Thursday, September 2, 2021

Father Knows Best - Jayse Version

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for suffering through my long three-month hiatus from this blog. Real life had to take precedence for a while. I do have five stories ready to post, and this first one is from one of my favorite authors at He posts stories rarely, but when he does, they're always amazing! Here's my version of one of his awesome tales...

Father Knows Best 

Based on an original story by Breaking Bull Balls


At the crack of dawn, Josh quietly entered his father Mark’s bedroom. His father was lightly and peacefully snoring as the first gentle rays of morning sunlight crept into the room, bathing his magnificent form in its warm light. His enormously muscular frame barely fit on the queen-sized mattress, for the 6-foot, 2-inch tall man was a true beast of muscle, with the kind of chiseled, ripped, and rugged physique that would have been the envy of any super heavyweight bodybuilder. Josh would have known that his father was entirely nude under the thin bedsheet even without the massive tent he was sporting between his colossal, muscle-bulging thighs, for he had long required that his father maintain nudity at all times while in the household. A lopsided grin spread across Josh’s extraordinarily handsome face as he gazed down upon his equally handsome father’s sleeping form, for it was abundantly clear that the hulking stud was enjoying a very pleasant dream.

Josh gingerly lifted the covers at the base of the bed and snaked his hands up towards his father’s morning wood, lightly caressing his dad’s enormously muscular calves and thighs along the way, legs which were covered in a thick dusting of coarse, dark hair. His target was resting in the crook of those behemoth thighs, the voluminous and baby smooth nutsac containing his father’s absolutely massive testicles. He carefully encircled a massive orb with each of his hands, rolling the fantastically huge and unusually dense organs around slowly and marveling as always at their extraordinary size and heft. A faint smile appeared on his slumbering father’s devastatingly handsome, square-jawed face as his son gently caressed his titanic testes, gently rubbing this thumbs over each of his big baby makers.

His father sported by far the largest pair of nuts Josh had ever seen, and the young man had seen a LOT of ballsacs from a lifetime of athletics and much time spent in locker rooms and communal showers. His dad’s huge whoppers even dwarfed Josh’s own oversized balls, which would have otherwise easily taken top prize for largest and heaviest bollocks. Mark’s herculean huevos were each the side of extra large grapefruits and freakishly dense, able to withstand an incredible and inordinate amount of pressure before distorting, a remarkable resilience that Josh himself had gleefully tested innumerable times. Above Mark’s gargantuan testes was a truly massive, uncut cock, a goliath penis that was just a little over 12 full inches long at full size and that possessed a hole-busting girth. It was a behemoth of a cock, a true monster, the kind of cock that even the greatest of male porn stars would have drooled over. The stout, beefy, columnar shaft was covered with tremendously thick veins running all up and down its colossal length, veins so fat and hard that they made Mark’s cock naturally ‘ribbed’, further heightening the pleasure of the many hundreds of women the dark-haired, muscular bull had fucked in his nearly four decades of life. 

Josh knew that his father’s gargantuan genitals were no mere showpieces, either. While Josh never stimulated and rarely even touched his father’s shaft during their frequent rough play, the mighty phallus tended to continuously leak copious amounts of precum during their nightly ‘virility lowering sessions’. These sessions would inevitably bring Mark to orgasm, often multiple times. Young Josh was immensely proud of the size of his own he-man loads, which were far bigger than anything else he’d ever seen, even in porn videos. But when his dad was brought to one of his hand’s free orgasms, his huge horse cock would unleash the most violent purge of ridiculously thick cum imaginable, blasting out in an almost unending barrage of massive sperm salvos. Mark had redefined the term ‘hyperspermia’, and with a set of testicles easily the size of those of a big breeding bull, it was no surprise that the big man was the most virile male Josh had ever seen. 

In fact, even now, a damp spot was rapidly forming at the pinnacle of that tall tent in the sheets as the first of his father’s virile juices began flowing. Josh smiled down at his blissfully unaware victim, extending this gentle ‘foreplay’ for many moments longer, enjoying the quiet peacefulness of the morning, and the warm, heavy weight of his father’s huge, meaty bollocks in his hands. Then, without warning, Josh started to dig his thumbs and fingers into the tough membranes of each mammoth nut. Josh was a very big man in his own right, and ferociously strong, standing a couple of inches taller than his dad and weighing an imposing 260 pounds of lean, rock solid muscle. Even then, Josh wasn’t nearly as muscular and massive as his mighty father, who still outweighed his son by another 70 or 80 pounds. Josh spent extra time strength training his own large hands specifically for his spunk destroying sessions with his father, and he therefore had unusually thick fingers, muscular palms, and huge, corded forearms. Nevertheless, even as Josh drilled his large, blunt thumbs deeply into the nut flesh that once birthed him, his dad’s freakishly dense nuts barely distorted under the horrible pressure, though they did quickly take on a somewhat reddish hue from the sudden abuse.

Good morning Dad!” Josh cheerfully said, rotating his thick thumbs so his nails sunk deep into each meaty orb. His carefully trimmed thumbnails dimpled each large organ brutally, his inquisitive fingers pressing inward into his father’s balls as if Josh was attempting to make his fingers touch through the impossibly meaty organs.

A short baritone grunt indicated that his father was abruptly awake, and Mark briefly attempted to reflexively close his legs against the pain before engaging his powerful core muscles, and then consciously spreading his huge legs open wide to allow his son free and unfettered access to his big baby makers. Mark was well practiced from years of his son’s training to keep his legs open, and nuts available, whenever his son felt the need to bust him — which was often multiple times each day. Even in his sleepy state, he knew to make his equipment available for his son’s pleasure. 

G-good morning son,” Mark groggily replied, briefly stammering at the sudden pain exploding inside his huge balls. “You’re up early today!”

Mark glanced down at his own rock hard cock, which was slowly drooping and flagging from the intense testicle pain his son was inflecting. It felt like knives were stabbing into each of his balls as his son dug his nails into them. After several minutes and much effort, Josh’s well-trained and extremely strong fingers finally began to sank deep into their massive girth, causing them to begin to comically distort in his son’s viselike grip. Contrary to the pain, his now half-flaccid cock continued to twitch pearls of clear and viscous precum with each nut cracking probe, splattering onto his hairy and astonishingly chiseled abs. Josh well knew that, with enough ‘stimulation’, Mark’s heroically muscular torso would eventually look like a grisly Jackson Pollack painting once the huge bull stud blew his mammoth load. 

It’s the first day of Spring Break, so I wanted to get a head start on the day!” Josh said brightly, while pulsing his thumbs rhythmically into his father’s tortured testes and watching his father’s half hard cock twitch with each probing squeeze. It was a tantalizing and mesmerizing sight, and despite Josh’s affirmed heterosexuality, the sight of his dad’s humongous testicles distorting in his hands and the precum flowing from his dad’s monster dick always got him rock hard. He also knew there was at least a week’s worth of cum stored inside his father’s massive orbs, a monumental load just aching to get out, and he enjoyed watching the beleaguered manhood struggle to relieve itself without the slightest penile stimulation. For a long time now, Josh had prohibited his father from relieving the swelling pressure in his nuts, or allowing him to stroke his own cock during their extended sessions, enjoying his father’s sexual frustration and the fact that he only let the big man cum through nut pain related orgasms. 


Mark silenced a scream as his body reacted unconsciously to the brutal mashing his spuds were taking. He knew better than to cry out with what Josh would consider ‘light’ ball play, lest he segue into heavier abuse without giving Mark time to acclimate to the sweet, gut-wrenching agony. 

“Ooooh, they’re extra sensitive today, huh?” Josh grinned sadistically. He had spent the previous evening drinking beer and busting his dad’s bull nuts with reckless abandon late into the night. There was still some light swelling from that previous session further bolstering their already impressive and prodigious size. That heavy beating, combined with the fact that Josh had prevented his dad from cumming for a full week now, made the big man’s balls ache and throb with need. In fact, it was amazing that the only sign of the previous night’s abuse was some slight puffiness and bloating, considering how long and how thoroughly Josh had mangled them the night before. Josh was constantly amazed not only by how much abuse his dad’s nuts could take, but also how quickly the huge organs could recover from their injuries and be ready to go once again. 

Josh intimately knew every detail of his dad’s titanic testes from years of almost daily torture. He was careful to crush each section of the heavy balls without sparing even a single cubic centimeter of their fantastic mass, from the hard ovoid globes themselves to the thick and spongy — and exquisitely sensitive — epididymus along their backsides, and even to the bundle of unusually thick cables and cords anchoring those massive gonads to the man’s ruggedly masculine body. Josh rarely gave his dad’s balls a chance to rest, and he continued that tradition now, brutally twisting and pulling them while cruelly dimpling the huge orbs with his strong fingers. Yanked to the furthest limits of their sack, his father’s nuts had no where to escape to. The meticulously shaven testes were mashed and mauled in near silence, with only a few morning chirps of birds and the occasional stifled grunt from the big man interrupting the silence.

So I was thinking, Dad…” Josh said, switching to crushing just his father’s left orb with both hands. Compressed between his son’s interlocking hands, the humongous nut finally distorted to half its usual girth, and Josh continued to pulse his fingers further into its depths as if determined to reach the center of the meaty organ. “I’m going to be graduating from college in a couple of weeks, and will have to move away soon after for my internship. What are we going to do about our little problem here?” 

He nodded his head down at the beleaguered organ clenched between his tightening hands, as if to highlight the issue at question. 

Mark let out a throaty, baritone moan as he felt his son’s fingers sink deep into his left nut, almost to the first knuckle. His mighty gonads were freakishly strong and durable, something that Mark himself took great pride in, but even his tough testes weren’t invulnerable or indestructible. Mark’s huge left ball was beginning to swell anew from the beyond-brutal treatment, and he was panting slightly in concentration to not pull his body away from the vicious ball play, his monumental chest expanding impressively with each breath, and his huge, hair-covered pectoral muscles bulging even bigger than ever. Mark knew all to well the punishment for disallowing his son full access to his reproductive organs. His massive, half-hard cock, however, began to slowly reinflate as the gears began turning in his head. 

W-what do you have in mind?” Mark managed to grunt out before a particularly rough squeeze caused him to clench his powerful jaw and silenced him. 

Well, it’s just a thought, but…” Josh spoke wistfully before continuing. “Well, the way I see it, we’ve put a lot of mileage into these babies here, and you know what I’ve always wanted to do before leaving the state…”

Josh suddenly let his father’s nut free from his crushing grip. The massive orb fell against his muscular thigh with a meaty slap as it quickly plumped up to its normal shape before coming to rest next to its less damaged twin, looking like a reddish and slightly bruised coconut. 

You mean, like…” 


Josh’s big, hard-knuckled fist came crashing down into his dad’s defenseless balls, pounding them against his pelvis. Due to their naturally colossal size, it was impossible to adequately strike both bollocks adequately with a single blow, despite the fact that Josh was a well-trained boxer and extremely talented ball buster. Mark’s left, more swollen nut therefore took the brunt of the blow, flattening to a fraction of its normal girth between his pelvic bone and Josh’s bony, rounded knuckles. 

Rupture, of course!” Josh gleefully replied as he brutally punched his father’s balls a second time. 


His hunky dad grunted and his entire, muscular body convulsed from the intense nut pain, his huge legs thrashing about and knocking the bedding to the floor. 

A wave of terrible pain overwhelmed Mark’s brain, but his cock responded to his son’s statement before he could, inflating to its awesome full mast in a fraction of a second, bloating so quickly that it had to hurt. His massive member slapped rigid against his equally rock solid abs as he fought to maintain control over his body. A single pearl of precum formed on the tip of his hyper engorged cock, glistening in the morning sunlight, before splattering against his abs as he involuntarily twitched on the mattress.

Josh stepped back from the bed and smiled at the sight of his massively muscular father slowly writhing on the bed in testicular agony. His own cock had inflated to full mast from the sound of his father’s stifled grunts and baritone groans, and he slipped off his basketball shorts casually to allow his own cock and balls to hang freely in the morning air. Josh had inherited a vast portion of his father’s virile masculinity, sporting a staggeringly thick uncut cock that measured just over 11 inches long from broad root to swollen and bulbous tip, very nearly a match for his father’s own monumentally huge member. Josh began to absentmindedly stroke his own mighty cock at the sadistic and erotic thought of ruining the very nuts that had created him.

Below Josh’s thick and girthy shaft was a pair of testes that were the marvel of all who saw them. While not quite as large as the pair of oversized grapefruits hanging from this father’s hairy crotch, they were still staggeringly huge and impressive, easily the size of ripe and juicy oranges.  Josh had worked extensively on stretching out his nuts lower and lower with weights over the years, and they now hung nearly FIVE full inches from his own lean and muscular crotch, making them look even more huge and powerful. The supremely low-hanging bollocks jiggled and jostled about in their own smooth, shaved pouch with each stroke of the young man’s massive shaft. Josh smiled as he reminisced about the many times he had forced his father, an avowed and strictly heterosexual male, to gently lick and suckle on his huge low hangers during their sessions. The disgusted face his handsome, manly father would make each time only served to turn him on more. 


Josh threw yet another punch into his dad’s open and defenseless ballsac, really throwing his weight behind it, and the big man’s entire body shook with the force of the awesome blow. 

“Mmm, now that was a solid punch!” Josh said, flexing one of his big, 22-inch biceps arrogantly. 

Josh was a gorgeous male specimen in his own right, with an enormously built and rippling musculature from years of weight training, sports, and MMA fighting. At 6 feet, 4 inches tall, he surpassed his father in height, and though his father had him beat in pure muscle mass, the young man was a paragon on masculinity. He sported wide, rounded shoulders, big, squared-off pectoral muscles, and chiseled and perfectly contoured abs that led the eyes naturally down to his more than impressive manhood. His natural size and awesome strength, coupled with his sadistic and devious mind, made Josh the perfect ball buster. 

And with what had to be some of the largest balls in human history, the compliant and willing Mark made the perfect bustee. 

Mark’s much-abused left testicle was swelling at a rapid rate, now obviously larger then its counterpart and turning bright red from the brutal treatment. Conversely to the agony radiating from his loins, though, Mark’s huge cock was harder than ever. It was so engorged with blood it looked painful, and a steady river of glistening precum was now streaming from his cock and dribbling onto his abs. Mark engaged his core once more and forced his legs apart for his son, knowing that the young man was hardly done with his baby makers. 

You really wanna try and crack them?” Mark asked, arousal heavy in his pained-roughened voice. Castration fantasy was often a theme of their sessions, but despite the years of reckless and violent testicle mashing that would have wrecked and ruined most men’s nuts hundreds of times over, Mark’s fiercely durable nuts had never succumbed to bursting. They were naturally incredibly tough and resilient organs, and the past few years of abuse at the hands of his son had trained them to take even more incredible amounts of punishment. There was seldom a night that his testes weren’t horribly swollen and bruised, but his mighty huevos had always plumped back into shape and had never taken any permanent damage, besides perhaps a very short term drop in virility. 

But today, Josh wanted to change that. 

Josh dropped his huge cock, stepped forward, and reached between his father’s massive, hairy legs, caressing and squeezing the reddening testicles. He gently rotated his thumbs into the meaty organs, smiling as his dad arched his back in pleasure and moaned from the sensation. Then, he steadily increased the pressure. He was soon sadistically digging his nails into every part of the increasingly pliable orbs, dimpling them cruelly and feeling for any signs weakness in the dense nuggets. They had taken an absolutely ridiculous amount of abuse over the years that Josh had been cohabiting with his dad, and had never shown the least bit of weakness or serious damage, so it would be quite the challenge to destroy his dad’s heroically tough bollocks. 

It’ll be the perfect solution for your problem here, Dad.” Josh smiled devilishly and Mark’s cock twitched again in arousal and fear. “And I’m not gonna lie — it’s gonna be a tough job! We’ll have to work really hard to crack em’... But I’m willing to do whatever it takes.” 

His initially playful tone shifted to something more sinister. There was nary a night that Josh hadn’t fantasized about ruining his mega stud of a dad. He had been given full permission to permanently remove his father from the gene pool a couple of years ago, but only now did he feel ready to complete the deed. 

He looked down at his father’s distorted orbs almost wistfully. While the thought of ruining them made his cock twitch spasmodically in desire, he also knew that he’d miss the impossibly huge and thick eggs once they were gone. Some of Josh’s greatest orgasms had come from mangling his dad’s manhood, and he now found that he was slightly hesitant to finish the job… 


Josh’s conception had been a youthful mistake when big Mark was in his mid teens. Even then, Mark was already a devastatingly handsome young man with an impressively muscular build that would have been the envy of most men ten years his senior. Female schoolmates were all but throwing themselves at him, but despite every opportunity, and a raging inferno of a libido that took him every ounce of will power to overcome, Mark had still been a virgin. 

That all changed when the underaged lad was seduced by a beautiful woman more than twice his age, and though they only spent one memorable (and very athletic) night together, the woman in question became pregnant, and a little over nine months later gave birth to their son, Josh. After their one night stand, however, Mark didn’t see the beautiful woman for more than a decade, and had no idea that he’d fathered a son. As the years went by, he grew into an even more handsome and muscular young man, started a very successful construction business, and lived a very happy bachelor life. 

Mark’s world changed forever when he received a call out of the blue from that beautiful woman who had claimed his virginity more than a decade earlier. She asked to meet with him, and informed him that she was dying of cancer. She also revealed the stunning secret that Mark was Josh’s father, introducing the stunned man to his 11-year-old son. Though Josh had inherited the light brown hair and stunning blue eyes of his mom, the stamp of Mark’s own genes were abundantly clear in the lad’s handsome and square-jawed face, and a young frame that was already starting to grow and fill out with masculine promise. 

The woman revealed that she had only realized she was pregnant many weeks after their fateful night together, and that she’d made the difficult decision to keep the baby and raise him as a single mom. She had kept the secret from Mark for so long because he’d been nothing more than a boy himself at the time, and it hadn’t felt right to burden the young man with the knowledge. She then said that raising Josh had been the greatest joy of her life, and she tearfully thanked Mark for the wonderful gift he’d given her. She asked Mark for forgiveness both for keeping such a secret from him for so long, and for the request that she was about to make — she wanted Mark to take over the responsibility of raising their young son once she was gone. Many tears were shed, and Mark accepted the role, promising to raise and care for their son. 

Mark remained at her bedside for the final months of her life, getting to know this remarkable woman and their equally remarkable young son. After her death, Josh officially moved in with Mark. They had some rocky times in those first few years, what with Mark learning how to be a dad on the fly and with Josh harboring childish resentment against his surprise dad, but they quickly grew a true bond of love and devotion to one another. Mark proudly attended all of Josh’s school and sports events and created a warm and caring home for them both, and Josh grew to admire and love his big dad. 

When the strapping young man graduated high school 7 years later, he made the decision to attend the local college so that he could remain at home with his dad and best friend. And it was during this first year in college that their relationship slowly began to change. 

One evening, Josh came home from football practice to find his father hunched over a stack of bills with a scowl on his face. 

What’s up, Dad?” he’d asked. 

His father leaned back, the heavy wooden chair groaning at the big man’s great muscular weight, and sighed dramatically. 

“I’m just going over our finances for the month. Business is still going great and I’ve got half a dozen teams working hard, but nearly half of my income is going towards damned child support this month!” 

Mark’s voice sounded tired and frustrated, and Josh could understand why. 

Josh had eight half siblings (at least, that’s how many he was aware of), including five half brothers and three half sisters from seven separate women. It turned out that Mark’s ridiculously oversized genitals weren’t just for show — the big man was ferociously and almost unstoppably virile. Even with every protection he could think of, including double-bagging his huge cock and using every conceivable form of birth control, he found himself paying for either plan B, abortion procedures, or ongoing child support regularly. He’d even tried pulling out before he shot his load, and even THAT oftentimes wouldn’t work! Almost every date that ended in coitus over the past months had resulted in a difficult phone call a few days or weeks later. Mark, being the incredibly sexually charged male that he was, found himself equal parts unwilling and unable to taper his sex life despite the ongoing cost and risks. 

Josh had stripped off his gym tee before taking a seat across from his beefy father, his rippling abs drenched in sweat from an intense workout at his gym. There was a noticeable bulge in Josh’s his gym shorts where a jockstrap strained to secure his huge, flaccid member and big, pendulous balls. The lump in his shorts inevitably jiggled with every movement, and Mark consciously avoided eye contact with it. The two of them were very comfortable with their masculinity and were both often walking around the house in various states of undress even before their relationship took a sadistic and sexual turn. 

Damn, that sucks Dad!” Josh said, concern clear on his handsome face. Trying for some levity, he then said, “Have you tried pulling out?” Josh smiled wryly, wiping his brow with a gym towel. They had a playful relationship, always quick to proverbially bust each other’s balls. 

Mark glanced up at his son, clearly unamused, before resuming his work trying to balance their budget. 

Your old man here is too much of a stud, apparently, and that sadly comes with a cost,” he retorted dryly, flexing his gargantuan biceps for his son’s amusement. 

Josh laughed, but also eyed his father’s titanically muscular arms with long-standing awe and envy. He hoped to some day be as insanely big and beefy as his own dad, and had made extremely impressive progress in that direction already, but there was no question that Josh’s own alpha male status was overshadowed by that of his mighty father. Hell, his father was even more popular with the ladies then he was (and that was saying something!), for the older stud was able to score dates with the hottest young women in the city with virtually no effort. Josh had even had several of his own dates coyly suggest the idea of hooking up with his dad in a hot three way, and though that did indeed hold a strange erotic appeal, the young man had never even broached the subject with his pap. 

You know…” Josh said cautiously, lighting onto an idea, “One of my workout buddies, Nate, was telling me there is a one-hundred percent effective male birth control method that he and his girlfriend have been trying.” 

His father shifted the bills in his hands, focused on the numbers in front of him and noncommittally grunted. 

Undaunted, Josh continued. “Apparently, the day before they have unprotected sex, he always ‘forgets’ his cup at home before football practice. A good kick or two to the nuts, and he’s shooting blanks.” 

Mark looked up and raised a skeptical eyebrow.

What? You’re telling me your friend intentionally gets hit in the nuts before he goes on dates?” 

“Sure! And if he doesn’t get nailed during practice, then some of us guys will meet up afterwards and take turns kicking his nuts. It’s become something of a post-workout ritual for the guys. Wanna see?” 

Josh pulled out his iPhone and scrolled through his photos, pulling up a video and rotating the screen towards his doubtful father. The short clip was shot POV by Josh, and the camera was focused on his handsome blond friend, Nathan. The boxer briefs the muscular and athletic young stud was wearing did little to obscure his lofty manhood, and the blond jock was goading Josh and his other friends who stood off camera. 

“Come on, pussies! Let’s go!” the grinning and eager jock slurred, spreading his toned and tanned legs wide and inviting punishment. The outline of his half erect cock was plainly visible over a pair of impressive and sizable nuts, so Josh knew just where to aim to hit the most vulnerable bits. 

With a loud thunk, Josh’s foot crashed upward into Nathan’s crotch. The video was edited in slow motion to highlight the ripples of force as Josh’s sneaker-clad toes smashed the jock’s balls with surgical precision, ramming them upward into his pelvis. Nathan’s green eyes bulged, his handsome face scrunching up as the waves of agony took over. 

“Ooooooooooo!” Nathan squealed as he crumpled to the floor and thrashed about on the ground, curled into the fetal position clutching his mangled nuts. 

Fuck yeah!” Josh yelled with undisguised glee. “I win this round!”

The disappointed but good-natured groans of Josh’s gym mates indicated this was not the first kick Nathan had taken this evening, but it was obviously the last. The video clip ended with Josh zooming in on his friend’s anguished face before panning down to his crotch. The noticeable tent in his friend’s shorts suggested that the strike had been more enjoyable than it looked, despite the pained expression on his handsome young face. 

“It’s something we do on a weekly basis now,” Josh stated, sliding his phone back into his shorts. “So far, Nate and his girlfriend are child free, and without any long term damage to his goods.”

Mark was stone faced to his son’s gleeful story, but inside his mind, gears were turning as the hours of financial review had left him bleak and tired. He had tried every form of male contraception available, but despite spermicides, condoms, and never allowing himself to finish inside a woman, his income was still diminishing after each sexual encounter. 

So you’re telling me, if you use my nuts as a punching bag, then I won’t impregnate anyone?” Mark frowned. It didn’t make much sense to him, but then again he had very little knowledge of biology compared to his college-educated son, so there was a very good possibility that Josh knew what he was talking about. There was also a good chance he was merely messing with him to get some pot shots at his nuts. It was hard for Mark to imagine putting himself into that position of submission intentionally. 

Well… I can’t say for sure…” Josh replied slowly, shifting his body to obscure the erection growing in his shorts. The thought of getting a new target to play with, and a target as unbelievably large as his father’s, was riling him up. “You’ve obviously much bigger than Nate, and I think it would take considerably more kicks to significantly lower your sperm count. But I'd personally say its worth trying, if you’re man enough to put your balls on the line.” 

Mark snorted at the obvious challenge, pushing away from the table and standing up. The loose sweatpants he was wearing did little to disguise his impressive manhood, with two large lumps plainly visible where his massive nuts were trapped against the fabric. Making eye contact with his son, and in an act of pure machismo, he lifted his huge right arm dramatically, curled his fingers into a tight fist, and drove it with brutal force right into his own bulge!


Josh watched, mouth agape, as ripples of force caused his bulging orbs to to jiggle tantalizingly. The strike brutally compressed his right orb, big knuckles visibly denting the thick organ. The force blasted them up into his body, warping the nuggets against his pelvis. Mark did not utter a single sound despite the viciousness of the blow, and the only visible sign of the man’s testicular pain was a slight tightening around his eyes. Instead, Mark simply instead smiled at his son’s stunned reaction, removing his fist and gripping his crotch arrogantly, laughing as he jiggled his colossal bulge in front of Josh. 

I think I can take whatever you can dish out, kid,” Mark said, clearly accepting his son’s challenge. “Go grab a six pack from the fridge and let’s head back to the garage and get started.”

That unforgettable evening was one of numerous beers and dozens of pot shots against his dad’s bulge. Mark discreetly ignored his son’s obvious erection in his shorts and continued to pound Corona until the ache in his nuts was more of an afterthought. It was an incredible bonding experience for both of them, and the night was full of laughter and the beefy sound of Josh’s foot rocketing up between his father’s powerful legs.  

The following night, Mark spent a very athletic evening with a gorgeous Latina Instagram influencer, testing out the effects of the heavy ball busting. And for the first time in ages, he received no frantic DM or call about emergency contraception! 

From that day forward, Josh became his father’s personal fertility manager. 

The arrangement started off almost playful in its seeming innocence, but as time went by, their relationship became one of increasing sadism and masochism. Josh was overjoyed to finally have the opportunity to wail on the biggest nuts he’d ever seen, and his attentions became more and more brutal until soon his father’s huge nuts were being smashed and mauled until they were swollen and bruised before every potential sexual encounter. Mark sometimes found it difficult to sit normally at dinner with his date due to his nearly broken nuts, but it was well worth it to be able to bury his huge load deep into his beautiful partner without concern about the consequences. His son’s well trained fists (and feet, and knees, and elbows, and shins, and forearms) appeared to be an efficient and effective spermicide, temporarily decimating his awesome virility. Moreover, Mark soon discovered that he enjoyed the feeling of cumming with bruised nuts, the toe-curling ache adding to his erotic bliss. Inside his brain, the wires designating pleasure and pain were becoming indelibly intertwined, and he found himself encouraging his son towards harder and harder testicle torture play. 

The truth about their ‘friendly’ sperm killing sessions was even darker than Mark could know. Josh loved his father dearly, but had grown jealous of the older man’s unparalleled alpha maleness, and he longed to dominate the bigger man and thereby prove his own superiority. Josh’s thoughts grew ever darker over time until he realized that the only real way of surpassing his father’s epic masculinity and manhood would be to take him out of the competition permanently… by destroying his behemoth bull balls! 

In fact, the reality was that no matter how brutally Josh beat his father’s balls, the older man’s stratospheric virility wasn’t being lowered in the slightest, not even temporarily! Instead, it was Josh who was privately contacting each of Mark’s dates afterwards to secretly pay for morning after pills or trips to the family planning clinic, cleaning up after his dad’s spermy messes. An unsuspecting Mark thought that his virility problem had been ‘cured’ by his son’s increasingly brutal attentions to his huge balls, and he began to fuck with abandon, making it even harder (not to mention more expensive) for Josh to follow behind him and make sure that no more ‘little Marks’ were being created. 

This father-son arrangement continued throughout Josh’s years in college. Torturing his father’s nuts gradually turned from a dating failsafe to a nearly nightly endeavor, as both parties became attuned to the sexually charged nature of ball busting. Eventually, there was nary a night that Mark didn’t fall onto his mattress, sweaty and moaning in agony, with freshly juiced man fruits swelling enormously in his sack.

For Josh, there was something about punting his father in the nuts that just felt intrinsically so right him. Perhaps it was a natural instinct to remove a superior male from the gene pool, perhaps it was the psychological need for a son to eventually replace and supplant his father, or perhaps it was simply how the young man’s brain was wired. Beating on a set of bull testicles was better than sex for him, and after a few sessions with his dad, Josh forwent any bashfulness and openly began jerking off during their sessions. Mark also began stripping down before their sessions, proudly showing off his herculean, muscular form and allowing his son to kick and punch his naked nuts until they both came explosively. He spent many nights using both hands to bring his massive cock to the brink of orgasm while his son punched and squeezed and pulled and kicked and yanked and crushed his huge nuts in every brutal way imaginable. 

Both men came to crave ball busting, and Mark slowly gave more and more control of his manhood to his son’s budding sadism. His huge, bulging nuts became the tough and malleable playthings of his progeny, and he kept them readily available for whenever his son might want to bust them. 

Inevitably, the months and months of consistent nut pain broke the alpha male entirely.

Mark’s epic and unequaled masculinity was shattered, his psyche broken and reformed with only one thought — to provide his thick and beefy sex organs as pieces of meat for his son to abuse and torture, until his balls were someday irreversibly broken by his son’s own hand. It was a complete shift of personality from the affirmed alpha male, whose handsome face, colossal muscles, and oversized cock and balls placed him at the absolute pinnacle of prime manhood. 

Eventually, Mark removed himself from the dating pool entirely, giving full control of his testicles to his increasingly sadistic offspring. He was ordered, under threat of castration, to forgo masturbation and sex entirely, and was only allowed to orgasm through extreme ball pain. The hyper virile muscle stud was reduced to begging for nut pain, with the hope that a well aimed knuckle punch could relieve the built up sperm inside his titanic balls. Hundreds and hundreds of mattress-drenching loads were knocked loose from his beleaguered balls, but now their play sessions were entering the final stage. 


Alright, here we go!”


Mark was roused from his nostalgic thoughts by Josh’s muscled leg racking up between his legs over and over again, pulverizing his naked bollocks against his groin. They had moved their testicular torture session to the garage a couple of hours earlier, where the ultimate slimy emissions from their rough play would be much easier to clean up. A large rubber ball gag had also been forced into the older man’s mouth, helping to stifle his nearly continuous bellows of agony. Mark’s titanic testes had by now been suffering several HOURS of abuse, as evidenced by their pervasive bruises and heavy swelling, and the stoic muscle bull could no longer hold back his cries and groans of pain. 


With loud, visceral crunching sounds, Josh’s well-trained shin repeatedly pounded his father’s massive nuts against his pelvis with surgical precision. Each blow felt like it was harder than the previous one, distorting the organs harshly with each resulting kick. The huge orbs were flattening brutally at this point, squished to barely half their normal girth with each strike, deforming far more profoundly than they had at the beginning of their session. 

MMMMMmmph!” Mark screamed into his gag, spittle flying as his head thrashed back and forth on his thick, bullish neck. His massively muscular legs visibly quivered with each relentless blow, struggling not to collapse against the unbelievable agony searing through his gut. It was all that Mark could do to keep his fantastically muscular arms from reaching forward to cradle his mangled balls, fighting against his body’s natural instinct to protect itself and spare his screaming nuts any more of this insane abuse. And even if he had wanted to ask for mercy, his son had forbidden the use of a safe word, and he couldn’t have gotten one out anyway with the ball gag stuffed in his mouth. 


Mark was standing in center of their large garage, his hands on top of his head like a hostage in his own house, his enormously beefy legs spread wide while his son mercilessly kicked his swollen and battered manhood from behind. Sweat was trickling down his fantastically chiseled body in rivers, and thick veins were bulging out all over his massively muscular form from the supreme effort it was taking to remain planted in place. Mark’s cock was the hardest it had ever been in his entire life, bloating so huge that it was nearing the 13 inch mark, and squirting out clear, gelatinous precum in a nearly constant stream. In fact, there was so much sweat and precum splattered on the floor all around him that the concrete had grown downright slick with the stuff, making it even harder for Mark to maintain his footing. But the big man had received strict instructions to leave his legs open for as long as his sadistic son desired, and Mark knew better than to defy his son for even a moment, even if it was accidentally. 


From the unprecedented speed and intensity of the blows, it appeared that Josh was eager and determined to end father’s manhood right now. Or at the very least, he no longer was concerned with any potentially ‘explosive’ repercussions resulting from the unbelievably high levels of blunt force being focused on the older man’s tortured gonads. 



Mark’s screams were taking on a desperate, keening tone, even through the gag, as his huge nuts were being repeatedly pancaked into his pelvis, and he was certain his heavy sack would soon be reduced to a lumpy mess of reproductive pulp if his handsome son didn’t relent soon. Mark’s humongous nuts were bulging and distorting more and more with each new blow. 


The thought of his mighty balls imploding under the unending barrage of kicks caused Mark’s thundering heart to race even faster, and his monstrously thick cock was vomiting forth huge slugs of precum with each testes warping blow. His massive erection, which hadn’t faltered for a moment despite HOURS of testicle-shattering blows, was slapping against the thick, muscular wall of his corrugated belly with each kick, the huge, swollen, bulbous, glistening head colliding with his upper abs a mere few inches from the massive underbelly of his protruding, hairy pecs. The mighty organ kept a staccato drum beat against his muscle-corded belly in time to the kicks to his battered nuts. The colossal shaft of that pussy-pounding penis pulsed with each testicle-cracking kick, staying on the very brink of orgasm despite the growing danger his heavily damaged testes.

THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD, smack

Josh began adding targeted toe strikes to each of his father’s tortured orbs in between each shin strike, which effectively smashed the swollen testes both equally. 

Fuck yes!” Josh grunted in a lust-fogged haze, eyes focused on the increasingly swelling and bruising sack. 

THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD, smack

Josh was entirely naked and sweating profusely from the intense cardio of repeated kicks. With each strike, his own cock, which maintained nearly diamond like hardness throughout the torture session, flopped up against his abs with its own dull thud. His gym-trained body glistened magnificently in the late morning sunlight coming in through the garage’s high windows, and his handsome face was scrunched tight in concentration. Pearls of precum were flying from his cockhead, as the feeling of his father’s nuts pulping between his toes was nearly bringing him to a handsfree orgasm.

THUD, smack, THUD, smack, THUD, smack

Mark’s nuts were becoming a hideous mess, grossly swollen and distended from more than three hours of continuous squeezing, punching, and kicking, a barrage of brutality unlike anything they had ever suffered before. His bombarded ballsac was a mottled dark red and purple from the abuse, angry bruises erupting over every square inch of their colossal forms. Both of Mark’s beleaguered balls had become positively squishy from all of the relentless blunt force trauma, leaving their earlier firm and solid forms far behind, and each new strike seemed to sink even deeper into his precious sex organs. 


Deeper, and deeper, and deeper, and deeper. 




Mark’s deep baritone voice died within this throat as the intensity increased yet again, physically lifting his body an inch or two off the floor with each ferociously powerful strike. His orbs were distorting horribly from the pressure, forced into impossible concave shapes by Josh’s shins and toes. Waves of agony surged through his body with each testicle ruining strike. 


Mark’s left nut, which at Josh’s choosing had taken the lion’s share of the inhuman punishment throughout the long morning, was being pushed beyond all possible limits and steadily turning a dark bluish-purple from the harsh strikes. Josh was expertly singling out his dad’s individual nuts, forcing his toes deep into the doomed organs with incredible velocity and bone-shattering power. Josh was vaguely aware that the nut was getting mushier and mushier with each resulting blow. He knew that if he kept up this intensity for very much longer, then his dad’s nuts were sure to… 

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Dammit! That’s time!” Josh exclaimed in frustration, relaxing his stance and turning his attention to the timer on his phone. 

With a resounding thud, his father fell heavily to his knees, his big hands still clasped atop his head, with tears welling up in his eyes, blurring his vision, and with drool trickling down his large and powerful chin. The atomic agony of the nut pain was beginning to set into his body, causing him to quiver and blubber into his gag as his mighty body attempted to acclimate to the overwhelming sensation. The pain was so intense that Mark’s entire midsection clenched dramatically, exploding into the most detailed and rugged relief map of abdominal perfection that Josh had ever seen. 

Josh smiled and walked up to his father, gripping his own manhood casually. He was just a few strokes away from firing a huge load all over this father’s anguished face, but he wanted to savor the moment for as long as possible.

“I was this close to popping them, Dad!” he smiled brightly, surveying the mighty and majestic form of his father’s quivering and spasming body. “Maybe we should have tried for 100 minutes of continuous kicking instead of just 90?” 

With his free hand he unhooked the ball gag from behind his father’s head. It slipped from his drooling mouth with a wet plop and splattered on the floor. Mark’s mouth fell slack jawed despite the removal of the gag, globs of spittle coating his lips and running down his chin.

“My balls… my balls…” Mark was unable to utter anything else. He repeated the mantra over and over, staring vacantly down at his thoroughly scrambled huevos, which were hideously distended in their sack and swollen so brutally and so enormously that they were very nearly brushing against the sweat- and precum-slickened concrete floor. Mark’s right bollock was swollen bigger than a coconut, and his even more traumatized left teste was even bigger, bloating to such enormous size that it looked like some sort of alien fruit, a reddish-purple melon of monstrous size. The combined tenderized tissues, well-churned spunk, and fluids from all of the trauma made the entire scrotum unbelievably heavy, pulling the straining and overstretched sac down nearly as far as Josh’s own nearly five-inch dangle! 

The surging waves of agony coursing through Mark’s mighty body were unlike anything the handsome muscle stud had experienced in his years of genitorture. Any other man would have long since lost consciousness under such sustained agony, and some might even have died, but big Mark was made of super human stuff indeed, and there was no way he was going to pass out. That said, the inhuman levels of pain surging through his genitals and his muscular guts were almost more than even Mark could take, and his perpetually rock hard cock had finally begun to wilt once more, softening to a half hard state as the fiery agony overwhelmed any pleasure the big man had been experiencing. 

Even as both men watched, Mark’s balls continued to swell to even greater dimensions, far surpassing any swelling that Josh had inflicted upon them in years past. The younger man could also see that neither bollock maintained its previously normal, ovoid, egg-like shape. Both gigantic nuts had a slightly lumpy and misshapen appearance, particularly Mark’s much-abused left nut, which look especially ruined, distorted into a darkening mass of mangled flesh. Mark was scared to even touch his left ball, lest it simply burst apart in his sack. 

The sight of his dad’s nearly ruptured testes was too much for Josh to handle. Overcome with lust, he kicked his father’s massive legs even father apart, placing the man’s pain-wracked face at crotch height, and also allowing the man’s profoundly damaged testicles to rest heavily on the cool concrete floor. He gripped the base of his huge pulsing cock and aimed his dripping erection directly at his father’s open mouth. Mark’s tear-filled eyes flicked upward at his son, pleadingly, but knowing what was to come. 

“Suck it, or I ruin you right now,” Josh commanded, his voice cold as ice. He hovered his right foot over his father's bloated manhood, threatening to stomp the life out of his damaged balls. Mark knew a few well-aimed stomps with his nuts against the rock solid floor would mean game over for his profoundly bruised and battered balls.

Mark’s face frowned in humiliation. As a lifelong affirmed heterosexual man, Mark felt only disgust and revulsion at the thought of sucking Josh’s huge and painfully turgid manhood, but regardless he gently extended his tongue to lick the lad’s swollen and cum-slickened cockhead. He grimaced at the salty taste of the cum and gently swirled his tongue around the glans. It was a taste he could never get used to, no matter how many times his son had forced him to suck his cock. 

“Mmm fuck, Dad! You’re hungry for a load, aren’t yah?” Josh said cruelly, grasping his father’s dark hair roughly as he prepared to ram his shaft deep into his dad’s throat.

Mmmmmph,” Mark replied in disgust, but opened his throat to allow his son deeper access.

With a rough and violent thrust, all eleven plus inches of Josh’s thick and beefy member slid down his father’s throat. A wet slurping sound heralded the arrival of his huge cockhead at the back of his father’s throat, causing the bigger muscle man to gurgle with discomfort. Josh’s extra large, low-hanging nuts vigorously smacked against the older male’s thick, muscular neck and powerful, chiseled jawline with each forceful thrust. Fortunately for Mark, the big man had no gag reflex, making him a perfect cocksucker and allowing his talented and muscular throat to accommodate the enormous size of his son’s mighty phallus. 

Shuck, Shuck, Schlick, Schlick, Shuck, Shuck

A cacophony of wet, slurping noises filled the room as Josh gradually began to increase the speed and force of his thrusts. He locked eyes with his father, reveling in the pained expression in his eyes and enjoying how the muscular stud kept his mouth wide for his pleasure. 

Josh glanced down at his father’s mammoth package. His hideously swollen nuts were distended onto the floor, enticingly plump and vulnerable. His dad’s massive cock had gone entirely flaccid from the unwanted sensation of a cock sliding down his gullet, and the huge and puffy member draped heavily over his battered nutsac, jiggling languidly with every rough thrust down his convulsively swallowing throat. 

“You enjoying yourself there, Pops?” Josh grinned widely, enjoying the sensation of his father’s hot mouth and muscular throat engulfing every inch of his massive man meat. Josh chuckled at the sight and arched the sole of his big right foot over his father’s monstrously bloated left nut. He began to tap his toes methodically into the bruised flesh of his father’s especially damaged left testicle, and with each gentle probe of the battered and nearly broken organ, Mark’s huge, limp cock began to twitch with pleasure. The mighty organ began to spring to life once again, slowly rearing upward like some great prehistoric beast, rising out of the way and allowing Josh full access to crush his doomed nut. 

Tap, slick, tap, slick, tap, slick, tap, slick, tap, slick, tap, slick

With each light palpitation, Josh forced his cock deep into his father’s throat. Josh’s toes gently pressed into the soft nut flesh that was lying distended on the ground like a big, bruised mango. A sheen of warm precum made the surface of each organ slick to the touch. Josh marveled at how readily the testicle dimpled under the light pressure of his toes, its swollen mass distorting easily compared to its usual rugged and dense toughness. It felt positively mushy under his foot, and as Josh gradually increased the pressure, he could feel the beleaguered organ oozing between his toes. 

Tap, slick, Tap, slick, Tap, slick, Tap, slick, Tap, slick, Tap, slick


Mark heaved a deep groan of pain as his already damaged nut was subjected to further abuse. Josh had no doubt that, this time, their rough play had already resulted in some permanent damage to his father’s mighty nuts, and that if they kept this up any further, Mark might be shooting blanks for good, even without rupturing the massive orbs. With each cruel probe of his jelly-like huevo, Mark could distinctly taste a salty spurt of baby batter leaking down his throat, as his son was obviously enjoying the sensation of his dying nut oozing under his toes. 

TAP, slick, TAP, slick, TAP, slick, TAP, slick, TAP, slick, TAP, slick

Mark gurgled in displeasure and fear. The combination of cock sucking and testicle crushing was causing him severe nausea on top of everything else, such that it took all he had to avoid vomiting and then choking on his subsequent spew.

“Damn, Dad! You like that, huh?” Josh crooned seductively, bemused by the colossal erection that was now smacking against his kneecaps and shins with each aggressive thrust of his cock. 

THAP, slick, THAP, slick, THAP, slick, THAP, slick, THAP, slick, THAP, slick

Mark’s cock was harder that it ever had been in his entire life. It was so swollen with blood that it hurt, and by now must have actually exceeded 13 inches in length, pulsing violently and insistently as his precious left bollock was steadily crushed by his son. Thick spurts of precum steadily fired and spurted from his bloated cockhead as the sensation of his nut imploding under his son’s command was akin to a continuous orgasm. Without a doubt, Mark possessed one of the most impressive manhoods in the entire world, but for the owner it only served as a piece of meat for his son’s torture and amusement. And this top percentile cock, on a top percentile stud of a man, was potentially experiencing its final erection.

Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck! Thuck!

Josh sank the ball of his foot deeper and deeper into the doomed testis, squashing it harder and harder against the unyielding concrete floor, his toes coming off the organ sticky with clear and gelatinous goo as the unending stream of precum continued to ooze onto his father’s bloated ballbag. Each cruel palpation smashed a different portion of the obscenely oversized huevo, and Josh could actually now feel the organ starting to break down. Wet crunching sounds were starting to emanate from the doomed bollock as its tough and fibrous outer wall started to crack and give way, and as the dense and beefy tissues inside the ball started to lose their structural integrity. Mark’s massive left testicle resembled a lumpy melon now, while his right ball was the size of a large coconut and still mostly ovoid in shape, though bruised red, purple, and blue.

Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!

Josh started slamming his foot down with even greater strength and effort, and said, “Fuck, Dad! Should I take it right now? It feels so mushy! Like I could pop it right now!” 

Mark’s colossal cock twitched and he nearly came from the threat alone, but his eyes were fixated on his son’s handsome, determined face, and the big man was no longer pleading for mercy. It was his place, his responsibility on this earth, to provide his sexual equipment for his son’s pleasure. The agony in his loins and increasing lightheadedness was undercut by this desire. Right now, he wanted nothing more than for his nut to burst under his son’s foot, and he shifted his body to allow a better angle for its imminent destruction. 


Josh began violently stomping onto the squishy, barely whole nut, smashing the hideously battered organ against the floor with truly brutal force. He was careful to never allow the organ to plump back into its full shape after each strike, instead stomping back down with great speed and forcing his toes deeper and deeper into the failing nut’s beefy depths. Josh could feel a truly massive orgasm growing in his own cum-heavy nuts as the pancaked ball began to break down under his weight. 


PWWEEES!!” Mark squealed, his deep, baritone voice partly obscured by the astoundingly thick cock pounding down his throat. His eyes were pleading, not for mercy, but for Josh to finish the job that he had started. Mark was begging for his son to exterminate his manhood. 

As if waiting for that moment, Josh suddenly forced his huge cock all the way down his father’s muscular throat and shifted all of his weight forward, attempting to balance his entire body weight on top of the huge, squishy organ. With highly trained core and leg muscles and a top athlete’s balance and skill, Josh bore down with all 260 pounds of his muscular weight onto the ball of his foot. The massive, valiant organ tried in vain to compensate for the 260 pounds of studly weight that was now attempting to snuff it out, and had it been earlier in the morning when the massive testicle was less damaged and wounded by the more than three hours of continuous abuse, it probably would have been able to withstand such an extreme level of abuse. But with its outer wall already cracked and crumbling and its beefy innards already halfway reduced to jelly, the poor beleaguered bollock didn’t stand a chance. The huge, bulbous organ was instantly crushed to a fraction of its girth, held its structural integrity for several long, tortured seconds… and then was effectively split in two as it cracked and was torn under the inhuman pressure. 


Mark's eyes went wide as his nut was torn under the pressure.

Josh felt something give slightly under his toes and came explosively from the sensation. He leaned all his weight into the fracturing organ and began pounding his father’s face with his cock. 

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Josh screamed as he orgasmed harder than he ever had before, uncontrollably smashing his cock down his father’s throat. Load after load after load of thick stud cum fired down into the massive muscle man’s corrugated belly as Josh experienced the greatest orgasm of his young life. After the first dozen or so volleys, Josh pulled his cock from his father’s sucking throat to splatter his dad’s ruggedly handsome face with the remainder of the massive load. Thick splats of baby batter peppered his father’s powerful jaw and chiseled features, shellacking the older man’s face with his mighty load. 

For his part, Mark’s eyes instantly flew wide as he felt his left nut give way under the brutal pressure, and his mouth remained agape in shock as his brain attempted to process the agonizing sensations emanating from his loins. 

Mark’s entire body was frozen in place like he was paralyzed, his muscles bulging and straining like never before. Josh would have sworn that his enormously muscular dad grew even bigger in that moment, so powerfully were his monumental muscles flexing. But before his brain could react to the feeling to a broken testis, Mark’s cock responded to the nutting, and started firing a load unlike anything Josh had seen before, even from the legendary virility of his own super stud of a sire.

Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat! Splat!

Josh stumbled back off of his dad’s busted ballbag in surprise as enormous wads of semen blasted upward with incredible force, painting thick lines across his chiseled abdomen and impressively huge pectorals, slashing across his muscular arms and shoulders, and even striking him in the neck and face. His broad, pec-proud chest was quickly coated with the thickest, chunkiest, whitest baby batter that Josh had ever seen, and even more of the impossibly thick and copious effluvium was continuing to spasmodically pump out of Mark’s violently throbbing penis. 

As he removed his foot from the fractured organ, Josh noticed that the massively swollen organ remained crushed virtually flat in the middle, barely even trying to plump back up after it had been ruptured under the young man’s muscular weight. The release of pressure did allow blood and other fluids to rush back in, and the sudden influx of these fluids into the damaged organ made Mark cry out in even greater agony, and his orgasm to ratchet up even harder, if that was even possible. Gigantic ropes and ribbons of his father’s mighty seed were flying across the room under fantastic pressure, and Mark’s terminally turgid cock, its thick and tortured veins bulging so huge that they looked like they might burst, was throbbing and pulsing with such aggression and violence that Josh thought it might snap right off of the big man’s body! Thick rivers of prime stud semen shot up all over the magnificently muscular stud’s gorgeous body, sticking to this thick, dark body hair, festooning itself across the vast planes and bulges of muscle, and dripping off of his gigantic form in great strings and globs. 

It was a fitting swan song to the most powerful and virile manhood Josh had ever seen in his life, and would likely ever see again. 

Finally, after dozens and dozens and DOZENS of almighty cum blasts, the nearly endless flow of sperm receded and Mark’s herculean orgasm came to an end. As the waves of pleasure subsided and the terrific agony overwhelmed his powerful body, Mark’s glassy eyes seemed to nearly roll back in his head, and the enormous muscle man toppled backwards, hitting the cum-drenched floor with a beefy thud. The huge man lay unmoving in a puddle of his own seminal fluids, his heroically muscular form slashed and criss-crossed and coated with even more of his insanely copious male juices. 

As the waves of his own orgasmic bliss subsided and his mind cleared, Josh realized the severity of what he had just done. 

“Oh shit! Dad!!” the young man yelled in genuine concern, dropping to his knees before his father’s sprawled and nearly unconscious form. The limp muscle stud had fallen heavily onto his back with his huge legs spread open wide, allowing Josh a perfect, unobscured view of the damage he had caused. 

The sight between his father’s enormously muscular and beautifully sculpted quads caused Josh’s wilting cock to stir once more despite itself. Mark’s colossal cock had finally grown limp, and lay in an enormous pool of his own hot sperm as it lay across the center of his abdomen, stretching halfway to his protuberant pecs. Even fully flaccid, the man’s huge cock had to be at least eight inches long, and looked puffy and distended, no doubt from being so incredibly hard for so long. But beneath that cock, cradled in the wide V of his muscular thighs, was a mangled mass of blue and purple and black swelling flesh that could hardly be recognized as male genitalia. 

Mark’s entire scrotum had swollen so unbelievably huge that the entire mass rested heavily on the cum-splattered concrete floor, looking monstrous and obscene. The man’s right nut, though heavily damaged and brutalized by hours of punching and kicking and squeezing, was clearly still hale and whole. But his mammoth left nut was a mangled ruin, bloated and lumpy and profoundly misshapen, an utter wreck of what had until recently been one of a pair of the largest, toughest, and most beautiful bollocks Josh had ever seen. 

With trembling fingers, Josh began to gently explore the enormous mass of purplish-black damaged tissues that had once been his dad’s mighty left bollock. His fingers lightly prodded the soft, warm flesh, eliciting not the least response from his nearly comatose father, who was blissfully unaware of the probing. Encouraged by his dad’s lack of response, Josh plunged both of his eager hands into the bowling ball sized mass, eagerly exploring the damage. 

A crooked grin split Josh’s handsome features as he discovered that his fingers could easily plunge into the depths of all of that thick, beefy tissue. Three hours ago, the young man could have barely dented the wall of the unnaturally dense and firm testis using all of his might, and now he marveled at the ease with which he could compress and distort the soft and spongy tissues. But incredibly, even as his big hands continued to grip and maul and roughly explore the mangled egg, the seemingly ruptured nut was attempting to regain its previous shape! The traumatized gonad slowly and awkwardly plumped back into a lumpy oval shape, indicating that, despite impossible odds, the massive whale nut was still mostly whole! 

Josh had expected to find a pulped and shattered testis, but was instead amazed and pleased to find a mostly intact testicle within the mass of swelling. The young man’s galvanized cock surprised him by spontaneously shooting a single wad of cum, for he was awed and overcome by the incomparable and fantastic strength and durability of his dad’s massive testicles. Big Mark must surely be the greatest and toughest bull of a man to ever live! 

Josh glanced down at his diamond hard cock and the dregs of that sperm slug that were drooling from its bloated tip, and he smiled. He grabbed his iPhone, positioned his swollen member into the frame, and cockily snapped several photos of his dad’s passed out form and swollen sack, knowing that his father would want to see the results later. 

Josh’s mind was racing, already planning his next session, and how to take his father out of the gene pool permanently. He’d give his dad at least a few hours to recover, letting the worst of the swelling subside, and then resume tormenting his father’s humongous balls this evening. He grinned even wider as he surveyed his father’s massively muscular, slumbering frame. He wasn’t moving out for a full two weeks yet, so he was in no rush to finish off his dad’s huge nuts. No, he’d take his time to truly savor his father’s last days as an intact male. 

One thing was for certain — it was going to be a very long two weeks for them both.