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Castration Warehouse - Part 7

Castration Warehouse - Part Seven

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


All five smiling and chuckling men walked over to the peg board and retrieved nearly identical items. Each device looked very much like a standard wooden ping pong paddle, with a stout handle and a large flat surface with textured rubber coating both sides. The only difference was that these paddles were built on a much larger and sturdier scale, with a surface area more similar to that of a tennis racket. More than large enough to strike both of Jack’s gigantic man nuts at the same time. 

“Okay Jack, warm up time is over,” Mitch drawled with an evil glint in his cold blue eyes. “It’s time to really start working over those huge bull balls of yours! Nothing too damaging yet — we’re still working up to the really heavy stuff — but we’re going to start putting those massive stones of yours through their paces, and see just how tough they truly are!” 

And with that, the paddling of Jack’s behemoth bollocks began. 

The five huge men lined up around the bound muscle stud, three in front and two in back, and spent a couple of moments rocking back and forth on their feet, their huge hard cocks waving in front of them, smiling and taunting the helpless hunk as they expertly swung and twirled the large paddles in their beefy hands. Jack’s bright blue eyes were wide with terror as he looked at the three massive men in front of him, watching the way that their colossal muscles bunched and flexed with every movement. He guessed that the smallest set of biceps among the five men must have come in at over 25 inches, so the amount of raw muscular POWER arrayed before him was truly staggering. And all of that fantastic muscular might was about to be focused on whacking around his low-hanging huevos. 

The first strike came from behind, startling the handsome young lad, as a mighty blow sent his huge testicles swinging violently forward in their loose and dangling sack. The loud slap seemed to echo in the large room, but Jack hardly had time to react before one of the men in front of him took a powerful swing and struck the swinging ballsac from the front, sending it careening back in the opposite direction. 

So began their brutal game, which was like ping pong and tether ball all rolled into one. The big men practiced both their forehand and their backhand as they gleefully slammed and hammered Jack’s wildly swinging and jiggling nuts from every possible direction. The lad’s pendulous nutsac was madly flopping about under the heavy blows, often colliding hard with his own meaty ass, his fantastically muscular inner thighs, or his throbbing cock shaft, but just as often swinging and twisting in open air before the next resounding SMACK of a paddle strike sent them flying off in yet another direction. The sharp stinging pain of the mighty blows would have been knee buckling at the best of times, but with his big balls so deeply throbbing and aching from all that they had already endured, Jack’s testicular agony was beyond anything he could have imagined. Still, despite the awesome power behind each blow, the large surface area of the paddles dispersed the force of each slapping strike, causing a maximum amount of pain with a minimal amount of actual damage. 

You could have fooled Jack, though, for his battered balls felt like they were on fire! Already glowing an angry red in their smooth and hairless sac from all of the abuse they’d already received, the young man’s humongous coconut-sized whoppers steadily grew a darker and uglier shade of red as the effects of the paddle strikes compounded over time. Jack felt like his balls were going to burst and shatter into a thousand bloody pieces under the relentless hammering, but in truth his balls were built of some stern and sturdy stuff, making them incredibly tough and resilient. Freakishly so, in fact. So while the pain continued to mount, and superficial bruises started to erupt all over the beyond massive orbs, Jack’s mighty man eggs were nowhere near in danger of actually cracking. 

The men also amused themselves by occasionally spanking the young stud’s gloriously muscular bubble butt until it was glowing a bright cherry red as well. They also took frequent swings at his steely-hard schlong, powerfully batting it around from every direction, and enjoying making it wiggle and swing wildly in various directions only to quickly snap back to upright and throbbing attention. They were flabbergasted and deeply impressed by the super stud’s ability to maintain an erection even under such extreme abuse, but they were never one to waste such a golden opportunity, so they smacked and clobbered Jack’s mighty stallion cock almost as much as they powerfully paddled his swinging bollocks. 

The agony was so intense that Jack thought he would die, and he felt like his magnificent manhood was being steadily hammered into sterility. But instead, his bruised and aching cock seemed to strain larger still, and incredibly began oozing out long strings of crystalline precum. One of the men was so turned on by the sight of Jack’s heavily drooling mega cock that he roughly scraped a big handful of the slick crud off of the young man’s huge cock, lubed up his own big cock with the young stud’s copious juices, and plunged his huge meat up Jack’s tight and puffy rosebud all the way to the hilt. 

The fourth rape of Jack’s muscle butt was perhaps the most rough and violent yet, with the big thug jackhammering his extremely thick dick in and out of the lad’s well-plundered bowels like some machine piston, forcing a thick slurry of the first three loads to squirt out around his big cock. The other four men all gathered in front of the howling and screaming stud and paddled his swollen cock and balls with renewed vigor and speed. Red and raw abrasions were starting to form on Jack’s big billy club boner and battered ballsac, but that visible superficial damage only seemed to encourage the men to strike harder and faster still, their massive arms and rubber-faced paddles becoming a blur as they rained unforgettable pain down on the lad’s bruised and stinging goods. 

The super stud’s tenth load of the night caught all of the men by surprise, including Jack himself, slamming into his loins with a sudden fury. The four muscle giants standing in front of the grunting and bucking stud were suddenly slashed and plastered by huge scalding hot ribbons and massive slugs of fresh ripe man juice. They just laughed and hollered in delight, and slammed their paddles even harder into Jack’s throbbing man flesh, increasing his agony tenfold as they battered his throbbing cock and convulsing balls throughout the long and incredibly lush orgasm. The feel of the lad’s tightly clenching guts around his invading cock sent Jack’s rapist over the edge, too, and he blasted a fourth huge stud load up Jack’s ass while the young man shot an even larger whale load out over the cum-drenched floor, the latest bolts of cum making messy splashing noises as they splattered onto the impossibly huge puddles of nut sludge already covering an astonishingly large portion of the cement floor. 

Jack’s scream-roughened voice was growing hoarse by the time his tenth orgasm finally ended and the men stopped clobbering his red and swollen manhood. White hot agony radiated out from Jack’s thoroughly battered cock and balls, the throbbing pain almost feeling like his huge genitals were still being hammered by the oversized paddles. The handsome young hunk just heaved and sobbed in his chains, no longer having the strength to even beg for mercy. Not that the five huge men surrounding him would have heeded his pleas anyway.  

Intrigued by the swelling in Jack’s epic manhood, big Mitch broke out a cloth tape measure and placed the end of the tape against the hard, rigid root of Jack’s cock, and then slowly unfurled the cloth along the dorsal length of the mammoth organ. The firm, rock hard flesh felt warm beneath Mitch’s fingers as the tape inched up the length of the absolutely enormous schlong, finally rolling over the huge, hyper engorged, purplish head to reach the dilated and leaking tip. Mitch let out a low whistle of amazement, for Jack’s terminally bloated monster cock had indeed grown, gaining over a full inch in length during the night’s tortures, and now stretched the measuring tape to a jaw dropping 15.5 iron hard inches! 

Mitch removed the cloth tape, which was now wet and sticky with Jack’s hyper abundant cum, and wrapped his fingers around the middle of the enormous cock shaft. His eyebrows rose in surprise as he discovered that even his enormous hand was no longer large enough to wrap all the way around that fantastically girthy beast, for the tremendous thickness of the lad’s record-shattering penis had somehow increased as well. The big blond man squeezed down hard, trying to throttle the humongous cock at its midpoint, but the dick meat was so monstrously engorged and so incredibly hard that his fingers could barely even dent it. He instead frigged the goliath pole, marveling at its unparalleled size and enjoying how the huge snaking veins created delicious speed bumps as his big fist stroked up and down the mighty sex organ. 

Mitch discovered a sensation he hadn’t felt since he was a teenager — jealousy. The blond giant was always the biggest, most fantastically muscular man anywhere he went, and he was hung bigger than anyone he’d ever encountered… until now. The bound college jock in front of him was undeniably staggeringly handsome with the most beautifully formed physique Mitch had ever seen, but the blond giant was half a foot taller and built much bigger. But the sexy young upstart had the blond bull beat where it perhaps counted the most, with a monstrously colossal manhood that dwarfed even Mitch’s own mighty 13-inch meat club and enormous, door-knocker balls that were the size of the largest of lemons. 

Warring emotions of arousal and jealousy made big Mitch feel momentarily insecure. But then a huge, toothy grin spread across the man’s rugged, square-jawed features. Sure, the big handsome kid might be hung bigger than Mitch at the moment, but by the time he and his buddies were done with him, the lad’s gigantic bull balls would be history, and his mammoth member would wilt for the last time, never to rise to goliath tumescent glory ever again! Mitch gave the rock solid cock a few more firm strokes, the flesh of the huge shaft feeling like warm marble to his rough and calloused hand and the comparatively spongy bulb of his bloated glans feeling glassy smooth under his caressing thumb, and then he released the cock, giving it a few strong pats to make it bounce, and then went to eagerly retrieve the next device for the young man’s torture and eventual emasculation. 

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Castration Warehouse - Part 6

Castration Warehouse - Part Six

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


Once again, Mitch checked to make sure that the fantastically tough and sturdy young lad still had a pulse and was breathing. Satisfied that his captive was alive, he then began to inspect the handsome stud’s brutalized bollocks. Jack’s behemoth balls were now glowing a dark and angry red, and actual steam was visibly rising off of the nearly cooked orbs. Mitch began to fondle the humongous orbs, and was startled to find that they were almost scalding hot to the touch, and he gingerly cradled them in his huge hands until the excess heat began to diminish. He then unwound the copper wire from around both titanic testes, followed by the rubber tubing encircling his elongated scrotum, and let the throbbing balls dangle freely once more, their temperature gradually reducing to normal levels in the cooler air of the large warehouse. 

One of the men revived Jack using some smelling salts, bringing the lad back to consciousness with a violent start. The terrified young man quickly realized that his captors weren’t done with the electrical torture just yet, as all five were now armed with long cattle prods. Jack began to cry and desperately plead again for mercy, but he was ignored once more. 

The cattle prods were even more powerful than the previous tasers, and young Jack shrieked in agony as the men applied the electrified rods to their favorite parts of his exquisitely formed and monumentally muscular body. The handsome hunk was jumping and thrashing around again, screaming bloody murder. 

Mitch began by working Jack’s limp cock, lifting up the huge and heavy member with his left hand (which was now encased in a rubber glove to insulate it against electricity) and cradling as much of the massive member as would fit in his huge hand. He then applied the prod to the veiny shaft, digging the metal prongs deep into the soft and pliant tissues and eliciting some of the loudest screams yet from the young man. He also peeled back the thick hood of foreskin and applied the cattle prod to the lad’s cock head as well, even going so far as to dig the electrodes as deep into Jack’s wide piss slit as they would go and discharging excruciating bolts of electricity directly down his urethra. 

And all the men took turns working over Jack’s already electrocuted bull balls, cupping one of the mammoth sex organs in their hand and jamming the metal prongs as hard and as deep as they could into the extraordinarily dense and and tough flesh. Collectively, they shocked every square inch of the vast surface of both balls multiple times, greatly enjoying the way that each enormous teste would shudder and quiver as it was flooded with electrical agony. 

This torture went on for quite some time. Tears streamed down Jack’s breathtakingly handsome face as his breathing came fast and heavy, his mighty chest rising and falling dramatically as he fought to keep his breath against the extreme pain. Jack saw another one of the men lubing himself up, and he knew that he was going to get fucked again, but at that moment the young muscle jock was beyond caring, so great was his agony, especially in his tormented cock and balls. 

The big thug rammed his huge cock home in one brutal thrust, and then began to violently fuck Jack’s ass while the other men watched and sneered. The men were therefore shocked when the vigorous pummeling of the young man’s overactive prostate caused the screaming and bucking lad to get hard yet AGAIN, overcoming the inhuman agony raging throughout his entire body to swell once more into magnificent granite-like hardness. 

Unfortunately for Jack, that just gave the other four men a bigger target, and they began focusing all of their attention on just the young man’s massively bloated stud cock and his angry red and still smoldering bull balls. The giant muscle man behind Jack fucked the bound lad like some wild beast, threatening to tear his lean and chiseled guts apart, but the young man’s libido and virility were so great that they would not be denied. Before long, the handsome hunk’s bellows and screams started becoming punctuated with guttural grunts and deep-voiced moans, which the other men had learned heralded an impending orgasm. 

Just as Jack’s orgasm slammed into his agony-filled loins, the other four men all jabbed their cattle prods into the wildly flexing cock in unison, jamming the metal prongs in deep and pouring ungodly amounts of electricity into the utterly massive and powerfully throbbing organ. Blinding blue-white arcs of lightning crackled all up and down Jack’s enormous dinosaur dong, freezing the mighty organ into a rictus of rigid engorgement. But this time, the insanely powerful muscles of his lean and chiseled groin were pulsing so phenomenally hard that they actually overcame the continuous bolts of electricity, and began pumping out Jack’s ninth mammoth load of the night in great, glistening ropes of pearly white spew. 

The five men were dumbstruck that Jack could cum at all under the extreme circumstances, let alone shoot out such a tremendous quantity of prime jock spunk. While the handsome young man’s ninth cum load of the night couldn’t match his first few loads for total volume, the sheer raw sexual POWER that the big lad was displaying by being able to pump out such huge slugs and ribbons of nut sludge when his nearly 15-inch cum cannon was being shocked into nearly paralyzed immobility was truly awe inspiring. Mitch and the other men surprised themselves by cheering Jack on as he ejaculated, even as they kept cruelly electrocuting his cock and plowing his ass. 

When Jack’s orgasm was complete and the fucking thug planted the third big load up his aching rectum, the other men finally relented and withdrew their cattle prods, leaving an exhausted Jack to slump heavily in his restraints, his chest heaving mightily as he tried to regain his breath. Incredibly, the young man did not pass out this time, remaining conscious throughout the prolonged electrocution of his massive and meaty genitals. Even more incredibly, the young man’s colossal cock remained rock hard and straining skyward even after his ninth ejaculation of the night was finished, and looked like it wouldn’t be going down again this side of death. The thick veins tracing up and down the gigantic shaft looked to be bulging bigger than ever, and the men would have sworn that Jack’s titan of a cock looked even thicker and longer than before. 

Mitch inspected the young man’s burnt and battered manhood once more, and grinned appreciatively at the dozens of scorch marks that now marred his gorgeous schlong and the monstrous bollocks hanging so unbelievably huge and heavy beneath it. But despite the insane amount of abuse they’d already received, Jack’s strong and sturdy genitals were still intact. Steaming, swollen, and throbbing with searing pain, but intact. 

The pause for the inspection of their captive was brief, however, and they were soon readying the devastatingly handsome muscle hunk for the next phase of his torture and unmanning. 

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Castration Warehouse - Part 5

Castration Warehouse - Part Five

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


While Jack remained briefly unconscious, Mitch and his men got to work setting up for their next torture of the young stud’s gargantuan nuts. Mitch took a length of slender rubber tubing and wrapped it around the root of the football jock’s heavily dangling ballsac, cinching it tight, but not tight enough to significantly impair blood flow to the massive eggs below. He then continued to wrap the tubing down the length of the big, hairless scrotum, creating a narrow cylinder of twined rubber rope surrounding the neck of Jack’s sac and the all-important cords, tubes, and cables contained within, while also forcing the big balls themselves farther and farther down in his scrotum. The big blond muscle bull already knew that Jack’s powerful nuts could endure an extreme stretch from testing them out earlier that evening, but he settled for creating ‘only’ a six inch stretch to the young man’s bollocks, doubling their normal dangle and causing the huge orbs to bulge bright and shiny in their sac. He then wound the remainder of the rubber tubing separately around each ball, splitting them and pushing out each mammoth gonad to either side. 

Satisfied with his rope work, Mitch then began wrapping a thin copper wire around the vast bulk of Jack’s trussed up left nut, creating several dozen loops around that goliath orb, before doing the same to the stud’s equally massive right ball, until they were both encased in a dense but delicate lattice of bright copper wire. He then hooked up the other ends of the wires to an industrial-grade electric generator. 

Right around the time Mitch was done with his preparations, Jack came to with a gasp and a start. His blue eyes flew open, and he quickly realized that he hadn’t woken up from his nightmare — his dire predicament was real. His aching limbs were still stretched out in a spread eagled fashion, his muscular ass still burned from his recent deflowering, and his balls throbbed with a deep, roaring ache like he’d just played half a dozen football games back to back, each one filled with brutal below-the-belt tackles and heavy blows to his unprotected balls. The enormously muscular lad began to pull and twist against his bindings once again, tearfully pleading for the five big men to release him, insisting he was innocent of anything that he’d been accused of. 

Mitch just looked at Jack in dispassionate cruelty and replied, “I honestly don’t know what you’ve been accused of, Jack, nor do I. It doesn’t matter. My men and I have been paid to perform a job, and we’re gonna do it.” Ignoring Jack’s fresh cries for mercy, the big blond pointed down at the set up between the young man’s heroically muscular, wide-spread legs and said, “While you were out, I got you all set up for the next phase in your torture. I’ve wrapped an insulating rubber cord around your nutsac to protect the rest of your body, and then trussed up your big baby makers in a tight cage made of highly conductive copper wiring, which is connected to this big generator here. That way, I can fry your fat nuts as much as I want, while keeping most of the electricity from affecting the rest of your body. Oh, and this generator? It packs a hell of a lot more of a punch than that simple tens unit I was using on your cock and ass earlier. Sounds exciting, huh? Let’s begin!” 

Without additional preamble, Mitch set the generator to 20 percent power with an interval of 2 seconds on and 2 second off. He flipped the switch, and Jack’s entire body arched backwards as he screamed in new agony. His balls were already tremendously tender and sensitive after having pumped out seven loads, being crushed almost flat for over an hour, and then brutally sucker punched by eight fists when already on the verge of cracking apart, so even a light caress would have been painful for him at this point. But the large electrical current now coursing through his wired up bollocks was anything but a gentle caress — it felt like his tortured testicles were being ripped apart from the inside out! 

“Aw, stop screaming, you big baby!” Mitch teased as he watched Jack’s gorgeous body buck and tremble as the powerful electrical current scorched through his bound balls. “We’re only at twenty percent — we have a long way to go before we reach maximum power!” 

One of the other men grabbed a pair of stubby violet-colored wands from the peg board, walked back to Jack, and turned the devices on. The tips of the wands began to glow with a pale blue light as small sparks crackled from the business end, and Jack’s blue eyes grew even wider as he watched the eagerly grinning man bring the tips closer and closer to his massively muscular chest. The smiling thug targeted the succulent paps of Jack’s beautiful nipples, touching the tip of each wand to the hard pebble of coral-colored flesh gracing his fantastic pecs. Tiny bands of blue lightning arced from the tips of the wands to the young man’s nipples, a sharp electrical zapping sound accompanying the fresh scream that was torn from Jack’s beautiful lips. 

“C’mon boys! There’s plenty of acreage here on this stud’s huge, muscular body for additional torment! Go grab some more goodies from the wall, while I crank up the juice on Jack’s freakishly huge balls.” 

Mitch dialed the generator up to 30 percent, eliciting even louder screams from the bound hunk, while the other men happily followed the big blond’s commands. Two of the men grabbed tasers off of the peg board, and amused themselves by randomly using them to shock Jack wherever it suited their fancy — the deep well of his muscular and hairy armpits, his exquisitely chiseled and lean flanks, the rippling cobblestones of his extraordinary 8-pack, the corded muscles of his inner thighs, the sides of his bullish neck, the long snaking tube of his limp horse cock, the small of his narrow and dramatically tapering back, and even the winking rosebud of his tight and quivering asshole. Jack jumped and jerked in his heavy chains with each sharp shock as the men laughed and taunted him. 

The cruel blond muscle bull cranked the generator up to 50 percent and declared, “Here’s some more juice for your big bull balls, Jack! You’re halfway there!” 

Jack was now genuinely in hell, and he was thrashing so hard against his restraints that it looked like he might literally tear his own body apart. He was in such a haze of agony that he didn’t see the fifth thug standing off to the side, lubing up his own huge cock and balls, and then taking up position behind the screaming stud. 

The bound muscle stud suddenly felt a second cock rubbing up the crack of his ass, and a fresh despair overwhelmed him. With one brutal thrust, the big man plunged his rock hard cock into Jack’s already raped ass and started roughly pumping in and out of the muscular shit chute, the burning pain causing the young man to violently arch his back in response. But that painful and degrading sensation was still nothing compared to the inferno of agony exploding inside of his electrocuted bollocks. 

Mitch dialed up the generator once again and said, “We’re at seventy percent now, Jack! Most men would have passed out by this point, but I gotta hand it to you — you are one tough fucker! You might even be the first to take it all the way!” 

Meanwhile, the grunting goon ravaging Jack’s dense and chiseled muscle ass said, “Holy shit, you guys! You gotta feel this! This fuckin’ stud is tighter than a virgin on her wedding night! He’s squeezing my big dick something fierce! And the electrical current that’s getting past the rubber cord is tickling my balls! It’s fucking AMAZING!!” 

Incredibly, Jack’s own cock began to rise once more, galvanized by the renewed pounding his prostate was now receiving. As the handsome hunk writhed and thrashed in mind-warping agony, his mighty cock quickly bloated to its full, majestic 14.5 inches, making it look for all the world like the captive football hunk was ENJOYING the beyond brutal tortures. 

While the thug behind kept on rutting vigorously in Jack’s tight and muscular ass, and the three other big men continued zapping the young man’s wildly thrashing body with wands and tasers, Mitch gradually turned up the voltage on the generator until it was cranking out electricity at full power, truly hammering Jack’s big man eggs with truly massive bolts of destructive power. The young man’s copper-enmeshed ballsac was turning an angrier and angrier shade of red as the gigantic testicles within threatened to cook clear through! 

“Aw fuck, man!! I’m gonna CUM!!” the rutting ruffian shouted as he began to power wash Jack’s prostate with huge slugs of spunk, bathing the sex gland in the thick and gloopy fluid. The feeling of the hot spray against his tight prostate sent Jack over the edge as well, and he started pumping out a fresh orgasm. Enormous slugs of ropey and smelly smegma blasted out in huge, graceful arcs across the room, adding to the vast slippery mess of sperm on the gray cement floor. It was a gigantic ejaculation, a fountain of unfathomable virility, made even more mind-bogglingly impressive by being his eighth such load of the night! 

“Let’s give our stud here a proper send off!” Mitch shouted gleefully. Two of the goons, armed with a taser in each hand, knelt down to either side of the hollering, convulsing, orgasming hunk and, at an unspoken signal, slammed their taser-armed fists together, each pinning a dark red, spasming bollock between the metal tines, and turned their tasers on full blast. 

The effects were devastating. 

Jack’s entire muscular body froze in a rictus of paralyzed agony, his blue eyes wide, his powerful chiseled jaw clenched, every muscle bulging in fantastic relief, thick and tortured veins popping out even bigger all over his glorious form, his stunningly handsome face locked in a mask of shock and horror. He was caught in mid orgasm, and even the powerful ejaculatory muscles in his crotch and cock were paralyzed by the enormous bolts of electricity that were now slamming into his nuts on a continuous, non-stop basis. 

Yet even this extreme level of pain and abuse couldn’t halt the young man’s almighty orgasm once it was already in progress. Instead of rocketing out of his cock in great thundering salvos, Jack’s beyond prodigious load began pouring out of his quivering, vibrating cock in a continuous, lush, pulsating river, painting the long column of his veiny and girthy cock in thick sheets of creamy spew, which then ran down the long neck of his tightly roped scrotum and onto his frying balls. It was a colossal cum load, one of his biggest of the night, and it kept pulsing out of Jack’s electrocuted cock with no end in sight. 

“That’s right, you elephant hung bull stud!!” Mitch shouted at the convulsing, frothing muscle hunk. “You can TAKE it!! Fuck yeah!! PUMP out that fuckin’ colossal bull load of yours, you fuckin’ BEAST!!” 

Jack was beyond hearing by that point, the all-encompassing pain tearing his tortured mind apart. His orgasm raged onward, though, creating a vast and growing puddle of spunk beneath his tightly bound body. The big man behind him, his own orgasm complete, roughly yanked his cock out of the lad’s spasming ass with a sharp yelp, rubbing at his still rock hard organ, which had felt just a fraction of the electrical shock shooting through Jack’s body. With two big stud loads now pumped into his muscular guts, filling them to overflowing, thick trickles of spunk began to burp out of Jack’s violated asshole and run in white, creamy rivulets down his inner thighs. 

Finally, the fourth thug, the one armed with the two violet taser wands, entered the fray, digging the tips of his electrified wands deep into the dense and beefy tissues of Jack’s cruelly used testes, and unleashed their full charge into the quivering orbs. 

A lesser man’s balls would have simply exploded under the awesome assault, exploding like a huge pair of baked potatoes left in the microwave for too long, but Jack’s herculean huevos somehow managed to survive. 

Jack’s body began to convulse violently, his brilliant blue eyes rolling back into his head and frothing drool pouring out of his open mouth. His monumental orgasm had finally shuddered to a cease, but the insanely brutal electrical assault continued for nearly a full minute longer. At a shouted command from Mitch, the tasers and wands were removed as one, and the generator was shut off. Jack’s savagely flexing body immediately collapsed like a wooden puppet with its strings cut, his magnificent form hanging limp and unconscious from his steel bindings once more. 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Castration Warehouse - Part 4

Castration Warehouse - Part Four

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


Jack whimpered and trembled as the dire reality of his situation sank in. One of the other men worked to pull the invading copper dildo out of the young man’s recently plundered ass, while two others worked in tandem to free the metal circle from around the lad’s purple-hued cock head, which had retracted into its thick hood of foreskin as his mighty phallus had finally gone mostly soft. Meanwhile, Mitch walked over to the peg board, and came back with two large, identical devices. Both included a pair of thick, parallel plates of clear Plexiglas, each one about eight inches square in size and connected by a metal handle and screw. Even Jack, who was naive to torture devices and CBT, immediately knew what these two devices were for, and he once again began to babble and beg for mercy. 

Mitch ignored the young man’s tearful and terrified pleas, and instead explained the purpose of the two objects in his hands. “These clever devices are ball compression vises. A man’s balls are placed between these two clear plates, and then the handle is slowly turned, sandwiching the testicles and slowly crushing them flatter and flatter. The compression can cause a tremendous amount of pain, but there’s little risk of actual permanent damage to a man’s testicles as long as one is careful, as the resilient little organs are actually quite tough and malleable, and can be crushed almost completely flat before they’re in serious danger of rupturing. That’s why I like to start with the vises — we don’t want to start seriously damaging your big boy balls too early in the evening, now, would we?” 

The big blond looked down at the two vises in his hands and back at Jack’s humongous, dangling balls and said, “Normally, just one of these vises would be more than sufficient to accommodate both of a man’s nuts. But of course, with balls as freakishly enormous as yours, there’s no way we can fit them both into just one vise, even the extra large vises I’ve got here. So instead, we’ll have to force each of your balls into a separate vise, and crush ‘em down one at a time.” 

With that, Mitch knelt down in front of the bound football jock and, with the help of several of the other men, started stuffing Jack’s two massive nuts into the vises. But even when the devices were opened to their maximum setting, the young man’s behemoth bollocks were simply too large to easily fit between the two open plates. Mitch and the other men therefore had to get rather forceful, roughly prodding at Jack’s big balls with their thick fingers, and causing the two firm but malleable orbs to warp and bend as they were stuffed into the too narrow space. But with a sufficient amount of elbow grease — accompanied by a lot of grunting and groaning from the young stud himself — Jack’s twin bollocks were soon encased between the Plexiglas plates, already partway flattened and looking even more enormous than ever. 

Over the course of the next hour, the five men continued roughly stroking and exploring Jack’s utterly magnificent body, while also taking turns cranking down the handles on the two vises and gradually compressing the screaming lad’s mammoth testicles harder and harder between the twin sets of clear plates. They were clearly getting off on their work, all five of their cocks were rock hard and dripping throughout the long ordeal, while poor Jack had never been in such agony in his entire life. Mitch had been correct; forcing Jack to shoot his loads until his balls were finally empty had indeed made them even more exquisitely sensitive, and the intense crushing pressure in his slowly flattening balls was beyond intense. The young man writhed and bucked most erotically in his restraints, his glorious muscles flexing and bunching in a delicious symphony of pain, and his expressions of agony and despair made his perfect face even more ridiculously handsome. 

Before long, Jack’s huge bull nuts had been squashed so flat that their beefy meat was starting to protrude out all four sides of each vise, big dark red bubbles of testicular tissue bulging most obscenely as the heart of each ball was crushed flatter and flatter. The men eagerly poked and prodded at these bulging masses of bollock meat, enjoying the cries of agony that such relatively gentle touch elicited from the horribly distorted orbs. And when Mitch engulfed two of those ball segments, one in each huge hand, and squeezed down hard, the shriek of animal agony torn from poor Jack’s lungs was like music to their ears. 

While Jack was screaming and crying and begging, one of the men began coating his own angrily engorged cock with lube, looking hungrily at the gorgeous, smooth, virgin mounds of Jack’s gloriously muscular ass. The man took up position behind the writhing stud and pressed his huge, naked body against Jack’s sweat-slickened back, wedging his big lubed cock vertically in the deep crack of the young man’s flexing and quivering ass. The young man began to beg and plead with renewed vigor as he felt the man’s very large cock fucking the length of his muscular crack, but he knew with a sick certainty that there was nothing that he could say or do — he knew his virgin ass was about to get defiled. 

At first, though, the man just stood there and let Jack’s body do all of the work. With each turn of the crank on either of the ball vises, Jack’s body would involuntarily writhe and buck and twist and turn against the unreal agony, causing his sweat- and lube-slickened ass to ride up and down the other man’s rock hard rod, giving the man’s cock a nice workout. 

Noticing the lad’s urgent pleas for mercy, Mitch tauntingly responded, “What’s the matter, Jack? Do you mean to tell me that no one has ever fucked that magnificent muscle butt of yours before?! Now that’s a downright shame! But don’t worry, my buddy here is gonna bust your cherry real good!” 

The man riding Jack’s ass crack was now so turned on that he was engorged to the point of pain, and wrapping both of his arms across the lad’s thickly muscled chest, he pulled back and then rammed his cock to the hilt inside of Jack’s tight ass in one mighty thrust. The young football jock howled in fresh agony and humiliation as he felt his anal virginity get violently destroyed. But in truth, the pain in his squashed balls far exceeded the burning ache in his violated butt, and the beautiful boy could only sob and writhe in response. 

As the big, brawny muscle man fucked him, though, an amazing thing happened. The hammering of the man’s blunt cock head against Jack’s prostate sent the lad’s battered libido into overdrive, and to the amazement of both the young man and his five brutal torturers, Jack’s limp and floppy cock began to once again engorge and swell with blood. In defiance of the soul-rending pain coming from his pancaking balls, Jack’s cock was soon back to record-shattering size and hardness, waving ponderously before him almost like a fifth limb. 

The other men laughed and cheered at this unexpected turn of events, playfully smacking and slapping Jack’s granite hard cock around even as they continued to squash his balls and their friend vigorously and thoroughly fucked his unbelievably beautiful ass. 

Jack’s ass was extremely muscular and tight, and the fucking brute hadn’t cum in over a week, so the rutting muscle bull quickly realized that he wasn’t going to last very long under such intense and sustained pleasure. At the same time, Jack’s youthful virility was also taking an unprecedented beating, sending the young man hurtling toward the cliff of yet another orgasm. 

The devastatingly handsome stud could finally take no more, and he threw back his head and let out a howl of ecstatic agony as his huge, 14.5-inch mega cock began to ejaculate for the seventh time that night. And to his captors’ immense surprise, instead of the weak trickle of watered down spunk that they expected after having so recently draining the lad’s bollocks bone dry, they were met with a violent and forceful purging of baby batter nearly on par with his first two orgasms of the night! Extremely thick bolts of nut sludge rocketed out of Jack’s cock with tremendous power, once again painting thick lines of goo almost halfway to the metal door. 

It seemed utterly impossible, but Jack’s phenomenally virile balls really had recharged in the short time since their recent draining, and were proving their worth once again by pumping out a true stallion load of fresh stud seed! 

The rhythmic and powerful clenching of the lad’s muscular bowels was more than the fucking thug could take, and he followed right on Jack’s heels, clutching the younger man’s gorgeous body tight in a bone-cracking bear hug as he buried his cock to the hilt, let out a mighty growl, and pumped his own spunk deep inside the young lad’s chiseled guts. It was one of the most massive and intense orgasms of the big man’s life, yet even once his ejaculation was complete and he was huffing to regain his breath, Jack continued to buck and spew out the remainder of his astoundingly massive load. 

The other four men all whooped and hollered after an exhausted and slumped Jack dribbled out the remains of his seventh load of the night, high fiving each other. The fifth man, who had just finished blowing his own load into Jack’s tight, muscular ass, actually pressed his face against Jack’s sweat-slick, muscular back and hugged him tight, planting a kiss on his skin before finally releasing him and pulling out his still more than half hard cock. 

By now, barely an inch separated the plates on each of the two vises, compressing the trapped balls down to a fraction of their normal, coconut-sized girth, and squishing a significant amount of ball meat out each of the four sides of the vises. But Mitch deemed that Jack’s big, beefy balls could take even more pressure, and he personally took over the crank handles of both devices, slowly turning both handles simultaneously as he looked up with lustful hunger at the young man’s crying, writhing body. Mitch’s own enormous, 13-inch bull cock was powerfully throbbing and leaking long streamers of clear precum, showing that the man was obviously mightily turned on by the power that he had over the captive muscle jock and his impossibly huge manhood. 

The two sets of plates drew steadily closer and closer together, shrinking the space between them and brutally crushing Jack’s balls. By this point, it looked like more nut meat had been squeezed out the edges of the plates than still remained trapped between them, grossly distorting both oblong orbs into shapes that nature had never intended. And STILL Mitch continued crushing them, seemingly heedless of the fact that he was driving Jack’s balls closer and closer to catastrophic destruction. 

Less than half an inch now separated the plates. The flesh caught between the two plates was blanched until it was nearly white, all of the blood literally crushed out of them, while the huge bulging bubbles of nut meat extruding out the sides of the devices were now such a dark red that they were verging on purple. And STILL Mitch kept right on crushing them! 

Finally, with a bare quarter inch separating both sets of plates, the big blond brute finally stopped turning the screws. Jack was now howling and screaming continuously, his incredibly tough and resilient bollocks feeling like they were just a hairsbreadth away from cracking and fracturing under the extreme pressure. The plates had completely squeezed all of the blood out of the heart of Jack’s gigantic balls, while the bulging bubbles of protruding nut meat were turning a dark and vibrant purple with old, trapped blood. 

Mitch released both vises, letting the heavy devices hang from Jack’s balls and pulling the pancaked organs down an extra inch or so. He then joined the other men in stroking and fondling the young man’s utterly glorious and magnificent body, even as the vises continued to slowly choke the lad’s squashed balls to death. Mitch and the others would occasionally flick at Jack’s distorted bollocks with their thick fingers, eliciting barks and yelps of even greater pain from the profoundly suffering stud and enjoying the way that the added pain made the young man’s spectacularly chiseled abdomen flex and bunch into even greater relief. It was the most beautiful midsection that any of the men had ever seen, so chiseled and defined and shredded that they almost didn’t look real, and they all took turns feeling up on that spectacular 8-pack washboard as it quivered and flexed in response to the searing agony tearing through his guts. 

The expert torturers rode the razor’s edge of testicular destruction for a seeming eternity. Jack’s valiantly straining balls remained on the brink of cataclysmic rupture the entire time, their throbbing pain gradually increasing as they were starved of oxygen and nutrients by the crushing pressure of the Plexiglas plates. The sobbing young jock was convinced that his captors were simply going to let his precious balls die on the vine, but Mitch was an absolute maestro at judging a man’s resilience, and he knew that he could push Jack’s virile and breathtakingly powerful body to extremes that he’d never dreamed of before with any other man. 

As if to prove his utter mastery, Mitch knelt before Jack once more and took up both of the dangling vises. He then looked up and met the young man’s terrified gaze, smiled, and gave both cranks a short, sharp twist. Jack threw back his head and screamed in abject agony as his pancaked nuts were flattened even further, sick and disturbing crunching sounds emanating from their beefy interiors. Grunting with the effort, Mitch then turned the cranks one, two, three more times, redlining Jack’s balls beyond any possible limits as even louder crunching and cracking sounds came from the doomed and dying man eggs. They were about to burst at any moment! 

Mitch then held the vises up higher, displaying them to his eager compatriots. They all grinned knowingly at one another, and with unspoken gestures assigned two bubbles of protruding nut meat to each of the four big men. Then, clenching their hands into huge, hard-knuckled fists, the four muscle giants launched simultaneous full force punches into all eight of the bulging, straining chunks of bulging ball flesh. 


Jack’s scream was caught in his throat, for it felt like a nuclear bomb had just detonated inside of his pulverized nuts. His beautiful blue eyes nearly bugged out of his head as the most insanely intense pain imaginable threatened to rip his mind apart. His handsome face became beet red, enormous veins bulging in his thick and beefy bison neck as his entire body quivered in the most magnificent full-bodied flex yet. The four men continued to grind their bony knuckles into the various lumps of tortured man flesh, forcing the incredibly tough and dense tissues to bend and warp even further. Foamy spittle shot out of Jack’s beautiful lips, his jaw clenched tight, his breathing stopped. It was enough agony to stop a man’s heart and kill him outright, and indeed the staggeringly handsome hunk looked like he was about to croak. 

Then, at a barked signal from Mitch, all four men removed their invading fists and he hit the quick release on the vises, allowing the plates to quickly snap back open to their maximum setting in a matter of seconds. Blood flow rushed back into both nearly busted organs as they instantly plumped back up as much as the confining plates would allow. Every nerve ending inside of Jack’s gasping nuts screamed in unison as blood and oxygen were restored to the rapidly re-expanded organs, and the agony was so unbelievably intense that Jack’s mighty heart did indeed skip a few beats. A choked cry burst from Jack’s drooling lips, and then his entire form went completely limp, his handsome head falling bonelessly forward onto his massive, sweaty chest. 

At first, no signs of life came from the stunning young man, not a movement, not a twitch, not even the soft rise and fall of his breathing. Mitch bolted upright and placed three thick fingers along one side of the lad’s extraordinarily beefy neck, concern on his face as he felt for the young man’s pulse. For several long seconds, the other four men looked on with growing worry, fearing that they had pushed their captive too far and that he had expired under the beyond brutal ball torture. But Mitch finally breathed a sigh of relief as he felt a slow but strong pulse in the lad’s neck, and saw him take his first slow, ragged breath. Jack had indeed survived. 

Mitch then squatted down to inspect the unconscious lad’s behemoth balls, which were still trapped inside the opened jaws of the too-small vises. Wrapping his fingers around the neck of the young man’s dangling scrotum, the big blond roughly worked first one then the other testicle free of their Plexiglas prisons, allowing them to plump back up to full size and swing freely once more, and then began inspecting them for damage. His blunt fingers roughly poked and prodded the mammoth sex organs, looking for telltale signs of cracks or fractures, but was pleased to discover that both enormous bollocks were still almost entirely intact. These were sturdy bollocks indeed! There were a rosy red from the recent abuse, but otherwise completely hale and whole!

For now. 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Castration Warehouse - Part 3

Castration Warehouse - Part Three

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


As Jack slowly regained consciousness and shook the lingering cobwebs out of his head, he became gradually aware that something was wrong. Very, very wrong. He vaguely remembered some sort of scuffle at his apartment, but as he opened his stunning blue eyes and took in the very large brick-walled room around him, he very quickly realized that he wasn’t in his apartment anymore… 

Jack next discovered that he was bound spreadeagled in a standing position, with his wrists and ankles enclosed with heavy shackles, with even heavier chains extending away from his taut and stretched out body. And if that wasn’t horrifying enough, the young man then realized that he was completely naked, for he could feel the cool air of the room blowing against his bare skin. Looking down the length of his naked torso, he could see his massive genitals — the source of both his greatest pride and greatest shame — dangling heavy and loose between his widely spread legs. Jack instantly knew that he was in dire trouble. 

Jack also felt a mild but deep ache inside of his massive free-swinging nuts, similar to the post-game soreness he experienced after some of his more brutal football games. Rumors had quickly spread his Freshman year about the colossal size of his dense gonads, so the players on opposing teams frequently targeted his infamously mammoth balls during tackles, slamming armored shoulders or padded knees and elbows into his impossible-to-miss orbs. There weren’t cups made remotely large enough to encompass the sheer overwhelming bulk of his gigantic cock and balls, so Jack’s behemoth bollocks were completely defenseless, and often ended a game a bit battered and bruised by the frequent and constant hits. Fortunately for Jack, his big balls were just as freakishly strong and tough as the rest off his muscle-girded body, so he was able to shake off even the worst of the low blows, and his mighty nuts were none the worse for wear within a day or two. The handsome quarterback looked down the length of his naked body down to his dangling testicles, but they looked perfectly normal and intact, so he couldn’t figure out why they might be sore. 

The young man began to struggle against his restraints, but despite the truly awesome strength he possessed in his mighty-thewed limbs, he succeeded only in rattling the chains a bit, the sound echoing in the largely empty room. His fear continued to mount as he wondered who had abducted him, and why. Jack had no possible enemies that he could think of, for he was an unswervingly nice guy with a gentle soul, universally well-liked by his classmates and professors, and beloved by his teammates. Perhaps it was someone jealous of his athletic success? Maybe a member of one of the many opposing football teams that he had defeated over and over again during the past four years? He could literally think of no other reason why someone would want to abduct him or do him harm. 

Realizing the futility of struggling against his shackles and chains, Jack began to hesitantly call out for help, his startlingly deep voice echoing dramatically in the cavernous space. He began to call out louder, and louder still, desperate that someone might help him and rescue him from this terrifying situation. A cold knot of fear was forming in his stomach, and growing larger with each passing minute… 


Mitch and his four men were all watching Jack wake up from the monitors in a nearby room, smiling knowingly at the handsome lad’s mounting fear and panic, and very much looking forward to beginning their session with the fantastically gifted and blessed young football jock. 

All five men had been playing cards to pass the time, their blue jeans and tight t-shirts accentuating their extremely muscular physiques and highlighting just how big and powerful each of them were. But as the handsome young lad had begun to wake up — surprisingly early, too, considering just how much sedation they had pumped into the phenomenally-built muscle boy — they had all stood up and gathered next to Mitch, eagerly drinking in the lad’s fear and masculine beauty. 

Finally, Mitch deemed that it was time, saying, “Alright, my boys, looks like our lad here is ripe and ready. Let’s say we get in there and give him a night he will never forget!” The other big men cheered and gave each other high fives as they gathered their gear and filed out of the room. 


There was a loud click as someone turned a lock, causing Jack’s head to jerk in the direction of the door, fear and hope warring in his pec proud chest. The large metal door opened, and five men stepped in. They were all very tall and very large, making even the phenomenally built Jack feel somewhat dwarfed in comparison, with their faded blue jeans and tight short-sleeved shirts showing off their massive and intimidating muscular bulk. Any hope that had been blossoming in the young stud’s heart quickly died when he saw the looks of hungry and eager anticipation on each of their cold, hard faces. Jack instantly knew he’d be getting no mercy from these big men. 

“Good evening, Jack,” said the largest man of them all, a ruggedly handsome giant of a man with a cropped blond haircut and in insanely muscular build that had to be north of 400 rock solid pounds. “So good of you to join us!” 

The young man’s magnificent body began to quake in mounting fear as the five men walked toward his bound, naked, and helpless form, the fact that they knew his name adding even more to his mounting terror. Ten muscular, calloused hands started stroking and fondling Jack’s shackled body, caressing his exquisitely chiseled body and remarking to each other about his terrific build and astounding conditioning. Being treated like a mere object made Jack feel even more defenseless, and though their firm and rough-fingered hands were decidedly gentle, the big football jock flinched at their every touch. 

The groping hands started wandering lower, tweaking his big rubbery nipples, fondling and squeezing his magnificently muscular ass, pulling gingerly on his flaccid cock, and rolling his enormous balls in the palms of their hands. Jack trembled even more to have his vulnerable genitals in the work-roughened hands of these massive men, and he’d never felt so defenseless and terrified in his entire life. The stud’s limp dick was so thick and long that it took two big hands to handle it, as did the weighty lumps of his massive ‘nads. The big men took turns frigging and stroking the soft but dense meat of his huge horse cock, and fondling and bouncing his warm, heavy, floppy nuts, trying to arouse Jack’s big phallus to hardness. In other circumstances, their efforts might have worked, for though Jack was a dyed-in-the-wool straight man, he was perpetually randy and horny with the combined libido of a dozen young men. But the handsome lad was simply too petrified with fear to give the men the throbbing boner they were looking for. 

After manipulating Jack’s limp and dangling manhood for more than ten minutes to no avail, Mitch finally spoke up and said, “It’s no use, lads. We’ve got ourselves a one hundred percent certified hetero boy here — if five big, handsome studs like us can’t arouse him, then he’s no queer. But not to worry; there’s more than one way to turn on a hot, red-blooded college jock!” 

While the other four men kept on groping and squeezing great fistfuls of Jack’s enormous muscles, Mitch walked over to the peg board against the wall and retrieved several pieces of equipment. Jack’s baby blue eyes flew open wide when he saw the big man start lubing up a copper dildo in his big hands. It was ‘only’ seven inches long and rather slender, but since Jack had never had ANY object inserted into his ass before, he was filled with trembling apprehension. He then yelped in surprise as he felt a large, lubed finger unceremoniously enter his virgin asshole, plundering deep and worming around to smear more of the lubricating fluid inside his rectum. Jack was blushing furiously with shame as the big digit was soon pulled out of his ass, and the slick dildo jammed home in its place, making the big college jock gasp in shock. 

Mitch then came back around to the front of his spread eagled captive, dropped to one knee, and grasped Jack’s huge limp cock in his left hand. With his right hand, Mitch shucked back the thick hood of Jack’s silky foreskin, revealing the huge mushroom-shaped knob of his cock head. The big man then worked an electro ring over the big cock head until it was nestled around the root of the huge glans, using even more of the special lubricating gel to get the job done. 

Jack hung his handsome head in soul-bending embarrassment, an expression of abject mortification on his stunning face. He’d never been touched by a man before, let alone in such an erotic fashion, and the sensation only deepened the young man’s sense of helplessness. But he was still confused by what was going on… until he saw Mitch clip various electrodes from a tens unit to the base of the dildo and the metal ring encircling his dick head. The big muscle stud began begging for the men to let him go, but he knew his words were falling on deaf ears. 

“Okay boys!” Mitch said, an eager grin lighting up his ruggedly handsome face, “Let’s crank this lad’s stallion staff to full mast!” The big man then turned on the tens unit, sending a steady but gentle current into Jack’s body. The handsome, brown-haired lad had never discovered the joys of his prostate before, and despite the fear gnawing at his muscular guts, the stimulation of his prostate and his cock soon started generating its intended effect. Against his will, his mighty cock began to unfurl, plumping up and growing stiffer as more and more blood was pumped into it. The huge, limp member began to ponderously lift upwards as it swelled, like a great beast rising from slumber, and the eyes of the big men surrounding him grew wide as they watched Jack’s cock reach its full epic size. In less than two minutes, the five men were staring at the biggest cock they’d ever seen, a true masterpiece of manhood, throbbing in time to each pulsing jolt of electricity from the tens unit. The young man’s cock was so enormously engorged that they could hardly tell anymore that he was uncut, the massive schlong so monstrously bloated that his foreskin was completely and almost painfully retracted. 

Mitch then fiddled with the dials on the tens unit, increasing the current and decreasing the interval, making the gentle shocks come more quickly. Jack’s pulse quickened and his breath caught in his throat as waves of pleasure rocked through his groin. The rhythmic pulses of the e-stim made his cock throb and bob, and to his horror, Jack watched as the dilated piss slit started oozing clear precum, which began to drip in stringy, glistening strands to the cement floor. 

At a nod from Mitch, all five men began to strip out of their clothes. They were only dressed in t-shirts, jeans, and shoes, so it didn’t take more than a few moments before they were all naked. Jack was astounded at the sheer muscular SIZE of his captors; he had met very few men who were his equal in size, and even fewer who could surpass him, but all five of these big, strong, strapping men looked like they outweighed him, several quite substantially. And even more horrifying was the fact that all of them were hung frighteningly large, and all were sporting massive boners of their own. 

Mitch, the biggest of the five muscle giants, moved to stand a few feet in front of Jack again, almost completely filling his field of view with a solid wall of swollen, battle-hardened muscle. Jack’s estimate of the blond man’s weight went up even higher now that he saw him in the buff, for the man possessed muscles of a size and density that the young man had never even dreamed of before. Mitch’s colossal muscles were exceptionally veiny, especially his enormous biceps and muscle-corded forearms, and a thick dusting of coarse, dark blond body hair spread across his gargantuan chest in a dense mat, and extended down his cobblestone abs as well, making his goliath form look even more intimidating and manly. Even the man’s cock was huge, damn near Jack’s equal in both length and girth, and just as vein-gnarled as his forearms, making it look like quite a fearsome weapon indeed. That colossal physique and enormous endowment, combined with his blond crew cut, masculine features, and ruggedly handsome face, had made Mitch the kind of man that every woman wanted, and that every other man wanted to be. 

“Looks like he’s getting close, boys,” Mitch observed with a grin. “This ought to do it.” With that, he turned up the intensity of the e-stim once again, and all of the men watched with eager anticipation as the young man’s massive, 14.5-inch cock began to throb even harder and faster than ever. 

Deep moans escaped from Jack’s lips as his incredibly lean and muscular hips began to involuntarily buck and thrust as much as his restraints would allow. The young man hadn’t cum in a couple of days, a rare occurrence for him, and his balls felt especially turgid and bloated with his spunk. A pair of hands suddenly cupped his huge spuds from behind, and began massaging and firmly squeezing them, adding to the already irresistible stimulation of the tens unit, and rapidly hurtling Jack toward the brink of a mighty orgasm. 

Every muscle in Jack’s magnificent body suddenly flexed in a stunning display of masculine perfection as he hit his mark and his cock began to thunder out his huge load. None of the men were quite prepared for the staggering size and power of the young man’s studly super load, least of all Mitch himself, who’s body was suddenly being pelted with the largest and thickest slugs of searing hot cum he’d ever seen. Each mammoth wad of cum had to be at least five or six feet long and nearly as thick as a pinky finger, and contained at least ten times more splooge than an entire porn star load! Slug after enormous slug of cum slammed into Mitch’s body with rapid fire speed and tremendous force, shattering against his unmoving wall of pure beef and splattering messily all over his hairy muscles. If Mitch hadn’t been standing directly in the line of fire, then each salvo of Jack’s freakishly huge load would easily have cleared at least a couple of dozen feet across the gray concrete floor. 

Jack grunted and groaned in a most appealing fashion as he pumped out a truly colossal load, made even bigger than usual by both his recent abstinence and the added pleasure of the e-stim. In all, the handsome humping lad pumped out nearly a score of gigantic cum ropes before his almighty ejaculation began to taper off, finally ending in a few weak burps of cum that dripped heavily to the already cum-splattered floor. 

None of the gaping men could move for several moments, so awed were they by Jack’s hyper virile performance. The reek of the young man’s sex quickly filled the entire room, an overwhelming and not altogether unpleasant musk that was pure man. Big Mitch, the front of his gigantic body positively drenched from neck to ankles in gloopy and smelly sperm, was the first to recover. 

“DAMN, boy!!” the big man exclaimed. “Those big bull balls of yours are no mere showpieces, are they? Fuck, that was the biggest god-damned load I’ve ever SEEN!! Even guys with hyperspermia can’t hold a candle to you, Jack! I think that deserves a reward.” 

Mitch then used his big right hand to scrape upward from his chiseled groin to his mammoth chest, scooping up an enormous handful of Jack’s own nut oysters in the process. His big, meaty hand was filled to overflowing with the young man’s hot seed, a mere fraction of his total load but a staggering volume of nut sludge all by itself. Jack’s eyes flew wide as Mitch raised his big cupped hand toward the young man’s face, and he pulled back in revulsion as much as his shackles would allow. Mitch grabbed the back of Jack’s head, engulfing it in his massive left hand, and brought his right hand up to the young man’s tightly pressed lips, the enormous mass of spent splooge quivering in his cupped palm. 

“Open up, boy,” big Mitch said, a warning tone in his deep voice. “I said open UP!” 

Mitch rammed his big knee upward into Jack’s unprotected balls, striking dead center into the lad’s overloaded ball bag and crushing his nuts against his rock solid groin. A look of shock and anguish washed over Jack’s almost unbearably handsome face, and mouth gasped open as he cried out in the wake of the pain radiating from his hammered nuts. Mitch took that opportunity to swipe the huge load of cum into Jack’s mouth, slamming his jaw shut with one hand and pinching off his nose with the other. 

Jack’s cheeks were bulging with the enormity of the cum slug that had been forced into his mouth, and his face was turning red as his oxygen was cut off, but he refused to swallow. The big football star began gagging as the hot, slick liquid began to trail down his throat, and he thought he would throw up, but he wouldn’t give in. 

Mitch stepped forward until his face was just inches from Jack’s own and menacingly said, “Swallow, boy! Or I’ll ram my knee into your balls again!” As if to underscore the threat, he brought his big, hairy knee upward to firmly press Jack’s massive plums against his crotch, rubbing his big leg back and forth as he ground his rock solid leg into the dense but yielding nut meat. 

Jack had no idea that his big beautiful balls were already doomed, so the threat of another ball bust worked, and he painfully swallowed the enormous mouthful of his own spunk. The hot and salty fluid burned on the way down, and the big lad thought he would be sick, but he managed to keep it down. Thick runnels of the stuff had spurted out of his luscious lips to stream wetly over his big, perfectly sculpted chin, but he’d managed to swallow the vast bulk of the load, and he kept it down. 

“Good boy!” Mitch said happily as he released his grip on the back of Jack’s muscular neck and patted the back of his head affectionately. “But with balls that huge, I’ll bet that there’s at least another load or two sloshing around inside of them, and we’ve got to make sure that they’re completely empty.” 

With that, the big blond man picked up the tens unit and turned it back on. Jack’s cock hadn’t even begun to soften in the slightest, and now the familiar rhythmic sensations of the e-stim began to pour through his groin once again. Jack did indeed have a lot more sperm trapped inside of his balls, and his powers of recovery were almost legendary, but even the bull-hung young stud didn’t usually start fucking immediately after an orgasm. Nevertheless, just minutes after the end of his first ejaculation, the groaning and flexing young muscle hunk soon felt a second orgasm building in his heavy loins. 

Big Mitch made sure to stand out of the way this time as Jack grunted and began spewing out his second load, which proved to be damn near as unbelievably massive and voluminous as the first! Titanic streamers of pearlescent white fluid, thick with the young man’s potent and powerful sperm, shot out with terrific force, leaving long stripes of thick jizz on the floor stretching almost halfway to the far door, a truly incredible distance. To Mitch, it almost looked like Jack’s very spunk was trying to rush toward the door and the possibility of escape, and the thought made his lips curl in a cruel grin. 

Jack’s second, hands free load shot out for almost a full minute, leaving the handsome young stud panting and gasping in its wake. But his cruel tormentors didn’t allow him a moment’s rest, and kept the tens unit right on pumping Jack’s straining loins with more and more current, shouldering aside even the young jock’s own remarkably short refractory period to force him toward yet another orgasm. 

It was only a matter of minutes before a third orgasm rocked Jack’s quivering body. This third load was equal parts pain and pleasure for the young lad, for his genitals were being forced to perform far more rapidly than nature intended. Nevertheless, Jack’s third load, though clearly diminished from the first two, was positively huge by anyone else’s standards, and added to the enormous mess of cum extending in a thick, splattered ribbon before him, as well as the almost eye-watering reek of his delicious stud funk. 

Sensing that the young stud was starting to flag, Mitch turned up the intensity of the tens unit yet again, and was rewarded minutes later with Jack’s fourth load. Jack cried out in real pain as his clenching, convulsing groin was forced to pump out another batch of spunk, and though the volume of his fourth load was a fraction of the first two, it was a very respectable load nonetheless, one that any man would have been proud of. 

But Mitch wasn’t finished yet, for he suspected that there were hidden reserves of sperm still locked deep inside of Jack’s humongous balls. The tens unit kept right on hammering away at the young man’s beleaguered groin. Jack’s overworked cock was now glowing an angry red, and the gathered men could have sworn that it had swollen even bigger, the mass of veins snaking down the enormous column of his cock shaft growing even more thick and pronounced. His huge balls even seemed to be sagging lower in their voluminous sac, exhausted by the extreme workout they were receiving. Yet it only took a few more minutes before Jack was once again hurtling toward an orgasm. 

Jack bellowed in pain as his fifth orgasm slammed into his nuts, but this time, only four or five half sized spurts of decidedly watery-looking jizz shot out before the young man’s ejaculation quickly tapered off. The handsome college jock, his glorious muscles now covered in a light sheen of sweat from his heroic seminal exertions, hung his head in temporary exhaustion. Surely even his behemoth bull balls must be completely spent! 

A wickedly grinning Mitch wanted to be sure, however, so he cranked up the tens unit to full power with one rough twist of the dial, causing the handsome young hunk to scream in both surprise and great pain. Huge bolts of electricity began to slam into Jack’s bloated cock head and abused prostate, making his cock rhythmically throb and jerk so violently that it looked like it might either burst or snap right off at the base. The young man began to buck and thrash wildly in his restraints, shrieking bloody murder as it felt like his entire manhood was being ripped apart. But incredibly, impossibly, Jack could feel yet another orgasm slowly building deep inside of him. 

Jack threw back his head and uttered his most thunderous bellow yet, his entire body freezing into a rictus of spasming, flexing muscles, his exquisite abdomen exploding into the most magnificent display of lean and chiseled beauty any of the men had ever seen. His monstrous cock swelled larger still, if that was even possible, and began throbbing powerfully in agonizing release. 

But all that came out of Jack’s dilated, gaping piss slit was a thin gruel of pale milky fluid, no more than a couple of teaspoons of diluted jizz, that slowly drooled onto the cum-drenched floor. Jack’s humongous nuts were now and truly empty, likely for the very first time in the young man’s life. 

Despite the continued intense stimulation from the tens unit, Jack’s gigantic cock finally began to soften and wilt. After being forced to orgasm six times in barely more than 15 minutes, Jack’s mighty cock could take no more, signaling its defeat by deflating back to its limp — but still massive — form. 

Mitch finally turned off the diabolical tens unit, saying to the panting and heaving young man, “Wow, that was extraordinarily impressive, Jack! You could have impregnated damn near every woman on the PLANET with the amount of stud spunk you had packin’ in those oversized nuts of yours! But now that we’ve finally drained your big balls bone dry, they’re going to be extra sensitive, which will make the rest of the night even more painful for you.” 

“You see, Jack,” Mitch explained to the terrified young man, “someone has paid an exorbitant fee for our expert services. I have no idea who hired us or what you did, but you must have pissed someone off really bad, because they’ve ordered ‘the works’ for you! Over the course of tonight, we’re going to beat the SHIT out of you, to make you pay for whatever transgression you’ve caused. The one thing I will assure you of, however, is that you will survive the night. Mostly intact. Probably. Hell, you look like one hell of a tough and resilient lad, and you might even come out of tonight without any significant lasting scars. Well, except for one…” 

A clearly terrified Jack was hanging on to the big man’s every word, and Mitch purposely paused for a few moments to let the tension build even further. 

“I’m sorry to tell you that you won’t be leaving this room with anything even remotely resembling a pair of functioning balls between those muscular legs of yours, Jack. And we’re not just going to cut your balls off. Oh no, that would be too easy. No, our client has paid us extra to torture your huge bollocks for HOURS. Your agony will be so extreme that you’ll be BEGGING us to cut your balls off before this night is through, but we won’t be that merciful. Instead, we’re going to keep torturing your balls until they’re wrecked and ruined, and reduced to rubble. Then, and only then, will we cut them off of your body.” 

“And judging from the massive size and unusual firmness and density of your monster nuts,” Mitch said as he casually hefted both of the young man’s titanic testicles in his huge hand, “I think it’s going to be a long, long time before that final cut takes place.” 

Giving Jack’s huge balls a gentle pat before releasing them, Mitch then said, “Welcome to the ninth circle of Hell, Jack! Let’s begin.”