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Monday, September 18, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 11b

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 11b — The Final Torture Sessions

Behemoth released Brick’s battered and quivering balls, letting them sling shoot back to his sweaty and muscular crotch with a loud SLAP!, and then began circling the captive muscle jock, admiring his phenomenal physique and exquisite male beauty from all angles. His stony eyes soon focused on Brick’s enormous, ass-splitting, 24.5-inch mega cock, and a cruel smile spread across his rugged features. 

“That’s one fucking impressive slab of man meat you’ve got there, boy!” Behemoth said. “I don’t know yet if mine is going to be bigger than yours when it gets hard, but you’ve got even ME beat with sheer proportions. Why, the insane length of that mighty whale of a cock is nearly a third of your overall height!! That’s just crazy, man! Such a shame that you’ve never had a chance to fuck anything. Big, handsome stud like you should have fucked a thousand women by now, and fathered a whole brood of super babies, but nope, you’re too damn big to fit into any pussy. Hell, even I might have that problem now! But how about I help you out. Ever been tittie fucked, little man? No, I’ll bet not; there’s not a set of tits big enough to wrap around such a thick slab of man meat. Except, that is, for MINE!” 

Behemoth then climbed on top of the steel slab and slowly lowered himself over the captive super hero, almost like he was going to do push ups over the handsome hunk. The colossal mutant was so enormous that he could have easily crushed the much smaller man beneath him, or simply smothered him with his great colossal bulk. But instead, Behemoth gently lowered his mammoth form over young Brick, his gigantic, magnificent arms holding all of his gargantuan upper body weight suspended effortlessly over the young man’s body. The two handsome super men were virtually face-to-face as Behemoth lowered himself a little farther, and began to envelope Brick’s rock hard and straining penis in the awesomely deep cleavage between the great muscular plates of his pecs. 

A mix of fear and surprised lust swept through Brick’s gorgeous blue eyes as the incredible heat of Behemoth’s diamond hard muscles encircled the young man’s rampant and aching cock in their solid and firm embrace. The combination of Behemoth’s own sweat and the clear, slick precum juices oozing continuously from Brick’s monster cock created an almost frictionless surface, which Behemoth then used to his advantage as he started sliding forward and back, stroking the younger man’s aching bull cock with his own impossibly beefy chest muscles. 

Nearly the entire length of Brick’s monumental penis was hidden from view, completely engulfed by Behemoth’s enormous chest. The handsome young super hero couldn’t help but start moaning in pleasure, for he’d never felt the sensation of having his entire meaty shaft stroked like this before. Behemoth displayed exquisite muscle control as he expertly and rhythmically flexed and tensed his chest muscles to increase the achingly erotic sensations surging through Brick’s swollen loins. The brave and heroic young man had never let anyone even attempt to stroke him off before, for he knew that his sheer monumental size was nearly prohibitive in that regard, so he soon found himself afloat on a sea of erotic bliss he’d never thought possible. 

Brick felt a fresh orgasm building and surging in his loins, but he held back with all of his phenomenal strength, for he feared what would happen when he finally hit his mark. But Behemoth was relentless, sensing the young man’s reticence and redoubling his efforts to stroke off the handsome lad with nothing but his gargantuan chest. The young man was soon moaning and groaning in unbearable erotic pain, holding back his colossal load by sheer will alone, but it was ultimately a hopeless and losing battle, and Brick knew it. His freakish virility was simply too powerful to be denied, the load in his huge balls too unspeakably massive. Behemoth flexed his chest tighter still, creating an insanely tight and hot tunnel of massaging mega muscle, and the handsome hero could hold back no longer. 

Brick threw back his stunningly handsome head and cried out in erotic release. At the same moment, the tip of his barely visible cock head pulsed, and a truly enormous gout of thick and chunky cum erupted from its bloated tip. The assembled villains had never before had the pleasure of witnessing one of Brick’s unfettered orgasms, one that hadn’t been corralled by a waiting collection tube, so they were not prepared for the stunning and violent power behind his epic burst of sperm. The titanic slug of cum was thicker than a finger and several YARDS long, and blasted forth with such force that it missed Brick’s own body entirely, shooting far past the head of the steel slab to strike the dark green chalkboard more than two dozen feet away. The mighty wad of spunk struck the board with an enormously loud and wet SPLAT!, shattering across a wide swath of the green board in an explosion of blindingly white sperm shrapnel. 

A second mammoth salvo followed the first, and then a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, in the most spectacular testicular purge that any of the assembled crowd had ever witnessed. By the eighth or ninth colossal jet of super sperm, nearly the entire chalkboard was awash with Brick’s incredibly thick nut juices, yet the villains knew that the young and heroic stud was only just getting started. All of the complex diagrams and equations that Doc Evil had written on the board the previous day were already utterly annihilated by the sticky, chunky effluvium, yet they all knew that gallons more of the prime stud jizz would soon be pumping out of that mega dong. 

Behemoth kept taunting and encouraging Brick throughout his epic release, saying, “That’s it, you big stud! PUMP out that massive cum load of yours! Spray that unbelievably thick ball funk all over the whole fucking ROOM! Show all of these lesser mutants what a fucking MAN you are! I want you to enjoy this moment, cuz it’s the first and LAST time you’re ever gonna feel what it’s like to fuck something. Oh yeah, you got such a mighty load in those huge balls of yours, Brick! Keep on pumping it out! That’s right! Oh yeah baby! Look at the fuckin’ MESS you’re making!! Geezus!! DAMN!! You’re one fucking BEAST of a cummer, I gotta give you that! You fuckin’ like that, don’t you? You fuckin’ LOVE getting tittie fucked by a huge muscle bull like me! Heh heh, admit it man, you’ve been ACHING for it! Well, enjoy it while it lasts, Brick!” 

The handsome young hero’s mega load lasted for several very long minutes, pumping out one of his biggest and most voluminous loads ever. The mess was indeed frightful, as the entire back end of the classroom was now coated in gallons of Brick’s hot and smelly funk. The whole auditorium was now flooded with the heady smell of the young man’s pearlescent load, and many of the students nearly swooned at the powerful and erotic reek. 

All of the villains in the room stared at that nearly impossible volume of prime stud cum with a look of raw and hungry lust, both for the young man’s display of pure virile power AND for the fact that they now knew that those thick and insanely copious slugs of cum held the secret to the enhancement of their own super powers. 

Brick’s enormously muscular chest heaved as he tried to regain his breath after his titanic release, but Behemoth wasn’t nearly done with him yet. 

“Did you enjoy that, little man? Did you like having your huge stud cock stroked off by my big, meaty chest? I hope so, cuz you’re never gonna experience anything like that again!” 

Behemoth then began to slowly squeeze his mammoth pec muscles harder still, crushing down on Brick’s trapped bull cock from all sides with greater and greater force. The young man’s expression of exhausted pleasure quickly turned into one of fear and agony as his proud cock was soon being subjected to tremendous crushing forces from all sides. Brick’s legendary cock had been known to deflect bullets and shatter granite, but the incredibly tough tissues and fibers of the mega schlong were now being put to the ultimate test under ferocious and punishing pressure…and his cock was steadily losing! 

Sickening crunching and crackling sounds could be heard coming from between Behemoth’s gargantuan pecs, slightly muffled by all of that insanely thick and dense chest meat but still disturbingly loud. Even Brick’s own thunderous bellows of agony couldn’t fully drown out the wet sounds of his cock meat shredding and crumpling and tearing under the brutal and unstoppable compaction between Behemoth’s squeezing chest plates. 

Behemoth smiled with gritted teeth as he threw even MORE power into his titanic chest squeeze, saying, “How does that feel, Brick? Can you feel your proud bull cock, the mighty symbol of your fantastic strength and maleness, collapsing beneath my fuckin’ huge pecs? Oh yes, I think you can! I’m slowly crushing your huge dong to a useless and ruined pulp, and there’s nothing you can do about it!!” 

Brick’s bellows of agony took on a greater and greater urgency as his titanically tough penile tissues started to fail under the crushing onslaught. Small trickles of blood started to ooze out from between Behemoth’s clenching pecs as the young hero’s mighty cock started to tear apart. The handsome super hero knew that in just a few moments, his once proud mega cock would be shredded beyond repair. 

With a final loud grunt of effort, Behemoth suddenly relaxed his gargantuan pecs, releasing Brick’s badly wounded and nearly ruined cock mere seconds before the enormous tool would have burst apart. Brick’s once-beautiful cock was a mangled mess, a puffy and slightly lumpy column of profoundly bruised and tortured man flesh. The entire two feet of cock was a mottled dark red with large patches of vibrant purple, evidence of the terrific bruising the mighty schlong had just endured. Dozens of small lacerations covered the massive dong from root to tip, but even as the rapt audience watched, the trickle of blood from these wounds quickly ceased as Brick’s awesome powers of healing started to repair the damage. And impossibly, miraculously, Brick’s gigantic cock was still hard as a rock and jutting defiantly skyward, standing tall as a shining beacon of maleness and masculine might. The huge horse cock was tremendously weakened and gravely wounded after enduring just a few short minutes in Behemoth’s pec-tacular embrace, but it hadn’t given up the fight just yet. Not by a long shot. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 11a

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 11a — The Final Torture Sessions

Behemoth casually sauntered his colossal bulk over to stand before the bound and helpless Brick, staring down at the achingly handsome young super hero with a look of pure arrogance and contempt. He then put one hand on his hip and raised the opposite arm, and started flexing his gargantuan bicep. The impossibly huge arm swelled larger and larger still, exceeding the dimension of most men’s CHESTS, and kept right on growing. Massive veins popped out all over that heroic globe of diamond hard muscle as Behemoth flexed the most enormous arm in human history. 

“What do you think of my new and improved body, Brick?” Behemoth taunted, squeezing at the top of his flex to make his upper arm bloat larger still. “I’ve always been bigger than you, but now I fucking DWARF your ass, little man! And thanks to you and your fucking ‘perfect genetics’, I’m finally stronger than you, too.” 

The muscle giant lowered his flexed arm down to his hip and began to flex his majestic and gargantuan chest. The extraordinarily deep and broad pecs had to be at least 5 feet across and more than a foot thick, and as Behemoth slowly flexed those twin titanic plates of muscle, they grew even more spectacularly massive. Deep striations spread across those impossibly fat muscle bellies, and then THOSE striations developed striations. The dance of muscle and sinew was positively hypnotic as the giant’s great chest muscles threatened to burst right out of his skin. The mighty cleft between those two pecs was more of a crevasse, so huge and deep that it could have swallowed an entire fire hydrant with room to spare! 

After reaching a full flex, Behemoth briefly relaxed his great pecs and then instantly struck a most muscular pose. The mutant’s mammoth pecs slammed together so fast and so hard that a sound somewhere between a beefy slap and a thunderclap echoed throughout the auditorium as those two mountains of muscle collided with one another with terrific force. Brick reflexively swallowed in fear, for he knew that anything caught between those two mammoth chest muscles would have been instantly pulverized. 

Behemoth struck a few more poses, each more stunning and jaw dropping than the last, all the while taunting the bound super stud. “See these goliath muscles, Brick? These huge arms of mine are gonna destroy you. Thanks to your ‘super sperm’, I’m taking your place as the mightiest mutant in the entire world. And my first act as the world’s strongest man will be to destroy your oversized manhood. I’m gonna wreck those huge balls of yours, and I’m gonna do it with my bare hands!” 

The giant reached down with both hands and gently scooped up both of Brick’s balls, cradling the fantastically massive gonads in his palms. Despite the bloated and distended enormity of Brick’s medicine ball-sized bollocks, each was fully engulfed by Behemoth’s mammoth, muscular hands. The huge paws were oversized even when compared to the utter colossal massiveness of the giant’s titanic body, and it looked like the huge mutant could have fit BOTH of Brick’s freakishly oversized balls into just ONE of his gargantuan hands! 

Behemoth squeezed down his fingers partway, locking Brick’s huge nuts in place and slightly distorting their egg-like shapes, and then he began to firmly caress them with his massive thumbs. Brick’s mighty balls were so fantastically tough, their fibrous outer walls so astoundingly solid and impenetrable, that they had deflected most blows over the past 9 months without so much as denting. But such was the ferocious strength now residing in Behemoth’s big, meaty thumbs that the huge digits drilled into both beefy spheres of nut meat with virtually no resistance, profoundly distorting the massive balls as the giant provided a very deep and thorough testicular massage. 

As tortures went, Brick had suffered far, far worse, and the stoic young man merely clenched his powerful jaw against the pain, refusing to cry out. What truly worried the handsome young man, though, was how effortlessly Behemoth was squeezing and mauling his mammoth bull nuts. If Brick had been harboring any doubts, he now knew with utter certainty that the gigantic mutant had more than enough strength in those mammoth hands of his to end Brick’s manhood at any moment. The heroically brave hero was consumed by the greatest fear he had yet known, for he saw the end of his procreative life and his status as an alpha bull muscle stud in Behemoth’s cruel and merciless eyes. 

For his part, Behemoth seemed to revel in holding the essence of Brick’s mighty manhood in his enormous hands, gripping those two testes tight and roughly fondling them like a pair of solid yet yielding globes of malleable putty. The titanic mutant knew that his stupendous increase in strength and power was thanks to these two massive and gorgeous male organs, and he wanted to memorize the heft and feel of the twin sperm tanks before he crushed them out of existence. 

“You know, Brick, I am intimately familiar with the inner structures and workings of these two huge nuts. Extremely intimate indeed. They’ve given me great pleasure over the past months, enduring abuses that I wouldn’t have thought were possible, even for a mutant as mighty as you. I have taken them to the very brink of destruction countless hundreds of times, and held them there for hours, redlining them beyond all possible endurance…and yet they kept coming back for more! I want to thank you for the pleasure of mauling and mangling your amazing bollocks for all these months, as well as for the ultimate rush I’m going to feel when I pop these bad boys like a pair of oversized grapes.” 

Brick could feel Behemoth’s massive fingers tense as he prepared to crush the life out of the hero’s huge eggs with one mighty, ball-busting squeeze, and the young lad braced himself for the most unimaginable pain a man can experience. But just before he would have squeezed down and burst Brick’s defenseless balls, Behemoth instead opened his huge hands once more and gently laid the lad’s meaty man orbs back down on the steel slab. 

“What, you didn’t think you’d get away that easy, did you?” Behemoth taunted. “Oh no, Brick, I’ve waited all year to destroy these huge balls, and I’m going to make their end as slow and painful as possible. Get ready for the trip of your life, little dude!” 

Behemoth then encircled the neck of Brick’s huge nutsac with one massive hand, squeezing the enormous bollocks down to the very bottom of his silky smooth scrotum. The giant’s meaty paw had grown more colossal than ever, and as he squeezed his fingers down tighter and tighter, Brick’s straining nuts were pushed farther and farther from his aching crotch. The young man’s titanic bull cock flexed and flared with great, mighty pulses as the agony in his balls built, the thick cords and cables connecting those humongous balls to his body fighting valiantly to not simply snap apart under the terrific strain. Brick’s mighty bull balls had endured fearsome stretching and pulling in the nine months of his captivity, but Behemoth’s simple act of squeezing down on that slender scrotal neck with one hand threatened to be the final act that tore those twin testes loose from Brick’s monumentally muscular body. 

The agony was so great that Brick began to buck and thrash against his restraints, his gorgeous muscles flexing in beautiful relief as he fought in vain to break free. A bellow of animal pain was finally torn from his perfect lips as his mighty balls threatened to tear loose from their moorings. And STILL the stretching continued! 

By the time Behemoth finished clenching his gargantuan fist, another world record had been utterly shattered. Brick’s massive balls had now been stretched a mind blowing 20 inches from his body, forced past the young man’s own quivering KNEES, breaking his previous record by more than 4 full inches! The unbelievably long and narrow neck of Brick’s overstretched sac was lost from view, completely enclosed within Behemoth’s clenched fist, but Brick’s balls were very much visible, glowing an angry dark red and bulging so enormously that it looked like they could burst out of his paper thin nutsac at any moment. The big veins coursing all over the surfaces of those two mighty testes were bloated and bulging beyond belief with the almost inconceivable strain being placed on those huge balls, and even Doc Evil’s thick brows arched in surprise and more than a bit of awe at the young hero’s staying power. 

“Now I’d better start with just a light love tap. I don’t know my own strength yet, and I don’t want to wreck these huge nuts of yours too soon!” With that, Behemoth formed a fist with his free hand, raised it up high, and slammed it down knuckles first into Brick’s bulging and straining nuts. 


The thunderous impact echoed throughout the room, and the floor actually shook with the force of the blow. Brick’s beautiful eyes all but bugged out of his head, and his entire body convulsively flexed with the insane amount of power behind that single blow. Behemoth’s titanic fist nearly disappeared, swallowed up by the nut meat that bent and distorted in hideous ways around the invading fist. Behemoth would have sworn that his knuckles actually struck the steel slab itself for a moment, and even HE was surprised at his own unbridled super strength. 

Brick mighty balls were so horrifically crushed and distorted by the giant’s half-hearted punch that even Behemoth feared at first he had just broken the young hero’s legendary nuts into a thousand beefy chunks. The huge giant slowly withdrew his fist, and actually breathed a sigh of relief as Brick’s massive balls gradually plumped back to their normal spherical forms. The twin bollocks were intact, but just barely — Behemoth’s single, half-strength punch had taken them from their normally rock solid, battle ready state to the very brink of rupturing with just one blow! 

“Sorry, little dude!” Behemoth stated, chuckling in his deep and rumbling voice. “Guess I don’t yet know my own strength! Almost broke your big balls with my very first punch, and that was with only a FRACTION of my new strength! I better give your battered balls a few minutes to recover, or my fun is going to be over way too soon.” 

Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 10

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 10 — Genetic Augmentation

As the end of the school term loomed, the villainous student body grew more and more eager to learn what additional experiments and punishments might be in store for the dashingly handsome, insanely muscular, and titanically hung Brick Haus. Doc Evil remained maddeningly tight lipped about the subject, only stating that he intended to reveal the fruits of his experiments during the final class before summer break. 

The last days of the school year slowly ticked by, and the use and abuse of Brick’s mighty bull balls became even more brutal and violent, if that was even possible. Each of the students strongly suspected that Doc Evil intended to finish off the handsome hero and his mammoth sexual organs for good at the end of the term, and they therefore used their final sessions with young Brick to push his great bollocks to even greater limits, truly redlining the gigantic orbs. But Brick’s insanely tough bull balls continued to defy all comers, and doggedly and stoically refused to break and burst. And unsurprisingly, the hero’s big, burly balls churned out record-breaking volumes of his rich, thick, and chunky splooge as they were pulled, squeezed, pummeled, and crushed to the very edge of annihilation. 

Anticipation was at an all-time high as the morning of the final class arrived. The auditorium was packed standing room only as virtually every student in the entire school crowded into the large classroom to witness the final end of the greatest super hero to ever walk the earth. A great cacophony of chatter filled the room as each of the students speculated on what this day might hold, but they quickly grew quiet at Doc Evil entered the room, accompanied by half a dozen servants wheeling in the bound and beefy form of young Brick, as well as a number of tables, carts, and other forms of medical equipment. 

Doc Evil held his hands up to the audience, and the students dutifully fell silent at the smiling man’s gesture. He then began to address the class. 

“My faithful young villains-in-training! Thank you for assembling today so that I can share with you the greatest scientific breakthrough of the century, perhaps even the millennia!”

“As you all know, I have been experimenting with the copious emissions from our young captive super hunk here.” Doc Evil gently patted Brick’s cum-bloated right testicle for emphasis, his large hand looking ridiculously small compared to that titanically bloated of sperm tank. “And I can now definitively say that Brick Haus is the mightiest mutant to ever live. When he was first captured at the beginning of the school year, he was already off the charts in regard to his many extraordinary abilities — his super human strength and speed, his almost indestructible resilience and powers of endurance, his phenomenal powers of healing. He also possesses an indomitable will, extraordinary intelligence, tremendous courage, and unshakable loyalty to his ideals. And let’s not forget his colossal genitals — a monster cock harder than a steel girder and nearly as long, and a set of bull nuts so massive, so powerful, so VIRILE that they’ve survived every abuse you could throw at them, while at the same time producing an endless supply of powerful super hero cum in quantities that still seem to be patently impossible.” 

“My early review of his genetic code revealed a thing of inestimable beauty, a genetic blueprint so profoundly powerful and majestic that I can only describe it as ‘perfect’. And as I continued to explore Brick’s complex genetic makeup, I began to unlock the secrets to his incredible strength and super human powers.” 

“But perhaps the most surprising discovery came a few months after the school year began. As you have all witnessed with your own eyes, Brick has grown ever more strong and powerful under months and months of relentless abuse, his phenomenal body reacting to these extreme stresses by becoming even larger and tougher and more resilient than ever before. He came to us as the mightiest of men, standing an impressive 6’5” tall and weighing a mind boggling 485 pounds of pure muscle. Nine months of nearly constant abuse have further honed and refined Brick’s body to something out of fantasy, for he now stands a gigantic 6’8” tall and weighs a staggering 885 pounds!! There are no words to adequately describe his spectacular musculature, that somehow manages to be simultaneously insanely huge and perfectly balanced and proportioned. Brick’s near doubling in monstrous muscular mass has not diminished his extraordinary and sublime masculine beauty in the slightest, and in fact has only enhanced it even farther.” 

“The growth to Brick’s bountiful genitals has been perhaps the most spectacular of all. Brick’s penile gains might be described as ‘modest’, but when your record-breaking cock already measures 22.5 inches to begin with, the addition of another two inches in length as well as an inch or two in girth is still stunningly impressive. Unfortunately, the poor lad was already too large to fuck any normal human orifice, and his penile growth has only served to further guarantee that the achingly handsome young man will remain forever a virgin.” The entire class chuckled at the mention of this cruel twist of fate, taunting the handsome young hunk for the fact that he was actually TOO MUCH a man to ever fuck another human being. 

After a brief pause for the laughter to subside, a smiling Doc Evil continued, “It has been in the realm of his testicular growth, however, that Brick’s mighty powers of resilience and adaptation and growth have truly shined. Brick came to us with a massive pair of globes that were as big as cantaloupes and weighed more than 5 pounds each, truly among the very largest gonads to ever grace a man. But after nine months of relentless, nut-busting abuse, those two mighty spheres of man meat have grown and toughened and enlarged to the point where they are FOUR times their original mass and a full TEN times their original weight! Brick’s mighty nuts were forced to either grow or perish, and my oh my, how they’ve grown!” 

Again, the wicked professor’s words elicited a round of taunting laughter from the large audience, each of whom had had a hand — and a knee, a boot, a hammer, and several score other appendages and tools — in making Brick’s mighty bollocks swell to such utterly awesome size. 

As if reading his students’ minds, Doc Evil said, “Yes, you have all helped shape Brick into the paragon of masculinity you see shackled before you today. Your efforts have helped hone and refine this already unparalleled scion of masculine might into this legendary BEAST of muscle and power and raw virility. Brick Haus is now at the pinnacle of his masculine might, the most powerful super hero in history, and that is thanks in large part to all of you!”

“But these changes to Brick’s outward appearance, while incredible, aren’t the most amazing part of his transformation. Impossibly, my studies and experiments have conclusively shown that all of these changes and improvements have actually affected Brick right down to the GENETIC LEVEL!! That’s right, his very GENOME has changed to reflect the changes in his outward appearance and abilities. As you hammered Brick’s behemoth balls, you were also, in a very real and literal sense, hammering his very genome through a fiery crucible of pain and torture, refining this already extraordinary male into utter masculine perfection!” 

A great chorus of surprised exclamations and conversations erupted amongst the gathered students, who were all incredulous that their brutal attentions might have actually affected Brick on a genetic level. Doc Evil patiently waved the audience to silence and then continued. 

“Even the quality of the extraordinarily thick, pearlescent fluids that Brick has been pumping out of his massive, two-foot-plus monster cock these past nine months has improved, becoming more perfect and refined with each punch, with each kick, with each hammer blow. The jizz he’s been shooting for the past month or so is now so fantastically powerful that any one of his sperm cells would help create the mightiest of mutants, even if combined with the egg of an average human female. Brick Haus could now single-handedly usher in a new era of mutant supremacy, creating an army of super soldiers who could effortlessly establish dominion not just over humanity, but over all mutants as well!” 

Over the hubbub of excited conversations, Doc Evil’s deep voice continued to easily carry over the others as he said, “Brick appears to have reached a developmental plateau about 6 weeks ago, for he has not gained appreciably in size, mass, weight, or strength since then. Even his testicular growth and the power and volume of his seminal emissions has remained more or less steady in this time, only increasing by small, incremental amounts. The enormous quantities of Brick’s sperm that I have harvested during this time is the very best of the best, the most prime stud seed imaginable, and these are the priceless fluids with which I will create a new super race of advanced mutants!” 

“Ah, but I hear concern in your voices, and see fear in your eyes. Where is your place in this brave new world, you wonder? How can you serve at my side when you know that I will soon be creating a great villainous army of mutants even more vastly powerful than you? Never fear, my dear students, for I haven’t forgotten any of you!” 

Doc Evil held up a small vial of creamy, almost golden liquid, and addressed the rapt crowd once more. “I hold in my hand the salvation of all mutantkind. I have identified the genes that have given big Brick his phenomenal power and might, combined them with a retrovirus of my own brilliant design, and distilled the concoction down to the shimmering liquid that you see here. If injected into a normal human’s veins, this fluid will transform him into a mutant of incredible power, likely more powerful than any other mutant alive today save for Brick Haus himself. But if injected into a mutant, the effects would be far more powerful and dramatic. Said mutant would gain truly phenomenal physical strength and resilience, rivaling that of Brick himself, and would also find their existing mutant powers augmented and enhanced a hundredfold.” 

“My fellow villains, I hold in my hand the secret weapon that will finally lead us to victory over the troublesome League of Super Heroes! A single injection of this serum will make you virtually unstoppable! We will use Brick’s own awesome sperm to finally achieve our goal of WORLD DOMINATION!!!”

The audience erupted into applause and cheering so loud and thunderous that bits of dust were actually shaken loose from the ceiling high overhead. Doc Evil smiled and basked in the uproarious applause for more than five full minutes, finally raising his hands to quiet down the audience so that he could continue. 

“As you all recall, at the beginning of the year I promised a special boon to the student who could coax the most prodigious, virile, voluminous load from young Brick here. I can now announce that the special boon, the prize for forcing the biggest load of powerful baby batter out of Brick’s big, beefy balls, is to be the very first mutant to receive an injection of this power serum!” 

Even more thunderous cheers and applause erupted from the eager and screaming audience, all of whom were wildly wondering which one of them achieved the goal of pulling the most monstrous load of out Brick’s mighty sperm factories. 

“What none of you know,” Doc continued, his deep voice quickly stilling the crowd to near silence, “is that one of your number has been working after hours, honing his skills at testicular abuse and sperm extraction, performing ‘extra credit’ if you will. And he has earned an A+ with highest honors, for he hasn’t wrenched just the single biggest load out of Brick’s cum-bloated nuts, or even just the top 10 biggest loads — he is responsible for each and every one of the top ONE HUNDRED biggest, juiciest loads to be blown out of Brick’s big balls! Behemoth, come down here and claim your prize!” 

Raucous clapping and applause heralded Behemoth’s slow and pondering steps as he climbed down to the auditorium floor. All eyes were on the colossal form of the 10-foot-tall muscle giant as he swaggered his way to the front of the class, a deeply satisfied and arrogant grin on his blocky, chiseled features. The other villains stared at him with various mixtures of awe, envy, anger, and lust, but all knew that Behemoth was indeed one of the mightiest mutant at the school, and none felt that they could stand up to the two and a half ton brute. 

As Behemoth reached the auditorium floor and stood beside Doc Evil, it was even more obvious just how insanely enormous the monstrous mutant really was. Even the mighty Brick Haus, bound and naked on the nearby slab, looked small next to the muscular giant, for Behemoth stood 10’4” tall and weighed in excess of 5,000 pounds, more than FIVE TIMES Brick’s own awesome weight!! Everything about Behemoth was masculine might, taken to the limits and beyond. His muscles were utterly enormous, grossly bloated balls and bands of mighty muscle, as incredibly dense as they were insanely strong. Behemoth’s body was so bloated and overblown with hyper developed muscles that it couldn’t be remotely called beautiful, not like Brick’s perfectly proportioned physique, yet there was still an intense erotic power to the giant’s herculean mass. Even the mutant’s broad-featured face was a parody of masculinity, with an enormous, disproportionate jawline and a huge, square chin that looked like it could (and indeed actually had) shatter concrete. 

One would never have called Behemoth handsome, yet he had a powerful magnetism nonetheless, and his blockish and brutish features were so ridiculously masculine that he had more than his fair share of women willingly throwing themselves at him. At least, until they caught a glimpse of his colossal bull cock. Behemoth’s might man tool might have been ‘only’ 14 inches long when fully hard, not all that out of proportion with his more than 10-foot-tall frame, but it was his cock’s tremendous girth that sent potential mates screaming in terror. Few women had ever fully recovered from a night spent with the muscle giant, and indeed, it was believed that several dozen women may have been killed by his monster cock, literally split open by its freakish girth. 

This gigantic mutant, perhaps the largest man ever born, now stood facing his fellow classmates with a look of utter arrogance on his rugged, brutish face. He thrust forward one mammoth forearm, sleeve rolled up to his elbow to reveal a forearm thicker and meatier than most men’s THIGHS, and so covered and crisscrossed with tortured, pencil-thick veins as to look like a roadmap to hell. He then spoke in the deepest, most gravelly voice any of them had ever heard, simply commanding, “Inject me.” 

“With pleasure!” Doc Evil said, a devious smile spreading across his face as well. He drew the creamy golden liquid up into a large syringe, focused on just one of Behemoth’s massive veins, and plunged the needle deep into the thick blood vessel. The professor then quickly injected the full contents of the syringe, then took a number of steps back to watch the results. 

Nothing seemed to happen at first. Behemoth simply stood there facing the audience, gazing with contempt at his fellow students. His massive barrel chest rose and fell in steady, deep breaths, but he showed no sign of feeling any changes after the injection was complete. 

Suddenly, Behemoth clenched his gigantic jaw, baring his teeth in a grimace of pain. His hands formed into enormous fists as he began to flex his colossal muscles, straining against a liquid agony that had begun to course through his entire body. A low growl escaped his lips as the agony built to greater and greater levels, and that low rumbling growl got louder and louder and louder still. Finally, unable to bear the pain any longer, Behemoth threw back his huge head and bellowed in thunderous agony, making nearly every person in the class cringe against the sheer volume of his roar. 

Before the audience’s very eyes, Behemoth’s already colossal muscles began to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger still, reaching even more mind blowing proportions than ever before. The giant’s clothing became tight, stretching thin across truly titanic muscles before beginning to shred and rip and tear. The staggering growth was more agonizing than Behemoth could take, and the giant fell heavily to his knees, rocking the entire room with the concussion of his knees striking the floor. The mighty muscle beast continued to roar in terrible agony as every muscle in his gigantic body throbbed and grew to ever more eye popping size. 

The transformation took only a few minutes, but to Behemoth and the assembled crowd, it seemed to last for hours. Finally, however, the giant’s bellows of agony ceased, and he collapsed forward onto his hands and knees, panting heavily as he tried to regain his breath and composure. Some long moments later, the now half-naked mutant slowly pulled himself upright and once more faced the awestruck audience, tattered clothing falling to the floor. 

No one uttered a sound as they took in the miraculous transformation. Behemoth now MORE than lived up to his name, for he had grown in every way possible. He had gained more than a foot and a half in height, nearly topping 12 feet, and his titanic muscles had swelled to truly staggering dimensions. No scale was available at that moment, but it would later be shown that Behemoth had actually DOUBLED in weight, and now pushed just over five TONS, an utterly staggering 10,000 pounds of pure muscle!! 

What was perhaps even more stunning, however, were the changes to Behemoth’s aesthetics. The mutant’s skin virtually glowed with health and raw power, and his gargantuan muscles, now bloated beyond any remote concept of the human form, were nonetheless far more proportioned and chiseled than before. Even the giant’s rugged, craggy face had altered considerably, appearing far more attractive than before the serum. He still possessed his trademark heavy brows, massive chin, and lantern jaw, but now Behemoth was surprisingly and undeniably handsome. 

Behemoth had been remade in Brick’s image! 

Even the crotch of Behemoth’s shredded and tattered pants was now stretched perilously thin over a whopping huge crotch bulge, one that had easily doubled or even tripled in size from its previous form. There was no doubt, the serum was a fantastic success! 

“Class,” Doc Evil said, “let me introduce you to the first member of a brand new breed of super villain - BEHEMOTH!!” 

The audience roared in excitement and approval, each villainous mutant eager to receive his or her own injection of the miraculous golden serum. 

Doc Evil then turned to the monumental muscle giant standing next to him and said, “Behemoth, you have been an outstanding student in every way, and the torture techniques you employed on Brick throughout the school year were exemplary. There were many times that even I thought you might be pushing the young man’s powers of endurance and resilience too far, but you rode that fine line between agony and destruction like a seasoned veteran, coaxing truly magnificent loads of stud cum out of Brick’s beleaguered bollocks. Both your skill and creativity are beyond compare, and I believe that has earned you a second boon as an additional reward.” 

“In the past six weeks, I have collected over 25,000 gallons of Brick’s prime, ultra-enhanced bull cum, not to mention more than 100,000 gallons of his lesser but still extraordinarily powerful seed from the previous months. That is enough super hero splooge to fuel my experiments, enhancements, and breeding projects for many decades to come. I therefore no longer need to milk any more of Brick’s mighty seed from his fantastically prodigious loins. More than that, I want to make sure that I have the ONLY supply of Brick’s thick and rich seed, cornering the market on his power-packed bull cum.” 

“Behemoth, the time has come to put a permanent end to Brick’s magnificent masculinity, to end his breeding potential forever, and to wreck and destroy these mighty seed factories that he calls his balls. And I would very much like for you to have the privilege of obliterating Brick’s massive manhood. Would you please do the honors of ruining this young super hero’s sex life forever?” 

An evil grin spread across Behemoth’s wide, handsome features as he said, “With pleasure!”

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Brick Haus update

Hi there everyone!

I just wanted you all to know that I've uploaded SEVEN additional chapters in the Brick Haus saga. The next will post at noon tomorrow, and then another every 3-4 days through to early October.

I'm currently halfway through the penultimate chapter, and will soon start work on the FINAL chapter in Brick's painful saga. I've been watching the poll, and am surprised (and impressed) that those who want to see Brick's balls spared have actually taken a sizable lead, outpacing those who want to see Brick's balls destroyed by more than 20 votes! What a turnaround! Still, there's nearly 3 weeks of voting left to go, so that could all change again. >:)

I'm going to try to also find time in the next few days to scan and upload more of my latest artwork to my other blog, so keep your eyes open for new updates there, too! I have enough new artwork to carry that blog into early 2018, so be prepared for some more BRUTAL ball torture! :D


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How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 9

Thanks for your patience, guys! Here's the next chapter in the Brick Haus Saga!


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 9 — The School Year Nears Its End

The weeks became months, autumn turned to winter, winter gradually gave way to spring, and STILL Brick Haus endured, surviving both the daily abuses performed by the student body, and the even more brutal nightly visits from the mighty Behemoth. His balls kept right on growing larger and harder and stronger and tougher, producing ever greater quantities of his super potent sperm, much to the amazement of the students and even Doc Evil himself. Brick’s fantastic body also kept right on growing and swelling, going from everyone’s greatest muscle god fantasy to something beyond fantasy itself. Brick had become masculinity incarnate, the living embodiment of the most extreme concepts of manhood and virility and pure masculine power. 

And STILL the abuses didn’t end! 

Words had long since ceased to adequately describe the sheer enormous size and painfully brutal masculine beauty of the hyper virile young man. Brick had gained yet ANOTHER 150 pounds of heroically muscular weight! His massive frame and colossal muscles had reached their utterly maximum size halfway through the school year, however, so virtually all of this added weight was expressed not in added size but in increased muscular density. His spectacular muscles were now stupendously thick and heavy, so fantastically dense and hard as to be virtually impenetrable. Even his massive whale penis had managed to put on yet more size and mass, swelling bigger than ever and adding a full inch to its already record shattering length, extending its incomparable length to an impossible 24.5 inches of hyper-bloated man meat!! 

But it was Brick’s behemoth balls that saw the greatest and most spectacular changes. Those two massive sperm factories had now swollen to truly obscene dimensions, reaching the size of gymnasium medicine balls, only far, far heavier. Each mammoth orb now measured a full 8 inches in diameter, reaching a mass that was FOUR TIMES greater than their original dimension of “only” 5 inches in diameter. But though those mighty balls had achieved a four-fold increase in size and mass, it was their extraordinary weight that truly had Doc Evil flabbergasted. Brick’s gigantic testicles now weighed an epic 50 POUNDS!!! EACH!!!!! Yes, there was now an impossible 100 POUNDS of super hero ball meat hanging down in the young man’s brutally overstuffed sac, stretching the straining ball bag down to an eye-popping 6 inches from his muscular crotch! The sheer density of those twin orbs was unreal, and their virility very literally off the scale. Doc’s computers couldn’t even begin to calculate the young muscle man’s sperm production rate, as it exceeded any possible human parameters. 

It was now common for Brick to fill more than two canisters per load, pumping out more than two and a half GALLONS of his mind-bogglingly thick, gloopy, and copious man seed with each and every almighty orgasm! And it wasn’t unheard of for Brick to cum ten or more times in a one-hour torture session, churning out upwards of 30 gallons an hour!! Doc Evil realized that, at this beyond super human sperm production rate, Brick could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool with his thick man chowder in just under a year! He had cranked up the fluid infusion rates of Brick’s various IVs by several orders of magnitude already, but the young hero’s spectacular bull nuts were churning those fluids into sperm almost faster than the fluids could enter the young muscle stud’s body, so the evil scientist increased the infusion rates even higher. 

Doc Evil had been convinced that such an insanely accelerated sperm production rate would eventually burn out even Brick’s almighty balls, reducing them to two huge, useless, spent husks of ruined meat, but the extraordinary young man seemed ready to maintain the hyper virile production rate indefinitely. In fact, the young bull’s spunk-producing capacity and swollen ball size appeared to be permanent — even if all tortures ceased and the young muscle man was immediately released from captivity, it appeared that his monumentally massive nuts would retain their freakish size and awesome jizz production rates forever. Brick Haus had become a mutant of sex, a freak of pure maleness, permanently disfigured and handicapped in the most sexy and erotic way possible. 

As the school year neared its close, however, it was clear that Brick’s rapid and phenomenal development had finally plateaued. The heroically muscular super stud had reached a monstrous 885 pounds — a full 400 POUNDS more than his original weight! — and now possessed a titanic set of genitalia that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a blue whale! But continued testicular abuse was no longer resulting in increases in strength, size, mass, weight, or sperm production. Brick Haus had finally reached the spectacular pinnacle of masculine development, and his magnificent physique and manhood could grow no more. 

Doc Evil therefore decided that it was time to put an end to the young super hero’s fantastic powers…permanently. 

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Poll reopened, and more Brick Haus chapters soon to come!

Hello everyone!

Sincerest apologies for my hiatus from this blog. Long story short, my previous computer decided to die in July, and I had to purchase a new one. Fortunately, I have all of my stories, artwork, and other files backed up onto an external drive, so I didn't lose any information. Still, it took a while to get the new computer, reinstall all of my data, and get back up and running again.

Add to that a busy summer and insane work schedule, and I wasn't finding any time to write stories for quite some time...

That's all changed now. You'll hopefully be happy to know that I've finished EIGHT more chapters in the Brick Haus saga, am currently wrapping up a ninth, and will just have a final (tenth) chapter to create. Oh, I'm not NEARLY done with our handsome super hero or his massive bull balls yet, and the tortures I have in store for his mighty nuts are even MORE brutal than what you've read already! :D I'll start posting the chapters again this weekend, so thank you very very VERY much for your patience with me.

But that's also where you guys come in. I've reopened my poll from July regarding the ultimate fate of Brick's big, burly, beefy, bountiful bull balls, and I want to hear from you! The final, as-yet-unwritten chapter of this saga will determine whether Brick's titanic testicles live or die, and you can help influence the stunningly handsome muscle beast's fate. The current tally is almost neck-and-neck, with 112 votes to allow Brick's massive man orbs to somehow endure their terrific tortures and come out intact, and 121 votes to see the super hero's magnificent bollocks BURST in a spectacular blaze of glory.

So if you want to see Brick's big nuts survive, you better start hitting the poll now. And if you want to guarantee that Brick's manly bull balls meet their maker, keep coming back and casting your vote. The young super hero's manhood hangs in the balance!


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How to break a Super Hero - Chapter 8

As of June 26th, this is the final chapter that I've completed. I hope to have time in the next few weeks to catch up and start writing the final chapters of the Brick Haus saga. Again, I haven't entirely decided the fate of Brick's magnificent bull balls, but I will certainly be taking the results of last month's poll into consideration...  >:)


How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 8 — The Tortures Continue

At the end of the first three months of the handsome young super heroes’ captivity, the entire student body of some 350 mutants had (literally) had a crack at Brick’s almighty bull balls four or even five times each, and somehow, impossibly, those massive man orbs had survived intact! And that was an even more amazing and remarkable feat considering that a goodly percentage of the evil mutants had been secretly defying Doc Evil’s express commands and were actually TRYING to permanently destroy the young super hero’s fantastically powerful and ridiculously oversized nuts! 

In that relatively short span of time, Doc Evil had harvested an astounding 10,000 gallons of hyper virile super stud sperm from the muscular young hero. That was an average of more than 50 five-liter canisters being filled each day, with another 50+ canisters filled each night during Behemoth’s secret and illicit nighttime visitations! It was enough thick and incredibly gloopy splooge to fill a good-sized swimming pool!! 

Brick desperately hoped that, now that every villain at the academy had taken several turns violently abusing his huge, defenseless nuts, they’d finally ransom him or perhaps even set him free. 

But that was not meant to be. 

As soon as the last mutant had completed his brutal assault of Brick’s mammoth balls, Doc Evil posted all new sign up sheets, and the cycle of brutality would begin again. Sign up sheets were soon posted stretching all the way to the end of the 36-week school year! What’s more, he not only permitted team participation, he encouraged it! Students were free to sign up in pairs, trios, or even larger teams, combining their skills and talents in an all-out assault on the handsome super hero’s long-suffering bollocks. 

The already beyond-brutal testicular abuse was cranked up by several orders of magnitude as time went by, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that Brick’s big balls continued to toughen up and grow ever stronger under the relentless beating and milking, his huge gonads would surely have perished somewhere along the line. 

The mutant students proved to be as creative as they were sadistic, and they devised terrifyingly cruel and vicious ways to tag team the young stud’s huge nuts. Once again, it would take several volumes to fully catalog and describe the many brutalities suffered by Brick Haus in the many weeks and months that followed, but suffice to say that the astounding resilience of his mighty nuts was sorely tested on a daily, and indeed often an hourly, basis. 

One of the most memorable and celebrated team match ups was when Frost and Furnace Mouth joined forces to attack Brick’s behemoth balls at the same time. While Frost gripped one mammoth nard in his cold and deadly hands, trying to suck the heat out of the massive sphere and turn it into a frozen lump of dead flesh, Furnace Mouth sucked the other into the white hot oven of his mouth and began to immolate the gigantic nugget of manhood. 

Brick uttered a mighty bellow of agony as he was simultaneously subjected to the extremes of heat and cold, and his gargantuan muscles bulged and flexed most appealingly as he thrashed about uselessly in his unbreakable restraints. But his roars of agony doubled in ferocity and volume when, after about 5 minutes, the two evil mutants traded places and traded balls. Frost took the glowing red ember of Brick’s nearly cooked nut into his freezing cold hands, and Furnace Mouth engulfed the nearly frozen-solid boulder of Brick’s other ball into the raging inferno of his gaping maw. As they once again turned their talents on high, the handsome hero’s agony was increased ten fold, as each of his massive, mighty nuts was forced to quickly go from one extreme of temperature to the other. 

The bound muscle stud thought for sure his mighty bollocks wouldn’t survive this most extraordinary and extreme of tortures, and he was very nearly right. The stress on his giant balls as they were taken from searing hot to bitterly cold and back again was extraordinarily trying and dangerous, and became even more potentially deadly each time the evil mutants switched places and began their tortures anew. 

Brick shot a total of 8 titanic loads during this hour-long torture fest, each as powerful and violent and mammoth as the last. While his nuts continued to stoically and doggedly endure the abuse, the brutal torture of his testicles was having a cumulative effect on his sperm loads, for with each gargantuan orgasm, a smaller and smaller percentage of his sperm cells were still viable, the rest having been cooked or frozen to death. 

Brick’s final cum load of the session was so mutilated by the endlessly repeated process of heating and cooling that at first it appeared that the duo of Frost and Furnace Mouth had succeeded where none had before, and forced Brick to ejaculate a completely dead and useless load of ruined spunk. But on more careful analysis, Doc Evil discovered that there were several hundred sperm cells still alive, a minuscule fraction of the untold billions of potential babies that the young hero had just pumped out of his 23.5-inch mega cock. But the fact that ANY sperm cells could have survived such horrific temperatures was miraculous in and of itself, and the Doc was careful to delicately harvest and save each of these special cells. He knew that these represented the very strongest and most powerful of the lad’s mighty procreative cells, and Doc Evil intended to make sure that these particular cells were reserved for breeding purposes…