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Friday, January 20, 2017

The Fun House - The Red Door - Part 8

Which nut should you hit? 
_X_ - Pummel juicy left nut! 
___ - Pound his fat right nut!


You decide that his huge left nut will be your first target. 

“Oh fuck yeah! You’re gonna crack big Leftie!” Markus chuckles. 

His cock is raging while you rub the head of the mallet softly over his bloated and furry left nut. 

“Oh yeah! Pound it sir!!”

Markus licks his lips and locks eyes with you while you draw your arms back as far as they will go. The hammer head hovers in midair for a few moments, the heavy weight full of promise and destruction. And then you bring it down full force, striking dead center into Markus’ mammoth left bollock. 


The incredibly meaty nut is immediately compressed to half its normal size by the awesome force of your blow, its thick contents bulging out around the invading hammer head. 

Markus utters a bellow that’s halfway between a guttural howl and a laugh, his massive muscles tensing and bulging dramatically as the agony of the hammer blow registers in his brain. His cock gives a powerful lurch, jetting forth yet another huge slug of precum to recoat his hairy bull pecs and corrugated belly in more of his thick effluvium. 

When you lift up the mallet, you fully expect to see his mammoth left nut reduced to paste, but instead the resilient gonad immediately plumps back to its normal shape, looking none the worse for wear! 



You bring the mallet down twice more, each time with as much force as you can. You can feel the steel table itself quiver with the impact of your blows, but when you lift up the mallet after the third strike, Markus’ enormous left bollock continues to look unharmed. A slightly rosy tint at the location of the impacts is all that you have to show for your efforts. This handsome stud has some supremely tough nuts indeed! 

“You’re going to have to do better than that, sir!” Markus says in a taunting and lascivious voice. “I want you to crack my nuts wide open! Give me everything you’ve got!” the heroically muscular hunk growls, his cock raging even more than ever before. 

What now? 
___ - Hit lefty again!
___ - Hit his right nut!
___ - You’ve had enough teasing. Leave the room and let the handsome lad recover.

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