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Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 3

What now? 
 ___ - Perforate his humungous left nut!
 ___ - Skewer his titanic right nut! 
 ___ - Slice those mighty man nuts off of his body! 
 _X_ - Keep on threatening his big, beefy bull nuts some more with the deadly knife. 


You decide to keep on taunting your handsome German stud, this time with a swift castration. You line up the knife to the base of Markus’ massive sac and raise your arm into the air.


The blade sails toward the massive target in a blur. Markus emits a deep grunt, his whole spectacularly muscular body flexing as he braces himself for his imminent emasculation. You stop the blade just short of slicing through the stud’s thick, banded scrotum. You had wanted to make sure your aim was spot on, and it was. Had you followed through with the motion, his big and supremely bountiful nuts would have been severed clean off at the base. Perfect! 

You raise your arm back and send the knife toward the target again. 

And again. 

And again. 

Markus is going wild with eager anticipation, and his mighty cock oozes out a thick loads of clear semen like a fountain.

You decide you’ve had enough fun taunting him and, with one final swing, you bring the blade downward in a graceful, deadly arc, directly toward his bundled and defenseless mega nuts. 


“Oh mein Gott!” Markus shouts, his beautiful blue eyes all but bugging out as he looks down at his magnificent balls, waiting for the searing pain of his castration to register in his lust-addled brain. But to the hairy stud’s surprise, he finds both of his behemoth bull balls resting heavily on the table, and still attached to his gorgeous body. 

Markus’ wide eyes meet yours, and you give him your best evil grin. A similar grin spreads across his unbearably handsome features as he realizes that you are continuing to toy with him. You had purposely missed his tightly bound scrotum, and had instead brought the deadly blade down hard against the surface of the metal table, missing the stud’s nutsac by mere millimeters. At the last moment, you had decided that you didn’t want to destroy such a magnificent pair of boy balls too quickly, and instead wanted to drag out Markus’ nut destruction as long as possible. 

Is it time to end this stud’s manhood forever? 
 ___ - Stab his bloated left nut!
 ___ - Spear his bulging right nut! 
 ___ - Sever those mighty gonads! 
 ___ - Put the blade down and pick up the hammer. 
 ___ - Put the blade down and pick up the bomb. 

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