in the files regarding the Pyntherian star system and the M-class planet that shared the same name. He knew that Pyntheria was a relatively recent addition to the ever-expanding colonies. The planet itself was one of those prime planets for human habitation that existed in the “Goldilocks Zone,” that perfect distance from its yellow star that allowed water to exist in all three forms — solid, liquid, and gas — on the planet’s surface. 

Very little terraforming had been required to make the planet habitable, in fact. Liquid water oceans already encircled most of the globe, and the thick atmosphere already possessed most of the constituents that were required for Terran life. The planet was only a tiny fraction smaller than Earth and had very nearly the same gravity, and the only real reason the planet hadn’t been colonized sooner was the fact that it was so far out on the Galactic Arm and therefore so removed from the hub of human civilization. 

But this remoteness served the needs of the Pyntherian colonists perfectly well. These colonists were an idealistic group of settlers who had wanted to establish their own utopia, distant and nearly disconnected from the rest of humanity, where they could live in peace, tranquility, and harmony, and removed from the perceived corruption and social ills of the prime human worlds. 

By all reports, the colonists had achieved their goal. The terraforming operations had produced a paradise planet, a lush and verdant world dominated by temperate to tropical climates, a stable tectonic and geologic crust, minimal weather extremes, and lightly modified Terran lifeforms that formed a robust, varied, and balanced ecosystem. All of these factors served to make Pyntheria a beautiful blue and green garden. The people of Pyntheria lived as they had envisioned, in an egalitarian and happy society that knew no want or lack, a triumph of social enrichment and peace. Within just a century of its founding, Pyntheria had a stable and growing population of some ten million inhabitants, and was fully self-sufficient. 

Yet somehow, for some unknown reason, all communications and transmissions from the star system had suddenly and abruptly ceased about a month ago. Despite repeated attempts to reestablish communication, Earth HQ had not been able to reach anyone on the planet, and so had decided to send one of its top Rangers to scout out the situation. Jake Spanner had been selected for the mission, and instructed to investigate and report his findings back to Earth headquarters as soon as possible. 

But with more than 12 hours to go before reaching Pyntherian orbit, Jake knew he had plenty of time to get in a proper power workout. Maintaining peak physical performance was always a top priority for Space Rangers, even for one as naturally gifted and extraordinarily powerful as Jake, and the young man took his exercise regimen very seriously. The big pilot ran a hand through his thick chestnut-colored hair, worn at a medium length on top but virtually shaved on the sides and back of his head. He then made a final check of the ship computer readouts, and then reengaged the autopilot so he could take a break. 

Jake stood up from the captain’s console and began to strip out of his Space Ranger uniform. The tight-fitting body suit looked like it had been spray painted onto the young man’s body, accentuating every massive curve and swollen bulge of muscle on the stud’s spectacular physique and leaving very little to the imagination. Though a handful of Rangers were taller than the 6-foot, 6-inch mega stud, none could compare with the young man’s sheer titanic muscular bulk, and his flight suits had to be specially made as a result. Worse, the handsome stud was continuing to grow, adding an average of 50 pounds of new muscle every year to his already gargantuan physique and defying shipsuit tailors everywhere. The young captain had graduated the Academy at a whopping 325 pounds of rock solid beef when he was just 18 years old, a size that few men even twice his age could achieve, and now, a mere four years later, he was tipping the scales at a seemingly impossible 485 pounds of raw titanic power! 

And with an absolutely enormous frame and fantastically broad shoulders that were every bit of four feet wide, the strapping young muscle bull still had even more room to grow, and there was little doubt that the big lad would be shattering the 500-pound barrier before the end of the year! 

All of that colossal and exquisitely-carved bulk was currently encased in the lycra polymer flight suit, but that was about to change. Jake released the seam running down the front of the suit, and the fabric split cleanly open from his neck to his navel, spilling open to reveal the vast expanse of two heroically thick and wide pectoral muscles protruding proudly over a set of corrugated, cobblestone abs that looked like they were formed from solid bricks of granite. The young man had a naturally extremely low body fat percentage, a side effect of his enhanced genetic heritage, and so every single hugely swollen muscle fiber stood out in stark relief from its fellows. The fabric opened wide enough to allow his thick and meaty nipples to be visible, and the two solid nubs of flesh acted as hooks to pin back the overstretched fabric, holding the shirt front wide open as Jake began to work his arms out of the suit. 

Since he was built so fantastically huge, Jake often had difficulty getting into and out of clothes, but over the years he had adapted and devised a system that worked for him. Working the opening at the front of the suit wider, the young man shrugged first one massive boulder shoulder and then the other out of the suit, revealing colossal deltoids that were bigger than Old Earth basketballs, looking more like overinflated medicine balls in size. 

His enormous shoulder and chest muscles rippled and flexed dramatically as he started pulling the loosened fabric down the length of first one arm and then the other, revealing a set of spectacular guns that were several orders of magnitude larger than anything seen during 21st century Earth. Jake’s upper arms measured a colossal 32 inches around when completely relaxed — larger than most men’s thighs! — and when pumped had been known to exceed a monstrous 36 inches!! These were mighty limbs indeed!! Thick, muscle-corded forearms descended from those titanic guns, measuring larger than most Ranger’s upper arms, and ending in a pair of huge and meaty - yet surprisingly deft and agile - hands. Those huge man paws were capable of crushing a fearsome beast’s skull and playing a complicated piano concerto with equal skill and ease. 

Jake shrugged halfway out of the flight suit, exposing his spectacular upper body to the otherwise vacant flight deck, and then grabbed the seam near his waist and unsealed the rest of the suit. Bending forward at his surprisingly narrow waist (a 39-inch waist might sound thick, but when compared to a chest circumference that was nearly three times that measurement, and the fact that his thick lower back muscles and powerful abdominal wall added considerably to his waist circumference, it was obvious that Jake’s tight and muscular waist was almost ridiculously narrow in proportion to the rest of his fantastic body), Jake pulled the suit down the entire length of his legs, pulled his feet out at the bottom, and then stood upright once again, revealing his entire body in all of its otherworldly naked glory. 

The lower half of young man’s body was every bit a match in size and strength and beauty for his spectacularly muscular upper body, with colossal thighs that truly looked like thick oak tree trucks, massively swollen calf muscles that bulged enormously off the back of his lower legs, and huge size-22 feet that required their own specially-made shoes. Jake’s ass was a thing of unbelievable power and beauty, two gigantic globes of deeply striated muscle that were more than powerful enough to support his colossal torso. 

In short, Jake was a virtual god of masculinity and strength, a he-man of mythic proportions. Even the huge comic book superheroes from old time Earth couldn’t compare to the size and spectacular definition of the young man’s Herculean physique. Jake was the wildest muscle dream made real, a flesh and blood example of hyper masculine perfection. Combined with his achingly handsome, square-jawed good looks, it was no wonder that even the other Space Rangers, themselves extraordinary scions of the human race, looked up to and admired the talented young pilot. 

But perhaps Jake’s greatest gift of all, his most stunning and extraordinary genetic legacy, was the mammoth set of male genitalia dangling so huge and heavy between his columnar thunder thighs. Scientists had been tinkering with the size of male genitalia almost from the moment they unlocked the secrets of DNA, but perhaps never before had they succeeded on such a scale as this. 

Jake’s colossal cock flopped heavily between his legs, so long and thick that it looked almost like another limb. Completely limp, the mighty schlong measured 15 1/2 inches from its eye-poppingly wide root to its blunt and bulbous tip, longer in its flaccid state than 99.9999% of humanity’s rock hard erections. Its titanic length was almost outmatched by its even more colossal girth. When hard, Jake’s monster of a cock had no known equal, for it stretched the measuring tape to an epic 23 mega inches of the thickest, hardest, beefiest man meat in the galaxy. It’s girth when erect was a pussy-, ass-, and mouth-busting 5 inches across along nearly its entire length, tapering just slightly before reaching the fist-sized head. Virtually no one from humanity’s pre-genetically engineered past would have been able to accommodate even a fraction of such a huge member in any orifice. Fortunately for Jake, however, many modern-day humans had been modified to some degree to provide for maximum sexual compatibility between the various offshoots of the human race, so the handsome young Space Ranger had had virtually no end of men and women more than willing and eager to service the lad’s sexual needs. 

Always without resulting in any unsanctioned pregnancies, of course. 

Jake was fantastically virile even by the stratospheric standards of the Space Rangers, and no birth control device, mechanical, chemical, or hormonal, would have been able to prevent conception had Jake ever engaged in actual vaginal intercourse with any human female. Fortunately, there were many ways to make love. That fact, combined with Jake’s own fully bisexual nature, meant that Jake’s sexual needs were more than fulfilled. 

And Jake’s sexual needs were indeed extraordinary, for powering that colossal cannon of a cock were a pair of massive testicles that would have looked oversized even on a bull elephant. Each gargantuan, egg-shaped orb was bigger than Jake’s own massive, ham hock fists, looking like a pair of oversized melons hanging full and ripe in their voluminous sac. These were powerhouse balls built for strength and long endurance, and erotic tales told of epic sexual encounters involving a dozen or more sexual partners at a time that ended with his multiple partners nearly unconscious with deeply satiated sexual need, while Jake himself was still rock hard and randy for more. Even among the famously virile Space Rangers, Jake’s sexual prowess was legendary. 

Back in the Academy, some of Jake’s barracks mates, in awe of the then 17-year-old kid’s fantastically huge junk, started speculating about how much his cock and balls must weigh. A friendly wager ensued, with other young cadets fondling and weighing Jake’s huge cock and pendulous balls in their hands and then placing bets. Word of the impending wager spread to the adjacent barracks, and soon nearly 200 cadets had crowded into the room, surrounding the handsome young man and gawking at his beautiful, magnificent nakedness. 

Once the bets were placed, a grocer’s scale was brought out, the kind that was used to weigh large sides of beef, and placed on a table before the massive muscle boy. Jake grinned good-naturedly at the other guys as he gently thrust his lean, muscular hips forward. Two other cadets almost reverently lifted up the colossal mass of the young man’s limp cock and gently laid it on the scale. Nearly 200 heads craned to see the read out on the scale, and when the number appeared, appreciative whistles and applause echoed throughout the room. Jake’s enormous flaccid dick had tipped the scales at an extraordinary 13 pounds, 6 ounces. 

The process was then repeated on Jake’s gigantic left nut. Both massive testicles hung very low in their baggy scrotum, so it was easy for the guys to lift up one heavy nut and place it on the scale. More applause erupted when the left nut’s weight — 6 pounds, 2 ounces — was read to the laughing and awe-struck cadets. They then weighed Jake’s remaining right nut and found that it was slightly larger than its twin, topping out at 6 pounds, 4 ounces. 

Attempts to weigh Jake’s gigantic boner proved impossible, however, for the powerful and virile member refused to lay flat on the scale, and even with multiple sets of hands pushing down on the huge cock, it could not be made to lay horizontally on the cold steel tray of the scale. 

Still, in the end, Jake’s fellow cadets had established that the young muscle hulk had more than 25 pounds of meat and potatoes swinging between his legs, making him the undisputed champion stud of the entire Academy. 

Of course, that was now 5 years ago, and Jake had grown considerably since then, including the heavy meat hanging between his legs…

Jake depressed one of the buttons on his console, and a door to his left irised open, revealing a modestly-sized but extremely well-stocked gymnasium beyond. He then planted his huge feet wide apart and braced his enormous legs, and began turning another knob on the console. As he did so, the artificial gravity on the ship steadily increased. Jake kept on slowly turning the dial, letting his effective weight incrementally increase. 

The gravity increased to 1.2 times Earth normal. 

Then to 1.4. 

Then to 1.6. 

Jake’s huge limbs were feeling heavy, but his extraordinarily strong muscles were able to adapt without a problem. The handsome young giant had lived and trained on worlds with heavier gravity than this, so he kept right on turning the dial. 

1.8 times Earth normal. 

2.0 times Earth normal, widely recognized as the upper limit of human adaptability. 

Jake’s effective weight had now doubled to nearly 1,000 pounds, putting even greater strain on his thick bones and powerful muscles. But the powerful bull of a man didn’t budge an inch, and kept right on turning the dial, though slightly more slowly now. 

2.1 times Earth gravity. 



Truly ferocious gravity was now tearing at every fiber of Jake’s being, but he stoically endured it, even grinning slightly at the added strain to his massive, magnificent physique. His gargantuan leg muscles flexed larger still with the effort of supporting his ever increasing weight. But those same legs had carried several TONS of weight before, and so a ‘mere’ 1,115-pound body was almost child’s play. 

2.4 times Earth gravity. 

Jake’s mammoth bull nuts now effectively weighed nearly 20 pounds — EACH! — and were pulled downward by the increasingly greater gravitational force being exerted on his tough ball cords and smooth scrotum. The thick tendons and tubes connecting Jake’s mighty man fruits to his body were as strong and durable as the rest of his body — they HAD to be in order to carry such a heavy weight of prime testicle meat — so they stoically resisted gravity’s ever more insistent pull. Nevertheless, the stretch to his already low-slung balls had nearly doubled so that his enormous gonads were now hanging a full 6 inches below his crotch, a mighty dangle indeed! 

But Jake clearly wasn’t satisfied yet, and kept turning the dial. He was already enduring crushing gravitational forces that would have quickly killed an unaugmented human, but Jake just set his powerful square jaw, grinned, and kept right on increasing the ship’s gravity. 

2.5 times Earth gravity. 

Jake’s own body weight was now effectively just over 1,200 pounds, making the already hulking beast a true monster of muscle. Every organ system was straining against the added weight, especially his muscles and bones. But the handsome young man just smiled. He had routinely worked out at this gravity level before, and thought it might be time to push himself. ‘Maybe just a little bit more,’ he thought, and then cranked the dial to 2.6. 

Doing the math quickly in his head, Jake realized that he now weighed the equivalent of 1,261 pounds. Well over half a ton of monstrous, hulking muscle. The perfect weight for an intense round of weight lifting. 

With practiced ease and astonishing grace, Jake lifted one mighty leg up off the floor, his monstrously powerful muscles defying the hellish gravity as he took a heavy step forward, followed by another, and then another. The young tank of muscle ponderously walked into the waiting gymnasium, eager to crank out a heroically grueling, marathon, 6-hour weight lifting session. The handsome hunk knew that would still give him plenty of time to shower, sleep, and be refreshed and ready by the time his ship inserted into planetary orbit. 

Jake grinned to himself, thoroughly happy and fulfilled with his life as a Space Ranger. 


Many hours later, after Jake had sweated and groaned and thrown around a mind boggling amount of weight, the exhausted but satisfied muscle giant returned the ship’s gravity to normal and admired his sweaty form in front of the full-length mirrors running along one wall of the gymnasium. His heavily muscled body was sculpted to perfection, and these same muscles were now pumped to even more extraordinary dimensions, bloated and swollen and unutterably massive after his intense workout. 

The gorgeous muscle man sauntered off to the showers, dripping a healthy trail of sweat behind him. The shower cubicle pelted him with water from several directions, drenching his already sweat-soaked body and washing away the salts and smells from an honest workout. Jake luxuriated under the hot water, massaging his huge, aching muscles that had been tested to their absolute limits in the weight room. He let his huge hands slip lower and lower, sliding slowly over every inch of taut skin — the gigantic mounds of his magnificent chest, the chiseled cobblestones of his rock hard abs, and lower still. As Jake began to fondle his huge, 15.5-inch cock flopping so heavily between his legs, it very quickly began to swell, soon rearing up to its awesome and monstrous 23-inch tumescence. 

Jake gazed down lovingly at his proud, upright cock, loving the way that it pulsed and throbbed with his every heartbeat. He leaned his head forward, just bending a few inches at his incredibly thick and muscular neck, to plant a kiss on the tip of his swollen cock head. Jake’s cock was so unbelievably and monstrously long that the head rested about midway up his mammoth chest. He knew that if he pushed his shoulders forward, he could engulf the swollen, bulbous head and top few inches of his cock between those unbelievably massive slabs of meat and pec fuck his own cock. He’d done exactly that on innumerable occasions (bringing himself to voluminous orgasm each time), but decided against it today. 

Instead, he reached below his cock and cradled his enormous testicles, one in each hand, filling his palms to overflowing with unbelievably thick nut meat. Young Jake could feel the monster stud load of cum churning in his huge nuggies, aching for release, and he smiled once again to himself. He had abstained from masturbating for the entirety of the nearly month-long flight, and there was now an epic load of spunk built up in his bloated bull nuts. He wanted nothing more than to stroke himself off to a shuddering and titanic orgasm, but Jake prided himself more than anything on his extraordinary level of self control. Just like an old-time football player before the big game, Jake never beat off before a mission, and he knew that the huge load sloshing around inside his balls would have to wait there for a while longer. 

The huge stud patted his fat balls a couple of times, gazing down at them like a proud papa, and then turned the water from nearly scaldingly hot to ice cold. The freezing water felt like needles of ice piercing into his taut, unblemished skin, and Jake actually gasped with the shock of the temperature change. But the cold water did its trick, causing his low-hanging balls to draw up tight against his groin, and eventually causing his titanic tower of cock meat to slowly wilt until it was once again hanging heavy and limp between his legs. 

His arousal temporarily dampened, Jake toweled off and retired to his bedroom. He knew he only needed about two hours of sleep and rest to fully recover and recharge his body after the mighty workout, giving him a couple more hours to prepare for planetary orbit. The gorgeous nude muscle man lay down on top of his bed, his huge flaccid cock draped lazily over one muscular thigh, and closed his eyes. 

As he drifted off to sleep, he once again wondered what could have caused an entire colony to suddenly go dark… 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Blender - Tragic Ending

Tragic Ending

With a loud click, the Ghost turned on the deadly blender. 

Wrrrr! GRRRR!! Wrrrrr! GRRRR!!

For a few precious moments, the blender’s blades refused to turn. The sheer, unbelievable mass and volume of man meat crammed into the mixing container was initially preventing the blades from spinning! But the blender kept on chugging, and a terrified Kyle could both see and feel the cut in his skewered left nut starting to tear open wider. He knew it would only be moments before…


Once the high speed blades finally broke free and began to spin, they made quick work of Kyle’s magnificent manhood, though the destruction played out as if in slow motion for Kyle, who was forced to watch it up close on the monitors even as he felt every searing moment in his groin. 

When the blades first started spinning, the vortex created caught ahold of Kyle’s mangled left nut and ripped it from his body. Meanwhile, the blades that had been pressing into the right nut sliced that nut clean in half, and the halves were halved again, and again, and again, as the blades whirred around and around. The perfect orbs of Kyle’s magnificent testicles exploded in seconds, splattering the glass with their gory innards. The powerful vortex sucked any solid chunks of nut meat into the whirring blades, where they were quickly reduced to liquid nut guts. 

The sound of chunky jock bits bursting made a sickening splattering THUD sound every couple of seconds as the few whole pieces of Kyle’s manhood were reduced to nothing.




The timer was flashing red, and warning messages about ‘ stream compromise…’ were appearing on the various computer monitors, but still the viewer counter stayed unchanged. 

The spectacular and complete obliteration of his humongous bollocks had instantly halted Kyle’s final orgasm. Only the single, magnificent rope of pearlescent cum had escaped, painting a thick line all the way to the far wall, a fitting swan song to the young man’s extraordinary virility. The rest of whatever fresh stud load his huge balls had manufactured had been blended along with all of that thick nut meat, destroyed forever. Just a few dribbles of spunk dripped in long strings from the tip of the young man’s still rock hard, 18-inch mega schlong. But even as the Ghost watched, that mighty crowbar of a cock began to soften and wilt. The Ghost watched the death of Kyle’s final boner with great satisfaction, knowing that the mighty member would never rise again. 

When he was certain of the complete destruction of Kyle’s mammoth sex organs, the Ghost turned off the blender and removed the lid, freeing the frayed end of the young man’s stretched out nutsac to hang limp and empty beneath the young man’s nearly unmoving body. Surprisingly little blood dripped from the shredded end of that vacant nutsac, which had until moments ago cradled perhaps the largest set of virile stud nuts to ever grace a man. 

The mixing container itself was filled to overflowing with a thick, pinkish-gray liquid. The Ghost picked up a large steel colander from the nearby table with one hand, lifted up the overflowing glass container in the other hand, and made a dramatic show of pouring the ‘Kyle Protein Shake’ from the mixing chamber into the colander. The remains of Kyle’s once beyond-bull-sized balls made a massive, splattering puddle of thick gloop on the floor at the Ghost’s feet, mixing with the chunky spunk from the multiple loads Kyle had shot. When he was done pouring, the Ghost held the colander up to the camera so that all of the viewers - as well as the barely conscious Kyle himself - could see there were absolutely no chunks in it. Kyle’s entire studly cum-pumping, testosterone-flooding, jeans-stretching, utterly monstrous testicles had been reduced to nothing more than a gigantic puddle of liquid.


“Alright kids, I’d better end this data stream. Kyle’s erstwhile rescuers are already at the door and trying to cut through the two inches of reinforced steel between them and this room. I shall beat a hasty retreat so that we don’t spoil our chances for another great show in the future!”

The Ghost made his way carefully around the enormous, gloopy mess on the floor, careful not to slip in the various slick fluids, and opened a cleverly hidden trap door in the floor. The cruel torturer gave a final salute to the barely breathing muscle stud still bound to the plexiglas platform, and then descended the hidden ladder in the floor, closing the trap door behind him. 

Kyle felt a terrifying chill run through his body enormous body, the realization that his days as an alpha bull stud were irretrievably over. Then all went dark as he finally slipped into merciful unconsciousness… 

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The Blender - Happy Ending

Okay guys, here's the 'happy ending' version for The Blender. Enjoy!


The Blender

Happy Ending

With a loud click, all of the bright lights in the room suddenly shut off, quickly replaced by dim red emergency back up lighting. A frustrated Ghost immediately pressed the ‘LIQUIFY’ button on the blender, then pressed it again, and again and again and again, but the power to the blender was cut off, too. Only the cameras and computer monitors were still functioning, as they ran on their own batteries. 

Meanwhile, Kyle grunted and moaned like some rutting beast as his cock continued to pound out a spectacular load, one that looked to rival his first two loads of the evening in sheer force and volume! This cum was as thick and gloopy and creamy white as his initial loads, chock full of ripe and potent sperm. Somehow, in the less than 30 minutes since he had been forced to blow his fourth and paltry load, Kyle’s powerhouse bull balls had whipped up a fresh batch of hunk spunk, and he was now blasting this chunky load onto everything in his cock’s path, as if to proclaim his victory over his cruel assailant. 

The distant noises had meanwhile come much closer, and now sounded like they were just outside the door. Could it be that help was finally arriving?! 

A clearly irritated Ghost moved in front of the captive muscle man and looked a terrified Kyle dead in the eye before saying, “Well, it looks like it’s your lucky day, Kyle! The cavalry has arrived, and they’re even now just outside this door, working to cut through the two inches of steel separating you from rescue. You are about to have the honor of being the very first subject to survive my attentions intact!” 

The Ghost then chuckled and looked down at the bollock-choked mixing chamber and said, “Well, MOSTLY intact! Your magnificent balls are so tough and resilient that I’m sure they’ll make a full recovery and be none the worse for wear after what you suffered today. In fact, the only lasting effect is likely to be that your huge balls are going to hang just a wee little bit lower than before…” 

“But make no mistake, my handsome hunk,” the Ghost continued, gripping the young man’s powerful chin in one of his strong hands. “I will find you again, and I will finish what I started! You’ll never see me coming, but come for you I will. You and your huge balls are on borrowed time, my friend. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, for I will not rest until I have annihilated your massive bull balls!” 

With that, the Ghost turned to his cameras and said, “Apologies, boys and girls! Play time is ending a little early today. But I will be back, and soon. You can count on that!” 

The Ghost then reached down and opened a cleverly hidden trap door in the floor, disappearing down his bolt hole and closing the trap door behind him. 

Kyle was left temporarily alone in the room, still bound and helpless but no longer in imminent danger, and listening to the sounds of the rescue team working at breaking through the steel door. The solitude gave Kyle time to think. He knew with a sick certainty that the Ghost’s words were not an idle threat. The psychopath would one day come for Kyle again, and he sensed that no one would be able to protect him. His balls’ date with destiny had been merely postponed, and he knew that he would someday confront the Ghost again…

Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Blender

In 2014, my friend Sack Stomper ( wrote a story based upon one of the drawings I had posted on my artwork blog. The story was part of his violent, gruesome, and totally AWESOME 'Ghost Network' series.

I recently decided to add my own touches to Sack Stomper's awesome story. I ALSO wrote two endings to this story, both a happy ending and a tragic ending, and I want to hear from YOU guys. Which ending do you want to read? Let me know by the end of the 4th of July weekend, and I'll post it here. ;)


The Blender
Based on an original story by Sack Stomper and a drawing by Jayse


It was just after eleven at night when 19-year-old Kyle finished his late night treadmill run. He had gone to the campus recreation center about two hours earlier to let off a bit of steam after an exhausting day of classes. But what had started as a brief set on a rowing machine turned into a heavy stint at the free weights, and concluded with a walk, that turned into a jog, that became a twelve kilometer run on the treadmill. The last three kilometers had been an all out sprint, and Kyle’s muscular, toned legs burned with lactic acid, but it was a good, refreshing burn, and despite dripping with sweat and being physically exhausted, Kyle’s mind was finally focused and calm. 

Although it was a twenty-four hour facility, the gym was virtually abandoned so late at night, so Kyle had thought nothing of peeling off his shirt early in his treadmill run, showing off his svelte and muscular torso to the handful of fellow students still working out. Kyle was a big man, particularly for only 19 years of age, and packed an impressive 265 pounds of muscle on his 6-foot, 2-inch frame. What’s more, the young man also had virtually no bodyfat, so his already big muscles were so vividly defined that they made the handsome college freshman look even bigger than he was, and made him look like the quintessential muscle jock. And with a frame as big as his, there was no telling how much more muscle Kyle would be able to pack onto his gorgeous body in the years ahead. 

Kyle reached out to the slow the treadmill down from a full out sprint to a brisk run, and then to a moderate jog, ramping down his workout. He ran a hand through his dark, sweat-soaked hair and glanced around they gym. The coed who had been doing late night Pilates on a mat nearby was long gone, as were the three frat boys who had been trying to undo a semester of pizza and beer on the elliptical machines. In fact, other than the nighttime front desk attendant (who was always consumed by his iPad and rarely to be seen on the gymnasium floor), there was indeed no one else left in the entire gym. Nevertheless, Kyle couldn’t shake the uncomfortable feeling that he was being watched. 

Yet when he looked around, no one was there. 

The treadmill slowed again, this time to a brisk walk, and Kyle took the slower pace as a chance to admire himself in the wall of mirrors in front of him. His stomach was a rock solid and corrugated eight pack, and his thick pecs arched heavily over them, lightly covered with a dusting of dark hairs that matched the thick dark hair on his head. That dark hair was a dramatic contrast to his fair, unblemished skin, the heritage of his mixed Irish and German background. Kyle’s shoulders were exceptionally broad and muscular, and the arms that hung so powerfully from those shoulders were thick and beefy, corded with hard earned muscle. His legs were massively muscular, yet gorgeously sculpted at the same time, as if combining the very best of a speed skater’s bulky legs with the long, lean muscles of a distance runner. Those beautiful legs were lightly furred with dark hair as well. Kyle wasn’t especially vain — though he would have had every right to be — but even he had to admit as he looked into the mirrors that he was a stunning example of young masculine perfection. 

Kyle noticed that his green athletic shorts were nearly soaked with the sweat that had been pouring off of his chiseled, muscular body, and the thin wet fabric was now clinging to his genitals almost like a second skin. The handsome young college jock had been blessed with a truly massive set of cock and balls, and the boxer style underwear and running shorts had done almost nothing to contain his meaty junk. Kyle’s goliath genitals had been flopping around inside his shorts for nearly an hour, and his low-hanging bull nuts ached from banging back and forth against his solid, muscular thighs as he ran. In fact, as the adrenaline rush of his epic workout started to fade, Kyle became more and more aware of the deep, throbbing ache in both of his massive nuts, and for the hundredth time that evening silently berated himself for forgetting to pack a jockstrap into his gym bag earlier that day. He felt like he had a heroic case of blue balls, which was only exacerbated by the fact that he hadn’t pulled out a load in over 48 hours. Perversely, though, that deep ache was powerfully erotic to the handsome young stud, and he looked forward to roughing up his championship balls a little bit later when he got home, and pumping out a healthy load or two of jock jizz before going to sleep. 

The thought of jacking off once he got home caused Kyle’s huge cock to start to stir. Kyle had a very large cock that was 10.5 inches long and over 2 inches thick even in its most soft and flaccid state. That humongous cock was now starting to plump up and lengthen as the lad became aroused, snaking down one leg of his shorts in an obscene fashion.

Kyle hopped off the treadmill and spent a good 10 minutes stretching out all of his muscles, especially his legs, giving anyone who might have been in the room quite the spectacular show. The interplay of Kyle’s big and exquisitely defined muscles as he turned and stretched was absolutely beautiful, yet sadly there was no one else in the gym to enjoy the view. Sweat continued to pour off of his body as Kyle cooled down, and all of the bouncing and moving soon had excited his cock into a semi erect state. The big jock knew that it was time for him to hurry off to the locker room for a shower before his enormous crotch bulge became even more pornographic. 

An impressive tent had formed at the front of Kyle’s sweat-slickened shorts by the time he got to the locker room. He striped out of his shoes, socks, and shorts until he was completely naked, revealing the remainder of his magnificent body. Kyle’s ass was like two diamond-hard footballs of striated muscle strapped to the back of his legs. His huge bull cock was a stunning masterpiece, a thing of beauty, perfectly sculpted and formed, and already measuring a full 12 inches long even in its semi erect state. His titanic testes dwarfed even his massive schlong, however, for they were so big and hung so low that the bottom of his grapefruit sized bull nuts actually extended out an inch farther down than the tip of his puffy and semi bloated cock! 

Yes, Kyle was indeed a young man who had been unreasonably well blessed in the genetics department. 

The young man ambled over to the showers and spent several long minutes beneath the hot spray, washing away the stress and sweat of the day until all of his glistening muscles were squeaky clean. 

Yet despite the solitude of the locker room and showers, Kyle still couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched. 

Kyle had moved over to the bank of sinks, a large white bath towel wrapped around his slender, muscular hips, and was just finishing up his skin care regime when he heard a slight noise behind him. Startled, Kyle spun around, losing his towel in the process, and found another young man standing just a few feet behind him. It was the nondescript front desk guy, a young man a few inches shorter than Kyle’s 6-foot, 2-inch height and a good 80 or 90 pounds lighter. 

Kyle heaved a sigh of relief even as he absentmindedly placed both of his hands over his now-naked groin. “Dude, you scared the shit out of me!” Kyle said, laughing at his own reaction to being startled, even though he was still feeling unease about being watched. “What’s up?” 

The desk clerk didn’t say anything, but just kept staring at Kyle’s handsome face without any discernible expression. 

Kyle was growing more and more uneasy, and asked, “Can I help you?” 

The clerk just looked down the muscular expanse of Kyle’s extraordinary body until his eyes rested on the young man’s only partially obscured genitals, and then said in a flat voice, “Nice nuts.” 

Kyle was caught off guard by the desk clerk’s comment, and said, “Excuse me?”

“I said, ‘Nice nuts,’” came the clerk’s reply, his brown eyes once more locking with Kyle’s bright blue stare. The desk clerk’s comments were, if anything, a gross understatement, for Kyle’s huge nuts were not merely nice, they were spectacular. Both of Kyle’s huge balls were behemoth orbs of virility, each one larger than an oblong softball, and so dense and heavy that they stretched the young man’s baggy and voluminous sack a good 6 inches from his lean and muscular crotch. It looked like Kyle was carrying a pair of lead shot put balls at the bottom of his hairless, pink scrotum, and in fact those twin bull bollocks were damn near as heavy, packed with dense man meat and filled to near bursting with his stud seed. 

“Uh, thanks, I guess,” Kyle stumbled in an uneasy reply. “But listen, I’m not into dudes. So if you don’t mind, I’ll just be going…” 

Kyle attempted to sidle past the odd man, but with the speed of a cobra, the desk clerk suddenly lashed out, charging the young muscle man and pushing him until his muscular backside collided with the sinks behind him. At the same time, the clerk shoved a hand towel against Kyle’s face, smothering him with the scratchy fabric. Kyle was so much bigger and stronger than his assailant that he could have easily beat him up in a fair fight. But the clerk had acted with the element of surprise, and judging from the sharp and caustic smell coming from the towel, he was attempting to level the playing field by using some sort of sedation drug against the much bigger man. The desk clerk also proved to be surprisingly strong, for as Kyle fought against him, he was unable to tear the towel away from his face. Within seconds, he could feel the strength rapidly leaving his body, making him grow weak and tired. As Kyle’s struggles grew weaker, the clerk slowly lowered the young man’s naked body to the cold concrete floor, almost with the gentleness of a lover, all while continuing to hold the towel tight against Kyle’s handsome face. 

Kyle was now flat on his back on the cold tiles, easily overpowered by the smaller and far less muscular man, and he bellowed in terror into the towel. His cries for help were muffled by the towel, however, and there was no one there to hear him anyway, as he and the desk clerk were now the only two people in the entire building. 

Soon, Kyle couldn’t even feel his legs, and his big arms became too heavy to hold up. He was feeling dizzy and woozy, and knew that he was soon going to black out. Panic gripped him, and in a last explosion of horror and fear, Kyle screamed once more into the muffling gag. His magnificently toned muscles became limp and his vision started to narrow. The last thing Kyle remembered seeing clearly before blacking out was a sick and terrifying look of satisfaction on the desk clerk’s face, and a shadow of another man standing behind him. Then there was darkness.


“Wakey, wakey!” a booming voice rang through Kyle’s head.

His fitful slumber was shattered, and in a jarring instant, the fear and confusion he had felt in the locker room came flooding back. His blue eyes snapped open, only to be instantly shut again after they were flooded with light. He opened them more slowly, giving his tired eyes time to adjust to the glaring white light. 

He was lying face down and flat on this stomach, yet he could clearly see the bare concrete floor a good 6 or 7 feet below him. Kyle quickly realized that he was suspended on some sort of clear platform, perhaps made of a thick plexiglas or other similar, transparent material. His powerful arms and muscular legs were all splayed wide, his wrists and ankles shackled to something that prevented even the tiniest movement. He instinctively began to struggle, his big, mighty muscles fighting against his restraints, but to no use. Even his thick and bullish neck was shackled in place, allowing virtually no movement of Kyle’s head and preventing him from scanning the entire room. Kyle knew he was trapped and utterly helpless, and the cold rock of fear in the pit of his corrugated stomach just kept growing bigger. 

All that Kyle could see in front of him was a bare, concrete room, with no windows or doors, and very little in the way of furnishings. He could see several tripod-mounted lights along the wall, each providing harsh light that his eyes had now adjusted to. He could also see a plain metal table in front of him, with an odd assortment of equipment scattered across it. 

But the only item Kyle really noticed were the trio of large computer monitors sitting atop the table and aimed directly at him, for those screens were each showing different scenes from Kyle’s life. They were all video clips taken of Kyle when he was unawares. Some were the grainy, black-and-white videos of random surveillance equipment, such as those at the ATM, the grocery store, and on public streets. Others were of far higher quality, and were often of more intimate moments of his life. Kyle saw scenes of himself in class and at the library, in the gym and on the field, and even inside of his own dorm room, all in full color and with great detail! He blushed crimson to see himself filmed naked in the shower, in his room, and even on the toilet. Who had been filming him, and who was seeing these videos?! 

The final scene, running on all three computer screens simultaneously from three different angles, made Kyle’s blood run cold. These were full color videos of Kyle jogging on the treadmill at the recreation center, taken earlier that very evening! (Or was it now the next day, or even the day after? Kyle had no way of knowing how long he had been unconscious.) Kyle felt like he might vomit from the sick realization that he had been systematically hunted for weeks, maybe even months. 

“HELP!!! HELP ME!!! HELP!!!” Kyle screamed, his voice echoing in the bare, sterile room. 

“SILENCE!!!” came the voice from earlier, booming into the room from hidden speakers. A terrified Kyle was stunned into silence. He could hear a door opening and closing somewhere behind him and measured foot steps approaching his bound and helpless form.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you that shouting is rude?” came the deep and silky voice again, only this time at a normal decibel level, and not amplified by any speakers.

Despite his best efforts, a terrified Kyle couldn’t bring himself to try to look at the approaching voice. Instead he closed his eyes tightly and prayed to himself. 

“Aww! I think he’s scared! Come on and open those pretty eyes of yours, Kyle,” came the man’s voice, now coming from directly beneath and in front of him.

But Kyle’s beautiful blue eyes stayed tightly closed.

“I said... OPEN YOUR EYES!!” the deep voice commanded in a strident voice. 

“OOOoooff!!” Kyle grunted as his eyes shot open, a burst of pain exploding from his right nut.

That’s when Kyle realized that his heavy ball bag and huge limp cock were hanging below him through a hole cut into the glass table. He realized this when the man under him had grabbed his vulnerable right orb and viciously squeezed it with his fist. The jolt of pain and surprise forced Kyle’s eyes open, and he shrieked in shock and fear at the hideous goblin mask looking back at him. The man was incongruously also wearing a stylish black dress shirt, black pants, and black leather shoes, and appeared to be of average height and build. In fact, if not for the Halloween mask obscuring the man’s face, he would have blended in with any crowd on the street. His voice was stern and deep, yet oddly unassuming and relaxed considering the circumstances.

“P-p-please don’t hurt me,” Kyle begged in a fearful voice, tears beginning to stream down his handsome cheeks. 

“Oh, but my dear boy, I AM going to hurt you! Hurt you worse than you can imagine! But not just yet.” 

The darkly-dressed man released Kyle’s aching right nut and turned and pressed some sort of remote control he’d had in his pocket, and the video feed on the three screens suddenly changed to show different angles of the room. The center screen showed a close up of Kyle’s huge, swinging nuts and his massive limp cock, a sight that was oddly mesmerizing to the young man. He had a strange realization that his extremely low hanging, oversized, cum-bloated bull balls looked a lot like a dangling punching bag, and his fear ratcheted up another notch or two. 

“Please! Please let me go!” Kyle pleaded, looking directly into the cold gray eyes of his captor.

“What? Let you go?! But you’re the star of the show!” the man laughed cooly.

The man then stepped between Kyle’s balls and the central camera, his goblin mask taking up the entire screen. Despite Kyle’s continued pleas behind him, the man calmly began to address the camera as if he was introducing a television show.

“Hello there boys and girls! I, The Ghost, have an extra special show for you tonight!”

The man’s showmanship conveyed a bizarre sense of normalcy to the preceding.

“You know that you can always rely on me to bring you the handsomest and most hung young muscle men for your viewing pleasure. But this time, I’ve really struck the motherlode. Few men are as handsome and young Kyle here, with his dark hair, chiseled features, and piercing blue eyes. And fewer still could boast such extraordinarily developed and refined muscles, particularly at so tender an age. But what really makes this young stud special is what he’s got swinging between those massive, muscle-carved thighs of his. Feast your eyes on what are easily the largest pair of grade-AAA testicles this show has ever seen!”

With a flourish, the Ghost stepped out of range of the camera, allowing the unseen audience to get its first full look at Kyle’s dangling nuts. Their proportions were beyond pornographic, impossibly big and plump and positively exuding masculinity. The matched pair of massive nuts were coupled with a fuck stick that, even completely flaccid, was bigger than most cocks were when raging hard. And here they were, as defenseless and vulnerable as they were awe inspiringly large. As a horrified Kyle watched the central screen, some text appeared at the top of the screen stating, “2,670 VIEWERS.” And to the young man’s mounting horror, that number was already steadily and rapidly climbing.

Kyle was too overwhelmed by the situation to listen to the rest of the Ghost’s introduction, instead focusing on the images on the screen. His naked body was on complete display and utterly helpless, his huge, gym-hardened muscles completely useless, his gorgeous and chiseled physique defenseless against whatever the Ghost wanted to do to him. He was trapped. 

Each screen showed Kyle from three or four angles, with one camera apparently recessed somewhere on the floor beneath him, looking upward at him. Even though his body was pressed flat against the hard plexiglas, his wide, beefy chest looked enormous and the corrugated cobblestones of his abdominal muscles were etched in deep, deep relief. Some quiet, removed corner of Kyle’s mind had to admit that he cut a stunning figure, even shackled and helpless as he was, and he found that he was strangely sad that he hadn’t taken more advantage of his spectacular male beauty while he could. He now doubted that he’d ever have that chance again… 

The central screen now read, “6,755 VIEWERS,” and continued to climb at an even faster rate. 

The Ghost stood slightly to the side, so as to not block the view of Kyle’s gorgeous nuts from one of the main camera angles, and he said, “I mean, just LOOK at these beauties! Have you ever seen anything else like them?!” 

The Ghost reached out and cupped Kyle’s whopper of a left nut in his large, calloused hand, enclosing his long, slender fingers around as much of that huge mass of thick nut meat as he could and giving it a gentle squeeze. Kyle winced in anticipation of something more, but it never came. Instead, the Ghost gently fondled the bloated orb, then hefted the huge ball in his cupped hand before excitedly exclaiming, “Damn, I wish you all could feel this! The dude’s massive whale nut is even heavier than it looks! And it’s virtually pulsing with raw power and pure male virility!” 

The masked man then released Kyle’s first nut and cupped the other one, giving Kyle’s equally massive right nut a slightly harder squeeze. His firm grip forced Kyle’s delicate orb down against the bottom of his hairless scrotum, making the huge ball look even bigger as it bulged at the very bottom of his sack. 

“Wow, these big puppies are unusually dense, too! I’m gripping Kyle’s dangling right nut pretty damn hard, and the tough fucker is barely even dimpling. Good! I like torturing a strong set of stones, and these might be the toughest rocks I’ve seen yet!” 

Kyle was begging to be let go, but Ghost pretended not to notice, instead saying, “They kind of look like a big, meaty punching bag, don’t they?” 

With that, the Ghost took a bent knee stance, balled his large hands into fists, and took a place standing behind Kyle’s heavily dangling sack. Kyle knew what was about to happen, and he started crying out, “No! NO!!” But the Ghost clearly wasn’t paying him any attention. 


The Ghost landed three hard punches in rapid succession, alternating between Kyle’s massive left ball and his equally bovine right nut. Kyle’s mammoth sack and huge, limp cock bounced wildly, violently knocked around in crazy direction, presumably much to the delight of the thousands of viewers watching the show live on the web. Kyle thought he was going to get sick from the pain, he began to bellow in agony just as...

THWAP!!    THWAP!!    THWAP!!    THWAP!!    THWAP!!

More rapid, and powerful, punches collided into Kyle’s swinging sack. The young college jock tried desperately to free himself, pulling mightily against his restraints and thrusting his hips to try to spare his screaming balls, but the heavy steel manacles held him fast and made all his efforts futile. Kyle’s enormous hanging ballsac was literally being used as a punching bag, and there was nothing he could do about it! Nevertheless, his majestic muscles exploded into even greater size and more astoundingly shredded relief as he fought against his bindings with all of his might, creating a fantastic display of raw masculine power and beauty for the cameras. 

“PLEASE!!” Kyle pleaded between punches. “STOP!!  OH FUCK!! NO!!!”

THWAP!!    THWAP!!    THWAP!!    THWAP!!    THWAP!!

The brutal beating just kept coming and coming without reprieve, each brutal punch causing Kyle’s defenseless balls to careen about wildly in their sack. The handsome muscle boy felt like his balls were on fire, an inferno of agony that exploded into his abdomen as well, causing Kyle to retch and dry heave, his balls were on fire and an unbearable ache was building in the pit of his stomach. Kyle was now bellowing like some huge, wounded beast, and the louder and more hoarse Kyle’s screams became, the more viscous were the Ghost’s punches. 

The young man’s assailant soon reached a steady rhythm, working over the lad’s behemoth ballsac like it was some sort of speed bag. Each blow was so powerful that Kyle’s balls would swing in a graceful arc until they collided powerfully with the underside of the thick plexiglas plate, smacking hard against that unyielding surface and rebounding back in the direction they’d swung, only to be met with the next hard-knuckled fist. The staccato sounds of the rhythmic ball beating could be heard even over Kyle’s loudest bellows of agony. 




Kyle could see and feel that his balls were turning a bright, angry red and swelling to even more massive proportions under the unbelievably brutal assault, yet they remained intact. The Ghost had been correct in his assessment — Kyle did indeed have a ridiculously tough set of stones, and though the abuse was starting to soften them up nicely, those twin gonads were made of some stern stuff. 







After nearly ten continuous minutes of having his prized jewels used as a sparring bag, the viewer counter on the screen surpassed ten thousand, and Kyle’s throbbing nuts had become his entire world. All he could focus on was the image of his lobster red nuts bouncing around on the screen, and his limp cock similarly jiggling around like some thick, rubbery hose. The young man’s deep voice had grown scratchy and hoarse, and his battle against his metal bindings more weak and worn out. Sweat was pouring off of his magnificently muscular body, making the surface of the plexiglas slick and slippery. Kyle had never known such agony in his entire life, and he wondered how much more he could take before his balls - or his mind - broke. 

Then, abruptly, the beyond-brutal beating stopped. Kyle almost didn’t even notice at first, for his big boy balls were now such a nuclear reactor of white hot pain that the absence of fresh punches barely even made a difference. The young man was left panting for breath like he’d been once again sprinting on the treadmill, and he moaned and groaned pitifully as he pressed his handsome face against the plexiglas plate. 

The Ghost stepped off to the side and once again cupped Kyle’s now even more obscenely bloated left nut in his hand. Only this time, it wasn’t followed by a gentle squeeze. 


Kyle was hysterical as the Ghost’s strong, lean fingers dug into the tenderized ball meat as his fist tried desperately to completely crush the bloated and swollen bollock. Poor Kyle had a front row seat as the Ghost’s fingers kneaded the lad’s colossally oversized nut like a stress ball. Unlike with his previous attempt to squeeze one of Kyle’s huge balls, the Ghost’s fingers were now sinking far deeper into the traumatized tissues of Kyle’s left nut, causing the huge testicle to deform and bend around the clutching digits. 


Kyle thought he was going to pass out from the sudden shooting agony he felt as the Ghost’s thumb suddenly sank much deeper into the side of his weakening left nut, as if some tough and fibrous membrane had started to give way. Ghost must have felt the same thing, too, because his grip became even tighter and more determined. Kyle’s nuts were insanely tough, but they had just been beaten and pounded non stop, and they just couldn’t take too much more. Kyle’s bruised, battered, and bloated left nut was now grotesquely misshapen within the Ghost’s clenching fist, squeezed into an unnatural shape that no testicle was meant to endure, and looked to be on the very brink of rupturing explosively within this huge nutsac. 

“Uh-ho! What’s all this now?” the Ghost said playfully, relaxing his death grip on Kyle’s nearly busted left nut as he was distracted by something new.

Against all that was rational, and despite the inhuman pain radiating from Kyle’s battered bollocks like some miniature sun, the young man’s humongous, flaccid horse cock was starting to swell and grow. Any possibility of a boner should have been utterly wrecked, perhaps even permanently, by the extreme levels of abuse that Kyle’s huge bollocks had received. Yet there was no denying that Kyle’s mighty tool was quickly bloating and unfurling in all of it’s epic majesty. All that the Ghost could figure was that the imminent crushing destruction of the young lad’s gigantic left nut had triggered some sense of self preservation deep in Kyle’s loins, causing his goliath cock to grow hard and ramrod straight in a final attempt to disperse his seed before his manhood was completely destroyed. 

Kyle’s mighty schlong was nearly a foot long in its completely flaccid state, but now it was swelling and bloating to almost unimaginably huge dimensions. It plumped thicker and gained at least a couple of inches in length before it even began to defy gravity and start rising upward. The colossal cock was already bigger than anything the Ghost had ever seen before, yet it was still clearly spongy and nowhere near its full size. As the Ghost watched in stunned silence, Kyle’s mega cock just kept on growing and growing, until it finally achieved it’s full, impossible size. Young Kyle was simultaneously embarrassed and proud as his mighty fuck stick bloated to a whopping 16.5 inches in length, with a monstrous girth equal to that of a 40-ounce beer can! Camera views from the front of the bound muscle man were cheated from the full effect, as from that angle all that could be seen was the giant mushroom head of Kyle’s cock looking directly at the camera. But from the various side views, the ridiculous length and equally astounding girth of that massive man weapon could be fully seen and appreciated. 

As the gigantic boner reached full tumescence, a shallow upward curve locked into place. Thick, tortured veins ran all up and down that great organ, with a particularly thick and protruding vein running along the entire dorsal length of the colossal shaft. The titanic horse cock looked to be hard as steel, painfully hard in fact, and bobbed gently to the young man’s powerful heartbeat. Kyle’s beautiful cock had gone from pointing straight down in its limp form to parallel to the floor in its now fully rampant state. Even as the Ghost watched, Kyle gave his cock a few automatic, pulsing flexes, causing the huge meat log to throb upward like some great beast and smack against the underside of the plexiglas. 

“My God, LOOK at this thing!” Kyle’s masked captor exclaimed, his normally deep and confident voice shaking a little at the edges. “It’s fucking HUGE!!” 

The Ghost finally released Kyle’s wounded left nut, which now showed blotches of purple on its deep red surface from where its protective outer walls had started to crack and fail. The goblin-masked villain reach up with both hands to gently stroke, fondle, and caress Kyle’s masterpiece of a cock, worshipping the huge trouser beast. Astoundingly, the Ghost’s large hands could only encompass a fraction of the boner’s titanic mass at one time; it would have taken at least a dozen hands to grip all of that man meat at once, and there might still have been room to spare! 

After several long minutes of penile exploration, the Ghost once more addressed the viewing audience and cheerfully said, “I’ve really roughed up this stud’s big man eggs, wouldn’t you say? Most men would have had their nuts reduced to so much pulverized goo after so much abuse, but Kyle’s great big, tough bull balls are still in one piece! Extraordinary! But they’ve been subjected to so much trauma that, despite their incredible strength and endurance, the big muscle stud may already have been rendered sterile. Let’s find out, shall we?” 

The Ghost stepped over to the nearby metal table and picked up a strange-looking limp form. It was a pink translucent tube of some rubbery material, perhaps 5 or 6 inches long. As the Ghost stepped toward his victim once again, Kyle could see that the object in his hands was a ‘flesh tube’ of some sort, one of those masturbation devices used to jack off a man’s cock. And just as Kyle couldn’t will his boner to deflate, he knew that he could not prevent the Ghost from jacking off his massive cock. 

The Ghost proceeded to slip the pink rubbery tube onto Kyle’s gigantic cock. The hollow tube had to expand dramatically to encompass the stupendous girth of Kyle’s penis, but the lubricated membrane managed to stretch over the massive cock with ease, its clinging warmth enveloping the young man’s cock like a pussy. The tube could fit over no more than a third of the length of Kyle’s colossal cock at one time, but the Ghost was undeterred. He began to slowly stroke the translucent pink tube up and down the stupendous length of Kyle’s gorgeous cock, twisting it gently over the huge mushroom head before stroking it all the way down to the thick base, and then back again. He slowly increased the pace until it was a nice, steady rhythm. 

“Ooooh!” Kyle gently moaned as the pleasurable sensations began to build in his loins. He knew that he’d built an unusually huge load in his balls after a couple of days of abstinence, a load that he’d been looking forward to blowing after his evening workout, so he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back the flood gates for long. Deep erotic pleasure washed over him, partially distracting him from the terrible throbbing ache still emanating from both of his huge, wounded nuts. Kyle’s great, rampant cock clearly had a mind of its own, and the young man groaned despite himself as the masturbation sleeve was expertly used on his mighty tool. 

“God, I have never before seen a cock like this!” the Ghost said in a breathy whisper, seeming to forget the growing online audience as he continued to frig and fist Kyle’s behemoth bull cock. He was soon using both hands to masturbate Kyle’s titanic meat pole, stroking faster and faster like a human piston. 

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Kyle’s toes were curling as he could feel a massive load start to boil in his tortured nuts, and he knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer. 

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

The young muscle bull started flexing all of his amazing muscles in an effort to clamp down on his steadily swelling orgasm, but he knew that he was just delaying the inevitable. 

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Kyle grunted in surprise as he felt a hand gently cup his swollen right nut. His piercing blue eyes flashed to the central computer screen, where he could see that the Ghost had taken one of his hands off of stroking duty to grasp the underside of his dangling goolie. With a sick dread, the young man knew what was about to happen next. 


The Ghost unleashed a truly devastating squeeze to Kyle’s right nut, clutching the huge orb tightly in his big, powerful hand. Kyle started to black out from the agony, yet his cock remained rock hard and was starting to twitch and throb in anticipation of the coming load. Ghost kept right on squeezing Kyle’s nut and stroking his cock, and the combination of extreme agony and extreme pleasure was overwhelming to the young college jock.


Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Kyle watched in horror on the screen as the Ghost’s fingers began to deflate and deform the giant ball in his vise-like grip. The titanic teste was being squeezed so brutally hard it felt like it was going to burst at any moment, but the Ghost’s fist kept right on squeezing and squeezing. The wet slurping sounds of the masturbation sleeve stroking Kyle’s 16.5 inches of bull cock married with the sound of young man’s animal-like bellows and screams of agony created a sort of music to the Ghost’s ears.

‘50,000 VIEWERS’

Kyle knew his nut was about to explode and that there was nothing he could do to stop it. At the same time, the Ghost could feel the trapped nut attempting to retract into the young man’s insanely muscular body as it prepared to fire off its mammoth load.

“OOOoooooohh!!” Kyle’s breath exploded in one long exhale. 

The young man’s mighty cock shot off a spectacular glob of cum, an unbroken rope of sperm that had to be 5 or 6 feet long, that lashed across the steel table and splattered onto the floor in a big, gooey line. A second massive jet of cum followed moments later, even longer and thicker and bigger than the first, followed by a third rope that was bigger still, striking the cement wall at least a dozen feet away! 

What followed was the single greatest orgasm ever caught on video. So much splooge was blasting forth from Kyle’s throbbing and thundering cock that it looked like his bulky, bloated balls were completely emptying their contents onto the table, the far wall, and the floor below. The Ghost released his grip on the young man’s tortured right nut to bring both hands to bear once again on masturbating the young man’s massive tool, coaxing more and more spunk out of the handsome young muscle man. Pulse after pulse after lush pulse of extremely thick spunk kept pumping out of the young man’s quivering cock, making a huge slippery mess of everything within range of his monster cock. 

“Well I guess that proves one thing!” the Ghost happily exclaimed as he kept right on pumping Kyle’s orgasming cock. “This stud’s freakishly huge bull balls are indeed still fully functional! God DAMN!! Have you ever SEEN so much cum blast from one guy before?! Jesus, this kid is a walking SPERM FACTORY!!” 

Kyle’s colossal orgasm seem to rage on forever. In fact, it wasn’t until the 18th or 19th mammoth cum blast that the size of Kyle’s wads finally began to decrease. And even then, it took more than a dozen steadily decreasing pulses of thick and gloopy spunk before Kyle’s muscular loins finally ran dry. 

But the Ghost didn’t even pause in his masturbation of Kyle’s massive tool. Instead, he continued to milk the young man’s recently spent cock with all the same speed and vigor as before. The pleasure of the rubbery hand job quickly grew to excruciating levels, and the young man began screaming and begging for the Ghost to stop. But his assailant didn’t slow in the slightest, apparently determined to pull even more spunk out of his swollen, aching, throbbing bull nuts. 

It was only a few minutes later when the Ghost got his wish, striking oil for the second time. Kyle’s huge cock swelled larger still, if that was even possible, the skin enveloping his rampant schlong stretched tight as a drum, before it began firing off its second load. 

Astoundingly, even though he had cum just minutes before, Kyle’s second load proved to be nearly as powerful and voluminous as the first, painting even more thick lines of prime young stud cum on the wall, table, and floor in front of him. The young man screamed and moaned throughout his second forced orgasm, the excruciating sensations having gone far past pleasure into something more resembling pain. This time, it was around the 12th or 14th massive streamer of hot, sticky jizz before the size of Kyle’s wads began to diminish, and they quickly tapered off after only 6 or 8 more steadily weaker pulses of ‘boygurt’. 

And STILL the Ghost didn’t slow in his relentless milking of the young man’s tortured loins. The  furious jacking caused Kyle’s bruised and purpling balls to bounce wildly in their bag, adding to their throbbing pain as they struggled to cough up even more spunk into the Ghost’s demanding fists. The young man was now openly sobbing, the post-orgasmic milking causing his overstimulated penis to swell even larger still, its skin stretched to a glassy sheen and looking like his great, protuberant cock might actually split in half! Kyle’s monstrous cock had to measure at least 17.5 inches in length now, possibly even 18 inches, and was nearly as thick as the young man’s muscle-corded forearm! 

It took a full 5 minutes before Kyle hit his third orgasm, which felt like a freight train crashing into his heaving nuts. His huge, battered balls visibly convulsed and contracted in their pouch as they tried to squeeze out even more juice to satisfy the Ghost’s voracious appetite. The first two or three jets were huge and powerful, nearly striking the far wall to join their brothers. The consistency of Kyle’s splooge was now more milky and far less thick than before, however, providing evidence that the young man’s massive and heroically virile bollocks were finally starting to run out of ammunition. After the first few huge streams, though, Kyle’s orgasm quickly tapered off, with no more than another half dozen weaker spurts burping out of the young man’s terminally bonerized cock. 

And STILL the Ghost refused to cease milking the young man’s raped and tortured loins!! Kyle was writhing and bucking as much as his steel restraints allowed, his massive muscles flexing and bulging in terrific relief. The devastatingly handsome young stud was now reduced to incoherent babbles punctuated by screams and moans, his mind so clouded with pain that he could no longer formed words. 

Kyle’s cock was starting to glow and angry red from the prolonged and violent frigging, but refused to grow the least bit soft. In fact, the young man’s cock was now so freakishly bloated and hard that it might never go down, this side of death! Still, the young stud’s humongous cock was faring far better than his beleaguered and overworked balls, which were now so bruised and battered and swollen that they didn’t even look human anymore. Nevertheless, those two huge gonads were valiantly trying to muster up even more seminal fluids as the Ghost continued to pump and pummel his bloated and aching cock. 

Kyle’s voice had long since grown hoarse and cracked from all of the screaming and yelling, yet he continued to utter deep, thunderous bellows of animal agony as his rape continued. Minute after minute ticked by with agonizing slowness, but there was no reprieve for Kyle. The Ghost just kept on pumping his diamond hard stallion cock, all but rubbing it raw in his exuberance. 

After more than 10 minutes, though, no additional loads were forthcoming, and the Ghost was getting ready to give up. But then Kyle began bucking his hips, violently slamming his narrow, muscular crotch against the plexiglas plate and thrusting his cock even harder against the pistoning hands of his captor. The Ghost smiled beneath his goblin mask, knowing that he would indeed be able to coax one last load from the young stud’s unbelievably virile loins. 

The veins coursing up and down the colossal shaft of Kyle’s cock were now standing out so thick and hard that they looked like they would burst right out of the skin. The handsome young jock was masculine perfection, and his cock was a masterpiece to manhood. The Ghost couldn’t take his eyes off of the magnificent, majestic schlong as he frigged that big cock faster than ever, eager to drive Kyle over the edge one last time. 

With a primal scream, all of Kyle’s great muscles bulged and flexed simultaneously, and his monstrous cock began to throb and pulse with more raw power than ever before. But nothing was spurting or spraying forth! Was Kyle’s well of virility already completely empty? 

One, two, three mighty throbs, and not a single drop of fluid issued forth from the swollen, distended piss slit at the tip of Kyle’s fist-sized cock head. Four, five, six epic throbs, the young man’s pouty dick lips puckering like that of a fish out of water. Seven, eight, nine powerful throbs…

On the tenth mighty throb, a short but powerful gush of watery fluid blasted forth. The fluid had the color and consistency of potato water, containing a mere fraction of the potent sperm that had been flush and prolific in the young man’s previous loads. A second gush, and then a third, smaller than before. What followed was a a weak and watery trickle of thin seminal fluids, drooling forth with none of the power or intensity of Kyle’s first three loads. And after another 15 or 20 seconds, even that watery drool ceased. Kyle’s heroic bull nuts were now well and truly bone dry! 

After the better part of half an hour relentlessly jacking Kyle’s colossal cock, the Ghost finally ceased his ministrations. He shucked the cum-slickened rubbery sleeve off of the young man’s terminally bloated cock and threw the soiled device toward one of the corners of the room, narrowly missing one of his tripod-mounted cameras in the process. 

“Now THAT was a show!!” the Ghost exclaimed. “Congratulations, Kyle. I’ve never even DREAMED of meeting a man as virile and powerful as you, and I’m sure I never will again for as long as I live. Thank you for sharing your beauty with me.” 

Addressing his online audience, the Ghost then said, “That was one for the record books, folks! I’d estimate that there’s at least a couple of QUARTS of prime stud spunk littering the room! Just imagine the godlike children that a man like this could have fathered. Women would have paid premium prices for just an ounce of this precious fluid. Such a shame that this young man’s family line is going to end here…” 

The Ghost once again began staring at the young man’s still rock hard, 18-inch cock and heavy, dangling bull balls, openly in awe of the sheer and unbelievable SIZE of the handsome stud’s sexual equipment. He seemed to consider what he was seeing for several long moments before muttering, “Hmm, I wonder…”

Without warning, the Ghost grabbed the long neck of Kyle’s dangling scrotum with both hands, squeezing his aching, throbbing nuts down to the very bottom of their bag, and then took a small leap into the air. Kyle watched the screen in front of him with horror, and didn’t even have time to scream before gravity started pulling his assailant back toward the ground. 

The masked man had to weigh a good 190 to 200 pounds, far smaller than the titanically muscular Kyle, but still far heavier than any weight a man’s nuts were designed to carry. The skin of the young man’s scrotum was highly elastic, and was stretched to nearly twice its normal 6-inch dangle in mere moments. But the tough and powerful cords and cables connecting Kyle’s twin tanks of virility to his body were not nearly so supple, and they jerked the Ghost’s body to a violent stop. 

It was then that Kyle found his voice once more, and he uttered his loudest, most deafening, and most gut wrenching bellow of agony yet. Miraculously, Kyle’s mighty bollocks were not instantly torn from his heaving body, but instead somehow found the strength and resilience to hold on, despite the dead weight of his assailant hanging from them. Kyle’s nuts had been instantly stretched to a massive 10 inches from his straining crotch, and even as the Ghost watched from his gently swaying and rotating perch, that stretch continued to very slowly but inexorably increase. 

The pain was greater than anything else that Kyle had yet suffered. It felt like his very guts were about to be torn out through his crotch, and the ungodly strain on the young man’s balls felt like they might explode inside their sack, finishing the work that the Ghost’s punching fists and squeezing hands had started. 

The scene on the computer screens looked positively unreal. The Ghost was hanging just a few inches off the ground, being held up only by the cords, cables, and narrow tube of skin that connected Kyle’s herculean balls to his gloriously muscular body. The pair looked like some sort of twisted and macabre version of a children’s playground toy. 

Kyle’s deafening roar of agony continued as his balls slowly dropped further and further, stretching toward oblivion. Stretch marks were starting to appear in his scrotum, and he could feel the tough but delicate nut cords start to tear and give. As undeniably powerful as the young man’s bull balls had proven to be, even they weren’t designed to endure such horrific abuse, and Kyle knew that they would tear loose from their fleshy tethers at any moment. 

For his part, the Ghost was reveling in the irreparable damage that he knew he was inflicting on Kyle’s amazing young sex organs. He gazed upward at the tremendous length of Kyle’s ultimate horse cock, and was amazed that the huge tool was STILL hard as a rock, and even now throbbing mightily like it was readying itself for another load. Kyle’s balls had rapidly descended to 11 inches, and then 12 inches, where they seemed to refuse to drop any further. The young man’s mighty nut cords were all stretched to the breaking point, and threatened to snap at any moment. 


The Ghost suddenly released his death grip on Kyle’s stretched out nutsac and fell the few inches to the ground. The humongous nuts immediately rebounded upward like they were at the end of a stretched rubber band, and then tumbled back toward the earth. Their fall finally halted a full 8 inches from the base of his crotch, far longer than their previous dangle, and a tiny corner of Kyle’s pain-wracked mind wondered if that stretch would be permanent. But that thought was immediately followed by the realization that he’d never get the chance to find out, for he was certain that he would soon be losing his precious manhood, if not his very life. 

The rush of blood coming back into the dangling organs was nearly as painful as the pulling. It was so overwhelming Kyle didn’t notice that Ghost had fetched the tennis-racket-sized fly swatter from the table and was standing under him again. The Ghost held the fly swatter to the cameras so that his viewers — and Kyle — could see that it wasn’t just an ordinary fly swatter. This was an electrified fly zapper, and once that had been hyper charged to deliver shocks that were orders of magnitude greater than what was given by an ordinary fly swatter. 

Kyle pleaded as Ghost hovered the zapper dangerously close to his dangling nut sack. Closer and closer. Hovering over first one behemoth ball then the other. 

Kyle’s body tensed in anticipation, but he couldn’t prepare himself for the sharpness and immediacy of the pain once the swatter finally touched skin.


Kyle screamed as Ghost alternated the zapper from nut to nut, over and over. The jolt was much, much stronger than a regular bug zapper, and each mammoth orb convulsed so violently on contact that they appeared to be dancing in their sack. But Ghost was only tapping each nut quickly, not letting the zapper linger too long. 


“Oh boy! This is so much fun! Just LOOK at those big balls dance!” the Ghost gleefully exclaimed. 


Ghost pressed the zapper to Kyle’s battered and bruised left nut and held it there. Kyle was in such a world of unbelievable hurt, all he could do was drool, his mouth open in a silent ‘O’ as he watched his big nut being roasted alive on the screen in front of him. The enormous ball rolled and shook in the bag so violently it looked like the convulsions alone was going to blow it apart.


A minute passed. Then two...


The left side of Kyle’s meat-bloated sack was starting to turn a blackish red, smoke rising from the zapper as the Ghost held the device firm. Finally, after three minutes, Ghost threw down the zapper and resumed to use Kyle’s dangling, swollen, and incredibly bruised ballsack as a punching bag.


Kyle continued to drool and scream as the Ghost worked to turn his big strong balls into paste.



But Ghost clearly wasn’t going to stop until there was nothing left of Kyle’s gorgeous testicles but useless, lumpy mush. The fists came so rapidly, it didn’t seem human, and Kyle could feel himself starting to pass out. 





Kyle could feel something break on the left side of his sack after a particularly violent one-two punch targeting his greatly weakened left nut. Kyle’s powerful jaw erupted in pain as it opened so wide in a scream he thought he had broken it. As he screamed, a horrified Kyle could see that the round, ovoid shape of his once-perfect left nut had been broken. It looked more oblong now, and perhaps a little lumpy, and seemed to be sagging even lower than the right. The Ghost noticed, too, and with a wide smile visible from beneath the bottom of his goblin mask, he proceeded to focus all his subsequent punches on just the swelling, battered, crumbling left side of Kyle’s scrotum.


Kyle wailed, but couldn’t take his eyes off the screen. His left testicle was toast, or soon would be. The huge, sexy organ had cracked in its sack and was now being methodically pulverized. Kyle couldn’t believe that his amazing studly package was slowly being totally destroyed right before his eyes!


Kyle could feel every moment of his valiant left nut being reduced to rubble, and he was amazed that it hadn’t completely shattered already. It wasn’t far off from doing just that, though, and the young man braced himself for the explosive loss of his first testicle. 

The Ghost stopped punching and wrapped his left hand around the neck of Kyle’s left nut, isolating the cracked and crumbling orb on the left side of his sack. His right hand then formed a fist, which he cocked back before addressing the crowd once more. “What a waste, right?” the Ghost said into one of the cameras, smiling as he prepared to throw the punch that would be guaranteed to obliterate the stud’s trapped nut. 

Suddenly, a high-pitched screeching alarm began to sound. The viewer count on the central monitor reached a peak of 207,878, froze for several seconds, and then began to drop even faster than it had risen. Kyle could have sworn he heard a flurry of activity somewhere in the distance behind the unseen door in the rear wall, and confusion was writ large across his handsome, exhausted, pain-wracked features. 

“Oh for fuck’s sake!” the Ghost said in a laughing voice, though he was clearly annoyed. “It looks like we’ve been caught again, kids. But don’t worry, I’ve saved the best for last!!”

A count down timer appeared on the top right of the screen.



Ghost hastily made his way to the metal table and fetched some more equipment. He placed a sturdy metal filing cabinet beneath Kyle’s dangling goods, and then placed a stainless steel blender on top of the cabinet. The blender was a typical household model, the kind often used for making smoothies and protein drinks, and it would have looked harmless and innocuous if not for its placement directly beneath Kyle’s impossibly low-hanging balls. 

Kyle was in such a fog of pain and so confused by the klaxon of alarms that he didn’t immediately notice what the Ghost was doing. But his attention was immediately captured when he felt the Ghost’s strong hands once again gripping his horrifically aching testicles, and he could only watch helplessly on the screens in front of him as the Ghost stuffed both massive testicles into the large glass container. 

Even at their normal size, Kyle’s huge balls were so large that they would have been a tight fit in the container; now that they had swollen to truly freakish dimensions from all of the trauma and abuse, the Ghost had to use a lot of muscle to cram and stuff the huge bull nuts into the large glass jar. Fortunately for the Ghost, the extreme pummeling he had given Kyle’s balls had softened them up tremendously. They were no longer the extremely firm and solid sex glands of a mere hour previous. Now, they were positively mushy, which allowed them to distort and bend in order to fit within the glass container. 

Once Kyle realized what was happening, he became beyond hysterical, and he began thrashing with renewed vigor, utterly desperate to break free and save his treasured bollocks from their impending doom. But the Ghost, knowing just how ferociously strong his captive college jock really was, had made the manacles specially reinforced — even Kyle’s phenomenal strength couldn’t hope to break them. 

There on the screen, Kyle could see both of his huge, heavy nuts stuffed into the glass mixing chamber, filling almost every square centimeter of that glass container to capacity. Perversely, Kyle’s cock was as massive and bone solid as ever, a foot-and-a-half long masterpiece of manhood…that was about to become completely useless with the loss of his huge testicles. Terror unlike anything Kyle had ever known made his blood run cold, and a fresh sheen of sweat was soon covering his magnificent body as he watched helplessly while the Ghost finished his preparations. 

With his huge nuts firmly and violently crammed into the glass container, the Ghost took the plastic lid and slammed it roughly on top, pressing the huge nuts even more completely into the mixing chamber. Kyle cried out in fresh pain as his nearly wrecked left ball was impaled upon one of the three sharp blades at the base of the container, while the other two blades pressed precariously into his bruised, battered, but still slightly less injured right ball. A small amount of blood trickled out of the puncture in Kyle’s left ball into the bottom of the mixing chamber, causing the young man’s stunning blue eyes to grow wide with terror. 

The lid trapped Kyle’s huge balls within the death chamber of the glass mixing container, with the long neck of his stretched out scrotum leading back from the edge of the container all the way up to the lad’s lean and muscular groin. The lid was cinching down painfully hard on the vital cords and cables connecting those magnificent bollocks to his body, but enough of a gap remained that the blood flow to his mighty nuts wasn’t completely cut off. 



The Ghost simply stepped back and let the visual linger on the screen for his many online viewers all over the world. Cameras were focused on Kyle from many different angles, soaking in his extraordinary beauty, his extreme distress, and the imminent and immediate danger to his epic manhood. Every few heartbeats, Kyle’s mighty truncheon of a cock would give a pulsing lurch and smack heavily into the underside of the plexiglas platform. For all the world, it looked like the handsome young college jock was actually EXCITED to have his huge bull nuts blended into soup, despite his continuous pleas for mercy. 



“NO! NO! PLEASE! NO!” Kyle continued to babble in his deep, scream-roughened voice to an unhearing and uncaring Ghost. His brilliant blue eyes remained locked on the screen in front of him, however, staring at the image of the mixing chamber stuffed to near bursting almost 10 pounds of prime, grade-AAA man meat. Meat that was about to be turned into jock puree. 

The mixing cup was barely large enough to hold Kyle's meaty genitals. His nuts were pressed against the glass and his cock was folded onto itself. Virtually every square inch of space in the mixing chamber was stuffed with nuts and sausage and Kyle knew they were about to be turned into jock puree.



The seconds continued to tick by, and Kyle’s heart was hammering so hard in his mighty chest that he would have sworn it could be hear by the viewers online. Speaking of viewers, the twisted visual must have been enough to keep the 99,870 remaining viewers watching the show from logging off from the compromised data stream as the number of viewers stopped dropping and actually began to climb again.



All Kyle could focus on were the two impossibly meaty balls crammed into a blender that were about to be pulped into one helluva protein shake. There they were, damaged and depleted, battered and burned, mushy and bruised, cracked and cut, but otherwise still whole, still hale, still alive. And in a matter of seconds, they were going to be reduced to an unrecognizable, unidentifiable goop. But despite the sick visual of so much man meat in peril, despite knowing that he was just seconds away from being turned into a nutless eunuch, Kyle couldn’t tear his eyes away from the images on the screen. It was the same compulsion that kept people looking at train wrecks and horrible car accidents despite the carnage. He knew he was about to witness every moment of his destruction. 




Kyle bucked and thrashed more wildly than ever before, and the Ghost could actually hear the steel manacles groaning and protesting under the young muscular titan’s enormous strength. One of the Ghost’s eyebrows quirked for a moment beneath his goblin mask, fearing that one or more of the bindings might actually snap under the young man’s extraordinary struggles, but he breathed a quiet sigh of relief as the heavy steel manacles held. Young Kyle could thrash and bellow all he liked, but his entire ballbag remained firmly in the blender. 



The Ghost held one long, slender finger over the various button settings on the blender’s base, taunting Kyle’s doomed nuggets as his finger danced over the various options. His finger hovered briefly over the ‘ICE CRUSH’ button before moving on to the ‘STIR’, ‘GRIND’, and ‘BLEND’ options…




The cruel masked man’s finger danced over the ‘BEAT’, ‘PULSE’, ‘MASH’, and ‘SHRED’ buttons, but kept moving onward. Kyle’s blue eyes grew wider and wider with each possible selection…




The Ghost’s finger kept on moving, hovering over ‘CHOP’, ‘WHIP’, and ‘PUREE’ in quick succession, but still moving on…



The Ghost smiled behind his mask as his finger finally stopped on the very last option — ‘LIQUIFY’. 

Kyle’s heart was lodged in his throat, and he was too terrified to scream. His traitorous cock, on the other hand, was now rhythmically pulsing with each thunderous heartbeat, smacking against the plexiglas in a steady drum beat, as if counting down the final seconds to his own unmanning. 





Kyle let out a bellow so tremendous, so deep and guttural, the sound seemed to startle even the Ghost. At that same moment, a magnificent pulse of cum erupted from the young man’s quaking bull cock, thick and lush with freshly-made sperm and colliding with awe inspiring force against the far wall with a very loud SPLAT!