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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Poll reopened, and more Brick Haus chapters soon to come!

Hello everyone!

Sincerest apologies for my hiatus from this blog. Long story short, my previous computer decided to die in July, and I had to purchase a new one. Fortunately, I have all of my stories, artwork, and other files backed up onto an external drive, so I didn't lose any information. Still, it took a while to get the new computer, reinstall all of my data, and get back up and running again.

Add to that a busy summer and insane work schedule, and I wasn't finding any time to write stories for quite some time...

That's all changed now. You'll hopefully be happy to know that I've finished EIGHT more chapters in the Brick Haus saga, am currently wrapping up a ninth, and will just have a final (tenth) chapter to create. Oh, I'm not NEARLY done with our handsome super hero or his massive bull balls yet, and the tortures I have in store for his mighty nuts are even MORE brutal than what you've read already! :D I'll start posting the chapters again this weekend, so thank you very very VERY much for your patience with me.

But that's also where you guys come in. I've reopened my poll from July regarding the ultimate fate of Brick's big, burly, beefy, bountiful bull balls, and I want to hear from you! The final, as-yet-unwritten chapter of this saga will determine whether Brick's titanic testicles live or die, and you can help influence the stunningly handsome muscle beast's fate. The current tally is almost neck-and-neck, with 112 votes to allow Brick's massive man orbs to somehow endure their terrific tortures and come out intact, and 121 votes to see the super hero's magnificent bollocks BURST in a spectacular blaze of glory.

So if you want to see Brick's big nuts survive, you better start hitting the poll now. And if you want to guarantee that Brick's manly bull balls meet their maker, keep coming back and casting your vote. The young super hero's manhood hangs in the balance!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Chad! And sorry again for my absence.

  2. Welcome back!
    Gotta say I'm a little bummed that the polls were re-opened, it sorta feels like the deck's stacked against those who wanted his nuts to be destroyed (and won the first poll already). But it's ultimately your story and your decision!

    1. Thanks for the message, and I totally understand your disappointment in seeing the poll reopened. I considered that before reopening the poll, but in the end decided that opening it up again might reinvigorate excitement about the next story installments. Regardless, I can't guarantee that the poll results will determine the fate of Brick's behemoth bull balls, but if I decide to go one way and there are enough folks clamoring for a different conclusion, then I MIGHT just have to write both! :)

      Thanks for the welcome back! :)