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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 4

Is it time to end this stud’s manhood forever? 
 ___ - Stab his bloated left nut!
 ___ - Spear his bulging right nut! 
 ___ - Sever those mighty gonads! 
 ___ - Put the blade down and pick up the hammer. 
 _X_ - Put the blade down and pick up the bomb. 


You pick up the black bomb and give it a cursory examination. It is some sort of big firework-type explosive with a long white cotton fuse. It isn’t so huge that you think detonating it might kill Markus. Nevertheless, it’s as big as a softball, and judging by its surprisingly heavy weight, it clearly would pack a punch. 

The handsome German smiles in obvious delight of your choice and his huge cock begins to leak precum anew.

“Yes, sir! It looks like you want to make a mess out of my boys.” Markus wiggles his muscular hips again, making his precum-slickened bull bollocks quiver on the table. God they’re huge! You feel your cock lurch in your jeans once again at the awesome sight of those magnificent man nuts, and the gorgeous hairy he-man to whom they’re attached. 

You’re so turned on at his taunting that you quickly grab his ball sack, lift the heavy things up five or six inches, and place the big fist-sized bomb under them. When you let go, his weighty balls slump lazily over the instrument of their potential destruction, and the bomb is totally obscured by thick nut meat and the folds of his scrotum, comically resembling a third (and much smaller) ball. Only the fuse sticks out from beneath the titanic mass of Markus’ nutsac, the only indication of the stud’s pending danger. 

“Aren’t you going to light it?” Markus asks, his soulful blue eyes hungrily searching yours, clearly beseeching you to lay waste to his monstrous manhood. 

Markus continues silently egging you on as you flick the lighter to life and draw it near the fuse. Your cock twitches as you hear the hiss of the cotton catching alight. Your eyes are fixated on the slowly burning fuse inching toward the explosive end of Markus’ nuts, while his eyes are fixated on you. It’s as if he wants to see the look on your face when his testicles spectacularly explode!

What do you do? 
___ - Let the fuse burn!
___ - Put it out! 

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