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Monday, September 11, 2017

How to Break a Super Hero - Chapter 10

How to break a Super Hero
Chapter 10 — Genetic Augmentation

As the end of the school term loomed, the villainous student body grew more and more eager to learn what additional experiments and punishments might be in store for the dashingly handsome, insanely muscular, and titanically hung Brick Haus. Doc Evil remained maddeningly tight lipped about the subject, only stating that he intended to reveal the fruits of his experiments during the final class before summer break. 

The last days of the school year slowly ticked by, and the use and abuse of Brick’s mighty bull balls became even more brutal and violent, if that was even possible. Each of the students strongly suspected that Doc Evil intended to finish off the handsome hero and his mammoth sexual organs for good at the end of the term, and they therefore used their final sessions with young Brick to push his great bollocks to even greater limits, truly redlining the gigantic orbs. But Brick’s insanely tough bull balls continued to defy all comers, and doggedly and stoically refused to break and burst. And unsurprisingly, the hero’s big, burly balls churned out record-breaking volumes of his rich, thick, and chunky splooge as they were pulled, squeezed, pummeled, and crushed to the very edge of annihilation. 

Anticipation was at an all-time high as the morning of the final class arrived. The auditorium was packed standing room only as virtually every student in the entire school crowded into the large classroom to witness the final end of the greatest super hero to ever walk the earth. A great cacophony of chatter filled the room as each of the students speculated on what this day might hold, but they quickly grew quiet at Doc Evil entered the room, accompanied by half a dozen servants wheeling in the bound and beefy form of young Brick, as well as a number of tables, carts, and other forms of medical equipment. 

Doc Evil held his hands up to the audience, and the students dutifully fell silent at the smiling man’s gesture. He then began to address the class. 

“My faithful young villains-in-training! Thank you for assembling today so that I can share with you the greatest scientific breakthrough of the century, perhaps even the millennia!”

“As you all know, I have been experimenting with the copious emissions from our young captive super hunk here.” Doc Evil gently patted Brick’s cum-bloated right testicle for emphasis, his large hand looking ridiculously small compared to that titanically bloated of sperm tank. “And I can now definitively say that Brick Haus is the mightiest mutant to ever live. When he was first captured at the beginning of the school year, he was already off the charts in regard to his many extraordinary abilities — his super human strength and speed, his almost indestructible resilience and powers of endurance, his phenomenal powers of healing. He also possesses an indomitable will, extraordinary intelligence, tremendous courage, and unshakable loyalty to his ideals. And let’s not forget his colossal genitals — a monster cock harder than a steel girder and nearly as long, and a set of bull nuts so massive, so powerful, so VIRILE that they’ve survived every abuse you could throw at them, while at the same time producing an endless supply of powerful super hero cum in quantities that still seem to be patently impossible.” 

“My early review of his genetic code revealed a thing of inestimable beauty, a genetic blueprint so profoundly powerful and majestic that I can only describe it as ‘perfect’. And as I continued to explore Brick’s complex genetic makeup, I began to unlock the secrets to his incredible strength and super human powers.” 

“But perhaps the most surprising discovery came a few months after the school year began. As you have all witnessed with your own eyes, Brick has grown ever more strong and powerful under months and months of relentless abuse, his phenomenal body reacting to these extreme stresses by becoming even larger and tougher and more resilient than ever before. He came to us as the mightiest of men, standing an impressive 6’5” tall and weighing a mind boggling 485 pounds of pure muscle. Nine months of nearly constant abuse have further honed and refined Brick’s body to something out of fantasy, for he now stands a gigantic 6’8” tall and weighs a staggering 885 pounds!! There are no words to adequately describe his spectacular musculature, that somehow manages to be simultaneously insanely huge and perfectly balanced and proportioned. Brick’s near doubling in monstrous muscular mass has not diminished his extraordinary and sublime masculine beauty in the slightest, and in fact has only enhanced it even farther.” 

“The growth to Brick’s bountiful genitals has been perhaps the most spectacular of all. Brick’s penile gains might be described as ‘modest’, but when your record-breaking cock already measures 22.5 inches to begin with, the addition of another two inches in length as well as an inch or two in girth is still stunningly impressive. Unfortunately, the poor lad was already too large to fuck any normal human orifice, and his penile growth has only served to further guarantee that the achingly handsome young man will remain forever a virgin.” The entire class chuckled at the mention of this cruel twist of fate, taunting the handsome young hunk for the fact that he was actually TOO MUCH a man to ever fuck another human being. 

After a brief pause for the laughter to subside, a smiling Doc Evil continued, “It has been in the realm of his testicular growth, however, that Brick’s mighty powers of resilience and adaptation and growth have truly shined. Brick came to us with a massive pair of globes that were as big as cantaloupes and weighed more than 5 pounds each, truly among the very largest gonads to ever grace a man. But after nine months of relentless, nut-busting abuse, those two mighty spheres of man meat have grown and toughened and enlarged to the point where they are FOUR times their original mass and a full TEN times their original weight! Brick’s mighty nuts were forced to either grow or perish, and my oh my, how they’ve grown!” 

Again, the wicked professor’s words elicited a round of taunting laughter from the large audience, each of whom had had a hand — and a knee, a boot, a hammer, and several score other appendages and tools — in making Brick’s mighty bollocks swell to such utterly awesome size. 

As if reading his students’ minds, Doc Evil said, “Yes, you have all helped shape Brick into the paragon of masculinity you see shackled before you today. Your efforts have helped hone and refine this already unparalleled scion of masculine might into this legendary BEAST of muscle and power and raw virility. Brick Haus is now at the pinnacle of his masculine might, the most powerful super hero in history, and that is thanks in large part to all of you!”

“But these changes to Brick’s outward appearance, while incredible, aren’t the most amazing part of his transformation. Impossibly, my studies and experiments have conclusively shown that all of these changes and improvements have actually affected Brick right down to the GENETIC LEVEL!! That’s right, his very GENOME has changed to reflect the changes in his outward appearance and abilities. As you hammered Brick’s behemoth balls, you were also, in a very real and literal sense, hammering his very genome through a fiery crucible of pain and torture, refining this already extraordinary male into utter masculine perfection!” 

A great chorus of surprised exclamations and conversations erupted amongst the gathered students, who were all incredulous that their brutal attentions might have actually affected Brick on a genetic level. Doc Evil patiently waved the audience to silence and then continued. 

“Even the quality of the extraordinarily thick, pearlescent fluids that Brick has been pumping out of his massive, two-foot-plus monster cock these past nine months has improved, becoming more perfect and refined with each punch, with each kick, with each hammer blow. The jizz he’s been shooting for the past month or so is now so fantastically powerful that any one of his sperm cells would help create the mightiest of mutants, even if combined with the egg of an average human female. Brick Haus could now single-handedly usher in a new era of mutant supremacy, creating an army of super soldiers who could effortlessly establish dominion not just over humanity, but over all mutants as well!” 

Over the hubbub of excited conversations, Doc Evil’s deep voice continued to easily carry over the others as he said, “Brick appears to have reached a developmental plateau about 6 weeks ago, for he has not gained appreciably in size, mass, weight, or strength since then. Even his testicular growth and the power and volume of his seminal emissions has remained more or less steady in this time, only increasing by small, incremental amounts. The enormous quantities of Brick’s sperm that I have harvested during this time is the very best of the best, the most prime stud seed imaginable, and these are the priceless fluids with which I will create a new super race of advanced mutants!” 

“Ah, but I hear concern in your voices, and see fear in your eyes. Where is your place in this brave new world, you wonder? How can you serve at my side when you know that I will soon be creating a great villainous army of mutants even more vastly powerful than you? Never fear, my dear students, for I haven’t forgotten any of you!” 

Doc Evil held up a small vial of creamy, almost golden liquid, and addressed the rapt crowd once more. “I hold in my hand the salvation of all mutantkind. I have identified the genes that have given big Brick his phenomenal power and might, combined them with a retrovirus of my own brilliant design, and distilled the concoction down to the shimmering liquid that you see here. If injected into a normal human’s veins, this fluid will transform him into a mutant of incredible power, likely more powerful than any other mutant alive today save for Brick Haus himself. But if injected into a mutant, the effects would be far more powerful and dramatic. Said mutant would gain truly phenomenal physical strength and resilience, rivaling that of Brick himself, and would also find their existing mutant powers augmented and enhanced a hundredfold.” 

“My fellow villains, I hold in my hand the secret weapon that will finally lead us to victory over the troublesome League of Super Heroes! A single injection of this serum will make you virtually unstoppable! We will use Brick’s own awesome sperm to finally achieve our goal of WORLD DOMINATION!!!”

The audience erupted into applause and cheering so loud and thunderous that bits of dust were actually shaken loose from the ceiling high overhead. Doc Evil smiled and basked in the uproarious applause for more than five full minutes, finally raising his hands to quiet down the audience so that he could continue. 

“As you all recall, at the beginning of the year I promised a special boon to the student who could coax the most prodigious, virile, voluminous load from young Brick here. I can now announce that the special boon, the prize for forcing the biggest load of powerful baby batter out of Brick’s big, beefy balls, is to be the very first mutant to receive an injection of this power serum!” 

Even more thunderous cheers and applause erupted from the eager and screaming audience, all of whom were wildly wondering which one of them achieved the goal of pulling the most monstrous load of out Brick’s mighty sperm factories. 

“What none of you know,” Doc continued, his deep voice quickly stilling the crowd to near silence, “is that one of your number has been working after hours, honing his skills at testicular abuse and sperm extraction, performing ‘extra credit’ if you will. And he has earned an A+ with highest honors, for he hasn’t wrenched just the single biggest load out of Brick’s cum-bloated nuts, or even just the top 10 biggest loads — he is responsible for each and every one of the top ONE HUNDRED biggest, juiciest loads to be blown out of Brick’s big balls! Behemoth, come down here and claim your prize!” 

Raucous clapping and applause heralded Behemoth’s slow and pondering steps as he climbed down to the auditorium floor. All eyes were on the colossal form of the 10-foot-tall muscle giant as he swaggered his way to the front of the class, a deeply satisfied and arrogant grin on his blocky, chiseled features. The other villains stared at him with various mixtures of awe, envy, anger, and lust, but all knew that Behemoth was indeed one of the mightiest mutant at the school, and none felt that they could stand up to the two and a half ton brute. 

As Behemoth reached the auditorium floor and stood beside Doc Evil, it was even more obvious just how insanely enormous the monstrous mutant really was. Even the mighty Brick Haus, bound and naked on the nearby slab, looked small next to the muscular giant, for Behemoth stood 10’4” tall and weighed in excess of 5,000 pounds, more than FIVE TIMES Brick’s own awesome weight!! Everything about Behemoth was masculine might, taken to the limits and beyond. His muscles were utterly enormous, grossly bloated balls and bands of mighty muscle, as incredibly dense as they were insanely strong. Behemoth’s body was so bloated and overblown with hyper developed muscles that it couldn’t be remotely called beautiful, not like Brick’s perfectly proportioned physique, yet there was still an intense erotic power to the giant’s herculean mass. Even the mutant’s broad-featured face was a parody of masculinity, with an enormous, disproportionate jawline and a huge, square chin that looked like it could (and indeed actually had) shatter concrete. 

One would never have called Behemoth handsome, yet he had a powerful magnetism nonetheless, and his blockish and brutish features were so ridiculously masculine that he had more than his fair share of women willingly throwing themselves at him. At least, until they caught a glimpse of his colossal bull cock. Behemoth’s might man tool might have been ‘only’ 14 inches long when fully hard, not all that out of proportion with his more than 10-foot-tall frame, but it was his cock’s tremendous girth that sent potential mates screaming in terror. Few women had ever fully recovered from a night spent with the muscle giant, and indeed, it was believed that several dozen women may have been killed by his monster cock, literally split open by its freakish girth. 

This gigantic mutant, perhaps the largest man ever born, now stood facing his fellow classmates with a look of utter arrogance on his rugged, brutish face. He thrust forward one mammoth forearm, sleeve rolled up to his elbow to reveal a forearm thicker and meatier than most men’s THIGHS, and so covered and crisscrossed with tortured, pencil-thick veins as to look like a roadmap to hell. He then spoke in the deepest, most gravelly voice any of them had ever heard, simply commanding, “Inject me.” 

“With pleasure!” Doc Evil said, a devious smile spreading across his face as well. He drew the creamy golden liquid up into a large syringe, focused on just one of Behemoth’s massive veins, and plunged the needle deep into the thick blood vessel. The professor then quickly injected the full contents of the syringe, then took a number of steps back to watch the results. 

Nothing seemed to happen at first. Behemoth simply stood there facing the audience, gazing with contempt at his fellow students. His massive barrel chest rose and fell in steady, deep breaths, but he showed no sign of feeling any changes after the injection was complete. 

Suddenly, Behemoth clenched his gigantic jaw, baring his teeth in a grimace of pain. His hands formed into enormous fists as he began to flex his colossal muscles, straining against a liquid agony that had begun to course through his entire body. A low growl escaped his lips as the agony built to greater and greater levels, and that low rumbling growl got louder and louder and louder still. Finally, unable to bear the pain any longer, Behemoth threw back his huge head and bellowed in thunderous agony, making nearly every person in the class cringe against the sheer volume of his roar. 

Before the audience’s very eyes, Behemoth’s already colossal muscles began to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger still, reaching even more mind blowing proportions than ever before. The giant’s clothing became tight, stretching thin across truly titanic muscles before beginning to shred and rip and tear. The staggering growth was more agonizing than Behemoth could take, and the giant fell heavily to his knees, rocking the entire room with the concussion of his knees striking the floor. The mighty muscle beast continued to roar in terrible agony as every muscle in his gigantic body throbbed and grew to ever more eye popping size. 

The transformation took only a few minutes, but to Behemoth and the assembled crowd, it seemed to last for hours. Finally, however, the giant’s bellows of agony ceased, and he collapsed forward onto his hands and knees, panting heavily as he tried to regain his breath and composure. Some long moments later, the now half-naked mutant slowly pulled himself upright and once more faced the awestruck audience, tattered clothing falling to the floor. 

No one uttered a sound as they took in the miraculous transformation. Behemoth now MORE than lived up to his name, for he had grown in every way possible. He had gained more than a foot and a half in height, nearly topping 12 feet, and his titanic muscles had swelled to truly staggering dimensions. No scale was available at that moment, but it would later be shown that Behemoth had actually DOUBLED in weight, and now pushed just over five TONS, an utterly staggering 10,000 pounds of pure muscle!! 

What was perhaps even more stunning, however, were the changes to Behemoth’s aesthetics. The mutant’s skin virtually glowed with health and raw power, and his gargantuan muscles, now bloated beyond any remote concept of the human form, were nonetheless far more proportioned and chiseled than before. Even the giant’s rugged, craggy face had altered considerably, appearing far more attractive than before the serum. He still possessed his trademark heavy brows, massive chin, and lantern jaw, but now Behemoth was surprisingly and undeniably handsome. 

Behemoth had been remade in Brick’s image! 

Even the crotch of Behemoth’s shredded and tattered pants was now stretched perilously thin over a whopping huge crotch bulge, one that had easily doubled or even tripled in size from its previous form. There was no doubt, the serum was a fantastic success! 

“Class,” Doc Evil said, “let me introduce you to the first member of a brand new breed of super villain - BEHEMOTH!!” 

The audience roared in excitement and approval, each villainous mutant eager to receive his or her own injection of the miraculous golden serum. 

Doc Evil then turned to the monumental muscle giant standing next to him and said, “Behemoth, you have been an outstanding student in every way, and the torture techniques you employed on Brick throughout the school year were exemplary. There were many times that even I thought you might be pushing the young man’s powers of endurance and resilience too far, but you rode that fine line between agony and destruction like a seasoned veteran, coaxing truly magnificent loads of stud cum out of Brick’s beleaguered bollocks. Both your skill and creativity are beyond compare, and I believe that has earned you a second boon as an additional reward.” 

“In the past six weeks, I have collected over 25,000 gallons of Brick’s prime, ultra-enhanced bull cum, not to mention more than 100,000 gallons of his lesser but still extraordinarily powerful seed from the previous months. That is enough super hero splooge to fuel my experiments, enhancements, and breeding projects for many decades to come. I therefore no longer need to milk any more of Brick’s mighty seed from his fantastically prodigious loins. More than that, I want to make sure that I have the ONLY supply of Brick’s thick and rich seed, cornering the market on his power-packed bull cum.” 

“Behemoth, the time has come to put a permanent end to Brick’s magnificent masculinity, to end his breeding potential forever, and to wreck and destroy these mighty seed factories that he calls his balls. And I would very much like for you to have the privilege of obliterating Brick’s massive manhood. Would you please do the honors of ruining this young super hero’s sex life forever?” 

An evil grin spread across Behemoth’s wide, handsome features as he said, “With pleasure!”


  1. Seriously, I don't like the idea that the villain wins.

    1. Thanks for your comment, David! I understand and (for the most part) share your feelings. Good is always supposed to triumph over evil, right?

      But the counterpoint is this -- if the good guy prevailed and survived intact in every single one of my stories, then there would be no real sense of danger for the reader. No matter how violent or brutal or extreme the abuses, you'd never worry about whether or not the big-balled muscle stud would be able to survive with his mighty baby makers intact and whole. That's why, every once in a while, I end a story with the guy's gorgeous nuts biting the dust.

      I still haven't decided the fate of Brick's magnificent bollocks. He's one of the mightiest characters I've ever created, and therefore one of my all-time favorites...but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to let him pull through unscathed.

      All I can say is keep voting, as that is helping influence my decision. At this moment, it's almost neck and neck again, so every vote counts!

  2. I know this sound cheesy but can brick be rescued and fall in love with so as mighty as him

    1. That's not cheesy at all! Deep down, I'm a romantic at heart (as you'll see in the next series I'll be posting once the Brick Haus saga has concluded). But I can't say as yet whether Brick is even going to live, let alone love, after the end of his series...

  3. I say turn his gigantic balls to useless mush. ;)

    1. That idea DOES have a certain appeal, doesn't it? To see the mightiest of males reduced to a sexless eunuch. There's still a strong possibility that you'll get your wish... ;)