Saturday, May 13, 2023

Totaled by Her Truck - Jayse Version

Totaled by Her Truck

Based on an original story by RapidNullo 

A deranged ex sets up her former man to lose it all. 


“I’ll suck it, Mark, but first you gotta fuck the truck,” Angelica said with a big smile on her extraordinarily beautiful face. 

Angelica and I had dated for a few weeks. The auburn-haired beauty was the most gorgeous woman in the entire tri-county area, with her big green eyes, huge tits, curvaceous ass, and rockin’ body, and I’d wanted to breed her from the moment I first saw her. I’d just gotten home from the military a couple of months prior, and with my handsome square-jawed face and lean, hard-muscled body, I knew I could bed any woman I wanted. Lord knows I had in the past! But even though we’d been hot and heavy from the moment we met, Angelica and I had never had sex. Hell, she’d never given me so much as a hand job! She’d been nothing more than a big tease, stringing me along and always leaving me with a huge dripping boner in my pants. So after almost a full month of sexual frustration, where my poor congested balls constantly ached so bad I thought they might burst, I finally broke up with her. 

She’d been begging me for a whole week for another chance, wearing down my resistance with her sweet voice and sexy words. I had finally agreed to go parking with her out in the woods, but only if she agreed to blow me. But now she was insisting that I fuck her truck?! Damn, I guess she was a bigger freak than I thought! 

“Fuck the truck?!” I said, my voice sounding as confused and exasperated as I felt. My hormones were raging and my humongous cock was already half hard in my tight jeans, snaking down one of my pant legs. “What in the fuck are you talking about?!” 

Angelica glared at me indignantly. “Well it’s only fair! YOU’RE the one with all the stipulations! Now if you want me to suck down that big dick of yours, you’ll have to fuck the cushions of my truck first.” She waved over to her big flatbed GMC truck, which she jokingly called her ‘Pussy Wagon.’ “I’ve seen you do weirder shit, you know.” 

That last part was true. She’d caught me just the other week taking my sexual frustrations out on a full-sized watermelon. I’d been out behind my folk’s barn, and had placed a fresh watermelon on a table in the sun for a few hours until it was nice and warm inside. Then I’d carved a hole at one end just big enough to accommodate my super thick cock, and shoved the entire length of my young stallion cock inside the warm, yielding flesh of the big green melon. Angelica had secretly watched me the whole time, silently laughing into her hand as she filmed me fucking that big watermelon like some muscular rutting bull. I’d stripped off my shirt and had my jeans around my ankles, so my muscular and shredded physique was on full display as I sweated and grunted and rhythmically bucked my hips, my big chiseled ass bunching and flexing on each thrust as my huge nuts beat a staccato war drum against the thick wall of the gourd. She managed to capture the entire event on her phone, including my big grunting climax as I pumped that watermelon full of my prime stud seed, and afterwards she’d teased me with the video, sending it to me and threatening to send it to her friends. 

It had been one of the last straws in our relationship, and was one of the reasons why I’d broken up with her. 

The memory rekindled my anger at Angelica, but she stepped forward and slid her delicate hand over my swelling crotch, giving my huge cock a firm squeeze, snapping my attention back to the present. “Who knows,” she added in a sultry voice, looking up at me with her stunning green eyes. “If you turn me on enough, maybe I’d be willing to go all the way…” 

‘Oh fuck yeah!!’ I thought to myself, my big bone swelling from half hard to steel girder erection in about 2.5 seconds, making me almost dizzy with need. Angelica was the hottest thing on two legs, and she knew I’d do anything to fuck her. She was playing me like a fiddle and I knew it, but for a chance to get inside her pants, I didn’t care. If it took screwing her truck first, then so be it. But I decided to first press my luck and counter with a demand of my own. 

“Alright, Angelica. But you have to strip first. I’ll screw your truck if you get naked.” 

The gorgeous auburn-haired temptress just smiled back at me and said, “Ooh, you drive a hard bargain, Mark! But fine, I’ll strip naked for you… as long as you fuck the truck naked, AND handcuffed. Afterwards, I’ll let you tie me up and do whatever you’d like to me.” 

My cock gave such a powerful lurch in my jeans that I groaned. It was all getting a little bit weird. If I let her handcuff me, she’d be able to do whatever she wanted to me… but on the other hand, heh, she’d be able to do whatever she wanted to me! “I keep the key,” I said in way of agreement. 

And with that, Angelica slowly walked over to her truck, dropping her black mini-skirt around her ankles and stepping out of them along the way. She wore a deep-red thong, which rode up the crack of her magnificent ass and made my cock pulse with aching need. Next she opened her passenger side door and pulled off her top, tossing it onto the steering-wheel. She hadn’t worn a bra, so her big, full, gravity-defying breasts bounced up and down with a supple firmness that almost forced another groan from my big chest. I immediately started walking over to her, my gait a little awkward due to the swollen log of man meat straining to get out of my pants. 

With a sly grin and a flourish, she dropped her red thong to the ground and stepped out of it, revealing her already damp sex to the warm night air. She stood there framed by the doorway of her truck in all of her magnificent naked glory, and than said to me, “Okay, your turn, stallion. Let me watch you strip.” 

I didn’t have to be told twice! I grinned cockily back at her, and then pulled my t-shirt up to reveal my rock hard abs. I had always had a deeply chiseled eight pack, and my four years in the military had only served to make my muscle-girded belly even more phenomenally lean and shredded. I watched Angelica’s green eyes grow wide with her own hunger and need as she gazed at my perfect abs, unconsciously biting her lower lip at the sight of my chiseled washboard, and my smirk grew even wider. I then drew the shirt over my head, revealing the broad planes of my smooth and densely muscular chest, struggling as always to get the tight fabric over my large, beefy shoulders and down my big, bulging, 21-inch arms. I bounded my big, meaty pecs for her a couple of times and flexed one of my enormous arms, my huge bicep swelling up like some steel hard cannonball, before tossing my shirt at her. 

Angelica caught it and pressed the cotton fabric to her face, eyes closed in bliss as she inhaled deeply of my powerful masculine scent. She then draped the discarded shirt around her neck like a scarf before climbing into the cab of her truck and scooting back along the bench seat. She was bending forward like a tiger, her lustrous green eyes filled with barely contained lust and her huge, mounded breasts dropping down so low that her big, hard nipples nearly brushed the seat of the truck. 

“More,” she growled, her voice pitched even lower than before. 

I slipped out of my boots and socks next, and then undid my belt and unzipped my pants, sliding my jeans down my lean and thickly muscled legs, revealing my light blue slingshot briefs straining to contain my mighty erection and huge, sperm-engorged balls. 

“God, Mark,” Angelica said in a throaty whisper, “I can never get over just how fucking BIG you are! Strip it all off for me, baby.” 

I gave her my biggest, brightest, shit-eating grin, the kind of smile that I knew never failed to make the ladies grow weak in the knees. I then hooked my thumbs into either side of my pornographically bulging undershorts and shucked them down to my ankles. Finally released from its cotton prison. my straining bull cock surged upwards with such force that it slapped me hard in the middle of my rock solid belly. Over 14 majestic inches of thick, corn-fed stud cock jutted proudly skyward from my lean, muscular, and cleanly shaven crotch, my enormous, lemon-sized gonads swinging low and loose and heavy beneath it. 

I picked my briefs up off the ground and threw them at her, then began to crawl in the passenger side door with her. The smell of her moist sex filled the cab of the truck, enflaming my raging desire even more. I was once more aware of how much bigger I was than Angelica, my lean but heavily muscled body weighing well over twice her fit and voluptuous but far more petite frame. I was eager to take her then and there after all of these weeks of waiting, and I could actually feel the first beads of clear, crystalline precum start to ooze out of the bloated, bulbous tip of my massive cock. 

Angelica got a shocked look on her face as she moved back from me and said, “Oh no, no, no, you big beast. You gotta stay outside and fuck the cushions first.” She firmly and insistently pushed at my big, muscle-straining shoulders, and I reluctantly backed out of the truck. She then reached across the cab and opened the glove box, pulling out a set of steel handcuffs. She had clearly come prepared for tonight’s encounter! 

“But first, I put these on, you big, horny ox!” 

I gave her a cocky grin at that name, as I always loved being told how large and strong I am. I’d been a big lad even as a teenager, working out to become bigger and stronger for wrestling and football, and my four years in the military had bulked me up into one big, powerful fighting and fucking machine. 

Angelica scooted forward across the bench seat until she was sitting with her naked, shapely legs sticking out the passenger side of the truck, swinging the handcuffs around one of her fingers and with a lascivious grin spreading across her breathtakingly beautiful features. 

My cock was pulsing. God this was hot! I don’t think I’d ever lusted for someone so much in my life. In fact, I felt a little dizzy and woozy, and it suddenly occurred to me to wonder if she’d put something in the drink we’d had at her place before coming out to her ‘secret spot’. But I quickly pushed that troubling through away. It didn’t matter. This was a sure thing. Fuck I was horny! 

I trace of my wariness remained, and I held up a hand and said, “First, the keys.” 

“Aww, baby, don’t you trust me?” she purred, grabbing my straining, over-engorged manhood with her left hand and clipping one of the cuffs around my big right wrist with the other. Angelica had also pulled a large white tube out of the glove compartment. Lube, I guess? 

I took her hand off my cock and pulled her roughly to me, grinding my huge dick against her moist mound, but not yet entering her. Her breath caught in her throat, her pupils dilating as she felt my massive meat pressed hard against her sex. “About as much as I trust a snake.” I replied. “Just drop the key in my hand, and let’s get started.” I humped my tight, muscular hips against hers, forcing a breathy giggle out of her. Had I known her full plan, I’d have gone ahead and taken her, right then and there. 

“Oh God, you’re so beautiful,” she said, throwing one slender arm across my broad shoulders as she ground her own pelvis against mine, stroking almost the entire length of my cock with her nether lips. I was pressing so hard against her that I was mashing my big nuts hard against the side of the passenger seat. In almost any other situation, the mauling I was giving my own big boys would have been painful, but the deep ache in my cum-bloated balls only turned me on even more. 

After a few minutes of naked dry humping, the sweat-slickened skin of our glorious hard bodies sliding past one another and our hands beginning to hungrily explore each other, Angelica pulled back far enough to press a metal key into my palm and say, “Here.” She then slithered her arms behind me and cuffed my other wrist, locking both of my hands behind my back. The position caused my huge, pec-proud chest to protrude forward even more, and Angelica lavished my enormous chest with passionate kisses, spending time suckling and kissing both of my hard, rubbery nipples as well. 

So there I was, handcuffed and naked somewhere in the woods at night with a horny goddess mad with lust, demanding that I hump her truck. This was definitely one of the weirdest and hottest things I’d ever done. 

“Now baby, let me guide you in.” She gently touched my powerfully throbbing penis, rubbing it all over with the cold goo out of the white tube, then guiding it from behind into the space between the top and bottom seat cushions of her truck. With my cock firmly wedged in place, Angelica commanded, “Fuck it, you animal! Fuck my truck!” 

Both of her hands dug into the meaty globes of my hard, muscular ass, pulling me forward and encouraging me to thrust the entire length of my 14+ inch mule dick into her seat cushions. And surprisingly, it actually felt pretty good. 

She leaned back against the driver’s side door, watching and moaning and panting as I rutted against her seat cushions. I stared at her face, her breasts, her moist vagina, driven almost mad with lust, humping my muscular hips and fucking the cushions like I was fucking her sweet, sweet mound. God, but I wanted her! 

After just a minute or so, I noticed things heating up a bit, and it was becoming harder and harder to thrust in and out of the cushions. Angelica started to finger herself and moan a little more, and that sent me into a wave of horniness ignoring all else. I continued to grind into her seat cushions, pumping my big, muscular physique like the handsome and hunky sex machine that I was. But after only about another half minute, I finally just got stuck half in and half out of the cushions. I could thrust more, but my thick cock shaft would just bend up against the seat. I was very confused, and my brain felt more dizzy and disoriented than ever. 

It was then that it happened. Angelica laughed hatefully, and I saw it coming, almost in slow motion. She launched her upper body past me, grabbing the open passenger door with both hands and slamming it shut. HARD. 

I did the natural thing, of course, and tried to leap out of the way of the closing door. But my 14-inch monster dick was stuck at least 6-8 inches deep in the truck seats and was NOT budging, so all that I did was position myself perfectly for Angelica’s evil trap. 

First came the sharp jolt of pain as I damn near tore my own boner out by the root, my attempt to jump backwards stopped abruptly short as my trapped dick halted my big, muscular body. Then came the blinding pain as the car door slammed closed on the root of my manhood. 

There was a loud crunching sound as the door slammed nearly all the way closed, the sheer thickness and rock solid hardness of my cock the only thing from keeping the door from shutting completely. Still, the tiny gap that remained was the absolute bare minimum required to not simply sever my huge dick from my body, and the damage to the root of my huge cock shaft was no doubt extreme. My penis nearly snapped at the base, the first few inches crushed disturbingly flat by the nearly shut door. The only positive effect of the slamming door is that it ripped my cock free of the dried glue trapping it between the seat cushions, not that that did me any good at this point. 

But as terrible as that pain was, it barely even compared to the sheer agony erupting from my big, burly bull balls. The frame of the car door caught my fat nuts square in the middle, and threatened to rupture them both and make them explode into splattered goo. My huge nuggies proved to be tough bastards, though, and instead of bursting, the compressed nuggets of delicate manflesh bent and warped just enough that they squeaked out of the way… into the interior of the truck. My nearly shattered nuts were instantly stretched a ridiculous distance from my crotch, the vital cords and cables anchoring those big bollocks to my body straining to their very limits to stay attached and not snap apart. 

The pain was so crippling that I would have immediately collapsed to the ground, had my groin not been all but welded to the door frame by my trapped junk. I was pinned to the truck by my cock and balls, my hands handcuffed behind my back, rendering my powerful arms completely useless. 

Somehow, I didn’t lose consciousness, my pain-wracked brain knowing that if I passed out, then the dead weight of my muscular body would rip off my own genitals. But I did scream louder than I could imagine, a mighty bellow of agony that I swore could have been heard miles away. Of course, we were many miles away from another human being, so I was truly in a world of trouble. 

I also somehow managed to hold onto the handcuff key as the door slammed closed, and after a few seconds of trying to overcome the terrific pain in my cock and balls, I managed to compose myself and start trying to unlock my wrists, pinned behind my back. Angelica just laughed at me and taunted me the whole time, confident that I couldn’t get free. But by sheer luck, I managed to blindly get the key into one of the locks, unshackling one wrist and freeing both arms. And I almost got to the door handle in time to open the door… but Angelica was faster, lunging forward to lock the door moments before my hands reached the handle. 

“You fucking bitch! You fucking BITCH!! FUUUUCK!!” I screamed at Angelica as she just laughed and laughed. I tried to pry myself free, but only succeeded in damaging my already crushed penis even more. My struggles made her giggle even harder. 

She rolled her window down a little and said, “Looks like you’re kinda stuck there, Mark. Need a hand, baby?” She grabbed the exposed end of my now hyper engorged cock, the trapped blood making it swell thicker and longer than ever, and started stroking it. 

I screamed and clawed at the window, trying to get my fingers inside. All she did was raise the window back up and then open her back window where I couldn’t reach. “Now, now, baby,” she taunted me with a false sympathetic voice. “You really shouldn’t have broken up with me. That hurt. So I had to punish you. It’s really a shame, too; you’re one hell of a sexy stud, and you’ve got hand’s down the biggest cock I’ve ever seen, with a set of juicy bull balls to match.” 

“FUUUCK!!!” I roared in pain and frustration, my fists beating uselessly at the tempered glass. “Fuck you, you fucking bitch!!” My entire body was breaking out in sweat, and the agony in my cock and balls only continued to get worse. 

“Aww, poor guy!” Angelica said with false sincerity as she turned on the overhead light inside the cab, her green eyes glinting merrily as she looked down at my trapped meat. “That looks like it really hurts! Your cock’s already turning purple, and the swollen veins running all up and down that colossal shaft look ready to pop! Here, let me see if I can help.” 

She reached forward and started stroking the upper half of my cock, using my earlier precum as lube to slicken the knob and shaft as her dainty but strong hand began to piston my meat. Fuck me, but I had been so sexually frustrated for so long that my damn dick betrayed me, erotic pleasure somehow surging through my tortured loins even as I was simultaneously consumed by blinding waves of pain. Angelica could sense the two sets of sensations surging through me, so she brought her second hand into the game, pumping my humongous cock with both hands. Clearly, she wanted to see if she could make me cum even as her car door threatened to chop off my goods. 

I was helpless to stop her, and my growls and bellows of pain were now interrupted by moans and groans of unwilling pleasure. Angelica brought her legs forward and started pressing her naked toes into my warped, mangled, and hideously overstretched nuts. Even her gentle palpation of my trapped bollocks was agony, the heavily bruised orbs screaming in pain as the soles of her feet pressed my huge nuts against the interior of the car door with varying degrees of pressure. She established a diabolical rhythm, piston-fisting my cock to drive me to ever greater levels of arousal, and pressing her feet into my balls to pump the brakes on my swelling and surging need to orgasm. 

The ball-busting bitch must have played my horny, lust-crazed body like a fiddle for damn near an hour, mercilessly edging me and making my already screaming balls bloat even more with all of my congested cum. But incredibly, it was even worse when she finally relented and brought me to a far-too-long-delayed orgasm. 

Angelica suddenly started fisting my bulging and distended cock with blinding speed, pumping the raw and aching organ with wild abandon, and making my sagging, flagging manhood surge anew and hurtle toward the edge. I could feel a monumental orgasm building, temporarily washing away much of the agony shooting through my loins. My toes curled in the soft earth outside the truck, my hands scrabbled for purchase on the hood of the cab, and my moans and groans took on a more urgent and insistent tone. 

And then my orgasm hit, and all hell broke loose. 

All of that cum trapped in my overstretched balls had to somehow squeeze its way through the nearly crushed sperm tubes leading back into my groin, and then that same spunk had to travel right back through the other direction, straining past my crushed and flattened urethra in an effort to propel itself out of my trapped and busted cock. 

The result was agony of mind blowing proportions. 

I thought my tortured loins would shred apart as my massive load backed up in my huge, bloated, purple-hued balls, making my fat testicles feel like they would explode. My traitorous cock lurched and throbbed like some wild beast, pulsing mightily in an effort to ejaculate all of my trapped fluids. But instead of lush ropes and massive slugs of cum rocketing out of my thundering bull cock like it normally would, my thick and gloopy splooge just poured out onto the car seat, like toothpaste being squeezed out of a tube. 

Angelica squealed with delight as my sperm began to pump out onto her truck seat, and she pressed her feet harder than ever into my trapped nuts, really juicing my poor trapped lemons as they contracted and shuddered and desperately tried to unburden themselves of my massive load. It was a gargantuan cum load, even by my lofty standards, and because of the dual bottlenecks slowing my ability to void my sperm out of my balls, my orgasm lasted for several excruciatingly long minutes. 

When my colossal orgasm finally did stutter to a close, I damn near passed out again, my big, powerful body drained of almost all of its tremendous strength. I held on to consciousness for dear life, knowing that if I collapsed now, I really would tear my entire manhood off. I panted and heaved and clung to the side of the car with all of my remaining might, fighting to stay awake even as my poor mind was wracked with agony. 

The auburn-tressed hellcat sitting inside the cab kept gently stroking my still rock hard cock for several long minutes after the last of my clotted splooge had oozed out, playing with the almost freakishly huge puddle of stud spunk that had collected on the passenger seat of her truck. A soft smile played across her beautiful face as she fondled my meat and played with my sperm for several long minutes, seemingly lost in her own thoughts as she toyed with my dying cock. Disturbingly, I could tell that the sensations in my cock and balls were starting to lessen over time, and I knew with a sick certainty that the near total lack of blood flow was slowly strangling my treasured cock and balls to death! 

Angelica almost seemed to read my mind, for she confirmed my worst fears. “I gotta say, Mark, your gigantic cock and balls don’t look so good. They’ve been turning a darker and darker purple for a while now, and your cock’s starting to get downright cold in my hands. I think you need immediate medical attention. You want me to take you to the hospital?” 

“Yes, please Angelica,” I managed to croak out, my voice rougher and even deeper after all of my screaming and bellowing. “I beg of you, please take me to the hospital. I don’t want to lose my cock and balls.” 

“You got it, big boy!” she exclaimed, her face lighting up with excitement as she revved up the engine and put her car in gear. Oh fuck. “Hang on, baby; I’ll get you to the hospital as quickly as I can!” 

I screamed in fresh terror, placing both of my big feet up on the narrow running board below the door, and slapping both of my big arms down on the top of the truck’s cab, grabbing the flood lights on top of the truck with all of my might as Angelica peeled out and started speeding down the bumpy dirt road at dangerous speeds. She purposely drove close to the edge of the road, letting the small branches from trees and scrubs slash at my naked flesh as she cackled and roared. 

The long drive to the hospital remains a blur in my mind. How I managed to cling to the outside of the truck with the majority of my naked body trapped outside, I’ll never know. Desperation must be a powerful motivator indeed. All I do know is that, when we arrived at the hospital, Angelica screeched to a stop in front of the emergency room doors, and popped open the passenger side door of her car, finally freeing my tortured and nearly numb junk. And as blood flow finally returned to my starved and cold genitals, an agony unlike anything that had come before hit me like a freight train, and I slipped into blissful unconsciousness even before my huge, naked, bleeding body struck the asphalt… 


It was several days before I fully woke up again, and learned what had happened. My nurses said that my unconscious body was rushed into the operating room as the doctors set to work saving what they could of my mangled genitals. The extreme crushing of the root of my manhood, combined with the prolonged strangulation of my genitals, didn’t provide the surgeons much hope, but they set to work to do what they could. 

The entire right side of my body was a mess of welts and lacerations from being lashed by branches and vegetation during the long drive to the hospital, but those injuries were purely superficial, and within a few weeks had healed without even the slightest scar. The same couldn’t have been said for my heavy junk, which had been altered forever. 

There wasn’t much that the surgeons could do for my battered and strangled genitals. They did some repair work on the base of my penis, making sure that blood flow to the rest of the massive organ was unimpaired, but for everything else, it was a matter of waiting and praying. 

I learned that it had been a very near thing when it came to the strangulation of my cock and balls. The doctors later told me that if my genitals had been starved for oxygen and nutrients  more than ten minutes longer, they would have died for sure. In fact, releasing blood flow back into such deceased tissue could have killed me. So in a very real sense, I’m lucky just to be alive. 

My huge, lemon-sized bollocks fared better than my cock. Despite nearly being shattered within the slamming car door frame, pressed and crushed by Angelica’s naked feet, and choked and strangled for over two hours, the testicles themselves had miraculously survived intact, and healed the worst of their bruising and other injuries within a week or so. My big boys were still hale and whole and firmly connected to my body, and my testosterone and sperm counts remained through the roof. The only lasting change to my balls is that they now permanently hang no less than six inches from my crotch, and can hang several inches lower than that when it’s really warm outside, or when my nuts are particularly heavy with cum. After a couple of times of having my huge nuts plunge into cold toilet water, I learned how to adjust my toileting habits to adapt to the pendulous dangle of my huge stud nuts, but otherwise I’ve adjusted to the change to my ballsac. 

My proud, massive stallion cock took many long weeks to heal, and there was considerable concern that it might never get hard again. But once more, my mighty sex organ proved to be tougher and stronger than anyone would have thought, for within a couple of months, I was able to achieve enormous erections once more, and was overwhelmed with relief to discover that I still had full functionality of my huge dick. 

The root of my cock regained its full thickness and girth, but there was some permanent discoloration that marked where my massive member had been trapped within the door frame, as well as some fine but barely noticeable incision scars from where the surgeons had repaired the worst of the damage. 

The biggest change to my cock is that it’s now, well… BIGGER. Having all of that blood trapped inside the spongy erectile tissues of my dick for more than two hours has permanently enlarged those chambers, so that my massive monster cock is now bigger than ever. From root to tip, my gargantuan whale cock now measures a staggering 16 inches in length, and its hole-busting girth is also thicker than ever. I may have a hard time finding holes large enough to accommodate my enlarged cock in the future, but I’ve now got one hell of a show piece! 

My titanic horse cock also now has large, angry stretch marks running the length of the gigantic shaft, and even coursing over the swollen bulb of my cock head as well. At first I was sad that my cock had been so disfigured by its ordeal, but I’ve now come to really like those stretch marks, for they make my cock look even more brutal and masculine than ever. 

I’ve now got the grand daddy of all monster cocks swinging between my muscular legs, a mighty weapon of pure male power. That insane bitch Angelica thought that she could wreck me, that my manhood would be totaled by her truck, but instead I’ve come out of that ordeal with an even bigger and stronger set of genitals than ever! 

And if I ever find that ball-busting bitch again, there will be an epic reckoning…