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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Pyntherian Saga - Part Nine

Pyntherian Saga — Part Nine
Based on an original story by Robert Moon


Jake Spanner couldn’t believe his deep blue eyes! There, shackled before him and not more than 50 feet away, was his own legendary father, one of the greatest Space Ranger heroes of all time! Brock Spanner had been believed to be dead, killed in action during the first defeat of the evil Emperor Khrang, incinerated when the vile dictator vaporized his own palace in order to cover his retreat. But here the man was, alive and in the wicked clutches of the cruel Emperor! The young man’s heart leapt at the sight of being reunited with his long lost father. 

The older man was obviously tired and drained, for he lifted his handsome head with visible effort. But when his own deep blue eyes locked with the nearly identical eyes of his son, recognition and hope caused those dull, tired orbs to flare with new life. 

Big Brock Spanner had obviously suffered greatly under Emperor Khrang’s ungentle ministrations. The big man may have been nearly 50 years old in chronological age, but had a biological age of well under 30 due to his supremely superior genetics. Big Brock was therefore still an extraordinary paragon of masculinity, second in the entire galaxy perhaps only to his even more extraordinary son. His musculature was positively unreal, gargantuan muscles bulging enormously all over an equally gargantuan frame. His rugged and chiseled face, with the legendary Spanner rock-solid jawline, deep set blue eyes, and breathtakingly handsome features, could have passed for a man decades younger, making him look more like Jake’s slightly older brother than his father. But the past 5 years had clearly not been kind to the big brute of a man. Jagged scars marred that handsome face and fantastic physique, long-healed evidence of obvious mistreatment at the hands of his wicked captor. And the handsome man’s overall appearance was drained, almost haggard, like he hadn’t been allowed to sleep in over a month. 

Far more profoundly disturbing, however, were the changes that had been wrought on Brock’s titanic genitals. Growing up, Jake had never seen his father naked, though he knew that his mighty sire shared the young man’s spectacular genetic gifts between his equally muscular thunder thighs. But the humongous, limp member hanging forlornly between Brock’s battle scarred legs barely resembled a human penis anymore. The massive, flaccid organ looked puffy, distended, and bruised, clear evidence of the extreme overuse it had suffered over the past 5 years. And even more so than the rest of Brock’s battered body, his mighty horse cock was covered in scars and cuts and burns along its entire length. 

And what a length! Jake had thought his gargantuan, 16-inch limp mule dick to be the largest phallus in the universe, but his dad now had him beat hands down! Brock’s massive, mangled horse cock had to be at LEAST 20 inches long in its completely flaccid state, maybe even 22 inches!! And its goliath thickness dwarfed even that of Jake’s spectacularly girthy rod. 

Despite the wounded, bloated appearance of Brock’s mauled and battered bull cock, it still created a magnificent sight, an utterly spectacular and beautiful masculinity that knew no equal. 

Jake’s wide eyes drank in all of these details before finally traveling down the length of a thick, heavily scarred scrotum to the double mass of man meat dangling enormously at the bottom of that huge pouch. Jake wasn’t even sure whether he should call the two lumps hanging there ‘balls’ at first, for they were so grotesquely bloated and misshapen as to bear little resemblance to the oblong, spherical shapes of a healthy set of human bollocks. The two lumpy, blocky, swollen masses of testicular flesh were positively colossal in size, easily dwarfing Jake’s own record-breaking, blue ribbon bull balls, but at the same time looked completely mangled and wrecked. In fact, Jake guessed that his father’s mighty bollocks had indeed been cracked and even broken numerous times in the past 5 years, only to be painstakingly reassembled and repaired. Taken to the very brink of permanent annihilation and destruction countless times, and then brought back from the brink through a combination of toughness, luck, and Brock’s own innate resilience. 

Tears began streaming down Jake’s stunningly handsome face as he witnessed the results of the cruelties and depravities that had been heaped upon his missing father, and Brock’s blue eyes also welled with tears with bittersweet emotions from finally seeing his beloved son once more. 

“Ah, such a touching reunion!” Emperor Khrang taunted with a cruel smile twisting his thin lips. “I’m glad that this father-son duo is finally back together again after all of these years. The two mightiest Space Rangers in the storied history of the corps, and both in my tender clutches! It’s almost too good to be true!” 

“As you can see, Jake, your father has been significantly ‘enhanced’ since you last saw him. It was trial and error there for a long time as I experimented with various methods to increase the productivity of his mighty man nuts, and a few of those experiments nearly ended with the loss of those big beauties, but I finally hit upon an ingenious combination of growth hormones, enhancement serums, and good old-fashion vacuum pumping to get Brock’s already gigantic genitals to swell to even more prodigious size. Why, his LIMP elephant cock is very nearly as long and thick as your magnificent 24-inch mega boner, Jake! Impressive, no? You should see Brock’s giga cock when it’s fully hard. I’ve gotten that massive phallus to bloat as big as 33.5 inches in the past!! But you’re naturally even bigger than your father was when I first captured him, so I’m sure I’ll be able to get YOUR beautiful bull cock to swell even BIGGER!!!”

Jake shuddered involuntarily at the thought of having his own huge junk enlarged to such monstrous and grotesque dimensions. As it was, he was nearly too big to fuck any human orifice, and if Khrang could indeed get his mammoth horse cock to swell even bigger than its already spectacular size, then he’d likely be forced to remain celibate for the rest of his life! 

“I think a little demonstration is in order, Jake!” Emperor Khrang continued. “Let me show you how my ‘augmentation’ system works. Your dear old dad has been subjected to this enhancement process for nearly 5 years now, and not only has his huge mule cock nearly doubled in size, but the man’s phenomenal virility has been increased by many orders of magnitude. Since this very same system will be used on your own mighty physique shortly, I thought you might like to see how it works first!” 

Khrang pressed more buttons on his hidden control panel, and new devices were extruded out of the floor surrounding the bound and defenseless Brock, while his son Jake looked on in mute and helpless horror. A huge and heavy steel collar rose up out of the floor and snapped shut around the base of Brock’s behemoth bollocks, pulling sharply down on the huge man lumps until they were stretched to an extraordinary 14 or 15 inches from his muscular crotch, causing the unnaturally thick and tough ball cords to bulge enormously through the thin and overstretched skin of the man’s much-abused scrotum. 

At the same time, an enormous clear cylinder rose up out of the floor, its open end aiming for Brock’s massive, limp cock. The cylinder was made of a transparent and specially hardened nano-ceramic, and was far, far larger than seemed necessary to engulf even Brock’s oversized member, for it measured at least 5 feet long and had an interior diameter of a good 12 inches. Nevertheless, the cylinder did indeed consume the full length of the older man’s huge cock with plenty of room to spare, the clear rubber padding around the mouth of the cylinder forming a perfect seal against the hard, muscular surface of Brock’s mighty groin. 

An enormous anal probe, far thicker than the one that had recently been used on Jake, also rose up out of the floor and began to plow into Brock’s mighty, muscular backside. The young man’s father had obviously been fucked by such monstrous objects many times in the past, for the big man barely flinched in pain as the probe relentlessly plunged up his shit chute, invading a foot or more up the stud’s massively muscular ass. 

As Jake watched in sick fascination, the gigantic cock cylinder levered upward until it was only about 30 degrees from upright, the flaccid organ within bending and almost coiling at the bottom of the device. Jake then heard a faint hiss of air as the cylinder began to suck the air out of the clear tube, forcing the huge penis within to start to bloat and expand. 

Big Brock began to moan and groan in a mixture of pleasure and pain as the combination of the brutal stretching of his balls, the vibration and hammering of his prostate, and the vacuum suction on his huge cock caused his massive phallus to start to bloat and harden within the clear cylinder. Jake almost could not believe his eyes as he watched his dad’s cock bloat and swell far beyond any conceivable human dimensions, leaving even his gold medal two-footer in the dust. As Brock’s cock bloated and swelled into grotesque tumescence, previously hidden stretch marks began to grow and expand all along the colossal cock shaft, evidence of many previous sessions within the cruel vacuum tube. In a matter of minutes, Brock’s goliath cock had added nearly a foot to its already super human length, and an equally monstrous increase in its colossal girth. Fresh tears welled in Jake’s eyes as he watched his father’s behemoth bull cock, the very penis that was responsible for Jake’s own existence, being cruelly used and distorted for Emperor’s Khrang’s twisted pleasure. 

“Your father’s beast cock now measure’s an extraordinary 32 beef-bloated inches!! Extraordinary, no? Like I said, I’ve gotten his huge monster cock to swell even bigger than that in the past, but at 33.5 inches, the titanically tumescent cock was very near the bursting point, so we’ll just keep it at ‘ONLY’ 32 inches for now…” 

Khrang chuckled once again at his own attempts at humor, then continued explaining the device to young Jake. 

“Now, like you, big Brock would quickly deplete his body if I didn’t constantly replace his fluids. IV lines are already running in your father’s muscle-corded forearms, but even those numerous lines wouldn’t be enough to replenish Brock’s fluids as fast as his huge bull nuts are now able to produce his top quality spunk. I’ve therefore found that additional IV lines are required.” 

Another press of a button, and more than a dozen additional robotic arms rose up out of the metal floor, each tipped with a large, wicked-looking needle that had to be 3 or 4 inches long. Each of these mechanical arms tilted backward, looking like they were loaded on springs, and then with a speed and suddenness that made Jake jump, all of the robotic arms struck like snakes, plunging their needles to the hilt into the incredibly dense beef of Brock’s trapped and bulging bull nuts. 

The big man roared in pain as his gigantic nuts were harpooned from every angle, each nut impaled by 8 or 9 thick, steel needles. Jake cried out in sympathy for his dad, unable to help the older man as his huge nuts, the seat of his magnificent manhood, were cruelly speared like massive, meaty pincushions. The younger man was panting in horror at what he saw happening to his father, and his terror ratcheted up several more notches as he saw various colored fluids began to pump through the thick plastic tubing connected to each needle, forcing these fluids into the very heart of Brock’s massive nuts. 

“The fluids you see pumping into your father’s huge balls are genius concoctions of my own devising. The fluids contain a mixture of saline, electrolytes, and protein-enriched nutrients that his balls will now use as raw materials for producing even more of his thick and chunky sperm. The fluids also contain a testicular accelerant that greatly quickens the maturation of process of Brock’s sperm cells, reducing their manufacture time from hours to a matter of minutes. Just sit back and watch the results…” 

Khrang’s face then disappeared from the overhead video screen, allowing Jake to focus all of his attention on his groaning and moaning father. Even as Jake watched, Brock Spanner’s melon-sized testicles began to visibly swell even larger still, bloating with a combination of IV fluids and chunky stud cum, which was now being produced at such a phenomenal rate that it eclipsed even Jake’s super human seminal output. Brock’s mighty mammoth of a cock began to powerfully twitch and throb within the clear vacuum tube. Finger-thick veins coursing up and down the colossal cock shaft swelled even larger still as the older man was aroused to greater and greater heights, the combination of the anal invader plundering his ass, the ferocious vacuum suction of his monster cock, and the terrible stretching of his overburdened whale balls bringing him closer and closer to release. 

Another hatch opened in the floor, and a large clear cylinder began to rise from beneath the deck. The crystal tube was approximately 5 feet tall and more than a foot in diameter, and dark plastic tubing ran from the base of the cylinder to the enormous suction machine attached to Brock’s grotesquely tumescent bull cock. Even without seeing the device before, Jake instantly knew that this storage cylinder would shortly be capturing the massive load steadily building in his father’s huge and heaving nuts. 

Thick, clear, gelatinous precum began to burp and ooze from the gaping piss slit of Brock’s hyper swollen bull cock, proof of just how close the big man was to cumming. But the huge Space Ranger was clearly trying to hold back the floodgates of his impending orgasm by sheer will alone, embarrassed and ashamed at being forced to cum in front of his long lost son. Jake could see the strain on his father’s chiseled and heroically handsome features, as the big man clenched his powerful jaw and held back as long as he could. But just like his hunky son, Brock’s ferociously potent virility could not be denied, and soon it was time. 

Even Jake, who was long accustomed to the gargantuan cum loads his own mega balls produced on a regular basis, was unprepared for the sheer size and violent force of Brock’s orgasm. The big man tossed back his handsome head and uttered a deafening bellow that was equal parts ecstasy, agony, and despair, and his Herculean cock began firing off the largest slugs of stud sperm that Jake had ever seen. The great tube running up the underside of Brock’s monster cock was easily an inch in diameter, and the great gouts and sprays of spunk jettisoning from the gaping opening at the end of that huge dong were just as thick. The bottom of the clear storage canister began to quickly fill with fresh bull sperm as slug after slug after massive slug of spunk was pumped out of Brock’s powerfully throbbing tool. 

Jake was witnessing a rape of unutterably epic proportions, and could only watch in open mouthed wonder as Brock’s mighty balls manufactured fresh spunk just as fast as the fluids and nutrients could be fed into the deep heart of each titanic testicle. Minute after minute ticked by, and gallon after gallon after gallon of precious white gold was plundered from Brock’s straining and heaving balls, steadily filling up the massive cylinder with the thickest, gloopiest cum Jake had ever seen. 

After nearly 15 minutes of continuous, non-stop orgasm, big Brock’s titanic deluge of cum finally began to slowly ebb, but not before the 40-gallon canister was filled nearly to the very top with the fruits of his beyond-prodigious loins. Even the hyper virile Jake couldn’t believe that so much thick nut slop had been produced in just one monumental orgasm, as it was nearly ten times the size of Jake’s largest ever load. 

With his epic orgasm finally over, Brock’s handsome head slumped forward in exhaustion and shame, and his heaving panting could be heard echoing throughout the entire vast chamber. Jake could only stare at his father in wonder for several long moments, but his reverie was soon broken as Emperor Khrang once again appeared on the huge screen above the two men. 

“As you can see, Jake, your father’s augmented sperm production vastly exceeds even your stratospheric abilities. But don’t worry — once I have finished augmenting YOUR abilities, you’ll soon be able to eclipse even your father’s legendary fecundity!” 

“Now, you may be wondering, exactly what do I DO with all of this sperm that I’ve harvested from your father. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, I’ve been using Brock’s mighty sperm to create the army of super soldiers that you’ve seen all over this ship. Yes, these massive muscle warriors are your own brothers, Jake! Hard not to see the family resemblance, right? Great height, enormous muscles, handsome square-jawed features. Even their mighty genitalia, though none are quite as prodigious as yours, Jake.” 

“Yes, I’ve been using your father for the past 5 years in my quest to create the perfect soldier, one who is unstoppably strong and unshakably loyal. And your father has been the perfect source of the genetics I required for my super soldiers, as each and every male child he produces has been without exception a powerful, muscular giant, a paragon of manhood. I have breeding creches on all of my imperial spacecraft, including the one you’re currently standing in, each containing women that I have gathered from all over the galaxy, selected and chosen for their own beauty and superior genetics. The seed I harvest from your father is transported to each of these ships, where it is carefully portioned out and used to inseminate the tens of thousands of women in my breeding pens.” 

“But how do I make these men my loyal slaves, you ask? Well, that’s where my true genius comes into play. Once a male child is born, it is placed inside a special growth chamber, and special growth hormones, chemicals, and reagents fed directly into their bloodstream. This serum vastly accelerates the maturation process, causing these infants to grow at a truly fantastic rate and reaching adulthood in approximately one year. As they are growing, their minds are bombarded by indoctrination programming, eliminating any sense of will and individuality and making the resulting soldier completely and utterly loyal to me. I have already produced over 100,000 of these elite super soldiers, and there are more on the way!” 

“There has been only one flaw in my breeding program — the accelerated maturation process renders each of the male soldiers sterile. They cannot produce offspring of their own. I’ve therefore been forced to keep Brock on as my prime stud bull and sole source of seed. That is also why I had to find a way to augment Brock’s already prodigious virility in order to obtain the volume of sperm I needed in order to create my unstoppable army. But I’ve still been left with the problem of how to maintain the production of my super soldiers considering that they cannot father offspring of my own. I’ve been unable to find a solution to that quandary…until you came along!” 

“As fantastically handsome and powerful and virile and genetically perfect as your father Brock is, YOU possess an even GREATER set of genetic gifts, and are an improvement on your father in every respect. How such a wealth of genetic gifts were created in just one human male, we may never know — even your greatest scientists back on Old Earth could never have purposely created a man as perfect and gifted as you, Jake. And not only are you bigger, stronger, and even more virile than your father, you also possess the key I’ve been searching for to unlock the fertility issue!” 

“I used hidden drones to obtain a sample of your sperm from your very first ejaculation here on Pyntheria, and my various tests and experiments have indisputably concluded that children fathered by your super potent sperm will be immune to the sterilization effects of my maturation process, just as you are immune to the sterilization plague that I unleashed upon this world! Therefore, once I have bred a sufficient number of sons from you, and the first batch have been grown to adulthood and can father offspring of their own, then I will finally have no further need of a Space Ranger slave such as yourself.” 

“But I am perhaps getting a little ahead of myself.” 

“I came to this beautiful paradise of a world in order to hatch my plans for the eventual conquest of the entire galaxy. I have long since perfected my process for creating my super soldiers, and I needed a world where I could begin to scale up their production process. An army of only 100,000 soldiers, even soldiers as massive and powerful as those I’ve created using your father’s powerful seed, wouldn’t be nearly enough to conquer the Known Worlds. No, I needed more than mere creche ships to breed my Super Army — I needed an entire PLANET at my sole disposal!” 

“The world of Pyntheria met all of my needs — an isolated world, far from the galactic hub, with a population that was virtually completely disconnected from the rest of human civilization, but populous enough to provide me with sufficient female breeding slaves to bear my super soldiers. As a bonus, the population is strong and beautiful, genetically far advanced from the human norm, and perhaps second only to the Space Rangers themselves in terms of physical and mental perfection.” 

“With over five million strong and fertile women now at my disposal, I had planned on using Brock to father millions and millions of super babies, using the entire planet as my breeding creche. But now that you are here, by some sort of cosmic luck and happenstance, I will use YOU as my breeding bull! With your mighty seed, Jake, I will create an even bigger, stronger, and more improved generation of super soldiers, a mighty and unstoppable army that I can use to conquer the entire human race!!” 

The feeling of terror and dread built inside Jake throughout Emperor Khrang’s long speech, but that terror reached even greater levels as the full implications of what the vile dictator was saying sunk in. Even before Khrang uttered his next words, Jake knew what was coming, and his blood ran cold in his mighty veins. 

“Of course, now that I have you as my breeding bull, I have no further use of your father. Brock Spanner has served me well these past 5 years, but it’s time I put him to pasture, and end his now-inferior genetic line.” 

“And I will make you watch as I do so, young Jake!” 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Pyntherian Saga - Part Eight

Pyntherian Saga — Part Eight
Based on an original story by Robert Moon


Jake’s mind was in a fog of fatigue and pain as he continued to slowly churn his way up the steep climb. His entire focus had narrowed down to lifting one foot up out of the deep snow, stepping heavily forward, and then lifting up his other foot. He could barely remember where he was or why he was even climbing anymore, only that he had to get to the top. 

It therefore came as a surprise to the exhausted muscle man when he nearly bumped into the curved metal and ceramic hull of an enormous starship. 

Jake looked up through his protective goggles at the vast upward sweep of hull before him, and he knew he had finally reached his goal. His eyes scanned the icy surface for a likely entrance, and he quickly spotted a service hatch a short distance away and about 40 feet up the face of the hull. The rime of ice coating the hull actually became a benefit at that point, providing Jake with purchase on the otherwise smooth ship’s surface to allow him to climb those last few dozen feet to the hatch. Using his small pick axe, Jake chipped away the thick sheet of ice coating the hatch’s control panel, and then started working on rewiring the hatch to gain entry. As with so much of his training, Jake had scored at the top of his class in electrical and computer engineering, and it only took him a few minutes of tinkering to get the hatch to open. The young man pulled his massive, exhausted frame through the portal and then shut the hatch behind him, landing heavily on the metal floor of a service passage. 

The huge bull of a man leaned back against the inner hull for several long minutes, panting heavily as his oxygen-starved body feasted on the fresh (if slightly metallic-tinged) air inside the ship. The warmth of the passageway also quickly melted the ice and snow that had stuck to the young man’s thick winter clothing, starting to soak it through. When he had recovered a measure of his energy, Jake shucked his way out of the thick, waterlogged clothing until his was just down to his skintight ship suit and heavy boots. He strapped his weapons and tools on the belt secured tightly around his astonishingly narrow waist, and then began to take stock of his location and situation. 

Jake knew that Khrang’s flagship was vast even for a starship, so he had to find his way to a main passage to get a sense of where the command HQ was located, and hopefully Emperor Khrang as well. Stashing his discarded clothing in a ventilation shaft (on the extremely off chance he survived the dangerous encounters ahead and actually had an opportunity to escape), Jake pulled out his pulse pistol and began to head down the most likely passage. 


“Should I send in the soldiers to apprehend the intruder, Most Revered Emperor?” asked the massively muscular warrior stationed to Khrang’s right. 

“No, not yet. Let’s allow our handsome young Space Ranger a chance to delve a bit further into our ship before we spring our trap,” the gloating and utterly confident tyrant said from his command chair. “I want him to raise his hopes a bit higher before we dash them on the rocks of disappointment and failure.” 

“Yes, your eminence…”


Jake had been stealthily moving through the vast starship for the better part of an hour, carefully evading patrols of Khrang’s genetically-engineered soldiers and inching ever farther into the heart of the ship. He knew he must be getting close to his destination, or at least an important hub, as the passageways were becoming larger and more ornate. 

His suspicions were confirmed when he came upon a vast cavern of a room. The chamber was a massive dome that reminded the young Space Ranger of an Old Earth cathedral — mighty bulwarks of metal columns, almost otherworldly in their mechanical beauty, sprang symmetrically from the walls of the circular chamber to meet at a ceiling that was easily 300 feet overhead. The chamber was simply enormous, and Jake couldn’t understand what purpose such a huge, hollow space could serve on board a starship. 

Depending from the ceiling far overhead was an inverted cone of pipes, wires, and blue and white lights, almost looking like some sort of gigantic technological stalactite. This pointed column of steel and light descended almost halfway to the center of the floor, where perhaps half a dozen steps led up to a raised dais that looked to be about 100 feet across. 

Jake was surprised to see that this vast chamber was completely deserted. There wasn’t another soul in sight, and other than the steady hum of electricity and machinery, the vault was eerily silent. Something just didn’t seem right about the chamber, but Jake was convinced that the only way to Khrang’s command center would be through this great domed room. The big man waited more than 10 minutes, hiding in the shadows and slowing his breath to be as silent as possible, and still no one entered the room. Judging it safe to enter, big Jake cautiously stepped into the chamber, keeping to the wall as he circled left around the chamber. 

As he entered the room, he got a better look at the raised platform more than 250 feet away. The platform looked to be completely empty, just a raised disc of floor 100 feet across, and otherwise unremarkable. Jake still couldn’t understand the function of the huge chamber, and so cautiously inched closer to the dais. 

The entire chamber was well lit, but the dais in particular was brightly illuminated, and Jake felt extremely conspicuous as he mounted the first few steps. As he continuously scanned the entire chamber, he reached the top of the dais. He could now see that the floor was scored with dozens of complex lines and patterns, and had literally hundreds of large and small hatches that were completely flush with the floor. The complex arrangement was entirely foreign to the big muscle man, and his handsome brow furrowed in confusion. 

At that moment, the dozens of doorways lining the walls of the enormous chamber suddenly slammed shut with a loud ‘CLANG!’ of metal on metal, and Jake knew with a sinking certainty that he had just walked into a trap. 

A vast portion of the dome in front of Jake suddenly illuminated into a massive video screen…

“Welcome, Space Ranger Jake Spanner!” boomed an all-too-familiar voice as Emperor Khrang’s grinning visage filled nearly the entirety of the massive dome above the young man’s head. “So good of you to join me! I should have known that the Space Rangers would send one of their own to Pyntheria as soon as they learned something was wrong, but I could have never hoped that they’d send one of their best and brightest, a Ranger as big and powerful and valiant as you! I must say, I’m deeply impressed by your exploits these past few weeks, both physical and sexual! Oh, and I do feel the need to apologize for sending that assassin ‘bot after you a few weeks ago. That was short-sighted of me, and I must admit that I’m glad that you survived with all of your extraordinary… ‘assets’… intact!” 

The vile dictator chuckled at his own poor attempt at humor before moving on. 

“As you’ve accurately guessed, I have invaded this peaceful little world in order to continue my breeding program, unhindered by the interfering Space Rangers and other do gooders. The women of this planet will make for exceedingly superior breeding stock, wouldn’t you agree? Even the men here are useful to me for experimentation purposes, though even their superior seed isn’t powerful enough for my needs. That’s part of the reason why I chose to sterilize them all, though the fact that you’ve been able to rescue nearly 5,000 males from that fate bears further examination. I will have to round up all of the males that you so powerfully cured in order to full examine your cum’s effects on their physiology…” 

“Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself.” 

“You might be wondering why I’ve allowed you to break into my secret and secure headquarters. The reason must surely be obvious by now! I believe that YOU might be the perfect new breeding bull for my genetic experiments! Your colossal size and hyper virility are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!” 

“But before I can be sure that you’re the perfect stud for my new breeding farm, I’ll need to run a few… ‘tests’…” 

As Emperor Khrang began to cackle with laughter, dozens of the plates and trap doors in the floor of the large dais suddenly opened up, and huge segmented metal limbs and steel tentacles shot up from these openings with shocking speed. Jake possessed reflexes many times faster than that of a normal human, but even HE wasn’t able to dodge these snaking steel beasts for long. One titanium tentacle was soon wrapped around his right ankle, followed quickly by a second one around his left wrist. After that, it was only moments before Jake’s massive and mighty form was caught fast within the coiling confines of dozens of super strong loops of tightening metal. The huge Space Ranger struggled mightily against his many bindings, his phenomenal muscles bulging and straining in a dance of raw power and pure masculinity, but it was no use — not even his fearsome and super human strength could hope to break free from so many thick metal shackles. 

In a matter of minutes, the hunky hero found himself suspended several feet over the dais floor, his thick wrists and ankles each encircled by several coils of unbreakable titanium alloy and pulled so wide that his limbs threatened to dislocate from his shoulders and hips. But the stoic super stud nevertheless flexed his arms and legs even harder, his entire body exploding with colossal muscles as he fought against his restraints. 

“That’s more like it,” Emperor Khrang cooed. “I need to keep you trussed up like this for the experiments to come. It makes you more… tractable.” The evil genius snickered again before moving on. “But first, I must have access to every inch of your magnificent body, Jake. As much as I appreciate your Space Ranger uniform and the way that it hugs every curve and bulge of your phenomenal physique, I’m afraid it must go.” 

The madman pressed another series of buttons off camera, and another series of metal arms extruded out of the floor. These huge limbs all ended in deadly looking blades and razor sharp cutters of every variety and description, and Jake couldn’t keep his eyes from opening wide when he saw all of these knives and blades aiming for his strung up and helpless body. The Emperor could slice him to pieces, and he was defenseless to stop him! 

Instead, however, the mechanical limbs began to expertly cut the young marine’s clothing off of him, delicately slicing through the muscle man’s uniform while leaving the flesh beneath uncut and unharmed. It took only a few minutes, but soon Jake’s uniform, boots, utility belt — every stitch of clothing that had been on his body — had been reduced to useless scraps on the cold metal floor. And moments later, even these scraps had been swept away by cleaning ‘bots, leaving Jake’s magnificent naked form heaving and flexing within his restraints. 

“My my!! What a SPECTACULAR specimen you are!! I must give credit where credit is due — the Space Ranger scientists and geneticists really outdid themselves in creating a bull stud such as yourself, Jake! Bravo! I’ve seen many magnificent males in my time, and none of them can hold a candle to you!” 

“But are you as strong and as tough as you look? I can’t waste my time using you as a stud bull unless I’m convinced that you are the most perfect and most powerful male in existence. I therefore think that a short battery of tests are in order…” 

With those words, Khrang activated another series of trapdoors, and even more limbs and tentacles began to rise up out of the floor. These articulated arms were of such varied size and description that they defied easy categorization, and Jake’s worried eyes flitted from one to the next in a frenzied assessment that began to border on panic. He knew he was in deep trouble, and that he was about to experience a whole world of hurt. 


“I had initially decided to slowly torture, humiliate, and emasculate you, broadcasting your destruction live all over the planet,” Emperor Khrang gently cooed hours later into Jake’s epic torture session. “I still might do that, you know, especially if you prove to be inadequate for my needs. An example DOES need to be made to the Pyntherian people, after all. A suitable punishment for the impertinence and gall of defying the will of their Lord Emperor!” 

An exhausted and panting Jake stared back defiantly at the image leering down at him from the enormous view screen. He had always heard that Khrang was an egomaniacal madman, but the stories and legends didn’t do the actual man justice. The guy was INSANE! Khrang had been overseeing the young Space Ranger’s torture for many hours now, using his vast array of robotic pincers, claws, spikes, drills, and countless other instruments of torture to use and severely abuse the muscle man’s massive and extraordinarily tough physique. Countless bellows and thunderous roars of agony had been torn from Jake’s powerful lungs as his mighty body was tortured in ways he had never even imagined possible, but the defiant young stud had never once called out for mercy or begged for the tortures to end. No, the mighty muscle bull was far too strong, far too proud, to give the insane dictator the satisfaction of making him beg. If Jake was fated to die at the hands of this cruel and mad overlord, then he would do it defiant to the end. 

Countless bruises, cuts, and shallow lacerations marred his still utterly magnificent form, the results of hours upon hours of constant, brutal, relentless torture. But Jake was so freakishly tough and resilient that these many injuries, though serious, would cause him no lasting harm. In fact, even now, the numerous cuts all over his body were starting to heal, the bruises slowly starting to fade, for his remarkably accelerated healing abilities were already starting to wipe away any trace of injury from Jake’s monstrously muscular and gloriously beautiful body. 

“Fortunately for you,” continued the mad Emperor, “you’ve passed the first battery of tests with flying colors. You are indeed the strongest and most hardy male specimen I have ever encountered. You have endured tortures that would have torn a lesser man apart, and I am duly impressed. Your awesome size, mighty strength, and supremely tough mettle all earn you a prized place at the very top of my breeding program.” 

“But there is still one more set of tests you must pass before I know whether you truly qualify as my newest breeding bull. I’ve witnessed your extraordinary exploits of virility in the primitive underground labs of the pathetic ‘Pyntherian Resistance’, but I need to explore the lush vitality of your loins far more thoroughly. It’s time to see if you measure up to the great demands of being my prime stud bull!” 

Jake had known all along that this moment was coming, but he was still dreading it. His massive, meaty genitals had been largely ignored and left untouched throughout the hours and hours of brutal tortures, and the big Space Ranger knew that there was a reason for this apparent oversight. Now he knew that the REAL pain was about to begin…


Jake Spanner let out a guttural scream of pure agony as yet another orgasm was violently ripped from his loins, immediately suctioned away into the extraction tube clamped like some massive limpet onto his painfully engorged, two-foot-long mega cock. He’d long since lost track of how many loads he’d blown since the marathon milking session had begun many hours before. The young muscle man’s tortured mind was lost in a fog of inhuman pain, his massive, mighty genitals feeling like they were being literally torn apart. 

The latest barrage of ‘tests’ hadn’t started out that badly at first. The extraction machine was expected, a large cylindrical device of clear nano-ceramic that rhythmically pumped his almost immediately tumescent bull cock and simultaneously provided a reinforced plastic conduit that could whisk away each huge, thick, chunky load into waiting storage containers. The anal probe also wasn’t a surprise, though Jake WAS surprised at how effectively it vibrated and prodded against the joy button of his prostate and drove his powerful body to ever greater heights of sexual arousal and release. The randy young stud was rock hard within half dozen heartbeats of the application of these devices, and blew his first mammoth bull load just minutes after that. 

And judging from the look of grudging approval on Khrang’s televised face, Jake had definitely deeply impressed him with both the power and the sheer volume of his first seminal emission. And that would be just the first of many, many such monstrous ejaculations. 

The extraction tube and anal probe proved so effective, in fact, that Jake surprised even himself by pumping out a total of SIXTEEN humongous loads in that first hour alone!! A new record, even for him! The big Space Ranger knew that he was a veritable GOD of sex, and he could take cold comfort in knowing that he must be knocking the evil scientist’s socks off with his epic ejaculatory performance. 

Thus it was that Jake was taken by surprise when more doors opened in the large metal floor, and additional devices were extruded to ‘assist’ the young man reach even greater levels of release. 

A huge and very heavy metal clamp was shackled around the base of his huge nuts, connected to a powerful hydraulic system that stretched his behemoth bollocks to a full 12 very painful inches from his body, creating a constant burning strain on the powerful cords and tendons connecting the young man’s colossal testicles to his body. To make matters worse, a seemingly random series of mechanized attacks began to be unleashed on his bound and immobile bull nuts, which were alternately beaten and squeezed and crushed by a dizzying array of blunt and heavy objects. The force of these testicular attacks was enough to quickly reduce a lesser man’s stones to rubble, but Jake had endured far worse abuses to his huge balls without complaint. Hell, most of the nut action was like foreplay to the tough and randy super stud! But when combined with the vastly accelerated rate and frequency of his seminal emissions, all of this rough and sometimes downright violent attention to his massive mega balls caused the huge Space Ranger unbelievable amounts of genital agony. The brutal ball abuse also succeeded in eliciting another result, however — amplifying and intensifying the young man’s already utterly colossal orgasms. 

Jake Spanner was soon pumping out his chunky jizz so often and so fast that he was in very real danger of becoming dehydrated. Even during his marathon, month-long fuck-a-thon in the Pyntherian underground, Jake had taken frequent breaks to replenish his fluids and eat hearty meals to keep up his strength. But this violent raping of his bountiful loins was starting to literally drain the young man dry. 

Emperor Khrang had planned for this eventuality, however, and at the press of a button, Jake felt sharp needles pierce the thick veins of his forearms, followed by the cool rush of fluids and nutrients pumping into his depleted body. His mammoth ejaculations, which had recently started to slightly dwindle in power and volume, were quickly restored to their former size and vigor, his behemoth bollocks once more supplied with more than adequate fuel to churn out even more of his super potent baby batter. 

Jake’s mind seemed to drift in and out of near unconsciousness as his mighty balls were pushed beyond even their previous herculean performance in the service of the people of Pyntheria. The greatest, throbbing ache imaginable was emanating from the young man’s colossal bollocks, and Jake was certain that if it wasn’t for the huge metal clamp forcing his huge stones to the very bottom of their smooth, overstretched nutsac, his insanely overworked balls would have long since imploded and been sucked out the length of his gigantic bull cock, joining the thick, soupy loads of pure stud cum sloshing around in the huge storage containers. 

And STILL the ungodly pillaging of Jake’s mighty loins continued! 

Every orgasm now felt like it was rending the thick meat of Jake’s humongous nuts asunder. His mighty balls were contracting and convulsing so violently that they looked like they might shake themselves apart, and indeed, any other man’s balls would have long since been shattered and shredded to bits. Jake’s he-man bull nuts continued to prove their super human toughness and resilience, however, pumping out prime stud slime as fast as the suction machine could draw it out of him. 

The battered Space Ranger lost all sense of time, the brutal abuse of his prodigious loins seeming to last an eternity. In truth, the epic, marathon ejaculation session lasted an entire day, a full 24 hours of non-stop sexual abuse. 

Jake didn’t actually realize at first that the fuck session was over, for his gargantuan genitals were in such extraordinary pain that the cessation of suction and extraction activities didn’t register at first in his pain-wracked mind. It wasn’t until all of the offending devices had been removed — the extraction tube, the anal probe, the huge and heavy shackle around Jake’s fat nuts, even the sharp alligator clips that had been later clamped tightly over the young man’s thick, rubbery nipples — that Jake’s exhausted mind realized that the brutal abuses had finally ceased. 

Jake’s exhausted gaze took in the sight of his bloated and distended genitals, and the sight made the big muscle man want to cry. His gigantic bull cock was still as solid and rock hard as a flag pole, so hard that it actually HURT! In fact, the young man realized that his magnificent member now looked even BIGGER than the 24 inches in length it had so recently achieved, having added perhaps another half inch in length after the brutal and extended suctioning. The entire organ looked bright red and raw from abuse, but was otherwise unharmed. 

It was Jake’s big, big bollocks that really worried the handsome stud. His utterly exhausted and spent balls hung unbelievably low in their thick and blubbery scrotum, stretching down an extraordinary 9 inches to hang huge and heavy at the very base of their sac. The humongous orbs throbbed with an angry dark red color, evidence of just how extreme their recent workout had been. The titanic testes virtually glowed like a pair of massive embers, and Jake wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised to see wisps of smoke rising from their overheated surfaces. 

The sound of a single set of hands clapping boomed from the overhead monitor as a very satisfied Emperor Khrang looked down with a smug grin upon his hunky, helpless captive. 

“Excellent work, Jake! Most excellent indeed!” crowed a pleased Khrang. “I’ve never seen such an extraordinary performance in my life! Even my previous sperm cow, a truly prodigious male in his own right, couldn’t compare to your output! Why, you’ve shot more sperm in the past 24 hours than all of the pre-plague males of this backwater planet could have produced combined! And I haven’t even augmented you yet!! Oh yes, you will serve my needs quite handsomely.” 

“Even more importantly, however, you possess the highest quality sperm I’ve ever seen!! This stuff is pure genetic PERFECTION!! I’ve run every kind of test I could think of during these past 24 hours, and I’ve managed to unlock only a FRACTION of the astounding genetic bounty of your reproductive fluids! Why, the improvements I could make to my elite super soldiers knows virtually no limits!!” 

The maniacal, crazed look in Khrang’s wide, feverish eyes terrified Jake more than the continued plundering of his big ballsac. The man was a fanatic! An insane zealot of the highest order! Jake knew that this madman must be stopped at all costs, before he placed the entire galaxy under his cruel, totalitarian grip. 

“Truly, I’ve already extracted enough thick, concentrated sperm from you to impregnate every woman on this planet dozens of times over. But my plans are much larger than that. I need to create an army large enough to conquer and subjugate all of the known worlds, and for that I need a VASTLY larger supply of your magnificent seed, a volume of prime stud spunk that even YOU wouldn’t be able to give to me in your current state. Fortunately, I’ve devised an ingenious way to augment my bull studs, increasing their seminal output tenfold. On you, the effects of this augmentation will no doubt be spectacular indeed…” 

“But first, I believe a celebration is in order! An acknowledgement of the acquisition of the latest and by far the greatest addition to my stud breeding pool! And as part of this celebration, I believe it is time to retire my former prized breeding bull. He has been one hell of a work horse, pumping out his extraordinary baby batter virtually non stop for nearly five years now, so I think he has more than earned some rest. Would you like to meet him, Jake? Yes, I think I should introduce you to the man that you’ll be replacing.” 

With those words, Emperor Khrang pressed another series of buttons, and a large trap door approximately 50 feet in front of Jake opened with a nearly silent whirring of gears and metal plates. A gigantic X formed of thick titanium beams began to rise from the floor, revealing an heroically muscular human male bound at wrist and ankle to the massive frame. The enormous bull of a man was very nearly as muscular as the great and gargantuan muscle bulk of Jake himself, and even more heroically hung. 

Jake gasped in surprise, bewilderment, and growing horror as the second naked muscle bull joined him on the large dais, the shock of recognition making his square-jawed mouth gape open. 

“Jake Spanner, allow me to introduce you to the former title holder of ‘prime stud bull’ — Space Ranger Brock Spanner!” 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Pyntherian Saga - Part Seven

Pyntherian Saga — Part Seven
Based on an original story by Robert Moon


As soon as he was fully recovered from his near brush with testicle implosion, Jake met with senior Pyntherian council members to discuss their next action plan. They all knew that Emperor Khrang had to be stopped, but the question was how. The evil Emperor had already pacified nearly the entire planet’s population with his global EMP pulse, testicle-slaughtering pathogen, and his small army of massive, genetically-modified super soldiers. The Emperor had also finally begun rounding up Pyntherian women by the thousands, no doubt planning on incorporating them into his diabolical breeding program to create a gigantic army of his soldiers. If Khrang was allowed to succeed in his efforts, then he would become so powerful that no force in the galaxy, not even the fabled Space Rangers, could hope to stop him! 

The council revealed to Jake that they had located what they believed to be Emperor Khrang’s headquarters, a massive starship fortress that had landed in the planet’s tallest mountain chain, several thousand miles away. The ship was nestled near the peak of the tallest of these mountains, resting at just over 37,000 feet above sea level, more than 8,000 feet higher than Earth’s own fabled Mount Everest. Not even the strongest among the Pyntherians could endure such extreme altitudes, at least not without the sophisticated technology that had been rendered into so much useless slag by Khrang’s EMP pulse, and so Khrang’s fortress was essentially unreachable to the men of Pyntheria. 

But not, perhaps, to Jake Spanner. 

The big Space Ranger knew he had done all that he could for the Pyntherians from the council’s hidden underground redoubt. He had saved the balls of as many Pyntherian men as he could with his supremely potent sperm, so his usefulness to the medical team was at an end. It was going to take months for his distress signal to Space Ranger Command to bring any aid to the beleaguered planet, and by then, it will have already been too late to stop Khrang. Jake knew that his only option, his only chance to stop Khrang and spare the galaxy from his megalomaniacal plans, was to infiltrate the Emperor’s fortress and stop the madman himself. 

Jake announced to the council in his deep, rich, baritone voice that he intended to travel to Khrang’s mountain fortress, scale the titanic peak, find a way inside the massive star vessel, and put an end to the Emperor’s plans. Alone. 

The council erupted into heated conversation, with nearly every member present shouting for Jake to not throw his life away on a hopeless suicide mission. But the senior member of the council banged her gavel and called for order, and then calmly asked Jake to explain his reasoning for such a mission. The huge and handsome muscle man eloquently outlined the imminent dangers posed to the entire galaxy should Khrang succeed in breeding his super army, and that their only hope was to stop Khrang now before he could create that army. The only real choice was to send someone to confront Khrang inside his fortress, and without any of the advanced technological gear that might have allowed any of the Pyntherians to join him, only Jake was hardy and tough enough to have a chance at surviving the climb up the mountain. 

Jake’s heavy words silenced the council for many long moments, but the senior councilor broke the silence by agreeing with Jake’s assessment of the situation, and wishing the brave hero good fortune on his journey. The entire council feared for Jake’s life, but they all reluctantly agreed as well, and Jake was quickly provided with provisions, equipment, and anything else that the grateful Pyntherians could supply. 

Later that same afternoon, Jake was topside again for the first time in several weeks. A crowd of people had gathered to see their handsome hero off — members of the council, the mayor, the entire medical and scientific staff that had cared for Jake over the past 5 weeks, and even several dozen of the young men who Jake had valiantly saved from nullification. One of the young men present was the devastatingly handsome dark-haired youth who had been the final, fortunate recipient of Jake’s healing spunk. All of their faces wore a mixture of fear and hope as they wished Jake luck on his nearly impossible mission. Jake took the time to warmly shake the hands of each member of the crowd, exuding a confidence that boosted the spirits of everyone present. He then embraced the Mayor, her tear-filled eyes wordlessly expressing the tremendous gratitude that all of Pyntheria felt for everything that Jake had already done, and for the incredibly dangerous mission he now planned to undertake. With a final wave and a smile of grim determination, Jake set off, taking off into the woods at an astoundingly fast sprint toward Khrang’s fortress half a continent away. 


Jake maintained a grueling pace as he ran through the forest. Even with the somewhat dense underbrush, the mighty warrior was able to maintain a mile-churning pace of over 25 miles per hour. He could have set an even faster pace if he took to the roads, but the big man felt that the cover provided by the forest gave him a better chance of arriving undetected at his destination. 

The mighty stud was able to keep up this punishing pace indefinitely, with only about 4 hours of rest each night, so was able to cover around 500 miles each day! At that pace, Jake found himself at the foot of the massive mountain chain only about a week after he left the council. He had avoided population centers along the way, as well as patrols of Khrang’s soldiers in their sleek, black hovercraft, and had arrived in the western foothills of the mountain chain with little incident. 

But now, looking up at the sheer monumental size of the mountains rearing skyward before him, even Jake began to doubt his ability to scale such awesome heights. He had heavy duty snow gear for the climb, gear that would have been woefully insufficient to keep a normal human alive at the higher altitudes, but that with Jake’s superior genetic engineering might allow him to endure the extreme cold of the mountain’s upper reaches. The young man was more concerned about the perilously thin atmosphere near the top of the peak, an atmosphere that would asphyxiate and kill a normal man in minutes and would push even Jake’s mighty lungs to their limits. But the huge man knew that all of humanity’s hopes were riding on his success, so he squared his enormous shoulders, readjusted the pack against his massively muscular back, and began his arduous climb. 


Jake was no stranger to physical hardship. On the contrary, he had sought it out his entire life, training and pushing his spectacularly strong and resilient body to ever greater achievements. He had scaled tall mountains, swum in great ocean depths, crossed vast deserts, and endured extremes of temperature and gravity that even few other Space Rangers could have survived. But the combination of elements that he now faced as he struggled up the final few thousand feet of this fantastic mountain peak was testing every ounce of the mighty young man’s strength and resolve. 

The powerful Space Ranger had climbed the first 20,000 feet or so with ease, hardly even struggling to climb the lower half of the colossal mountain. It wasn’t even until 24,000 feet that Jake paused to don the heavy winter gear that would protect him from the extreme and deadly cold of the upper heights. In fact, he had climbed the first half of the mountain stripped to the waist, the gargantuan and perfectly sculpted muscles of his upper body glistening with sweat as he effortlessly shrugged off a temperature so cold and bitter that it would have given a normal man frostbite. Even at the 30,000-foot mark, Jake wasn’t yet really struggling. He had endured such altitudes before, and so he knew he could handle it, but it was near the limit of what he had experienced in the past. 

Beyond the 35,000-foot mark, however, the climbing became difficult even for Jake. The heavy winter gear kept out the worst of the cold, but a chill still managed to seep through into his gigantic muscles and incredibly thick bones, trying to sap his enormous strength. Worse, the incredibly thin atmosphere had even Jake’s mighty lungs struggling for adequate breath. The huge muscle man felt a fatigue he’d never experienced before, as well as a light-headedness that threatened to make him pass out. He knew that losing consciousness at such a high altitude would be fatal, and it was as much as test of will as it was of strength for Jake to doggedly lift one lead-heavy boot after the other and continue his climb. 

Though he only had a few thousand more feet to go, Jake knew that this would be the hardest part of his journey. With a determination that would have made any Space Ranger proud, Jake hunkered down, dug deep into his reserves of strength, and continued his laborious climb…


Emperor Khrang sat in his command chair in his flagship’s central headquarters, his sharp eyes glued to the large central monitor. An outsider would have been forgiven for calling the chair upon which he sat a throne, for it was a grand affair wrought of more than a dozen precious metals and studded with priceless gemstones. Khrang felt such a seat appropriate for his tremendous station in life, and suitably impressive for when he broadcast his proclamations and commands to the cowed people of this backwater planet. 

The Emperor’s eyes were eagerly fixed to his main monitor as he watched a large, fur-clad figure slowly and arduously climb the highest reaches of the mountain peak. Khrang was deeply impressed by the figure’s incredible strength and tenacity for making it this far. He didn’t think any human, even his own genetically engineered super soldiers, could survive more than a handful of minutes at such dizzy heights, and his eyes watched with both amazement and a strange hunger as the bundled figure doggedly climbed higher and higher still. 

Emperor Khrang knew who that figure was and what he represented. Khrang had been closely monitoring Space Ranger Jake Spanner from the very moment he had entered the Pyntherian star system. The young space warrior had thought his ultra-modern stealth equipment had allowed him to land undetected, but in truth, Khrang had been watching the young muscle man every moment since before he had even landed on the planet. The Emperor had followed the young muscle man’s every movement, listened in on every interaction he’d had with the planet’s inhabitants, and witnessed every single one of the young man’s titanic, ferociously powerful, and heroically voluminous orgasms through the use of nano-cameras studded throughout Pyntheria, including within the ‘secret’ underground redoubt. 

And Emperor Khrang was powerfully impressed indeed. 

Oh yes, this young stud was no doubt the finest specimen of man ever produced by the Space Ranger Corps; more than that, he was the most incredible and powerful specimen of man ever born! And Emperor Khrang realized with a mixture of lust and greed that he wanted this bull stud of a man for his own purposes. 

Khrang admitted to himself that he had acted a bit hastily when he had sent his assassin robot to the Pyntherian’s hidden enclave with the intent of destroying the dashing young Space Ranger. At the time, Khrang had seen the powerful young warrior as a tiny but still potential threat, and thus acted to eliminate him. The fact that the mighty stud had survived, and with his gargantuan testicles still intact, spoke volumes about his tremendous strength and resilience, and Khrang was now quite thankful that the young man had not been destroyed. 

In fact, after the young muscle man’s stunning defeat of his assassin ‘bot, Emperor Khrang had held off on beginning his insemination program on the captive Pyntherian females. Just one look at this handsome and monumentally muscular young stud told Khrang that an incredible opportunity had landed almost literally in his lap. He was even more stunned to discover that the young man was immune to his manufactured testicle pathogen, as Khrang had personally designed the pathogen himself to be effective on every conceivable offshoot of humanity. He had apparently never counted on the extreme and unprecedented raw virility possessed by members of the elite Space Ranger force. But he was utterly floored when he learned that the young man’s supremely potent sperm could also act as a cure to the plague, sparing the balls of nearly 5,000 young Pyntherian men within the course of a single month, before the pathogen finished its diabolical work on the remaining male populace! 

Khrang’s devious and twisted mind reeled at the possibilities that such an heroically powerful young stud represented. Jake Spanner was even more powerful and perfect than the source material the Emperor had been using for his previous breeding experiments. Why, with Jake’s incredible seed, the Emperor could breed an even more powerful and unstoppable army, the likes of which the galaxy had never dreamed of! 

Indeed, Emperor Khrang vowed that he would make Jake Spanner his new stud bull for his upcoming breeding program. Provided the big man could survive the remainder of the climb to the top of the peak. Khrang decided that would be a fitting final test for the young man’s worthiness before he became the father of a new breed of super soldier. 

An evil and indulgent smile spread across Emperor Khrang’s sharp features. If and when young Jake Spanner reached the top of the mountain, Khrang planned to have a big surprise waiting for him… 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Pyntherian Saga - Part Six

Pyntherian Saga — Part SIX
Based on an original and unpublished story by Robert Moon


A day after his near-gelding at the claws of the mechanized murderer sent after him by Khrang, Jake was back at work trying to cure as many Pyntherian males as possible of the virulent plague before their balls were completely burned out and ruined. Over and over and over again, Jake used his massive, muscular body to thrust his penis into the hungry mouths and muscular asses of hundreds of Pyntherian men. His ferociously virile balls had churned out untold volumes of manly spunk, and now, just over two weeks after he’d landed on the beautiful paradise planet, he had successfully saved more than 1,400 young men from permanent sterility. 

But even these heroically impressive numbers were a mere drop in the bucket compared to a planetary population that exceeded 10 million people. Jake and the scientists knew that they were running out of time to save even more men before their balls were reduced to nothing more than shriveled husks. The mighty Space Ranger expressed his concerns to the lead scientist, and indicated that he wanted to increase his output even further. The senior scientist sympathized with Jake’s desire to help, but he was clearly concerned that the mighty warrior was already redlining his massive balls. The scientist feared that any additional strain on Jake’s nuts could start causing them permanent damage, and cautioned the Ranger against any further increases in sexual activity. 

Nevertheless, the handsome and brave Space Ranger felt strongly that the needs of the Pyntherian people more than justified the risk. Even the most virile of the Pyntherian males were now succumbing to the pathogen, their balls irrevocably burning out as the disease ran its course. The big muscle man knew that he needed to up his game if he was going to save as many men as possible. So he began mating day and night, virtually nonstop, hardly even sleeping, trying to inseminate every last male that he could. He even ordered a vibrating prostate stimulator inserted into his ass, seeking to further increase the already astounding frequency of his orgasms. 

Despite the scientist’s fears, Jake succeeded in very nearly doubling his daily sperm output in this manner, and increased his daily matings to upwards of 180 to 190 men a day! The sheer volume of spunk being generated by Jake’s powerhouse bull balls was simply staggering, and though the entire medical team was worried about the Ranger’s continued well-being, they assisted him in every way that they could. 

Without adequate break periods to rest and recharge, the nonstop fucking began to take its toll on the dashingly handsome young Ranger. A steady and growing agony began to build in his massive balls, such that every contraction of every orgasm felt like a pile driver was crashing directly into his bloated nuts, but Jake was utterly determined to keep on going. The exhausted young warrior showed tremendous will and super human stamina as he fought valiantly onward, even though his gigantic balls had become two burning knots of pure agony. 

A third week passed by, and Jake nearly doubled the number of cured Pyntherian males, swelling their ranks to over 2,700 virile and healthy men. The plague meanwhile continued to ravage the planet, however, and it was becoming harder and harder to find candidates who hadn’t yet reached the point of no return. Nevertheless, the hidden underground laboratory was teeming with gorgeous and powerful young men who were all desperate to receive Jake’s fertility-saving “injection”. Jake couldn’t let a single one of those beautiful young men down, so he doggedly pushed forward with his efforts. 

By the beginning of the fourth week, however, the concerned scientists began noticing a disturbing change in Jake’s orgasms. The volume of Jake’s titanic emissions began to diminish, which probably wasn’t helped by the fact that he had somehow upped his daily matings even further to just over 200 men a day! The decrease in sperm volume was very minor at first, almost unnoticeable, but it continued to steadily drop as the days slowly and tortuously wore on. Jake’s loads were still colossal, seminal emissions of absolutely legendary proportions, orders of magnitude larger than any mortal man had the right to ejaculate, and far, far larger than what was truly necessary to cure each male, but they were indeed dropping. 

By the fifth day of week four, Jake’s sperm count began plummeting precipitously, and the doctors were becoming extremely worried that the young man was permanently burning out his own balls through extreme overuse. The massive orbs themselves had long since turned an angry dark red, looking almost bruised, and were unusually warm to the touch. Those mighty sperm factories were definitely working triple time to try to keep up with demand, and they were finally starting to fail. Jake’s pain had grown extreme, and every load now felt like someone was stabbing a pair of knives deep into his balls on every orgasmic contraction. The non-stop, constant sex had long since lost any trace of pleasure for the hulking muscle stud, and the agony had grown inhuman. But Jake would not be dissuaded, though his balls felt like they would implode from the effort to pump out even more of his supremely potent goo. 

Jake was heedless of the warning signs, yet when the inevitable finally happened, it still caught him by surprise. For the day finally came when Jake’s extraordinary balls, with their seemingly bottomless wellspring of super human strength and vitality, finally ran empty. 

The mighty muscle bull had entered into his FIFTH week of constant daily mating, and each of his orgasms had dwindled to just a couple of (comparatively) weak squirts of watery jism, barely enough to fill a beaker let alone coat the insides of a desperate young Pyntherian man. Each load was also now accompanied by bellows of agony from the brave and stalwart hero, who just gritted his teeth through the pain and kept right on going. His loads were still more than potent and powerful enough to cure each young male who received them, but it was clear that even Jake’s mighty well of virility was rapidly approaching its end. The stud’s supply of his precious semen was running out! 

Jake had already fucked nearly 100 men that day, and was laying back on the metal examination table, panting and covered in sweat as he continued to fight through the horrific agony in his swollen balls. Yet another gorgeous young man, this one a dark-haired and brown-eyed beauty of uncommonly muscular size and prodigious endowment, was straddling Jake’s muscular hips, burying the man’s colossal, nearly two-foot-long horse cock as far up his shit chute as was physiologically possible. The young Pyntherian pounded his beautiful ass up and down on more than half the length of Jake’s raw and distended penis, an extraordinary achievement that very few others could claim. But sadly for Jake, the spectacularly talented young ass wasn’t providing him with even the tiniest bit of pleasure. 

A lineup of more than a dozen other young men were anxiously waiting their turn on the stud, lined up naked against the far wall and watching the Olympic-level sexual display with a mixture of unbridled lust and desperation. The scientists had calculated that even the most virile among their remaining untreated men had only hours, or perhaps a day or two at most, before their balls were burned out forever, so Jake had been racing to save as many of this last batch of men as he could. 

Jake grunted and groaned on almost every stroke, his cobblestone abs tightening and his colossally muscular thighs quaking with the effort to not cry out in pain. He almost doubled up in agony as he plunged his cock upwards into the squatting Pyntherian. But he stoically continued to bear it all, despite the supreme torture of his overheated gonads. He could feel yet another orgasm approaching like a speeding freight train, and he braced himself for yet another eruption of agony from his balls. 

And that’s when it happened. Jake hit orgasm for the 4,531st time in one month, and his bruised and swollen bull balls contracted so hard that they seized up and began convulsing. Jake’s entire muscular body arched backward in terrible agony, effortlessly pressing the 280-pound young man above him completely off the table like he weighed nothing, and burying his cock another couple of inches up the man’s already overstuffed ass. Jake threw back his achingly handsome head and bellowed in inhuman agony, his huge and powerful hands gripping the sides of the steel table so tightly that the metal began to warp and deform in his grip. 

The violent contracting in his nuts sent a single, weak wad of spunk rocketing deep into the young Pyntherian’s insides, a paltry spurt of watery fluid that contained only traces of healthy sperm. The next contraction produced just a few dribbles of spunk, and then the third produced nothing at all. Jake’s almighty bull nuts, the wellspring of the greatest source of virility the galaxy had ever seen, were well and truly empty. 

Only Jake’s orgasm didn’t cease. In fact, if anything, it became even more violent and insistent. Jake continued to howl in agony as he thrust his muscular hips up into the air as hard and as fast as he could. The poor lad riding his cock was mercilessly plowed by Jake’s titanic cannon of a cock, but fortunately for the young man, he couldn’t hold on after the first dozen or so thrusts, and was quickly bucked off the writhing and screaming muscle man. 

Jake wailed loudly as the pain between his legs intensified even further, pain unlike anything he’d ever known erupting from his convulsing stud nuts. Again and again, his prostate and balls contracted and tried to pump semen up from his well of manhood, but unlike every time before, no lush river of sperm poured forth. He could feel the constrictions in his groin and ass that accompanied his normally bountiful orgasms, the rhythmic squeezing building to greater and greater intensity, but still not a single drop of fluid came out of his swollen and aching whale dick. His gargantuan cock continued to dry heave as he bellowed in extreme agony, his entire, exquisite, utterly massive body convulsing uncontrollably on the steel table. 

The terrified scientists could see that Jake’s balls were continuing to convulse, contracting harder and harder in an effort to pump something, anything, out of their deep, beefy depths. The pressure building inside his massive balls was tremendous, and it soon became evident that the young man was in imminent danger of ejaculating out his own shattered nut guts! 

Like all men, Jake’s balls were surrounded by several smooth layers of muscle, muscles that were responsible for raising and lowering those great beefy orbs, and which also contracted during orgasm to assist with expelling his ripe and potent sperm. Unfortunately for the handsome Space Ranger, his scrotal muscles were just as powerful as those of the rest of his colossally massive body, and had grown even stronger during the month-long, non-stop, epic workout they’d received. These same muscles were now trying to crush the dense, sperm-manufacturing meat of his testes with such ferocious, devastating force that they were threatening to burst the massive orbs and squirt their ruined remains out of his thundering, pile driving cock! 

Everyone in the room could only back away and watch in helpless horror as Jake struggled against his own phenomenal masculinity to save his screaming and dying nuts. The huge orbs were now drawn up incredibly tight against the base of Jake’s cock, looking like they were trying to burrow their way back inside his body. And in a very real sense, that’s exactly what they were trying to do. 

Tears of unbelievable agony streamed down either side of Jake’s heroically handsome face as he continued to fuck the air above him, the terrible orgasm continuing to crash through his loins with such force that it threatened to pulverize his overworked man eggs. The fearsome bucking and convulsions lasted more than ten full minutes, Jake’s huge balls on the verge of collapsing and catastrophically imploding the whole while, and it seemed at any moment those mighty nuts would fail. 

But somehow, impossibly, they endured the most brutal squeezing imaginable. 

The spasmodic contractions in Jake’s balls finally began to slow and eventually cease. The young muscle man collapsed exhausted on the table, that massive stack of muscles flopping into a virtual lake of his own sweat, splashing the warm, clear fluid in all directions. The mighty muscle stud was panting like he’d just sprinted for 100 miles, and was completely drenched in a thick sheen of sweat. 

And then, with one last, prolonged, agony-filled contraction of his nuts, Jake mercifully passed out. 

The doctors hustled the terrified young men and other bystanders from the room and then rushed to Jake’s side. As they desperately checked his vital signs and gave what assistance they could, the young man’s colossal tower of a cock, which had been rock hard almost continuously for more than a full month, finally began to wilt. Puffy and distended from much prolonged use and abuse, the massive member was now still over 18 inches long when completely limp, and hung so far over one hip that the bulbous head was drooping off the side of the table and pointing straight toward the floor. A single of drop of nearly clear fluid — perhaps Jake’s last fertile emissions as an intact male — hung from his gaping piss slit for a few moments before dropping unnoticed to the floor. 

Using the fluoroscopic magnifier, the lead scientist confirmed his worst fears. Jake was totally spent, his colossally massive balls now rendered as infertile as the majority of the Pyntherian males he was trying to save. His once beautiful balls were now so swollen and puffy and bloated and bruised that they barely even resembled a human set of balls anymore. The young stud’s burgeoning and extraordinary virility had been nipped in the bud, and the tissues themselves appeared to be burned out and useless. 

The unconscious muscle giant had just sacrificed his own mighty virility to save a dying race, and the entire community was humbled and deeply moved by his efforts. The team of doctors rushed to do what they could to save the big man, but nearly all of them were convinced that they had just witnessed the emasculation of their legendary hero…


It was three days later before Jake was allowed to get up and move around again. Three days of sleep, hearty meals, and lots of rest to allow his exhausted and depleted genitals a chance to recover and heal from over a month of intense sexual activity and ejaculation overload. He was subjected to regular examinations throughout his recovery to track the progress of his returning masculinity.

And Jake’s virility had indeed returned, with a vengeance. It looked to be touch-and-go there for a while, as his massive balls had narrowly avoided implosion and annihilation from extreme overuse, but they had proved their tough mettle and survived intact. Jake’s mighty gonads still ached deeply from the super human workout they’d recently received, but he could already feel the heavy, turgid weight of a massive fresh batch of his stud spew brewing and swelling within his nuts. 

Despite the temporary loss of his virility, Jake’s titanically muscular body had benefited tremendously from all the non-stop sex, likely resulting from the even greater levels of testosterone pumping through his powerful veins. His muscles had swollen larger than ever before, if that was even possible, and his physique had become even more exquisitely sculpted and defined. Even Jake was as stunned as the doctors when he stepped on a scale to find that he now weighed 525 pounds of massive, chiseled, rock hard muscle! That represented a 40-pound weight gain in about as many days!! That was an extraordinary rate of weight gain for any man, and particularly for one who was already pushing the outer boundaries of what the human frame could hold. Jake had always suspected that sex was the best exercise, and now he had proof. The fact that he’d almost fatally over-exercised his mighty bull nuts in the process didn’t seem to phase him one bit. 

So even though there was a lingering and throbbing ache in his meaty and impossibly massive balls, Jake was once again ready and randy to mate. 

Unfortunately, during the time he had been temporarily out of commission, the last remaining untreated Pyntherian males had crossed the point of no return. The several score of young men who had been waiting that fateful day for Jake’s sperm insemination could not be treated, and so their young nuts had burnt out, rendered permanently sterile by the insidious virus. The young and handsome dark-haired lad who had been riding the Space Ranger’s mammoth cock at the time of his near-catastrophic testicular crisis had been the final man that Jake had been able to rescue from permanent sterility. The evil pathogen had finished its job of ravaging the males of Pyntheria, and every last Pyntherian male who had not been treated with Jake’s ultra potent sperm was now effectively a eunuch. 

Jake was devastated to learn that time had run out to save even more of these gorgeous males from such nullification, and he felt guilty for not somehow doing more to save these young men from ruin. The Mayor and the entire medical team quickly and overwhelmingly reassured him, however, that his efforts had been more than heroic, they had been positively super human, and all of Pyntheria felt deeply and eternally grateful for all the selfless assistance Jake had provided. Most of the Pyntherians, in fact, were incredulous at Jake’s reaction, and reminded him that the mighty Ranger had very nearly sacrificed his own behemoth balls in his brave and tireless efforts to save every man he could. 

Thanks to Jake’s heroic efforts, a total of 4,531 young Pyntherian men, including Prince Conrad himself, had been saved from losing their precious balls. That was nearly 1 of every 1,000 of the 5 MILLION men that resided on Pyntheria, a Herculean achievement that no other man in the galaxy could have hoped to accomplish. The hopes for the future of Pyntheria now rested on this tiny percentage of virile males, less than 0.1% of the total men on the planet, who would need to work overtime to ensure the creation of the next generation of Pyntherians. It would take almost equally heroic efforts on the part of these Pyntherians to guarantee that future, but the randy and virile young men were more than up to the task. 

None of this would have been possible had Jake not worked so tirelessly to assist the Pyntherians. Nevertheless, Jake beat himself up, wondering if he could have done more. 

Jake had to push such despondent thoughts aside, however, for he knew that saving the men of Pyntheria was only the first step. Now, he and the Pyntherian Council faced an even greater challenge — how to stop Emperor Khrang before he succeeded in his diabolical plans to conquer the galaxy!