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Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 11c

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 11c — The Final Torture Sessions

“I’m glad to see that your monster cock is as freakishly strong and tough as the rest of you, Brick!” Behemoth said, admiring the damage he had just inflicted on the young man’s gorgeous bull dick. “And I’m glad to see that your mighty fuck rod is already starting to heal, cuz I don’t want to see it destroyed permanently. Well, not just yet!” The giant chuckled at his own cruel humor. “No, I want to seriously fuck up your mammoth cock at least a couple dozen times before I break it for good. Speaking of which, I wonder just how much force it would take to snap that thick beef stick of yours…” 

So saying, Behemoth bent forward and brought one titanic arm up under the bruised and battered — but still magnificent — horse cock. He let the enormous cock rest at about mid shaft in the deep crook of his elbow, and spent a few moments enjoying the feeling of that warm, stunningly thick tube of man meat pulsing gently against his gigantic arm with every powerful beat of the young man’s brave and courageous heart. 

Then, ever so slowly, he began to bend his arm, bringing up his massive, veiny forearm and flexing his titanic biceps. Brick’s colossal cock shaft was caught in between, and as the space between Behemoth’s goliath muscles steadily narrowed, the young hero felt the ferocious pressure increase on the center of his proud mega cock. 

Brick’s eyes once again flew wide in terror and agony as he felt the middle of his precious cock begin to be crushed by Behemoth’s flexing arm. The mighty super hero’s muscular dick was still badly damaged by its recent pancaking between the giant’s gargantuan pecs, and this latest abuse threatened to finish what the pec crushing had started. 

The center of Brick’s mammoth cock shaft began to collapse under the relentless pressure, squeezing down flatter and flatter under the muscular onslaught. The meaty shaft was soon crushed halfway flat, and kept right on flattening out even more! The goliath muscles of Behemoth’s thickly-thewed forearm and fat-bellied biceps were soon all but obscuring the midpoint of Brick’s massive shaft from view, fully enveloping the middle of that monster prick in its deadly embrace, and the cruel giant showed no signs of letting up. 

After a few minutes, fresh crackling and crunching sounds started to emanate from Brick’s failing bull cock as the already damaged tissues started to buckle and twist against the awesome strain. Even more disturbing, the mighty shaft began to bend in the crook of Behemoth’s flexing and beast-like arm, with the upper half of the huge penis starting to bend backward. It was just a shallow angle at first, but soon was growing more and more profound as the gigantic stud cock began to bend in half! 

The evil Behemoth began to taunt Brick once again, “How does that feel, stud? I’m crushin’ your huge cock to death with my own massive arm! Fuck, the POWER that’s coursing through these massive muscles of mine!! I don’t need to tell YOU that, though, do I? You can feel every OUNCE of my power as I crush the middle of your cock to fucking PASTE!! Aw YEAH!! And LOOK at that fucking bend that’s starting to form in your shaft!! FUCK!!! That’s fucking AWESOME!!! I’ve already got your massive, rock-hard cock bent at a 30 degree angle, and it’s STILL bending! Fuck YEAH!!” 

The giant’s observation was accurate, for Brick’s steel-hard cock had indeed achieved a disturbing 30-degree bend at the mid shaft, and was continuing to bend further as Behemoth slowly increased the killing force in his gargantuan arm. 

“God DAMN that’s hot!! Forty degrees! Forty FIVE degrees!! I can feel all of those tough fibers and thick muscles in your cock fighting me, trying to stay alive and keep from ripping apart, but they’re losing! They’re fucking LOSING, Brick!! Can you feel ‘em starting to give way? Yeah!! Fifty five degrees!! SIXTY degrees!!! FUCK, but you’ve got a fuckin’ tough cock there, Brick! A true meaty monster of a dick! But I wonder just how much more even YOUR cock can take before it fuckin’ snaps in half!!” 

Even Doc Evil couldn’t believe Brick’s fearsome strength, for the young man’s herculean bull cock was folding back on itself at such a profound angle that it seemed impossible that the thick and columnar shaft hadn’t already broken in half. But Brick continued to prove that he was still the mightiest stud bull around — at least for the moment — as his massive cock bent further and further still. 65 degrees. 70 degrees. 75 degrees. 80 degrees. 

The upper half of Brick’s tortured cock was bulging so huge that it looked like it would literally explode, choked and bloated and congested with backed up blood. The massive glans itself was turning a dark and angry purple, engorged to such a bloated state that it was nearly the size of a basketball! The upper section of cock shaft was similarly bloated, and the twisted veins coursing all up and down its tremendous length looked ready to burst right out of the skin! And yet Brick’s mighty cock STILL continued to endure!! 

“We’re almost there, Brick!! Stay with me, little man!! I want you to feel every moment of this!! Eighty five fuckin’ degrees!!! That’s fuckin’ INSANE, dude!!! I can feel your cock about to give way, but I gotta push you a little farther! Can you handle it, man? Come on, I’m gonna crush you some more! That’s it! That’s it! Bend for daddy!! Big fuckin’ cock is about to break, Brick!! Almost there!! Almost there!!! FUCK YES!!! NINETY MUTHAFUCKIN’ DEGREES, BITCH!!!

Sure enough, the upper half of Brick’s titanic bull cock was indeed now bent at ninety degrees, forming a right angle with the lower part of his tortured shaft. The sight was as terrible as it was spectacular, and the pain must have been agonizing, for Brick’s deep bellows of anguish were thundering non stop from his huge and powerful lungs. Once again, the handsome young hero’s monstrous and muscular penis was on the verge of being destroyed by Behemoth’s awesome and fearsome might, and it would taken only the slightest flexing of the giant’s pumped and bulging biceps to finish Brick’s bent cock off for good. 

Behemoth held his mighty arm flex for a seeming eternity. Minute after minute ticked by, with the fate of Brick’s mammoth, two-foot-long horse cock hanging in the balance. The tissues in the center of the hero’s cock shaft must have been crushed nearly flat at this point, but they still somehow refused to break. It was a stalemate that Behemoth knew he could easily end at any moment, but instead he reveled in the idea of prolonging Brick’s agony, holding the handsome young muscle bull at the precipice between being a huge-cocked alpha stud and having a useless, broken, shattered penis. 

The cruel giant held Brick’s cock on the razor’s edge for more than five whole minutes, until the young hero was almost begging for the brute to finish him off and end the terrible pain. But just as it looked like Brick’s mighty whale cock could not hold out a moment longer, Behemoth suddenly relaxed his arm and released the young man’s tortured dick. 

While the worst of the earlier pec-crushing damage had had time to heal during this most recent abuse, the center of Brick’s cock shaft was now a wreck. The tortured and crushed tissues did not immediately plump back to their original girth, but were instead somewhat flattened in the middle, only ever so slowly regaining their former width. Worse, the midpoint of that gorgeous shaft was one solid, purplish-red bruise, the once-tough tissues extremely damaged and very nearly destroyed. Nevertheless, the horrible bend in Brick’s almost immediately corrected itself, and his mighty beefy stick was soon ramrod straight once again. But it was clear that it wouldn’t have taken much more abuse at all to have placed a permanent crack in that colossal shaft! 

Even for all of his unparalleled expertise, it was clear to all present that Behemoth was cutting it painfully close with each of his tortures. How much more of this brutality could Brick possibly endure before Behemoth accidentally wrecked his manhood for good?!? 


  1. Amazing story! Can't wait for the next installment.

  2. First...omg great story, as always. Thank you for all the load blowing, hot, well thought out, perfectly executed,and amazing things you've written.Second, and I can't think of a gentlemanly way to say this, so I'll just ask. Their going to fuck soon, right? :)