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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 9

What now? 
_X_ - Hit lefty again!
___ - Hit his right nut!
___ - You’ve had enough teasing. Leave the room and let the handsome lad recover.



You swing the hammer down as hard as and as fast as you can, with no regard for whether or not Markus’ big and beautiful left bollock survives each blow. The huge nard barely has time to reinflate to its normal shape and size before you strike it again, trying to pound it flat against the unyielding table. 


Markus is now throwing his handsome head back and forth wildly, bellowing in a mixture of agony and ecstasy. And incredibly, his titanically huge cock remains rock hard, absolutely soaking his curly belly fuzz with even more precum.


The massive gonad is deforming violently with each blow, compressing by nearly half before valiantly and stubbornly resisting any more flattening. The meaty sphere is also starting to noticeably swell, and its color is starting to turn from a healthy pink to a brighter and brighter red. 


No man’s testicle, no matter how unbelievably huge, should be able to survive more than one or two full-force hammer blows, yet Markus’ gigantic left nut has now endured more than a dozen deadly blows with almost no visible effect! However, you are starting to feel the tough and fibrous orb lose some of its unnatural firmness with each nut-cracking blow. You smile wickedly as you once again raise the mallet high over your head and sending it crashing downward into the big injured bull nut. 


The mallet strikes the stud’s swelling ball with so much force that you can feel the reverberation all the way up to your shoulders. 

“OH FUCK!!!” Markus bellows, as an enormous slug of blindingly white cum blasts from the tip of his cock, looking like it was literally pounded out of the lad’s steadily crumbling ball. It is the single largest rope of cum you’ve ever seen in your life, and you watch in amazement as it paints a thick stripe up the stud’s meaty right pec and colossal boulder shoulder before dumping the rest of its liquid mass somewhere behind the bound muscle hunk. Most men couldn’t shoot that much cum in an entire day of steady milking! You start to wonder just how much thick German splooge this stud has packed in his massive bollocks! 

You let the heavy hammer head rest on Markus’ battered left nut, noticing with delight that the tremendous weight is now causing the weakening (but clearly still whole) nut to bulge considerably flatter than before, and you decide what to do next. 

Which nut now? 
___ - Pound his left nut yet again!
___ - Pummel his untouched right nut!
___ - Markus’ left bollock has had enough. Leave the room.

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