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Friday, January 27, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 11

What would you like to do now to this handsome German super stud? 
_X_ - Pound his crumbling left nut to jelly!
___ - Start pounding his right nut!
___ - The lad has had enough. Leave the room


Markus’ bloated left nut has now swollen to twice its already colossal size, making it look absolutely huge and grotesque, even compared to his enormous right nard. The injured orb is also now glowing an angry and mottled purplish-red, visible proof of the extensive damage and bruising that has been done to the dense and incredibly meaty interior of that mammoth nut. 

And you’re determined to crack that massive German nut and turn it into creamy peanut butter! 

You hold the mallet firmly with both hands and proceed to rapidly strike the fractured nut. You don’t raise your arms as high as before, so you lose some power compared to your previous blows, but what you lose in power you make up for with speed. 


Sick, wet crunching sounds emanate from the left side of Markus’ hairy sac as his huge left nut is systematically crushed flatter and flatter with each blow. 


Your palms are getting sweaty as you ruthlessly reduce his once mighty, round, rotund testicle into so much shapeless gunk inside his nutsac. 


You’re giving the muscle man’s horrifically battered nut no time to plump back up after each blow, pancaking it more and more with each brutal hammer strike. Markus’ bulky nut is now being pounded to a quarter of its original girth. The gigantic testicle is now resembling a massive, blood red hamburger patty, and you’re amazed that the sagging man fruit hasn’t already burst inside of his hairy sac! 


“AAARRRRGH!!!” Markus bellows as his mighty truncheon of a cock, unable to endure any more abuse, finally lets loose with its long-held load. 

You had thought that the single salvo of splooge Markus had blown earlier was huge, but nothing could have prepared you for the sheer size and power of the deluge of sperm that now erupts from his pulsating member. Jet after jet of unnaturally thick and chunky splooge blasts out of his thundering donkey dick with a force unlike anything you’ve ever seen, painting thick and gloopy lines of cum across his stomach and abs, the steel table, and your own shirt and jeans. Markus’ huge German cock pulses uncontrollably like some sort of massive flesh cannon, jetting blast after blast after colossal blast in machine-gun-like succession. Both of you are quickly getting drenched in his inhumanly huge load. 

After the first eight or ten gigantic salvos of Grade AAA stud cum rocket forth, you regain your senses and resume hammering that ridiculously swollen and bloated bull ball, trying to shatter it even as it gives up its precious load. 






SPURT!        SPURT!        SPURT!


SPURT!                           SPURT!   


SPURT!                                            SPURT! 



The sounds of the hammer striking crumbling flesh get wetter and sloshier with each successive blow, yet Markus’ mangled bollock simply refuses to burst! In fact, if anything, the brutal pummeling abuse causes the size of his final slugs of cum to be even larger and more voluminous than the first, with the final colossal gush of cum being so impossibly huge that you wonder how it doesn’t split his massive horse cock wide open! 

Finally, after shooting something like two DOZEN awe-inspiring and mind-bogglingly huge ropes of German stud cum, Markus’ orgasm ratchets down to a dull roar. You cease your merciless hammering to watch a few more weak (but still impressive) spurts of cum burp out of the distended tip of the muscle giant’s enormous bull cock. 

The muscle man’s gigantic chest is heaving as he tries to recover from the combination of ground-shaking orgasm and nut-bursting abuse. You are yet again powerfully moved by the breathtaking beauty of this phenomenally built and ridiculously hung young man, his achingly handsome features made even more gorgeous by the look of profound agony etched on his face. Adding even more to his masculine beauty is the fact that it looks like someone has dumped a couple of quarts of the thickest Greek yogurt imaginable all over his massive shoulders, pec-proud chest, and chiseled abs, concrete evidence of the stud’s truly super human virility. And that doesn’t even include all of the other slugs and ropes of cum that are festooning the solid steel table, the bare floor, and your own sperm-lashed body! The reek of freshly-churned male spunk is so thick that it almost makes you choke, yet the heady and musky smell also makes you want to redouble your efforts to destroy this hunk’s magnificent manhood. 

As you survey the devastation, your own rock hard cock lurches at the awesome damage you’ve done to Markus’ mammoth left nut. The colossal teste is now swollen to more than twice the size of its untouched brother, yet at the same time has been pounded nearly halfway flat. The horrifically bruised nard has taken on a somewhat lumpy and misshapen appearance, and though it is clearly still whole, you doubt it will ever resume its former egg-like shape again. 

Congratulations! You’ve flattened one of Markus’ behemoth bull balls! 

But even now, though nearly mortally wounded, you suspect that Markus’ bull-tough gonad could still recover and remain viable and virile…but only if you stopped pounding it now. Like RIGHT now. Part of you wants to let this unparalleled hunk of a man retain his spectacular manhood. Yet his mauled and mangled left bollock tempts you to wreak even more unforgettable harm upon it, while his as-yet-untouched right orb mounds next to the near ruin of his left nard, likewise beckoning you to start hammering away at its impossibly dense and solid form. 

What will it be? 
___ - Obliterate Markus’ failing left nut! 
___ - Start pounding his intact right nut!
___ - The poor stud has had enough. Leave the room. 

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