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Castration Warehouse - Part 12 - Finale

Happy Saturday to you all! 

Here is the final installment in the "Castration Warehouse" series. I hope that you all enjoyed the ride! I don't currently have any plans to continue this series with additional "guest stars" (aka. victims), but the possibility is always there. And who knows -- perhaps Jack Samson has some equally gifted brothers or cousins who might somehow find their way into Mitch's ungentle clutches...  ;) 


Castration Warehouse - Part Twelve

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


PART TWELVE — whipping

Jack half feared and half hoped that the five cruel and brutal men were going to castrate him then and there, but he was wrong. In fact, the men spent the next hour or so lounging around, talking and laughing and eating a hardy breakfast that one of the men brought in from outside the enormous room. The young football star was left to hang from his restraints in continuing agony, exhausted and utterly hopeless, as the other naked men paraded around him and largely ignored him. 

Perversely, Jack’s colossal cock remained steel hard and ramrod straight, bloated to dimensions even Jack had never seen before, looking for all the world like it was ready to fuck. Jack had never before felt as ashamed and defeated as he did in that moment, and he silently cursed his humongous cock for betraying him so many times throughout the night and morning. 

Jack’s pulsing bull cock finally caught the attention of one of the men. The curious man retrieved the sperm-drenched measuring tape that had been discarded hours ago in one of the many huge puddles of the young man’s slowly cooling splooge, and then advanced on the bound college jock. While the other men smiled and watched, the goon unfurled the damp fabric down the length of Jack’s titanically tumescent dick. The man’s arrogant smirk turned to a look of stunned surprise as he read aloud the length of Jack’s hyper bloated cock — 16.5 inches! The lad’s monstrous dick had been so terminally aroused by the night’s proceedings that it had gained a full TWO INCHES in length!! 

With slightly trembling hands, the big man started taking other dimension of the young man’s herculean cock, reading the numbers aloud to an appreciative and impressed audience. The purple-hued bulb of the lad’s enormous cock head alone was 3.5 inches long and damn near 10 inches around! The thickest part of the towering shaft, just a couple of inches behind the head, was a monstrous 4 inches wide and 12.5 inches around! Talk about a hole buster!! At this size, there was no orifice in the human body that the kid could possibly fuck! The thug let out a low whistle as he discovered something else — tiny, almost invisible stretch marks were now running up and down the entire length of the stud’s cock! That almost certainly meant that the added length and girth to Jack’s already-gigantic erection was permanent!! Even if the five big men untied the handsome college jock now and let him go — something that, of course, would never happen — the hyper endowed kid would never be able to fuck again!! The cruel men laughed and guffawed and high-fived one another, congratulating themselves on having already wrecked the ridiculously beautiful stud’s love life forever, before they even got around to nutting the big lug. 

Eager hands then started measuring the equally stratospheric dimensions of the lad’s newly-bloated bollocks. The impossibly huge sex organs hung extremely heavy in their abused and abraded sac, their natural and already impressive 3-inch dangle having now doubled to a truly extraordinary 6 inches. That mind-boggling scrotal stretch looked to possibly be permanent as well… not that it would matter soon. The neck of his stretched-out scrotum looked very narrow compared to the swollen immensity of the two titanic testicles below, but was actually quite large itself, measuring 5.5 inches around and nearly 2 inches in diameter. That incredibly long scrotal neck contained the all-important cords, cables, tendons, and blood vessels that kept those massive nuts attached to his body, as well as the unusually thick cum tubes that helped drain the sperm from those almighty spunk bunkers whenever he ejaculated. 

Before moving on to the dimensions of the balls themselves, the big thug — a born showman — first took very thorough measurements of the rest of the young man’s spectacularly muscular body, from his almost comically thick bison neck (23.5 inches around) to his feet (size 14 hooves that were just as insanely muscular and veiny as the rest of his magnificent body), and everything  in between. As awesome and awe inspiring as all of those numbers were, the other four men grew more and more impatient, until the thug with the measuring tape finally knelt down and turned his attention to the lad’s monstrous bollocks. 

The beautiful grapefruit-sized orbs from earlier in the evening had been replaced by a pair of hideously bloated monstrosities, the delicate and tender testicles having swollen until they’d more than doubled in mass and were now even larger than the largest of ostrich eggs. The big thug first measured the vertical length of each identical orb, which had originally been 5 inches, letting out a low whistle when he read the new result of 7.5 inches! Their width was nearly as impressive, increasing from an already massive 4.5 inches to a full 6 inches! The circumference around the body of each puffy and distended orb was even more eye popping, swelling from an already obese 14 inches to a truly mind boggling 19 inches, bigger around than most men’s upper arms!! And combined, that double-barreled mass of brutally battered male flesh stretched the measuring tape to a staggering 30 full inches!! That was nearly as big around as Jack’s own tight, muscular, and exquisitely chiseled waist!! 

Another thug retrieved a scale on a wheeled table against the far wall, the kind used in grocery stores to weigh meat in the butcher department, and placed the table in front of the immobile and softly whimpering football jock. He then gently, almost reverently, lifted up both of Jack’s whopping huge bollocks and placed them on the scale, eagerly watching the digital readout. Quiet gasps could be heard coming from all five men when they read the combined weight of the young man’s monumentally swollen balls, which was an astonishing 19.2 pounds! That was just over 8.5 pounds per nut!! The density of ball meat within each orb must have been almost super human, for the lad’s behemoth bollocks weighed even more than they appeared, if that was even possible! 

After hearing those final dimensions read, all five men stepped forward and began fondling every inch of Jack’s magnificent bound form, reveling in the almost impossible size and beauty of the college jock’s incredible body, still utterly magnificent even in its current severely bruised and battered state. They all knew that they would never see a stud of Jack’s unbelievably lofty caliber ever again — not unless Jack had any equally gifted brothers, or if they perhaps sought out the young man’s studly sire — so they took their time in engraining every last delicious detail of this paragon of masculine perfection into their memories before moving on to his ultimate unmanning. 

Two of the men began operating a winch, and a weary and quietly sobbing Jack suddenly found himself rising higher in the air. He had been just below eye level with his unusually tall and ridiculously muscular assailants, but now he was hoisted upward until his deep and sexy navel was at about even with the men’s faces. The two men backed away to join their fellows while Mitch stepped forward, brandishing a long bullwhip made of supple black leather. The big blond man uncoiled the whip and cracked it a few times in the air as if to test it out, making Jack flinch each time. And then the cruelly smirking man turned to the bound football stud and said, “It’s almost over now, Jack.” 

The big man then began to expertly slash and swish the long leather whip through the air, drawing out Jack’s terror like a fine wine. He was toying with the lad, while simultaneously reveling in the handsome young jock’s last minutes as an intact male. The other four men took up positions with the best view of the events to come, sitting in their folding chairs and playing with themselves, tremendously aroused as they prepared to watch a master artisan at work. They all loved their work, especially when they were allowed to go all the way and destroy a man’s balls, and surely no man on earth had a set of testicles that could even remotely rival the colossal set hanging from their achingly handsome young captive. 

Without warning, the bullwhip suddenly lashed out and struck the side of Jack’s goliath left nut, creating a gash several inches long in the young man’s bruised and abraded ball sac. Jack cried out in equal parts pain and horror as he felt the sharp and stinging bite of the whip, but could only watch helplessly as the grinning muscle titan began swinging the whip once more, looking for his next target. Mitch circled his prey for a bit before lashing out again, this time striking the right side of the heavy and overloaded sac and opening up a second long gash. 

So it began. Mitch continued attacking Jack’s scrotum from various and unexpected directions, opening up a new gash in the enormous sac every 15 to 20 seconds, flaying open the nutbag more and more with each strike. Blood was soon dripping freely into the lake of milky white sperm below as the big man steadily slashed the huge sac apart, opening up more and more holes in the soft, thin, tender skin. The glistening orbs underneath were wholly untouched, however, for Mitch was an unparalleled maestro with the whip, wielding it with the exquisite precision of a surgeon. 

After about 20 minutes, Mitch had opened up a good 50 or 60 gashes in Jack’s bleeding nutsac, reducing the enormous pouch to a lattice of skin strips barely containing the colossal testicles within. The shiny walls of the great balls themselves were now showing through dozens of large holes, a mottled reddish-purple hue showing through the shiny whiteness of the thick outer walls, visible evidence of the heavy bruising that had been inflicted right down to the very heart of each titanic orb. 

Sweat glistened on Mitch’s heroically muscular form as he gazed on his handiwork with arousal and pride. The big man knew that if he stopped now — as in right the fuck now — the ridiculously handsome muscle jock’s shredded scrotum could still be stitched back together. It wouldn’t be pretty, as it would be a patchwork of lacerated skin that would forever bear the ugly scars of his epic whipping. But even at this late stage, the gorgeous lad could still leave the vast room as in intact male, surviving to live and rut and cum another day. Mitch’s cruel grin grew even wider as he quashed any hope of a reprieve, and he began to slash the deadly bullwhip through the air once more. 

The subsequent whip strikes began to tear away entire strips of shredded scrotal skin, excising the nutsac bit by bit and gradually exposing more and more of the naked testicles beneath. As the structural integrity of the massive nut pouch began to falter and fail, Jack’s huge and heavy balls began to sag even lower still, their ballsac no longer able to support and contain the vast oval orbs of the young man’s gargantuan manhood. Torn strips of scrotal flesh hit the sperm-drenched floor with wet, gruesome sounds. After about 30 more strikes, Jack’s goliath right nut tumbled out of his shredded sac, the whitish orb glistening wetly as it drooped down yet another inch or two on the ends of its cords, exposed to the open air for the first time in its existence. It took another 20 or 30 whip strikes before that nut’s twin also spilled forth to the end of its cords, and then another 20 or 30 more blows before all that remained of the young man’s once-gorgeous pouch was a few tattered shreds dangling from the base of his crotch. 

Mitch paused at that point, temporarily laying down his whip so that he could examine the young man’s wet and naked nuts. The testicles themselves looked even more monstrous and obscene than ever with their protective scrotum removed, looking simultaneously hideous and deeply erotic as they dangled from their separate bundles of cords. The big blond drank in the sight as he came closer and stood before the softly panting young man, his handsome head hanging down in bone-deep exhaustion and extreme burning agony. 

Mitch had seen literally hundreds of sets of naked testicles in his life, but he’d never seen a set as beautiful and magnificent as these. The gigantic bulky orbs themselves weren’t smooth like other men’s nuts, but were instead covered in a complex tracery of thick, tortured blood vessels, their bluish-purple color adding to the rosy hue of bruising shining through the thick white walls of the balls themselves. The raised tubules of dozens and dozens of veins on each behemoth ball gave the otherwise smooth and gently curved surface of each nut a complex webwork of ridges, turning each ball into an epic relief map of extreme maleness. The tops and backs of each nut were covered by an unusually large and dense epididymus, the complex network of tissues that collected the sperm cells manufactured within the testicles themselves and prepared them for transport up the vas deferens. 

Unable to resist, Mitch reached forward and cupped one gigantic testis in each of this huge hands, the shiny orbs feeling slick and incredibly heavy. Jack winced and grunted as the big blond’s hands came into contact with his naked nuts, deeply disturbed by the sensation of direct contact with his excised bull balls. Mitch ran his thumbs over the wet, vein-ridged surface of each orb, marveling once more at their spectacular size, and awed by the raw power and virility he could feel surging through each rotund nut even now. His fingers then began to probe and explore the squishy epididymus tissues along the back of each orb, the painful sensation causing the young lad to groan in protest once more. The big man fondled those two oversized ostrich eggs for many long minutes, overwhelmed with lust as he groped and caressed the largest set of nuts in human history. 

Mitch finally released the massive orbs and instead began to explore the complex bundle of tendons, cables, cords, and blood vessels that extended from the tops of the two huge testicles to their anchor points beneath Jack’s towering pillar of a cock. He was fascinated by the dense bundles, and was astounded by the unusual thickness of the tendons and other connective tissues, as well as the massive size of the two vas deferens. The gently pinched these bundles between his big thumb and forefinger, becoming extremely intimate with the inner workings of the lad’s sexual plumbing. 

By the time Mitch was finished fondling and exploring Jack’s exposed and naked manhood, it was late morning. It had been two hours since he’d planted his third load up the hunky stud’s exquisitely chiseled ass, and extraordinarily more than 16 hours since Jack’s tortures had begun. The young man had lasted more than three times longer than any previous man, and endured abuses and torments MANY orders of magnitude greater than the most brutal tortures the five men had ever meted out before. The breathtakingly handsome muscle hunk had taken nearly a score of bull loads up his battered chute, and had himself reached orgasm twice as many times, evincing a level of virility and staying power unequalled among men. He had been the most magnificent subject of torture and abuse that the five big men had ever seen, but now it was time to bring his legendary manhood to a brutal end. 

The big blond giant once again retrieved his bullwhip, and began circling the young muscle stud once more. Jack was quietly whimpering and mewling, far beyond pleas for mercy at this point, and could only watch with terror-stricken eyes as Mitch prepared to unman him. 

Mitch took his time, and selected his targets with the utmost care. His detailed exploration of Jack’s nuts hadn’t been for nothing, as the big man wanted to target only the tendons and cables and other connective tissues attaching the young man’s bollocks to his body, but leaving the blood vessels, nerve fibers, and vas deferens intact. With uncanny precision, Mitch began to strike these cords and cables, slashing at them over and over again. Jack’s tendons proved to be unusually tough, however, and put up a surprising amount of resistance. But it wasn’t long before the tough tendons began to snap one by one, gradually untethering Jack’s mammoth nuts from his body, and allowing them to drop lower and lower on their remaining cables. 

The four seated men were furiously fisting their rock hard cocks as they watched their big blond leader ever so slowly emasculate the handsome and hunky captive. They were all rapidly approaching orgasm, eager and hungry to see Mitch bring a painful and violent end to the young lad’s ridiculously oversized manhood. 

Cables and tendons snapped one after the other, forcing the far more elastic blood vessels and vas deferens to take up the slack, straining to carry a weight far in excess of what they were designed for. Jack’s nuts were now hanging well over a full FOOT from his crotch, and drooping even lower with each passing whip strike. It was the most intensely erotic sight the men had ever seen. 

Suddenly and without warning, Jack hit an unexpected and brutally violent orgasm, his 40th of the night. Perhaps his testicles sensed that their untimely end was imminent, and were desperate for one last chance to impregnate something, anything, before they were destroyed. Regardless of the reason, this final ejaculation was Jack’s most powerful and intense of the entire night, and his entire magnificently muscular form bucked and quaked with the unearthly force of his orgasm. 

And perhaps even more amazingly, the young man’s mighty sperm factories had taken the past two hours to recharge faster than they ever had before, and were now throwing everything they had into the single greatest and most voluminous ejaculation of the young man’s life! 

The first almighty rope of the young man’s spunk shot out with such force that it nearly reached halfway to the ceiling high overhead, launching out in a wide, graceful arc to strike the gray cement floor a good 50 or 60 feet away! That first gigantic slug of creamy white splooge was so dense with sperm that it had a consistency thicker than yogurt, and was so voluminous that it easily eclipsed anything else that they sexy football stud had shot that entire night! A second, equally massive blast of cum shot forth, followed by another, and another, and another and another, in a seemingly endless barrage of hyper virile magnificence, a testicular purging of near mythic proportions. 

The four seated men instantly began to groan and shudder in their own violent orgasms, sent hurtling over the edge by the sight of the handsome football star’s final and utterly epic release. Mitch held on to his own load by the barest of fractions, however, and continued slashing away at Jack’s balls, rapidly eliminating the final cords and tendons supporting the enormous, heavy, sagging orbs, even as they throbbed and convulsed and tried to pump out every last sperm within their vast interiors. 

Finally, the only tissues supporting Jack’s beyond bovine balls were the blood vessels, nerve fibers, and thick tube of vas deferens that Mitch had carefully avoided whipping. The young man’s bollocks were bouncing and jiggling on the ends of these slender and stretched out tethers even as they continued their astounding purge of sperm from their meaty interiors, and were now hanging impossibly low, five or perhaps even six times lower than their original 3-inch dangle. But incredibly, despite all of the horrific abuse they had suffered over the previous 17 hours, they were very much still alive! Perhaps they could still have been salvaged as well, though who could say if a man’s testicles could survive long outside the protective embrace of their scrotum and without all of the cords and cables that usually anchored them in place. 

Mitch lashed out with the bullwhip, striking one, two, three, four more times, and Jack’s bloated and swollen right testicle was severed forever from its owner, dropping very heavily to the cum-flooded floor with a loud and meaty splat. Jack cried out with a truly thunderous bellow of epic agony and loss as he felt half of his mighty manhood ripped from his body. Yet his monumental orgasm continued, though instantly reduced notably in size and volume, as his final nut tried to desperately blow it’s thick and chunky ballast. 

Jack was bucking and thrashing so hard against his restraints that it looked like he might tear himself apart. But Mitch paused only briefly before turning his attention to the young man’s last dangling nut. Unfortunately for Jack, it took another ten lashes to finish off his left nut, dropping his final bowling ball of a gonad into the veritable ocean of procreative fluids covering a vast swath of the concrete floor. As the gigantic bollock fell free, Mitch trembled in pleasure as he shot his own massive hands-free load, signaling his victory over the fallen football hero. 

None of the men were sure when Jack passed out. The sudden and violent loss of his manhood was more than even his mighty body could take, and the handsome young muscle stud had finally, mercifully fallen unconscious. He remained unconscious as four of the men lowered Jack down and cleaned up his battered and broken body, with one of the men trimming away the dangling cords and shreds of scrotal skin — the last remnants of his obliterated manhood — and roughly stitched the raw wound at his crotch closed. Mitch meanwhile picked up the young former stud’s two severed testicles off the floor, amazed that they seemed to weigh even more now that they had been separated from the handsome lad’s spectacular body. He had an enormous glass cylinder filled with preservative fluids waiting in the next room, and he intended to place the glistening white testicles within as a trophy and keepsake, so that he could forever remember and relish this moment. Once the other men had patched Jack up as well as they could, they then pumped him full of antibiotics and additional sedatives, wanting to ensure that he remained unconscious. Finally, they released him from his bonds, placing him on a large wheeled gurney and preparing to secret him back to his college apartment. 

Meanwhile, Jessica Akers smiled contentedly as she watched the proceedings on closed circuit TV from her office. More than a dozen hidden cameras had been trained on young Jack Samson throughout his torment, torture, and unmanning, with each camera recording more than 18 hours of absolutely incredible footage. Jessica herself was still reeling in amazement, and would not have believed the amazing events of the night and morning if she had not seen it herself. The recordings would be added to her vast personal video library — which she used for her own amusement, as well as insurance against any of her clients if they should try to cross her in the future — but she already knew that she would be accessing these recordings again and again and again. She also decided that she would be giving each of her men a $10,000 bonus on top of their usual fee, twice that for Mitch, in recognition of the absolutely stellar work they had accomplished that night. 

As she watched her men wheel Jack’s beautiful but inert form out of the warehouse, she picked up the burner phone on the side of her desk, and dialed a phone number. The cultured voice of a young woman answered on the other end, the sounds of a busy restaurant audible in the background. 

“It is done,” Jessica said before hanging up the phone, and then removing and destroying the phone’s SIM card. She then leaned back in her expensive leather chair and contemplated the ways she could spend the small fortune of money she had just earned… 


Ten years later…

Veronica sat in the shade of an umbrella, gazing across the lush grounds of the estate to watch her eldest children play tennis with Richard. Her husband was more handsome than ever, his masculine beauty having deepened over the years, and her heart swelled with love for him. But she felt that her chest might burst for the love she felt for her children as she watched them laugh and play with their beloved father. They were all spectacularly beautiful and gifted children, ranging in age from infant to age 9, and they all looked like a perfect blend of her and her husband. 

The gorgeous young woman felt a slight pang in her side, and her soft blue eyes gazed down lovingly at her swollen belly, where the next in her large brood of children were steadily maturing. She and Richard had caused quite a stir among the rich and elite when they had decided to have a large family, something very uncommon in today’s world, particularly among the upper crust. The beautiful couple claimed that they simply wanted to avoid having their family lines end, as had almost happened to the two of them, but the reality was that Veronica and Richard both loved being parents, and her husband supported her in having as many children as she wanted. And in the end, though many of the elite quietly gossiped behind their backs, almost everyone was jealous of the wealthy couple, not only for the obvious loving closeness of their relationship, but also for the staggering beauty of their many children. 

Veronica’s first pregnancy had resulted in the birth of fraternal twins, both boys, and she had instantly fallen in love with them both. So much so, in fact, that a few months after their birth, she had decided to become pregnant once more, accessing her hidden canister of frozen sperm to inseminate herself again. And again, and again, and again each subsequent year thereafter. She and Richard now had 12 children — 7 boys and 5 girls — with another two on the way. She had given birth to three sets of fraternal twins already, so her current pregnancy would be the fourth. There was no history of twins in either her or Richard’s family, so she suspected that there must be a genetic predisposition for twins in the canister of frozen sperm that she had kept secret and hidden all these years. 

The beautiful blond woman was still quite young, only in her early 30s, so she knew that she had a decade or more of potential childbearing years ahead of her. And considering the enormous volume of sperm she had harvested on that fateful night with the handsome and charming and impossibly virile Jack Samson, she had MORE than enough of his seminal fluids to sire another dozen children, if she wished! 

Speaking of that remarkable young man, Veronica tried not to think of Jack, but every know and again, her mind would wander back to that epic night of lovemaking. She felt a great deal of gratitude to the young man for having blessed her with so many beautiful children, and so she had secretly followed his life since their brief encounter. 

After Jack Samson had been discovered in his apartment, severely beaten and missing his huge testicles, the media storm that followed had been intense. But the authorities were never able to find any clues as to the identity of Jack’s attackers, let alone anything that would have tied his abduction and castration to her, and so over the months that followed, the media finally moved on. Jack himself had immediately quit football, of course, and also dropped out of college and went into hiding, trying to hide away from the press and the public, and trying to put some semblance of a life back together. 

Veronica had quietly tracked him down, however, and learned that he’d moved to a small rural town in Washington State, where he lived like a hermit. He had continued to take hormone replacement therapy to make up for his lost testicles, so he was just as fantastically handsome — and nearly as muscular — as the night the two had met. But he had never dated anyone else or ever had a romantic relationship again, instead becoming very quiet and introspective, and living on his own. 

Jack had become a very talented carpenter and wood worker, however, and crafted exquisitely beautiful furniture. Perhaps merely out of a desire to secretly have something of their real father in their lives, or perhaps out of a lingering and deeply suppressed sense of guilt, Veronica had amassed quite a collection of Jack Samson’s creations. At least one piece of furniture in each of the children’s bedrooms had been crafted by Jack’s own big, strong, powerful, and talented hands. She always purchased them through a series of intermediaries, was careful that nothing could ever be traced back to her, and always paid well over and above the asking price for each piece. And she was privately very pleased to maintain this secret connection with the fantastically handsome young man, and sometimes found herself absentmindedly stroking the grain of a particularly exquisite piece of furniture, knowing that her delicate hand was gliding over the wood that he had so lovingly and expertly carved. 

Speaking of furniture, with two little ones on the way, it was once again time to select some pieces for the nursery. She had her eye on a magnificently carved four-poster bed for one room, and an elegant low dresser for the other… 

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Castration Warehouse - Part 11

Castration Warehouse - Part Eleven

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


“Boys, line up!” Mitch exclaimed with lusty heartiness. “Let’s give our young stud here a final send off, and load his big muscle ass up with our juice.” As the other four men formed a line off to one side, the big blond turned to Jack, winked, and said, “We’re gonna give your balls a little rest… before I destroy them.” 

The first eager man moved around behind the bound stud, grabbed his muscular hips, and forced his cock into Jack’s still tight but sloppy hole. The cum of the previous loads served as an excellent lubricant, and the powerful man was able to quickly force his way past the young man’s muscular defenses and bury himself to the hilt. The grinding and grunting man then began to plow Jack’s well used ass, pumping himself in and out in slow strokes, really savoring the moment. His big hands played over Jack’s magnificently muscular body, gripping great handfuls of bruised and beefy flesh and tweaking the lad’s tortured nipples as he plundered the depths of the young man’s gorgeous muscle butt. 

It was perhaps fortunate for Jack that the four men had each already raped him at least once or twice before, for they weren’t quite as hard or aggressive the second or third time around. The downside, however, was that it took them much longer to cum. 

As each man fucked Jack, the relentless pounding of his battered and overactive prostate had the desired effect, sending the hyper virile stud over the edge into orgasm again and again and again. With each rape of his magnificent ass, the helpless young man moaned and grunted and shot out spectacularly huge ribbons of fresh stud cum to join the enormous lake of baby batter that had already formed on the floor. His colossal gonads had had time to recharge during the several hours of brutal punching he’d endured, and they were once again pumping out the stud’s supremely potent spunk in staggering displays of prime jock virility. 

But once all four men had had their turn, they began to line up again, and Jack knew even greater despair as they began fucking his ass all over again. Great rivers of cum were flowing down the insides of Jack’s enormously muscular legs as the men’s huge cocks forced the excess slurry of jizz to leak out of his used and abused ass. Jack himself kept right on cumming, too, even though each orgasm was tremendously painful. His brutalized sex organs were so deeply injured and bruised that just the act of swinging lazily between his massively muscular legs was painful enough, and when they would flex and convulse with each new ejaculation, squeezing down on their own traumatized tissues, the resulting agony was knee buckling, and kept increasing with every orgasm. And as the pain in his swollen orbs increased, the volume of his loads began to taper rather quickly after the first half dozen or so. After all, his behemoth bull balls had already been emptied completely dry twice that night, and had only had a couple of hours to recharge since their last extreme draining. Still, those mighty stud nuts produced an utterly astounding amount of prime jock jizz before the size of the cum loads began to drop off. By the end of the marathon fucking session, though, when all four men had cumulatively plowed Jack’s magnificent ass four times each, the young man’s now somewhat watery loads were paltry affairs compared to his earlier geyser-like ejaculations. Still extremely impressive compared to the cum loads of an average man, but much diminished from the staggering size of their earlier brothers. 

Jack was barely even moving in his bindings by the time each man had raped him a fourth time. He had long since lost the energy to struggle, and even his tears seemed to have all been expended. His entire body ached with a deep soreness unlike anything he had ever felt before, and the ring of his swollen and blistered asshole felt like it was on fire. His gigantic mule cock was a rock solid column of fiery pain, the much-abused organ having remained in its bloated and distended state for many hours straight by this point, and absolutely covered in shallow lacerations and welts. But nothing compared to the constant, throbbing agony that was his hideously bruised and bloated testicles, which each pulsed with the blazing heat of a thousand suns. His monumentally swollen bollocks hung extremely low, the dark purple, lacerated ballbag straining heroically to contain the goliath gonads within, both testicles having inflated to their absolutely maximum possible size from all of the abuse and trauma they had already endured, exceeding the epic size of the nuts on a bull elephant. 

The young man knew each thug was finished when he would remove a folding chair from the peg wall and plant himself in front of Jack, hungrily watching the other men have their way with the impossibly handsome hunk. In time, all four men were seated in front of Jack, eagerly awaiting the finale. 

Now it was finally Mitch’s turn. 

The enormous blond muscle giant hadn’t cum yet this entire night, though his monstrous cock had been leaking milky precum for hours. As he came to stand in front of the bound jock, Jack began to tremble in new fear, for other than the lad’s own gargantuan horse penis, none of the other men could hold a candle to the mighty 13-inch mega schlong that protruded so hard and proud from the blond man’s crotch. The majestic phallus was dripping long strands of ropey precum, for Mitch was powerfully turned on and eager to claim the young man’s hole. Still, he let Jack stare at his huge, throbbing cock for a few moments more, knowing that the young man’s growing terror would make his conquest even more sweet. 

Mitch then moved behind the quivering, shaking lad, lined himself up, and plunged his colossal cock up Jack’s well-churned ass all the way to the root in one mighty, brutal thrust. 

Jack felt like he was being torn in half by the sheer overwhelming size of Mitch’s monster cock, and his bellow of agony threatened to finally shatter the high windows on the warehouse wall. The blond bull pulled his cock almost all of the way out of Jack’s burning ass until only the huge, swollen head was still inside him, and then he plunged all of the way back in again like some sort of fleshy battering ram. Jack looked down at his belly in wide-eyed shock as he saw his tight and chiseled abs actually bulge slightly outward, the head of Mitch’s enormous cock slamming against the interior wall of his abdomen. It felt like he might die as the blond assailant proceeded to violently rearrange his insides, and all he could do was groan and scream and thrash in protest. 

The young man’s traitorous cock, however, looked to be galvanized even further by the anal assault, straining skyward and so freakishly hard that the skin stretched tightly around it looked like shiny glass. His poor prostate was taking its greatest beating yet, and Jack soon found himself hurtling toward another agonizing orgasm. 

Jack’s orgasm finally hit like a sledgehammer blow to the balls, the ill-used organs convulsing dramatically as they tried to pump out another huge stud load. By now, however, his poor gonads were so depleted that only a dozen or so weak spurts of watery cum shot out of his powerfully throbbing cock. His muscular guts clenched down as hard and tight as ever, clutching at the 13-inch mega cock buried inside him with incredible strength. 

Every previous time Jack’s convulsing muscles had gripped an invading cock like that, the muscular thug raping him had been quickly sent over the edge into a rapturous orgasm of his own, his body overcome by the sensation of the young man’s impossibly muscular body clutching so tightly at his cock. But Mitch just let out a low growl and started fucking even faster, the vise-like grip of Jack’s flexing muscles barely even slowing him down. Showing extraordinary cock control, Mitch rode out Jack’s entire orgasm without cumming himself, and then kept right on fucking. 

The young man was delirious with burning agony as the titanically muscular brute kept on pummeling his guts with his ridiculously huge cock. He thought he might actually pass out from pain and exhaustion, but the young stud’s jock body was just too strong, too tough, and he continued to suffer every moment of his beyond brutal rape. 

It didn’t take long, however, before the perpetually randy football hunk was nearing orgasm once again, his battered prostate unable to resist the steady pounding of Mitch’s fat cock. Jack sobbed with despair as he felt the too-familiar stirrings of an impending ejaculation building in his tortured loins, and he let out a wild scream as he hit orgasm yet again. Even smaller spurts of diluted cum squirted out of his cock, a dismal showing for this his 25th orgasm of the night. But once again, big Mitch exercised awesome cock control, riding through the younger man’s heaving orgasm without blowing his own cookies, and continuing to hammer away at the lad’s heaving guts. 

Mitch then kicked things up another notch, if that was even possible, and began fucking Jack’s ass like he was some sort of pistoning, destructive machine, slamming his hips against the young man’s enormously muscular glutes so hard that it had to hurt. Each driving thrust of his hips sent his own big, hard, lemon-sized bollocks colliding into Jack’s far, far larger but unspeakably bruised and profoundly wounded testicles. To Jack, it felt like the men were driving their fists into his heavy hanging sac again, so hard were Mitch’s rock solid nuts striking his much softer and puffier ones. But if the big blond man was feeling any pain from these self-inflicted testicular collisions, he showed no sign. 

Jack’s battered body had no choice but to endure this brutal assault as well, the steady slap-slap-slap of two muscular bodies colliding with great force almost completely drowned out the weak and pitiful moans escaping the young man’s lips. 

The young man was soon heading toward yet another orgasm, his third in a row under Mitch’s raping of his ass and his 26th of the night. Mitch could feel the telltale signs of a growing orgasm building inside of the young man’s weakly writhing body, and his thrusts became even faster and more violent, threatening to tear Jack’s asshole right out of him. The big blond giant allowed his own much-delayed orgasm to start to build as well, planning on letting loose at the same time as the bound football jock. 

Jack threw back his head and moaned weakly as his latest orgasm crashed into his battered loins like a wrecking ball. His titanic cock began to bob with mighty ejaculatory pulses, but only a few drops of barely milky fluid dripped out of his dilated piss slit. In contrast, Mitch let out a mighty roar a few seconds later, and began to power wash Jack’s violated insides with a truly goliath orgasm, nearing one of Jack’s own monumental loads in both power and volume. 

Mitch kept right on pumping his hips and filling Jack’s guts with his pearlescent goo long after the young man’s own comically weak ejaculation had come and gone. Jack’s rock hard, flat belly actually began to distend with the volume of hot spunk that was jetting into his bowels, and his blue eyes went wide at the sight. The warm, wet heat suffusing his guts actually felt almost pleasant at first, but as the volume grew and began to back up inside his intestines, the distention began to cause Jack’s belly to cramp. 

It took more than a full minute for Mitch to shoot his massive load up Jack’s well-churned ass, but even once his orgasm was complete, the blond giant barely even paused in his rutting, and kept right on fucking the college jock’s meaty ass. With each thrust of Mitch’s hips, great gouts of sperm shot out of Jack’s overloaded bowels, plastering their immensely muscular legs in the mixed ejaculations of five big, muscular men. Jack could only pathetically moan in agony and despair as the brutal rape of his ass continued. 

Mitch had incredible staying power, and he kept on grinding and thrusting his cock in and out of the handsome young man’s mighty ass for more a seeming eternity. Jack’s overactive libido just couldn’t take it, and he was forced to orgasm again and again and again, his titanic testicles flexing and squeezing in agony, but no more than a paltry few drops of downright watery jizz dripped out of his cock each time. Each orgasm was more painful than the last, especially now that his horrifically battered balls had been completely plundered and emptied for the THIRD time that night. It was only after Jack had helplessly and fruitlessly orgasmed four more times before Mitch let himself cum again over half an hour later, blasting a second enormous stud load up Jack’s leaking bum. 

But Mitch was a fucking MACHINE, and he still wouldn’t let up even after his second huge orgasm was complete! He wrapped his gigantic arms around Jack’s muscular torso, clutched him tight, and just kept right on riding the moaning and softly sobbing stud, pressing his body tight against the big football star and utterly dominating the helpless hunk. The big blond bull couldn’t believe how incredibly tight Jack’s ass was, especially after being fucked more than a dozen times by some really huge cocks, and he loved the way the lad’s guts gripped and squeezed at his massive invading schlong. It was the best fuck he’d ever had in his life, better than any mouth, pussy, or ass he’d fucked before, and part of him wished he could plow this ridiculously handsome and hung stud jock forever. 

The big blond giant fucked Jack’s ass raw for more than an hour more, forcing the quivering young man to orgasm another incredible eight more times, bringing his grand total of orgasms to a mind blowing 38. Each mighty orgasm was so powerful and intense that it felt like Jack’s balls were trying to turn themselves inside out. But by this time, not even a thin drool of watery liquid escaped the gaping and dilated piss slit of his bloated cock head, for the well of his staggering virility was well and truly dry. Hell, it looked like Mitch had fucked the lad into permanent impotence, succeeding in sterilizing the lad through excessive orgasms where he had failed with hours of beyond-brutal testicular tortures! 

Despite the lack of seminal fluids, however, Jack’s mammoth cock kept flexing and throbbing with each orgasm like he was pumping out a gallon of the stuff. His gigantic phallus was so bloated and swollen and distended that it had turned a purple nearly as dark as his trashed testicles, the tortured vasculature running up and down its length unlike anything any of the other men had seen before. Mitch occasionally grasped and stroked the magnificent man tool with his calloused hands, and continued to be astounded by how even his oversized hands couldn’t wrap all the way around the extraordinary girth of the lad’s record-shattering cock. 

It was past mid morning when Mitch decided to plant a third and final load up Jack’s tight shit chute. He kept on tightly hugging Jack’s magnificent body as he plowed his cock into the young man’s guts, and he leaned his head forward and began speaking into Jack’s ear, his rough stubble rubbing against the lad’s tremendously thick and muscular bison neck and his warm breath wafting across his face. 

“You’ve been an incredible fuck, boy,” Mitch said in his deep and rumbling baritone voice. “But it’s almost time for us to end our little game, so I’m going to flood your guts with my bull spunk one more time. And then in just a little while after that, the only sperm left inside your body is gonna be the jizz I’ve pumped up your ass. You’re gonna be shitting my load for a week, Jack!” 

The big man’s hips began to pick up speed as he pumped his cock in and out of the weakly struggling lad faster than ever before, really slamming his 13-inch monster home each time while Jack’s even bigger cock quivered and throbbed in the open air. All of the men could see the telltale signs of the handsome young man approaching yet another orgasm, and they knew that their leader would time his own orgasm perfectly to coincide with Jack’s. 

When Jack’s 39th orgasm hit, the pain was so insanely intense that he felt like he was transcending his body, reaching such an unbelievable level of agony that it nearly touched the divine. His humongous cock was throbbing so hard that he wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to see the pulped remains of his imploding testicles pumping out of its gaping tip in a macabre parody of a normal ejaculation. But instead, not a single drop of fluid came out of the wildly throbbing cock, further underscoring the utter decimation of this once-fabled virility. 

Mitch’s virility was still going strong, however, which he proved by squirting yet another gigantic load up the lad’s tight butt. The big man growled and roared as he experienced one of the best orgasms in his entire life, and he pumped what felt like a week’s worth of splooge up the young man’s battered tunnel. 

The big man kept on slowly rocking his hips forward and back long after his third ejaculation was complete, pumping his still rock hard cock in and out of Jack’s overloaded guts and enjoying the wet and sloppy sloshing sounds as his big dick stirred up the no less than 19 loads that had been planted inside the lad. It was another 10 or 15 minutes before Mitch slowly pulled his massive cock out of Jack’s clutching guts, the raw and puffy ring of his sphincter seemingly reluctant to let the huge organ go. As the huge, helmet-shaped cock head finally popped free, a huge geyser of sperm slurry erupted out of Jack’s butt with considerable power and force, his guts trying to void themselves of a truly insane amount of spunk. A good quart or so of the sticky and smelly stuff shot out before the surging river was reduced to a mere trickle running down the young man’s enormously muscular and exquisitely toned legs, restoring Jack’s distended abdomen to its former flat and deeply chiseled glory. 

Mitch gently patted the nearly unconscious lad on his deeply bruised and heavily welted ass, and then said to the others, “Okay boys, it’s time.” 

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Castration Warehouse - Part 10

Castration Warehouse - Part Ten

Based on an original story by RackTheSack 


Early morning sunlight was now streaming through upper windows, bathing the room in a warm golden light, and making Jack Samson’s bound and weakly struggling form even more magically stunning and beautiful. Despite all of the horrific abuses he had suffered that night, and all of the bruises, welts, and lacerations that marred his once-perfect flesh, the enormously muscular young college jock still looked as magnificent as ever, perhaps even more so. 

While the other men used the brief break to put away their canes and other instruments of torture, Mitch knelt down between Jack’s wide-spread legs and started undoing all of the bindings that were keeping his profoundly bruised and battered testicles stretched down to the very ends of their straining fleshy tethers. The big blond bull of a man first untied the three ropes anchoring Jack’s bulging bollocks to the floor, and then he began slowly unwinding the rope that was coiled about the greatly elongated neck of his scrotum, gradually releasing the terrific tension on the lad’s terribly ill-used testicles. When he was done and Jack’s humongous balls were once again allowed to hang free, Mitch was surprised to discover that the massive gonads were now sagging down even lower in their sac than ever before. Maybe even permanently — not that that would matter for much longer — the extraordinary resiliency of even the lad’s mighty ball cords and cables finally starting to wane. The sight was powerfully erotic to the big blond giant, and a cruel smirk twisted his handsome lips as he lightly swatted the gigantic and unspeakably meaty ballbag, causing it to swing ponderously between Jack’s immense thighs. 

Mitch stood up and turned to the other big muscle men, saying, “We’ve got a bona fide he-man on our hands here. This handsome lad has endured everything that we’ve dished out, and he’s so far survived with his manhood almost completely intact. We therefore have the unprecedented opportunity to really pull out all the stops, and give him everything we’ve got. Boys, it’s time that we scramble some eggs!” 

The other four men moved forward to surround Jack, evil and malicious grins splitting their faces, while Mitch stood back and crossed his big arms, apparently content to just watch. The four huge muscle thugs started flexing their fists and eyeing over the quivering young man’s utterly magnificent body, picking out their favorite targets. 

And then they began to use the bound stud’s extraordinarily muscular body as a human punching bag. 

All four men were immensely strong and they no longer held back, striking the muscular college jock’s defenseless body with eager and reckless abandon, and pummeling nearly every part of his thrashing and quaking form. The thick and very beefy smacking sounds of bare-knuckled fists impacting with incredibly thick and rock solid muscles was soon echoing throughout the large room, accompanied by the grunts, cries, and moans of the unfortunate stud himself. Favorite targets included his deep and muscular armpits, where they would grind their knuckles and dig the lush pit hair into the lad’s tender and welted flesh; his beefy and mounding pecs, taking extra care to mash his bruised, blistered, and bleeding nipples; his bulging upper arms, trying to pulverize those massive and beautifully carved muscles and reduce them to mush; his densely muscular back, already covered in a multitude of welts and lacerations; and his exquisitely carved flanks and midsection, trying to cave in his muscular belly and shatter his internal organs. They even pummeled and punished his gloriously muscular legs, hammering his hamstrings, pounding his inner thighs, clobbering his quads, and clubbing his calves. 

The fists were falling like near constant hammer blows, landing hard enough to rend flesh and break bones on any other man. But Jack’s enormously muscular body was built of such ferociously strong and sturdy stuff that his great beefy bulk endured even this most brutal of abuses. Deep bruises of angry red and vibrant purple were erupting all over his majestic body, but the great muscles girding his large frame repelled even the most powerful of blows. 

The same could not be said for Jack’s far more vulnerable cock and balls. 

While the four men greatly enjoyed using Jack’s ridiculously muscular body as a beefy sand bag, their focus was of course on the young lad’s already heavily bruised and battered genitalia, and there was always at least one thug slugging the kid’s massive meat and potatoes. Punching Jack’s cock was often a two-man affair, with one muscular brute holding a tight double-handed grip on a section of the thick, vein-gnarled shaft, and the other hammering his fists into the throttled and strangled meat. Fists pounded into the root of the great organ, trying to tear it loose from its tight moorings. Punches rained straight down into the center of the cock shaft, trying to snap the incredibly girthy tool in half. Knuckles dug deep into the shiny, glistening, bloated bulb of Jack’s cock head, mashing hard into the spongy tissues. Jack’s monumentally tumescent cock continued to somehow endure, but it was taking a hell of a beating. 

The young man’s colossal balls fared even worse as they were continuously slugged and pummeled from every possible direction, racking up even more bruises as the traumatized tissues were forced to warp and bend into ever more unnatural shapes, the dense and beefy flesh slowly but steadily softening up more and more. Poor Jack was reduced to making animal sounds of pure agony, great screeches and thundering bellows emanating from the depths of his thick, muscle-plated chest as he was forced to endure greater levels of pain than he had thought humanly possible. His great sperm tanks started swelling in earnest now, the unbelievably heavy abuse reaching right down to the very core of each mammoth orb, causing trauma and damage throughout their absolutely enormous mass. 

Incredibly, this absolutely merciless pummeling continued for nearly two solid hours, with young Jack’s magnificent body absorbing enough abuse to kill a hundred men. The four big thugs were finally forced to take a break, each of them panting in exertion themselves, having just had the greatest workout of their lives. The hunky and handsome college jock hung almost motionless in his chains, an occasional spasm or shudder running through his horribly battered body, nearly comatose with the pain. His formerly beyond perfect physique was now a beautiful wreck, his entire form a mass of bruises and welts and lacerations and swollen tissues, only his achingly handsome face left untouched and pristine. His great cock, still impossibly hard after his ordeal, looked just as bruised and battered as the rest of his weary body, but managed to not lose an ounce of its power or turgid magnificence. His behemoth balls were so outrageously mauled and mangled as to not even resemble a pair of human testicles anymore. Now glowing an almost uniformly vibrant purple so dark as to almost be black, the titanic testicles had swollen and bloated to nearly twice their original size from all of the terrific trauma they’d sustained, leaving coconuts far behind to approach the size of the very largest of ostrich eggs. Jack’s balls had swollen to their absolute maximum size, looking like they were ready to rip open the fibrous outer walls straining to contain their bloated contents, and spill their mangled guts into his battered ballsac. Previously invisible veins along the surface of each nut were now bloated to monstrous size as well and protruded all over their goliath mass, making it look like scores of thick dark worms were wriggling all over each rotund ball. 

Mitch stepped forward and began a new digital inspection of the handsome lad’s hideously bloated balls, and he grinned in satisfaction as his fingers were now able to plunge deep into the formerly turgid and extraordinarily — one might even say unnaturally — solid flesh. The two testes were amazingly still unbroken and structurally intact, but they had softened up dramatically under the unrelenting abuse, wearing down a tremendous amount of their freakish power and resilience. But the big blond bull could sense some significant reserves of strength still locked inside of those huge cajones, and so he prepared to take his own turn at the human punching bag. 

The big man cocked back his left fist, the muscles of his arm bulging and swelling to ridiculously gigantic proportions, and then sent his massive fist shooting forward with terrifying speed and power, colliding directly with the center of Jack’s monstrously bloated right nut. Jack’s handsome head snapped back and his beautiful blue eyes flew open in a look of almost comical surprise and shock, for it felt like his right bollock had just been punched right out of his bag to strike the brick wall dozens of yards behind him. He was just sucking in a huge lungful of air to scream when Mitch launched a brutal upper cut with his right fist, crushing his left testicle dangerously flat against his muscular crotch. Jack found his voice and uttered his most window-vibrating bellow of agony yet, as it felt like a nuclear bomb had just exploded inside of his dark purple, gruesomely bloated ballsac. 

The testicular punishment that followed was a vicious assault of truly epic proportions on the young man’s steadily failing manhood, an attack of such violence and utter lack of mercy that it was difficult to describe. The big blond thug was by far the strongest man in the room, likely one of the strongest men in the entire world, and he used every ounce of that muscular power to hammer and pound the lad’s screaming, swelling testicles. Even the other four brutes, eager as they were to destroy the gorgeous young man’s gigantic balls, had to occasionally wince or flinch in sympathetic pain themselves whenever Mitch landed a particularly vicious punch, which was often. 

An average man’s delicate testicles couldn’t have hoped to survive even ONE such annihilating blow, let alone the dozens, and then scores, and then HUNDREDS of pistoning bare-knuckled punches that Jack’s already redlining nuts were receiving. The tortured lad could only sob and scream and thrash as his weakening balls were struck and pounded from every direction, shock waves of destructive force reverberating throughout their vast and voluminous interiors even as the next blow hit. It seemed utterly impossible that any object made solely of flesh and blood could survive such insane levels of abuse, let alone a man’s unprotected testicles, but Jack’s mighty meaty balls somehow endured, valiantly holding onto their crumbling structural integrity even as their remaining strength and resilience was being literally pounded right out of them. 

Mitch was a true maestro when it came to testicular torture, and he knew how to run that very fine line between punishment and destruction, while maximizing the pain that his subjects suffered. And NO ONE had ever before suffered as much as Jack was suffering now. The handsome young muscle bull was simply MADE for torture and hard abuse, his exquisite physique and gargantuan genitals able to endure extremes of brutality that would outright slay a lesser mortal. Mitch was having the greatest time of his life as he further scrambled the handsome college jock’s monumentally oversized spunk bunkers, steadily turning them into hamburger meat, and he only wished that he had a hundred such magnificent studs to use and abuse, for he knew that he would never see Jack’s like again. 

The big blond pugilist made sure to land his punches evenly across all of that enormous volume of prime testicular real estate, careful to not strike the same spot too many times for fear of causing the thick and fibrous outer wall to crack and cave in too soon. Nevertheless, despite his unequalled skill, Mitch was pushing the extreme outer limits of those mighty balls’ tolerance, and it was as much a testament to Jack’s super human strength and resilience as it was Mitch’s skill that the lad’s big boulder balls didn’t prematurely break under the hideous onslaught of abuse. 

After more than twenty minutes and well over a THOUSAND punches right to the gonads, a lust-crazed Mitch suddenly wrapped his huge left hand around the long neck of Jack’s scrotum and violently yanked his titanic testicles forward, very nearly ripping the beyond-bloated sex organs from Jack’s straining crotch. He then took his huge right fist and slammed it downward full force onto the trapped organs with pulverizing force, striking right into the seam between the two hulking huevos and therefore hammering both battered sex glands at once. The bloated and bulging organs were instantly crushed more than halfway flat, forced to absorb every ounce of the thunderous blow, and the piteous howl that escaped from Jack’s ragged throat made the other thugs laugh and smile in delight. Mitch brought his fist down like a pile driver again, and again, and once again, each time dramatically flattening the now disturbingly soft and yielding orbs. 

With a rictus of a grin etched across his ruggedly handsome face, Mitch threw himself into the task, his fist becoming a blurred piston as he unleashed his greatest orgy of abuse yet on the trapped balls. The big blond was steadily pounding Jack’s stones into rubble, and he was loving every minute of it. The solid and beefy thuds of the earlier punches had long since become wet and messy splats, the gigantic testicles feeling like oval spheres of warm oatmeal beneath Mitch’s pounding fists. Any blow seemed to be the one destined to shatter the young man’s failing nuts, but somehow, incredibly, impossibly, they continued to stoically endure, doggedly refusing to burst. 

The beyond brutal piston punches continued for at least five minutes, though it must have felt like an eternity in the lowest pits of Hell to poor Jack. Wherever the blond thug’s fist would land, the young man’s deeply bruised nut meat would cave in, denting profoundly as the invading fist drove knuckles first into the throbbing heart of his failing manhood. Mitch would then haul his fist out of the hideously distorted shapes of the two tortured testes, and before the beleaguered orbs even had a chance to rebound into something approaching their normal ovoid shapes, the huge blond ball wrecker was slamming his huge fist into the profoundly wounded nut meat from yet another direction. It was a testicular slaughter of legendary proportions. 

Mitch finally came up for air, releasing Jack’s utterly mangled nuts and gasping to regain his own breath, his own achingly hard 13-inch bull cock sticking out straight before him and leaking an extraordinary amount of glistening precum. His fevered gaze drank in the staggeringly erotic sight of the handsome muscle hunk, his glorious body bruised and battered from neck to toes, his massive battered cock still a raging hardon of hot steel, and his hideously savaged and mutilated ballsac looking like a huge, heavy, purple sack of ground chuck. Mitch had somehow managed to coax a bit more swelling out of Jack’s nuts, such that each goliath gonad had now more than doubled in size, exceeding even the lofty dimensions of the largest of ostrich eggs. 

Mitch reached down to cradle Jack’s giant goolies, filling even his enormous hands to well beyond overflowing, and squeezed their mushy contents. Hard. His thick fingers dug deep into the heavily traumatized tissues, making the big blond bull grin even bigger, and he pulped and palpated those huge orbs for several minutes, really digging his strong digits deep into Jack’s nut flesh. But after several long minutes of thorough digital examination, Mitch couldn’t find any significant cracks or breaks in the walls of either of Jack’s titanically swollen nuts, and could only conclude that the lad’s gigantic bollocks were miraculously, impossibly, still largely intact! The kid’s behemoth balls just didn’t know when to quit! They were serious gluttons for punishment! Mitch could hardly wait to harm them even more! 

The big man finally released Jack’s profoundly worked-over balls and placed his left hand around the back of the young man’s thick bison neck, pulling the young man’s handsome sweat- and tear-stained head down until their foreheads touched. “Oh Jack,” Mitch breathed into the young man’s face, his already deep voice thickened with unbridled lust, “what a magnificent stud you are! We’ve messed up those bull balls of yours something good, but those fuckers are still ALIVE! Heavily damaged, and probably wrecked for good, but still whole and solid! Fuck, boy, you’re a BEAST, plain and simple, and I only wish we had more time to play with you.” 

Mitch then lifted his right knee slowly upward into Jack’s low-hanging mass of mangled ball flesh, toying with the massive sac and gently grinding the swollen mass into the young man’s groin. 

“Now Jack, I want you to watch me ram my knee into your nuts. I want you to bear witness as I massacre what’s left of your huge balls, and murder all of your unborn children. Come on, Jack, count with me!” Handsome Jack could only wearily sob in response, his eyes staring down in horror and despair at the outrageously muscular leg cocked back and ready to slam into his nearly broken nuts. 

With a loud grunt and a mighty heave, Mitch drove his big bony knee with pulverizing force directly into Jack’s throbbing nuts, instantly pancaking the dark purple orbs against the young man’s chiseled and muscular crotch. The blow was so devastating that it very nearly drove all of the air out of Jack’s big lungs, and his beautiful blue eyes bulged comically from his head as he suffered the incalculable agony of that single knee strike. 

Wrapping his gargantuan arms around Jack’s shoulders and neck to keep his balance, Mitch continued the butchering of the young stud’s manhood by alternating his knees back and forth, thrusting them full force into the howling lad’s groin again and again and again. The resulting carnage was greater than any abuse that had come before, with Mitch landing blows so powerful that even Jack’s hale and hearty balls from almost 12 hours earlier would have been hard pressed to survive. Perversely, both of their monster cocks remained rock hard and dripping throughout the bollock-breaking bloodbath, rubbing hard against the other man’s washboard abdomen and leaving glistening trails of crystalline precum on each other’s bodies. 

Mitch was no longer holding anything back, not trying to preserve Jack’s testicles any more as he pounded away at the young man’s gargantuan nuts, seeking nothing less than their complete and utter liquidation. The feel of those hot, huge, mushy nuts collapsing against the enormous muscles of his bare thighs over and over and over again shot the blond bull to stratospheric levels of erotic ecstasy that he’d never imagined before, which only spurred him to even greater efforts. Mitch knew that he must have long since extinguished any lingering remnant of the epic stud’s super human virility by this point, but he wouldn’t settle for anything less than the complete annihilation and extermination of those two titanic testicles. 

But Jack’s herculean nuts valiantly and stubbornly refused to break, despite having now been reduced to the consistency of Jell-o. 

“WHY!! WON’T!! YOU!! BREAK!!!” Mitch bellowed as he landed his hardest knee slams yet, threatening to shatter Jack’s pelvis in the process. 

With a final, almighty knee slam, Mitch buried his entire thigh into the nearly liquid orbs, grinding his leg with pulverizing strength into the almost completely flattened gonads and threatening to pop them once and for all. 

That final blow must have triggered something deep in Jack’s hideously mangled sexual plumbing, for the young man suddenly and unexpectedly hit orgasm for the first time in several hours, and his thirteenth orgasm of his captivity. 

Mitch and the other men had long since concluded that young Jack had already been effectively rendered into a eunuch, his mighty spunk bunkers reduced to an impotent mass of wrecked and ruined flesh. But the breathtakingly handsome young man was about to prove them all wrong, in a very big way. 

A sudden gush of wet and sloppy heat exploded against Mitch’s chest and abs, and he looked down in shocked wonder in time to see Jack’s trapped cock release a second massive pulse of thick and creamy sperm between their two muscular bodies. Even as the big blond thug continued to saw his enormous thigh into the young man’s flattened orbs, Jack’s monstrous stallion cock belched out what was quickly proving to be his biggest and most powerful load of the entire night. Truly humongous ropes and ribbons of blindingly white cum spurted out messily from between their two enormously muscular bodies, and even more slugs and globs of the funky and smelly effluent dripped down from between their joined crotches to splatter loudly into the veritable ocean of procreative fluids beneath them both. 

The spectacular purging of Jack’s tortured loins went on for several long minutes, and was both defiant proof that his fantastic hyper virility was still very much alive and intact, and a liquid and literal ‘white flag’ of surrender against the unspeakably brutal and merciless abuse. 

Mitch kept grinding his knee into Jack’s spasming bull nuts long after the last dregs of his shockingly mammoth load had drizzled out of his diamond hard cock, his pumping hips making it look like he was fucking the front of the young man’s bound and suspended body. His enormous 13-inch cock slopped through the hot and gooey soup of fresh stud spunk that was glueing their bodies together from neck to mid thigh, rubbing hard against the magnificent cobblestones of Jack’s rock hard belly. 

He finally relented, though, and pulled his knee out of Jack’s blubbery and bloated balls, and then took a couple of steps back. Nearly a hundred hot and chunky ribbons of impossibly thick spunk continued to connect their bodies, however, a jaw dropping display of Jack’s supreme, undaunted, and undiminished virility completely painting both of their bodies and blinding and glistening white from their necks to their knees. Mitch kept taking slow steps backward, stretching out the thick strands of cum until they finally snapped one by one, freeing him of his wet and messy connection to the younger man’s body. 

“Fuck, Jack!!” Mitch said, his deeply impressed awe clear in his baritone voice. “That was fucking INSANE!! I can’t believe that your balls are still FUNCTIONAL after all of the abuse I just put them through! But I guess the ‘proof is in the pudding’, as they say, and you fucking shot out a shit ton of pudding just now!” 

Jack gave no visible reaction in response, his body sagging in its restraints and his head hanging low, panting and heaving to catch his breath after the monumental purge he’d just finished. His hideously bloated balls were hanging down farther than ever, looking like a pair of purple, vein-gnarled melons in their bruised and abraded sac, and almost visibly throbbing in a hellish inferno of inhuman pain. 

“I think such an almighty display deserves a special reward,” Mitch then said, idly scraping a messy handful of the thick nut slop off of his chest and belly and tossing it wetly onto the floor.